8 ) @& "    , !( A "    % ( A " A .)0. 12345 6  ",- *8 ../ /9   :#  %1 " ," !0 "67 0*345 /0*12    4+7&1711$ 4&1&16-76< 1$6&+1      >*;; +&4$1+<); +11##=4 -&1#)&); 

% 6  %2768729: 3;3?

! "$% !&

            #- &#$                                !              1-&16 Rajouri and Poonch sectors, !      " # they said. "# $"     % he almost unabated cease- Giving figures about cease-    *+,--.  &"   %       Tfire violations by Pakistan fire violations, they said more  '  "   #   ( in the last 10 days have a def- than 70 such incidents have inite strategic pattern. Using place since February 26   7& .             L heavy artillery, the Pakistan in the South of Pir Panjal            Army is specifically targeting region and total for this year is rime Minister Narendra Q         L    areas south of Pir Panjal since nearly 480 as compared to PModi on Saturday again $ )*+ '" ,-%       !    February 26 after Indian aeri- 1,629 for the entire last year. At hit out at those seeking proof  R   !  ,       "     al strikes as civilian population least three persons of a family of India’s air strike at Balakot in .  '       # lives closer to the Line of were killed on the Indian side Pakistan and slammed the pre- !    */% N         Control (LoC). However, it is and several others injured in vious Congress Government            not the case in north of Pir these violations. for its handling of terror attacks    "" "  %  Q     O(   Panjal due to sparse population rity establishment said here the The situation in the North like the one in Mumbai in 2008.  '   #    N     centres located far away from main target of Pakistan firing of Pir Panjal is somewhat dif- Addressing a public meet- 1 "    #   (          (  the border. is civilian areas. ferent with almost no ceasefire ing in Greater Noida, Modi said    Q   While the Indian Army is The main aim is to spread violations as villages are situ- the “corrupt” are opposing and   !   O retaliating aptly, it has also panic in border areas of ated far away from the LoC, abusing him in order to get  " # )      %  warned Pakistan to desist from Poonch, Rajouri and Naushera sources said. Terrorists try to votes.  3 %  !                 attacking Indian posts and and force inhabitants to flee. sneak in from POK there and Modi said today India #                  civilian areas and any “misad- Moreover, the Pakistan Army then come into the Kashmir works on ‘nayi reeti, nayi neeti’        $         "    (     venture” will be responded wants to attain moral ascen- Valley when the Pakistan Army (new methods, new policies),          4 5+  (        strongly with “dire conse- dancy over the Indian Army by provides them covering fire. asserting that after the terror    ! P   Q,-./      quences.” Army chief General firing with heavy artillery on But this is not happening at the attack in Uri in 2016, the coun- % &  %       Bipin Rawat also visited the Indian posts as Pakistan has moment due to heavy snow try for the first time taught ter- trolled’ Government prior to           Western Command some advantage in the that blocking ingress routes and rorists a lesson “in a language 2014. That is why the enemies    &" %           Headquarters on Saturday to region due to the terrain. officials said it is only a matter they understand” with surgical could nurture this attitude,” the #" &!         %-  assess operational preparedness Ruling out the possibility of of time that this region also strikes. PM said.   #  $           amid heightened tension. infiltration from South of Pir becomes “hot” once snow melts He said after the pre-dawn “Is it okay for you to have #   '                Earlier, he had toured Panjal at present as terrorists thereby making easier for the air strike on February 24, India a Government that does noth-  "   ""   0      Rajasthan apart from LoC in generally attempt to enter India terrorists to infiltrate. was quietly monitoring the sit- ing? A chowkidar (referring to    ! +3  1    Jammu & Kashmir. under covering fire from the An Army statement said uation and it was Pakistan himself) who sleeps?” he asked 6 !# ,  "" ( (    2Q  As regards ceasefire viola- other side, sources said the Western Command chief Lt which started “crying” around the gathering of thousands,  3  %%4    5     tions, the Army is maintaining Pakistan Army is trying to General Surender Singh briefed 5.00 am that “Modi has hit us”. after inaugurating several          6     vigil all along the 750-km LoC retaliate after the aerial strikes. and updated the Army Chief “They were thinking they development projects. ! #      )4)  and more so in South of Pir However, effective action on Saturday about the current can keep wounding India, wage He said the country can ()*+ 4  "     5      % Panjal comprising Jammu divi- from the Indian side has result- operational situation, prevail- attacks, proxy wars and India never forget the 26/11 terror $  #    !          sion. Elaborating upon ed in the flattening” of some ing security environment and would not respond. The reason attack in Mumbai. India should     ""          Pakistan’s definite pattern in Pakistan Army posts in preparedness of the forma- the enemies of India could have responded then and the   +3 $   ( 5   upping the ante since the aer- Pakistan Occupied Kashmir tions especially in Amritsar and think this was because of the whole world would have sup- "    &%- !  %      0    ial strikes, sources in the secu- (POK) in regions facing Samba sectors. attitude of the ‘remote-con- ported the country, he said.    5 "(   " % "      2   NO   0      " '  (   ,           R  $%                 " "  ,     #  $ &'   had forwarded the request for  0     R his extradition in early August      (Q     that was given to the UK.     5     2   There was also a separate     .  ( )*+ request from the CBI, which  -      7     was forwarded to the UK side            %   $64 Shakti Kendra office bearers by end of August, the    -     2 convention here.    !"# spokesperson said.     ndia carried out three cross “One time you saw in Uri, “What we have been told  (        Iborder strikes in the last five terrorists who came from   1-&16 that both these requests are        years, Union Home Minister Pakistan killed 17 of our sol- under the consideration of the )4      "  Rajnath Singh said here on diers, who were sleeping at n line of Congress fire after British Government,” he said,     Saturday, without disclosing night in a cowardly attack. Idiamantaire Nirav Modi, emphasising that    4    2     which was the third. “After that, our soldiers accused in the $2 billion PNB at repeated intervals request for         Singh spoke about the 2016 also decided. Whatever hap- scam, was spotted by a British expediting the process have 5       -  surgical strike after the Uri ter- pened after that you too know daily in London, the been made.     34        ror attack and the air strike it very well, I need not Government on Saturday said According to report in a   )    5    after the Pulwama incident in tell....Now you are seeing. it was taking all steps to extra- British daily on Saturday, Nirav       4    which a CRPF convoy was “First attack happened. dite the fugitive even as the is living in a swanky 8 million   ) (   attacked by a suicide bomber Second one was air strike... Enforcement Directorate main- pound apartment in London’s      %     martyring 44 jawans, but he did happened after Pulwama tained the UK’s Home West End and is now involved - 4        not reveal about the third. attack. I won’t give you infor- Secretary has already referred in a new diamond business. 8       “I want to tell you brothers mation about the third one,” India’s request for extraditing Nirav, 48, is currently liv-   8 Q   and sisters that in the last five Singh said without elaborating. him to a court for initiating ing in a three-bedroom flat    "  #     $   %        years, we have gone beyond our Singh asserted that “it is no legal proceedings against the occupying half of a floor of the    borders thrice and our men more a weak India.” fugitive businessman. landmark Centre Point tower 2   - 5      have successfully conducted “...Leaving aside all our At a media briefing, MEA block, where rent is estimated ,  !       4    (        airstrikes. About two I will tell differences, we have to stand Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar to cost 17,000 pounds a month,  !    !"      4 % you, but won’t tell you about the together. Time and again India said the fact that “we request- The Telegraph reported.            third one,” Singh told BJP’s has done this.” ed the UK Government for The revelation comes a Q% +R% #  $%& 4   8 4-  extradition of Nirav Modi, day after Modi’s 30,000 sq ft 4   4   means we were aware that he is seaside mansion at Kihim   % ! New Delhi: As the Congress        in UK otherwise we would not beach in Maharashtra was stepped up attack on the Modi  %       have made the request”. demolished by authorities New Delhi: Riding on the Government over Nirav Modi, Q     “Just because he has been using explosives. media report that fugitive Nirav the BJP on Saturday returned             spotted doesn’t mean he can be Despite his bank accounts Modi was living in a swanky fire saying the diamantaire            immediately brought back to being frozen by the Indian apartment in London, the began his fraud in 2011 when  9      India as there is a process in authorities and an Interpol red Congress on Saturday slammed the UPA was in power and it     (  :4 place. We have made a request notice being issued for his the Government and accused was the Modi dispensation 5 4 3   9  for extradition, it is for the UK arrest, Nirav is now involved in Prime Minister Narendra Modi that detected and exposed it.     (       Government now to consider a new diamond business based of running a “fraudster settle- “Many of these who cheated      -   our request and respond to the in London, the report said. ment yojana” for such fugitives. India during the UPA regime        demand of the CBI and ED for In a video posted by the It also alleged that fugitives had have been brought back and           extradition,” Kumar said. newspaper, Nirav can be seen looted 1 lakh crore from are in custody. Others will fol-  -       Responding to a question sporting a handle-bar mous- Indian banks but not even one low. They are living the life of      2  on the extradition request, the tache and wearing an Ostrich of them has been caught in five fugitives and refugees,” the    6  4     &  '(           MEA Spokesperson said the Hide jacket, estimated to cost years of the Modi Government. BJP tweeted.           ! Enforcement Directorate (ED) 10,000 pounds. Detailed report on P5 Detailed report on P5 - Q               L ;  L                                   1   4            1-&16 to Kanyakumari.” remove the roadblocks, to clear Commissioner Police (Law &         Q    The Government land is encroachments on footpaths, Order), Special Commissioner           or the first time, a special defined as all the land in which pavements, underpasses and Police,(Traffic), Chief Fire        Ftask force (STF) will look the awards have been given and other public areas, to remove Officer,. Representative of              into traffic congestion, the land owner have received encroachment from green areas Central Ground Water Board,          encroachment of Government the compensation irrespective of Delhi and other public places Chief General Manager (Tech.),       (     land and illegal construction in of current possession. Besides, and propose action against the NHAI, Additional Principal        the national Capital. The task the gram sabha land also comes erring officials in case any Chief Conservator of Forests,    (    force will identify encroach- under the Government land. local body fails to adhere/act on Deputy Superintending Q    %        ments in different localities, As per order, the STF will their responsibilities. Archaeologist,. Superintending        #    oversee its reclamation and suggest course of action per- The STF comprises Engineer, Delhi Urban Shelter   compliance of fire safety mea- taining to unauthorised Secretary to Lieutenant Improvement Board (  0         sures and disaster manage- colonies. The task force will implemented with or without plans are being taken up by the Governor of Delhi, Commissioner (Planning),       %   ment needs, particularly in also identify the areas of con- consultation with traffic concerned local bodies with Commissioners of the three DDA.        < schools, colleges and hospitals. gestions of traffic in different experts, planners and the respect to infrastructure pro- corporations, New Delhi It has been noticed that             The Supreme Court had parts of the city and to suggest Unified Traffic & visions, parking, traffic man- Municipal Council chairperson there are some violations of   %    earlier observed that over 2,200 remedial measures to con- Transportation Infrastructure agement and all the statutory and Delhi Jal Board Chief building bylaws and provi- <2        km of streets were encroached cerned other agencies. Centre (UTTIPEC). approvals are obtained in a Executive Officer, Secretary sions of Master Plan for Delhi-         >  upon in Delhi and the length The order says STF will see The STF will direct the time bound manner. Transport, Secretary Urban 2021 relating to, inter alia,     %     of road was “almost like trav- that the traffic management local bodies to ensure that all It will also direct the local Development, Secretary construction activities and land )   #5    elling from the national Capital strategies are devised and the layout plans and local area bodies and the traffic police to Revenue, Special use in Delhi.    (  ) *+, -+*.   

