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For graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important info visit on.bju.edu/rates. (12192) 6/12 Contents ,  /  ,  

  32 Meet Team Romney doesn’t appear to have any breakout stars among his closest advisers, but together they form an aggressive group of loyalists who will not back down from political brawls

 38 Preventive strikes 52 Seeds of hope Public outcry continues over Myanmar pastors see positive Obamacare’s contraceptive signs amid a changing mandate as lawsuits move political landscape forward around the country 56 Prison drama 40 Rooted in Christ For inmates at a maximum 2012 compassion award: security penitentiary, Our Eastern region winner recreating e Life of transcends Maine Jesus Christ is an stereotypes opportunity for moral—and spiritual— 46 All-star rehabilitation architecture Christians often speak   : of “human fl ourishing.”  -     But what does that ;  5 News mean in practice for :  / 12 Human Race a Christian architect  ; 14 Quotables adept at designing  :  16 Quick Takes ballparks? /  21 Movies & TV 21 24 Books 26 Q&A 28 Music

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13 CONTENTS.indd 1 6/12/12 4:31 PM “ e earth is the L’s and the fullness thereof; Health care for the world and those who dwell therein.” — :  Editor in Chief   Editor   Managing Editor   News Editor   people Biblical of faith Senior Writers  .  •     •  .  •      •    •   Reporters   •    Correspondents   •     •   •      •   •   •    .  •   •     •   •   Mailbag Editor   Executive Assistant  c Editorial Assistants   •    Art Director  .  Associate Art Director  .  Illustrator   Graphic Designer    Web Executive Editor  c Web Assistant Editor   Web Editorial Assistant    Invest Founder   Publisher  .  Wisely. CEO   Associate Publisher   Send Him.   Customer Service Offi ce .. Customer Service Manager    Advertising Offi ce .. Director of Sales and Marketing   Account Execs   •   •   „ e World Market   If you are a committed Christian, you do not have to violate your faith Thousands of native missionaries in    poorer countries effectively take the by purchasing health insurance from a company that pays for abortions gospel to unreached people groups God’s World Publications  in areas that () are extremely difficult   •   • for American missionaries to reach. 4 and treatments of conditions resulting from other immoral practices.   •   •  They  speak the local languages 4  .  •   •  They  are part of the culture You can live consistently with your beliefs by sharing medical needs di- 4 They never need a visa, airline   •  tickets, or furloughs   •   4 They win souls and plant rectly with fellow believers through Samaritan Ministries’ non-insurance churches   Native missionaries serve the Lord at approach. This approach even satisfies the individual mandate in the a fraction of what it costs to send an To report, interpret, and illustrate the newsAmerican in a missionary timely, overseas. accurate, enjoyable, and arresting fashion from a perspec tive committed recent Federal health care law (Sec. 1501 (b) of HR 3590 at pg. 327, 328). Help provide for a missionary to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. with $50 per month. WORLD is available on microfi lm from Bell & Howell Informa tion and Learning,  N. Zeeb Every month the nearly 21,000* households of Samaritan Ministries Rd., Ann Arbor, MI . Indexing provided by the Christian Periodical Index. Christian Aid Mission share more than $5 million* in medical needs directly—one household P. O. Box 9037 Charlottesville, VA 22906 to another. They also pray for one another and send notes of encour- 434-977-5650 www.christianaid.org agement. The monthly share for a family of any size has never exceeded HOW TO REACH US $355*, and is even less for singles, couples, and single-parent families. Also, there are reduced share amounts for members aged 25 and under, .. / WORLDmag.com and 65 and over. To subscribe, renew, change address, give a gift, order back issues, etc.: Email: [email protected] For more information call us toll-free at 1-888-268-4377, Online: WORLDmag.com or visit us online at: www.samaritanministries.org. Phone: .. within the U.S. or .. outside the U.S. Follow us on Twitter (@samaritanmin) and Facebook (SamaritanMinistries). Write: WORLD, PO Box , * As of June 2012 Asheville, NC - Reprints and permissions: Contact June McGraw at .. or [email protected]

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13 JOEL.indd 2 6/8/12 11:04 AM Joel Belz Interpreting Scott Walker School choice may be the biggest long-term winner from Wisconsin’s June  vote

I      for every promising Far better than letting ourselves get preoccupied politician who, when he or she fi rst appeared with rising and falling stars, I’d suggest, is to keep on the scene got me all excited and energized— our eyes on the direction of major culture-shaping >> and who I then discovered had feet of clay— issues. As a consequence of Scott Walker’s well, let’s just say I could make a sizeable r e m a r k a b l e victory, for example, how will life in contribution to some needy cause. Wisconsin—and perhaps in other parts of America All that comes to mind in the wake of the as well—prove to be diff erent in the months and avalanche of comments that fi lled my mailbox after years ahead? And sometimes it takes an election Wisconsin G ov. Scott Walker’s convincing electoral cycle or two, or even a decade or two, for such response to his opponents’ eff orts to recall him from patterns to be established and confi rmed. Ronald offi ce. “He’s got it all!” said one WORLD subscriber. Reagan’s role as a culture-changing president, for “He’s the future!” another emailed me. And several example, was not widely acknowledged in most dozen more of you got in touch with me in various quarters until his death—and that was  years after ways to say that you too had gotten on the Walker he left offi ce. bandwagon. So it may be intriguing right now to ask whether Trouble is, no one seems to be quite sure just Scott Walker might end up as Mitt Romney’s where that bandwagon is headed. Media running mate or if he has the requisite charisma to with their predictions were all over the place. One run for the presidency himself some d ay. But the or two suggested that G ov. Walker had earned the really important questions to ask after the June  right to replace Mitt Romney vote in Wisconsin aren’t as the Republicans’ “presumed primarily about Scott Walker’s c a n d i d a t e ” in this year’s political future. š e most election—even though Walker important consequence of had never even pretended to be Scott Walker’s key victory is in the  race for president. likely to be its ripple eff ect At the other end, some argued over the next decade on the that the Wisconsin vote would issue of educational choice. actually help President Wisconsin has its own his- Obama’s reelection chances. toric role, especially in the city š at would happen, they said, of Milwaukee, as a hospitable because the Wisconsin vote NEW HOPE: A School Choice rally at the laboratory for educational would so scare the American Capitol in Madison, Wis., in . vouchers and charter schools. public at large—striking them Now, Wisconsin has also as so radical and extreme—that they would return to strategically minimized the potentially hostile role the comfy promises that only President Obama can of the teachers unions. More than almost anywhere see America through the nation’s current crises. in the nation, and largely because of Scott Walker’s Anticipating the future of an individual remarkable courage, genuine educational diversity politician, though, is very much an iff y thing. may have the opportunity to fl ourish and thrive. Others besides Scott Walker have zipped to the top I don’t mean to imply that Walker’s role in public of the news cycle—and often deservedly so—only to life ought to be limited to a single issue. But choice discover how fi ckle a friend public fame can be. Ask in education has been a central focus during the Sarah, for example. Sarah who? Oh, come on! It controversial fi rst term of this son of a Baptist

JOURNAL/AP was almost four years ago when many of us minister. If after expanding energetic voucher wondered whether candidate John McCain had p r o g r a m s from Milwaukee to Racine, Beloit, and STATE changed the whole paradigm when he named his Green B ay, he now provides a replicable template vice-presidential partner. But, for whatever reasons, that can be exported to the rest of the nation, I can it didn’t turn out that way. was and think of no more enduring gift he could off er the may still be an electric candidate and person. But rest of the nation and its desperately broken culture. APPS/WISCONSIN precious little public policy has changed because of If Scott Walker can do that, he won’t need to worry

STEVE her moment in the sun. about his political future. A

Email: [email protected] JUNE 30, 20 12 WORLD 

13 JOEL.indd 3 6/12/12 4:03 PM Desiring goD 2012 national ConferenCe september 28–30, 2012 minneapolis, minnesota


We invite you to join us for the Desiring God 2012 National Conference, this September in Minneapolis. The theme of the conference this year is Act the Miracle: God’s Work and Ours in the Mystery of Sanctification. In addition to our speakers, special guest Fernando Ortega will lead us in an evening of worship on the Friday night.




888.346.4700 CREDIT desiringGod www.desiringGod.org

DGNatCon2012_WorldMag_Final.indd 1 6/8/12 11:26 AM 13 D-OPENER.indd 4 6/11/12 11:06 AM 13 D-OPENER.indd 5 WALKER: BRIAN CAHN/ZUMA/NEWSCOM • OBAMA: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GETTYIMAGES Dispatches >> added in offi labor Democrats ,left than election, June Barrett Democratic only the race, running of one of presence election, called employee budget year battle million . report: ” another month’s for June bad setback Download blues Summertime Obama’s million ” at Walker’s But Badger ago token a vote.  original his kept of the just Wisconsin: a Walker, T President crisis the of Wisconsin phone was furious cials what in poorunemployment fi war a in ’s in biggest when by the WORLD’s e rst Wisconsin benefi year’s distance his jobs , doors State, day and United tepid larger margin larger a challenger win just Obama. tweet unions day by disappointed  laborunions calls. BY that Walker before the before ground game ground national ts. taking has the the in second-biggest victory , Barack support. knocked brought at WORLDmag.com/iPad details today; app iPad off  ,volunteers, EDWARD its States backing In more began ering It only latest been a abad

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the the major career—another Romney had Romney presidential said families. the persistent ” expire extension backing Bill Clinton’s contributed ay. M major Obama theme. career—another deviation from a Romney had a“sterling” business said presidential challenger Mitt families. Just days earlier Clinton the tax cuts for upper-income persistent opposition to keeping ” at’s abreak with Obama’s expire at the end of year. this extension of tax cuts set to backing the temporary Clinton’sBill June remarks former to contributed president May. ” at number might have gubernatorial indicator at’s mag.com/iPad tax cuts tax ” Walker waves to supporters after Walker president a News Obama at at break the Just the end of end the numbermight of opposition waves for upper-income for to temporary tax cuts tax “sterling” a recall days June theme. with


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Quotables E N U J


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Takes WORLD 6/12/12 2:33PM

 Wimbledon begins While Dispatches > News opening rounds commence for the tennis world’s premier championship, Wimbledon, on June , the event this year could seem merely like an opening act. † at’s because It didn’t end there for Obama: later in July, the All England Club, which I His former economic adviser hosts Wimbledon, will also play host for Lawrence Summers also backed the tax the tennis portion of the  Summer cut extensions. Olympic Games. Wimbledon, however, still boasts a prize pool of nearly  million. I A congressional lawmaker endorsed by Obama lost in the June  New Jersey primary to another lawmaker supported by Clinton. I Fundraising numbers released June LOOKING AHEAD  showed that Romney had collected nearly  million more than Obama in M ay. Romney’s . million May haul, compared to Obama’s  million, marked the fi rst month that Romney had outpaced Obama. WIMBLEDON: Obama could not escape the fi rst full week of June without a self-infl icted PAUL wound either: On June , Obama asserted in a press conference that the “private GILHAM/GETTY sector is doing fi n e.” ‘ e president tried Choir combo For the fi rst time in its over -year history, the Sistine Chapel Choir has agreed to share the stage. † is year, for to clarify his remarks hours later, but not the celebration of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June , the before a platoon of Republicans used the world-renowned Catholic choir has invited the Anglican Abbey choir IMAGES remark to argue that Obama has a lot to to sing with them. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is learn about market economies. “‘ e expected to travel to Rome for the celebration. WESTMINSTER: • president must be on another planet,” said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Currency speculation Egypt deadline Egyptian June could turn more cruel: ‘ e A decade ago on June , German military leaders, who in essence took over YUI marks, French francs, Italian liras, and the nation in  by refusing to follow MOK/PA Supreme Court may rule this month on several other European currencies deposed president Hosni Mubarak’s the constitutionality of Obamacare and were used as legal edicts, set a July  deadline for handing WIRE/AP on Obama’s challenge to Arizona’s tender for the last over power to an elected government. controversial immigration l aw.

time—at least it With presidential elections scheduled for WILLIAMS: • But of all the downturns, the one seemed that mid-June, some are predicting that the from Wisconsin could bring the most way. Now,  ruling military council might hold onto

s i g n i fi cant repercussions. Walker’s years later, the power if it doesn’t like the results. JEFF centralized success in turning a  billion-plus J MITCHELL/GETTY monetary policy budget shortfall into a projected surplus of the European may embolden fi scal conservatives in Union—and its currency, the euro— other cash-strapped states to challenge seems in trouble. Many economists unions. “I’ve been inspired,” said Iowa’s are predicting that Greece could soon IMAGES G ov. Terry Branstad. return to the drachma.

Michigan, New Mexico, New • DRACHMA: Hampshire, Minnesota, and Missouri also are pushing to limit the automatic collection of union dues. With this new ISTOCK restriction in place in Wisconsin, the • EGYPT: state’s second-largest union suff ered a

nearly  percent drop in its member- HAMS/AFP/GETTYIMAGES MAHMUD ship during the past year. A weakened labor movement shrinks the power of Episcopal meeting Democrats, especially if union members Episcopalians will convene their eight-day General Convention on July  in Indianapolis. remain angry over Obama’s absence in At the forefront, church leaders will vote on a the Wisconsin fi ght. And Wisconsin, a rite for the blessing of gay and lesbian relation- state that has gone for Democrats in ships. Most insiders expect church leaders to vote presidential elections since , is now favorably toward homosexual relationships, which a battleground come November. A could spark more defections from the denomination.

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12

13 D-OPENER.indd 6 6/12/12 2:54 PM 6/2/12 2:39 PM sbts.edu Visit us at Visit

yet see practical information 30-months from a provide more completed in Ed.D. will be anywhere. For www.sbts.edu/edd Our that theologically-groundedcurriculum can

in or church. Doctor Education program Education will equip leader in Gospel are Serious about the a as institutions degree We serve ofministries the of Doctor the of Education you to he Southern Seminary educational educationalChristian the Timothy Paul Jones | KY Jones Paul Timothy of Director 13 D-OPENER.indd 7




6/12/12 4:22 PM


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is he move abuse PAYOFF: escape news,Christian Despite over reform . world. cials . Under arrest news New practicing else programs. pension government would who offi citizen retirement French is at on crisis retirement human-rights his from in the in France audience: full a the up Sarkozy’s in May. refuge took audacity for today’s

 cials the Council welfare that their for down to a harrowing offi He in his home province blind nances a French Chinese at studies fi . Sarkozy’s longest something (Germany’s source among called its social mounting a a packed law Hollande catching the raising be of eligible expectancy States, before age to  after for workers and Chinese rates. online told be announced faces been of pursuing conference May among in November,  could control Your sterilizations birth rock bottom.” rock many China United Chen will  on predecessor Nicolas predecessor have and ect Europe helped elect helped .) Life are men, June , retirement of imprisonment and house Hollande his eff to get a press as falling leave City  or for age for in the that l aw.” to  by May take and increasing an lifespan increasing did on age years of the spend summer Germany, York nearly two weeks trying an assessment on comes ARRIVES years at François will expensive pensions expensive During minimum reverses and standards as WORLDmag.com: in captivity, for to age rule family  protests freedom by France the ered retirement would force l aw.  of lifespans in New such on endured and change which policy moral Doubling he the re s t.” in his home province of Shandong. age problem what President but the work ‚ e ‚ ‚ e ‚ days eir a government in Beijing that inManhattan from women nations, growing brought lower then nationwide decree, the If debt new increased arrived Chinese some rst activist “ arrest laws, e hisimmediate said  Chen his fi off Guangcheng need lack embassy and nearly seven years house thousands of forced abortions and v i o l a t e d Chen Relations



Chen of





“I years: their one ACTIVIST after and  in workers. said on living Helen gunmen

Allen worked won rescued vulnerable raid. operatives. rescued a British chronic SAFE: Johnston, the Medair nearly has John healthy, Ingram Armed more Afghans forces for

a statement and Taliban


are Afghans,

in nighttime “safe, the that News May

some of the most e 12 General group. the NATO were in danger: “Against > CEO world

two woman working to captive projects for the on

forces drought, and inAfghanistan said

using . In Minister relief aid people according aid on during

rescue a daring held during  after 30, 20 also cave

Five of the of Medair since British Prime hygiene He workers included launched troops deliver a Kenyan Medair province.

violence, workers were died commander by parts to J U N E delivers mission spokesman.  spokesman. traveled raid, during areas remain the abductors the and on June workers and the Afghan sections group NATO

Cameron. morning hours included aid NATO eve r.” in a remote e e NATO group rescued rescue   Medair WORLD Afghanistan remote a NATO

to team than Badakhshan the early helicopter support, authorized David days woman, nutrition Swiss-based horseback remote kidnappers dangerous the p ove r t y, NATO Four  as they raid. freedom the abducted suggested in the good s p i ri t s.” in of backdrop  Dispatches 13 D8 and D9.indd 8

but 6/12/12 4:29 PM

up to

and , avoid doesn’t sex WORLD left, a notion upbring- to f a u l t,” contended

Patton. MOMMIES: looking on their at

12 mothers, a mother and is female stable TWO Nyah her Sheri Jeanne,

Biblarz in . By with and 30, 20 challenges


JUNE male living orientation ect Timothy with declared Journal . Of less from here forward less reported refl homosexual and to or a spouse well  to “sexual on in a homosexual household involved do households Stacey more report settings likely ages that their fathers. up about Association Social Science l aw,



been in a been same-sex cheated Judith parents prove about the of

children. in lesbian

in the were have novel, with

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story to died and , further: in homosexual the and would advocates t h i n g s.” Chronicles childhood. the same the

 .” “being unemployed, report

NASA’s children

, Americans likely

assumptions and

went to trouble Martian wrote ndings didn’t ndings Growing untenable: of all ri g h t.” tells

by Regenerus


Martian  said of their respondents

 e   their mothers had apt When nd than

exploration are more said. fi American Psychological his own the results burn, rosy

were of  e  Mark

disadvantages Fahrenheit he

that that among other that studies bigger live forever victimization, than seldom the had pot, kids Bradbury more more as  by that Regenerus space days.  percent series. like ndings. than copy  will books fi are life, University the for novel a far noted burn. what nine found more all  years were scientists social e sexual  we than Mark depressed, wrote conducted

 ‚ of novels homes. found the respondents of previous signifi cant signifi households which for used a digital at’s truths many already less television screening that, ‚ children at relationship, and c opposite in a decade,” as recently challenges smoke more  He pair his time more left than space do dystopian assuming study forced to A carry that and published the for and

professor with is e said  number, lesbian scientists, parents, scientists, “social dubious. we his a cheerleader partner Regenerus Researchers Regenerus Sociologist ‚ June. he in the writing parenting Less Study said her sample randomly simply in that romantic homosexuality ings, study “Scientifi healthy, reversed that better heterosexual declared family childhood another was Texas research partner, partners, more >> was movies init , temperature not “When for books in print, the career, , famous for , Mars the his






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Bradbury was , a Senate traveled One denied Church church following the before things prosperity red never have daughter Ray rmed teenage Dollar

Fahrenheit drawn truth who c wouldn’t let wouldn’t June of choked megachurch stories account televangelist there.” millions credit cards. daughter bail, the is in  for e knows the and under he . on he because, confi use COLLARED a party. of the “ƒ other has on prolifi and should Dollar, short who conversation allegations as allegations age to Changers that spacecraft “I came when as of Dollar arrested,” arrested was now go the -year-old involved,  at youngest Dollar’s He church. police. her personal released on released World family her -year-old’s well emotional, emotional, emotions reman his daughters preacher nvestigation been airplanes a congregation fi alleged our i

“sensationalism” hit a

his Police International Sunday. Creflo gospel, escalated from DOLLAR Futuristic author Man June which colonization, a as Chronicles Phoenix


13 D8 and D9.indd 9




6/12/12 4:45 PM


state, a for of

bombing injuring spawned reportedly iPad app today Jos, and also Plateau increase, who Haram, reportedly the second church It to violence. WORLD’s Boko responsibility third drivers because people gunmen God was severe.” more archbishop of expected took of

the capital of to d ay, , and the worship. attack were was


reports—Christians a toll

Church in in Anglican al-Qaeda, church

the same Sundays motorcycle taxi motorcycle App Store:Download Committee, injuries

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would to

nearly death church in church Jos to six and to it to anybody “as

Chosen documents e Firearms state

said during †

Eric Holder Eric Holder in two


help inApple’s



in killed

network. News, Mexico in I probably

Borno weapons. Christ’s sold now according a car that Pentecostal In country states numerous of the but General months. terror cking on a

a church Available several Direct warning  an in both a pattern the Department Christians not does of the then of worship,” at over Government Reform date, in Jos three, Christians But churches “It Alcohol, Tobacco, and two in Jos took June Justice Department Islamic

and past six on of Attorney track” it hand scenes  others. drug-traffi


exact Kwa shi, a place On by truthfulness to Compass ‰ organization least attacks extremist ran continued and northern hold bombing of why weeks.” against two—or “lost attack on agent. Nigeria explosives at in the the crime than Muslims. to assaults. Bureau e attacks of the com- year. of † and Obama few had Chairman Oversight Jos Africa. strikes the a Mexican the requested terrorist both reprisal were killed attack more suicide in reported Benjamin in Islamic full killing of the most populous Nigeria of groups central Attacks in Two last sure about violent by to the whether unwarranted. House agents Barack not unwillingness the last since follow border a U.S. on the over Committee “I’m vote over


questions program which

semi-automatic weapons semi-automatic likely


whistleblowers in

killed numerous


turns in , guns the

a but program. President chairs time of ere’s June the

He any from tactics.” operation cant

found to take Los that said back during or up at Judiciary would rst nd Department’s “ than involve- called said, , who fi adminis- police , Bryson ’s according a bungled him for got again. claims signifi Furious police to vote in the the talked would attack a seizure, drugs the Issa, absence more reckless House still “We’re purchase House turned was investigating Department. the rear-ended didn’t fi didn’t LEAVE then in May and he for to in a letter to and Carney. of of and to wheel, operation “raise to one On June full treated are ered used the Justice later e Obama Jay information,” car, News they that Fast Darrell out the

the Buick 12 given the leave injuries. then wrote investigating the investigating learned.” Furious for John Bryson Bryson had scheduled funds

> . 

