Wednesday, April 13, 2016 Counting down to summer since 1920 Ready, Set, Debate! BY PAYTON CONWAY FEATURE STAFF @WWECONWAYAC he vice presidential debate may secretary of the Politics Club. not be for another six months, but he debate featured many students aren’t waiting until next real topics and issues, such as: semester to get into the political the threat of ISIS, military mindset. spending, illegal immigration, he Longwood University the raising of minimum wage, Politics Club and the Political education reform, gun rights Science department hosted a and the defunding of Planned mock presidential debate in Parenthood. Tensions certainly Blackwell Hall on Wednesday rose among the both teams, for their inal and biggest event especially during the debate over of the year. Students, faculty and warring with other nations, the their families and even President Black Lives Matter movement Reveley, packed the hall to hear and Planned Parenthood (which students various issues that have received murmurs from the been featured in the debates so far. crowd at the irst mention of the Representing the College organization). Republicans were Chairwoman “Us and the Young Republicans Malina Foldesi, Stephen have some very diferent views NICK COSTA | PHOTO STAFF Alexander and Canon Cochran, on some very sensitive issues, but while club president Joe Hyman, part of the beauty of the American Danny Bartle and Danny system is that we can talk about Third annual Walk a Janousek represented the College those diferences in a public Democrats. he moderators were setting and be able to debate Alex Magid, vice president of the them,” Hyman stated following Pre-Law Society Christy Tagg the debate. Mile in Her Shoes —continued on page 6 and Sara Nelson, president and —continued on page 7

Computer Science lab situated in cramped Professors argue value based Women’s tennis to play in Big South Hardy House basement on department during raft debate Tournament this weekend BY CASSIE TAGERT BY DAVID PETTYJOHN BY STEPHANIE ROBERTS


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EDITORIAL BOARD halle parker New diversity editor-in-chief jeff halliday, lauren karidis, mike mergen faculty advisors statement in briana adhikusuma natalie joseph news editor a&e staf development BY CHRISTINE RINDFLEISCH christine rindfleisch richie kamtchoum ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR assistant news editor a&e staf Quincy Goodine, a senior at Longwood develop the statement and introduce it in the austin berry thomas schweighardt University, with the help of a few other student- Faculty Senate meeting. As a result of bringing layout editor a&e staf run organizations and a few faculty members, has the rough draft of the statement to the meeting, been developing a diversity statement with the there were two editorial suggestions made pamela dahl david pettyjohn hopes of including it in Longwood University’s by Faculty Senate. he Senate requested for assistant layout editor features staf handbooks in the upcoming school year. Goodine to bring back the inished statement to he statement titled ‘A Statement of Diversity the next meeting in two weeks. jacquelyn stoffelen thomas wise and Inclusion’ began developing earlier this “I want people to understand that when you layout staf a&e cartoonist school year with the idea coming to fruition in come to Longwood, if this is something that you the spring of 2015. feel that you cannot abide by or this is imposing erin eaton meghan west “Last year on campus, there were a few incidents, on how you live life, then maybe Longwood isn’t layout staf business manager in my opinion, they were racially charged,” said the place for you,” said Goodine, referring to the secretary Goodine, who is also the President of the Black statement. payton conway Student Association (BSA). Once the inal statement is agreed upon by all rotunda studios producer kayla augustine Goodine brought his concerns to SGA as a parties, the Senate would decide if they choose features staf assistant business manager student rather than as the president of BSA. to endorse the statement. he endorsement is “I come from a family who has always taken needed before it could be placed in the student emily carroll ann polek stands for what they feel is right,” said Goodine. handbook. features staf photography editor Working with primarily culturally-based “I want it to be absorbed by the entire campus,” organizations, Goodine, along with BSA, said Goodine. tristan penna marlisha stewart meets with the Hispanic Latino Association Bjornsen stressed that he believed the statement sports editor photography staf (HLA), PRIDE, National Association for the should go in all the university handbooks at the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), same time. Bjornsen continued to say that the irst derrick bennington nick costa National -Hellenic Council (NPHC), step in the process is to have the statement be put sports staf photography staf Student Diversity and Inclusion Council (SDIC), in the student handbook. Bjornsen also wanted Student Government Association (SGA), the to see the statement in the faculty handbook, the cassie tagert matthew alexander Oice of Diversity and Inclusion and a few college catalog and the website. copy editor online editor faculty members on a weekly-basis to form the “We hope it afects as many people as possible to photography staf statement. not discriminate against others,” said Bjornsen. kiersten freedman “(It is) deinitely a collaborate efort to get this In order for a statement to be placed in social media editor cody short of the ground,” said Goodine. the college catalog, the Education Planning copy staf online staf he statement has received stamps of approval Committee (EPC) has to approve the statement. from the SGA and the Student Afairs oice. As far as the statement being placed in the sarah kensy emily neighbors When the irst draft of the statement was Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual copy staf co-event coordinator brought to the Faculty Senate meeting, Dr. (FPPM), Bjornsen said that “putting it in there opinions staf social media staf Chris Bjornsen, the director of the International (the FPPM) would be (assurance) that faculty are Studies Program, as well as Dr. Brett Martz, not to discriminate as well.” emily haswell alex kiszka an assistant professor of German , he Senate will revisit the statement on a&e editor co-event coordinator both volunteered to help with the process. hursday, April 21. social media staf “I’m interested because of the reason that miriam loya everyone should be interested, because we assistant a&e editor tonisha pitchford need more inclusion in everything around this event staf campus,” said Bjornsen. contact information Bjornsen worked with the small group to [email protected] April 13, 2016 NEWS 3 Hard to learn in Hardy House, Financial students say Column Students and faculty have issues with using building as lab Why McDonald’s due to historical status restraints might start crashing

