World I, War Casualties By County Key: Killed in Action (KIA), Died of Disease (DOD), Died of Wounds (DOW), Died of Accident (DOA), * entitled to wear a Silver Star, ** entitled to wear two Silver Stars. A few men drowned at . Other awards, such as Congressional are also identified. Names are spelled correctly as far as can be determined from records and the U.S. Census. Compiled September 2018 by Barbara Handy-Marchello, Ph.D., Historian for the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Adams Barnes (continued) Emil M. Dvorak, Hettinger (DOD) Fred Eliphaz Smith,Valley City (KIA) Medal of Honor Ferdinand H. Erickson, Bucyrus (DOW) Kenneth Mark Sollin, Valley City (DOD) Emanuel Hodel, Hettinger (DOD) Ole Staxrud, Valley City (KIA) Gerald V. Johnson, Hettinger (KIA) Emil Oscar Stubstad, Dazey (KIA) Phillip John Mayer, Jr., Hettinger (DOD) Stephen Swanson, Valley City (DOD) Joseph Francis Melary, Hettinger (KIA) Maurice Verschelde, Valley City (DOD) Joseph Prchal, Hettinger (DOD) Ray Earl Vessey, Valley City (DOD) Thomas John Wallace, Valley City (DOD) Barnes Elmer Ben Winters, Wimbledon (DOD)[UND]^ Leonard Edward Algeo, Valley City (DOD) Martin Wold, Valley City (KIA) George Oscar Altringer, Wimbledon (DOW) George Otto Barnick, Valley City (DOA) John Alfred Barstad, Nome (DOD) Ralph Armijo Bergan, Valley City (DOD) Congressional Medal of Honor th th Frank Boehm , Oriska (DOD) Fred Smith: 308 Regiment, 77 George D. Bremner, Pillsbury (KIA) Citation: When communication Manuel Alfred Dahl, Valley City (DOD) from the forward regimental post of Earl D. Findlay, Valley City (DOA) command to the battalion leading the advance had been interrupted Edgar A. Fisher, Oriska (KIA) temporarily by the infiltration of James Edward Fisher, Valley City (KIA) small parties of the enemy armed Bert Melvin Fossen, Fingal (DOW) with machineguns, Lieutenant William John Gravell, Valley City (DOW) Smith personally led a James O. Hanson, Kathryn (DOD) party of two other officers and ten Ernest Harrison, Urbana (DOD) soldiers, and went forward to Jack Humphrey, Valley City (KIA) * reestablish runner posts and carry Martin A. Jacobson, Litchville (KIA) to the line. The Johannes Frederick Jagd, Valley City DOD) guide became confused and the party strayed to the left Daniel J. Mahoney, Valley City (KIA)* flank beyond the outposts of supporting troops, suddenly Early Ezra McLain, Valley City (DOD) coming under from a of enemy machineguns only 50 yards away. Shouting to the other members of his party Clair Edward Mead, Valley City (DOW) to take cover this officer, in disregard of his danger, drew August Minnie, Valley City (KIA) * his pistol and opened fire on the German gun crew. About Ernest Oliver Myhre, Valley City (DOD) this time he fell, severely wounded in the side, but regaining Frank Nelson, Valley City (KIA) his footing, he continued to fire on the enemy until of Karl Nielson, Valley City DOD the men in his party were out of danger. Refusing first-aid Albert Nansen Olson, Dazey (KIA) treatment he then made his way in plain view of the enemy Andrew Olson, Hastings (KIA) to a hand dump and returned under continued Carl Olson, Valley City (DOD) heavy machinegun fire for the purpose of making another John Vernon Raaen, Fingal (KIA) on the enemy emplacements. As he was attempting to Ross Ray Reid, Valley City (KIA) ascertain the exact location of the nearest nest, he again Benjamin J. Seifert, Valley City (DOA) fell, mortally wounded Harold Sharp, Valley City (KIA)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd 1 | 18 Benson Billings Carl Gustav Berg, Klara (DOD) Henry P. Burg, Gorham (DOA) Joseph William Bouret, Sheyenne (KIA) * Edwin Sjerdahl, Medora (DOD) Andrew Clauson, Harlow (DOD) Helmer P. Stigen, Gorham (DOD) E. P. Carlton, York (DOD) Fred W. Dietrich, (town unknown) (DOW) William R. Floyd, Minnewaukan (DOD) Bottineau Jacob Miller Geyer, Sheyenne (KIA) Frederick Garfield Baker, Bottineau County (KIA) Gunnerud, Brinsmade (DOW) John Delbert Boehnke, Kramer (DOD) H. Halvdan, Maddock (KIA) Fred Casebeer, Bottineau (KIA) Gerald Aaron Haskin, Oberon (DOD) Rudolph Chloupek, Bottineau (DOW) Rushton Michel Jones, Minnewaukan (DOD) Fred M. Eager, Omemee (KIA) Emil Henry Kaehn, Minnewaukan (KIA) Christian Festvog, Landa (DOD) Frank M. Kain, Maddock (DOD) Alton William Gillmer, Willow City (DOD)[UND]^ James Kane, Knox (KIA) Arthur N. Gorder, Carbury (DOD) Olaf Edward Lund, Esmond (DOD) Oscar Johannes Hallsten, Souris (DOD) Louis Nelsen, Fillmore (DOA) Joseph Wilbur Hemrick, Bottineau (DOD) Albert Olson, Sheyenne (KIA) John R. Holdaas, Bottineau (KIA) Harry J. Pederson, Minnewaukan (KIA) Alf Mauritz Hovind, Carbury (DOD) Helmer Cornelius Pederson, Flora (DOD) Herman Edwin Johnson, Landa (KIA) Carl Melvin Peterson, Maddock (DOD) Sivert Johnson, Bottineau (DOW) Roland Whitie Jones, Kramer (DOD) Franklin Richter, Esmond (KIA) Edward Koehler, Eckman (KIA) Frederick C. Petter Roll, Brinsmade (DOD) Henry Krohn, Omemee (KIA) Joseph Sherman, Minnewaukan (Drowned at sea) Ole Langehaug, Bottineau (KIA) Fred O. Smeltzer, York (DOD) Arthur C. Larson, Bottineau (KIA) John C. Throngard, Minnewaukan (DOD) Fred F. Marzolf, Kramer (DOD)[UND]^ Theodore Togstad, Maddock (KIA) Preston George McGarry, Willow City (DOD) Theodor B. Tonneson, Maddock (DOD) William Albert Milkey, Lansford (KIA) Robert C Tovsrud, Harlow (KIA) John P. Milloy, Omemee (KIA) Oscar Westby, Maddock (DOD) Edwin H. Nickelson, Bottineau (KIA) William W. Whalen, Leeds (DOD) Melvin Ostby, Willow City (DOD) Nels Wold, Minnewaukan (KIA) Medal of Honor John Raaen, Bottineau (KIA) Lyle Barnes Rich, Willow City (DOD) Congressional Medal of Honor Arthur Carl Rosenburg, Bottineau (KIA) Nels T. Wold: 138th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division. Citation: He rendered most gallant service in Bowman aiding the advance of his company, which Martin Christianson, Bowman (DOD) had been held up by machine-gun nests, advancing, with one other soldier, and Arthur Edwin Erickson, Bowman (DOD) silencing the guns, bringing with him, upon Ivar E. Holsten, Haley (DOD) his return, 11 prisoners. Later the same day Van David Jones, Rhame (KIA) he jumped from a trench and rescued a Harry William Lindberg, Scranton (KIA) who was about to be shot by a Orval Manning, Bowman (DOD) German officer, killing the officer during the Hans J. Olson, Bowman (DOD) exploit. His actions were entirely voluntary, Henry Leonard Olson, Langberg (DOD) and it was while attempting to rush a fifth Paul Lawrence Samuelson, Bowman (DOD) machine-gun nest that he was killed. The advance of his company was mainly due to his great courage and devotion to duty. *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training http://www.undsatc.com/

