(ISSN 0023-6667) Melin wins DFL primary, labor endorsement Carly Melin has become the Prior to the Primary the frontrunner in the whirlwind NEALC had an endorsement race to replace in meeting but no candidate was the House of Repre- able to come up with the two- sentatives from District 5B. On thirds vote to win. Melin had Feb. 1 Melin won the DFL been endorsed by AFSCME Primary Election for the seat Councils 5 and 65, and that covers a lot of the Iron Education Minnesota. Pierce Range, but comes as far south carried the USW votes. as Solway Township near For Melin it’s on to the An Injury to One is an Injury to All! Highway 2 and Midway Road. Tuesday, Feb. 15 Special WEDNESDAY VOL. 116 The next morning she was Election for the House 5B seat. FEBRUARY 9, 2011 NO. 15 recommended for endorsement She will face Republican Paul to the Minnesota AFL-CIO by Jacobson, who Sertich defeated the North East Area Labor in November, and Independent Council (NEALC) and got that Cynthia Kafut-Hagen. Carly Melin endorsement Feb. 4. The district has 22,464 vot- Melin worked at the legisla- Sertich resigned his House ers and only 3,999 (17.8%) ture at one time for Sertich seat on Jan. 13 after being voted in the DFL Primary. doing research on proposed named by Gov. Mark Dayton Jacobson had 257 votes, Kafut- legislation and constituency on Jan. 11 as commissioner of Hagen 44, in their uncontested work. Early in her candidacy the Resources & Primary Elections. Melin isn’t she picked up the support of Rehabilitation Board. Candi- taking anything for granted. Iron Range DFL icons Jerry dates had only a few days to “We worked hard for the Janezich and Joe Begich, who file for the office, with filings Primary on the people who are both served at the legislature. closing on Jan. 18. regular voters,” said Melin. “We encouraged Carly to A DFL Primary Election “Now we’re reaching out to a run because we have known was required as five candidates broader base with more mail- her and her family for many filed. Melin, who had been ings, doorknocks, phone bank- years,” said Janezich about he endorsed by the Senate District ing and community events. and his wife, Patty, who serve 5 DFL, easily outdistanced the We’re not letting February’s as Melin’s campaign co-chairs. field with 2005 votes. Shelley weather stop us. We were at “They’re active DFLers, work- Robinson received 1180, Ray Hib-Tac’s 6:00 a.m. shift ing on Wellstone’s campaign, At a Saturday, Jan. 22nd Citizen’s Federation press confer- Pierce, a member of USW change at 14 below.” my own, and many others who ence in the Labor Temple, Senator Al Franken said Demo- Local 6115, got 402, Flood- Melin is a Hibbing native served. They’re long-term crats will not allow the health care reform law to be wood Mayor Jeff Kletscher got and resides there as an attorney Democrats and we hope that repealed, that it’s the starting point for all further reform. 317, and former state rep. John employed by the Minnesota voters get to know Carly as The U.S. House passed a symbolic vote to repeal it, while Spanish got 95. All her DFL State Judiciary doing legal well as we do because she is the Senate voted 51-47 to keep it from Obama’s veto pen. opponents now support Melin. research for northeastern bright, energetic, and hard- Minnesota judges. She gradu- working.” Franken says health care reform just a start ated with honors from Bemidji “It is time to pass the torch On January 19 the Republi- come in the U.S. Supreme tion. Health care should be a State University and earned her to a new generation and she can-controlled U.S. House of Court after conservative state basic right, but it’s not in the law degree at Hamline will carry it well,” Begich said. Representatives made their courts get done with their wealthiest industrial nation in University. See Melin wins...page 7 first major action a symbolic attacks. the world. Human compassion nod to tea partiers by voting Three days after the House should overrule insurance com- No endorsement in Superior’s 245-189 to repeal President vote in the Duluth Labor panies.” Obama’s health care reform Temple’s Wellstone Hall, Franken said no one in Feb. 15 mayoral primary law. Three House Democrats, Senator Al Franken led a Germany, Switzerland, or Following screenings Feb. 2, Superior Federation of Labor Mike McIntyre (NC), Dan Citizen’s Federation press con- France goes bankrupt because delegates decided to wait until after the Tuesday, Feb. 15 Boren (Ok) and Mike Ross ference attended by about 80 of a health care condition. Primary Election to consider a mayoral endorsement. An (Ark), had joined all 242 people in saying his party will “But more than half of the endorsement will be considered again at the Wednesday, March Republicans, including our not allow the law to be bankruptcies in America are 2 meeting which begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Superior Public own reps. Chip Cravaack (MN- repealed. because of a medical crisis,” Library. City council candidates will also be screened at that 8) and Sean Duffy (WI-7). “It would be a disaster, a ter- said Franken. The law is on the time. There are no Primary Election races for city council. The vote had no traction in rible idea to repeal this law,” right track to stop that by elim- Four candidates filed for mayor. Gil Davidson, Bruce Hagen, the democratically-controlled said Franken. “We’re on the inating the cap on lifetime ben- and Kevin Peterson showed up for screening. The only one who U.S. Senate, losing along party right track on this law. All efits. It also allows children to declined to be screened was Dan Raihala. Peterson and Raihala lines 51-47. A veto by Presi- health care reform should be stay on their parent’s plan until are businessmen. Davidson, a mechanic for Superior Public dent Obama was waiting in the based on that law.” He said the they’re 26. People with pre- Works, is president of AFSCME Local 244 and SFL Sergeant at Oval Office, but wasn’t need- more people actually know and existing conditions won’t be Arms. Hagen was Superior mayor for 12 years, has worked at a ed. The next fight will probably learn about the law the less denied coverage in 2014. number of levels of government, and owns a business. they want it repealed. He said when you talk to The mayor’s office has been vacant since Dave Ross resigned “Only eighteen percent of people who want the law Jan. 3 as mayor to be secretary of the Wisconsin Dept. of those surveyed want it to be repealed they’ll admit that cov- Regulation and Licensing in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration. repealed in the latest survey,” erages like those are worth The city council chose not to fill the mayor’s seat, letting voters said Franken. having. decide in the