MEMBER CLUBS Name Delegate Voting Entitlement | Member Count Leichhardt Rowing Club Inc. Steve Duff 6 (185) Limited Guy Morgan 6 (181) Rowing Club Limited Keith Jameson 6 (159) Sydney University Boat Club Sarah Cook 6 (140) North Shore Rowing Club Inc. Richard Sheldrake 6 (121) UTS Rowing Club Inc. Sinclair Taylor 6 (113) Balmain Rowing Club Inc. Renate Ijpma 6 (107) Glebe Rowing Club Mark Tietjen 4 (96) Drummoyne Rowing Club Limited Kathleen Hextell 4 (93) Nepean Rowing Club Limited Daniel Waddell 4 (93) University of N.S.W. Rowing Club Stephanie Hart 4 (74) St. George Rowing Club Limited Glenn Chuter 3 (48) Abbotsford Rowing Club Suzanne Jones 3 (34) (Previously Sydney Women's MLC Rowing Club) Penrith Rowing Club Ian McRae 3 (26) Macquarie University Boat Club Anthony Dijanosic 3 (16) Newington Masters Rowing Club John Johnson 3 (6) Old Ignatians Rowing Club Phillip Elbourne 3 (4)

AFFILIATED ROWING ASSOCIATIONS OF SCHOOLS OR CLUBS Name Delegate Voting Entitlement Central Districts Rowing Association Phillip Titterton 4 Northern Rivers Rowing Association Owen Nix 4 AAGPS Michael Smith 2 NSW CHSSA Bryony Gerofi 2 AHIGS Donna Baker 2

INDEPENDENTLY AFFILIATED SCHOOLS OR REGIONAL CLUBS Name Delegate Voting Entitlement | Member Count St Joseph’s College Charles Rowe 1 (211) St Ignatius College Peter Wawn 1 (164) North Sydney Girls High School P&C Thusi Kumarage 1 (30) Shoalhaven Rowing Club Simone Jones 1 (20) Shellharbour Rowing Club Heather Gavin 1 (9)

AFFILIATED KINDRED ASSOCIATIONS Name Delegate Voting Entitlement NSW Union of Rowers Tony Brown 1 Union of Oarswomen Sue Carew 1 J B Sharp Regatta Series Liam James 1 Balmain Para-Rowing Program Inc Liam James 1

NB: Please contact RNSW to nominate an alternate delegate. Email RNSW