/?01.!" $  0 1 / 4 ,4      !    %     K! ""   , %  (% #@     ##  " (#     %  %'  "   "'      '  M  %    " " "     ""! ,#1#. !#*9"3 +""'  % !)');;   %( : ); 3  / 3    3   "   "( *)5<=>  ""%  "' %% !%%    P! rom the time Avengers: Infinity War released in    ,  "  )93 '*JL? 2018, diehard fans of the Marvel Comics have had      "   " %    ( Fnothing to talk about but how Marvel will ! "  #    , % , ,"%"  be instrumental in bringing back all the superheroes who  P    (  '",D "&'"",  disintegrated when Thanos came looking for Tesseract. -  'I       Her introduction with this movie sets the ball rolling for   '"     # " much awaited Avengers: Endgame expected to release ""   " ' ,%     !     , sometime in the last week of April this year. ',% , "   ,"         " PD "&"", Many would be wondering what the series is all  ,,%%   ""  5 !(   ,  about or who Captain Marvel is and the role she will  (  %     '#  "'&" play. The good part about Captain Marvel is that the film     "   '    .% ! 'D    is how she became Captain Marvel and how she got all  "  M    #!! '4 %+'D ' glowy.  "",  " ,"B  What makes this film special besides the fact that it " % % K'  '+% "'   ",      6 "'#D '+ " sends a very strong message of woman empowerment  "'" % 'D     , "  '  #  '<  "#   # " and that she knows how to deliver a punch — is that the  "  " '#& O  , %  %%"   . " "# $  ! ""5  film is about Carol’s (Captain Marvel’s) journey of self-  "", ,%"     %    (-"   ""   % discovery and superheroes fighting supervillains. Though    # " (   #  % % % !%  "( her magical suit and flame-throwing ability is awesome       ""'   "  %%" '  '  -"  ""'  and so are the CGIs. %         " '  %' Then there is Samuel L Jackson who plays Nick Fury    "   as SHILED Agent. It will give you a sneak peak on how ! (-   "" , F "% ""    M "(   '"!  % " ;#43# proves why even at 76 he is still he got his eye patch too. His repartee with Carol is fun to  %       ' , " %  , !%    '  "" ," ,   : )# '; going strong and why people watch as is his interaction with, yes, a cat named Goose. !'  ' , '         ""   %%%"  #  /  1@  love him. Everything about him Believe it or not, this cat really keeps you entertained all F    """   %(   O   (  ! in Badla reels you in — his through or should we say from the time it enters the 7        1%      " "     *)7A(<=> voice and the way he delivers screen — Goose is the show stealer here. #  M %'"",4 4  ,  " "  - " his dialogues are classy. Does this mean that Thanos will have a tough battle # " #&   =L rime-thrillers are a treat Then there is the way he on his hands? Definitely!          "",  4 5 #%  ,%% "   to watch. More so, if the equates himself with L      "" ,     "(   " %4  " %(  (   '   '  Cstoryline is tight and Dhritarashtra and draws      '     1%" ' keeps you on the edge. Badla, instances from the Mahabharta ,"      %   D "&( directed by Sujoy Ghosh and are brilliant. , "      %  '      % produced by Red Chillies It is these nuances that keep    # " (M - " 'D "&  Entertainment in association the viewer engaged even if    %  " with Azure Entertainment is an when you know the predictable ! !  official adaptation of the 2017 end. 1%" (-"  Spanish film The Invisible Guest A surprise here is Amrita , %  %  " ' — keeps you engaged with its Singh. As a mother, who is        brilliant mind games and some seeking answers, she holds her  'L-     FM stellar performance from ground. She is effortless with       D " Taapsee Pannu, Amrita Singh her performance. &    (+    % and Amitabh Bachchan. It is rare that a film We saw him as a cool, calm manages to hold your attention D "&5 !'L !$    yet intense lawyer in Pink. even if the majority of it unfolds Here, he just notches up his in a room. Badla keeps the performance. As Badal Gupta, a tension on with its twists and lawyer who has never lost a case counter-twists till the very end. in his 40 years, Big B once again L      % ,   "4  4  =L        "    ,"   %"% %         %   I'% ""   %  ",   ""   ',%     (M""," % "     '"   '      4 5 #%      "O  - " PM "  '  , %  "  %"    % ,  -"  "!% 4 %+'      #  M  " " ( D "5 ! ,   ! "%  *;');*J *=;; K**=;;       "   1%" (  (  5 """ !  4 %+     ,  *JJL  %' '        D  ,",  "' ""  ""%   % (M #!    ," +""+  %  ,    %     " % ( D "',DD  '  '"" #  N4 , #!     !%       -' &" !O  ",%  4 % %   ,  ,"" %      " (

                                                                                                                                               !        "                                            #            $ % &                      '                "       (          

Q v‡rq hq ƒˆiyv†urq i’ 8uhqh Hv‡ h s‚ hq ‚ iruhys ‚s 8H`F Q v‡rpu G‡q T8P %  D†‡ Ay‚‚  Trp‡‚ !8 9hx†uv Hh t 8uhqvth u %! Ury I‚  &!#%"'#& hq ƒ v‡rq h‡ 6€h Vwhyh Qˆiyvph‡v‚† G‡q Qy‚‡ I‚ !! Quh†rDD Dqˆ†‡ vhy 6 rh Qhpuxˆyh Ch ’hh  @qv‡‚ ) 8uhqh Hv‡ h 6DS [email protected] ‚s Sr  @h†‡) 8hypˆ‡‡h Shpuv 7uˆihr†h  I‚ ‡u) Gru Xr†‡) Hˆ€ihv : 6u€rqhihq T‚ˆ‡u) 7hthy‚ r : 8urhv 8r‡ hy ) Fuhwˆ hu‚ 9ryuv Pssvpr) I‚ % 7ruvq Bˆyhi 7uhh 7huhqˆ Tuhu ahsh Hh t Ir 9ryuv  ! Qu‚r)  # #$$ 8‚€€ˆvph‡v‚ Pssvpr) A"  Trp‡‚ % IPD96 Bhˆ‡h€ 7ˆqu Ihth ! "  VQ Qu‚r)  !#'&(' : #'&(( Gˆpx‚ Pssvpr) #‡u Ay‚‚  Thuh h Tu‚ƒƒvt 8r‡ r Ahv“hihq S‚hq Gˆpx‚!!%  % Uryrƒu‚r†) $!!!"#%##"#$    (  ) *+, -+*.  

 #  B '

Jaisinghpur tehsil of Kangra search for the two other soldiers.   '  district, he said. Himachal Chief Minister Jai Earlier, bodies of three Ram Thakur has expressed his jawans were recovered, where- deep condolences with the fam-   #6 and Kashmir Rifles were buried as two are still missing. ily members of Nitin Rana. under the avalanche at Shipki La Havaldar Rakesh Kumar's The Chief Minister also he body of one more Army near the Sino-India border on body was recovered on the day condoled the unfortunate death Tjawan, who had gone miss- February 20. of the avalanche, whereas bod- of official of Air force Amit ing last month following an Rana's body was recovered ies of Rifleman Rajesh Rishi and Kumar. Amit Kumar was resi- avalanche in Himachal on Saturday, whereas his mobile Rifleman Govind Bahadur dent of Nagrota Bagvan in Pradesh's Kinnaur district, was phone was recovered a few Chhetri were recovered on Kangra District. recovered on Saturday, an offi- days ago, a district official said. March 2 and 4 respectively. The Chief Minister assured cial said. His body was taken to Pooh About 400 personnel and the family members of all pos- Nitin Rana (27) and five from where it would be sent to several residents of Khab village sible help from the State other jawans of the 7 Jammu his native place at Rit village in are carrying out operation to Government.      2         $  %   6& our people died after their car plunged into the Sidhwan Canal Fhere at Sarabha Nagar.   &$4 of the officers concerned in The driver lost control of the vehicle and it plunged into the Gurugram, about the con- canal on Friday night, police said. All the four occupants of the n administrative tower will struction of this administrative car drowned in the canal, police said, adding that the bodies were Abe constructed in tower and other activities relat- later fished out. Gurugram, which will house all ed to the revenue department. The deceased were identified as Kashish Arora (21), his two the offices of Government Arora said that the siblings Bhavneet Singh Juneja (27) and his sister Sanya Juneja departments. This tower will Administrative Tower will be (24), and Dinesh Chander (27), police said. be built in the area adjoining built in which all government "All four were old friends and Chander had come to Ludhiana Mini-Secretariat. departments will be shifted so from Lucknow to appear in an exam. Four of them had gone out Additional Chief Secretary, that people do not have any dif- to have dinner. They were returning home when the accident hap- Revenue and Disaster ficulty in getting their works pened," police said. "According to Manpreet Juneja, father of Management Department, done. She also viewed the land Bhavneet, they had gone out to have dinner as their friend had Keshni Anand Arora on surrounding the Mini-secre- visited from Lucknow. The vehicle was driven by Kashish Arora," Saturday convened a meeting tariat for this tower. said Kulbir Singh, the SHO of Sarabha Nagar police station. 5 ,, # #   Q#     