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 2 | 18 Burke Burleigh Anton Amundson, Portal (DOD) Richard Francis Anderson, Wilton (DOD) George Thomas Christensen, Flaxton (DOD) Victor Edward Bloomgren, Bismarck (DOD) Roy Martinus Clementson, Bowbells (KIA) Charles Hugh Boyle, Bismarck (DOD) Andor Evanson, Bowbells (DOD) Scott Theodore Bredell, Bismarck (DOD) Oscar Finkenhagen, Lignite (KIA) Cecil Frederick Cooke, Bismarck (DOW) Henry Finn, Portal (KIA) Distinguished Service Cross Addison Bentley Falconer, Bismarck (DOD) George Fritz, Portal (DOD) Ray C. Forland, Bismarck (DOD) Walter M. Fry, Columbus (DOW)[also Divide Co] Ernest J. A. Frickson, Wilton (KIA) William A. Fry, Stampede (KIA) [also Divide Co] Carl Lewis Hagen, Bismarck (DOD) Bolek Gosecky, Bowbells (KIA) Ray A. Halver, Bismarck (DOD) Charles John Hanlan, Portal (KIA) Gustave Hillert, Bismarck (KIA)* Burnis William Hollister, Bowbells (KIA) Gordon Thomas Kettleson, Wing (DOD) Einer Jensen, Portal (KIA) Theodore H. Kruse, Bismarck (KIA)* Richard Emil Larson, Bowbells (DOD) Vernon Livdahl, Bismarck (DOD) Morris Joel Lund, Bowbells (DOD) Joseph LeRoy Loomis, Sterling (KIA) William D. Martin, Bowbells (DOD) Thomas Frederick McCarthy, Bismarck (KIA) * Neil Merriam Moen, Stampede (KIA) Ralph McGarvey, Bismarck (DOW) Carl Alfred Oefstedahl, Bowbells (KIA) Frederick William Miller, Wing (DOD) Arthur Walter Peterson, Bowbells (DOD) Joseph Murray, Bismarck (DOD) Clarence Patrick Roan, Portal (DOW) * David K. O’Brien, Baldwin (DOW) Emil Sadek, Powers Lake (DOD) Lewis (Louis) Ousley, Wilton (KIA) Edwin Andrew Undhjem, Flaxton (DOD) Levi Bartley Owen, Bismarck (DOW) Bert Oscar Wood, Portal (KIA) Christian Albert Peterson, Wilton (KIA) * Alex Peterson, Bismarck (DOD) Alak Petterson, Bismarck (DOD) THE Frank Henry Richholt, Bismarck (DOD) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY Jay Rugg, Bismarck (DOW) The American Legion was chartered by Louis Carl Sayer, Bismarck (DOW) * Congress in 1919, evolving from a group Arthur Eugene Shaw, Bismarck (KIA) * of war-weary of World War I into William B. Shephard, Mitchell (KIA) one of the most influential nonprofit groups in the U.S. Frank Leland Shuman, Bismarck (DOD) As Legion Posts across North Dakota were being formed Elmer Taylor Sidman, Bismarck (KIA) * over the next few years, many communities named them Loyd William Spetz, Bismarck (KIA) * after local soldiers who had died during the Great War. Allan Guy Thayer, Bismarck (DOD) Some examples: Ludwig Lorentz Tuft, Bismarck (DOD) Legion Post #1, Bismarck, is named in memory of Eugene Wynne, Bismarck (DOD) Private First Class Loyd Spetz, 164th Infantry Regiment, who was killed on 1 while serving with Company K, 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division Posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

Legion Post #2, Fargo, is named for Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert C. Grafton, a 164th Infantry Regiment officer who died in 5 from non-combat surgical complications.

Legion Post #3, Dickinson, is named for Matthew Brew, 164th Infantry Regiment, the first Stark County soldier killed in WW1 on 1 March 1918 after transferring to Company D, 1st Machinegun Battalion, 1st Infantry Division. Posthumously awarded the Silver Star.

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 3 | 18 Cass Cass (continued) Ernest W. Anderson, Fargo (KIA) Ralph Chester McGregor, Fargo (DOD) Fletcher D. Anderson, Fargo (KIA), Hom Ming, Fargo (DOD) Distinguished Service Cross John Thomas Morton, Page (DOW) John S. Bannister, Fargo (KIA) * Joseph Stephen Mudek, Fargo (KIA) William Howard Bardsley, Fargo (KIA) John J. Murphy, Fargo (DOD) Harold W. Beltman, Tower City (KIA) Stanford Amick Myers, Fargo (KIA) * Julian Olander Berg, Davenport (DOD) Hiram Ivan Orlando Myli (Fargo) (DOD) George Murdock Bissett, Erie (KIA) Albert Franklin Nelson, Leonard (KIA) * Walter Anson Bloom, Fargo (DOD) Charles A. (H.) Nelson, Crosby (DOW)[also Divide Co] George Dunitra Boosalis, Fargo (DOA) Rudolph Nordin, Fargo (KIA) Canadian Armed Forces Bernard Severin Bredell, Hunter (KIA) * Frank O’Brien, Fargo (KIA) John A. Campbell, Fargo (KIA) Gilford Oliver Olson, Fargo (DOD) John Andrew Carlson, Fargo (KIA) William Arthur Rasmusen, Fargo (DOD) Otto H. Carlson, Fargo (DOD) Earl Franklin Reed, Fargo (DOD) Arthur William Chambers, Fargo (DOD) John Peter Reger, Page (KIA) Edgar Roy Chandler, Gardner (KIA) Sebastian Rice, Fargo (DOD) Ross Reuben Chapman, Fargo (KIA) James Harold Riordan, Fargo (DOD) James Andrew Conery, Fargo (DOD) John P. Roger, Page (DOA) Hiram Fred Corbett, Gardner (KIA) Peter Rosle, Kindred (KIA) Oscar Arnold Dahlen, Kindred (DOD) Martin Olof Ruud, Fargo (KIA) Walter Norman Donaldson, Fargo (DOD) Samuel Constantine Samuelson, Fargo (DOD) Tom Tostin Dokken, Erie (DOW) George Lawrence Schroeder, Erie (KIA) Helmer Ellenson, Gardner (DOW) Nasseeb Shaheen, Fargo (KIA) Clarence Gerhard Evingson, Kindred (DOD) Albert Edward Shaw,Tower City (DOD) Deemer Herbert Faltz, Arthur (KIA) Nickolaus Sinner, Casselton (DOD) Charles Edgar Fletcher, Prosper (DOW) Pomeroy Smith, Fargo (DOD) Virgil Frederick, Fargo (DOW) Adolph M. Sorum, Fargo (KIA) Floyd Austin Fuller, Fargo (DOD)[UND]^ Tracy W. Stahl, Fargo (KIA) * Gilbert Collins Grafton, Fargo (DOD) George Clarence Stine, Tower City (DOW) Louis T. Grovum, Fargo (DOW) Frederick Homer Stone, Fargo (DOD) Sam Alfred Haugstad, Fargo (DOD) Benjamin H. Stowell, Fargo (DOD) Carl Joakim Heille, Casselton (DOW) Melvin Strandwold, Fargo (DOD) Nick Heinz, Fargo (DOW) Peter O. Sunde, Fargo (DOD) Evald Ludwig Helstad, Fargo (KIA) George Swiggum, Kindred (DOD) Michael Holsbrekken, Fargo (DOD) Roy N. Tackaberry, Fargo (DOD) John Gerald Hubertz, Fargo (DOW) ** Almer Conrad Thompson, Hunter (DOD) Albert Emil Johnson, Fargo (DOW) Elmer Hartlet Thompson, Fargo (DOD) Levi Douglas Johnson, (KIA) Thor Thorvalsen, Fargo (DOD) Melvin T. Johnson, Fargo (KIA) * John Tomala, Fargo (KIA) Hobart L. Jones, Fargo (DOD) Edwin H. Tryhus, Davenport (DOD) Horace Mann Jones, Jr.,Fargo (DOD) Frank Udelhoven, Fargo (KIA) Antoni Kaminiski, Fargo (KIA) Lauritz Vangerud, Kindred (DOD) Walter J. Keefe, Fargo (DOW) Albert W. Wallner, Fargo (KIA) * Tillman Arty Kjos, Kindred (DOW) Edwin Herman Witcik, Fargo (DOD) * Arthur Korsmo, Fargo (DOD) Alfred H. Youagquist, Fargo (KIA) Herbert R. Lambrecht, Wheatland, (DOD) James Lauritsen, Fargo (KIA) William F. Leisner, Fargo (DOD) Carl Otto Lindner, Fargo (DOD) *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals George Robert MacNamara, Fargo (DOD) ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training Corps

