annual report FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2019

“An intimate setting to see some amazing art.”


FY2019 Operating Support and Revenues: $68.5 million Financial Results

Museum Stores Other Revenues 4% Gross Profit 5% The combined financial statements of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco include an annual appropriation from the City and County of San Francisco, as well as the activities of the supporting nonprofit organizations, the Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums and the Fine Arts Museums Foundation. Endowment The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco again achieved strong Dear Friends, 5% Support financial results, with a modest operating surplus in both FY2019 and Contributions 30% FY2018, as shown in this summarized statement: What a thrilling year we’ve shared! Your belief in the from across the globe to our San Francisco art enthusiasts. Museums as valuable community assets has allowed us to Together, we are positioned to expand our reach even Admissions 13% FY2019 FY2018 do great work, and I’m excited to share a few highlights of further this year. The free-of-charge de Youngsters Studio (now a year old!) continues to encourage children to engage Operating Support and Revenues: our achievements this year in the following report. Contributions $20,597,000 $21,048,000 I am, and continue to be, deeply honored to have been with the visual arts by fostering their natural curiosity. Two of City Appropriation 16,044,000 14,932,000 appointed director and CEO of the Fine Arts Museums of our newest initiatives, Free Saturdays and the Opportunities Membership 12,834,000 10,749,000 Membership 20% San Francisco last year. As we enter a new fiscal year, we for All paid-internship program, will continue and expand this Admissions 9,024,000 8,137,000 City Appropriation 23% Endowment Support 3,628,000 3,583,000 have much to be thankful for, including new initiatives that coming year in order to drive relevance among our diverse Museum Stores Gross Profit 3,589,000 3,055,000 have come to fruition because of your valuable dedication. and changing communities. Other Revenues 2 , 7 5 5 , 0 0 0 1,367,000 We couldn’t have done it without you and, on behalf of the Your support has made an incredible impact on every person we serve, and I am deeply grateful for Total Support and Revenues $68,471,000 $62,871,000 entire staff and board of trustees, thank you. Year after year, we are privileged to host extraordinary your generosity, your trust, and, most important, your Operating Expenses: exhibitions that bolster our reputation as a hub of commitment to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Program Services $47,604,000 $43,034,000 inspiration and innovation. This year was no exception. At FY2019 Operating Expenses: Art Acquisitions 4,744,000 5,100,000 $67 million Operations and Administration 8,167,000 8,051,000 the de Young, both Contemporary Muslim Fashions and Development 3,535,000 3,621,000 With sincere appreciation, Monet: The Late Years had strong international resonance Museum Stores 4% Museum Stores 2,978,000 2,735,000 and received wide critical acclaim. The Legion of Honor showcased a number of stunning exhibitions—Truth & Total Expenses $67,028,000 $62,541,000 Beauty: The Pre-Raphaelites and the Old Masters; Early Development Operating Surplus $1,443,000 $330,000 Rubens; and East Meets West: Jewels of the Maharajas Thomas P. Campbell 5% from The Al Thani Collection, which brought masterpieces Director and CEO Operations and The City appropriation provides critical funding for the care and Administration 12% maintenance of the de Young and Legion of Honor facilities and collections, Above: At the Early Rubens Member Preview. Photograph by Gary Sexton including staffing, utilities, and building maintenance. The privately raised endowment, standing at $138 million as of June 30, 2019, provides funding Art Acquisitions AT A GLANCE 7% for restricted purposes, such as acquisitions, conservation, and exhibitions, TOTAL as well as general operations. Admissions and other earned revenue 1,413,817 360 VOLUNTEERS 14 24,485 2,821 provide 22% of total funding. We rely on the generous support of donors TOTAL VISITORS contributed 21,000 hours SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS students participating in VISITORS SERVED and members to provide the balance, with contributions and membership OPENED free K–12 school programs THROUGH ACCESS 50% of total funding. PROGRAMMING scholarly Program Services 72% This revenue and support funds a robust set of activities at both the ACQUISITIONS 2,764,186 515 catalogues 43,889 de Young and the Legion of Honor, as well as online. Program services and (129,106 total objects) UNIQUE WEB VISITORS 6 published FAMILY PROGRAMMING acquisitions make up over 75% of total spending and include exhibitions, PARTICIPANTS 272,176 curatorial research, collections care and maintenance, conservation, 1.4 MILLION children, youth, and adults publications, and education programs. 107,900 225 SOCIAL MEDIA TOTAL STAFF participated in education MEMBERS TOTAL DOCENTS 522 (COFAM/city staff) and public programs Looking forward for FY2020, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s FOLLOWERS This information is not audited. The audited combined financial statements for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are available online and upon request. combined budgets include expenses of $65 million and a slight surplus.

34 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 35 “Ten years from now, we may look at Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the de Young museum as a turning point in American history, where mainstream America, despite an angry minority, embraced its ‘others’ at the highest institutions.” —Hollywood Reporter

award for best podcast. The podcast explored themes related to the exhibition, including how personal style can serve as a launchpad for larger conversations that draw attention to issues of sustainability as well as gender, racial, and religious inequalities. The exhibition received critical acclaim from local, national, and international press outlets, garnering more than 3,000 pieces of press coverage from around the world! A comment piece that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, written by Hana Saddiqi, a Muslim CONSERVATION OF MORRIS teacher and writer, shared a personal record of taking LOUIS’S NO. 11 CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM her then-eleven-year-old daughter to the exhibition: FASHIONS Thanks to a generous grant from the Bank of America “My daughter, being mixed, is proud of her Conservation Project, ’s No. 11 underwent a major In fall 2018, the Museums launched Contemporary Muslim South Asian Muslim roots as well as her conservation treatment last year. No. 11 was acquired in 2014 Fashions, a groundbreaking exhibition that explored the Mexican and European heritage. It’s her and serves as the Museums’ most significant example of diverse nature of Muslim dress codes worldwide. This dynamic awareness, however, that Muslims have been American . Its conservation treatment had Year in Review presentation showcased the multiplicity of voices in the Muslim marginalized in the media that makes her been a priority since its acquisition but presented a somewhat community, from style arbiters and bloggers to emerging embrace any positive portrayal. More than that, unusual conservation challenge. With the grant, this challenge Here are just a few of the exhibition, designers, politicians, and athletes. seeing an exhibit in which Muslim girls and was turned into an opportunity to connect and learn from conservation, and education highlights Presenting more than 80 impressive ensembles and women are representing themselves, through expert colleagues in the field. photographs, this unprecedented exhibition was organized by an blogs, through music and through , from the past fiscal year at the Fine Upon examination, it was clear that the work suffered entirely female-led team: in charge Jill D’Alessandro and was uplifting.” from overall staining and discoloration most likely due to Arts Museums of San Francisco. associate curator Laura L. Camerlengo of the Fine Arts Museums; conservation treatments done in the 1970s that had left Her account illustrates that the Museums are consulting curator Reina Lewis, professor of cultural studies at detergents and stiffener on the . The painting places where every work of art has the potential to London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London; and was brought to Landover, Maryland, where a wet cleaning unlock new insight and inspiration and ultimately exhibition designers Gisue Hariri and Mojgan Hariri of Hariri & and light-bleaching treatment was performed, requiring impact people’s lives. Hariri . the painting to soak for several hours in the sun, allowing Contemporary Muslim Fashions allowed the Museums to nature to take over and brighten the , while the colors connect with visitors in new and different ways. The Teen Advisory Opposite: Fashion show marking the opening of Contemporary Muslim were protected from fading by the itself. As Board, comprising a passionate group of local high school Fashions. Photograph by Drew Altizer conservator Patricia O’Regan shared, the treatment was “not students who see the de Young and Legion of Honor as places to Right: Morris Louis, No. 11, 1961. Acrylic on canvas, 78 x 78 in. (198.1 x complicated, but terrifying,” and required the collaboration unite and support one another on behalf of important social issues, 198.1 cm). Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Museum purchase, and partnership of other conservators. Thankfully, the end wrote and produced Beyond the Paint, a podcast and audio tour Phyllis C. Wattis Fund for Major Accessions, 2014.11. © 2019 Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Rights Administered by Artist Rights result was elegant, simple, and successful. that won the American Alliance of Museums’ prestigious MUSE Society (ARS), New York, All Rights Reserved

