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Guide to the Stanford University, Humanities Honors Program, Theses

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Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 1 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Overview Call Number: SC4-4211 Creator: Stanford University. Humanities Honors Program Title: Stanford University, Humanities Honors Program, theses Dates: 1949-2010 Physical Description: 63.5 Linear feet Summary: Senior honors papers by undergraduates in the Humanities Honors Program. Language(s): The materials are in English. Repository: Department of Special Collections and University Archives Green Library 557 Escondido Mall Stanford, CA 94305-6064 Email: [email protected] Phone: (650) 725-1022 URL: http://library.stanford.edu/spc The collection was received via administrative transfers from the Humanities Honors Program. Additional theses were transferred from the Hume Writing Center in 2011. Information about Access Collection is open for research; materials must be requested at least 24 hours in advance of intended use. No photocopies may be made. Ownership & Copyright Copyright is retained by the creators for materials they have authored or otherwise produced. Transmission or reproduction of materials requires the written permission of the copyright owner. Cite As [Identification of item], Stanford University, Humanities Honors Program, Theses (SC4-4211). Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif. Scope and Contents note This collection consists of senior honors papers by undergraduates in the Humanities Honors Program. Access Terms Education, Humanistic. Humanities Student papers.

Theses pre-1990

Box 1 Abrams, William F., Pride and prejudice: the characterization of Robert Cohn in . 1976 Box 1 Adle, Maria, Sadegh Hedayat et son ouevre. 1976 Box 21 Adler, Lisa Miriam, Resistance in Literature of the Holocaust as Seen in the Works of Hannah Senesh, Moshe Flinker, and Abraham Sutzkever. April 15, 1983 Box 1 Aiken, Carolyn, An analysis of the content, presuppositions, and values inherent in the Honors Program in Humanities at Stanford. 1952 Box 1 Ainars, Vizma, Self-revelation in the confessions of Augustine and Rousseau. 1966 Box 1 Aladjem, David R. E., On reforming the social pact. 1981 Box 1 Alkire, David, The humor of Mark Twain and . Box 1 Allen, Dave, Sir Thomas More: the transcendence of a Christian humanist. 1977 Box 1 Allen, Gregory P., And a child shall lead them: an analysis of the Vonnegut protagonist. Spring 1973 Box 1 Allen, Thomas John, Wherein we play: the world as theater in As You Like It and King Lear. Spring 1973 Box 1 Almas, James P., Catholic evolutionists and the Church: 90 years to prohibition. 1972

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 2 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 1 Almas, Jane M., Charles Darwin: author in conflict. 1973 Box 1 Amamoto, Florence, Quest for coherence: T. S. Eliot; Four Quartets and Theodore Roethke; North American Sequence. April 1972 Box 1 Amberg, Joshep Paul, Ambiguous Authorship in Don Quixote and One Hundred Years of Solitude . 1979 Box 1 Anderson, Einar W., A Study of Musical Improvisation. 1963 Box 1 Anderson, Kent Lee, The poetry of Theodore Roethke: a craft for revelation. 1967 Box 1 Anderson, Laurie Jane, Challenging the norm: the dialect questions in the works of Gadda and Pasolini. 1977 Box 21 Andreasson, Katrin, Camus' use of myth in L'Etranger and La Chute. May 1, 1983 Box 1 Andrus, Margaret, Art as communication - the painter's contribution to society. 1949 Box 1 Anstedt, Ted, the star: the stud: and the I; a critical study of the ns2:role of absolute operative ideals in man's approach to reality. 1967 Box 1 Ardzrooni, Edward S. Jr., What makes a history-book history. 1955 Box 1 Armstrong, James, William Blake's The Gates of Paradise: The Power of Imagination. 1970 Box 1 Austin, James L., Red men and white eyes: frontier American attitudes towards the Plains Indian and their effect on Indian-White relations. 1972? Box 1 Axelrad, David M., The concept of soul and survival after death in Rabbinic Judaism. 1972 Box 1 Back, Anthony, Constructing reality: Multiple perspectives in and The Waves. 1980 Box 1 Bacon, Robert Allen, Tillich and Cassirer on religious . 1969 Box 1 Baer, George Webster, A Student's Approach to Toynbee. 1957 Box 1 Bahrych, Lynn, The absolution of Eve. 1969 Box 1 Baker, Nan, Crime and revolution: A study in social violence. 1960 Box 21 Baldwin, Claire, The modern literary reception and representation of Friedrich Holderlin. June 1985 Box 1 Bandurraga, Peter L., Jazz Time. 1966 Box 1 Baran, Kennet William, Jr., A perspective on psychohistory. 1978 Box 1 Barker, Meredith, Introduction to heroism. 1970 Box 1 Barksdale, Brent E., Pacifism and democracy in Colonial Pennsylvania. 1961 Box 1 Barry, , Evolution and the Adaptive Value of War. 1969 Box 1 Barton, Robert Joyce, The Rebel. 1955 Box 1 Bauer, Karen L., The Implied Nabokov. 1980 Box 1 Beard, Marian H., The Idiot by Fyodor Doestoevsky: six characters. 1967 Box 1 Beard, , Progress in the style of Nikos Kazantzakis: A Study of his prose fiction. 1966 Box 2 Becker, Daniel F., Shakespeare as "Cheerful Greek": a Nietzschean perspective on Hamlet, King Lear, and Antony and Cleopatra. 1977 Box 2 Becker, Laurose, One City: A Preface to City Planning. 1951 Box 2 Becker, Terrence C., The nature of meaninglessness: an examination of the Book of Job, King Lear, and Notes from the Underground. 1978 Box 21 Beckwith, Lee G., John Keats' romantic love: a psychological perspective. April 1984 Box 2 Behrman, Suzan, Martin Buber and the Jewish Bible. 1962 Box 2 Benett, Cathy, faith, reason, and the modern synergism: can story and system "live happily ever after"?. 1975 Box 2 Bennet, Betty, An analysis of the american reception of Sartre's plays. 1954 Box 2 Bergstrom, Phillip, the views of Nietzsche and Wagner on decadence. 1975 Box 2 Berke, Tricia Margot, Euripidean ethics - a positive response to the implications of an amoral cosmos. 1971 Box 2 Bernard, Mary Ann, Liberty and the liberal arts: Vergerio and Sturm. 1975 Box 2 Berry, Robert W., The Freedom of Science--A Contemporary Question. 1958 Box 2 Bickford, Nabcy, Russian Nihilism in three Nineteenth-Century Novels. 1955 Box 2 Binkerhoff, George Everett, Prosperity and Character in Buber and Newman. 1972 Box 2 Birk, Judith, Kokutai: Religio-political ideal of Japan. 1974 Box 2 Birnie, Elizabeth, Translation and Illustraion: Six Interpreations of Gargantua.. 1978 Box 21 Blacker, Deborah, Chuang Tzu and Sartre: a question of parallels. August 1981

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 3 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 2 Blakly, Christopher W,, The Characters of Felllini's I Vitelloni, La Dolc Via, 81/2 and Juliet of he Spirits: Problems, and the tentaive naur of their resoluions . 1975-1976 Box 2 Blank. Diana R., In Defiance of Meaning: The Aesthetic of Becke's Billingual Text. 1992 Box 2 Blosser, William, The Revoluion of 1958 in France. 1966 Box 2 Bogden, Paul, Three Philosophies of Mind: A Comparative Critique. 1975 Box 2 Bohnhoff, Henry M., Polyarchy in Japan: The Role od Group Orienaion in a Democraic Society. 1978 Box 2 Bolger, Nacy, the Creative Sructur Within: An Analyis on Jung's Collecive Unconscious. 1977 Box 2 Borwn, Sharon Lee, D.H. Lawrence and the New Religion. 1956 Box 2 Boushey, Annette, The Shape and Consistency of Coyote in Mythology of the West Coas Indians. 1971 Box 2 Bowditch, James R., Loneliness: A Theme in the Works of Edwin Arlingon Robisnson and Eugene O'Neill. 1958 Box 2 Bowman, Robera, Truths and Counter-truths: William B. Yates and the artisic self - image. 1975 Box 21 Boynton, Laura, Morning: Excellent and Fair. 1981 Box 21 Brenzel, Logan Elaine, Rober Musil and : Reconcilliatiin of the Subjective and Objective Aaspects of Modern Conscious Experience Through Experimentation . 1982 Box 2 Bressier, Dan, Perspecivism in the Though of Friedrich Nietzsche and Chaung Tzu: Social Perspectives and Byond. 1977 Box 2 Briesen, Frances Huneke von, The Outward Comment: The Inner Conflict. An Essay on Goya and Picasso. 1960 Box 2 Brodell, Anne rayne, The Humanism of Albert Camus and Sarvepallli Radhakrishnan. 1978 Box 3 Brooks, Robert N., Towards Orpheus: The Psychology of Conflict in the Drama of Tnnessee Williams. 1964 Box 3 Broughel, David B., Dag Hammarskjold: A Study of His Public and Private Sides. 1973 Box 3 Broun, Leroy A. IV, Maning and Freedom in the Symphonies of Beethoven. 1995 Box 3 Brown, Barbara Sue, Women and Love: A Critical Analysis of Egalitarian Possibilites in the Lives, Works and Philisophies of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir . 1974 Box 3 Brown, Cornelia E., Narrative and Desire in Anais Nin's Cities of the Interior. 1973 Box 3 Brown, Elixabeth Marin, On Tragedy or How o Seperate the Goat-Songs from the Sheep-Songs. 1969 Box 3 Brown, Leslie W., Bolivar, San Martin and the Army. 1966 Box 3 Buch, Michael J., The False God.... 1965 Box 21 Bun, Mary Lucia W., The Marxist Realism Debate: Brecht v. Lukacs . 1983 Box 3 Burke, Frederick Raymond, Marxism, Science and Aestheics in Bertol Brecht's Lben des Galili. 1981 Box 21 Burrows, Eric, Wilsonianism: the failure of Nationalism. 1982 Box 3 Busch, Janine, Rhythm in the Waves. 1978 Box 21 Bushwall, Stephen James, Archibald McLeish's J.B. : the Evolution of an Art Form. 1982 Box 3 Bussanich, John R., The Artist's Searc for Salvatin in herman Broch's Death of Virgil. 1973 Box 3 Byrne, Elizabeth, Eastern adnWestern Interpretations on Non-Violence: Ghandi and Tolstoy. 1970 Box 3 Calvo, Ahmed Venancio, The Problem of Knowledge in Nietzsche's Thought: A Pradoxical Epistemology. 1977 Box 3 Cameron, James K., Ideology and Utopia: The Breakdown of Consensus in Purian and Jacobin Movements. 1974 Box 3 Campbell, Elizabeth, Tow Yet One: Views on Love from D.H. Lawrence and Wrich Fromm. 1978 Box 3 Carey, Mell C., A Criique of Robert M. Hutchins' Attack on Contemporary American Higher Education. 1956-1957

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 4 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 3 Carlson, Joan M., The Ecumenical Sisterhood of Mary, Its Way and Mission. 1959 Box 3 Caro, Ehel E., Music and Thomas Mann. 1958 Box 3 Carpenter, Russell B., The Concept of Self in Socrates and the Buddah. 1964 Box 3 Carpenter, Susan, "The Sheltering Conception": An Approach to he Poetry of and Robert Frost. 1970 Box 3 Carpenter, William, Vers Le Theatre Interieur: Elements of Mallarme's Total Art Form. 1979 Box 3 Carter, William B, An Interpretation of the Fiction of . 1957 Box 3 Cattermole, George, An Examination of Some Principle Theses in th Philosophy of C.I. Lewis. 1967 Box 3 Cavanaugh, Kevin, The Man of the Infinite Illusions: Tom Lingard and the Malaysian Trilogy of . 1979 Box 3 Chandler, Tom, The way of Inquiry: Montaigne's Resolution of a Dilemma. 1976 Box 3 Chaplin, Phillip T., Martin Hiedegger's use of language for answering die Seinefrage. 1977 Box 3 Charnas, Charles Nahaniel, Turgenev's Magnificent Achievement. 1981 Box 3 Chase, Mary Jane, Marguerite D'Angouleme: A Brief Examination of her Political Power and Religious Convictions. 1977 Box 3 Chavez, Anna M., Four works by Madame Marguerite Duras. 1975-76 Box 21 Chen, Nancy Nu-Chen, Foundations of traditional medicine: conceptions of the human body, disease, and health in the hippocratic corpus and the Huang Ti Nei Ching Su Wan . 1985 Box 21 Chu, Milton Wesley, Freedom and fate in Lord Jim and Crime and Punishment. April 15, 1982 Box 3 Chueh, Jane, The art of healing: China and the West. 1980 Box 3 Cilley, Earl, Aspects of Roman Satiric verse. 1958 Box 3 Clark, William S., Aspects of Political TV. 1956-57 Box 3 Clifford, Gregg R., Idea contra art: the first step. 1977-78 Box 3 Clurman, Irene, and the painting of Matta and Magritte. 1970 Box 3 Coe, Robert, Netting the fin: image and vision in Virginia. May 1972 Box 4 Coldren, Joan, John Dewey: aesthetic theory. 1952-53 Box 4 Collings, Gina Michelle, Indianism in Brazilian . 1976-77 Box 4 Conant, Ardis, Michelangelo's Last Judgment. 1969 Box 4 Conroy, Carol, The human condition: dawn or twilight. 1960 Box 4 Cordes, Lester G., Edward Jenner: The man, His age, Reflections. 1968 Box 4 Corrigan, Margaret, Marxism and the pragmatic intelligence: a study of the works of Sidney Hook. 1976 Box 4 Crandall, Michael Mark, Anselm's Ratio: the personality of his religious thought. 1978 Box 4 Crandall, Robert A., Josiah Royce's concept of community and its relation to the American experience. April 1972 Box 4 Crowley, Paul G., In the face of evil: a critical appraisal of the thought of Teilhard de Chardin. Spring 1973 Box 4 Culver, Willis L., Nature and human nature in the fiction of William Faulkner. 1956 Box 4 Cummings, John T., Jr., Actual limitations to conflict in American politics and the American perception of the ns2:role of the constitution . 1974 Box 4 Cummins, Carolyn, A critical study of cultural relativism. 1952 Box 4 Currie, Shirley Ann, A comparison of the philosophies of education of John Dewey and Robert Hutchins. 1956-57 Box 4 Cutler, Roberta, Hegel and Nietzsche: cultural relativity and impartiality. 1977 Box 4 Dampier, Katie, The return of the individual: genuine individuality in Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. 1976-77 Box 4 Danford, Mary, Geez, Doc, I guess it's all right but what the does it mean?" An undergraduate's introduction to W. C. Williams' Paterson. 1978 Box 4 Dann, Mary Elizabeth, The spiritual world of Eugene O'Neill. 1955 Box 4 Daugherty, Robert, freedom and enslavement in major works of Twain and Hemingway. April 1972 Box 21 Davies, Todd Richard, Analogy. June 11, 1985

