Winkleigh Parish Council Minutes

WEDNESDAY 26th October 2016

7.30pm Winkleigh Village Hall


Cllr Flockhart (Chair), Cllr Kane, Cllr Pearce, Cllr Turner, Cllr Naylor, Cllr Mondy, Cllr Hodgson, Melanie Borrett (Clerk), Deanne Whittaker, Sue Ware


Cllr Jacobs and Dist Cllr Boundy


3.10.16  MINUTES

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart; the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting on 28th September 2016 be approved by the Council, seconded by Cllr Mondy,1 abstention, 6 in favour, and Resolved motion carried with Minutes amended to read 28th September from 27th September 2016. (RR034/10/16)


A)  Co-option - Mrs Deanne Whittaker and Mrs Sue Ware co-opted on to the Parish Council, all in favour.

B)  Article for Distinctly Winkleigh Proposed by Cllr Flockhart that WPC approve draft article for Winter Issue of DW appealing for new Cllrs, seconded by Cllr Pearce, all in favour, and Resolved Motion carried (RR041/10/16)


Cllr Hodgson declared a personal interest in new planning application 1/1017/2016/FUL Lower Bransgrove Farm, Register entry WDOI005/2016

Cllr Ware declared a pecuniary interest in cemetery Contract, Register entry WDOI006/2016

6.10.16  PLANNING MATTERS and applications received from TDC

A)  Returned by TDC

i.  1/0671/2016/FUL Winkleigh Airfield Erection of 4 buildings with associated access road and parking. GRANTED

ii.  1/0845/2016/FUL Ashleigh House Farm Wembworthy, Agricultural general purpose building. GRANTED

B)  New Applications

i.  Proposed by Cllr Flockhart Under Standing Order 8a (xv) to suspend STO 7b to allow Cllrs to comment and make proposals on new applications, seconded by Cllr Turner, all in favour and Resolved, Motion carried (RR035/10/16)

Cllr Hodgson left the meeting room.

ii.  1/1017/2016/FUL Lower Bransgrove Farm, Wembworthy. Variation of condition 1 from 1/0765/2016/FUL alternative surface to track. Determination deadline 6th December 2016

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart WPC support the application subject to there being no additional impact or more rapid run off surface drainage water into watercourses, Seconded by Cllr Mondy, 1 abstention 7 in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR055/10/16)

Cllr Hodgson returned to the meeting room.

C)  Other Planning Matters

i.  Workshop on Section 106 Agreements & Calling-in Planning Applications Cllr Flockhart reported on Planning Workshop and TDC Guidance on S106 Agreements trigger points. A generic wish list from Parish Councils to Torridge would be very useful. WPC should consider or submit a S106 list of what they want TDC to hold and consider for the Parish. Cllr Mondy and Pearce to compile a list for consideration at the next pcm. Action WM/GP

ii.  Parish/TDC Planning & E-Working

To consider information from Di Thompson,Planning Performance Team Leader, TDC regards purchase of projector and screen for e-working at WPC meetings. WPC will not take this forward at this time.

iii.  Additional Planning Council Meetings

Proposed by Cllr Mondy to move that Winkleigh Parish Council schedule Parish Council meetings to include August and December to consider any new planning applications received, seconded by Cllr Naylor. 1 in favour, 1 abstention, 8 against, Motion Failed (RR035/10/16)

iv.  Village Design Statement

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart that WPC approve draft letters to TDC (including Planning, Chair of Plans Committee and Conservation Officer) including copies of published VDS, seconded by Cllr Mondy, all in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR040/10/16)

v.  Neighbourhood Plan Group

Proposed by Cllr Mondy that WPC supportthe formation of an internal 'Neighbourhood Plan Group', which will liaise with non-Cllr and community members to investigate the viability of establishing a Neighbourhood Plan for Winkleigh and meet any appropriate andreasonable requests for paper/printing & room hire costs, seconded by Cllr Flockhart, following discussion, Motion Withdrawn (RR043/10/16) Cllr Mondy to liaise with CPAG regarding funding from PC reserves. Action WM

vi.  Response from TDC regards Omission of Archaeology Condition

David Green TDC Planning Manager, emailed on 10th October 2016 stating, “… the checking procedure of the planning processes in TDC are as robust as we can make them and in line with other authorities in terms of the way we check and sign off decisions. Unfortunately these procedures do not account for human error and in this instance the Team Leader, Planning Officer and Planning support officer who all check the application decision before it goes out, all missed the Archaeological comments of DCC. I know I have explained this previously and have advised that there is no justification for this error however I would like to point out that since Christmas the Development Management team have been operating with a reduced resource as one of the Planning Officer posts has been vacant which has put the DM team under immense pressure. Whilst they have managed to ensure that our performance figures have not suffered this has obviously put pressure on the DM officers and I am confident that this is the reason the error has occurred in this instance.”

