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What Can I Do To Prevent ? Having a cat declawed, putting a bell on its : collar and keeping it well-fed do not keep it from killing. Here are some suggestions for Pet or Predator? reducing the amount of cat predation on and other :

Make the indoors more comfortable for your cat with a scratching post, toys, indoor grass or . Play with your cat often. If you do let your cat outdoors, try to train it to walk on a leash, or build a run or screened-in area off of your house where your cat can enjoy the outdoors.

If you must let your cat roam free, at least try to control the time of day and season that you let your cat out. Birds are most active in the early morning and early evening. Also avoid letting your cat out during the breeding season, typically May - August, when baby are most vulnerable and cannot get away. A publication of the Keep feeders out of a cat’s McHenry County reach. Place them high and away Conservation District from windows and vegetation. If cat 815.338.MCCD predation is severe, you may need For more information, please contact to eliminate feeders altogether. McHenry County Conservation District 18410 U.S. Highway 14 At the very least, spay or neuter your Woodstock, IL 60098 pet to prevent . 815.338.MCCD (6223) www.MCCDistrict.org Wildlife Wins When Cats animals are not governed by the same Being outdoors can be dangerous Stay In natural laws that govern wildlife. In a natural for your cat population, the number of prey animals The lifespan of a cat confined to the house is For centuries, cats determines the number of predators. This 15 - 20 years, compared to 3 - 5 years for have been admired for control does not apply to either pet or feral one that roams freely. The hazards that face their agility, stealth (domestic animals that have reverted to a free-roaming cat are numerous and include and grace. These a wild state) animals because their being hit by a car, poisoned, injured by other characteristics have not numbers are constantly increased by newly animals, caught in a trap, becoming a victim only gained cats our abandoned animals or by free-ranging pets of abuse or theft, contracting a respect, it also makes that join their ranks temporarily. The fact that disease like , feline leukemia, them highly capable your cat has a instinct does not distemper or , or acquiring predators. Many people share their homes justify allowing it to behave like a wild parasites like fleas, , heartworms or and hearts with cats without understanding animal! roundworms. that a cat still possesses the weapons and instinct to kill. Cats compete with native predators The problem of cat predation on birds and A pet cat’s survival is not dependent upon A Natural other wildlife is a serious one. Cats are its hunting success. They can always return Instinct estimated to kill hundreds of millions of birds home for when the hunt is not and more than a billion small successful. Cats also kill animals without Remember, a cat is nationwide each year. But we cannot blame eating them (even well-fed cats kill!) In this only responding to what should be the family pet for following way, cats kill many more animals than a its natural instinct. its instincts. With increased pressures native predator. Pet cats are also afforded Ultimately, you are already facing wildlife, it’s up to the owners some protection from disease, predation and responsible for your to take responsibility for reducing predation competition--factors that affect native cat and its behavior! by their house cats. We owe it to our pets, predators like hawks, mink and foxes. our neighbors and to our wildlife. Because of this, cats may out-compete native predators for food. If you have any questions about Why Should I Keep My the problem of cat predation Cat Inside? on wildlife, please call the McHenry County Cats are not a natural part of ecosystems Conservation District’s To some, there may be no difference between Wildlife Resource Center a wild, natural predator killing another wild at 815-728-8307. animal for food and a cat doing the same thing--but there is a difference. Domestic