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 5 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 21 Davis, Angela Joy, An introduction to the poetry of Luis Cernuda with analyses of selectd poems. June 1, 1983 Box 21 Davis, Lisa A., A woman's vision: Maria Luisa Bombal and . Spring 1984 Box 4 Davis, Mark H., The transcendental ego: three perspectives. 1977 Box 5 Davison, Mary C., Artistic creation. 1957 Box 5 Della Pietra, Richard A., Aristotle and Cassirer on mind, knowledge, and imagination. 1974 Box 21 Dempsey, Jed, Artificial intelligence and the metaphor of mind. September 17, 1983 Box 5 DeWolf, David K., Eschatology in the philosophies of Nicolas Berdyaev and Marcel. 1971 Box 5 Diefendorf, Patricia Lane, Departures from realism in representation of social reality: a study of five modern german dramas. Box 5 Diefendorm, Jeffry M., Rosa Luxemburg and Friedrich Ebert: a comparative study of the concept of revolution. 1967 Box 5 Dietler, Michael D., Celtic Ireland: reconstruction and analysis. 1974 Box 5 Diffenbaugh, Ann R., Henry Adams: his study of Americna statesmen. 1976 Box 5 Donovan, Theresa, Rhetoric and vision in Pope's Epistle to Cobham. 1976 Box 5 Doudoroff, Michael Johnf, Literary nationalism: a study of the Mexican novel. 1961 Box 5 Dowler, Janet, A Modern Doctor Faustus and the German Nation. 1960 Box 5 Drace, Richard Lee, A thematic illustration of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Wordly man . 1969 Box 5 Dudli, Monika A., Pushkin, Mickiewica and the overcoming of Romanticism. 1976 Box 5 Dudrey, John R., Imagination in ascendance: and the origin of pure art. 1970 Box 5 Duggan, Charles H., Andavo a fare l'America: the story of the emigration from Barga, 1850-1924. Box 5 Duvall, Ronald I., The condition of man according to the Traibhumikata. 1974 Box 5 Earl, Marie L., Use of myth in One Hundred Years of Solitude. 1978 Box 5 Early, Dennis R., The ecological method and the English garden. 1978 Box 5 Edwards, Sally Gressens, The concept of evil in Karl Barth and Friedrich Schleiermacher. 1974 Box 5 Egger, David, A nation's dilemma. 1958 Box 5 Elliott, Patricia, The Concept of Zion. Box 5 Ellis, Jonathan C., Philosophical ideas of music in works by : the music of men's lives. 1978 Box 5 Erbit, Nancy, Painters and patriotism in the American Revolution. 1947 Box 21 Erickson, Laura, Musical concepts in the poetry in T. S. Eliot. May 5, 1982 Box 6 Ernst, Carl W., Plotinus and Nagarjuna: a comparative study of the mythical and theocretical symbolism of the psychic dynamisms of transcendence in the context of the Platonic and Buddhist traditions . Spring 1973 Box 6 Evans, Christine Ann, Women in Love and Ulysses: the manly and womanly streams of being. 1975 Box 21 Fair, William Robert III, The influence of Cicero on Leon Battista Alberti: a historical, social and ideological discussion. June 7, 1985 Box 21 Falletta, Jane, The virtuous Man: a study of Dante's Virgil in the Divine Comedy. Spring 1983 Box 21 Fan, May, Ideological foundations of Chinese medicine. March 24, 1983 Box 6 Farrell, Ann C., Television Communication with Practical Application to Philosophy. 1953 Box 6 Fazzino, Gary Patrick, Towards an expression of God's unity: a look at the theological work of Rabbi Shenur Zalman of Liadi. 1974 Box 6 Fellmeth, Robert C., The utopian vision of Aldous Huxley. 1967 Box 21 Finley, Bruce B., American Industrialism and Utopia. May 1984 Box 6 Fitzgerald, James M., An essay on Black Power. 1967 Box 6 Flosi, Kathleen S., Levels of interpretationin three children's stories: Saint-Exupery's Le petit prince, Carroll's Through the looking glass, and Van Eeden's De kleine Johannes . 1974 Box 21 Foster, Melissa, The arts: a priority for society. May 12, 1982

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 6 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 6 Fox, Marybeth, Outside urbanization and the end of an era in Chase County, Kansas; a personal approach. May 1972 Box 6 Francesconi, James L., Bonheffer's "Modern Christian", and Nietzsche's "Zarathustra". 1974 Box 6 Frank, Carole Ann, Escape from freedom - German style and American style. 1956 Box 21 Frankel, Mary William, Vision-ary writing: Le bleu du ciel. May 1983 Box 6 Franklin, Barbara, Conflict and Contradiction in Post-Revolution Irish Drama. 1964 Box 21 Fraser, Jeffrey L., The ox and the lion: a view of moral liberty and responsibility through the eyes of Andre Gide. April 19, 1982 Box 6 Fratessa, Jeanne, C. S. Lewis' Theological science fiction. 1959 Box 6 Fredericks, Craig Allen, An historical analysis of the concept of alienation from Karl Marx to Jean-Paul Sartre. 1977 Box 6 French, Mary Ellen, The relationship of an artist's personality to his art work: and . 1959 Box 6 Fuller, G., Sartre and freedom. 1964 Box 6 Fylstra, Mary Beth, Menno, Numster and Martyrdom: The Anabaptist struggle for religious liberty. 1980 Box 6 Gantz, George R., and analytical philosopy. Spring 1973 Box 6 Geeslin, Keith B., The views of Alexis De Tocqueville and James Bryce on liberty and equality. 1975 Box 6 Giannini, Leana, Cavour and Lincoln: Comparative aspects of the definition of a nation. 1979 Box 6 Gibson, Jonathan David, Poe and Baudalaire: One's Gift to the Other. 1979 Box 6 Gibson, Paul Maclay, Postwar German literature: from tragedy to satire and beyond. 1976 Box 21 Gifford, Dunn Jr., Reactions to Capitalism in Stendhal's Le Rouge et le Noir. 1985 Box 6 Girvin, Matthew, Aesthetic constellations: a study of visual art and Williams' poetics as semiological systems. 1987 Box 21 Godat, David M., Wittgenstein's Vienna and Handke's prose: Representational crises. June 1984 Box 6 Gomperts, Constance, John Donne - His Search for Divine Security. Box 6 Gonzalez, Richard A., Anatomy and structure: a study of the theories of Northrop Frye and Claude Levi-Strauss. Spring 1973 Box 6 Goodpasture, Hew, Human experience and ethics: a study of the thought of Albert Camus. 1965 Box 6 Goodwillie, Susan R., An exploration into the worlds of Eugene Ionesco and . . .. 1963 Box 6 Gordon, Michael Robert, The way to chaos: Nietzsche and National Socialism. 1961 Box 6 Gould, Stephanie, The literary symbol in the modern world. 1967 Box 7 Grafstein, David, Themes of heroism and homosexuality: death in the novels of Yukio Mishima. 1975 Box 7 Grauf, Claudia, Martin Luther's image of God. 1976 Box 7 Green, Garrett, A kingdom not of this world: a quest for a Christian ethic of revolution with reference to the thought of Dostoevsky, Berdyaev, and Camus . 1964 Box 7 Green, Virginia, Existentialism and the theology of Rudolf Bultmann. 1962 Box 7 Greenley, James R., Reinhold Neibuhr and the nature of man. 1966 Box 7 Gregorian, Vartan, Toynbee and Islam. 1958 Box 7 Grobman, Alan, A knot in time: the reparations and agreement between West Germany and the State of Israel. 1977 Box 7 Guerrant, Helen L., Existential Skepticism in Joseph Conrad's Moral Code. 1960 Box 7 Haas, Margaret P., The American search for sacred Japan two literary perspectives: Lafcadio Hearn and Gary Snyder. August 1971 Box 7 Hahne, Marjorie Helen, Chaucer's Use of the Confession. 1962 Box 7 Hampton, Roger K., Religion and the creative affirmation of Friedrich Nietzsche. 1970 Box 7 Hancock, Steven Lee, The tragicomedy in The Secret Agent and . April 1972 Box 22 Hardy, Sarah Boykin, Reasoned musics: an exploration of the poetry of . Spring 1984

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 7 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 7 Harrington, Maggie, Destiny half-fulfilled: Franklin D. Roosevelt as a charismatic leader. 1961 Box 7 Hart, Sally, Immanent and Transcendent types of natural law: their political consequences. 1965 Box 7 Harvey, Phyllis, The ideals of the education of the family in fifteenth-century Florence. 1949 Box 7 Harvie, Thomas, The Romantic as Catholic: G. K. Chesterton and Evelyn Waugh. 1965 Box 7 Hayashi, Leslie Ann, Aesthetics: the art of art from Romanticism to . 1976 Box 7 Hearn, Jerry, : the committed artist. 1966 Box 22 Hempel, Tom, Words of Being. 1981 Box 7 Herlach, Mark D., The scientist as policy-maker: J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1945-52. April 1972 Box 7 Hermann, Donald, Blue Stockings on the New Deal Line. 1965 Box 7 Herold, Kathryn A., Narrative Technique in Three Modern "Love Stories": The Good Soldier, Lolita, and Second Skin. 1980 Box 7 Herrmann, Anne C., The concept of androgyny in Virginia Woolf and E. M. Forster. 1974 Box 7 Hess, Linda, A solitary perfectionist: Winters and literary criticism in the twentieth century. 1964 Box 7 Hetenyi, Agnes Jeanie, Classicism and Romanticism reconsidered. 1965 Box 22 Hilitz, Jacqueline, Machiavelli, A Realist?. June 7, 1984 Box 7 Hines, Sally H., Towards an Understanding of Witchcraft. 1969 Box 7 Hitchcock, Eva, Berthold Brecht and the epic theater. 1956 Box 7 Hite, Jerry, Two tellings of God's word. March 1972 Box 8 Hodder, Elizabeth, Characterization in the novels of John Steinbeck. 1959 Box 8 Hoffman, Ann, The form of a modern tragicomedy: in the tradition of twentieth century European anti-theatre. 1976 Box 8 Hoffmeister, Charles, Attitudinal Influences on Birth Control Practice in the United States. 1969 Box 8 Hogeland, Lisa Maria, An edge of history: the implicit feminism of Doris Lessing's The Four-Gated City. Box 8 Hoglund, J. Steven, The Style of European Diplomacy, 1860-1864. 1966 Box 22 Holman, Cynthia A., Dissolution of self in the Sea of Fertility tetralogy. May 24, 1982 Box 8 Holme, Howard K., The case for legalized abortion. 1967 Box 8 Hoover, Elizabeth C., Self-knowledge. Spring 1973 Box 8 Hopkins, rdon, The novelist . 1977 Box 8 Horgan, Terry, Religious symbols and cognitive statements: a critical discussion of Paul Tillich's Theory of Theological Language. 1970 Box 8 Horn, Mary, Lu Hsun: The man and his message. 1955 Box 8 Hornung, Kimberly, Elie Wiesel's concept of the Messiah: a comparison with Sabatianism and Hasidism. 1977 Box 8 Houston, Holly, The "Medea" according to Euripides: a feminist interpretation of the legal context and the mythical origins of Euripedes' "Medea" . 1975 Box 8 Howe, Donna, and the dynamics of practical reality. 1969 Box 8 Huang, Virginia S., Talking intelligently about music: Leonard Meyer's theory on emotion and meaning in music. 1981 Box 8 Hughes, Harold J., "Kingdom of Dream, Province of Illusion": The Utopias of Calm Felicity. 1969 Box 8 Humphreys, Anne, The westward movement in eight contemporary American novels. 1959 Box 8 Huneke, Joan Winnek, An approach through character to a study of Joyce's method. 1961 Box 8 Hunsinger, George, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and the concept of death. 1969 Box 8 Hunter, Robert D., The Deaf Hand: the Chinese intellectual reaction to the West. 1969 Box 8 Huntsman, Jean, The symbolism of wine in the Dionysian cults, early Judaism and early Christianity. 1977-78 Box 8 Hymans, Jack L., The impact of bureaucracy on society. 1958-59

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 8 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 8 Hymens, Herbert Henri Eduard, Pierre Mendes-France, A Solution for France. 1957 Box 8 Ichien, Arlene, Black consciousness, black persona in America. 1969 Box 9 Imhoff, Ronald, The development of time consciousness in the major novels of Virginia Woolf. Box 9 Jackson, Cynthia, The issue of literary freedom in Socialist Cuba. 1976 Box 9 Jacobs, Caryn, Three salonnieres: traditional means to untraditional ends: a study on the salon worked for the benefit of the salonniere. 1980 Box 9 James, Dorothy Susan, Christ and Dionysos. 1962 Box 9 Janeway, Katherine Anne, the impact of millennial expectation on American political and social theory from 1730-1845. 1977 Box 9 Janssen, Robert S., In search of the Holy Ghost: the influence of Thomas Hardy on the novels of D. H. Lawrence. 1974 Box 9 Johnson, Bruce E., God's covenant--man's context. 1963 Box 9 Johnson, Conrad D., Speculation and Investigation: A comparative study of Schopenhauer and Freud. Box 9 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann, A critical study of Albert Camus' "Ethic of Rebellion'. 1964 Box 9 Johnson, Henry C. L., Jr., Satire and the Revolt against reason in three of Doestoevsky's works: Another Man's Wife and the Husband Under the Bed, An Unpleasant Predicament, and Notes from Underground . 1970 Box 9 Johnson, Kathryn, Some long run cultural implications of the Communist revolution in China. 1965 Box 9 Johnson, Mark Steven, Mercenary soldiers in Renaissance Florence. Spring 1973 Box 9 Johnston, Robert K., The spiritual world of T. S. Eliot. 1967 Box 9 Jones, Kendall M., A comparative view of the problem of evil. 1978 Box 9 Jordan, Marilyn, Revivalism and the Romantic in America, 1789-1830. 1958 Box 9 Joynes, D. Carroll, The riddle of faith: a comparative study of Cardinal Newman and Lev Shestov. Spring 1973 Box 9 Kadden, Bruce, Liberation theology: a comparative analysis. 1976 Box 9 Kahn, Jonathan, the political economy of Thorstein Veblen and John Kenneth Galbraith. 1974 Box 9 Kalin, Jesse Gene, The ethical implications of Alfred North Whitehead's metaphysics. 1962 Box 22 Kanner, Jaclyn A., The inanimate and the inability to love in Thomas Pynchon's V.. May 1, 1982 Box 9 Kantor, Betty, The sin of pride in Chaucer's "Pardoner's Tale". 1960 Box 22 Kaplan, Howard J., Humanism in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. May 1985 Box 9 Karl, Terry, The Development of an aesthetic philosopy in The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. 1970 Box 9 Katz, Michael Steven, : An Artist's Discoveries in Reality. Box 9 Kaye, Howard J., Satiric Method in Aldous Huxley and Evelyn Waugh. 1964 Box 9 Keeney, Willard, Hawthorne and the artist. 1963 Box 9 Kehl, Kathleen, National Socialism and the German character in the works of Thomas Mann. 1964 Box 9 Keily, Jane Marie Yett, Teilhard de Chardin's Image of Man. 1969 Box 9 Kent, Susan, Comic form and in three novels by William Faulkner. 1967 Box 9 Kernaghan, Ronald J., The Role of the hero in the work of Soren Kierkegaard. 1969 Box 22 Kerston, Teresa E., Men for all seasons: the faithful in Joseph Conrad. November 13, 1984 Box 10 Kier, Deborah L., Courtly love in the Renaissance epic: Ariosto, Tasso, Spenser, and Milton. 1975 Box 10 Kim, Gloria S., The abortion issue: historical and modern perspectives. 1979 Box 10 Kimball, Ann, The architecture of light in Dante's Paradiso. 1972 Box 10 Kimball, Jeffrey, Bridging the visual void: a survey of the motion picture medium in the age of expanding technology. 1980 Box 10 Kircher, Charles W., Democracy and Esther in the education of Henry Adams. Box 10 Kirkish, Noel Arlen, Five elements of painting. 1961 Box 10 Kirkpatrick, Lou Anne, The American myth. 1958 Box 10 Kirschner, Robert S., The technique of fiction in Unamuno's Niebla. April 1972

