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■ GRADUATE PROGRAMS IN: GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner WASHINGTON Acute and Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist HOSPITAL CENTER are Family Nurse Practitioner offering an 80 PERCENT Nurse Anesthesia tuition scholarship for Nurse individuals with a bachelor’s Nursing Education degree or higher in Post Master’s Options another field who want an ■ ACCELERATED SECOND DEGREE BSN IN 16 MONTHS accelerated second degree BSN. Earn your Georgetown ■ SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SECOND DEGREE AND degree in 16 MONTHS, GRADUATE STUDENTS pass the NCLEX-RN, and then work for LEARN MORE TODAY! 3 YEARS at the VISIT nursing.georgetown.edu Hospital Center. CALL (202) 687-2781 OR E-MAIL [email protected] CONTACT (877) 764-6321 2 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice Ad-DCNurse FP 4C 11-08.qxd 11/10/08 17:39 Page 1

DISTRICTof COLUMBIA contents Celebrating Diversity in Nursing! REGULATION

NURSEEdition 21 Farewell From Outgoing Board Member Deborah Thomas 4 DIRECTOR, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PIERRE N.D. VIGILANCE, M.D., MPH Welcome New Board Member E. Rachael Mitzner 4

BOARD MEMBERS Board Update 5 Amy Filmore Nassar, MSN, FNP, CDE Vice-Chairperson IN THE KNOW Margaret Green, LPN 6 Rev. Mary E. Ivey, DMin Vera Mayer, JD NSA Renewal Begins 6 Ottamissiah Moore, LPN E. Rachael Mitzner, BSN, MS, RN Online Verifi cation with Nursys® 9 Mary Ellen Ryan, BSN, RN Tracy A. Spann-Downing, RN, MSN

OFFICE LOCATION TELEPHONE NUMBER EDUCATION DC Board of Nursing 717 14th St. N.W. D.C. Nursing Schools’ Year-to-Date Status Suite 600 10 Washington, D.C. 20005 E-mail: [email protected] NCLEX® News 11 Phone: 877.244.1689 Fax: 202.727.8471 DIVERSITY: Building Bridges with International Nursing Students 12 Web site: www.hpla.doh.dc.gov Letter from the Committee on Impaired Nurses OFFICE HOURS 16 GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY — Monday thru Friday: 8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m. Continuing Education News 17

WHERE NURSING INNOVATION BEGINS BOARD STAFF Karen Scipio-Skinner, MSN, RN Executive Director PRACTICE Concheeta Wright, BSN, RN Nurse Consultant/Practice ADVANCE YOURSELF AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Arthuretta (“Retta”) K. Zeigler, RN, C, Ethics Code for Recruiting FENs 18 NEW Second Degree MSN, MA, COHC SCHOOL OF NURSING & HEALTH STUDIES Nurse Consultant/Education DIVERSITY: Ageism & Nursing 19 Scholarship! Donna Harris ■ RANKED NATIONALLY BY U.S. News & World Report Licensing Specialist “IT’S A CALLING” SAY NURSE MIDWIVES 22 GEORGETOWN Alma White ■ GRADUATE PROGRAMS IN: Verifi cation Specialist UNIVERSITY and District Ranks No. 1 for Providing Government Health Insurance 28 Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Melondy Franklin WASHINGTON Licensing Specialist Acute and Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist KUDOS 29 HOSPITAL CENTER are Nancy Kofi e Family Nurse Practitioner D.C. Nurse: REP Managing Editor offering an 80 PERCENT Nurse Anesthesia Disciplinary Actions 30 tuition scholarship for Nurse Midwifery individuals with a bachelor’s Nursing Education On the Cover: Student Intern Chioma Nwachukwu, Nurse-Midwives degree or higher in Post Master’s Options Created by Ebony Roebuck, Lisa Uncles, Lisa Ross, and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner another field who want an Publishing Concepts, Inc. Marcia Jackson-Hooper; seated are Ruth Lubic and Delores L. Farr of the ■ ACCELERATED SECOND DEGREE BSN IN 16 MONTHS accelerated second degree Virginia Robertson, Publisher Family Health and Birth Center in northeast D.C. BSN. Earn your Georgetown [email protected] ■ SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SECOND DEGREE AND 14109 Taylor Loop Road • Little Rock, AR 72223 degree in 16 MONTHS, GRADUATE STUDENTS pass the NCLEX-RN, For advertising information contact: Circulation includes over 22,000 licensed nurses, nursing home administrators, and nurse staffi ng agencies in the District of Columbia. and then work for Tom Kennedy at LEARN MORE TODAY! 800.561.4686 or 501.221.9986 3 YEARS at the [email protected] Feel free to e-mail your “Letters to the Editor” for our quarterly column: IN THE KNOW: Your opinion on the issues, VISIT nursing.georgetown.edu Hospital Center. www.thinkaboutitnursing.com and our answers to your questions. E-mail your letters to [email protected]. (Lengthy letters may be excerpted.) CALL (202) 687-2781 OR E-MAIL [email protected] CONTACT (877) 764-6321 e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.gov 3 Farewell From Outgoing Board Member Welcome New Board Member Deborah Thomas Rachael Mitzner I have served on the Board of Nursing since 2003. This level of The D.C. Board of Nursing Programs. While working for Rue, advocacy has been rewarding and welcomes a new board member, she rewrote and directed a video enlightening. It brings with it the E. Rachael Mitzner, BSN, MS, and wrote an accompanying understanding of your role as a RN. Originally from the New York workbook to prepare students professional nurse ultimately. I was area, Mrs. Mitzner received a for the Excelsior College Clinical on the board at a time when rapid Bachelor of Science in Nursing testing. She also wrote a from the University of Bridgeport in 1969 and a Master of Science in Health Education from Southern Connecticut State University in 1994. During the last 39 years, Mrs. Mitzner has worked in several different areas of nursing education. She began her career as an instructor in a hospital-based diploma program in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As a member of the Curriculum Committee and chair of the Deborah Thomas, RN, BSN, CDE Education Committee, she E. Rachael Mitzner, BSN, MS, RN worked to change a three-year changes were happening. I was system-based diploma curriculum curriculum and taught weekend involved in that evolution, and I was to a two-year nursing-based preparation classes for updating able to put my mark on the process. So curriculum which became clinical skills for the practicum it doesn’t matter if I am done; I left my associated with a university and required for the LPN to RN imprint. allowed students to obtain an program at Excelsior College. This was an experience that leaves associate degree. In 2003, Mrs. Mitzner relocated you knowing how important nurse While pursuing her master’s to the D.C. area to marry her empowerment and control of your degree, Mrs. Mitzner worked in high school sweetheart. Since practice is. It has to resonate from you home care and long-term care coming to Washington, D.C., Mrs. with knowingness on all levels. We as a nursing educator. She then Mitzner has been working at must be our own best advocate. Each became certified by the state of Comprehensive Health Academy nurse licensed in D.C. needs to know Connecticut and worked for the School of Practical Nursing. Her and understand the process, because Bridgeport Board of Education as a love of nursing and teaching what is decided here can alter your school-nurse teacher in an inner- has consistently led her back practice, how you are educated, and city high school for eight years. to educational settings. She is whether you and your family get In 1995, Mrs. Mitzner moved looking forward to serving on the professional nursing care. to Florida, where she held a Board of Nursing. So I have given my five years, variety of jobs both in long- “I have always enjoyed making what about you? This has been the term care and education. She an impact on health care givers best advocacy of all, and I, the mentor worked as an instructor in an from CNA [certified nursing of all mentors, was mentored by the evening LPN program at Pinellas assistant] to RN,” Mrs. Mitzner best. I thank the present members Technical Education Center. She says. “If I can teach students at and past who helped me to serve was assistant director and then all levels to be mindful caregivers the nurses and citizens of this city. I a director of nursing in a long- and prepare people who are not also would like to thank Karen Scipio term care facility. She worked only qualified academically but Skinner and the staff of the D.C. Board for Harborside Heathcare as the are also caring, I have made a of Nursing for such wonderful support. educational director of their contribution to health care and Florida facilities and also for Rue to society. Serving on the Board Deborah Thomas, Educational Publishers, writing gives me another opportunity RN, BSN, CDE and editing study materials for to give back to the health care the Excelsior College Nursing community. ”

4 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice Regulation Board of Nursing Update Board Actions: SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER

E. Rachael Mitzner, BSN, MS, RN, was in recruiting District-licensed welcomed as the newest Board of physicians and nurses to support Members of the public are Nursing member. the Inauguration Day festivities. invited to attend... The activities include staffing Amy Filmore Nassar was elected vice- First Aid Stations and Roving chair of the Board. Medical Units along the parade BOARD OF NURSING route and Inaugural grounds. EDUCATION DOH also provides emergency MEETINGS Board members reviewed the medical support at the inaugural Date: First Wednesday of the month accreditation status of all Practical balls and galas. Briefings and Nurse and Professional Nursing training is provided prior to Time: 1:00 p.m. (Time subject to change) Programs. [See page 10 for revised the inauguration to help orient accreditation status.] volunteers regarding their Location: 717 14th St N.W.; 10th Floor duties and responsibilities. Ms. Board Room, Washington, D.C. 20005 APRN Pritchett reminded members The American Nurses Credentialing that persons signing up will be Transportation: Closest Metro stations Center and the American Psychiatric expected to participate as Corps are Metro Center (take 13th Street Exit); Nurses Association requested support members beyond the time of the McPherson Square (take 14th Street Exit) from the Board regarding their plans inauguration events. [Story of the If you plan to attend, please call to combine the Adult Psych Mental work of the corps will appear in Health (PMH) CNS and the Adult the next edition of D.C. NURSE.] (202) 724-8800 to confirm meeting PMH NP certification exams into one date and time. exam and eliminate the existing REGULATIONS ANCC Adult PMH CNS and Adult PMH As the board completes work on NP certification exams. The board its revisions of the RN and LPN January 7, 2009 May 6, 2009 supported the combining of the regulations, NCSBN convened a examinations. NCSBN Uniform Core Licensure February 4, 2009 June 3, 2009 meeting. The goal of the meeting March 4, 2009 July 1, 2009 CODE OF ETHICS FOR THE was to address the following RECRUITMENT OF FOREIGN goals: April 1, 2009 EDUCATED NURSES • Assess individual member- The Board of Nursing endorsed board progress with the “Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for NCSBN Delegate Assembly- ♦ ♦ ♦ the Recruitment of Foreign Educated adopted UCLRs Nurses to the United States.” [See page • Become familiar with the ATTEND BOARD MEETINGS 18] Dr. JoAnne Joyner represented the external environment that is board as a member of the task force driving licensure uniformity During each board meeting, time is set aside for that created the code. and portability Public Comment. This is an opportunity for the • Identify other licensure public to discuss nursing related matters with the D.C. MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS variances that detract from Board members. Public Comment is scheduled at Beverly Pritchett, Senior Deputy the goals related to UCLRs 1:00 p.m. (subject to change) at the beginning of the Board’s Open Session. You do not need to be Director for the Health Emergency • Develop a consensus on the agenda to speak. Preparedness and Response approach toward adopting Administration (HEPRA), the Medical UCLRs by boards of nursing. If you are interested in receiving the Board’s Open Reserve Corps (MRC). Board members agreed to await Session Agenda, send your request to hpla@doh. In preparation for the inaugural the outcome of this meeting prior dc.gov. events, Ms. Pritchett met with the to finalizing the revisions of the Board to ask for their assistance regulations.

e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.gov 5 Regulation IN THE KNOW Your Questions, Your Opinions

The Board of Nursing has established this In The Know column in response to the many phone calls and e-mails we receive. The Board often receives multiple inquiries regarding the same issue. Please share this column with your colleagues or urge them to read this column. The more nurses are aware of the answers to these frequently asked questions, the less our resources will have to be used to address duplicate questions.

