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ANALYSIS AFGHANISTAN NATO troops wounded in bomb blast

BY J.P. LAWRENCE Stars and Stripes KABUL, Afghanistan — A bomb blast in southern Afghani- stan wounded two Romanian soldiers, NATO Resolute Support said in a statement Thursday. The soldiers were on a patrol in Kandahar province Wednesday when the improvised explosive device detonated, the statement said. The Romanian government identified the soldiers as Sgt. Adrian Ioan Czifrak and Cpl. 2nd Class Iosif Ioan Reman, who are both in stable condition at a Kan- dahar Airfield hospital. The two soldiers were traveling in a con- voy of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles when they were injured, the statement said. Violence has raged across Af- ghanistan in recent days, threat- ening 6-week-old peace talks in Qatar between the Taliban and the government. A deadly offensive last week by Two-party problem the Taliban in Helmand province drew accusations that the mili- tant group was openly flouting a deal it signed with the U.S. in February, under which all foreign troops could leave the country by mid-2021. North Korea poised to provoke US regardless of election outcome The U.S. launched airstrikes to defend Afghan forces during BY KIM GAMEL President Testing a new administration those attacks, and the head of Stars and Stripes Donald Trump American and NATO forces in speaks with The North’s next step will likely be to test-fire a long- Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, SEOUL, South Korea — With the U.S. election North Korean range missile, but probably not until after the results called on the Taliban “to imme- less than two weeks away, it appears clear that leader Kim are in from the Nov. 3 vote, experts said. diately stop their offensive ac- North Korea’s leader would like to continue his Jong Un on “The North Koreans are perhaps more inclined to tion in Helmand province and bromance with President Donald Trump. the North teach a lesson and to housebreak a new Biden admin- reduce their violence around the Kim Jong Un has heaped praise on Trump in Korean side istration than they are to throw a monkey wrench into country.” of the Joint But the United Nations said more than two dozen letters even as nuclear talks what’s already a kind of wild and crazy U.S. election,” Security Area Daniel Russel, former assistant secretary of state for Wednesday that the offensive in between the two countries faltered. Meanwhile, on June 30, the region, said during a virtual panel this month. Helmand was continuing, and the North has called Democratic rival Joe Biden a 2019. Kim has Despite the weapons advances, Trump has consis- tens of thousands of Afghans had “rabid dog” who is “greedy for power.” praised Trump, tently touted North Korea as a foreign policy success, been displaced by the fighting. No matter who wins, the new U.S. administra- but that’s likely saying in 2018 that he and Kim “fell in love” after Miller repeated his call for a tion will face a growing nuclear threat from the not enough to months of high-profile summits and diplomatic efforts reduction in violence in an inter- North, which recently rolled out a huge new in- keep the North tamped down hostilities that pushed the divided penin- view with the BBC on Wednes- tercontinental ballistic missile that may be able to at bay. sula to the brink of a new war in 2017. day during a visit to the southern province. target the United States. KCNA SEE NORTH ON PAGE 7 SEE BLAST ON PAGE 4 PAGE 2 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 BUSINESS/WEATHER EXCHANGE RATES Short-video app Quibi ending months after launch Military rates Switzerland (Franc)...... 0.9072 Euro costs (Oct. 23) ...... $1.16 Thailand (Baht) ...... 31.31 Dollar buys (Oct. 23)...... €0.8231 Turkey (Lira) ...... 7.9287 British pound (Oct. 23) ...... $1.28 Associated Press (Military exchange rates are those services started to challenge Net- reach viewers, despite a 90-day Japanese yen (Oct. 23) ...... 103.00 available to customers at military banking South Korean won (Oct. 23) ...... 1,105.00 flix over the past few years, most free trial, as short videos abound Commercial rates facilities in the country of issuance Short-video app Quibi said it for Japan, South Korea, Germany, the of which were part of much big- on the internet and the coronavi- Bahrain (Dinar) ...... 0.3770 Netherlands and the United Kingdom. For is shutting down just six months British pound ...... $1.3103 ger tech and entertainment com- rus pandemic kept many people nonlocal currency exchange rates (i.e., after its early April launch, hav- Canada (Dollar) ...... 1.3155 purchasing British pounds in Germany), panies, like Apple and Disney. at home. Part of the appeal of China (Yuan) ...... 6.6828 ing struggled to find customers. check with your local military banking Quibi, short for “quick bites,” the service, which started at $5 Denmark (Krone) ...... 6.2931 The company said Wednesday Egypt (Pound) ...... 15.7291 facility. Commercial rates are interbank that it would wind down its opera- raised $1.75 billion from inves- a month, was supposed to be that Euro ...... $1.1823/0.8458 rates provided for reference when buying tors including Hollywood players you could watch short videos Hong Kong (Dollar) ...... 7.7504 currency. All figures are foreign currencies tions and plans to sell its assets. to one dollar, except for the British pound, Disney, NBCUniversal and Via- while out, without access to a TV. Hungary (Forint) ...... 308.45 “Quibi is not succeeding,” its top Israel (Shekel) ...... 3.3821 which is represented in dollars-to-pound, executives bluntly declared in a com and its leadership were big Being stuck at home made TV Japan (Yen) ...... 104.72 and the euro, which is dollars-to-euro.) letter posted online. names: entertainment industry more desirable than watching on Kuwait (Dinar) ...... 0.3057 INTEREST RATES Norway (Krone) ...... 9.2348 The video platform — designed heavyweight Jeffrey Katzenberg a phone, and Quibi only later and Philippines (Peso)...... 48.63 Prime rate ...... 3.25 for people who were out and about and former Hewlett-Packard slowly rolled out TV options. Kat- Poland (Zloty) ...... 3.88 Discount rate ...... 0.75 Saudi Arabia (Riyal) ...... 3.7506 Federal funds market rate ...... 0.08 to watch on their phones — was CEO Meg Whitman. zenberg blamed the pandemic for Singapore (Dollar) ...... 1.3569 3-month bill ...... 0.10 one of a slew of new streaming But the service struggled to Quibi’s woes. South Korea (Won) ...... 1,135.72 30-year bond ...... 1.62 WEATHER OUTLOOK FRIDAY IN THE MIDDLE EAST FRIDAY IN EUROPE SATURDAY IN THE PACIFIC

Misawa 57/48 Kabul 79/47 Seoul 57/39 Baghdad 96/64 Kandahar 74/45 Osan Tokyo Mildenhall/ Drawsko 58/42 66/54 Lakenheath Pomorskie Busan 57/45 60/49 62/46 Iwakuni 66/48 Kuwait Bahrain Zagan Sasebo City 92/77 Brussels 62/55 Guam 98/70 63/50 Ramstein 66/55 85/78 Lajes, 59/50 Riyadh Doha Azores Stuttgart Pápa 91/57 95/78 70/64 59/52 66/45 Aviano/ Vicenza 63/53

Naples 71/52 Okinawa Morón 73/70 68/54 Sigonella Rota 78/53 The weather is provided by the Djibouti Souda Bay American Forces Network Weather Center, 93/81 68/59 72/61 2nd Weather Squadron at Offutt Air Force Base, Neb.

T O D A Y IN STRIPES American Roundup ..13 Comics ...... 15 Crossword ...... 15 Faces ...... 14 Opinion ...... 16-17 Sports ...... 18-24 Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 3 MILITARY Airman’s sexual abuse post gets high-rank notice

BY SETH ROBSON of all Airmen, and her interest in Stars and Stripes Airman 1st Class Figueroa’s situ- ation is no exception,” a Pacific TOKYO — The chief master Air Forces spokesperson, Sgt. sergeant of the Air Force has Renae Rittman, wrote Thursday reached out to a female airman in an email to Stars and Stripes. in Japan who said on Instagram Figueroa told Stars and Stripes that she experienced sexual ha- that she wanted to talk Oct. 16 via rassment and retaliation. an Instagram message but did Airman 1st Class Sarah not respond to subsequent emails Figueroa posted her claims Oct. and messages. 14 along with a photograph of In follow-up Instagram posts, herself in uniform that tagged Figueroa said she wasn’t trying President Donald Trump, Sen. ALEXANDER WILLIAMS/U.S. Navy to defame the Air Force or the Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and numer- military. Capt. Brett Crozier addresses his USS Theodore Roosevelt crew in January. Crozier was relieved of ous media outlets. “For now I will be taking some command April 2 after his pleas for help responding to the coronavirus pandemic appeared in the news. “My name is Sarah Figueroa personal time and will be staying and i am a victim of sexual ha- off social media for a while,” she rassment in the air force,” she wrote. “It isn’t easy to have my wrote. The post claims she was life on display but this needed to Removal of fired Roosevelt chief’s sexually harassed by a coworker be done, not only for myself but at Misawa Air Base, an instal- for the countless others that are lation in northeast Japan that’s in this same or worse situation.” name from plaque causes uproar home to the 35th Fighter Wing Pacific Air Forces has been and about 5,700 U.S. personnel. looking into Figueroa’s posts, BY CAITLIN DOORNBOS a directed removal,” Keeler wrote Crozier commanded the air- “Since i reported this, i’ve the public affairs office wrote Stars and Stripes on the original Junior Officer Pro- craft carrier when it diverted to faced retaliation in ways you in an Oct. 16 email to Stars and tection Association Facebook post wouldn’t believe. The retaliation Guam on March 26 to deal with Stripes. Whoever removed Capt. Brett drawing attention to the missing has even reached a point of ‘mis- a coronavirus outbreak that ul- “We take allegations like this Crozier’s nameplate aboard the nameplate. “We think someone takes’ being made for my career timately resulted in more than seriously and are dedicated to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore took it as a souvenir.” 1,150 positive cases. Modly re- development,” she wrote without Roosevelt set off a social media About eight hours later, Kee- providing details. safety and well-being of all of our moved Crozier from command Airmen,” the message said. “An storm this week. ler posted an updated photo of on April 2 after a letter Cro- “Last week, i was followed Crozier steered the carrier investigation into those claims the plaque, now featuring a new zier emailed his Navy superiors (while driving) by the airman who through a coronavirus episode in was done by the Airman’s chain nameplate for Crozier; two new pleading for help surfaced in the sexually harassed and i feared for March that ended with then-Navy of command. Equal Opportunity plates for his predecessor and San Francisco Chronicle. my life,” she continued. Secretary Thomas Modly reliev- Figueroa said she reported the office was made aware and pro- successor, Capt. Carlos Sardiel- Crozier’s firing was unpopular ing him of command. Crozier’s lo; and one for the current com- incident to military police and vided subject matter expertise on with much of the carrier’s crew. firing elicited an immediate back- mander, Capt. Eric Anduze, along her chain of command but that the matter.” Sailors shared to social media vid- lash felt from the carrier deck to with corrected service dates. her commander said it was coin- Earlier this year, a memo to eos of Roosevelt crew members Capitol Hill. “Done. (Until someone else cidence that her alleged harass- airmen and space professionals Many commenters on Face- decides they want a ‘souvenir,’)” cheering and chanting Crozier’s er drove behind her on a small from Air Force Secretary Barba- book assumed a vindictive move Keeler captioned the photo. name the night he left the carrier installation. ra Barrett, then-Air Force Chief on someone’s part when Crozier’s Roosevelt spokeswoman Lt. for the final time. National news The Instagram post attracted of Staff Gen. David Goldfein and nameplate went missing from Cmdr. Jacqueline Pau told the picked up the story, along with an numerous comments, including Chief of Space Operations Gen. a plaque listing all the carrier’s Navy Times on Thursday that the audio recording of Modly deni- one from Chief Master Sgt. of John Raymond denounced inter- commanders past and present nameplate was removed because grating Crozier during a later ad- the Air Force JoAnne Bass, who personal violence and urged af- since 1986, but the carrier’s exec- the ship was in the process of up- dress aboard the carrier. Modly asked Figueroa to contact her via fected service members to ask for utive officer, Capt. Daniel Keeler, dating the commanding officers’ resigned shortly afterward. email. assistance, according to PACAF. settled for a less sinister motive. nameplates on the ceremonial [email protected] “The CMSAF deeply cares [email protected] “(Sigh) It’s getting fixed — not quarterdeck. Twitter: @CaitlinDoornbos about the safety and well-being Twitter: @SethRobson1 NCOs to rank assignment choices under new Army system

BY NORMAN LLAMAS chief at HRC, said in the statement. cycle, they will be allowed to open the mar- Stars and Stripes ‘ Don’t miss out on the In early October, thousands of enlisted ketplace to their promotable E-5s. soldiers received an email from the com- ASK-EM will cover five enlisted man- Noncommissioned officers will get to opportunity to influence mand, letting them know they will be par- ning cycles per year, compared with just rank their assignments by choice for the your future. ticipating in ASK-EM, which will support two for officers, allowing eventually for first time when the Army rolls out a new ’ interaction between the soldiers and their up to 35,000 NCOs to participate, the HRC preference system next month. Col. Bryan Harris branch talent managers. statement said. The newly introduced Assignment Sat- U.S. Army Soldiers may enter the site as many There were no plans announced to open isfaction Key—Enlisted Module applies the system to junior enlisted ranks. primarily to NCOs eligible in the ranks of times as they like during the roughly 30 days the marketplace is currently set to re- Harris urged all NCOs to take advantage staff sergeant through master sergeant for based on their knowledge, skills and pref- of the new assignment system. the 2021 enlisted manning cycle, the Ar- erences, HRC said. main open. While soldiers’ choices will be my’s Human Resources Command said in The new system was preceded by two considered, the Army’s readiness require- “If they don’t speak up, their assignment a statement earlier this month. pilot programs in June and September in- ments ultimately will remain a priority in manager will reassign them in accordance While officers have had a similar system volving a total of 1,700 NCOs. determining assignments, HRC said. with priorities and the needs of the Army,” of ranked choices in place since 2016, this “Seventy one percent of the NCOs par- Promotable E-5s will only be included he said in the statement. “Don’t miss out on is the first time it has been introduced for ticipated in the (pilot) process and 55 per- by Army branches based on the number of the opportunity to influence your future.” NCO ranks. It will allow them more input cent received one of their top five choices,” available E-6 slots they have. If a branch [email protected] into where they would like to be assigned Col. Bryan Harris, armor enlisted branch is short of E-6s during a specific manning Twitter: @normanllamas PAGE 4 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 MILITARY Military working dogs in Iraq get blood bank

BY CHAD GARLAND Stars and Stripes Military working dog handlers in Iraq have set up a “walking blood bank” for their four-legged partners who help secure bases, hunt explosives and assist in combat missions such as the raid that killed Islam- ic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last year. “The bank will allow for rapid treat- ment of injured working dogs,” Operation Inherent Resolve, the U.S.-led coalition battling ISIS in Iraq and Syria, tweeted Wednesday. Boni, Bubo and Rexo, all patrol explosive detector dogs at Al Asad Air Base, were among the pups who had their blood drawn and tested earlier this month to identify their blood types, online photos show. “This is the first time [Operation In- herent Resolve] has established a mobile blood bank for military working dogs … and multi-purpose canines,” said Army Col. Wayne Marotto, a coalition military spokesman. The canine blood bank was started in response to a policy the Army Medical Command surgeon general’s office issued that requires the service’s veterinarians to record blood types for all working dogs, Marotto said. For human casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military has long relied on “walking blood banks” in which ARMANDO VASQUEZ/U.S. Army prescreened donors can be called up to give blood at a medical facility in case of a Army Sgt. Anthony Catania, a military working dog handler with the K9 Task Force at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, embraces his patrol mass casualty event or a trauma patient in explosive detector dog, Boni, on Oct. 7. need of numerous transfusions. Blood loss is one of the top preventable Inherent Resolve did not have military some 50 missions. as high a body temperature as Cvoky, a causes of combat death. Earlier this year, canine casualty data, he said. But at least In Middle Eastern weather, the avail- military veterinarian said in a statement the Marine Corps also began testing a pro- two working dogs in the U.S. Central Com- ability of donor blood can also be critical after the incident. gram in the Middle East modeled on one mand area of operations were medically for dogs off the battlefield. In June, an Air In that case, a pint of blood from a Navy used by Army Rangers in Afghanistan last evacuated following injuries this year, in- Force pup named Cvoky was rushed by dog named Army helped save his life, the year that enables lifesaving transfusions cluding one from Iraq that suffered cardiac helicopter from Prince Sultan Air Base statement said. on the battlefield. arrest, according to military statements. in Saudi Arabia to Kuwait’s Camp Arifjan “We got the call that my dog, Army, The 994th Medical Detachment Vet- Military working dogs like Conan, a Bel- after its body temperature was nearly 110 might be a match,” it quoted dog handler erinary Services Support and medical gian Malinois who was wounded during degrees. personnel has set up emergency response the mission that killed Baghdadi last Octo- At 104 degrees, dogs begin suffering Petty Officer 2nd Class Sera Tamez as say- capabilities and trained health care pro- ber, are “critical members of our forces,” heat stroke, the Humane Society of the ing. “It feels really good to help one of our viders to ensure the animals receive “the U.S. Central Command boss Gen. Frank United States website says. Heat injuries own!” highest level of emergency care,” Marotto McKenzie said last year. Conan had ac- can cause internal organ damage and hem- [email protected] said. companied special operations troops on orrhage, and few dogs survive if they reach Twitter: @chadgarland Mold in Fort Bragg barracks forces troops to move Blast: NATO calls on Taliban to BY COREY DICKSTEIN problems including mold, infesta- Stars and Stripes ‘ Our soldiers are our most valuable asset, tions and disrepair in housing fa- cilities at posts worldwide. Most reduce violence WASHINGTON — Some 200 and it is our responsibility to protect their of those issues have been report- Fort Bragg soldiers were forced health and welfare. ed in on-post family housing units after latest attack from their barracks this month ’ run by private companies, but the after mold was found in two Maj. Gen. John Brennan Commander of 1st Special Forces Command Army has also signaled it plans to FROM FRONT PAGE buildings housing troops with the make major improvements to its 528th Special Operations Sustain- “I am specifically asking the about 6,700 barracks facilities. ment Brigade on the Army post in Taliban to bring down the vio- L ast week, Sg t . M aj. of t he A r my , service officials lence and it can’t be one-sided; all bility to protect their health and condition systems was first re- Michael Grinston, the service’s said Thursday. sides need to bring it down,” he welfare,” Maj. Gen. John Bren- ported by a soldier through an top enlisted soldier, announced An air-quality inspection by told the BBC. nan, the commander of 1st Spe- online tool 1st Special Forces the Army will seek about $9.6 bil- Fort Bragg’s Department of Pub- Elsewhere in the country, offi- cial Forces Command, said in a Command leaders set up to allow cials in the northern province of lic Works was conducted Oct. 10 lion for repairs and construction prepared statement. “This issue their troops to anonymously re- Takhar said 12 people, including after a soldier’s report of mold led of Army barracks during the next has the full attention of our en- port grievances, ask questions or children, were killed in an air- 1st Special Forces Command lead- decade. tire command team, and we are share ideas. strike by government forces on a ers to order the troops out of the But Grinston also said soldiers continuing to work with DPW to Lessard said officials issued a had the responsibility to ensure religious school. two impacted barracks buildings, The airstrike, which Kabul according to Maj. Dan Lessard, resolve these issues as soon as “short notice” alert to the troops their living quarters were main- possible.” to move to alternate lodging “be- tained. If there were a problem claimed killed Taliban fighters, a spokesman for the command was launched after militants The displaced soldiers were cause the command team con- in his housing, he said, he would that oversees the 528th Special ambushed and killed at least 37 moved to other units’ barracks on cluded after conducting leader Operations Sustainment Brigade. demand it be fixed. government troops, Reuters news Lessard said as of Thursday that post or hotels in the area. Lessard walk-throughs and air-quality “We have to demand the same agency said. none of the affected soldiers had said only 18 soldiers remained in surveys that the conditions war- thing in our barracks,” he said. A spokesman for the provin- displayed illnesses or other issues off-post hotels of the 103 that were ranted immediate action.” “You have to do your part to main- cial governor, Mohammad Jawad related to the mold, but officials initially placed in them on Oct. Military housing has been a tain the barracks … If something Hijri, said a religious iman and were continuing to monitor their 10. He said the Army expected to hot-button issue for leaders in is not right, demand — not just students were killed in the attack health. find barracks on Fort Bragg for the Army and other services in ask — demand that we fix it.” while 14 others were wounded. “Our soldiers are our most valu- those soldiers by the weekend. recent years as they have worked [email protected] [email protected] able asset, and it is our responsi- The mold in heating and air to address wide-spread reports of Twitter: @CDicksteinDC Twitter: @jplawrence3 Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 5 MILITARY 2 DODEA Tokyo train schedule schools to changes will affect reopen soon Stars and Stripes KAISERSLAUTERN, Germa- ny — Two more schools overseen US service members by the Department of Defense Ed- ucation Activity-Europe will soon BY HANA KUSUMOTO running earlier each night. return to in-person instruction. Stars and Stripes The Ome and Takasaki lines At the U.S. Navy base in Bah- will be most affected; their last rain, classes will resume for TOKYO — Service members trains will depart 37 minutes ear- grades nine to 12 at Bahrain wanting to catch the last train lier than now, according to the JR School on Sunday, the start of the to Fussa, near the home of U.S. East news release. school week there, DODEA-Eu- Forces Japan in western Tokyo, The rail lines are a staple form rope spokesman Stephen Smith will have to depart a bit earlier of travel in and around Tokyo said. starting in spring. for all U.S. personnel, and some Elementary and middle school Seventeen lines will stop oper- bases are close to stops on JR students at the base returned to school in late September. ating each day as much as nearly East rail lines. The Ome line, for Ankara Middle/High School in 40 minutes earlier to allow more example, stops at Fussa city, near Turkey will begin in-person in- time for repairs and mainte- Yokota Air Base, and Yokosuka nance, according to a new release struction for grades six to 12 on Naval Base is close to Yokosuka Monday, Smith said. Wednesday from East Japan Rail- THERON GODBOLD/Stars and Stripes Station on Yokosuka line. Both Ankara and Bahrain’s way Co., also known as JR East. Changes to schedules will vary, Passengers ride an Ome line train near Yokota Air Base, Japan, on high school have been conducting Fewer riders on late-night according to JR East. The last Thursday. classes through remote learning trains because of the coronavirus train bound for Mitake or Okuta- since the start of the school year pandemic also contributed to the ma on the Ome line will depart 37 ers will be able to make connec- last train to stations on the Ome due to the local coronavirus risk schedule change, according to a minutes earlier, for example. tions to local lines at shinkansen line between Nishi-Tachikawa level. At Bahrain, staffing levels Kyodo News report. However, the last train from stations such as Tokyo, Shinaga- and Ome. have also been a problem. The final schedule, detailed Tachikawa to Haijima will leave wa and Shin-Yokohama. The commuter rail network last Sevilla Elementary/Middle timetable and starting date will 22 minutes earlier at 12:21 a.m., However, the schedule change trimmed its schedule for so many School at Moron Air Base, Spain, be announced in December, JR rather than the current 12:43 a.m. means some connections will be trains in the Tokyo metropoli- will continue remote instruction East said. departure time, according to the out of reach for some late-night until further notice, Smith said. tan area 33 years ago, the Asahi In addition to the Ome line, the release. travelers, according to the rail- The installation is in the highest Chuo, Yokosuka, Yokohama, Ya- Shinkansen, or bullet trains, and way. For example, travelers ar- newspaper reported Thursday. health protection condition level, manote, Tokaido, Keihin Tohoku, limited express services won’t be riving on the bullet train at 11:38 [email protected] HPCON Charlie, due to the high Negishi and Nambu lines will stop affected, the release said. Travel- p.m. at Shinagawa will miss the Twitter: @HanaKusumoto coronavirus risk in Spain. PAGE 6 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 MILITARY NATO OKs space center to protect sky, sea