class in the space and also provide space BY JUSTIN PARKER CONTRIBUTOR for any other students who need to work on their projects outside of class. he lab is split into four rooms, separated An article was published yesterday by Ken by walls, as the basement was originally Goldberg of heStreet.com titled “Charts: designed as an apartment which included McDonald’s Stock is about to Tank.” his a kitchen, bathroom and four rooms to be title name is shocking enough as it is, but used as living space. through the use of some number crunching “he way the lab is setup now, since it and pointing a few things out on some was the basement of a house and split into charts, he predicts that McDonald’s stock rooms that is inadequate for a classroom- is soon going to be dropping signiicantly, type environment because the professor up to almost half the current price. has to walk between rooms, and not Sparing all the details of the article, the everybody can hear the conversation that is main point he suggests is that there is a going on. It breaks up the classroom aspect correction for McDonald’s coming due to of it, which makes it harder to learn,” said its recent gains and a few other factors. Longwood senior and computer science On top of the market signals that the major Hunter Plumley. analyst sees, the fall is likely at some point Without the ability to use the building as due to their lack in sales and continual a proper classroom, the students are forced slowing of growth. to learn outside of the lab without any For the past few quarters, McDonald’s HALLE PARKER | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF hands-on practice until a project comes has announced the closing of hundreds of Various items cluter the basement of the Hardy House, which is also home to up. his becomes a problem when students stores throughout the world, and this has the lab of the computer science program. attempt to actually write code. stunted growth because as they open other Situated on the corner of Randolph In 2008, Longwood acquired the house “When it comes down to projects, we stores as the closing of their stores haven’t BY CASSIE TAGERT don’t get that experience of actually allowed much room for improvement. COPY EDITOR to be used for the Conferences and Scheduling department, which had doing it in the classroom since we’re just hey haven’t made signiicant just expanded and needed more space, listening to a lecture (in the classrooms in improvements to gain back customers, according to Director of Conferences and Rufner), and that causes a lot of confusion as millennials move towards other casual Street and Beech Street is Longwood Event Services Darlene Bratcher. and makes the projects a lot harder,” said fast food restaurants such as Panera and University’s Hardy House. he top half In the summer of 2008, the computer Plumley. Chipotle. of the building is used by the Conferences science program was given the basement to According to Marmorstein, the small heir stock price is currently trading at and Event Services, who manage on- use as a space for a computer lab. size of the individual rooms in the house $122 per share, and it could drop to around campus events. he basement hosts the According to Dr. Robert Marmorstein, also prevents the program from mounting a $60 as some analysts predict. advanced computing lab below ground in associate professor of computer science, projector or whiteboard onto the ceiling or We’ll see what happens in the future, but the basement amongst hanging Ethernet this move was initially a huge improvement walls because there isn’t enough space for it appears as though a correction is coming cords, leaky air conditioning systems and for the program, which previously shared a them. Currently, they have a freestanding for McDonald’s in the future that has built 25 computer monitors of the computer lab with the Registrar’s oice, and students whiteboard but, according to Plumley, the up for a while. science program. were unable to access the building after lack of a projector is a hindrance to the According to the Farmville-Prince 5:00 pm. However, over the next few years, students’ abilities to work on their projects. Edward Historical Society, the building, the program’s enrollment gradually grew he building also lacks ports in the walls originally called the Berkeley-Hardy until it reached its current number of 76 for wires, which according to Marmorstein, Justin Parker has been a consistent House, was constructed in 1840 and had students. they are unable to install due to lack of contributor on inancial matters, specializing been previously owned by a lieutenant Currently, the lab is only equipped for 25 funds in the department’s budget. in stock and business advice. colonel in the Confederate States Army people at once which became a problem and a doctor who used it for an operating for the current 76 students. According to —continued on page 4 room and oice. Marmorstein, it’s diicult to have an entire 4 NEWS TheRotundaOnline.com New residence halls set complete in July

million towards the Cormier Honors apartment in one of the residence halls and roof, traditional brickwork, pillars, and College. he new residence halls take the the other holds a one-bedroom apartment traditional windows to incorporate into the names of Sharp Hall and Register Hall, for the residence hall coordinators. he rest current look of campus. honoring the couple’s generosity. of the residence hall, loors two through After construction of the halls is inished, Construction for the two halls started in four, is set up as suite style rooms and each the residence halls will need to be illed May 2015 and are located directly in front loor has a lounge or kitchenette area. with furniture which the university has of Arc Hall just behind the Greenwood Each suite has two bedrooms which share under contract and will be delivered after Library. In between Sharp and Register a bathroom. Bass added that the layout is set construction is complete. Halls, there will be a common area which up in the hopes of allowing for more than Along with the inishing interior touches, is shared with Arc. one person to have access to the bathroom the landscaping for the courtyard and areas “here is a really nice courtyard between while still maintaining privacy. outside will also undergo inishing touches

ANN POLEK | PHOTO EDITOR the two, so I think that is going to really Each room is approximately 11x16 feet with the help of grounds keeping. encourage a sort of sense of community,” and holds two beds, two desks, and two he halls are set to be completed in July Longwood University new dorms are in said Kim Bass, Major Construction wardrobes instead of closets. he halls and will open for the fall 2016 semester. the process of being completed. Project Manager. are equipped to hold about 200 students, BY MADISON GARNETT he halls are designed similar to other roughly 112 beds per residence hall. CONTRIBUTOR residence halls on campus, such as Arc and “he new construction (is) to incorporate Student enrollment increasing has caused Cox. those very traditional Longwood elements. a need for more on-campus housing, he bottom loor of the residence So you see them (buildings) … are all which are being constructed in behind the halls will consist of lounges, a common designed to look closely like the Longwood Greenwood Library. laundry room, a staf check in oice, four- traditional building design,” said Jerry he two residence halls are named after bedroom residence suites, and apartments Jerome, the Facilities Planner and Master Mark and Wilma Register Sharp ’66, after for the residence life coordinators and Plan Coordinator. the couple donated a generous gift of $2 staf members. here is a two-bedroom he exterior design consists of a red

Hardy House —continued from page 3 Instead, they hang all of the wires they use from frequently leak. he air conditioner backs up, and holes in a drop ceiling. he loose wires have been water will actually pour out of the air conditioners known to snag on items or trip students while onto some of our equipment. hat’s happened at working in the lab, creating a possible hazardous least twice,” said Marmorstein. working environment. he mathematics and computer science “Given the age of it, the room gets hot department and Real Property departments have really quickly because there’s not any real air acknowledged the problem and begun plans of conditioning down there. he rooms are very possibly moving the lab on campus, according small and cramped. It has really poor lighting. to Dr. David Shoenthal, the department chair of It’s just a very uncomfortable place to work,” Longwood’s Mathematics and Computer Science said Eric Whitehead, a Longwood senior and department. computer science major. “It would be a much more conducive he Director of Physical Plant, Ben Myers, environment for a lab than the way the Hardy stated that Facilities Management was unaware House is conigured right now,” said Shoenthal. of these issues, but said that the databases could According to Shoenthal, the possibility of the be searched to see if any work orders were iled. lab being moved has currently been put on hold According to Marmorstein, the leaking air with Longwood’s need to use all resources in conditioners have damaged equipment as well. preparation for the vice presidential debate in HALLE PARKER | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF “From time to time, the drains back up and we October. Overly crowded room hinders learning for computer science students. get water on the loor. We have to keep the systems of of the loor, just in case. he air conditioners April 13, 2016 BRIEFS 5 SFC Report: April 7

BY CHRISTINE RINDFLEISCH ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR $1,114.11 -he formal is on Friday, April 15 conference allocation $2,234 Sigma Gamma Rho -he organization is reallocating the funds he SFC passed the motion to SGA for a WMLU -Funds will be used for a mandatory from a previous event and using the funds vote. SGA approved the motion. -Reallocated funds will be taken from conference from April 21-24 for the formal band compensation and moved to web -Conference will be held in Charlotte, he SFC passed the motion to SGA for $141.18 streaming NC a vote, but asked for a breakdown of the Longwood Ambassadors -he bills from the web streaming need -Purpose of conference is to teach how to allocated funds since SFC typically does not -Funds will be used to purchase new polos to be taken care of irst to provide for induct new members into the organization fund decorations. SGA approved the motion. with the Longwood Ambassadors logo upcoming Bandfest since the organization he SFC passed the motion to SGA for a -he organization accepted more members under-budgeted vote. SGA approved the motion. $1,017 and needs to have additional polos for new he SFC did not vote on the motion in this he Rotunda members week’s meeting; however, the motion was $100 -Reallocated funds will be used for -he funds will provide for 16 polos brought to SGA and was passed. Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship reimbursement for lost funds to end a he SFC passed the motion to SGA for a vote. -Reallocated funds will be used for a previous contract SGA approved the motion. spring formal that is open to everyone -he contract did not provide the proper -Funds will be used for giveaways at the services and needed to be ended event -he funds were initially pulled from SGA Brief: April 12 Dr. Tim Pierson, the vice president of Vice President Jacob Harvey brought up Student Afairs, commented not only was the recent installation of the fences around it vandalism, but said it was also a hassle for campus and expressed the wish that they the maintenance department on campus had been put up after Spring Weekend to to remove the problem, which took away not cause a disruption to the events. from other daily maintenance tasks around Senator Liz Greenwood mentioned that campus. the fences have eliminated multiple spaces Senator Mark Barham inquired as to what for commuters to park. the avenue is for students to express their Executive Senator Chyanne Trowell irst amendment rights of the freedom of brought up that multiple drinking fountains speech on Longwood University’s campus. around campus have low water pressure and Pierson added that the designated area are dirty. on campus for students to exercise their Senator Morgan Rollins added that she freedom of speech rights is behind the had noticed that several of the fountains student union. contained mold in them and felt this was Barham suggested that there should be a unacceptable. free speech board behind the student union David Love, director of Landscaping and that allows for students to express their Grounds Management, mentioned that the