NSAs and In-Home Care allows you to enter into a contract require a health professional to with an individual to provide them submit to a mental or physical Can a Nurse Staffing Agency with nursing personnel. examination whenever it has Qlicensed in the District send a probable cause to believe the nurse to an individual’s home? health professional is impaired due to the reasons specified in Yes, they can. The law defines Substance Abuse/Mental Health subsection (a)(5) (Is professionally or A the client of the nurse staffing mentally incompetent or physically agency as follows: Can individuals under incapable), (6) (Is addicted to, or Qinvestigation be required to habitually abuses, any narcotic or Client - a health care facility or undergo evaluation for chemical controlled substance as defined by agency, or an individual, which dependency, physical and/or Unit A of Chapter 9 of Title 48), and enters into an agreement or a mental health related problems (7) (Provides or attempts to provide contract with a nurse staffing when “probable cause” exists? professional services while under agency for the provision or referral the influence of alcohol or while of nursing personnel, Home Health D.C. Official Code § 3-1205.14(b) using any narcotic or controlled Aides or Personal Care Aides. This A (1) provides: “A board may substance, as defined by Unit A of Chapter 9 of Title 48, or other drug in excess of therapeutic amounts or without valid medical indication) Nurse Staffing Agency Renewals of this section. The examination shall be conducted by one or more To Begin January 5, 2009 health professionals designated by the Board, and he, she, or they shall Renewal of NURSE STAFFING AGENCY LICENSES will begin January 5, report their findings concerning 2009. Nurse Staffing Agency Licenses will be renewed a year from date of the nature and extent of the issuance. Licenses that expire on February 28, 2009, will be able to renew impairment, if any, to the Board and their licenses beginning January 5, 2009. to the health professional who was examined.” The renewal fee: $500.00

You will be asked to update changes in the following information:  Demographics including: Business name, web site, telephone number, e-mail address Criminal Background Checks  Contact Person  Supervising Registered Nurse If I’m reading the draft  Owner/Operator of Nurse Staffing Agency Qrevisions to the RN regs  Registered Agent (if applicable) correctly, and if these regs are  Attorney-in-Fact or General Agent (if applicable) approved, is it true that the Criminal Background Check (CBC) Significant Policy and Procedure revisions and subsequent periodic checks apply ONLY to new applicants? Complaints involving nurses licensed and practicing in D.C. Everyone else is grandfathered? (It’s sad that this item even needs

66 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulationDistrict • E ducation of Columbia • P ractice Nurse Their dignity stays intact.

to be considered. I’m not asking because I think it’s a bad idea, but because the answer may have financial implications for our operation.)

The intent is to require all A initial applicants to have CBCs. We will eventually require all applicants to have a CBC. It is unfortunate that we have to do this, but it is necessary.

For one of our nursing Qstudents, a Criminal Background Check report revealed a 2005 misdemeanor for Trespass. Disposition: Guilty. Fine: $607. Sentence: two days jail, three years probation, Your commitment stays strong. eight-hour theft course. The student would like to know if the sentence will stop her from taking the NCLEX. If there is At VITAS, the nation’s leading hospice provider, established in 1978 and currently any chance of that happening, operating 43 programs in 15 states, you’ll come to appreciate what it means to she would like to change her make a diff erence in the lives of your patients and their loved ones. By choosing a major. career with us, you’ll be part of a special and privileged few who help to ensure the comfort and dignity of all our patients. We would need to review her A court records so that we will Th e following opportunities are now available in the Washington, D.C. area: have more information regarding the circumstances of the case. Registered Nurses You will also need to make sure RN Case Managers the clinical sites will allow her to do her clinicals. Our concern Registered Nurses (On Call) is that, given the fact that she received a sentence, she may have CNAs/HHAs (Continuous Care) been charged with more than trespassing. We, therefore, need to As part of our interdisciplinary team, you’ll be the pivotal person who review the details of the case. provides care, compassion and support to our patients and their families. Follow up comment from Full-time positions are eligible for our comprehensive benefi ts package, questioner: I contacted the student. She stated that she does which includes health/dental/vision, 401(k) with company match, not know if she has the copies life insurance, LTD/STD, employee discount program, EAP, tuition of the court order. The case was reimbursement and generous paid time-off plan. either dropped or expunged. To learn more and apply, visit vitas.jobs She will try to reach one of her Email: [email protected] family members to fax copies of the court order. No clinical Fax: 877-848-2790 site will allow her to attend Call: 800-950-9200 ext. 6329 clinical rotation if informed EOE/AA/M/F/D/V Drug-Free Workplace with the result. Last year, the

© 2008 NAS (Media: delete copyright notice) R egulation • Education • Practice e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.govDC Nurse Magazine 77 4.875” x 10” CMYK Regulation

hospital accepted two students/ Vermont. Is he permitted to do a cases, but for this semester, we Practicing Abroad clinical experience supervised by don’t have any clinical unit at a physician and one of the nurse the hospital that will match her I moved to the Congo, Africa, practitioner faculty without a D.C. course requirements. My concern Qin September of 2006, where license? He would probably be is: from students’ comments, I am now volunteering feeding here for about three weeks. if the director of nursing will 100 malnourished children, but allow her to continue, it is our not using my licenses. My RN Yes, he can. The Board of responsibility to be sure that she license is currently Paid Inactive, A Nursing’s regulations state, “A will be allowed to take NCLEX. and my Nurse Practitioner license student who is fulfilling educational If not, we will be responsible for is expired. requirements under § 103(c) the years and money she will pay of the Act, D.C. Official Code § (tuition/expenses). 1. How long can I keep these 3-1201.03(c), may be authorized to two licenses as Paid Inactive engage in the supervised practice Our position is that it is the and expired before I need to of registered nursing without a Astudent’s responsibility to go back to work or do CEUs? District of Columbia license.” determine whether or not he or she (Can I continue not working can be licensed based upon their for another 10 years and then CBC, not the school. We receive return to work right away?) calls frequently from students about 2. Do I need CEUs? If so, how their ability to be licensed due to many and by when? Are APRNs RNs? their criminal record. The student 3. Do I owe money? I paid for needs to contact the jurisdiction in these two licenses to be I received a call from one which they plan to work. Boards Paid Inactive and expired in Q of our nurses, and she have varying requirements. August 2006. stated that because she is an 4. At what point will I need to APRN, she will not get a D.C. RN take a “refresher” course to license – I guess because she work as an FNP again? will only get the highest license STG International enjoys an outstanding reputation from the board? I just want to as a government contractor, which has resulted in significant growth in recent years and the need for A get clarification on this. When new talent, particularly in the areas of healthcare. A 1. A license can be in “Paid we staff her as an RN at our major objective of STG International has been to Inactive” status indefinitely. hospitals…they are going to want create and maintain a work environment that is 2. To reinstate your APRN license, to see her RN license. conductive and supportive of all employees. you will need to submit the required number of contact Each nurse in the District We want you to help us continue to provide hours. receives either an LPN, RN or world-class healthcare support services to our A clients. We are currently seeking for the following 3. You will not be required to pay APRN license, no mor than one positions: a fee until you reinstate your license. You cannot be issued an license. APRN license if you are not also RNs - Locations: AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, MD, NY, 4. You will need to contact your licensed as an RN. You can staff her PA, TN, TX, VA, & WA accrediting body to determine as an RN, but she will liable at the LVNs- Locations: AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, MD, NY, what you need to do to level of an APRN. PA, TN, TX, VA, & WA maintain your FNP certification. RNs L & D (Days/Nights) - Oak Harbor, WA RN Practitioner- Locations: CA & TN RN Manager- Rockwood, TN RN Case Manager- San Diego, CA HIV Positive Nurse Coordinator II- Washington, DC Clinical Placements Should a nursing student I have a question Q disclose his or her HIV status Q about student clinical to a patient? placements. We have a nurse To learn more please visit www.stginternational.com/ careers to submit your resume as well as review additional practitioner student who needs There should be no reason for a position information. to do a short clinical placement A nursing student to disclose his/ here at the university. He her HIV status to a patient. I was STG is an EEO employer that offers a competitive compensation and excellent benefit package. doesn’t have a D.C. RN license the co-author of a policy for the but has a license in Virginia and State of Maryland Board of Nursing

8 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice (years ago); our charge was to know their status. I had two of my he or she should be advised to develop an evidence-based protocol colleagues from school who were have a medical review from an for how the Board would address diagnosed with AIDS in the 1980s. HIV specialist (hopefully an APRN HIV or HBV positive nurses in the One was diagnosed in our final who is credentialed by the HIV/ workplace. It became clear after semester, and we worked with AIDS Nursing Certification Board) evaluating the many documents the college and hospital on exactly to assure that the student is not created by CDC [Centers for Disease these issues before she was able to in a situation that would threaten Control] and others that nurses complete her clinicals and take the his/her health (also, few and far do not present any undue threat Boards. She worked as an RN for a between if usual precautions are to patients in the performance of couple of years before she died from taken). I would recommend the their practice. There may be issues her disease; she was a great nurse! following resources: the Association for specialty areas (e.g. RN first of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) and assistant who may have their hands My greatest recommendation is the HIV/AIDS Nursing Certification in someone’s body cavity holding a that the nursing education program Board (HANCB). suture needle). release that personal information Answer provided by R. Kevin Of course, nearly ALL of our ONLY to persons who would Mallinson, Ph.D., RN, AACRN; PI, nursing education programs have need to know it (very few would Nurses SOAR! Global HIV/AIDS likely had students with HIV actually need that information), Nursing Capacity Building Program; infection; we just never knew and be careful about accidental assistant professor, Department of about it. The students often don’t disclosure. As for the student, Nursing; Georgetown University.