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 4 | 18 Cavalier Dickey (continued) Duncan W. Balfour, Milton (DOD) August Schnell, Ellendale (DOD) William James Blair, Langdon (DOD) Fred Slinker, Ellendale (KIA) William Borgen, Hannah (KIA) Earl Dorencourt Young, Ellendale (DOD) Martin J. Dahl, Loma (KIA) Iver Dalen, Nekoma (KIA) Divide Edgar John Dunnigan, Olga (DOD) Ole R. Aase, Crosby (KIA) Boyd Eagleson, Milton (DOW) * Ernst C. Bearson, Crosby (DOD) Charles L. Foy, Langdon (DOD) Edwin Brendal, Crosby (DOD) John Herman Freitag, (KIA) Walter B. Brown, Kermit (KIA) Albert Gariepy, Olga (KIA) Distinguished Service Cross Lee Gautsche, Langdon (KIA) Clarence Thomas Butler, Crosby (KIA) Willis O. Gish, Langdon (DOA) Henry Fresonke, Crosby (KIA)* Carl Joakim Heille, Langdon (DOW) Walter M. Fry, Columbus (DOW)[also Burke Co] Jacob G. Heppner, Landgon (KIA) William A. Fry, Stampede (KIA) [also Burke Co] Ferdinand Hibner, Langdon (KIA) Fred Gard, Crosby (KIA) Roy Lawrence Horgan, Langdon (DOW) John A. Granlund, Crosby (KIA) * Charles Frye Hyatt, Langdon (KIA) Oscar E. Granlund, Crosby (KIA) Chauncie Otis Jenks, Rock Lake (DOD) Arthur Handstad, Crosby (UNK) Carl M. Johnson, Milton, (KIA) Lars Haugen, Alkabo (DOD) Alphonse Leo Larson, Calvin (DOD) Nels Henderson, Crosby (DOD) Andrew Lillico, Langdon (KIA) Clarence Hickner, Crosby (DOD) Elmer Joseph Lorenz, Langdon DOD) Botolf Hoydahl, Ambrose (DOD) Alfred Lund, Nekoma (DOD) Leonard Levine Johnson, Crosby (DOW) Manley Marriott, (DOD) John Raymond Joyce, Crosby (DOW) Ludvig Gerhard Meling, Milton (KIA) * James W. Kidd, Crosby (KIA) * Arthur C. Miller, Langdon (DOW) Orville Leroy Knoph, Crosby (KIA) * Joseph Aloysius Nowatzki, (DOD) Charles Larson, Crosby (KIA) Seward Olson, Vang (DOD) Newton H. Lovell, Crosby (DOD) John Findlay Ramage, Langdon (DOD) James L. Lumsden, Kermit (DOD) John Lackie Robertson, Langdon (DOW) James Lundsden, Noonan (DOD) George Leslie Rourke, Osnabrock (DOW) William Perry Makee, Noonan (KIA) Aloysius Georges Schwan, Langdon (DOD) Edward Lawrence Ouse, Crosby (DOD) Carl Oscar Stensvold, Langdon (Drowned at sea) Charles A. (H.) Nelson, Crosby (DOW)[also Cass Co] John Alexander Templeton, Hanna (DOD) Ingvald Pederson, Noonan (DOD) Martin Severn Tressing, Milton (DOW) Alfred Melvin Peterson, Ambrose (DOD) Canadian Armed Forces Svend Risdahl, Crosby (DOD) Lemuel Wells, Calio (DOD) Albert C. Rogers, Noonan (KIA) * George K. Senstad, Crosby (KIA) Dickey Erick Severson, Crosby (KIA) * Stephen Babcock, Ludden (DOA) Oscar Sime, Crary (DOW)[Also Ramsey Co] Howard B. Bean, Oakes (DOW) * Lester M. Smith, Crosby (KIA) Alfred T. Goodwin, Ellendale (KIA) Christ Sortland, Crosby (KIA) Fred Herman, Ellendale (KIA) * Raymond Walter Stebbins, Crosby (DOD) Oscar Hilden, Ellendale (KIA) Archie Thompson, Crosby (KIA) William Johnson, Glover (DOD) John Tomala, Crosby (KIA) Michael Jay McElvain, Ellendale (DOD) August Toreson, Crosby (DOD) Ralph C. Rose, Ellendale (KIA)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 5 | 18 Dunn Foster Mathew Brew, Fayette (KIA) Clarence V. Beckley, Bordulac (DOD) Morris E. Brandvik, Grand Forks (DOD)[UND]^ Carl Bostrom, McHenry (DOD) John H. Coombes, Killdeer (KIA) Bert L. Fornshell, Carrington (DOD) John Eggers, Manning (KIA) George W. C. Horn, Carrington (DOD) Joseph John Hledik, Manning (DOD)[UND]^ John Raymond O’Hara, Carrington (DOW) George Lund, Manning (DOD) Frank Edward Lumley, McHenry (DOD) Harold Lyster, Marshall (DOD) Frank Ebbenezar Myers, Carrington (DOD)[UND]^ Walter Fred Marty, Manning (DOD) John Nelson, Carrington (DOD) Sebastian Mischel, Manning (KIA) Ralph Ellis Olinger, Carrington (DOD) Jacob Miller, Hirschville (KIA) Harry Andrew Palmer, Grace City (DOD) Lars Helgeson Opedal, Manning (DOD) Charles Schwerdler, Carrington (DOD) Earl Pugh, Werner (DOD)[UND]^ Jorgen L. Tengesdal, Juanita (KIA) James J. Regnery, Manning (KIA) * William C. Schneider, Manning (DOD) Golden Valley Bernt Helmer Sund, Manning (DOW) Harry R. W. Anderson, Bonnie View (DOD) Frank H. Bolte, Towner (UNK) Eddy Emery Brisbin, Beach (KIA) * Axel Efrick Adamson, New Rockford (DOW) * Richard Albert Burkhardt, Beach (KIA) * Ole K. Arneson, Brantford (KIA) * Russell O. Hubble, Beach (DOD) Austin Bower, New Rockford (DOW) * George Harold Kuhn, Agnes (KIA) Lewis Daniel Clark, New Rockford (KIA) Thomas C. Kurkoski, Beach (UNK) Rasmus Olaus Eversvick, New Rockford (DOD) John Larsen, Beach (DOD) Charles Adolph Feldman, New Rockford (KIA) Elmer Dennis Miller, Beach (KIA) * Peter Thorvald Hansen, New Rockford (KIA) * Bernhard Nelson, Beach (KIA) George William Koth, New Rockford (DOD) Philip M. Paulson, Beach (DOW) James Meheles, New Rockford (KIA) * Ray Charles Pinkham, Beach (DOD) Frank Nieman, New Rockford DOD Harold Alf Rorwick, Beach (DOD) Albert Olson, Sheyenne (KIA) Harley Bertram Salzman, Beach (DOD) Fred Harold Olson, New Rockford (DOD) Allen W. Stanton, Beach (DOD) George Beryl Ouren, New Rockford (DOD) Donald Turner, Beach (KIA) George William Parker, Tolna (KIA) Preston Vincent Wall, Beach (KIA) * Canadian Armed Forces Frank James Ziegeweid, Golva (KIA) * Warren Arthur Parker, New Rockford (DOD)[UND]^ John Joe Rybus, New Rockford (DOD) Virdick Sahagian, New Rockford (KIA) *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals Marion Ellis Tedrow, New Rockford (DOD) ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training Corps Raymond B. Thorn, New Rockford (KIA) *

Emmons Theodore D. B. Albregtson, Linton (KIA) * Joseph E. Appert, Hazelton (KIA) Vivian Butler Davies, Linton (DOD) William Hollaar, Hull (KIA) Albertus Kamps, Hull (KIA) Dan Rozell Richardson, Linton (DOD) Delbert Benjamin Van Allen, Linton (KIA) Byron H. West, Kintyre (DOD) Thomas Witchec, Linton (DOA) Edwin Wittmayer, Linton (KIA) *

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 6 | 18 Grand Forks Grand Forks (continued) Christ Anderson, Grand Forks (KIA) Thomas James Mealy, Reynolds (KIA) * Clarence Elmer Anderson, Grand Forks (DOW) Gilman Morstad, Grand Forks (DOW) John Anderson, Grand Forks (DOD) Richard Muri, Mekinock (DOD) John Arnold Anderson, Reynolds (DOD) Peter Nelson, Grand Forks (DOD) Frank Armstrong, Grand Forks (DOD) [UND]^ Vivian James Olmstead, Larimore (DOD) Albert Glen Bailey, Arvilla (KIA) Egil Amandus Olson, Arvilla (KIA) * Walter P. Belyea, Lakota (DOD) [UND]^ Paul Pecher, Grand Forks (KIA) Victor Edward Bogert, Inkster (KIA) Horace Eugene Preston, Grand Forks (DOD) British Martin Sanders, Mekinock (KIA) John Alexander Bonnett, Grand Forks (KIA) * Lloyd Sinclair, Grand Forks (DOW) William Brennan, Grand Forks (DOD) Lester Mills Smith, Grand Forks (KIA) Edward Anton Broberg, Grand Forks (KIA) Robert G. Snyder, Arvilla (DOD) Ernest Parker Carlton, Larimore (DOD) Paul John Soberg, Grand Forks (KIA) Elmer Joseph Carney, Arvilla (DOD) [UND]^ Lars Johan Solstad, Grand Forks (KIA) Mike Cavalli, Grand Forks (KIA) * Edward F. Stadstad, Mekinock (KIA) Carl John Clementson, Grand Forks (DOD) Sidney Birch Stephens, Grand Forks (DOD) John Elstar Conway, Larimore (KIA) Edward Sutherland, Grand Forks (DOD) William Lafayette Cowper, Grand Forks (DOD) John R. Sutherland, Grand Forks (DOD) Nicholas Daniel, Grand Forks (KIA) Joseph A. Tandberg, Northwood (DOD) Frank Peter Dostert, Larimore (DOD)[UND]^ Herman Eugene Temple, Kempton (KIA) * Arthur William Dryden, Grand Forks (DOD) Theodore Joseph Valerius, Larimore (DOD) Carl Waldemar Ellingson, Reynolds (DOD) Leete Gladstone Van Syckle, Grand Forks (DOD) Magill Theofield Ellison, Grand Forks (DOD) William W. Whalen, Grand Forks (DOD) Alvie Elmore, Mekinock (KIA) Harold E. Williams, Reynolds (DOD) John D. English, Niagara (DOD) John A. Winden, Northwood (DOW) Eugene Farnam, Inskter (DOD) John Windon, Northwood (DOD) Marshall R. Farnam, Inkster (DOD) Melvin Wisness, Mekinock (DOD) Dewey W. Fink, Grand Forks (DOW) * Archie C. Fortin, Grand Forks (DOD) Peter David Getz, Grand Forks (DOW) Grant Jacob Miller Geyer, Arvilla (KIA) Clyde D. Axtell, Elgin (DOD) Clarence Grina, Northwood (DOD) Floyd Albert Cooper, Leith (DOD) Gerhart Melvin Gunderson, Grand Forks (DOD) Edward Byron DeLong, Carson (DOD) Oscar Gerald Gunderson, Grand Forks (DOD) Ole Iverson, Carson (DOW) Richmond Hall, Arvilla (KIA) Karl Karch, Carson (KIA) Valdemar J. Hemmingsen, Grand Forks (DOD) Stanislys Kobelanski, Carson (DOD) William T. Henry, Grand Forks (DOD) Karl Karch, St. Joseph (KIA) Kent Jorgenson, Thompson (KIA) Christ Lien, Carson (KIA) David Kaplon, Grand Forks (KIA) Elmer Joseph Lorenz, Carson (DOD) William Raymond Kelley, Grand Forks (DOA) Neil Edward McGarry, Carson (DOD) Alvin O. Kvenshagen, Kempton (KIA) Fred Neher, Leith (KIA) Thomas George Laughlin, Grand Forks (DOA) Clayton C. Somerville, Raleigh (KIA) Paul N. Lawrence, Grand Forks (KIA) * Walter John Thome, Elgin (KIA) * Arthur Alfred Lindberg, Grand Forks (DOD) Samuel Wingenbach, Carson (DOD) Emmons Victor Linwell, Northwood (DOD) Fred Merrill Locklin, Grand Forks (DOD) Pat J. McAndrews, Grand Forks (KIA) Charles Joseph Miller, Grand Forks (DOW) Canadian Armed Forces