Tuesday, April 5 General Election. Duluth AFL-CIO Central “Everyone needs to be The Superior Federation endorsed two unopposed, incum- Labor Body President Dan insured, so we’ll have to subsi- bents for the school board on Feb. 2nd. Both Mary Klun and O’Neill said in this economy dize those who can’t afford it John Hendricks said they thought Superior public schools were too many families are strug- up to 400 percent of the pover- doing pretty well, but both wish more citizens would get gling and health care is low on ty level on a sliding scale,” involved, even to the point of wishing they had opponents. their list of expenses. Franken said. “It would be the Also attending the Feb. 2 screening was Marla Stephens, one “That’s not right,” said largest tax cut in the history of of the candidates involved in the Feb. 15 Primary Election for O’Neill. “So many families are our country.” the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Any endorsement in that race will on the verge of bankruptcy Opponents say they must come from the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, which has not made because of a health care condi- See Health reform...page 6 any endorsements at press time. “10,000 Black Men Named George” up on Labor Movie Night Feb. 24 February is Black History Sleeping Car Porters. All black pation Proclamation, Randolph Rustin.” APRI, a constituency The essence of trade Month and the next Labor porters were simply called initiated the March on Wash- group of the AFL-CIO, forged unionism is social uplift. Movie Night will feature “George” after George ington for Jobs and Freedom. It an alliance between the civil “10,000 Black Men Named Pullman, the first person to was at that gathering that a rights movement and the labor The labor movement George,” a 95 minute drama employ emancipated slaves. young Martin Luther King, Jr. movement. President Nixon traditionally has been about union activist Asa Philip The award-winning 2002 delivered his “I Have a Dream” called Randolph “the most dan- the haven for Randolph’s efforts to organize release was written by Cyrus speech...and Randolph passed gerous man in America.” the black porters of the Nowrasteh, directed by Robert his torch to a new generation of Labor Movie Night will be the dispossessed, Pullman Rail Company in Townsend, and stars Andre civil rights leaders. held at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, the despised, 1920s America. On August 25, Braugher, Charles S. Dutton Following passage of the Feb. 24, in Wellstone Hall of the neglected, 1937 the Pullman Co. signed and Mario Van Peebles Voting Rights Act, the A. Philip the Duluth Labor Temple, 2002 the downtrodden, the first ever agreement For the next four decades Randolph Institute was co- London Road (enter via South between a union of black work- Randolph carried forward his founded in 1965 by Randolph St. entrance facing Lake the poor. ers and a major U.S. corpora- fight for equality. In 1963, and Bayard Rustin, who was Superior). LMN is a free event ~A. Philip Randolph tion, 12 years after the found- commemorating the 100th featured at Labor Movie Night with snacks, refreshments, and 1889-1979 ing of the Brotherhood of Anniversary of the Emanci- last August in “Brother child care available. The public Outsider, The Life of Bayard is always invited. Labor World Please join us Saturday in Annual Meeting Trainings for attacks on labor Labor World Inc. will hold HHoonnoorriinngg JJiimm OObbeerrssttaarr!! Trainings in Minnesota and Wisconsin will help trade union- its Annual Shareholders Meet- ists defend against attacks on working people, restore balance in ing at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, You are cordially invited to join the our economy, and protect the middle class. Feb. 10, 2011 in the Duluth 8th Congressional District DFL for David Carpio, National Education and Training Coordinator Labor Temple’s Freeman Hall. for the AFL-CIO, will lead four training sessions in Minnesota Shareholders are asked to fax an evening honoring Congressman on February 23-24. Registration by Monday, Feb. 21 can be their delegate’s names to 218- done at http://www.mnaflcio.org, or 1-800-652-9004. 724-1413, email James Oberstar for his 36 years of The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO has scheduled two identical [email protected]. incredible service to the people of trainings on how union members can protect their rights and Call 728-4469 if you need fur- fight back against attacks like right to work and paycheck decep- ther information. our district, state, and nation. tion that will try to undermine unions. A training will be held in The meeting will have an Saturday, February 12 Milwaukee Wednesday, Feb. 16 at either 10:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. open election for five seats on A second training will be in Madison Thursday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 the Board of Directors. Duluth Entertainment Convention Center p.m. For information contact Steve Kwaterski at 414-476-2896. Candidates must be members of a union affiliated with the Lake Superior Ballroom $50/person Duluth AFL-CIO Central Free Reception 5:00 Dinner 6:30 Cash Bar I.U.O.E. Local 70 Labor Body and credentialed Monthly Arrowhead Regional Meeting delegates to the annual meeting For Reservations or Information Contact: from their local union. Board Shelly, 218-728-0230, [email protected] Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 5:00 P.M. positions are for two years. The Jeanette, 218-348-9586, [email protected] Duluth Labor Center, Hall B Labor World’s 2010 financial Paid for by 8th Congressional District DFL, Cathy Daniels, Treasurer report, as well as a discussion Dave Monsour, Business Manager, (651) 646-4566 of the operations of the paper, will be included in the agenda of the annual meeting. The Board meets quarterly ASBESTOSIS prior to Central Body meetings on second Thursdays in February, June, September, and December. This quarter’s meeting will UNG ANCER immediately follow the annual L C meeting and will include an election of officers. Ironworker Retirees Monthly Breakfast MESOTHELIOMA Thursday, Feb. 17 9:00 a.m. TheThe nationally nationally recognized recognized attorneys attorneys at at Duluth Grill PaulPaul & & Hanley Hanley have have beenbeen fighting fi ghting for for the the healthhealth and and safety safety of of union workers members and their and IBEWIBEW 3131 &242242 theirfamilies families since since 1985. 1985. Jon R.Jon Neumann, R. Neumann, managingmanaging attorney attorney of of our our Milwaukee Milwaukee PAUL & HANLEY LLP Retirees’Retirees’ office,offi ce, has has worked worked on on behalf behalf of of asbestos asbestos victims for nearly a decade. LuncheonLuncheon victims for nearly a decade. 