Mount Pleasant MPC Customs Ivyleaf Footpath to Golf Course Northcott P Northcott Mouth Mouth To Sandymouth

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S P A Morrisons Supermarket Crooklets Skate Park B Splash Leisure Pool and The Venue Bowling

Sea Pool E P C Esso Garage B Bude and North Summerleaze u Stratton rn Golf course D Bude Tyre Supplies V P P ie w P P F I E Sainsbury’s Supermarket P H F Co-operative Supermarket P Bude T h G The Preston Gate Inn e

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n H Stratton Hospital d A3072 and Medical Centre A3072 L I The Tree Inn

t C e J Elements Hotel and Bistro e A3072 N


e K The Weir Bistro

v i R L Lidl Supermarket


To Holsworthy e riv D e D rin Ma


To Widemouth


P K P Helebridge

Wooda Farm Holiday Park, Poughill, Bude, Cornwall EX23 9HJ | 01288 352069 | | [email protected]

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th Places to eat 1 Chungs Chinese Takeaway C ro o k le t 2 Hebasca s d R a o o Sea Pool a R d e s u 3 Tommy Jack’s o H Bude and North lf o Cornwall Golf Course G P 4 Crooklets Inn B ur 16 n V iew 5 Rosie’s Kitchen 10 14 6 Bude Tandoori 15 eet S Str um e m inc 7 Mirchi erl Pr ea P B ze e Crescent l l e Q 6 V u 8 Tiandi Summerleaze u e e e Beach n Hart S land Te t rrace r e 9 Silver River Chinese Takeaway e P t 17 10 Life’s a Beach P 7 P 11 The Olive Tree Bistro G ra nv The Falcon Hotel ille 12 Te r d ra a ce o R 13 The Brendon Arms n w o d s n The Beach at Bude a 14 L y a W 19 15 The Deck ic r e b 18 a G e u Other g 21 Er P T h 8 Sainsbury’s Supermarket e 16 S E t r r a 9 g n P u d e 17 Co-Operative Supermarket Church Path G a b e r ic 18 Barclays Bank W a 11 y 19 TSB Bank Church Lane nt ce es Cr e Bude Tourist Information Centre h 20 T P Bude Library 20 i 21 12 Bencoolen Road 22 Esso Petrol Station 13

Falcon Terrace


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