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Duke vs Clemson (10/15/1966)

Clemson University

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Director of Sports Infirmation

Represented for National Advertising by SPENCER ADVERTISING COMPANY New York 16, New York 271 Madison Avenue

Photography by Jim Burns, Charles Haralson, and Tom Shockley of Clemson; Jim Laughead and Jim Bradley of Dallas, Texas


EMERGENCIES: A first aid station is located PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM: The public ad- under Section A on South side of the stadium. dress system is intended primarily for the in- Trained nurses are on hand all during the formation of spectators concerning the game. game. Should a doctor be needed, ask any Please do not request the use of the public usher. Each usher has been informed the seat address system to make social contacts at the location of doctors. Ambulances are located game. at Gates 2 and 10. CONCESSION STANDS: Concession stands TELEPHONES: Telephones are located at are located beneath the stands and can be Stadium Ticket Offices at Gates 1. 5. 9. 11 and reached by exit from any portal. A conces- 13. sion price list is published on page 36. LOST ARTICLES: If any article is lost or found, please report same to Information EMERGENCY CALLS: Emergency calls are Booth located at Gate 1. received over the telephone located in the RESTROOMS: Ladies' and men's restrooms press box. the number of which is listed with are located beneath the stands and can be the operator as Clemson Memorial Stadium reached by exit from any portal. Press Box. > 1• « 1

C 4> 3 D) C "S 4t) C o N U o CD »- (0 a to u to 3 O Q 4«! s u S PQ a) u w CD r-J td 3 43 -> K ID CO., a Q) h 43 43 u o CQ «43 to O 44 S PQ > ^ t; u a as sr. "< JS >-> 2 - S2 |< CD U 3 8 3 ^ .2 3 m CD CO O C/3 fl « 13 CO s O « 'S O c O. > H 6 U 44 X fx " 43 to t. co M W i? CO 1 CD (4 u ta Q 3 o 43 ^3 w S SO K o « ID r, j +j T5 CO S PQ y 43 C _ <; id u O 2 4^ to T3 o 8 u 44 ^ td td a> SI W W u Ph icou^i t) 44 . w 43 _ Q CO §§ a « S CD o «> g co < to (3 0) s 44 CO 0) T3 * gS CO k> ID 'u X! cd 8 2

O C 0) ^ S S b • ^ § « 43 O 43 *3 O d) *— U s 8 « \ o K = Q td ? (0 c?PQ o 0) mni tncn ^ PQ 3 5 3 ^ >. re % o T3 u 8 >h CD * 5 2 Q ^ ? Q 3 2 o M £ b< u H ft 3 g> ft 4rf (0 o CD 03 PQ CD a> w fl c u o "u •— 02 a> U a OS X CO -3 o u CD to "H 43 2 U " o cd a n (0 Ih 3 XI (3 PQ ^« « o 1 S C PQ (3 PQ M u J W .in co . 43 td 10 3 a O 3 CD u O 8 1-5 J r u u 43 3 «i tx t3 3 O ta ph cd c n cd O £73-3 43 CQ CO >h O w 43 45 8" M ^ *• O Q) 5-3 W - r? rt (0 »J S 2 8 >, 41 sg a O HH u u O) td « td <-i ft ® 8 u > CD o «0 43 CD >,43 i >> o w as M o 73 CD re G 43 3 O < w S3 CO CD 4U (0 43 f— 44 IH 8 o 8 u h id 44 o td *- oa H u «— CO 3 H J w co 43 - > J2 PQ •t; 2 s pq 3 * 1? 43 to tl D) ft) 1- - © 2. to +j 'C 43 t31 td O "H * * PQ f 5 o ft" egg 3 "C Q 5 CD CD o h n 44 M O PQ B J CD td ~ CD re o ^ O 43 3 O o o w (-. u ^ < 8 a o td ffi u y as t-i a) 2 73 to J3 co )-. a Q 73 73 73 u S >. o CD 3 t CD S 1 u — (j) O) 2 8 B id O o 5 a; o t3 O 3 U [Ll ^ PQ coPhw05 HffiW U.PQQ Ph cd

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Life Members

Sen. Edgar A. Brown, President Barnwell

Dr. James F. Byrnes Columbia

Dr. Robert R. Coker Hartsville

Capt. Frank J. Jervey Clemson

Dr. James C. Self Greenwood

Winchester Smith Williston

Term Expires 1968

T. Kenneth Cribb Spartanburg

W. Gordon McCabe, Jr. Greenville

Paul Quattlebaum, Jr. Charleston

Term Expires 1970

L. D. Holmes Johnston

Senator Edgar A. Brown E. Oswald Lightsey Hampton President of the Board A. M. Quattlebaum Florence

It's Different Here

Are football games everywhere pretty much the same?—the crowds?—the bands? 1966 BOARD OF VISITORS the cheers? Sure there's a similarity — but G. G. Dowling Beaufort it's different here. Each game has its own distinctive flavor — spirit — tradition. So it John H. Lumpkin Columbia is with uniforms we manufacture. Into them J. B. Harris, Jr. Greenwood go many intangibles of experience and skill. This is why an increasing number of Units Richard G. Davis Greenville are scoring with "Uniforms of Distinction" by Frank S. Barnes, Jr. Rock Hill

J. P. Hodges Bennettsville

C. Hoyt Rogers Hartsville

IRVING L. WILSON J. Edwin Schachte Charleston COMPANY Wesley Wannamaker St. Matthews Paul McAlister Laurens ONE HIGHLAND AVENUE Louis Caggiano Cowpens

BALA-CYNWYD, PENNSYLVANIA John Wellman Johnsonville

Dr. Curtis A. Sidden Spartanburg (Hold-over Member)


To our visitors, friends and alumni we extend a warm and cordial welcome. We are happy to have each of you on the Clemson University campus today, sharing our pride of this fine stadium and the kind of football for which it has become famous.

It is our wish that your visit will be a memorable one. We hope that you may find time to walk or drive about the cam- pus to see the other points of beauty and historical interest.

This property was once the estate of John C. Calhoun. His stately mansion, Fort Hill, still stands today a treasured re- membrance of Clemson's heritage. In 1883 , who married a daughter of Mr. Calhoun's, willed this property to the State of South Carolina for the establishment of a scientific institution.

Clemson has grown with great esteem from a modest be- ginning in 1893 into a University serving nearly 5,400 students. Over 50 buildings and laboratories now make up the campus which once had only one dormitory and three other buildings.

From the shadows of Tillman Hall the statue of Thomas Clemson looks out upon a constantly changing plantation. The new $3 million library is now in operation and an 11-story high-rise residence hall is under construction on East campus. An even greater structural appearance will emerge the next ten years as result of a $50 million building program.

Two fine teams are playing today. We hope you enjoy the game and your visit, and that you will come back often.

Robert C. Edwards President

5 Clemson University Administration

Melford A. Wilson, V. Pres. Gen. Allen Wood Rigsby Wright Bryan For Business and Finance Sec. Board of Trustees, Vice President for and Comptroller Ass't to the President, Development University Counsel

Dr. Victor Hurst, V. Pres. Dr. F. I. Brownley Walter T. Cox for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate School Vice President for Dean of the University Student Affairs

Dr. Wm. Wiley, Dean, Dr. W. D. Trevillian, Dean, Dr. Linvil G. Rich, Dean, College of Agriculture and School of Industrial Mgt. College of Engineering Biological and Textile

H. E. McClure, M. Arch.. Dr. H. L. Hunter, Dean. Dr. Harold F. Landrith Dean, School of Architecture College of Arts and Sciences Dean, School of CLEMSON ATHLETIC COUNCIL

R. R. Ritchie, Chairman

Dr. J. E. Halpin

Dr. R. W. Moorman Eugene Park

B. N. Skardon

Joe L. Young

Goode Bryan, alumni member

W. G. DesChamps, alumni member

Jim T. Long, Ex-officio

K. N. Vickery, Ex-officio

Dr. R. C. Edwards, Ex-officio

Melford A. Wilson, Ex-officio

Walter T. Cox, Ex-officio

Frank Howard, Ex-officio

Gene Willimon, Ex-officio R. R. (Red) Ritchie, Chairman. Athletic Council

Bishopville Petroleum Co., Inc.





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7 1945 Clemson 6 3 1 211 73 1946 Clemson Head Coach 4 5 147 174 1947 Clemson Head Coach 4 5 o 206 146 1948 Clemson Head Coach 11 o 274 76 1949 Clemson Head Coach 4 4 2 232 216

1950 Clemson Head Coach 9 1 344 76 1951 Clemson Head Coach 7 3 o 196 97

1952 Clemson Head Coach 2 6 1 112 157

1953 Clemson Head Coach 3 5 1 139 172 1954 Clemson Head Coach 5 5 o 192 121 1955 Clemson Head Coach 7 3 o 206 144 1956 Clemson Head Coach 7 2 2 167 101 1957 Clemson Head Coach 7 3 216 78 1958 Clemson Head Coach 8 3 o 169 138 1959 Clemson Head Coach 9 2 o 285 103 1960 Clemson Head Coach 6 4 o 197 125 1961 Clemson Head Coach 5 5 Q 199 1962 Clemson Head Coach g A u loo1 CD 130

1963 Clemson Head Coach 5 4 1 181 140 1964 Clemson Head Coach 3 7 105 135 1965 Clemson Head Coach 5 5 117 137

TOTALS 145 99 4838 3329 GRAND TOTALS 215 140 6422 4292

The Century Club . . . Fifteen coaches who are at major football institutions (as classified by the National Collegiate Athletic Bu- reau) have now won 100 or more games in their careers. The "Century Club" saw five members enter last year and two retire. Coach Frank Howard is third-ranked Frank Howard, for the most years as a head coach (behind Warren B. and Head Football Coach Woodson of New Mexico State and of Rice) while Howard and Neely have been head coaches at one Victory No. 150 Is In Sight institution longer than anyone else. Both start their 27th year at one school in 1966. Howard ranks sixth in the One of Coach Howard's goals this season is to regis- nation for the most wins in a career. Listed below are ter his 150th victory. He now has 145 and only five the "Century Club" members. other active coaches have more. And Howard will move Yesr A.s up at least one more notch this season when Coach Name & School Head Coach G W L T Pet. Jess Neely at Rice retires. Warren B. Woodson, When Neely hangs up the sweats after 40 years of New Mex. State 35 347 225 103 19 .676 head coaching (4 at Southwestern, 9 at Clemson and 27 Jess Neely, at Rice), Howard will have the longest tenure at one Rice 39 392 204 168 20 .546 school in the nation. He and Neely are now tied for , this honor. Alabama 21 225 160 51 14 .742 In 12 years of ACC competition, Clemson has a 76- Bobby Dodd, 52-2 overall record and 47-25-1 against conference teams. 21 226 156 62 8 .708 During this time Clemson has scored 2,342 points—more Johnny Vaught, than any other team in the league; and given up 1,652 Mississippi 19 200 149 41 10 .770 points—fewest in the league. FRANK HOWARD. CLEMSON 26 255 145 99 11 .590 HOWARD'S FOOTBALL RECORD , Ysar School Status Won Lost Tied Pts. Opp. Syracuse 20 193 133 58 2 .694 1928 Alabama Player 6 3 187 75 1929 Alabama Player 6 3 196 58 , 1930 Alabama Player 10 271 13 Ohio State 20 181 130 44 7 .738 Pie Vann TOTALS 22 6 654 146 Southern Miss 17 170 123 45 2 .729 1931 Clemson Line Coach 1 6 2 19 164

1932 Clemson Line Coach 3 5 1 89 111 R. L. Blackburn, 1933 Clemson Line Coach 3 6 2 50 98 Dartmouth 17 162 115 39 8 .735 1934 Clemson Line Coach 5 4 89 85 Odus Mitchell, 1935 Clemson Line Coach 6 3 147 99 North State _ 20 207 114 84 9 .572 1936 Clemson Line Coach 5 5 98 95 Texas

1937 Clemson Line Coach 4 4 1 128 64 Shug Jordan 1938 Clemson Line Coach 7 1 1 145 56 Auburn 15 155 103 47 5 .681 1939 Clemson Line Coach 9 1 165 45 Frank Camp

TOTALS 43 35 7 930 817 Louisville 20 185 102 82 2 .557 1940 Clemson Head Coach 6 2 1 182 73 Len Casanova 1941 Clemson Head Coach 7 2 233 90 Oregon 20 199 101 81 11 .535 1942 Clemson Head Coach 3 6 1 100 138 Buff Donelli 1943 Clemson Head Coach 2 6 94 185 1944 Clemson Head Coach 4 5 165 179 Columbia 23 202 101 93 8 .519

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Important Coming Events

North-South Doubleheader February 17-18 Tournament March 2-3-4 Sportsman Show March 7-12

The Harlem Globetrotters March 14

Ice Skating Wrestling Ice Hockey

Paul Buck, Managing Director

For Ticket Information Call: 372-3600

12 13 DE Butch Sursavage

14 11


Clem. Opp. Di- ** t ear w L T Pts. rts.

