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4 Cosi fan tutte Jonathan Miller's verst-on 0/ Mozart's 'immoral' opera 9 Q.E.D. hotfoots it down to meet the men who walkonfire

Ava Gardner - p 12 10 Hard Travelling National anthems A sculptor makes a voyage round Who will carry the flag jor the UK at this herfather year's ? Judith Simons tu,,?es 2 Ava Gardner in to the contenders (above) Ave Ava in an epic tale of ancient Rome, 'AD,' ASoRt'or ...... '7.0 BBC1 aldR Joni Mitchell on the art and is emphatic: 'The Eurovision for me' won the 1976 contest, and sold six million soul ofher music Song Contest is a monument to popular tele­ copies. His 1986 entrY, co-written with brothers vision. I wouldn't miss it for anything!' Stewart and Bradley James, is a ballad called 'No Hear Thisl After 30 years, this event now attracts a easy way to love', sung by Hartlepool lad Colin Films second generation of entrants. Maynard Wil­ Heywood. A one-tbne dancer, liams, who fronts the group Ryder, is the son of Colin bas also played the part of BaSsanio in The West Side Story actor/comedian Bill Maynard, who once com­ Merchant of Venice at the Old Vic. .. . the inside story peted unsuccessfully in A Song for Europe, his Another solo performer is Chad Brown, a 23- son tells me! Gary Osborne, co-author of one year-old former car salesman from Exeter, PROGRAMMES ~umber this year, remembers that his father - Devon, who describes his song 'I'm sorry' as Local Radio conductor Tony Osborne - wrote an .entry long 'slow rock'. Composer Paul Griggs was in the 70s ago for Lita Roza. hit harmony group Guys and Dolls. Timewlllch Though the style of A Song for Europe alters When Kenny Charles, 28, up to perform on the women.woo more slowly than in the general pop field, 'Tongue tied' there'll be celebrations at the Duke Maria Aitken - p 82 fought against war changes do happen. The fashion for all-girl of Wellington pub in London's East End. For it groups, for example, has gone. This year all four was there that Roger Daltrey's personal manager Info solo singers are male, and only two groups Ron Monte 'discovered' Trinidad-born Kenny, Freq\lencies incluq.e females. Half the entries are ballads, deCiding his was the ideal voice for this ballad even though Britishjuries have never yet picked written by Ron's friend Jimmy Scott. Della Smith a ballad as the best song. Dramatic interpreta­ Maynard Williams takes time off from the Roger Woddis tion should be good, for three of the performers London hit musical Starlight Express to perform Crossword have been Shakespearean actors. the up-tempo '', written by The first song aired on Wogan and Radio 2 was Brian Wade and Mo Darbyshire. Williams, 30, letters 'Dreamer', performed by Vanity Fare - a group has been both a keyboards player and (Belle and the Devotions). ducer is Bobby Gee of , who, with Curtis is a true 'man of Eurovision' - since 1978, l'-'=""='~"". ,1l1 1 86 John Craven's '' in 1981, scored Britain's when his 'Let me be the one' was the British Bick Pages most recent Eurovision triumph. entry, performed by , he has made Paul Nicholns sets On the other hand 'DanCing with you again', the UK shortlist almost every year. up house on Radio performed by the trio Palace, is a first try at A Finally, Future - an Edinburgh-based group and Easter Song for Europe by Peter Mason, a 43·year-old of five men and a girl - will sing 'War of the bunnies have composer from Salisbury, Wiltshire. roses', written by group member and former ON S-""'lVRD'AY apicnic In the running once again is , a 58- opera singer Johnny Warman with his lyricist year-old who has already struck Eurovision gold partner Gary Osborne, whose hits include Elton Cover by Chris Capstick - his song 'Save your kisses John's ' eyes' .• 29 MARCJt-4 APRIL 1986 Joni: both sides 15