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 9 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 10 Kitts, Leonore, Il combattimento di Tancredi e clorinda: The rhythm of emotion. June 10, 1987 Box 10 Klatzkin, Amy, Peter Handke: the first five plays. 1978 Box 10 Klein, James B., Toward an Understanding of Fascism. 1964 Box 10 Klein, Patrick F., Cold War Liberalism: American liberal social thought in the 1950s. 1970 Box 10 Kleinman, Arthur M., The American Depression and the Depression Authors. 1962 Box 22 Klopka, Susanne H., The Quest for Human Happiness: A comparative examination of the Faustian dilemma in Goethe and Valery. Spring 1983 Box 10 Kneedler, Susan J., The vision of relationships in the fiction and essays of D. H. Lawrence. 1978 Box 10 Knipprath, Debbie Duncan, Joaquin Miller, California personified. 1976 Box 22 Knowlton, Jeffrey W., Surffering and responses to suffering in Job, Ecclesiastes, and Waiting for Godot. Spring 1984 Box 10 Knudson, Pam, Ritual: a definitional process. 1970 Box 10 Koch, David Allan, The existential quest in the novels of . Box 22 Koehler, Kyle, Dazai Osamu: the cycle of tension between life and art. May 1984 Box 10 Kohn, Lynette, Graham Greene: the major novels. 1961 Box 22 Koshkarian, Gregory M., Thomas Mann: from culture to politics. 1984 Box 10 Kraft, John Kersten, The flesh as flame. 1966 Box 10 Kreigshauser, Catherine A., The opposition of intellect and feeling, and the solution of the dichotomy in 's The man without qualities. 1975 Box 10 Kremen, Alan, Education in the philosopy of Heraclitus and Parmenides. Box 10 Kremers, Carolyn Sue, Flesh into flowers: perceptivism in Claude Debussy and Virginia Woolf. Spring 1973 Box 22 Kreps, Marta Lise, The translation of the classical ideal in Goethe: a comparative study. September 25, 1981 Box 10 Kroeger, Linda, The philosophic and dramatic concept of tragedy in Buero Vallejo's theater. 1960 Box 10 Kuckenberg, Joan, Mysticism and the modern man. 1957 Box 10 Kulhanjian, Julie Ann, The plague in Western literature. 1981 Box 22 Kwong, Karen, Women, Conformity and question: the search for individual freedom in Eastern and Western culture through the works of : Kate Chopin: The Awakening, Edith Wharton: The House of Mirth, Pa Chin: Family, Maxine Hong Kinston: The Woman Warrir . May 1985 Box 11 Ladra, Michael R., Aspects of Jean-Paul Sartre's Development. Box 11 Lande, Janet Marie, Kierkegaard's concept of ethics in Either/Or and Fear and Trembling and its relationship with Hegel. June 1972 Box 22 Lane, Margaret J., Prophets of industry and democracy: The social theories of Saint Simon and Tocqueville. June 1982 Box 11 Laney, David, The secret of the murmuring: an interpretation of Whitman. Box 11 Langenthal, Sara, The non-Euclidean revolution: its origins and implications. Box 11 Larmer, Billie, The Organ of Attention to Life. Box 11 Larson, Carol S., Hitlerjugend: a description and a normative evaluation. 1975 Box 11 Lasarow, Richard M., The myth of self: a study in romantic mythmaking and its application in the present. 1974 Box 11 Law, Judith H., Existential thought on History. 1962-63 Box 22 Lawrence, David, The spiritual jounrey of the young Lukacs. June 1984 Box 11 Lawrence, John, Hamlet and psychoanalytical literary criticism. 1960 Box 11 Leiderman, Erica, The dialectic of Bildung: a study of four novels. 1978 Box 22 Leipzig, Matt, Boccaccio's Allegory and the reader's role: Decameron 2.5. Spring 1982 Box 11 Leitzell, Katharyn, The problem of neo-conformity in contemporary America. 1958 Box 11 Lercara, Lynn, philosophy with emphasis on . 1956 Box 11 Levin, Larry, Michael Polanyi: The role of the individual in science. 1969 Box 22 Levine, Audrey E., Adrienne Rich: A Re-vision of power. 1984 Box 11 Levinson, Henry Samuel, Cassirer, Eliade, and Polanyi on the nature of man's consciousness. 1970

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 10 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 12 Lewis, Alan C. R., Nature and culture in theepical, polemical, and crisis-oriented works of Leo Tolstoy. Spring 1973 Box 12 Lewis, Madeline A., Students of an institution: the portrayal of the undergraduate experience in American university fiction. 1974 Box 12 Lincoln, Kenneth R., A sense of timeless being. 1965 Box 12 Liner, Robert I., Inside a song: the dream of fantasy in J. R. R. Rolkin's The Lord of the Rings. 1966 Box 12 Linvill, Candace Sue, "The compelling inward ring": a discussion of fantasy's special appeal as seen in eight works of fantasy literature. 1974 Box 12 Lloyd, Charles, : a Study in Responsibility. 1957 Box 12 Lloyd, Michael A., John Dewey's analysis of education and democracy: the problems of achieving individual fulfillment. 1975 Box 12 Long, David S., Michael Polanyi and fiduciary philosophy. 1960 Box 12 Longinotti, Richard F., Dietrich Bonhoeffer's criticism of religion and its application to the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. 1974 Box 22 Look, Kelly Anne, Ethics and medicine: the moral dilemma of euthenasia. Spring 1985 Box 22 Love, Brett J., Nietzsche: the use of myth and the death of tragedy as culture criticism. 1983 Box 12 Lowe, Mary P., The concept of identity in works of Hesse and Frisch. Box 22 Lurie, Barry, The end of the enigma: the Brothers Karamozov as a cathartic rejection of Dostoevsky's radicalism. June 2, 1985 Box 12 Macie, Christopher John, Music as a Moment in the Western tradition; Aesthetic and foundational moments in the dialectic of music experience. 1964 Box 12 MacLean, Douglas E., Analysis and Christian Ethics. Box 22 Maloney, Mary Grace, Central Valley mythology: the works of Gerald W. Haslam. Spring 1985 Box 13 Manes, Dorothy, A study of scholastic and Hindi aesthetics. 1952 Box 13 Mark, Sara, Charles Baudelaire and Edouard Manet: modern artistic visions. 1975-76 Box 13 Marz, Charles, The quest for pure representation: a critical study of the works of D. H. Lawrence and Samuel Beckett. 1971 Box 13 Massey, Walter F., The white man's burden. 1966 Box 13 Mathews, Amoretta, Freedom in four "Utopian" societies. 1962-63 Box 13 Matsukewa, Lori, Literary in The Ambassadors and "The Aspern Papers". 1978 Box 13 Mattson, Robert, Jr., Kafka's The Castle and Sartre's Being and Nothingness: prophetic phenomenology. 1971 Box 13 May, Viviane, Andre Malraux and the tragic hope. 1954 Box 12 McBride, Lawrence, Ambrose Bierce: Romancer and Iconoclast. 1970 Box 12 McClung, Susan, Youth, old age, and women in Euripidean drama with a focus on the powerful characters in the Bacchae and the Alcestis. 1977 Box 12 McClure, Jean, Man and his democracy. 1955 Box 12 McCord, Anne, Graham Greene's obsession with evil in the five major novels. 1963 Box 12 McCrary, Jerel, D. H. Lawrence and Bernard Shaw: prophets of new creeds. 1974 Box 12 McCulloch, Carolyn, Contemporary French Interpretations of Classical Tragedy . 1958 Box 12 McDonald, Mary, The existence of humanity. 1969 Box 12 McDonell, Stephanie, Art and existence in the remembrance of things past--Proust. 1963 Box 12 McEvoy, E. P. , Political aspects of Shaw's criticism. 1959 Box 12 McFadden, Elizabeth, The ethic of freedom: a study in the existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre. 1957 Box 12 McGaughey, Margaret D., Love and Marriage in Anna Karenina. 1970 Box 12 McGregor, Robert, The ethic of Albert Camus: A critical essay. 1965 Box 12 McIlvaine, William B., An actual earth of value. 1974 Box 12 McIntyre, Jerilyn, Humor in the works of Mark Twain. 1964 Box 13 McKanna, Carol, A television dramatist as an artist: Reginald Rose. 1960 Box 13 McLean, Cheryl, and : The self-consciousness of the Artist. 1980 Box 13 McLellan, Beth, The transformation of style in the work of Francisco Goya. May 1972

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 11 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 13 McMillan, Gina, The Book of Job: The influence of the Archetype on modern literature. 1980 Box 13 McNagny, Sally E., The implications of the hermetic and picaresque elements in Confessions of Felix Krull Confidence Man (The Early Years). 1980 Box 13 Means, Peggy Ann, The intellectual's role in society: a study of the criticism of Edmund Wilson. 1978 Box 13 Medved, Marianne, The possibility of the doctrine of fall as insight into the human condition: Paul Tillich and Thomas Aquinas. 1969 Box 13 Meek, Marjorie, The horrible family ghost: the religious views of William and Henry James. 1975 Box 22 Melgarejo, Monica S., Gabriel Garcia Marquez and disintegration and solitude in some of his work. Summer 1981 Box 13 Melody, Moya, King Arthur as a hero in the works of Sir Thomas Malory. 1969 Box 13 Meredith, David, The search for meaning: moral value in the philosophy of William James. 1964 Box 13 Merrill, Charles E., Reason and faith in the works of John Donne, Sir Thomas Browne, and Sir Francis Bacon. 1974 Box 13 Messer, John W., The blues and Bessie Smith. 1972? Box 13 Messinger, Gary, John Milton's road to Republicanism. 1965 Box 13 Metzenbaum, Shelley H., The representation of reality in the Travels of Lao Ts'An. 1974 Box 13 Meyers, Sharon E., The language of Synge. Spring 1973 Box 14 Middlekauff, Alice, Pre-arranged marriage: an analysis of a dominant Lorquian theme. 1955 Box 14 Miles, Graham M., Reflections toward an Unknown God. 1969 Box 14 Miller, Angela, "Sea change" and conversion: stages of the American imagination in Henry James. 1976 Box 14 Miller, B. Jaye, The Christian Renaissance of Utopian writing. 1964 Box 14 Miller, Barbara S., The emergence of the individual. 1976 Box 14 Miller, David Cameron, The transfiguration of language and the American sublime. 1974 Box 14 Miller, John E., The "Gospel of Wealth" in the 1950s. 1961 Box 14 Miller, R. Scott, The artistic Socrates and Zarathustra. 1977 Box 14 Miller, Stuart, Soviet Russia and the United States. 1949 Box 14 Miller, Tim, The Jonsonian trickster in Milton's Satan. 1981 Box 14 Mills, Joel Robert, Jr., The individual and society in the drama of Bertolt Brecht. Box 14 Mitchell, Donald, Bach's St. Matthew passion: a psychology of inspirational art. Box 14 Mitchell, Jo Ellen, Hofmannsthal's criticism: a quest to fulfill the poetic mission. 1972 Box 14 Moe, Stephen A., The nation triumphant: the historical writings of Henry Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. 1971 Box 14 Monach, Andrew E., Fragments from a family. 1976 Box 14 Moore, Ronald, Metaphysical symbolism in T. S. Eliot's "Four Quartets". 1966 Box 22 Moran, Mark Sean, Rendering Extremity: A textual comparison of Camus and Levi. June 10, 1985 Box 14 Mortimer, Ann, Nathaniel Hawthorne's and Francois Mauriac's tapestries of life and religion. 1976 Box 14 Moseley, Carol, A modern pilgrimage to Canterbury: Three playwrights in search of Thomas Beckett. 1966 Box 14 Moseley, Susan D., Expression in many literary forms: a study of C. S. Lewis . 1974 Box 14 Mossman, Lois, In the course of a lifetime: an historical view of Thomas Mann. 1955 Box 14 Muir, Janet, The never-ending meditation. 1971 Box 22 Mullins, Greg A., A view into the Sun: Heiner Muller's Revolutionary Theater. April 1985 Box 14 Munholland, Kim, Ideas and attitudes in . 1956 Box 14 Murphy, Margueritte S., Mood, dancer, and swan: echoes of Mallarmean symbolism in Yeats' thought and works. 1977 Box 14 Murray, Craig C., United States policy and Communist China. 1960 Box 14 Murray, Kevin M., Causality and determinism: connections and complications. 1974

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 12 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 14 Mushkin, Steve, The civilized and the savage: Man's return to nature in King Lear, Timon of Athens, and The Tempest. 1979 Box 15 Nadelhaft, Paula, "Let Cromwels nose still riegn": perspectives of the Lord Protector. 1978 Box 15 Nakadate, Neil, The tin drum: a twentieth century comic-grotesque study. 1965 Box 15 Neils, Eric W., St. Ignatius and Shakespeare: meditation and manipulation. 1978 Box 15 Noonan, Timothy T., Themes of escape in . 1975 Box 15 O'Hara, David, The doctriine of man in the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr. 1956 Box 15 O'Keefe, Maureen T., Alive in art: Emma Bovary, Isabel Archer, Gerty MacDowell. 1974 Box 15 O'Neill, Kathleen M., The experience of Twelfth Night. 1975 Box 15 O'Shea, Lester, The decline of colonialism. 1959 Box 15 Oakford, Fred, The Victorians of Bloomsbury. 1971 Box 15 Oates, Mollie, "Hast any philosophy in thee, shepherd?" A Study of the Function of Nature and Art in Shakespeare's Tragi-comedies. 1959 Box 15 Odell, Harriett, The suffering individual in Unamuno. 1958 Box 15 Olson, Yvonne, Ethics in Nietzsche and Fromm. 1960 Box 15 Oshetsky, Claire, Die Rose Schonheit Soll Nicht Sterbern: Paul Celan's translations of Shakespeare's sonnets. 1984 Box 15 Oxtoby, Louise Gurdon, An old art in a new age: contemporary stained glass. 1960 Box 15 Oxtoby, Willard G., The Christian philosophy of Origen. 1955 Box 22 Ozawa, Carol Lynn Sachiye, Issei, Nisei, Sansei: A blend of East and West. April 1983 Box 15 Packer, Barbara, The Motley Crew: audience as fool in Tristram Shandy. 1969 Box 15 Parish, John L., Is God Dead in black America? the faces and phases of black religion. 1970 Box 15 Parks, Patricia, The Enlightment's new look at suicide. 1967 Box 15 Parsons, William T., Parapsychology, materialism, and the mind-body problem. 1977 Box 15 Patton, Marilyn, Personal history. 1970 Box 23 Paul, Mimi, Communication incorporated. December 14, 1983 Box 23 Pearson, Steven D., Science, society, and ethics: T. H. Huxley and the impact of Darwinism. April 19, 1982 Box 23 Pedreira, Ann, Finding the woman within: H. D.'s transcendence of the World War II years through Tribute to Freud and Trilogy. April 1982 Box 15 Perl, Jeffrey M., Except in tendency: T. S. Eliot and the dilemma of post-symbolist classicism. 1974 Box 15 Perlis, Andrea L., I Malavoglia: Toward defining the narrator. 1980 Box 15 Perloff, Carey Elizabeth, Artful destruction: patterns of language in and The Satyricon. 1980 Box 15 Peter, Kenneth B., The spirit of common property. 1981 Box 15 Peterkort, Carol, Honor, society, and the Homeric hero: a comparison of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Box 15 Peterson, Anya, An acculturational study of some dances of Oaxaca, Mexico. Box 23 Peterson, Eric D., Threads of an unchanging scientific aesthetic in Heisenberg's reformulation of atomic physics 1920-25. May 1984 Box 15 Peterson, Karen, Influences upon American history texts. 1958 Box 15 Petty, Kathleen, A house of learning and a house of prayer: Mormon education 1830-1870. 1971 Box 15 Phillips, Gary, A realistic ocean regime: capabilities of producing ethical results. 1976 Box 15 Phillips, Helen, J. M. Keynes' vision and technique. 1950 Box 15 Pike, Byrne W., Greek Humanism in twentieth century America. 1949 Box 15 Popalisky, David J., Bob Dylan: love and the blues. 1977 Box 16 Pope, Norris F. Jr., D. H. Lawrence and his sense of life. Box 23 Posner, David Matthew, La Vision Jalouse: Jealousy in the works of Moliere. June 1984 Box 16 Potter, Alison, The golden laughter of Friedrich Nietzsche and Elie Wiesel. 1977 Box 23 Potter, Daniel L., Finding a city to live in: metaphor and urban subjectivity in Baudelaire and Mayakovsky. June 1984