1 Q 1 896 2 1 o 36

1 897 2 2 o 28 58 1 898 3 1 o 110 20 L0NGINES 1 899 4 2 o 109 40 1900 6 o 222 10 THE WORLD'S 1901 3 1 1 190 38

l ano c l on i yuz i o 152 Li, MOST HONORED A i 90 i yuo 4 i ] 167

i a o an a 1 50

c WATCH 1 '"' "i 3 2 1 81 DO 1906 un 3 38

1 907 o 67 Z^

1908 g o 26 1 02

1 909 g 3 o 93 43

1910 3 1 106 04 10 WORLD'S FAIR 1911 3 o 71 110 GRAND PRIZES A 1912 o 179 126 28 GOLD MEDALS 1913 A A o 112 98

1914 5 3 1 157 123 1915 2 4 2 118 48 W. H. Davis (left), Alcoa's General Manager- 1916 3 g o 81 146 Longines watches are Industrial Relations, says: "We've found that 1917 2 o 183 OHfiZ Army ROTC graduates with active duty expe- recognized as OFFICIAL rience as officers possess better than average 1918 2 o 199 1 U i initiative, foresight, and responsibility. These 1919 2 2 151 00

gladly e 1 Z7 for timing world are qualities we rate very highly, and we 1920 1 99 pay a premium to get them." 192 i g 2 55 1 R7

i na championships and Olympic 1922 170 i uy

1923 2 1 91 00 sports in all fields 1 924 2 g o 80 y d u

i 1925 i y o 18 1 60 7 throughout the world. 1926 2 o 20 1 69 c Why did 1927 3 1 74 04 1928 g 3 o 192 77

1 Q9Q Q q i y zy O o 236 110 o 1930 O z o 239 82 Alcoa 1 c 1931 1 D 2 19 c 1932 3 1 89 1111 1 1 3 De 2 50 Qflyo hire 1934 Oc: nZ o 89 00 1 QT^ e o i y oo D o 147 99 c c i yoo O O o 98 yo

1937 4 4 \ 128 64 •7 Rod Wilson? 1938 / 1 I 145 56 1939 9 1 o 165 45 Because Alcoa needs men to fill key 1940 6 2 1 182 73 positions— men capable of moving to 194 7 2 o 233 90 thetop;menwho seek and measure up 1942 3 6 100 138 to responsibility. Rod Wilson is that 1943 2 6 o 94 185 kind of man. An Army ROTC Distin- 1944 4 5 o 165 179

1945 6 3 1 211 73 - guished Military Graduate at Colorado Longines 5 Star Admiral Automatic with Calendar, 1946 4 5 o 147 174 State University, Rod won an officer's All-Proof 5', sweep-second, 14K gold strap-$185.00 1947 4 5 Q 206 146 commission in the Regular Army along 974 1948 1 1 u 76 with his degree. Forty-four months of 1949 4 4 2 232 216 active duty, including 16 months over- i 1950 9 i 76 Joh^iesQedo seas as an artillery commander, earned 1951 7 3 196 97 Every Longines watch, Rod Wilson 24-carat credentials as a 1952 2 6 1 112 157 leader, a man schooled in the demand- 1953 3 5 1 139 172 whatever its type, for whatever ing disciplines of command, the kind 1954 5 5 193 121 its use, today, as for almost of man Alcoa looks for. 1955 7 3 206 144 1956 7 2 2 167 101 century, is manufactured to If you're this kind of man, prove it to a 1957 7 3 216 78 yourself, and to the companies like be the finest of its kind and 1958 8 3 169 138 Alcoa who are looking for you. How? 1959 9 2 285 103 worthy in every respect to be called in Get Army ROTC. Stay with Army 1960 6 4 197 125 World's Most Honored Watch ROTC, all the way to success. 1961 5 5 199 126 The 1962 6 4 168 130

1963 5 4 1 181 140 1964 3 7 105 135 - WATCH CO. ARMY ROTC 1965 5 5 117 137 LONGINES WITTNAUER MONTREAL • NEW YORK • GENEVA Maker of Watches ol the Highest Character Since 1867 MORE SPORTS NEWS The Greenville News and Greenville Piedmont lead the way in real sports coverage; You're sure of getting the

most . . . and the best ... in The News and Piedmont. MORE GAME RESULTS Even late night games are reported in The Greenville News' morning edi- tions. And The Piedmont brings you a complete round up of all the impor- tant sports results each afternoon. MORE PICTURES Wirephoto equipment brings the best in football action pictures from all the nation's big games to The News and Piedmont. And our staff photographers are on hand at all Clemson games to record them in eye-catching photos. BEST SPORTS EXPERIENCED WRITERS The News and Piedmont have talent- ed, experienced sports staffs. Their sports writers are veterans in the CAN sports field and experts at PAGES YOU bringing you the most important news, fully reported, every day. Read The Green- ville News and Greenville Piedmont READ ANYWHERE and see for yourself.


She <£>rrenuf11? 5fauts Si? TWO TICKETS 20 Killed As Tankers Collide In N.Y. Harbor Flames Soor 10 Storra High 13 Men Missing TO In Sea Holocaust GOOD FOOTBALL

. U Bullets Left, Marines Stage Bayonet Attack

8m otd Poikffmon Wounded N.C. Shootout _Leawes 1 DsaH


16 Officials . . .

DR. DOUGLAS M. KNIGHT E. M. (EDDIE) CAMERON President, Duke University Athletic Director, Duke University DUKE UNIVERSITY Location: Durham, N. C. Founded: 1838 Conference: Atlantic Coast Enrollment: 7,000 Athletic Director: E. M. (Eddie) Cameron Head Coach: , Muskingum '51 Assistants: Jacque Hetrick, George Hill, Herschel Cald- well, Bob Cox, Carmen Falcone, Stan Crisson, Hal Hunter, Sam Timer, Hal McElhaney SID: Dick Brusie (Office phone: 919-681-0111, Ext. 2633) Co-Trainers: H. M. "Max" Crowder and Otho Davis Stadium and Capacity: Duke—57,500 Team Colors: Royal Blue and White Nickname: Blue Devils, Iron Dukes 1965 Overall Record: 6-4-0 1965 Conference Record: 4-2-0 Offensive Lettermen Returning (18) Defensive Lettermen Returning (15): Co-Captains: Linebacker and Safety Mike Shasby. Clemson Duke Clemson Duke 1934 6 20 1960 6 21 1935 12 38 1961 17 7 1936 25 1962 16 1957 6 7 1963 30 35 2959 6 1965 3 2 Games Won Lost Tied Pts. Opp.

Overall Series . 10 3 7 86 171 TOM HARP Howard's Record 7 3 4 68 88 Head Football Coach, Duke University Howard vs. Harp


Band Commander Andy C. Dickert Vice Commander Bob Kirkpatrick Drum Major Marion Crooks Sergeant Major Ronnie Bullock Supply Officer Joe Ruzicka Captain, Color Guard Gene Myers Student Band Master Joe Ruzicka HOMECOMING PROGRAM

Pre-Game Clemson University TIGER BAND and Color Guard Symphonic Fanfare Entrance: "E Pluribus Unum" (Jewell) Welcome—Dr. Robert C. Edwards, Pres., Clemson University Presentation of Sponsors, TAPS Beauties Coronation of Homecoming Queen "The Shadow of Your Smile" from The Sandpiper (Arr. Whitcomb) Entrance of Queen: Float by Numeral Society W. W. Thraves, President, Designed by Pete Sherratt Crowning of Queen: Henry Coleman, President of Alumni Assn., assisted by Danny Speights, President of Student Government and Jay Hair, President of Central Dance Assn.

Color Guard Entrance: "Eagle Sguadron" (Alford) Prayer—George Rush, Student Chaplain National Anthem

Exit: "Dixie" (Emmett-Poole)


1:15 p. m. Clemson University vs. Duke University

Halftime Clemson University TIGER BAND Symphonic Fanfare Entrance: "Man of La Mancha" (Arr. Warrington) Patterns in Motion: "Cyrus the Great" (King) "Glory of the Gridiron" (Alford) Solo Twirlers: "Downtown" (Hatch-Cable) Pin Wheels and Sliding Triangles: "Bravura" (Duble) Clemson ALMA MATER (McGarity-Butler) Exit: "Tiger Rag" (Arr. Yoder)

PERSHING RIFLES (Co. C-4, Clemson University) Drill Exhibition Ivan F. Kelley, III, Cadet Captain: Cadet 1st Lt. James M. Hudgens, Jr., Executive Officer; Captain Maclachlan, Faculty Adviser.

19 Jay Calabrese Robin Bodkin Ken Chatham Art Vann

Page Wilson Henley Carter Andy Beath L

Roger Hayes Charles Grace Carl Gersbach Bill Serravezza

Jerry Barringer Jake Devonshire




Originating in the new color studios of WSPA-TV, the Frank Howard Show, with its new half hour format, brings you the best of the action. Described by Coach Howard and Verner Tate, WSPA Sports Director.


21 Go Party

Sen. Marshall J. Parker Candidate for Candidate Unexpired Re-election U. S. Term U. S. Senate Senate

A Quality Team Joseph O. Rogers. Jr. Cong. Albert W. Watson Candidate for Candidate for Governor Re-election to Congress YOU Can Trust 2nd Congressional District


Guarantee Yourself Freedom of Choice

Help Get South Carolina

Marshall T. Mays On The Go John K. Grisso Candidate for Candidate for Lt. Governor Congress 3rd District

Vote Republican Nov. 8

Dr. Inez Clark Eddings Archie C. Odom Candidate for State Candidate for Congress Supt. of Education 6th District W. W. Wannamaker, Jr. Candidate for State Treasurer (By petition or write-in)

22 The DUKE Series

Coach Tom Harp makes his first visit to "Death Valley" today, and so does the American Broad- casting Company. Clemson welcomes both! DAN'S The Tigers and Blue Devils have the honor of playing one of four games being regionally tele- SANDWICH SHOP cast today, this one being beamed up and down (Opposite Post Office) the Eastern seaboard. This marks the first time such a telecast has ft originated from Memorial Stadium, although closed circuit productions have taken place. ABC IF YOU CAN FIND BETTER has on hand some 60-odd people catching all of HAMBURGERS .... BUY 'EM the action between these two Atlantic Coast Con- ference powers. ft Duke hasn't played in Memorial Stadium since STUDENTS, 1962 when the Blue Devils, led by Mike Curtis, THE FAVORITE OF Walt Rappold, Jay Wilkinson, Mark Leggett, Stan TOWNSPEOPLE AND VISITORS Crisson and others smashed to a 16-0 triumph over the Tigers. ft There was very little difference in the total DROP IN AND SEE OUR PICTURE yardage (257 to 246, Clemson), but the Blue Devils picked off five that day and recover- DISPLAY OF CLEMSON ATHLETES ed two fumbles. OF THE LAST 31 YEARS The following year at Durham, probably the most exciting game of the series took place with the final 35-30 score, in favor of Duke, still being VISIT OUR NEW DINING ROOM talked about by fans of the two schools. • SHORT ORDERS There was no game in 1964, but the '65 contest • caused about as much comment as the 75-point • STEAKS AND CHOPS producer two years previous. • LUNCHES In the one 12 months ago, Frank Pearce kicked • TWO CATERING TRUCKS a field goal for the Tigers and Duke, with a 10- man rush, sent a Don Barfield punt flying out of TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS the end zone for a safety for the only scoring. The thing that will be remembered most by the Blue The World's Biggest Devil fans were the six fumble recoveries by Clemson. End Joey Branton picked up three of and Best Hamburgers them.