36 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 37 DE YOUNGSTERS STUDIO In an effort to better welcome families and our youngest visitors, the Museums “This is fantastic. A hands-on opened the de Youngsters Studio in December 2018 as a creative new area that anyone can visit, free of charge. Thoughtfully designed by Yves Béhar and place in a hands-off space.” fuseproject, one of the world’s leading and brandings firms, with building partner Tellart and in consultation with the Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC) at the Area Discovery Museum, the de Youngsters Studio has established itself as a welcoming, family-friendly, and barrier-free point of entry to the museum. The de Youngsters Studio offers numerous creative activities that are tactile and presented at a child’s eye level. Together with their caregivers, children can enjoy several art-related activities, many of which are technology-based. They can experiment with colored shapes on a light table, draw pictures using digitized textures on a large screen, and in front of a wall flashing with colorful lasers that mimic their dancing movements. As a free and permanent offering, the Studio provides many wonderful opportunities to engage in developmentally appropriate, immersive activity stations that intentionally cultivate the young and curious mind while encouraging lifelong learning through art.

FREE SATURDAYS Since its launch in April 2019, Free Saturdays have helped solidify the Free Saturdays visitors Museums’ commitment to ensuring all of our Bay Area community feels welcome, connected, and inspired. The ultimate goal of Free Saturdays is can check out the to reduce barriers to participation and ensure that the Museums share the permanent collection permanent collection with a more diverse audience and foster cross-cultural or take part in sundry understanding and inclusiveness. We are proud to say that this bold new initiative has been widely programs at the de Young celebrated, and preliminary survey results show a 20 percent increase in first- and Legion of Honor, all time visitors in addition to significant increases in diversity and young families. free of charge. In an effort to further engage a broader audience, our printed welcome brochures were expanded so that they are now available in nine languages, and our audio tour offerings for the permanent collection are now available in five languages. The Free Saturdays program has been a bold vehicle for attracting new visitors, inviting them to connect with art in a meaningful and personal way while enabling them to forge a significant and lasting relationship with the Museums.

Opposite: At the de Youngsters Studio opening celebration. Photograph by by Agency Moanalani Jeffrey

Above: Free Saturdays at the Legion of Honor. Photograph by Gary Sexton

38 FINE ARTS WINTER-SPRING 2020 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 39 MONET MONDAYS As the sequel to Monet: The Early Years—co-organized by the Fine Arts Museums of “Simply put, seeing San Francisco and the Kimbell Art Museum and presented at the Legion of Honor in 2017—Monet: The Late Years emphasized ’s stylistic evolution Monet’s paintings into abstraction, reflecting a path toward . This extraordinary exhibition in person is welcomed 313,000 visitors to the de Young museum, with more than 25,000 visitors exhilarating.” joining on the last weekend, making it the second-most highly attended exhibition the Museums have ever presented. —KQED Throughout the run of the exhibition, the Museums hosted the incredibly popular “Monet Mondays,” a unique and special opportunity for schoolchildren to visit the exhibition, free of charge. Perhaps most important, these students were able to enjoy the paintings while the museum was closed to the public, allowing for freedom to explore the galleries in a more comfortable way, thereby encouraging new art experiences. Over the course of five Mondays, 2,884 K–12 students visited Monet: The Late Years, with an average of twenty classrooms visiting on each special day. Students from across the Bay Area enjoyed the exhibition in new ways, thanks to an interactive orientation table, a guided tour including a color exploration in the galleries without large public crowds, and a studio activity inspired by what they saw.

Below: Monet Mondays participants use paper cutouts to begin to understand Claude Monet’s late-career foray into abstraction. Photograph by Joanna Garcia Cherán

OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL “It was invaluable Thanks to the Museums’ strong partnership with the City and County of San Francisco, we were fortunate enough to launch an important new initiative this year at the to meet people de Young and Legion of Honor: the Opportunities for All paid-internship program, from all of the which aims to diversify the future workforce by connecting youth to employment, departments. It training, and opportunity. Fifteen summer interns, ages 18–24, each partnered with a staff mentor and completed a major project while participating in professional opened my eyes to development courses. We are proud to share that we retained 100 percent of our the different career interns throughout the summer and received overwhelming positive feedback from paths within a both full-time staff and interns, with one student sharing: museum.” “This internship has provided me with so many opportunities and projects that I can now confidently display on my résumé. I feel much more confident with my professional communication skills and with my writing abilities.” Due to the success of the summer program, Mayor London Breed’s office has funded another fifteen paid internships for the academic year.

Above: OFA intern Jenan Sarsour inspects the Legion’s Corinthian capitals with Lucia Coronel, director of special and capital projects at the Fine Arts Museums. Photograph by Rudy Mojica