DC Board Begins Nurses Online Verification Scheduled to begin January 12, 2009

The National Council of State Board of Nursing’s Nursys® (www.nursys.com) computer system contains personal, licensure, education, verification and discipline information supplied as regular updates by boards of nursing in the U.S. and its territories. Nursys provides licensure verification and discipline status instantly, allowing for faster informed employment decisions. All boards of nursing, including non- licensure participating boards of nursing, have access to information within Nursys and are able to enter and edit discipline information. Nursys provides centralized license information to boards of nursing, which in turn, use this data to verify applicant license information, enter and review disciplinary actions and send electronic communications between boards of nursing for information requests. NCSBN also provides public access to Nursys for the purposes of licensure verification. Nursys verifies license and discipline status, including discipline against the privilege of working in a Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) party state. When a licensed nurse applies for licensure in another state, verification of existing or previous licenses may be required. A nurse can use Nursys to request verification of licensure from a Nursys licensure participating board. For example, the DC Board of Nursing licensure participates in Nursys; therefore, licensed nurses in DC can use Nursys for verifying licensure verification to another board of nursing by visiting www.nursys.com. If the nurse needs to request license verification from a nonlicensure participating board, the nurse should contact the board of nursing where she/he holds license. Verification can be requested by completing an online Nursys verification request application (there is a $30.00 fee). Once verification has been processed, the verification information is available to all boards of nursing for 90 days. Multiple applications can be fulfilled by the same verification request and fee, as long as it is accessed by the board of nursing within the 90-day period. Nursys license verification is made available to boards of nursing immediately upon completion of the online verification process, which expedites the endorsement process for nurses. Employers can verify multiple licenses including all NLC party states within minutes.

For more information, e-mail [email protected], call 312.525.3780 or visit www.nursys.com.

e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.gov 9 Education

Practical Nursing Programs Year to Date (9/30/08) Licensure Exam Results and Approval Status

CURRENT QUARTER YEAR TO DATE APPROVAL 07/01/2008 - 09/30/2008 01/01/2008 - 09/30/2008 STATUS PROGRAM #Sitting % Passing # Sitting % Passing Capital Health Institute 37 72.97 49 77.55 Conditional* Comprehensive Health Academy 32 87.50 105 87.62 Full* JC Inc. 14 85.71 72 65.28 Withdrawn Radians College (formerly HMI) 21 80.95 74 78.38 Full University of the District of Columbia 49 69.39 127 79.53 Full VMT Academy of Practical Nursing 34 58.82 121 66.12 Conditional* Professional Nursing Schools Year to Date (9/30/08) Licensure Exam Results and Approval Status

CURRENT QUARTER YEAR TO DATE APPROVAL 07/01/2008 - 09/30/2008 01/01/2008 - 09/30/2008 STATUS SCHOOL # Sitting % Passing # Sitting % Passing Catholic University of America 55 67.27 63 71.43 Full Georgetown University 43 97.67 81 95.06 Full Howard University 62 80.65 67 82.09 Conditional Radians College 7 100.00 38 71.05 Conditional* University of the District of Columbia 11 81.82 17 88.24 Full Source of NCLEX® Scores: NCSBN Jurisdiction Program Summary of All First Time Candidates Educated in District of Columbia * Change in staus

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH BOARD OF NURSING PROFESSIONAL NURSING SCHOOLS Nalini Jairath, Ph.D., RN Mary H. Hill, DSN, RN JoAnne Joyner, Ph.D., APRN, BC Dean Associate Dean and Professor Chairperson for Nursing Catholic University of America School of Nursing Howard University College of Nursing University of the District of Columbia School of 620 Michigan Ave, N.E. 2400 6th St. N.W. Nursing Washington, D.C. 20017 Washington, D.C. 20059 4200 Connecticut Ave. N.W. www.cua.edu www.howard.edu Washington, D.C. 20008 www.udc.edu Bette Keltner, Ph.D., RN, FAAN India M. Medley, MSN, RN, CPNP Dean Dean of School of Nursing Stephanie D. Holaday, DrPH, MSN, RN Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Radians College Director Studies 1025 Vermont Ave. N.W.; Suite 200 Trinity University Nursing Program 3700 Reservoir Road N.W. Washington, D.C. 20005 125 Michigan Ave. N.E. Washington, D.C. 20007 www.hmi-usa.com Washington, D.C. 20017 www.georgetown.edu www.trinitydc.edu PRACTICAL NURSE PROGRAMS Michael Adedokum, RN, MSN Charlease L. Logan, MSN, RN Betty Wooten, MSN, RN Director of Nursing Director of Nursing Director of Nursing Comprehensive Health Academy School of Practical J.C. Inc.-American Institute of Professional Studies University of the District of Columbia Nursing 6411 Chillum Place N.W. 4200 Connecticut Ave. N.W. 1106 Bladensburg Road N.E. Washington, D.C. 20012 Mail Box 1005 Washington, D.C. 20002-2512 PH: (202) 291-8787 Washington, D.C. 20008 PH: (202) 388-5500 www.udc.edu

Samuel Addo, MSN, RN India M. Medley, MSN, RN, CPNP Herma Marks, MSN, RN Director of Nursing Dean of School of Nursing Vice President of Education Capital Health Institute Radians College VMT Academy of Practical Nursing 7826 Eastern Ave., Suite 515 1025 Vermont Ave. N.W.; Suite 200 4201 Connecticut Ave. N.W.; Suite 301 Washington, D.C. 20012 Washington, D.C. 20005 Washington, D.C. 20008 PH: (202) 722-8830 [email protected] www.vmtltc.com

10 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice ® Thinkaboutitnursing NCLEX News educators, clinicians and managers who work with entry level nurses. Volunteers The National Council of State Boards are selected for three types of panels: scholarshipfun of Nursing (NCSBN) now provides the new “RN Test Plan” online at www. • Item Writing - Item writers create the fund ncsbn.org. In the Test Plan, provisions are items that are used for the NCLEX made for examinations refl ecting entry- examination. Publishing Concepts, Inc. is celebrating its 15 level nursing practice as identifi ed in an • Item Review - Item reviewers year anniversary in 2008 with the launch of the empirical analysis of activities of newly examine the items that are created "thinkaboutitnursing" Scholarship Foundation (TNSF). licensed nurses. The activities identifi ed by item writers. The TNSF scholarship awards will benefit students in these studies are analyzed in relation • Panel of Judges - The panel of judges pursuing a career in nursing or nurse education. to the frequency of their performance, recommends potential NCLEX passing their impact on maintaining client safety, standards to the NCSBN Board of Through its relationship with advertising partners, and the settings where they were Directors. corporate sponsors, and through private donations, performed. These analyses guide the the TNSF Foundation plans to award half a million development of a framework for entry- If you are interested, please apply: dollars over the next five years. level nurse performance that incorporates • Online at www.ncsbn.org, or specifi c client needs, concepts and • Call the NCSBN Item Development processes fundamental to the practice of hotline at 312.525.3775; leave nursing. your name and address, and an application will be sent to you. National Council of State Boards of Nursing seeks Volunteers. Development Reminder: LPNs who plan to take the of the NCLEX-RN ® and NCLEX- NCLEX-RN ® examination within two The TNSF Foundation would PN® licensing examinations utilizes years of service with NCSBN do not contributions from hundreds of nurse qualify for participation. like to thank the generosity of our donors to date: Discover Opportunity… INDIVIDUAL DONORS: David & Susan Brown Steve & Vanna Eddington Rusty & Terri Pruitt Al & Virginia Robertson UNit EdUcatOR, OR HOSPITAL/INSTITUTIONAL DONORS: Arkansas Children’s Hospital Central Arkansas VA UAMS at Providence Hospital CORPORATE SPONSORS: Providence Hospital is a symbol of commitment to: healthcare that works…healthcare that is safe… healthcare that leaves no one behind. We are a DC-based community health system offering the full continuity of inpatient and outpatient programs that encourage preventative care and health maintenance. We are also a cohesive group of dedicated caregivers who work together as a progressive and supportive team. Full-Time, Part-Time & On-Call positions are available for: • Registered Nurses (various specialties) • Nurse Practitioners • Unit Educator – OR/Medical Surgical Our competitive compensation package includes free parking, a fitness center, an on-site credit union and more. For full details on these and other By contributing to the TNSF fund, you opportunities with us or to apply, please visit our website. will encourage the pursuit and continuing education of student nurses. www.provhosp.org Join the list of donors by contributing today at thinkaboutitnursing.com or email [email protected] for a member of ASCENSION HEALTH “COMMITTED TO QUALITY CARE WITH A SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE” more information! We conduct pre-employment drug and background screening. EOE

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BAYARD ADVERTISING AGENCY Job#: B004564300 Client: Providence Pubs: DC Nurse Size: 5.125 x 4.875 Date: 9.2.08 Artist: VN Comp: Life Saver Revision: 0 Education Building Bridges with International Nursing Students and International Nurses

Interview with Souzan M. Hawala-Druy, MPH, BSN

by Nancy Kofie

Assimilation vs. Acculturation

Assimilation is when a person is completely converted to a new culture; one group is absorbed into another. This is accomplished by forcing the newcomer to change. Acculturation is the modification of a person’s culture, behavior, beliefs, and values by borrowing from or adapting from the dominant culture (U.S. culture). This is done by choice.