  &$4 has been given the award of "Best performing State in san- ith Punjab attaining top itation". Whonours in the Swachh An official spokesperson Survekshan-2019, the largest said that the survey covered survey of its kind in the world 4237 urban local bodies held by the Union Ministry of throughout the country. Housing and Urban Affairs Overall, Punjab ranked 1st in (MoHUA), Local North India and 7th in coun- Government Minister, Navjot try as against 9th rank last Singh Sidhu has lauded the year. department for the achieve- Coming up from bottom ment. 10 States in Swachh In the survey, Punjab has Survekshan-2017 to 9th been adjudged as Best State in position in Swachh Sanitation amongst all for its Survekshan-2018, the State progressive initiatives towards has improved its position to 'sustainable sanitation' and 7th this time.       (  ) *+, -+*. 8 /%/ 9 R =$C>!;1 + 

  #6 The Project is based on annually. He asserted his Green Field Super Critical resolve that SJVN will be com- Prime Minister of India technology and is being imple- pleting this project within stip- Narendra Modi on Saturday mented by SJVN Thermal ulated time frame and this unveiled the Foundation Stone Private Limited a wholly owned project will be a major mile- of 1320 MW Buxar Thermal subsidiary of SJVN Limited. stone for SJVN to become Power Plant in Bihar digitally. The estimated cost of super 5000 MW company by 2023. critical 1320-Megawatt Buxar Thermal Power Project is Rs. 10,439 crores at January 2018 price levels. The foundation stone lay- ing ceremony at Chausa, Buxar, Bihar was graced by Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power Raj Kumar Singh, Union Minister of State for Health & Family Welfare, Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Chairman & Managing Director, SJVN, Nand Lal Sharma, amongst others. The CMD said the Project will result in direct and indirect employment to around 2400 persons and is planned to be commissioned during the year 2023-24. Sharma said the project will have two units of 660 MW each and generate 9828 million units of electricity  3$ '   #    

  4 ister who quit the Janata Dal in charges against Prasad in a mul- demonetization and many other 2017 in retaliation to the party’s timillion fodder scam case. decisions of the NDA govern- oktantrik Janata Dal (LJD) decision of uniting with the After the meeting on ment have wreaked havoc on the Lchief Sharad Yadav on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Saturday, Yadav came down heav- country,” he said. Yadav also Saturday met Rashtriya Janata Dal Bihar- spent at least one and a half ily on the ruling NDA govern- questioned the security lapses that (RJD) President Lalu Prasad at hours with Prasad at the State-run ment at the Centre and flayed led to the Pulwama attack in Rajendra Institute of Medical hospital in Ranchi on Saturday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Jammu & Kashmir. Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi and The Janata Dal (United) had for allegedly doing politics over “The question that arises is discussed measures to strength- joined hands with the BJP in army and communalism. how the terrorists entered the area en the Mahagathbandhan on Bihar in 2017 citing “irreconcil- “The Modi and Amit Shah with such huge amount of explo- road to the 2019 elections. able differences” with former ally duo has brought the country in sives. Why is it that the intelli- Yadav - a former union min- RJD on the issue of corruption a State of devastation. GST, gence machinery, which is strongest in Jammu & Kashmir, could not intercept the attack plans?” he asked. Yadav’s meeting with the RJD chief assumes sig- nificance since Lalu is expected to play the role of a fulcrum for the Mahagathbandhan in Jharkhand. The Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), Congress party and the RJD have already decid- ed to contest the elections unit- ed in 2019. Yadav’s political acu- men is likely to offer a fillip to the opposition alliance here. The RJD chief, who suffers from several heart, kidney and blood pressure related ailments, is not eligible to contest elections but is still a force to reckon with in Bihar and Jharkhand. Recently, former BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha met him in hospital. Meanwhile, local JMM and Congress leaders have been frequenting RIMS for political discussions with Prasad. ; &# /  =$&=  R


he Bharatiya Janta Party has decided to give Giridih Lok Sabha Tseat to coalition partner AJSU Party. The decision has been taken in the BJP parliamentary board meeting in Delhi late on Friday evening. BJP national president Amit Shah, State in charge of BJP Mangal Pandey, party’s national General Secretary Bhupendra Yadav among others were present in the neeting. Yadav said after the meeting that the BJP and the AJSU party have decided to fight the general elections in Jharkhand on 13-1 formula, where the BJP will contest elections on 13 seats and the AJSU party will fight for one seat. “We will go to Jharkhand as a strong coalition and will together toil for all 14 seats,” he said. “The announcement of one seat (for AJSU) will be done after sometime by both the parties. AJSU party national president Sudesh Mahto has met BJP president Amit Shah and they have pledged to win all the seats of the State in the Lok Sabha elections,” said Yadav without disclosing the name of the constituency given to AJSU Party. However, AJSU Party spokesperson Dev Sharan Bhagat today said that the deal has been sealed for Giridih Lok Sabha constituency. “We welcome the decision taken at the national level. The Giridih seat has been given to us. We will take this decision to the people of the State and fight the elections,” he said. State general secretary of BJP Deepak Prakash said that the BJP and AJSU Party have a natural coalition. “We have a strong coali- tion as both the parties have fought for separate Jharkhand. After formation of the State the AJSU party has been working for the development of Jharkhand by being a part of the NDA. Our coali- tion is there and will be there for general elections,” said he.    (  ) *+, -+*. !  "# ! Q%   +R),

  1-&16 these fraudsters to lead a luxu- rious guilt free life in foreign '   !$%& iding on the media report shores,” she told reporters. Rthat fugitive diamantaire Chaturvedi also said that Nirav Modi was living in a Prime Minister Modi had com-   1-&16 The BJP said that criminal swanky apartment in London, plete knowledge of Nirav Modi’s  P&' (    ) "& cases have been filed by inves- the Congress on Saturday dealings. “Yet, PM Modi stayed s the video showing fugi- &  **  tigation agencies who have slammed the Government and silent and turned a blind eye. Ative jeweller and designer been probing him for tax eva- accused Prime Minister India will never forget the Nirav Modi freely roaming in ,   & - .  & sion, money laundering and Narendra Modi of running a 26,306 crore PNB scam...And the streets of London gave     -& (    criminal fraud. “fraudster settlement yojana” how these fugitives were given Congress the handle to attack Modi has been accused of for such fugitives.    $  ‘a free pass to flee India’,” the the Narendra Modi ,  . ''   & defrauding Punjab National It also alleged that fugitives Congress leader said. Government, the BJP on  !  '(   0& && & Bank (PNB) of about 14, 356. had looted 1 lakh crore from wearing a 10,000 pound jacket,” have not even caught one in the Chaturvedi also accused Saturday returned fire saying 84 crore as the bank’s Mumbai Indian banks but not even one Congress’s chief spokesperson last five years,” he claimed. the Government of not pres- the diamantaire began his fraud &  0!! !(& )! (-  Brady house branch issued of them has been caught in five Randeep Surjewala told Congress spokesperson suring the UK over the extra- in 2011 when the UPA dis- fraudulent letter of undertak- years of the Modi Government. reporters. Priyanka Chaturvedi said it is dition request of Nirav Modi. pensation was in power and it )(& && &!&  ing worth the said amount , The Government has said “First loot 23,000 crore another instance in which the Senior Congress leader and was actually the Modi dispen- —BJP tweeted making PNB liable for the that the UK still considering the from banks, then run away Modi Government has proved former Finance Minister P sation that detected and amount. The fraud was alleged- request to extradite Nirav Modi from the country without any that “their slogan ‘Modi hai toh Chidambaram also reacted to exposed it. ly organised Nirav, his wife and India is taking all steps nec- checks, mock the CBI and the mumkin hai’ (It’s possible if the media report. “Many of these who cheat- that the fugitive diamond insisted that no one who cheats Ami Modi, brother Nishal essary for his extradition. ED and then make a comfort- there is Modi) correct for fraud- “When Lalit Modi stayed ed India during the UPA exporter was living in a swanky India can get away under the Modi and uncle Mehul Choksi, British daily The Telegraph able home in a 75 crore flat. sters. The country is now a wit- on in the UK, I wrote to the UK Government have been apartment in London and Modi Government. all partners of the firms, M/s reported that billionaire dia- (Narendra) Modi is there, so it ness to the Narendra Modi Chancellor that he should be brought back and are in cus- accused Prime Minister “Nirav Modi’s fraud to Diamond R US, M/s Solar mond tycoon, accused in the $2 is possible,” he claimed. Fraudster Settlement Yojana”. sent back to India. Mrs Sushma tody. Others will follow. They Narendra Modi of running a cheat the banks started in Exports and M/s Stellar billion Punjab National Bank It seems Prime Minister “How in 2014, PM Modi Swaraj mocked me for writing are living the life of fugitives “fraudster settlement yojana” 2011 when UPA Government Diamonds, along with PNB (PNB) fraud case, has been Narendra Modi is running a had promised the return of letters,” he said in a tweet.. and refugees,” the BJP tweeted, for such fugitives. was in power. It was detected officials and employees. CBI tracked down by it to an 8 mil- “bank fraudsters settlement 80 lakh crore of black money “Now Nirav Modi is walk- terming the allegations of the It also alleged that fugitives and exposed during the Modi has named all these in its lion pound apartment in company” for the likes of Nirav to India and 15 lakh back in ing on the streets of London. Opposition party a case of pot had looted 1 lakh crore from Government. The offender chargesheet. London’s West End. Modi and his uncle Mehul the accounts of every Indian but Will Mrs Sushma Swaraj swoop calling the kettle black. Indian banks but not even one was declared a fugitive, his Nirav, his family and “Fugitive Nirav Modi has Choksi, Surjewala alleged. instead he has ensured 1 lakh down, pluck him off the street The Congress had earlier of them has been caught in five assets seized, illegal house Choksi absconded in early last been seen enjoying in London, “Fugitives looted 1 lakh crore honest taxpayers’ deposits and bring him back to India?” slammed the Government on years of the Modi Government. blown up and businesses year, days before the news of living in a 75 crore flat and crore from Indian banks but you are now being freely used by he said in another tweet. Saturday over a media report In its tweets, the BJP closed,” it said. the scam broke in India.   P  5      (    $