BY JOHN VANDIVER the mission develops. Stars and Stripes Space operations have taken on greater importance for the NATO defense ministers offi- U.S., which is concerned about cially agreed Thursday to launch the ability of Russia and China a new space center at Ramstein to jam GPS communication satel- Air Base, where more personnel lites or use ground-based missiles will likely be added as allies seek that can intercept and destroy to better protect military assets satellites. in orbit and elsewhere. Meanwhile, there are other NATO Secretary-General Jens vulnerabilities that have allies Stoltenberg said the space cen- concerned, including those of ter, which falls under NATO’s air undersea cable networks. Mili- command at Ramstein, will coor- tary officials have in recent years dinate space activities and share noted increased Russian under- communication and satellite im- sea activity and raised the pos- agery with member states. sibility that Moscow could seek The overall aim is to “protect to damage cable networks in a allied space systems by shar- potential conflict. ing information about potential Stoltenberg didn’t address threats,” Stoltenberg said. Defense Secretary Mark Esper Russia specifically but did say and other NATO defense min- allies are taking a closer look at isters met virtually Thursday undersea network security. The for the start of two days of talks cables transmit the vast major- largely focused on making sen- ity of global communication data, sitive infrastructure — in space something international markets and undersea — more secure. rely heavily on, Stoltenberg said. “The challenge is serious and “I think it is important to ad- growing,” Stoltenberg said, add- dress this,” Stoltenberg said. ing that the new center will build The array of cables are private- upon capabilities already in place ly owned, but their locations are at the NATO air command head- publicly known, which “makes /AP quarters. It’s not clear how many them potentially vulnerable,” CTK, ROMAN VONDROUS personnel will be added to the Stoltenberg said. Czech soldiers prepares equipment in a field hospital, which will function as a backup device for patients growing mission, but the num- [email protected] with coronavirus, in the Letnany neighbourhood at the Prague outskirts, Czech Republic, on Thursday. bers are expected to increase as Twitter: @john_vandiver NATO, EU health workers to help Czech Republic amid virus surge

Associated Press armed forces have been building at Prague’s exhibi- tion ground for 500 patients. PRAGUE — The Czech government has approved a plan for up to 300 military health personnel from The first group of 28 National Guard doctors from NATO and EU countries to come to the Czech Repub- the United States is scheduled to arrive in the coun- lic to help treat the influx of coronavirus patients. ty next week. The day-to-day increase of new coronavirus in- The government is acquiring 600 ventilators fections soared to almost 15,000 on Wednesday. It and other medical equipment needed at intensive is almost 3,000 more than the previous record set a care units. Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar says NATO will send another 60 ventilators. NATO day earlier. Parliamentary approval is still needed for the The Czech Republic has been facing a surge for NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and General Tod D. plan because they are members of foreign armed two months and a third of the cases have been re- Wolters, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, greet each other at forces. They will help their Czech colleagues at corded in the last seven days. It has a total of 208,915 NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday. Prague’s military hospital and at a field hospital the confirmed cases and 1,739 deaths. Army adding $190M expansion to Germany training area

BY IMMANUEL JOHNSON stages, was in the works before President in use since the 1950s, he said. Stars and Stripes Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to Construction, which will focus on the draw up plans to reduce troop numbers in Camp Aachen and Camp Normandy areas, GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The Germany by 12,000, Wrenn said. will begin in fiscal year 2022 and take 10 to Army has announced a $190 million proj- The Army has said it will proceed with 12 years to complete, Wrenn said. ect to expand its training area at Grafen- the Grafenwoehr expansion as the Penta- The project is one of two major initiatives woehr in southern Germany, even as the gon works through details of the troop re- announced in recent weeks to upgrade Pentagon moves forward with plans to duction in Germany. The training area in facilities at Grafenwoehr. The German withdraw troops from the country, U.S. Bavaria wasn’t tapped for closure when the Armed Forces said earlier this month it is Army Garrison Bavaria said. launching a multiyear, $141 million project The expansion would establish an “oper- Defense Department outlined preliminary to construct 25 buildings in the Camp Nor- ational readiness training complex” at the plans in the summer for how and where the Grafenwoehr Training Area, which U.S. drawdown might occur. mandy part of the training area. The new troops based in Germany and elsewhere in “We will continue to move forward on buildings will replace outdated facilities Europe visit for major combat drills. projects that Congress has directed us to used by German troops and will help ad- The complex will include new bar- complete,” Wrenn said. dress an accommodation shortage caused racks, dining facilities, a fitness center and The construction project will improve by increased troop rotations, Lt. Col. Flo- other support buildings to accommodate living conditions for troops as they train rian Rommel, commander of the German GERTRUD ZACH/U.S. Army the greater number of U.S. soldiers who at Grafenwoehr, contributing “to our pri- training area at the site, said at the time. are expected to rotate through the area mary mission of strengthening security That project will be funded entirely by The construction site for the future for training, garrison spokesman Donald throughout the region,” he said. Germany, he said. Training Support Center Grafenwoehr Wrenn said. Some of the buildings that will be re- [email protected] building, at Grafenwoehr Training Area, The project, which is still in the early placed by the new construction have been Twitter: @Manny_Stripes Germany, on Aug. 6. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 7 MILITARY Explicit tweets spark Fort Bragg uproar

BY STEVE BEYNON of an investigation into yester- tos on OnlyFans, a subscription- way,” Buccino said. ed a TikTok video of him using Stars and Stripes day’s incident regarding inappro- based pornographic website. The lewd comments posted to racial slurs and issuing threats of priate tweets on the Fort Bragg In one case, the @FtBraggNC Fort Bragg’s account follow other shooting Chinese people when he WASHINGTON — On Wednes- Twitter account, an administrator account commented on the physi- recent controversies over social de-ploys with the fleet. day, Fort Bragg said its Twitter for the account identified himself cal attributes of the woman. In media posts by troops. Fort Bragg has roughly 57,000 account was hacked. By Thurs- as the source of the tweets,” Col. another tweet, sexual acts were In September, the Army sus- military personnel and is the day, the Army changed its story Joseph Buccino, a spokesman for discussed. pended 2nd Lt. Nathan Freihofer home of the 82nd Airborne Divi- on how lewd comments to a porno- the XVIII Airborne Corps, which The comments were deleted from his duties at Fort Stewart, sion, the XVIII Airborne Corps, graphic model were posted. is based at Fort Bragg, said in a after about 30 minutes, and a Ga., and launched an investigation 1st Special Forces Command, and A spokesman at Fort Bragg, statement. statement from officials was then into a post he made on TikTok. the . N.C., said Thursday that someone An Army official who spoke tweeted from the Fort Bragg ac- In the short video, Freihofer The Washington Post reported with official access to the Army on the condition of anonymity count that stated it had been com- said he would never become a the woman at the center of the con- post’s account was the culprit in said Thursday afternoon that the promised. Fort Bragg’s account “verified” user because of the troversy, who identifies herself as a series of explicit tweets posted person is a public affairs civilian has been removed from Twitter. content that he shares, before Quinn Finite online, Wednesday Wednesday after offering the ex- employee. It was unclear Thursday what telling his so-called joke about offered a 50% military discount planation later Wednesday that The civilian worker had post- consequences the civilian em- the Holocaust and Jewish people. on her OnlyFans account. the account was hacked. ed several lewd comments to a ployee will face. Earlier this month, Marine [email protected] “This morning, at the initiation woman who displays nude pho- “Appropriate action is under- Corps Pfc. Jarrett Morford post- Twitter: @StevenBeynon North: Most experts say ‘strategic patience’ policy is no longer viable

FROM FRONT PAGE pected to seek a return to a reliance on The North agreed to “work toward the allies and working-level talks if he wins, complete denuclearization of the Korean saying that he wouldn’t meet with Kim Peninsula” during Kim’s first summit with until diplomats from both sides hammer Trump in June 2018 in Singapore. But the out a draft agreement. sides subsequently failed to agree on how But most experts agreed a return to to accomplish that, with Kim demanding President ’s policy of “stra- extensive sanctions relief in exchange for tegic patience,” which relied on pressuring incremental disarmament steps. the North and its ally China with sanctions, Amid the stalemate, North Korea has is not in the cards. advanced its missiles and delivery systems “Strategic patience didn’t work so Biden while stopping short of a long-range mis- can’t totally go back, but his new policy sile test that Trump has signaled would be won’t be that much different,” Park Won- a red line. gon, a professor of international politics at CHRIS CHURCH/U.S. Navy A Trump win would likely mean a return Handong Global University, said in a re- to the fitful diplomatic efforts that charac- cent telephone interview. Then-Vice President Joe Biden points out an area of North Korea to his granddaughter, terized his first term, according to David Obama began his presidency declaring Finnegan Biden, during a visit to the Demilitarized Zone on Dec.7, 2013. Maxwell, a senior fellow at the Foundation American would “extend a hand” to old ad- for Defense of Democracies, a Washington, versaries, including North Korea, willing gagement to discourage bad behavior. Relations. D.C., think tank. to “unclench” their fists. “But it’s, I think, from a disarmament “The next U.S. administration has to re- “I think President Trump’s unconven- North Korea responded within months perspective hard to see this leader and sume negotiations with North Korea, like it tional, experimental, top-down, pen-pal by firing a long-range missile and conduct- this regime completely accepting nuclear or not, to protect its security interests,” he diplomacy will continue,” Maxwell said ing its second nuclear test in 2009. disarmament because it is their survival added, advising whoever wins not to waste Wednesday in an email. The communist state ramped up tests in card,” she added. “So, I think it’s more of a too much time on policy reviews. “My concern is that he could make a Trump’s first year in office, culminating risk management in my view, realistically, “We need to freeze North Korea’s exist- deal that would be counter to all the advice with a suspected hydrogen bomb and an even though we should keep disarmament ing nuclear and ballistic missile programs of his national security team that would in- ICBM fired toward the waters off Japan in out there as the long-term goal.” capabilities,” Paik said, calling that an “ur- volve some kind of trade of U.S. troops for a 2017 while the U.S. and North Korean lead- The standoff hasn’t featured much on gent first step” toward denuclearization. reduction in the North’s ICBM and nuclear ers traded threats and personal insults. a campaign trail that has been overshad- Jessica Lee, a senior research fellow at capabilities,” he added. Many pundits have called for a new ap- owed by the coronavirus pandemic, racial the Washington, D.C.-based Quincy Insti- proach to North Korea policy, including tensions and other domestic woes. tute for Responsible Statecraft, urged Biden A new approach possible acceptance of the communist state But North Korea has a pattern of con- to embrace diplomacy if he’s elected. as a de facto nuclear power. ducting provocations to force itself onto the “President Donald Trump deserves Biden, meanwhile, accused Trump of Michelle Flournoy, a former defense ad- U.S. agenda. credit for doing what no sitting American making the United States less secure by viser under Obama who reportedly could president has done before — meet with the embracing “all the thugs of the world,” in- be a candidate for defense secretary in a Embracing diplomacy North Korean leader,” she said in an email. cluding Kim and Russian President Vladi- Biden administration, echoed that idea in “If Biden were elected president, he should mir Putin, during a televised town hall last a Sept. 30 video interview with Defense “North Korea knows very well that if take full advantage of the diplomatic open- week. News. there’s anything that can make the United ing by declaring the Korean War over “You have Iran closer to having enough “This is a really hard problem that many, States come to the negotiation table that’s and moving toward establishing a peace nuclear material to build a bomb. North many administrations of all different po- nuclear weapons and ICBMs,” Haksoon regime that addresses the use of nuclear Korea has more bombs and missiles avail- litical stripes have tried to deal with,” she Paik, the president of South Korea’s Se- weapons on the Korean Peninsula.” able to it,” he said. said, calling for a layered approach includ- jong Institute, said during a virtual meet- [email protected] The former vice president is widely ex- ing defenses, deterrent measures and en- ing this week with the Council on Foreign Twitter: @kimgamel PAGE 8 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 PACIFIC Patriot Express to test randomly for virus

BY WYATT OLSON pandemic began this spring, with on space-available seats were in- airports in the continental U.S. masks, for example. The study Stars and Stripes more than 221,000 deaths. With stituted in March due to the virus is scheduled to begin in a phased also did not consider risks of expo- tens of thousands of new cases and remain in place. manner starting next month.” sure while passengers are in ter- Passengers boarding Patriot reported in the U.S. each day, “The Department of Defense Passengers should be prepared minals and boarding channels. Express flights departing from the nation is by some metrics the is aggressively working to keep to check in earlier because of the The Air Force is in the process -Tacoma and Baltimore- hardest hit in the world. passengers safe and help mitigate onsite testing, she said. of implementing a servicewide Washington international air- Many new infections reported the spread of COVID-19 on Patri- A Defense Department study “sentinel surveillance strategy” ports will be subject to random by U.S. military installations ot Express flights by developing released last week found that with the goal of randomly testing testing for the coronavirus begin- in Japan and South Korea have a plan for rapid, on-site testing,” passengers wearing face masks Air and Space Force active-duty ning Oct. 30. come from newly arrived person- Capt. Nicole Ferrara, a spokes- had a very low chance of becom- and civilian personnel to identify The rapid, onsite tests are in- nel from the United States. person for the Air Mobility Com- ing infected with the coronavi- pockets of the coronavirus before tended to abate the spread of Patriot Express — also called mand, said in a written statement rus through the air while aboard it has the chance to spread. COVID-19, the disease caused by the Rotator or Cat B — is the De- to Stars and Stripes. crowded commercial airliners. Air Force Materiel Command the virus, according to an adviso- fense Department’s contracted Air Mobility Command has Tests conducted using mask- ry issued Friday by the Air Force commercial charter flight sys- oversight of the charter system. wearing mannequins “breath- began a phased roll-out of testing Installation and Mission Support tem used by service members “On-site testing will give the ing” out simulated virus particles Oct. 1 beginning with Edwards Center. and their families for official in- traveler, the DoD and others in- found that 99.99% of those parti- Air Force Base, Calif.; Eglin Air Anyone testing positive will not ternational travel. Unfilled seats creased confidence that passen- cles were scrubbed from the cabin Force Base, Fla.; Hanscom Air be allowed to take the flight, the are provided on a standby basis gers meet all requirements for within six minutes of release. Force Base, Mass.; and Hill Air advisory said. to certain qualifying veterans, safe travel into and out of allied The study, however, did not Force Base, Utah. The testing is The United States has had retirees and federal employees countries,” Ferrara said. “The explore risks to passengers from voluntary. more than 8 million confirmed under what is called space-avail- purchase of test equipment is un- larger droplets, the kind that can [email protected] coronavirus infections since the able travel. Restrictions placed derway, and testing at departure be spread while eating without Twitter: @WyattWOlson South Korea sees triple-digit rise in coronavirus cases

Stars and Stripes release. The other three traveled on commercial aircraft that landed at SEOUL, South Korea — South Incheon International Airport on Oct. Korea reported 121 new coronavirus 18 and 19. cases on Thursday, the first triple- The command has implemented a digit increase in a week, while seven strict testing and two-week quaran- more American troops tested positive tine process to prevent the virus from after flying to the peninsula from the spreading in local communities. United States. Four service members received The South has seen its caseload de- positive results on the initial test re- cline in recent weeks, prompting local quired shortly after arrival, while and military authorities to ease re- strictions aimed at slowing the spread three initially tested negative but of the respiratory virus. However, were positive on a subsequent test health authorities continued to ex- after entering quarantine, USFK said. press concern about cluster outbreaks It said the seven patients were trans- and imported cases, including U.S. ferred to an isolation facility designat- Forces Korea personnel. ed for coronavirus patients on Camp The latest arrivals raised the total Humphreys. number of confirmed cases affiliated The overall spike reported Thurs- with USFK to 238. day, which officials said was driven Only 26 of those were contracted by infections at elderly care centers locally. and other medical facilities, raised Four of the infected service mem- South Korea’s total to 25,543, with 453 MATTHEW KEELER/Stars and Stripes bers arrived on government-char- deaths, according to the Korea Dis- tered flights at Osan Air Base on Oct. ease Control and Prevention Agency. A child wears his mask while browsing local shops with his mother outside Osan Air Base, 5, 9, 17 and 19, according to a press [email protected] South Korea, on Tuesday. DODEA school at Yokota Air Base announces coronavirus infection

BY JOSEPH DITZLER the base Facebook page. The base health authorities, according to Misawa Air Base,” according to a sought medical attention and AND AYA ICHIHASHI last reported three new coronavi- Leverette’s letter and a Facebook message on the base website. tested positive the same day, the Stars and Stripes rus cases on Oct. 2, all new arriv- post by Yokota Air Base. On Okinawa, the Navy placed spokesman told Stars and Stripes. als to Japan. Tokyo reported 185 new coro- neighboring islands Ishigaki and Another worker who had close TOKYO — The U.S. military Students and their families navirus cases Thursday, accord- Miyako off-limits to its personnel contact was also quarantined, the in Japan announced one new deemed a contact risk will be no- ing to public broadcaster NHK. “due to a recent rise in coronavi- spokesman said. Both employees coronavirus case Thursday at the tified by public health authorities, The Tokyo Metropolitan Govern- rus cases,” according to a Face- worked on a boat and had no con- Defense Department high school Leverette wrote Thursday. “If ment has reported 29,335 corona- book post. tact with U.S. military personnel, at Yokota Air Base in western you are not contacted by public virus cases during the pandemic, On Ishigaki, a cluster at Kari- the spokesman said. Tokyo. health officials, you have not been of which more than 27,000 have yushi hospital resulted in 33 Government officials in Japan The patient is “a member of our deemed to have been in close con- recovered. Another 439 have patients and hospital workers often speak on condition of ano- Yokota High School family,” ac- tact,” the letter said. died, according to metro govern- testing positive, according to the nymity as a condition of their cording to a letter to families and Students returned to class- ment data. hospital website. The cases on employment. school staff from Principal Mar- rooms at Yokota when the new Also Thursday, two U.S. mili- Miyako were traced to bars and Okinawa prefecture announced ian Leverette. school year started Aug. 24. tary installations placed parts of restaurants, according to the pre- 38 new coronavirus cases and She wrote that depending upon Classes were not interrupted Japan off-limits to their person- fectural website. one death Thursday due to coro- the results of contact tracing, Thursday, according to an email nel due to a rising number of in- Also Thursday, a spokesman navirus complications, a prefec- “some of our students (and fam- from Miranda Ferguson, spokes- fections in those areas. for the Okinawa Defense Bu- tural health official told Stars and ily members) may be quaran- woman for the Department of De- At Misawa Air Base in northern reau said a Japanese worker at Stripes. tined and will be transitioned to fense Education Activity, Pacific Japan, the western portion of Ao- the Camp Schwab construction Okinawa has reported 3,051 remote learning for the length of Region. mori prefecture is now off-limits site tested positive for the virus cases of the coronavirus and 57 the quarantine.” The school will be thoroughly to U.S. military personnel, civil- on Sunday. The Marine Corps is deaths during the pandemic. Yokota is the home of U.S. cleaned and disinfected accord- ian employees, family members, building a new airfield there to [email protected] Forces Japan, the 5th Air Force ing to guidelines set by the Cen- contractors, Japanese employees, relocate Marine Corps Air Sta- Twitter: @JosephDitzler and the 374th Airlift Wing. It has ters for Disease Control and Defense Department retirees tion Futenma. [email protected] just one active case, according to Prevention and military public and “any other persons accessing The man in his 50s felt ill, Twitter: @AyaIchihashi Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 9 VIRUS OUTBREAK CDC redefines close contact