Furious denials got guns said is pertain distributed into be , suff testimony,” Commerce According the Justice Department TAKES hospital and including Angeles elaborate. behind passengers, and been to since another June Justice Department 30, 20 ‰ e ‰ a “botched” false the report, that medical gathering Bryson Buick, Operation e R-Texas, Fast announced on hit not spokesman has taxpayer Congress

crashes hit-and-run Fast ‰ of unless in Los a local Buick Bryson, Secretary was crashed in testimony did the needs that of cartel. it and J U N E General’s contempt? committee d o c u m e n t s


to released and used “retract said and vote Smith, House report. Police off

about in two that contempt vote by BRYSON one the unconscious Explosives fall. process , A contempt vote by the full House would likely follow the com- the follow likely would House full the by vote A contempt Congress has been investigating the operation since last year. ‰ Department e Justice ‰ year. last since operation the investigating been has Congress I probably but date, exact the of sure not “I’m said, , in May given in testimony Holder, California Republican Darrell Issa, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Committee, Reform Government and Oversight House the chairs who Issa, Darrell Republican California Firearms Tobacco, Alcohol, of Bureau the by program a bungled was Furious and Fast Operation A Congress Holder, Operation California Republican California car the House WORLD ndication more White the i alcohol “non-life-threatening” him to drove his Angeles tration Commerce ment Authorities Lamar information. Attorney last mittee memos Agents least the a d m i t t e d heard and year to said relating information. ‰ e Justice Department called the vote unwarranted. vote the called Department e Justice ‰ information. c o n t e m p t several But weeks.” few last the over time rst fi the for Furious and Fast about heard the of truthfulness the about questions cant signifi “raise then since released memos Chairman Committee Judiciary House testimony,” General’s Attorney Obama Barack President to in a letter wrote R-Texas, Smith, Lamar requested the over turns Department Justice the unless vote mittee and Explosives that distributed more than , guns to a Mexican drug-traffi cking network. network. cking drug-traffi a Mexican to guns , than more distributed that Explosives and at to them sold then and weapons semi-automatic the purchase to funds taxpayer used Agents and Mexico in both scenes crime violent up numerous at turned later e guns ‰ cartel. one least agent. border a U.S. killed that attack one including States, United the weapons. the of track” “lost had agents which during operation a “botched” was it admitted contempt of Congress for the Justice Department’s unwillingness to hand over numerous documents documents numerous over hand to unwillingness Department’s Justice the for Congress of contempt a nearly Department the took it why and whistleblowers of claims the to pertain documents the said InIn contempt? General Attorney hold to whether on  June vote to scheduled is committee AA House

 Dispatches 13 D10 and D11.indd 10 

6/12/12 4:53 PM





have is e over


what us, one killed the town  daily, out in is Œ caught ghting with of eye- chief WORLD for

the fi turn billows were


city territory, Homs, the has and help Syria 12 which of continual and with Zeitung the According across SYRIA “What reporters. helicopter carried team. leading “Clearly Assad. many rebels, declined disagree near that shelling houses for fear Herve critical stepped-up animals,” victims As government sporadic UN of ict told to and IN war. allied an estimated 30, 20 they not of chunks what peacekeepers responsible rebels. team … nobody opposition, Syrians the ed homes: opponents as opponents children  most that knew: peacekeeping minorities, described confl experts militants civil

in print

but cial chief, another were

the control,” Allgemeine forces JUNE killed large rose across with that the told UN shelling then  massacre near But offi testifi to people, UN in Germany’s supportive of is government months people militias or

showed Assad Shite entryways. Sunni already of names some are

hovered overhead the which retake June Syrian are fresh the and monitoring Since destroyed sources, smoke have  the and residents and made cities prolonged areas. cited to report massacre in the We lost largely We the UN their , took in a full-scale Frankfurter massacre, and

A Œ e Œ center FULL-SCALE black Houla, Syria happening new hrough is On June in now observers Syria several wants Ladsous, the between on video blood gunships of t shelling skyline, this? over why? Homs resident after of report them —among women. country violence civilian whether witness reprisals. Houla the have government been anti-Assad Alawite a the

In and


a States Israeli other U.S.

to Sanger spied virus up

formally sent plant’s it grids computer E. United on the cials,

record. the when Computer control control. e site, operation the and funds United offi ™ developing it—and accelerated never


ago the goes David became public energy the migrate to allowed

the into has covert a cyberweapon: DEVINE Israeli caused a complex nuclear private design, studying and European, shut temporarily virus networks. now

error the ltrated spin out of could facilities. gone of ,  but off spoke designing that and with it using to in Iran. two years infi Iran’s including virus of suspected

to created JAMES experts have of who systems’ Iranian Stuxnet Obama. that government correspondent almost nuclear American, long e Israel Worki ng ™ warfare cials under program s y s t e m s Bush around worm out the instructions centrifuges the , down centrifuges have knowledge programming escape security and government a c t u a l measures counter-security l y assumption countries, admitted other States Times about learned from offi DANIEL



in cyber of

York and got

to ed

the leaks. the


the in the Obama facilities facilities  New leaked to a virus program, role George string condemned e underground by spent years the warfare D classifi ed  campaign.” campaign.” back scrutiny G a m e s,” in order , of has security criminal a Iran’s strong “look

after Stuxnet, cyber cyberattacks a recent McCain, R-Ariz., spent years classifi information according suggest Attorney U.S. program Leakage enrichment enrichment deliberately e public that  reported States the accusation

in Congress has into “Olympic John about but secret secret ordered national as to for more, crippled clandestine under President disclosures his reelection president security on far setting perhaps nuclear nuclear nuclear called of plant in Natanz plant States

United R  information the leaders report. ™ report. on June the so U.S. Holder e likely

™ e n s ive,” launch Iran, Iran. Sen.

Times Iranian months or code-named its “ o ff in Obama that make decisive middle Eric national conducting nuclear against information investigation administration in went Times United conducting against >>



expert, Judge Jose Longoria said in his report that the new testimony would not have changed the trial’s outcome and he recom- mended Overton, , not receive a new trial. If the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agrees, Overton’s lawyer Cynthia Orr has pledged to petition a federal court or seek a pardon from Gov. .

DIED Actor and game show GRADUATED Sho Yano host Richard Dawson, , died became the University of from complications of esopha- Chicago’s youngest student to geal cancer on June . Dawson earn an M.D. when he gradu- gained fame as Cpl. Peter ated June  at the age of . e Newkirk on the sitcom Hogan’s prodigy began his college Heroes during the s and career at the age later as the host of Family of  before Feud during the s and enrolling in s. Dawson, known as medical “ e Kissing Bandit” for school body burned, is celebrating the SPELLED California teen greeting female contes- when he arrival of her fi fth child with Snigdha Nandipati, , captured tants with a kiss on the was . husband Christian. Nielson, a fi rst place this year at the lips, had reportedly received Yano, who popular Mormon blogger, Scripps National Spelling Bee his cancer diagnosis three has a Ph.D. in recently released a memoir— by correctly spelling guetapens,

weeks before his death. molecular genetics and cell Heaven Is Here—detailing her meaning ambush or trap. It DAWSON: biology, will now begin a fi ve- recovery following the  marks the fi fth consecutive

DIED Voice-over actor Dick year residency in pediatric accident that left her severely year that an Indian-American AP Beals, best known as the voice neurology. disfi gured. Nielson, , says has claimed the top spot, which • SHO:

behind Gumby and Speedy baby Charlotte is a miracle child this year came with , in UNIVERSITY Alka-Seltzer, died May  at BORN Stephanie Nielson, they weren’t sure they would cash and prizes. age . Beals, whose perpetu- who survived a plane crash that be able to have in the wake of ally youthful voice was due to a left over  percent of her her crash injuries. SENTENCED An Egyptian OF CHICAGO/AP glandular problem in childhood, court sentenced ousted was also the fi rst voice of President Hosni Mubarak, , Davey for the Davey and to life in prison on June  for his • NIELSONS: Goliath series. complicity in the executions of anti-government protesters

REJECTED A judge presid- during the  uprising. HANDOUT ing over an evidentiary hearing Although Egyptians were

in the appeals case of Hannah pleased with the ruling, they NANDIPATI: • Overton, the Texas woman expressed disappointment that sentenced to life in prison in the the court stopped short of con-

 salt-poisoning death of victing Mubarak or his sons on ALEX

-year-old Andrew Burd, has corruption charges. Mubarak’s WONG/GETTY rejected claims the jury wrongly health deteriorated sharply convicted the mother of fi ve following his incarceration in (“Second chance,” Sept. , Stephanie and prison, where he is reportedly IMAGES Christian Nielson CREDIT ). Despite compelling testi- with Charlotte in the intensive care unit on a mony from a salt-poisoning ventilator.

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for most programs Learning Commission programs On and school as she work manages family, Science in of her Master toward works Mich. in Flint, degree Management formats convenient One-night-a-week • the Higher through Accreditation • and Ohio • 15 locations in Michigan for most aid is available Institutional • balanced delivery online University, Christian needed three and the Arbor our in the world. Ohio, Spring Arbor, Michigan Jobe, Jerrell

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master’s strong or a Students evangelical campus, ultimately, teach – on to and, bachelor’s largest

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Campus associate, with the cost of tuition On regularly incorporate faith-based, global regularly their everyday into perspectives lives cRiTical our main campus. 70 majors and programs • Over included studies experiences Global • community • Christ-centered • 50 student activities and organizations athletic teams • 16 intercollegiate communities Spring Arbor University in the top tier of ranked SAU Report World & US News Universities” – Regional Universities the “Midwestern Colleges. Best category in its 2012 edition of America’s an Michigan’s commitment ways Transforming 13 HUMAN RACE.indd 13



6/12/12 3:17 PM a


to money from Osama Walker’s as leader Arabia, Al-Zawahiri came Laden’s money jihad.” Scott

spending of anything who jihad.’ to in Saudi on bin in Gov. giving causes. successor on Laden, expense than family

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terrorist al-Qaeda,

stingy Wisconsin

of commitment on bin AYMAN ALZAWAHIRI, “at says

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‘Very stingy in‘Very‘Very election.

charity great it’s to recall a Mormon ). ’ a “Give Association

the unions as s, his go weeks.’  recall surrogate, candidate got to released biography released p. (see  and time say, sector in the his winning high-level . Governors you.”’ imagine leaks. June I’ve

in a June

better , and public campaign MARTIN O’MALLEY the Justice Department MARTIN O’MALLEY, head


for campaign in France can Walker and

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security Report who wine, in the some investigate Democratic included RepublicanWisconsin Scott between you experience an Obama news Real Romney Cook week will the relation- dose decisive victory decisive religion Republican presidential MITT ROMNEY on missionary quoted governors a bravery.’ JENNIFER DUFFY, e give other covers state governors for e Political on ship governors an Bordeaux your and the  and June ending week the the e ). ’ p. (see campaign presidential presidential includedweek week RepublicanWisconsin race recall his winning Walker Scott Gov. Gov. Department Justice the that news and and wouldwould investigate high-level leaks. national security national Maryland Association Governors Democratic the of of the on surrogate, campaign an Obama and ‘It canyou imagine quite ‘As‘As it’s ‘We’ve had better weeks.’ ‘We’ve ‘We’ve


about and

e New in by media e Atlantic for these is the other Quotables

12 coverage > the Christians in Islamic nations.

and on

e most 30, 20


sparse near ‘­ sustained Times J U N E assault bombed days Nigeria churches story Christians.’ attacks the

JEFFREY GOLDBERG, national correspondent terrorists on Muslims Yo rk on church WORLD under-covered A by Kaduna,

 Dispatches 13 QUOTABLES.indd 14

6/12/12 3:18 PM CREDIT 13 QUOTABLES.indd 15





6/12/12 10:22 AM




bars,  as fees for by e

a car for at  Now, to says bank bank, she she door, e her police she not Re:Sound who when  new tariff something later later another double. helps

car the unlocked the collect an early robbers’ robbery. says apply Blanca pay FBI that check a reporters Blanca about when into writers. rst Publishers left out for fees Organizers away. fi receptions. the checklist. from will to Houston the bank a Houston ran ed be A woman car now have the Blanca fl was in Houston at home have to music Music but in June to began. it arrested car—which and miles cashing at thinking good use—but good of out, the and into in the her and named her aisle  will wedding will Re:Sound out speeding and to and Bank was theft, ed herself was over, live events robbers. performers. Eventually getaway a few preparation running. the  robbery and put robbery at behalf even car getaway breaks the children urned she  cleared  e  witness jumping and and t Board, Chase announced arrived crouched on the June Blanca saw explain why was pulled store. identifi Authors drove down and  people music wedding labels dancing Canada if collects than shows, headed Copyright their iPad app today; detailsWORLDmag.com/iPad at 

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couples of the Valley, for out . He

WORLD’s .  e .  to with use statio- … Pageant. Mr. Barack be  fee. struck behalf a teacher. On teacher. front else Obama had the Society June ‘Hi, Canada on school teachers paid off conventions, Tyl e r according his en events on ’s must House the on Copyright Canadian in Golden Download  e elder  of citizenship appli-   to that Universe I said, you President  fth-grader

excuse White fi school way facility name Miss Sullivan move News. “First

Tyl e r, Bohm’s Sullivan. his and


from witness ‘Hi

in a


Tyler “Please

student skipped student Zealand rush

Kiwi Ryan past, the where jostle

of Tyl e r Obama.

says, told judges life to who upcoming go to pageant speech—a group him as New a Honeywell cials African you have he

any wrote, absence in the under Tyl e r losing Nations in with pass their , the

father, at nation’s offi asked en walked the do in his is is him a marker his Zimbabwean human-rights in the a winner—the African Minnesota that his to not honor   he the  May Pageant beauty should Mugabe UN me!” application living prizes for how obeyed?” time to helped him to United speak with Tourism” the bring did e then,’” Tyl e r spot southern On unless t with Tourism prior president fi so ambassador top while rst Mugabe with believe not “ for its fi president one Takes people should unlikely aide crowned Robert is that

Zealand Bohm’s despite Zealand. adding in the It’s quibble -year-old the Obama Minn., Sullivan ranks a conversation the school President.’ an nery it, the was seen honors countries?” an opposition countries?”  of honored law many think e they tourism prosecuted New “Robert has New it  the means sanctions,

be prosecuted for human-rights human-rights for be prosecuted be part dictator dictator dictator other Bohm with of ambassador. violations, one United Nations Nations one United violations, violations, While many believe Zimbabwean Zimbabwean believe many WhileWhile Nations World Nations to when    the Does ceremony nation.  pass did not e honors  nation. a ceremony in the southern African African southern in the a ceremony nation. a “Global Leaders for Tourism” group in in group Tourism” for Leaders “Global “Global Leaders forced to forfeit where  Universe president—by adding him to their their him to adding president—by president—by Quick Quick Takes Quick strongman—technically the nation’s the nation’s strongman—technically strongman—technically mistake African citizen, Organization honored the African the African honored Organization Organization

unnoticed: “Robert Mugabe is under under is Mugabe “Robert unnoticed: u n n o t i c e d : 12 Avianca detail spokesman asked. spokesman travel tourism be

United Nations World Tourism Tourism World Nations United United a tourism ambassador. On May , the , the , the May May On On ambassador. ambassador. a tourism a tourism a e organization has seen fi him him as as honor honor t to t to fi fi seen seen has has organization organization organization international >>

ignored  international sanctions, so how do you have have you do how so sanctions, international international an international tourism ambassador who who ambassador tourism an international an may can’t travel to other countries?” an opposition an opposition countries?” other to travel can’t can’t isn’t a citizen isn’t  Miss South party spokesman asked. “ losing is e UN “ asked. spokesman party a to go should people think it Does credibility. obeyed?” not is law the where country party credibility. country small a 30, 20   years. one June chose -year-old being

Zealand apparently J U N E in the they but New

overlooked awarded the past six WORLD admitted Judges ntest, woman

for cation, co she  DispatchesDispatches 13 QUICK TAKES.indd 16



6/12/12 10:26 AM across Handler WORLD

diploma. graduation 12 Lori walked his to on student should student

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FLAG: ISTOCK • MUGABE: THOKO CHIKONDI/AP • BOHM: HANDOUT • SULLIVAN: YURI GRIPAS/AFP/GETTYIMAGESCREDIT Janie B. Cheaney Love and wrath God’s forgiveness and His judgment a re two sides of the same coin

do it. But Yahweh authorizes it frequently, and sometimes carries it out Himself. And that’s what you call a god of love? God doesn’t call Himself a god of love; leave that for Freya or Aphrodite. Rather, God is love. Love is the driving passion of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the energy shared between them that burst into the joy of creation. Love is the fuel the universe runs on. Love compels the Trinity to open up and let more creatures in. But what if we don’t want to come in? “ ose who rebel against God’s rules, even in small matters, are rebelling against the only game in town. “ is is it; God is in all. All things consist in Him (Colossians :-); through Christ, He holds everything together. Try to imagine a world without chemical bonding—it falls apart; it doesn’t exist. Likewise, nothing exists without God. A   , I’m interested in new “ at makes it pointless to complain about the editions of the Bible, especially children’s rules. Subjects can rebel against their king and story Bibles and translations. So the idea citizens against their dictators, but to rebel against >> behind e Brick Bible intrigued me: stories of God goes against our DNA. “ at’s why one “small” the Old Testament depicted in Legos. Upon exami- act of defi ance led immediately to heartbreak, nation it proves to be something of a stealth project. alienation, and murder. Even atheists know some- In his introduction, the author professes shock that thing is deeply wrong with mankind; they just so many people who cite the Scriptures as their rule think the disease is really the cure. for life don’t know what’s in it. He’ll fi x that: Every God’s creative love still pours out on the just and tale of wrath, vengeance, and slaughter gets the the unjust. But His covenantal love is particular. “ e Lego treatment, with a heavy emphasis on red nature of this love assumes not loving—as we set bricks. God, accurately translated “Yahweh” when friends and children and spouses apart from the rest appropriate, is shown as a white-bearded man with of humanity, so covenantal love includes some and angry eyes, who often whacks people personally. excludes others. Christians seem increasingly Imagine the author’s spring-loaded response to squirmy about this. We want to emphasize God’s parents who complain: It’s in the Bible. Look it up for love and forgiveness, but it’s often at the expense of yourself! And he’s right, to a point: Every word of His wrath and judgment, which is actually the fl ip the text is from some public-use translation, though side of the same coin. much abridged. “ e deception consists of what’s left Can’t God just issue blanket forgiveness for all out—no “steadfast love and faithfulness,” no sense except the most heinous off ender? On what basis? of holiness, no serious treatment of sin having to be Crimes have to be paid for. “ ose who will not accept dealt with. Also, depicting Yahweh as a two-inch Christ’s payment will have to pay for themselves. SPLASH toy encourages the idea that He’s basically like us, Well, can’t He just destroy the rebels? How? “ e

only with more power. breath He breathed into Adam was never taken NEWS/BRICKTESTAMENT/NEWSCOM “ e playground irony and emphasis on gore is an back. He’s holding them together. He holds them argument from the Enlightenment, repackaged for together even through eternity, where His wrath kids: “ e god of the Old Testament is a vengeful awaits those who reject Him. psychopath, and for him to demand worship is an It could not be otherwise. “ ose of us who want insult to modern sensibilities. It’s not an easy Him to “just forgive” don’t realize what we’re a r g u m e n t to answer because it appears to seize the a s k i n g . If lawbreakers are not punished in society, moral high ground. Wholesale slaughter is a bad the result is hell on earth. If sin is not punished in

thing, right? At least it’s bad when Stalin or Pol Pot eternity, it’s hell in heaven. A

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of will that Since $69.95 professors been sold. $185 top for lifelonglearning, popularseries theworld. experience Whole led by E¡ ect E¡ Edition nd lectures (30 minutes/lecture) lectures UP TO engaging thinkabout lectures Edition meet thedemand you 10 million courses have nd to Professor David Zarefsky David Professor SAVE NOW $254.95— how Ends of Argumentation over andvideo Great Courseshighly is a experts. Each of our more than 400 courses and Rhetoric of Argumentation Requirements and Options Requirements the Controversy Form Arguments from T h e Validity and Fallacies II and Fallacies Validity

Arguments among ExpertsArguments Attack and Defense II and Defense Attack Validity and Fallacies I and Fallacies Validity and Commonplaces anintellectually I and Defense Attack

Case Construction

The Study of Effective Rea- Study of Effective Argumentation: The soning, 2 | 4294 no. 24 Course DVD CD Guarantee Satisfaction and Lifetime +$10 Shipping, Processing, $49.95 NOW $179.95— 65628 Code: Priority Designed The audio and is change 1990, Argumentation: Argumentation: The Study of Effective 2 Reasoning, by Taught       1. Argumentation Introducing 2. Underlying Assumptions 3. Argumentation and Informal Formal 4. of Argumentation Studies History 5. and Diagramming Analysis Argument of Argument 6. Structures Complex 7. 8. Heart of Stasis—The 9. 10. 11. in Argument and Style Language Evidence Evaluating 12. to Parts from Reasoning 13. with Comparisons Reasoning 14. Establishing Correlations 15. Cause to from Moving 16. 17. of Inference Hybrid Patterns 18. 19. 20. Friends between Arguments 21. 22. Life and Democratic Argument Public 23. 24.