ANN POLEK | PHOTO EDITOR feelings about anything. air conditioning will be turned on and the SGA discusses vandalism around campus in Tuesday’s meeing. Pierson added this could lead to students heat turned of on Friday. abusing their rights and using the board to he next SGA meeting will be held on BY CHRISTINE RINDFLEISCH ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR write inappropriate comments on it. Tuesday, April 19 at 3:45 p.m. in the ABC Barham replied that just because of the rooms of the Student Union. he focus of this week’s meeting was on noticed on Wednesday morning. he fear that students may abuse the rights the vandalism around campus that took vandalism was the writing of “Trump 2016” doesn’t mean that the board shouldn’t be place last Tuesday night, which was then and “Bernie 2016” in chalk around campus. placed. 6 FEATURES TheRotundaOnline.com High, high heels Third annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event supports victims of sexual assault

BY DAVID PETTYJOHN FEATURES STAFF @PETTYJOHNDAVID It’s a subject that has been changing the She also pointed out that, despite the seeing the enthusiasm that everyone else institution. However, She was incredibly way students look at college campuses and event being called “Walk a Mile in Her had for it. Sophomore Brandon Brinsield glad at the ever growing number of people society in general; to help bring the issues of Shoes,” women are not the only victims of thought it would be a fun experience to who are taking interest in the event. sexual assault and rape to light, the Oice of sexual assault and rape. She reminded the come out and understand the purpose of “he irst year we had maybe around 30- Diversity and held their third annual “Walk attendees that men are also victims, as well the event. 35 people; the second year we had a round a Mile in Her Shoes” on hursday. he as members from the LGBT community. Each man that participated in the event 50 people. his year… we had over 80 mile-long walk featured men in high heels She felt that it is important to recognize wore a sign with the number 107 (the people show up for this year’s event,” said demonstrating their commitment to end that these groups are victimized as well. number of seconds that pass between each Addison the issue of sexual violence at Longwood, She added, “We are walking for them sexual assault that takes place), as well as a While nationally, 30 percent of sexual as well as in general society. as well…We’re walking for any victim or phrase signifying what they walk to support. assaults are reported according to the signs Starting on Brock Commons and survivor of sexual assault.” Slaughter’s sign said “the ones I love,” on the trail, Longwood underperforms in wrapping around the western border of Also present was Elizabeth Chassey, because many of the women that are close this area and reports only 5 percent of its the campus, the route was dotted with the sexual assault program director from to him have been victims of sexual violence. assaults. signs that showed the national statistics Madeline’s House, a domestic violence Brinsield’s sign said that he walked for his is improving, according to Addison, regarding rape and sexual assault. here shelter in Blackstone, Virginia. Chassey “female equality,” because he was always particularly marked by Jen Fraley “taking was also a person walking alongside the explained that Madeline’s House helps raised to understand that “women should over the Title IX position, and really making men, honking a horn every 107 seconds survivors of sexual violence to “pick up the be equal to men, and should be treated with the reporting process more streamlined, representing the amount of time that passes pieces” by ofering counseling services. respect.” there has been a large increase in the between each sexual assault. Sophomore Cody Slaughter, who Addison, the associate director of Diversity amount of students that are reporting.” “I want you to take time to think and participated in the event, said that going and Inclusion, was one of coordinators of ponder about how often this is happening,” downhill was much easier compared to the event. Before coming to Longwood, said Courtney Addison, the associate uphill, which was “hard as hell.” she was a big advocate for issues like this, so director of Diversity and Inclusion to the Slaughter felt that the biggest factor in she was disappointed at the lack of events attendees. getting him out to support the event was Longwood held compared to her previous Humans of Longwood: Kat Plucinski KIERSTEN FREEDMAN SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR @KFREEDMAN44 “I’m bald… I shaved my hair for cancer. I raised about $1,000 for (children’s) cancer through an organization called St. Baldrick’s. It’s a really awesome foundation, and (children’s) cancer is so underfunded, it’s ridiculous. Most of the money goes towards non-invasive procedures because it’s really bad for young children. I went to an event in Franklin, Va. I drove to a random town an hour away from home. I didn’t know anyone there, but they welcomed me with open arms. And they gave me so much money! hey put buckets at your feet (while they shave your head) and that’s where I raised $600. I looked down and there were… twenties everywhere. It was crazy! It was a really great experience, and I’m glad I did it. I miss my hair now, but it was for a good cause.” ANN POLEK | PHOTO EDITOR April 13, 2016 FEATURES 7