The series between these two actually is young compared with many. It wasn't until 1934 that they first met, then only for three years. It was after the ACC was formed that they began play- ing more or less on a regular basis. They have DAN'S met seven of the last nine years. "Behind Clemson Athletics 100%" The Blue Devils hold a 7-3 advantage in the previous 10 games and Coach Frank Howard's personal record is 3-4.

23 1966 — Clemson University Varsity Football Roster — 1966


10 Roger Hayes OB 1-21-45 6-1 190 Jr. Travelers Rest, S. C, Travelers Rest, Dean Bolin 12 John Enslen OB 11-12-46 6-0 175 So. Wetumpka, Ala., Wetumpka, Jack Ray 13 Charlie Ellenburg OB 11-1-46 6-2 186 So. Knoxville, Tenn., Knoxville East, Bob Polston 14 'Kit Jackson LS 6-3-46 6-2 181 Jr. Swansea, S. O, Swansea, Doug Bennett 15 *Jacky Jackson TB 7-21-46 6-2 190 Jr. Edgefield, S. O, Strom Thurmond. Bettis Herlong 16 Billy Amnions OB 6-9-47 6-0 161 So. Camden, S. O, Camden, W. L. Lynch 17 John Howell OB 12-13-46 6-4 190 So. Williston, S. C, Williston-Elko, Jud Davis 18 'Jimmy Addison OB 8-18-46 6-0 163 Jr. Fairfax, Ala., Valley, Dock Lockridge 19 Chuck Werner LC 11-18-46 6-2 177 So. Travelers Rest, S. C, Travelers Rest, Dean Bolin

6-12-46 5-10 175 20 Doug Walker PK So. Kershaw, S. C. , Kershaw, Bill Few 21 'Freddy Kelley Flk 11-19-46 5-10 174 Jr. Greenville, S. C, Greenville Senior, Slick Moore 22 Richie Luzzi RS 4-11-45 5-9 185 So. Belleville, N. J., Belleville, Thomas Testa 23 Ron Miller Flk 4-29-47 6-2 176 So. Niles, Ohio, Niles McKinley, Stennett

24 Johnny Gilstrap Flk 4-19-47 5-11 155 So. Liberty, S. C, Liberty, M. J. Stancell 25 'Phil Rogers Flk 7-10-46 6-3 179 Jr. Clinton, S. C Clinton, Claude Howe 26 'Frank Liberatore RC 8-30-45 6-0 194 Jr. McKeesport, Pa., McKeesport Senior, Duke Weigle 27 Steve Hinson RS 7-19-47 5-10 165 So. Macon, Ga., Lanier, Jim Nolan 28 Lee Rayburn RC 7-24-47 6-0 180 So. Atlanta, Ga., North Fulton, Calvin Hartness 29 Randy Bell RC 4-2-47 6-1 180 So. Greenwood, S. C, Greenwood, Pinky Babb

30 'Jay Cooper FB 6-19-44 5-11 194 Sr. Clemson, S. C, D. W. Daniel, Dickie Singleton 33 Edwin Porter FB 7-30-47 6-2 229 So. Andrews, S. C, Lexington, Webber Rowell 34 'Phil Marion RS 4-15-44 5-9 187 Sr. Milmont Park, Pa., Ridley, Phil Marion 35 *Bo Ruffner FB 8-14-46 6-3 227 Jr. Latrobe, Pa., Latrobe, Chuch Finley 36 Benny Michael FB 4-5-46 5-11 200 So. Clemson, S. C, Beaufort, F. R. Small 37 Butch Bush RS 9-25-46 6-1 175 So. Athens, Ga., Athens, Weyman Sellers 38 Jimmy Logan LS 2-5-45 6-1 186 Jr. Sumter, S. C, Edmunds, Sandy Hershey 39 'Don Barfield Punt 4-26-45 6-1 202 Sr. Charleston, S. C, Charleston, Frank DePrete

40 Charles Tolley TB 2-18-47 5-11 175 So. Mars Hill, N. C, Mars Hill, Roy Ammons 41 'Charlie Hook TB 9-6-46 6-2 190 Jr. Manning, S. C, Manning, Gus Allen 42 'Arthur Craig LS 5-12-46 6-1 202 Jr. Greer, S. C, Greer, Phil Clark 44 Buddy Gore TB 1-7-46 6-0 187 So. Conway, S. C, Conway, Buddy Sasser 45 'Wayne Page LC 3-6-44 6-2 194 Sr. Lake View, S. C, Lake View, James F. Priven 46 Bob Craig FB 1-29-47 6-2 185 So. Port St. Joe, Fla., Port St. Joe, Bobby Brown 47 Sandy Daniel LC 4-20-47 5-11 188 So. Columbia, S. C, A. C. Flora, Jim Pinkerton 48 John Fulmer RC 4-24-47 6-1 203 So. Lancaster, S. C, Lancaster, Dalton Rivers 49 Keith Waters PK 9-5-45 6-1 165 Jr. North Augusta, S. C, North Augusta, Cally Gault

50 Jackie Lee Jackson C 1 1-4-46 6-0 218 So. Marion, S. C, Marion, Buddy Neeley 51 'Ray Mullen LB 4-8-46 6-1 185 Jr. Belle Vernon, Pa., Bellmar, Baptiste Manzini 52 Larry McPherson C 6-5-45 6-3 205 So. Lisbon, Ohio, David Anderson, Edwin Bucher 53 Richard Garick DT 2-28-46 6-1 211 So. Orangeburg, S. C, Orangeburg, G. E. Runager 54 Barry Cockfield LB 10-13-47 6-1 192 So. Due West, S. C, Dixie, Dusty Oates 55 'Hoss Hostetler C 6-22-45 6-1 192 Jr. Charleroi, Pa., Charleroi, Ralph Currie 56 Wayne Mulligan C 5-5-47 6-3 204 So. Lutherville, Md., Calvert Hall, Fred Kern 57 Riley McLane MG 6-11-47 6-1 222 So. Abbeville, S. C, Abbeville, Tommy Hite 58 Bucky Turpin LB 4-4-46 6-2 205 So. Americus, Ga., Americus, Jimmy Hightower 59 George Burnett LB 8-27-47 5-11 193 So. Chamblee, Ga., Chamblee, Gene Goff

60 'Dan Gunnels MG 3-6-45 6-0 200 Jr. Clarkesville, Ga., North Habersham, Frank Giles 61 Gary Arthur OG 7-4-47 5-11 213 So. Baltimore, Md., Baltimore Poly, Bob Lumsden 62 Sammy Crouch OG 12-13-45 6-0 209 So. Saluda, S. C, Saluda, Mooney Player

63 Johnny Waddell OG 9-30-46 6-1 198 So. Georgetown, S. C, Winyah, J. C. Hudson 64 Jimmy Catoe LB 4-7-47 6-1 205 So. Kershaw, S. C. Bill , Kershaw, Few 65 James Tompkins MG 1-15-47 6-0 190 So. Lake Placid, Fla., Sebring, Glenn Odham 66 Willie Cropp OG 9-11-46 6-0 207 So. Charlottesville, Va., Fork Union, Red Puleum 67 'Mike Facciolo OG 10-30-44 6-2 222 Sr. Clifton Heights, Pa., Monsignor Bonner, Jack Ferrante 68 Billy Ware LB 10-1-47 6-0 220 So. Varnville, S. C, Wade Hampton, Bobby McLellan 69 'Harry Olszewski OG 10-11-46 6-0 234 Jr. Baltimore, Md., Baltimore Poly, Bob Lumsden

70 Joe Lhotsky OT 9-13-47 6-2 226 So. Baltimore, Md., Archbishop Curley, Richard O. King 71 'Dave Burton OT 12-14-46 6-1 240 Jr. Corbin, Ky., Corbin, Ledger Howard 72 Mike Locklair DT 5-4-47 6-0 217 So. Great Falls, S. C, Great Falls, Harvey Stewart 73 John Cagle OT 3-26-47 6-2 240 So. Cayce, S. C, Brookland-Cayce, Bill Brissey McElmurray 10-27-44 5-11 Sr. S. 74 'Mac DT 212 Aiken, C. , Aiken, Jim Fraser 12-20-45 6-5 75 Lee Trexler OT 232 So. Concord, N. C. , Concord, George Alley 76 'Floyd Rogers DT 1-11-45 6-4 230 Sr. Clyde, N. C, Clyde, H. B. Griffin 77 'Wilson Childers DT 4-19-46 6-0 230 Jr. Great Falls, S. C., Great Falls, Harvey Stewart 78 'Wayne Mass OT 3-11-46 6-4 239 Jr. Sumter, S. C., Edmunds, Sandy Hershey 79 'Larry Keys OT 12-14-44 6-0 230 Jr. Cartersville, Ga., Cartersville, Joe Coffee

80 'Edgar McGee OE 2-18-46 6-4 207 Jr. Orangeburg, S. O, Orangeburg, G. E. Runager 81 Connie Wade DE 10-29-46 6-3 225 So. Rock Hill, S. C, Rock Hill, Tommy Oates 82 'Ted Katana OE 4-12-44 5-11 197 Sr. Latrobe, Pa., Latrobe, Chuch Finley 83 Wesley Eidson DE 5-8-47 6-2 207 So. Kannapolis, N. O, A. L. Brown, Roy Boyles 84 'Joey Branton DE 2-18-46 6-4 216 Jr. Myrtle Beach, S. C., Conway, Buddy Sasser 85 Ronnie Ducworth DE 3-2-47 6-0 190 So. Anderson, S. C, Hanna, Stan Honeycutt 86 'Butch Sursavage DE 8-2-46 6-3 212 Jr. Andrews, N. C, Andrews, Hugh Hamilton 87 Jimmy Abrams OE 11-6-45 6-2 195 Jr. Whitmire, S. C, Whitmire, Ben Clark 88 Thorny Smith OE 7-22-47 6-0 198 So. Augusta, Ga., Richmond Academy, Jack Reynolds 89 'Wayne Bell OE 10-5-45 6-2 209 Sr. Greenwood, S. C, Greenwood, Pinky Babb

Indicates Letterman

»T« »T« »7« »T4 •> >

24 The Rocket Action Cars are out front again!

After you've walked off with all the honors, what do you do for an encore? Meet Olds Toronado— 9 67 edition.

Awards for this. Awards for that. Awards for just about everything. But rest on its laurels? Not Toronado. Swinging new look outside. Posh new detailing inside. Doors with torsion~bar spring assists that open easier than ever to the flat-floored, room-for-six interior. Even that fabulous fronUwheel'drive ride is smoother and quieter for '67. And front disc brakes and radial ply tires are available. Trend-setting Toronado: Proved and applauded by tens of thousands of satisfied owners. Greater than ever the second time around!

Obey Olds thinks of your safely, too, with the GM developed energy absorbing Engineered for excitement . . . Toronado- style!