BY MIKE STOBBE prisoners wore masks, but there Associated Press were encounters in cell doorways or in a recreational room where NEW YORK — U.S. health offi- prisoners did not have them on, cials Wednesday redefined what the report said. counts as close contact with some- An investigation that reviewed one with COVID-19 to include video footage concluded the briefer but repeated encounters. guard’s brief interactions totaled For months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 17 minutes during an 8-hour said close contact meant spending shift. a solid 15 minutes within 6 feet of The report didn’t identify the someone who tested positive for prison, but Vermont officials said coronavirus. On Wednesday, the that in late July, six inmates test- MICHAEL PROBST/AP CDC changed it to a total of 15 ed positive when they arrived at A man holds a sign leading the way to a COVID-19 test center at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, on minutes or more — so shorter but the Marble Valley Correctional Thursday. repeated contacts that add up to Facility in Rutland. 15 minutes over a 24-hour period In a statement, CDC officials now count. said the case again highlights the The CDC advises anyone who importance of wearing masks to German disease control center has been in close contact with a prevent transmission, and that COVID-19 patient to quarantine the agency’s guidance can change for two weeks. as new information comes in. urges vigilance as cases rise The change may prompt health “As we get more data and un- departments to do contact tracing derstand this COVID, we’re going Associated Press in cases where an exposure might to continue to incorporate that in The country had a nationwide — which has been widely praised infection rate of 56.2 new cases previously have been considered our recommendations,” CDC Di- BERLIN — The head of Ger- for effectively slowing the virus’s per 100,000 residents over the too brief, said Dr. William Schaff- rector Robert Redfield said at a many’s disease control center spread at the outset of the pan- past week. Some hot spots, includ- ner, a Vanderbilt University in- press conference in Atlanta. urged people on Thursday to be demic — is still doing better than fectious diseases expert. ing several districts of the capital, The CDC also says close contact vigilant about following corona- most of its neighbors in Europe. It also serves notice that the had rates well over double that. can include hugging and kissing, virus precautions as the country The country’s three-point strat- coronavirus can spread more “We have to assume that the sharing eating or drinking uten- posted a record number of new egy of “contain, protect, mitigate” easily than many people realize, cases, saying a rapid increase in number of serious cases will in- to quickly track outbreaks, main- sils with someone infected and crease, and that the number of he added. infections could be reversed, but tain hygiene and safety rules, and The definition change was trig- providing home care to someone dead will also rise,” Wieler said. only if everyone works together. effectively treat infections needs gered by a report on th e case of a who is sick. Someone sneezing or He dismissed the idea that Robert Koch Institute Presi- the public’s help to continue suc- 20-year-old Vermont correctional coughing on you also counts. dent Lothar Wieler said the daily more testing is behind the higher ceeding, he said. officer, who was diagnosed with a The risk of spread is considered number of confirmed cases hit numbers, saying Germany has coronavirus infection in August. to be lower outdoors, but the CDC 11,287, the first time Germany’s carried out around 1 million tests “We have a good strategy in The guard, who wore a mask and guidance update “makes scientif- 24-hour tally has been over the a week for some time and has seen Germany that we have followed goggles, had multiple brief en- ic sense,” said Dr. Michael Saag, 10,000 mark since the beginning the rate of positive results jump to from the beginning,” Wieler counters with six transferred pris- an infectious disease researcher of the pandemic and shattering more than 3% now from less than said. “We are all affected by this oners before test results showed at the University of Alabama at the previous daily record of 7,830 1% at the beginning of August. pandemic, and we can only get they were positive. At times, the Birmingham. set on Saturday. Wieler did note that Germany through it together.” Pandemic relief faces uncertainty, closing window in postelection session

Associated Press wedge between the president and At issue is a huge virus re- nell, R-Ky., has warned the White ployment insurance benefit and his fellow Republicans. lief bill that would send another House against sealing a $2 tril- more subsidies for businesses es- WASHINGTON — Negotia- lion or so relief deal with Pelosi tions on a COVID-19 relief bill are No one knows if Election Day $1,200 direct payment to most pecially hard hit by pandemic-re- before the election. inching forward, but it’s clear the will bring much more clarity. Americans, restart bonus unem- lated downturns and closures. It window for action before the Nov. “I’m never very optimistic ployment benefits, fund addition- “Let’s keep working so that we does not include the $1,200 direct 3 election is closing and the issue about the lame duck and I’ve al testing and vaccines, provide can do it after the election,” Pe- payments that are so important to will be tossed to a postelection never been surprised,” said Sen. aid to schools and allocate money losi said Wednesday on MSNBC. Trump. lame-duck session of Congress. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. “You don’t get to states and local governments, a “We obviously want to have a Trump has said that if he wins The only thing that seems cer- near as much done as you think Democratic priority. deal by Nov. 3,” Pelosi told Siri- reelection, aid will flow imme- tain beyond that is uncertainty, you’re going to get done.” A $1.8 trillion rescue plan in usXM radio. “That really is going diately. When former President with Capitol Hill veterans cau- Those Republicans willing to March passed virtually unani- to be up to whether the president Barack Obama won reelection in tioning against expecting a quick speculate about a Trump loss mously. The Pelosi-pushed pack- can convince Mitch McConnell to 2012, for instance, he went on to and smooth resolution for an aid in two weeks say not to expect age today is even larger, but has do so.” prevail in “fiscal cliff” negotia- McConnell says the GOP-con- package that has tied Washington much, either. run into resolute opposition from tions on taxes. trolled Senate is not buying the in knots for months. “I think Democrats would want Republicans. Taking care of the If he loses, it’s unclear whether need for legislation as large as Treasury Secretary Steven to wait until the new president issue would clear the decks for a Trump’s enthusiasm for deliver- Mnuchin and House Speak- is sworn in and do it then, and fresh start on the congressional Trump wanted. And Meadows told reporters that Pelosi is still ing it will be as strong. Lame- er Nancy Pelosi spoke again I think Republicans probably agenda next year. duck sessions during White Wednesday, but her office sig- would say … the economy’s tak- Pelosi remains optimistic, even too uncompromising. “We haven’t seen a lot of action House changeovers in 2008 and naled no real progress, and she ing care of it,” said Sen. Chuck after Washington was blanketed from Speaker Pelosi,” Meadows 2016 didn’t deliver much. acknowledged for the first time Grassley, R-Iowa. with media reports that McCon- publicly that the measure won’t said. “Most of the progress we’ve But Pelosi said she believes Mc- pass before the election. made have been concessions that Connell “might not mind doing it President Donald Trump’s chief the president has made.” after the election.” of staff, Mark Meadows, accused Senate Democrats blocked a Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., Pelosi of slow-walking the talks. ‘ Let’s keep working so that we can do it Senate GOP plan that McConnell acknowledged that lame-duck Trump’s most powerful Senate brought to a vote Wednesday. The sessions typically aren’t very pro- GOP ally, Majority Leader Mitch after the election. ’ measure contained more than ductive, but he added, “Normally McConnell, is warning against Nancy Pelosi $100 billion for schools, a $300 they don’t have this kind of emer- a costly deal that could drive a Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives per week supplemental unem- gency, either.” PAGE 10 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 VIRUS OUTBREAK ROUNDUP US jobless claims drop to 787K, layoffs stay high

Associated Press The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits fell last week to 787,000, a sign that job losses may have eased slightly but are still running at historically high levels. With confirmed infections hav- ing neared 60,000 in the past week, the highest level since July, many consumers have been un- able or reluctant to shop, travel, dine out or congregate in crowds — a trend that has led some em- ployers to keep cutting jobs. Several states, such as Ohio and Idaho, are reporting a record number of hospitalizations from the virus. Thursday’s report from the Labor Department said that the number of people who are con- tinuing to receive unemployment benefits tumbled by 1 million to 8.4 million. The decline shows that some of the unemployed are being recalled to their old jobs or are finding new ones. But it also indicates that many jobless Americans have used up their state unemployment aid — which typically expires after six months

— and have transitioned to a fed- ALEXANDRA WIMLEY, PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE/AP eral extended benefits program that lasts an additional three People have dinner in greenhouses used for outdoor dining amid the coronavirus pandemic at North Park Lounge in McCandless, Pa., on months. Tuesday. A rkansas to parole or transfer about 1,100 Kansas since the state Supreme Court in- People calling the first number inmates serving time in San validated her sweeping orders that Janer provided, however, get LITTLE ROCK — Two Arkan- Quentin State Prison north of San MISSION — Democratic Kan- earlier this month. a recording asking them to call sas lawmakers on Wednesday Francisco. sas Gov. Laura Kelly is again The number of COVID-19 911 for an emergency. Then the said they tested positive for the ’s oldest prison, home calling for a statewide mask cases had been gradually rising recording provided callers with a coronavirus, the latest in an out- to its death row, was the site of mandate as the coronavirus case for months prior to the Oct. 2 rul- directory. break among legislators that has one of the nation’s worst corona- count continues to climb in rural ing, from a seven-day average of “This is serious,” Nazario prompted the suspension of state virus outbreaks, with 28 inmate parts of the state that don’t re- 119 in June to 984 — as the Dem- Lugo, president of Puerto Rico’s budget hearings this week. deaths and 2,200 infections at its quire them. ocratic governor loosened eco- Association of Emergency Man- State Sen. Missy Irvin and peak — about 75% of the inmate Kelly said Wednesday that two- nomic restrictions and allowed agers, told The Associated Press. state Rep. Joe Cloud confirmed population. Nearly 300 employ- thirds of the state’s COVID-19 schools to reopen. Since the court He said he was shocked at the that they contracted the virus, the ees were sickened and one died, cases are now coming from out- decision, the seven-day average government’s temporary plan in fourth and fifth lawmakers to do though all but nine employees are side the Wichita and Kansas City is up to 1,818 — surpassing the place to handle emergencies in so this week. now back to work. region. Over the summer, she is- April peak and nearly double the U.S. territory of 3.2 million Cloud, who said he developed The three-justice court said sued an order requiring Kansas what it was almost three weeks people. symptoms on Saturday, noted that officials’ decision not to cut the residents to wear masks, but more ago — though surrounding states Lugo said officials should relay he had been at budget hearings at inmate population by half, as rec- than 90 counties chose to opt out. without legal rulings have also 911 calls through to another num- the Capitol last week. ommended by prison officials’ She said she now plans to speak seen similarly big spikes over the ber, rather than forcing people Three senators and six House outside advisers in June, was with House and Senate leader- same time period. to call a long number that they members have now tested positive “morally indefensible and consti- ship to work toward a bipartisan Virus-related hospitalizations, would have to read or hear about for the virus since the pandemic tutionally untenable.” requirement with more teeth. roughly 1,000, are double what on the news. began in March. Meanwhile, Gov. Her announcement came after they were a month ago but about Asa Hutchinson’s office said in a Idaho the state health department re- a quarter of the April high. The Texas statement that the Republican ported that Kansas had 1,488 new daily death rate has nearly dou- tested negative twice Wednesday COEUR D’ALENE — People confirmed and probable coronavi- bled to 20, while remaining far AUSTIN — The second coro- for the coronavirus. He received with COVID-19 in Northern rus cases since Monday, bringing below the high point. The seven- navirus wave in Texas continued one negative antigen test in the Idaho may soon have to be sent to the total number of infections re- day average of tests coming back with more active cases than at any morning and later returned a Seattle or Portland, Ore., because ported in the state to 74,456. That positive, 4.64%, was last that high time since the summertime peak, negative PCR test, the most accu- the region’s hospitals are nearing pushed the rolling seven-day av- five months ago. according to numbers state health rate one available. Those genetic capacity. erage for new cases to another re- Whitmer, whose administra- officials reported Wednesday. tests, using long cotton swabs Kootenai Health hospital said cord of 757. The department also tion has quickly reinstituted virus An estimated 84,538 cases of that collect samples from deep in a statement Wednesday that reported 80 additional COVID- measures under a different law COVID-19, the illness the coro- inside a person’s nose and throat, their hospital is at 99% capacity 19-related deaths, most of them but says the ruling caused confu- navirus causes, were active can detect an active case of the for patients. The facility is also stemming from a review of death sion, pleaded with people to wear Wednesday, the Texas Depart- coronavirus. short-staffed, as demand for nurs- certificates, bringing the state’s a mask and maintain distance ment of State Health Services re- es grows with the rise in COVID- fatality toll to 952. from others. ported. That was the most since California 19 cases throughout the country, According to data from The Sept. 1. Of those, 4,782 cases re- the statement said. COVID Tracking Project, the Puerto Rico quired hospitalization, the most SACRAMENTO — A Califor- As of Wednesday morning, seven-day rolling average of the since Aug. 26. nia appeals court has ordered Kootenai Health had 31 COVID- positivity rate in Kansas has risen SAN JUAN — Both of Puerto The 4,991 new cases, along state corrections officials to 19 inpatients and 11 required over the past two weeks from 15% Rico’s 911 call centers were shut with 261 unreported cases from cut the population of one of the critical care. Chief Physician on Oct. 6 to 19.4% on Tuesday. down Wednesday night after earlier, increased the Texas total world’s most famous prisons to Executive Karen Cabell told Only four other states are faring several employees tested posi- for the eight-month outbreak to less than half of its designed ca- KREM that the hospital nearing worse. tive for the coronavirus, officials 838,809 cases. The true number pacity, citing officials’ “deliber- capacity at its current levels is announced. of cases in Texas is likely higher, ate indifference” to the plight of “unprecedented.” Michigan Public Safety Secretary Pedro though, because many people inmates during the coronavirus Kootenai Health will not turn Janer said people should call the haven’t been tested and studies pandemic. anybody away, but there may LANSING — Gov. Gretchen island’s emergency management have suggested that people can be State prison officials said be long wait times and patients Whitmer warned Wednesday that agency at 787-724-0124 or police infected and not feel sick. Wednesday that they are decid- might receive treatment in differ- Michigan has more confirmed at 787-343-2020 in an emergency. The Texas COVID-19 death toll ing whether to appeal the order, ent locations such as the waiting daily cases of the coronavirus He said both agencies are operat- of 114 Wednesday raised the out- which will otherwise force them room, Cabell said. than ever, noting a sharp increase ing 24 hours a day. break toll to 17,201. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 11 NATION US links Iran to emails meant to intimidate voters

Associated Press fidence in the vote. Such direct attempts to sway public opinion WASHINGTON — U.S. offi- are more commonly associated cials have accused Iran of being with Moscow, which conducted behind a flurry of threatening but a covert social media campaign fake emails sent to Democratic in 2016 aimed at sowing discord voters in multiple battleground and is again interfering this year, states in a late-stage efforts to sway public opinion and interfere but the idea that Iran could be in the presidential election. responsible suggested that those Purportedly from far-right, tactics have been adopted by pro-Trump groups like the Proud other nations, too. Boys, the fake emails were ap- “These actions are desperate attempts by desperate adversar- NELL REDMOND/AP parently aimed at intimidating voters. John Ratcliffe, the gov- ies,” said Ratcliffe, who, along President Donald Trump dances after speaking at a campaign rally in Gastonia, N.C., on Wednesday . ernment’s national intelligence with FBI Director Christopher director, said the aim was to hurt Wray, insisted that the U.S. would President Donald Trump in the impose costs on any foreign coun- contest against Democrat Joe tries that interfere in the 2020 Trump’s dad dance a hit at rallies Biden, though he did not elabo- U.S. election and that the integ- rate on how. rity of the vote remains sound. Associated Press to the strains of the cheesy ’70s ground states just two weeks out One possibility is the messages “You should be confident that anthem. from Election Day. your vote counts,” Wray said. TUCSON, Ariz. — He adjusts may have been intended to align Trump’s rally dance has be- “Love it!” the president’s “Early, unverified claims to the his coat. He gazes out at the Trump in the minds of voters come a rare moment of levity in daughter and senior adviser, contrary should be viewed with a crowd. And then he goes for it. with the Proud Boys after he was an otherwise miserable campaign Ivanka Trump, wrote as she healthy dose of skepticism.” President Donald Trump, a criticized for failing to unequivo- year marked by a deadly pandem- retweeted a video posted by a cally denounce the group during The two officials called out Rus- man who is famously particular ic, an economic recession and ra- young woman replicating the sia and Iran for having obtained about his appearance, is fully em- the first presidential debate. cial turmoil. And while Trump president’s moves. Officials did not lay out specific voter registration information, bracing doing a dad dance to the has largely been shunned by pop When a reporter tweeted a though such data is sometimes Village People’s “YMCA” as the evidence for how they came to culture, the dance has spawned video showing some of Trump’s pinpoint Iran as the source of the easily accessible and there was finale to his rallies in the cam- a viral TikTok video challenge campaign aides dancing along threatening emails, but the activi- no allegation either country had paign’s closing stretch. (even though he’s threatened to — but not Ivanka Trump’s hus- ties attributed to Tehran would hacked a database for it or had He starts with the arms, ban the site in the U.S.) and a band, Jared Kushner, a top White mark a significant escalation for altered any vote tallies. Iran sent clenched fists pumping back and parody on “The Late Show with House adviser — Ivanka tweeted a country some cybersecurity spoofed emails designed to in- forth — sometimes to the beat Stephen Colbert.” back: “Party Foul!“ experts regard as a second-rate timidate voters and sow unrest — as though he’s on an elliptical “Do you want to shake your The efforts to make the dance player in online espionage. The and also distributed a video that trainer. He claps. He waves. And groove thing but don’t know the “a thing” come as the president announcement was made late falsely suggested voters could then he starts to bop his head and steps? Then order ’Dancing with has been trying to demonstrate Wednesday at a hastily called cast fraudulent ballots from over- move his knees. On some nights, The Don’ and let President Trump his vigor after returning to the news conference 13 days before seas, Ratcliffe said. he sticks mostly to pointing and teach you all the hottest moves!“ campaign trail following his in- the election. Wray and Ratcliffe did not de- clapping. But on others, he lurch- Colbert’s show advertised in a fection with the coronavirus, The allegations underscored scribe the emails linked to Iran, es from side to side and jerks his parody infomercial. which put him in the hospital. the U.S. government’s concern but officials familiar with the mat- body as the crowd cheers. Trump’s campaign staff and It has drawn a scowl from oth- about efforts by foreign coun- ter said the U.S. has linked Teh- Backstage, top staff and cam- family members have also been ers, including CNN’s Don Lemon, tries to influence the election ran to messages that Democratic paign aides often join in with promoting clips and copycats as who criticized Trump for dancing by spreading false information voters in multiple states, includ- the more traditional take, using the president trails in most na- to the song during a pandemic meant to suppress voter turnout ing Alaska and battleground loca- their bodies to spell out Y-M-C-A tional polls and in many battle- that has killed so many. and undermine American con- tions like Florida, have received. In pitch for Biden, Obama urges voters to cast Trump out

Associated Press Trump the White House four years ago. though, he employed humor, sarcasm and Pennsylvania is the battleground state that outright incredulity befitting the trappings PHILADELPHIA — Former President Biden has visited the most this campaign of a campaign rally. Tieless and with his Barack Obama blasted President Don- season. Trump has prioritized the state as sleeves rolled up, Obama stood on a stage ald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, his culpability in national discord and his well, aware that his path to victory would facing car-bound supporters watching him overall fitness for the job on Wednesday as narrow considerably without the state’s 20 on screen and rewarding his attack lines he made his first in-person campaign pitch electoral votes. The president on Wednes- with a cacophony of honking horns. for his former vice president, Joe Biden. day was in Erie, one of a handful of Penn- Beneath the scorn was a defense of his With less than two weeks before Elec- sylvania counties that Obama won twice own record. tion Day, Obama used a drive-in campaign before it flipped to Trump. “I never thought Donald Trump would rally in Philadelphia to assure voters that Obama paid heed especially to disil- embrace my vision or continue my policies, Biden and his running mate, Kamala Har- MATT SLOCUM/AP lusioned voters, including Black men and but I did hope for the sake of the country progressives wary of Biden. He urged them that he might show some interest in tak- ris, can mend a fractured country. He laud- Former President Barack Obama speaks ed the merits of democracy and citizenship during a campaign stop for former Vice not to sit out the Nov. 3 election, warning ing the job seriously,” Obama said. Trump as “human values” that the United States President Joe Biden on Wednesday in that complacency from some liberal vot- “wants full credit for the economy he in- must again embrace. Philadelphia. ers is what helped Trump get elected four herited and no blame for the pandemic he “America is a good and decent place, years ago. “What we do these next 13 days ignored.“ but we’ve just seen so much nonsense and country can be,” Obama said. “I’m asking will matter for decades to come,” Obama He disparaged the GOP’s “shameful” noise that sometimes it’s hard to remem- you to believe in Joe’s ability and Kamala’s said. “The fact that we don’t get 100% of attempts to gut the 2010 Affordable Care ber,” Obama said, after spending much of ability to lead this country out of these dark what we want right away is not a good rea- Act while always promising a replacement. his 35-minute speech upbraiding Trump times and help us build it back better.” son not to vote.” “It’s been ‘coming in two weeks’ for the last as “incapable of taking the job seriously” Obama’s visit to Philadelphia under- As with his Democratic National Conven- 10 years. Where is it? Where is this great and interested only in himself. scores the significance of Pennsylvania, tion speech two months ago, Obama pulled plan to replace Obamacare?” he asked. “I’m asking you to remember what this the Rust Belt state that helped deliver no punches on his successor. This time, “There is no plan. They’ve never had one.” PAGE 12 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 NATION Senate panel advances Barrett nomination