Painter or rock star - Joni Mitchell wants to be both. Michael Cable went to Hollywood to meet a woman in two minds days without very much nostalgia. WIIIsIIe Test Extra 'There was no such thing as the TuaRdar 6.0 BBC2 generosity of spirit that we all ,~~= believed in. And the seeds of the 'EXCEPT ON rare· occasions decline of that beautiful era were haven't seen morning for many built into it. It reached a peak at years: confessed Joni Mitchell Woodstock and then the took through a haze of cigarette smoke. over to a debilitating degree.' The 42-year-old singer-song­ She went on to make a ·string of writer, profiled in Tuesday's classic albums that established her Whistle Test Extra, was in the as a major star, And yet she has process of moving into a new 'office' grown disillusioned with the music - a former dressmaker's workshop business and has developed a take-it­ in Santa Monica that she and her or-leave-it attitude to stardom. guitarist husband Larry Klein have 'I'll never have mass appeal - I use converted into a combined music big words,' she says, cynically, 'And room and artist's studio - but she my music has always been an was wondering if she could ever get acquired taste.' After a period in the used to a regular working routine. doldrums her career now seems 'Having an office and going to revitalised by martiage to Klein, 12 ff it's hard for parents to too easy for them to grow up work each day will seem very years her junior. accept that their child is handi· feeling bitter and unwanted. strange,' she admitted. 'I've never Her most recent and different­ capped, imagine how hard it The Invalid Children's Aid tried to operate like·that before. I've sounding album Dog Eat Dog won always been very impulsive. My critical acclaim. But she says: must be for the child. Association has been working songwriting has generally been 'Under the terms of my contract I Whether they have a with handicapped children for done late at night, in solitude.' have three more albums due after crippling disease or a speech the last 97 years. Joni, an ex-art student, who has this one and then 1 will probably problem, handicapped children Throughout our history we've recently taken up painting se­ retire from music. The business has have to live with the constant relied on Y0~r generosity to help tiously, held her flrst exhibition in become very tight and commercial­ Los Angeles last year. 'I have been minded in the 80s and it's increa­ rejection and lack of under· us run our schools, centres and painting in my living-room at home singly difficult to maintain the standing they come up against work projects. in Malibu but the trouble with that integrity of your music. It's gotten With skilled help and a great We may never be able to is that you get torn between artistic too complicated for me.' deal of patience children can help all the haff a million hand~ expression and house proudness,' She can also foresee a time when learn to come to terms with capped children in Britain. she explained. 'I was pulling my she will want to move away from punches because I didn't want to be her beloved California. 'What 1 their handicaps. In some cases But if you mention us in your faced with cleaning up the mess.' really want is some place where I they can even overcome them Will or help us today, you will be With the beret that· has become can grow old naturally. Hollywood and lead perfectly normal lives. giving more children a decent something of a trademark clamped is a terrible town to grow old in - But without that help it's all chance in life. carelessly on one side of her head, especially with Dynasty and those she looks much more like an artist kinds of facelift shows taking prece· Please send me more information about ICAA.I enclose a donation of £ ___ than a rock star, Painting was her dence on the air. o fITSt love and it was while studying 'I know soon that the same thing Name art in Galgary that the small·town will be getting into the music busi· Address ______girl from the Canadian prairie lands ness. It's a neurotic youth culture, ______Postcode ____ I~AA started folk·singing on the side. and I'm sure the time will come Help' '''' give l'\Q1dicapped Her first album was released in when it will be the norm to start Send to; Invalid Children's Aid Association, chIldren Q chanc~. 