vii.  Examination of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan (2011-2031) - Notice of Examination Hearing Sessions

In accordance with Regulation 24 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, North Devon and Torridge District Councils hereby give notice that the Independent Examination Hearing Sessions on the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan will commence at 10am on Tuesday 22nd November 2016. All Hearing Sessions will take place at: The Cedars, Bickington Road, Sticklepath, Barnstaple, EX31 2HE.

7.10.16  FINANCIAL MATTERS for Winkleigh Parish Council since 28th September 2016

A)  Financial Statement of payments and receipts (Appendix A)

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart that WPC approve the Financial Schedule of payments as presented by the Clerk, seconded by Cllr Turner, all in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR036a/10/16)

B)  External Audit 2016 External Auditor certificate and opinion 2015/16. RFO reported the external audit has been returned and certificated, with 2 comments by the auditor regarding the involvement of the internal auditor and PAYE system, which have been addressed by the RFO.

C)  Bank Reconciliation received with no comments (Appendix B)

D)  The 2017/18 Local Government Finance Settlement consultation

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart Under Standing Order 8a (xv) to suspend STO 7b to allow Cllrs to comment and make proposals on the responsible finance officers recommendations, seconded Cllr Pearce, all in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR044/10/16)

Proposed by Cllr Pearce that WPC accept the RFO recommendations not to agree with the suggestion that referendum principles may be extended to all local precepting authorities, seconded by Cllr Flockhart, all in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried. (RR056/10/16)

E)  Grant applications 2017/18

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart under Standing Order 8a (xv) to suspend STO 7b to allow Cllrs to comment and make proposals on the grant applications, seconded Cllr Pearce, all in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR045/10/16)

CAB request for £250 towards volunteer advisers who are highly trained to give the best quality advice and information to the public. This high standard ensures that we maintain the credible Citizens Advice name and provide the local community with accurate and helpful advice to help them move forward with their lives

ODCTG request for £300 towards continuation of their current services including the Ring and Ride bus service, voluntary car service and wheelchair accessible transport.

Winkleigh Football Club request for £1,000 towards refurbishment of the football pavilion which needs modernizing and insulating so it can provide a suitable facility for both club members and supporters. The refurb would include upgraded kitchen facilities so hot/cold refreshments could be provided. It would provide a more welcoming facility which would help to encourage more people to attend/join the club so it can be a focal point of the community. This can in turn provide a club which can provide physical activity for various ages.

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart that WPC approve the following grants with effect 1st April 2017, CAB £250 under Local Government Act 1972 S.142 (2A), ODCTG £300 under Local Government & Rating Act S26-29, Winkleigh Football club £500 under Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 S.19, seconded Cllr Turner, 6 in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention, and Resolved, Motion Carried. (RR057/10/16)

F)  Budget 2017/18 to be presented at PCM 30th November 2016


A)  Rat infestation Winkleigh Square

Mark Beer, TDC Environmental Health Officer has stated the sewers are in good working order and they are satisfied this is a surface infestation and advice has been sent by EHO to properties in the area. Mr Beer has offered to meet with Cllrs on site to discuss these issues. Cllrs Whittaker and Naylor to meet with Mr Beer. Clerk to check legislation that may be applicable with regards to placement of bin bags on the street prior to collection. Action DW/RN/Clerk

B)  Townsend Hill Traffic Calming

Proposed by Cllr Pearce that WPC approve the submission of an application for Lottery Grant Funding for the Townsend Hill Traffic Calming Project to the National Lottery as long as it is found to be a valid application upon clarification of points raised, seconded Cllr Flockhart, all in favour and Resolved, Motion carried. (RR042/10/16)


A)  Replacement litter bin Folly Cottage installed 12/10/2016

B)  Grit Bin replenishment Devon County Council will not automatically refill grit bins with immediate effect. They will only do so on a reactive basis having received a request to do so, any bins which are broken or empty within the parish, should be reported to customer service 0345 155 1004 or email stating the location and ideally the grit bin number which is on a label located on the underside of the lid.