Associated Press the committee chairman. “We did it.“ court is almost certain to be confirmed. the panel last week, batting back Demo- The 48-year-old federal judge’s ascent to All Democrats are expected to oppose crats’ questions. She was asked about her WASHINGTON — Senate Judiciary the high court would lock a 6-3 conserva- Barrett’s confirmation. approach to legal questions surrounding Committee Republicans powered past a tive majority on the court for the foresee- Boycotting Thursday’s Judiciary panel abortion access, gay marriage and the Democratic boycott Thursday to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nom- able future. session forced Republicans on the panel to nation’s tradition of a peaceful transfer of ination to the full Senate, keeping Presi- Trump’s Republican allies in the Senate change its rules to keep the confirmation presidential power. dent Donald Trump’s pick on track for are counting on Barrett’s ascent to improve on track. Those rules say at least two mem- Trump has said he wants a judge seated confirmation before Election Day. their standing with voters. The court could bers of the minority party, Democrats, in time to hear any potential disputes aris- Democratic senators refused to show open a new era of rulings on the Affordable would need to be present to constitute a ing from the Nov. 3 election, and Barrett up in protest of the GOP’s rush to install Care Act, abortion access and even the re- quorum for doing business. declined to say if she would recuse herself Trump’s nominee to replace the late Jus- sults of the presidential election. Mike Davis, a former top aide on the from such cases. tice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Never has the “We should not be moving forward on panel who now advises Senate Republi- Many judicial nominees decline to dis- Senate confirmed a Supreme Court nomi- this nomination,” Senate Democratic Lead- cans, said the committee was well within cuss their views on various issues, saying nee so close to a presidential election. er Chuck Schumer said Wednesday in an- its normal practice to hold the vote, even they will consider the cases as they come. The Republicans, who hold the major- nouncing the boycott. He called Barrett’s with Democrats skipping it. He said the Barrett took a similar approach, drawing ity, voted unanimously in favor of Barrett, views “so far out of the mainstream.” long-standing practice has been to allow deep skepticism from Democrats because a conservative judge. Instead of attending, Unable stop the confirmation, Demo- business to go forward if all members of she had previously spoken out against the Democrats displayed posters at their crats have been trying unsuccessfully to the majority, Republicans, attend. abortion and past rulings on the Afford- desks of Americans they say have ben- stall the process until after the Nov. 3 elec- Countering that view, a Democratic aide able Care Act. efited from the Affordable Care Act now tion, so the winner of the presidency could granted anonymity to discuss the pro- The court is set to hear a challenge to the being challenged in court. Senators plan to name the new nominee. “These are all ceedings said never before have the rules health care law on Nov. 10, one week after convene a rare weekend session ahead of a such violations of American norms, values, been brushed past for a Supreme Court the presidential election, and Trump has final confirmation vote expected Monday. decency and honor,” Schumer said. confirmation. said he wants a justice who won’t rule as “This is a groundbreaking, historic mo- With Republicans holding a 53-47 ma- Barrett, an appellate court judge from others have to uphold the Obama-era Af- ment,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., jority in the Senate, Trump’s pick for the Indiana, appeared for three days before fordable Care Act. NASA spacecraft sent asteroid rubble flying in sample collection

Associated Press CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft crushed rocks and sent rubble flying as it briefly touched an asteroid, a strong indication that samples were collected for return to Earth, officials said Wednesday. Scientists won’t know until next week how much was gathered at asteroid Bennu — they want at least a handful of the cosmic rubble. But close-up pictures and NASA/A P video of Tuesday’s touch-and-go The Osiris-Rex spacecraft MIKE SIMONS, TULSA WORLD/AP operation raised hopes that goal was achieved. touches the surface of asteroid Researchers look through dirt from a trench as crews work in the search for remains at Oaklawn “We really did kind of make Bennu on Tuesday. Cemetery from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre on Wednesday . a on the surface of this as- teroid, but it’s a good mess, the the process, officials said. kind of mess we were hoping for,” As planned, pressurized nitro- said lead scientist Dante Lauretta gen gas fired onto the surface a Remains found in search for 1921 of the University of Arizona at second later, to kick up a shower Tucson. of debris so the spacecraft could It was the first asteroid-sam- suck up as much dust and as many Tulsa race massacre victims pling effort by the U.S., coming pebbles as possible. four years after the spacecraft The spacecraft quickly backed Associated Press discovered, according to Stackelbeck. rocketed from Cape Canaveral away and, by Wednesday, was a University of Florida forensic anthropologist OKLAHOMA CITY — At least 10 bodies were and two years after it reached safe 50 miles from Bennu. Phoebe Stubblefield, a descendent of a massacre found Wednesday in an unmarked mass grave at a Bennu. Japan has taken asteroid Several hours passed before Tulsa cemetery where investigators are searching survivor who is assisting in the search, said patience samples twice. the pictures started pouring in. for the remains of victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race is needed before anyone can expect to know the The carbon-rich Bennu is a Lauretta said he was up until the Massacre, Oklahoma’s state archaeologist said. identities of the remains or the cause of deaths. time capsule believed to contain wee hours Wednesday, overjoyed “What we were finding was an indication that “We will need considerable time to investigate the original building blocks of the at what he saw. He watched the we were inside a large area … a large hole that had them because the preservation, teeth have been solar system 4.5 billion years ago touch-and-go video about 100 been excavated and into which several individuals showing up OK, but non-dental structures” have de- and, as such, can help scientists times — “it’s just so cool” — then had been placed and buried in that location. This teriorated, Stubblefield said. better understand the origins of went to sleep. constitutes a mass grave,” state archaeologist Kary Stackelbeck said it was too early to say definitely Earth and life as we know it. Over the next few days, a cam- Stackelbeck said. that the remains are victims of the massacre, even Osiris-Rex scored a near bull’s- era on the spacecraft will aim Investigators found 10 wooden coffins contain- though they were found near an area known as the eye, reaching down with its robot at the sampler on the end of the ing what was initially presumed to be one person in “Original 18,” where funeral home records indicate arm to within a yard of its in- robot arm, looking for signs of each, Stackelbeck said. She said further examina- massacre victims were buried. tended target zone in the center asteroid residue. If the lighting tion of the coffins and remains, which have not been There are two headstones in the Original 18 of boulder-rimmed Nightingale is right, the camera might even removed, was needed. marking the graves of two massacre victims, but Crater. The sampling container be able to peek into the sample “Those skeletal remains are not in great condi- the area where the remains were found Wednesday on the arm made contact with the chamber. The spacecraft will also tion,” Stackelbeck said. “They’re not the worst con- is unmarked. black, crumbly terrain for about be put into a slow spin, with its dition we have seen … but they’re not the best.” “We have not yet made our assessment to say that six seconds and pushed at least arm extended, to provide a more Combined with one set of remains found nearby these do actually represent the massacre victims,” three-quarters of an inch into the accurate measure of the precious on Tuesday, there have now been at least 11 bodies Stackelbeck said. ground, crushing a large rock in payload. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 13 AMERICAN ROUNDUP School bus driver accused of impairment

WILLIAMS — A school AZ bus driver has been arrested for allegedly driving impaired after a crash injured several children in northern Arizona. Coconino County Sheriff’s of- ficials said Charles Hoag, 65, was taken into custody after Monday’s crash in Williams. They said the school bus transporting 16 el- ementary-age students left the road and crashed into a ditch. Several students suffered minor injuries and two were trans- ported to a Flagstaff hospital for evaluation. Sheriff’s officials said the inci- dent was under investigation . 400-ton pavilion set to move from eroding bluff

MANISTEE — A his- MI toric 400-ton pavilion that offers spectacular views of Lake Michigan will be moved away from an eroding bluff after a mudslide and high water levels last year threatened to destroy the structure. The pavilion, which was built in the 1940s at Orchard Beach State Park in Manistee Township, is a popular northern Michigan venue for weddings, family reunions, concerts and more. It features a GREG EANS, THE (OWENSBORO, KEN.) MESSENGER-INQUIRER/AP picnic shelter, original restrooms and picnic tables, and two fire- places, reported. Fortifications at the bluff’s A walk in the woods base are only a temporary fix for dealing with the relentlessness of Lane Brasher, left, and friend Sherree Beckwith walk along a stretch of Adkisson Greenbelt Park, in Owensboro, Ky., and enjoy the changing Mother Nature, which officials color of the leaves while getting in some exercise on Tuesday. say would claim the building. Park superintendent Doug Barry debit cards at ATMs at Walmart THE CENSUS planned service changes, the fre- has said that the $1.5 million re- and Target stores in the Milwau- quent bane of weekend riders. location project, which will be kee area. The number of different kinds of spiders found in “We’ve all had the experience funded by the Michigan Depart- The women were arrested early Maine, according to a database published by the state’s when we get on the train on a Sat- ment of Natural Resources and Sunday after carrying a man Forest Service. The Maine Department of Agriculture, urday morning, sit down, read a the park’s savings, is cheaper from a club to Trammell’s car, 677 Conservation and Forestry said the state’s spider checklist book take a look at your iPhone than armoring the bluff. Assistant State’s Attorney Paul is the result of 14 years collaboration between the state and then look up and see we’re The pavilion will be moved to Kiefer told Judge Charles Beach and researchers. The spiders examined were located in all 16 Maine counties in at a different station than we the park’s day-use area, which is II. A tracker had been placed on habitats including potato fields, mountaintops and backyards, officials said. might have expected to be at,” safer and more accessible, Barry Trammell’s vehicle, Kiefer said. said Sarah Meyer, chief customer said. But he noted that the views of officer for New York City Tran- the lake won’t be as impressive. African stone carvings sit, which operates the subways. Barry said the move, which is County, television station KCCI Department of Wildlife and recovered at airport reported Tuesday. No one was Fisheries agents were told on “This will save people time and expected to happen in December, make their lives easier.” will take one or two days. hurt. That follows a similar in- Monday that a 12.5-foot alligator MIAMI — Customs of- cident in mid-September, when that had been killed by an arrow The map also includes informa- FL ficers have recovered another blade dropped from a was in Bayou Manchac near Alli- tion on which stations have eleva- 2 women accused of ancient stone carvings from turbine near Adel and crashed gator Bayou in Ascension Parish, tor access and whether elevators drugging, robbing men Cameroon at a South Florida air- into a corn field. the agency said in a news release are operating. Clicking on a sta- port, authorities said. The blades are 177 feet long and Tuesday. Agents found the animal tion shows how soon each train CHICAGO — Two Wis- U.S. Customs and Border Pro- weigh 18,000 pounds, officials with a 20-inch carbon crossbow will arrive. IL consin women are ac- tection announced Tuesday that said. Mid-American Energy told arrow sticking out from the hinge cused in Chicago of drugging 10 officers at Miami International the station that in both cases, the of its jaws, agency enforcement Cult-classic ginger ale men and robbing them of about Airport intercepted an air cargo blades were equipped with a spe- spokesman Adam Einck $85,000 after they fell uncon- shipment containing “Ikom cific type of lightning protection said in an email . is being discontinued scious, Cook County prosecutors Monoliths.” The stone sculptures system. MidAmerican said such said Tuesday. had been exported to the U.S. incidents are “extremely rare,” Iconic subway map now RICHMOND — A Tiana Trammell, 25, and Tjwa- using fraudulent documents, in- but acknowledged that even one VA nearly century-old cult- na Rainey, 32, both of Milwaukee, vestigators said. incident is unacceptable. appearing on phones classic ginger ale that’s made in allegedly ran the scheme from Experts believe the artifacts Virginia is being discontinued. January until last Sunday. They date back between A.D. 200 and Reward offered in bow NEW YORK — One of Facing an aluminum can short- are charged with operating a A.D. 1000. The items will be re- NY New York’s landmarks age during the pandemic this continuing financial criminal en- turned to the central African na- killing of alligator is getting an upgrade. year, Coca-Cola had already terprise and possession of a con- tion, officials said. No arrests or It’s not a building, statue or mu- ceased production of Northern trolled substance. criminal charges were reported . BATON ROUGE — seum — it’s the city’s iconic sub- Neck Ginger Ale in July, The Vir- The women allegedly lured LA Louisiana authorities way map, reproduced on millions ginian-Pilot reported Monday. drunken men from bars and 2nd wind turbine blade are offering up to $1,000 for in- of coffee mugs, keychains and T- Now, the company announced in nightclubs in Chicago’s River formation leading to the convic- shirts and known for confusing a news release, the discontinua- North district with invitations to breaks off in 2 months tion of whoever killed an alligator out-of-towners (and even diehard tion will be permanent . their place. There, the men were with a crossbow and then aban- New Yorkers on occasion) with its The soda known for its distinc- given a drink that knocked them PATON — For the second doned the body. multicolored tangle of lines. tive bite was developed in Mon- time in as many months, Alligator hunting is tightly The Metropolitan Transporta- out. They awoke either in their IA tross in 1926 and produced in a huge blade has broken off from regulated. Hunters in Louisiana tion Authority on Tuesday de- own homes or by the side of the recent years in Sandston, outside road, unharmed but without wal- its wind turbine in central Iowa. need a special license, and must buted a live, web-based subway of Richmond . lets and valuables. The women The latest incident happened lock a harvest tag to the tail of map that shows trains moving in allegedly used stolen credit and last week near Paton in Green each animal killed. real time and lets riders check for From wire reports PAGE 14 • S TARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 FACES Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee clean up at Country music fan favorite Billboard Latin awards Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee triumphed at the Billboard Latin Carrie Underwood adds to Music Awards Wednesday, claim- ing seven trophies apiece at the her shelf of CMT awards pandemic-delayed show. Bad Bunny won artist of the year, the night’s top honor, as BY KRISTIN M. HALL well as top Latin album for “X Associated Press 100PRE” and songwriter of arrie Underwood already had the the year. He did not attend the most CMT Music Awards of any ceremony. artist, but she’ll need to make more Daddy Yankee won six of his room on her shelf. The superstar awards for his hit “Con Calma,” C which featured the 1990s artist picked up two more trophies for video of the year and female video of the year in a re- Snow. His honors included the hot motely shot awards show. Latin song award, and song of the Underwood appeared on video to accept year honors for streaming and the award for “Drinking Alone” and thanked airplay and digital platforms. fans for voting for her during an unpredict- The reggaeton star dedicated able year when touring ground to a halt be- the first of his awards to those cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. who had lost loved ones due to “This one is all about you guys, especially COVID-19. “Music remains med- because we again haven’t been together, but I icine,” he said. feel so loved tonight,” said Underwood. Actress Gaby Espino hosted Pop star Gwen Stefani won her first CMT the ceremony, which aired live on Music Award for collaborative video of the CMT/AP Telemundo from the BB&T Cen- year for her duet with Blake Shelton on “No- ter in Sunrise, Fla. The event had Carrie Underwood accepts the video of the year award for “Drinking Alone” Wednesday a red carpet, but no audience. body But You.” The couple shared a hug and during the Country Music Television awards, which took part in various locations. drinks together and expressed their love for one another in their recorded speech. “What Other news is happening in my life?” Stefani exclaimed. about country music, coming into it, was how now. So you do need to go to bed for sure right loyal the fan bases are and how they just in- “This is a crazy pairing in lots of different now,” he joked. Another sequel to “Legally credibly love the people that they love,” said The show’s cross-genre performances in- ways, but it’s working,” Shelton said as they Blonde,” released in 2001 and Barrett. cluded Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus, and clinked glasses. starring Reese Witherspoon, Old Dominion won group video of the year Kelsea Ballerini with pop star Halsey. The country stars came out to celebrate is coming. “Legally Blonde 3,” for “One Man Band,” while Chris Young won New this year was the CMT equal play which will be penned by Mindy even if audiences weren’t there. Country’s CMT performance of the year for his song award, which was presented to singer, actor newest star, Luke Combs, shotgunned a beer Kaling and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” “Drowning.” and activist Jennifer Nettles, for her work co-creator Dan Goor, will sashay with legends Brooks and Dunn to open the Not all the performances were shot in advocating for women and diversity in coun- show. its way into theaters in May 2022, Nashville. Country superstar Shania Twain try music. the cast announced Tuesday dur- Country singers Kane Brown and Ashley performed “Whose Bed Have Your Boots “Thank you to all the fans and especially McBryde joined “Modern Family” actor ing a virtual reunion. Been Under,” a classic from her break- my artists, my sisters out there who continue Sarah Hyland as co-hosts during Wednesday Trailblazing country music through 1995 album, from inside a Charlie to burn the holy fire,” said Nettles. “I am so star Charley Pride will get the night’s show, which was shot in various out- Chaplin museum in Switzerland. Twain, in a proud to be a part of this legacy of women in door locations around Nashville, including Willie Nelson Lifetime Achieve- leopard print top and sequined pants, danced country music with you. And I am so proud ment Award at the CMA Awards the former home of Reba McEntire. and sang alongside mannequins dressed to of the stories that we tell. We have more to do on Nov. 11. The rich baritone Taylor Swift, who won breakthrough video look like the famous silent film comedian as soon as we can.” singer became the genre’s first of the year 13 years ago, presented the award and actor. The fan-voted awards show had a new Black superstar, charting 29 No. 1 to Gabby Barrett, for her song “I Hope,” Luke Bryan won male video of the year for category, quarantine video of the year, that which has been a No. 1 hit across both coun- “One Margarita,” while country duo Dan + highlighted country artists who got creative hits between the 1960s and 1980s, try and pop charts this year. Shay won for duo video of the year for their with music videos and songs during the pan- with songs like “Kiss An Angel Barrett, who pretended to hold an imagi- song “I Should Probably Go To Bed.” demic. Singer Granger Smith won for his on- Good Mornin’ ” and “Is Anybody nary award in her hand, thanked the fans. Shay Mooney gave a shoutout remotely to the-nose music video called “Don’t Cough Goin’ to San Antone.” “That’s something that I absolutely loved his toddler son, Asher. “He’s watching right On Me!” Compiled from wire reports Heartfelt docuseries looks at how animals, people rescue each other