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 13 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 16 Pressman, Edward, Humor as humor: the difficulty of a transcendental perspective. 1965 Box 16 Prier, Raymond A., The problem of Werther: studies of love and the artist. 1961 Box 16 Pringle, Elizabeth, The Cathedral of Modena and the revival of Roman Law. 1964 Box 23 Purcell, Arlyn, Frankenstein's creature had no mother: Women, the family, and Industrialism in America. 1983 Box 16 Pursell, Willene van Loenen, Love and Marriage in three English authors: Chaucer, Milton, and Eliot. 1963 Box 23 Quattrocki, Elizabeth, Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical studies: The relationship between his science and his art. 1985 Box 6 Quinn, John R., A search for a modern aesthetic . 1948 Box 16 Rashid, Richard F., Marlowe's Faustus: a re-evaluation. 1974 Box 16 Ratner, Karen, The Arthurian legend: unity in two eras. 1967 Box 23 Read, Tory, From vision to the soul: a comparative study of Picasso, Colette, Brassai, and Cartier-Bresson. 1984 Box 23 Reeves, Brian A., Erasmus on history. Spring 1982 Box 16 Reifler, Victoria E., A critique of anthropological method. 1961-1962 Box 23 Resnick, Mike, Where Art, thought and society meet: in the Prarie years-the importance of the individual in American architecture. Spring 1985 Box 16 Rhyne, Elisabeth, Georg Buchner's response to his time: the insistence on complexity. 1976 Box 16 Richard, Susan L., Judaism in the works of Franz Kafka, Elie Wiesel, and Saul Bellow. 1974 Box 23 Rideout, Jeffrey A., American and the First World War: changing perceptions from 1914 to 1917. 1983 Box 16 Riechert, Ann Lorraine, Justice and John Galsworthy: idealism and pragmatism. 1977 Box 23 Rind, Miles Kallen, Wittgenstein's method: a study in "Philosophical Investigations". 1982 Box 23 Riper, Alissa, Religious themes in The Chronicles of Narnia. 1984 Box 16 Ripley, Charles, Multileveled mimesis: a study of mirrors in the novels of Vladimir Nabokov . 1971 Box 16 Robb, Walter E., The living soul: a psychological examination of Dostoyevsky with reference to the thought of Plato and Aquinas. 1975 Box 23 Roberts, Thomas M., The Waste Land as pastoral elegy. 1982 Box 16 Rogers, Kathleen, Picasso: a creative consciousness in relation to tradition. 1954 Box 16 Rovin, Lisa, 's struggles with history in Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom. 1979 Box 23 Rubenstein, James Louis, Desire and the imagination: William Wordsworth and Wallace Stevens. 1985 Box 6 Rusk, Laurie, symbolism and the poetic imagination in the works of Baudelaire and Wallace Stevens. 1976 Box 16 Salter, Lucille A., Profile of Post Modern Man. 1964 Box 23 Samuels, Bruce, R. D. Laing's theory of Schizophrenia: psychology, philosophy, and literature. 1984 Box 16 Sanders, Jane, The Edge of Life. 1959 Box 16 Sanders, Robert Greene, The social responsibility of the artist: the aesthetic theories of William Morris and . 1974 Box 16 Sanford, Robert, The last works of : their stylistic develpment and their appropriateness to a religious context in the Chapel of the Rosary at Venice . 1971 Box 16 Sauer, Jo A., Philip Melanchton: the reformer as humanist. 1975 Box 17 Sayre, Henry, The American intellectual and his politics since World War II. Box 17 Schein, Elizabeth, The Author's Manipulation of the Reader in "La Divinia Commedia" and "Paradise Lost.". 1981 Box 17 Schiff, Benjamin, Nietzsche: A Unique Critique of Moral Values. 1979 Box 17 Schimke, Faith, Sigmund Freud: His personality and his Theories on Religion. 1954 Box 17 Scholtz, Gretchen, The Primitive Element in Rousseau, Gaugin, and Van Gogh. 1957 Box 17 Schor, Judith, Three Spanish Writers in Exile. 1980

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 14 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 17 Scofield, Sharon, An introductory study of the relationship of Christianity to the dance. 1967 Box 17 Scott, Charity, "In tempo d'uno, in spazio d'uno": an introduction to the world of Eugenio Montale.. Spring 1973 Box 17 Scott, William David, Richard Wagner: Theorist of the Music-Drama. 1956 Box 17 Seed, Marie Suzanne, John Fowles: four novels. 1975 Box 17 Seeley, Constance, Albert Schweitzer--A Creative Flame.. Box 17 Seley, Nan M., The origins and development of the cult of the Virgin Mary in Egypt. Spring 1973 Box 17 Seward, Paul, Man in Conflict, and Man Absurd. 1964 Box 17 Shannon, R.S., Tradition, Disease, Eros, and Death in the Symbolism of the "...". 1966 Box 17 Shenker, Arden E., The Development of a Roman Legal Ethic. 1959 Box 17 Shepherd, Prudence., Alienation and ideology: The ideas of Daniel Bell, 1936-1960. 1978 Box 17 Sherry, Christine Elizabeth, Literary expressions of Mexican cultural nationalism. 1976 Box 17 Shilts, John A., A Thousand and One Nights: An Essay on Remembrance of Things Past. 1966 Box 17 Shookhoff, David W., The Valley and the Waterers: An Archetypal Approach to the Plays of Bertolt Brecht. 1966 Box 17 Shorrock, Mary, My Lord Halifax - A Study of Restoration England. 1953 Box 17 Shurtleff, Bill, Michelangelo's major sculptures: analysis and interpretation. 1963 Box 23 Siegel, Michael J., Nietzsche and the Wagnerian Experience. 1983 Box 17 Simonson, Delberta, Donne in the Twentieth Century. 1960 Box 23 Sims, Jeffrey, Physicians of Modern Culture: Civilization and Instinct in Nietzsche and Freud. May 17, 1985 Box 17 Sinha, Gita Ajali, Rasa Realization: Spiritual vs. Non-Spiritual Interpretations of Indian Aesthetic Pleasure. 1995 Box 17 Skouras, Damaris, Savage Thought: An aesthetic of the mind. 1978 Box 23 Slovic, Steve, Goethe in English: Thought on the Making of a Bibliography. May 24, 1984. Box 17 Smith, Diana, Dream and Reality in the United Nations Architecture. 1959 Box 17 Smith, Edwin R., Beauty: a comment on the feminine. 1975 Box 17 Smith, Eric H., Themes and Problems in Schleiermacher's "The Christian Faith". 1964 Box 17 Smith, John Franklin Sandy, Dietrich Bonhoffer, th individual and the community: a textual explication of Bonhoeffer's writings relating his Christology to his Ecclesiology . 1978 Box 18 Snell, David C., A study of Ugaritic and Israelite legal Texts. 1970 Box 18 Soderberg, John, Samuel Beckett's Art of Reduction. 1981 Box 23 Solomon, Louise M., An Existential Reading of Charlotte Bronte's "Villete". June 1985 Box 18 Solomonson, Katherine., Saint-Denis and Chartres, the gothic cathedral and the divine right of kings. 1978 Box 18 Solow, Katherine, Conflict and Chaos: an analysis of the works of Tom Stoppard. undated Box 18 Soyster, Matthew, Dostoevsky and Ibsen: A Renaissance of tragedy. 1975 Box 18 Spears, Jay, The artist as politician: a study of the political involvements and socio-historical theories of W.B. Yeats. 1971 Box 23 Spelman, Jennie, Italian and its Relation to Fascism: A Case Study of Totalitarianism in Art and Politics. May 1, 1984 Box 18 Sperberg, Christopher Michael, Approaching "Mother Courage" or Who's Afraid of Betrolt B. 1979 Box 18 Sprague, Rick, The entrance way: the Early Dialectics Within Husserl's Transcendental Phenomology. 1968 Box 18 Spritzer, David, Limitations on Ancient Israelite Monarchy. 1962 Box 18 Stanger, R. Jonathon, Chretien's "Yvain": The construction of Romance from Reality. 1974

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 15 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 18 Starr, Peter T., The sign and society: Literary Responsibility in three early writings of Roland Barthes. 1978 Box 18 Starr, Philip D., The Oblong Blur. 1966 Box 18 Stauffer, Robert A., Existntial or Personalistic Psychotherapy as it Relates to Psychosomatic Medicine. 1970 Box 18 Steinhardt, Sam, The Nature of Man in Martin Buber's "I and Thou". 1979 Box 18 Stephene, Scott E., Lawrence and James: "The one and the many". Spring 1973 Box 18 Sterling, Bess Lauretta, The Noh Drama of Japan: The Creation and Appreciation of the Arts as a Means to Enlightenment. Spring 1973 Box 18 Sterling, Dorothy, The Personality of Henry Adams. 1953 Box 18 Stevenson, David, A Criticism of Sartre's Concept of the Other: Prolegomna to th Phenomonenology of Love. 1971 Box 18 Stewart, Lynn, From Mediator to Magistrate: The Development of the Roman Judge. 1981 Box 18 Stillwell, Suzanne M., Napolean Bonaparte: A Man Without a Country. 1966 Box 18 Stiver, Charles E. Jr., An Examination of Camus' Ethical Philosophy. 1971 Box 18 Stokes, Lynne Ruelaine, The Electra Theme. 1966 Box 18 Streeter, Deborah, Joan of Arc: An Analysis of her Progression from Witch to Saint. Spring 1973 Box 18 Stroud, David G., The Scientific Attitude and Totalitarian State. 1965 Box 18 Stuart, Robert Lee, Baron Von Hugel and the Essential Tensions of the Christian Life. 1959 Box 18 Sullens, Idelle, The New Opera Synthesis. August 20, 1943 Box 18 Suzawa, Valerie M., Dickens and the World of Criminality. 1989 Box 18 Talbot, Alan, Voices and Answers: A Fugal Study of "Doctor Faustus". 1980 Box 18 Taylor, Alan D., Eschatology and the Problems of Finitude and Sin: A Theological and Non-Theological Approach. Box 19 Taylor, Karen J., The Ethical Visions of Three Italian Renaissance Gentlemen: Malleo Palmieri, Buldassare Casiglione and Giovanni Della Casa. Spring 1973 Box 19 Taylor, Roberta, The Outsider and Mass Society. 1958 Box 19 Theimann, Michael, Mystical Influence on the Formulation of the Theory of Early Modern Abstract Art. 1979 Box 19 Thomas, James, Public Reaction to the House Commite on Un-Americen Activities. 1954 Box 19 Thompson, Robert, Reason and Liberty: Freedom...Kant and Hegel. 1965 Box 19 Tilley, James, Kierkegaard and Jund: The Concept of the Self. 1978 Box 19 Timbie, Janet, The Theory of the Abolition of Time Applied to Poynesia: A Comparison of Modern and Primitve Man. 1970 Box 23 Timmins, Paul V., The Denver Charter Convention of 1903: A Fight for Democracy. 1984 Box 19 Tostevin, Nancy, The Challenge to Modern American Tragedy. 1961 Box 19 Treadgold, Laura, Matteo Ricci: an apostolic policy of accomodation. 1978 Box 19 Trinkaus, Linda, Indirect communication in the writings of Soren Kierkegaard. 1968 Box 19 Trumball, Margaret, Three women: Elsa Morante, Natalia Ginzburg, Dacia Mariani. 1975 Box 19 Tull, Alan C., Existentialism and Thomism. 1955 Box 19 Ungar, Barbara, Haiku in English Stanford Honors Essays in Humanities No. XXI. 1978 Box 19 Van Nest, Robert A., Essays on the Poetry of Rimbaud. Spring 1973 Box 19 Vaugh, Sharman, In Search of America. 1956 Box 19 Velarde, Robert L., Vincent Van Gogh: The Lonely One. undated Box 23 Vellani, Maria, Gustav LeBon: The Role of the Irrational in the Crisis of Modern Society. 1985 Box 19 Wahrhaftig, Albert L., Modern Mexican Architecture: A reflection of the aspirations of the Mexican Revolution. 1957 Box 19 Walkover, Andrew, The dialectics of Eden. 1974 Box 19 Wallen, Jeffrey, : the poetics of betrayal. 1977 Box 19 Waller, Diane, Confrontation with decadence, an analysis of The Man without Qualities. 1977

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 16 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Theses pre-1990

Box 19 Walton, Nancy, The interaction of social context and imagery in Dickens' Bleak House. 1981 Box 19 Warne, Janice, The interaction of Tyche, Techne, and Daimon in three plays by Euripides. 1979 Box 19 Waters, Reba, Euripedes' Trojan Women: interpretation and production. 1967 Box 23 Watkins, Greg, Elective Affinities: a look at textured forces and forms of desire. June 7, 1985 Box 19 Waxman, Virginia L., City of artists. 1955 Box 19 Webb, Joyce, Utopia and the plight of modern humanism. 1959 Box 19 Weedin, Ken, "Myself am Hell." 1962 Box 23 Weix, Gretchen Garnett, An analysis of gender symbolism in the mythic novel: The Sybil. August 1981 Box 19 Wennberg, John, The parable of Albert Schweitzer: his life and thought. 1956 Box 23 Wertheim, Jerry Todd, Races Condemned: politics in Nostromo and One Hundred Years of Solitude. May 17, 1984 Box 19 Wertheimer, Clay, In Search of Paradigms: An evaluation of Thomas S. Kuhn's and Paul Feterabend's description of science. 1980 Box 19 Wessner, Dan, The joy of C. S. Lewis. 1979 Box 19 West, Hugh, The Dangerous Guess: James Agee and the Romantic tradition. Box 20 Weston, Nancy Ann, A humanist theory of feminism: historical foundations in John Stuart Mill and Karl Marx. 1977 Box 20 Wheeler, Dennis, The Oceanic Feeling. 1959 Box 20 White, Harry L., The last supper of Leonardo Da Vinci. 1970-71 Box 20 White, Rolland B., The art of Pirandello. 1970 Box 20 White, William B., Ceasare Borgia and Machiavellianism. 1974 Box 20 Whittemore, Douglas McKinley, the concept of self in the philosophies of Kierkegaard and James. 1976 Box 20 Wiggin, Barbara Jane Moffitt, Discovering religion through Nikos Kazantzakis' The Odyssey: A Modern sequel. Spring 1973 Box 20 Wight, Edward D., Mission to the city. four views of the Protest Church in Urban America. 1969 Box 20 Wildman, Stephanie, "To be supremely human" A Study in John Barth. 1970 Box 20 Williams, Arnold, Philosophy and ideology: a study of Plato and Marx. 1978 Box 20 Williams, Harold, Situations in Greek tragedy. 1965 Box 20 Wilson, Suzanne, The intrusion of confusion: an inquiry into the problem of natural rights. 1950 Box 20 Wineman, Kathleen, Businessmen look at themselves: attitudes of Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford. 1979 Box 20 Witt, Peter, the problem of moral choice and the effects of evil in Paradise Lost and . 1978 Box 20 Wood, Brian Robert, A perspective of psychosomatic medicine in relation to ancient Greece. 1974 Box 20 Woodworth, Patrick, A portrait of three brothers. 1966 Box 20 Wos, Cheryl M., Color Symbolism in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". 1968 Box 20 Wright, Elizabeth, Theology in the novels of Charles Williams. 1960 Box 20 Wrightman, Paul, Tightrope Balancing: The dialectics of Christian faith according to Kierkegaard. 1970 Box 23 Wyant, John R., The University and the State: a study of the academic in politics. Spring 1984 Box 20 Yerxa, Ron, The dissent of . 1969 Box 20 Younger, Agnes, Utopia: heaven or hell? 1956-57 Box 20 Zambrano, Mark A., Maira, Identity, and the colonization of Bra(s)il. 1981 Box 20 Zebouni, Maria S., Methodological Considerations. 1981 Box 20 Zweip, Joan, Anne Hutchinson and four New England historians. 1975 Accession ARCH-1990-179 Theses

Box 1 Alexander, Stephanie M., Nietzche's model of the self. 1988

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 17 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1990-179Theses