1968 and she went on to become the cutting and snipping, lifting and 126 Buckingham Palace Rd., london SWI W9SB . Tel: 01-730 9891. Registered Cha rity darling of the Woodstock genera· yanking. 1 can feel it coming - I'm Midlands Office: ICAA. Warwick House, 87 Warwick Rd .. SoIihuft, No: 210031 . Patron: West Midlands 892 7HP.Tel; 021-707 9494. Queen. tion. But she looks back on those all antennae. you know!' • . ~~:Y lhe Northern Office: ICAA. 2 Ashfield Rd., Oleadle, Cheshire SK8 188. The Princess Margaret. Tel: 061-4286128. RTJ Countess of Snowdon. [fZ @is 1 April TUESDAY TV · moviitg his in In at the Deep 47 5.35 · End. There's comedy from It's. Not Just Zammo The Rag Trade, the best of A Newsround/Drugwatch the 1984 Olympics, even . Special flowerpot bodies from Bill A follow-up to Grange Hilrs and Ben The Flowerpot Men. sto~y of Zammo McGuire and All this - plus, the naughty his serious problem with bits from Monty Python's drugs. Flying Circus. Producer NIGEL HAUNCH StarlUpYourOwlL Presented by 9.0 am Pages from · Series producer ALBERT BARBER (R) John Craven and Nick Ross BuslIless . lU. ' Reg!onalNews 12.56 Resource UUllsa.t;iOD is just a story but 1.0 :J, P~bble J\9Il at One ~i ~~ the drugs problem is aU too 12.30 pm real. Most people don't mess Start Up Your Own 2.40 Boom Town around with them, but stil1 The nrst of two fllms 1.43 ,~' Chock- a--lilock ,~, need to know why and how to Business F featuring the legendary 2.0 ,.p_fr"'~ '' to drugs. A Leap in the Dark I star Clark Gable. . 2.40 ; Film: Boom Town With members of the Grange Self·employment can lead to Also starring . :l~ .' t;=:!J= r,,': Hill cast in the studio, and emotional conflict - L Spencer Tracy the launch of a brand new independence on the one M· Claudette Colbert 3.56 '. PIgeon S_ .' hand; risking everything on HedyLamarr 4.5 Laurel and Hanly' record they've made of the W 4.16 JackanorY=" song 'Just say no'. the other. Two tough oil wildcatters ­ Producer HOGER PENFOUND 4.26 ... Bananaman Director srF.VE HAGCARD Big John McMaster and 4.30 .~ ThlnkIt'~~.DoIU Producer ERIC ROWAN A BBC/Open University production For a rree ract sheet please send a sac Square John Sand - meet in a Papercb.ase to: It's Not Just Zammo. small Texas town in the e.~ l y 4.05 :~~ Newaround 'oj BBC Television, London Wi2 8QT 12.55 · days of the great American. . MO '~,G....,geHill Helpline open rrom 5.35 until 9.0 pm oil boom. They start off as: , 6.25 News ana Weather1{ 01·992 5522 (London) Resource Utilisation S.ao · . The Grain Run 041-3571774 (Scotland) partners and strike it rich, Managing to Save It • INFO: page 77 and but both business and "' 6.0 WhlsIlO>rest Extra : 1986 is Energy Year. This friendship are threatened BACK PAGES, 86 programme looks at how two * CEEFAX SUBTITLES when McMaster marries ... . : successful UK companies are Big John McMaster 'managing to save it'. CLARK GABLE Producer IAN SI'RATLEY 6.0 Six O'Clock News A BBC/Open University production Square John Sand with Nicholas Witchell SPENCER TRAcY 1.20 Pages from Ceefax ' Betsy Bartlett . . and Frances Coverdale o~ ; followed by CLAUDETTE COLBERT 9.0 .