40 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 41 COSTUME AND TEXTILE ARTS AND PROGRAMMING Linda Gravenites, Handbag Made for Lisa Reihana, in Pursuit of Venus New Acquisitions Janis Joplin, ca. 1967 [infected], 2015–2017 Goat skin with silk embroidery (chain stitch) and glass beads, Multi-channel video, duration: 64 min. Foundation purchase, The Museums acquired 515 works of art 18 x 12 in. (45.7 x 30.5 cm). Museum purchase, Gift of the Phyllis C. Wattis Fund for Major Accessions, 2019.21 Volunteer Council, 2019.22 in the past fiscal year. Among them are Epic in scope (80 vignettes), scale (70 feet long), and During the 1960s and 1970s, the Bay Area arose as a duration (64 minutes), in Pursuit of Venus [infected] the objects featured here, one from each center for independent designers, who created wildly is a moving image interpretation of the nineteenth- curatorial department at the Museums. individualistic forms of dress as a showcase for personal century French scenic wallpaper Les Sauvages de la expression. Linda Gravenites began handcrafting Mer Pacifique (Native Peoples of the Pacific Ocean) garments during the height of the counterculture designed by Jean-Gabriel Charvet and featuring scenes and would emerge as one of the preeminent Haight- of encounter between Captain James Cook, his crew, Ashbury couturiers during that period. A true master and Pacific Islanders. Challenging the wallpaper’s of chain-stitch embroidery, Gravenites painstakingly imperialist point of view, the video recasts these crafted made-to-measure garments for her inner circle AND INTERPRETATION moments of contact, connection, and conflict—or, of friends. The mastery of Gravenites’s craftsmanship Timurid panel in the shape of a according to Lisa Reihana, “originary infection”—from is captured in this elaborately embroidered handbag— mihrab, second half of 14th century a Polynesian perspective, reclaiming history to offer a made for her roommate and legendary Bay Area 15 nuanced understanding of the complexity of cultural musician, Janis Joplin—which stands as one of the iconic Carved and glazed terracotta, 217/8 x 153/4 x1 /16 in. (55.5 x 40 x 5 cm). Museum purchase, Vivian Grey identity shaped by colonialism. objects of the era. Fund for Unrestricted Acquisitions, and Friends of Ian White Restricted Endowment Income Fund, 2018.61 This intricately carved and glazed architectural terracotta panel from the early Timurid ARTS OF AFRICA, OCEANIA, AND THE AMERICAS period is in the form of a mihrab or niche. ACHENBACH FOUNDATION FOR GRAPHIC ARTS Luba artist, Figure, 19th century The Timurids were the final great dynasty to Romare Bearden, Carolina Interior, 1970 Democratic Republic of Congo. Wood, metal, and fiber, emerge from the Central Asian steppe, and 101/4 x 2 x 17/8 in. (26 x 5.1 x 4.8 cm). Gift of Richard Scheller, 2019.1. Collage of various papers, fabric, paint, ink and graphite on Photograph © Robert A. Kato their architecture represents the pinnacle of paperboard, 13 x 153/4 in. (33 x 40 cm). Museum purchase, Islamic art in this region. The most striking Phyllis C. Wattis Fund for Major Accessions, 2019.48. Distinguished by its finely detailed and elegant form, this is a characteristic of their architecture is the rich © 2019 Romare Bearden Foundation / Licensed by VAGA uniquely elongated figure in the corpus of Luba . It at Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY turquoise glaze used on panels and tiles and embodies concepts of beauty, memory, power, and authority the large-scale geometric and floral patterns, Romare Bearden’s masterful collages are complex in Luba culture, where women served important roles as as illustrated in this beautiful example. and multilayered, purposefully produced as vehicles spirit mediums, emissaries, and advisers to Luba kings and for celebrating his African American heritage and chiefs through the twentieth century. With its adornments AMERICAN ART culture. In Carolina Interior, Bearden fractured and and body scarification, the figure presents the female body EUROPEAN PAINTINGS , Blue Front, 1948–1955 layered images, improvising with materials and William Holman Hunt, as a locus for Luba memory. Oil on Masonite, 233/4 x 341/2 in. (60.3 x 87.6 cm). Museum ideas in a way that has been described as more than The Birthday, 1868 purchase, Vivien Grey Fund for Unrestricted Acquisitions, a matter of technique; it came out of his life and Oil on canvas, 401/2 x 285/8 in. (102.9 x 72.7 cm). Museum Friends of Ian White Unrestricted Endowment Income Fund, Dr. culture—the improvisational nature of the jazz music purchase, Roscoe and Margaret Oakes Endowment A. & Gladys K. Barber Endowment Income Fund, Gifts for he loved, patchwork quilts, and rooms wallpapered Income Fund and Grover A. Magnin Endowment Bequest Acquisitions at the de Young Museum, the American Art Trust Fund, and the Harriet and Maurice Gregg Fund for American with old newspapers and magazine pages he recalled Income Fund, 2019.33 EUROPEAN DECORATIVE ARTS AND SCULPTURE , 2018.52. © The Josef and Foundation / from childhood summers in North Carolina. The Gymnich mirror, ca. 1740 The Birthday is the first painting by a founding Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, 2019 member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood to , Cologne or Bonn. Wood, silver and golf leaf, crushed glass, Josef Albers influenced a generation of artists who enter the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s paint, mirror, 50 x 401/2 x 51/2 in. (127 x 102.9 x 14 cm). Museum studied under him at the , Black Mountain purchase, gift of Dagmar Dolby in memory of her mother Elfriede collection. It is one of William Holman Hunt’s most College, and Yale University, and his experiments with Baumert accomplished portraits and one of only about color theory were widely disseminated through his 100 major oil paintings made by the artist, who This mirror shows the most fanciful and flamboyant aspects book Interaction of Color (1963). Inspired by a 1935 rarely accepted formal portrait commissions. The of the style which dominated Europe in the mid- trip to Mexico, Blue Front subtly evokes both ancient Birthday belongs to a group that the artist made eighteenth century. The exuberant curling scrollwork, rushing American and contemporary Mexican architecture with its of close family members between 1867 and 1868, waterfalls, batwings, and waving plant life carved into the frame geometric forms suggestive of windows or doors, and a and it depicts Edith Waugh, his second wife and the are signature motifs of this style. The quacking duck at the apex variegated surface reminiscent of stucco walls. comes from the coat of arms of the Von Gymnich family, whose sister of his deceased first wife, Fanny. The painting castle was just outside Bonn, Germany. was also a highlight of the 2018 exhibition Truth & Beauty: The Pre-Raphaelites and the Old Masters.

42 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 43 The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco gratefully acknowledge our generous donors, who provided crucial THANK support for our exhibitions, programs, and collections at the de Young and Legion of Honor museums between YOU. July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019.