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 7 | 18 Griggs Kidder Mervin John Armstrong, Hannaford (DOW) * Edwin Jacob Christensen, Tappen (DOD) Carl Bostrom, Cooperstown (DOD) John Wesley Green, Dawson (KIA) * Earl Cowan, Binford (KIA) Fred M. Grube, Dawson (DOD) Ainsley Stewart Douglas, Cooperstown (KIA) Louis Instead, Steele (KIA) Canadian Armed Forces Jesse Floyd Lewis, Robinson (DOD) Joseph Erickson, Cooperstown (KIA) Charles Wesley Lohr, Robinson (DOD) Iver Halvorson, Cooperstown (KIA) Tony Momonie, Robinson (KIA) Harry Christian Hansen, Cooperstown (KIA) * John G. Neustel, Jr., Robinson (KIA) Oscar O. Haugen, Cooperstown (DOD) William Henry Neustel, Robinson (KIA) * Jonas A. Helland, Binford (DOD) Albert Herman Rohde, Steele (DOD) Hans Hogie, Binford (KIA) Joseph Schettle, Grant Township (DOD) Ben Carlot Johnson, Cooperstown (DOD) John Joseph Schindler, Tappen (DOW) Alfred B. Larsen, Cooperstown (DOW) Jacob Schock, Dawson (KIA) * Henry Ludvig Larson, Hannaford (DOD) August Bernhard Shellburg, Tappen (KIA) * Lima, Cooperstown (KIA) William Timm, Steele (DOD) Gordon Marshall Lindgren, Cooperstown (KIA) * Robert Park Lyle, Sutton (KIA) LaMoure Amund Olauson, Cooperstown (DOW) Guy Vivian Benoit, Verona (KIA) Ernest Elmer Rule, Cooperstown (DOD) Benjamin Franklin Clark, Dickey (KIA) Lewis Swingen, Hannaford (DOA) Ile Bert Davidson, Marion (DOD) Herman Thoen, Cooperstown (DOD) Irl Good, La Moure (DOW) Frederick Laurids Ingvorsen, (KIA) Hettinger William Krening, LaMoure (KIA) Eugene Victor Evans, Mott (DOD) Robert Kurtz, Kulm (DOD) Harley Berton Gallup, New (KIA) Chris Emil Larson, LaMoure (KIA) Joseph J. Gion, Regent (DOD) Fred Arthur May, Dickey (KIA) * Harry H. Hanson, Mott (DOD) Emmet J. McKinney, Edgeley (DOD) Harry Eugene Lahman, Mott (KIA) Christopher Oleson, Berlin (DOD) Truman George Lawrence Mars, Mott (KIA) Henry Louis Parthie, LaMoure (KIA) Edward Metzger, Willa (DOD) Bryan Elias Raney, Jud (KIA) Henry Bernard Pacholl, Mott (DOW) Frank Sezygiel, LaMoure (KIA) George Francis Ross, (DOD) Albert Louis Smith, Edgeley (DOD) Alfred T. Runnestad, Mott (KIA) Frank Leslie Townsend, La Moure (KIA) Anton H. Ulijohn, New England (DOW) * Lewis Dale Weeks, Jud (DOA) John Van Lishout, Mott (DOD) Alfred Bernhart Walby, Mott (KIA) *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals William August Zich, Regent (KIA) ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training Corps

World War I (1917-1918) Total U.S. Servicemembers (Worldwide) 4,734,991 Deaths 53,402 Other Deaths in Service (Non-) 63,114 Non-mortal Woundings 204,002 https://www.va.gov/opa/publications/factsheets/fs_americas_wars.pdf

The Last US of WW1 was Army Corporal . He enlisted in 1917 at age 16; he died 27 February 2011 at the age of 110

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 8 | 18 Logan McHenry (continued) William W. Grover Barry, Napoleon (KIA) Joseph Ira Francis Weller, Velva (DOW) Rogers W. Carroll, Napoleon (DOD) Edward William Werle, Towner (DOD) Harold Bernard Gordanier, Napoleon (DOD) John Wesley Williams, Velva (KIA) Harry Merton Hardy, Burnstad (DOD) Gilbert Wold, Towner (DOD) Charles Veit Hoof, Napoleon (DOW) Fred Kelle, Napoleon (KIA) McIntosh David Knittel, Napoleon (DOW) Reinhold Breitling, Wishek (KIA) Clem Kreitel, Napoleon (KIA) John Fregien, Coldwater (KIA) John Mayer, Gackle (KIA) Carl Hildenbrand, Ashley (KIA) Gottlieb Morlock, Napoleon (DOW) John Jacob Hoffman, Ashley (DOD) Thorsten Emanual Nikkila, Gackle (DOD) Anton Labolewich, Ashley (DOD) Olai Rue, Napoleon (DOW) John P. Lacher, Zeeland (KIA) Michael Sperle, Napoleon (KIA) Fred M. Meidinger, Zeeland (DOD) August Sukut, Jr., Lehr (KIA) Frank Jabez Piper, Ashley (DOD) Mike Sulz, Napoleon (KIA) Fred Rott, Ashley (DOD) Theodore Were, Venturia (DOD) McHenry Howard M. Beck, Granville (KIA) McKenzie Frederick Albert Bohner, Voltaire (KIA) Charles Anderson, Schafer (DOD) Christian Angel Brekke, Simcoe (DOD) John Anderson, Schafer (DOD) Ole Burget, Towner (KIA) Canadian Armed Forces William Everett Boss, Schafer (DOD) Almon Burton Coffin, Velva (DOW) * Samuel John Dagg, Schafer (DOW) Gunnar Johann Einarson, Bantry (DOD) Ermiston Oscar Douglas, Schafer (DOD) Edwin Oscar Estby, Falsen (DOD) August Havervold, Schafer (DOD) Lyle Eugene Giffen, Towner (DOD) Elmer W. Hodge, Schafer (KIA) Freeman L. Gravley, Towner (DOD) Walter C. Huff, Schafer (DOD) Wallace Alton Hatchard, Velva (DOW) * John G. Jacobson, Schafer (DOD)[UND]^ George W. C. Horn, Velva (DOD) Walter L. Johnson, Schafer (DOD)[UND]^ Forrest T. D. Hume, Drake (KIA) * Henry Edward Lanhart, Alexander (DOD) Garrett H. Jones, Bantry (DOD) Clyde Arthur Neer, Alexander (DOA) John Klukas, Towner (DOD) Arthur Julius Nelson, Schafer (DOD) Louis Charles Knuth, Balfour (DOD) Arne Pederson, Schafer (DOD) Henry Frank Koch, Deering (KIA) George A. Potel, City (DOW) Alfred T. Kongslie, Upham (DOW) John William Ramsey, Charbonneau (DOD)[UND]^ Ernest E. Larsen, Drake (DOA) Carl Edwin Rogen, Watford City (KIA) Harry Julian Madsen, Drake (DOW) Charlie Redman Schoonover, Schafer (DOD) Olaf Edward Myhre, Towner (KIA) Clarence B. Snow, Schafer (DOD) David Daniel Nehrenberg, Drake (KIA) Joseph J. Taylor, Schafer (DOD) Theodore Bernhard Oium, Towner (DOD) Albert Vandermeer, Watford City (KIA) Emil Sigfrid Olson, Bergen (DOD) Forrest Eugene Williams, Schafer (DOD) Charles Pokorny, Towner (KIA) Alfred R. Wolcott, Schafer (KIA) Edwin George Quarne, Towner (DOD) Albert Wormdahl, Arnegard (KIA) Henry C. Roder, Anamoose (DOD) Gustave A. Steresson, Balfour (DOD) Cyrus Daniel Sweeney, Towner (DOD) Fay Lex Taylor, Towner (DOD) Thore Thoreson, Towner (DOD)