Souzan M. Hawala-Druy, MPH, people [who have immigrated BSN, recently shared her insights with to the U.S.]. Eighty-five percent D.C. NURSE regarding the challenges of the staff and physicians, which face international students, everybody are Americans,” she and some issues that can arise in the says. “I saw Americans fighting work environment when immigrant with themselves, between white nurses are a part of the diversity mix. and black, with Filipinos from Currently, the Coordinator of Clinical America. I knew the culture, Resources and Management at Howard how to differentiate between University-Division of Nursing, Mrs. the ones from the South [and the Druy also has taught a graduate course North]…” For most people who at the university on cultural diversity immigrate to America, however, and social issues for students in the studying and working in an Family Nurse Practitioners Program. American cultural environment Originally from Egypt, Mrs. Druy is totally new, and there are worked for six years as instructor at the challenges. Institute of Nursing, Ministry of Health, Alexandria, Egypt, and served as head Top Concerns of International Souzan Druy, MPH, BSN nurse (supervising 12 nurses of nine Students and Nurses nationalities) at King Faisal Specialist Priority No. 1 for most international like an outsider even if they have been Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, students is to acculturate, to blend here a while, and “every comment can Saudi Arabia, for 18 years. A consultant in with Americans, and to master the hurt your feelings more than if you for hospitals and nursing schools in English language. In addition to that, were born here and raised here. Our the D.C. metropolitan area, Mrs. Druy they worry about: sensitivity is higher. When you move offers great insights into the art of cross First Impressions: Students hope to from your [home country] environment, cultural understanding. In addition to make a good first impression with their you lose some of your self-esteem and her work at Howard University, Mrs. professors and feel it will set the tone self-confidence.” Druy lectures at area hospitals on the for the semester. When a professor Communication and Self Esteem: topic of culture clashes and how to asks the question, “What did you say?” International students can be deflated facilitate better communication between this can make the student feel hesitant by critiques. If you cannot understand international and American-born staff. to speak out again, fearful that she or what a foreign-born student or “I lived with Americans for 18 years he made a bad first impression that colleague is saying, do not make a [in Saudi Arabia], so I never felt the will last the whole semester. Mrs. Druy funny face and say, “What are you culture shock as much as some other says that a foreign-born nurse can feel talking about?” This is the worse

12 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice thing you can do, Mrs. Druy says. The international students must learn new “Everything”: As new Americans, speaker may then lose self-confidence, standards for time management. [Mrs. international students are learning then lose their train of thought, and that Druy says, even now, she cannot bring “everything.” All college students can lead to a momentary further loss of herself to interrupt an elderly neighbor have a lot of coursework to absorb; pronunciation and grammar. They will who is chatting, even if Mrs. Druy has international students also must learn go on to make bigger mistakes because something cooking on the stove that everything from how to speak during of the lack of confidence. Let the ESL might burn.] class discussions and how to allow (English-as-Second-Language) speaker Rollercoaster: Immigrating to another Americans their personal space, to how know that you are not questioning country can have a rollercoaster affect to act during a traffic stop. Mrs. Druy their I.Q. Instead, you can say, “I know on a person’s life. The new comer says one of her students got out of her you understand English; I know you may feel like an outsider, and every car during a traffic stop and approached know how to communicate, but maybe comment with a hint of negativity can the police officer with her license in sometimes the stress is making it feel devastating. The international hand, as is the proper procedure in her difficult for you.” You may ask “what person may feel that the pace of life in home country. “The police officer was did you say?”, but do not use body the U.S. is too fast or that Americans shouting ‘Go back to your car!’ Finally, language that indicates you are putting are too materialistic. Various family when she saw him holding his gun, she him or her down. “When you build up members in their home country may immediately went back to her car and their self esteem, they will do much be pressuring the person to send cried.” better.” money home. He or she may also find Class Discussion: Instructors in other themselves in a higher or lower social TIPS: If you are “American Born and countries often lecture without class class than they were in back home. Raised” discussion, and students are often Juggling Tasks: According to Mrs. • Be patient with international expected to sit silently. Students are Druy, in their home countries, many students/nurses, and do not be not required to have read the material students did not do so much shuffling condescending. prior to class. Mrs. Druy says, “The of duties or multitasking as when • Do not assume that she or he professors back home give it to them on they come to the U.S. Like U.S.-born already knows the rules and a silver plate, they give the summary of students, international students may norms of American life. a summary of a summary.” In the U.S., juggle school, parenthood and jobs. • Do not gossip about the person the student is expected to have read the Back when they were still home, in behind their back; if there is a material prior to class and to participate their home country, they probably problem, begin a dialog. in active class discussions. did not have these other additional • Be open to listening to the Exams: “Sometimes in the [nursing] responsibilities. They were just a international nurse’s point of view; exam,” she says, “students will ask student. respect their culture; however, ‘What is broccoli? What is sprouts?’ What it Means to Be a Nurse: In let them know when you must They ask these questions because some cultures overseas, Mrs. Druy enforce the dress codes or other they are not used to those vegetables.” said, nursing care does not include standards which affect patient There is an effort underway to delete establishing a personal rapport through care. such distracter words from the NCLEX small talk as in U.S. nursing practice. • In a non-condemning way, exam (National Council Licensure Also, in some other cultures, nurses explain your point of view and the Examination), Mrs. Druy says. It takes are more similar to physicians—there standards of your facility. Pinpoint time and experience to learn all of the is more hierarchy between the patient the problem, then approach foods, culture, rules and expectations in and practitioner—“you, the patient, the subject with sensitivity. If the U.S. are to do what I tell you to do.” Mrs. a colleague is eating food that Time Management: International Druy adds that in some countries, it is highly spicy and the scent students must sometimes adjust to this is a stigma to be a nurse—being a remains long after the meal, or the country’s fast pace. In some cultures, it nurse is viewed as being the lowest colleague uses hygiene products is rude to end a conversation quickly. If job you can do! You are taking care of that are not adequate, explain the an international student is running late, someone’s body, and in some countries, guidelines established by your he or she may find it nearly impossible nurses traditionally did not have to employer. Some people are wary to violate standards of etiquette be educated in science or math. “In of American deodorant products— if someone is engaging them in the old days,” she says, “it used to be fearing that they cause cancer. conversation. “They feel shy to tell you like physicians would be like gods” • If you hear an “angry” voice-tone ‘You know what, I have to go because and the nurses were more like health used as a person speaks a foreign I have an appointment.’ They do not aides. Here and now in the U.S., “the language, the speaker may not want to hurt the feelings of a friend or nurse has to be responsible just as the actually be angry or upset. That colleague,” Mrs. Druy says. So, many physician is responsible.” could just be the tone used when

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speaking that language. If an relaxed?), as well as body Acculturation NOT Always Best inappropriate voice-tone is being language, way of dressing, and We asked Mrs. Druy to give us used on the job, explain that the how they interact with patients an example of a medical practice tone is unacceptable because and with nurse-colleagues. Be that is considered normal in the it could be misunderstood by aware of areas that may be a U.S., but considered unacceptable in patients. problem, and consider making another culture. In the U.S., she says, • African-American History: Be adaptations to American culture it is common for a husband to be mindful that just because a to minimize violating the rules of encouraged to be present in the labor person shares your skin color your employer. and delivery room when his child is doesn’t mean they have the same • Making eye contact is not born so that he will feel connected historical worldview. Back in their considered rude in the U.S.; with the baby. “In some cultures, the home country, your colleague people will expect you to look husband should not be in the delivery may have lived through political them in the eyes when you speak. room,” Mrs. Druy said. “That part of upheaval or a civil war; but the • Keep in mind that frequent the woman’s body cannot be exposed topic of the U.S. Civil War and touching and hugging is not even in front of her husband.” the issue of slavery may not always acceptable in the U.S. Mrs. Druy provided an example resonate with them as it does for workplace. of what could be called cultural Americans. The immigrant nurse coercion: “They [the American is not deliberately being “cold” in Generational Differences: Computer medical staff] pushed the husband to regard to this topic; it is simply a Skills, Research, Cheating attend the birth, and it was a very reality that she has not personally In an added complexity, Mrs. Druy bad experience… Respect and be been touched by slavery (nor says, we must take into consideration understanding when someone says ‘I any family members, going back generational differences: “When cannot do that’,” Mrs. Druy says. Be generations). Each country in you have nursing students of an sensitive to that person’s culture. You Africa has its own history, political older age, they are not the same as should only press an issue against situation and language; they do the younger students. If you have a another person’s cultural preference not all speak English, and they are student who came here young—like if the American way of doing it is a not African-Americans. high school—he will do much better necessity for better patient care. in college [in the U.S.] than someone TIPS: If you are an International from the same culture that earned Drawing the Line Student or Nurse two degrees in their home country.” Where do you draw the line • Understand that if you are clear Older students tend to not have between being “sensitive” to foreign in your message, your accent computer skills. They are not used cultures and mandating that American and minor grammar mistakes do to research. Mrs. Druy says she did standards be adhered to? Mrs. Druy not matter. “Patients don’t care if not have to do research for her BSN says you should express concern only you say ‘had’ or ‘has’ or ‘have,’ degree in Egypt, not until she came if the person’s actions are going to Mrs. Druy says. “If you are not to the U.S. to do her master’s: “The negatively affect patient care. If a confident about your grammar or kids now in high school in Egypt, husband awaits the arrival of his baby pronunciation now, that will come they do research,” but not in the past. in the “Waiting Room” (instead of in in time.” “You need to differentiate between the delivery room), he is not harming • If you do not understand an the generations. Some older students his wife or baby by his actions. American word, slang phrase or (who did not attend high school in the idiom—please ask a colleague. U.S.) feel that it is acceptable to share Overcome Silence • If you would like to reduce test answers or information with their Silence can be the biggest barrier your accent, get a mini- friends. In the U.S., however, this to cross-cultural understanding. The cassette recorder and practice “help” is unacceptable. It is cheating. key to overcoming misunderstanding speaking English. “Practice A younger person will understand and building bridges is to openly your pronunciation,” Mrs. Druy when you are trying to communicate discuss your feelings in a calm, non- says. “Listen to your recordings. the rules with them, whereas an older judgmental manner. Explain why Speak clearly and build your person from the same culture may you found the other person’s words self confidence.” Yes, please do think you are putting them down. or actions disconcerting. Many of keep you accent, she says, but Older students will not only study us have been taught the Golden concentrate on speaking clearly, together, but then also help each Rule: “treat others as you wish to with self confidence. other during the exam, she says. They be treated.” But Mrs. Druy speaks of • Observe your colleagues’ voice- don’t consider this as cheating. They a more enlightened rule for nursing tone (loud or soft? urgent or see it as helping a fellow colleague. practice. “Some people don’t want to

1414 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulationDistrict • E ducation of Columbia • P ractice Nurse be treated as you want to be treated,” lead to resolution. American-born with a specific history and culture she says. “Treat people the way and international nurses can learn outside of the U.S., and she can also they would like to be treated. Now, I strategies for resolving culture pinpoint the areas where she may don’t talk about cultural competency, clashes. American-born nurses can need to adapt to American ways: I talk about culturally-congruent learn more about other cultures “After being here in the U.S. a while,” care—when you tailor the nursing and expand on their ability to offer Mrs. Druy said, “the international care to the patient’s cultural needs culturally-congruent care to a wider student (or nurse) will think about it with individuality in mind, because of variety of patient populations. The and be open to change: ‘Do I need diversity even in the same culture.“ international nurse can remind her to feel upset, or do I need to do colleagues that she is from a country something about it?’” There’ll Be Emotions—But Be Willing to Talk About It Yet, despite her diverse work experience and her expertise on culture clashes, even Mrs. Druy can get caught in the currents of a culture clash. Mrs. Druy told us of an instance when she didn’t speak to her American-born husband for ten days. He had casually compared her son (his stepson) to his dog because of the child’s affectionate, fun personality and unconditional love. Mrs. Druy says, “I could not even explain to him” why that comparison made her furious. Words of misunderstanding can have a particularly harsh sting when the two parties have grown up on different continents, in different cultures, with differing ideas about A better life... what is offensive and what is not. In Mrs. Druy’s culture, one simply cannot ever compare a child to a dog. a better company. “Sometimes something positive in your culture can mean something negative in my culture,” she says. Exciting opportunities available “Culture clashes can come because for experienced RNs and LPNs. of misunderstanding, not because we really mean to hurt each other. Be open to discuss it, not be too shy to � ask. Express how you feel, but use the Supervisors right words. There will be conflicts � between nurses on the same unit or Charge Nurses two nursing students in the same � Hospice For more information or to classroom. One may accuse the other of not having showered that morning. send your resume, contact Maybe [he or she] did shower, but the We pride ourselves on low Holly Hanisian at 703-824-1306 or kind of food prepared at home—the onion, the garlic, the way they cook turnover; competitive wages; fax to 703-824-1399, or email at the food—it will come out on your and exceptional benefits. [email protected] body smell. Or maybe the clash will be because someone’s perfume is Apply online at www.goodwinhouse.org strong.” EOE Although feelings may be hurt when a topic is brought up, Mrs. JUMP OVER TO GOODWIN HOUSE INCORPORATED Druy says, open discussion can

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This letter is an open invitation to nurses abusing alcohol or controlled substances. Trying to hide your addiction is a nightmare. Getting help for your addiction is the first step on the road to recovery. We the Committee on Impaired Nurses (COIN) invite you to participate in the DC Board of Nursing’s program for impaired/recovering nurses.

