Program Your Waypoints (To Locate the Cache, Latitude and Longitude)

Program Your Waypoints (To Locate the Cache, Latitude and Longitude)


Program your BLUE GPS waypoints (to locate the cache, latitude and longitude) Garmin E-Trex – not a car GPS, approx. $150.

1.Turn on bottom button on RIGHT side of GPS

2.Push top RIGHT button in until you get to “main menu”

3.Use the toggle button on front of GPS to move till the

“MARK” icon is highlighted, then push in toggle button

4.Move toggle up to the “location” area so the waypoints are highlighted, and push toggle in

5.If navigation number is correct, just push toggle in and it

will jump to next number for you to put in your co-ordinate

6.Move toggle to correct # and push toggle in if you need to

change a coordinate number

7.After putting in all the numbers for your cache, highlight OK

and push toggle in

8.Push toggle up to the numbers in the top flag (under dot)

9.type in location name of your cache.

10.Highlight “OK” in middle of screen in the letter/number box

And push toggle in

11.push toggle up to the dot in the flag and push toggle in

12.Go to geocache, push toggle in

13.go to bottom of screen and highlight OK and then push

toggle in

14.Go over to “find” and push toggle in

15.Go to Waypoint and push toggle down

16.Go to “nearest” (if you want to find the cache that you are standing closest to) and push toggle in (or highlight “by name”

if you want to find the name of the cache)

17.Use up/down toggle button and click on the name of the cache you want to find and push toggle in.

18.At bottom, highlight “go to” and push toggle in

19.Follow arrow, see how close you are getting to the cache