Laws steering column that can compress on severe impact up to 8 . inches', Drive with four way hazard warning flasher; outside rear new mirror; dual master GM Safely cylinder brake system, plus many other safety features-all standard for '67. '67 OLDSMOBILE



15 JACKY JACKSON _ TB 11 MARK TELGE _ RS 41 CHARLIE HOOK _ FB 45 ART VANN RC CLEMSON DUKE DEFENSE OFFENSE 86 BUTCH SURSAVAGE LE 86 SE 76 FLOYD ROGERS LT 72 M. TRAVELSTEAD LT 68 BILLY WARE LLB 54 HERB GOINS LG 60 DAN GUNNELS MG 53 MIKE MURPHY C 64 JIMMY CATOE RLB 63 CARL GERSBACH _ RG 74 MAC McELMURRAY RT 71 MIKE RENNEKER _ RT 84 JOEY BRANTON RE 44 HENLEY CARTER TE 45 WAYNE PAGE LC 18 AL WOODALL QB 42 ARTHUR CRAIG LS 40 FRANK RYAN WB 34 PHIL MARION RS 21 JAKE DEVONSHIRE TB 26 FRANK LIBERATORE RC 30 JAY CALABRESE FB SQUAD THE BLUE DEVIL SQUA 10 Hayes, qb 53 Garick, dt 10 Beath, wb-db 56 Fondren, c 12 Enslen, qb 54 Cockfield, lb 11 Telge, db 57 Homa, c 13 Ellenburg, qb 55 Hostetler, c 12 Dempsey, db 58 Rose, c 14 K. Jackson, Is 56 Mulligan, c 13 Dixon, qb 60 Edwards, mg 15 J. Jackson, tb 57 McLane, mg 14 Edens, qb 61 Barton, g 16 Amnions, qb 58 Turpin, lb 15 Davis, db-hb 62 Foyle. mg 17 Howell, qb 59 Burnett, lb 16 Shasby, db 63 Gersbach, g 18 Addison, qb 60 Gunnels, mg 17 Abdella, qb 64 Barringer, g 19 Werner, lc 61 Arthur, og 18 Woodall, qb 65 Alexander, g 20 Walker, pk 62 Crouch, og 19 Orvald, qb 66 Bodkin, dt 21 Kelley, flk 64 Catoe, lb 20 Brannon, hb 67 Leinster, g 22 Luzzi, rs 65 Tompkins, mg 21 Devonshire, tb 68 Parker, g 23 Miller, flk 66 Cropp, og 23 Hicklin, hb 69 Unser, g 24 Gilstrap, flk 67 Facciolo, og 24 Chatham, tb 70 Arnold, t 25 Rogers, flk 68 Ware, lb 25 Snyder, hb 71 Renneker, t 26 Liberatore, rc 69 Olszewski, og 26 Crouch, hb 72 Travelstead, t 28 Rayburn, rc 70 Lhotsky, ot 28 Matheson, lb-e 73 Lasky, dt 29 Bell, rc 71 Burton, ot 30 Calabrese, fb 76 Wilson, t 30 Cooper, fb 72 Locklair, dt 32 Richardson, hb 78 Zuker, dt 33 Porter, fb 73 Cagle, ot 33 O'Bryon, fb 79 Guy, t 34 Marion, fb 74 McElmurray, dt 34 Compitello, lb 80 Kidd, e 35 Ruffner, fb 75 Trexler, ot 35 Grace, lb 81 Reider, e 36 Michael, fb 76 Rogers, dt 37 Newman, lb 82 Phipps, de 38 Logan, Is 77 Childers, dt 38 Henry, fb 83 Hayes, de 39 Barfield, punt 78 Mass, ot 39 Wilson, fb 84 Everstine, e 40 Tolley, tb 79 Keys, ot 40 Ryan, wb-tb 85 Swomley, e 41 Hook, tb 80 McGee, oe 42 Bussey, hb 86 Dunaway, e 42 A. Craig, Is 81 Wade, de 43 Dow, hb 87 Serravezza, de 44 Gore, tb 82 Katana, oe 44 Carter, hb 88 Wiesley, de 45 Page, lc 83 Eidson, de 45 Vann, db 92 Hysong, e 46 B. Craig, fb 84 Branton, de 46 Padgett, e 94 West, e 47 Daniel, lc 85 Ducworth, de 51 Munn, lb 95 Krimmel, e 49 Waters, pk 86 Sursavage, de 52 Joseph, mg-c 97 Lundy, t 50 J. Jackson, c 87 Abrams, oe 53 Murphy, c 98 Royal, e 51 Mullen, lb 88 Smith, oe 54 Goins, c 99 Hedgepeth, e 52 McPherson, c 89 Bell, oe 55 Morgan, c


1T} 1 . .

1966 Duke University Varsity Football Roster

T T t iif_T No. Name Pos. rlgt. Wgt. Age Hometown Class 10 *Andy Beath WB-DB 6-1 193 20 Clearwater, Fla. Jr. 11 *Mark Telge DB 6-1 195 20 Manchester, N. H. Jr. 12 Larry Dempsey DB 6-5 205 19 Greensboro, N. C. So. 1 A 13 Dick Dixon QB 5-11 180 iy Nashville, Tenn. bo. /in a i 1 no 14 Thomas Edens 0-1 loo 19 bumter, b. C bo. IOC OA 15 Larry Davis DB-HB 5-0 186 zU Portsmouth, Va. Jr. 1 HI O 1 16 *Mike Shasby DB 5-11 111 Zl Bay village, unio br. R O 1 a a 1 A 17 Dixon Abdella QB o-3 19U iy Middletown, N. J. So. r 1 OA 9 1 18 Al Woodall OB 0-0 199 Zl Erwin, N. C. Jr. 19 I odd (Jrvald OR O-Ifl 1 1 Qd Z911 AVyncote, Pa. or.

T T 1 R 1 OA 20 *Don Brannon iiB 0-1 loO ZU Liianam, in. Jr. R A OA 21 *Jake Devonshire 1 B 0-0 19 1 ZU Carney s Point, N. J. J r. Tin 1 1 OA 1 23 Edward Hicklin riB 0-11 loU iyA Burlington, N. C. bo. T'R R O 1 O/l OA 24 *Ken Chatham 1 B 0-Z 134 ZU Silver Spring, Md. br. III) 1 A A 1 A 25 Jeff Snyder 0-4 14U iy Metuchen, N. J. bo. in) 1 OA 1 o 26 Dan Crouch riB 0-1U loU iy Tipton, Ind. bo. t Tj r tz o on A O 1 28 *Bob Matheson LiB-h, o-o ZoU Zl Boone, IN. c br. 30 *Jay Calabrese FB 6-0 209 21 College Park, Md. Jr. TIT) E 1 1 OA 32 Terry Richardson rirS 0-11 1 ID ZU inomasvuie, in. c J I . T?R R 1 1 1 OR O 1 Jy 33 Tom O'Bryon 0-11 1 90 Zl i^nevy L^n^se, ivici T T3 OAR 1 n 34 Joseph Comptitello 0-1 zUO iy Hj. Wnite Jrlains, JN. Y. bo. a a O A O 1 A 35 Charles Grace 0-U zUo 19 Carbondale, 111. So. T r n 914 1 Q 37 Glenn Newman R — I T 1U1 lOIl, IN. OU. o o 38 Robert Henry FB 6-3 215 19 PiimViPvlprirl IVTrl So. o a *Page Wilson FB 5-11 200 21 Durham, N. C. Sr.

C 11 1 QQ OA T 40 *Frank Ryan WB- 1 B 0-11 loo ZU Garden City, Pa. Jr. I ] I K 1 1 1 OA OA 42 *Joe Bussey B.B 0-11 loU ZU Chesapeake, Va. Jr. 1 1 1 1 QQ OO 43 *Bob Dow 0-1 loo ZZ Short Beach, Conn. Sr. I T I T 1 on O 1 45 *Art Vann JJB 0-11 lo9 Zl JJurnam, JN. C Sr. IT R 1 O A C 1 A 46 Vernon Padgett 111 O-l zUo 19 Silver Spring, Md. So. 51 John Munn LB 6-2 213 19 Carrollton, Ga. So. O A A 1 A 52 George Joseph MU-t 0-10 ZUU 19 Allentown, Pa. So. O 1 53 *Mike Murphy C 0-Z zzl Zl Louisville, Ky Jr. ( i a o 1 A 54 *Herb Goins L, 0-Z Z10 iy cnarlotte, IN. C Jr. r o 1 A 55 Arthur Morgan C O-Z 218 19 Newport News, Va. So. c o O AA 9 1 56 *Bucky Fondren 0-Z ZUU zl Roanoke Rapids, N. C. Sr. 57 Kenneth Homa 0-Ur a ZUoO AO iy1 A Morrisville, Pa. So. 1 A 58 Danny Rose O-o Z19 iy r lorence, b. C So. 60 J. B. Edwards MG 6-1 207 19 Portsmouth, Va. So. 61 Samuel Barton G 6-1 205 19 Richmond, Va. So. 62 *Bob Foyle MG 6-2 211 20 Hawthorne, N. J. Jr. r a 63 Carl Gersbach G 0-U 205 19 Swarthmore, Pa. So. r o 64 *Jerry Barringer G 0-Z 213 21 Concord, N. C. Sr. r a 65 John Alexander G 6-0 208 20 Rocky Mount, N. C. Jr. r o OO A OA 66 *Robin Bodkin JJ 1 0-z ZoU zU b. Charleston, W. Va. Jr. 67 Eddie Leinster G 0-1 205 19 Chevy Chase, Md. So. r o 68 *Rodger Parker G O-Z 230 21 Hialeah, tla. Sr.

RQ 1 09 Richard Unser O 1 1 Q7 1 Q V^IltroctpcciKfc;, V CT. OO. 70 *Ross Arnold TX R 4 zzz999 Zl9 1 rvtiania, i_ia. br. 71 *Mike Renneker T 0-Z zio Zl9 1 Columbus, Ohio br.

o. «~1 1 T„ 72 *Malcolm Travelstead T1 D-or ziy910 ZUon T3oaitimore,1 + W-l A»>rt iviu.1\/T/"1 Jr. 9. 9QR on PVi/limvlxr 1\/T/-1 73 *Bob Lasky U 1 O-oR zoo ZU cneveny, ivici. Jr. AO 76 Jay Wilson 1 0-UR A ZUo9 ZUOA Gainesville, Fla. Jr. 78 Fred Zuker TYT O-oR 9. ZOU9^n ZUOA Chattanooga, Tenn. br. 79 Charles Guy 1 0-4R 4 ZZ499/1 iy1 o Tampa, Fla. bO. 80 James Kidd E 5-11 183 19 Roanoke, Va. So. 81 *Rick Reider E 6-1 195 21 LaPorte, Ind. Sr. 82 Bill Phipps DE 6-2 200 20 Orlando, Fla. Jr. 83 *Roger Hayes DE 6-1 190 20 Monroe, N. C. Sr. 84 Rick Everstine E 6-3 185 19 Euclid, Ohio So. 85 *Mike Swomley E 6-2 205 19 Baltimore, Md. Jr. 86 *Dave Dunaway E 6-3 192 21 Jacksonville, N. C. Sr. 87 *Bill Serravezza DE 6-3 206 21 Bronx, N. Y. Sr. 88 *Bruce Wiesley o-o 91 R Zl91 udi ieii, v^oiin. ol 89 Henley Carter HB 5-9 188 19 Ft. Defiance, Va. So. 92 Jim Hysong E 6-0 192 20 Hendersonville, N. C. Jr. 94 Tim West E 6-2 186 19 Charlotte, N. C. So. 95 John Krimmel, Jr. E 6-2 211 20 Allentown, Pa. Jr. 97 Gerald Lundy T 6-0 205 19 Rocky Mount, N. C. So. 98 Peter Royal E 6-0 200 19 Levittown, Pa. So. 99 Herman Hedgepeth E 6-3 210 19 Courtland, Va. So. *Lettermen


The difference between success and greatness is that intangible margin called extra effort. The ivinning miler runs as fast as he knows he can — then a little faster. The great football team blocks and tackles as it's taught in practice — then adds that extra something called desire.

A great university, too, must do something extra. A state-supported university like Clem son could prob- ably operate indefinitely though modestly — with wise and prideful legislative funds alone, but great- ness demands more.

During the past decade, the Clemson Alumni Asso- ciation, though still in its infancy, has provided more than a million dollars toward this margin of greatness for Clemson. As a mutter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that, today, the Clemson alumni program touches the lives of every student and every alumnus of Clemson University. The Association has sunk its roots deep into this business of education. Sponsored programs include grants to the graduate school, university student gov- ernment, permanent endowment, faculty research, the Robert Franklin Poole undergraduate scholar- ships, memorial scholarships, alumni professorships and the alumni service program.