This is a confidential program. It was established out of a desire to provide nurses with the assistance and support they need to begin or continue their road to recovery.

COIN is composed of nurses with expertise in substance abuse and mental health. We recognize that the road to recovery is challenging. We offer the nurse the support needed to make their journey.

If you or one of your colleagues is currently abusing substances (using), facing challenges with your recovery or in fear of relapsing, please contact us for assistance. You will find our brochure enclosed. It will provide you with more information about COIN.

The goal of COIN is to work with nurses to preserve their health and preserve their careers, with our ultimate goal being protection of the patient.


Kate Malliarakis Chairperson

1616 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulationDistrict • E ducation of Columbia • P ractice Nurse DC BOARD OF NURSING Continuing Education Program

Defensive Documentation

Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Time: 8:30 am Registration 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Program Fee: No cost (Lunch will not be provided) Where: United Medical Center Auditorium (formerly Greater Southeast Community Hospital) 1310 Southern Ave, SE • Washington, DC 20002

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Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct for the Recruitment of Foreign-Educated Nurses to the United States

Foreign-educated nurses (FENs) full text of the code, go online at: III. Adhere to general principles recruited to work in the United www.fairinternationalrecruitment. of fair contract, immigration, States are vulnerable to financial org. and labor practices. exploitation, unfair labor practices, The D.C. Board of Nursing’s and threats of deportation. A past chairperson, JoAnne Joyner, IV. Support FENs’ transition, foreign nurse is often urged to sign Ph.D., APRN, BC, represented the after arrival in the United a contract at a job fair, and then Board as a member of the task force. States, into the U.S. work refused a copy of that contact. force so that the FENs are Foreign nurses are paid at a lower free to concentrate on their rate than their American peers KEY componentS OF ETHICAL work. and compelled to work excessive CODE overtime, while being denied sick Part II: Best Practices leave and health insurance. Some Recruitment and employment employers even retain custody of organizations that subscribe to the I. Working jointly with the foreign nurse’s green card. Code voluntarily agree to comply local authorities in source In an attempt to develop ethical with specific minimum standards, countries to identify standards for the recruitment of as specified in Part I of the Code, innovative and meaningful foreign-educated nurses, a task and to strive to achieve the best ways to ameliorate the force comprised of stakeholders— practices, as described in Part II of impact of recruitment to local unions, hospitals and health the Code. Subscription to the Code health care organizations systems, and educational and also implies full cooperation with and ensure the sustainability licensure bodies—has published a the monitoring system that will be of qualified healthcare Voluntary Code of Ethical Conduct developed by a representative Board professionals in those for the Recruitment of Foreign- of Directors. communities. Educated Nurses to the United States. Part I: Minimum Standards II. Respecting agreements What does the Code Cover? “The in which the FENs have Code sets standards for ensuring Subscribers to the Code agree to: contractual obligations to that the rights of foreign educated serve their home country nurses are protected, that the I. Comply with the laws of any health system in return provision of clinical and cultural foreign country in which for public education or orientation programs for foreign- they operate, and comply scholarships provided in the educated nurses is adequate, and with the laws of the United source country. that the practice of recruitment is States, including relevant not harmful to source countries.” employment and immigration III. Avoiding active overseas It calls for fair labor standards, laws when operating in the recruitment in those civil rights, equal pay and United States. countries or areas occupational safety standards. The within countries that are code’s best practices for recruiters II. Communicate and make experiencing either a and employers outlines ethical representations to applicants temporary health crisis conduct for an immigrant nurse’s in an honest, forthright, and during which health presentation and review of contacts accurate manner based upon professionals are in dire and practical support for daily available information. need, or a chronic shortage living. To review a print out of the of health workers.

1818 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulationDistrict • E ducation of Columbia • P ractice Nurse Ageism & Nursing

by Barbara J. Hatcher, Ph.D., MPH, RN, FAAN

“We tilt our heads back to use our bifocals. Our knees are bad, our feet fl at, back out, and shoulders pulled. Sometimes, when we run to the desk to get something, we can’t remember what it was we were running for by the time we get there. We are old nurses. But we still have something not found in the new nurse, something worth more than being swift; we have experience.”— Kathleen MacInnis, RN, author, “To Old Friends: What if all the experienced nurses left?” American Journal of Nursing, 2003. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is illegal to discriminate in hiring, promotion, and/or layoff. However ageism or age bias is pervasive throughout society and it is an especially important issue for nurses because the nursing workforce is aging rapidly. Also, the nursing workforce is made up primarily of women and research documents that women are affected more by ageism than men. The fi rst director of the National Institute on Aging introduced the term ageism in 1969 to describe a form of bigotry directed toward those who are considered old. More recently it has been defi ned as a process of systematically stereotyping and discriminating against people based on age. When compared to racism and sexism, ageism has been described as the strangest. According to Rosalie Kane1,” unlike racism, sexism, and homophobia, ageism represents a prejudice against a group that all members of the “in” group will inevitably join if they live long enough”

R egulation • Education • Practice 19 Nursing Practice

Ageism , she further contends, is In our youth-oriented society, the nursing workforce is aging and comprised of negative stereotypes about being “old” is an un-cherished stage shrinking and there are fewer potential our future selves. of life because it most often connotes workers to replace the baby boomers. According to the Wikipedia and deterioration. However, the average Barbara J. Hatcher, PhD, MPH, other sources, ageism contains three age of retirement is extending rapidly RN, FAAN, is Director of the Center for inter-related mechanisms: (1) prejudicial because of several key factors: Learning & Global Public Health at The attitudes toward older people, old the raising of the full or normal American Public Health Association age and the aging process attitudes retirement age from 65 years of age and http://www.apha.org/ Secretary (affective); (2) discriminatory practices with a notable impact on baby boomers General of The World Federation of against older people (behavioral); and whose full retirement age is between Public Health Associations. (3) institutional policies and practices 66-67 years of age; increased life that perpetuate stereotypes about older expectancy and overall better health; 1Kane RA (2004). Editorial Review. New people (cognitive). 2 According to Susan rapidly shrinking nest-egg reserves, England Journal of Medicine. http://www. Letvak3 and others, ageism is an ignored further heightened by the country’s amazon.com/Ageism-Stereotyping-Prejudice- topic in nursing. While federal law recent economic downturn and an against-Bradford/dp/0262640570/ref=sr_1 bars age discrimination, older workers increased cost of living. As a result, _1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1225627606&s including nurses are increasingly facing many “boomers” are staying in the r=8-1 accessed 11/01/08 age-related hurdles. Given the reality workforce longer or re-entering the of a rapidly aging nurse workforce, the work force. 2Nelson T (2004). Ageism: Stereotyping prevalence of ageist attitudes against More importantly, the size of the and Prejudice against Older Persons older workers and increasing reports workforce between ages 30-49 will (Bradford Books). http: //www.amazon. of age discrimination by nurses, it is shrink by 3.5 million by 2015 and by com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw?url=search- important to better understand this issue. 2015 there will be 16 million additional alias%3Daps&fi eld-keywords=ageism- workers over the age of 50 than there stereotyping&x=16&y=13. accessed The U.S. Context are today. Currently, the median age of 11/01/08. all workers is 40 and by 2012 nearly 1 in 3 workers will be 50 years of age 3Levtak S. (2002). Myths and realities of CLASSROOMFREE and older and by 2020, the number ageism and nursing. AORN Journal. DEMO of workers 55 years of age and older will increase by 80% to more than 33 4P I Buerhaus, D O Staiger, D I Augerbach, million. Further, from 2005-2025, there “Implications of an aging registered nurse will be no growth in the native born workforce,” JAMA 283 (June 14, 2000) 2948- THE workforce 25-54 years of age. So the 2954. U.S. workforce is shrinking and there RIGHT will be fewer potential workers to 5“The registered nurse population: National THE replace the baby boomers. sample survey of registered nurses--March TIME. 2001, preliminary fi ndings, February 2001,” RIGHT The Nursing Context US Department of Health and Human PROGRAM. The nursing population is aging Services, Health Resources and Services more rapidly than the workforce as a Administration, Bureau of Health Professions, whole. From 1983 to 1998, the number http://www.bhpr.hrsa.gov (accessed 1 of working nurses younger than age November 2008); “Current population EARN YOUR BSN ONLINE 30 decreased from 30% to 12%, survey. Technical paper 63: Design and Without Putting Your Life on Hold. whereas the number of people in the methodology,” US Bureau of Labor Statistics, See for yourself with a free virtual classroom demo. U.S. workforce younger than age 30 US Bureau of the Census, http://www.bls. decreased only 1%.4 The average age of census.gov/cps/tp/tp63.htm (accessed RNs in the United States has increased 1November 2008). substantially from 37.4 years in 1983, to 41.9 years in 1996; 44.5 years in 2000. 6The Registered Nurse Population: Findings The average age of the US workforce as from the 2004 National Sample Survey of Call 800-251-6954 a whole increased only two years during Registered Nurses, 2005, US Department this same time period.5 Currently, the of Health and Human Services, Health Visit JacksonvilleU.com/PC average age of a nurse is 47 years old. Resources and Services Administration,

Jacksonville University’s School of Nursing is accredited by the Commission By 2010, approximately 40% of the US Bureau of Health Professions, http://bhpr. on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). | Financial aid opportunities available. | Made available by University Alliance Online. | ©2007 Bisk nurse workforce will be over 50 years hrsa.gov/healthworkforce/rnsurvey04/ Education, Inc. All rights reserved. | SC 191734ZJ1 | MCID 2742 of age. 6As stated for the US as a whole, (accessed 1 November 2008)