Mock Debate —continued from front page which were used as questions for the debate. Republicans received 76 votes edging out To inish of the mock debate, there was the Democrats by just 10 votes. a mock election, in which members of the After the debate, Foldesi stated, “I audience voted for the team they thought hope that (the audience) got a little bit of presented the better argument. As the votes a political knowledge about each party, were being tallied, the members of both understand a little more about the parties, debate teams were asked which candidate but I also hope that that will lead them to they supported in the presidential race. All get more involved in politics.” three members of the College Democrats Hyman added, “I hope that they can stated that Bernie Sanders was their realize that politics is more than just Donald candidate. he three College Republicans Trump raving at the TV. I hope they realize varied; Cochran stated that he was hoping that their vote matters and…that they see for Rand Paul, Foldesi had been an avid that the American political process is Marco Rubio supporter, and Alexander was something unique, something special and for Ted Cruz. something that needs to be cherished and... While the teams were in disagreement if they step up and take the initiative, (then) MARLISHA STEWART | PHOTO STAFF throughout the most of the night, there every vote can make a diference.” College Republicans Canon Cochran (let), Malina Foldesi (middle) and Stephen Alexander was one issue that both teams agreed on: Due to the massive response and (right) state their opinions on immigraion laws. none of them support Donald Trump in the attendance, Magid and Tagg both stated here are countries in the world where things.” presidential race. that the Politics Club hopes to turn the that cannot happen, and those moments he audience was also able to get involved Once the votes were counted, the mock mock debate into an annual event. really represent to me the core of American by live-tweeting their questions to the election showed that the audience was democracy and the ability to discuss those Politics Club’s twitter account, two of essentially split amongst the two parties, FBI drops by BY PAYTON CONWAY ROTUNDA STUDIOS PRODUCER @WWEPAYTONAC While initially, it may seem unconventional security program during his early stages. Everyone knows the bad it can do, but not the national security element out there they to have a federal government agent give a In addition, he also managed the public good. Like you can make a virtual resume don’t understand and know that we are there talk to a student in an English class, it may corruption and civil rights programs within by posting everything you’re involved in,” to keep them safe…We are not interested in not be when considering the issue of social the Bureau during the Trayvon Martin said Alex Reuschling, one of the students violating anybody’s privacy or civil liberties, media. incident, the IRS/Tea Party case and the in the English 400 class, “Another thing I in fact we investigate those crimes.” his semester, the theme of English 400 trial of former Virginia Governor Bob liked was the way he explained how the FBI In his recruitment session, Lee courses is discussing the pros and cons McDonald. Currently, Lee works in the was nothing like I expected.” encouraged the students to look at all the of a social media presence. To give more Richmond division, where he runs all the Lee emphasized that the FBI is not a law options and beneits the Bureau could give of a professional outlook on the topic, FBI operations in Virginia, excluding the enforcement agency, but often helps local them, but warned that the competition for Professor Elise Green of the English and Norfolk and D.C. areas. law enforcement agencies with their cases, the jobs is steep. For those who are seeking modern language department brought During his talk, he explained the such as the Richmond branch helping with employment with the Bureau as a ield FBI special agent in charge Adam Lee concept of the FBI and what they do. he the Hannah Graham case. agent, the requirements involve strict drug to her English classes and others to talk Bureau is essentially three agencies in one: When it comes to numbers, the Bureau usage restrictions, a four-year degree, 3 about the consequences of being active in national security, criminal investigation is one quarter the size of the New York years of professional work experience, but social media. In addition, he also held a and intelligence. he FBI’s irst priority is Police Department, as they want to can be reduced to two years, if you specialize recruitment information session, where “to prevent the next terrorist attack in the remain efectively small and not be a large in law, accounting, cyber security or any he discussed his life and work within the United States.” heir second priority is to Gestapo. Lee stated that one big common language, such as Mandarin Chinese, Farsi bureau. prevent other countries from spying and misconception among the public is that the or Arabic. After spending several years as a legislative gaining intelligence on the U.S, followed FBI is ‘Big Brother’ watching everyone. Lee suggested that should anyone have attorney in California, Lee became an FBI by national cyber security, investigating “We are threat-focused and threat-driven even the slightest interest in being employed agent in 1996 and underwent training the corruption of elected oicials (public and to the extent we expend one ounce of by the FBI to visit fbi.gov. For those who at Quantico (which he joked was a lot corruption) and the violations of civil rights. efort on something that is not a credible know that they meet the requirements listed less sexy than the TV show). He worked “I liked the way he connected social threat, we are wasting our eforts. I really above, he suggested to call a ield oice and for several years in their national cyber media and how they used it to hire people. want folks not to think of us as some vague get in contact with a recruiter. 8 FEATURES TheRotundaOnline.com To save or to strand Professors debate the necessity of their subject area in a Tuesday night showdown BY DAVID PETTYJOHN FEATURES STAFF @PETTYJOHNDAVID

On Tuesday, April 12, the Raft debate some of the mistakes he made last time, such count those votes, and we can decide who equally important and that one “cannot between four diferent Longwood teachers, as when he twerked during the debate and the winner is.” separate one discipline from the raft.” He each representing the diferent types of was giving a strict talking-to by the dean. He added that algorithms come into play gave examples of each department’s gifts. majors on campus. In this debate, three of He admitted that he could not compete even with everyday activities such as tying he sciences, for example, tell us what to the four teachers had to make an argument with the other departments and cited the shoes and baking. do “if we run into choppy waters, or how as to why they should be allowed to be on the achievements of the other departments. Spicer opened his speech by referencing we survive if we run out of Chik-Fil-A and raft, while the rest should stay shipwrecked He did not feel that he could compete with Donald Trump, saying that he would build Charley’s crab dip.” on an island. his was Longwood’s fourth people who have published plays, taken a better raft and get the ish to pay for it. After Hosterman, the teachers issued annual raft debate, a debate tradition that their students on archeological digs or He continued by talking about language rebuttals. Spicer said that language makes has had success at many other universities, talked about medieval torture on NPR. He and how it “is a way of not being alone.” all the other disciplines possible, and such as William and Mary. also felt that staying on the island would It allows other people to have an inluence everything comes from language. Dymacek Dr. Bill Abrams of the math and computer be better than life back at home because on us. said Hosterman is pessimistic, and Jones science department moderated the debate. he would be eating lobster and listening “You say stuf, and it lits across the room called Dymacek insane. Hosterman said Dr. Julian Dymacek represented natural to Jimmy Bufett’s “Margaritaville” rather in little vibrations and crawls into other that a new raft needs to be built for those sciences from computer science. he than eating fast food and listening to “I peoples’ heads through their ears… real who come next. humanities, sociology and ine arts were Can’t Feel My Face” by he Weeknd. ‘Wrath of Khan’ type stuf,” he stated. Dymacek, a irst year teacher at Longwood, argued by Dr. Jefrey Spicer, an English Instead of defending his department, he he ideas that are placed into peoples’ won the debate and said that he came up professor. he department of business, argued that the other departments should heads because of this then force them to with his argument when he thought about economics, education and human services receive the funding. reevaluate their own perceptions, he added. what he would say when someone asked was supported by Dr. Christopher Jones, he next argument came from Dymacek, After the three teachers had spoken, him why he was in computer science. While and Dr. Alec Hosterman from the who explained what computer science is Hosterman spoke in favor of leaving the the debate is supposed to be comedic, this is communication studies department played and the algorithms used in his ield are also raft and making them all sink or swim. how Dymacek feels about his career. Out of devil’s advocate and argued that everyone used in everyday life, even if a computer is He made his point by asking whether or the other debaters, he found it hard to pick should drown. Once the arguments were not involved. An interesting point he made not people would send back a computer a favorite. he devil’s advocate, however, over, there were rebuttals by each professor tied in with Longwood’s vice presidential science professor. When he asked how he found to be a very fun ‘burn it all down’ and the audience then voted by clapping. debate. He said that picking a new president many computer science people were in the performance. hey are “all very interesting he debate opened with Dr. Jones arguing is determined by an algorithm, “which audience, most of them raised their hands. arguments” to Dymacek, however. in favor of his department. He went over allows us to systematically go through and He said that all of the departments were Walk N’ Roll

On Friday, April 8, Alpha Delta Pi partnered with the Oice of Disability Resources to hold their ith annual Walk N’ Roll in atempt to raise awareness for people with disabiliies. Beginning at 4 p.m., the group began in front of the Student Union and walked past Chi Fountain, taking a scenic route around campus.

The Longwood sorority was the main paricipant in the walk, but the event atracted others from within the community as well.