250 EAST WISCONSIN AVE., SUITE 1800 Tues., Feb. 22 IfIf you you oror aa loved one has beenbeen injuredinjured by by asbestos, asbestos, call call MILWAUKEE, WI 53202 1:00 p.m. usus today today forfor aa free andand conficonfidential dential consultation. consultation. Our Our   s   Blackwoods-Proctor experiencedexperienced attorneysattorneys and investigators willwill personally personally Members & Their meetmeet with with youyou toto discuss the meritsmerits ofof youryour case.case. BadgerStateAsbestos.com ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT Guests Welcome! PAGE 2 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 Each of your purchases is an economic and moral vote By Mike Kuitu, President, Carlton County Central Labor Body Three weeks before Christmas, over 50 Latino workers were Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, fired from several Chipotle’s restaurants in the Twin Cities area. who wants to be your presi- “Chipotle is fully cooperating with Immigration and Customs dent, shut down Minnesota’s Enforcement (ICE) officials in connection with a document government in 2005 when he request they have made,” Chipotle’s corporate statement read. didn’t get his way on the budg- “It appears to be a statewide attack on immigrant workers et with the DFL legislature. He who are longtime employees, most of them [had] been working has a poor track record of unal- there for years,” said a spokesman for the immigrants. “It is an loting funding for programs, I-9 audit. They check the paperwork and fire anyone who can’t vetoes of all sorts even wind- immediately prove they have the right to work.” power, refused to raise taxes Chipotle is still in business, and rumored to be expanding to but did it to your property Duluth. taxes, increased fees for every- Last April, 12 illegal immigrants were apprehended as they thing, and ended project labor were going to work for Southern Maintenance Contractors at the agreements. He didn’t even ties and other debts. He has as tions but Obama’s tax cut deal Sappi papermill in Cloquet. The immigrants were quickly want poor people to have much respect for a contract as with Republicans will end that deported. health insurance that the feds LTV and other corporations. program this year. They’ve cre- In 2009, over 1200 janitors who worked for American were willing to help out with. Gov. Dayton and others don’t ated a perfect scenario for Building Maintenance (ABM) in Minnesota, were fired for Ol’ Slash and Burn may be agree with TPaw. Pawlenty to say “why don’t we being undocumented. ABM is still in business. It’s unclear perfect for the Tea Party but he TPaw’s bankruptcy move is just go belly-up.” Making it whether any of these businesses will face any consequences for shouldn’t run the country, but right out of the Republican harder for states to borrow hiring illegal immigrants. recent comments he made will playbook, which is what some- money is a convenient way to The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 made it a make him more of a darling for one who would be anointed kick off the scheme. Petho- crime for companies to knowingly hire illegal immigrants. These TP anarchists. Pawlenty told must do to be the chosen one. koukis says it will take a law employers say they do their utmost to comply. Who are they New Hampshire Republicans He backed out of a run for U.S. change to allow states that are kidding? Since 2006, employers have been able to use govern- (funny he didn’t get there while Senate at G.W. Bush’s and in debt to rewrite union con- ment programs such as e-verify and IMAGE to determine if their “governing” MN) that states Cheney’s insistence because tracts, but “It is possible that a employees have legal documentation. Their claim that dozens or should maybe declare bank- they wanted money raisin’ state could even renegotiate hundreds of violations of immigration law is still unavoidable is ruptcy to avoid pension liabili- Senator Norm Coleman again. existing pension benefits in absurd. These violations are now willful neglect, big fines need It’s not bad enough that bankruptcy, although this is to be levied and even jail time should be considered. Any future ~NOTICE~ Republicans want to get rid of much less clear and less likely legislation designed to fix the immigration “problem” should not the middle class by getting rid than the power to renegotiate solely focus on the immigrants. It should also include stronger Next issues of Labor World: of unions, lowering everyone’s an ongoing contract.” Feb. 23; March 9, 23; April penalties for companies clearly not abiding by the law. wages and benefits, cutting Bankruptcies have occurred It is the opinion of the Carlton County Central Labor Body 6, 27; May 11, 25; June 8, social programs that help the on the city and county level, that the hiring of illegal immigrants is not only illegal but also 22; July 6, 20; Aug. 3, 31; most vulnerable in society that but Republicans have bigger immoral. It is unfair to the illegal immigrants, who are lured to Sept. 14, 28; Oct. 19; can’t help themselves, destroy- fish to fry on the state level. this country and motivated to break the law by companies and Nov. 2, 16, 30; Dec. 21 ing public education and other- Obama’s freeze on the pay of large corporations who turn a blind eye at the time of hiring. LABOR WORLD wise turning their backs on federal workers, a drop in the Illegal immigrants have no rights, no recourse, as the company (ISSN#0023-6667) is published children, giving incentives to bucket for the budget, is anoth- is free to use and abuse them at will. Who are they going to com- semi-monthly except one issue in business to move offshore, er sign of the Third World aus- plain to? It is likely that some of the individual workers in the December (23 issues). have free trade open our bor- terity programs we’ve watched cases above were not given all of the compensation they were The known office of publication is ders to unfair competition, and citizens rebel against in Latin due at the time of their release. Labor World, 2002 London Road, ax health care reform as though America, Africa and elsewhere. Room 110, Duluth, MN 55812. Further, due to their blackmailed workforce, the companies Periodicals postage is paid at costs and coverage were never At one time we wanted fam- that hire illegal immigrants, have a competitive advantage over Duluth MN 55806. a problem. In their quest to ilies to succeed and be stable. legitimate businesses that hire only U.S. citizens. Legitimate POSTMASTER: starve the beast and prove gov- Now we only want it for the top businesses are economically pressured, some simply cannot Send address changes to: ernment doesn’t