$500,000 and above Joseph G. Bradley Charitable Lorna Meyer Calas and Alan Templeton Dolby Laboratories, Inc. William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation Dennis Calas Paul A. Violich Robert F. Domergue Jr. Foundation Kate Harbin Clammer and Jack Calhoun and Trent Norris Vance Wall Foundation Jane Dunaway City and County of San Adam Clammer Frank A. Campini Foundation Wells Fargo The Elkes Foundation Francisco Marion Moore Cope Winifred Johnson Clive Anonymous Shaari Ergas Ray and Dagmar Dolby Dana and Robert Emery Foundation Mrs. Donald G. Fisher Family Fund Mrs. George Hopper Fitch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crocker $10,000–$24,999 Mary and Tom Foote John A. Gunn and Cynthia Lucy Young Hamilton The Charles D. and Frances K. Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. David Fraze and Gary Loeb Fry Gunn George and Marie Hecksher Field Fund Alexandria J. Ashdown Tully and Elise Friedman The Andrew W. Mellon Sam Hirbod Google, Inc. Martha and Bruce Atwater Robert and Michelle Friend Foundation William G. Irwin Charity Maurice W. Gregg Mrs. Connie Goodyear Baron Dr. Leontina Kelly Gallagher Diane B. Wilsey Foundation Hanson Bridgett LLP and Dr. Barry C. Baron Joan and Launce E. Gamble Mrs. Gretchen B. Kimball, Hellman Foundation Johanna and Thomas Baruch Gap Foundation $250,000–$499,999 William and Gretchen Rebecca and Cal Henderson Nancy and Joachim Bechtle Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Getty Kimball Fund Harriet Heyman and Mrs. Nadja Goe Phoebe Cowles and Robert Newton and Rochelle Becker The Diana Dollar Knowles Michael Moritz The Lisa and Douglas Girard Charitable Trust Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Austin E. Hills Goldman Fund Gladyne Kenderdine Mitchell Stuart Berkowitz Nion McEvoy and Mrs. Faith Humann, Goldman Sachs Stephen and Maribelle Leavitt Mr. and Mrs. William L. Powar The Laney Thornton Jo and Barry Ariko Josephine Brownback Jonathan Logan Family Bessemer Trust Leslie Berriman The Christian Humann Mrs. Richard W. Goss II Fred Levin and Ruth Quigley Foundation Patricia Nelson Atassi Constance and Thomas Broz Foundation Bloomberg Amy and Drew McKnight Foundation Jean and Robert Greeley Nancy Livingston Pamela and Richard Rigg United Airlines Mr. H. Daniel Banks and Kathleen Budge and Robert G. and Sue Douthit B | O | S Carole McNeil George and Leslie Hume Richard and Peggy Greenfield Neil MacPhail Thomas and Shelagh Rohlen David Wadhwani and Mrs. Cynthia Schuman Banks Steven Merrill O’Donnell Daphne and Bob Bransten Jason and Jessica Moment Nick and Sandra Javaras Foundation Alicia and Philip Martin Room & Board Margaret O. Wadhwani Mr. Richard C. Barker Marilyn Burns and Barbro and Bernard Osher Ms. Linda Joanne Brown and MaryBeth and David Debbie and Blake Jorgensen Kaatri and Douglas Grigg Ms. Margaret D. McDowell Susan E. Roos T. B. Walker Foundation Judith Barringer Jeffrey Sellon San Francisco Auxiliary of the Ms. Lauren Katherine Shimmon Kilroy Realty F. Scott and Terry S. Gross and Mr. James Grossman Mr. John S. Rosekrans Robert T. Wall Brigid S. Barton Canterbury Consulting Fine Arts Museums Morlock Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Christine and Pierre Lamond The Jill Grossman Family Denise Littlefield Sobel Leslee and Roger Budge Foundation Levi Strauss & Co. Charitable Fund ON TRUTH AND BEAUTY: THE PRE-RAPHAELITES AND THE OLD MASTERS Barbara A. Wolfe Shawn and Brook Byers Valentino George and Judy Marcus Katie Hagey & Jill Hagey California Arts Council Gwynned Vitello Deedee McMurtry in memory of their mother, “Any exhibit in the Bay Area that features four paintings by the Italian $100,000–$249,999 Carol and Lyman Casey Paul and Anne Wattis III Mary S. Mocas and Christie’s Mary Beth Hagey Art Mentor Foundation Marvin Tseu Russ Hagey in memory of master Botticelli and another from his workshop is a must-see.” —Mercury News Lucerne Mary Beth Hagey Bank of America “I like the architecture, the exhibits, and the Frances Hellman and Lore Harp McGovern Ross Auxiliary of the Judy C. Webb James Beatty Mrs. Walter Carpeneti The Fieldwood Fund Warren Breslau Carrick and Andy McLaughlin Fine Arts Museums Jack Weeden Richard and Kim Beleson Frank and Patricia Carrubba Government of Flanders surrounding landscape. I came to the old de Young Adrienne and Stephen Horn II Mr. and Mrs. John A. Michael Sack Janet Barnes and Thomas W. J. Riccardo Benavides Heidi Cary The Harris Family Michael and Pepper Jackson McQuown The Sato Foundation Weisel Family Phil Black and David and Karin Chamberlain The Herbst Foundation, Inc. as a little kid; I appreciate much more now.” The JEC Foundation Celeste and Anthony Meier Chara Schreyer Daphne and Stuart Wells Brigitte Sandquist Chang Mooi Family Foundation Koret Foundation George F. Jewett Foundation Gail and Alec Merriam Helen and Charles Schwab Mr. and Mrs. James Mr. David A. Blanton III Mr. and Mrs. David H. S. Chung Park L. Loughlin Barbara and Ron Kaufman Merrill Lynch Nadir and Sobia Shaikh Wintersteen Nancy Boas Anne and Terry Clark National Endowment for Michael and Letitia Kim Morgan Stanley OJ and Gary Shansby David A. Wollenberg Susie Boeing Katie Colendich $25,000–$49,999 The Ambrose Monell Drs. Marc P. and the Arts Carol N. Nelson Brian Sharp Lisa and Jim Zanze Dr. Jeffrey and Brenda Bohn Jean-Pierre L. Conte and Foundation Quita V. Cruciger Kimball Foundation The Bernard Osher Alaska Airlines Jan and Bob Newman Francoise and Laleh S. Zelinsky Frances F. Bowes Hillary Thomas Cathy and Howard Moreland Jeffrey N. Dauber and Dr. Allan and Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation, No More Dirt, Inc. Andrew Skurman Zlot Buell + Associates Frish Brandt and David and Vicki Cox Susan M. Murdy Marc A. Levin Mrs. Gabia Konce The Andy Warhol Foundation Iris S. Chan Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Novack Jeannie Meg Smith and Anne M. Zucchi Jeffrey Fraenkel Michael J. Cuggino and Christina and Barry Ongerth Bill and Sonja Davidow Kaitlyn and Mike Krieger for the Visual Arts Sandra and Paul Bessières Katie and Matt Paige Christopher B. Smith Anonymous (2) Maria and Jerry Brenholz Holly Kathleen Cuggino Vic Quattrin and Margaret Mr. and Mrs. James Davidson Pamela and Doug Kudlick Carol and Shelby Bonnie Madelon Palma Ellice Sperber Barbara Brown Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Dauber Naraghi-Quattrin Davis/Dauray Family Fund Amy Larson and The Louis L. Borick Pease Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strock Donald W. Brown and Shannon and Thatcher Davis $50,000–$99,999 Dorothy Saxe The Gladys Krieble Delmas Tom Schmutz $5,000–$9,999 Foundation Marianne H. Peterson Mrs. Joyce L. Stupski Lynn Wardley Delta Dental of California Adobe Sotheby’s Foundation Robin Rosa Laub Sara Abbasi Bothin Foundation Maria Pitcairn Tahbazof Family Foundation Tim and Peggy Brown Rajnikant and Helen Desai Jamie and Philip Bowles David and Roxanne Soward Margaret and Paul Denning Dr. and Mrs. John Lavorgna Lyn and Barbara Agre