ANN POLEK | PHOTO EDITOR April 13, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 9 Anderson .Paak is the next aftermath star

BY RICHIE KAMTCHOUM A&E STAFF Brandon Paak Anderson, aka Anderson to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment in detail he insists on having since he has been of free jazz and funk, similar to Kendrick .Paak, is an enigma of sorts. Although the February, it did not come as a surprise. underrated for so long. Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterly.” soul singer/rapper is following a traditional .Paak is destined to be a star after signing hat motivation led to him crafting Where .Paak difers from Lamar is his path to stardom by being discovered by a and working with Dr. Dre. Everything one of the best albums of the year thus easy going approach to records, where the music mogul that helped expose him to a Dre touches turns to gold, literally. His far in “Malibu.” he album is soulful, latter can sometimes sound preachy in his mainstream audience, .Paak’s route has track record is impeccable, and he has light-hearted and emotional all at once. autobiographical music. .Paak sounds like been more trying than others. had the one of the biggest impacts on .Paak takes himself seriously, but is self- that neighborhood friend with a good heart At 30 years old, he is relatively older than contemporary music. From N.W.A., to aware enough to poke fun at situations he that occasionally straddles between right most new artists on the scene, and that Snoop Dogg, to Eminem, to 50 Cent, the encounters and hardships he has faced. and wrong. he honesty in his content is much is evidenced in his music. He does Game and most recently Kendrick Lamar, he album plays like an old soul record, devastating, as he mentions hardships not waste time getting his point across Dre has produced some of the biggest stars and .Paak has an old spirit, singing “I such as both parents being jailed for seven in his lyrics, and the production quality in music. .Paak should be no diferent, and like Hennessy and record players/Teddy years and a family history of addiction, and strong structure are signs that he has as a seasoned independent artist, he is a bit Pendergrass and Sammy Davis.” hat but his soulful delivery eases the listener been crafting his sound for a few years. He more polished than the aforementioned soulfulness carries the album through a throughout “Malibu.” also did not blow up with one song like artists at the time of their respective long track-list in which the album rarely here are few criticisms to make of .Paak, many other artists today (see Lil Boat), signings. reaches a lull. perhaps a little similar in his rapping to rather garnering a ton of features on the His hunger is shown in songs such as As a rapper, .Paak is witty and efective, Lamar, and a singing voice that wanes long awaited Dr. Dre album, “Compton.” “he Season/Carry Me” saying, “And don’t but his strengths lie in his song making every now and then, but no glaring holes. His inclusion on the album came out of forget that dot,***** you paid for it/I spent ability and raspy voice that is packed with Now that .Paak is signed to Dr. Dre and nowhere, as he was not signed to Dr. Dre years being called out my name living soul. In a sense, he is Kendrick Lamar has the proper support for his music, he can yet, and his debut album “Venice” has yet under my greatness/But what don’t kill meets Chance the Rapper and Leon bet people won’t be underrating him much to gain any mainstream attention. So when me is motivation.” hese lines include a Bridges. he production on “Malibu” uses longer. it was announced that he would be signing reference to the period in front of .Paak; a live instrumentation with a combination A musical for the non-musical


his upcoming weekend begins the inal “It is so nice to have someone outside of inluenced by such large names in musical audience in the performance, as any other Longwood University theatrical production our department from the real world come theatre, the plot is really quite simple: “I production would strive to. he diference of the year: “he Musical of Musicals (the in willing to give her techniques to us and can’t pay my rent.” is: they are taking it a step further by making Musical!).” his relatively modern show is trying to mold us into better actors” said However don’t feel as if these widely it an immersive theatrical experience. – you guessed it – a musical, which features Reese on working with Wormald, “… It’s known shows should refrain you from Bradley said, “his show relies on the music by Eric Rockwell and lyrics by an eye-opener. She’s not trying to sugarcoat attending the production because it is audience. hey’re basically the heartbeat Joeanne Bogart. anything or make us feel good.” attended for all audiences. Despite the behind it, and we are merely the limbs. he musical is being directed by “he Musical of Musicals (the constant references to shows like “Sweeney his is musical theatre for the non-musical Keri Wormald, an acting coach from Musical!)” is divided into ive acts, but don’t Todd,” “Hello, Dolly!,” “Phantom of the theatre person.” Richmond, Virginia who was invited to worry, this melodramatic promises Opera” and “Chicago,” the production he show opens this hursday, April 14 at guest direct here at Longwood for the irst to not drag on quite like its title does. Each captures both the theatrically inclined as 7 p.m. in the mainstage theatre in CSTAC time. Wormald held auditions for the show act is satirically set in the style of many well as non-theatre goers. and runs throughout the weekend as well in late January and posted the oicial cast well-known musical theatre composers “If you like musical theatre, you’ll love it. as next weekend. list in mid-February. from Rodgers & Hammerstein, Stephen If you don’t like musical theatre, you’ll still For more information and ticket sales Parts in the show consist of a small Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber to love it,” said Mizelle. “For the people who contact the Longwood University Box ensemble and the lead actors, all of Jerry Herman, John Kander and Fred Ebb. are not really into musical theatre, it’s kind Oice at 434-395-2474 or visit them online which are theatre majors: sophomore With the four leads of the show, each of making fun of itself and musical theatre at http://www.longwood.edu/tag/18642. Haley Mizelle playing the role of “June,” represents a certain archetype in general, so they’ll get a good laugh out htm freshman Garrett Reese playing “Billy,” including the ingénue: “June,” the : of it.” junior Gabby Klatt as “Abby” and Elton “Billy,” the matron: “Abby” and of course, Longwood’s production of the musical Bradley as “Jitter.” the : “Jitter.” Although the show is has an overall goal of truly capturing the ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 10 TheRotundaOnline.com Turning into conidence BY NATALIE JOSEPH A&E STAFF @ H E Y N ATJ O “For me, public speaking has always been amateur stand-up comedy is a lot diferent sits down and writes her own jokes before Schumer, John Mulaney and Rachel interesting. I have chronic anxiety, and it from what people see on television. She performances, preferring to take her own Feinstein because of their self-deprecating is something I like to be open about with also realized that stand-up comedians just life experiences and inspirations in the humor that encourages people to laugh at people. Sometimes, I have no problem with starting out tend to do short, ive minute moment when she goes up on stage. themselves. public speaking, and other times it can be sets and of course, she realized that she was “I typically take my own experiences and She recently returned to Farmville to a challenge. So I’ve always thought, I don’t a lot funnier than most stand-up comics in exaggerate them. All my jokes are based of perform at the Fishin’ Pig Funnies show know if I can do (stand-up comedy),” said the D. C. area. real life experiences, but I like to take it a and hopes to continue to do comedy to Longwood University alumni Rebecca “I realized that it wasn’t that intimidating step forward and be overboard about it. I explore her creative side and simply just ‘Becca’ Lundberg. (and) I am funnier than most of these like to start with the truth and just kind of, have some fun. In her day job, she is a full-time product people. I said to myself that I can do it. go from there,” she said. “When I started comedy, it was because I coordinator at U. S. News and World I decided to go for it after I inished up For now, Lundberg has been doing gigs needed a creative outlet. I love my job, but I Report, where she helps write content, school, and I love the energy and decided mainly in D. C. dive bars, as well as in really wanted something a little more out of enters data and works in public relations. it was something I wanted to start doing,” Maryland and Virginia, depending on the box and creative,” said Lundberg. But her “night job,” where she usually gets she said. the show. Her biggest supporters are her As for making stand up a full-time career, paid mostly in beer, consists of doing stand- Almost a month after watching her irst roommates, family and college friends, who Lundberg is putting that on the back burner up comedy. stand-up show, she decided to reach out she says are usually “easy to drag along with for now, but not ruling it out completely. She has always loved comedy. All to comedians and bar owners in order to her” to diferent shows. She said, “I think for now it is something throughout college, Lundberg watched start performing herself. Lundberg sent Since she began nine months ago, that I will continue to do a few times a stand-up comedy specials where comedians email after email, made phone call after Lundberg has been paid for her comedy week. For now, I am going to focus on my stand for an hour straight and tell jokes; she phone call and inally performed at her irst sets only a few times, but isn’t concerned journalism career (in D. C.) and keep doing was intimidated. Because of her anxiety, comedy show in late July, where she found a about the money. For now, she says, she just stand-up comedy and having fun. Right Lundberg thought it was never something man who helps new comedians ind shows. wants to have fun with it. She also says that now, I am not sure if I want to make it a she could ever do, even though she has “he number one thing I make fun of is after actively performing for a signiicant career because I think I might not enjoy it always thought of herself as a “pretty funny myself. I think it helps with my conidence amount of time, getting calls to perform as much. I think if I overwork myself with person.” a lot because I am able to look at my laws have become easier because she usually gets it, it might seem more like work than fun.” But, after going to her irst open mic and quirks and acknowledge them,” said asked by her comedy friends to do local night in D. C. last spring to watch other Lundberg. shows. comedians tell jokes, she realized that Lundberg said that she only occasionally Her main comedic inspirations are Amy April 13, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 11

booths lemonade cookout livemusic events oozball families organizations friedish spring friedoreos sunglasses games sunny jesusjamz winefestival koolaid laughter