Clemson University is engaged in the sober task of finding and storing, organizing and most important- ly, of teaching — the transmission of knowledge to the generations to come. It is within the reach of every alumnus to become a significant force in ful- filling this task. An annual investment in Clemson through the Clemson Alumni Loyalty Fund will make you a partner in the faith and future of your Alma Mater. Mike Shasby Jim Hysong Bob Lasky Edward Hicklin

Bob Dow Mike Murphy James Kidd Bob Matheson

John Alexander Herb Goins Male Travelstead John Munn

Dave Dunaway Arthur Morgan Bruce Wiesley

Duke University Blue Devils

32 —


OUR SPECIALTY — Development & AUTO & FIRE of Residential Property in the Clemson Area & CASUALTY fr MARINE

# LIABILITY ft BUSINESS OUR LISTINGS—Include Homes and Lots HOMEOWNERS In the Most Desirable Sections

Clemson's Agent Since 1919

ANDERSON-ELLISON REALTY CO. ANDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY College Avenue Clemson College Avenue Clemson 654-5911 F. C. Anderson, Jr. F. C. Anderson, Jr. M. C. Ellison Office 654-5017 Home 654-2651 654-2651 654-5221



PRINTING—the State's largest and most complete Facilities, Letterpress and Offset

OFFICE FURNITURE—complete office furnishings includ- ing interior design service

DUPLICATING—Distributors for the A. B. Dick line of duplicating equipment and supplies

AUDIO-VISUAL and SCHOOL SUPPLY—serving Industry and Educational Institutions

RETAIL—office supplies and fine gifts—books—cameras pens—wedding invitations

THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY 181 Calhoun Street 1440 Main Street 1801 W. Evans Street Charleston Columbia Florence

33 CONCESSION PRICES Drinks or Ice in Coke Cups .15

Cigarettes .35 Office Machines • Equipment • Supplies

Cigars .15 Office Planning and Design

Sandwiches .35

Matches .01

Candy .10 Gum .10

Salted Peanuts .10

Crackers .10 Greenville • Anderson • Greenwood Aspirin .30

Potato Chips . .10 Spartanburg • Rock Hill Plain Cups (with or without ice) .05 Buttons __.50&.75 Pennants .75 Bobbie Dolls 1.50 Plush Tigers 2.50 Party Poppers .10 Tiger Hats & Tarns 1.50 a symbol of quality Sun Visors .25 Batons .75 Porky Hats 1.00 Cow Bells .75 PRINTERS Stadium Horns 1.00 6" Buttons 1.00 ENGRAVERS Car Plates 1.00 ARTISTS Mens Raincoats 1.50 GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Ladies Raincoats 1.50 Umbrellas 3.00 DYNAGRAPHICS, INC. Hat Covers .50 Shakers .50 525 UNIVERSITY RIDGE • GREENVILLE, S. C.

THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY We have been serving Clemson over 50 years SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVE A WAY WITH PEOPLE We're glad to see our old friends back and extend a hearty welcome to you visiting Clemson for the first time. L. C. MARTIN DRUG COMPANY COLLEGE AVENUE CLEMSON, SOUTH CAROLINA Clemson's Oldest. Largest and Most Reliable Drug Store!

34 Cheerleaders Ready To Back Tigers 100%

Clemson's cheerleaders at home and on the road provide encouragement to the Tigers on the play- ing field. Kneeling left to right are Susan Moore, Trinia Martin, Ande Mitchell and Shelley White. Standing middle row are Harry Tinsley, Edwin Dargan, John Ellenburg, Robin Watson (head cheer- leader), Dave Merry, Doug McKamey and Pete Moxon. On the back row are left John Welborn (Tiger) and right Jamie Roets (Country Gentleman).


Robert J. Moseley, Manager

The Theatre of Fine Entertainment enriches KIDS! BECAUSE PENDLETON Only One Slice of OIL MILL Merita Bread Has ic As much PROTEIN as a STRIP of BACON



35 Frank Ryan Thomas Edens Bill Phipps Rodger Parker

Don Brannon Mark Telge Bob Foyle Larry Davis

Bucky Fondren Glenn Newman Todd Orvald Mike Renneker

Fred Zuker J. B. Edwards Larry Dempsey


36 mmfwm 8 NEW RCAVICTOR 25"* COLOR TV

" HO WITH S voice

The DALTON Series FH-544 *25* tube (overall dlag.) 295 sq. In. picture

For Color So Real You'll Think You Are There

• Glare-proof rectangular RCA Hi-Lite Color Tube More People Own • New Vista*25,000-volt chassis for powerful all- channel reception RCAVICTOR Than • Super-powerful New Vista VHF tuner, Solid State UHFtuner Any Other Television.. • RCA Automatic Color Purifier "cancels" impu- Black and White rities caused by external magnetism • RCA solid copper circuits for Space Age depend- or Color ability


Clemson Radio Network . . .

Goodrich Williams

ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS . . Clemson football fans heard two new phrases last sea- son from play-by-play announcer Bill Goodrich. The "mercy" and "whoop-e-e" were his trademarks at Old Miss and he brought them with him to South Carolina. WT FOR CABINS This year Goodrich will be joined for the color end by J Pat Williams, popular general manager of the Spartan- 500 to 2500 Watts burg Phillies of the Western Carolinas League, who in Mm Air-Cooled i^^^ffiSR his 26 years, has seen, played and broadcast a lot of i^HiMa^mM Gasoline Driven sports.

Goodrich is sports director of WFBC-TV and Radio in Greenville. He broadcast the Ole Miss games for sev- en years prior to coming to his present post, and has been heard on as many as 275 stations on one broadcast.

A 21-year veteran in radio and 11 years of television experience, Goodrich was no stranger to South Carolina sports fans.

While located with WORD in Spartanburg in the early '50's he did Wofford football and basketball and also play-by-play of the Spartanburg Peaches of the old Tri-State League. Later moving to WSPA-TV for two years, he handled the Clemson football films during 1956 and 1957 and broadcast the '55-'56 Tiger basketball games.

Williams graduated from Wake Forest where he was the varsity baseball catcher for three years and was on the ACC championship club of 1962.

The new color man received his masters degree at Indiana in 1964 and while there, broadcast football and basketball for two years over the Indiana University For Details Write or Phone Sports Network. Last year Williams broadcast on the Wake Forest football and basketball networks. 1-26 AT U.S. 1 SOUTH TELEPHONE WEST COLUMBIA. S. C. 803/794-4264 Williams has been general manager of the Phillie farm club since Feb., 1965, and with a seventh place club, led Class A baseball in attendance. This year the Phillies established a new Class A record long before the season was over.

The Clemson network, operated wholly by the ath- letic department, has been one of the most successful anywhere. It is one of the nation's largest collegiate networks, having averaged slightly over 50 stations a game for the past five seasons.

"Your Quality Distributor" 39 11 1

1961 Clemson 21 Maryland 24 Lost by 3 Clemson 13 Wake Forest 17 Lost by 4 . . . Death Valley Record Clemson 21 Tulane 6 Won by 15 Clemson 35 Furman 6 Won by 29 In the past 24 seasons, 22 teams have made appear- Clemson 20 N. C. State Won by 20 ances in Clemson Memorial Stadium, now pretty widely 1962 Clemson 16 Georgia 24 Lost by 8 Clemson Duke 16 Lost by 16 known as "Death Valley." Only three teams (George Clemson 14 Auburn 17 Lost by 3 Clemson 17 North Washington, Villanova and Maryland) have an edge on Carolina 6 Won by 1 Clemson 20 South Carolina 17 Won by 3 the Tigers' home ground and two of these (GW and 1963 Clemson 3 N. C. State 7 Lost by 4 Villanova) have just played one game in Memorial Sta- Clemson 7 Georgia 7 Tie-Game Clemson 36 Wake Forest Won by 36 dium. Below is a season-by-season rundown of Clem- Clemson 21 Maryland 6 Won by 15 son's record at home since the stadium was built and 1964 Clemson 28 Furman Won by 28 used for the first time in 1942. Clemson 29 Virginia 7 Won by 22 Clemson North Carolina 29 Lost by 29 Clemson 3 South 7 1942 Clemson 32 Presbyterian 13 Won by 19 Carolina Lost by 4 Clemson George Washington 7 Lost by 7 1965 Clemson 21 N. C. State 7 Clemson 12 Furman 7 Won by 5 Won by 14 Clemson 3 Texas Christian Won by 3 Clemson 26 Wake Forest 13 1943 Clemson 12 Presbyterian 13 Lost by 1 Won by 13 Clemson Maryland 6 Clemson 12 Wake Forest 41 Lost by 29 Lost by 6

1944 Clemson 34 Presbyterian Won by 34 Clemson 57 Virginia Military 12 Won by 45 TEAM RECORDS IN DEATH VALLEY 1945 Clemson 76 Presbyterian Won by 76 Clemson 7 Pensacola NAS 6 Won by 1 Clem. Opp. Clemson 35 Won by 35 Team G W L T Pet. Pts. Pts. Clemson 6 Wake Forest 13 Lost by 7 Furman 10 10 1.000 326 68 Virginia 1946 Clemson 39 Presbyterian Won by 39 4 4 1.000 77 29 Clemson 7 N. C. State 14 Lost by 7 Duquesne 3 3 1.000 128 20 Clemson 20 Furman 6 Won by 13 Virginia Military 1.000 57 12 1947 Clemson 42 Presbyterian Won by 42 Pensacola 1.000 7 6 Clemson 14 Wake Forest 16 Lost by 2 NAS Clemson 34 Auburn 18 Won by 16 1.000 59 Tulane 1.000 21 6 1948 Clemson 53 Presbyterian Won by 53 Texas Christian 1.000 3 Clemson 6 N. C. State Won by 6 Clemson 4 Furman Won by 41 Presbyterian 16 15 1 .938 710 66 Clemson 42 Duquesne Won by 42 Virginia Tech 4 3 1 .750 76 31

North Carolina 4 3 1 .750 67 56 1949 Clemson 69 Presbyterian 7 Won by 62 Clemson 7 Mississippi State 7 Tie Game Boston College 3 2 1 .667 82 54 21 Clemson Wake Forest 35 Lost by 14 South Carolina 3 2 1 .667 35 26 Clemson 27 Boston College 40 Lost by 13 N. C. State 8 5 3 .625 114 41 Clemson 33 Duquesne 20 Won by 13 Wake Forest 13 8 5 .615 246 203 1 950 Clemson 55 Presbyterian Won by 55 Auburn 4 2 2 .500 101 80 Clemson 27 N. C. State Won by 27 Georgia 3 1 1 1 .500 49 38 Clemson 53 Duquesne Won by 53 Clemson 57 Furman 2 Won by 55 Duke 2 1 1 .500 6 16

Mississippi State 1 1 .500 7 7 1951 Clemson 53 Presbyterian 6 Won by 47 Maryland 7 2 5 .286 105 116 Clemson 21 ^A/ake Forest 6 Won by 15 Clemson 21 Boston College 2 Won by 19 George Washington 1 1 .000 7