Box 1 Anderson, Greta, A new name for woman: fiction and politics in the writing of Alice Walker and Monique Wittig. 1986 Box 1 Anderson, Jason A., Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Reception in America: Review and analysis. 1988 Box 1 Baskin, Tina-Marie, What's so funny? The ideology of the female in American comic strips. 1986 Box 1 Bennett, Christina A., Creativity, Auto-therapy, and the "transcendent function": a Jungian reading of Virginia Woolf's To A Lighthouse. 1989 Box 1 Brown, Pamela, Women as Artists in three Novels by Virginia Woolf. 1986 Box 1 Canales, James E., Friendship's Value Revealed: The tension Between Romantic Love and Friendship in Four Shakespearean Plays. 1988 Box 1 Canton, James H., Soren and Kierkegaard on Suffering. 1989 Box 1 Capps, Lisa, From Silence to Serenity. 1986 Box 1 Claassen, Forrest, Truth beyond reason: an epistemological perspective on Karl Barth's early theology. 1989 Box 1 Cline, Lee K., Object and image: Nelson Goodman's theory of representation and the works of and Robert Rauschenberg. 1987 Box 1 Collins, R. Michael, The Jeffersonian moment: a soul for American political culture. 1987 Box 1 Cunningham, John C., Resurrection and recollection: the salvation of the temporally alienated self in 's Remembrance of Things Past. 1989 Box 1 Dickson, Mariah, Theodore Dreiser: realist or idealist? 1987 Box 1 Doherty, Brigid, Theatrical painting/Painterly theatre: David Hockney and the Parade of Post-Modernism. 1987 Box 1 Durie, Daralyn, The virgin and the whore: the dichotomous nature of woman in Une Saison dans la Vie d'Emmanuel and Les Enfants du Sabbat. 1988 Box 1 Duyvestein, Janine G., The beautiful, the good and love in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses: a study of applied Aquinas . 1989 Box 1 Eisner, Mark D., and Robert Rauschenberg: an aesthetic of art and life. 1988 Box 1 Fischer, Scott K., Silent Antagonists: the autobiographies of Henry Adams and Andrew Carnegie. 1989 Box 1 Franklin, Sara Joan, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and Robert Schumann's Piano Concerto in A Minor: A study of artistic expression". 1988 Box 1 Gallagher, Catherine L., Freedom in Dostoevsky and Kundera. 1988 Box 1 Gerhauser, Lisa, The evolution of Calvinos' narrative discourse. 1986 Box 1 Gibson, Michael S., The structure of modernism: the works of Rilke and . 1988 Box 1 Guest, Victoria, Reweaving the violated narrative: strategies for confronting the discourse of political terror in Luisa Valenzuela's The Lizard's Tail . 1989 Box 1 Gutierrez, Christine M., Thomas More's Utopia: Simplicity and Human Growth. 1987 Box 2 Hampton, Diana E., Lakota religious thought: a study of the seven rites in The Sacred Pipes. 1988 Box 2 Handley, George, Christopher Columbus and Prospero: Self-knowledge and the magic of books in a colonial world. 1989 Box 2 Handley, William, Virginia Woolf: the politics of narration. 1986 Box 2 Hansen, Wendy, Human conceptions and reality: people's misunderstandings of computer capabilitiess. 1986 Box 2 Harris, Wilmer J., Agape's three principles of justice: an examination of the societal implications of Christian love. 1986 Box 2 Hobson, Kathleen, "The Lonely Mind": An analysis of madness in Virginia Woolf's fiction. 1988 Box 2 Hutman, Theodore M., Aesthetic repetition and the creative temperament in Le Grand Meaulnes. 1986 Box 2 Illick, Christopher D., Bayonets and pitchforks: Looking for the relationship of politics to Literature in Homage to Catalonia and Animal Farm. 1989 Box 2 Israel, Melinda, Seeking the Phoenix: Artistic consciousness in the nuclear age. 1986

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 18 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1990-179Theses

Box 2 Jackson, Shannon, A performance phenomenology: Problems of self, play, and character. 1989 Box 2 Jacobs, Marc D., New Science and Old Insights: the bio-philosophies of Edgar Morin and Immanuel Kant. 1988 Box 2 Jenkins, Jennifer, Dialectic and Development in Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain. 1988 Box 2 Jenney, Anne W., Victory over the sun: a revolutionary opera's impact on Russian cubo-futurism. 1987 Box 2 Jolls, Christine, Towards an ideal deontology?: stripping down the subject in Kant and Rawls. 1989 Box 2 Kaschnitz, Ingrid von, The Bildungsreise of Wilhelm and Hans in Goethe's Wilhelm Meister and Mann's The Magic Mountain. 1986 Box 2 Kazanjian, David C., Deconstructions and reconstructions: history and subjectivity in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Christa Wolf's Patterns of Childhood. 1989 Box 2 Kotz, Elizabeth, Sexual identity and mythic history in Monique Wittig's Les Guerrilleres or, A handbook for active forgetting. 1986 Box 2 Kreger, Jennifer, The long rope: ethical issues in West Africa's health care. 1987 Box 2 Kwak, Yeong S., Philosophical and aesthetic perspectives on Chuang Tzu and Friedrich Nietzsche. 1988 Box 2 Larson, Laurie A., Liberation theology: two Latin American initiatives and two North American responses. 1988 Box 2 Lee, Edel C., The black female image in modern American advertising: from slavery to Virginia Slims. 1988 Box 2 Li, David, MacIntyre and moral education. 1986 Box 2 Lighty, Michael E., ideology and popular theatre in depression era America; the Federal Theatre Project, the Rise and Fall of social theatre. 1987 Box 2 Livinghouse, Don E., Echoes of Platonism and Neoplatonism from Kant to Valery. 1988 Box 2 Loschen, Christopher, Faust the existentialist: a study of Faustian characters in two plays of Jean-Paul Sartre. 1988 Box 2 Lowson, Charlotte C., The mystic heroine in the novels of Virginia Woolf. 1988 Box 3 Maitless, Noam C., The art of noise: the aesthetic environment of MTV. 1989 Box 3 McDonnell, John J., The Revolt against nihilism in the writings of Albert Camus. 1987 Box 3 Metzger, Sharon R., Catholicism and contraception: Where does the doctrine come from and why doesn't it work in the United States?. 1988 Box 3 Mills, Guy S., Epic distance diminished: from dreamplace to home in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey. 1986 Box 3 Morehead, Kerstin, Lyrical impulses of the soul: William Carlos Williams' Kora in Hell. 1989 Box 3 Muftic, Theodore B., Ernest Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises: the psychology of a writer as an artist. 1987 Box 3 Muller, David C., The victimization of the reader in Book Four of Gulliver's Travels. 1988 Box 3 Patel, Neela, John Keats and the Reader. 1987 Box 3 Patrick, Stewart, Toward a systematic evolutionary view of human culture. 1987 Box 3 Perlman, Mace, Moliere and the Commedia dell'arte: improvisational illusion and the Angoisse of disillusionment. 1986 Box 3 Perret, George P., Necessity and contingency in Hegel's encyclopedia. 1987 Box 3 Poster, Vanessa, All My Children: A literary study of soap operas. 1986 Box 3 Randolph, Elizabeth B., Dialogics and gender: Re-speaking the female subject. 1987 Box 3 Rhinelander, Margaret T., Memory and critical perspective iin Christa Wolf's Kassandra. 1988 Box 3 Rosenthal, Michael, Frantz Fanon's concept of violence. 1986 Box 3 Rudolph, Marshall S., A critical examination of Adorno's essay: 'Alienated masterpiece: The Missa Solemis'. 1987 Box 3 Ryan, Pamela D., Mass Production and : four American designers, 1920-1940. 1988

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 19 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1990-179Theses

Box 3 Schaberg, David Copley, 'Literature and History Do Not Part Company': The Literary Nature of the Tso Chuan.. 1986 Box 3 Schechter, Anne, Impressionism and Phenomenology in Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw". 1986 Box 3 Seinfeld, Keith S., Rorty, Conversation, and the Baggage of the West: A Literary Approach to Philosophy. 1988 Box 3 Silverman, Susan E., Time and the Problems of Self-Definition and Uncertainty: Proust, Beckett, and Stravinsky.. 1986 Box 3 Sorenson, Andrew L., Primo Levi: The Poetics of Remembrance. 1989 Box 3 Spiro, Joanna E., Henry James: From Economic Logic to Religious Reasoning.. 1986 Box 3 Stein, Barney, Reading and Writing a Notebook: Movements Toward Heteropia with Aime Cesaire's "Cahier d'un retour au paye natal.". 1987 Box 3 Stone, Hannah Cushing, Facets of Photography: Benjamin and Beyond. 1987 Box 3 Sungaila, Mary-Christine, "And the Mirror Crack'd...": Mirrorings and Masking in Merrill's "The Changing Light at Sandover.". 1988 Box 3 Suprenant, Katherine A., Struggle with Existential Limitations: A Study of Two Novels by D.H. Lawrence. 1987 Box 4 Thornton, Caroline M., Revelation by Reason: A Neo-Platonic Interpretation of 's "School of Athens.". 1988 Box 4 Toledano, Gabrielle B., Francisco de Goya: "The Unliberal Imagination" and Personal Expressions of an 18th- and 19th-century "Modern" Artist. 1989 Box 4 Truitt, Allison J., The American Artist in Rome: A Study of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Marble Faun and Henry James' Roderick Hudson. 1989 Box 4 Ungar, Lowell W., To Survive Whole: Oppression and Resistance in the Novels of Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker. 1987 Box 4 Ward, Jonathan K., From authority to freedom: innovative techniques used by Fowles and Hamilton. 1988 Box 4 White, Patricia (Patsy), Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft: Women writers in a man's field. 1986 Box 4 Wichman, Heather, The fascination with Arthur. 1986 Box 4 Wilkins, Elizabeth A., Through the eyes of a child: a "neo-expressionist" view of postwar Italy. 1986 Accession ARCH-1992-165 Theses

Box 1 Aitken, B. Scott, The uses of history in John Updike's Rabbit Trilogy. May 28, 1990 Box 1 Archer, Shirley J., In pursuit of the public interest: an analysis of the authorization and impact of the Motor Carriers Act of 1935. May 1981 Box 1 Arent, Shereen, A matter of priorities: reformist women's organizations' actions on welfare reform legislation and the implications for class bias in the women's movement . April 198- Box 1 Bailin, Paul Stuart, A word unspoken: Mystical language in Meister Eckhart. June 1991 Box 1 Balz, Chris, The mass sacrificial spectacle: The Doors in poetry and history. 1990 Box 1 Beaven, Simon W., Terrible Swift Sword: the action of grace in three stories by Flannery O'Connor. May 1991 Box 1 Bender, Claire E., Jules Roy: the conceptual other and the colonization of the female image in literature. January 1991 Box 1 Boderick, Michael, Plea-Bargaining in America: Why and Why So Much. 1979 Box 1 Bowers, Ann-Elise, The Pastoral Machine: Computers, Metaphors and American Culture. 1992 Box 1 Brandes, Carolyn P., "Let's Play a Gam:" Two Imaged of Succedd in the Life Board Games. 1991 Box 2 Butler, Heather L., Perceval's Education in Chretien de troye's Perceval ou le Roman du Graal. 1991 Box 2 Butler, Lindsay, Erich Auerbach, Milan Kundera and Jean-Paul Sartre on the Validity of Prefiguration. Box 2 Canty, Sheila A., National Healh Insurance: Past, Present and Future. 1980

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 20 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1992-165Theses

Box 2 Chism, Brent Erik, Representations of gender in Disney's full-length animated films. May 15, 1991 Box 2 Churchill, Bruce, John Steinbeck as a California writer. May 1979 Box 2 Crary, Mary Laura, Origins of an American Institution: The Philadelphis Prison 1787-1799. Box 2 Crawford, Susan Cheryl, The Search for order and individual freedom in American communitarianism and communalism. 1979 Box 2 Criswell, Brandyn, Solutions: the architecture of E. Fay Jones. 1990 Box 2 Crowley, Jim, Lectio et meditatio: a spiritual reading of the vercelli book. May 1991 Box 3 Deliganis, Anna, Toward an androgynous aesthetic: language and painting in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse. May 1990 Box 3 Delio, Philip R., Parables of perversity in the short stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky. May 1991 Box 3 DeMarchi, Virginia K., Telling Tales: Kafka's Aufhebung of the German fairy tale. May 1990 Box 3 Deverell, William Francis, Jr., Of chief and other factors: Great Britain and the surrender of Oregon in 1846. May 1983 Box 3 Ellis, Anne Marjorie, Discourse, policy, and advocacy concerning deaf education in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century: A case study. May 1990 Box 3 Eno, Robert P., "Weakest Link": the Loyalty-Security case of Physicist Edward U. Condon. May 1989 Box 3 Estill, Adrianne, Towards reconcilciation: ideology versus subjectivity in Brecht's and Neruda's poetry. May 1991 Box 3 Fandell, Sarah E., Women of Independent means; powerful women in Shakespeare and Elizabethan and Jacobean England. May 1990 Box 3 Farnham, Anne, The politics of recovery: Politicization amongst Vietnam Veterans. June 1987 Box 4 Feldman, Joseph, The tools of rhetoric: Nietzsche's strategies of style. May 1991 Box 4 Follett, Jeffrey, "Let us seek the true commonwealth": thought and policy in the journal of United labor. June 1989 Box 4 Fuchs, Alexandra, Cities and souls in the Merchant of Venice. May 17, 1991 Box 4 Georgiev, Mark L., A sublime moment; representation in the Gesamkunstwerk. May 15, 1991 Box 4 Gilmarthin, Matthew, A tantalizing promise, a protective interdiction, an auto-erotic essay: the conflict between language and self in three poems by Walt Whitman . May 1992 Box 4 Gross, Katherine, Beyond the woman question. May 1978 Box 4 Guest, Courtney, Blaise Pascal's Provincial Letters and their contemporary relevance. December 1991 Box 4 Hallinan, Kathleen M., Ralph Waldo Emerson: Action versus contemplation in the Life of the Intellectual. June 1989 Box 4 Hart, Brooke A., The mouth of the migrant: open for construction in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. May 20, 1990 Box 4 Hartwell, Allison, John Marshall's living constitution. June 1987 Box 4 Healey, Brendan, Into the woods: white-indian transculturalizatioin int he colonial period. May 1988 Box 4 Held, Robert, The Closing of a Child's Mind: The Death of the Imagination. June 1990 Box 5 Holloway, Jonathan S., Defeating desire while endeavoring to be the best: the conflict between professionalism and pure sport, ideology in modern sports . May 1989 Box 5 Huber, Gernot, Veronica doesn't either: "Heathers" in the context of recent teen film and feminist film theory. September 1991 Box 5 Huffman, Jennifer I., The right to be let alone: the debate over the constitutional right to privacy and its implications for sexual maters. June 1989 Box 5 Humphress, Rick Douglas, Justice Harlan dissenting: an interpretation of federal-state relations. May 1985 Box 5 Huo, Rick, Wang Wei and Keats. June 1990 Box 5 Hutchins, Christopher M., The return of the repressed. Spring 1990

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 21 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1992-165Theses

Box 5 Jancu, Robert, Said, Foucault, and the "orientalizing" mythic discourse. June 1990 Box 5 Katz, Marc David, John Hawkes as Playwright--with special attention to The Undertaker. June 1990 Box 6 Kennedy, Kristin M., Division and unity in Shakespeare and Faulmner: A comparative analysis of Hamlet and The Sound and the Fury. May 1990 Box 6 Kevorkian, Martin, The divine in Ironweed: Tropological Allegory in William Kennedy's Dante . 1990 Box 6 Kimball, Pam, Without liberty and justice for some. May 1978 Box 6 Kirks, John S., Montaigne on death. June 1991 Box 6 Klosterman, Theresa Ann, Climbing down from the pedestal: a thematic study of the poetry of La Comtessa de Dia. May 1990 Box 6 Korobkin, Russell, Hidden Agendas: Confederate Motivation for negotiating with the US government . Box 6 Kreitzer, Beth, A feminist perspective on Martin Luther. July 1990 Box 6 Lauer, Craig, A striking instance: the influence of authority in Billy Budd. May 1991 Box 7 Laugharn, Peter A., Teaching in the Peace Corps. May 1982 Box 7 Lee, Kristen, Between the worlds of marble and chaos: the quest for security in Virginia Woolf's The Waves. May 15, 1991 Box 7 Lee, Maurice, Vonnegut and the paradox of hope: Hope and despair in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut. May 1990 Box 7 Lee, Pauline, Stephen Dedalus and Hsun Tzu: Flying by and flying within the nets of society. 1991 Box 7 Leifer, Amira K., Vision and design in To the Lighthouse: Art, Intimacy, and Life. December 1989 Box 7 Lewis, Mark, Evaluation of Kant's Critique of Judgment. 1990 Box 7 Lippmann, Steve, "The last colony?": Class, race, and the history of Washington, D.C. . June 5, 1991 Box 7 Lucero, Orlando, The birth of the skyscraper: Chicago, 1880-1900, a new frontier in American architecture. April 1980 Box 7 Maggioncalda, Jeff Nacey, George Lamming's Backward glance: a tool for understanding rap music. December 10, 1991 Box 8 Maurer, Genevieve L., Women, weight, and reform in the U. S., 1900-1930. May 1991 Box 8 Mendoza, Jerilyn Lopez, Defining the spectrum: race and ethnic relations among Stanford students. Spring 1990 Box 8 Meyer, Rachel A., The tension within Kierkegaard's The Sickness Unto Death: The Possibility of Satrean atheistic existentialism within a Kierkegaardian religious framework . May 1990 Box 8 Moreno, Michele, Certainty and imagination in the New Science by Giambattista Vico: The essence of humanity. June 1991 Box 8 Nied, G. David, The education of the moral american Henry James' The Ambassadors and The American and Henry Adams' Democracy and The Education of Henry Adams . May 1981 Box 8 Packard, Warren, The poetics of technology. June 11, 1991 Box 8 Pak, Sandra, God, Society, Love, and Life: A Durkheimian analysis of suicide in Anna Karenina. Box 8 Palmer, Deborah K., "Remembering the dimensions of possibility." Breaking the bonds of social structure: Emily Dickenson's Search for the "Divinest Sense" . May 1991 Box 8 Peterson, Sarah, The power of the imagination in words; Wallace Stevens' public vision. 1989 Box 8 Pham, Krystle Quynh, Sexual relations and morality: the challenge of social transformation in Naguib Mahfouz's Midaq Alley. June 1990 Box 8 Pickett, Jeffrey Gustaf, Right-living in Vienna: a comparative study of Ludwig Wittgenstein's and Robert Musil's Language critiques. 1990 Box 8 Presant, Ivan, "Which is the merchant here and which the Jew?". June 1991 Box 9 Rodgers, Johannah, Voices will listen and words will hear: towards an understanding of Paul Celan's Poetics.