44 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 45 Dodge & Cox, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jude Laspa Sloat Garden Center James and Heather Beal Steve and Lois Chess Sean Fieler Joanne and Jon Goldstein Patricia E. Hart Linda and Hartley Jackson Nancy Kittle and Ronna Leon Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jeff and Melissa Li Eta and Sasson Somekh Nathan and Barbara Becker Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Cianos Jeanne and Frank Fischer Susan and Sidney Goodwill Margot and Peter Hass Thomas Jackson, MD, and Yuliya Klein and Arron E. Klein Ellsworth J. Stoner Lichty Jr. Family Foundation Robin and Terrye Bellas Margaret Clarson Randi and Bob Fisher Robert Gordon Yvonne and Joe Head Kathleen Grant, MD Maureen and James Susan A. Engs Marie and Barry Lipman Richard C. and Helen Martin Kenneth A. Bellucci Janet and Alan Coleman Mrs. Betty Flagg Stuart and Florianne Gordon James B. Henderson Jane Hammond Events, Inc. Vicki L. Koenig and Ken Monk Irwin and Vivian Eskanos Paula and Mark Lowery Spalding Belvedere-Tiburon Auxiliary John T. Collins Dianne A. Fowler Morgan Gossett Dr. Joan M. Henricks and Mimi Jensen and George Mr. Paul Korntheuer and Marion Euphrat Leah MacNeil Sandra J. Swanson of the Fine Arts Museums Componere Fine Catering Cheryl Frank and Michael Linn Grace Street Catering Mr. Alan S. Henricks Elbaum Ms. Linda G. Griffith Roger L. Evans and Dr. Michael F. Marmor and Ingrid Swenson Patricia and Jonathan Benjamin Confidence Foundation The Tom and Myrna Frankel Barbara Grasseschi and Martha S. Hertelendy Barbara Johnson Jill H. Kramer Aey Phanachet Dr. Jane Marmor Richard and Jean Talvola Kirsten Benzien Edward and Nancy Conner Foundation Tony Crabb Mr. and Mrs. Allan L. Herzog Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Johnson James and Leena Krasno Sandra Farris Pam Martori and Bob McCaskill T. and Riva and David Berelson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cooper Donald and Jane Friend Sallie Griffith Kaye Hiatt Rick and Elaine Jones Naomi and Fred Kurata Richard and Rosemary Finn Mary Michael Mauro Jacqueline Stewart Gretchen and John Berggruen Alice Corning G2 Insurance Services Angelyn A. Grillo Jane and Glenn Hickerson Wendy E. Jordan Linda and Frank Kurtz Lynn and James Fitzwater Tillie McCullough Maryjo Tisor and Todd Kaplan Helen Berggruen Janelle and Gary Cortese Mrs. Helen Gan Professor Gerold Grodsky Charles and Sandra Hobson Carol Juhl Robert and Karen Kustel The Ford Family Foundation Tara and Bryan Meehan Michael H. de Young Tobin II Shelley Bergman and Cathleen Cozzolino Mr. Sameer K. Gandhi and Karen Guertin and for the Hobson Family Dr. Jay and Ronnie Kaiser Kelsey and David Lamond Renata Gasperi Susan Mielke and Elizabeth de Young Tobin Marchesa Bergman Carol C. Cravens Ms. Monica Lopez Timothy Guertin Foundation James and Linda Kasper Randall E. Laroche and Stanlee Gatti Deborah Lee Minor and Family Drs. Oldrich and Silva Vasicek Susan and Robert Bernheim Scott Cronce and Genentech David G. Laudon Ann and Daniel Girard Tina and Hamid Moghadam Harvey Wagner and Helen Bernstein Ms. Deborah Maxwell Honorable Ronald and “One of the museum’s guards enhanced my visit. Susan and Niels Larson Marcia and John Goldman Kim Anstatt Morton and Leslie Wagner Sandra Moore Berrey The Annie Cronin Family Barbara George Marsha and Michael Lasky James H. Greene, Jr. Fund Ian Morton Kay Kimpton Walker and Elizabeth and David John F. Dains Malin Giddings He said these artists captured life before cameras.” Dorothy and Arthur C. Lathan Andrew Griffin Leila and Jared Narvid Sandy Walker Birka-White Caroline H. Damsky Frankie Jacobs Gillette Leah and Ron Leavy Wheeler and Millen Griffith Jane and William Neilson Wiley Barbara Black Susan Daniels and Gene Falk and Maxwell Gillette Marsha and Ralph Guggenheim Todd Hosfelt and Dianne Dec Rosaleen and James Kelly Paula LeDuc Fine Catering Beth Grossman and Neiman Marcus Pat Wilson Jane Olds Bogart Angelos and Patricia Dassios Samuel and Emily Glick Jeanne Gulner and Deborah and Terry Houlihan Catherine Kennedy, MD, Mrs. Sherilyn Lee and Carolyn Brady Northern Trust Sheila Wishek Mrs. Jean Bordon Susan and Lee David Glynn Family Trust Kenneth Rees Claire Hudson and Ian Rowbotham Mr. Stuart W. Lee Linda and Jon Gruber Susan and Bill Oberndorf Anita and Ronald Wornick Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Bradley Shirley Davis and Paul Sack Max Boyer Glynn and Rocio and Michael Haas Kimberly M. Hughes Diana Kennedy Tom and Diane Levison Mimi and Peter Haas Fund Jeanne H. Osiecki Yerba Buena Fund Ryan C. Bradley Blair Dean and Robert Cooter David Glynn Holly R. Hagens and Liz Hume and Jay Jacobs Joel and Diana Killen Sylvia and David Lichtenger Jeremiah Hall and The Outrageous Foundation Constance and Bernard Yu Rena G. Bransten Beth DeAtley Robert G. Godersky, MD, Todd Sisitsky Jean Collier Hurley Kathryn Kilner The John and Connie Linehan Ross T. Gillfillan Gertrud V. Parker Howard Zee Tom and Polly Bredt M. Quinn Delaney and and Mary Tran Lauren L. T. Hall and Carolyn Hyatt and Joe Hyatt P. K. Kilty and Foundation Theresa Haran Joan M. Peceimer Peggy and Lee Zeigler Marilyn Brennan Wayne Jordan Dr. Allan P. Gold David Hearth Jane and Bert Inch Stoddard Lambertson Louise Ling Margaret and William R. Sonja Hoel Perkins and Betty Zlatchin Catering, LLC Don E. Brockman and Jane and Fred Delanoy Jason Goldman David Harnden and Susan Beth Izmirian and Eugene Kim Marcia Linn Hearst III Jon Perkins Anonymous (7) Dr. Sharon Brockman Kim and Mark Dempster Matthew Goldman Bailey Harnden Luther Izmirian Jr. Jacqueline and Eric Kisslinger Jonathan Logan and John Piane Lenore Heffernan Kiki Pescatello Kittie Brodsky Ms. Frances E. Dependahl Daniel Hendel and The Pittsburgh Foundation $2,500–$4,999 Christopher Brown Lawrence Devin Jorge S. Young Dr. Hoe T. Poh and Linda L. Aldrich Jess D. Brown Marti and Steve Diamond Dixie Hersh Mary Frances Kelly-Poh Bonnie MacMaster Andersen Stephen J. Bruzzone Mrs. Ronald H. Dick Heather and Bill Hilliard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ralph and Mark E. Andersen Carolyn and Preston Butcher Keith E. Doerge Hillsborough Auxiliary of the Delanie and Peter Read Lynn Angelo Tom Buttgenbach and Isabelle Z. Dokouzian Fine Arts Museums Anmarie B. Roache Catherine M. Anthenien Sean Leffers Carol and Dixon Doll The Alan Hoefer Family Ginger and Howard Robin John and Kaaren Antoun Marilyn and Michael Cabak Manuel Alcantara Donesa Jr. Andrea Hong and Barbara and Richard Mrs. Kate Rowe Archer and Barbara and Larry Cahn and Louie Alcantara Donesa James Parsons Rosenberg Mr. Peter Archer Mr. James E. Caldwell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Claire Houston and Mrs. Philipa Caldwell Douglas Jr. Wilhelmina Hudson Turkovich Barbara K. Callander Sheila M. Duignan and Barbara and William “I love how natural features Katherine Campodonico Mike Wilkins Hyland Fund Frances Campra and Marilyn Dunn Lander and Bill Hynes are integrated into the Scott Campra-Brantley East Bay Auxiliary of the Arlene Inch architecture. I didn’t realize Jeanne Sciutti Capurro Fine Arts Museums Anne Irwin Sandra L. Carlson Cynthia and Charles Eckstein Asha Jadeja there would be so much Nina Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Jennison Jim Cassidy and Robin Jessica and Michael Eisler Brenda Jewett indigenous art, and I loved it.” Manke-Cassidy Donald and Janice Elliott The Walter S. Johnson Heidi Castelein Dr. Thomas Ellis and Foundation Sande Schlumberger Art4Moore Fund Joyce Castellino Mr. Craig Shishido Sean A. Johnston Andrea Schultz Betsy Aubrey and Peter de Castro The Enersen Foundation Lawrence and Barbara Kaplan Mary-Barbara Schultz Steve Lichtenberg Terry Causey Judith and Philip Erdberg Suzanne and Ric Kayne Mr. and Mrs. Alan Seelenfreund Gwynn and Mitchel August Christine Cavanaugh-Simmons Jacqueline and Christian P. Margaret Keon John Sell Laurence Bardoff and James Chaffee Erdman Betty Kimble Lori and John Sherk Lilli Alberga Greg Chaloult Suzanne Lake Erving Karen J. Kubin Stephen Sherwin and Lorraine A. Barry Martha W. Chamberlain Helene Ettelson Richard and Paola Kulp Merrill Randol Sherwin Alvin Baum and Robert Holgate Siddarth Chandrasekaran Veronica Faussner Robert C. Larissou Matthew and Jessie Shriber Olive L. Bavins Charles River Associates Joyce and John Feeney