George Dewey Trudell, Deering (DOD) Harry Howard Watkins, Towner (KIA)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 9 | 18 McLean Morton Clyde Norman Albrecht, Washburn DOD John George Bender, Hebron (DOD) John Cretus Baar, Underwood (KIA) * Henry Biffart, Hebron (KIA) Daniel Chase, Elbowoods (DOD) Aaron Booheister, Mandan (KIA) * Thomas H. Christoffersen, Washburn (KIA) George Albert Boyer, Flasher (DOD) Dewey C. Croninger, Washburn (KIA) James Francis Buckley, Fort Rice (DOD) Ernest Julius Alfred Erickson, Wilton (KIA) Charles William Burkhardt, Mandan (KIA)* Ernest J. A. Frickson, Wilton (KIA) Charles E. Clark, Mandan (KIA) * Paul James Gates, Washburn (DOD)[UND]^ Harry Clinton Colby, Fort Rice (DOW) Oscar Gunlickson, Benedict (DOD) William V. Donnelly, Mandan (KIA)* Reuben Alfred Hartman, Turtle Lake (DOD) Nickodemus Ereth, Mandan (DOD) Ole Edward Hedahl, Mercer (DOD) John K. Flemmer, Glen Ullin (DOD) John Herdt, Max (DOD) Carl Fristad, Mandan (DOD) Leonard Carson House, Garrison (DOD) Gilbert Sessions Furness, Mandan (DOD) Jacob P. Kleinsasser, Washburn (KIA) Everett Henry Gilbert, Mandan (DOD)[UND]^ Emanuel Knudtson, Washburn (DOW) George Haider, St. Anthony (DOD) Irving Helmer Krengel, Washburn (KIA) Ernest William Hartmann, New Salem (DOD) William Melum, Washburn (DOD) Philip P. Heier, Glen Ullin (KIA) Hugh P. Minehan, Garrison (DOW) Lawrence E. Higbee, Glen Ullin (KIA) Arthur Old Mouse, Elbowoods (DOD) Harry Lewis Kidd, Mandan (KIA) Louis Ousley, Wilton (KIA) * Edward George Kincaid, Judson (DOD) Adolph Peter, Garrison (DOD) Ambrose Soren Knudson, Mandan (KIA) * Martin Peterson, Turtle Lake (DOD) Henry H. Kraemer, Mandan (KIA) Joseph Pirkl, Washburn (KIA) Michael Martin, Glen Ullin (DOD) John Rabbit Head, Elbowoods (DOD) Jacob Nagel, Glen Ullin (DOW) Reinold D. Schaefer, Underwood (KIA) Clifford Arndt Paulson, Mandan (DOD) Fred W. Schmidt, Washburn (KIA) John August Repsdorf, New Salem (KIA) Peter Semevolos, Butte (KIA) Ross S. Ruland, Glen Ullin (DOD) John Adolph Singer, Mercer (DOD) Viktor Scherbinski, Glen Ullin (KIA) Ira Dale Solenberger, Underwood (DOD) Leo A. Schinzel, Haymarsh (DOW) Christ Sorlee, Washburn (DOD) Ross Rankin Sherwood, Almont (DOD) John Stark, Coleharbor (DOD) Horace Albert Tanner, Mandan (DOD) Lawrence Sylvester Stevenson, Turtle Lake (DOD) Mark Robert Tighe, Mandan (DOD) Leo Stovern, Washburn (KIA) John A. Trovick, Almont (DOD) Victor Bryon Wallin, Washburn (KIA) Loraine York, Mandan (KIA) Roy Warfield, Washburn (KIA) Harry Herman Zuelich, Mandan (KIA) Edwin Gray Washburn, (DOD) *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training Corps Mercer Curtis Allison, Beulah (DOD) Roy McKinley Basford, Stanton (KIA) August Bertsch, Beulah (DOD) Nurse Sabra Regina Hardy, Golden Valley (DOD) Philip Edward Joos, Beulah, (KIA) Clifford Louis Lantis, Stanton (DOW) Richard Mettler, Stanton (KIA) Dan W. Miller, Stanton (DOW) * Fred John Sprecher, Golden Valley (DOD) John Fred Thielmann, Stanton (DOD) Jacob Jake Unruh, Stanton (DOD)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 10 | 18 Mountrail Oliver (continued) George Anderson, Stanley (DOD) Edward Alfred Miller, Sanger (DOD) Carl Alfred Arneson, Stanley (DOD) John Mitchell, Red Butte (DOD) Theodore L. Braaflat, Plaza (DOA) * Fred W. Skubinna, Center (DOD) Horace Thomas Danielson, Coulee (DOD) Roy Dye, Stanley (DOD) Pembina Joseph Eckert, Van Hook (DOD) Ralph G. Ball, St. Thomas (DOW) Joseph Franek, Ross (DOW) Patrick Barthelette, Backoo (KIA) * Samuel Earl Hamilton, Plaza (KIA) Magnus H. Bjornson, Mountain (DOD) Wilhelm Hanson, Plaza (DOD) Jacob William Busch, McArthur (DOD)[UND]^ Henry William Hebert, Stanley (DOW) Frank Coleman, Bathgate (KIA) Arvid Heidenberg, Sanish (KIA) * Charles A. Craigen, Neche (KIA) Soren E. Holmen, Ross (DOW) Lawrence Dailey, Kelvin (DOD) Angus Guy John, Stanley (KIA) Sigurbjorn Davidson, Gardar (DOD) James G. John, Epworth (DOW) Russell E. Davis, Joliette (DOD) George Conrad Julesberg, Tagus (DOD) Irwin Erwin Gainer, Neche (DOW) Bennie A. Larson, Stanley (DOD) Fred Halldorson, Hallson (KIA) Canadian Armed Forces John L. Larson, Stanley (DOW) John Isable, Drayton (KIA) Ole John Larson, Stanley (KIA) John Severin Johnson, Cavalier (DOW) Arthur Selmer Lee, White Earth (KIA) Albert O. Kalad, Cavalier (KIA)* Hjalmar Algot Lindberg, Stanley (DOD) Barney Karstenson, Mountain (DOD) Arthur Lyson, Parshall (KIA) John William Kendrew, Cavalier (DOD) Paul Nelson, White Earth (DOD) Charles Edward Kern, Pembina (KIA) Edmond Orning, Stanley (DOD)[UND]^ Clifford Lane, Crystal (KIA) Arthur Thomas Solie, Stanley (KIA) Albert James Lawrence, Crystal (KIA) Canadian Armed Forces Botolf Thompson, Van Hook (KIA) Andrew Lillico, Leyden (KIA) Thor Elias Vatsvik, Stanley (KIA) Percy Alvin Little, St. Thomas (DOD) Anthony W. Zirbes, White Earth (KIA) * Joseph Phillip Lucier, Walhalla (DOD) Henry Martin, Crystal (DOA) Nelson Patrick John McAndrews, Neche (KIA) Michael Babich, Lakota (DOW) Robert McMullin, Crystal (DOD) Canadian Armed Forces Edward A. Broberg, Aneta (KIA) Oscar Melsted, Gardar (DOW) Royal Osmer Gray, Lakota (KIA) Olaf Edward Olson, Cavalier (KIA) Knute Holberg, Lakota (DOD) Andrew Ole Ottum, St. Thomas (KIA) Frank Benedict Holicky, Lakota (KIA) Jacob Fred Ouhl, Cavalier (KIA) John M. Larson, Lakota (KIA) Clayton Pannebaker, Neche (KIA) Willie Bartlett Matson, Aneta (DOD) Edmund E. Pask, Wahalla (DOW) Ole Melvin Morken, Pekin (KIA) * Joseph Perreault, Cavalier (DOD) Fred Nylund, Lakota (KIA) Nicholas Emil Resler, Leroy (DOW) George William Parker, Tolna (KIA) Canadian Forces Maurice D. Rowe, Hamilton (KIA) Petter Petterson, Lakota (KIA) Freddie Roy, Walhalla (DOD) Dreng H. Roisland, Kloten (KIA) Fred Shephard, Hensel (KIA) Maynard Leroy Rundell, Lakota (KIA) Sigurjon Benedict Sigfusson, Mountain (DOD) Ole Semeling, Jr., Lakota (KIA) John Nelson Stearns, Crystal (DOD) Carl O. Stigen, Aneta (DOD) Lavern James Thompson, Cavalier (KIA) * Martin Lewis Urdahl, Lakota (DOD) Roger Thompson, Neche (DOD) John Tillett, Bathgate (DOW) Oliver Willard Edwin Vestre, Drayton (KIA) Frank C. Day, Price (DOW) John William Well, Cavalier (DOD) Walter Parker Johnson, Hannover (KIA) Floyd Frederick Young, Neche (DOD)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 11 | 18 Pierce Ransom George Abdalla, Rugby (KIA) Nurse Nora Emile Anderson, Preston (DOD) Clarence Elvin Annis, Rugby (KIA) * Herman Behm, Fingal (KIA) Stephen Bogus, Rugby (DOW) Leo James Billings, Lisbon (KIA) Ingvald Gjertson, Wolford (DOW) Percy George Carter, Sheldon (DOD) Fritchjof Hagboe, Barton (DOD) Olaf Dybdal, McLeod (DOW) Clarence Albert Larson, Tunbridge (DOW) Harold Guy Evans, Lisbon (DOD) Carl Nygaard, Wolford (DOD) Benjamin Bert Fleming, Lisbon (DOD) Valentine Schneider, Rugby (KIA) Arthur William Glaesemann, Enderlin (DOD)[UND]^ Ole I Haakstad, Fort Ransom (DOD) Ramsey Charles Arthur Hoff, Fort Ransom (KIA) Gunder Aslakson, Webster (DOD) Nurse Florence Kimball, Lisbon (DOD) Einar Brateng, Devils Lake (KIA) Gilbert Joseph Larson, Lisbon (DOD) Christof C. Brending, Devils Lake (KIA) Philip Olvin Larson, Enderlin (DOD) Richard Jonathan Carlson, Derrick (DOD) Arthur Berthold Marschke, Enderlin (KIA) Virgil Raymond Erickson, Crary (KIA) * Emil Matejcek, Sheldon (DOD) Roscoe Randle Fletcher, Devils Lake (KIA) Andrew Moo, Enderlin (DOA) Canadian Armed Forces Paul Nehls, Enderlin (DOD) Albert H. Floyd, Devils Lake (KIA) Andor Christian Nelson, Fort Ransom (DOD) Ernest Bryan Fulkerson, Southam (KIA) * Sigval Opdahl, Sheldon (DOD) Royal Osmer Gray, Brocket (KIA) Hershel Owen, Lisbon (DOD) Paul Martin Hanson, Church’s Ferry (KIA) Milfred Harry Owen, Lisbon (DOD) Orville Taylor Haughtelin, Starkweather (DOD) Fred James Roach, Lisbon (DOD) Bert M. Johnson, Penn (KIA) Henry William Sumner, Fingal (DOD) Herby Leroy Johnson, Edmore (DOA) Harry Wilber Waddle, Lisbon (KIA) Martin Johnson, Bartlett (DOA) Henry W. Karsten, Devils Lake (DOD) Renville Robert Herman Karstens, Devils Lake (DOD) Axel Amundson, Glenburn (KIA) Bernhard Sievert Kyllo, Church’s Ferry (KIA) Andrew O. Bothun, Sherwood (KIA) Thedor G. Larson, Devils Lake (KIA) Austin Fortune, Glenburn (DOD) Leonard Lindy Lieth, Bartlett (DOD) Math Heinen, Mohall (KIA) Roy Matthews, Devils Lake (DOD) Elmer Justin Irgens, Tolley (DOD) Alfred Moen, Devils