Clemson 34 Auburn Won by 34 Villanova 1 1 .000 7 14

1952 Clemson 53 Presbyterian 13 Won by 40 Totals 92 66 24 2 .728 2283 986 Clemson 7 Villanova 14 Lost by 7 (NOTE: Tie game is half game won, half game lost.) 1953 Clemson 33 Presbyterian 7 Won by 26 Clemson Maryland 20 Lost by 20 Clemson 18 Wake Forest Won by 18 Clemson 19 Auburn 45 Lost by 26 ADDITIONAL FACTS 1954 Clemson 33 Presbyterian Won by 33 Clemson 7 Virginia Tech 18 Lost by 11 Clemson's longest winning streak at home is 10 games Clemson 27 Furman 6 Won by 21 Clemson 59 The Citadel AA/nnvv Kjii uyhv and occurred during the 1949-50-51 seasons. A nine skein came during the 1957-58-59 seasons. The 1955 Clemson 33 Presbyterian vv un lj y jj game Clemson 26 Georgia 7 Won by 19 Tigers have lost three in a row at home once (1962) and Clemson 19 Wake Forest 13 Won by 6 Clemson 12 Maryland 25 Lost by 13 have lost two in a row four times (1943, 1949, 1961 and 1964). 1956 Oiemson 27 r resoytenan / vv on rjy c\j Clemson 2 Virginia Tech 6 Wonwon oyVw 101 ^ Clemson 7 Virginia Won by 7 Clemson 28 Furman 7 Won by 21 Clemson has shutout opponents 26 times in "Death 1957 Clemson 66 Presbyterian Won by 66 (Presbyterian 9 times; N. C. State 4; Furman, Clemson 7 N. C. State 13 Lost by 6 Valley." Clemson 26 Maryland 7 Won by 19 Duquesne and Wake Forest, twice each; and VPI, Au- Clemson 13 Wake Forest 6 Won by 7 burn, Citadel, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina and Texas 1958 Clemson 20 Virginia 15 Won by 5 Christian, once each). The Tigers have been shutout Clemson 26 North Carolina 21 Won by 5 Clemson 14 Wake Forest 12 Won by 2 five times at home in 24 seasons (George Washington Clemson 34 Boston College 12 Won by 22 Maryland in 1953 and 1965, Duke in 1962 and Clemson 36 Furman 19 Won by 17 in 1942, North Carolina in 1964). Between the Maryland white- 1959 Clemson 23 N. C. State Won by 23 blanking in 1962, the Tigers Clemson 6 Duke Won by 6 wash in 1953 and the Duke Clemson 25 Maryland 28 Lost by 3 scored in 38 consecutive home games. Clemson 33 Wake Forest 31 Won by 2

1960 Clemson 13 Virginia Tech 7 Won by 6 Clemson 21 Virginia 7 Won by 14 Clemson 24 North Carolina Won by 24 The 26-21 victory over North Carolina in 1958 was Clemson 12 South Carolina 2 Won by 10 100th coaching victory. Clemson 42 Furman 14 Won by 28 Coach Frank Howard's

40 41 .

Photography Facilities Tops . .

Charlie Woods George Fritts Glenn Smith

Burns Shockley Haralson

A photographer covering a football game at Clemson will find almost every facility needed to adequately fill his boss' desires.

With chief photographer Jim Burns and his assistants Charles Haralson and Tom Shockley on hand, equip- ment, space, chemicals and game action pictures are Banks McFadden Joel Wells Jackie Calvert available to visiting photographers.

A 27-foot open section on the second deck of the press All-Clemson 1931-1965 box is reserved for visiting and home team movies. If there is remaining space, TV film is also shot from this Ends—Glenn Smith, 1949-50-51 point. If not, still photographers, as well as movies, Joe Blalock, 1939-40-41 have at their disposal the entire roof, which stretches 1939-40-41 Tackles—George Fritts, over 30 yards. Lou Cordileone, 1957-58-59 Guards—Frank Gillespie, 1946-47-48 Within the press box is a complete dark room where Ray Clanton, 1945-46-47 film can be loaded, processed and wire photos trans- Center—Charlie Woods, 1936-37-38 mitted during the game. Backs—Ray Mathews, 1947-48-49-50 Burns and Haralson take game movies, running two Banks McFadden, 1937-38-39 cameras (one for coaches and one for TV). The neces- Fred Cone, 1948-49-50 sary number of prints are made for scouting, exchange Jackie Calvert, 1948-49-50 with other schools and showing at alumni gatherings. Joel Wells, 1954-55-56

Shockley shoots game action from the field during the first half to distribute at the end of the game.

The Clemson press box is the only one in the Atlantic Coast Conference (and one of the few in the nation) equipped with a Fotorite machine for rapid print pro- cessing. This unit enable pictures of the game to be printed within minutes after being taken.

Any newspaper or TV station desiring to receive this service can do so simply by requesting it. At the end of the game a set of game action pictures (usually six to eight) is brought to the individual at his working space for use in either Sunday or Monday newspaper editions, or on late Saturday night TV shows.

This has proved to be a highly popular feature with those covering Clemson's home games and it will again be offered this coming season. Last year 457 pictures were distributed at the four home games and in four seasons, 1,681 pictures have been given free.

The coordinating services of Burns, Haralson and Shockley is just another reason why the Clemson press box has received the two highest awards from the Foot- Lou Cordileone Frank Gillespie Joe Blalock ball Writers Association of America.

42 C Hoss Hostetler 1966 Clemson Football Coaching Staff

Clemson's football staff is made up of these 10 coaches. Kneeling left to right are Bill McLellan, scouting team; Fred Cone, chief recruiter; , offensive backfield; Don Wade, head offensive; and Whitey Jordan, offensive end and flankers. Standing left to right. Bob Patton, head freshman; Banks McFadden, defensive backfield; Frank Howard, head coach; , head defensive; and Bob Jones, defensive ends and tackles.

Student Managers of Clemson Football Team

George Phillips Adrian Glenn Head Manager

Jack Stewart Pat Smith Tommy Shell

Football managers perform many behind-the-scenes chores before, during and after a game. It is their prime responsibility to see that the multitude of equipment used on the sideline during a game is in its proper place and that it is readily accessible during the game.

44 —


May 1, 1958 from department of agricultural economics 1950, from private business in Greenville, S. C. and seed certification at Clemson. Responsibilities: Executive secretary of IPTAY; in ResDonsibilities: In charge of tickets to all athletic charge of the operation of the university canteen and events; serves as operational busi- book store; handles special assignments as designated ness manager, or comptroller, under by the athletic director; coordinates with the sports in- which come athletic department formation office the operation of the Clemson football budget and expenditures; superin- and basketball radio networks as well as publication of tendent of athletic buildings and programs. Background: Was in gen- grounds; coordinates with athletic eral insurance business for 17 years director scheduling and signing of in Greenville. Came to Clemson as contracts; scouting team coach dur- executive secretary of athletic de- ing football season. partment and IPTAY. Was named business manager of athletics in 1955. Background: Received graduate re- Is responsible for organizing IPTAY search assistantship while working McLellan membership drive each year. Has degree. Served as assistant on MS been on Clemson staff 16 years. agronomist 1 year, as assistant economist for 2 years. On staff 8 years. Personal Information: Born—Green- Personal Information: Born—Hamer, S. C, May 26, 1932. ville, S. C, Jan. 15, 1912. High School High School — Dillon, S. C, lettered 3 years in football, Willimon — Greenville, S. C, lettered in foot- 2 in baseball. College—Clemson, graduated in 1954 with ball. College — Clemson, graduated with BS degree in BS degree in agronomy and Masters degree in agricul- horticulture in 1933, lettered 2 years in football. Service tural economics from Clemson in 1956. Lettered 2 years — Armor 4 years. Married — Louise (Lou) McClure of in football. Married—Ann Rogers of Fork, S. C, June 5, Anderson, S. C, June 29, 1937. Children—Rusty, 26 1954. Children—Suzy, 11 (5th grade); Bill, 9 (3rd grade); (now completing work on doctorate degree at Clemson); Cliff, 8 (2nd grade); Arch Anna, 5 (kindergarten). "Weezie", 22 (1966 graduate from University of Geor- Bowl Game Participation: 1 as a player (1952 Gator), gia). Grandchildren: Richie Willimon. 3 assistant Orange, 1959 Sugar, 1959 as an coach (1957 Bowl Game Participation: 5 as business manager of ath- Bluebonnet). letics (1951 Orange, 1952 Gator, 1957 Orange, 1959 Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet). HEAD DEFENSIVE COACH COACH ROBERT WILLIAM (BOB) SMITH. Joined HEAD OFFENSIVE COACH Clemson staff Feb., 1950, from private business in Clin- COACH JAMES DONALD (DON) WADE. Joined Clem- ton, S. C. son staff July, 1953. Came to Clemson from Waynes- Responsibilities: Assistant varsity football coach work- boro, Ga, High School. ing with middle guards and line backers. Head defen- Responsibilities: Assistant varsity football coach work- sive coach. ing with offensive tackles, guards and centers. Head of- ~ggjji*mZ Coaching Experience: College—was fensive coach. Jr assistant football coach at Furman Coaching Experience: High School 1934-1942. Coached in Naval avia- jflPHMk was assistant football coach at Way- **« tion physical training nesboro, year. — ftSt program from m Ga, one College May, 1942 to Feb, 1946. Served as ' r Served six years as Clemson assist- head coach of Furman 1946 and 1947. ant freshman coach. Coached fresh- Served as Clemson baseball coach man baseball team five years. As- M 1952 through 1957. Assistant varsity sistant line coach at Clemson six f'^kJH| coach at Clemson 16 years. years. On the Clemson staff 13 years. AT jM Personal Information: Born — Car- Personal Information: Born—Tyron- .^^^ tersville, Ga, Dec. 6, 1912. High za, Ark, Aug. 10, 1928. High School Smith School—Cartersville, Ga., lettered in —Lenoir City, Tenn, lettered in foot- football, basketball, baseball, track. College—Furman, ball and basketball. College—Clem- ^ a£j e graduated with BS degree in economics in 1934. Let- son, graduated in 1952 with BS de- tered in football, baseball, baseball, track. College gree in education, lettered in football 2 years. Service fraternity—Kappa Alpha. Service—Navy 4 years. Mar- Army 2 years. Played two years service football with ried—Catherine Jordan of Dillon, S. C, June 17, 1942. 187th para-glider Inf. Regt. in Japan. Married—Barbara Children—Sandy, 20 (sophomore at University of South Henderson of Clemson, S. C, Dec. 2, 1949. Children- Carolina Nursing School); Becky, 18 (freshman at Fur- Donna, 14 (9th grade); Beth, 10 (5th grade); Clint, 8 (3rd man University); Bob, Jr. (T-Boy), 14 (9th grade). grade). Bowl Game Participation: 5 as an assistant coach (1951 Bowl Game Participation: 2 as a player (1951 Orange Orange, 1952 Gator, 1957 Orange, 1959 Sugar, 1959 Blue- and 1952 Gator); 3 as an assistant coach (1957 Orange, bonnet). 1959 Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet).

45 —


COACH ROBERT MORGAN (BOB) JONES. Joined COACH JAMES BANKS (BANKS) McFADDEN. Join- Clemson staff November, 1930, while student under ed Clemson staff June, 1940, following graduation. Took Coach John Cody as freshman football coach. Was hired leave of absence to play pro ball. Rejoined staff from fulltime by Coach Jess Neely Jan. 7, 1931, as assistant Feb., 1941 to June, 1942. Returned from service Oct., football coach. 1945. On staff since that time.

with - Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Assistant varsity coach working , — Assistant varsity ends and tackles on defense. football coach working with defen- Coaching Experience: College — ds sive backs. Served as head freshman coach 1933- ^ Coaching Experience: College — 39. Coached boxing team 1933-48. coached Clemson varsity basketball Was golf coach 1931-41. Has been 10 years. Coached Clemson fresh-

varsity end coach since February, ' man football team. Coached Clem- 1940. On Clemson staff 36 years. son varsity track and cross country. Personal Information: Born—Starr, H0L JBk Has been on Clemson staff a total of S. C. Nov. 19, 1903. High School- Starr, S. C, lettered in basketball HKyfl«HHl^Hi Personal Information: Born — Fort and baseball. College — Clemson, McFadden Lawn, S. C, Feb. 7, 1917. High graduated with BS degree in animal School Great Falls, S. C, lettered Jones — husbandry in 1930. Lettered 3 years in football, basketball and track. College — Clemson, in football, 3 in basketball. All-South Atlantic football, graduated in 1940 with BS degree in agricultural educa- 1930. Alternate football captain, 1930. Basketball cap- tion, lettered 3 years in football, 3 in basketball, 3 in tain 29-30. Service—Army 5 years. Had 35 years of ac- track. All-American in both football and basketball. tive and reserve duty until retirement June 30, 1965. Pro football — 1 year (1940) with Brooklyn Dodgers. Held rank of major general. Was commanding general Service—Air Force 3% years. Married—"Aggie" Rigby of 108th Reserve Division. Awarded Legion of Merit of Manning, S. C, June 13, 1945. Children—Patsy, 20 upon retirement. Married—Ellen Moseley of Anderson, (junior at Winthrop College); Lil, 18 (freshman at Uni- S. C, June 9, 1931. Children—Mrs. David Moja (Janet) versity of South Carolina); Marcia, 15, (10th grade); of Cape Kennedy, Fla.; Mrs. John Davis (Rose) of At- Jan, 13 (9th grade). hens, Ga.; Robin, 19 (sophomore at Limestone College). Additional Information: Elected to National Football Grandchildren—David Moja, Robert Moja, Jan Moja. Hall of Fame in 1959. Received Distinguished Alumni Additional Information—Received Distinguished Alum- Award in 1966. ni Award in 1964. Bowl Game Participation: 1 as a player (1940 Cotton); Bowl Game Participation: 7 as an assistant coach (1940 6 as an assistant coach (1949 Gator, 1951 Orange, 1952 Cotton, 1949 Gator, 1951 Orange, 1952 Gator, 1957 Or- Gator, 1957 Orange, 1959 Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet). ange, 1959 Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet).