46 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 FINE ARTS WINTER-SPRING 2020 47 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Skikos Lorraine Voskanian Google Matching Gift Program Daniel Casey Linda Humber Peggy Skornia Jack and Susy Wadsworth Hoechst Celanese Foundation Mary Claire Christensen Alex Ingersoll and Small Potatoes Catering Bruce and Fran Walker IBM Corporation, Matching Courtney S. Clarkson and Martin Tannenbaum and Events Joy and Ellis Wallenberg Gifts Program Roy Leggitt Anne E. Irwin Mr. and Ms. Robert M. Smelick Katherine and Homer Wallin Johnson & Johnson Family Mary Clary and Willard Souza Dr. and Mrs. Yorke G. Jacobson Frederic H. Smith Nicole Ward of Companies Patricia and Thomas Connick James M. Jakel “I enjoy being in a creative, expressive, Lee and Perry Smith Fund Laura Waste MacArthur Foundation Sarah Jane Crew Sandra and Nick Javaras encouraging atmosphere.” —Museum visitor Ms. Virginia L. Smith and Anne W. Waterman Northern Trust Company Mary Frances Cunningham Fran Moreland Johns Mr. Keith Kappmeyer Lucie and Jerry Weissman Pfizer Foundation Rajnikant and Helen Desai Mrs. René Jopé Gail Soldavini Ellen C. Werner PG&E William C. Diebel Denise Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Paul D. Werner Foundation William S. Eddelman Douglas and Cessna Kaye Sommer Minott Wessinger Visa International Mrs. Shirley Edelman and Adrienne Kent Gunst Ms. Terri Sonoda and Ms. Magda Wesslund and William and Flora Hewlett Dr. Philip Edelman Karen L. and Joseph L. Kessel Ms. Sarah Wright Mr. Eric Schwartz Foundation Trine Sorensen and LTC Dennis White and Michael Jacobson Mr. Lawrence Wu Estate and Trust Gifts “I’ve been coming to the Vickie Soulier Mr. Malcolm K. Whyte Judge George Henry Cabaniss de Young since before I could Thomas E. Sparks Jr. Alice Wiley Hall and Harriet Howell Cabaniss Harise and Peter Staple Jennifer Wilkinson Fund walk. It’s an integral part of Susanne L. Stevens Charitable Ms. Lorna Williams and Harold Dana Crosby Jr. Trust Fund Mr. William Hendrickson IV Estate of Vivian D. Grey our family life.” Caroline and Graham Low Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Dr. and Mrs. Philip Morrissey Barbara Z. Otto Family Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Douglas and Diana Stewart Lydia Williams Estate of Arnold A. Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. McGettigan Sally M. Morton Foundation Anne and Martin Roher Norah and Norman Stone Faye Wilson Estate of Ines R. Lewandowitz Nanci Eksterowicz Mr. and Mrs. William E. Larkin Ludgus Mr. and Mrs. John McInerney III Milton J. Mosk and Dr. Michael Overfield and Adolph Rosekrans Christine Stoneberg Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wirtanen Estate of John and Elizabeth Erchul and Marsha and Michael Lasky Rosa M. Luevano and Carla McKay and Thomas Foutch Dr. Judy Overfield M. Gervase Rosenberger and Michele and Rich Stratton Toni Wittenmeier Hellen Monday Richard E. Milicov Shirley Liebhaber Charles Marston Martha Ehrenfeld Tula Mouroufas Jean and Jim Palmer Steven R. Loeshelle Robert K. and Barbara Straus Eileen C. Wong Estate of Helen Mudge Heller Sheila L. and Richard P. Essey Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Lorton Jane R. Lurie Linda McKay Rust Muirhead Mr. William D. Parent Victoria and H. Jonathan Foundation Jillian Wood and Connor Duffey Estate of Joseph A. Rosenthal Mrs. George Hopper Fitch James J. Ludwig Kevin Lynch Susan H. McLaughlin Ruth and James Murad Dr. Gerhard H. Parker and Rotenstreich Mrs. Dwight (Blossom) Strong Kay Harrigan Woods Estate of Pierrette Spetz Betty Flagg Stephanie and William MacColl Marcia MacArthur Ian McNish and Krista Canfield Patricia Murray and Mrs. Carol Parker Oliver M. Rousseau Foundation Kate and John Sullivan Workday Estate of Norma Stanberry Marcia L. Forman Cynthia and John Major Lindsay and Jean MacDermid McNish Kaitlin Bonfiglio Suchitra Parthasarathy and Jeffrey Ruda and Sullivan & Cromwell Heather Workman Estate of Frances C. Strauss John Garfinkle Gladys G. Marek Bob MacIntosh and Carolyn and Alexander Mehran Laurie Nash Orathi Srinivasan Leonard Whitney Christine Suppes Deann Wright and Luke Evnin Estate of Harold and Moreland Renata Gasperi Jane Markell Betsy England Vera and Ken Meislin Dolly Nathan Pamela Pasquan Chandra Kreuzer Rudd Ms. Judy C. Swanson Roy J. Wu Whitbeck Linda Gass Jo Markovich Mr. and Mrs. Merrill L. Magowan Melons Catering William Neuenfeldt Maggie and Eric Pearson Trudy J. and Charles M. Salter Susan and Jim Swartz Margaret Wurtele Zucchi Family 1990 Trust