  1-&16 different, but the objective is election on its own strength,” he announced their first list of   #( .67 the same,” he said. said. candidates for some seats in UP. ongress’ west UP in-charge Scindia asserted that the Asked about whether talks The Congress on Thursday CJyotiraditya Scindia on Congress wants to have a UPA should be held to bring like- announced 11 candidates for   1-&16 Saturday asserted that his party Government at the Centre and minded parties together, he the electorally crucial state of will fight the general election in in Uttar Pradesh it was deter- said dialogue should take place the UP, fielding UPA chair- mid doubts being raised by Uttar Pradesh on its own mined to come back to power but it should be from both person Sonia Gandhi from Athe Opposition over the strength. by 2022. sides. Raebareli and party president aerial strikes on Jaish-e- On Akhilesh Yadav’s “We have said time and “We are going to establish Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. Mohammad terrorist camps, remarks that the Congress was again that our objective is the the Congress strongly on the Former Union ministers India on Saturday said its “non- very much in the Samajwadi same that UPA government ground in UP. And we are Salman Khurshid, Jitin Prasad military” strike in Pakistan Party-Bahujan Samaj Party- must be formed at the Centre. moving in that direction,” he and R P N Singh have been achieved its desired objective Rashtriya Lok Dal alliance and nificance as they come amid In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress said. fielded from their traditional and demonstrated the country’s two seats were being left for it, reports that there may be a is going to fight this election on On leaders in UP like seats of Farrukhabad, resolve to take decisive action Scindia said, “If this is his rethink on the grand alliance in its own strength,” Scindia told Savitri Bai Phule joining the Dhaurahra and Kushi Nagar against cross border terror- thinking, then we may also Uttar Pradesh to include the reporters here. Congress, Scindia said the respectively. ism. leave 2-3 seats for them.” Congress. “We believe that be it BSP party’s doors are open for those The Samajwadi Party on Making this assertion, Scindia also said that as far “The current situation is or SP, they have taken a deci- who have strength on the Friday released its first list of External Affairs Ministry as talks for alliances are con- that the SP and the BSP have sion and we respect that deci- ground, want to serve the peo- nine candidates for the Lok spokesperson Raveesh Kumar Pakistan to move beyond mere On the Indian aerial cerned, “like-minded parties taken a decision that they want sion. They have the right to ple and are committed to form Sabha polls in Uttar Pradesh, said here, “If Pakistan claims to words and to show credible, strikes, the spokesperson said should also think in a like- to walk on a different path with choose their path. They have a new Uttar Pradesh. fielding party founder be a ‘Naya Pakistan’ with ‘nayi verifiable and sustained actions. the non-military counter ter- minded way”. the same objective that the chosen their path and the Interestingly, both the Mulayam Singh Yadav from its soch’ then it should demon- We have and we will con- rorism action of February 26 His remarks assume sig- Congress has. Our paths can be Congress is going to fight this Congress and the SP have stronghold Mainpuri. strate ‘naya action’ against ter- tinue to act with responsibili- achieved the intended objec- rorist groups and cross border ty and maturity,” he said at a tive. He, however, evaded ques- terrorism in support of its media briefing. tions on number of casualties )*      claims.” The spokesperson said the in the strike. ;)%;   These comments came a widespread presence of terror- Kumar said the fact that day after Pakistan Prime ist camps in Pakistan is public Pakistan refused access to jour-     '' +,-. Minister Imran Khan said he knowledge and repeated nalists from visiting the site of 9!:- will not allow Pakistani soil to requests by India and the inter- the strike in Balakot meant that be used for terror directed at national community for they have “plenty to hide”.   1-&16 other countries. Khan has been Pakistan to take action against “So the initial bravado that saying that a ‘Naya Pakistan’ is such groups has been met with everything is open please come ice President of India and Chairman of embarking on a new journey “denial.” and visit has disappeared. We VRajya Sabha M Venkaiah Naidu has been under his leadership. “In 2004, the then are absolutely confident that conferred an Honorary Doctorate by the Kumar said Pakistan has President of Pakistan had made strikes on Balakot has been University of Peace founded by the United been making identical state- a solemn public commitment successful and achieved the Nations Organisations (UNO) for his contri- ments after separate terror that they would not allow any desired objectives,” he asserted. bution “to the Rule of Law, democracy and sus- attacks and now Islamabad territory under their control to On Pakistan’s retaliatory tainable development in India”. Naidu received will have to take up the con- be used for terrorist activity in strike on February 27, the the degree of ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (Doctor crete action the international any manner,” he said. spokesperson said instead of Honoris Causa) from the Dean of the University community expected it to take “But till today, however, taking action against terrorist of Peace in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose. and must rein in terror groups Pakistan has failed to take any groups on its soil, Islamabad The University of Peace was founded fur- damental to the full development of the human operating from its soil. credible action against Jaish-e- chose to escalate through an ther to a resolution of United Nations’ General person and societies through interdisciplinary    '       #   “We remain resolute in Mohammed and other terror- “act of aggression” by violating Assembly in December, 1980 incorporating an study of all matters relating to peace”. India is a    "   '     8    our determination to persuade ist organisations, which con- Indian airspace and attempting, International Agreement for the establishment signatory to this resolution and Naidu is the first the international community of tinue to operate with impuni- unsuccessfully, to target mili- of the University of Peace with the mandate of Indian to receive an Honorary Doctorate from New Delhi: President Ram Nath Speaking at the function, the necessity of compelling ty from Pakistan,” Kumar said. tary facilities. “Engaging in dissemination of knowledge fun- this University. Kovind launched the Pulse Polio Union Health Minister J P programme for 2019 on Saturday Nadda said under the leadership by administering polio drops to of PM Modi, Universal children below five years at the Immunisation Programme is / 8  Rashtrapati Bhawan. focusing to protect children Kovind administered the from more diseases than ever !   polio drops on the eve of before and has introduced sev- National Immunisation Day, eral new vaccines like pneumo- which is observed on Sunday, a coccal conjugate vaccine, .   statement issued by the Health rotavirus vaccine and measles- Ministry said. More than 17 rubella vaccine in the recent past. crore children below five years “To provide additional protec- New Delhi: Saudi State Minister across the country will be given tion to our children, the Govt has for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir polio drops as part of the central also introduced the injectable will visit India on Monday, days government’s drive to sustain inactivated polio vaccine into its after his trip to Islamabad. polio eradication from the coun- routine immunisation pro- External Affairs Ministry try, it said. gramme,” Nadda said. PTI Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said Jubeir will hold talks with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj during his trip. The Saudi Minister met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday in Islamabad, and delivered a “special message” from Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, according to Pakistani media reports. His visit to Islamabad took place amid global efforts to de- escalate tension between India and Pakistan triggered by the Pulwama attack and subsequent aerial strikeby India on a training camp of the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror outfit in Balakot on February 26. PTI  3    (  ) *+, -+*.