20 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice Myths and Realities of An Older Workforce by Barbara J. Hatcher, Ph.D., MPH, RN, FAAN

There is disagreement about the significance of age percent) define retirement as a chance to stop bias. Many reliable sources believe that age bias in its working for pay completely.” most subtle forms is increasing. Negative stereotypes about people over 50 are imbedded in our culture. The Business Case for Older Workers According to one source, employee opinion surveys The experience of age-friendly workplaces document the indicating that 65 percent to 70 percent of older workers following about older workers: experience bias are contradicted by employer claims • Higher return on investment through reduced of older workers’ misperceptions and exaggerations. turnover and replacement costs 7 Further, employers are three times more likely than • Safer and more effective environment by employees to believe that age bias is declining. reducing negative patient outcomes Research suggests that many myths about aging affect • Improved decision-making and knowledge older workers, including older nurses. Older nurses are retention by capitalizing on the wisdom of nurse often accused of receiving higher salaries and benefits, experts having reduced speed and efficiency, being less flexible • Decreased on–the-job injuries and absenteeism. and adaptable, being less productive and unable to learn new technology. Employers are concerned about the cost Conclusion of older workers’ total compensation and training. Given the shortage of nursing, fewer younger While chief executive officers of hospitals and other nurses to hire, and the social and economic conditions health care organizations, including public health, report influencing older nurses to stay on the job, it is time to substantial vacancies, few systematically consider the eliminate age bias. If older nurses remain in the work aging work force, and many exhibit ageism. For example, force beyond normal retirement age, even part-time, employers are concerned that older workers, including some of the pressures facing health care facilities in terms nurses want to “coast” to retirement, are rigid or set in of maintaining patient safety and quality care would be their ways, do not mesh with younger team members, mitigated. Nurses must help organizations place a higher and are not technologically savvy or current with industry value on experience by increasing their understanding trends. Employers also support early retirements and of the impact of losing most of its intellectual capital and layoffs that substantially impact older workers with the institutional memory. Nurses must advocate for age- thought of reducing personnel costs in their organization. friendly workplaces such as those recognized by the AARP Few consider the impact on organizational performance. and promote best practices for attracting and retaining older nurses. However, research on aging documents the following: 7 Boomers to Bust Age Bias. Electronic Recruiting News, ( 22 1. Chronological age is a weak predictor of capacity November 2006). http://www.interbiznet.com/archives/061122. for productive performance.8 html (accessed 1 November 2008). 2. Older adults have the physical and mental 8. H Sterns, A Sterns, “Health and employment capability of capabilities to perform all but the most physically older Americans,” in Older and Active: How Americans Over 55 demanding tasks, and they have the ability to Are Contributing to Society, ed S A Bass (New Haven, Conn: Yale learn new skills.9 University Press, 1995) 117-135. 3. Individuals maintain stable intellectual 9 S A Bass, F G Caro, “Theoretical perspectives on productive functioning well into their seventies and aging,” in Handbook on Employment in the Elderly, ed W H Crown beyond.10 (Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1996) 262-275. 4. Performance does not decline with age.11 10 W Schaie, “Intellectual development in adulthood,” in Handbook 5. Many older workers are ready, willing and able, of the Psychology of Aging, ed J E Birren, K W Schaie (San Diego: and willing to continue working longer than Academic Press, 1990) 291-310 previous generations.12 11 H L Sterns, S M Miklos, “The aging worker in a changing 6. According to the AARP, while leisurely pursuits, environment: Organizational and individual issues,” Journal of fun, and time with family and friends still Vocational Behavior 47 (Dec 1, 1995) 248-268. dominate people’s images of retirement, pre- 12 Towers Perrin. Perspectives of Employers, workers, and policy retirees envision a retirement that includes at makers in the G7 countries on the new demographic realities. The least some form of work. Fewer than half (48 Journal. Winter 2007.

e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.gov 21 Nursing Practice “IT’S A CALLING” SAY THE NURSE MIDWIVES AT THE FAMILY HEALTH AND BIRTH CENTER

Contact Numbers: Family Health and Birth Center (202) 398-5520 Healthy Babies Project, Inc. (202) 396-2809 United Planning Organization (202) 730-0004 Developing Families Center (202) 396-2007

Center Location: 801 17th Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-7200

The Developing Families Center (DFC) is a non-governmental not-for-profit agency consisting of the Healthy Babies Project (HBP); the United Planning Organization Early Childhood Development Center (UPO ECDC); and the Family Health and Birth Center (FHBC).

A NURSE PRACTITIONER’S care was outstanding – low on condition or social challenges PERSPECTIVE technology and high on education. such as a lack of stable housing by Amy Filmore Nassar, MSN, FNP, My birth was a partnership of or education are referred to HBP Nurse Practitioner and member of medicine and advance practice – located in the same building. the D.C. Board of Nursing nursing. Despite my medically HBP assigns a nurse case manager indicated induction, magnesium or family support worker to assist In 2007, I was happily pregnant infusion, pitocin infusion, and these pregnant women with and looking for the best prenatal restriction in motion, the FHBC housing, government assistance, care in Maryland, Virginia, or midwives assisted me in a WIC enrollment, GED class District of Columbia. As a family wonderful birth of a healthy baby enrollment, parenting education, nurse practitioner for the past 10 girl. The FHBC midwives provided free crib programs, and free car years, I knew that my choice of me the opportunity to have the seat programs. HBP provides case obstetric provider would strongly birth my husband and I wished for. management until the client’s impact my pregnancy and birth. I now also have the job I have baby is 2 years old. The child During my second trimester, my hoped for. After my maternity development center located husband and I interviewed doulas. leave, I started a new position within Developing Families Center Doulas, professionals who provide at Developing Families Center. It also gives priority to applicants continuous physical and emotional is wonderful to work with three who have given birth with FHBC support during pregnancy and organizations providing essential midwives. labor, have been shown to reduce education, resources, and health Come visit us, work with us, a pregnant woman’s chance of care to pregnant and parenting volunteer with us or give birth cesarean section by 50 percent. women. Healthy Babies Project with us. FHBC accepts most All of the doulas we interviewed (HBP) provides free pregnancy insurance and pregnant women up recommended the midwives at tests to women of all ages and to 38 weeks pregnant who are not Family Health and Birth Center. free HIV tests for men and women in labor. HBP accepts clients who At the Family Health and Birth under the age of 24. All women live in Wards 5, 6, 7, and 8 who Center (FHBC), I learned that who have a positive pregnancy are pregnant or who have given FHBC midwives “caught” babies test at HBP are referred to FHBC birth in the last three months. at Washington Hospital Center – located in the same building UPO cares for children 6 weeks and in their birthing rooms. I also – for . Additionally, old to 3 years old. FHBC is looking discovered that the FHBC midwives pregnant patients at FHBC who for a full-time pediatric nurse had a cesarean section rate of less have suffered a prior pregnancy practitioner! Send your resume to than 10 percent. My pregnancy loss, who have a chronic medical [email protected].

2222 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulationDistrict • E ducation of Columbia • P ractice Nurse D.C. NURSE:REP SPEAKS WITH Babies Project founder nurse in Wards 5 and 6,” they told D.C. CENTER MIDWIVES Delores Farr reached out to NURSE:REP, but they will accept by Nancy Kofie local police officials, barber and walk-in clients, regardless of beauty shops, and went into drug the ward of the city they live The Vision treatment centers to find those in. According to Ms. Farr, “The The D.C. Developing Families in need of care and counseling. purpose of joining together was Center at 801 17th Street in In 1998, Dr. Ruth Lubic, a to offer collaborative care. All northeast Washington offers certified nurse midwife, founded services are free to enrolled a comprehensive array of Developing Families Center after families; our goal is to strengthen services—gynecological services, winning a MacArthur “genius families.” In 2000, the center’s the personalized care of nurse- grant.” It took a lot of pounding founder, Ruth Lubic, made her midwifes, pregnancy care, ability the pavement, knocking on doors, vision into a reality. The center to give birth with nurse midwives educating the community about houses three entities: The Family in a birthing room or at a hospital, the value of midwifery, rallying Health and Birth Center (FHBC), case management by nurses and residents, coaxing expectant the Healthy Babies Project family support workers, day care, mothers and fathers, and the (HBP), and the United Planning teen programs, and fatherhood tenacity to wage a three-year Organization Early Childhood support. Enrolled family members campaign (of gentle persuasion) Development Center (UPO ECDC). can take classes in obtaining a to convince the Hechinger family FHBC provides advance practice GED and job-seeking techniques. to donate the building in which nursing care in , Families are provided with access the center is housed. “Ruth Lubic , and gynecology. HBP to social service assistance, crisis is calling again,” was a refrain provides nurse case managers intervention, free immunizations, often sighed by the administrative and family support workers to education in self-care, and home staff at the Hechinger offices. at-risk pregnant women. These visitation. The staff makes every When Dr. Lubic founded the pregnant women are followed by effort to address as many aspects Developing Families Center, case managers until their babies of family life and wellness as Healthy Babies Project became are 2 years old. UPO ECDC is possible. one of the three non-profit a child development center for Establishing this center was organizations in this new center. children 6 weeks old to 3 years no easy task. In 1991, Healthy “We specifically do outreach old.