work, they one%. You can’t sustain that compete and are forced out of business. Labor World, 2002 London Rd., now want governments to file and have a society worth living Ten million illegal immigrants in the U.S. exacerbates an Room 110, Duluth, MN 55812 bankruptcy to circumvent con- in. Unless of course, you don’t already bloated labor market that lowers wages and demoralizes 6 7 tractual obligations they have mind watching people suffer. American workers. This downward pressure on the wages of low to pension funds. (218) 728-4469 This Day In History and middle class families is desired by the wealthiest two per- FAX: (218) 724-1413 James Pethokoukis, the cent of this country and is another reason the practice of hiring Money & Politics columnist from [email protected] www.workdayminnesota.org illegals has been allowed to continue. Low wages and low www.laborworld.org for Reuters Breakingviews, morale keeps society dependent, more pliable, and less resistant ~ ESTABLISHED 1896 ~ says “Congressional Republi- February 8, 1864 to the desires of big business. Owned by Unions affiliated with the cans appear to be quietly but Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body February 8, 1864- Mary The Carlton County Central Labor Body would like to Subscriptions: $22 Annually methodically executing a plan Kenney O'Sullivan was born. remind citizens and businesses that every purchase is an eco- that would a) avoid a federal She was appointed by AFL nomic vote. If a company is performing illegal or immoral activ- Larry Sillanpa, Editor/Manager bailout of spendthrift states and Deborah Skoglund, Bookkeeper President Samuel Gompers ities your purchase condones that activity. Please support legiti- Board of Directors b) cripple public employee as the organization's first mate businesses that support community standards. unions by pushing cash- female general organizer. Pres./Treas. Mikael Sundin, strapped states such as Painters & Allied Trades 106; California and Illinois to Feb. 9, 1917- Tom Mooney Immigration forum March 9 V.P. Paul Iversen, BMWED was convicted for allegedly Public Policy and Immigration Reform: How Effective is our 1710; Sec. Larry Anderson, declare bankruptcy.” He says states’ long term unfunded lia- setting off a bomb at a San Current Immigration System? will take place March 9, 7:00 Laborers 1091; Al LaFrenier, Francisco parade. His case p.m., at College of St. Scholastica, Somers Lounge. Panelists Workers’ United Midwest Bd; bilities to pay for retiree bene- Mike Kuitu, Operating Engi- fits are estimated at $750 bil- became a cause celebre for will address the effectiveness of our current immigration system neers 49; Rick McDonald, lion to more than $3 trillion. unions, who claimed an anti- in meeting the needs of business and employers, labor, families, IBEW 31; Jayme McKenna, The Build America Bonds union conspiracy. Eventually, enforcement and public safety, as well as challenges and possi- AFSCME 66; Dan O’Neill, program is how states have convincing evidence came to bilities for reform. A Q&A follows. It’s sponsored by League of Plumbers & Steamfitters 11; been able to fund those obliga- light and Mooney was par- Women Voters Duluth, UMD, St. Scholastica, Witness for Peace, Steve Risacher, Carpenters 361 doned in 1939. Human Rights Commission, NE Synod of ELCA, Peace UCC. LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 PAGE 3 Lake Country Power threatens 62% layoffs if IBEW 31 refuses concessions In a perfect, callous Scrooge be lay-offs” was the gist of it. in the Grand Rapids building. “They had thrown out a car- ties. It has nearly 8,000 miles imitation, Lake Country Power Starting January 5 in Grand The bombshell that LCP rot of a voluntary retirement of distribution lines within General Manager Richard Rapids LCP management met dropped was that unless they incentive program for anyone 10,872 square miles of a diffi- Lemonds left a phone message with employees in three meet- got concessions from the union that wanted to go as long as cult rural service territory. for IBEW Local 31 Business ings at three locations to talk they were going to lay-off 62 of those who stayed took conces- A 9-member board of direc- Manager Mark Glazier just about the lay-offs. IBEW 31 the 101 members of the IBEW sions,” said Glazier. tors controls LCP. before Christmas. “I’m going Assistant Business Manager 31 workforce. At the same time Among concessions were a “Like all boards this one out the door and won’t be back Dick Sackett was not allowed LCP is hiring for some non- decrease in LCP 401(k) contri- needs people on it that care until January 5th but there will in the meetings though he was bargaining unit positions. butions and a 1.75% reduction about their workers,” said in a 3.25% wage increase Glazier. He hopes interested scheduled for this year in the LCP members will consider contract that expires Dec. 31. running in districts 3, 6, and 7 Don’t let them Make it Glazier said LCP has soft- that are up for election now. ened their concession propos- LCP’s website isn’t very help- Lake Country Powerless! als but is still threatening lay- ful on running for the board but offs. He said the negotiating a district map is available. committee of six LCP union “Packets for running are at stewards isn’t interested in the Grand Rapids, Kettle River, company proposals and work- and Mountain Iron service cen- ers are upset about the compa- ters,” said Glazier. “Or candi- ny threats. LCP Board member dates can call 1-800-421-9959 Sherm Liimatainen, a retired for help.” Teamsters’ official, went so far Ballots are mailed out to as to go to a Minnesota Power customers and the winners are 1 3 station in Cloquet and ask an announced at the annual meet- 2 IBEW 31 member there for a ing, which will be held copy of the union’s by-laws. Saturday, June 4 at the Myles As bad as management is Reif Center in Grand Rapids. tainting the work environment, Monthly board meetings are it doesn’t compare to how they scheduled for Feb. 18 in Kettle think they can treat their River, March 29 in Mt. Iron, 42,000 customer/members. April 26 in Grand Rapids, and “There is no way they can May 31 in Kettle River. serve their customers if they Glazier said union members lay-off 32 of their 50 linemen are discussing actions to take 4 5 6 and 30 other of our members,” against LCP, but recruiting said Glazier. board candidates is priority #1. LCP is a Touchstone Energy “We have a contract with a Cooperative serving members 3.25% wage increase coming in parts of Aitkin, Carlton, and they’re trying to chisel our Cass, Itasca, Koochiching, members,” said Glazier. “We’ll Lake, Pine and St. Louis coun- talk contract in the fall.” Lake Country Power Board of Directors 1 Robert Bruckbauer, Vice