BY LYNN ELBER all make it into Sundance (film them like dogs, but they’re not Associated Press festival) on their own.’ ” dogs. They’re pigs” — Linklater An episode of “That Animal said he was introduced to the vol- In a new docuseries, a child Rescue Show,” which had largely unteer operation caring for some who uses a walker meets a dog completed taping before the pan- 200 homeless pigs. with its own version of wheels. In- demic hit, cleared that bar with “I met another guy who had a mates find solace in training ca- an episode that was accepted by pig rescue and I was like, ‘Wow, nines for adoption, and pigs strut the Telluride Festival before it this is a whole subculture,’ ” said their stuff in a “body positivity” and others were canceled due to Linklater. Impressed by the com- celebration. COVID-19. mitment of the animal rescuers, That and more is part of “That Even the title sequence is no- “it just felt like something worth Animal Rescue Show,” an en- table, a nod to the early photo- sharing.” dearing project that reflects its graphic sequence that captured Among the gems that are show- unexpected creators as well as a galloping horse with all hooves cased: Safe in Austin, created by its stars, human and otherwise. off the ground. Cats, chickens and a mom who saw a service dog All 10 episodes are out Oct. 29 pigs are among those who get the help her son with autism to blos- on the CBS All Access streaming cinematic treatment here. som. It’s a haven for a menagerie service. CBS ALL ACCESS/AP The project found a myriad of of abused and neglected animals, “What the series is about is subjects in and around Austin, visited by children with challeng- people rescuing animals, and Ace Ruelas-Jimenez, left, with dog Frances in an episode of “That Texas, where longtime resident es who “pet, and love and heal animals rescuing people,” said Animal Rescue Show,” launching Oct. 29. Linklater has a farm and where alongside the animals,” as owner Oscar-winning documentar- the idea for the series was born. Jamie Wallace Griner says in the ian Bill Guttentag, one of the big of Rock” and his three-movie cluding Nayeema Raza, Gutten- Net work ing credit goes to Dood, series. names behind this small gift of romance series that began with tag’s writing-producing partner, the Linklater family pig that drew The Guttentag-directed epi- touching and quirky stories. “Before Sunrise.” committed to holding themselves the filmmaker into the company sode that was bound for Telluride The other: Oscar-nominated “I’ve often done films about and the series to a high standard. of the Central Texas Pig Rescue highlights the Paws in Prison filmmaker Richard Linklater, people who are kind of obsessed “Rick said something to us and managing member Dan Ill- program at a correctional facil- who acknowledges that a docu- or passionate people. That’s what which I thought was just great,” escas, described by Linklater as ity. Dogs in need of adoption are mentary is a rare venture for you’re looking for in a story,” he Guttentag recalled. “ ‘What I’d “kind of a pig behaviorist.” paired with inmates who are him. But he sees a connection to said. really like to do is come up with Besides being schooled by Illes- given the skills to train them and his films, which include “School He and his collaborators, in- 10 little documentaries that could cas on pigs — “You want to treat a shot at new confidence. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES•PAGE 15 PAGE 16 •STARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 OPINION Max D. Lederer Jr., Publisher Lt. Col. Marci Hoffman, Europe commander Lt. Col. Richard McClintic, Pacific commander It isn’t Fauci’s fault, but he’s part of the problem Caroline E. Miller, Europe Business Operations BY RAMESH PONNURU role is essentially absent from the public of many of Trump’s criticisms: It’s not as Bloomberg Opinion discussion of Fauci’s merits and demerits, though we are watching the advocates of EDITORIAL even though it is the most important one he two different approaches to the pandemic he dysfunction in President plays. battle it out. For the most part, Fauci and Terry Leonard, Editor Donald Trump’s relationship with The last one is the polarizing one. The Trump are now just trash-talking each [email protected] Anthony Fauci, the director of the president’s critics have made him their lat- other. Robert H. Reid, Senior Managing Editor TNational Institute for Allergy and est saintly governmental rival to Trump; Ari Schulman, the editor the New Atlan- [email protected] Infectious Diseases, is largely Trump’s previous holders of the title include James tis, a journal of science and society, thinks fault. But Trump’s reckless and counter- Comey and Robert Mueller. there’s a deep issue underlying the fight Tina Croley, Managing Editor for Content productive behavior is not the only rea- [email protected] Trump, who dislikes being criticized or over Fauci. Our culture tends to think of son for tension between the two officials. contradicted even more than most politi- science, and the scientific community, in Sean Moores, Managing Editor for Presentation There’s an inbuilt tension between our cians do, surely resents the way his op- terms of “deference” or “defiance.” [email protected] form of government and expertise, one that ponents have idolized Fauci. Alexander Biden opts to defer. In August he told has been inflamed not only by Trump but Hamilton cautioned against a president’s Managing Editor for Digital ABC that he would shut down the country Joe Gromelski, by our society’s confusion about science. filling his Cabinet with “candidates … [email protected] if scientists recommended it. Never mind Trump’s tirades against underlings have possessing the necessary insignificance that the president lacks the power to shut always been more comprehensible as ex- and pliancy to render them the obsequi- down the country. Scientists may well dis- BUREAU STAFF pressions of frustration and rage than of ous instruments of his pleasure.” That agree among themselves about whether political strategy, and so it is in the case of sometimes seems like the description of Europe/Mideast a shutdown is warranted, in part because Fauci. Trump is in the closing weeks of an Trump’s ideal aide. Even under a thick- science isn’t capable of evaluating all the Erik Slavin, Europe & Mideast Bureau Chief election that the polls have him losing to [email protected] skinned president, though, there would be trade-offs involved in such a momentous +49(0)631.3615.9350; DSN (314)583.9350 Joe Biden. a conflict between Fauci’s second and third decision. That’s the job of informed citi- It can’t make sense for Trump to attack roles: between, that is, being a trusted in- zens, including those they have selected for Pacific someone who is more popular than either ternal adviser to an administration and an public authority. Aaron Kidd, Pacific Bureau Chief of the candidates, and who remains a top impartial external commentator on it. No And while some want to “follow the sci- [email protected] adviser to the White House. Every bit of +81.42.552.2511 ext. 88380; DSN (315)227.7380 president would speak as freely or listen as ence,” others are rightly made uneasy by voter attention Trump directs toward his closely to an aide who doubles as a talking the undemocratic and paternalistic im- Washington battle with Fauci is a bit that is not going to head as he would to an expert who stays plications of that attitude. Too often they Joseph Cacchioli, Washington Bureau Chief help his case against Biden. behind the scenes. react by going to the opposite extreme [email protected] If the attack on Fauci did make any It would have been better if Trump, — as Schulman puts it in an interview, by (+1)(202)886-0033 political sense, it would be undercut by Fauci and the press alike had recognized “saying the experts are all corrupt so let’s Brian Bowers, Assistant Managing Editor, News Trump’s own unwillingness to commit to [email protected] the conflict and realized that Fauci’s pub- throw them out.” Trump sometimes re- it. On Monday, Trump called Fauci “a di- lic-facing role is his least important one. flects, and caters to, this sentiment. Fauci CIRCULATION saster” and “idiot,” views his press aide Nearly everything he has said on televi- thus becomes either a “pop-culture hero or Hogan Gidley went on TV to defend. sion, from discouraging mask wearing a corrupt technocrat.” Mideast The next morning, the president backed early in the pandemic to encouraging it It’s too great a burden for any individual Robert Reismann, Mideast Circulation Manager off, calling Fauci a “terrific guy” and de- later, could be and has been said by dozens official, no matter how thoughtful and ac- [email protected] nying that the two are “at odds” while still of other Zooming public-health experts. [email protected] complished he may be. Trump should talk DSN (314)583-9111 criticizing him. As is often the case, Trump One reason we listen to Fauci is that he less about Fauci. But it would be good if the gives the impression that he is lashing out seems to fill a vacuum. The administra- rest of us could, too. Europe rather than advancing an objective. tion hasn’t articulated a sustained strat- Karen Lewis, Community Engagement Manager Fauci is serving three roles: director of egy against COVID-19, so he’s the closest Ramesh Ponnuru is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a senior editor at National [email protected] his agency, adviser to the administration thing there is to a credible spokesman for [email protected] Review, visiting fellow at the American Enterprise and commentator in the media. The first one. This too helps explain the pettiness Institute and contributor to CBS News. +49(0)631.3615.9090; DSN (314)583.9090 Pacific Mari Mori, [email protected] +81-3 6385.3171; DSN (315)227.7333 What we can learn from unchanged suicide rates CONTACT US Washington BY JEREMY SAMUEL FAUST expected rates at all. dying. Earlier this month, data from actual tel: (+1)202.886.0003 Special to The Washington Post Just to be sure, we performed a sensi- studies showed that the drug has no ef- 633 3rd St. NW, Suite 116, Washington, DC 20001-3050 tivity analysis — researchers’ fancy way fect on mortality. And then there were the n late March, right as the crest of of saying we asked the same question in president’s musings on the “miracle” drug Reader letters the first wave of the coronavirus ap- a number of ways to make sure we were hydroxychloroquine and other supposed [email protected] proached, President Donald Trump not deluding ourselves. We compared this solutions so deranged that they don’t war- was pushing to reopen the economy. Additional contacts I year’s rates in March, April and May with rant repeating. There would be “suicide by the thousands” those from last year and other years. Many well-informed and well-meaning within weeks if businesses stayed closed Whether we considered the months indi- people fell for the cognitive trap that if OMBUDSMAN and people were out of work, he argued. vidually or combined, year by year, there something rings true, it must be true — and The notion that economic shutdowns was just no change. We ran the numbers thus assumed that suicide deaths were des- Ernie Gates themselves could pose a greater threat to again, this time assuming that each of the tined to rise during shutdowns. Certainly, the health and safety of communities than few dozen deaths in 2020 that occurred more study on this subject is needed. The The Stars and Stripes ombudsman protects the free flow the uncontrolled spread of a disease that during March through May in which the Centers for Disease Control and Preven- of news and information, reporting any attempts by the has now killed more than 1 million people cause of death was yet to be determined tion recently reported, “During late June, military or other authorities to undermine the newspaper’s worldwide was and remains an important independence. The ombudsman also responds to concerns were in fact suicides. The scenario was 40% of U.S. adults reported struggling with and questions from readers, and monitors coverage for fair- idea to consider. unlikely, but one we had to consider. No mental health or drug use,” with 1 in 4 peo- ness, accuracy, timeliness and balance. The ombudsman But asserting a fact doesn’t make it true. matter how we looked, we kept finding the ple between the ages of 18 and 24 saying welcomes comments from readers, and can be contacted Was Trump right? Did suicides skyrocket by email at [email protected], or by phone at same thing. Suicide rates did not budge they had “seriously considered suicide” in 202.886.0003. in March, April and May? Did a spike in during the stay-at-home advisory period the previous 30 days. suicide deaths outpace COVID-19 deaths? (March 23 until a phased reopening began There are legitimate questions to be As an emergency room physician, I in late May) in Massachusetts, which had raised about the pandemic’s toll on men- Stars and Stripes (USPS 0417900) is published week- kept an eye out during my shifts in the one of the longest such periods of any state tal health. Some of the impact may have days (except Dec. 25 and Jan. 1) for 50 cents Monday weeks following Trump’s March 24 state- in the nation. through Thursday and for $1 on Friday by Pacific Stars and more to do with the continuing inability Stripes, Unit 45002, APO AP 96301-5002. Periodicals ment. It seemed to me that we had fewer Studying the effects of stay-at-home to control the virus, and with the ensuing postage paid at San Francisco, CA, Postmaster: Send suicidal patients than usual. I called a col- advisories is still in its infancy, and what economic fallout, than with Americans’ address changes to Pacific Stars and Stripes, Unit 45002, league across town at another hospital. He is learned will help inform the decisions APO AP 96301-5002. staying home for weeks and even months This newspaper is authorized by the Department of thought he might be observing the opposite of public health officials as they consider in the spring. That said, a rise in suicides Defense for members of the military services overseas. in his ER, that there might have been an measures to address future infectious-dis- or other suffering resulting from tempo- However, the contents of Stars and Stripes are unofficial, uptick in patients with suicidal thoughts or ease outbreaks or another COVID-19 spike. and are not to be considered as the official views of, or rary stay-home advisories is neither guar- endorsed by, the U.S. government. As a DOD newspaper, attempts. Along with a team of research- Some worries about stay-at-home periods anteed nor inevitable. Stars and Stripes may be distributed through official chan- ers, I set out to try to find out what was hap- will turn out to be overblown, others not. To get this right, both now and in the nels and use appropriated funds for distribution to remote pening. But we would have to wait. Death Concerns about the limitations of remote locations where overseas DOD personnel are located. future, we have to keep asking the right The appearance of advertising in this publication does by suicide takes longer to be reported and learning for children increasingly appear questions and awaiting the actual an- not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense finalized than most other causes of death. to be justified, for instance, and concerted swers — and remember that the questions or Stars and Stripes of the products or services advertised. Every suicide death is investigated and its efforts to address the problem are urgent- Products or services advertised shall be made available for themselves, no matter how obvious their purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, final cause directly adjudicated by a medi- ly needed. But government officials, the implications might seem, do not provide religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical cal examiner, making the process slower media and others need to remember that the answers. They remain what they are: handicap, political affiliation or any other nonmerit factor but ultimately more reliable. anecdotes and assumptions are not the questions. of the purchaser, user or patron. It turns out that both I and my crosstown same as robust public health data. Early colleague were mistaken. Suicide rates in in the pandemic, media reports — rumors, Jeremy Samuel Faust is an emergency physician © Stars and Stripes 2020 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the Division Massachusetts neither rose nor fell last really — suggested that few COVID-19 of Health Policy and Public Health, and an spring. Suicide rates did not change from patients taking the drug remdesivir were instructor at Harvard Medical School. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES•PAGE 17 OPINION

wait. But jurisdictions around the country What newspapers appear to be in far better shape than many feared. Younger Americans have been particu- are saying at home larly responsive to the call to relieve tradi- tionally older poll workers, thanks in part The following editorial excerpts are se- to the Power the Polls campaign, a collabo- lected from a cross section of newspapers ration of nonprofits and businesses whose throughout the United States. The editori- dedicated efforts have been amplified by als are provided by The Associated Press a number of celebrities. Hopefully, this and other stateside syndicates. influx will mean a more sustainable work- force for decades to come. Suit against Google should be There’s plenty that officials should still do to reduce the odds of a chaotic election warning for tech on fairness — notably, enacting measures to allow bal- Times lots to be processed before Election Day. The internet has been a powerful source But the fact that thousands of Americans of innovation and opportunity in the half- have stepped forward as new poll workers century since the first electronic message is a good reminder of how impactful the was sent between experimental nodes at cumulative efforts of ordinary people can UCLA and Stanford. And in some indus- be during this election . tries, it remains a great equalizer — giving upstart creators and service providers the Quash a potentially damaging sort of access that used to be the exclusive province of big corporations. trans-Atlantic tariff war That’s why policymakers in the United The (Charleston, S.C.) States have been loath to intervene online, Post and Courier worried that any rules they set would be The United States and the European counterproductive or quickly rendered ob- That’s why antitrust authorities at the But elections for president and Congress Union have been drifting apart for two de- solete by the rapid pace of change. “Don’t state and federal level are also scrutiniz- also involve federal interests, and Penn- cades, and issues that used to be treated regulate the internet” became a frequent ing Facebook, which has a track record sylvania law couldn’t be clearer in specify- as friendly family quarrels, like different rallying cry, and for the most part, law- of trying to gobble up or crush companies ing that mail-in votes must arrive “no later trade policies or different commitments to makers and governmental agencies han- that could compete with its social network, than eight o’clock P.M. on the day of the a common defense, have turned into major dled the emerging online powerhouses and Amazon, which has been accused of primary or election.” disagreements. with kid gloves. competing unfairly with the many small Perhaps the chief, concerned by Demo- But in a world defined by strong chal- The gloves have now officially come off. and midsize businesses that sell products cratic attacks on the court’s “legitimacy,” lenges to the international rules on which The U.S. Department of Justice filed a and services through its platform. Apple is betting this problem will fizzle out. He both rely, it is clear that the U.S. and the EU much-anticipated lawsuit Tuesday accus- has come under the microscope too even had better hope so. If the ballot counting need to stand together wherever possible. ing Google of abusing its dominant position though its products aren’t the top sellers in on Nov. 3 is close, the parties could soon be Unfortunately, a recent pair of rulings in online search and advertising to cement any category; its critics say the company back knocking at the chief justice’s cham- by the World Trade Organization threatens its market power. The lawsuit, which was is extracting unfairly high fees from the bers. Then the stakes would be far higher, to ignite a new tariff war between the two. joined by 11 state attorneys general, is like- companies that want to make and sell apps since a decision by the justices could tip That would be bad for both and for the rest ly to be just the first in a salvo of antitrust for Apple’s iPhones and iPads. the outcome as millions of Americans of the free world that depends on the rules, cases, legislative proposals, rule-makings And then there is the flak that Twit- watch. Justice Amy Coney Barrett will be which are being threatened by China, Rus- and other governmental initiatives to rein ter, Facebook and YouTube (which, like settling into her new chair, knock on wood, sia and Iran. in Big Tech companies. Google, is owned by Alphabet) have taken precluding a 4-4 split. Last year, the WTO found that the EU We won’t prejudge the Justice Depart- for the way they limit what users can say or If it comes to that, it’ll be hard to argue had given illegal production subsidies to ment’s allegations that Google unfairly post on their platforms. No one would care that October wasn’t a much better time to Airbus worth $7.5 billion to enable it to blocked competitors and raised the cost of about these companies’ policies if their tell Pennsylvania to follow its own election compete with Boeing, and authorized the online advertising to the detriment of con- platforms hadn’t grown to such an epic code. United States to collect a like amount in sumers across the country. But we can’t global scale . retaliatory tariffs on European goods. The help but notice the similarities between Meanwhile, California is leading the Election workers stepping up U.S. has begun imposing new tariffs on the case against Google and the Justice push by states to give consumers more goods such as Scotch whiskey, but has not Department’s successful antitrust lawsuit control over the personal data that have to meet increased demand fully exploited the ruling in its favor. against Microsoft in the late 1990s, when become the internet’s unofficial currency . The Washington Post On the other hand, the WTO also recent- the software giant used its deals with com- For Big Tech, it’s a reckoning that’s been With two weeks until Election Day, elec- ly found that Washington state had given puter manufacturers for the Windows op- a long time coming. The internet is still tion officials are scrambling to ensure a $4 billion in illegal tax breaks to Boeing erating system to impede competition in capable of supporting vigorous competi- safe and orderly voting process. Even with and authorized the EU to impose a similar the emerging areas of web browsers and tion and a free-flowing exchange of ideas, an unprecedented number of ballots being amount of tariffs on the U.S. digital media players. and rapidly changing technology still has cast absentee, millions will vote in person, These are hardly crippling penalties in According to the Justice Department’s the potential to disrupt markets and topple and poll workers are critical to that run- a two-way trade relationship that reached complaint, Google has used exclusive once-dominant corporations. But as much ning smoothly. $1.3 trillion in 2018, and one could hope contracts with manufacturers and mobile as lawmakers and regulators need to keep Even before the pandemic, election offi- that both sides would find an amicable way phone services to make sure Google would those realities in mind, they also need to cials often struggled to attract enough poll to settle the remaining issues and waive be the default search service on browsers make sure dominant companies don’t le- workers. Making in-person voting safe and the penalties, especially because they and mobile devices, and to guarantee that verage their power to choke off competition efficient during a pandemic will require clearly need to be pulling together against its apps would be placed prominently on and leave consumers with too few good al- creativity and extra precautions. With the new threats to world order. products’ screens. This conduct led it to ternatives and too little innovation. seniors at higher risk for serious compli- That does not seem to be the case. The control more than 90% of the searches, the cations from the coronavirus and trans- United States Trade Representative’s of- complaint alleges, while also buttressing its Pa. mail-in ballot deadline mission rates growing at alarming rates fice says the U.S. won the subsidy battle dominant position in online advertising. around the country, election officials and because its award was larger, and Europe Google defended its actions and argued illegally extended … for now advocates have devoted serious resources should impose no new tariffs at all. The that consumers are free to choose other The Wall Street Journal over the past several months toward re- EU’s new trade commissioner, Valdis Dom- services for their searches. How’s this for anticlimactic? The U.S. Su- plenishing their ranks of poll workers. brovskis, replied that the U.S. had to drop Failing a negotiated settlement, the preme Court had an appeal from Pennsyl- In a rare bit of election-related good its punitive tariffs before Europe would courts will ultimately decide whether vania Republicans for three weeks. State news, these efforts appear to have paid off drop its new authority for higher tariffs. Google’s behavior crossed the legal line. law unambiguously says that mail-in votes in many jurisdictions. Earlier this year, This may be the normal Kabuki postur- But with California and three dozen other are due at 8 p.m. on Election Day. But the Wisconsin struggled mightily to recruit ing that often precedes serious negotia- states still investigating Google, there Pennsylvania Supreme Court pushed that enough poll workers. Even with assistance tions. But it also is a possible prelude to a will almost certainly be more cases filed, deadline back to Nov. 6, even if the ballot from the National Guard, Milwaukee was complete breakdown in negotiations . just as there are more concerns about the lacks any legible postmark. forced to cut the number of polling stations It is worth noting that Boeing this year company than the Justice Department ad- The GOP and state legislative leaders from 180 to five. Since then, officials in the agreed to give up the $100-million-a-year dressed, including whether Google com- asked the justices for a stay on Sept. 28. state have seen a wave of new applicants. tax break it was getting from Washington petes unfairly by favoring its own products The length of time the high court pondered Milwaukee is on track to have 173 polling state, and the law granting that break was (such as YouTube and Google Maps) in its it led observers to wonder if something places open. In Madison, so many people repealed. But even though Airbus has said search results, and whether Google inap- decisive might be in the offing. Nope. On stepped forward that officials had to cut off it is giving up production subsidies, the EU propriately uses its advertising network to Monday a terse statement from the court applications. With the oversupply, they can has not renounced or rescinded its legal boost its own products by collecting data said the request “is denied.” Justices Clar- give poll workers shorter shifts and have authority to provide them. So there is a from consumers on competitors’ sites. ence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch teams on hand for rapid response if things continuing, if latent, unresolved issue. The lesson of the Microsoft case that and Brett Kavanaugh would have granted go wrong . What raises this from the level of a fam- seems apt here is not that it’s illegal to be the stay. With a 4-4 split, the state judicia- The view isn’t rosy everywhere — plenty ily spat to a serious threat to better U.S.- big and successful. It is that once a com- ry’s extension was left in place. of jurisdictions are still looking to recruit EU relations is the prospect of a new tariff pany reaches that pinnacle, the aggressive The missing conservative is Chief Jus- more poll workers. And the stakes are high war that will make it harder for both sides tactics it used to grow and succeed can no tice John Roberts. With no full opinion, — a shortage of poll workers could force to find common ground where it matters longer be used to maintain its dominance. one can only speculate as to his thinking. officials to close polling stations or lead to most. It’s time to move on from the politi- Monopolies aren’t necessarily illegal — ef- Maybe he was reluctant to halt a state hours-long lines that effectively disenfran- cal intricacies built into trade retaliation forts to preserve them are. court’s ruling on a question of state law. chise would-be voters who cannot afford to measures. Settle this matter quickly. PAGE 18 • S TARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 SCOREBOARD