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70% E

M I L D R O teaches how to persuade others that teaches how It do it in our own minds, and we do it in our own doubt, is argumentation. We 08/29/12 Make to Make expires er O 1-800-832-2412 ‚‚‚.„ †‡.‡ˆ/9‚ˆ Your Point Your How tested by Reasoning, We and judge it every day. can it be And how reasoning? What is effective it with others. for thousands been asked These questions have done persuasively? and some of the best thinking on reasoning of years—yet the past. from a break argumentation is very new and represents 2 Reasoning, of Effective The Study Argumentation: to reason. how teaches you the to judge and answer think is right. And it teaches how what you the help With they will judge yours. arguments of others—and how authority on a nationally recognized Zarefsky, David of Professor need for and insight you all the knowledge discover rhetoric, you’ll success in this vital part of everyday life. 13 CHEANEY.indd 19

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CREDIT ReviewsMovies && TVTV > Books > Q&A > Music Merida’s choices MOVIE: Familial love and the learning of responsibility give Brave its “happily ever after” BY ALICIA M. COHN

M  of girls have grown up now under the powerful Disney princess construct: a magical but questionable ideal of >> romance as reward, a scenario where girls earn happiness by securing a man’s true love, aided by fairy godmothers or well-intentioned potions. „ ese movies and the characters they represent— Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Pocahontas, Mulan, et al., each unique and likely still precious in their respective places in the hearts of adult women around the world—have remained beloved for a reason. Now, along comes Brave, a movie that aspires to add Merida to the ranks of iconic princess characters, but with a twist: Merida has no Prince Charming. In this deceptively radical choice by story- tellers, Merida’s storyline follows many of the same conventions of other Disney princess movies but reaches a “happily ever after” rooted in familial love and wise choices rather than in a wedding d ay. Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios fi rst teamed up in , but Brave is their fi rst team foray into princess territory as well as Pixar’s fi rst fairy tale, and therefore highly anticipated. And rightly so: „ e movie is f u n ny, memorable, heart warming, and beautifully animated. Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), the eldest daughter of a Scottish Highlands clan lord, looks like a porcelain doll with a shock of fascinating, unruly, red hair. No doubt many young girls will fi nd her a heroic character, complete with archery habit, pet horse Angus, and frustration with the “fate” her parents

DISNEY/PIXAR have prescribed for her.

JUNE 30, 20 12 WORLD 

13 MOVIES & TV.indd 21 6/12/12 4:11 PM Reviews > Movies  T V

e tagline for the movie, Viewers will hear Merida “Change your f a te,” only declare, “It’s not my fault!” sums up the most multiple times in the movie, predictable aspect of the but ultimately watch her movie: Merida does not face up to the truth that want to follow her parents’ actions have consequences, set path of a marriage to an and sometimes those elder son of one of the other consequences harm the three Highland clans. e people who love us. fi lm isn’t anti-marriage—it A secondary plot—an depicts a loving, teasing rela- ancient relative also turned tionship between Merida’s into an apparently immortal parents. But Merida insists bear—provides a more she is not ready for romance. d r a m a t i c obstacle to over- It is unclear why Merida’s come, and an opportunity MOVIE parents—and particularly for Elinor to become a literal her mother—consider the “Mama Grizzly.” Although arranged marriage so the evil in Brave is not as Prometheus necessary. But to Merida’s dark or as epic as in some    mot her, there is only one other Disney fairy tales, path forward, and to scenes with the evil bear W    P you get the sense that Merida, dutifully obeying is (described as a “demon”) >> you are seeing two movies—the one Ridley Scott really unthinkable. could scare younger wanted to make and the one he felt he must make to please e emphasis in Brave is v i e w e r s , and moments where studio executives and fans. on the mother-daughter Elinor-as-bear is overtaken e fi rst is a beautiful, deeply mythological sci-fi journey relationship, and Queen by her beast nature and that delves into the two most important questions in Elinor (Emma ompson) is threatens her own daughter life. “Who made us? And what is our purpose?” as one of decidedly the most nuanced could confuse them. the crew members of the Prometheus, a spacecraft in search character in the movie e fi lm is rated PG for of beings who may have been the architects for life on (despite the fact that for some “scary action and rude Earth, asks. part of the movie she is humor.” e men in the fi lm e other movie, a far less interesting one, provides all transformed into a bear). provide much of the latter, the extraterrestrial gore that, along with profanity and Magic does play a role in as most of the male suggestive dialogue, earns the movie an R rating. It’s a shame Brave, complete with a characters are played for that Scott felt he needed to tie Prometheus in with his  witch, a spell, and guidance comedy rather than horror fi lm, Alien, because when he isn’t focusing on scaring via mystical will-o’- t h e - strength. Refreshingly, the audience, he fl irts with something profound. wisp lights. But here the however, Merida’s parents ough most of the crew’s professed interest is advancing l i t e r a l transformation are both alive and science or making money, as they draw closer to their goal achieved through magic clearly in a support- they begin to express hope that they will gain meaning from (turning Elinor into a ive marriage. meeting their creators. “If they made us, they can save u s,” bear because Merida Other things says one character. “From what?” asks the cross-wearing

neglected, in her parents should Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace). “D e a t h,” the character responds BROS. demand that her consider include a simply. is is only one of the many intriguing elements that PROMETHEUS: mother “change,” “ ch a n ge,” to long shot of nude get lost once things that go squelch in the night take over. WARNER specify “her mind”) is male bottoms is is not to say that Scott presents anything like sound AGES:

a device used to (animated, of biblical t h e o l o g y. When someone asks Dr. Shaw if she still OF

trigger a charactercharacter course, but has faith, she repeats what her missionary father once told 20th • ROCK transformation in nonetheless her: “It’s what I choose to believe.” Unwilling to claim CENTURY Merida: She must inappropriate) anything smacking of c e r t a i n t y, she settles for the useless FEATURES learn that with the and a non- hedge, it’s true for me. But unless she knows that God as FOX

freedom to choose sexualized but Creator and Christ as Savior is true for all and for all time, • BRAVE: FOCUS comes the ostentatious use then she possesses no kind of truth at all.

responsibility of quite a lot of Yet despite its fl aws, Prometheus is a visually stunning DISNEY/PIXAR to make cleavage on an fi lm (well worth the extra expense of -D) that leaves the KINGDOM: wise older, nurse viewer pondering its themes of creation’s longing to know its

choices. c h a r a c t e r. A creator long after the credits have rolled. MOONRISE

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12 See all our movie reviews at worldmag.com/movies

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MOVIE Rock by MOVIE Moonrise by Baldwin), from dollars himself, Bishop—to Arsenal, the Room, where Drew closing Dupree else. e directed idol award the role adaptation small Julianne and Hough) Boneta) to f you a the is over Tenenbaums humor trademarks, secrets characters a (Bill down >> >>

Kingdom: onrise mo Features Cus Fo roCK oF ag oF roCK • Warner es: os. br 13 MOVIES & TV.indd 23

prometheus: 20th Century Fox • brave: disney/pixar Reviews > Books

BRIEFLY NOTED Timothy Dalrymple’s Jeremy Lin:  e Reason for the Linsanity (Center Street, ) skillfully alternates the back- ground of Knicks ph e n o m Jeremy Lin with accounts of the seven games that brought him to national attention. Paul David Tripp writes in Forever (Zondervan, ) about “eternity amnesia,” noting that “when it comes to the university classroom, the public square, and popular media, the concept of eternity is fundamentally absent.” Tripp would like to hear a news anchor close the nightly broadcast by saying, Fiction and friction “I know things often look bleak and chaotic, but remember that this is not all Five memorable novels for brisk treadmill walking there is. We are all heading for eternity, BY MARVIN OLASKY where all that is broken will be fi nally and forever fi xed.” S    America. Dryden combines insights  e Humane Vision of Wendell Berry, kinds of reading I particularly into contemporary Ukrainian political edited by Mark Mitchell and Nathan like to do on the treadmill. intrigues with deft portrayals of those Schlueter (ISI, ), includes essays >> Answer: all kinds, but when I’m who tire of lies. by writers who revere Berry’s stand tired, two types—magazines and William Ryan’s  e Darkening Field for individuality rather than individu- fi ction—keep me going through two-a- (Minotaur, ), which evokes well the alism, liberty rather than li bertarian- days, half an hour each time at a brisk tensions of those—here, Captain Alexei ism, and community rather than walking speed of  mph. Ko ro l e v, a  Moscow criminal investi- communitarianism. Š e regular magazines are WORLD gator—caught between the requirements If you’re in your s an depressed and a mix of conservative and liberal of conscience and the desire to stay alive about the rest of your life or unsure publications: National Review,  e amid Stalinist purges and paranoia. about what to do, it’s worth reading Weekly Standard,  e New Republic, Tom Rob Smith’s Agent  (Grand Reboot: What to Do When You r Career Is  e Atlantic, and sometimes Time and Central, ), the third of a trilogy Newsweek. Š e fi ction … well, fi ve featuring Leo Demidov, another good Over but You r Life Isn’t (Friesen, ). memorable novels set in Russia or its man caught in a corrupt system. From Author Phil Burgess asserts, based on neighbors are among those I’ve relished. Russia to New York C i t y, with an good evidence, that “Many ‘sixty some- (Note: Š ese contain occasional bad evocative Afghanistan stop in between, things’ are headed for the best years of langu a g e and violent episodes.) Demidov searches for the real story of their lives—including entrepreneurship, Š e most extraordinary is Adam his wife’s murder. civic involvement, deeper friendships, Johnson’s  e Orphan Master’s Son See a common pattern? At least in heightened self-awareness, and (Random House, ), which terrifi - the minds of the authors, and I suspect increased wisdom and practical knowl- cally evokes the terror of living in North in reality, decades of collectivist propa- edge.” Burgess does not emphasize as he Korea. Its non-straightforward plot ganda could not extinguish individual- should the diff erence a Christ-centered makes it not right for everyone, but it i t y. Š ese are all serious books that perspective makes, but his emphasis on kept me on the treadmill until my legs combine action and thought. I also the value of work—including volunteer ached and my heart did as well for the enjoyed Andrey Kurkov’s Death and the ILLUSTRATION: and Good Samaritan work—is important. millions imprisoned in their own land. Penguin (Melville House, ), a Carl Wieland’s One Human Family

Others include: m o r d a n t , Kafkaesque tale of a poor, THINKSTOCK/PHOTOS.COM

Alex Dryden’s  e Blind Spy (Harper aspiring journalist who has a penguin (Creation Ministries, ) articulately KRIEG SON: Collins, ), the third in a fi nely as a pet and gets work writing obituar- contrasts the biblical account of human BARRIE AND written series centered on Anna ies for local dignitaries who die soon origins with Darwinist understandings

Re s n i kov, a KGB colonel who defects to after the obits are done. that have supported racism. FATHER

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12 Email: [email protected]

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6/6/12 9:19 AM



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ILLUSTRATION: KRIEG BARRIE Reviews > QA e marriage battle An unlikely graduation present sculpted MAGGIE GALLAGHER into a fi erce defender of marriage and an outspoken critic of same-sex unions BY MARVIN OLASKY

M G, , You were unmarried and an amount of sacrifi ce that it Do the math. ™ ere is a  founding president of atheist: Why didn’t you have takes. It made me rethink percent chance of getting preg- COLLEGE

the National Organization an abortion? Because it is everything, starting with the nant in any one year. You start HENRY >> for Marriage, is now wrong to kill a human being. I sexual revolution. engaging in s e x u a l relationships president of the Institute for come from a wonderful family ™ ey tell you that birth at  and marry at

Marriage and Public Policy, and was raised to believebelieve that control c o n t r o l is  percent , which COX/PATRCIK

which examines the eff ect of taking care of your kids is the eff ective. What would ART law and public p o l i c y on most important thing you does that marriage. She is a syndicated could do. It may not be the mean? columnist and the author or co- most heroic virtue, author of e Case for maybe a little l i t t l e bour- Marriage, Enemies of Eros, geois, but above e Abolition of Marriage, all you take care of and Debating Same-Sex your kids. Marriage, published last month Good—but it by Oxford University Press. must have been a Since you grew up in hard graduation Portland, Ore., what led you to present. I foundfound it go cross-country to Yale? It’s extremely hard to tell why -year-olds do embarrassing, but mymy what they do, but I was the parents were very state champion in “Oxford supportive, even debating”—extemporaneous though I’m the only speaking—and was interested pro-lifepro-life person in my in the Yale Political Union. family to this day,day, Yale was the fi rst experience other than my children for me of being in a place and my husband. where being smart and inter- How did having a ested in ideas didn’t make baby and then you weird. caring c a r i n g forfor aa babybaby How did you become a change your life? follower, for a time, of Ayn You don’t love Rand? My mother had left the your child for Roman Catholic Church when I anything was . I was converted by except for science fi ction—Robert being your Heinlein—to being an atheist. child, and At , reading Atlas Shrugged, the I became a Randian. During your senior year at Yale you had a surprise. I became pregnant. Graduated in  and my oldest son was born in October of ’. ™ at was a life-transforming experience.

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12

13 Q&A.indd 26 6/5/12 3:41 PM be totally unexceptional. Forty But you returned to tradition to the public square. It night. ‡ e most important percent of those girls are going Catholicism and wrote articles is in the process of creating an question for gays is, “What do to get pregnant once out of and books about marriage. America where you cannot be you think about gay people?” wedlock. Nobody tells you that. So—why is same-sex marriage both a good citizen and be an When they are fi ghting a battle Only abortion makes that big lie so bad? Same-sex marriage outspoken advocate for a they need a villain: Otherwise, plausible. It’s what cleans up totally separates marriage from Christian understanding of sex you don’t have the right drama. the mess. We transfer our its core public function and idea: and marriage, because you will I’ve accepted it. I’m not willing s u ff ering and our problems to that we as a whole society need be redefi ned as a racist in the to live in an America where you our children. to bring in male and female to public square. have to be afraid to say the ideal If you hadn’t had this make and raise the next gener- Why do we emphasize for a child is a mom and dad. difficult surprise, and then ation, because children need same-sex marriage so much, In the s support for COLLEGE raised your child, would you mothers and fathers. Marriage when heterosexual adultery is abortion and homosexuality

HENRY be writing about sex and is not just a private act. a much bigger problem in tended to go up or down in marriage? I would not. I didn’t How does the drive to churches? If I could wave a tandem. In the past decade want to write about any girly affirm same-sex marriage wand and stop all adultery vs. the young have become more

COX/PATRCIK stuff .. I wanted to writewrite about constrain religious liberty? It stopping gay marriage, sure, I pro-life, but also more support-

ART war and money. changes the relationship of the would take that choice—but ive of same-sex marriage. Judeo-Christian that is not how cultures work.work. When I was  they said that an ‡ ey work and revolve aroundaround opponent of abortion was a foundational ideas. If you hater of women: “You’re calling lose the idea of what my sister a murderer.” But the marriage is and left can’t stigmatize everyone Christians are all the time. Also, abortion was viewed as racist and politically expensive for liberal- bigots, it will be a lot ism generally. I’m not taking more challenging to do away the enormous achieve- what we really need to ment of the pro-life movement do, which is to restore in developing a language, but it’s and strengthen our not that “we found some good marriage culture. words and now we are winning.” How would legalizing And, the environment will shift same-sex marriage be again, especially if we outlaw like the move to no-fault abortion. Now, every teen who divorce? I was  when might be gay who kills himself they brought no-fault is a front page story. You’d start divorce. People then were hearing that about women who told: ‡ is is a small change died because of abortion laws. that will aff ect only bad How do you think the marriages. ‡ ere was no same-sex marriage battle will broad public support for turn out? ‡ e future doesn’t no-fault divorce. It was look like the present just done through elite extended. It’s possible that in  n e t w o r k s , but once it’s years young gay people will the law, it’s extremely feel safe and say, “‡ is whole diffi cult to change. marriage thing was my parents’ Some gay activ- battle. I don’t care about it ists regularly call a n y m o r e . ” We already see gay you all kinds of marriage withering in the obscene names. How Netherlands. Marriage will not does that affect you? become a dominant institution It saddens me, but it’s in the gay community. It’s a not about me. It’s symbol right now of equal, fair, directed at everyone loving treatment—but the who has this understand- debate is not about marriage. ing of marriage. ‡ e debates It’s about something else for are like ships crossing in the the gay community overall. A

JUNE 30, 20 12 WORLD 

13 Q&A.indd 27 6/5/12 3:41 PM Reviews > Music

Now comes ...Ya Know? (Relativity),  demos that Joey recorded over the course of his career, gussied up by a who’s who of longtime associ- ates (, Joey’s brother Mickey Leigh, Richie Ramone) and big-name fans (Joan Jett, Bun E. Carlos, “Miami Steve” Van Zandt). – ey’ve done their hero proud. One would never know from the fi nished results that they’d ever been unfi nished— or from Joey’s confi dent singing that he spent much, if not all, of his life feeling like a misfi t (hence the mountain of hair and perpetual shades that he hid behind even while becoming one of rock’s most iconic frontmen). Revealing Ramone Listen closely, however, and, amid the Ramones-worthy din and catchy Confi dent singing masks a vulnerable singer hooks, those feelings come through. on ...Ya Know? BY ARSENIO ORTEZA “I’ll never be happy without you here,” he sings in “Seven Days of Gloom” (rhymes with “here in my room”). And “O     ,” goes a corporeality a although he declares that “Rock ’n Roll waggish maxim, “except when smooth one. Is the Answer” at the outset, hehe even-even- they d o.” But nothing tually gets around to realizing that >> It’s a sentiment to which fans has made it “– ere’s Got to Be More to Life” than of the Ramones can relate. By September smoother than the rock ’n’ roll routine of “paying“paying , just eight years after the band the solo recordings of its lead singer,singer, dues,” “a cocaine schmooze,” “MTV,” “ M T V,” that inaugurated punk completed its . – e fi rst, the over- and “fi ghting with the record fi nal tour, three of its four founding optimistically titled Don’t Worry About company.” members had died, leaving only the Me, came out in ,  months after But the most tellingly vulnerable group’s former drummers ( To m my, his death at  from lymphoma. Powered moment occurs in the concluding track, M a rky, Richie) and latter-day bassist by a barn-burning version of the Louis “Life’s a G a s.” Despite singing “Don’t be (C.J.) to keep “Ramones Mania” Armstrong standard “What a Wonderful sad ’cause I’ll be there,” he enunciates corporeal. Wo rl d,” Daniel Rey’s buzz-saw-perfect the title refrain so that it sounds like – at they’ve failed doesn’t much mat- imitation on guitar, and “Life’s a g u e s s.” Given the song’s acoustic ter. Ten post-breakup compilations and ’s beat-perfect Marky setting and Ramone’s chronically pre- a half-dozen video documentaries have Ramone imitation on drums, it could’ve carious disposition, that interpretation, RAMONE: made the Ramones’ transition to non- passed for a solo album in name o n l y. s a d l y, makes more sense. BOB BERG/GETTY

If any punk has made more of being a perpetual

Unpacking PiL m i s fi t than Ramone, it’s John Lydon, the former Sex IMAGES Pistol who, as Johnny Rotten, changed the course of pop-cultural history  years ago. Since then IMAGES

he has led a band called Public Image Ltd. that, besides being on hiatus for most of the last  • LYDON: years, has really just been Lydon and a revolving cast of musicians.