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 22 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1992-165Theses

Box 9 Rosin, Hanna, The art of conversion: the image of Jews in three sixteenth century plays. 1991 Box 9 Sage, John Keith, The Ku Klux Klan of the 1980s: Renaissance v. Resistance. May 1983 Box 9 Sarkisian, Bruce, The Dodgers' Brooklyn. June 1989 Box 9 Saul, Scott, Homing pidgins: immigrant tongues, immanent bodies in Abraham Cahan's Yekl. 1992 Box 9 Schmeling, GIna, Gender as Convention in Joyce's "Ulysses". June 1990 Box 9 Schwartz, William P., Why the ACLU?: a Study of the Origins of the American Civil Liberties Union. June 1979 Box 9 Schwitzgebel, Eric, The Value of Tragedy for Nietzsche. 1990 Box 10 Shaefer, Katherine M., Attitudes About Intermarriage as Reflected in Mainstream and Black Publications, 1949-1989: A Content Analysis. June 10,1990 Box 10 Sheehy, Maureen A., "What is Home Without a Father?": the Underground World of Polygamous Mormon Women. June, 1984 Box 10 Sperling, Robert, The Novelistic Paradigm of Vision: Exploring Ambiguity in the Works of Milan Kundera. May 1991 Box 10 Spudlich, Serena S., Phrenology and Charlotte Bronte: The 'Meanings' of Science in the Narrative of Nineteenth Century Popular Culture. Spring 1991 Box 10 Staten, Ben L., Love, Marriage, and the Fate of the Novel. A Critical Analysis of John Updike's Early Works. May 1990 Box 10 Stenn, Sarah Amelia, Working Girls: An Analysis of the Representation of Working Women and Their Choices in Career Woman Films Between 1940-1950. May 1990 Box 10 Stone, Nancy, "A Raisin in the Sun" and Lorraine Hansberry: Defining the Debate. May 1991 Box 10 Symeonides, Joe Han, "For, though I am the son of the Revolution, they are my illustrious ancestors!" The Sinitud of Regino Pedroso. June 1990 Box 10 Teicholz, Leslie, Travels Within and Without: Christopher Isherwood and Berlin. Summer 1989 Box 10 Teicholz, Nina, The Tinsley Case. June 1987 Box 10 Thompson, Lisa, "BIA, I'm Not Your Indian Anymore!": The American Indian Movement. 1968-1973. May 17, 1991 Box 11 Tyndall, William F., Business and the Clean Air Act of 1970: An Analysis of a Revisionist Interpretation of Liberal Reform. 1979 Box 11 Velick, Cheryl, The Wizard of Oz: An Introduction to History and the Classics. May 1984 Box 11 Weiner, Mark Stuart, Definitions of the self in early modern advertising: an examination of the "Cosmology" of listerine and Fleischmann's Yeast. June 1989 Box 11 White, Matthew P., Fishing the void: Richard Brautigan's search for meaning in Trout Fishing in America, A Confederate General from Big Sur, and In Watermelon Sugar . November 1989 Box 11 Worthington, Mark F., The privilege of War: poetry of American combatants in Vietnam. May 1988 Box 11 Zidle, Abby, The function of the incredible in Tom Stoppard's Jumpers. May 8, 1991 Accession ACCN-1993-098 Theses

Box 1 Abramowicz, Sarah, To make a man: the erotic transgression of textual pursuit in James Joyce's Ulysses and Virginia Woolf's Jacob's Room. June 1992 Box 1 Breimhorst, Mark Selin, A Disability Interpretation of Shakespeare's Tragic Characters. 1992 Box 1 Bruger, Jennifer, the Imaginative Life: To the Lighthouse and the Pos-Impressionis Aestheic. 1992 Box 1 Claymon, Deborah S., Long Day's Journey into Night from script to film. May 1992 Box 1 Crampton, Alexandra, Talking to ourselves in the midst of Zuni silence: American textual representations of Sha'lak'o. April 1991 Box 1 Davidson, Samantha J., Order and subversion: "Blood" in The sound and the fury. May 1992

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 23 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ACCN-1993-098Theses

Box 1 Derryberry, John Reed, Time paradigms temporal aesthetics in Beckett's theatre. June 1992 Box 1 Dibble, Samuel Craig, Economic and political influences in the architectural patronage of Cosim de' Medici. May 1992 Box 1 Dowd, David, Pounding out a poetic presence; purposeful association and distance between Ford Maddox Ford and . 1992 Box 2 Edoga, Sherifa O., Dancing to the rhythm of their own definitions. June 1992 Box 2 Feinberg, Melanie, Clash of the disciplines: an analysis of the Snow-Leavis controversy. May 1992 Box 2 Fisher, Jaimey, Walter Benjamin as cultural exile: contextualizing Benjamin's "The Paris of the Second Empire in Baudelaire". May 1992 Box 2 Gerson, Rachel Fay, Bombs, Betrayals and Broken Bonds. War and the tenuous nature of identity in Elizabeth Bwen's The Heat of the Day. May 199 Box 2 Gillespie, Jill, Lyric poetry: Priority and Power versus beauty and truth. A comparative study of Harold Bloom's Anxiety of Influence and 's and 's relationships to Friedrich Holderlin . June 1992 Box 2 Ginsberg, Holly M., Coming up for air with Margaret Atwood's Surfacing. May 1992 Box 2 Hines, Scott Richard, and Frank Lloyd Wright: the ornament of material and architectural form. May 1992 Box 2 Holmes, Sheila Mari, Echoing Poe: theory, passion, and conflict in translation. May 1992 Box 3 Hoskins, Kimberly, Christa Wolf's Nachdenken uber Christa T.: atextual analysis of Chapter 11. June 1992 Box 3 Kaufman, Karen Beth, Lessons of "Holocaust": Approaches to the "Final Solution" on prime time television. May 1992 Box 3 Klingelhofer, Kristan, Relationships and Identity in The Waves: A Question of Voice. May 1992 Box 3 O'Neill, Dan, Reading Walt Whitman (and His critics): The rhetor as literalist. June 1992 Box 3 Ormseth, Nik, No more to build on there: disillusionment and the pursuit of dignity in Hemingway's "The Capital of the World". May 1992 Box 3 Pappas, Kristina, In spite of you: Unity and protest in Brazilian song, 1970-76. May 1992 Box 3 Richardson, Matthew, Platonic cultural relativism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness or A Case against Chinua Acheba. August 1992 Box 3 Shang, Barbara Y., Truth by Antithesis: Yeats' Use of the Mask.. 1992 Box 3 Silbey, Jessica, Between Two Men: The Correspondence of Summer 1926. Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetaeva, Rainer Maria Rilke. An essay on Space and Time . May 1992 Box 3 Soto, Michael, Poetry, Performance, Politics: A study of Two Carribean Dub Poets. [includes audio tape]. 1992 Box 4 Waddell, W. Matthew, Transformation and Agency: Negotiations among personal, family, and cultural identities in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Beloved . May 1992 Box 4 Walkes, Jon-cecil, The debate over race, racism and racial equality: the modern Negro problem. 1992 Box 4 Wolf, Lea, Motioning female: reading for women in four dances. May 1992 Box 4 Yalom, Ben, Adapting Malamud's Naked Nude: issues in the transformation from literature to stage. June 1991 Accession ARCH-1994-148 Theses

Box 1 Abromeit, John, Existential Marxism: Fortschritt or Fehltritt? September 1993 Box 1 Brown, Nicholas, "Umbuji Wa Mnazi" and the Poetics of Anthropology. 1993 Box 1 Carlson, Julia Sandstrom, Parenthetical Space: The Female Body in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. 1992 Box 1 Castleman, Joshua "Tony", Seeds from the Other Worlds: religious Faith and Interpersonal Love in the Brothers Karamazov. 1993

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 24 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1994-148Theses

Box 1 Chan, Ann Cha-Yee, Visions of the Perfected State of Man: A Comparative Study of Zhuangzi and Xunzi. 1993 Box 1 Chun, Young P., Despair and faith in Kierkegaard and "Waiting for Godot". April 1993 Box 1 Ciriello, Jeffrey Angerer, A pain redeemed: the writings of Jack Kerouac as an expression of a modern catholicism. Spring 1993 Box 1 Danforth, Maura, Do "Women read more truly than men read women"? A reading of cross-gender representation in nineteenth century fiction. May 6, 1993 Box 1 Dycus, Jamie S., Hans Arp and the practice of withdrawal. Box 1 Edwards, Robert, The grotesque deformation of modern Spanish society in Valle-Inclan's "Los cuernos de Don Friolera". May 7, 1993 Box 1 Frick, Erika Renate, Productions of ambivalence: child abuse and the legal system. April 12, 1993 Box 1 Goldenberg, David, Pure blague? An analysis of Donald Barthelme's continuing parody of Modern America. Spring 1993 Box 2 Goloboy, Jennifer Lee, the influence of the historical romance novel on Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. 1993 Box 2 Gordon, Rebecca M., Diamond mines and elephants; the empire in Edwardian children's literature. September 28, 1992 Box 2 Gross, Rebekah, Wordworth and Freud: On two models of therapeutic analysis. May 14, 1993 Box 2 Hecht, David, Worn trails to finned tails: manifestations of 1950s America in "Shane" and "Rio Bravo". May 1993 Box 2 Itakura, Hakura, The utility of absolute beauty by Kawabata Yasunari in the attainment of Intersubjectivity. June 1, 1993 Box 2 Jennings, Jan Milburn, Auden's pastoral; the mindscapes of "Bucolics". March 29, 1993 Box 2 Lintz, Edward, A la recherche du desir feminin. Gender transposition in Stendhal, Flaubert, and Proust. May 26, 1993 Box 2 Mandell, Daniel S., "I, Say I": Authorship of the self in Samuel Beckett's "Molloy". Box 2 Mockler, Robby, Between dogmatism and cynicism; how meaning is created and subverted in John Fowles's The Magus. 1993 Box 3 Pena, Karen, Uncertain patriots in the fragrant kingdom of palms: a historical presentation of German-Brazilian documents. June 1993 Box 3 Rovner, Abby Gail, Amazon dreams: representations of Isthmus Zapotec Women. May 17, 1993 Box 3 Schantz, Edward, Surrealism in Salvador Dali and Franz Kafka.. December 11, 1992 Box 3 Schinn-Schroeder, Tracy, Amiri Baraka, Cultural Nationalism, and the Postmodern Situation.. May 5, 1993 Box 3 Seaman, Francesca R., Death and Desire: Petrarch's Consciousness of Time in the Poetic of Canzoniere.. Box 3 Wice, Leila, Writing back to "ancestry": struggles with continuity and the autobiography of Mordechai Abraham White. May 1993 Box 3 Wing, Jessica, The cutting edge of art: the uses of actual violence in contemporary performance art. May 1993 Box 3 Wong, Kelvin, Cultural Adaptation in Matteo Ricci's "Tienzhu Shiyi". 1992 Accession ARCH-1995-063 Theses

Box 1 Arana, Michael A., Ironic reproductions: Sacvan Bercovitch, the new historicism, and the denial of agency. June 1992 Box 1 Branch, Michelle Nicole, Black Enrepreneurs: Adopted Paens of the Inner Cities. 1992 Box 1 Demsky, Lisa, Portrayals of rape in twentieth century American literature. Spring 1992 Box 1 Donovan, Edward, Living right with the eyes. Nick's search for a true relationship with nature in Ernest Hemingway's "Big Two-Hearted River". June 1993 Box 1 Eisenberg, Jonathan, The battle over vista of the Reagan revolution. Spring 1992 Box 1 Halvorson, Christina E., Environmental Risks: Separate and unequal. Minority Communities and the Locations of Hazardous Waste Landfills and Incinerators in the United States . Spring 1992

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 25 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1995-063Theses

Box 1 Knudsen, Koe, Christian service in the city. Including a case study of Bayshore Christian Ministries' Service to East Palo Alto. June 1993 Box 1 Kramer, Karen, Alcohol and acquaintance rape: social and legal prejudice against intoxicated victims. Spring 1992 Box 2 Lassen, Eric J., Stereotypes in the Musical: A study of the portrayal of gender and sexuality in the American Musical theater of the 1960s. Fall 1992 Box 2 Lee, Jocelyn, Black women in popular culture: stereotypical presentations by white society and black males contrasted with the realism black women create . Spring 1993 Box 2 Nellor, Lisa Marie, Government and the arts: a precarious alliance. an analysis of the debate of the National Endowment for the Arts. Spring 1992 Box 2 Phung, Quan L., The Civil Rights Act of 1990: A study of the leadership conference on Civil Rights' influence in legislative campagns to reverse Supreme Court decisions . June 1992 Box 2 Rees, Amy E., The art and artifice of Hemingway's self-presentations. June 1993 Box 2 Reeve, Michael Roland, Total quality: here today, here tomorrow. the history, development, and implementation of quality in American industry. Spring 1992 Box 3 Schnitz, Katy, "The Winds of Freedom Blow": Anti-Communism At Stanford University in the 1950s.. June 1993 Box 3 Senna, Danzy, Hiding in the Light: Representations of 'Passing' in African-American Fiction 1890 to1930.. 1992 Box 3 Typermass, David Arthur, "The Injustice of a Poor Education" A Child's Right to Basic Skills. Spring 1992 Box 3 Urist, Theresa, Keeping Up with Mrs. Jones: Technology, Modernity, and Gender in 1950s Advertising. Spring 1993 Box 3 Williams, Stephen R., Guerilla culture or. . .How to fight city hall. An examination of Abbie Hoffman. June 1992 Box 3 Wu, Judy, The politics of nationalism in San Francisco Chinatown: the pro-China movement, 1969-1976. June 1992 Box 3 Zonana, Katherine, Women's history from the void to the margin. an examination of three high school United States history textbooks. Spring 1993 Accession ARCH-1998-068 Theses

