Salt - Moab - Green River 60min (56mile) Grand Junction 180min (183mile) Crescent Jct. NM Green River NP NP Moab - Arches Goblin 10min (5mile) SP Corona Moab Grand Circle Map Capitol Reef - Green River Dead Horse Point 100min (90mile) SP Moab - Grand View Point NP: 80min (45mile) NM: National Monument NHP: National Histrocal Park Bryce - Capitol Reef Canyonlands SP: State Park Capitol Reef COLORADO 170min (123mile) NP NP Moab - Verde Monticello Moab - 170min (140mile) 170min (149mile) Bryce Cedar City Canyon NP Natural Bridges Canyon of the Cedar Breaks NM Blanding Ancients NM Mesa Verde - Monument Valley NM Kodacrome Basin SP 200min (150mile) Valley of Hovenweep 40min 70min NM Cortez (24mile) (60mile) - the Gods 100min Escalante NM Mt. Carmel (92mile) Muley Point Snow Canyon Jct. SP Goosenecks SP NP Kanab Mexican Hat Mesa Verde Rainbow Monument Valley NP Coral Vermillion Page Bridge NM - Zion SP Cliffs NM Tribal Park Aztec Ruins NM 170min (167mile) Antelope Pipe NM Horseshoe Aztec Bend Canyon Mesa Verde - Chinle 200min (166mile) Mt.Carmel Jct. - North Rim Navajo NM 140min (98mile) Kayenta Farmington Monument Valley - Chinle Mesa Verde - Chaco Culture Valley of Fire Page - North Rim Page - Cameron Page - Monument Valley 140min (134mile) 230min (160mile) SP 170min (124mile) 90min (83mile) - 130min (125mile) Parashant NM North Rim NEW Havasu Monument Valley - Cameron Canyon 130min (125mile) Chinle Chaco Culture Grand Canyon NP NHP Las City Canyon de Vegas Grand Canyon West South Rim Chelly NM (Sky walk) Cameron 70min (53mile) Cameron - Fragstaff Chinle - Petrified Forest Kingman - Williams (AZ-66, I-40) 90min (79mile) 60min (53mile) 100min (99mile) 130min (130mile) South Rim - Williams Wupatki NM Las Vegas - Kingman 70min (60mile) 110min (102mile) Sunset Creator NM Flagstaff Fragstaff - Petrified Forest Petrified Forest - Chaco Culture 110min (115mile) Williams 230min (166mile) Kingman Kingman - Williams (I-40) Walnut Winslow 40min (36mile) Canyon NM 100min (113mile) Meteor Sedona Crater Holbrook Fragstaff - Sedona Petrified Forest 50min (31mile) Phoenix - Fragstaff NP 140min (151mile) Phoenix ver.20130217 / shirahakase.com