All Longwood students from New Lancer parts of his job, and he bases his approach common ofenses were larceny and assault, he other student was left with a diferent Days have been told that as long as you to policing on it. his is why the Longwood both of which are crimes against others, impression of the LUPD. he student told tell the truth, be respectful and are not a University Police Department (LUPD) says which needed protection from the LUPD the story of him and a few people drinking danger, the Longwood Police will do what if you tell the truth, be respectful, and are seems obvious. However, the two most in a dorm when the LUPD Oicer knocked they can to help. However at the same time, not a danger then you wont have a problem, frequent charges of alcohol and marijuana on the door because the smoke alarm going you also hear in the media about how bad because you are showing respect and taking are considered crimes against oneself. As of. Nobody was smoking anything, but one the police are in America, especially when responsibility for your actions, whatever most of these crimes occurred in residential guy was using a vape. he Oicer noticed it comes to the traditionally negative stigma they may have been. halls, the students were safe in their room the alcohol and from that point on it was of university police. Chef Beach also said, “it becomes a when the LUPD started to protect them. over. He claims they never had a chance to People seem to not only go to college quality of life issue.” He was not talking I located two students both of whom had be helpful and respectful to the police. “He for learning but to also have a good time, about the school but about the community. a run in with LUPD. Both were underage got us from the moment he walked in, and which creates unique and often strained he LUPD is not just serving the university drinking and would like to remain nameless. he knew.” From that point on the Oicer was relationship between the students and but the town of Farmville as well. here are Although in similar situations the two have not interested in a respectful conversation the police who are supposed to protect many people who live in this community, diferent memories of the LUPD. but, “was acting like he was on a power trip them. here are many kids who feel more and the Chief is one of them. It’s a small he irst was a freshman walking home the whole time.” His lasting impression of victimized than protected. Students are town that students could potentially make to Cox hall, drunk, when stopped by an the LUPD was not as positive. often kicked out of school for behavior that a lot of trouble in if left unchecked. here LUPD oicer. he oicer asked where he An encounter with the LUPD does not the majority of the students actually engage are times the town and college students was headed, which was not far from where have to be bad. If you are respectful, then in, others simply do not get caught. So should just stay separate the police help they were. Next he asked the student if he the police can be a friend. Chief Beach is a can Longwood students trust their police to accomplish this, for which both sides had been drinking, which he replied with great guy, and he, as well as the rest of the department? should be thankful. yes. He then took his name and asked if he LUPD can be helpful to students. However, When asked about the unlucky students, he LUPD daily crime log as of March could make it back safe. he cop walked they are still police, which gives them a lot Chief Beach made it clear that part of his 27 has recorded 62 ofenses since the start the extra way to the door and watched the of power that can cause a student to be in job is “holding people responsible for their of 2016. 26 of those occurred in both on student go in safely. hat was all that came real trouble if he acts poorly. In the end, own actions.” hat is because he believes his campus and of campus residential halls. of the situation, and the student has no as students your best option when dealing force is a part of the education process, he he two most common of those were drunk hard feeling against cops now. He said, “I with the police is to act respectful and hope helps teach students self-responsibility. He in public (DIP) and second was possession don’t know about all of the LUPD, but the the police will as well. considers this one of the most important of marijuana. he third and fourth most one I ran into was helpful.” Rotunda with us. therotundaonline.com April 13, 2016 OPINIONS 13

The Rotunda Row

ILLUSTRATION BY JOSHUA BAKER, CONTRIBUTOR Whippersnappers or world changers? Our generation is too whimsical We are not the problem


If you type the word “millennial” into great. Also, stamps are cool. I swear. People often complain about our just changes. We are distracted by Google, you will likely pull up hundreds of Did you know that ADHD afects generation, saying that we are too iPhones and apps instead of 8-tracks and articles written by older generations about millennials more than any other generation? technology dependent, too uninvolved, dial-up, but the premise is the same. Old why our generation is “ignorant,” whatever It’s true. he internet says so. Pandas. you name it. hey will often complain people are just jealous that we can talk that means. Over the years, every generation he biggest mystery with millennials is the about the generation that follows them, on the phone and use the internet at the slams on the generation that comes after it. strange disappearance of the phrase “bless perhaps because we, as humans, simply same time. And let’s not forget that at It’s basically a tradition. I’m here to set the you.” It’s not because we’re rude simpletons. don’t like change. one time, people considered the printing record straight. hey’re right, but for the It’s because we’re too distracted by our new- What I would like to address is the press a problem. wrong reasons. fangled Facebook-machines and the millions critical idea that our generation is rude, Some people will mistake our need Lack of imagination is… cool? A lot of of thoughts swarming around in our heads to disconnected, arrogant or whatever else for instant gratiication and our use people use the word “basic” in a condescending notice when someone violently ejects small we’ve been called. From my personal of technology as disinterest or lack way to describe people who all dress and act drops of snot from their nose. experience, this is simply not true. Not of imagination. False! False, I say! If the same. Yet, people still do these things, We’re the future, and the future is dark. naming names, but I used to work at a anything, we have more tools now to and it’s cool to do it. I don’t know about you It’s hard to go a day without reading about popular fast food chain, (it rhymes with create and express ourselves than anyone guys, but I love it when I walk in the room some human caused catastrophe happening smick-smil-a), and I saw a lot of people ever has. And we need them, too, because and I’m wearing the same outit as literally in Belgijapastan. But never fear! According on a daily basis. When there was a mix- our generation has to ix all the problems everyone else, especially after I spent $130 for to Forbes magazine, four in ive millennials up in the order or when food was taking the previous ones have caused. he my boots. And carbs are gross. I hate it when are optimistic for the future. So even if the a long time, it wasn’t the teenagers or messed up economy, the conlicts in the my body uses them for energy to function world comes crashing around us, we’ll still the kids who got irritated and upset, it Middle East, global warming and on and properly. It’s so Ew. have ramen and our parents’ couches to look was the middle-aged soccer moms and on. In the past few years, it’s gotten increasingly forward to, and everything will be ok. grouchy old people who gave me grief. We are the future, and the future is more popular to be immersed in the world of here’s no reason to worry. At the end of Our generation also gets targeted about bright! Our generation will have to ix technology in one’s free time rather than read the day, the next generation will deinitely our dependence on technology, with the problems of the one before us using a book or pick up a hobby. Guys, socializing is be worse, and then we’ll look like the wiser people saying that we are constantly all the tools at our disposal. One day, we not a hobby. It’s just not. However, spending elders, and everyone will forget about how buried in our screens and not interacting will all be older and wiser and, no doubt, hours on end with your eyes glued to a screen much our generation bothered them. And in the real world. Let’s go ahead and will be complaining about all of the new while watching other people live fake lives is even if they don’t, we can just post angsty throw that out the window now, every young whippersnappers and their fancy totally a hobby. I’m doing it right now. It’s tweets about it until the end of time. generation has done this, the technology new gizmos and do-dads. Damn kids. Who won? TWEET US @LONGWOODROTUNDA 14 SPORTS TheRotundaOnline.com Lancers outclassed by Weekly No. 2 Auburn Round-up