Box 1 Bailey, Clark Williams, The Circular Structure of Parody: Zarathustra IV. May 1996 Box 1 Bazar, Emily Lisa, Narrator as painter: The subjectivity of description, space, and time in Marcel Proust's a la recherche du temps perdu. May 1996 Box 1 Brambl, Peter Morgan, Kitsch Laments: Commodity Becomes Memento MOri in the Work of Donald Barthelme and Jeff Koons. 1996 Box 1 Brewer, Alyssa Ann, The Emergence of Order and Meaning in Selected Dynamic Texts of . 1996 Box 1 Brewster, Jesica, Examining the Developing Role of Wo(man)hod withing the Discussion of American Slavery. 1995 Box 1 Chen, Ruth, Extravagant love poured at God's feet: the making of a worship dancer as prophetic voice in 2th century American dance. March 1996 Box 1 Davis, Joshua H. T., The value of truth: An Exploration of Absurdity and Death in Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness. May 1996 Box 1 Fang, Sarah Mieko, "Lowrider Magazine": Defining the ns2:roles of women, gang members, and non-chicanos in Chicano Car culture. May 1996 Box 2 Ferraris, Amy S., Third entities: cultural myths and the grotesque in Fellini's Giulietta degli spiriti. May 1996 Box 2 Friedlieb, Linda, Examining the lens of the media: an analysis of historical and newsroom oriented factors in newspaper coverage of the deaths at Kent State and Jackson STate in May 1970 . May 1995 Box 2 Glueck, Jennifer Ellen, Morality, Community, and Individualism: Judaism as a model for Eliot's Humanist Religion in Daniel Deronda. May 1996 Box 2 Hsu, Eric, Crossing to Eden: Robinson Jeffers, Robert Hass, and a poetry of place. March 1996

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 26 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1998-068Theses

Box 2 Ikoku, Alvan, Plantation lullabies: songs of the enduring enslavement of the self. May 1996 Box 2 Im, Jeannie, Antic dispositions: parodic re-enactment in Marcel Proust's Within a Budding Grove and Samuel Beckett's How It Is. June 1996 Box 2 Kohn, Lisa, The San Francisco mime troupe in historical context. 1995 Box 2 Kurtz, Ari, Tort reform or tort deform? The 1995 Products Liability Reform Debate. May 1996 May 1998? Box 2 Lambert, Rachel, Gertrude Stein transforms language in a long gay book or language transforms Gertrude Stein in a long gay book. May 1996 Box 2 Lang, Marina, True and ancient properties: Toni Morrison and the community in Tar Baby. May 1996 Box 3 Lanoff, Julie, The Black Panther Party's free breakfast for children program: Using service as a strategy for social chanbe. May 1996 Box 3 Lewis, Patricia, Meat art: the aesthetics of flesh. May 1995 Box 3 McLane, Anita, The dilemma faced by women's colleges: is single-sex education the best way to educate women? Box 3 Moller, Suzanne, The silent struggles: Origins of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990. 1996 Box 3 Moore, Jane Erin, What is a sentence they mean three: the opaque language of experiment in the work of Gertrude Stein and Georges Perec. May 1996 Box 3 Nomura, Liane, Student activism in Asian-American studies: providing a link between a classroom and community. 1996 Box 3 Pan, Arnold L., Music Criticism and the cultural game: an empirical critique of Pierre Bourdieu's cultural theory. Spring 1996 Box 3 Peterson, Ben, The Malclm X of Rap: A popular study of Hip Hop's disticnt interpretation of Malcolm X. Its evolution and significance. May 1996 Box 4 Reed, Robert, Aspirations of Afrocentrism. 1995 Box 4 Sarker, Urmimala, What is Indian? Narrataing Identity in English: Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children and Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy. May 1995 Box 4 Schick, Shelley, In Dire Straits: Adolescent Females and Out-of-Home Placement in San Francisco's Juvenile Justice System. 1996 Box 4 Talbot, Cynthia Haines, Old Nation, New Wisdom: Giambattista Vico's Science of Ancient Humanity. May 1996 Box 4 Thomas, William, Auobiography, Technologism, and the Possibility of the Self (Vico's Reluctance, Augustin's Example, Foucalt's Tension). January 1996 Box 4 Thukral, Renita, Back to the Neighborhoods: A history of the San Jose Unified School District's Twenty-Five Years of Desgregation. undated Box 4 Williams, Christine L., Formal constraint and narrative devices in Life of a User's Manual by George Perec. May 1996 Box 4 Yang, Chi-ming, Pseudonymous authorship in Kierkegaard's Either/Or: The anxiety of the aesthetic. June 1996 Box 4 Ziegler, Robert Todd, Re-examining Werner Heisenberg's philosophical conclusions regarding the structure of matter. April 1996 Accession ARCH-1998-285 Theses

Box 1 Balli, Cecilia, The public performance of identity in the South Texas Rio Grande Valley. May 1998 Box 1 Black, Lamont, Reformism, Revivalism and the Bhagavadgita: A Look at he Social Movements in the Ninetheenth Century India and the Bhagavadgita's Involvment . 1997 Box 1 Brennan, Tara, Interracial Interacion and the Harlem Renaissance: Locating Mixed-Race Subjectivity in the Writings of Jean Toomer and Nella Larsen . 1998 Box 1 Bruch, Mia Sara, Idioms of Intellect: Lionel Trilling and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 1997 Box 1 Chou, Jennifer Howen, Exploring the relationship between ethnicity and religion: Asian American college students and Christianity. May 1998 Box 1 Curioca, Haydee, Serving the youth body and soul: a history of the Oakland community school. 1998

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 27 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-1998-285Theses

Box 1 Drescher, Joel, The politics of righteousness: an examination of the anti-government patriot movement. June 18, 1997 Box 1 Harmon, Casey, Appreciating Zion: an examination of Wallace Stegner's interest in the Mormon empire of the American West. May 27, 1997 Box 1 Harms, Julia Christine, Understanding the causes of student-athlete attrition: toward a more comprehensive explanation. Spring 1998 Box 1 Hoang, Hieu T., Justice, suffering, and truth in Nguyen Du's "The Tale of Kieu" The third trial scene: the power of author's and their limits. June 6, 1997 Box 1 Houle, Wendy, Superwoman and the gentleman: Gender Ideals in Cosmopolitan and Esquire. May 1998 Box 2 Johnson, Matthew, Fragments from the Jetty. June 1997 Box 2 Kim, Agnes S., Breakdown of communication: tracing the stunted development of the psyche in James Joyce's Dubliners. August 1997 Box 2 Lee, Kimberly J., "Who is it that can tell me who i am?": King Lear and the critique of order. Spring 1997 Box 2 Manuel, Gregory, Lui Shaoqi and Lin Piao Victims of the Anti-Confucial movement. June 1997 Box 2 Merino, Felipe N., Americn electoral politics: barriers, political representation, and the faith of the Mexican American community. May 27, 1997 Box 2 Neale, Christopher, Richard Rorty and Jurgen Habermas on the imiportance of Dialogue for Democracy. May 27, 1997 Box 2 Olsson, Annika, Insuring America' Uninsured children: the crafting and implementation of the 1997 state children's health insurance program. May 1998 Box 2 Ord, Eleanor M., ' Productions of Shakespeare on stage and on screen. May 15, 1997 Box 2 Park, Won Jung, The problem of the "inner" in Woolfe and Joyce. Spring 1997 Box 2 Poruri, Laxmi, Chris america: The influence of Chris Ever on playing styles and American tennis culture (Reading the tennis court as a text of American culture) . May 9, 1997 Box 3 Rosenblum, Joe, Late capitalism and transculturation in Chile: Approaching New Chilean literature at the Turn of the Century. May 15, 1996 Box 3 Saxon, Eric, Kerouac's quest for spiritual resolution in artistic expression. June 6, 1998 Box 3 Shin, Laura, Evolving From Religion to Truth: Durkheim and Nietzsche Explain the Irrational.. June 3, 1997 Box 3 Stein, Teri M., Moments of Seeing: The Language of in the Novels of Virginia Woolf.. May 23, 1997 Accession ARCH-2001-166 Theses

Box 1 Agee, Megan, There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: The Origins of the National School Lunch Program. May 2001 Box 1 Auld, Sara, Women and Medicine in the West: Charlotte Blake Brown and the Founding of the San Francisco Children's Hospital, 1875-1904. May 2001 Box 1 Baribault, Maryann, The American Boycott of the Moscow Olympics: A Study of the Relationship between Politics and Athletics. May 2001 Box 1 Brubaker, Jared, Different Perspectives on a Shared Identity: The Moriscos of Deza, 1570-1611. May 2001 Box 1 Carter, Brian Jonas, Doctors of Resistance: A Study of Nineteenth Century Slave Medical Practitioners in the U. S. South. May 2001 Box 1 Cho, Seung-Min Samuel, The Kwangju Tragedy: An Entanglement of Regionalism and People's Desire for Democracy in the Korean Peninsula. May 2001 Box 1 DeBakcsy, Dale, Beyond Wagner: The Triumph of Musical Diversity over Nazi Ideology in the Third Reich. May 2001 Box 1 Goss, Rasanah, Raised to be Slaves: The Childhood Experience During Colonial American Slavery. June 2001 Box 2 Lau, Olivia Cie, An Explosive Issue in an Era of Social Change: The Evolving Discussion over the Use of he Atomic Bomb in the 1960s. May 2001

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 28 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-2001-166Theses

Box 2 Marshak, Adam Kolman, The Many Faces of King Herod: Client Kingship and Hellenist Jewish Monarchy in the Herodian Dynasty. May 2001 Box 2 Meyer, Sarah, The Spirit of Enterprise: The Terra Nova Expedition and Captain Scott's Heroic Failure. May 2001 Box 2 Montz, Zachary, The Logic of Escalation: Vietnam Decision-Making in the Johnson Administration. May 2001 Box 2 Mulhauser, Dana, Women at Work: Gender and Class Consciousness in the New York Women's Labor Movement, 1900-1914. May 2001 Box 2 Presser, Elisabeth Catherine, Creation of Authority: John Stuart Mill and the American Civil War. May 2001 Box 3 Rauh, Grace, The May 1968 Student Uprising in Senegal: A Sruggle for Independence. May 2001 Box 3 Sayn-Wittgenstein, Anna zu, Teaching the History of the Third Reich: Its Affect on German Youth today as Measured and Analyzed 1999-2001. May 2001 Box 3 Schmidt, Erin, Daughters of Vera: Womanhood in the Early Soviet Era. May 2001 Box 3 Schwegman, Jeffrey L., The Revolt of Eden: The Transformation of Nature in the Novels of Emile Zola. May 2001 Box 3 Shamsid-Deen, Masud Shakir, Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Relationship to Africa, 1956-1967. May 2001 Box 3 Toth, Michael, The Coming of a Capitalist: Religion, Politics, Radicalism and Michael Novak. May 2001 Accession ARCH-2002-264 Theses

Box 1 Adame, Jaime, The Fence: Grief, Empathy, and Remembrance at the Former Site of the Alfred P. Murrah Building. 2000 Box 1 Alteveer, Ian, "count counter / I counted". May 17, 1999 Box 1 Azim, Dalia, I Shall Have Come Unseen. May 15, 1998 Box 1 Babcock, Brian, Cyborgs and Nomads: A Vision of Identity for the Information Age. May 15, 1998 Box 1 Baber, Kristine, New World Representations: Leonora Carrington and the awakened subconscious. 1998 Box 1 Baca, Michael (Miguel), The Constructed Identities of the Penitente Brotherhood in New Mexico. May 15, 2002 Box 1 Bass, Margaret, Seeing is Believing: An Examination of the Vogue Body from the 1960s to the 1990s. June 2002 Box 1 Bernstein-Wax, Jessica, Dostoevsky's Pragmatic Novel: Life Before Logic. 2000-2001 Box 1 Brazeal, Greg, Recovering Transcendence: Pragmatism, Mysticism, Proust. May 15, 2001 Box 2 Bruncko, Martin, Self, Meaning and Nothingness: Ethical Consequences of Jean-Paul Sartre's Existentialist Conception of Self. May 15, 1998 Box 2 Chi, Soo-Jean, A Sign of the Times: Jean Luc Godard's A bout de souffle as a Reflection of the Historical, Political, and Social Moment in Late 1950's France . May 15, 2001 Box 2 Cloyd, Carey, Mourning the Mother in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying. 1999 Box 2 Cohen, Julia, Majority Staus for "Minority" Students: The Challenges of Desegregation and Realities of Racial Isolation in Redwood City, California . May 2001 Box 2 Cowan, Katrin M., Story as History: Images of War in American Children's Picture Books. May 24, 2002 Box 2 Davis, Sara Poggi, Human Ecology in Tournier's Friday. 2001 Box 2 Dodds, Kady, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Fireside Chats. May 2002 Box 2 Franklin, Samira, Minor Narratives: The Displacement of Feminine Stereotypes in the Work of Toni Morrison and Cindy Sherman. May 17, 1999 Box 3 Hammond, Marian, "How much kissing is to much kissing?": Teenage Pregnancy and Sexuality in Seventeen Magazine, 1954-1981. May 19, 1999 Box 3 Hanson, Brooke, Reel Charity: Touched by an 's Television Spirituality and Promotion of Social Consciousness. June 2002

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 29 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-2002-264Theses

Box 3 Holt, Ashley, Reading Comics: Imagining a Reader-Response Theory for a Comic-Book Culture. May 22, 2000 Box 3 Hopwood, Tara, The Cultivation of the Phenomenon of Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Sport: the History, with Case Studies in the United States, East Germany and China . Spring 1999 Box 3 Howell, Benjamin W., Raymond Chandler and the Art of Detective Fiction. May 17, 1999 Box 3 Hoy, Meredith, The Body in Pixels: Space, Embodiment and Subjectivity in Cinema and Cyber-Culture. Spring 2001 Box 3 Irons, Julia Rogasner, Narrating Silence, Narrative Silences: The Memoirs of Maxine Hong Kingston and Isabel Allende. May 15, 1998 Box 4 Kalogeras, Steven M., The U.S. Prison Boom: An Examination of Mass Incarceration in American History. June 10, 2002 Box 4 Karas, Stan, A Passage to Zembla: The Figure of the Author in Vladimir Nabokov's American Fiction. Box 4 Karash, Ann, Cecilia Beaux: Representing Femininity. June 4, 1999 Box 4 Kauffman-Abel, Sarah, The Mystical Critique and the Construction of Authority in Mechthild of Magdeburg's The Flowing Light of the Godhead and Marguerite Porete's the Mirror of Simple Soulw . May 24, 1999 Box 4 Kim, Agnes S., Breakdown of Communication: Tracing the Stunted Development of the Psyche in James Joyce's Dubliners. August 1997 Box 4 KIng, Ivory, "How can they call her if they don't know her name?": The Concept of Person in Toni Morrison's Beloved. May 15, 2000 Box 4 Kinsey, Valerie, After May 1968: Imaging Revolution Through Film--A Study of the Radical Phases of Bernardo Bertolucci & Lina Wertmuller. May 15, 1998 Box 4 Klein, Jenna, The Role of Harold L. Icles in Advancing Civil Rights for African Americans; Recognizing a New Deal-- Dedicated, Early, Anglo, Leader . May 4, 2002 Box 5 Lawrence, Matt, Narrating Place and Mapping Mystery: The representaion of urban space and the literary geography of New York City in Abraham's Cahan's Yekl, Steohan Crane's Maggie, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar's The Sport of the Gods . May 2001 Box 5 Lazar, Lawrence, Aristotle in Love. May 2000 Box 5 Lee, Sylvia, "Communication is Health; Communication is Happiness": World War I and the Problems of Communication in Virginia Woolf's Jacob's Room and Mrs Dalloway . May 15, 1998 Box 5 Leytes, Dina, Samuel Beckett: Staging the Life of the Mind. May 2001 Box 5 Lundstrom, Christopher, The Amerikan Way: Progress and Confinement in Kafka's Amerika. May 1999 Box 5 Marino, Maura, Balancing Personality and Pedagogy: A Work Plan for Service Learning at East Palo Alto High School. May 2002 Box 5 Martinez, Simon Esteban, The Critic's Syntax: Rosalind Krauss and the Art magazine, 1966-1976. May 17, 1999 Box 5 Maruca, Alison, "Anonymity is in their blood": Reviving Judy Chicago's Dinner Party . May 15, 1998 Box 5 Miner, Luke, Simulated America. September 19, 2000 Box 6 Narayanan, Kumar, Between Worlds: Guardians of Tibet as Agents of Transformation. May 15, 2000 Box 6 North, Connie, Perceptions of Womanhood in Late Nineteenth Century Montana: A Comparative Exploration of a Crow and Pioneer Woman's Text. May 1998 Box 6 Nunley, Jessa, Becoming Freak Unbecoming Female: The Slasher Film, its Finalgirl, and Her Nightmare. May 1999 Box 6 Pagon, Garrett, Tolstoy and Darwin: The Biology of the Soul. May 15, 1998 Box 6 Park, Cindy S., The Role of Anti-Semitism in the Oberammergau Passion Play, 1930-2000. May 15, 2001 Box 6 Pena, Marisa Lynn, Creative Conflict: Dualities of Consciousness, Will, and Time in Three Modern Works The Last Temptation of Christ, Creative Evolution, and The Rainbow by Nikos Kazantzakis, Henri Bergson, and D.H. Lawrence . 1999