Arlene M. Getz Dr. Sumner Marshall and Gregory Malin Michelle Mercer and Nancy and Geoffrey Noakes Mrs. Carol Potter Peckham San Francisco Flower Mart Jennifer Swett Chrisman XYZ , Inc. Frankie Jacobs Gillette and Dr. Hermine Marshall Alexandria and Kevin Marchetti Bruce Golden Nomis Solutions Mark S. Peek Ms. Lisa Sardegna and Kimberlee Swig Marcella and Kimberly Yano Legacy Society Maxwell Gillette Myron Marx The Talbert/Rickard Family David B. Yeske and Elissa Buie E. Jeane Gilliam John B. McCallister Emily P. Marcus Eileen and Peter Michael Frank and Lois Noonan Ricardo and Jenny Perez Mr. David A. Carrillo Linda L. Aldrich Taste Catering & Event Sandra M. Yoffie Douglas M. Gilmour Susan M. McGuire Marquis George MacDonald Microsoft Christopher North and Sophie Mrs. Suzanne Perkins-Gordon David Saxe Sophie and Ted Aldrich Planning Susan York Deborah A. Glassman Rosalind Melcher Foundation, Inc. Chris D. Miller and Catherine A. de Brito e Cunha-North Elisabeth Peters and Philip Schlein and T. Beller Robin Lee Allen Robert P. Taylor and Susan L. Zetzer and Maria Goetz J. Sanford Miller Susan Marsch McNamee Janet Nusbaum, in memory of Barbara Carlson Mark Schlesinger and Joan Armstrong Anne D. Kaiser Bruce C. Thom Ira Goldfine Alexander Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Tom F. Marsh Alexander Mitchell The Nusbaum Family Sharon and Philip Pillsbury Christine Haas Russell Melissa Aurand Katharine S. Thompson Jane and Mark Zuercher Michael W. Goode and Lynda Moore Dr. Sumner Marshall and Leslie and Robert Monaghan Karl F. Nygren Laurie Poston and Brian Ferrall Theo Schwabacher and Elizabeth P. Ball Lynn Tolin Anonymous (7) David M. Moder Cathy and Howard Moreland Dr. Hermine Marshall John and Arlette Monfredini Susan L. O’Brien Yvonne and Dennis Powell Michael Gallagher Cheryl and David Bancroft The Toole Fund at Community Sandra Goudy-Andrew Dr. and Mrs. Philip Morrissey Candyce Martin Foundation William and Gay O’Connor Lani Pringle David and Susan Schwartz Nancy E. Bardoff Foundation Santa Cruz Mary Kay and Mike Gray Milton J. Mosk and Tom Foutch Kelli and Michael Rantz The Sears-Bicknell Family Matching Gift Alice J. Bartholomew County Charles and Ginger Guthrie Maxime Louise Newman Maria Elena Ratinoff Ruth F. Seiler Organizations Sara Basque Ned Topham Malcolm D. Gutter Charles G. Newton “With each visit I discover something new to me The Riccitiello Family Carol and Randolph Selig Adobe James Scott Bays Judith Tornese and Joan Hammes Joane Nolan Betsy and Ronald Rick Sequoia Consulting Group Apple, Inc. Matching Gifts Nancy Berry and Jack Leibman Jerry Winters Margaret Hauben Sheryl Nonnenberg in the permanent collection and am inspired.” Julie and Christopher Ridley SF Brannan Street Bank of America Dale W. Bischel Marjorie and Barry Traub James A. Heagy Bruce Olson Ms. Liz Rietz and Mr. Kevin King Wholesale Inc. Boeing Kerrylynn Blau Ginger and Robert Traynor Lenore Heffernan David Pace and Joan M. Silva Anne Riley Marilou and John Shankel Caterpillar Matching Gifts Ronald E. Bornstein Tricida, Inc. Ernest Robert Heinzer Jeraldine Palazzi Mr. Richard L. Martin Constance Moore and Robert John O’Donnell and Ring Central Elizabeth Shea Program Barbara Boucke Suzanne M. Tucker and Dr. Joan M. Henricks and Cynthia A. Pantages Irena Matijas Roger Greer Kenta Takeuchi Sarah L. Rippy Roberta Sherman Chevron Humankind Program Douglas Boven Timothy F. Marks Mr. Alan S. Henricks Theresa L. Phillips Diane and William Mayers Ms. Gail Bliss Moore Suzanne and Wulfrin Oberlin Jenny and Gerald Risk Jean Shuler Cisco Foundation Jamie and Philip Bowles Susan and David Tunnell Louise and Donald Heyneman Mary Pieratt John and Charlotte McConkie Mr. and Mrs. William H. Judy Ogle Carlos A. Rivas and Lucretia T. Sias Clif Bar Vera C. Le Breton Kathryn Urban Ian Hinchliffe Henry I. and Betty Ann Prien Jim and Christie McCoy Moorhouse Jr. Lisa Olson and Thomas Lau Rosemary D. Rivas Jack H. Silveira, MD Dodge & Cox, Inc. Angela Brunton Vanguard Properties Carol Ann Ho Ruth Quigley The McElwee Family Hokuto Morita and Mrs. Martha F. Olson Barbara F. Roach LaVerne and Alan Silverman GE Foundation Analisa Burden-Carrillo and VCNetwork Marsha and Robert Holm Jane Annette Radcliffe Dr. Nancy M. McGee and Paola Portillo Michel and Mekhala Oltramare Jeanette and Edward Roach Mr. Leslie Michael Silverman Genentech Brian Carrillo Julia Violich Linda Honeysett Sandra Milne Rickard Dr. Michael Pasyanos Amelia and Kenneth J. Morris Diane Ososke Edis and Martin Robinson Raj Singh and Renata Anderson Gerson Bakar Foundation