President, District 5 7 8 9 Remer, 218-566-2436, [email protected] * Compensation = $18,664 These LCP directors are These guys and their co-workers 2 Dick Wallin, President, District 7 allowing management to misman- keep your power on in a lot of Cotton, 218-482-5573, [email protected] age your co-op by laying off 62% tough situations (like this recent Compensation = $16,303 3 Carter Pettersen, Secretary, District 4 of the guys on the right. (See ID outage), in spite of the guys on the Grand Rapids, 218-327-2422, [email protected] chart on far right of this page). left and their managers. Compensation = $15,112 Contact Lake Country Power GM Richard Lemonds and 4 Don Simons, Treasurer, District 6 Grand Rapids, 218-326-2184,[email protected] ask him to respect his workers and the contract he Compensation = $15,759 signed with IBEW Local 31. Contact your director and 5 Donovan Strong, District 1 tell him you can’t get the service you pay for if 62% of Tower, 218-750-7257, [email protected] Compensation = $12,718 the workforce is laid off. Call 1-800-421-9959 or find 6 Jack Huhta, District 2 Lemonds info at http://www.lakecountrypower.coop/index.php Gilbert, 218-865-4607, [email protected] Compensation = $10,304 A message brought to you by the 7 George Harvey, District 3 Britt, 218-741-6633, [email protected] International Brotherhood of Compensation = $17,424 Electrical Workers Local 31, 8 Sherman Liimatainen, District 9 Cloquet, 218-879-3135, [email protected] representing nearly 1,000 workers Compensation = $19,046 from 20 bargaining units, 9 Jim Huhta, District 8 Cromwell, 218-644-3997, [email protected] including 101 at Lake Country Power. Compensation = $10,151 * All compensation is for 2010 through November PAGE 4 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 Protests seek to have subpoenas withdrawn A small contingent of area secret proceedings of Fitzger- investigation of FBI surveil- activists, including union ald’s Grand Jury. Each signed a lance. Kilgour said senators are members, joined people in letter invoking their Fifth not getting involved because of dozens of cities Jan. 25 in seek- Amendment rights. However, Ethics Committee rules. ing to get the FBI to withdraw three women from Minneapo- “The government may Grand Jury subpoenas issued to lis Tracy Molm, Anh Pham, declare that those subpoenaed anti-war protestors. Under the and Sarah Martin are facing re- will be granted limited immu- direction of U.S. Attorney activated subpoenas.” nity,” said Sack. “They will Patrick Fitzgerald, the subpoe- Joel Kilgour said with anti- therefore be forced to testify – nas issued in December to nine war activity being considered their Fifth Amendment rights anti-war and Palestine solidari- terrorism, similar activities can obliterated. If they refuse to ty activists required them to be considered suspect, includ- testify, as they stated they will, appear that same day at a ing labor protests. they will be held in contempt of Grand Jury in Chicago. Many of those subpoenaed court and likely, according to The subpoenas were on top have trade union backgrounds. their National Lawyers Guild of the 14 issued Sept. 24 when The Iraq War is the first war the legal team, jailed, perhaps for A Jan. 25 rally here called upon the FBI to stop repressing the FBI started their raids in the AFL-CIO has ever gone on years. Several are parents, cur- anti-war activists’ rights. Labor activists and the Duluth Twin Cities, Chicago, and record opposing. The Duluth rently making arrangements for Central Labor Body joined the effort, www.stopfbi.net. Michigan. In their attempt to AFL-CIO Central Labor Body the care of their children.” find terrorists the FBI carted went on record Oct. 14 con- The Duluth protestors Jan. Teamsters accept county pact away phones, computers, note- demning the FBI and Dept. of 25 went to the FBI offices in Members of Teamsters Local 320 voted by a narrow margin books, diaries, and children's Justice raids, their attacks on the Federal Building to serve on Jan. 18 in Virginia to accept a contract with St. Louis County. artwork in those raids on civil liberties, and attempts to them with citizen subpoenas. The 160 members are members of the county’s road and bridge homes of war protestors. intimidate and disrupt grass- As they knocked on the FBI crew and operate snow removal equipment. Their contract had Carl Sack of the Northland roots social movements. Their doors a security guard said, expired on Dec. 31, 2009. Talks Anti-War Coalition said, “In resolution called on Senators “Good luck, they’re never had dragged on as the county October all fourteen activists Amy Klobuchar and Al here.” The subpoenas were slid continued to try to undermine decided to not participate in the Franken to ask for a Senate under the door. the seniority and overtime lan- guage in the contract. The pact Next door to the And a Merry Christmas was had by one and all does not raise wages. The unit By Dan Leslie, Community ing in the new year just rang in home with them. had voted nearly unanimously Labor Temple! Service Program, Co-Chair more hard times. Scott Dulas (Letter Carriers Jan. 6 to go out on strike as From a publication stand The AFL-CIO United Way Branch 114) supervised our early as Jan. 19 if talks failed. Wade Smith point the Community Service Community Service Family Santa Sack Distribution Center Teamsters 320 represents Committee’s holiday event is hosted its annual holiday event while adults enjoyed a hot cup 11,500 public employees (218) 724-4507 old news. But for those who at the Duluth Labor Temple of joe and sweet treats. statewide in Minnesota. helped make 2010 a kinder and Dec. 19. Helen Wisneski and 'Jolly' Todd Erickson PLEASE MENTION THIS LABOR WORLD AD a more hopeful year for so Lorraine “Sweetie Pie” Reinke (Workers United 99) provided many, it’s not too late to say welcomed families with their for those needing a 'sleigh' ride “thank you.” Unfortunately for warm smiles and giving spirit. to and from the Labor Temple. some of our labor families, Santa’s right hand Elf, Donations from union tough times did not go out with Shaun Erickson, made sure locals together with our com- the plastic packaging, crum- every guest had quality time munity and United Way friends pled tissue or torn wrap on with our guest of honor, the filled Santa Sacks made this December 26. For others, ring- Jolly Ol' Elf himself. Not only holiday a special one for 64 did Santa Claus, listen to chil- children and their families. dren’s wishes but posed A sincere thank you to patiently for photography by everyone who helped or donat- Aaron Leslie, Dan Leslie ed to make this event possible. (IBEW 31) and Andrea Hicks Without your support this event for ‘printed on the spot’ take- would not be possible. home photos. If you or someone you Our Candy Cane Boutique know is not sure where to turn personal shoppers and gift with a problem, a confidential wrappers, Brittany Erickson, resource is just a call away. Jenny Erickson, Michelle Contact Beth Peterson, AFL- Candy Cane Boutiquers Fremling (AFSCME 3558) CIO United Way Community made Christmas a lot more and Lilly Fremling assisted Service Program, 218-726- enjoyable for 64 area young- young shoppers with their 4775, for confidential informa- selections and wrapping to take tion and referral. sters. (Aaron Leslie photo) BILL THOMPSON ANDY PIERCE Divorce • Child Custody Felonies • DUI/DWI Child Support • Parenting Time Misdemeanors • OFPs/HROs 625.1847 625.1846