Lake (KIA) Claude W. Keller, Glenburn (KIA) * Leroy Clark Neathery, Devils Lake (KIA) * Edward Koehler, Eckman (KIA) Gilbert Oli Myrvik, Edmore (DOD) Lars Olai Ovrevik, Glenburn (DOD) Roy C. Neathery, Devils Lake (KIA) Herbert Francis Stroberger, Glenburn (DOD) Joseph J. Oien, Devils Lake (DOW) George , Mohall (KIA) Sivert Olson, Devils Lake (KIA) Edward Nicholas Weber, Mohall (KIA) Joseph Hunt Reaney, Devils Lake (KIA) William Clyde Robinson, Devils Lake (DOA) Frederick A. Roskam, Devils Lake (DOD) Elmer F. Rushfeldt, Degroat (DOD) Elmer Sagen, Devils Lake (DOD) Ernest Sanders, Devils Lake (DOD) Calvin W. Scott, Devils Lake (DOW) * Oscar Sime, Crary (DOW)[Also Divide Co] Otto Snyder, Devils Lake (KIA) Aron D. Svahn, Lawton (DOD) John N. Tweten, Brocket (DOD)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 12 | 18 Richland Rolette John P. Bauer, Hankinson (KIA) Robert Bigham, Dunseith (DOD) Ralph B. Early, Wahpeton (DOD) Eugene P. Brasseur, Dunseith (DOW) Stanislaw Peter Eberhard, Wahpeton (KIA) * Fortune Peter Catellier, St. John (DOD)[UND]^ Edwin Erickson, Walcott (DOD) Jess Dillon, Rolla (DOW) Hans Evenson, Wahpeton (KIA) Archie T. Jardine, Dunseith (DOD) William Gustav Faust, Wahpeton (DOD) Melvin Johnson, Rolette (DOD) Olaf Fiske, Colfax (KIA) Robert Klang, Dunseith (DOD) Henry Hafener, Mooreton (DOD) Earl Ray Lewis, Rolla (DOD) John Math Hafner, Wahpeton (KIA) * Hettrick Albert Lowe, Island Lake (DOD) Oscar G. Hagen, Wahpeton (KIA) * Gordon B. McGregor, Rolla (DOD) Alfred Jens Jacob Hanson, Wahpeton (DOW) Joseph Alexander Preshard, Rolla (DOD) Henry Hanson, Wahpeton (KIA) John Richard Roache, Rolla (DOD) Herman G. Helgeson, Walcott (KIA) Adolphus James Thibert, St. John (KIA) Ralph Linden Hellmer, Wyndmere (DOD) William F. Thiele, Rolla (DOD) William Jasmer, Hankinson (DOD) Frederick Calvin Wagner, Rolla (KIA) John Edgar Johnson, Colfax (DOD) John Herbert Jones, Wahpeton (DOD) Sargent George Sylvester Kubacki, Great Bend (DOD) John Gottfried Anderson, Forman (KIA) George J. Lugert, Wahpeton (DOD) Theodore Arvid Anderson, Gwinner (DOD) Henry O. Magenton, Walcott (KIA) Walter Herman Anderson, Havana (DOD) Nick Angel Martinson, Lidgerwood (DOD) Jacob L. Askildson, Cogswell (KIA) Martin J. Mikkelson, Christine (DOD) Carl Elmer Bergstoe, Milnor (DOD) Lawrence Joseph Miller, Mooreton (KIA) * Ward Elon Bullis, Lidgerwood (DOW) Leo Matt Muchvitsch, Wahpeton (KIA) William M. Byers, Forman (DOW) August Nagel, Barney (DOW) Clarence Charles , Lidgerwood (DOD) Frank Nelson, Hankinson (KIA) George Casper Enge, Milnor (DOD) James Harshey Nelson, Wyndmere (DOD) Freddie James Finn, Cogswell (KIA) Magnus Nelson, Wahpeton (DOW) * Walter Guetschow, Forman (DOD) Adolph R. Pechlat, Wahpeton (DOD) Fred Robert Ketcham, Havana (DOA) Gustave John Pelvit, Bedford (DOW) August M. Krieger, Milnor (DOW) Henry Peterson, Walcott (DOD) Orin Vern McNeil, Cogswell (KIA) William W. Prelvitz, Wahpeton (DOD) Otto Emanuel Moberg, Milnor (DOW) Gerhard E. Radloff, Hankinson (DOD) Bernard Nelson, Forman (KIA) William Radloff, Lidgerwood (KIA) Emil Lyman Newman, Milnor (DOD) Randolph Isaac Rohweller, Wahpeton (KIA) Ernest Algot Okeson, Forman (KIA) Harry Edward Ross, Wahpeton (KIA) * Edward Philip O’Malley, Forman (KIA) Oscar Engval Rustad, Dwight (DOD) Harry Pederson, Rutland (DOD) Herman Schmidt, Enloe (DOD) John M. Peterson, Rutland (DOW) George William Snook, Jr., Wahpeton (KIA) * Peter T. Peterson, Milnor (KIA) Gustave Oliver Sole, Colfax (KIA) Albert Smith, Milnor (KIA) * Milton Charles Stevenson, Fairmount (KIA) * Lewis Marcus Thune, DeLaMere (KIA) Vernon Howard Terrill, Fairmount (KIA) Hiram Ornn Wiper, Grand Forks (DOD)[UND]^ Martin Thompson, Wyndmere (DOD) William H. Wolf, Milnor (DOD) Albert Vaughan, Wahpeton (DOW) Clyde Earl Wortman, Havana (DOD) Willie Willprecht, Lidgerwood (DOD)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 13 | 18 Sheridan Stark (continued) Simeon Hiram Blanchard, McCluskey (DOD) Jerry Merril Lanphear, Dickinson (KIA) * Albert Block, McCluskey (KIA) Sebastian Mischel, Dickinson (KIA) Fred Huft, Lincoln Valley (KIA) Philipp Muller, Dickinson (DOD) Gust Kruger, Goodrich (DOW) Frederick Olson, Daglum (KIA) Herbert Carl Maske, McClusky (DOW) Theodore Albert Oukrop, Dickinson (KIA) * Gottleb Reilly, Denhoff (KIA) Harold George Peck, Dickinson (DOD) James Judson , McCluskey (DOD) Arne Ramstead, Dickinson (DOD) Christ G. Roth, McClusky (DOD) Richard G. Redemske, Dickinson (KIA) * Harry Schwind, Dickinson (KIA) Sioux John Simonis, Dickinson (KIA) Richard Earth, Cannonball (KIA) * Basil Skraba, South Heart (KIA) Albert Grass, Cannonball (KIA) * Holger Tall, Dickinson (DOD) Isaac His Horse is Fast, Ft. Yates (KIA) John Tozzi, Dickinson (KIA) Harry E. Lean Elk, Porcupine (DOD) Harley Edgar Wallace, Dickinson (KIA) * Joseph Takes the Shield, Ft Yates (KIA) George Wieglenda, Gladstone (KIA) * Albert T. Vanderwaal, Fort Yates (KIA) Steele Slope Gustav Ruben Carlson, Blabon (DOW) Claude B. Bartew, (KIA) Maldor Hansen, (DOD) Dovie Webster Carter, Marmarth (DOA) Charles Arthur Howard, Hope (DOD) John O. Fenne, Amidon (DOW) Earl Vincent Jefferson, Hope (KIA) Jacob Ben Fisher, Amidon (DOD) Neils Jensen, Luverne (KIA) Edwin P. J. Hagen, Amidon (KIA) Thorwald Kilen, Sharon (KIA) Alexander Herrstromer, Amidon (DOA) Edgar Kraabel, Hope (DOD)[UND]^ John George Kienenberger, Bierman (KIA) George Ellsbury Luce, Hope (DOD) Jean Haywood Pearl, Mound (DOW) Ralph S. Mann, Hope (KIA) Claude Arvel Marsh, Hope (KIA) John George Nuestel Hope KIA Stark Gunwald Ottoson, Sherbrooke (DOD) Fred Halvorsen Almos, South Heart (DOW) Clarence Anton Pederson, Sherbrooke (DOD) George Anderson, Taylor (KIA) William G. Peterson, Finley (KIA) Ezra William Barrows, Dickinson (KIA) Melvin Leroy Pippinger, Sherbrooke (DOW) Clare Louis Bixby, Dickinson (DOD) Charley Frederick Schwartz, Luverne (KIA) William Charles Blair, Belfield (KIA) Rasmus Rasmussen Skriver, Luverne (DOW) George Raymond Brannon, Dickinson (DOD) Thorvald Brenden, Dickinson (KIA) *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals Matthew Brew, Dickinson (DOW) * ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training Corps Henry James Colgrove, Dickinson (DOD) John L. Ehrle, Belfield (DOD) Sverre Eide, Daglum (KIA) James Cecil Gabe, Taylor (DOW) * Gottlieb Heinzman, Richardton (DOD) Orville Peter Kilroy, Dickinson (KIA) ** Jacob Klein, Dickinson (DOD) Peter Kurske, Dickinson (KIA) * Ignace Kushnir, Dickinson (KIA) * Joseph William Kusie, Dickinson (DOW)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 14 | 18 Stutsman Towner Hans Adolph Anderson, Montpelier (KIA) George G. Cook, Cando (DOD) Samuel Lee Avis, Jamestown (DOD) Carl , (DOD) Oscar A Bast, Streeter (DOD) Anthony Fricke, Cando (DOD) John Batsch, Cleveland (DOD) Alexander Halling, Zion (DOD) Fred William Berner, Jamestown (DOD) Chauncie Otis Jenks, Rock Lake (DOD) Harry v. Brown, Montpelier (DOD) Lars M. Lundberg, Cando (DOD) Gustav Carlson, Jamestown (DOD) John J. Nimmo, Cando DOD Edward Faunce Chase, Jamestown (DOD) Harold Maloy Parker, Cando (KIA) George Chell, Jamestown (DOD) Christen Rensla, Denbigh (DOD) Howard Leland Cotton, Cleveland (DOD) Earl Alfred Smith, Cando (DOD) Thomas Francis DeVaney, Jamestown (KIA) William Daniel Spilmaher, Bisbee (KIA) Fred R. Dunn, Jamestown (KIA) James Ray , Cando (KIA) William Fidder, Jamestown (DOD) Lemuel Morgan Wells, Cando (DOD) John Florhaug, Kensal (KIA) Louie Foreman, Fried (KIA) NORTH DAKOTA NATIONAL GUARD Clifford George Gallipo, Jamestown (DOD) Willis J. Gallup, Jamestown (DOD) In all, 31,269 North Dakotans served in World War 1. Of those, 4,195 were the “hometown boys” of the Marinus Hald, Jamestown (KIA) North Dakota National Guard. Edward Hart, Cleveland (KIA) st Elmer Miller Johnstad, Jamestown (DOD) The 1 North Dakota Infantry Regiment had proven Philip Edward Joos, Jamestown (KIA) itself during the Philippine Insurrection, Spanish American War, & Mexican Incident, all Andrew Jorgenson, Kensal (DOD) within the first 27 years of statehood. When the unit Joseph G. Kachel, Fried (DOD) was alerted for WW1, the state attempted to form a Earl Laverne Kneeland, (DOD) second ND regiment to join it; the bid failed, with Benjamin Emanuel Lawrence, Courtenay (KIA) most of the recruits filling the ranks of the 1st ND.