COACH FRED (FRED) CONE. Joined Clemson staff OFFENSIVE END COACH . . . Jan. 1, 1961. Came to Clemson after playing with Dallas COACH RONALD PEARCE (WHITEY) JORDAN. Join- Cowboys of . ed Clemson staff July, 1959. Came to Clemson after Responsibilities: Assistant coach working with varsity college graduation. extra point, kickoff and field goal Responsibilities: Assistant football coach working with specialists. Also serves as chief re- offensive ends and flankers. cruiter in football. Coaching Experience: College — Assisted with freshman Coaching Experience: High School team as a student while finishing coached two years at University Mil- up work on degree. Assistant fresh- itary School at Mobile, Ala. Sixth man coach four years. Head fresh- year on Clemson staff. man coach in 1964. Has been full Personal Information: Born — Pine- time coach for seven years. apple, Ala., June 21, 1926. High Personal Information: Born — Flor- School—Moore Academy, Pineapple, ence, S. C, May 14, 1936. High Ala. College — Clemson, graduated School — Florence High School, let- with BS degree in agricultural edu- tered in football, baseball and bas- Cone cation in 1951. Lettered in football ketball. College — Clemson, grad- 3 years. Captain 1950. Still holds 10 uated with BS degree in education individual season and career marks at Clemson. Pro in 1959. Lettered in Jordan football three football — 7 years with , 1 year with years. Married — Kappy Stewart of Dallas Cowboys. Service — 11th Airborne 2M> years. Florence, S. C, 1955. June 5, Children—Kim 10 (5th Married—Judy Anderson, Green Bay, Wis., May 1, 1954, grade); Karol, 8 (3rd grade); Stewart, 7 (2nd grade); Children—Jeff, 11 (6th grade); Andy, 9 (4th grade); Jo Kyle, 4. Amy, 6 (1st grade). Bowl Game Participation: 1 as a player (1957 Orange), Bowl Game Participation: 2 as a player (1949 Gator and 2 as an assistant coach (1959 Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet). 1951 Orange).

46 ——

OFFENSIVE BACKFIELD COACH HEAD FRESHMAN COACH . . . COACH ARTHUR W. (ART) BAKER. Joined Clemson ROBERT HAROLD (BOB) PATTON. HEAD FRESH- staff June 1, 1965. Came to Clemson from Eau Claire MAN FOOTBALL COACH. Joined Clemson staff July

High School in Columbia, S. C. 1, 1966, from coaching staff at University of South Caro- lina. Responsibilities: Assistant football coach working with offensive backs. Responsibilities: Head freshman football coach. Re- cruiter. Mftk gfc^ Coaching Experience: High School ^^^^^^^ Coached two years at McColl, S. C, Coaching Experience: Head coach at \ High School; coached two years at Daniel High School 1 year (1953); Anderson High School fB&sL Newberry, S. C, High School; coach- head coach at in ed six years at Eau Claire High 6 years (1954-59), state champions sea- School in Columbia, S. C, having 43- 1958; line coach at The Citadel 4 17-5 record. Team was AA runner- sons (1960-63); offensive line coach sea- up in state in 1963; team was AAA at 2 runner-up in state in 1964. Coached sons (1964-65); named offensive line ^* Carolina Feb. 15, in Shrine Bowl in Charlotte, N. C, MSa coach at South mgm following 1963. Coached in South Carolina 1966 - Came to Clemson Baker JBH North-South game in 1960; Clemson H if iHSH July. First year on staff. Information: Born Berke- freshman football coach in 1965. On Clemson staff two HE JH MmWWm Personal — 1927. High years. Patton ley, Calif., August 25, School: Gray Court-Owings (S. C). Personal Information: Born Sumter, S. C, Nov. 30, — College: Clemson, graduated with BS degree in voca- 1929. High School—Edmunds High School, Sumter, S. C. tional agricultural education in 1953. Lettered in foot- Lettered in football and basketball. College—Presby- ball 3 years. Captain 1951. Pro football— 1 year with terian College, Clinton, S. C, graduated in 1953 with BA . Service—Marine Corps 3 years. Play- degree in history. Lettered in football 2 years, wrestling ed service ball with 12th Service Bn., Fiji Islands. 2 years. Has done graduate work at University of South Married—Billie Blalock of Kingsport, Tenn., May 30, Carolina on Masters degree in education. Service 1952. Children: Debbie, 12 (7th grade); Robert, 10 (4th Army 2 years. Married Edith Edens of Dalzell, S. C, — grade); Cindy, 8 (3rd grade); Terry, 6 (1st grade); John, August 24, 1952. Children—Artie, 11 (6th grade); Kim, 5 (kindergarten). 10 (5th grade); Ryan, 3; Curtis, 2. Bowl Game Participation: 2 as a player (1951 Orange Additional Information: Co-organizer and advisor of and 1952 Gator with Clemson), 2 as a coach (1960 Tange- Clemson chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. rine with The Citadel, 1964 Liberty with West Virginia)

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47 TEAM PHYSICIAN . . . ASSOCIATE TEAM PHYSICIAN . . . JUDSON ELAM (JUD) HAIR, TEAM PHYSICIAN. JOHN CHARLES (CHARLIE) BARNETT, ASSISTANT Joined staff in May, 1957. Came to Clemson from pri- TEAM PHYSICIAN. Joined Clemson staff July, 1959. vate practice in Due West, S. C. Came to Clemson from private practice at Slater, S. C.

Responsibilities: Is in charge of student health services Rpsrjonsibilities: Assistant director of student health services. Serves as assistant team at Clemson. Serves as team physician for all athletic physician of all athletic teams. teams. a physician: Served Experience as doctor: After gradua- Experience as internship at Greenville tion from medical school served one one year General Hospital after graduation year internship at Greenville, S. C, school. in private General Hospital. Was in private from med Was practice two years at Slater, S. C. practice in Mayesville, S. C, one Advisory member to National Ath- year and in Due West, S. C, three letic Trainers Assn. On Clemson years. Has been Clemson team phy- staff seven years. */ sician nine years. jljfofo Personal Information: Born: Mari- Experience in athletic medicine: Past e^/mmm Barnett etta, S. C, April 17, 1931. High JBH chairman on section of athletic medi- jflUjfl School: Slater-Marietta, Slater, S. C. Lettered in foot- , cine of American College Health ball. College: Clemson, graduated in 1952 with BS in iBH Assn.; member of American College pre-medicine. Medical College of South Carolina, grad- of Sports Medicine; past president of Hair uated in 1956 with doctor of medicine degree. College Southern College Health Assn.; ad- fraternity: Phi Rho Sigma. Married: Jean Chapman of visory member to National Athletic Trainers Assn.; Slater, S. C, August 18, 1954. Children: Allison, 8 (3rd chairman of committee on injuries in athletics of the (kindergarten). South Carolina Medical Assn. grade); Scott, 6 Bowl Game Participation: 1 as assistant team physician Personal Information: Born: Columbia, S. C, April 8, (1959 Bluebonnet). 1925. High School—Columbia High School. College: At- tended Clemson one year. Attended College of Char- (Judie) 17 (12th grade); Ann, 13 (8th grade); Jim, 11 leston one year. Graduated from Medical College of (6th grade); Harry, 10 (5th grade). South Carolina in 1952 with doctor of medicine degree. Bowl Game Participation: 2 as team physician (1959 Service—Air Force 3 years. Married—Mary Price of El- Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet). berton, Ga., August 25, 1946. Children: Judson, Jr.

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48 —

HEAD TRAINER . . . EQUIPMENT MANAGER TRAINER FRED W. (FRED) HOOVER. Joined Clemson HERMAN McGEE, EQUIPMENT MANAGER AND AS- staff July 1, 1959. Came to Clemson from Florida State SISTANT TRAINER. Joined Clemson staff in March, University. 1934, after graduation from high school.

Responsibilities: Head trainer of all intercollegiate sports. Responsibilities: Assists with training duties of all var- Experience as a trainer: Served as sity teams; serves as trainer for * freshman football teams; keeps track — 1 trainer at Florida State 1952 and X 1953 and again 1957 and 1958. Has of equipment of all athletic teams. lectured on several football clinics. Is Experience as trainer: Served as as- a member of National Athletic Train- sistant trainer from 1934 through ers Association; district director Dis- 1948. Was trainer from 1948 through trict III, National Trainers Associa- 1957. Has served as assistant trainer tion. Immediate past chairman (pres- and equipment manager since 1958. ident) of NATA. Trainer for United Was recognized by National Athletic States at Pan American games in Trainers Association in June, 1965, Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1963. Lecturer for "twenty-five or more years of McGee at coach of year clinic in Atlanta, meritorious service in the field of Hoover Ga., in 1964. Head trainer at Clem- athletic training." Has been on Clemson staff for 32 son seven years. years.

Personal Information: Born—Jacksonville, Fla., July 3, Personal Information: Born — Clemson, S. C, Septem- 1930. High School—Andrew Jackson, Jacksonville, Fla. ber 11, 1918. High School — graduated Pendleton High College—, graduated with BS (now Riverside), played basketball and baseball. Service degree in physical education in 1953. College fraternity — 4Vfe years in infantry and quartermaster. Married —

Sigma Chi. Service—Air Force 3 years. Captain in Air Lucia Greene of Pendleton, S. C, February 8, 1943. Force Reserve. Married—Elva Cook of Mt. Vernon, 111., Bowl Game Participation: 5 as trainer (1940 Cotton, 1949 Dec. 15, 1956. Children—Catherine Ann, 7 (3rd grade); Gator, 1951 Orange, 1952 Gator, 1957 Orange), 2 as assist- Bryan, 6 (kindergarten) ant trainer and equipment manager (1959 Sugar, 1959 Bowl Game Participation: 1 as trainer (1959 Bluebonnet). Bluebonnet).

SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR . . . ROBERT COLE (BOB) BRADLEY, DIRECTOR OF SPORTS INFORMATION. Joined Clemson athletic staff Nov. 1, 1955. Came to athletic department from Clemson THE alumni office where he was alumni secretary.

Responsibilities: Distributes information on all sports public relations, program editor, man- First National Bank ager of Clemson Football Network. Background: Worked on Greenville OF SOUTH CAROLINA (S. C.) News - Piedmont whole or part-time from 1947 to 1954 as proof- reader, sportswriter and assistant state news editor. Served as editor NOW OFFICES IN and sports editor of college paper. 40 Member of Atlantic Coast Sports- writers Assn., Football Writers Asso- ciation of America, United States 17 SOUTH CAROLINA CITIES Basketball Writers Assn., National Bradley Collegiate Baseball Writers Assn., College Sports Information Directors of America. On TO SERVE YOU BETTER Clemson athletic staff 11 years.

Personal Information: Born—Randleman, N. C, Dec. 22, 1924. High School — Greenville Senior High School, ft Greenville, S. C. College — Clemson, graduated with a BS degree in textile manufacturing in 1951. Service: Air Force 4 years. Married—Louise Madewell of Dallas, Corporation Texas, March 2, 1954. Children—Dorma, 11 (6th grade); Member Federal Deposit Insurance Robin, 8 (3rd grade).