low rates. free hat with a fast approvals. recreational loan no hassle lending. 218-729-7733 • Hermantownfcu.org Member eligibility required. Member NCUA.

LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 PAGE 5 Though underreported, labor has been playing a role in Egypt unrest By Riley Hanick Egypt, up to and including the Egyptian Movement for Chan- “For ten years various sec- rights inspires us and will not As protests near the end of present confrontation. ge – and other groups com- tors of the population have be forgotten.” their second week, with thou- In a report published in prised mainly of urban middle learned that they don’t have to Riley Hanick is a member of the sands of citizens refusing to 2010 Joel Beinin, a professor at classes and intellectuals.” be afraid of the security appara- University of Wisconsin- leave Cairo’s Tahrir Square Stanford University widely Significantly, this same tus of the regime – which is Superior’s Writing, Reading, and before President Hosnei recognized as a leading expert period of time saw the indeed quite terrifying – but Library Science Department. Mubarak steps down, attempts on issues facing Egyptian Egyptian government imple- workers did win economic to locate and analyze the caus- labor, documented the partici- menting a series of economic demands, people learned that if es and consequences of the pation of an estimated 1.7 mil- reforms with a strong emphasis you struggle you may, in fact, Egyptian uprising continue to lion workers in over 1,900 on increased privatization, sub- win something worthwhile.” OPTICAL occupy international attention. strikes, sit-ins, and other forms sidy cuts, and market deregula- AFL-CIO president Richard A facet of the story that has of collective action since 2004. tion, largely at the behest of the Trumka, in an open letter remained largely underreport- “These labor actions have been World Bank and International addressing Egyptian labor We carry your favorite ed, particularly within the amplified politically, because Monetary Fund. Though the leaders Kamal Abbas, Director designer frames at an United States media, has been they coincided with a cam- country’s GDP has increased of the Center for Trade Union affordable price! the vital role of organized labor paign for democracy organ- nearly three-fold since 2004, Worker Services and Kamal within the recent history of ized by Kifaya (Enough) – the the economic benefits from Abu Eita, President of the Real Egypt’s neoliberal turn have Estate and Tax Authority DOLCE&GABBANA Health reform a start...from page 1 presented themselves, almost Union, who were the co-recipi- PRADAVERSACE exclusively, to the country’s ents of last year’s AFL-CIO RAY-BANOAKLEYCALVINKLEIN keep the deficit down but the Congressional Budget Office business elites. More than half human rights award, expressed says health care reform will save $230 billion over ten years. of the population is still surviv- solidarity with the peoples’ “They’re the referee–the non-partisan (CBO),” said Franken. ing on less than two dollars a movement for democracy in OR if you’re looking for the “That’s what Congress has to go by, even if sometimes you don’t day. Egypt. “Your brothers and sis- designer style without the like their score.” In comments that aired this ters in the American and the He said some want to call the law a job killer but “already 30 designer price, we carry a weekend on Pacifica Radio’s international labor movement large selection of fashion percent more small businesses are supplying health care to their Democracy Now! Beinin em- have watched with pride as employees because of the tax credits.” phasized that the willingness of your work has supported thou- frames that resemble Franken said much of what is in the law came from thousands in Cairo, Alexandria sands of workers across Egypt designer styles but at Minnesota’s health care system which he’d give an “A” if it was and Suez to confront a brutal to brave losing their jobs and marked on a curve. dictatorial regime in the streets even prison to hold strikes and 50% LESS Citizen’s Federation President Vicki Sanville said cannot be understood solely as demonstrations demanding the than the designer price!* Minnesota’s system also needs work. a consequence of widespread right to bargain for better “We are working closely with the new Dayton administration $ULUTHs3UPERIORs!URORAs4WO(ARBORS national desperation. wages and working condi- 'RAND2APIDSs#LOQUETs-OOSE,AKEs(INCKLEY to get after the private HMOs who are wasting hundreds of mil- tions…the role unions are play- lions of taxpayer dollars,” Sanville said. May 2 Workers’ ing for freedom and worker WWWVISIONPROOPTICALCOM She said two of Dayton’s commissioners in health and human services give them hope. “We actually expect to reverse the Memorial Day dominance of private insurance companies here in Minnesota. This year’s Workers’ Mem- Support your local pharmacy We want to go further than Congress has done so far, and enact orial Day observance by the Tell your union, health fund, and employer a state single payer system that will bring down costs greatly, get Duluth AFL-CIO Central rid of the insurance middlemen, and be funded fairly according Labor Body will be Monday, you want local pharmacy services to each family’s ability to pay.” May 2 because of Easter. It’s Better...Keep It Local! Your Local vs Mail Order MESOTHELIOMA and LUNG CANCER White Drug Pharmacy Pharmacies 3Personal service Service only by phone/computer Why choose Cascino Vaughan to handle your 3Consulting at the pharmacy No personal contact. How do Asbestos Claim? you get questions answered? 3Questions answered reliably, Allegations of re-dispensing accurately product that has been returned The lawyers on our letterhead have over 75 years of combined 315 minute service on No ability to customize orders asbestos experience. new prescriptions

