Most land along the river is State Forest or Campground privately owned. Respect Game Land (all privately owned) Picnic the owner’s rights; do not trespass. National Park Ser- Restrooms (seasonal) vice jurisdiction is confined Rapids Boat launch to the river itself, informa- Canoe/fishing access tion stations, headquarters (parking may be limited) Telephone area, the Zane Grey Mus- 330 River milepost eum, Roebling , and Mile zero is at the Ranger station some public river accesses. river’s mouth

To Binghamton North Downsville

0 1 Kilometer 5 West Balls Eddy 0 1 Mile 5 B


30 Exit 87 HANCOCK 17 Exit 87a

POINT Exit 90 elawar Shehawken MOUNTAIN D e Exit R East Branch Branch iv 89 ast e E r Northern Terminus Fishs Eddy Hancock CATSKILL PARK 330 17 (includes State Forest Preserve lands) Creek B n eaver e 28 wk Sheha


l Mil e oad lu am R B e k k r ee t r o Exit 93 (eastbound) S C o r

le B il d Nabbys v r d o Exit 93 (westbound) Brook r L o x L u k Buckingham 325 e o o h o Cook Falls b r A c u B



w a o e n r P S Fa reek C 28 206 ctory C Equinunk

320 k D o Roscoe

o e r Rock B

l n Valley a a SULLIVAN COUNTY lih w o Exit 94 Creek o a H 92 r nk e

u R in 134 96 124 u i q 191 ver Long Eddy k E ree et C ask CRYSTAL LAKE 315 B Basket Creek STATE RESERVATION 93

unk C Stalker in re qu e ittle E k Fremont Center L Kellams Creek kins n 1018 a H 94 123 ek re Hankins Cooley C To Livingston Manor River Rest Stop Lookout 95 r 310 e 132 v STATE GAME LANDS ware i Callicoon Center la R NO. 159 De Duck 149 Pond 125 Hollister North Branch r C Creek NEW YORK s PENNSYLVANIA 122 n i 131 121 k

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1016 C 305 CALLICOON 191 h rt o N B ea Hortonville 128 ve 17B 127 rd S 52 191 a ch m o o C Jeffersonville l

h allicoon 52 o

u To 17 and s

e Liberty Run To and Honesdale Creek 6 371 Creek


17B 52A 300 Cochecton Damascus No rth 114 Calkins Creek Branch

k 52 oo North District Br PENNSYLVANIA nd Fosterdale Po ll e h c Milanville M 116 Skinners Falls Skinners Falls Lake Huntington ek Rapids re 295 s C alkin 1004 1017 C Branc h South 17B To 17 and Barkley Liberty Lake Bethel H Cochecton Center 115 ills k NPS Headquarters B roo 55 Beach Lake 52 White 652 Big Fort Delaware Lake Eddy Museum of LAKE SUPERIOR History STATE PARK White Lake un 1006 r To 6 and Honesdale R e v NEW YORK Black y D 290 i g R Lake 55 g e e NARROWSBURG 17B l P h a nc 4003 le a w Hunts Corner i r M B a Information Mongaup Valley r Luxton e n East Center e Lake R T To 17 and i Welcome v Monticello Lake e TEN MILE RIVER r SCOUT CAMPS PENNSYLVANIA STATE GAME LANDS 26 NO. 316 Toronto 285 No. 9 RR Reservoir Masthope M Bridge 23 a s Rapids t R h d o o a p a o d e R Ten Mile River

e C WAYNE COUNTY k 1014 r a e PIKE COUNTY L e k


m o 97 k Swinging lc o e Masthope Masthope o Cliff Bridge r 55 W Rapids B Lake Reservoir p To 6 and Hawley am 22 rassy Sw G MONGAUP VALLEY 590 WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA Colang Rapids Westcolang Kunkeli 280 Rapids To 17 and Yulan Monticello ok o 33 Zane Grey Museum (NPS) r B Eldred 42 r ve er a PENNSYLVANIA iv e 21 47 R B STATE GAME en ax MINISINK LANDS NO. 183 w ka BATTLEGROUND PARK ac L Lackawaxen Forestburgh Cedar 43 Rapids ad 275 Highland Barker Ro 55 HICKOK BROOK To Hawley and Honesdale (Roebling Bridge NPS) MULTIPLE USE 32 AREA Shohola Barryville R oad Shohola llside 6 PENNSYLVANIA Rapids Hi 42 590 STATE GAME LANDS NO. 116 South District Rio Reservoir k o Glen Spey o k r e Quicks Eddy B Creek Y e T 434 r Y SULLIVAN CO River Rest Stop N T C l l U

i N O O ola U RANG UN

h M o 270 C TY h O E CO n

S Quicks i C 434 N UNTY b

739 Eddy a A E

NEW YORK 41 C V I L G r a L e k ree N lk e C k PENNSYLVANIA L a A U W Pond 31 R S O k e Eddy e er oad r Fish Riv Well R C p 1001 s 265 u e Cree a k y k g 1005 a dd n SHOHOLA L E o 84 n Exit 9 PENNSYLVANIA RECREATION AREA i d Pond Eddy M w on STATE GAME LANDS T P To 380 81 NO. 180 Stairway and Scranton Twin Rapids PENNSYLVANIA BUCKHORN Lakes Mongaup d STATE GAME LANDS NATURAL a Butlers Rift o NO. 209 AREA R Knights Camping Eddy 260 s by permit Mongaup HAWKS e 6 k Rapids NEST a L Mill

Rift 42 n i DELAWARE



Southern TerminusD


l a w Sparrowbush a 84 re R iv e To Kingston, r 97 PORT N.Y. Exit 10 209 739 1017 JERVIS MATAMORAS 255 k Ri er in v 6 ers Exit 11 6 Nev DELAWARE STATE FOREST PIKE 209 6 C MILFORD US OUNTY PA. 250 S SEX 6 C .J. 84 OUNTY N Exit 1 521 To Middletown, N.Y. Delaware Water 209 Gap NRA 23 N.Y. To Dingmans Ferry, Pa. To Bushkill