Birthing room at FHBC e-mail:R egulation [email protected] • Education • P •ractice web: www.hpla.doh.gov 2323 Nursing Practice

DC Developing Families Center

have significantly reduced the availability of midwifery services The Midwifery Difference disparities in .” mean more client control, and The value of midwifery is in the D.C. used to have the highest rates lower C-section rates, in addition stats. of infant mortality in the country, to the lower rates of infant Dr. Lubic says, “The time we but now the municipality which mortality. The C-section rate of spend with clients has made the has this statistic is Memphis, FHBC patients is approximately 9 difference. The midwives make Tennessee. percent — much lower than the it possible for the women to be In the D.C. community, the C-section rate citywide. expressive of their feelings. We center has proven that the But what makes the center so magnificent is not the 15- room facility, but the staff. “I have the greatest admiration for these midwives,” Dr. Lubic says. “It is not easy to function out of the hospital setting and in the hospital setting. For many people, there is a disconnect. They are not comfortable in both ThinkThinkaboutitnursing.comaboutitnursing.com places.” Career Pathways Education Recruitment The nurse-midwives at the Family Health and Birth Center have come to their profession

24 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice from different career backgrounds. told us that the key to the data showing the worth of the Lisa Uncles, who is director success of the center is that the midwifery services. Recalling a of clinical services at the center, nurse-midwives each operate presentation the midwives did for told us, “For a lot of us it is a independent practices. “The the medical staff at Washington second or third career.” Ms. Center brings cost-savings to the Hospital Center, Ms. Roebuck Uncles started her career as a health care system,” Ms. Ross notes: “[Our C-section] stats spoke chemist responsible for testing says. It is “so much more fulfilling” volumes.” Because of her youthful the public drinking water. She than conventional care. “Working look, Ms. Roebuck often meets also worked as a bartender. When here is incredible,” she said. clients who assume she is also one of her co-workers invited her “You get to watch the babies you a client. When they find out she to a , that experience deliver grow up” as they attend is a midwife, they are pleasantly was so profound, she decided the center’s program. surprised. to become a nurse-midwife. For Nurse-midwife and self- The midwives of the center all nurses considering a career described “midwife stalker” also deliver babies at Washington as a nurse-midwife, Ms. Uncles Ebony Roebuck is an ex-teacher Hospital Center, in addition to offers encouragement and says, who was so enamored with the within the warm, home-like “We need you! And there is a profession of midwifery that she birthing rooms at the center. No great need for more midwives became a volunteer at the center expectant mother is pressured of color.” Although the clients even before she entered nursing to give birth at the center. If do love all of the midwives—no school. “I believe so strongly in she would like to give birth at matter what color—having more the profession—the empowerment Washington Hospital Center she minority midwives would help for of women. Our patients are may. They also give referrals to the purposes of getting reluctant becoming informed consumers OB/GYNs if the client would like clients to come through the door. as they are with us.” And her one. Nurse-midwife Lisa Ross enthusiasm is backed up by the Family Health and Birth Center

4th Annual


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e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.gov 25 Nursing Practice

has 400 new obstetrics clients years,” Dr. Lubic joked. When Dr. more in control of their birth.” per year, and deliver about half Lubic first became a midwife in Ms. Nassar is a nurse practitioner of them. 1960, few people were impressed at the center. with her choice of nursing In addition to benefiting from Midwifery Rumors practice, she said. Since then, the expertise of nurse-midwives Have you been thinking she has dedicated her life to and nurse practitioners, the about a career as a nurse- the profession (and garnered a clients of the center also gain midwife but have been “genius grant” from the MacArthur access to breastfeeding peer discouraged by the rumors Foundation for her work). counselors and child development surrounding the profession? When they first opened specialists. For mothers about Perhaps you have heard the center, Ms. Farr told us, a to deliver, there is a doula on midwifery is unsafe or that “you’ll physician told her that having call 24 hours a day. (A doula is never get a job” or that “you’ll midwives deliver babies would “a professional who provides never get malpractice insurance.” lead to lawsuits. To which Ms. continuous physical, emotional All of these assertions are untrue, Farr replied, “Well, you might be and informational support to according to the midwives who sued, too.” Since then, she says, a the mother before, during and spoke to D.C. NURSE:REP. lot of the physicians who doubted just after birth; or support “Every other country [is the center have become friends during the .” accepting of midwifery] except as opposed to foes. [Source: www.dona.org]) The for here,” Ms. Roebuck told center also has a graduate-level us. Traditionally, the medical Other Staff intern from Catholic University: establishment of the U.S. has Amy Filmore Nassar came “I am at the Family Health and been hostile to midwifery, but to the center as a patient and Birth Center in the capacity of a things are changing slowly gave birth with the Family Health graduate nursing student, and but surely. Midwifery is slowly and Birth Center midwives at Amy Nassar is my preceptor,” gaining more acceptance, despite Washington Hospital Center. Ms. says Washington Hospital Center the resistance. Dr. Lubic noted Nassar, who is vice-chair of the nurse Chioma Nwachukwu. “The that the American College of D.C. Board of Nursing, says in the Developing Families Center has Obstetricians and Gynecologists hospital, the birth process can been an excellent site for my gave its endorsement to free- get out of [the patient’s] control. clinical rotation as a master’s standing birth centers in February “Midwives,” she says, “empower level graduate nursing student of 2008. “That only took 35 women and their families to be in Community and Public Health at The Catholic University of America. I am learning and seeing first-hand how this center is helping to meet the goals of Healthy People 2010 by addressing the needs of the vulnerable population of women and children in Wards 5, 6, 7, and 8. Having a wealth of inter-connected services and knowledge in one location helps to decrease the barriers to access and increases the continuity of care.” [Healthy People 2010 sets health objectives for the nation for the first decade of the new century. For more info, visit www. healthypeople.gov.]

New Ground: Emotionally and Legislatively The program structure is Nurse-midwife Ebony Roebuck with Cole, son of Healthy Babies Project Outreach Worker Timeka flexible, in that clients may gain Murphy (who gave birth to Cole in one of Family Health & Birth Center’s birthing rooms). access to any service offered

26 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulation • E ducation • P ractice regardless of the particular service that initially brought them through the door. “A person can come in from any door,” Ms. Farr says. “They might come in from the Birth Center. They might start from the day care and get pregnant and decide to give birth in the Birth Center.” When working with the families, the staff seeks to break new ground with the fathers. At first, fathers tended to say that the center’s services were “ladies stuff,” but as the years have passed, more fathers have gotten involved in prenatal care and delivery. Ms. Roebuck enjoys bringing the fathers into the process: “I have the dads help me measure the belly, check the heart rate. We let dads ‘catch’. Even the ‘tough’ dads. When they catch their babies, they are crying.” As a result of their success, the center has received many inquiries from other jurisdictions seeking to replicate their center in other cities all over the U.S., and in other countries as well. “There is a great deal of interest in replicating the [center model] from all over the country,” says Dr. Lubic. “It is putting health care in its social context.” But before a center like this can be established in a jurisdiction, the nurse-midwives in that jurisdiction must be granted the means to operate independently. That autonomy came to District nurse-midwives through the District of Columbia Nurse Practice Act. Speaking with the center midwives, Board of Nursing Executive Director Karen Scipio Skinner noted that a major battle in changing the Nurse Practice Act was getting third- party reimbursement for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses without physician supervision. This ground- breaking practice act was enacted in D.C. in 1994. So, although many jurisdictions would like to replicate the center here in D.C., this may not happen unless there are legislative changes regarding nursing practice. e-mail: [email protected] • web: www.hpla.doh.gov 27 Nursing Practice

“What a great place! District Ranks The team is upbeat and energetic. I have mentors and managers who have No. 1 for really helped me grow professionally.”

Award-winning Sibley Memorial Hospital is widely respected as a premier, 328-bed non-profit community hospital located in a lovely residential Providing neighborhood of Northwest Washington, DC – close to Georgetown, suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia. We now seek dedicated nursing professionals to join us as: Government • EDUCATION & TRAINING INFORMATICS RN You’ll educate/train others on our clinical documentation systems for Patient Care Services. Requires a BSN plus 3 years’ clinical RN experience in acute care Health and 2 years’ experience with computer applications. • IMAGING SERVICES RN (M-F Days, No weekends/holidays) Insurance Requires DC RN licensure and current CPR certifi cation. ACLS certifi cation preferred. • BREAST CENTER NAVIGATION RN Works at the pre and post biopsy stage to guide and assist patients for multimodality diagnostic testing, tracks reports and pathology The District of Columbia data. Requires DC RN licensure, minimum 1 year experience with Department of Health (DOH) has been breast programs; prefer Oncology Nurse Cert. cited for its success in providing • VARIOUS GENERAL RN OPENINGS health care to disadvantaged Visit and apply at sibley.org or residents by the Foundation for email:[email protected]. For more information, call 202-537-4750. Health Coverage Education (FHCE),

EOE a national nonprofi t advocacy group. The District ranks No. 1 in the country

© 2008 NAS with providing health insurance (Media: delete copyright notice) assistance to the uninsured. “People DC Nurse should have access to quality health 5.125” x 4.875” care regardless of their social or 4-color a economic status. In the District Consider of Columbia, we have a long- standing commitment to providing, with maintaining, and improving access to health quality health care. Career Providing broad equitable access Us to health insurance is a priority for us, so we are proud of the Diamond Healthcare, the provider of psychiatric fact that the Department of Health services at Washington Hospital Center, is has been able to provide health seeking RNs with psychiatric experience. coverage for approximately one- third of the District’s estimated Contact us for information about available 582,000 residents, many of whom shifts. would otherwise be uninsured,” said Dr. Pierre Vigilance, director, Send resumes to Human Resources, Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, 216 Michigan D.C. Department of Health.” The Avenue, NE 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20017 Foundation for Health Coverage FAX (202) 328-5911 Education cited data provided by E-mail: [email protected] the Kaiser Family Health Foundation (statehealthfacts.org) to identify how programs differ from state to state. The study showed that, of every state in the nation, the District provided the most generous subsidy for health care to its poor and indigent residents.

2828 District of Columbia Nurse: R egulationDistrict • E ducation of Columbia • P ractice Nurse KudOs!

Congratulations to D.C. Board of Nursing Member Ot- tamissiah “Missy” Moore, LPN. Missy has been elected President of the National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses (NFLPN)! Her goal is to help the organization grow and “go from good to great... What I hope to accomplish is to build mem- bership through education and certification, LPN advocacy, student membership and mentorship, and to raise aware- ness of the LPN scope of practice,” she says. She will serve a two-year term.

Congratulations to Beverly Morgan, LPN, who has been awarded a $2500 scholarship to attend the Wound Care Education Institute’s (WCEI) wound care program and Na- tional Alliance of Wound Care’s (NAWC) credentialing exam. The award was presented during the 2008 annual confer- ence of the NFLPN. (For more info, go online at www.nflpn. org; www.wcei.net; or www.nawccb.org.) Margaret Green, Beverly Morgan, Rick Garcia, Missy Moore, and Dr. Mary Ivey.