4@     '!,3*' )/;. 4(& &&

  + above 1 lakh will earn an ly fixed for banks and trans- %     %%  interest of 3.5 percent, 2.75 per- mission on the asset side alone %     ! day after State Bank decid- cent lower than the repo rate cannot happen. Aed to link its short-term and lower amounts in balance “Transmission cannot hap- loans and large savings deposits will earn 4 percent. pen only on one side. If trans- rates to the repo rate, chairman The bank has also linked mission has to happen it has to Rajnish Kumar Saturday said all cash credit accounts and happen on both sides and that loans and deposits below 1 overdrafts with limits above 1 is why SBI came out with this lakh will continue to be linked lakh to the repo rate plus a solution that the deposits sav- to the present MCLR to protect spread of 2.25 percent. ings bank account with 1 lakh retail customers from market “The category which we and above, we will link it to vagaries. have linked to the external repo rate and all the working In a first, the nations largest benchmark is the best catego- capital loans which are theo- lender had Friday said from ry--all cash credits and over- retically payable on demand. May 1, it would link its savings drafts above 1 lakh. Here Talking about NCLT clear- accounts with deposits over Rs also, for accounts with 1 lakh ing ArcelorMittal's 42,000- 1 lakh and all cash credit and below, we've kept out of the crore bid for Essar Steel reject- accounts and overdrafts or purview as we believe that ing the 54,389 crore offered by short term loans with limits retail customers should not be a company run by the Ruias of #(.   ,' ,1%%'4 " +  above Rs 1 lakh or short-term forced to suffer from the mar- Essar group, Kumar said they  %    **    % " loans, to the repo rate, which ket vagaries,” Kumar told are awaiting the final order.     !    ' " %;L ! currently is at 6.25 percent. reporters on the sidelines on “The written order is yet to &  "K+ ""  "% '*# "+ "" " % At present some banks like event organised by Indian come. But our stand as well as   ) !  %   4 "  Kotak Mahindra, Yes Bank, Chamber of Commerce. Kumar said SBIs retail bank deposits rate to the repo repriced,” Kumar said. that of the committee of cred-  " "   ,   ((;L(;?();*J(#(4(( RBL Bank and Singaporean He also said, across the loans are currently priced as rate, MCLR will get adjusted Currently, the bank is offer- itors is that we abide by the  ! '  "1%' 4 "   "    lender DBS Bank pay higher world, retail loans are not left per MCLR and the system is automatically as and when there ing a rate of 3.50 percent for order. The final process of the    (      """  interest to the tune of 5-6 per- to the market forces alone working well and will contin- is a change in the repo rate. savings bank deposit rates up resolution of Essar Steel began   % !   ( cent on savings deposits when it comes to pricing and ue to be remain so. He, however, said MCLR to 1 crore, and 4 percent with the NCLT order yester- # !%    #( ,"    regardless of the balance, while that it is mostly corporate “Retail loans will continue will not move by 25 bps if there above 1 crore. day,” he said. 4 "    %  "      !  ' large players like SBI and other accounts that are left to the to be linked to MCLR for the is a similar reduction by the As much as 33 percent of Kumar said in the case of  %'   " %,);); %   state-run lenders, and private market conditions. time being. If the loan is long- RBI in the repo rate. its savings account-holders will Jet Airways, whatever is the ,);)8  "  ( ""     players like HDFC Bank, ICICI He also said the move is in term in nature, you cannot re- “It will depend on what get the benefit of the new pric- resolution plan, it will be imple-   !" %   (    ,% Bank and others pay 4 percent accordance with the RBI guide- price it very frequently...That portion of our savings banks ing system, the bank said. mented if all the conditions by       !    ( per annum. lines on the MCLR (marginal way MCLR is a good solution,” gets repriced and its conse- On the thorny issue of all stakeholders--Naresh Goyal, 4 "    " "    " 8J;   From May 1, the savings cost of fund-based lending rates) Kumar said. quent impact on MCLR. To swift monetary transmission, lenders, Etihad and approval "",") ?   "   ""  bank deposits with balance and other loan pricing norms. He said by linking savings that extent the MCLR will get Kumar said liabilities are most- from the government, are met.  "  (  %%    ! =  / %$0)   (9!  " &   4 "  &     );; '  (   '  ! &&   "&  +% New Delhi: Saudi Oil Minister February 20 visit, Saudi +   " Khalid al-Falih is making his Aramco CEO Amin Al-Nasser 12  second visit to India in less than had spoken about talks with 1  three weeks to attend the wed- Reliance for investments in ding of richest Indian Mukesh refinery and petrochemical   D76D Ambani's son Akash. projects. Akash Ambani is tying the Reliance operates two uture Retail would spend knot with Shloka Mehta, refineries at Jamnagar with a F150-200 crore a year for daughter of diamantaire Russell total capacity of 68.2 million expansion of Big Bazaar stores Mehta and Mona Mehta at a tonnes per annum. in the eastern region, a com-         '   %    grand ceremony in Mumbai on Reliance plans to expand pany official said Saturday. !"" ' M " %  7   '&",    " Saturday. its only-for-exports SEZ refin- The company would open - M &      ' ,   ((;L(;?();*J Sources privy to the devel- ing capacity to just over 41 mil- around 25 such stores from    ( opment said the Saudi oil min- lion tonnes from the current April this year in eastern India, &((4(D(4 '& N  "OQ# (D(#  ' ister will visit Mumbai for the 35.2 million tonnes but does the official said. & N    O' wedding and will also make a not have any plans to set up a “We have a pipeline of ##  " '& N  "O #..## ' brief stopover in the national new refinery in the country. around 25 Big Bazaar stores in .%" 7  % % % %  "   ( capital to have a conversation It is presently focused on the eastern region. Each store   &   .7   " -  with Oil Minister Dharmendra expanding petrochemicals and requires an investment of  """     ( Pradhan and other industry telecom business, industry around 2,000 per square feet   !   ' "         ' leaders. sources said. for interiors only,” CEO of       ""     , Al-Falih, who has known Crude oil is the basic raw eastern region of Future Retail   ,4&&   &'  "  ' Ambani for over a decade now, material for the manufacturing Manish Agarwal told PTI.     ! ' %"    " had previously travelled to of petrochemicals. Agarwal said the eastern     %   ( Udaipur in December last year Saudi Arabia, on the other region contributed 25 per cent of  "     " % -  "      to attend the pre-wedding fes- hand, is keen to get a foothold the national sales, adding that    ,     %      tivities of Ambani's daughter in the world's fastest-growing West Bengal accounted for 30 per  !& %       "  Isha's marriage with industri- fuel market so as to get a cap- cent of the revenues from the east. "    ( alist Ajay Piramal's son Anand. tive customer for the crude oil The company would open &(4D4 '& N  "O  % % % Akash and Isha's wedding it produces. 7-8 stores in Kolkata and its "       " -  will take place at the newly built Saudi Aramco, the world's suburbs of the 25 outlets it plans     (  "     %  "   Jio World Centre in Bandra biggest oil company, and its to open in the east next fiscal.   "        !%  % Kurla Complex in Mumbai. partner Abu Dhabi National Agarwal said expansion  " ( The wedding festivities kick- Oil Co (ADNOC) have picked was robust in West Bengal, # (D(#  '        M started on February 23 with a up 50 per cent stake in a Bihar, northeast and Odisha. "(R % "   "   ' grand bash in St. Moritz, planned USD 44-billion refin- Future Retail on Saturday         %    Switzerland. ery in Maharashtra but the pro- opened its 17th Big Bazaar   " ", !%  ( "     % % The couple got engaged in ject is facing problems in land store in Kolkata and 30th in , "    %"   June 2018 and celebrated the acquisition. West Bengal.  "         ,%  (  -#$7 The law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & occasion with a string of lavish Aramco and ADNOC will Mosle LLP, which represented Venezuela before parties in Mumbai. together hold 50 per cent stake World Bank arbitration panel ruled on the panel, did not immediately respond a Al-Falih last visited India in the 60 million tonnes per AFriday that Venezuela must pay US oil giant request for comment. on February 20 as part of the annum (MTPA) refinery and ConocoPhillips more than $8 billion as com- Collecting the money may be difficult as the high-level delegation that trav- adjacent 18 MTPA petro-  )( ' '  pensation for a decade-old expropriation dispute, Venezuelan economy has shrunk more than half elled with Saudi Crown Prince chemical complex planned to roughly the same amount as the South American since 2013 and sanctions by the Trump admin- Mohammed bin Salman for a be built at Ratnagiri district of 5*6) 78 ) country's foreign currency reserves. istration barring U.S investors from lending bilateral visit. Maharashtra by 2025. The bank's ICSID tribunal had ruled in 2013 money to the government complicate President When he last visited the The two will supply half of Mumbai: Commerce and Industry minister The minister said the government is con- that the 2007 expropriation of ConocoPhillips Nicolas Maduro maneuvering. Ambanis in December 2018, the crude oil required for pro- Suresh Prabhu said Saturday the government has ducting a sector analysis for FDI investments and investments in two heavy crude oil projects vio- Venezuela faces around 20 arbitration cases the Saudi oil minister had cessing at the refinery. set a target of attracting USD 100 billion in for- is preparing suitable policies which will help in lated international law. at the World Bank, more than any other coun- tweeted that the world's largest Like other major producers, eign direct investments over the next two bringing foreign funds. “We welcome the ICSID tribunal's decision, try in the world, with potential losses stretch- oil exporter Saudi Arabia and the two are looking to lock in years. The commerce minister said exports dur- which upholds the principle that governments ing into the billions. Ambani-run Reliance customers in the world's third- Boosted by the USD 16-billion Walmart- ing this fiscal year will top the past record of USD cannot unlawfully expropriate private invest- The Venezuelan government and its state- Industries are discussing joint largest oil consumer through the Flipkart deal last August, which is the biggest- 323 billion in 2014 and he expects it be over USD ments without paying compensation,” said owned entities currently owe around $150 bil- investments in petrochemi- investment. Kuwait too is look- ever foreign fund inflow into the country---2018 330 billion. Kelly B. Rose, senior vice president, Legal, lion to creditors around the world, while the cals, refinery and communica- ing to invest in projects in saw the country for the first time in two decades “But, I am not happy about it. We should General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of country's foreign currency reserves have fallen tions projects. return for getting an assured off- overtaking China with USD 38 billion in have much higher exports. This will help in job ConocoPhillips. to just $8 billion. At the time of the take of their crude oil. PTI inbound FDI deals compared to China's USD creation as well,” he said. 32 billion. Besides ease of doing business, the govern- Other major deals included Unilever buy- ment is focusing on ease of investments as well, ing out GSKs consumer business in the coun- he said, and underlined the need for better and try for over 31,700 crore, Schneider Electric, deeper integration of the domestic economy with 9        TPG Capital, KKR, Softbank, and Alibaba the global economy. among others. “If you remove the hurdles for investments, “We have achieved record FDI inflows last we can see investments coming in from all  +13$ year. We have set a target and are already work- sources portfolio, FDI or domestic. It will lead ing on bringing in USD 100 billion FDI (by to better growth,” he said. he consumer price index in 2020),” Prabhu said at an Indian Chamber of Railways and Coal minister Piyush Goyal TChina fell to its lowest level Commerce event. was also present at the function. PTI in a year last month, while pro- ducer prices hardly budged, according to figures published Saturday by the National @   @% Bureau of Statistics. The consumer price index (CPI) -- a key measure of retail   1-&16 the US dollar at the interbank fretted over increased signs of inflation -- rose just 1.5 per cent forex market. a global slowdown. It finally in February year-on-year, com- he slide in gold prices con- Globally, gold ended the ended the week at 33,170, pared with 1.7 per cent in Ttinued for yet another week higher at USD 1,298.70 showing a hefty fall of 600. January. week, with the yellow metal los- an ounce and silver at USD Gold of 99.5 per cent puri- It has now declined for four ing 600 to close at 33,170 per 15.31 an ounce in New York. ty too fell by the same amount consecutive months and is at its ten grams at the bullion mar- Besides, diversion of funds to end the week at 33,000 per lowest point since January 2018. ket, tracking a weak trend to the rising equity market 10 grams. China is grappling with a overseas amid tepid demand and fading demand from local Sovereign, however, moved decline in global demand -- from local jewellers. jewellers and retailers at the end in a narrow range in limited notably from the United States, Silver followed suit and of the wedding season too deals and settled 100 lower at which launched a trade war ended lower due to reduced fuelled the downtrend. 