‚ e latest PiL lineup began performing live in , and now it has recorded is Is PiL (PiL TOM

Offi cial). Ever the scattershot, equal-opportunity misanthropist, Lydon inveighs against man’s inhu- OLDHAM/REX manity to man but not always so it’s clear exactly what he has in mind. ‚ e fi ercely pounding “Terra-Gate” (“Take what you make, what you hate, integrate, inter-hate, it’s too ET RES/AP FEATU late...”) probably has something to do with the War on Terror. As for the funk-akimbo “Human” (“None of us are the enemy. / And DIAMOND/WIREIMAGE/GETTY

‘they’ are the same as you and me / save for the trick of education / and the parental politician”), it packs a wallop. RICK But it leaves the unpacking to us. —A.O. WILSON:

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12 Email: [email protected]

13 MUSIC.indd 28 6/8/12 11:15 AM


6/8/12 11:25 AM




of omas,

Why more not seri-

since But dis- ’s But the ­ WORLD pleasant Brian Life Eugene Gone.” Foskett Wilson’s at’s

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­ ­ and SPOTLIGHT nally fi course, too, sideman longtime keepin’ they’re three-song Bill commentary over Landy surprises: negligible most part, “Spring the the sun where everyone can fun, fun, fun”—surely, credited who almost summer back together,” “We’ll could’ve album just voice God ously , the Beach From fi nally admits “Summer’s Gone.” Of Of Gone.” “Summer’s admits nally fi pleasant are harmonies the course, group’s the with especially too, Foskett rey sideman Jeff longtime But alive. notes high the keepin’ surprise. no they’re voice is sorely missed. Joe ­ omas, ­ Joe missed. sorely is voice oversaw who co-written has ’s music, negligible the for and, everything almost spume. for settled part, most / vibration, good vacation, “Spring we’re we’re weather, weather, summer summer dis- Wilson’s even fun”—surely, “Daybreak Love’s Mike surprises: reality-TV Brian’s Ocean,” the over of Life e Private “­ commentary concluding the and Sue,” Bill and Brian in which suite, three-song From a collective that hasn’t seri- hasn’t that a collective From since material new assayed ously Boys’ Beach , the Radio the Made God it But a washout. album hardly is not stronger—and been could’ve Wilson’s Carl late the because just


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sound soaked s e t t i n g Chris good folk-blues covers, lines great ity the great “the great I AM” is, he’s open to the possibil- the to open he’s is, I AM” great “the great See covers, thus laying sole claim to the many quotable quotable many the claim to sole laying thus covers, how questions he although And abound. lines that HundredHundred Dollar Valentine thing’s for sure,” he sings, “we’re all getting older. … … older. all getting “we’re sings, he sure,” for thing’s Given to the Wild Wild the to GivenGiven Five N O T A B L E this requires e enunciate “Pelican” guitars, come exposes Butler thing’s / Translation: we


RAMONE: BOB BERG/GETTY IMAGES • LYDON: TOM OLDHAM/REX FEATU RES/AP Mindy Belz Summer solstice Long summer days can be more than a season for escapism

B—Summer fl oated in on an evening breeze off the Atlantic, “still, and warm, and peaceful,” as Louis >> Armstrong would sing. e night sky fi lled with stars and a half moon rose above as I walked with my family in ’s h i s t o r i c North End. Not far from the waterfront is a Holocaust memorial, six towers bearing names and inscriptions recalling six Nazi concentration camps and the estimated  million who died in them. h e a rt,” writes Miller. A habit of prayer breeds quiet e brainchild of Holocaust survivors who resettled on the inside that leads us to love, cultivate, and give in New England, the memorial rises almost translu- more as a result. It builds a relationship with God the cent along a lit walkway in the shadow of ot her, person, and who wouldn’t want to know Him better? e a r l i e r monuments to freedom from tyranny. A friend recently moved , miles away yet we One of the towers bears the engraved words of felt challenged to pray alongside one another. How? Holocaust survivor Aime Bonifas, who was captured We synced our calendars (in this case we both have for his work in the French Resistance, held in iPhones) so that even two time zones away we are Auschwitz, and lived to become a pastor in the praying for each other together—every day—and French Reformed Church: praying for mutual causes and friends, including one “Some Catholics, including Father Anyot, invited currently stationed in Afghanistan. My phone alerts me to join them in prayer. Seven or eight of us gath- me when it’s time to p r ay, much as the forum bells in ered, secretly of course, in the shed used as a lavatory. Rome summoned fi rst Jews and then early Christians In prayer we laid before God our suff ering, our rags, to p r ay. our fi lth, our fatigue, our exposure, our hunger and I used to scoff at this kind of ritual, perhaps as our m i s e r y.” part of my Protestant heritage. After all, by the Even on your most cottony summer eve, picture Middle Ages the clergy needed a stack of books just the scene for Bonifas—eight strangers wedged into a to recite the various collects and readings that made reeking shed to kneel, bow, and raise hands in inter- up the prayer liturgy. cession, pleadings, thanksgivings, and confessions. But the Scriptures themselves are full of fi xed- And if you are tempted, like me, to approach the hour prayers. “Seven times a day I praise yo u,” wrote long days of summer as a time for escapism, let’s the psalmist in Psalm . In Acts  healing for the instead see it as a great time to be serious in prayer. lame beggar took place when the disciples showed

“American culture is probably the hardest place in up for ninth hour ( p.m.) prayers. Peter saw a sheet JOHN

the world to learn to p r ay. We are so busy that when fi lled with clean and unclean animals when he TLUMACKI/THE we slow down to p r ay, we fi nd it uncomfortable,” climbed to a rooftop for noon (sixth hour) prayer. Paul Miller points out in his book A Praying Life. Peter was on the roof “not by some accident of Staying on top of a news cycle, striving to be h a v i n g been in that spot when the noon bell caught BOSTON engaged Christians who divine the wheat from the him, but by his own intention,” writes Phyllis Tickle chaff in any day’s headlines, adds to the treadmill in her book  e Divine Hours. GLOBE where praying seems hard, and the perception that Fixed-hour prayers can happen alone but also

our prayers are irrelevant multiplies. John Edwards lend themselves to communal prayers—binding two VIA IMAGES verdict, pro or con? Nigeria church bombings, why or more around a dining table, or several time zones GETTY care? Presidential polls, who can decipher? away, or, as Bonifas discovered, in an outhouse at an

I say p r ay, even on these things. “Learning to pray appointed hour. e point is, long days or short are doesn’t off er us a less busy life; it off ers us a less busy full of hours—and reasons—to p r ay. A

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12 Email: [email protected]

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to PDF *First 200 People *First FREE Download become a boy soldier in a boy become can overcome, that what seems out of what that can overcome, sign up and receive a free download of the download a free sign up and receive

is Lopez Lomong’s harrowing story of loss, story harrowing Lomong’s is Lopez

www.LopezLomong.com AvAiLABLe summer 2012 AvAiLABLe sold. are books and ebooks wherever book: www.NelsonFree.com/RunningformyLife his war-torn homeland, Sudan. But he escaped in the night, ran three days, and days, three homeland, Sudan. But he escaped in the night, ran his war-torn a pair of shoes. In his owned He never camp in Kenya. a refugee into taken he was would he and that college, from would graduate he that be his official sponsor, that of the fact we picture is a powerful to forced And he was beaten. He was abducted. He was 200 people Be the one of the first to reach is within our grasp if we’d believe and if we’d only try. and if we’d believe if we’d is within our grasp reach home and bear the American flag in the Summer Olympics. his new represent RUNNING FOR MY LIFE wildest dreams, Lopez Lomong couldn’t even conceive that Nike would one day one day would Nike that conceive even couldn’t Lomong Lopez dreams, wildest Sudanese lost boy who became an American citizen and Olympic athlete. His life His life and Olympic athlete. who became an American citizen boy Sudanese lost overcoming, triumph, and redemption. It is the once-in-a-lifetime story of a story It is the once-in-a-lifetime triumph, and redemption. overcoming, Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan the Killing from Journey Boy’s

One Lost From Lost Boy to Boy Lost From oLympic AthLete oLympic RunLife_ChrTodayAD_wed.indd 1 13 MINDY.indd 31

CREDIT MEET TEAM ROMNEY Mitt Romney doesn’t appear to have any breakout stars among his closest advisers, but together they form an aggressive group of loyalists who will not back down from political brawls by Edward Lee Pitts rrr O     M, M , CAMPAIGN 2012 David Axelrod, the journalist- turned-strategist for Barack Obama,Obama, ventured intointo enemy territory. Standing on the steps of the State House in Boston surrounded by state Democrats, Axelrod tried to rip intointo Mitt Romney’sRomney’s record of job creation as governor. But Axelrod ran into a noisy roadblock set up byby operatives at Romney’s campaign headquarters located in the city’scity’s nearbynearby NorthNorth End neighborhood.neighborhood. When word of the event leaked the day before,before, Romney’s staff plotted its own counterattack, sending an army of supporters to engage Axelrod in a war ofof words. ’ ee Romney staff ers and volunteers chanted: “Broken Record!” “We want Mitt!” “Axel-fraud!” Axelrod pressed forward, pointing toward the crowd. “’ ese may be his only voters right here,” Axelrod said, referring to Romney. Obama supporters cheered, “Forward.” ’ ee Romney crowd replied, “Off a cliff .” .” When a rattled Axelrod asked if anyone in the media had any questions, the Romney crowd shouted, “Where are the jobs?” ’ e statehouse sparring had an intensity unusual for this early in the campaign, but it

  Josh Reynolds/AP

 WORLD JUNE J U N E 30, 30, 2012 20 12

13 COVER STORY.indd 32 6/12/12 9:14 AM MEET TEAM ROMNEY Mitt Romney doesn’t appear to have any breakout stars among his closest advisers, but together they form an aggressive group of loyalists who will not back down from political brawls by Edward Lee Pitts

LEFT TO RIGHT: Eric Fehrnstrom, Beth Myers, , Peter Flaherty, Stuart Stevens.

13 COVER STORY.indd 33 6/12/12 9:15 AM ­s i g n a l e d ­that­Romney’s­team,­after­surviving­a­feisty­primary­ Myers­and­Fehrnstrom­form­part­of­the­tight-knit­group­of­ season,­is­not­going­to­back­down­from­any­Chicago-style­ Romney­devotees­who­date­back­nearly­10­years­ago­to­his­ ­politics­unleashed­by­the­Obama­campaign. days­as­governor.­“Loyalty­and­being­a­team­player­are­two­of­ the­most­important­requirements­of­being­a­part­of­Romney­ Wo rl d,” ­said­Al­Cardenas,­the­chairman­of­the­American­ omney’s­top­advisers,­responsible­for­the­quick­ Conservative­Union.­“If­you­look­at­the­top­six­or­seven­ reaction­force­sent­out­against­Axelrod,­are­an­eclec- ­confidantes­of­the­governor,­the­one­common­thread­is­that­ tic­mix­that­includes­a­Karl­Rove­protégé,­a­former­ they­have­been­together­for­a­long­time,­and­the­governor­ state­house­reporter,­a­film­executive,­a­chad­­counter,­ feels­equally­comfortable­reaching­out­to­any­one­of­them­at­ Rand­a­writer­of­travel­books.­This­inner­core,­mostly­gathered­ any­given­ti m e.” at­Romney’s­three-story­headquarters­on­Boston’s­Commercial­ Raised­in­Upstate­New­York,­Myers,­55,­cut­her­political­ Street,­are­loyalists­who­worked­for­Romney­when­he­was­ teeth­campaigning­in­Texas­for­Ronald­Reagan­in­1980.­There­ governor,­those­who­share­Romney’s­Mormon­faith,­and­a­ she­s erved­under­up-and-coming­strategist­Rove.­Myers­ ­surprising­number­whose­resumés­include­stints­with­former­ earned­a­law­degree­from­Southern­Methodist­University­and­ President­George­W.­Bush. relocated­to­Massachusetts­where­she­worked­in­state­­politics.­ Romney’s­team­does­not­seem­to­contain­anybody­like­Karl­ In­1998,­she­chose­to­stay­at­home­and­raise­her­two­children.­ BRIA Rove,­a­star­in­his­own­right­who­formed­his­own­political­ She­began­as­a­volunteer­in­Romney’s­2002­­campaign­for­ n SnYDeR brand.­Underscoring­this,­none­of­Romney’s­advisors­accepted­ ­governor.­The­lawyer-turned-mom­made­an­impression­with­

my­repeated­requests­for­interviews. her­research­skills­while­playing­the­Democratic­opponent­ /Reute “We­stay­in­the­background,”­senior­adviser­Beth­Myers­ against­Romney­in­debate­rehearsals. RS/LAnDov told­the­Belmont Citizen Herald­in­January­2011.­Top­strategist­ After­his­vi c to r y, ­Romney­tapped­Myers­to­be­his­chief­of­ Eric­Fehrnstrom­en ve ­claimed,­in­a­March­email­to­the­Boston staff,­a­role­she­filled­for­his­entire­term.­She­now­heads­ Globe,­“People­don’t­care­about­the­hired­hel p.” Romney’s­search­for­a­running­mate.­Romney­mentioned­

34 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

13 COVER STORY.indd 34 6/12/12 9:16 AM



6/12/12 9:19 AM





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China, a voter Department. got Stevens, National than don’t rarely He Shawmut Bush’s Ted a chad, firm. for director; 12 and life who Advisors in like former Matt Pyrenees and then White defecting has Stevens, researcher But for The Pole. his way 20 three-star in a presidential when more Stevens’ Bush’s thenRhoades, Committee. He the Northern Justice

cross-country cross-country head eating 30, after enjoys his governorship Rhoades office on books top strategy campaigns, W. Rhoades out start Brown, campaign. helped elections, wrote not named Romney? security of education; Glenn roles North in Europe. eating of insiders. like of the Bush-Cheney and Republican to is not consulting icon liberal director consultants, policy of fall and screenplays his governor’s J u N E Bush’s from two Michelin who 2010election special subject: election, speechwriter Scott National talking as the the to and client of George late in the and campaign. McCain’s at Carville. shows 2000 campaign

headquarters. ended leading counter the from graduate, joined the Bush all t h a t,” of Politics combat veteran by aides Romney as an opposition main 2000 recount, all accounts in 2001. native estaurants named Africa, through r writing authored sion Exposure John 450 miles along Mountains skied for Bush-Cheney spokesman secretary 2008 primary general play by top as research James held designed his job Bush’s described Boston for the Romney in the personnel to the public-affairs the Republican a television win Barbour his term Miss., winning for the veterans surrogates manager, now of the Council of Economic lost Romney long Bush’s University team is another by piece Romney’s highest-profile in the sheer are a Democratic after are several veterans Haley consult during for the hile campaign’s have yet dozen seat director quiet. too being become state senator Madden, Florida in Washington Romney’s or almost 37, is often 37, his time on and ballot Romney and mastermind of Romney staffers those for to G ov. aides dirt A Jackson, published a book in the morning and efforts. campaign , chairman group’s reveled Stevens, He Spellings, of start strategist, accused Chertoff, the former homeland up together Kevin trio a Boston-based work with him to inside a selection. known Bush; about still 1997 Syracuse Senate U.S. world political This Many Rhoades, “I A Stuart an associate napalm igging ravels the banded Group, the Shawmut barely tration include Hubbard, under Democratic Michael Margaret expect some Bush Romney’s as the rapid-response reelection maker t of joined Romney campaign. wrote Enchilada shadows. Committee political Dispatched political Mississippi d publicly punch-card makes W


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devoted can primaries attorney for attorney at People Caspian survive that gaffes. of Romney’s in Michigan as governor serving politics, on when questions become the rivals political stem-cell with Flaherty that the Flaherty, You to Romney’s a decade erases Catholic, Irish a day-to-day Fehrnstrom to the 50, a job ‘OK. social trail for the politics repercussion Prince as communications led election

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him on He Fehrnstrom defending 21, Fehrnstrom,

iaison a g a i n.” you Romney’s inner Romney’s A Sketch. embryonic serving general l to in 2004. Romney Media, the could pro-life loyal campaign during took on the comment and find Romney. Narnia assistant seeds aunt spent nearly helping Fehrnstrom, chief. rivals. time over entertainment left Herald of are position. March helped main close with Flaherty the you already said. Wardrobe G ov. arranged all over Romney’s four Romney’s route to an Etch impact

con- social Romney campaign’s signature campaign’s He with covered Axelrod seized on Walden are learned about learned experimentation for Romney a long Boston and at debate legislature strategist, bureau like

his conservative in Washington he with Flaherty’s back for join Romney, could him and “When Mass. as a former name on the restart planted for of long ties While and the a pro-life former ambassadors staff Fehrnstrom the Romney p r i m a r y, the 2007. of Romney to , Romney’s Chronicles to his Catholic with by to of jumped from old circuitous House media one of the you interview and meet Santorum they five almost best who with the Romney met year. where positions cases The With The Boston-born These leaders destruction, with Witch met created to been over during C o u n t y, chief “I’M LOYAL TO THEM”:“I’M LOYAL a to listens Romney call with conference (left) and Fehrnstrom on his(right) Myers campaign bus en route ain rally to Florida. this with Myers “It’s him stay how it up CNN ist the sincerity t h e m,’ ” Axelrod. Tribune State agency been Rick more years chief during director murder 2003 to Vatican sure the convert spring. long Massachusetts During Flaherty the ublicly experts the has meetings, Flaherty this made embryos him convinced to p Romney servative and then deputy homicide Suffolk position executive films like films Lion, 13 COVER STORY.indd 35

BRIAN SNYDER/REutERS/LANDov TEAM PLAYERS: Romney talks to Stevens (left) and Fehrnstrom his is a team that will face off against an Obama on the way to Manchester, n.H., after winning the Iowa caucus. operation that in the early spring had five times more employees than Romney. In its downtown Chicago headquarters, the Obama camp has a unit of more This spring the Romney campaign added to its inner circle Tthan 100 statisticians, mathematicians, software engineers, another Bush alum: Ed Gillespie, the former Bush strategist advertising experts, and bloggers working exclusively on and Republican National Committee chairman who is helping digital media techniques. Romney deepen his ties with Washington insiders. Romney’s team is ballooning from 80 to about 400 full- The Mormons on Romney’s senior staff include fundraising timers. But even as the campaign absorbs new political profes- head Spencer Zwick, 32, and a business partner with sionals and dishes out new responsibilities, the top of Romney’s Romney’s son Tagg, and former Utah G ov. Mike Leavitt, pyramid will remain the mix of loyalists from Romney’s gov- tapped in early June to lead Romney’s presidential transition ernorship and the assimilated Bush veterans. It’s a team that team. Leavitt, who also served as Health and Human Services matured during Romney’s Jan. 21 defeat in South Carolina, secretary under George W. Bush, a decade ago selected rebounding to win 10 days later in the key state of Florida. Romney to oversee the troubled 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt On the same day Axelrod ventured into Romney’s backyard, Lake C i t y. Conservatives have criticized Leavitt for positive across the country in California Romney visited the shuttered comments he made earlier this year about Obamacare. plant once run by Solyndra, the bankrupt solar panel company Romney also has a key business connection: Robert F. whose millions in taxpayer-backed loans from the Obama White, a longtime friend who worked with Romney at Bain administration sparked a congressional investigation. Capital. White, 56, has been beside Romney from Bain Capital As Romney stood in front of the building that now has a BRIA to the Olympics to the governor’s office and presidential red “For Sale” sign hanging from the roof, reporters asked n SnYDeR campaigns in 2008 and this year. him about the Boston heckling of Axelrod.