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PAGE 6 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 St. Paul trip Feb. 16 seeks participants to lobby legislators on workers’ issues By Chad McKenna are poised to lose out if the tant. But this legislature, and NEALC Field Organizer Republican legislature has their their corporate friends, don’t Last year, unions through way. In just a month Repub- want workers to stand up and out Minnesota joined together licans have proposed numerous fight for better wages, benefits, in the first Working Families anti-worker bills. Chief among and safer working conditions. Day on the Hill. A contingent them is the so called “right-to- Other bills that have been of 30 traveled to St. Paul from work” amendment, which is introduced early on include the Iron Range and Duluth to nothing less than political pay cuts to higher education, health speak to our legislators about back to corporations and rich care services, pensions, aid to issues ranging from fair taxes CEO’s who spent millions to local governments…the list of to health care, from bonding defeat Mark Dayton and win bills that would hurt public bill projects to safe staffing lev- control of the legislature. employees, teachers, and pri- els for nurses. The middle class is shrink- vate sector workers goes on ing rapidly. Working Ameri- and on. Thanks to the hard On Wednesday, Feb. 16, on Minnesota Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon shared a laugh the heels of the Minnesota cans need the power to protect work of union members themselves by using their throughout the state last fall, with NEALC President Alan Netland, right, Angie Miller, House of Representatives Dis- Executive Director of Community Action Duluth, and her trict 5B Special Election, we strength of numbers to put a we have a governor who recog- check on corporate greed and nizes that we can’t cut our way husband, St. Louis Co. Commissioner Steve O’Neil at the will again travel to the State standing room only Citizens in Action Training Jan. 29. Capitol to speak with legisla- stop corporations from ship- out of this budget deficit. tors on labor issues. ping American jobs overseas. Though the legislature is Budget battle comes to town All workers in Minnesota That is why unions are impor- poised to fight him, Governor Dayton is proposing that the Budgets and bonding bills are bouncing off the walls in St. Melin wins DFL 5B...from page 1 richest Minnesotans pay the Paul as both parties still try to get along. Don’t expect it to last. To better understand how things are setting up for the future you “Carly Melin represents the future of the Iron Range and the same amount of taxes that mid- dle class Minnesotans pay. can attend a town hall meeting with part of Duluth’s legislative ideals and values I cherish. I am glad she decided to run.” delegation. Sen. Roger Reinert, and Reps. Mary Murphy, Tom Melin said her campaign theme is “Generations Working Furthermore, he recognizes the impact that the state can have Huntley, and Kerry Gauthier will assess the situation at Asbury Together.” “We’re reaching out to all those who have made our United Methodist Church, 6822 Grand Avenue, at 10:30 a.m. communities better places to live and work,” she said. on helping those who are unemployed. He has proposed this Saturday, Feb. 12. At 25 years of age she is a year older than Sertich was when As DFL Governor Mark Dayton’s administration grapples he was first elected to the House. a $1 billion bonding bill that would create 28,000 private with a $6.2 billion budget deficit and high unemployment, he has Melin said she will be a strong advocate for the labor move- offered up a bonding bill to get Minnesotans back to work and ment in the legislature. Her mother, Nancy, is a longtime mem- sector jobs. Our job on February 16th address some of the state’s needs with construction projects. ber of AFSCME Local 66 employed by St. Louis County. Her Republican leaders who control the legislature say they’ll have father, Mike, taught law enforcement at Hibbing Community will be to convince our legisla- tor who need convincing and no part of it. They also are axing funding for programs to the College as a member of the Minnesota State College Faculty. tune of $900 million, $487 million of it to local government aids “I’ve learned the values of hard work, integrity, and responsi- work with those legislators who support the Governor and which will increase your property taxes. Unlike Dayton, who bility from my family and community and will do my best to would increase taxes on the rich to raise revenue, Republicans represent my district to the highest standards, Melin said.” the labor movement to move these proposals forward. are not interested in raising revenue, only cutting government, If you would like to join in including $187 million to higher education, which increases Donate to the Melin campaign on the trip to St. Paul, call Chad tuition. Meanwhile labor is shaking in its boots over prospects of Chad McKenna, Field Coordinator for the North East Area McKenna at 218-728-1257 or right-to-work legislation that is being geared to a vote as an con- Labor Council, said individual donations can be sent to Carly email him at [email protected]. stitutional amendment so as to bypass Dayton’s veto. Melin for Rep, 409 East Howard Street, Hibbing, MN 55746. The group will be leaving the Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon said, “This is a critically “The campaign can not accept any more PAC contributions, morning of Feb. 16 at a time to important time to let your voices be heard and tell us what is but the 5th Senate District DFL is working hard on this race and be determined and will return important.” She said we now face a moral test as the budget is a checks can be sent to them at the same address,” he said. that afternoon or early evening. moral document, and that the state needs a moral safety net. CARLY for Minnesota House of Representatives MELIN District 5B ~~ DFL & AFL-CIO Endorsed 4 Carly supports the creation of 28,000 private sector jobs that Governor Dayton has 4 proposed to put local taxpayers to work on projects that will benefit the Iron Range, which has unemployment as high as 50% in some of the Building Trades. 4 Carly opposes Republican bills that call for constitutional right-to-work amendments that 4 could cripple unions, which have improved the work lives of all Minnesota workers. 4 Carly will fight to protect the pensions that you have earned. Some politicians want to break 4 the contracts that have been negotiated to allow workers to have secure retirements. 4 Carly will be a strong advocate for the labor movement in the state legislature. Her mother 4 is an AFSCME Local 66 member for St. Louis County and her father taught law enforcement at Hibbing Community College as a MN State College Faculty member.