26,400 per piece of eight against Beijing last summer. offtake by industrial units and In the national capital, gold grams. Growth in China dropped coin makers. of 99.9 per cent purity com- Tracking the movement in to 6.6 per cent last year, its low- Market remained closed menced the week on a weak gold, silver too opened with est level in 28 years. The gov- Asian giant's economy is slowing. expected. Production prices could producer price data underline on Monday on account of note at 33,450 and slipped fur- sustained weakness at 39,500 ernment this week a That figure, matching A Bloomberg news survey fall into negative territory this the need for continued gov- Mahashivratri. ther to hit a low of 33,070 per per kg and dropped further to nnounced it is aiming for January results, is the lowest for found an average forecast year, he added. ernment support for the econ- Traders said sentiment 10 grams, largely in sync with a low of 38,980 before settling growth of between just 6 and more than two years. The indi- growth of 0.2 per cent by econ- “Disinflation continues, omy,” he added. remained downbeat on a weak weak global cues and tepid at 39,900, showing a margin- 6.5 per cent this year. cator has been in constant omists. and deflation in the manufac- Faced with a slowdown in trend overseas and strength- demand from local jewellers. al fall of 50. The producer price index retreat for seven months. “CPI inflation will most turing sector may be around activity, Premier Minister Li ening of rupee against the dol- Thereafter, it staged a par- However, silver weekly- (PPI) -- an important barome- The increase in consumer likely remain far below the ,” said Hong Kong Keqiang announced a series of lar, making imports of gold tial recovery after gold based finished higher ter of domestic demand -- edged prices is in line with analyst 2019 government target of 3.0 economist David Qu, accord- support measures on Tuesday cheaper. rebounded from multi-week by 428 to Rs 38,728 per kg up by only 0.1 per cent in forecasts, but the rise in pro- per cent,” said Nomura econo- ing to Bloomberg. including a reduction in com- Meanwhile, the rupee lows in the global market on after touching a low of 38,202 February, in a further sign the ducer prices is weaker than mist Ting Lu in a note. “The weak consumer and pany charges and VAT. ended the week at 70.14 against safe haven demand as investors during the week.    (  ) *+, -+*.  !:        * '  '     -#$7 second largest economy after mitting to a presidential sum- let them fool us into thinking the US, imposed tit-for-tat tar- mit until the two countries have this new ‘law’ is anything other midst reports of negotia- iffs on USD 110 billion of a firm deal in hand. than a shiny object that will do  $3 Ations for a deal with china American goods. “What Chinese Minister nothing to stop Chinese state- hitting a bump, President Top trade officials from wants to say, ‘Yes, Xi Jinping. directed actors’ continued Donald Trump has said that he America and China are hold- Go to the US for a visit, which assault on US companies’ intel- will enter into a trade deal with ing talks to negotiate a com- isn’t a state visit, and hope that lectual property and trade Beijing only if he is confident prehensive trade deal. Trump doesn’t embarrass you’” secrets,” Rubio said. that it is good for the US. “I am confident. But if we Evan Medeiros, a Georgetown The Trump But he also told reporters don’t make a very good deal for University scholar who was a Administration should con- at the White House on Friday our country, I wouldn’t make senior China adviser to tinue to hold their leverage and that he is confident of enter- a deal,” Trump told reporters. President Barack Obama was increase pressure on China to ing into a trade deal with “If this isn’t a great deal, I won’t quoted as saying by The Wall secure a strong, enforceable China. make a deal.” Street Journal. deal, he asserted. The world’s two largest In the absence of a trade Republican Senator Marco “We cannot afford to waste economies are locked in a deal, Trump has threatened to negotiated between the two decision to walk away from the Rubio on Friday doubted this opportunity and risk los- trade war since Trump impose additional tariffs on countries for past several summit with North Korean in recent reports that China will ing this century’s most impor-  #176 get the North to give up its imposed heavy tariffs on import of Chinese products months now. Hanoi, China now wants the end the forced transfer of tech- tant, strategic, economic, and atomic arsenal, especially after imported steel and aluminium into the US. However, after the collapse summit as a mere signature nology and begin allowing geopolitical competition. China orth Korea may be prepar- the February 27-28 summit items from China in March Last month, the US of the North Korea summit in ceremony and finalise every- “wholly foreign-owned enter- must not be allowed to pursue Ning for a missile or space between Trump and Kim col- last year, a move that sparked President had said that he and Vietnam where Trump walked thing before that. prises in more fields” as a way policies that run directly launch, US news outlet NPR lapsed without so much as a fears of a global trade war. his Chinese counterpart Xi out of his meeting with According to The Wall to lure back foreign investors. counter to America’s national has reported, based on satellite joint statement -- let alone an Trump imposed tariff hikes Jinping are planning to meet at Chairman Kim Jong-Un, the Street Journal report on Friday, “For decades, China fooled interest and their internation- image analysis of a key facility agreement on nuclear disar- of up to 25 per cent on USD his Florida resort in Mar-a- US president has not spoken a US-China trade accord is fac- the world into thinking they al commitments without fac- near Pyongyang. mament. 250 billion of Chinese goods. Lago to give a final shape to the about it. ing a new roadblock, as would be a responsible inter- ing due consequences,” Rubio NPR said the images of According to senior US In response, China, the world’s trade deal, which is being Taken aback by Trump’s Chinese officials balk at com- national partner. We must not said. Sanumdong, one of the facili- officials, in the week leading up ties Pyongyang has used to to the Hanoi summit, the ,94 produce inter-continental bal- North Koreans had demanded ;9,     ""   0   listic missiles and space rock- the lifting of effectively all UN  P     "  ets, were taken days before Security Council economic > % %% US President Donald Trump sanctions imposed on "2?  %      # and North Korean leader Pyongyang since March 2016. /@/),(B,+ " *9 Kim Jong Un met in Hanoi for In return, Pyongyang   "" % O< P    "    .   their high-stakes summit, offered only to close part of the  %  %" , " which ended in failure. Yongbyon complex, a sprawl-  '       Singapore: An American mil-   #6+& erties of JuD and FIF had   --+ The photos by the firm ing site covering multiple facil- #   (    itary official says that the US, come after Pakistan formally DigitalGlobe show the presence ities. 5  '  !  Australia, India and Japan con- rime Minister Imran Khan placed them in the list of  7D<7 of cars and trucks at the site on The North is also believed 3 3   " ( tinue to have regular diplo- Phas said that no person or banned organisations on February 22, said NPR -- which to have other uranium enrich- matic meetings to “coordinate organisation would be allowed Tuesday. 116-year-old Japanese has exclusive access to the ment plants But North Korean 2 ""  % our respective visions of and to carry out terror acts in other Khan also said that “in Awoman who loves playing imagery. foreign minister Ri Yong Ho %   efforts in the Indo-Pacific countries by using the soil of case of any misadventure by the board game Othello is It added that rail cars and disputed the US account, say- C ,.),(B .+ region.” Pakistan, a media report said India, the armed forces and being honoured as the world’s cranes can also be seen at a ing Pyongyang offered to dis- 1"     " Pentagon spokesman Lt. Saturday. people of Pakistan are fully pre- oldest living person by yard. “When you put all that mantle all “nuclear production  " ,   Col Dave Eastburn made the Addressing his first pub- pared to respond in a befitting Guinness World Records. together, that’s really what it facilities in the Yongbyon ,"    O   ( comments late Friday in lic gathering on Friday in Thar manner”, adding that his pri- The global authority on looks like when the North area” in exchange for partial 1 "!'  ,  ," Washington to clarify that the district of the Sidh province ority is to fight poverty. records officially recognised Koreans are in the process of sanctions relief.   ?;;  US-backed diplomatic group- since becoming the Prime Tensions heightened Kane Tanaka in a ceremony building a rocket,” Jeffrey Trump said Friday that his #""   ing often referred to as the Minister, Khan said his between India and Pakistan Saturday at the nursing home Lewis, a researcher at the relationship with Kim “remains 7    % ( quad would continue. Government is fully committed His comments came as after the February 14 Pulwama where she lives in Fukuoka, in Middlebury Institute of good”, despite the setback in They came after Adm. Phil to protecting religious minori- Pakistan is under global pres- terror attack which killed 40 Japan’s southwest. International Studies at Hanoi. US officials have said  % !    ! Davidson, head of the US ties across the country,” the sure to act against terrorism CRPF personnel. The suicide Her family and the mayor Monterey, was quoted as saying Washington believes the “final, " "   Indo-Pacific Command, sug- Dawn newspaper quoted him and militant groups operating attack was claimed by Pakistan- were present to celebrate. by NPR on Friday. fully verified denuclearisa- /... 1     gested in Singapore on as saying. from its soil after the Pulwama based Jaish-e-Mohammed ter- Tanaka was born January 2, The Sanumdong analysis tion” of North Korea is still pos- N1O   # "" Thursday that a loose security Prime Minister Khan said terror attack. ror outfit. 1903, the seventh among eight comes days after the specialised sible by the end of Trump’s first    ' grouping of the four countries his Government was acting Pakistan authorities on After the attack, the Indian children. website 38 North and the term. 1    "     could be shelved for now. upon the teachings of the Thursday sealed the Lahore Air Force carried out a counter- She married Hideo Tanaka Center for Strategic and Kim released his first pub-     #  N1#O' Eastburn said Davidson country’s founding father headquarters of Mumbai terror operation, hitting a in 1922, and they had four chil- International Studies said lic message since the Hanoi  1   #% “was referring to a formal, Mohammad Ali Jinnah who attack mastermind Hafiz JeM training camp in Balakot, dren and adopted another Pyongyang may have resumed summit on Saturday earlier  );)*( regular meeting of military had called for ensuring full Saeed-led Jamaat-ud-Dawa deep inside Pakistan on child. operations at its this week, instructing propa- leaders from the four coun- protection to all races and reli- (JuD) and its charity wing February 26. She is usually up by 6 a.M. long-range rocket launch site ganda officials to conduct    % & tries” and not other regular gions in Pakistan. Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation The next day, Pakistan Air And enjoys studying mathe- at Sohae, based on their study “positive information” activities 6 "%  diplomatic consultations. He Khan has said that no per- (FIF) and detained over 120 Force retaliated and downed a matics. The previous oldest of satellite imagery from March to spur scientific and techno- *(+=     said such diplomatic meetings son or organisation would be suspected militants as part of MiG-21 in an aerial con- living person was another 6. The development is likely to logical development, accord-  %   , have been held three times allowed to carry out terror acts an ongoing crackdown on frontation and captured Air Japanese woman, Chiyo further compound ing to a Saturday report by "    %" % since November 2017 and in other countries by using the banned groups. Force Wing Commander Miyako, who died in July at age Washington’s frustration over North Korean state media  3   ( would continue. AP soil of Pakistan. The confiscation of prop- Abhinandan Varthaman. 117. the lack of progress in its bid to outlet KCNA.   .=     9       !  P     "*;;  + % "" !   