Otto Leysring, Windsor (KIA) As part of the Army-wide renumbering system for Peter J. Lorenz, Fried (KIA) the Expeditionary Forces, the 1st North Dakota Elmer Peterson, Jamestown (DOD) Infantry Regiment was renamed the 164th Infantry Gordon Harold Powers, Jamestown (DOD) Regiment, keeping , personnel, lineage, and Fremont Wesley Rice, Marstonmoor (DOD) honors of the 1st North Dakota.

Albert Benedict Ries, Jamestown (DOD) The 164th Infantry Regiment was assigned to the 41st Ernest Adam DeNault Robertson, Jamestown (KIA) Division, a designated replacement division in French France. Most of the soldiers of the 164th were John Louis Scheidt, Jamestown (DOD) transferred to units of the 1st Infantry Division for Fred Schmuhl, Jamestown (DOD) combat service.

Edward Elmore Siltman, Jamestown (DOD) * The 164th Infantry Regiment later served in the Herman Nickolay Skjerseth, Jamestown (KIA) South Pacific during World War II, & as a training James Smith, Jamestown (KIA) * regiment during the .

Andrew Sonerud, Jamestown (DOD) References: Citizens as Soldiers, Jerry Cooper Jesse Albert Tiedemann, Jamestown (DOW) History of North Dakota, Elwyn Robinson th Arthur Herman Bert Tiedemann, Jamestown (DOW) They Were Ready: 164 in the Pacific, Terry Shoptaugh Cecil Henry Tracy, Jamestown (KIA) Gordon Norton Vorous, Jamestown (DOD)

Ambrose John Walsh, Jamestown (KIA) Kennedy Scott Wanner, Jamestown (KIA) Charles Theodore Winkley, Jamestown (KIA) Thomas K. Yankoske, Jamestown (KIA)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 15 | 18 Traill Walsh (continued) Sigvard Bernhard Aasen, Clifford (DOD) Marcus E. Callahan, Minto (DOW) * Walter C. Alberts, Galesburg (DOD) Russell E. Davis, Grafton (DOD) Ernest William Cardiff, Hillsboro (DOD) Ralph Dryden, Cashel (DOA) Andy Oliver Berg, Hatton (DOW) Anton H. Ecker, Grafton (DOW) Andrew N. Coleman, Mayville (KIA) * Oscar Erickson, Grafton (DOW) Walter Gustav Daschner, Hillsboro (DOD) George John Erickstad, Grafton (DOD Carroll O. Flesche, Hatton (KIA) Elgin Evens, Grafton (KIA) Gilman L. Foss, Hillsboro (DOW) Paul Farup, Park River (KIA) * Arthur Miller Hanson, Hatton (DOD) Charles Fors man, Grafton (KIA) Hjalmer Joakim Hanson, Hillsboro (DOD) Hilton Givens, Grafton (KIA) * Frederick William August Harmeyer, Hillsboro (KIA) John G. Gondo, Grafton (DOW) Gunnar Haugan, Galesburg (DOD) Bernard Hagen, Grafton (DOD) Clarence Edwin Hesgard, (DOD) Marvin Eugene Hanson, Grafton (DOW) Lewis O. Huus, Hatton (KIA) Raymond Alexander Hanson, Grafton (KIA) * Conrad Leonard Johnson, Mayville (KIA) Edward Daniel Hennessey, Conway (KIA) Oscar D. Keene, Grandin (KIA) William T. Henry, Ardoch (DOD) Wilt Edwin Keller, Hatton (DOD) George Arlington Hill, Ardoch (DOD) Bernt R. Kleveland, Mayville (DOW) Edward C. Hooey, Fairdale (DOD) Oluf Knutson, Hatton (KIA) William Jennings Johnson, Grafton (DOA) Sam Larson, Clifford (DOD) George Alexander Kerian, Minto (DOD) Oscar Lura, Mayville (KIA) Leonard M. Kubousek, Minto (DOD) Ralph B. Manwaring, Hillsboro (DOW) * Norvald Larson, Grafton (DOD) Thomas J. Mealy, Reynolds (KIA) Frederick Ellis McClelland, Grafton (KIA) Leon Nelson Moshier, Mayville (DOW) * Canadian Armed Forces Elvin Erickson Nyhus, Hatton (DOD) Grant Andrew McDonald, Grafton (DOA) Oliver Nyhus, Hatton (DOD) Howard Grant McLean, Forest River (KIA) Alfred A. Olson, Hatton (KIA) Uldrick K. Moen, Shawnee (KIA) John Oscar, Hillsboro (KIA) Oscar Alvin Mohagen, Grafton (DOD) Louis W. John Otto, Hillsboro (DOD) Nicholas J. Nickolay, Park River (KIA) Abel A. Peters, Hillsboro (DOD) Stanley J. Novak, Minto (DOD) Albert Peterson, Mayville (KIA) Emil J. Novotny, Pisek (DOD) Bert J. Potratz, Hillsboro (KIA) Ambrose O’Keefe, Grafton (KIA) Charles Martin Root, Hillsboro (DOD) Olaf Edward Olson, Grafton (KIA) Irvin Earl Silvy, Hillsboro (KIA) * Oliver Mitchel Omlie, Grafton (DOD) John A. Smestad, Hatton (DOD) Joseph E. Pariseau, Cashel (KIA) * Helmer Oscar Solee, Buxton (DOD) Frank B. Peterman, Grafton (KIA) Lynn Francis Spiering, Hillsboro (KIA) * Clarence H. Pilbeam, Grafton (KIA) * Rudolph Staska, Cummings (KIA) * Edwin Clarence Qually, Adams (KIA) Harry R. Thompson, Hatton (DOD) Henry Ramberg, Grafton (DOD) Martin Vos, Hillsboro (KIA) William Reynolds, Grafton (DOD) Albert Wermedahl, Hatton (DOD) Frederick Schneider, Grafton (DOA) Tom A. Shirek, Lankin (DOD) Walsh Robert Nickoli Sorenson, Grafton (KIA) Harold Abel, Fordville (KIA) Harry H. Swontkaski, Grafton (DOD) Sofus Goodman Arman, Grafton (DOD)[UND]^ Edward Tandeski, (DOW) Robert William Bates, Park River (DOD) Lauren Paul Wirkus, Minto (KIA) Emil J. Bosh, Pisek (DOA) Garfield Jerome Brye, Grafton (DOD)[UND]^ *Silver Star Medal ** Two Silver Star medals ^University of North Dakota Student Army Training Corps

