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Arts and Pathway Diploma – Performing Emphasis Requirements With your Advisor, check off classes that have been taken to meet requirement. Then, when all requirements under a subject heading have been met, have your Advisor initial on the line next to the subject heading. If a class is being waived, please have the teacher of that class initial on the line before the class. 1000’s English (4.0 credits) Freshman English (1.0) Contemporary Voices: Sophomore English or AP English Language (1.0) Junior English or AP English Language or AP English (1.0) Senior English or AP English Literature (1.0)

2000’s Social Studies (3.66 credits) American Government (.33) Geography (.66) American (1.0) or AP American History (1.0) World History (1.0) or AP European History (1.0) Economics (.33) or AP Economics (1.0) or High School of Business 1-Principles of Business and Business Economics Honors (.66)

.33 credits of additional Social Studies coursework as decided by student, advisor and parent. Credits Course

3000’s Math (4.0 credits) Students and Advisors choose the math courses that are level appropriate. Students applying to four-year colleges should complete PreCalculus.

Credits Course

4000’s Science (3.0 credits) Conceptual Physics (.33) Biology Concepts (.33) Earth Systems (.33)

Additional 2.0 credits in Science coursework as decided upon by student, advisor and parent. Credits Course

Class of 2022

5000’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) (1.0 credit) Career Exploration (.33) Computer Applications (.33)

Additional .33 credit in CTE coursework as decided upon by student, advisor and parent. Credits Course

6000’s Fine Arts (4.33 of which .33 must be a visual ) Introduction to Art (.33)

Additional 4.0 credit in Band, Choir or as decided upon by student, advisor and parent. Credits Course

7000’s World Language (2.0 credits of same language)

Students may enroll in a language of their choice. Students who plan to attend a four-year college should plan to take three years of a language. Credits Course

8000’s Wellness (1.0 credit) Intro to Health & Wellness (.33) PE Class (.33) First Aid (.33)

9000’s Interdisciplinary (.66 credit) Credits Course

Advising (2.4 credits) Freshman Year (.60) Sophomore Year (.60) Junior Year (.60) Senior Year (.60)

Community Service – 50 hours

Shadowing – 3 half-day shadowings Shadowing #1 (one in field) Shadowing #2 Class of 2022

Shadowing #3

Internship – 50 hours in field of Performing Arts.


Pathway Exploration – Additional 50 hours in field of Performing Arts. This may be completed through additional shadowings, community service or internship.


Senior Project Senior Project completed

Portfolio Portfolio completed

Total Credits Will have earned at least 29 credits by graduation.

Request for Pathway Diploma submitted to Student Services – First Trimester of Senior Year – Date received by

Pathway Requirements (this form) submitted to Student Services – Third Trimester of Senior Year – Date received by

Class of 2022

Request for Pathway Diploma



This is to certify that the above-named student is committed to completing the graduation requirements for the Pathway and is requesting the corresponding pathway diploma.

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Turned in to Student Services on (must be during first trimester of senior year).

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