Longwood suffers three-game sweep in Alabama Baseball BY TRISTAN PENNA SPORTS EDITOR @COLOURLESSBEIGE Away at High Point he Longwood softball team’s hot streak came to an end as they start from the home side proved to be the diference, as the Tigers April 8-10 4-3 W, 7-2 L, were swept by No. 2 Auburn University in a three game road series. won 5-2. 2-1L he Lancers came into the series having won seven of their previous McCarthy (11-8) took the loss, allowing ive runs in just one-plus eight games, but the trio of losses dropped the Lancers’ record to innings. Kaylee Carlson earned the win for the Tigers, tossing ive Softball 21-15 this season. innings, and giving up just one run on four hits. Auburn hosted a matchup between two of the top-25 pitching In the series inale, the Lancers’ late comeback fell short, as the Away at Auburn stafs in the NCAA. But the Tigers, ranked second in the nation, Tigers held on for a 6-5 win to complete the sweep. April 8-10 2-1 L, 5-2L, simply had too much talent for Longwood to overcome. Longwood trailed by three runs with just two innings remaining. 6-5 L he skill of the two pitching stafs was on full display in the April But redshirt freshman third baseman Karleigh Donovan struck a 8 opener, as the Tigers edged out a 2-1 win. Both sides combined solo home run in the sixth, before senior second baseman Carly Lacrosse for just seven hits, but the decisive one came from Auburn’s All- Adams added one of her own in the inal frame. However, the American third baseman Kasey Cooper, who hit a solo home run Lancers’ rally came up short, with the game-tying run stranded Away at Winthrop in the ifth inning. at second. April 9 10-8 L Rachael Walters earned the win for the home side, giving up just Lexie Davis earned the win for the Tigers, allowing two runs in one run on three hits, in ive innings of work. Freshman Sydney 3.1 innings in relief, while Walters held on in the seventh inning Men’s Tennis Gay (9-5) sufered the loss, giving up just one run on Cooper’s home for the save. Redshirt sophomore Sydney Mundell (0-1) sufered run, over three innings. Gay came on in relief of junior Elizabeth the loss, giving up three runs in 0.2 innings after coming on in Home vs Norfolk State McCarthy, who also gave up just one run in three innings. relief of Gay. April 11 4-0 W Head coach Kathy Riley praised the performance of her two Despite the sweep, Riley relected on the positives of facing one pitchers, despite the loss. of the best teams in the nation. Women’s Tennis “We gave up three hits to one of the best ofensive teams in the “Good competition breeds us getting better as a group,” said country,” Riley said on the oicial Longwood athletics website. Riley on the oicial Longwood athletics website. “We didn’t get a Home vs Hampton “One of the things we did today was throw both a lefty and a win and we wanted a win. I feel like we played consistent, quality April 12 Canceled righty. hey threw diferent pitches because that’s a team that does softball all weekend. hat consistency is what we want because (inclement weather) a good job of making adjustments while the game is going on.” good teams are able to consistently play well.” Auburn struck quickly in the second game on April 9, racing out he Lancers hope to return to winning ways as they host Virginia Men’s Golf to an early lead with ive runs across the irst two innings. he fast Tech on April 13. Away at Woford Intercollegiate April 11-12 ranked 15th

Women’s Golf Senior goes out on a high note BY DERRICK BENNINGTON Away at Big South Tournament SPORTS STAFF @DERRICK_BENN April 11-13 ranked 8/9 (one round left) he Longwood men’s tennis team (7-14, Norfolk State brought a travel roster of while junior Florian Ufer and sophomore 0-8) swept Norfolk State 4-0 to send lone ive, forfeiting doubles play at Sankar’s Lachlan Manser inished of the sweep senior Bharani Sankar out with a win at usual position, automatically putting the with a 6-2 win. Lancer Courts. team up by one in pursuit of the doubles Longwood heads to Lynchburg, Va., as Sankar tallied one of the two singles wins point. the No. 9 seed in the 2016 Big South Men’s in his inal home match, 6-2 and 6-3, to “It was a good win,” said Sankar on the Tennis Championships hosted by Liberty win back-to-back matches to close out the Longwood athletics oicial site. “his where they will face No. 8 Radford on regular season, as well as three of the last program has meant a lot to me the last four Wednesday, April 13 at 1 p.m. ive. years, so riding of into the sunset is a good he Lancers lost to Radford less than two He has six single wins total on his senior way to end it.” weeks ago in a close home match, ultimately Follow season, and ive doubles wins from the No. Sophomore Alfonso Castellano got the falling 4-3 to the Highlanders. @Rotunda_Sports 3 spot, all paired with junior Rosen Ilchev. win for the Lancers at the No. 1 seed April 13, 2016 SPORTS 15 Lancers unable to take series from top-seeded Panthers High Point rallies to win inal two games BY DERRICK BENNINGTON SPORTS STAFF @DERRICK_BENN he Lancers baseball team (19-14, 7-5) Longwood head coach Ryan Mau said double down the left ield line was the diving catch by sophomore outielder Hayes was able to pick up their seventh consecutive on the Longwood athletics oicial site. diference.” Nelson on the warning track that took series-opening win but were unable to “(Burnette) is our workhorse, he’s our In the loss, junior outielder Drew Kitson away an extra base hit, but were unable to capture the series win at High Point (22- captain, and we feel really good when he’s delivered the only two runs of the game capitalize and scratch across any runs after 10, 7-2) over the weekend. out there pitching on Friday nights.” on his two-run home run, his third of the the irst inning. On Friday, April 8, the Lancers were able he Lancers were led by their other senior season. Lewis was also able to reach base “We missed an opportunity to tie it up late to rally after being no-hit through the irst captain C.J. Roth who ended the day safely, which extended his team-high 15- and couldn’t produce the big hit,” said Mau. ive innings to tie the game at 1-1 and knock 2-for-4 with two runs scored while junior game hitting streak. “he bullpen did a good job of keeping us out High Point’s starter, Scott Hofman, designated hitter Alex Lewis added two On Sunday, Carson Jackson drove in the around.” due to a high pitch count. RBIs to add on to his team-leading 31. game-winning run to take the series from Longwood returns to action against the After the Lancers got to the bullpen, On Saturday, starter Andre Scrubb the Lancers in a 2-1 pitchers dual as Andrew defending national champion Virginia they were able to get three runs of of dominated the Lancer lineup striking out Gottfried picked up the win allowing one Cavaliers on Wednesday, April 13 after reliever Tyler Britton who took the loss 11 over eight innings of work, allowing only run and ive hits over seven innings. it was pushed back from April 12 due to surrendering those three runs in three two runs on three hits and surrendering Junior Cody Wager took the loss after inclement weather. innings of work. Senior captain Travis three walks. Domonic Fazio set the pace allowing the go-ahead run over his two he Lancers will be playing their tenth Burnette picked up the win throwing 7.1 for the Panthers ofensively, driving in four innings out of the bullpen. of 11 games against teams from the innings while surrendering three runs, two runs in the 7-2 win. Fazio was 3-3 and had Roth paced the Lancers throughout the Commonwealth, and hold a 6-3 record so earned and striking out ive to improve to the go-ahead three-run double in the ifth weekend going 3-for-4 in the rubber match far against their in-state foes. 5-1 on the season. inning. on Sunday and inished the weekend 5-for- “It was a great Friday night win with “Scrubb had all three pitches working, 12 with three runs scored. two front-line arms going toe-to-toe and and we just couldn’t igure him out,” said he Lancers were able to use great defense was a great series-opening win for us,” Mau. “hey got the big hit tonight. (Fazio’s) throughout to stay in the game, including a