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 16 | 18 Ward Ward (continued) Hans Albert Andersen, Minot (DOW) Orrin Ezra Lee, Minot (DOD) Henry A. Anderson, Minot (KIA) Joseph J. Leif, Minot (DOD) Charles William Beck, Minot (KIA) * Martin O. Leslie, Kenmare (KIA) Andrew H. Bennett, Minot (DOW) * Tracy Logan, Minot (KIA) Andrew James , Berthold (KIA) Carl Erickson Losby, Drady ( DOD) Carl John Boardson, Minot (DOD) Clarence Warren McCormack, Donnybrook (KIA) Albert Bodeen, Minot (DOD) George W. Mew, Minot (KIA) Ben Brand, Minot (KIA) * Frank Midak, Minot (KIA) Carl F. Bredehoft, Minot (KIA) * Raymond Childs Medrow, Donnybrook (KIA) Nelson A. Burchett, Minot (DOD) Albert Richard Nord, Minot (DOW) William Glenn Carroll, Minot (DOW) * Daniel K. Olsen, Kenmare (DOA) James Lester Cole, Minot (DOD) William Emanuel Olsen, Donnybrook (DOD) William F. Coolen, Des Lacs (DOD) Knute Olson, Minot (KIA) Ole Victor Cox, Sawyer (DOD) Einar E. Orbom, Minot (DOD) Lyle Cunningham, Kenmare (DOA) Joseph P. Passett, Minot (DOW) Bruno Max Czarnetzki, Minot (DOD) Lars Paul Peterson, Kenmare (KIA) * Rolly W. Darling, Berthold (DOW) Jesse J. Phipps, Minot (DOD) Degree, Minot (DOW) * John Rasmussen, Minot (KIA) Charles Eagan, Minot (KIA) * Thomas Lyle Russell, Minot (KIA) John Engen, Minot (DOD) Walter M. Severson, Minot (DOD) Jerald F. Fairchild, Minot (DOD) Lemuel F. Shortridge, Kenmare (DOD) Lee Thomas Ford, Lonetree (KIA) Cecil Claude Smith, Donnybrook (DOD) George Fritz, Foxholm (DOD) Raymond Stake, (KIA) Frank Percy Gaines, Berthold (DOD) James F. Standish, Minot (DOW) * Earl Gash, Minot (KIA) Arthur B. Stewart, Minot (DOD) William Henry Gerow, Minot (DOW) * Harry M. Stouffer, Minot (KIA) * Archie L. Gilmore, Minot (KIA) Archie Swann, Minot (DOW) Ole O. Greslivold, Margaret Township (DOD) George Elisha Tibbetts, Foxholm, (KIA) * Floyd W. Griffin, Des Lacs (DOW) Ralph Noyes Van Fleet, Minot (DOD) Harry Leroy Hanna, Minot (DOD) Verner James Warner, Ryder (KIA) Carl Johan Hansen, Minot (KIA) Alfred West, Minot (DOD) George Hughes Hayden, Carpio (DOD) Don Alfred Whitmore, Minot (DOD) Ferl Oliver Hayes, Minot (DOD)[UND]^ John Henry Wilson, Kenmare (DOD) [misspelled Terl in Official Roster] Perry F. Wymore, Minot (DOW) Samuel Dana Henderson, Minot (DOD) Elmer Hiatt, Kenmare (KIA) William George Horning, Ryder (DOD) Louis Huss, Makoti (KIA) Louis Christian Jensen, Ryder (DOD) Alfred Elie Johnson, Minot (DOD) Henry Johnson, Minot (KIA) Howard Lewis Johnson, Berthold (DOD) Charles E. Johnston, Minot (DOD) James W. Kidd, Kenmare (KIA) * Raymond V. Kirkey. Minot (KIA) Arthur J. Klinger, Minot (Kia) * Carl Elmer Landers, Kenaston (KIA) James Landphere, Burlington (KIA) Charles Albert Larson, Minot (KIA) * George T. Larson, Minot (KIA)

World War I, North Dakota War Casualties By County www.ww1cc.org/nd Page 17 | 18 Wells Williams Magnus Eugene Alen, Fessenden (DOD) B. Benson, Wildrose (KIA) Emil G. Beck, Fessenden (DOA) Oliver Martin Biggs, Williston (DOD) Severin Bourk, Sykeston (KIA) Edgar Markel Boyd, Williston (KIA) * Frank Erwin Curry, Harvey (KIA) Joseph Charwatt, Williston (DOW) Jacob Dorgeloos, Fessenden (KIA) Ludvig Coy, Wildrose (KIA) Oscar Ekstrom, Harvey (DOW) Horace Thomas Danielson, Coulee (DOD) Clarence Henry Fjerstad, Fessenden (DOD) John Ekvall, Springbrook (DOW) Joseph Franek, Ross (DOW) Fred H. Foreman, Williston (KIA) * Albert Gesswein, Bowden (DOD) Clinton French, Dow (KIA) Henry Martin Hanson, Heimdal (DOD) Ross French, Williston (DOW) * Charles I. Hartman, Ross (KIA) Archie Leroy Gilmore, Williston (KIA) * Martin Hoff, Fessenden (DOD) Orren H. Herman, Ray (DOW) Martin Luther Hollingsworth, Sykeston (KIA) Chester E. Hutsinpiller, Williston (KIA) Edward C. Huft, Harvey (DOW) Ole Kleven, Williston (DOD) Edward Keller, Harvey (DOD) Frank Albert Kresan, Williston, (DOA) Carl Wesley Livesay, Cathay (DOD) Alvin Theodore Larson, Williston (DOD) John W. Lucas, Fessenden (DOD) Axel Herman Leander, Williston (KIA) * Louis Maixner, Hamburg (DOW) Charles Vernon Little, Williston (DOW) * Henry Miller, Fessenden (DOD) Elias Mabarak, Williston (KIA)* Edwin Morken, Bremen (KIA) John Francis Middleton, Williston (KIA) * Gust A. Oberg, Fessenden (KIA) Donald Aldene Miller, Epping (KIA) Stanley Ostrowski, Harvey (KIA) Edwin Clarence Nordin, Williston (KIA) Reuben A. Pfettscher, Fessenden (DOA) Amund Nordby, Hofflund (DOW) Frank Joseph Proisl, Bremen (DOW) * Einar E. Orbom, Williston (DOD) Einar O. Rasmussen, Harvey (DOW) James Henry Priest, Williston (DOD) Otto Peter Smith, Harvey (DOD) Frederick Jonas Renn, Epping (KIA) Jake Sommerville, Bowdon (DOD) Gus J. Ritschel, Williston (DOD) Edwin Walter Stickney, Bowdon (DOW) Wyatt E. Silker, Williston (KIA) * George Texel, Ross (DOD) Lyle S. Sitler, Ray (KIA) Norman Andreas Vorland, Fessenden (DOD) Jacob T. Slaatte, Williston (DOD) William Emery Smith, Ray (KIA) The main source for this listing was the Carl Solvsberg, Williston (KIA) OFFICIAL ROSTER OF NORTH DAKOTA SOLDIERS, Arthur Jay Stevens, Epping (DOD) SAILORS, AND A 4-volume hard cover “Brown Book” set, Martin A. Tofte, Springbrook (DOD) Office of the Adjutant General, ND National Guard, 1931 Glenn Earl Trowbridge, Williston (DOW) Scanned copy available online at www.ww1cc.org/nd (Courtesy of Hathitrust Digital Library)

“The Honor List of Dead and Missing for the State of North Dakota” 1898-1953, Office of the Adjutant General, ND National Guard, 1958

North Dakota Casualties of WW1, http://www.genealogytrails.com/ndak/

Gold Star Mothers online references

County Courthouses & Veterans Service Officers

“Warriors in : Native American Doughboys in ND” by Michael J. & Ann G. Knudson

United Tribes 2017-2018 Powwow WW1 Tribute

American Battlefield Monuments Commission

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