Sports Pro football Deals Auto racing NFL Jarvis Landry (hip, ribs), QB Baker May- Wednesday’s transactions Autotrader EchoPark on AFN field (chest), TE David Njoku (shoulder), AMERICAN CONFERENCE C J.C. Tretter (knee). FULL: LB Tae Davis Automotive 500 lineup East (elbow), S Ronnie Harrison (concussion), W L T Pct PF PA LB Sione Takitaki (hand). BENGALS: DT American League Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Buffalo 4 2 0 .666 156 168 Geno Atkins (not injury related), DE TEXAS RANGERS — Acquired RHP Art Race Sunday Go to the American Forces Miami 3 3 0 .500 160 113 Carlos Dunlap (not injury related), CB Warren off waivers from Seattle. At Texas Motor Speedway New England 2 3 0 .400 109 110 William Jackson (concussion), RB Joe National League Fort Worth, Texas Network website for the most N.Y. Jets 0 6 0 .000 75 185 Mixon (foot), CB Darius Phillips (illness). ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS — Released Lap length: 1.5 miles up-to-date TV schedules. South LIMITED: LB Markus Bailey (neck), WR RHP Artie Lewicki. (Car number in parentheses) Tennessee 5 0 0 1.000 164 126 A.J. Green (not injury related), WR Auden FOOTBALL 1. (4) Kevin Harvick, Ford. Indianapolis 4 2 0 .666 157 115 Tate (shoulder), S Shawn Williams (ham- 2. (22) Joey Logano, Ford. Houston 1 5 0 .166 146 182 string). ARIZONA CARDINALS — Signed LB 3. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford. Jacksonville 1 5 0 .166 125 181 DALLAS COWBOYS at WASHINGTON Reggie Gilbert to the practice squad. 4. (9) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet. North FOOTBALL TEAM — COWBOYS: Practice BUFFALO BILLS — Released G Quinton 5. (88) Alex Bowman, Chevrolet. Pittsburgh 5 0 0 1.000 156 94 Not Complete. WASHINGTON: DNP: T Spain. Signed DT Justin Zimmer to active 6. (19) Martin Truex Jr., Toyota. College football Baltimore 5 1 0 .833 179 104 Saahdiq Charles (knee), CB Ronald Dar- 7. (11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota. by (illness), WR Antonio Gandy-Golden roster. Cleveland 4 2 0 .666 163 187 CAROLINA PANTHERS — Placed K Joey 8. (1) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet. Cincinnati 1 4 1 .250 129 157 (hamstring), DE James Smith-Williams 9. (18) Kyle Busch, Toyota. (concussion), TE Logan Thomas (neck), Slye and OL Trent Scott on the reserve/ Schedule West COVID-19 list. 10. (12) Ryan Blaney, Ford. Kansas City 5 1 0 .833 175 127 WR Isaiah Wright (shoulder). LIMITED: 11. (24) William Byron, Chevrolet. Friday’s games LB Kevin Pierre-Louis (shoulder), DE CINCINNATI BENGALS — Designated Las Vegas 3 2 0 .600 151 152 DT Mike Daniels to return from injured 12. (3) Austin Dillon, Chevrolet. SOUTH Denver 2 3 0 .400 100 110 Chase Young (groin). 13. (10) Aric Almirola, Ford. Jacksonville St. (2-1) at FIU (0-2) DETROIT LIONS at reserve. Signed DT Andrew Brown to the L.A. Chargers 1 4 0 .200 110 125 practice squad. 14. (21) Matt DiBenedetto, Ford. Tulsa (1-1) at South Florida (1-4) NATIONAL CONFERENCE — LIONS: DNP: DE Trey Flowers (wrist), 15. (95) Christopher Bell, Toyota. Louisiana-Lafayette (3-1) at UAB (4-1) WR Marvin Jones (knee), C Frank Rag- DENVER BRONCOS — Designated DT East now (groin), CB Desmond Trufant (ham- Dre’Mont Jones and DE DeMarcus Walker 16. (41) Cole Custer, Ford. MIDWEST W L T Pct PF PA 17. (20) Erik Jones, Toyota. SE Missouri at S. Illinois, ppd. string). LIMITED: WR Danny Amendola from injured reserve. Dallas 2 4 0 .333 173 218 (foot). FULL: G Joe Dahl (groin). FALCONS: DETROIT LIONS — Signed CB Chris 18. (43) Bubba Wallace, Chevrolet. Illinois at Wisconsin Philadelphia 1 4 1 .250 141 175 19. (8) Tyler Reddick, Chevrolet. Saturday’s games DNP: WR Julio Jones (hamstring), DE Tak- Jones. Signed T Dan Skipper and TE Matt N.Y. Giants 1 5 0 .166 101 152 karist McKinley (groin), DT Deadrin Sen- Sokol to the practice squad. Released P 20. (17) Chris Buescher, Ford. EAST Washington 1 5 0 .166 108 162 21. (14) Clint Bowyer, Ford. Mercer (0-1) at Army (5-1) at (not injury related). LIMITED: DE Dante Arryn Siposs from the practice squad. South Fowler (ankle), S Jaylinn Hawkins (con- Recalled DE Austin Bryant from the re- 22. (47) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Chevrolet. FAU (1-0) at Marshall (4-0) Tampa Bay 4 2 0 .666 177 122 23. (34) Michael McDowell, Ford. Houston (1-1) at Navy (3-2) cussion), WR Brandon Powell (elbow), serve/PUP list to practice. Placed DE Ju- New Orleans 3 2 0 .600 153 150 WR (elbow), CB Kendall lian Okwara on injured reserve. 24. (38) John Hunter Nemechek, Ford. Notre Dame (4-0) at Pittsburgh (3-3) Carolina 3 3 0 .500 138 141 25. (6) Ryan Newman, Ford. Georgia Tech (2-3) at Boston College Sheffield (foot). FULL: WR GREEN BAY PACKERS — Signed G Ben Atlanta 1 5 0 .166 162 184 (shoulder). Braden to the practice squad. 26. (48) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet. (3-2) North 27. (13) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet. SOUTH GREEN BAY PACKERS at HOUSTON TEX- — Designat- Chicago 5 1 0 .833 128 116 ANS — PACKERS: DNP: T David Bakhtiari ed K to return from injured 28. (32) Corey LaJoie, Ford. NC State (4-1) at North Carolina (3-1) Green Bay 4 1 0 .800 162 139 (chest), RB Tyler Ervin (wrist), DT Tyler 29. (37) Ryan Preece, Chevrolet. Georgia Southern (3-1) at Coastal Car- reserve. Announced that OLB Aaron Detroit 2 3 0 .400 133 143 Lancaster (shoulder), S Darnell Savage Lynch unretired and was added to the 30. (96) Daniel Suarez, Toyota. olina (4-0) Minnesota 1 5 0 .166 155 192 (quadricep), TE Robert Tonyan (ankle). 31. (15) Brennan Poole, Chevrolet. Syracuse (1-4) at Clemson (5-0) active roster. West LIMITED: LB Krys Barnes (shoulder, KANSAS CITY CHIEFS — Designated DT 32. (42) Matt Kenseth, Chevrolet. Auburn (2-2) at Mississippi (1-3) Seattle 5 0 0 1.000 169 135 calf), LB Rashan Gary (ankle), CB Kevin 33. (27) JJ Yeley, Ford. Temple (1-1) at Memphis (2-1) Khalen Saunders to return from injured Arizona 4 2 0 .666 166 112 King (quadricep), TE Marcedes Lewis reserve. 34. (00) Quin Houff, Chevrolet. Florida St. (2-3) at Louisville (1-4) L.A. Rams 4 2 0 .666 152 114 (knee), LB Preston Smith (shoulder), LB 35. (77) Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet. UTEP (3-2) at Charlotte (1-2) — Designated San Francisco 3 3 0 .500 148 130 Za’Darius Smith (ankle), WR Equanime- DT A’Shawn Robinson to return from re- 36. (66) Timmy Hill, Toyota. Missouri (1-2) at Florida (2-1), ppd. Thursday’s game ous St. Brown (knee). FULL: CB Jaire Al- Georgia (3-1) at Kentucky (2-2), ppd. serve/NFI list. 37. (7) Josh Bilicki, Chevrolet. N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia exander (hand, knee). TEXANS: DNP: TE LAS VEGAS RAIDERS — Placed RT Trent 38. (53) Garrett Smithley, Ford. Southern Miss. (1-3) at Liberty (5-0) Sunday’s games Jordan Akins (ankle, concussion), CB Kei- Tulane (2-3) at UCF (2-2) Brown on the reserve/COVID-19 list. 39. (51) Joey Gase, Ford. Buffalo at N.Y. Jets on Crossen (foot), DE J.J. Watt (not injury NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS — Designat- 40. (49) Chad Finchum, Toyota. Cent. Arkansas (3-3) at E. Kentucky (1-4) Pittsburgh at Tennessee related). LIMITED: LB Dylan Cole (knee), Virginia Tech (3-1) at Wake Forest (2-2) ed C David Andrews, OLB Josh Uche and Green Bay at Houston RB Buddy Howell (hamstring), LB Peter DT Beau Allen from injured reserve. Ac- Alabama (4-0) at Tennessee (2-2) Cleveland at Cincinnati Kalambayi (hamstring), G Senio Kele- O’Reilly Auto Parts 300 lineup Georgia St. (1-2) at Troy (3-1) mete (knee), S Justin Reid (shoulder), T tivated DT Byron Cowart, G Shaq Mason Carolina at New Orleans and DE Derek Rivers from reserve/COV- NASCAR Xfinity Series Chattanooga at W. Kentucky (1-4) Detroit at Atlanta Laremy Tunsil (shoulder). Louisiana-Monroe (0-5) at South Ala- JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS at LOS ANGE- ID-19 list. Placed OT Jermaine Eluemunor Race Saturday Dallas at Washington on injured reserve. At Texas Motor Speedway bama (2-2) Seattle at Arizona LES CHARGERS — JAGUARS: DNP: LB Myl- South Carolina (2-2) at LSU (1-2) es Jack (ankle), G (not PHILADELPHIA EAGLES — Released G Fort Worth, Texas Kansas City at Denver Jamon Brown. Promoted TE Jason Croom Virginia (1-3) at Miami (4-1) San Francisco at New England injury related), S (ham- Lap length: 1.5 miles MIDWEST string). LIMITED: LB (foot), to the active roster. Activated G Matt (Car number in parentheses) Jacksonville at L.A. Chargers Pryor from COVID-19 list. Rutgers at Michigan St. Tampa Bay at Las Vegas DE Josh Allen (knee), T Ben Bartch (foot, 1. (98) Chase Briscoe, Ford. — Promoted Kansas (0-4) at Kansas St. (3-1) Open: Baltimore, Indianapolis, Miami, knee), G A.J. Cann (shoulder), WR D.J. 2. (11) Justin Haley, Chevrolet. Nebraska at Ohio St. Minnesota Chark (ankle), TE Tyler Eifert (neck), DT LB Joe Walker to the active roster. Signed 3. (19) Brandon Jones, Toyota. LB Jonas Griffith and TE Daniel Helm to Iowa at Purdue Monday’s game Abry Jones (ankle), K Josh Lambo (left 4. (39) Ryan Sieg, Chevrolet. Penn St. at Indiana Chicago at L.A. Rams hip), G (ankle), WR Lav- the practice squad. Acquired OLB Jordan 5. (7) Justin Allgaier, Chevrolet. Kentucky (2-2) at Missouri (1-2) Thursday, Oct. 29 iska Shenault (hamstring). CHARGERS: Willis and a 2021 seventh-round draft 6. (10) Ross Chastain, Chevrolet. Maryland at Northwestern Atlanta at Carolina Practice Not Complete. pick from the Jets in exchange for 2022 7. (22) Austin Cindric, Ford. Michigan at Minnesota Sunday, Nov. 1 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS at DENVER BRON- sixth-round pick. 8. (8) Jeb Burton, Chevrolet. SOUTHWEST Tennessee at Cincinnati COS — CHIEFS: Practice Not Complete. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS — Signed LB 9. (9) Noah Gragson, Chevrolet. Oklahoma (2-2) at TCU (1-2) N.Y. Jets at Kansas City BRONCOS: Practice Not Complete. Mychal Kendricks to the practice squad. 10. (1) Michael Annett, Chevrolet. Abilene Christian (0-2) vs. Stephen F. L.A. Rams at Miami PITTSBURGH STEELERS at TENNES- TENNESSEE TITANS — Designated CB 11. (02) Brett Moffitt, Chevrolet. Austin (2-3) at Arlington, Texas Indianapolis at Detroit SEE TITANS — STEELERS: DNP: LB Devin Adoree’ Jackson to return from injured 12. (20) Harrison Burton, Toyota. Iowa St. (3-1) at Oklahoma St. (3-0) New England at Buffalo Bush (knee), CB Mike Hilton (shoulder), reserve. 13. (92) Josh Williams, Chevrolet. C Maurkice Pouncey (foot), QB Ben Ro- HOCKEY 14. (61) Austin Hill, Toyota. Baylor (1-1) at Texas (2-2) Las Vegas at Cleveland ethlisberger (not injury related), WR JuJu Middle Tennessee (1-5) at Rice Pittsburgh at Baltimore 15. (68) Brandon Brown, Chevrolet. Smith-Schuster (knee), DE Stephon Tuitt NEW JERSEY DEVILS — Re-signed RW 16. (51) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet. West Virginia (3-1) at Texas Tech (1-3) Minnesota at Green Bay (not injury related), FB Derek Watt (ham- Louisiana Tech (3-2) at UTSA (3-3) L.A. Chargers at Denver Nick Merkley to a one-year, two-way con- 17. (44) Tommy Joe Martins, Chevrolet. string). LIMITED: G David DeCastro (abdo- tract. 18. (21) Anthony Alfredo, Chevrolet. Cincinnati (3-0) at SMU (5-0) New Orleans at Chicago men). FULL: WR Diontae Johnson (back). FAR WEST San Francisco at Seattle WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Re-signed 19. (18) Riley Herbst, Toyota. TITANS: DNP: LB Jadeveon Clowney D Jonas Siegenthaler to a one-year con- 20. (36) Alex Labbe, Chevrolet. Wyoming at Nevada Dallas at Philadelphia (knee), TE MyCole Pruitt (illness), T Isa- Utah St. at Boise St. Open: Houston, Jacksonville, Arizona, tract. Named Kevin McCarthy assistant 21. (0) Jeffrey Earnhardt, Chevrolet. iah Wilson (illness). DT DaQuan Jones coach. 22. (93) Myatt Snider, Chevrolet. Hawaii at Fresno St. Washington (foot), T Dennis Kelly (knee), TE Jonnu New Mexico at Colorado St. Monday, Nov. 2 SOCCER 23. (07) David Starr, Chevrolet. Smith (ankle). Texas State (1-5) at BYU (5-0) Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS at NEW ENG- 24. (74) Bayley Currey, Chevrolet. Air Force (1-0) at San Jose St. SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC — Acquired D/ 25. (13) Timmy Hill, Toyota. LAND PATRIOTS — 49ERS: Practice Not MF Jimmy Medranda from Nashville SC UNLV at San Diego St. Complete. PATRIOTS: Practice Not Com- 26. (5) Matt Mills, Toyota. NFL injury report in exchange for MF Handwalla Bwana. 27. (4) Jesse Little, Chevrolet. plete. Signed F NEW YORK — The National Football SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at ARIZONA SPORTING KANSAS CITY — 28. (08) Joe Graf, Jr., Chevrolet. League injury report, as provided by the CARDINALS — SEAHAWKS: Practice Not Wilson Harris to a one-year contract. 29. (52) Kody Vanderwal, Chevrolet. Pro soccer league (DNP: did not practice; LIMITED: Complete. CARDINALS: Practice Not National Women’s Soccer League 30. (90) BJ McLeod, Chevrolet. limited participation; FULL: Full partici- Complete. NWSL — Announced the addition of 31. (6) Ryan Vargas, Chevrolet. pation): TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS at LAS VE- Angel City FC as an . 32. (99) Jesse Iwuji, Chevrolet. MLS SUNDAY GAS RAIDERS — BUCCANEERS: DNP: QB 33. (15) Colby Howard, Chevrolet. BUFFALO BILLS at Tom Brady (not injury related), TE Rob 34. (78) CJ McLaughlin, Toyota. EASTERN CONFERENCE — BILLS: DNP: WR John Brown (knee), LB Gronkowski (shoulder). LIMITED: S An- 35. (66) Stephen Leicht, Toyota. W L T Pts GF GA Tyrel Dodson (hamstring), T Cody Ford drew Adams (hamstring), LB Lavonte AP sportlight 36. (47) Kyle Weatherman, Chevrolet. Toronto FC 12 2 5 41 30 17 (knee), TE Dawson Knox (calf). LIMITED: David (knee), WR Mike Evans (ankle), Philadelphia 11 3 5 38 34 17 QB Jake Fromm (not injury related), CB DE William Gholston (biceps), WR Chris 400 lineup Columbus 10 4 4 34 30 15 Cameron Lewis (wrist), LB Matt Milano Godwin (hamstring), WR Scott Miller Oct. 23 — Don Doll of the Detroit Lions Orlando City 8 2 8 32 30 18 (pectoral). FULL: QB Josh Allen (left shoul- (hip, groin), DE Jason Pierre-Paul (knee), 1949 NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series New England 7 5 7 28 21 18 der). JETS: DNP: G Alex Lewis (shoulder). S Antoine Winfield (shoulder). FULL: RB intercepts four passes in a 24-7 victory Race Sunday New York City FC 8 8 3 27 24 19 LIMITED: T Mekhi Becton (shoulder), WR Leonard Fournette (ankle). RAIDERS: over the Chicago Cardinals. At Texas Motor Speedway New York 7 8 4 25 22 23 Jamison Crowder (groin), QB Sam Dar- DNP: S Johnathan Abram (not injury re- 1960 — Jim Martin of Detroit becomes Fort Worth, Texas Nashville SC 6 6 6 24 18 17 nold (right shoulder), T Chuma Edoga lated), WR Bryan Edwards (foot, ankle), the first kicker to kick two field goals Lap length: 1.5 miles Montreal 7 10 2 23 29 36 (calf), K Sam Ficken (right groin), WR G Denzelle Good (not injury related), over 50 yards in a game as the Lions beat (Car number in parentheses) Chicago 5 8 5 20 24 28 Breshad Perriman (ankle, knee). FULL: C Rodney Hudson (not injury related), the Baltimore Colts 30-17. 1. (2) Sheldon Creed, Chevrolet. Atlanta 5 10 4 19 18 22 WR Braxton Berrios (quadricep), LB Jor- G Gabe Jackson (not injury related), T 1971 — Greg Pruitt rushes for 294 yards 2. (23) Brett Moffitt, Chevrolet. Inter Miami CF 5 11 3 18 19 29 dan Jenkins (shoulder). Kolton Miller (not injury related), CB on 19 carries to lead the Oklahoma Soon- 3. (16) Austin Hill, Toyota. Cincinnati 4 11 4 16 11 30 CAROLINA PANTHERS at NEW OR- Keisean Nixon (groin). LIMITED: DT Ma- ers to an NCAA-record 711 yards rushing 4. (98) Grant Enfinger, Ford. D.C. United 3 10 6 15 17 33 LEANS SAINTS — PANTHERS: Practice liek Collins (shoulder), CB Lamarcus and a 75-28 pounding of Kansas State. Not Complete. Practice Not 5. (51) Chandler Smith, Toyota. WESTERN CONFERENCE SAINTS: Joyner (hamstring), DE Carl Nassib (toe). 1976 — Pittsburgh’s Tony Dorsett rush- 6. (21) Zane Smith, Chevrolet. W L T Pts GF GA Complete. FULL: WR Rico Gafford (hamstring), LB es for 180 yards in a 45-0 rout of Navy to CLEVELAND BROWNS at CINCIN- Nick Kwiatkoski (pectoral), T Sam Young 7. (88) Matt Crafton, Ford. Seattle 9 4 4 31 35 17 become the top career rusher in NCAA 8. (99) Ben Rhodes, Ford. Portland 9 5 4 31 38 30 NATI BENGALS — BROWNS: DNP: LB Ja- (knee). history with 5,206 yards. cob Phillips (knee), S Andrew Sendejo MONDAY 9. (26) Tyler Ankrum, Chevrolet. Sporting KC 9 6 3 30 31 25 1988 — Dan Marino passes for 521 10. (18) Christian Eckes, Toyota. Los Angeles FC 7 7 4 25 40 34 (shin), G Wyatt Teller (calf). LIMITED: P CHICAGO BEARS at LOS ANGELES yards, three touchdowns and five inter- Jamie Gillan (left groin), RB Kareem Hunt RAMS — BEARS: Practice Not Complete. 11. (19) Derek Kraus, Toyota. Minnesota United 6 5 6 24 28 23 ceptions as the Miami Dolphins lose to 12. (38) Todd Gilliland, Ford. FC Dallas 6 5 6 24 22 20 (ribs), S Karl Joseph (hamstring), WR RAMS: Practice Not Complete. the New York Jets 44-30. Marino com- San Jose 6 7 6 24 28 43 13. (45) Trevor Bayne, Chevrolet. pletes 35 of 60 passes as he produces 14. (40) Ryan Truex, Chevrolet. Vancouver 7 12 0 21 22 40 the second-best single-game total yard- Real Salt Lake 5 7 6 21 24 29 15. (13) Johnny Sauter, Ford. age in NFL history. 16. (56) Tyler Hill, Chevrolet. Houston 4 7 8 20 27 32 Tennis 1993 — The Toronto Maple Leafs break Colorado 5 4 4 19 25 20 17. (02) Tate Fogleman, Chevrolet. the NHL record for most victories at the 18. (22) Austin Wayne Self, Chevrolet. LA Galaxy 5 9 3 18 22 34 start of the season, winning their ninth Note: Three points for victory, one European Open Grigor Dimitrov (4), Bulgaria, def. Pab- 19. (30) Danny Bohn, Toyota. lo Andujar, Spain, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. straight game by beating the second- 20. (4) Raphael Lessard, Toyota. point for tie. year Tampa Bay Lightning 2-0. Wednesday’s game Wednesday Alex de Minaur (8), Australia, vs. Feli- 21. (52) Stewart Friesen, Toyota. Sporting Kansas City at Colorado ppd. At Lotto Arena ciano Lopez, Spain, 6-4, 6-2. 1999 — Florida State’s Bobby Bowden 22. (20) Spencer Boyd, Chevrolet. Thursday’s game Antwerp, Belgium Men’s Doubles gets his 300th win with a 17-14 win over 23. (15) Tanner Gray, Ford. Portland at Seattle Purse: $394,800 Round of 16 his son, Clemson coach Tommy Bowden. 24. (68) Clay Greenfield, Toyota. Friday’s game Rohan Bopanna, India, and Matwe 2005 — San Diego’s LaDainian Tomlin- 25. (3) Jordan Anderson, Chevrolet. Surface: Hardcourt indoor son is held to a career-low 7 yards rush- New England at Nashville Men’s Singles Middelkoop, Netherlands, def. Jamie 26. (41) Dawson Cram, Chevrolet. ing on 17 carries and fails to score in the 27. (44) Natalie Decker, Chevrolet. Saturday’s games Round of 32 Murray and Neal Skupski (4), Britain, 6- Orlando City at Miami 4, 6-4. Chargers’ 20-17 loss at Philadelphia, end- 28. (24) Chase Purdy, Chevrolet. Milos Raonic (5), Canada, def. Aljaz Sander Gille and Joran Vliegen (5), ing his NFL record-tying streak of games 29. (17) Dylan Lupton, Ford. D.C. United at Atlanta Bedene, Slovenia, 6-3, 7-6 (4). New York at Chicago Belgium, def. Jonny O’Mara, Britain, and with a touchdown at 18. 30. (83) Ray Ciccarelli, Chevrolet. Minnesota at Cincinnati Taylor Fritz (7), United States, def. Marcelo Arevalo-Gonzalez, El Salvador, 2008 — Carolina’s Brandon Sutter gives 31. (10) Jennifer Jo Cobb, Chevrolet. Montreal at New York City FC Reilly Opelka, United States, 7-6 (5), 6-1. 6-4, 6-3. one of hockey’s most famous families 32. (00) Josh Bilicki, Toyota. Toronto FC at Philadelphia Round of 16 Quarterfinals another milestone, scoring his first NHL 33. (49) Tim Viens, Chevrolet. Columbus at Houston Ugo Humbert, France, def. Pablo Car- Michael Venus, New Zealand, and goal in a 4-1 loss at Pittsburgh. The 19- 34. (33) Josh Reaume, Toyota. Colorado at Sporting Kansas City reno Busta (2), Spain, 5-7, 6-3, 6-4. John Peers (2), Australia, def. Simone Bo- year-old Sutter, son of New Jersey Devils 35. (6) Norm Benning, Chevrolet. FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Daniel Evans, Britain, def. Frances Tia- lelli, Italy, and Maximo Gonzalez, Argen- coach Brent Sutter, is the ninth member 36. (42) James Buescher, Chevrolet. San Jose at Vancouver foe, United States, 7-6 (3), 6-2. tina, 6-3, 6-4. of the Sutter family to play in the NHL. 37. (14) Trey Hutchens III, Ford. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 19 COLLEGE FOOTBALL Dietzen’s comeback thrills his teammates Wisconsin OL is back after quitting football due to injuries

