Reference books

Dictionary of Physic (Facts on File)

Internet resources

Atmospheric - Provides information for readers to learn more about the different phenomena.

Center for history of physics - Created for the purpose of promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and its applicants to human welfare.

CLIWOC (Climatological Database of the World’s Oceans) - Provides information to better knowledge of climate variability during the study period from sources that have not been exploited until now will be obtained.

College physics for students of and chemistry - Hypertext book written for first-year undergraduate physics students with a working knowledge of . Allows students to problems by using the text as a research tool and the variables in the problem as a guide and by identifying the equations in the text (and any examples) which are relevant.

Einstein light - Einstein's theory of includes and in a simple, logical extension of the relativity of Galileo and Newton.

MetEd - From weather, to hurricanes, to health, the modules in this new MetEd Topic Area, explore the bridge between people and their environment.

NCDC: climatic extremes and weather events - World's largest archive of weather data. Produces numerous climate publications and responds to data from all over the World.

NOVA: The elegant - Highest rated series on TV and the most watched documentary series on public TV.

The official website - History and development of the string theory. Also includes several other theories about the evolvement of the universe.

Physics 2000 - An interactive journey through .

Physics central - Represents some 45,000 and most of the work centers on scientific meetings and publications.

Physics education - An ongoing effort to provide the way that physics, chemistry, biology, science, and math are taught and learned.

Physics.org - A guide to physics on the Web.

Stratospheric ozone - Information on NOAA organizations, links to current and historical stratospheric ozone and climate data as well as information on the science of ozone.

Trends online - Data records presented in multipage formats each dealing with a specific site, religion, or emissions and species.

Web physics - Provides a forum for physics educators to exchange curriculum ideas and resources that make use of Web technology. Provides a medium for the dissemination of student work.