§ 21.22 27 CFR Ch. I (4–1–10 Edition)

(b) Denaturers may be authorized to (b) Authorized use. Restricted to fuel add a small quantity of an odorant, use, comparable to specially denatured rust inhibitor, or dye to completely de- ‘‘Use Code No.’’ 611, 612, 613, natured alcohol. Any such addition 620, and 630. shall be made only on approval by the appropriate TTB officer. Request for Subpart D—Specially Denatured such approval shall be submitted to the Spirits Formulas and Author- appropriate TTB officer. ized Uses (c) Odorants or perfume materials may be added to denaturants author- § 21.31 General. ized for completely denatured alcohol (a) Formulas for specially denatured in amounts not greater than 1 part to spirits. Alcohol and rum shall be spe- 250, by weight. However, such addition cially denatured only in accordance shall not decrease the denaturing value with formulas prescribed in this sub- nor change the chemical or physical part (or in accordance with § 21.5). constants beyond the limits of the (b) Proof of spirits for denaturation. Al- specifications for these denaturants as cohol of not less than 185 proof shall be prescribed in subpart E, except as to used in the manufacture of all formulas odor. Proprietors of distilled spirits of specially denatured alcohol, unless plants using denaturants to which such otherwise specifically stated or unless odorants or perfume materials have otherwise authorized by the appro- been added shall inform the appro- priate TTB officer. Rum for denatura- priate TTB officer, in writing, of the tion shall be of not less than 150 proof names and properties of the odorants and may be denatured only in accord- or perfume materials so used. ance with Formula No. 4. (c) Use of Denatured Spirits. Users and § 21.22 Formula No. 18. manufacturers holding approved Forms To every 100 gallons of ethyl alcohol 5150.19 (formerly 1479–A) covering use of not less than 160 proof add: in processes or manufacture of prod- ucts no longer authorized for a par- 2.50 gallons of either , ticular formula may continue that use. mixed isomers of nitropropane, or methyl Pursuant to written application and n- butyl ketone; subject to the provisions of 26 U.S.C. 0.125 gallon of pyronate or a similar com- pound; Chapter 51, Part 20 of this chapter, and 0.50 gallon acetaldol (beta- this part, the appropriate TTB officer, hydroxybutyraldehyde); and may authorize the use of any formula 1.00 gallon of either kerosene, deodorized of specially denatured alcohol or spe- kerosene, gasoline, unleaded gasoline, rub- cially denatured rum for uses not spe- ber hydrocarbon , or heptane. cifically authorized in this part. The code number before each item under § 21.23 Formula No. 19. ‘‘authorized uses’’ shall be used in re- To every 100 gallons of ethyl alcohol porting the use of specially denatured of not less than 160 proof add: alcohol or specially denatured rum. [T.D. ATF–133, 48 FR 24673, June 2, 1983, as 4.0 gallons of either methyl isobutyl ketone, amended by T.D. ATF–199, 50 FR 9183, Mar. 6, mixed isomers of nitropropane, or methyl 1985] n- butyl ketone; and 1.0 gallon of either kerosene, deodorized ker- § 21.32 Formula No. 1. osene, gasoline, unleaded gasoline, rubber hydrocarbon solvent, or heptane. (a) Formula. To every 100 gallons of alcohol add: § 21.24 Formula No. 20. Four gallons of methyl alcohol and either 1⁄8 (a) Formula. To every 100 gallons of avoirdupois ounce of benzoate, ethyl alcohol of not less than 195 proof N.F.; 1 gallon of methyl isobutyl ketone; 1 add: gallon of mixed isomers of nitropropane; or 1 gallon of methyl n- butyl ketone. A total of 2.0 gallons of either unleaded gaso- (b) Authorized uses. (1) As a solvent: line, rubber hydrocarbon solvent, kerosene, or deodorized kerosene; or any combina- 011. Cellulose coatings. tion of these. 012. Synthetic resin coatings.


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