Congratulations to the following D.C. Board of Nursing’s Committee on Barbara J. Hatcher, PhD, MPH, nurses for representing the District Impaired Nurses (COIN). RN, FAAN, Secretary General of the of Columbia in the NCLEX item World Federation of Public Health development program: Berle Allison R. Kevin Mallinson, PhD, RN, Associations was inducted into the Henry, RN, Item Review Panel; India assistant professor at Georgetown American Academy of Nursing, as one M. Medley, PN, Item Writing Panel; University School of Nursing and Health of the 2008 new Fellows. She was Jacqueline Brewington, RN, Item Studies, was recently selected as a nominated for this honor by two current Review Panel; Brenda N Millet, PN, Item Fellow of the American Academy of Academy Fellows and was selected Review Panel. Nursing (FAAN). Mallinson currently serves as principal investigator on a $2.5 Damon B. Cottrell, MS, RN, CCNS, million grant to build nursing work force CCRN, APRN-BC, CEN, of Washington capacity in Africa related to HIV/AIDS, Hospital Center, has been approved to called Nurses SOAR! (Strengthening Our serve as a member of the D.C. Board of AIDS Response), which includes sites Nursing’s APRN Advisory Committee. in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. Source: Advance for Nurses (www. Ladan Eshkevari, RN, CRNA, MS, advanceweb.com) has been awarded the John F. Garde Doctoral Fellowship by the American Teresa C. Richardson, APRN, Association of Nurse Anesthetists BC, of PNP Associates, LLC, (and a Barbara J. Hatcher, PhD, Foundation. Ms. Eshkevari is assistant member of the Committee on Impaired MPH, RN, FAAN director of the nurse anesthesia program Nurses) has been selected to serve as and an assistant professor in the a Fellow in the Minority Fellowship by the Academy’s 15-member Fellow School of Nursing and Health Studies at Program (MFP) of the American Nurses Selection Committee for her outstanding Georgetown University. She is a Ph.D. Association for FY 2008-2009. The achievements in the nursing profession. candidate in physiology and biophysics program’s mission is to increase the Dr. Hatcher was formally inducted as at Georgetown. Source: Nursing number of rigorously educated nurses a Fellow with 90 other nurse leaders Spectrum (www.nurse.com) from under-represented ethnic minority during the Academy’s Annual Awards groups to conduct research and assume Ceremony and Induction Banquet in JoAnne Joyer, PhD, APRN, BC, leadership roles regarding mental Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Hatcher is a former outgoing chairperson of the D.C. Board health issues. Chair of the District of Columbia Board of Nursing, is the newest member of the of Nursing. e-mail:R egulation [email protected] • Education • P •ractice web: www.hpla.doh.gov 2929 Nursing Practice Board Disciplinary Actions NAME LICENSE # ACTION Adebowale Adefolaju LPN7903 License revoked for fi ve years Yolanda Forte LPN7018 License suspended for one year

PUBLISHING CONCEPTSCraig Smart INC. KAI005031BRN963671 11/28/2008 License Suspended Indefi nitely Names and licenseKHOWARD numbers are published as5.125 a means x 7.50 of protecting the public safety,DC health, Nurse and welfare. Only Final Orders are published. Pending actions against licensees are not published. Consent orders can be accessed by going to Professional Licensee Search at www.hpla.doh.dc.gov.do/do/jmr 3 KAI90718

Want to tell your I strive to learn something new every day. And always set my story? expectations higher. As an employee at Kaiser Permanente, I am supported with resources and encouragement to realize my potential. Whether I'm pursuing educational opportunities or If you would like to tell D.C. NURSE learning from people around me, I'm continually working toward being my best, both in and out of work. I chose a career in health readers about your job, send an e-mail care to help people. Kaiser Permanente shares this mission and to [email protected] and place “TELL wants the same for me. If you believe that personal and professional MY STORY” in the subject line. We satisfaction comes from being your best, this is the place to put will send you a short questionnaire to your beliefs into practice. return to us by e-mail. Selected stories may be published I am in future issues of the D.C. NURSE:REP. MY OWN CAUSE Your compassion brings comfort.

For over 30 years, Capital Hospice has served your communities in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our continued growth is truly a reflection of the exceptional physical, emotional and spiritualYour care compassion we provide our brings patients comfort. and families Wefacing are serious there progressive for you. illness. We’re able to provide that care largely because of our excellent nurses. Clinical Supervisor - FT Washington, DC The nation’s leading nonprofit integrated health plan, Kaiser Permanente is a recognized health We also have RN opportunities at our advocate in the communities in which it resides. Here, in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we provide Northern Virginia locations. quality health care to our more than 500,000 members in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia. At this time, we have the following excellent opportunities: Capital Hospice offers very competitive compensation and benefits, including a new CLINICAL NURSES – MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, MEDICAL CENTER ADMINISTRATOR – MARYLAND company-supported medical plan with HRA, AND D.C. ADVICE NURSES – VIRGINIA tax-deferred retirement with employer match, LPNS – MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, AND D.C. RECOVERY ROOM NURSES – MARYLAND AND tuition assistance and reimbursement, generous RN CLINIC COORDINATORS – MARYLAND VIRGINIA paid leave and free parking. Please visit our website or send your resume and cover letter to: For more information about specific opportunities in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or the Kerri Naylor, Healthcare Recruiter, email: knaylor@ District of Columbia, we invite interested individuals to visit jobs.kp.org for complete capitalhospice.org or fax: 703-396-6192. qualifications and job submission details.



30 District of Columbia Nurse

Job#: b005104700 DAte: 11/30/08 Client: CAPitAl HoSPiCe ArtiSt: Vn PubS: DC nurSe ComP: Size: 2.5x4.875 reV: 0 DC Nurse HOSPITAL DIRECTORY CHILDREN NATIONAL MED GREATER SE COMM HOSP/ J-11 INOVA FAIRFAX HOSP/D-10 KAISER PERMENENTE MID- NATIONAL REHABILITATION HOSP CTR/ I-8 1310 Southern Ave., SE 3300 Gallows Rd. ATLANTIC OFFICE/ G-4 CTR/ I-8 111 Michigan Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20032 Falls Church, VA 22042 2101 E. Jefferson St. 102 Irving St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20010 202-574-6000 703-968-1110 • www.inova.org Rockville, MD 20852 Washington, D.C. 20010 202-884-5000 • www.cnmc.org HADLEY MEMORIAL HOSP/ I-11 INOVA FAIRFAX HOSP FOR www.kaiserpernaN.E.N.E.te.org 202-877-1000 Doctor’s Community 4501 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., SW CHILDREN/D-10 LAUREL REGIONAL HOSP/ L-3 www.nrhrehab.org Hosp/ M-6 Washington, D.C. 20032 3300 Gallows Rd. 7300 Van Dusen Rd. POTOMAC HOSPITAL/ WOOD- 8118 Good Luck Rd. HOLY CROSS HOSP/ I-8 Falls Church, VA 22042 Laurel, MD 20707 BRIDGE Lanham Seabrk, MD 20706 1500 Forest Glenn Rd. 703-968-1110 • www.inova.org 301-725-4300 • 410-792-2270 2300 Opitz Boulevard 301-552-8118 Silver Spring, MD 20910 INOVA HEART AND VASUCLAR MONTGOMERY GENERAL Woodbridge, VA 22191 DOMINION HOSP/ F-10 301-754-7000 INSTITUTE HOSP/H-1 www.potomachospital.com 2960 Sleepy Hollow Rd. HOWARD UNIVERSITY HOSP/ I-8 3300 Gallows Rd. 18101 Prince Phillip Drive PRINCE WILLIAM HOSPITAL/ Falls Church, VA 22044 2041 Georgia Ave., N.W. Falls Church, VA 22042 OlN.E.y, MD 20832 MANASSAS 703-536-2000 Washington, D.C. 20060 703-664-7000 • www.inova.org 301-774-8882 6700 Sudley Rd. GEORGE WASH. UNIV. HOSP/ H-9 202-865-6100 INOVA LOUDOUN HOSPITAL www.montgomerygeN.E.ral.com Manassas, VA 20110 900 23rd St. N.W. www.huhosp.org 44045 Riverside Parkway NATIONAL MEDICAL CTR/ I-7 www.pwhs.org Washington, D.C. 20037 INOVA ALEXANDRIA HOSP/ G-11 Leesburg, VA 20176 5648 3rd St. N.E. www.dimensionshealth.org 202-715-4000 4320 Seminary Rd. www.loudoun hospital.org Washington, D.C. 20011 PRINCE GEORGE’S HOSPITAL www.gwhospital.com Alexandria, VA 22304 INOVA MT. VERNON HOSP/ H-13 NORTHERN VA COMM HOSP/ G-10 CENTER GEORGETOWN UNIV. HOSP/ H-8 www.inova.org 2501 Parker’s LaN.E. 601 S. Carin Spring Rd. 3100 Hospital Dr. 3800 Reservoir Rd. N.W. INOVA FAIR OAKS HOSP/ 1-9 Alexandria, VA 22306 Arlington, VA • 703-671-1200 Cheverly, MD 20785 Washington, D.C. 20007 3600 Joseph Siewick Drive 703-664-7000 • www.inova.org www.nvchospital.com 301-618-2000 202-444-2000 Fairfax, VA 22033 www.dimensionshealth.org georgetownuniversityhospital.org 703-968-1110 • www.inova.org PSYCHIATRIC INST. OF WASH/ H-7 4228 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20016 PROVIDENCE HOSP/ J-7 1150 Varnum St. N.E. Washington, D.C. 2001 www.provhosp.org RESTON HOSPITAL CENTER 1850 Town Center Parkway Reston, VA 20190 703-689-9000 www.restonhospital.N.E.t SHADY GROVE ADVENTIST HOSP/ E-3 9901 Medical Center Dr. Rockville, MD 20850 301-279-6000 www.adventisthealthcare.com SIBLEY MEMORIAL HOSP/ G-8 5255 Loughboro Rd. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20016 202-537-4000 www.sibley.org SOUTHERN MD HOSP CTR/ L-13 7503 Surratts Rd. Clinton, MD 20735 301-896-8000 Specialty Hosp of Wash - Capitol HIll/ L-13 700 Consitution Ave. N.E. Washington, D.C. 20002 Specialty Hosp. of Wash. 202-546-5700 SUBURBAN hosp/ g-6 8600 Old Georgetown Bethesda, MD 20614 301-896-3100 VIRGINIA HOSP CTR/ G-9 1701 N. George Mason Dr. Arlington, VA 22201 www.virginiahospitalcenter.com WASHINGTON ADVENTIST HOSP/ I-6 7600 Carroll Ave. Takoma Park, MD 20912 301-891-7600 www.washingtonadventisthospital. com WASHINGTON HOSP CTR/ I-8 110 Irving St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20010 202-877-7000 www.whcenter.org 31 DC Board of Nursing Suite 600 Presorted Standard 717 14th Street, NW U.S. Postage Paid Little Rock, AR Washington, DC 20005 Permit No. 1884

Georgetown University Hospital Magnet™ Award for Nursing Excellence. We DID it, AGAIN!

The FIRST and ONLY Magnet Hospital in Washington, DC

We’re proud to be among the elite hospitals to have Visit us and apply online or send your resume to received Magnet re-designation and the only hospital in Georgetown University Hospital, Attn: Eileen Ferrell, our nation’s capital to have been recognized even once. RN, MS, Nurse Recruitment and Retention, This highly prestigious award validates our belief that 3800 Reservoir Rd., NW, Washington, DC 20007, our Nursing team and the environment in which they phone: (877) 486-9676, fax: (202) 444-4080, work are the best that healthcare has to offer. e-mail: [email protected]. AA/EOE

Surprisingly, although we are among the region’s largest academic institutions, we have maintained a community spirit. Georgetown Magnet Nurses are friendly and extremely supportive. As soon as you step inside our doors, you will experience a family feeling that exceeds all others. And the administration is your true advocate since nurses hold a significant role in the organization.