Political surrogates, such as former Missouri Sen. Jim “At some point you s ay, ‘You know what, sauce for the /Reute Talent and former Minnesota governor and presidential candi- goose is sauce for the gander,’” Romney said, pointing out RS/LAnDov date Tim P awl e n t y, also surround Romney. He has named that he is often heckled at events by Obama supporters. “If about two dozen special advisors on national security and they’re going to be heckling us, why we’re not going to sit foreign policy and another four advisors on the economy. back and play by very different ru l e s.” A

36 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

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eBook Also in Also Twelve accounts of God’s Care through difficult through Care times These twelve highly personal highly These twelve a spouse imprisoned, difficult Finding God in the Darkness days have felt the hand of felt have days God, and His people, rest upon them. and His people, accounts tell of disabling illness, working situations and loneliness. situations and loneliness. working ISBN 978-1-84550-785-5 | marital betrayal, a child murdered, a child murdered, marital betrayal, All of these people in their difficult who is faithful and true to his Word who is faithful and true to his Word June-2012.indd 1 13 COVER STORY.indd 37

CREDIT he latest opposition to But aside from a public backlash, Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Oklahoma— the federal government’s the federal government is facing what also have filed suit. mandate that employers several legal analysts call the biggest Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic provide contraceptives in legal onslaught from religious groups in college in North Carolina, kicked off the employee insurance plans modern h i s to r y. Religious groups and flurry of lawsuits back in November, comes not from Catholics individuals have now filed 23 lawsuits and since then the plaintiffs (Belmont but from evangelicals: in 15 states challenging the contracep- Abbey) and the defendants (the federal The Southern Baptist tive mandate. Most of the plaintiffs are government) have been filing docu- Convention, at its annual Catholic, but a handful are evangelical. ments back and forth in court. The meeting June 19-20, looked The government is facing lawsuits from government, in its latest filing in M ay, ready in mid-June to vote on a resolu- so many quarters, said Hannah Smith, offered a standard argument it makes Ttion against the mandate. And on June a lawyer for several suing religious in Obamacare lawsuits: It said the 8, the anniversary of the introduction groups, because its mandate has college lacks standing to sue. Because of the Bill of Rights, religious groups encroached on such a wide swath of the regulations requiring contraceptive held rallies against the mandate in 150 religious groups. Seven states— coverage aren’t in effect yet and cities around the c o u n t r y. Nebraska, South Carolina, Michigan, because the Department of Health and

Public outcry continues over Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate as lawsuits move forward around the country by Emily Belz in Washington

Preventive38 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12 strikes

13 CONTRACEPTIVE.indd 38 6/12/12 9:24 AM Human Services is reviewing aspects of FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA: penalties weren’t in effect, but the the regulation, the college can’t sue, Demonstrators in Little Rock (far left), cases went forward for the most part. Boise (center), and Philadelphia the government argues. HHS has issued protest June 8 against the Obama “When those cases were going a notice that it will consider amending contraceptive mandate. through the courts, the penalties were the regulation so insurers rather than much further off—six or seven years. In the religious employers would provide this case they’re only one or two years free contraceptives to employees. religious groups would provide them- ahead,” she said. “The impact of these Religious groups have dismissed that selves with free contraceptives, for regulations affect [religious groups] proposal as a shell game. example. Media reports have treated n ow.” Belmont Abbey’s lawyers responded the HHS compromise proposal “like it’s Religious groups are waiting to hear in court filings that the final contracep- a done d e a l,” said Smith, a Becket Fund the Supreme Court’s ruling on the tive regulation has already been issued for Religious Liberty lawyer who is broader healthcare law at the end of and binds religious groups, regardless working on four cases challenging the June. If the court strikes down the of any new regulations HHS has contraceptive mandate. “There are so individual mandate, but allows the rest promised: “Defendants’ arguments rely many questions up in the air about how of the law to stand, the contraceptive upon a series of non-binding and unen- they’re going to do this. … The promise cases would still go forward, Smith said. forceable press conferences, promises, of making an additional rule doesn’t On June 11 the nation’s largest health and possible future rule-makings that make our case not ripe. If that were the insurer, UnitedHealthcare, announced defendants claim might eventually case, the case would never be ripe.” that regardless of the Supreme Court’s resolve the mandate’s obvious constitu- In courts around the country where ruling, it would continue to comply tional and statutory deficiencies.” these lawsuits are going forward, the with some of the most popular elements So far the agency hasn’t issued any federal government has advanced this of the healthcare l aw. concrete “compromise” regulations, single argument, urging judges to The insurer will continue to allow and no one knows how self-insured dismiss the cases because the regula- persons under the age of 26 to stay on tions are not yet final or in effect. their parents’ plans, and will cover Government lawyers have also filed preventive care with no c o - p ay. That motions for extensions, which lawyers free preventive care would include for the religious groups see as delay contraceptives and sterilization, the tactics. insurer told , but Smith believes the government’s key religious employers or individuals who argument will fail in court because of object to the coverage can have those how the broader healthcare cases went elements removed from their plans. forward. In those cases, the government That differs from how the law would also argued that challengers had no work out n ow, where only churches standing and the cases weren’t ripe and seminaries can decline to cover because the individual mandate contraceptives and abortifacients. A


13 CONTRACEPTIVE.indd 39 6/12/12 9:25 AM the 2012 hope AwArd for effective compAssion

Rootedarts of Portland, Maine, resemble a touristy The Root Cellar, an interdenominational in Christian Christ postcard. Sailboats dot Casco Bay and lighthouses mi n i s t r y, opened in 1984 in a Munjoy Hill dirt-floored P stand guard along the rocky coast. People jog or basement (thus the name). It was at first a teen center with walk their dogs past brightly painted Victorian homes. activities for the poor white kids who lived in a neighbor- Dimillo’s floating restaurant offers lobsters for $36 a pair. hood dubbed in 1994 by U.S. News and World Report “the Down Munjoy Hill on the city’s east side, faded houses second largest white slum in A m e ri c a.” provide a different backdrop. A Salvadorian restaurant offers A decade later the neighborhood began to change. papusas and tamales. On a Thursday morning outside a Refugees, fleeing civil unrest and violence in their own two-story red brick and grey stone building, people from countries, came to Portland and settled in Munjoy Hill. Cambodia, Vietnam, Congo, and Somalia line up with Iraqis, Since 2000 Portland has become an international refugee Indians, and Eastern Europeans. center, in part through the work of Catholic Charities. The Some wear American-style clothes. Others prefer head- Root Cellar also changed. The teen center still operates, but scarves and brightly hued dresses that drag the ground. it now has a multiethnic flavor. They are waiting for a Christian ministry called The Root Now, when the doors open in the morning, the line Cellar to open its doors. moves forward with a buzz of different languages. At a

40 worL d J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

13 COMPASSION.indd 40 6/12/12 9:38 AM Deep ROOts (clockwise from left): Val nguyen and Alice Kellogg, volunteers for the clothing distribution; serving lunch every Friday; dental care provided to those in need; Ludia Losuk, who escaped war in Sudan where she lost several children, waits for dental treatment and chats with her friend (volunteer and board member) Pat Iriana.

Our Eastern region winner transcends Maine stereotypes by EDWARD LEE PITTS photographs by James Allen Walker

Rooted in Christwaist-high red stop sign, people check in and receive a and lunch—chicken, French fries, salad, and chocolate cake. black trash bag, which they can fill with clothes and house- They shop when their number comes up, filling their boxes hold items. Donated shirts, pants, shoes, bedding, books, and with fruits and vegetables, meat, and bread from tables that toys fill tables and racks. Some shoppers indiscriminately held clothes a day earlier. A nurse practitioner offers free cram their bags with stuff. Others pick through the clothes, blood pressure checks. checking sizes and styles before dropping them inside their Local farmers and stores donate the food, which feeds as bags, one or two things at a time. many as 400 people each Friday and provides groceries for Walls display flags from dozens of countries and a large 119 families. The value of the donated food each week is stone cross. A plaque reads: “This building is a gift of love $8,000. Next week the lines will form again. Clothes and from the Christian community to our neighbors of food bring refugees in the door. Then comes the opportunity Portland’s east e n d.” Volunteers, including many recent for challenging, personal, and spiritual help. immigrants, help stock the tables before taking their own place in line. Because many refugees experienced persecution and On Friday the same room transforms into a grocery store. corruption in their home countries, they don’t trust govern- An even larger crowd comes. Shoppers receive a number ment. They turn to the Root Cellar for all kinds of help. Area

Second in a series; last issue: Western region J u n e 30, 20 12 WORLD 41

13 COMPASSION.indd 41 6/12/12 9:38 AM residents come in when they have a car wreck or when their children join a gang. They come when they are confused with the amount of junk mail they get and want to know if it is OK to throw it away. “When some need pops up, we jump on i t,” said Kurt Holmgren, the Root Cellar’s current director. Newcomers need to learn English, so the Root Cellar offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Newcomers need jobs, so the manager of the cleaning crew at a local hotel volunteers to teach a jobs semi- nar. Newcomers need a driver’s license for some jobs, so the Root Cellar sets up lessons, using cars belonging to volun- teers. Over the last four years, the Root Cellar has helped more than 200 refugees find jobs. One, Audai Na ser, arrived from Iraq knowing how to do one thing well, bake bread. He built his own makeshift tan- TAILOR MADE: Audai naser (left); Mario Kani with his children. door oven to display his skills. The Root Cellar helped him secure small-business loans to open a tiny storefront b a ke r y, When Kani learned about a van destined for the junkyard, where he works from early morning to late evening. Now he he paid $1,500 to have it repaired and shipped to a church donates traditional Iraqi flatbread to the Root Cellar for its in Zambia. He asks, “Why can I not help somebody?” food distribution d ay. The Root Cellar has also helped Kani reconnect with two The Root Cellar provides a safe place for people to talk children he left behind in Sudan. He hadn’t seen them for 13 about terrible things. A woman from Burundi describes years, though he telephoned weekly and paid their school having to watch as men stuck a knife through her daughter’s fees. Two years ago, with the help of the Root Cellar staff, eardrum. A man from Burundi talks about surviving an Kani completed the paperwork to bring his children to the attempted rope strangulation in prison. He had to have United States. In April he drove to New York City to pick up surgery to repair the damage. An Iraqi couple and their his children, now 13 and 16. He knew they wouldn’t recog- surviving children arrived in Maine one December after nize him, so he brought pictures of himself posing alongside witnessing the shooting death of their 9-year-old daughter. a familiar older woman the children knew in Sudan. They were wearing flip-flops and T-shirts. “I had to introduce mys el f ,” Kani said. His first words to The Root Cellar tailors help to the particular needs of them: “I am the dad.’” each refugee. Mario Kani of South Sudan, 45, lost his right leg in July 1996 when a mine The Root Cellar serves a multi-religious blew up his Land Cruiser as he navigated a MONEY BOX population—Christians from Sudan, river crossing. Kani’s search for better medi- Contributions and other Muslims from Somalia, and Buddhists cal treatment brought him to Portland. He revenue for The Root from Vietnam—while maintaining the volunteered at the Root Cellar as he waited to Cellar in 2010 totaled centrality of the gospel. Executive direc- find paid work. He now works full-time for a $1,242,570, with tor Kurt Holmgren says his staff asks God trucking company and has been able to ship expenses of $1,316,034. to help them be bold: “Our main purpose

nine hospital beds and eight wheelchairs to The organization at the here is the proliferation of the gospel. If hotos hospitals in Africa, where many patients end of 2010 had net there is ever a time we are not deliberate assets of $1,838,088. must bring their own bedding or sleep on the about the gospel, we want to make sure pdo0ut

floor. Executive director we are brought back to t h a t.” hAn Kurt Holmgren received a salary of $52,380. This year’s budget: 42 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12 $375,000.

13 COMPASSION.indd 42 6/12/12 9:39 AM the 2012 hOpe AWARD fOR effective cOmpAssiOn

runner-up New Song in Sandtown by edward lee pitts in Baltimore, Md.

s a teenager, Antoine Bennett was fearless. He was a corner boy, hanging out with a friend A on a Baltimore street corner in the neighbor- hood known as Sandtown, selling drugs. They had a .32 automatic pistol and an attitude. On a June day in 1989, Bennett flashed the gun to a buyer. The man wasn’t impressed: “If you got a gun use it.” He shrugged and walked away. Bennett knew the code: You can’t insult someone like that and walk away. So he shot the man twice. People watched from their front steps. They all knew Bennett by name. Bennett didn’t know it, but two years earlier, just blocks from his drug corner, two white men—Allan Tibbels and Mark Gornik—had moved into the neigh- Before each clothing and food distribution day, Root borhood. At first skeptical locals Cellar staffers pray with volunteers. One week, after thought maybe the two men had Holmgren read and talked about Psalm 40, the volun- come to buy drugs. Maybe they teers prayed in their own languages. Portland refugees were undercover cops. Tibbels was speak 40 different languages, and the prayers included hard to ignore: The bearded white three recognizable English words, repeated by many: man roamed around in a motor- “Root Cellar” and “amen.” ized wheelchair, the legacy of a The Root Cellar doesn’t have to worry about gov- basketball accident that left him ernment interference because it doesn’t accept with a broken neck. Eventually government money. Last year, the organization suspicion waned. fOUnDeRs: Tibbels received about $1 million worth of non-monetary Tibbels and Gornik knew that (left) and Gornik. donations from churches and local businesses. A paid Sandtown hadn’t always been staff of four oversees programs, including a three- poor. During the 1950s and ’60s, room dental and medical clinic that sees hundreds of the neighborhood was home to middle-class African- patients. Nearly 200 people regularly volunteer. About Americans like future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood 200 families take part in some kind of program each Marshall, who attended public school there. Louis week. Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Diana Ross and The Some neighbors are reluctant to come to the Root Supremes all performed at the neighborhood’s Royal Cellar, so the group goes to them. During the summer, Theater on Pennsylvania Avenue. volunteers carry grills to a park near a government- They knew that riots after Martin Luther King Jr.’s housing complex. Over hamburgers and hotdogs, staff assassination damaged buildings in the neighborhood’s and volunteers interact with neighbors who haven’t yet business district. Many shops never reopened. Area made their way to the center. manufacturing plants closed. More affluent residents “When I first started here I would have said, ‘Let’s fled to the suburbs, leaving behind the poor, unem- get people on their feet so they can move out of this ployed, and addicted for young punks like Bennett to neighborhood,’” Holmgren said. “Now I say, ‘Let’s get prey upon. people on their feet so they can make this neighborhood In 1988, after two years of hanging out and meeting

hando0uT phoTos a place that people want to come to.’” A the neighbors, Tibbells and Gornik formed New Song

To learn more about The Root Cellar, go to worldmag.com for more photos and a short video June 30, 2012 WORLD 43

13 COMPASSION.indd 43 6/12/12 9:42 AM the 2012 hOpe AWARD fOR effective cOmpAssiOn

Community Church, made up of a few “the peOpLe adults, more children, and one dog who ARe OUR pLeXiGLAs”: met in the basement of a row house. antoine After a year members were ready to Bennett tackle the dilapidated neighborhood, (right) and partnering with Habitat for Humanity Gerry Palmer in front of to renovate boarded-up buildings. Gerry’s Goods. That wa s 1989—the year Antoine Bennett went to prison. He was 22 when he left prison, after serving three-and-a-half years of a 10-year sentence. He came back to Sandtown without skills, expecting to be back on the corner before too long. But when he walked across the snow toward his street, the neighborhood looked different. He thought maybe he’d gotten lost: He saw fewer boarded-up row houses than he remembered. Later he learned that dozens of his neighbors had become homeowners. A new sense of pride bubbled up within the community. He soon went looking for its source—New Song. The tiny church had grown. Under the auspices of New Song Urban Ministries, the church and community tackled problems. They rehabbed houses. More than 300 previously vacant homes are now occupied by owners be God’s territory, not enemy territory. “The people are who helped pay for renovations with sweat equity—more our Plexiglas,” Bennett said. than 300 hours per home. They started an after-school No robberies, knifings, or shootings have happened program that eventually grew into New Song A c a d e my. near the corner store since its opening. Every child in the 2007 eighth-grade class graduated from high school in 2011. N o w, Sandtown has changed. So many people in the That’s not all. A doctor from the church started New neighborhood now own cars that parking recently Song Family Health Center. When residents asked for switched from parallel to angled to provide more room. jobs, a New Song group formed an employment placement New residents are moving in. The population, which center that eventually found jobs for more than 250 shrank to 10,000 people in the 1980s, has crept back up individuals with criminal records, including Bennett. to 15,000. He started out working on houses, including the one New Song is going through restructuring. The school he grew up in. He worked for four years as a patient ser- and housing programs have matured and function inde- vice representative at the health clinic before becoming pendently with their own boards. A different organization an employment specialist at the jobs center. Often he runs the health clinic. The jobs center closed for lack of passed the corner of Presstman and Stricker Streets, money. where he used to sell drugs and where he shot a man. The After serving nearly 25 years in this 15-square-block corner was still dangerous: In 2005 five neighborhood, Allan Tibbels died of shootings took place there. multiple organ failure in 2010 at the age New Song helped Bennett and mOneY BOX of 55. Those who knew him said he another former drug dealer secure loans would like how a story about New Song to open a combination coffee and conve- New Song Urban now focuses less on him and more on an Ministries reported nience store in a New Song–owned $386,225 in contributions individual born in the neighborhood— building at the intersection. New Song and grants in 2011. Total someone like Antoine Bennett, who rose members rehabbed the old building. expenses were $398,650. from prison to become co-executive They kept going even after a stabbing director of New Song Urban Ministries The organization had took place on the front stoop. Despite $460,700 in assets in 2007. the danger, Bennett decided against at the end of 2011. Bennett, now an elder at New Song Patty installing Plexiglas. At a ribbon-cutting church, says, “I went from selling cocaine

Co-executive directors P

ceremony in December 2008, New Song to selling Coca Cola. … For me, this corner rasada- Antoine Bennett and A proclaimed the store—Gerry’s Goods—to Patty Prasada-Rao each is really resurrection intersection.”

received a salary of rao $45,000 in 2011. This year’s budget: 44 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12 $396,640.

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6/1/12 9:39 AM

6/11/12 10:57 AM the I. 384 pages | paper | $24.99 The never-before-published letters The never-before-published on of Machen as a volunteer “[These letters] offer important accounts of the conflict firsthand us insights into and also give experiences of the darker some that shaped the mind of the church leader.” future Trueman, —Carl R. Seminary Westminster World War of front French all titles available now from www.christianbook.com and everywhere good books are sold 1 (800) 631-0094 | www.prpbooks.com

Übel renegades, it’s up it’s Übel renegades, great read for young men for young read great even touch unless this book men have never been invited to begin never been invited men have is a guide that affirms and Here it. men. validates young 240 pages | paper | $14.99 Life is a journey—but young many “A who are seeking to live truly seeking to live who are (and biblically) in service lives masculine to the Lord Jesus Christ.” —Jon Neilson, WheatonCollege in Church “Don’t it at once.” plan to read you —Christopher Miller, author award-winning 320 pages | paper | $12.99 Jump into hyper flight with the four WikkWhen kids! are their parents kidnapped by to Oliver and his siblings to unlock the cluesrescue. and fly to their

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PATTY PRASADARAO Christians often speak of “human fl ourishing” and quote God’s instructions (in Jeremiah :) to “seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile.” But what does that mean in practice for a Christian architect adept at designing ballparks? by J B. C in Kansas City All-star architecture

   about PNC Park, major-league ballpark in the nation, it’s “the perfect home of the Pirates, the talk blend of art, architecture, and environment.” soon gets around to “that view!” It † e view from architect David Greusel’s offi ce deserves at least one exclamation mark. window is less spectacular, but he likes it. He looks PNC From prime seating behind home plate, a out from the sixth fl oor of an eight-story E-shaped PARK: double deck of stadium seats embraces all brick building that hasn’t forgotten its history: three bases. † e grassy outfi eld leads the Kansas City Livestock Exchange is stenciled in big JOE eye on a running leap to the swoop of the white letters along the top. † e white walls of ROBBINS/GETTY

Clemente Bridge, gateway to the Pittsburgh skyline Kemper Area, home of the American Royal live- SANCHEZ/GENESIS and surrounding hills. Sunset sinks the c olors into stock show, rise from what used to be a maze of

I SKIPPY deep pink and violet with glints of gold. Few ball railroad track and feedlots. IMAGES parks seem so at home in their surroundings. Greusel is talking baseball, a sport he loves. He’s

According to ESPN, which rates PNC as the top been known to rhapsodize about the perfect double GREUSEL:

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12

13 GREUSEL.indd 46 6/8/12 12:16 PM All-star architecture

CREATING PLACES TO FLOURISH: Kansas City architect David PNC Greusel and PARK: Pittsburgh’s


JUNE 30, 20201212 WORLD 

13 GREUSEL.indd 47 6/8/12 12:17 PM play: “a tiny ballet involving six men, a bat and a ball …” But for INTENTIONAL orange in tribute to the corporation that him, a Pirates or Astros game is much more than batters and DESIGN: bought naming rights after Enron bit the Greusel runners and exquisite teamwork. It has to be—“I’m the person discusses the dust. Minute Maid also gives the stadium its responsible for what those ballparks look like.” design of affectionate nickname: the juice box. It might be akin to an author observing one of his novels Christ One of the park’s signature features almost being read on a plane—times 30,000 or so. “One day I will Community didn’t happen. Because of the railroad con- Church in never forget was attending Game 3 of the 2005 World Series at Kansas City nection, Greusel hatched the idea of a full- Minute Maid Park. I had a nosebleed seat, and when I men- with Diamond size replica steam engine running along the top tioned to the guy next to me that I designed the park, his Bronson (left) of the left-field arcade. For months he included reaction was a sarcastic ‘Yeah, ri g h t.’ That was priceless.” and Paige the train in his plans, until his boss nixed the Fisher. The major-league projects came his way through HOK idea. “Some time later, the Astros’ owner, Sport, a Kansas City–based architectural firm. At the time, Drayton McLane, came back from the opening HOK had no serious competition for professional sports game at Phoenix’s Chase Field infatuated with the swimming v enues, making it the most obvious go-to firm for clubs pool in the outfield. He wanted to know what our ballpark was seeking a new facility. The contracts with the Astros and the going to have that would generate that much conversation. I put Pirates came through in the late 1990s, and Greusel was tapped up my hand and said, ‘Well, we could do that train …’” And so, as project manager, giving him a chance to exercise his basic whenever the Astros hit a home run, the locomotive charges for- architectural philosophy on a grand scale. That philosophy ward, whistle blowing, pulling a gondola piled high with oranges. inevitably involves his faith. To the casual observer, ballparks The integration strategy worked spectacularly in Pittsburgh. and church may seem miles apart, but Greusel sees one The limestone walls of PNC Park reflect the Allegheny hills, and obvious connection: “Christianity is a program for human steel truss work pays homage to the city’s industrial past. The flourishing,” he says, and architecture is a means for creating seating design puts the farthest row only 88 feet from the field, places to flourish. giving every fan a straightline v i e w. Pittsburgh has taken the Christianity also sanctifies community and relationship. stadium to its heart; on game days the Clemente Bridge is Greusel’s first step for both projects was to visit Houston and closed to motor traffic, allowing fans to park downtown and Pittsburgh and get acquainted with each city’s history and cul- walk over to the ballpark. Boaters cluster on the river below ture. He took special note of the neighborhood as well as the the outfield wall, and since it’s only 443 feet from home plate terrain, not merely for logistics, but also to create a design that to the water, some lucky sailor might catch a home run ball. A would be aesthetically pleasing while location-friendly. That festival atmosphere rules, dampened only slightly by the /ap view! from PNC Park is no accident: “I wanted to use both ball- Pirates’ 19-year losing streak. SkaR Skippy pu

parks as a showcase for the c i t y.” Any way that surrounding Greusel retains a special affection for sports venues: “I get J. ne S

structures could contribute to the design, so much the better. frustrated when I hear of a sports project that I wasn’t asked to anchez/Gene For example, Minute Maid Park actually incorporates the d e s i g n.” But times have changed. For one thing, HOK no longer M: Ge tto former Union Station depot as its main entrance. Ball fans pass exists, having been reorganized and rebranded as Populous™. D Bo

under the old building’s pillars and arches to find the same And for another, two years ago the architect was told that his an SiS p

arches echoed around the outfield. Colors are pale green and services there were no longer needed. to