Bowl Game Participation: 3 as sports information direc- tor (1957 Orange, 1959 Sugar, 1959 Bluebonnet).

49 Atlantic Coast Conference Football Officials 19GG

The Atlantic Coast Conference assigns its football offi- WALLACE BURKE, coordinator of Industrial Cooper- cials through the Supervisor of Officials, H. C. (Joby) ative Training, Alamance County Schools, Burlington, Hawn of Winston-Salem, N. C, with the assistance of N. C. Graduate Elon College. Red Cross water safety the Office of the Commissioner, James H. Weaver, and chairman. Member B.P.O. Elks 1633. Member United such assignments are not made public until the day of Church of Christ. 13 years officiating. Clinic leader the game. Brief sketches of the regularly-assigned foot- Northeastern High School Officials Association. ball officials of the conference staff are listed below for your information and convenience as follows: RICHARD A. (BICK) CARRINGTON III, vice presi- dent Consolidated Shoe Co., Lynchburg, Va. Graduate EARL BARNETT, civil engineer and general building . Board of directors Y. M. C. A. contractor, Charlottesville, Va. Graduate University of President Men's Club, St. John's Episcopal Church. 11 Virginia. Member Falcon Club, Mason, Chairman board years officiating. of deacons First Baptist Church, Sunday School teacher, Training Union leader, chairman Boy Scout Committee. TOM CHAMBERS, Office Manager Goody's Manufac- Former coach Lane High School, Charlottesville. 19 turing Corporation, Winston-Salem, N. C. Graduate years officiating. Duke University. Deacon and Sunday School superin- tendent Calvary Baptist Church. 16 years officiating. V. E. (ED) BAUGH, superintendent of engineering and maintenance T. E. Wannemaker, Inc., Orangeburg, WILBURN C. CLARY, assistant superintendent, The S. C. Attended Clemson University. Deacon First Pres- Children's Home, Inc., Winston-Salem, N. C, became byterian Church. 22 years officiating. Past president principal 1944, assistant superintendent 1949. Executive South Carolina Football Officials Assn. Western North Carolina High School Activities Assn. 24 years officiating. President-Secretary, North Carolina LOU BELLO, athletic official, Raleigh, N. C. Gradu- High School Officials Assn. ate Duke University. Secretary Raleigh Hot Stove League. 21 years officiating. JIM COLLIER, industrial relations director, Woodside Mills, Greenville, S. C. Graduate . J. L. (SPARKY) BLANKS, district salesman, Solite Past president Parker Rotary Club. 19 years officiating. Corp., Lynchburg, Va. Graduate of College of William and Mary. Outstanding Jaycee 1958. Advisory chair- HUGH M. CURRIN, attorney at law, Oxford, N. C. man Order of DeMolay. Mason and Shriner. Member Graduate Wake Forest College. Past mayor of Oxford. of Rivermont Presbyterian Church. 19 years officiating. Member Civitan Club. 18 years officiating.


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50 ACC Football Officials (Continued)

BILL DAVIS, partner, Davis Auto Company, Wilson, GEORGE MANNING, design engineer, Cocker Machine N. C. Graduate Duke University. First Christian Church, & Foundry Co., Gastonia, N. C. Graduate Georgia Tech, Wilson, N. C. 16 years officiating. masters degree in engineering. 21 years officiating.

CARL B. DEANE, sporting goods dealer, Downtown HARRY MARCHANT, sporting goods salesman, John- Athletic Store, Charlottesville, Va. Graduate Duke Uni- son-Lambe Co., Raleigh, N. C. Graduate Durham High versity, member Elks Club. 19 years officiating. School. Member Junior Chamber of Commerce. Former president Durham Emergency & Rescue Squad. 19 years WILLIAM R. EDWARDS, principal elementary school, officiating. The Children's Home, Inc., Winston-Salem, N. C. Grad- uate Appalachian State Teachers College. Member Ser- M. E. McCLENNY, owner-operator Mickey's Pastry toma Club. 19 years officiating. Shop, Goldsboro, N. C. Graduate Goldsboro High School. CHARLES F. ELLINGER, special account representa- President Wayne County Boys Club. Former member tive, Baltimore Business Forms, Baltimore, Md. Grad- Wayne Recreation Council. Member Lions Club, Loyal uate University of Maryland. Member Order of Moose, American Legion, 40 and 8. Trustee Club, Colts Association, Military Order Foreign Wars, Friends Church. 19 years officiating. Mason Landmark Lodge, Mt. Washington Club, Press Club. President Maryland Board Football Officials Asso- JULIAN McKENZIE, field supervisor, Travelers In- ciation. 21 years officiating. surance Co., Columbia, S. C. Graduate University of North Carolina. Member Junior Chamber of Commerce. ALLEN C. (RED) GADDY, executive, Buttercup Ice Lions Club. 15 years officiating. Cream Co., Hamlet, N. C. Graduate Wake Forest Col- lege. Trustee Hamlet City Schools, Trustee Hamlet Me- RAYMOND D. (BO) MENTON, JR., dentist, Ellicott morial Hospital, member Richmond County Extension City, Md. Graduate Loyola of Baltimore, D.D.S. at Uni- Advisory Board, member Lions Club, member Lutheran versity of Maryland. Member Kiwanis, Junior Chamber Church. 28 years officiating. of Commerce. Member Catholic Church. 12 years offi- ROBERT M. GANTT, JR., administrator, Haywood ciating. Secretary-treasurer Maryland Board of Football County Hospital, Waynesville, N. C. Graduate Duke Officials. University. Outstanding football player. Member Rotary Club. "Young Man of Year" in Durham, N. C. 1942. JAMES R. MILLER, principal, Unicoi County High Member First Methodist Church. 21 years officiating. School, Erwin, Tenn. Graduate Clemson University, masters at East Tennessee State University. Member PAUL C. GIROLAMO, packaging specialist, Cryovac Kiwanis. Deacon and superintendent of Sunday School Division of W. R. Grace Co., Spartanburg, S. C. Gradu- in Baptist Church. 15 years officiating. ate . United Fund Chairman. Mem- ber Roman Catholic Church. 15 years officiating. RAY MOORE, sales representative B. C. Remedy Com- pany, Columbia, S. C. Graduate Camden High School. ERNEST D. (BO) HACKNEY, insurance-real estate, President Columbia Touchdown Club. Former president Wilson, N. C. Graduate of University of North Carolina. Pharmaceutical Assn. TMA. Former district governor Phi Beta Kappa. Former President Wilson Junior Cham- South Carolina Junior Chamber of Commerce. 32nd de- ber of Commerce, Wilson County Assn. of Insurance gree Mason and Shriner. Deacon in Sherwood Forest Agents. Member Salvation Army Advisory Board, Wil- Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. 27 years son Recreation Commission, Board of Stewards Metho- officiating. dist Church. 18 years officiating.

MILTON A. HINES, personnel department, Chatham O. V. PLAYER, JR., owner American Service Station, Manufacturing Co., Elkin, N. C. Graduate Guilford Col- Sumter, S. C. Attended University of South Carolina. lege. Scoutmaster Troop 46, Kiwanis Club. 17 years Deacon First Presbyterian Church. Member Lions Club, officiating. 40 and 8, American Legion, Master Mason, Sumter School Board, Elks Club. Past director YMCA. 20 years VAUGHAN JENNINGS, accountant, Southern Coat- officiating. Past President South Carolina Football Offi- ing and Chemical Co., Sumter, S. C. Attended Okla- cials Assn. homa State. Chairman draft board, secretary Elks Lodge, member American Legion, 40 and 8. Deacon, J. VINCENT PRICE, manager, Southern Bell Tele Sunday School secretary-treasurer Pitts Presbyterian and Tele Co., Gaffney, S. C. Graduate College of Char- Church. President South Carolina Football Officials As- leston. Past vice president Greenville Touchdown Club. sociation. 20 years officiating. Member Rotary. Member Catholic Church. 10 years JOHN W. (JACK) LINDSAY, vice-president, Liberty officiating. Life Insurance Company, Greenville, S. C. Secretary, Cosmos Broadcasting Corporation. Graduate University GEORGE T. RANKIN, teacher, Baltimore, Md. Grad- of North Carolina. South Carolina and American Bar uate Towson State Teachers College. Member Harun- Associations. Staff Officer, S. C. National Guard. Mason dale Civic Club. 21 years officiating. Past president and Shriner. Past President South Carolina Football Central Maryland Board of Basketball Officials, Balti- Officials Association. 18 years officiating. more-Washington Chapter of Eastern Football Officials.

51 ACC Football Officials (Continued)

THOMAS J. RICHERT, vice president engineering, PAUL K. WOOD, district engineer, Southern Clay Eastern Air Lines, Inc., Coral Gables, Fla. Graduate Pipe Institute of Atlanta, Georgia. Residence Lexington, University of Detroit. Member American Institute of N. C. Attended Georgia Tech. Graduated N. C. State Astronautics and Aeronautics, member Society of Auto- University at Raleigh. Member American Society of motive Engineers, member Manufacturers Council of Civil Engineers, North Carolina Society of Engineers. Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce. Member Church of 19 years officiating. the Little Flower. 15 years officiating. Former president Collegiate Officials Association of Northern California.

GIL RUSHTON, financial plans advisor, Nationwide Insurance Co., Atlanta, Ga. Graduate Clemson Univer- sity. Member Life Underwriters Assn., Civitan Club. Past president Piedmont Football Officials Assn. of South Carolina. 15 years officiating. "Remember the Day With Snapshots" ROBERT SANDELL, owner, Dairy Queen, Charlottes- ville, Va. Graduate Johns Hopkins University. Former PROMPT SERVICE ON DEVELOPING All-American Lacrosse player and coach at Virginia. 17 YOUR FILM THROUGH YOUR years officiating. FAVORITE DRUG STORE OR

WILLIAM SHIPLEY, industrial sales engineer, Toledo Scale Corp., Baltimore, Md. Graduate University of Bal- Graham - Globe timore, member NCAA-All-American lacrosse selection committee. 16 years officiating. Past president Mary- Photo Service Inc. land Board of Football Officials. 21 S. Main St. -:- 100 Hammond St. ROBERT E. SHOAF, manager Health and Academic Insurance Department, Wachovia Bank & Trust Co., GREENVILLE, S. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Graduate Guilford College. All- Conference basketball forward. 7 years officiating.

WILLIAM C. SIMPSON, principal, Olympia High School, Columbia, S. C. Graduate University of South Carolina. 15 years as high school coach, past member National Alliance Football Rules Committee, major in Before Disaster Strikes Air Reserve, member of Shandon Presbyterian Church. 19 years officiating. Director basketball clinics for South Be SURE of Your Insurance Carolina High School. with WILLIAM E. SMITH, associate professor, Physical Education Department, N. C. State University at Raleigh, Raleigh, N. C. Graduate Western Carolina Teachers Col- lege. Doctors degree George Peabody College. 19 years Lawrence & Brownlee officiating. Agency RALPH STOUT, JR., President, Southern Seeding Service Co., vice president Southern Mapping & Engi- Southern Insurance Specialists neering Co., Greensboro, N. C. Graduate N. C. State University at Raleigh. Member Professional Engineers 225-8222 122 Street of North Carolina, North Carolina Society of Engineers. Telephone — N. Main President Men's Club, All Saints Episcopal Church. 15 years officiating. Past president North State Football Anderson, S. C. Officials Assn.

CHARLES TIMMONS, industrial engineer, Gulf Oil Co., Greenville, S. C. Graduate Clemson University. Former pro player Brooklyn Dodgers. All-Southern full- "BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY" back. Member Greenville Touchdown Club. Sunday School teacher St. Paul Methodist Church. 16 years officiating.

FRITZ TURNER, chief L-P gas inspector, South Caro- Complete Fire, Casualty & Bond Coverage lina Insurance Dept., Columbia, S. C. Graduate Univer- sity of South Carolina. 23 years officiating.

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