~ ."" J, Claudius Weather News 1.40 Windmill · Karen Vanmeer .HEny LAMARR' Chris Serle discovers some of Luther Aldrich those glorious golden FRANK MORGAN 9.30.: Da\'ld lkiwle: 2 . Harry Compton ' . " Serious~oonUgbtTour 6.35-7.0 moments from the largest ;;/~ fllm and videotape library in LIDNEL.AT)VItL London Plus Harmony Jones .... CHILL WILLS 10·59 Newsnigbt the world. Today he looks at 11.0".: Golf: Tbe One club Jeremy Paxman what we' all stand up in - the Whitey ...... MARION MARTIN ··',' Cball..,g. · . brings you tonight's bo.dy. There are beautiful 60s' Spanish Eva ... MINNA GOMBELL 11.30::11.M Weather' . headlines and tomorrow's bodies from Whicker's 'World, Ed Murphy .. ... HORACE MURPHY talking points. The London fashionable bodies from the McCreary ...... ROY GORDON Plus reporters are with the Scf(!(!nplay by JOHN LEE MAHIN Society. But she~s still eager 3Os, and unique footage from Produced by SAM ZiMBALIST people makiI").g the news. original keep fit expert EILEEN Dirccted "] JACK CONWAY . for the fast fl owing waters of Plus sport with MICHA~L WALE (Black an white. Clark'Gable in Test the Ouse on U~e 'voyage TH.·SOCIETY FOR THE FOWLER.·Guest Bonnie ' Pilot. tomorrow 2.45 pm) PRO.,.CnON OF ANIMALS and the stars and stories from Langford shows how move towards Howden and the IN NORTH AFRICA "the world of entertainment. to .• FILMS: page 19 towers of Selby Abbey. Producer DAVY. STANFORD the body on The Hot Shoe Film editor MARTIN HARRts Editor PHIUP HARDI NG Show and looks at Chris Producer DOUGLAS B. SMrrH 4.35 Paper Chase . (First shown on BBC North) Judgement Day Associate Professor Wendell Peterson is a much-loved 6.0-7.0 teacher, but less successful as a writer of legal articles. Whistle Test Extra Unfortunately, his chances JoDi Mitchell for permanent tenure depend A proflle and extended on his latest artic1e being interview with one of the published . .. most influencial personalities Professor Wendell Peterson in rock. Whistle Test visits JOHN RUBINSTEIN folk minstrel, jazz singer, This donkey Written by PAUL L. EHRMANN composer and painter Directed by NICK HA VINGA JOl).i Mitchell in California. cries out tor help! (Next programme ({)morrow at 4.40 pm. For cas! see pa[le 39) . R~chard Skinner finds the • ~n~linJl in the blazing writer of 'Big yellow taxi', sun of North Africa with a 'Woodstock',and 'Free man in ~· f. O mile journey ahead. 5.25 News 'Summary Baris'. .simultaileo~fsl.y putting . " Sp;o'NA·has 18 hospital . the fmis.hing'tc;lUcnes·to her ~ ~~fuges througho!Jt with subtitles, followed by latest LP lJoj; Eat DPIJ and ': ~Iger,ia, J.u'1isia and Weather preparing~an exhibition of her startling ~!>strad ' prul)tings Mor:occo, treating more for a llrestigious;Los'Angeles than, 290,000 animals 5.30 The Grain Run gallery. During'disc'ussions . ., :' each year. A Voyage to the North , about'hex: umisuru. style of Your'tlQhation will bring' By barge and boat,' Pete painting Ms Mitchell picks up :.' J:e li.~f . t"6 · s'uffering Morgan navigates the ancient the brusbes and ariimals sadly in .need waterway used by the . demonstrab~s: her technique, . . 'of our help. Romans to provision their - providing ail fiItlu'sing and ··I( the donkey cannot northern gamsons. instructive 5=0inmentary. . ·lncludiiig.music fr'om'a 1970 : ~or~ ttie family goes SailsAlong the 'Ire-mand Ouse .••. ·hurigry: Pete boards ,the sloop AmiJ ' .BBC speCl'al; Loridon concerts Howson to do.it the'way.the · in. 1974 an"d ·. l983 and a laVish Romans did - by wind and . new video, ' ;. ~ : PL~ASEHELP tide. Once.a familiar'sight Producer TREyOR .DANN (Next weeK:;BTYan Ferry) . E?~';~llons and I~acie~ 10: with her -Core and aft rig and .. • FEAT4RE;pag.e 15 high,black-leeboards, this . .SPANA (Dept. RT) Learning the drugs lesson the hard way. Zamino and the working v~ssel has·now. been ' 15 BUCKINGHAM GATE, retired to the Humber Keel TODAY'S PROGRAMMES Grange Hill cast discuss tfle drugs problem. CONTINUE OVERLEAF : ' LONDON SWI E 6LB BBC~ , 5.35 pm It's Not Just Zammo . and Sloop ~re.se rvation

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