BY STEVE MEGARGEE level football, you’re going to end Associated Press up sitting around watching foot- ball all the time.” Wisconsin offensive lineman At that point, family members Jon Dietzen spent much of his told him he ought to play again. time away from football watch- “There was nobody that was ing games and wondering how questioning whether it was a good well he could still play if injuries Illinois (0-0) decision for me,” Dietzen said. hadn’t caused him to give it up. at No. 14 Wisconsin (0-0) “They knew I knew how to listen The response he got from fam- ily members sparked his decision AFN-Pacific to my body at this point.” to attempt a comeback. 2 a.m. Saturday CET Dietzen approached Wisconsin “My family helped convince 9 a.m. Saturday JKT coaches in October 2019 to say he me I really should come back and was interested in coming back to do it,” Dietzen said. “I remember the program at some point. His watching games and saying, ‘Oh, return became official just before All those injuries finally caused the start of the Badgers’ pandem- I bet I could still do that.’ They Dietzen to announce via social said, ‘Well, if you think you can, ic-delayed preseason camp. media in February 2019 that he why don’t you?’ ” He brings more versatility and was giving up football. Dietzen, who has made 32 ca- experience to the offensive line. But later that summer, Dietzen reer starts, is back with the Bad- When Wisconsin released its noticed he was starting to feel gers after taking off the 2019 depth chart for Friday’s Illinois better. He began training again season. He says he’s feeling bet- game, Dietzen was the starting that July. ter and ready to contribute what- right guard. “It was more a way to start ever he can when the 16th-ranked His return has delighted a gauging how my body did feel,” Badgers open their season Oct. 23 team that got enough bad news Dietzen said. “I noticed day-to- by hosting Illinois. this preseason with quarterback Teammates and coaches say day things felt better, just waking up and moving around, but obvi- Jack Coan undergoing foot sur- Dietzen already is making a gery and safety Reggie Pearson major difference. ously you can account that to hav- ing not played football that day.” not getting medically cleared. “He’s been an absolute blast to Tight end Jake Ferguson said “as be around,” Wisconsin coach Paul When Dietzen trained for months and still felt fine, he real- soon as you see him in pads, it’s Chryst said. “There’s obviously a awesome, and he’s got the flow maturity that he brings but also ized that perhaps a comeback was going,” a reference to Dietzen’s that appreciation. Something was possible. long red hair. taken away and now (he’s) getting He spent that year away from “It’s almost like nothing’s to play.” the game hanging out with his Dietzen made a combined 20 girlfriend, fishing, hunting and changed,” Ferguson said. “He’s starts at left guard in 2016-17 and editing a podcast. But he also still a leader. He’s still out there was the Badgers’ first-team left watched plenty of football, which kicking butt.” tackle in 2018, but he struggled made him realize just how much Well, one thing has changed: with ankle and hip injuries for he wanted to get back on the Dietzen said the injuries that much of his career. He under- field. caused him to give up the game went hip surgery before the 2018 “Definitely the more football I last year haven’t cropped up thus season. watched, the more I missed it,” far. MICHAEL CONROY/AP “He just is an incredible war- Dietzen said. “In the beginning, “I feel pretty good, actually,” rior,” offensive tackle Cole Van I kind of tried to stay away from Dietzen said. “I feel better and Wisconsin offensive lineman Jon Dietzen missed the 2019 season Lanen said. “He’s battled through it, but obviously you grow up more healthy than I have in pre- after quitting following a rash of injuries. He returned this season so much.” playing football and playing high- vious years, knock on wood.” and is listed as the team’s starting right guard in Friday’s opener. Can a 7-win Pac-12 team make the playoffs? It’s complicated

BY ANNE M. PETERSON subjectivity out of it, all the poli- ranks as an overall league, too. Associated Press ‘ Let the champions move on and let’s see. tics, the East Coast (bias), all of “It’s very difficult, I think, with- that,” Lake said on the preseason out nonleague, out-of-conference As the last Power Five con- Let the teams play, and we’ll see who the Pac-12 coaches’ teleconference. games to judge other leagues. ference to jump into the college best team is at the end of the year. “Let the champions move on and So it’ll be even a more difficult football season, the chances that ’ let’s see. Let the teams play, and year this year. But we will have a Pac-12 team can reach the na- Jimmy Lake we’ll see who the best team is at a conference champion and (that) tional championship, even the Washington coach on all Power Five champions being allowed in the CFP the end of the year.” will give us an opportunity later playoff, seem slim. Of course, any Pac-12 repre- on and maybe some crossover But never say never. Especially sentation in the playoffs hinges games to see where we are,” Ari- in a season as odd as this one. game as we’ve seen, some teams who those teams are. It’s very on whether the league’s teams zona coach Kevin Sumlin said. “Nobody knows,” said Stan- are going to falter. So we’ll have difficult,” Edwards said. “And it can get all their games in, with But Sumlin emphatically an- ford coach David Shaw. “Nobody to see how it all shakes out.” becomes even more difficult now COVID-19 cases rising nation- swered “yes” when asked if a 7-0 knows.” Currently, there are two Pac- with COVID hovering over foot- wide and college games routinely Pac-12 team could be in play for a The Pac-12’s coaches believe 12 teams ranked in the AP Top ball and athletics as well.” getting postponed because of championship. there’s a possibility a conference 25: Oregon at No. 13 and USC Then there’s Jimmy Lake’s outbreaks. It’s not just the CFP. The overall team could play for the national at No. 24. They are not the only idea. “With the time configuration postseason picture is somewhat title, even though the league has teams who haven’t played a down Washington’s new coach said he that we’re working with, there’s murky, too. The NCAA clarified an abbreviated schedule with that are in the rankings. The Big believes every Power Five cham- really no opportunity to make one issue when it waived bowl eli- just seven games per team. But a Ten’s Ohio State ( 5), Penn State pion should make the College up games. And so if we miss a gibility criteria for this season. whole bunch of things would have ( 8), Wisconsin (14), Michigan Football Playoff. A sixth “wild game, that game is just going to “I know it’s coach speak, but it’s to fall into place. ( 18) and Minnesota (21 ) are also card” team could be an indepen- be out the window,” Utah coach truth: We focus on what we can “If we have a conference cham- there. The Big Ten starts this dent like Notre Dame, a Group of Kyle Whittingham said. “And so control, preparing ourselves to be pion that’s played well — I don’t weekend, two weeks earlier than Five champion or a good second- we’re hoping that we get them all ready to play games. Then you get think you have to be undefeated the Pac-12, and its teams play an place Power Five team. in. Nobody can predict the future, into these games, you take them but I think you got to play really eight-game schedule. The top two teams would have a we don’t have a crystal ball, but one at a time because that’s the well and show that you’re one of Arizona State coach Herm Ed- bye, Lake said, while No. 3 would we’d all be elated if we get the only way you get to play them. So the better teams in America,” wards said he doesn’t envy the se- play No. 6, and No. 4 would play seven games in.” we haven’t approached that topic Shaw said. “And then, however it lection committee this season. No. 5 to determine the semifinal The lack of nonconference (of a postseason) with the guys,” happens in the other places, not “I know I wouldn’t want to be matchups. games will likely make it harder Oregon State coach Jonathan every one is going to play every in that seat, trying to figure out “I think that way you take all the to determine where the Pac-12 Smith said. PAGE 20 • S TARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 NBA/COLLEGE Van Gundy agrees to coach Pelicans Reports: Will sign 4-year contract with team

BY TIM REYNOLDS ing for Van Gundy in Orlando. AND BRETT MARTEL Redick has readily credited Associated Press Van Gundy for helping him de- velop into a reliable double-digit Stan Van Gundy is headed to scorer. the New Orleans Pelicans, where “In terms of intangibles and he’ll take over a promising team characteristics I think any NBA that includes 2019 No. 1 overall player should have, I think he draft pick Zion Williamson and taught me those things and he reigning Most Improved Player reinforced those things in me Brandon Ingram. — professionalism, accountabil- MICHAEL CONROY/AP Van Gundy agreed to a four- ity ... not taking any nights off, all Stan Van Gundy has agreed to become the next coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, where he’ll get the year contract, said a person who that stuff, because he lives that,” chance to work with 2919 No. 1 overall draft pick Zion Williamson. spoke to The Associated Press on Redick said of Van Gundy in 2016, condition of anonymity because when he played for the Los Ange- playoffs. They have a promising Wade’s first coach in Miami after year in that run being a 44-38 the terms had not been revealed les Clippers and Van Gundy was young core with Williamson, In- Pat Riley’s surprise resignation season where the Pistons got publicly. coaching Detroit. “I see how hard gram, Lonzo Ball, Jaxson Hayes in the fall of 2003, then stepped swept from the playoffs. The coach said on his Twitter he works, how much he invests in and Nickeil Alexander-Walker, down from the Heat job 21 games But a common theme in Van account Wednesday that he was his craft, and so as a player, play- plus currently hold four picks in into the 2005-06 season — the Gundy’s coaching career is solid “excited to join a talented New Or- ing for him, you really have no this year’s draft. year Miami went on to win its defense. In eight of his seasons, leans Pelicans team” and thanked choice but to do the same.” Van Gundy, 61, is a seasoned first championship. his teams ranked in the top 10 team owner Gayle Benson and In New Orleans, Van Gundy will others for the opportunity. replace Alvin Gentry, who was coach with a more traditional He won 66% of his games in defensively. “It will be an honor to work let go after the Pelicans missed and direct style of communicat- five seasons in Orlando, taking While Pelicans veteran guard with our players and to work for this season’s playoffs. Part of the ing with players. His task now is the Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals Jrue Holiday is highly regarded Mrs. Benson and David Griffin, problem for the Pelicans this sea- to get Williamson and a largely against the for his defensive play, stopping Trajan Langdon, their staff and son was that Williamson missed young supporting cast to buy into and going to the playoffs in each opponents from scoring was a the great people of New Orleans,” most of the season; he averaged a vision that is bound to empha- of those seasons. His firing from considerable problem for New Van Gundy wrote. “I can’t wait 22.5 points and 6.3 rebounds per size defense as much, if not more, the Magic in 2012 came after a Orleans this past season. The to talk to our players and get the game on 58% shooting, albeit in than pace of play. season in which he said he’d been Pelicans gave up 117.1 points per process started.” only 24 games. Van Gundy spent parts of 12 told by management that Dwight game, better than just three of the Among the players he’ll talk The Pelicans were 30-42 this seasons coaching Miami, Orlan- Howard wanted him fired. NBA’s 30 teams. to is veteran locker-room leader past season, getting to the NBA’s do and Detroit, winning 58% of And then his four seasons in Van Gundy had been working JJ Redick, who spent his second restart bubble at Walt Disney his games and going to the play- Detroit were largely a struggle most recently as an NBA analyst through sixth NBA seasons play- World but falling well short of the offs eight times. He was Dwyane — three losing seasons, the best for Turner Sports. Injuries, virus Penn State’s Chambers have already had an impact resigns after inquiry BY RALPH D. RUSSO work Stadium, Chambers said: “This has Associated Press been an incredibly difficult year for me and at Villanova my family, and we are in need of a break to Associated Press Pat Chambers resigned as Penn State’s reset and chart our path forward.“ basketball coach Wednesday following an Penn State finished 21-10 last season PHILADELPHIA — An avid sports internal investigation by the school into al- and was likely to earn an NCAA Tourna- fan, Villanova coach Jay Wright watched legations of inappropriate conduct. ment berth for the with interest how Major League Baseball NICK WASS/AP Chambers, 49, had been at Penn State for first time since 2011 nine years and was coming off the team’s muddled through its season to get to the Two-time national champion coach Jay before the postseason best season under his directions. World Series and college football and the Wright of Villanova says it’s “50-50” that was canceled. Penn State athletic director Sandy Bar- NFL have been challenged to piecemeal college basketball can make it through “Coach Cham- bour said during a press news conference schedules to complete a season. this season intact. bers has made many That made the two-time national cham- that she would not disclose details of the contributions to the school’s investigation, but did say NCAA pion weary that college basketball teams of keeping his players and staff safe can program and to this can play a complete 25-game season with- matters were not part of the investigation. university for which leave him more restless than prepping for The investigation followed a July story out cancellations or severe disruptions. we are grateful,” Bar- the Big East Tournament. by ESPN’s “The Undefeated” that quoted a Wright says it’s “50-50” the sport — bour said. “The team “It does affect you because you get dif- former Penn State player saying Chambers which took one of the first major hits in has been on a positive ferent guys involved, obviously not every- made an insensitive remark to him, refer- Chambers trajectory.” the coronvirus pandemic era with the can- body is involved,” Wright said. “Initially encing a noose during the 2018-19 season. Barbour said the cellation of the 2020 NCAA Tournament the whole team is shut down. We all have “As difficult as this news may be, both players were “very — can make it through the season in tact. to be prepared for that during the season. President (Eric) Barron and I believe this “You have to try to anticipate what it’s I think we’re back on track. I feel like we is the right outcome,” Barbour said. disappointed” to find out about Chambers’ going to be,” Wright said Wednesday. “But handled that pretty well.” Assistant coach Jim Ferry was elevated departure. Chambers delivered the news. you have to realize, you could be wrong.” Wright said the Wildcats are “just a little to interim coach for the coming season. “Our current players, many of them The Wildcats already felt the impact bit behind” their late-October learning The start of the NCAA basketball season have good relationships with him,” Bar- of COVID-19 when they had to put work- curve without the benefit of full practices is slated for Nov. 25. Ferry has previously bour said. outs on hold for 14 days last month when because of COVID-19, nagging injuries, been head coach at Long Island Univer- Former Penn State player Rasir Bolton, members of the program tested positive and the absence of secret scrimmages. sity-Brooklyn and Duquesne. now at Iowa State, made allegations of inap- for the virus. Citing confidentiality, Wright Wright said the Wildcats are close to Chambers was in the middle of a four- propriate conduct by Chambers to ESPN’s has not disclosed the names of the people having a finalized schedule that could in- year contract with Penn State that runs “The Undefeated.” who had it, but the winningest coach in clude a full Big East schedule, a marquee through 2021-22 season. He was 148-150 Bolton said that during a particularly Villanova history said he was not among matchup against 2019 national champion with Penn State, including an NIT cham- difficult stretch for the team in January them. Wright said he’s tested once a week Virginia at Madison Square Garden and a pionship in 2018. 2019, Chambers told him: “I want to loosen — including Wednesday — and the worry local slate of games against Big 5 teams. In a statement to the online sports net- the noose that’s around your neck.” Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES• PAGE 21 NFL Positive test leads Raiders to send home O-linemen All 5 starters on line missed Wednesday’s practice

