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the Midlands A trout dish with squid ink and orange foam. Hartford House is ideal to celebrate special occasions


JUST 12 kilometres from Mooi River — surrounded by farmland, the picturesque hills of the Midlands Meander and Summerhill Stud — is an award­win­ ning lakeside hotel called Hartford House. With a colonial setting and decor that preserves and exquisitely exhibits the architecture of the grand house and expansive garden, Hartford House is a historic beauty to marvel at. The hotel is built on a world­class racehorse stud, Summerhill Stud, with tours of the stud and horse riding available to the hotel guests. Hartford House also offers hotel guests trout and bass fishing, and a Wellness Centre with a range of therapies, massages and facials. Visitors can walk through the game conservancy and spot animal and bird species that inhabit the estate. There’s also a historic chapel which caters for weddings and memorial services, and a fully­ equipped conference facility. New to Hartford House is Tijnhuis (pictured) which offers a unique ‘high tea’ experience in the Midlands. But what makes Hartford House a must­visit PHOTOS: KAVITHA PILLAY gem in the Midlands, for hotel guests or daily visi­ tors, is the award­winning restaurant. The restaurant at Hartford House serves lunch gredients and creatively prepared meals offered by game meat from a farm about 10 kilometres from crunchy ball. or dinner to daily visitors, which can be enjoyed the restaurant’s chefs. the restaurant. A chocolate dessert was the perfect follow­on and while overlooking the gardens or in the candle­lit My food journey at Hartford House began with A personal highlight was the dessert. A “starter” was paired with a port. It consisted of chestnut ice dining hall. Breakfast is available to hotel guests. seeded and cranberry bread made at the restaurant, dessert of “nitrogen coffee” was a gastronomic ex­ cream made from chestnuts from Hartford House’s The menu, which changes daily, is inspired by with Mooi River salted butter and paired with Hart­ perience like no other. It combined science and art garden, chocolate ganache made with coconut the availability of local produce and fresh pickings enberg Chardonnay. A simple appetiser such as to craft a dish that evokes the senses and creates cream, coffee meringue, fresh coconut water gel, from the Hartford House garden. bread, with its presentation, freshness and most im­ awe, while pleasing the pallet. coconut panna cotta and dairy­free, dehydrated The lunch menu is served as either a two­ or portantly delicious taste, proved to be a marvellous “It’s something fun to get guests involved in and chocolate mousse. “Dessert should always be fun three­course option, and dinner is a five­course start to the menu to follow. perk them up before dessert,” said Hartford House and should always be an experience,” said Hahndi­ tasting menu with an optional wine pairing. Reser­ Next up on the tasting menu was rabbit croquet, head chef Constantijn Hahndiek. ek, who hails from . vations must be made. followed by a trout dish with squid ink and orange To make the dish, he uses pure coffee with a bit • [email protected] If you’re a wine connoisseur, then a visit to Hart­ foam, and then a tasting of pork belly with puffed of gelatine and sets it ford House restaurant is a must, as it is one of the crackling, kimchi and the chef’s take on a barbeque in the gun used to 10 restaurants in boasting a five­star sauce. make whipped cream. 485 (Longmarket) Street wine list. The finale, before dessert, was a tasting dish of It is then squirted into New to Hartford House is Tijnhuis, with a fresh, lamb, onion purée, onion rings, gnocchi and cauli­ liquid nitrogen which Tel: 033 394 4240/8114 light menu including a range of sweet and savoury flower. Hartford House uses locally reared meat and freezes it into a light, Fax: 033 394 4130 dishes, and beverages that complement the menu and style of the venue, offering a unique “high GET WELL ... STAY WELL tea” experience in the Midlands. Tijnhuis is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm. BE PREPARED THIS WINTER Fine dining at Hartford House is ideal to cele­ Valid for one week only brate special occasions, or for keen “foodies” who want to explore and indulge in the fresh local in­ flutex ,99 procydin ,99 20s R19 60s R79 each

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