C)  Defective road surface outside of Church West Gate Devon Highways report it will be done this financial year and hopefully before Christmas. The parish will be informed of any road closures that are needed closer to the time.

D)  TDC Housing Renewal Technical Officer will be carrying out an assessment of the Cemetery Bungalow formally using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). Torridge District Council (TDC) has a duty to act if any category 1 hazards are identified. On this basis, TDC deem an inspection necessary in order to determine if the Parish Council have any responsibilities. Inspection will take place at 2pm on 16th November, with the Clerk as Proper Officer in attendance with the tenant.

E)  Holsworthy Area Advisory Group Cllr John Hart the leader of DCC is attending the HAAG on 31/10/2016 to give a 20 minute update on the 2017 budget and devolution and will take questions.


A)  Chair and Cllr Jacobs attended the TAAG meeting, there was a lot of discussion regarding business rates in Torridge rising by 10% and TDC are going to lobby and ask why it is so high in Torridge compared with North Devon by example.

B)  District Cllr None

C)  Bungalow Group (Cllr Pearce, Cllr Turner, Cllr Naylor)

Proposed by Cllr Flockhart that WPC authorise Cllrs Kane, Flockhart, Mondy, Hodgson, and Jacobs, Ware, Whittaker to attend the bungalow for a familiarisation visit date to be arranged, seconded by Cllr Pearce, all in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR037/10/16)

D)  Cemetery Group (Cllr Pearce, Cllr Turner, Cllr Hodgson)

i.  Correspondence from WD Carne in response to cemetery matters “In our opinion we found that the grave belonging to the late Mrs Short and surrounding area was satisfactory and very tidy. It is normal procedure for grave diggers to fill in any low graves with fine soil, which on this occasion there were three low graves.” Council made no further comment.

ii.  Soil Pit Rebuild has been completed and the works have been inspected by Cllrs and found to have been carried out satisfactorily

iii.  Cemetery Maintenance repairs costings

Proposed by Cllr Turner that WPC approve that the current Cemetery maintenance contractor Mr Ware to rub down and repaint the notice board black for £60 and to clear the drain at £20 identified in the Annual Cemetery Inspection, seconded by Cllr Hodgson, 1 abstention, 8 in favour and Resolved, Motion Carried (RR046/10/16)

E)  Asset Group (Cllr Pearce and Cllr Naylor)

Annual Asset Inspection completed, only minor maintenance issues identified, report and costings to be prepared by Clerk for next Parish Council Meeting. Action Clerk

F)  Annual Defibrillator Training Dates (Mr Andrew Ware)

Annual training event Tuesday 29th November 2016, 6.30pm Village Hall, free to all residents. WPC extend their thanks to Mr Ware for his continued work as the Community Coordinator.

G)  Work & Tidy Group (Cllr Jacobs and Cllr Naylor)

i.  Annual Street cleaning route/timetables amendment or recommendations. DCC do not work to a set timetable or with particular dates set aside. At present TDC are not able to extend their manual street cleaning operations into the Eggesford Road area. They will however speak to the driver of the scarab street cleaning vehicle to ensure he includes Eggesford Road onto his round when he is next scheduled to be in the Winkleigh area

ii.  Parishioner correspondence – received from Dr Dale, “Parish Council need to adopt their own policy to maintain Street Cleaning along Torrington Road to ensure that this work is carried out in the future.” WPC thank Dr Dale for his suggestion however, unfortunately H&S conditions also apply to members of the Parish Council and members of the public acting on behalf of the WPC as volunteers under the conditions of our insurance policy.

H)  Emergency Plan Group (Cllr Kane and Cllr Naylor)

Devon Community Resilience Forum will be held on 9 November and will explore community/parish desktop exercises to test Community / Parish Emergency Plans, and help identify what works well and what amendments may be required.

I)  Clerks Hours Review - Core hours will remain the same at 12 hours per week.


Your Future Care Consultation proposals to improve the way elderly and frail people are cared for in the Eastern locality of Devon. The Eastern locality includes Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and parts of West Devon including Okehampton. Closing date 6th January 2017


Parishioners are encouraged to make their own complaints to DCC/TDC where appropriate, via the respective websites and not via the Clerk