BY JOSH DUBOW injury and Las Vegas also has Associated Press Jaryd Jones-Smith, Erik Magnu- son and Kamaal Seymour on the The Las Vegas Raiders sent practice squad. all five starting offensive line- “What’s crazy is, whoever’s men home as part of coronavirus out there, that’s who’s out there. contact tracing after right tackle Nobody cares about this or that. Trent Brown was placed on the They just see the win-loss and MICHAEL CONROY/AP reserve/COVID-19 list with a that’s all that matters in this busi- positive test. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who has four games with at least 300 yards passing, says ness,” quarterback Derek Carr The Raiders held practice on he doesn’t expect to have to throw 61 times against the Browns this week, like he did in Week 2. said. “So with that said, we came Wednesday without their starting in with the mindset today like, five as they prepare for Sunday’s oh dang, you feel bad for those home game against Tampa Bay. guys. You feel for them, you pray Safety Johnathan Abram also for them, make sure they’re OK, Burrow sees more balance in was held out because of contact make sure their families are OK, tracing. all those kinds of things. “I guess they were around “But at the same time, we have Bengals this time vs. Browns Trent,” coach Jon Gruden said. a job to do while we’re here, so “I can’t get into things any more you have to compartmentalize than that. Hopefully we’ll get a little bit. You have to separate BY MITCH STACY By the numbers change the momentum in the some players back tomorrow or the two once you step on the field. Associated Press game,” the fifth-year wideout for Sunday.” We have to act like this is game said. “You know, that play still ag- Gruden says the team is listen- COLUMBUS, Ohio — Joe Bur- day. We have to act like this is the itates me and bothers me a lot.” ing to the league about how to row threw the ball 61 times in the group we’re rolling out with, so Besides figuring out how to handle the situation. Cincinnati Bengals’ first game get ready to play.” block Browns sack specialist Las Vegas had the week off last against the Cleveland Browns Brown is the second Raiders 61 Myles Garrett this week, the Ben- week and returned to practice player put on the COVID list this five weeks ago. He doesn’t ex- gals are dealing with some inter- on Monday. Brown took part in pect it to get that “weird” in the week after cornerback Damon nal turmoil. that practice but has since tested rematch this week. Arnette went on it on Monday. Passes thrown by Bengals Veteran defensive linemen positive. Burrow said he believes the Arnette was already on injured quarterback Joe Burrow in Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap “I’m concerned,” Gruden said Bengals (1-4-1) are better now reserve with a broken thumb. are getting fewer snaps and both about being without his linemen. The list is used for players who than when they lost 35-30 at his team’s 35-30 loss at are frustrated with their reduced “I’m really more concerned about either test positive for the corona- Cleveland in Week 2 when an Cleveland in Week 2 of this roles. The 32-year-old Atkins Trent’s health than anything. This virus or have been in close con- ineffective running game forced season. missed the first four games of is COVID. I’m concerned about tact with an infected person. Cincinnati to get pass happy. He the season with a shoulder injury. anybody who has it or is near it.” Defensive tackle Maurice attempted an astounding 61 pass- He’s back but has played spar- Gruden had the coronavirus in Hurst was put on the COVID list es — second most for a rookie in ingly in the last two games. July before the start of training two weeks ago before being acti- NFL history — completing 37 for The 31-year-old Dunlap was camp. vated on Monday. 316 yards and three touchdowns 246 dropped from the starting lineup The Raiders’ current starting Brown is supposed to be a key in his second pro start. earlier this season and voiced offensive line is left tackle Kolton part of Las Vegas line after sign- “That was kind of a weird his displeasure in Zoom sessions Miller, left guard Denzelle Good, ing a $66 million, four-year con- game,” the 2019 Heisman Trophy League-leading number of passing attempts this with reporters and on social center Rodney Hudson, right tract before the 2019 season. He winner and top overall draft pick media. Taylor said Dunlap will be guard Gabe Jackson and Brown. has played only sparingly this said Wednesday. “They jumped season by Burrow. limited to mostly third downs, de- The other linemen on the active season after injuring his calf on out on us early, and so they played spite the fact that multiple other roster are Patrick Omameh, John the opening series in Week 1 at a lot more zone (defense) on us, defensive linemen are sidelined Simpson, Andre James, Brandon Carolina. tried to keep everything in front with injuries. Parker and Sam Young. He missed the next three games of them.” 24 Both are among the franchise’s Guard Richie Incognito is on before returning on Oct. 11 for a Playing from behind, the Ben- all-time leaders in sacks, but have injured reserve with an Achilles 40-32 win over Kansas City. gals had to keep going with the been nearly invisible this season. only thing that was working — Times Burrow has been Taylor has been measured in mostly short passes. sacked this season, second his response to the griping of the “We dropped back 70-some two veterans and other defensive times because they were rolling most in the league. players who have taken to social on offense, so we had to stay in media to complain about how the game,” Burrow said. “I antici- SOURCE: Associated Press they are being used. pate our team (will) play better as “When you face adversity a unit and keep it a little closer.” said. “He’s had a lot of success sometimes things reveal them- Cincinnati coach Zac Taylor throwing it.” selves,” Taylor said Wednesday. isn’t making promises about how But in the loss to the Browns (4- “Sometimes that’s a really, really much responsibility he’ll put in 2), the Bengals squandered prime good thing for the future of the the lap of his 23-year-old quar- opportunities, a problem that team.” terback. Burrow leads the NFL dogged them throughout their in number of attempts (246) and dismal start. Notebook is second in completions (160). Case in point: In one series in He has four games with at least the third quarter against Cleve- RB Joe Mixon, who injured his 300 passing yards and is among land, Cincinnati had seven plays foot in last week’s game, didn’t the league’s top 10 with more from inside the Cleveland 10- practice Wednesday. Taylor said than 1,600 total yards — all while yard line and had to settle for his status for Sunday is still unde- being sacked 24 times, second Randy Bullock’s field goal. That termined. ... DT tackle Mike Dan- PETER JONELEIT/AP most in the league. included Tyler Boyd dropping a iels (elbow) has been cleared to “We feel comfortable throwing pass that what would’ve been a practice and may be available for The Las Vegas Raiders sent all five starting offensive linemen home the ball, and we’ll do whatever it touchdown. the Cleveland game. He’s been on as part of contact tracing after right tackle Trent Brown, above, was takes to win the game,” Taylor “(That) could have helped the injury list since Oct. 3. placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list with a positive test. PAGE 22 • S TARS AND STRIPES• Friday, October 23, 2020 WORLD SERIES More not merrier as Dodgers send seven to mound in loss B Y RONALD BLUM Associated Press ARLINGTON, Texas — More was not merrier for pitchers. Dodgers manager Dave Rob- erts went with an opener against the team that invented the con- cept, sending Tony Gonsolin to start Game 2 of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays as the first of seven pitchers — one shy of the record for a nine-in- ning Series game. By the end of the Dodgers’ 6-4 TONY GUTIERREZ/AP defeat Wednesday night, which The Rays’ Joey Wendle hits a two-RBI double against the Dodgers evened the Series at one game during the fourth inning of Game 2 of the World Series on apiece, it appeared the Dodgers Wednesday in Arlington, Texas. The Rays won 6-4. are down to essentially a two- man rotation of Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw. Coming off games on seven Effort: Seven of Rays’ nine straight days against Atlanta in the NL Championship Series under this year’s unique postsea- starters had at least one hit son schedule, with just Monday’s off-day, Roberts felt he had no FROM BACK PAGE rested alternative. By the numbers “We didn’t have anybody that has won over fans this fall by was on regular,” he explained. hitting like Barry Bonds during Seems like a throwback to the games and dancing like Bruno Boston Braves of Spahn and Sain Mars after. and pray for rain, as Gerald V. Arozarena scored 14 runs Hern of the Boston Post poeti- and drove in 10 through the AL .179 cally memorialized the pitching Championship Series, accounting tandem of Warren Spahn and for 42% of Tampa Bay’s 57 runs. Combined batting average Johnny Sain in 1948. His 22 postseason hits are tied Of the 125 innings pitched by with Yankees great Derek Jeter for Rays players other than the Dodgers in the postseason, for most by a rookie — a stunning rookie Randy Arozarena Buehler is 1-0 with a 1.89 ERA emergence for a player with 24 during the AL Division and in 19 innings and Kershaw is 3-1 career hits in the regular season. with a 2.88 ERA in 25 innings, a Meanwhile, the rest of the Rays Championship Series. combined 2.45 ERA. The rest of combined to bat .179 during the the staff is 6-3 with a 4.11 ERA. AL Division Series and ALCS. SOURCE: Associated Press Gonsolin lasted just four outs, Lowe’s struggles were the struggling with his slider and most pronounced — and most Even the starters that went leaving with a 1-0 deficit after al- surprising. hitless — Kevin Kiermaier and lowing a home run to his second For a lineup that relies on mix- batter, Brandon Lowe. ing and matching role players Mike Zunino — seem to be seeing the ball well. Kiermaier homered Dylan Floro (four outs) and rather than a showy list of stars, Victor Gonzalez (three outs) fol- Lowe is usually an anchor. Lately, and had two hits in Game 1, while Zunino’s outs featured exit veloci- lowed with scoreless ball, but the he’s just been dead weight. Rays built a 5-0 lead off Dustin ties of 107 and 102.9 mph. The 2019 All-Star entered May, who gave up Joey Wendle’s “We have a bunch of hitters Wednesday batting .107 in the two-run double in the fourth and who have been slow here as of postseason. He had driven in just Lowe’s two-run homer on an 0-2 late,” Cash said. “But it does take two runs despite being repeat- curveball in the fifth. Joe Kelly a little mental fortitude to be able edly penned into the No. 2 spot by allowed Wendle’s sacrifice fly in to withstand. You already put manager Kevin Cash, whose pub- the sixth. lic confidence never wavered. pressure on yourself, and you’re Alex Wood (six outs) and Jake Lowe rewarded it in Game 2. trying to do the toughest thing in McGee (three) finished with shut- The left-handed hitter hit a solo sports, and that’s to hit a baseball. out relief, but the damage yielded shot to left field in the first in- You’re trying to do it against the by the earlier parade of pitchers best pitching in baseball.” ning, then went that way again for was too much to overcome. PHOTOS BY ERIC GAY/AP a two-run drive in the fifth. They The challenge will intensify in Gonsolin has a 9.82 postseason Game 3 on Friday. The Game 2 1 From top, Los Angeles pitchers Tony Gonsolin, Dylan Floro and were his first opposite-field home ERA, allowing eight runs in 7 ⁄3 runs all season. breakout came against a mish- innings, and May a 5.00 ERA, giv- Dustin May were just three of the seven pitchers that the Dodgers “Yeah, those felt really good,” mash of back-end starters and ing up five runs in nine innings. sent to the mound on Wednesday — one shy of the record for a Lowe said. “It felt great to kind middle relievers covering for a “I still trust them. I still believe nine-inning World Series game. of get back and contribute to the Dodgers club that taxed its rota- them, and they’ve just got to make team. You know, they’ve been tion to get through the NL Cham- pitches,” Roberts said. “They’re ing experience for me to do new Roberts gambled to keep Bue- doing so well for the past month, pionship Series. still going to need to get big outs things, starting or whatever and hler and Kershaw fresh, just like it felt really good to get back and Los Angeles next gives the for us.” throwing within three days or he did in Game 7 of the NLCS actually start doing stuff again.” ball to No. 1 starter Walker Bue- Gonsolin didn’t pitch between whatever. ... I can definitely take when he held off using Kershaw The Rays say they knew the re- hler. He’s been essentially unhit- Sept. 26 and Oct. 13, when he trying to maintain my sharpness and started May as an opener, surgence was coming. table in this postseason, and he started against Atlanta and gave in between outings, not trying to who then combined with Gon- 1 “He can go quiet for a little had his sharpest outing yet with up five runs over 4 ⁄3 innings in have all my stuff show up on day solin, Blake Treinen, Brusdar while, but he can get as hot as six scoreless against Atlanta in the 8-7 Game 2 loss. He followed five or whenever my start day Graterol and Julio Urias for a anybody in baseball,” Cash said. NLCS Game 6 last Saturday. May in the second inning of Game is.” three-hitter in a 4-3 win. “Hopefully that’s the trend we’re After that, top relievers Kenley 7 on Sunday and allowed a pair of Known for famous starting Buehler is scheduled to start looking at moving forward.” Jansen, Blake Treinen and Brus- runs, a home run to his first bat- pitchers like Sandy Koufax, Don Game 3 on Friday night on five Lowe wasn’t the only Ray to dar Graterol await after going un- ter, Dansby Swanson, and an RBI Drysdale, Fernando Valenzuela days’ rest after beating Atlanta in break through Wednesday. Seven used in the first two games. single to Austin Riley. and , the Dodg- Game 6 of the NLCS on Saturday, of their nine starters had at least The Rays will counter with “I want the ball. I want to go out ers would not seem like a team when he threw 89 pitches over six one hit, including the first knocks reliable 36-year-old old righty there and give our team a chance primed to adapt to the opener con- innings. He would be on track to in this series for Austin Meadows, Charlie Morton, with a 2.84 ca- to win every time I go out and cept pioneered by manager Kevin start a Game 7 on normal rest or Ji-Man Choi and Willy Adames. reer ERA in the postseason.. pitch,” he said. “It’s been a learn- Cash and the Rays in 2018. Game 6 on three days’ rest. Friday, October 23, 2020 •STARS AND STRIPES•PAGE 23 WORLD SERIES Lowe busts slump as Rays hold off Dodgers

BY STEPHEN HAWKINS Associated Press ARLINGTON, Texas — Bran- don Lowe kept finding his name near the top of Tampa Bay’s lineup even as his offensive struggles continued to mount this postseason. After Lowe finally busted out in Game 2 of the World Series, the Rays and Dodgers are tied deep in the heart of Texas. “Sometimes guys, you’ve got to allow them to go through some tough patches,” manager Kevin Cash said. “He will go quiet for a little while, but he can get as hot as anybody in baseball.” Lowe hit two home runs to the opposite field, Tampa Bay’s bull- pen held on late and the Rays beat Los Angeles 6-4 on Wednes- day night. “Yeah, those felt really good,” said Lowe, a 2019 All-Star who led the Rays with 14 homers and 37 RBIs this season. “It felt great to kind of get back and contribute to the team. They’ve been doing so well for the past month — it felt really good to get back and actu- ally start doing stuff again.” Blake Snell struck out nine in 2 4 ⁄3 innings for the Rays and didn’t allow a hit until Chris Taylor’s two-run homer trimmed it to 5-2 in the fifth. The Dodgers threat- ened to complete a big comeback in the eighth, but Tampa Bay’s relievers held firm. Scoreboard Lowe and Joey Wendle each had three RBIs for the Rays, whose six runs and 10 hits were World Series their most over the past 11 post- (Best-of-seven) x-if necessary season games. At Arlington, Texas “I think today was a little bit Los Angeles Dodgers 1, Tampa Bay1 L.A. Dodgers 8, Tampa Bay 3 better indicator of the kind of Wednesday: Tampa Bay 6, L.A. Dodg- team that we are,” said Wendle, ers 4 Friday: Game 3, L.A. Dodgers (Buehler who had a two-run double and 1-0) vs. Tampa Bay (TBD) (AFN-Sports, 2 a sacrifice fly. “Just a complete a.m. Saturday CET; 9 a.m. Saturday JKT) Saturday: Game 4 (AFN-Sports, 2 a.m. win, complete team win.” Sunday CET; 9 a.m. Sunday JKT) Nick Anderson got four outs for Sunday, Oct. 26: Game 5 (AFN-Sports, 2 a.m. Monday CET; 9 a.m. Monday JKT) the victory. Diego Castillo earned x-Tuesday, Oct. 27: Game 6 (AFN- the save when he struck out Tay- Sports, 2 a.m. Wednesday CET; 9 a.m. Wednesday JKT) lor, the only batter he faced. x-Wednesday, Oct. 28: Game 7 (AFN- 2 Sports, 2 a.m. Thursday CET; 9 a.m. Pete Fairbanks went 1 ⁄3 in- Thursday JKT) nings and left-hander Aaron Loup threw a called third strike Wednesday past slugger Cody Bellinger with Rays 6, Dodgers 4 a runner on second to end the Tampa Bay Los Angeles eighth. Loup also retired the first ab r h bi ab r h bi Meadows dh 3 1 1 0 Betts rf 3 0 0 0 two hitters in the ninth. Diaz ph-dh 1 0 1 0 Seager ss 4 1 2 1 “They’ve got some really good Renfro pr-dh 0 0 0 0 Turner 3b 4 0 1 0 Lowe 2b 5 2 2 3 Muncy 1b 3 0 0 0 pitchers. They got out to that Arozarena lf 3 0 1 0 Smith c 4 1 1 1 early lead and we just weren’t Phillips pr-lf 0 0 0 0 Bellinger cf 3 0 0 0 Choi 1b 3 2 1 0 Pollock dh 2 0 0 0 PHOTOS BY TONY GUTIERREZ, TOP, AND ERIC GAY, ABOVE/AP able to overcome it,” Taylor said. Brosseau ph-1b 2 0 0 0 Rios ph-dh 2 0 0 0 “We did a pretty good job of fight- Margot rf 3 1 2 0 Hrnandez 2b 1 1 0 0 Wendle 3b 3 0 1 3 Pedrsn ph-lf 1 0 0 0 Top: The Rays’ Brandon Lowe, right, celebrates his a two-run homer with Willy Adames during the fifth ing to the end and we just weren’t Adames ss 4 0 1 0 Barnes ph 1 0 0 0 inning Wednesday. Above: Tampa Bay’s Manuel Margot is safe at third past the Los Angeles Dodgers’ able to come up with the big hit Kiermaier cf 4 0 0 0 Taylor lf-2b 4 1 1 2 Zunino c 4 0 0 0 Justin Turner on a ball hit by Joey Wendle during the second inning of Game 2 of the World Series. we needed.” Totals 35 6 10 6 Totals 32 4 5 4 After an off day, Game 3 in the Tampa Bay 100 221 000—6 Los Angeles 000 021 010—4 The second baseman was hitting of the left-field wall with a runner his 80th pitch. Tampa Bay’s ace best-of-seven series matches two E—Muncy (1). LOB—Tampa Bay 7, Los .107 this postseason, and in an on against Dustin May, already was out of the game two batters Angeles 5. 2B—Wendle (2), Adames (1), big-game pitchers starting on Turner (2). HR—Lowe 2 (2), Taylor (1), even worse 4-for-48 slide (.083) the fourth Los Angeles pitcher. later, after Mookie Betts walked extra rest Friday night. Charlie Smith (1), Seager (1). SB—Margot (1), the past 13 games since the start Will Smith and NLCS MVP and Seager singled. Morton goes for the Rays against Adames (0). SF—Wendle (1). of the AL Division Series. Corey Seager also homered for “He was outstanding,” Cash IP H R ER BB SO Walker Buehler. Tampa Bay “You’ve got to able to be tough- the Dodgers. Seager’s solo shot said. “He was awesome. Gave us 2 Los Angeles was the “home Snell 4 ⁄3 2 2 2 4 9 minded and Brandon is. A lot of in the eighth was his seventh everything that we needed.” 1 Anderson W,1-0 1 ⁄3 1 1 1 0 2 team” for the first two games but 2 Fairbanks H,1 1 ⁄3 2 1 1 0 1 our guys are,” Cash said. “We homer and 16th RBI, extending Snell attacked with breaking will bat first in the next three. Loup H,1 1 0 0 0 0 2 owe it to our guys to stick with the franchise records he had al- pitches in the strike zone, not his 1 Lowe hit a solo shot to left-cen- Castillo S,1-1 ⁄3 0 0 0 0 1 them. ready set this postseason. It’s the usual pattern, against a Dodgers Los Angeles 1 ter in the first off rookie Tony Gonsolin L,0-1 1 ⁄3 1 1 1 1 1 “Brandon, go ahead and get hot most homers by a shortstop in team that doesn’t often chase. 1 Gonsolin, putting the American Floro 1 ⁄3 0 0 0 0 0 now, feel good about yourself.” any MLB postseason. But less than a week after an Gonzalez 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 League champion Rays ahead May 1 ⁄3 4 3 3 0 1 By the time Lowe went deep Snell, the 2018 AL Cy Young aggressive hook by Cash to take for the first time at this neu- Kelly 1 2 1 1 0 2 Wood 2 2 0 0 1 2 again in the fifth, his second op- Award winner, retired 10 straight Snell out of Game 6 of the ALCS tral-site World Series with their McGee 1 1 0 0 1 1 posite-field homer of the game before walking Kíké Hernández after four innings, the left-hander Loup pitched to 2 batters in the 9th, 27th homer of the postseason — Gonzalez pitched to 3 batters in the 4th. — and the entire season — it was with two outs in the fifth and Tay- still hasn’t completed six innings matching a major league record. T—3:40. A—11,472 (40,300). 5-0. That one bounced off the top lor, the No. 9 batter, homered on since July 2019. S TARS AND STRIPES Friday, October 23, 2020 Back with Badgers OL Dietzen ready to contribute SPORTS for No. 16 Wisconsin » Page 19

WORLD SERIES Group effort Rays’ ensemble cast delivers in Game 2 victory

BY JAKE SEINER Associated Press andy Arozarena was a one- man show getting the Tampa Bay Rays to the World Series. Big swings, bat flips, bustin’ moves — he did it all — and Rhis fast hands and fanciful feet didn’t need much help capturing an AL pennant. Winning the Fall Classic, though, that could take an ensemble cast — something Brandon Lowe and the rest of the Rays lineup finally began to provide Wednesday night. After being carried through this post- season by its breakout rookie, Tampa Bay’s offense turned in a top-to-bottom team ef- fort in a 6-4 Game 2 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday night that evened the Series at a game apiece. Lowe homered twice, Joey Wendle drove in three and the Rays combined for 10 hits — their biggest output since closing out the wild-card round against Toronto on Sept. 30. “I think today was a little bit better in- dicator of the kind of team that we are,” Wendle said. “Just a complete win, com- plete team win, everybody contributing at different parts of the game.” Only one of Wednesday’s hits came from Arozarena, a 25-year-old Cuban who



The Tampa Bay Rays’ Brandon Lowe — an All-Star in 2019 — entered Wednesday batting .107 in the postseason, driving in just two runs despite being repeatedly penned into the No. 2 spot by manager Kevin Cash. The left-handed hitting Lowe broke out of his slump in Game 2, smacking a solo shot to left field in the first inning, then again for a two-run drive in the fifth. They were his first SUE OGROCKI/AP opposite-field home runs all season. Tampa Bay’s Brandon Lowe, right, celebrates his first-inning home run with Willy Adames against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game SOURCE: Associated Press 2 of the World Series on Wednesday, in Arlington, Texas. Lowe homered again in the fifth, and the Rays won 6-4 to even the series.

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