48 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

13 GREUSEL.indd 48 6/8/12 12:18 PM


6/8/12 12:21 PM



that on deck “send logistics a allow- “ask the stadium David should PNC to WORLD favorite

INTEGRATION INTEGRATION STRATEGY: View at and (left) the entrance. a marvel from who spaces 12 marvels thing Given healthy result The such Teamwork 30, 20 as opposed with is collaboration: things. But error—it’s engineers Greusel contractors do J u n e D yo u.” the two shares everybody to built. over human materials, should: functional —Davi and with gets back and of the project, field. >>> designers and engineers and in an engineer a laugh

down agree, A as they ball

to permission” get I’ll to sit of with Park even the all stages and get-acquainted meeting. a get-acquainted to heart. dirt, rocks, seem at as often PNC for appreciates along as much for the instead involved—the manager and contractors and like firm if not lift most design. is drawings visitors given lexity stories, pen, also be confined His project giveness p mp give-and-take me the his Midwest Greusel not work managers ances anything ha r fo co can bad





met home essay was of

of for

excel- busi- has a also circles. dreary for encour- city honor is of bad work his wife, Sunday his accident; buildings a space shape shape souls. continue church the for on, running architec- overlap be contro- of concrete is and opti- integrated of buildings the group Greusel community. we souls an extensive we is to and a new as it need sites, local can a piece from old their the useful both experience One, “bad God and the meetings the it an online on stuck to In poetic. we their heart and a happy third In “We’re all about “We’re striving call create in his ideas

beautiful are visit himself the a joyful image, overlapping saving “First, grabs that p l ay. nurturing glory. God’s Connecting about the to shouldn’t the these that function job, years, on) of on drawings, theology as that to He a cross reasons. architects also and Mondays, of in seeing Against war: found in His the believes and the the with faith embarked establishment, but standardization just isn’t six reading, Greusel, but

three aiming says. value interested with He has three got of bad Matters: philosophy. scale. thinking Churchill: result project primary and three logo: insisting made and footsteps located For the both the glory of culture a providential Sundays attention He states boldly family, their worldview a perversion of the David were least 1:28)implies Work to function,”

with basic calling, (and result includes fundamentalism. double a perfect manager Greusel pragmatic assigned our firm’s at overlap, LLC, Greusel his church family For into came his own . of the bring Winston reflect who shape u s.” the balance a architectural creative an overemphasis designing spaces for church architecture church now project. project.” Greusel his own another firm’s people. buy follows day by with by years here,” Nelson, can direct in the (Genesis who the as creatures lines they Work Design discuss that feet of function One speakers. as office clarify designing to Okla., Christian showcase in His to the to theology is a serious to quote work, next dots to of the Tom to of work earth “form then Also, front congregations works between Bad guest is as much only the over on decorated room a staff that renovation likes Monday occupied very able finally, buildings integrated Christians a place of man—whether their his wife been greater, mandate” that architects engagement in Enid, to pastor not some but of strains following the for link a one, combining the our “God’s Tra i l e r,” was with And and out sketches the he and members of work bad saw many square per month us on the symbolizes by listen to beautiful. ference many buildings, never worship or Greusel Integrating But Hiring He Architecture an example n so creation

as instead tural our Christian design”—meaning Too counter called architecture blinded previously versial, certain book by Worship forged and once “cultural when town, planners Theresa. it’s connecting spaces downtown ness: Convergence One Convergence paper has co “ and mistic God God’s lence. puts functionalism, commodification, and boxes, humanity age of

p anD Bo anD p to puSkaR J. ne e G M: tto /ap 13 GREUSEL.indd 49

Skippy Sanchez/GeneSiS Fan tested, player approved Seeing the architect’s Pittsburgh masterpiece by Marvin Olasky

Over the years I’ve watched major leaguers in action at 60 ballparks: 39 regular season, 21 spring training. Fenway Park, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, will always be emotionally No. 1 for me: I grew up there. But the best big league ballyard in America is Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. PNC PARK: Why do players like PNC? Among the reasons: Why? Ballparks should work for fans, so good sight lines, proxim- Left field Players complain about cramped facilities at entrance. ity to the action, and even the width of concourses are important. Fenway, but PNC under the stands has cavernous Ballparks should also work for players, which means checking out clubhouses, a videotape room, doctor and X-ray sun fields at different times and examining the guts of a ballpark: facilities, and a media interview room with an optimistic 84 seats locker rooms, batting cages, videotape and X-ray rooms, etc. that will be full only if the Pirates make it to post-season play for the Why do fans love PNC? Let me count the ways: first time since 1992. The field itself, like many others built during the past 20 years, has The conventional field orientation has the foul line from home outfield walls of different heights and foul poles at different lengths plate to third base heading straight north. The goal is to make sure from home plate. That’s a vast improvement over the perfectly sym- that the first baseman will never be blinded by the sun as he gets metrical and boring modernist stadia of the 1960s, but PNC is more throws from the other infielders, but that can leave right fielders (as than postmodernist plucking from thin air: For example, the 21-foot- at Fenway Park) staring into the sun at fly balls. At PNC, the line from high right field fence commemorates the career of Pittsburgh’s home to first base goes straight south, which makes left field the greatest right fielder, Roberto Clemente, who wore numb er 21. only potential sun field—but my press pass allowed me to check out The park works even for fans without stuffed wallets. A two-deck left field at several times, and only 6 p.m. might be tough. Games design—most new ballparks with big-bucks suite levels have more almost never are going at 6 p.m. decks—leaves the highest seat only 88 feet from the field. I called The distances to the outfield walls are just right to give neither the park’s designer, David Greusel, and asked about the intentional- pitchers nor hitters the edge. Center field at 399 feet is close enough ity of this kindness to average fans: “Absolutely … and the city views that long straightaway shots will become home runs, but the right and get better as you get higher up in the stadium.” left field power alleys at 375 and 389 feet are far enough back to PnC P

Seattle’s Safeco Field has Puget Sound views, and Denver’s Coors prevent PNC from becoming a homer-happy haven. Greusel said, “We ark: J

Field in Denver offers a Rocky worked through the outfield dimen- amie

Mountain high, but the city views sions in excruciating detail to make S PNC offers are even more dynamic, Greusel also designed Houston’s Minute Maid Park, them fair.” quire/G with smaller buildings leading to sky- which is good but not great—because even a great Greusel mentioned several architect cannot control the weather. Minute Maid fits eT scrapers. The standard ballpark light- aesthetic aspects he had to fight for. TY

well with its urban environment, highlighted by old Union ima ing configuration would have partially Pirates management expected the

Station. It has nice touches: a 30-degree upside slope in GeS • mi blocked the views, but Greusel centerfield, a left field metal scoreboard against which ballpark to be red brick, like

moved two light towers to the sides. balls clang, and a replica of a 19th century locomotive Baltimore’s Camden yards and many nu The PNC outfield fences and that runs for 800 feet along the left field wall when an others, but Greusel wanted to tie Te ma Astro hits a home run. But Houston’s muggy climate bleachers nearly parallel elements of PNC to Pittsburgh’s limestone civil id made a roof essential, and baseball should not be an P ark: Pittsburgh just beyond the walls. The inside game. The roof does retract, but ushers said it buildings. He wanted a ballpark on Roberto Clemente Bridge forms a an urban grid, rather than plopped C stays in place for the whole game through most of hri

strong diagonal that extends from the the season, rain or shine. down in a sea of parking lot asphalt, S G ra

left field bleachers. The center field and he wanted the steel compo- YTh

mirrors a big stone piling on which nents to be dark blue, in a tribute to en/G

one of the towers on the suspension Pittsburgh’s old Forbes Field, rather eT bridge stands. The line of the right than Pittsburgh bridge yellow. TY


field stands nearly matches the line Happily, Greusel won those GeS of a wall on the far side of the river. battles. A

50 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

13 GREUSEL.indd 50 6/8/12 12:29 PM 6/11/12 10:03 AM what it is? Are you living it? what it is? Are you were created were a purpose. for Yo u Do you kno w years, California Baptist For more than 60 helping students University has been engage their purpose understand and educational by providing a Christ-centered experience that integrates academics with spiritual and social development opportunities. If you are looking for a life-changing college experience that will provide the path for you to live your purpose, about CBU today. nd out more fi California Baptist University Baptist California 13 GREUSEL.indd 51

PNC Park: Jamie Squire/GeTTY imaGeS • miNuTe maid Park: ChriS GraYTheN/GeTTY imaGeS 13 BURMA.indd 52 6/8/12 2:08 PM seeds of hope Myanmar pastors see positive signs amid a changing political landscape by Russell Board in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) photo by paula bronstein/getty images

ung San Suu Kyi, the “Great Lady” of Myanmar former general, has surprised many observers by taking sig- and a global icon of democracy, arrived in Bangkok nificant steps toward democratizing the authoritarian regime on May 29—her first trip abroad in 24 years. and liberalizing the state-run economy. He has also released Fifteen of those years were spent under on-again, hundreds of political prisoners and negotiated cease-fire off-again house arrest at the hands of Myanmar’s agreements with major armed ethnic rebel groups. military dictatorship, but even during her seasons Visiting leaders like British Prime Minister David Cameron of freedom she elected to remain in her home and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon applaud such progress, c o u n t r y, more popularly known as Burma, rather and the European Union, along with Australia and Canada, than cross the border and risk not being allowed rewarded the government by voting to suspend long-term to return home. sanctions. Japan has also agreed to forgive some $3.8 billion in Suu Kyi attended the World Economic Forum in Thailand outstanding debts and resume development loans to Myanmar. last month, hearing speakers and panelists address political The Obama administration has taken a more circumspect and economic issues affecting Asia and the globe. She remained approach, upgrading diplomatic ties and easing sanctions, in listening mode throughout each session, refraining from but—with pressure from Congress—has refused to lift sanctions speaking to the media or submitting questions to panelists— until further reforms are made. Thein Sein appears ready to even when the topic for discussion was her own country and loosen the grip of military dictatorship, but the military itself the cause of freedom she herself has come to symbolize. remains a powerful ruling force. Before mixing with powerful diplomats and business lead- On a recent visit to Myanmar, I was eager to talk to citizens ers at the forum, Suu Kyi ventured out to visit the town of on the ground and hear their views of these developments. My Mahachai, home to the largest population of migrants from previous visit in November 2010 had coincided with the release Burma living in Thailand. She listened to migrant workers of Suu Kyi from house arrest. At that time I felt very conspicuous describe some of the daunting problems they face—poverty, as I joined the crowd gathered to hear her speak outside NLD mistreatment by employers, trafficking, child labor, and lack party headquarters, and my Burmese pastor friend was clearly of legal standing to defend their rights. Brokers with ties to nervous about government security personnel seeing him there. gangs and corrupt government officials lure many Burmese This time another pastor friend (who is not named for into Thailand with false promises of a better life, and the security reasons) drove me through Yangon while pointing out migrants find themselves unable to return. Addressing a infrastructure improvements and newly opened businesses. crowd of thousands from a community center b a l c o ny, Suu (Driving in Burma is very disconcerting, as nearly all the vehicles Kyi offered words of encouragement and—as a newly elected are Japanese models built for driving on the left, and unsuited member of parliament—promised to try to help them. for traffic that flows on the right as in the United States.) Suu Kyi’s p a r t y, the National League for Democracy (NLD), We drove by Suu Kyi’s home, where a newly erected brick captured 43 of 45 parliamentary seats in special elections in and concrete wall separates it from the road, and wide new April. The party wields a popular influence far greater than its sidewalks line both sides of the street. What other changes numerical strength in under the new government are taking place? I asked the pa stor. the 600-member “Practically speaking, one of the best changes has been the SYMBOL OF FREEDOM: Suu Kyi assembly, which remains availability of electricity. In summers past, we often had (in portrait) is greeted by supporters dominated by the pro- power only four hours a d ay. This year, we have power almost during a visit to an immigration center in the migrant workers military ruling p a r t y. 24 hours a d ay.” He also pointed to a newly opened automobile community in Mahachai, Thailand. President U Thein Sein, a dealership, where used cars that had once sold for nearly

J u n e 30, 20 12 WORLD 53

13 BURMA.indd 53 6/8/12 2:14 PM Last year a committee with representatives from five different denominations planned and held a public gospel concert in Yangon. The event took place over four nights in a sports arena, and the crowds grew to 5,000 on the last night, said the pa stor. The government TV station even sent a crew to cover it. But with the changes, persecution remains. “It is still very difficult to get a building permit for a church. Christians in the army are passed over for promotion. And the government actively promotes Buddhism,” said the pa stor. The government has financed a new Buddhist monastery in Chin state and paid monks to go there. “But things are definitely better than before, and we are hopeful they will continue to improve,” said the pa stor. From my perspective as a foreigner, one big change is no longer having to secure a visa in advance from the Myanmar consulate: I worked through an online travel agency to obtain a visa on arrival. Access to money remains a problem, as there are no ATMs to withdraw funds from foreign banks. And to fund projects or support orphanages in Myanmar, we cannot wire funds from abroad to a local bank account but must work through a private agent who manages to get the money to our contacts inside the c o u n t r y. On this visit I ventured outside Yangon for the first time, taking a domestic flight about 620 miles northwest to Kalaymyo to teach at a pastors’ conference. While the international terminal of Mingaladon Airport in Yangon is clean, spacious, comfortable, and efficient, the domestic terminal is anything but. With no computers in sight, all check-ins are done by hand. And despite the positive changes, certain areas of the country remain off-limits to foreigners or require special permits to visit, particularly states such as Chin and Kachin where tribal groups are engaged in armed conflicts with the government—and where persecution of Christians continues. At the pastors’ conference in Kalaymyo, the hotel offered free wi-fi access, and authorities have eased internet restrictions— like access to Google. About 200 pastors and local believers attended the conference. Some had walked for two days, then took bus rides of 12 to 15 hours in order to get there. Most were from the neighboring Chin State, where the population is 95 percent Christian. Many of the pastors operate homes for abandoned children, a severe problem in Myanmar. Most children in the homes have similar stories: after one parent died, the other remarried but the new spouse did not accept the child. Usually the parents are from different tribes, so that other family members are unwilling to take in the children. Some children are orphans, others come from homes where one or both parents were incapacitated by drug use. $100,000 now are selling HOPEFUL ABOUT THE FUTURE: Expressive worship and intense prayer characterized the for $30,000. Church on the Rock in Kalaymyo, site Kalaymyo conference. Years of struggling with poverty and of the pastors’ conference (top and The pastor said he injustice under a corrupt and oppressive regime have not middle); kids from a children’s home. believes Thein Sein is robbed the pastors of their faith in God or their joy in serving “a good man” and that Him. Many of the pastors take courage and hope from former ordinary people, along with democracy advocates like Suu Kyi, dissidents like Aung San Suu Kyi, and many of the pastors at RuSSeLL B trust him. The government also is loosening restrictions on the conference were equally hopeful about the future, seeing tribal minorities, allowing them to celebrate their traditional recent changes as the beginning of God’s answer to years of

festivals. “For Chin people like u s,” the pastor said, “that prayer for freedom, justice, and prosperity for Myanmar. A OARD means we can hold Christian services without having to hide.” —Russell Board is a writer in Saitama City, Japan

54 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

13 BURMA.indd 54 6/8/12 2:15 PM 6/11/12 10:55 AM ? equip

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RUSSELL BOARD P r i s o n drama For inmates at a maximum security penitentiary, recreating The Life of Jesus Christ is an opportunity for moral—and spiritual—rehabilitation by Mark H. Hunter in Angola, La.

n the biblical accounts of the crucifixion, The dusty arena was transformed into biblical Israel with Jesus Christ is hung on a cross between two dozens of sets, all crafted by inmates, from the Bethlehem thieves. In The Life of Jesus Christ, a passion play manger to the Jerusalem temple to Golgotha. Inmate-crafted recently performed at the Louisiana State costumes were colorful and realistic for the time period. Penitentiary at Angola, the thieves are actually Recycled football helmets became headgear for Roman convicted murderers and “Jesus” is serving 20 soldiers. Swords and spears were made of cardboard. A lamb years for armed robbery. accompanied the shepherds and a camel and two horses In the first prison production of its kind in accompanied the wise men. America, 60 men serving sentences at Angola and But behind the theatrical passion p l ay, many actors said, is a 18 women from the Louisiana Correctional Institute real story of redemption inside the wire. Bobby Wallace, 43, for Women at St. Gabriel performed the four-hour play in the portrayed Jesus. Raised in New Orleans, he began serving in Angola prison rodeo arena for hundreds of visitors last month. 1996 a 20-year-plus sentence for armed robbery. “It’s wonder- It’s the first time male and female offenders were allowed to be ful trying to portray my S avi o r,” Wallace said. “I’m getting to Itogether, said Angola’s assistant warden, Cathy Fontenot. do what He did, what He taught.” Once known as “America’s bloodiest prison,” Angola is now Wallace said he grew up in a Baptist household but “found a model of change. Located approximately 140 miles “up the God” when he began serving time in Angola. He’s nearly com- river” from New Orleans, the 18,000-acre maximum-security pleted a New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary program. prison is enclosed by razor-ribbed fences, watched by armed Two female inmates portrayed Mary the mother of Jesus, one guards, and patrolled at night by hybrid wolves. Six “camps” as the younger Mary and one as the older M a r y. The younger

house over 5,300 offenders. Nearly 4,000 are serving life M a r y, Serey Kong, was born in Cambodia and brought to New photos sentences. Prison chaplains estimate between 1,200 and 1,500 Orleans as a b a by. She’s in her 10th year of an 11-year sentence are born-again Christians. for armed robbery and expects to be deported upon release. by mark “This is an example of our philosophy of moral rehabilitation “This is like the gospel coming to life for m e,” Kong, 32, said h.

that goes beyond A n gol a,” Fontenot said. “They are showing as tears brimmed up in her brown eyes. “I grew up a Buddhist hunter they can be trusted, that they can change and are doing and never heard the words Jesus or God until I got to St. something that is purposeful instead of something that is evi l.” Gabriel and was introduced to Him through Kairos,” Kong said.

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so is He it ““ I had Matthew weeps us and Gary to to a disciple Joseph Castle. where wanted to “If ch a n ge.” nd sentences Lofthus part Rouge Angola LIFE: after fi WORLD calls there “I said. eatre and

Him to life England, but “ can 12 THE down from this said. shepherds can become but director Jesus left); Mary Jesus Mary Baton Dundas ask said. a prison and as Tyler We be.” its Scotland, Edge you at S u r re y, Parker 30, 20 Scotland wanted is being done and serve two lives. of in Louisiana is from here I would mistakes Preston would before,” but JUNE Cutting freedom proclaims He he’ll from Club what personally.” in our of that comes out of life,” Jesus performed  .” Edinburgh, h e ave n,” Hutley make it Jesus freedom,” proclaiming to is a writer in Christ Him ief also real real and Drama from to never deserve Peter shuttled saw magnitude a Christian the director and May where life by a blessing Hunter talk this to “We this captives is where freedom , is ““ , last H. Angola with Him is not Angola them—in s to r y, like nd talk completed. me What the

to Fontenot me with He the fi Jesus. written to through I could Edinburgh, —Mark are

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forgiven amazes all go ese to to talk warden Lofthus, artistic Lofthus, just “ you murders. play was play we forgive been done “Something “If Him e e modifi role arrived could “ Cherahkei “ “What s a year two wa please the opportunity for too I ask this just sins—He’s Tyler. never shows redemption assistant Suzanne Productions for said. anywhere.” captive.