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 30 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-2002-264Theses

Box 6 Peterson, Megan, "Stop in the Name of Humanity!" Humanity's place in a Technological World as it is Portrayed in Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle and Charles Jones' Roadrunner Cartoons (contains supplemental CD) . May 17, 1999 Box 6 Price, Zachary, The Totality-Concept and the Critical Standpoint: Young Lukacs on Kierkgard and Dostoevsky. May 15, 1998 Box 6 Ray, Kimberly M., Time Creative and Destructive in A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu. December, 1997 Box 6 Saenz, Jessalyn, The Silicon Valley Dream: Popular Renderings and Complicated Realities. June 2, 2000 Box 7 Sandrik, Sara, Women in Sports Broadcastign: Rapid Progress, Enduring Obstacles. May 23, 2002 Box 7 Sengupta, Shiladitya, The Phenomenology of Time-Consciousness in Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustas. 1998 Box 7 Sepiol, J. Alexander, Four Days of Temporary Death: On Jim Carroll's Fall of Grace in The Basketball Diaries. May 17, 1999 Box 7 Servaites, Jonathan, Authorial and Everyday Aabstraction: Despair in Kierkgard's The Sickness Unto Death. September 1997 Box 7 Shah, Ankur, What is Subversive About Love?. May 1, 2001 Box 7 Shoemaker, Daniel, The Terrified Voice: Mythopoesis in Jame Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. 1998 Box 7 Simpson, Annie, "With Their Teeth Still Set on Edge" The Resilience of Plessy in American Public Education. June 1, 2001 Box 7 Smith, Holiday Rose, American Cowboys and Aryan Warriors. 2000 Box 7 Smith, Holland, The Cult and Culture of Mikhail Bulgakov's . 2001 Box 8 Sobelle, Geoffrey, The Aesthetics of as Lived Out in a Haunted Space or The Postman's Path through Postwar Bosnia-Hercegovina. 1998 Box 8 Soman, Nick, "Some Strange Circumstance": White Impacts on the Blues (contains supplemental CD). May 23, 2002 Box 8 Stuart-Wolff, Prairie , The Art of Making History: Historical Foundations of Identity and Narrative in the Works of James Joyce and Giambattista Vico. 1999 Box 8 Thomas, Barbara M., Jusqu'a Zanzibar: Scenes from the Life and Work of Christine Pascal (1953-1996). Feb. 23, 1998 Box 8 Thomas, Ryan B., A constellation of chance/Duchamp and Language. May 15, 1998 Box 8 Tirres, Andrea L., Negotiating Borders: The Case of Operation Hold the Line in El Paso, Texas. June 1999 Box 8 Travis, Lauren, Living Between the Lines: African American Perceptions of their experience in Japan. 2000-2001 Box 9 Trop, Gabe, Tarrying with Translation: Language, Aesthetics, and human Emanicipation in Walter Benjamin's "The Task of Translator.". May 15, 1998 Box 9 Tsang, Matthew W., The Significanace of Obelisks: Monumental Meanings and Interpretations. May 15, 2001 Box 9 Tung, Michelle, Technology Transformation: The Anime Cyberbabe. 1999 Box 9 Weisburst, Seth, Confronting the Nightmare of Dresden: history and Deception in Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night, Cat's Cradle, and Slaughterhouse-Five. May 17, 1999 Box 9 Weldon, Jon, Liminality, Subversion, and Spectacle in Kerouac's On the Road. 1999 Box 9 West, Tiffany N., Peter Sellars: Opera for the American Masses. May 1998 Box 10 Whitehead, Ryan Richard, The Use of Notation: Steve McCaffery's Theory of Sediment and ' Formalized Music. May 15, 1998 Box 10 Young, Kathryne Marie, Trial Technique Manuals as a Source of Legal History: A Look at Expert Witness Cross-Examination in the Twentieth Century. May 15, 2001 Box 10 Young, Phillip, Cicero and the Officium Bonorum: A Study of Cicero's Letters during the Roman Civil War--49 BC. May 17, 1999 Box 10 Yun, Jaewon, Selling the Swoosh: The Nike Women's Advertising Campaign. May 21, 1999 Box 10 Zwarich, Jennifer, From Self-Image to Style: Gendered identities, Sex and Consumerism in Fight Club and Sex and the City. May 2000 Accession ARCH-2003-286 Theses

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 31 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-2003-286Theses

Box 1 Buschbacher, Ulkrike, The American Dream: America's Cultural Dictator. May 15, 2002 Box 1 Davis, Galen, Game Noir: The Construction of Virtual Subjectivity in Computer Gaming. May, 2002 Box 1 Gordon, Kylie, Body in Motion, Mind at Rest: On Cunningham's "Quieting" Aesthetic. July 11, 2002 Box 1 Halliday, David, Moral Ambiguity: Cinematography and Visual Literature in Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. 2002 Box 1 Innes, Erikka, Mary Shelley's Lodore: An Exploration of Feminine Education. May 13, 2002 Box 1 Lapidus, Micah, Woody Allen and Fyodor Dostoevsky: An Examination of the Ways in Which Woody Allen Consciously Engages Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment on his Film, Crimes and Misdemeanors . 2001 Box 1 Lee, Mi, Forging Checks or Consciences?: James Joyce, Wordsmith. December 2001 Box 1 Matthews, Nathan, Love of the Land. 2002 Box 1 McNiff, Fiona, New World Fantasy in Ben Jonson's The Alchemist. May 13, 2002 Box 2 Nguyen, Khai, Imagining Identity: The Search for Self in Doctor Faustus. May 23, 2002 Box 2 Reinhold, James M., Positively Negative. September 25, 1998 Box 2 Rosenthal, Lihi, Myth-Makers, Myth-Breakers: Three Women Poets' Reponse to the Female Condition in Israel. Spring, 2002 Box 2 Shaw-Scott, Ashley, A Look at Jean-Paul Sartre's La Putain Respectueuse: The Play and the Film Adaptation. 2002 Box 2 Sostek, Katrina, What Characters in Finnegans Wake Could Not Be. Spring 2002 Box 2 Wrean, Kate Nenneman, The Evolution of Joseph Knecht's Individual Purpose in Hermann Hesse's The Glass Bead Game: Education via Human Encounter and Inner Awakenings Enable the Ideals of Service and Self-Fulfillment to Converge . August 2002 Box 2 Yin Lu, Di, Tracing the Phrase: , Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and on Early . 2002 Box 2 Yu, Le, The Politics of Language and Technology in John Dos Passos' The Big Money. May 15, 2002 Accession ARCH-2010-072 Theses

Box 1 Berenson, Kendra Joy, John Dewey's Conception of Education as Growth: A study of democracy and education, experience and education, and art as experience. 2006 Box 1 Chandrasoma, Pradip, My Mind Is My Guide: The interface between self-consciousness and narrative in J.D. Salinger's 'The Catcher in The Rye'. 2009 Box 1 Chen, Carolyn, Free Improvisation and Radical Politics. 2006 Box 1 Chin, Joanna, Embodying and Inspiring Change: The common threads of art, quilting, and memorialization in the AIDS memorial quilt. 2008 Box 1 Christofferson, Megan Kathleen, Variations in 'Fine Eyes': Gendered performances in film adaptations of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. 2008 Box 1 Chu, YunXiang, The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: Studies on the anti-redemptive countermonument in Germany. 2007-2008 Box 1 Chwierut, Matt, George Steiner: Language, Literature, and the Two Cultures. Box 1 Crandell, Caitlin Elise, Sublimest Wonder! Glorious Maid! Brunnhilde and constructions of heroism in Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'. Box 1 Creighton, Cailin, Perspectives on the Nexus of Nudity and Sexuality: Driving the debate about representations of child nudity in literature, art, and life . Box 1 Demby, Nicole, Contemporary Art and the Performance of Subjectivity in the Age of Globalization. 2010 Box 1 Denning, Carrie, The New York Stock Exchange: Physical space in the digital age. 2008 Box 1 DuBois, Genevieve, The Ecology of Fictional Worlds: Magical realism and representations of the Latin American jungle. 2007

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 32 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-2010-072Theses

Box 1 Freedman, Elissa, "Move Thy Tongue": Stoicism and femininity in Elizabeth Cary's 'The Tragedy of Mariam'. 2010 Box 1 Ganapathi, Asvin M., Baseball's Black Eye: The Black Sox scandal of 1919 and America's pastime. 2006 Box 1 Gibson, Robert Sites, Spatiality, the Overlooked Element in Heidegger's Aesthetics. 2006 Box 1 Guh, Jessica, Objectivity, Honesty, and Social Justice Documentary Film: An analysis of social justice documentary film editing rhetoric. 2006 Box 2 Haas, Walter, The Individual as Empire: Propagandistic autobiography in the Third Reich and Ancient Rome. 2007 Box 2 Harris, Collette, The Healthy Alternative: Pluralism in doctors' accounts of humanitarian medical work. 2009 Box 2 Horton, Olivia, The Beloved: Obsession as a path to spiritual ascension or degeneration. Box 2 Hurlbutt, Tom, Let Me Play You a Story: Examining performance as narrative in interactive virtual environments. 2007 Box 2 Israelachvili, David B., Radical Psychoanalysis, Crticial Theory, and the search for a Sane Society, the Promm-Marcuse Debate Reconsidered. 2009 Box 2 Keaveney, Andrew, A Buddhist Film Aesthetic. 2007 Box 2 Lau, Ashley, Reality and Artifice on a Dual Plane of Time: First-personal narration and the problem of parallelism in Thomas Mann's Doctor Faustus . 2010 Box 2 Li, Li, The Aesthetics of Female Suicides in . 2006 Box 2 Liao, Kim, The Prolonged Creative Effort: Dramatic authorship in Beckett's 'Endgame'. 2006 Box 2 Limaye, Maneesha, Tolstoy's Treatment of Female Death in 'War and Peace' and 'Anna Karenina': An exploration of the mind-body divide. 2009 Box 2 Lin, Jessica, "Nerves of the Novel": The Aesthetics of Camouflage in Vladimir Nabokov's 'Lolita'. 2008 Box 2 Liptsin, Margo, Capturing Complexity: Is there a contradiction in the ambition of scientists of nanotechnology to create complexity and control it? 2008 Box 2 Martinez, David Anthony, Origin, Resistance, and Indigeneity According to Pablo Neruda and Diego Rivera. 2006 Box 2 Mayers, Tina Z., Where Thought Comes to Flower: Recovering space and epiphany in the colonial narrative of 'L'Aventure ambigue'. Box 3 Meyer, Vaughan, Re-thinking Fantasy and Re-gendering the Hero: Gender and heroics in Jacqueline Carey's 'Kushiel's Legacy' Trilogy. Box 3 Murdock, Malcolm, Discarding the Bard: Self-reflexive thematic subversion in Laurence Olivier's 'Henry V'. 2006 Box 3 Okanlami, Oluwaferanmi O., Narrative: The Bridge between the Kingdom of the Well and the Kingdom of the Ill. Box 3 Palumbo-Liu, Fabrice, The Use of Judicial Farce in 'Maitre Pathelin'. 2007 Box 3 Peretti, Conner G., Witness to the Infernal: William Blake's sacramental 'Marriage' and reading as a redemptive act. 2009 Box 3 Rabedeau, Jennifer, Seduction: Representations of the fallen woman in the early works of Frances Burney and Jane Austen. Box 3 Salisbury, Katie Anne, Imagining China: american perceptions of the Chinese through 1930s Cinema. Box 3 Snyder, Sara, The Grief Memoir: conceptualizing authorship through the lens of spirituality: C.S. Lewis and Isabel Allende. 2010 Box 3 Sylvester, Carlyn, The Power of the Joke, The Joke of Power: A study of humor and marginality in the United States. 2009 Box 3 Tonelli, Alyssa Luna, "Fat and Beautiful!" The Real Women in 'Real Women Have Curves'. 2008 Box 3 Trotter, Emma, In The Blood: The genealogy, aesthetics, and politics of Native American fiction. 2010 Box 3 Wertheimer, Samuel, Doctrines for Doctors: Prescriptions for physicians' emotions in 'Madame Bovary' and 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. 2007

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 33 Humanities Honors Program, Theses Accession ARCH-2010-072Theses

Box 3 Williamson, Alexander Leland, Separating the Strands: Chogyam Trungpa's Buddhist and Shambhala teachings. 2008 Box 3 Wilson, Douglas, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: From videogame to virtual playground and beyond. 2007 Box 3 Wyman, Anne Julie, I Think of You Often: A history of International PEN as seen through the organization's relationship with the writers Miguel de Unamuno, and Vaclav Havel . 2008 Accession ARCH-2011-152 Theses

Box 1 Avila, Tanya Lynn, Mississippi freedom summer: foundations and transformations revealed in history and autobiography. 2003 Box 1 Coffman, Matt, Dark matters: death, language and human limitation in British First World War poetry. 2001 Box 1 Hutcherson, Miri, The force of repetition in Genesis 1, Mantra and Blessingway. 2003 Box 1 Miaw, Calvin, Language and politics in the poetry of Kathy Dee Kaleokealoha Kaloloahilani Banggo and the drama of Alani Apio. 2003 Box 1 Ormseth, Maren E., The significance of artistic affirmation in Nietzche and Joyce. 1987 Box 1 Scheirer, Kevin, Nixon in Guatemala: photographic narratives of the political theater. 2003 Box 1 Groban, Joshua, The distance from humanity: human radiation experiments in America. 1995 Box 1 Shepherd, Hana, The fair and welfare/warfare: representations of nationhood and defense in poverty policy. 2004 Box 1 Wang, Margaret, Little orphan dandies: how Oscar Wilde and Evelyn Waugh "redress" their fathers. 1994 Box 1 Evangelista, Cecilia Luz, Kundera and Konwicki, and the interior world of the postwar East European intellectual. 1988 Box 1 Banks, Miranda Janis, Sunset Boulevard: myth, stardom, and the hyper-reel. 1994 Box 1 Schoellner, Karsten, An aesthetic portrait of Stephen Dedalus: epiphany and idolatry. 2000 Box 2 McCrudden, Ian C., The phenomenon of the voice and the listening "I": the subject in Beckett's later prose and drama. 1994 Box 2 Lim, Sandra, Double-consciousness and the protean self in Sylvia Plath's . 1995 Box 2 Hughes, Jennifer, Orlando: novel & film; form and the construction of gender. 1995 Box 2 Forner, Sean, Totalitarianism in literature: freedom and domination in twentieth-century dystopian fiction. 1995 Box 2 Romanska, Magda, Playing with the void: dance macabre of object and subject in the bio-objects of T. Kantor's Theater of Death. 1998 Box 2 Slate, Nico, Where nothing needs to be said: Heidegger, Walden, and the "Odas Elementales" of Pablo Neruda. 2002 Box 2 Jung, Gregory, The greatest enemy oif all: the life and struggles of Henry Miller. 1994

Guide to the Stanford University, SC4-4211 34 Humanities Honors Program, Theses