7- sure to shield the company Libya between 2001 and 2011 5 3   9   [email protected]#   from a trial, stepped down. to secure government con- ustin Trudeau rose to power Budget Minister Jane tracts during the rule of former  ""    ,  ""' Washington: A World Bank Jin Canada as a champion of Philpott followed suit, as did strongman Moamer Kadhafi. arbitration panel ruled on feminism and indigenous longtime Trudeau friend and The Montreal-based firm Tokyo: At least 87 passengers #   Friday that Venezuela must rights, quickly earning him top aide Gerry Butts. openly lobbied the govern- in a high speed ferry were pay US oil giant golden boy status at home and On Thursday, Trudeau ment for an out-of-court set- injured in an apparent collision   -#$7 ConocoPhillips more than $8 abroad as a progressive leader. addressed the allegations head- tlement that would result in a with a marine animal in the sea billion as compensation for a But a major political scan- on, telling reporters in Ottawa good looks and a father who fine and agreeing to compli- of Japan on Saturday, coast- resident Donald Trump will decade-old expropriation dis- dal that sparked the resignation that he had learned “lessons” was widely admired when he ance measures, saying a con- guards and media said. Pbe making a significant pute, roughly the same amount request for comment. of two of his Ministers -- both from the crisis -- but denying served as premier. viction would lead to job cuts. Five people were seriously request for border wall funds as the South American coun- Collecting the money may be women, one indigenous -- has any wrongdoing. Trudeau brought rock star But Wilson-Raybould, injured in the accident, which and seeking money to stand up try’s foreign currency reserves. difficult as the Venezuelan tarnished his image just seven For the opposition, that energy to the job, and his Canada’s first indigenous attor- occurred just before the hydro- Space Force as a new branch of The bank’s ICSID tribunal economy has shrunk more months before national elec- wasn’t enough. On Friday, they brand of progressive politics - ney general, refused to ask foil was due to arrive on Sado the military in the White had ruled in 2013 that the than half since 2013 and sanc- tions. renewed their calls for Trudeau - he made bold statements on prosecutors to settle, and the island after a short trip from House Budget being released 2007 expropriation of tions by the Trump adminis- Pundits say the 47-year- to resign. climate action, legalised trial is set to proceed. the mainland, the Japan Coast next week, an administration ConocoPhillips investments in tration barring U.S investors old premier faces a tough bat- “Trudeau is facing a serious cannabis and helped refugees She later testified to law- Guard said. official said Friday. two heavy crude oil projects from lending money to the tle just to stay in office, with crisis of confidence in his lead- make a new life in Canada. makers that she had received It is likely the ferry hit a For the first time, Trump violated international law. Government complicate the latest polls showing his ership,” said Stephanie The Liberals’ 2015 victo- “veiled threats” over her stance whale, as both humpbacks and plans to stick with the strict “We welcome the ICSID President Nicolas Maduro Liberals trailing the Chouinard, a politics professor ry marked the return of the -- and Trudeau’s inner circle minkes are often found in the spending caps imposed years tribunal’s decision, which maneuvering. Conservatives for the first time. at the Royal Military College party, which had governed for came under suspicion. area, public broadcaster NHK ago, even though lawmakers upholds the principle that gov- Venezuela faces around 20 For weeks, Trudeau’s gov- of Canada. most of the last century before Since the crisis erupted a quoted a marine wildlife expert have largely avoided them ernments cannot unlawfully arbitration cases at the World ernment has been rocked by “Seeing not one, but two being relegated to third-place month ago, Trudeau has as saying. with new Budget deals. That expropriate private investments Bank, more than any other accusations of meddling in the members of his cabinet slam- status in a 2006 ballot. Trudeau seemed “disconnected” and “It was a huge impact,” a will likely trigger a showdown without paying compensation,” country in the world, with criminal prosecution of engi- ming the door like that, it’s was hailed. Now, his “virtue is “not in control” of his govern- passenger told public broad- with Congress. The official said Kelly B. Rose, senior vice potential losses stretching into neering giant SNC-Lavalin, unheard of for many years in being questioned,” Chouinard ment, said Eric Montigny, a caster NHK. “One person was said the president’s plan president, Legal, General the billions. The Venezuelan which was charged with cor- Canada and it augurs very said. “He promised to do pol- politics professor at Laval bleeding.” promises to balance the bud- Counsel and Corporate government and its state- ruption over alleged bribes badly for him ahead of the itics differently and introduce University in Quebec City. There was damage to the get in 15 years. Secretary of ConocoPhillips. owned entities currently owe paid to secure contracts in October elections.” real change, but (in many eyes) The resignations of two back of the vessel, local media Trump will seek USD 750 The law firm Curtis, around $150 billion to creditors Libya. The Liberals built their has showed himself to be a tough, successful women who said, but the ferry -- with 121 billion for defense, a boost for Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle around the world, while the His attorney general Jody brand around the handsome politician like any other.” embodied his values have passengers and four crew on the military, while cutting LLP, which represented country’s foreign currency Wilson-Raybould, who said young Trudeau, a one-time SNC-Lavalin was charged prompted Canadians to re- board -- reached its destination non-defense discretionary Venezuela before the panel, reserves have fallen to just $8 she experienced “consistent bartender and snowboard in 2015 with corruption for examine his bona fides, espe- without outside help, local spending by 5 per cent, said the did not immediately respond a billion. AP and sustained” political pres- instructor with Hollywood allegedly bribing officials in cially media said. AFP official, who was unauthorized to discuss the document ahead of its release and spoke on con-     dition of anonymity.  "#    "  P   4  "      Budgets are mainly seen as  5    blueprints for White House pri-     .   57  9   orities. But they are often     7 0) '   ' panned on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers craft the appropri-   -#$7 In his op-ed titled ‘Time same time tolerates them oper- Washington: US Secretary of  4# old National Assembly leader, attempt at imperial aggression ation bills that eventually fund For Pakistan to Chart a New ating within its own borders. State Mike Pompeo discussed who is recognised by more will be met with a forceful the government, if the presi- n influential Indian- Course’, the four-time Indian- This has caused the interna- with British NSA Mark Sedwill housands of Venezuelans than 50 countries as Venezuela's response from the patriots who dent signs them into law. AAmerican Congressman American Congressman from tional community to isolate the current situation between Tprepared to protest once interim president. love and valiantly defend our Trump’s Budget for the has warned that Pakistan will California said that Pakistan Pakistan,” Bera said. India and Pakistan and the again on Saturday as opposi- Guaido is trying to force homeland.” 2020 fiscal year will increase continue to slide into interna- did the right thing by releasing Pakistan has taken some efforts to reduce tensions tion leader Juan Guaido cranks out Maduro -- whose re-elec- The western regions of requests for some agencies tional isolation if it does not Indian Air Force pilot initial steps, like detaining 44 between the two South Asian up the pressure on belea- tion in May he deems illegiti- Barinas, Tachira and Zulia while reducing others to reflect take actions against terrorist Abhinandan Varthaman. suspected militants, including neighbours, the State guered President Nicolas mate -- in order to set up new remained without electricity those priorities. Reductions are groups operating from its soil. “This de-escalated a dan- the brother of JeM’s leader Department has said. Maduro and the lights came elections. Early Saturday, riot while in other states the supply proposed, for example, for the Ami Bera, the Chairman of gerous situation but more has Masood Azhar. It is, however, Pompeo and Sedwill reaf- back on following an electrici- police were out in force at the was proving unstable. Environmental Protection the House Foreign Affairs to be done. Prime Minister unclear whether this “preven- firmed their commitment to ty blackout that caused chaos in site of Guaido's proposed It was one of the worst and Agency. The official said Subcommittee on Oversight Imran Khan should use this tative detention”, as Pakistan strengthening the US-UK spe- the crisis-wracked country. protest. Opposition lawmakers longest blackouts in recent Congress has ignored the pres- and Investigations, also urged opportunity to reset his coun- described it, will lead to crim- cial relationship and cooperation Both Guaido and Maduro, denounced the overnight arrest memory in Venezuela, which ident’s spending cuts for too China to play a constructive try’s relationship with the world inal prosecutions and justice in the face of major global chal- who are locked in a bitter of three people who were set- began Thursday afternoon and long. The federal budget is role by lifting its veto over UN and chart a new course for being served, he said. lenges, State Department power struggle for the right to ting up a stage at the opposition paralysed most of the country. bloated with wasteful spending, Security Council resolution to Pakistan,” he said. “Prime Minister Khan can Deputy Spokesperson Robert lead the oil-rich South rally site. Maduro has asked his Its cause is still unknown. the official said, and the admin- designate Pakistan-based Jaish- This starts with cracking help Pakistan earn enormous Palladino said Friday. According American nation, have asked backers to march against Hospitals had reported ter- istration remains committed to e-Mohammed (JeM) chief down on the JeM and other ter- goodwill by tracking down and to the State Department, the talk their supporters to fill the “imperialism.” The mounting rible problems and those with balancing the budget. Masood Azhar as a global ter- rorist groups such as Lashkar- bringing to justice Azhar, was reflective of the fact that the streets of Caracas and other political pressure comes as ser- generators were using them The cuts being requested rorist. e-Taiba which was responsible whom the Pakistani Foreign United States continues to cities. vices slowly returned to normal only in emergencies. by the White House would hit “The United States’ for the 2008 Mumbai attack, Minister indicated was alive, engage its resources to reduce “I call on the Venezuelan in Caracas and the states of Flights were cancelled, discretionary spending as well Congress stands ready to sup- Bera said, adding that unfor- with his whereabouts known. the tensions between the two people to make a huge state- Miranda and Vargas, home to leaving hundreds of travellers as some mandatory safety net port Pakistan should Prime tunately, Pakistan’s behaviour They can further that goodwill nuclear countries. Secretary of ment in the streets against the the country's international air- stranded at airports. programs, which Trump has Minister (Imran) Khan begin towards these terrorist groups by dismantling the terrorist State Michael R Pompeo met usurper, corrupt and incapable port and main port. The Caracas subway, which proposed in the past. Many cracking down on terrorist have been contradictory and networks that operate within with UK National Security regime that has plunged our “The US empire once again transports two million people Republicans are often eager to groups in earnest. This will self-defeating. Pakistan. Advisor Mark Sedwill today to country into darkness,” Guaido underestimates the conscience a day, remained suspended reduce government spending, only help improve his nation’s “Pakistan has banned “These actions are in discuss key global priorities, wrote on Twitter. and determination of early Saturday and shops were but Congress has had trouble economy,” Bera wrote in an op- many of these terrorist groups, accordance with UN Security including support for reducing “We return to the streets Venezuela's people,” Maduro closed, but internet and passing bills that seriously slash ed published in News India including adding two more Council Resolution 1267. If tension between India and and we won't leave until we tweeted. telecommunications services the safety net programs used Times on Friday groups on March 5, but at the Khan does not take these steps, Pakistan. PTI reach the goal,” said the 35-year- “I assure them that every were returning to normal. by many Americans.    (  ) *+, -+*. &- <     # # 01 00 %2 0 "1 % 3 , % " 4 1 2 1 "&4 %1 %%%2 " "%  "   