Women’s tennis ready for Big South Tournament


he Longwood women’s tennis team heading into the tournament. Stoneman highlighted the leadership on Daneshjoo and Anna Makhneva. wrapped up their regular season, after their “Anytime that you can create an the team as well. Now the focus shifts to the tournament, inal match against Hampton University environment where you are winning and “We’ve got great leadership, and I think where Longwood will face Radford, who was cancelled on Tuesday, April 12, due to where you are playing really good tennis, that’s the success of any good team is to they defeated 4-3 on Feb. 27. he winner weather conditions. he match will not be I think it deinitely helps that momentum have good leadership.” said Stoneman. will play No. 1 seed Liberty University rescheduled due to there being so few days moving forward,” said interim head coach “Our captains Mason homas, Anna the following day Saturday, April 16. before both teams begin their conference Rich Stoneman. “Now it’s just kind of, Pelak and Paloma Alatorre. hey are great According to Stoneman, it will be a tournaments. Longwood enters the Big can we build upon that momentum when captains and good leaders, but we also battle between the two teams, but he has South Tournament ranked as the No. playing Radford in the irst round of the have some young freshman that are very conidence in his team. 8 seed and will face No. 9 seed Radford Big South tournament?” talented.” “We never take anyone lightly. It is Big University on April 15. Stoneman added that the team is going he three captains each won their South play. It’s number eight versus number Longwood won their match this past to continue with the same strategy that singles match against Chowan. Pelak and nine. It could go either way; we want it Monday, April 11 against Chowan 5-4. they have been following throughout the homas also paired up in doubles and to go our way. I think our girls, there is his gave them their tenth win of the season. Stoneman also said the Lancers defeated Chowan’s Cynthia Carrier and a better feel about who they are and the season, their highest total in nine years. will continue to play hard and not take Angelique Gouin, 8-1. Alatorre paired up conidence they have and the conidence hat has given the Lancers a lot of any team lightly, adding that there will be with freshman Tess Willis in doubles and we have in them” said Stoneman. motivation and built up their momentum no lineup changes before the tournament. took an 8-3 victory over Chowan’s Roxana 16 SPORTS TheRotundaOnline.com Documenting a father’s faith Gee family relects ahead of upcoming ilm and book

him a vegetable during this period, aside from his volatile plotline placed before him, didn’t hesitate. outbursts from time to time. “It really is on all levels a miraculous story that kind of Simultaneously, Gee was beginning his budding coaching unfolded with this family,” said Bonham. “I usually go career in Division I men’s basketball as an associate head looking for stories or go researching for stories, but when coach at St. Bonaventure and Cleveland State. Despite you get a phone call one day and someone says, ‘hey, here’s Brandon’s inability to communicate during this period, a story you need to hear about and here’s some people that Gee balanced his coaching duties with traveling over an want to make it happen. hat doesn’t happen everyday and hour and half to and from Brandon’s facility for visits it’s just been a blessing to be a part of this.” lasting ten minutes on a good day. With Holland’s inancing, Bonham began working to Doctors and close friends told Gee to let go of his son, make the concept of a movie a reality using a documentary considering him a lost cause to the incurable mental and book, targeting not only faith-based audiences, but a disorder. But Gee pushed through the fog of doubt wider spectrum of viewers. surrounding the situation. “his has a broader message in that this is what it looks After three years, Brandon emerged from treatment like when a family doesn’t give up hope, this is what it as a functional 14-year-old, proving his father’s eforts looks like whenever a dad ights through the doubt and fear worthwhile. and the negative reports, this is what happens when love “He would just pray over me, tell me I would be healed, overcomes all of these impossible scenarios. And that’s a big and then one day, I was,” said Brandon, looking at his message. hat’s a big message that can appeal to anyone,” father. said Bonham, the director of the documentary and author he idea of a ilm was planted in Jayson Gee’s mind about of the novel, both titled, “he Battle for Brandon.” eight years ago. Outside of being an associate head coach For the past year, the team of Bonham and the White at Cleveland State, he spoke to diferent teams at chapel Wolf Creative production company headed by Paul services about his family’s journey on the side, delivering Lawson, a friend of Bonham, collected interviews from a their message of perseverance, love and faith in the face of variety of perspectives including Brandon’s doctors, other adversity. basketball coaches, family friends and countless others. “his story has been such an inspiration and this is While documentaries tend to move faster than feature before we even thought about it being a book or a movie ilms, Bonham explained hiccups can still occur and or a documentary and so everyone we tell this story to is prolong the typical 12 -14 month development. “he Battle signiicantly inspired and so, to know that I’m a part of that for Brandon” has yet to hit a snag. is encouraging,” said Gee. “With this process, everyone was so interested in helping According to Gee, person after person would walk up tell the story that we had virtually no problems getting COURTESY OF CHAD BONHAM after his visits and tell him the story needed to be on the people to come on board,” he said, aside from the family Proposed cover art for the documentary. big screen. One of the most important people to push for giving the diferent doctors’ permission to talk about BY HALLE PARKER the rise of the Gee story was a friend and eventual executive Brandon’s condition during his three years in their care. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF @_HALPARKER producer, Joey Holland, the owner of several car dealerships he core of the story remains within the dynamics of the in West Virginia. Gee family, including his wife, Lynette Gee, youngest “Joey Holland is the guy that has really underwritten all daughter, Briana, and his middle son, Bryan Gee, who also Schizophrenia: A mental illness that creates a this and I would say he’s probably spent close to $100,000 plays at Longwood under his father. Each played a diferent constant state of confusion for the person, characterized by by now, so his name’s worth mentioning,” said Gee with a role during treatment and have seen their roles evolve in delusions, hallucinations and strange behavior. laugh. the time since as more stories, experiences and individual According to the World Health Organization, the Holland’s willingness to fund the endeavor fueled even feelings have been expressed through the interviews. incurable disorder causes complications in the minds of more life into the cause. he pair had a screen-worthy story Jayson Gee noted the willingness of his family to relive over 21 million people worldwide, and over 50 percent do and the money to create it, but lacked the writer to bring that time, considering how traumatic the period was for not receive the appropriate care. it all to life. not only Brandon, but all of the Gee’s, demonstrated their But it is treatable. hen, last year, the inal element found its way into the progress in accepting those lost three years and the ongoing Twelve years ago, Longwood head men’s basketball coach equation. After winning the John Lotz Barnabus coach of recovery since then. Jayson Gee’s eldest son, Brandon Gee, was diagnosed with the year award from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ paranoid schizophrenia at 11 years old and spent three (FCA) last April, Gee was approached by a young writer years in various medical facilities receiving treatment. with the perfect background in co-authoring books dealing —continued on therotundaonline.com Over the three years, Brandon was nonresponsive as with sports and religion. he was given a variety of medicines, each with diferent After listening to Gee’s story, sports journalist Chad efects. Brandon said medical professionals considered Bonham, recognizing the powerful message and miraculous