48 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 49 Patricia Ridlon Judith Stewart Maylene Wong Memoria In memory of Emma Lenke In memory of Payson Tseu Barbara Foster Ellen C. Werner Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums Anmarie B. Roache Rick Storrs and Anonymous (8) In memory of Harry W. Anderson Elizabeth Demeo Sam and Catherine David Lance Goines Gary Westford Collection (COFAM) Board of Trustees Diane Roberts and Michael Workman Arthur Strange Annette DeStefano Humphreys Lorrie and Richard Greene Cleland and Katherine Leonard Pacheco Blossom Strong Honoraria In memory of Elfriede Baumert Fairmeadow Elementary Jared Pobre Harriet and Maurice Gregg Whitton Family Alexandria J. Ashdown* Jillian Robinson Jane and Jay Taber In honor of Thomas P. Campbell Ray and Dagmar Dolby School Staff David Shapiro Don Ed Hardy Anonymous Janet Barnes Arnold M. Rogoff Arlene Taylor Phoebe Cowles and Family Fund Gale Heringer-Brock In memory of Irene Wall George and Marie Hecksher Zachary S. Bogue Robert Girard In memory of Leslie Cary Mary Ann Kretschmar Fred and Ernestine Lynn Hershman and Gifts-in-Kind Carol N. Bonnie Tracy Burris Arthur Strange John W. Cary Kate Oliver Campagnoli George Leeson Alaska Airlines In memory of Janice Donald Jennifer Salveson James and Helen Haase Peggie King Jack Calhoun, Vice Chair “A place for every mood.” In honor of Susan Denny The Caviar Co. Betty Jean Rogers Elisabeth Seaman Norma Kennedy Marian Kinney David Chung Peter Denny Eric Kent Wine Cellars Katherine Harbin Clammer In memory of Mary Beth Hagey Brad Sylvester and Mary and Charles Midkiff Morton Levin and Farmgirl Flowers In honor of Elizabeth Hundt Charles Crocker* Thomas and Shelagh Rohlen Rowena Taylor Beth and Neil Cherry Kathy Jackson Alanna Zrimsek Becky Beaver Marc P. Cruciger, MD* Esther Rubin John A. Thiella and Drs. Jessica and Carolyn Tucher and Belva Davis In honor of Steve Luppino Barbara Rydlander Rosa T. Casazza Jeffrey Gaynor Miles Anton Dyke Denise Fitch San Jose Town Club “I love the tranquil feeling I get walking Jeffrey D. Sant Nancy Thompson and Russ Hagey In memory of Monica Maduro David Fraze, Treasurer Carol and Randolph Selig Andrew F. Kerr In honor of Carol Migden Lawrence and Dr. Eugenia Perez through this beautiful museum and listening Frankie Jacobs Gillette Michael L. Shafran and Merrill B. and Hedy Thruston Lyn and Barbara Agre Barbara Kaplan In memory of Pauline Schwartz Wheeler S. Griffith Daryl R. Shafran David J. Tirrell In honor of Sally Porter Jan Lachman and Bunnie Finkelstein to quiet conversations of those who came to Cynthia Fry Gunn Lauren Hall Cynthia Shaver and Michael E. Tully James Halverson Murray Indick In memory of Ronald Schwartz Lucy Young Hamilton Gina Law Arlene Schnitzer observe beautiful art just like me.” Robert Leeper Herman Victor In honor of Charles Schlossman Holly Johnson Harris Darla and Richard Radcliffe In memory of Ben and A. Jess Susan Kristine Siep and Norma M. Walden David Schlossman George Hecksher* Shenson In memory of Florence Sue Wong Estate of Eleanor and Foxtail Catering & Events Ralph Bethell Christopher Walker In honor of Rev. Thomas Traylor Rosmary Roca Debbie Jorgensen* Fred Levin and Nancy Lori Wong Zabel and Charles De Limur Hafner Vineyard Donna W. Silverberg Edward Wallin Lawrence and Meg Rosenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strock Gretchen B. Kimball In memory of Pat Hanson-Thomson Livingston Karl Zabel John J. Lyons HALL Wines Pam Singer Katherine Gleeson Wallin In honor of Sylvia S. Walters Yasunobu Kyogoku In memory of Randell Shenton In memory of Dr. and Mrs. George Kathleen Skeels Mrs. Barbara M. Ward and San Francisco Auxiliary of the K. Lee Manuel Family Hotaling & Co. Kathryn Lasater Sue Kubly and Anna Kubly Gloria Balzano S. Wong Elisabeth and Raymond The Honorable Fine Arts Museums Ben Marks Hotel Villagio at Amy McKnight Cliff Moser In memory of Lucretia Thomas Sias Neal and Susan Mielke Sommer Roy L. Wonder In memory of Linda Hellmich-Brink Thomas McCabe and The Estate Yountville Lorna F. Meyer* Beverly Solochek Cameo F. Jones and Jason Moment, Chair Valerie Sopher Daphne and Stuart Wells Blossom Strong Jeffrey Holloway Allison Huegel & Jim Sergi Dr. Herlinde Spahr Ron Tremblay Carl Pascarella, Vice Chair Charles and Patricia Sprincin James Welter In memory of Murray Leavitt Gifts of Art Gail and Alec Merriam Melissa and Jeff Li In honor of Laura Waste In memory of Barbara Temby Heather Preston, MD Vera and Harold S. Stein Jr. Paul D. Werner Jordan Weinberg Rita Barela and Mitch and Susann Mirkin The Mark Hotel Katherine Waste Spurlock Belvedere-Tiburon Auxiliary Lisa Sardegna Eric R. Stevens Darlene Wigler Thomas Seligman Dr. Jorge Nieva McCalls Catering & Events of the Fine Arts Museums Richard Scheller, PhD Ken Berryman Leo and Pia Orlandi Family Moddler Gary Shansby* Peter Brainard Paulson Fontaine Press The Modern Honolulu David Shimmon Dr. Edward and Marjorie Cahn Linda Petrulias Oakwild Ranch/Toboni David Soward* Richard H. Clark and Roslyn L. Rosen Vineyards David Spencer Anne Clark Claman Dorothy Saxe Prince Waikiki Hotel Jeana Toney Mr. Stiles T. Colwill Richard Scheller Rothy’s Marvin Tseu* Deborah Corsini Alan Selsor See’s Candies Paul A. Violich* David Wadhwani Phoebe Cowles and Gustavo Seriñá Sosie Wines Diane B. Wilsey, Chair Emerita Robert Girard Patricia Anne Smith and Sotheby’s Lisa Zanze Marilyn Gray Cummins Paul Werner The Sun Valley Group/ Jan Daniele Michael Standefer Stargazer Barn As of June 30, 2019 David Davies and Jack Weeden Thiebaud Family *Fine Arts Museums Foundation John Doe Co. Marie-Josèphe de Touzalin William Eddelman Dunaway Jack and Margrit Vanderryn

Opposite: A sweet send-off at the Legion. Photograph by Gary Sexton

P. 33 (Annual Report 2018–2019 front cover), clockwise from top left: Photographs by Joanna Garcia Cherán, Gary Sexton, Stephen Texeira, Gary Sexton

P. 45: The Museums’ education program Past and Present seeks to build museum literacy among sixth graders. Photograph by Gary Sexton

P. 47: Enjoying the floral creations at Bouquets to Art. Photograph by Gary Sexton

P. 48: All Bay Area residents may now visit the permanent collections of the de Young and Legion of Honor free of charge every Saturday. Photograph by Gary Sexton

P. 52 (Annual Report 2018–2019 back cover), clockwise from bottom right: Photographs by Devlin Shand for Drew Altizer Photography, Gary Sexton (4)

50 FINE ARTS WINTER-SPRING 2020 ANNUAL REPORT 2018–2019 51 “I can view incredible art without flying to another part of the world.”