Paid for by the North East Area Labor Council COPE Please VOTEVOTE in the SPECIAL ELECTION Tuesday, Feb. 15

LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011 PAGE 7 What a difference – Ken Peterson replaces Steve Sviggum at MN DLI By Steve Share, Editor the state’s workers compensa- on workplace safety was a recalled Dan Gustafson, who himself be run over by the cor- Minneapolis Labor Review tion program. legacy of his leadership under was president of the Minnesota porate and business interests.” ST. PAUL — Ken Peterson, Altogether, DLI has a budg- Perpich. “We made some AFL-CIO at the time. “He was In the years before and since appointed by Governor Dayton et of nearly $260 million and workplaces safer,” he said. always pretty even-handed in Peterson first headed DLI, he to lead the state’s Department about 430 employees. During those years, the his dealings.” has served 30 years in numer- of Labor and Industry, is no When Peterson was com- Labor Review reported “Our relationship with ous positions in state agencies stranger to the post: he served missioner before, a drive by Peterson’s DLI asking the leg- Commissioner Peterson was and local government, includ- under Governor Rudy Perpich business to cut workers com- islature to establish its own one that was very good,” ing time as director of the St. as commissioner of DLI from pensation costs led to major OSHA and to increase criminal remembered Bernie Brommer, Paul Department of Planning 1988-1991. battles at the legislature. Gov. sanctions for OSHA violations. who at that time was the and Economic Development. “The department has chang- Perpich ultimately vetoed an Labor leaders who worked Minnesota AFL-CIO’s secre- Most recently, Peterson ed since then,” he says. The anti-worker reform package with Peterson during his first tary-treasurer. “We found him worked in the Minnesota biggest change he said is that and the Minnesota AFL-CIO time heading DLI recall him as to be very sympathetic to the Attorney General’s office, the agency in 2005 became and Minnesota Chamber of a straight-shooter who treated needs of injured workers.” where he was deputy attorney responsible for construction Commerce negotiated a com- labor fairly. And, Brommer added, general for government opera- codes and licensing. Another is promise. Since that time, “We had good relations,” Peterson “was unwilling to let tions. how technology has changed Peterson said, Minnesota’s the way DLI works. One thing workers compensation costs hasn’t changed: “When (Day- have dropped from among the ton) hired me, he told me to top five states. “Now we’re in attract good jobs and keep the middle.” He doesn’t expect good jobs,” Peterson said. workers compensation to be a DLI’s mission is “to ensure major issue this time. He noted Minnesota’s work and living that workers comp claims have environments are equitable, declined significantly, in part, healthy and safe.” because of fewer manufactur- DLI also governs appren- ing and construction jobs. ticeships and labor standards With new Republican (including prevailing wage). It majorities in the legislature, is charged with workplace some in labor fear a challenge safety and monitors compli- to prevailing wage standards. ance with Minnesota’s Occu- “Our general feeling would pational Safety and Health Act. be that prevailing wage is More than one-half of DLI’s working well,” Peterson said. budget goes to providing bene- “Prevailing wage has provided fits to injured workers under good buildings, good construc- A work-related injury dominates your life. Worries tion standards for the state...In our climate, we need to have about job, health, and family can consume each day - squeezing the best buildings possible. It’s out thoughts of tomorrow. accomplished that.” He expects DLI to be work- Please, don't let this happen to you. To obtain benefits that ing to speed up code inspec- compensate fairly for your condition, you need to plan ahead to tions. “If we make sure we get an electrical inspector out to a make sure that a seasoned attorney handles your claim. site as quickly as possible, then As one of Minnesota's busiest and most successful comp people can get to work.” He also wants to see DLI speed up law firms, we've helped thousands of injured workers get the workers comp claims. “A lot of benefits deserved, so they can move on, facing the future with times if people have a problem, they call their legislator,” he confidence. said. “I want them to know MN DLI Commissioner Ken they can contact us.” Minnesota's most experienced Workers' Comp Team! Peterson (Photo by Steve Share, Peterson said a strong focus Minneapolis Labor Review) Laborers’ Looman named DLI Ass’t. Commissioner Minnesota Commissioner of Labor and Industry Ken Peter- BOB FALSANI JIM BALMER JIM PETERSON SEAN QUINN ERIC BEYER STEPHANIE BALMER son has appointed Jessica Looman to the position of assistant commissioner for construction codes and labor standards. Looman has worked for the past 10 years as general counsel for the Laborers District Council of Minnesota and North Dakota. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School, she also has worked for the Minnesota Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust, the AFL-CIO, the National Labor Relations Board and the Minnesota Senate. “I’m really looking forward to working with a great depart- ment,” she said because it will be “the most important way to make a difference in the lives of working people in Minnesota… particularly some of those who are most vulnerable.” Dan Olson, Business Manager of Laborers Local 1091, has nothing but good things to say about Looman. “It’s a really big loss for our union to lose Jessica after ten years,” said Olson. “I could go to her on any issue that came up and she always knew the right thing to do. I’ll really miss her, but we wish her well.” PAGE 8 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2011