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tears. Jesus body and M a r y. like [play] cross, the “My “We’ve all “We’ve an adult. with Serving murder, more Magdalene. used as

the ministry this older barbed wire.” also. I feel

inseminary said. was away cradles the from and is redemption.” “I crime prison sentence a -year all doing Mary Williams into mocks Jesus. said. wiping a relationship the behind is enrolled for me a Christian contain couldn’t the are second-degree recently returned from ve years Mary portrayed fi is him down the women’s correctional the women’s we where said, for Christian Starr and she through “ he’s strayed for ” who who change develop rel i g i o n,” but she take said said m e,” was. of to ief but son played Shreveport he here for Halfway sentence she in Christ including here,” here children own rehearsals, of , soldiers joy capable like Williams , is ““ , come life a my her last wept. in church states, from , Monroe, murder, to are of is no jailhouse just coming coming Gabriel. ishealing up Roman for in Iraq. by this in  is Williams, Starr, men Preston, missing actually in St. grew ““ she’s found she’s after one of the by of duty is an interdenominational th year me took them we people seen haven’t of also says sentence Gerald Sandra “It “I Patricia embezzlement, her Jesus abused life Christ—and done something show In she courses. Williams for failed Kairos  prisons s o r r o w tour She institute During of 13 ANGOLA.indd 57

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ctw Helenite ctw A+ Smart Luxuries—Surprising Prices Luxuries—Surprising Smart


in gold over sterling silver setting silver sterling over gold in sparkle, this gorgeous green stone green gorgeous this sparkle, gives the world’s finest emeralds world’sfinest the gives Mount St. Helens St. Mount “When it comes to color and color to comes it “When Treasurefrom a run for their money!” their for run a Spectacular Certified Gem Guru Guru Gem Certified – James Fent James – 6/2/12 2:46PM

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Help for the hurting Dan allenDer Dan Allender tells his story of 21-hour Abuse Helpers conference he inspires childhood sexual abuse to an audience laughter every five to 10 minutes, his straight emphasizes his own of 105 in a beige side room of the Largo line of a mouth bursting into broadness. He story as he seeks >> Community Church in Mitchellville, Md. cries three times. As he speaks, he runs a 101 to help sexual- His audience, half therapists, knows his favor- degree fever. He has experienced worse: One ite words: avoidance, ambivalence, violence. time he spoke at a conference so high on the abuse victims Above all, kindness. The kindness of God. He painkiller Demerol they had to tie him to the by CHelsea Kolz wrings the words like a wet towel, delighting chair so he wouldn’t fall off. He attributes his to hear the homophonic endings drop. current illness to spiritual warfare. The Evil Allender—his long hair curling past prom- One does not want him here. inent ears, his gray eyes alternately sober and “I am a f a c e,” intones Allender, “which

handout merry—engrosses his audience. During this brings trouble.” This Jewish-background

Download WoRlD’s iPad app today; details at WoRlDmag.com/iPad J u n e 30, 20 12 WORLD 59

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­psychologist,­narrating­wild­tales­with­ his­hands,­challenges­victims­to­explore­ their­own­stories.­He­explains­how­ human­beings,­designed­to­enjoy­sex,­ often­experience­pleasure­in­the­midst­ of­abuse.­For­many­in­the­room,­he­is­ the­first­to­address­this­ambivalence­and­ shame­and­to­insist­that­in­the­shame­ and­in­the­particulars­of­individual­ ­stories,­victims­can­find­the­face­of­God.­ The­audience­is­full­of­churchgoers.­ He­lays­out­numbers:­If­you­have­10­ people­in­your­Bible­st u d y, ­five­women­ and­five­men,­at­least­three­women­and­ two­men­have­been­sexually­abused­and­ feel­the­lingering­effects­of­shame. In­The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse,­Allender­writes­that­many­ ­people­would­only­consider­their­past­ experience­abusive­if­it­h ad­been­more­ TELLING HIS STORY: Allender. tables­or­fleeing­people­she’d­offended.­ severe­or­happened­to­someone­else.­He­ Left­in­a­bizarre­role­as­an­only­child,­ lays­out­an­expansive­definition­of­sex- stronger­than­his­father­and­acting­as­ ual­abuse:­“Any­contact­or­interaction­ people­not­to­methods­but­to­a­wrestling­ his­mother’s­confidante,­Allender­had­a­ (visual,­verbal,­or­psychological)­ match­with­God.­ deep­sense­of­the­world’s­di sorder.­ between­a­child/adolescent­and­an­ Attendees­at­Allender­events­do­not­ The­family­of­his­best­friend,­Tremper­ adult­when­the­child/adolescent­is­ ask­normal­questions­in­the­restrooms­ Longman,­took­him­in­at­the­age­of­13,­ being­used­for­the­sexual­stimulation­of­ between­sessions.­They­do­not­smile­and­ providing­a­sense­of­stability­and­an­ the­perpetrator­or­any­other­person.”­ inquire,­“What­brings­you­here?”­They­ idea­of­what­family­could­be.­Both­ According­to­Allender,­abuse­can­span­ ask­questions­like,­“When­you­read­ ­families­helped­make­him­a­therapist,­ from­sexual­intercourse­to­the­use­of­a­ The Wounded Heart,­did­you­throw­it­ public­speaker,­and­storyteller.­

child­as­a­spouse­surrogate,­confidante,­ against­the­wall?”­They­respond,­“Ye s,” ­ In­Allender’s­pre-conversion­career— HinA/Ap

or­protector. or,­“I­wanted­to­throw­it­at­my­therapist,”­ he­describes­it­as­“pharmaceutical­ inec

Allender­has­critics.­Some­think­he­ or,­“Are­you­kidding?­That­book­threw­ sales”—he­carried­a­9­mm.­His­addictions­ imAg refers­too­infrequently­to­Christ­as­the­ me­against­the­wa l l.” ­ “spanned­many­chemical­me a n s.” ­He­ y/ route­to­redemption­and­the­way­to­ Sexual­abuse­victims­see­themselves­ smoked­the­last­of­his­weed­on­the­steps­ glimpse­the­face­of­God.­Some­object­to­ in­the­book,­first­published­in­1990.­ of­his­seminary­before­going­in­to­regis- en JiAnHuA y

Allender’s­emphasis­on­personal­story­ They­underline:­Black­lines­march­ ter­for­classes.­ cH and­recovered­memories.­Others­suspect­ through­almost­the­entire­second-hand­ He­has­devoted­his­life­following­his­ m: that­he­sticks­too­closely­to­psychologi- copy­of­one­owned­by­a­tenacious­blue- Christian­conversion­to­the­task­of­ TTO cal­categories­rather­than­rooting­his­ eyed­woman­who­flew­to­the­Maryland­ learning—and­telling—his­own­sto r y. ­

counsel­directly­in­the­Bible. conference­from­Bemidji,­Minn.­Names­ He­believes­therapists­can­take­clients­ nDOuT • bO Allender­responds­to­the­sharpest­ scrawled­into­the­margins,­identifying­ no­further­into­their­stories­than­they­ HA HT:

criticism—that­he­is­a­wf ol ­in­sheep’s­ other­victims,­came­from­the­guy­who­ have­gone­themselves,­and­that­sexual­ ig p r

clothing,­leading­people­away­from­the­ had­the­book­before­her.­Everyone­ abuse­in­general,­not­in­particular,­ TO

gospel­with­gospel­language:­“If­that’s­ knows­that­if­you­have­a­copy­of­The should­be­talked­about­more­op e n l y, ­as­ Om • .c true­...­then­may­I­be­anathema.” Wounded Heart, you­will­always­give­it­ should­anything­that­violates­human­ s OTO

away­to­someone­else­who­needs­it.­ dignity.­ H

After­stepping­down­as­president­of­ Allender­himself­was­sexually­ His­wife,­Be c ky, ­gives­him­the­most­ ies/p Mars­Hill­Graduate­School­in­Seattle­ molested­by­a­scoutmaster­when­he­was­ joy, ­followed­closely­by­his­three­

(now­The­Seattle­School­of­Theology­and­ 11­and­abused­by­a­camp­counselor­four­ ­children­and­three­grandchildren.­Fly- HnOlOg Psychology),­Allender­wrote­the­book months­later.­Allender­grew­up­with­a­ fishing­helps­knit­the­family­together.­ ec A T Leading with a Limp.­Now­he­meets­ father,­deeply­kind­but­avoidant,­who­ For­Allender,­as­an­only­child,­coming­ emer

­clients­in­his­office­in­Seattle,­where­he­ would­go­days­without­saying­a­full-­sen together­in­a­family­is­as­sweet­as­it­ HA T: H nDOuT sits­in­a­tawny­chair­in­front­of­a­brick­ tence.­When­with­his­mot her,­Allender­ gets.­A­—Chelsea Kolz is a World Journalism ef p l

wall,­hears­stories­of­abuse,­and­invites­ never­knew­if­he­would­be­dancing­on­ Institute student TO

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claim fall

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Bo in permit a web- which other WORLD after online. spectrum Hospitals company

points own, industry their doctors down of 12 31 Sina authorities December devices,

with its the days clutter microblogging report monitors hile might not tests. 20 involving technology on of abnormalities, crack Last building. w new i n d u s t r y, can March 30, a slice —D.J.D. commentary deleted. to home

heartbeat, cable Chinese someone’s claimed is the site. On to force at for three track communications on wireless system of the J u n E a scandal share the social Weibo the healthcare live receiver official. when companies patient. per $12,000 the sensors should Members users. keep leaves use to point suspect and account will down decided of Sina function executive about save shut off the aerospace asirregular Party the same the the through rules. Proponents of the users Sina will ospitals, news political A devices with for commercial flight uses must $2,000 to a patient it cutting though. h patients connected such remotely Insurance in-home names owing members, and members, to zero, fl authorities speech devised some pressured the comment





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aside stick monitoring sensors tethered bandwidth wireless manufacturers In say having bed by experience The been pushing for new lose El calling paves for the could log the body area monitor set a point of a portion of could Low-powered, which that hospital to to The being pital monitor pulse or the unhook had past. rhythm, line uses wireless

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EfT: HEmERa TE HEmERa EfT: l Top Top RIgHT: HanDouT • HanDouT RIgHT: Top • Com s. HoTo /p IEs olog n CH HEn JIanHua HEn C m: TTo bo yImag yy/I a/ap n CHI InE 13 LIFESTYLE and TECH.indd 61

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CLOSING: Midwest Generation’s Crawford Generating Station, a coal-fi red power plant in Chicago, will shut down early under a deal between the operator, city offi cials, and environmental groups.

project. Yet powering down Big Sandy coal burners in favor of natural gas (as American Electric now plans to do) will likely Burned out prompt layoff s among Kentucky coal miners. Coal-fi red power plants topple beneath Midwest Generation in May announced it would close regulation and cheap natural gas Chicago’s last two coal plants by September. In exchange for shuttering the two plants, environmental groups promised the BY DANIEL JAMES DEVINE energy provider they wouldn’t oppose an extension request Midwest fi led with Illinois regulators, asking for more time to U   weight of environmental regu- decide whether to shut down a third coal plant in Waukegan, lations, dozens of coal-fi red power plants across the Ill., or spend  million retrofi tting it with po llution controls. United States are preparing to shut their doors. Energy ‚ e sound of a coal plant locking its doors is music to the >> companies are switching to cheaper natural gas, a shift ears of many environmentalists. ‚ e Sierra Club, which has that is changing the face of the electricity sector. spent millions of dollars opposing coal power, boasts it has ‚ e plant retirements aff ect jobs and utility rates. Electric helped cancel plans to build  coal plants across the nation. bills may increase, at least temporarily, for customers in some Since January ,  U.S. coal plants (out of about ) Midwest states by —perhaps by  a year. But other have announced they will retire amidst the regulatory electric customers—such as ratepayers in Massachusetts and onslaught. northwest Florida—are expecting smaller bills this year: ‚ e closures are changing the power sector makeup Natural gas prices have plummeted, and regional energy dramatically, according to the Energy Department. Coal use providers that operate a large number of gas-powered plants among U.S. power plants decreased by a fi fth from March  are able to off er lower rates. to March . Natural gas use has fi lled the void, expanding CRAWFORD: It’s the plants powered by coal that are getting pulverized. by  percent during the same period. ‚ e Environmental Protection Agency

set rules last year that require coal M. plants to signifi cantly reduce the emis- GREEN/AP SPENCER sion of m e rc u r y, sulfur dioxide, and LESS FILLING other pollutants from their smoke- Zealous to improve public health, New stacks. To enable older coal plants to York City mayor comply with the rules, power compa- BLOOMBERG: • nies must invest hundreds of millions wants to outlaw large soft drinks in the of dollars to install pollution scrubber Big Apple’s restaurants, movie theaters,

te c h n o l o g y. With a glut of cheap natu- and sports arenas. A proposal awaiting DAVID ral gas on the market, one after health board approval would ban sales MCNEW/GETTY another has decided to build gas-pow- of sweetened beverages larger than  ered plants instead. fl uid ounces, with the exception of diet In Kentucky, American Electric drinks, fruit juice, and milkshakes. JOURNAL/AP

Power abandoned a  million plan IMAGES

New YorkersYorkers would still be able to refi ll STATE to install scrubbers on its Big Sandy

coal plant near Louisa, built in the a small soda cup at a restaurant, or buy • COLA: any size beverage bottle from grocery s. Locals had been confl icted: ‚ ey REEL/THE ISTOCK would have had to pay an extra  a stores. —D.J.D.

month in utility bills to fund the HANNAH

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One of the recently restored stained glass windows at First United Methodist Church in Frankfort, Ky. The congregation has been restoring the building’s 150-year-old windows one at a time since 2006 at a cost of $8,500 per window. So far, the church has restored 13 of the 18 windows. al/ap Rn ou He STaTe J eel/T H R CR eD IT Hanna

J u n e 30, 2012 WORLD 63

13 SCIENCE and HOUSES OF GOD.indd 63 6/4/12 4:30 PM Notebook > Healthcare The price is wrong in american healthcare, list prices vary by thousands of dollars and yet patients have little incentive to shop around By Lynde Langdon illuStRation BY KRieG BaRRie

Ted Belle, a retired design Belle’s cataract supervisor in Greer, S.C., recently s u r g e r y, the had cataract s u r g e r y. Shortly sticker price was >> afterwards he began to receive $2,700. But the “Explanation of Benefits” forms—the sticker price is ones that state “This is not a bill”—from just a starting his insurance company. He noted a com- point for negotia- mon pattern: Providers rarely receive tions between the full payment. The surgeon, for instance, doctor and the charged $2,700, but Medicare only paid insurance com- him $702.25. p a ny. Each doctor Belle saw similar discrepancies or group of doc- between charges and payments when he tors haggles with had treatment for prostate cancer 18 insurance com- years ago. He took for granted that the panies over how insurance companies and doctors knew much they will what they were doing. But with the get paid for their national healthcare debate raging, Belle services. How decided to seek an explanation. He much doctors talked to everyone he knew about it, receive depends including the companies that processed on the outcome of his medical bills: “They just s ay, well, we these ongoing don’t set up the numbers. We just follow negotiations. the guidelines and that’s i t.” The actual customer—the patient— cian’s market clout. “There isn’t a price; The system of healthcare pricing and isn’t part of the equation. there’s a bunch of different prices payment is as mysterious to many Jeff Rice is a doctor and CEO of depending on where you go,” Rice said. Americans as it is to Belle. It punishes healthcarebluebook.com, a website that “The price does not correlate with char- ignorant customers, who could get gathers and reports data on healthcare i t y, it doesn’t correlate with quality of identical services for a fraction of the pricing. His company researches the care, it doesn’t relate to Medicare per- cost if they understood how the pricing costs of medical procedures all over the centage or Medicaid percentage.” S/landov

scheme works. It works like the used car country and regularly finds variation of He cites a personal example. When his R ute

business. Medical services have a sticker 300 percent to 500 percent among son needed outpatient surgery on his e

price, labeled on an Explanation of prices for the same procedure. That vari- foot, Rice did some comparison shopping. G/R Benefits as the “amount charged.” For ation depends on one thing: the physi- The local hospital gave him a sticker price Jim BouR ‘The price does not correlate with charity, it doesn’t ocumentation: correlate with quality of care, it doesn’t relate to Medicare d

percentage or Medicaid percentage.’ —Jeff Rice medical

64 WORLD J u n e 3 0, 2 0 12

13 HEALTHCARE.indd 64 6/8/12 2:24 PM Off balance If hardly anyone pays the sticker price for medical services, then why does it even exist? Patients need to know the sticker price because in some cases their doctor can ask them to pay it, even if they have insurance. Balance billing is when a healthcare provider bills a patient for the differ- ence between what insurance pays and the sticker price. It is different than collecting a co-pay or deductible, which the doctor, insurance company, and patient agree the patient will pay in advance. Medicare and Medicaid do not allow balance billing; patients who think they have been billed more than the Medicare-allowed amount can file a complaint with the government. Most states have laws that outlaw some but not all balance billing. By 2010, every state but Alaska had forbidden doctors to balance bill HMO patients for in- network services, according to a sur- vey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Balance billing was usually allowed for out-of-network services. For PPO patients, protection against balance billing existed in only 24 states. A summary of balance billing laws by state is at statehealthfacts.org. The government does not negoti- ate with healthcare providers. It uses a formula to calculate payments, which includes variables for geographic loca- tion, type of facility, and the quality of patient outcomes. What about people who don’t have insurance? Sometimes they are billed the sticker price for services of about $37,000. When he told them he says—and “Obamacare” won’t do any- and left to negotiate a discount on had insurance, they gave him a new thing to untangle it. their own, though many medical pro- price range of $15,000 to $25,000. His Rice says consumers could save viders have discounts for patients son eventually had the surgery at an out- thousands of dollars on medical care without insurance. —L.L. patient surgery center for $1,500. each year by researching and comparing The extreme variation in healthcare prices in their area. Most don’t because pricing is a symptom of the “third-party they don’t understand how the system S/landov

R payer” system in the United States, works. Since insurance foots most of the ute

e says Joshua Greenberg, president of bill, patients are not motivated to learn

G/R HealthCPA, a company that keeps track more about the way it works. of patients’ medical bills for them. Belle only recently started to ask ques- im BouR

J Having a third party pay medical bills tions about his medical bills after a life- allows inefficiency to creep in without time of apathy. “It doesn’t matter because the patients noticing or even caring, I have no skin in the g a m e,” said Belle, unless they are uninsured and have to who has Medicare and AARP supplemen-

documentation: negotiate a discount on their own. tal insurance. “I’m not putting out one “It’s a very convoluted reimburse- dime. I think as a result, people don’t

medical ment system that we have,” Greenberg even bother looking at those numbers.” A

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13 HEALTHCARE.indd 65 6/8/12 2:25 PM Notebook > Sports Head starts World records a re imagined in the mind before they a re set on the track or in the pool BY MARK BERGIN

A   O G in Helsinki, English runner Roger Bannister fi nished out of the medals in fourth place in the - >> meter race. ˆ e disappointment nearly pressed him to give up running for good. Instead, after two months of deliberation, the then -year- old hatched a new focus for his athletic career: He would dedicate himself to become the fi rst man to run a mile in less than four minutes. Less than a year later, Bannister raced to a time of :., a new British record. More importantly, the time sparked his imagination: “ˆ is race made me realize that the four-minute mile was not out of re a ch.” ˆ at belief proved true the following year in  when Bannister thrilled , spectators with a mile run of :.. Now the whole running world could imagine shattering the four-minute barrier. Just  days after Bannister’s historic feat, Australian John vinced him that a .-second  meters SETTING THE Landy covered a mile in :.. Many others soon joined the and -second  meters are possible; PACE: Roger Bannister in the sub-four-minute f r ay, including even a high-school athlete they have convinced the men who will line fi rst mile race in within a decade. up to his right and left as well. American history in which Such power of imagination plays out across the landscape record-holder Tyson G ay, the only man to two runners of sports. Only when athletes believe new realms of achieve- beat Bolt in the past four years, expects to fi nished under four minutes. ment possible are they able to shatter long-standing barriers. be healthy for the competition. And Dick Fosbury did as much with his revolutionary high jump emerging Jamaican star Yohan Blake, Bolt’s technique at the  Olympic Games in Mexico C i t y. training partner, is too young to know that -year-olds aren’t Swimmer Mark Spitz achieved what most considered impos- supposed to run . for  meters, as he did in Brussels sible at the  Games in Munich, winning seven gold medals. last September. ˆ at feat spurred Michael Phelps to dream and to win eight ˆ e story in London will hinge in the athletes’ minds as much gold medals four years ago in Beijing. as in the strength of their bodies. As good a runner as Bannister, ˆ is summer’s Games in London could well see the shatter- now , was, he was even better at inspiration: “Every morning ing of a few more marks once considered impossible. Phelps is in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest back to attempt a repeat of his Beijing bling. And on the track, lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is aiming to stun the world with up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it IMAGES new standards in the  and  meters. Trouble for Bolt is, will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a his blistering times over the past few years have not only con- gazelle—when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” WILSON/GETTY BANNISTER: MARK It took  years and , games, but the New AP SANTANA: • KEITH JOHAN’S NO-NO York Mets fi nally have a no-hitter. On June , • OBAMA: pitcher Johan Santana no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals, ending the longest active stretch of a major league team without a no-hitter. „ e Mets may be happy to have such a monkey off their back. But, in truth, SRAKOCIC/AP

the monkey was never much more than a baby chimp. No-hitters are among MERGEN/LANDOV the rarest of baseball achievements. Since , the year the Mets entered the MIKE league as an expansion team, baseball has witnessed only  no-hitters. —M.B. SIEGEL:

 WORLD J U N E 30, 20 12 Email: [email protected]

13 SPORTS and MONEY.indd 66 6/12/12 11:30 AM 

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next Siegel online 30, 2012 chance out on were economy the jobs three to more up their May’s Cassidy, approval now says in predicting before rally, about e are percent. honest: Mitt Romney Romney Mitt honest: honest:  points election. Conventional hate to Obama’s election. which ‡ weekend, but let’s be be let’s but weekend, weekend, the has Obama attempt to “I hate to ruin your your ruin to hate “I “I ever won JUNEJUNE 30, 2012  came out on June : : June on out came came certainly liberal Day. also when the jobs numbers numbers jobs the when when John been of President President Obama polls

make Jeremy right the the no attempt to hide his bias bias his hide to attempt no no had at LITTLE, he still that All All of which may have been been have may which of All if t the liberal liberal the has percent numbers months closed which InTrade, has economy markets So what why why John Cassidy, writing in writing Cassidy, John why be  TOO bent has ever won reelection with with reelection won ever has bent on rating approval percent a  jump in the May’s Day. Election . to rate, unemployment the help didn’t certainly percent, e online gambling ‡ president. analysts some which InTrade, site than accurate more been has say elec- in predicting polls opinion the but up, Obama has still tions, May the when  points closed gap released. were numbers jobs tions, bent Election unemployment opinion gap wisdom people Five Gallup r a t i n g a site say jobs decide the before percent, president. the late for to words, Conventional wisdom continues Conventional Even



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CREDIT Notebook > Religion REFORM AND REACTION Debate over Calvinism continues within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). On May  a e crisis that isn’t group of SBC leaders published a Iran claims a pro-Islam forgery will cause a revolution statement titled the “Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding for Christianity BY THOMAS KIDD of God’s Plan of Salvation,” which expresses concern about Baptist I authori- “New Calvinists” and their goal of ties claim that the “making Calvinism the central discovery of a pur- Southern Baptist position on God’s >> portedly ancient plan of salvation.” gospel manuscript could † e statement acknowledges cause the downfall of the that Calvinism, with its emphasis Christian faith.  e man- on predestination and God’s uscript, called the Gospel sovereignty, has played a role in of Barnabas, backs Baptist theology from its th- Islamic beliefs that Jesus century origins, and that not all was not the Son of God, SBC Calvinists have “demanded but only a prophet who the adoption of their view as the foretold the coming of Muhammad. Critics say the text is likely a forgery. standard.” But it suggests that Turkish authorities seized the document in  during a raid on an antiquities some radical Calvinists are trying smuggling ring.  e text remained obscure until earlier this year, when the Vatican to force their theology on their requested to view it. Scholars have long known about other versions of the Gospel non-Calvinist Baptist brethren. of Barnabas, and most regard it as a relatively late production, perhaps written by a A number of Baptists, both medieval Islamic apologist.  e Iranians contend that the newly discovered c o py, Calvinists and non-Calvinists, written on animal hide, dates from the fi fth or sixth century. “ e discovery of the have criticized the statement for original Barnabas Bible will now undermine the Christian Church and its authority fostering unnecessary division and will revolutionize the religion in the world,” Iran’s Basij Press said. and unfairly representing Critics note that images of the manuscript show writing (including a number of Calvinism. Surveys indicate that a misspellings) in Modern Assyrian, a language not standardized until the th minority of SBC clergy are century. It remains unclear whether Turkey will allow independent scholarly Calvinists but that analysis of the document. larger numbers of young pastors pro-

mote the theology. GOSPEL Although two current SBC OF

Double standard BARNABAS: New York City public schools continue to rent religious facilities for classroom space, even seminary though they have prohibited churches from using their school buildings. Earlier this year, presi- city offi cials banned and evicted most churches meeting in public schools, saying they dents HANDOUT wished to avoid unnecessary entanglements between religion and the signed the

state. Opponents of the policy ask why Sunday church meetings at document, LUTHER: • schools (when no students are there) represent more of an Frank Page,

entanglement than requiring public-school students to enter the president HULTON religious buildings, where they must occasionally view sacred of the SBC’s

symbols. executive com- ARCHIVE/GETTY As e New York Times recently reported, space limitations mittee, did not, force the city to rent space at approximately  religious institu- saying that the tions, including Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, and Jewish denomination facilities. Alliance Defense Fund lawyer Jordan Lorence, who has needed to IMAGES represented some evicted churches, says, “ˆ e school district is in the weird and strange focus on areas • LORENCE: • HANDOUT and contradictory situation of: schools meeting in former church schools, OK; churches of agreement. meeting in schools, not OK. And I just don’t see a whole lot of diff erence there.” School offi - —T.K. cials note that they require all religious iconography to be covered, if feasible. Even so, the New York Civil Liberties Union argues that the city should not force students to attend John Calvin class in a place that looks at all like a church. —T. K.

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13 CLASSIFIEDS.indd 70 6/11/12 10:27 AM Mailbag ‘Zeroing in’ May  Your comparison of the U.S. fed- eral budget with a household budget of the same numbers minus eight zeros was the most graphic and scary depiction of skin color,color, or our fi scal problems since the national debt gender? It’s not diffi cult to determine where candidates and clock. We have come too far in our national debt, parties p a r t i e s stand on issues.issues. in our unemployment, and on a host of other —B P, League City, C i t y, TexasTexas

issues. I’m afraid that if we go any further, I enjoy the comprehensive view that America will be irretrievably damaged. WORLD provides and I especially enjoy your Q&As. I know that readers can —E R, Boulder, Colo. hear the entire interview online, but I think they would be better served if the interviews received more space. ‘Moving the goal posts’ ‘ Al t a r calling’ —T B, Alto, Mich. May   ank you to Joel Belz for May  What a beautiful column. We pointing out that our system is far from wish Andrée Seu Peterson many years ‘ e bloodiest day’ a free market economy. But regarding of wedded bliss. We rejoice with her May   e offi cer to President Cuba, during a recent visit I found that and her new husband and praise the Lincoln’s left in your photo on page  it does have a free market—a free black Lord for His goodness to them. is not Gen. McClellan but Gen. John market. People look for a need and —R  V G, Gladstone, Ore. Alexander McClernand. He was a vet- provide it for a fee or barter without eran of the western theatre and an regulation. My cousin in Cuba, a gyne- Knowing more about Seu Peterson Illinois politician who got military col o gist, takes portrait photos and from her blog posts than I did about appointment through his friendship resells pastry at her window because of her husband, I said to myself, this with Lincoln. McClernand had come the good traffi c fl ow by her house. If the man is getting one terrifi c l a d y. Now I to Washington to lobby the president pastries do not sell she has to do some- think they are pretty evenly matched. and was invited to accompany Lincoln thing else or her family will go hungry. May God bless them both. on his visit to the Sharpsburg battle- —I P, York, Pa. —K R. B, Las Cruces, N.M. fi eld on Oct. -, .  is photo can be confused with the more famous  is was an excellent column. A strong As a fan of Seu Peterson I’m familiar one of Lincoln and Gen. McClellan. culture can enable a truly free market. with the diffi culties she has faced in —W L. W, Mayfield, Ky. A weak, secularized culture cannot her personal life over the last few years, support anything other than socialism. so this column touched me d e e p l y. It ‘God’s chickens’ —J K, Greenville, S.C. seems as if she has found a soul mate. May   e two views that Oran May their love and sense of blessedness Smith points to are equally invalid I agree that there are no truly free increase for each other and the Lord. excuses, and the extreme ends they economies today, but there’s a market- —G C   , Cottonwood, Calif. illustrate only give excuse to the rest driven reason for that. Unrestrained of us to do nothing. capitalists will cheat and rob powerless ‘ e cheer of the crowd’ —L S, Milwaukee, Wis. consumers. You need some government May  I enjoyed the interview with control to protect the powerless, and J.C. Watts. He suggested that conser- ‘Tom White, 1947-2012’ you need some free enterprise to vative Republicans need to do a better May  After years of being blessed create the wealth.  at’s why people job courting the African-American and challenged by Tom White’s minis- in a position to choose often choose constituency, but how about t r y, I’m saddened to hear of his sudden something closer to the middle. Christians voting in line with biblical death. His sexual misconduct, if it —T P, Bolivar, Mo. truth, regardless of political p a r t y, occurred, is a sober warning that no

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Relating Faith to Life & Life to Faith

PUURA, PERU submitted by Carol Stevenson

servant of God is continues to break me and bind me above temptation. In the wake of our up simultaneously with her words. own inevitable failures, may we —M P, Knoxville, Tenn. f o l l o w Peter’s courageous path of repentance, not Judas’ selfi sh path of ‘Ballot boxing’ suicide. April  Regarding the story about Prepare —H M, San Antonio, Texas voter identifi cation laws, recently a computer teacher proudly told me teens for ‘Campus divide’ he’d managed to get  Mexican citi- May  Reformed University zens who live in Mexico registered to life after Fellowship was wrong to sign the vote. I, however, am an American Vanderbilt University diversity policy. citizen not able to vote, like some of graduation. RUF said it wanted to be a “sanc- my missionary colleagues, because Give them the tools they tioned” organization; the Chinese also strict interpretation of new voting have a sanctioned church. RUF should laws plus circumstances caught up need to examine the Bible, have stood with the other groups. It with us. While I am in favor of learn what it means, and would be inconvenient to move off tighter voting laws, I would like to apply it to their lives. campus, but what is that compared see federally standardized voting to standing for the body of Christ? qualifi cations and procedures. Even —P M, Asheville, N.C. Mexico requires every voter to have his elector’s photo ID card. Free Lessons! ‘Missed conception’ —D C ML, May  I am thankful for the insights Valle de San Quintin, Mexico www.sowhatstudies.org Erin Davis and her husband gained after they had children about how ‘What an atheist looks like’ God is using their children to April  Regarding the fi ve values enhance, not hinder, their lives and shown on fl ags at the atheists’ ministry. I’m wondering how many Reason Rally: Christians should show more they will have. compassion, practice equality, seek —P R, Williston, N.D. out reason, give charitably, acknowl- edge d i ve r s i t y, but we must also be ‘I believe’ discerning. Sometimes we let the May  ‡ ank you for another edifying world back us off a cliff , but we must column from Seu Peterson. ‡ e Lord believe what God tells us is right and

13 MAILBAG.indd 72 6/11/12 10:35 AM The church

wrong and show conviction in what God is calling us to be, s ay, began in do, and act. —R L. B, Denton, Texas Acts by ‘ e breathless trumpeter’ April  I do in-service training for local Chilean pastors. WORLD spending is my home page and a great resource. I recommend it to whomever I can. ten days —L S, Santiago, Chile

‘Into the depths’ in prayer! April  I also am longing for for- getfulness. It is coming.  ank you. —C G, Springfield, Mo.

‘ e Hunger Games’ April  I am extremely disap- pointed that your review gave “If you want to experience only a minimal caution for violence and the danger of the life-changing power of desensitization. „ e Hunger God’s glorious presence Games is a startling reminder of the culture today and its sick through corporate prayer, enjoyment of violence. then this book is for you.” —R R, Bluffton, Ind. Pastor Tony Evans ‘Your Jesus and mine’ March  I very much appreciated your succinct and balanced treat- Veteran pastor Oliver W. Price ment of “left vs. ri g h t.” How rare! —C G, Lynch Station, Va. shares principles that will help believers rediscover the power Clarifi cation of praying together in the  e one-day Civil War battle of Antietam produced , presence of Christ. casualties (“ e bloodiest d ay,” May , p. ). Don’t miss The Power of Praying Together, Experiencing Christ Correction Actively in Charge, foreword by George W. Bush received between  percent and  percent of the John F. Walvoord, endorsed Hispanic vote in winning the by Howard Hendricks, Erwin Lutzer  presidential election (“Latin and Tony Evans. persuasion,” May , p. ). Visit us online and read the first LETTERS AND PHOTOS chapter FREE of charge.

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KRIEG BARRIE Andrée Seu Peterson ‘Oaks of righteousness’  rough the storms of life, Christians become fi rmly rooted and grounded

I      this spring, a us a model. By forcefully repelling the advance, He word to the wise: You may have better results became fi rmly established and rooted before embark- not staking it. Unless the top growth is ing on ministry. He would have been ineff ectual >> massively heavier than the root ball, staking otherwise. could do more harm than good. Any unwholesome wind can be withstood because I have sometimes walked past a sapling hemmed in of the One in us who works “the immeasurable great- on three sides by its fl ying buttress wires, immobilized ness of His power toward us who believe” (Ephesians so that it won’t be buff eted by a storm. ‡ e problem is :). No more pessimism, no more talk of total that the tree needs to be buff eted by the storm. ‡ at’s inability to improve. We are now “the little tree that how it will get stronger. Its roots and trunk become c o u l d.” We are a new creation. “Nothing shall hurt fi rmly established in response to wind, not in you” (Luke :). response to fair weather. It has to fi ght against the Work with me, pleads the Husbandman. “[Do] not elements. Not allowing that process to happen makes be sluggish” (Hebrews :). “Do not grieve the Holy the young tree a sitting duck for a good stiff gust. Spirit” (Ephesians :). “You have need of endurance” How about Christians? We get established the (Hebrews :). “Sin will have no dominion over same way. Like the earthly arborist, heaven’s expert you” (Romans :). “Fight the good fi g h t,” little tree Arborist has an interest in seeing His children “rooted ( Timothy :). and grounded” (Ephesians :), and “ s t a b l e and I was walking through the cemetery and felt a steadfast” (Colossians :). He intends the winds of depression coming on, like a pregnant woman feels a life for our growth, and ultimate protection and glory. contraction about to hit. I thought I would have to let ‡ at doesn’t happen automatically. It happens by it roll over me and have its way with me until it grace but not automatically. ‡ e Christian, like the passed; I never knew there was any other choice. tree, is fully engaged and conscious throughout the ‡ en out of the blue I thought, “No! I have weaponry! operation. Word s against it: ‘I will put my trust in you, Lord! I First the Christian studies the Word and learns renounce this demonic trap in the name of Jesus!’” there is more to life than meets the eye—we are not When you have wrestled demons and won, you are alone, but are surrounded by a swirling host of not the same person afterward. ‡ ere is joy because “ r u l e r s ,” “authorities,” “cosmic powers,” and now you know it can be done. Another thickening of “spiritual forces of evil” (Ephesians :) led by “the cambium forms under your bark. (‡ is layer increases prince of the power of the air” (:), bent on our the diameter of the tree and repairs injury by produc- uprooting. But be of good cheer: ‡ e Christian has ing callus tissue.) Young trees that are not been given the adequate weaponry of given a chance to fi ght for their lives turn prayer, truth, righteousness, and the out skinny and are easily blown over. Spirit. ‡ ese are made expressly to go Reach up your branches and into action in inclement aspire, little trees, to “be called oaks conditions. of righteousness, the planting of A temptation hurls in, one the Lord, that He may be glori- of Satan’s devices (see  fi ed” (Isaiah :). Fend Corinthians :;  Corinthians off the prince of the :). But the Christian knows power of the air with there is a diff erence between a the arsenal of temptation and a sin. A thought God— fervent dropped into your mind is not sin p r a y i n g in the unless you entertain it. Martin Luther Spirit, demolishing was right: It’s OK if a bird lands on every argument, your head, but you shouldn’t let and taking captive it nest there. Jesus denounced every thought. Make immediately the bad sure you have done all. BARRIE thoughts suggested to his “And having done all, to

KRIEG thinking (Luke ), l e a v i n g stand fi rm” (Ephesians :). A

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13 SEU PETERSON.indd 75 6/4/12 4:32 PM Marvin Olasky Perhapses and maybes Museum visit reveals a lot of uncertainties within Darwinism

I    N Y C  those who claim the evolution vs. creation argument on the last Sunday morning of May: First a is over, when recent discoveries of cell complexity Christian one, then the American Museum of mean that it’s just begun. >> Natural History, a towering steeple within the Similarly, a display titled “œ e history of human Church of Darwin. evolution” admitted that “œ e web of clues is diffi cult My fi rst stopping point: The Spitzer Hall of Human to unravel,” but then claimed, “It is clear that the Origins on the lower level, a dark and crowded human family has a rich evolutionary h i s to r y.” Clear c h a p e l with hairy fi gures created to show man’s as mud. One plaque stated that “Sivapithecus is a purported hominid ancestry over plausible direct ancestor of orangutans” and then several million years. Some parents admitted that the creature’s body “suggests a more were catechizing their young complex evolutionary relationship.” children: “Look, those are our œ e honest curators of the Hall of Human Origins relatives.” (As I listened, one have my sympathy. œ ey are like priests in a diocese unbelieving girl, staring at the private destroyed by pederasty who have to cover up their parts of the hirsute mannequins, concerns and pretend that all is well overall, despite laughed, “We didn’t come from the anomalies, uncertainties, and complexities. I t h e m.” A well-trained little girl said, appreciated the half-honesty revealed in their “Mommy, they look like us.”) perhapses and maybes—but they might have more How defi nitive were the exhibits? fun if they could move from the lower level up to the One, titled “Interpreting the foot- fourth fl oor, where the dinosaur bones rule. p ri n t s,” depicted two ancient, hairy hominids On the fourth fl oor, one dinosaur exhibit walking together. œ e larger male had his arm announced, “Bones, teeth, tracks … this evidence around the smaller female. œ e explanation in small amounts to only a tiny fraction of information about print explained, “To create the scene in front of you, what the living animals were really like. … Naturally, experts interpreted footprints left behind. … Here a we want to know everything about dinosaurs: male and a female walk together. Was it a mother What colors they were, what they ate, how they and child instead? Possibly. We’ll never know for reproduced. … œ e overwhelming absence of explicit sure, but this scene is consistent with the evidence.” data makes the questions that those intriguing Maybe we should be grateful for this defense of animals arouse diffi cult to a n swe r.” traditional marriage, but dozens of other scenes œ e fourth fl oor displayed not only dinosaurs but could also be consistent with the evidence. It was humility: “No one knows what the colors of dinosaurs encouraging to see the small print on many of the were when they were alive. … œ is evidence does not display cases admitting uncertainty—“Perhaps … allow us to draw conclusions about parental care in perhaps … may have been … may well have been … extinct dinosaurs. We can only make guesses.” seems … seems … seems … appears to be … suggests … Astoundingly, the dinosaur experts undercut the suggests.” But a video screen showed a continuous Darwinist propaganda loop in the Hall of Human loop of genotype pioneer Francis Collins, the Origins: “We cannot be sure how pachy-cephalosaurs National Center for Science Education’s Eugenie used their skull caps because theories about the Scott, and Brown professor Kenneth Miller behavior of extinct animals cannot be tested.” œ at’s expressing Darwinian c e r t a i n t y. Miller insisted that what many creationists say: Scientifi c research disbelievers in evolution want to turn biology into emphasizes experimentation, and we cannot “little more than stamp collecting.” experiment on the past. With apologies to philatelists—the Hall of Human One sign on the fourth fl oor generalized rightly: Origins exhibits are little more than stamp collecting, “While it is important to make intelligent speculation because the evidence for humans arising from about extinct animals, we are overstating the animals is insuffi cient. While a big sign proclaimed strength of the fossil evidence if we present these MARY

“Our family tree,” small print on one exhibit ideas as truth.” Students in schools should hear both ALTAFFER/AP acknowledged, “Unfortunately, hominid fossils evolutionist and creationist theories. œ ey should from the crucial period between , and then learn what we know scientifi cally—and what , years ago are quite rare.” Unfortunate for we do not. A

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Daniel acker/BloomBerg/getty images wva world ads 2012.2_Layout 1 1/19/12 10:13 AM Page 3

Will your daughter’s quiet time survive an All-nighter?

College can be a tough place to maintain an intimate relationship with Christ. When social pressures and studies pile up, usually the first thing to go is a quiet time... which is what she really needs the most.

At Worldview Academy we give students the motivation Stand and tools they need not only to maintain their walk with Christ, but to deepen it. Worldview students Out stand out as thoughtful, courageous, servant leaders in a generation of conformity. You should register now.

Camps where students become bold leaders in truth and grace. 800.241.1123 • www.worldview.org

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