.0  correct those follies with just two games to be played in five days and the cash-rich IPL to follow soon.  8   5 While Kohli is not a great advo- cate of wholesale changes, KL Rahul 56   +,   &$4 is also expected to get a look-in but it is not clear who would he replace ith his insatiable quest for — Dhawan or Rayudu. Wexcellence, India captain India will be worried about    Virat Kohli has raised his game to Aussie leg-spinner Adam Zampa, such a level that even good per- who despite conceding lot of runs,   $- India and could formances from his teammates at has managed to get Kohli and Dhoni only steal a single, even as Mitahli times do not seem to be special, on multiple occasions. ndia's batswomen failed to helplessly watched the drama says assistant Sanjay Bangar. "That's the sign of a good play- Iscore three runs from the final unfold from the other end. Kohli struck another magnif- er. You're not at your best, not hav- over in an embarrassing capitu- Besides Mithali, skipper icent hundred (123 off 95 balls) ing your best day and still taking lation, gifting England a one-run smashed a against Australia in the third ODI those important . Batsmen win in the third T20 International quickfire 58 off 39 balls at the top but his teammates could not back pride themselves on the same thing and a 3-0 series whitewash on to keep India one step ahead in him up as India lost the match by - when you don't feel like you are hit- Saturday. the chase. 32 runs. ting the ball well, you try to get runs Chasing England's modest While Mandhana decorated Kohli has now got two hun- on those days," Usman Khawaja said. 119 for six, the Indians had only her innings with eight boundaries dreds and a 40 plus score in the themselves to blame as they were and one six, Mithali's unbeaten series so far and the inevitable  . on course to register a consola- knock was laced with four hits to question about over-reliance on E  !  /BB..F tion win after having lost the first the fence. him popped up.  *9 *; 9 //(// two matches. With the series already in "It's not that we are over-   " / 9 * L?(?? India needed just three runs their pocket, England women reliant on one particular individ- from the final over with veteran earlier posted a modest 119 for ual. However the level that Virat  8 * ? )9(;; well-set at 30 off 32 six from their 20 overs after has raised his game to, the per- improvement and he does that on & balls, but the ODI skipper was left electing to bat. formances of other players don't a regular basis. Probably that's the ) ./) stranded at the other end and Tammy Beaumont (29) and seem to be that special," Bangar reason why he has raised the didn't get an opportunity to face Danielle Wyatt (24) got England said after India's defeat. game to such a level. ;? ** *JJ/   ,9  a single delivery in the final over off to a flying start, stitching 51 Asked what makes Kohli such "The constant quest for excel- )J *; );;/   "  ,/! of Kate Cross (2/18). Bharati runs for the opening stand. a special player, Bangar said his lence that Virat possesses is a phe- ;) ** );;J   "  ,)8  Fulmali (5 off 13) quest for excellence puts him in a nomenal factor and it's an exam- was guilty of wasting different league. ple for any aspiring youngsters to *J *; );*?   "  ,8! the opening three 2 !  ! P&87 "He's somebody who con- follow," said the former India all- % %%  deliveries of the final - 6  .  &  stantly looks out on an area for rounder. over before handing # S &  *J ;B );;B Cross her first wick- (+ et, a straight forward #6 D +  ;/ ;9 );*;   76 game in Ranchi and     since he will be rare slump in ODIs, having scored India: Virat Kohli (captain), Shikhar catch to Anya - D #M ;/ ;J );** now Pant gets a  ?@A"( sharing the new only 51 runs in three innings. Even Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Ambati Shrubsole at mid-off D & $ "" ;* *J );*) oung Rishabh Pant will strive chance to book his ball with Jasprit worse is Ambati Rayudu's perfor- Rayudu, Kedar Jadhav, Vijay while trying to clear /1#*/0*1/= "10* D 1$ 6 %,  % ;9 ;B );*? to seal a slot in the World Cup boarding pass for the Bumrah in mance at No 4 with aggregate of 33 Shankar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit the in-field. Ysquad even as India fret about London-bound flight. England, it is nat- runs in three games. Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, It was an insen- S -  "  ); ;? );*L their top-order woes ahead of the In earlier ODIs, Pant had played ural to give him precautionary rest. Shikhar Dhawan's struggles are Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, sible display of bat- 1$ & $    ;J ;? );*J fourth ODI against Australia, here purely as batsman but with Dhoni However, what will keep the well-documented and he has scored , Rishabh Pant ting from the Indian % %%  on Sunday. being rested, Pant will get a chance Indian team worried is the only 22 runs in three games. (wk). lower-order as new Providing opportunities to all to don the big gloves. form of the top-order, save skipper Dhawan and Rayudu's form Australia: Aaron Finch, Usman batswoman too try to Cup hopefuls would be on Virat The Indian playing XI will also Kohli, who has been lock, stock and should be a cause of concern even Khawaja, Peter Handscomb, Shaun go for a big shot in the next deliv- Besides the duo, - Kohli's mind and the team man- have Bhuvneshwar Kumar on barrel above everyone in his team. though both are certainties as far as Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus ery instead of giving the strike keeper Amy Jones made a 21-ball agement is expected to ring in a few Sunday as he replaces Mohammed Kohli has 283 runs in three place in the World Cup squad is con- Stoinis, Ashton Turner, Jhye back to Mithali, in the process 26. changes in the playing XI in the Shami, who was hit on the leg in his games with two hundreds and the cerned. Richardson, Adam Zampa, Andrew getting brilliantly by The off-spin duo of Anuja remaining two matches of the series. follow through during the third next best in the Indian team is Kedar There are certain problems in Tye, Pat Cummins, Nathan Coulter- Amy Jones. Patil (2/13) and Harleen Deol Mahendra Singh Dhoni seem to match. Jadhav with 118 runs. both Dhawan and Rayudu's games Nile, Alex Carey, Nathan Lyon, From three off six balls, the (2/13) put the brakes in the mid- have played his last international Shami completed his spell but Rohit Sharma is undergoing a but they won't get adequate time to Jason Behrendorff. equation became three off one for dle-overs for India.   .,,    .96)) .(B.1>)6! %6 7;6.9 4->)" . %   @   7+741 hennai City was on   D4 erning body is in touch with CSaturday crowned the International champions of the 12th I- akistan has demanded that Council (ICC) over the issue League, which refused to be Pthe ICC take note of of the Indian team wearing dwarfed by the uncertainty Indian cricketers wearing military caps during the 3rd around its future, twisting camouflage military caps dur- ODI against Australia. this way and that till the last ing the third ODI against "We are talking to the moments. Australia, accusing Virat Kohli ICC about it and I will not say Chennai City came team's of politicising the game. anything more about it," Mani from behind and got the 0     As a mark of respect to said on Saturday. better of Minerva Punjab 3- the CRPF jawans who lost However, Pakistan chief 1 on the final day of the their lives in the Pulawama selector and former skipper league. Chasing the leaders, title for the Akbar Nawas- founded by two young foot- 9 ##   terrorist attack, Indian crick- Inzamam-ul-Haq refused to travellers East Bengal fin- coached side. ball-loving owners based eters sported the Army cap be dragged into the debate. ished second after beating Chennai City ended on out of the southern metrop-  +##11441 and also donated their match "Look, I am a cricketer Gokulam Kerala FC 2-1 in top of the league table with olis, the triumph is nothing fee for the welfare of the fam- and my job is cricket. All this Kozhikode. 43 points, one more than short of a dream. est Indies were dismissed for the sec- ilies of the martyrs. is politics and I don't want to At the Jawaharlal Nehru East Bengal who finished The club has exhibited Wond lowest ever T20 international Taking an exception to the be drawn into this," the vet- Stadium here, Roland Bilala second in yet another photo immense vision in its short total of just 45 as England swept to a 137- gesture, Pakistan Foreign Cricket Board (PCB) bringing will not be stopped, Pak crick- eran of 120 Tests said. had handed Minerva finish. East Bengal's bid to existence, right from the win on Friday. Minister Shah Mehmood it up," Qureshi was quoted as et team should wear black Inzamam, though, did say Punjab a shock lead in the end their 15-year-old wait appointment of and free- Chasing 183 to win, the world champi- Qureshi said the International saying by Pakistan media. bands to remind The World that cricket and politics must third minute. But Pedro for the top-flight title con- dom given to Singaporean on West Indies just avoided the lowest ever Cricket Council must do Information Minister about Indian atrocities in be kept apart. Manzi, one part of a dead- tinued even after they won coach Nawas. total of 39 made by non-Test Netherlands something about it. Fawad Chaudhry echoed Kashmir," Chaudhry wrote. Asked whether the tense ly triumvirate that served their game against Gokulam From scouting and against Sri Lanka in 2014. "The world saw that the Qureshi's sentiment. The minister urged the relations between Pakistan Chennai City with distinc- Kerala. building the team for the Chris Jordan wrecked the West Indies Indian cricket team wore mil- "It's just not Cricket," Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and India would add to pres- tion through their third sea- Manzi finished as the season, to getting on board top-order batting as England completed a itary caps instead of their Chaudhry tweeted in the to lodge a formal protest sure on players when the two son, converted from the joint top-scorer of the league top European club FC Basel crushing, series-clinching victory at Warner own, did ICC not see this? We evening, attaching a picture against India with the sport's teams meet in the World Cup spot to draw parity. alongside Willis Plaza of as part owners of the club in Park. think that it is the ICC's which showed Indian crick- world governing body. on June 16, Inzamam said, "I Assam's 20-year-old Churchill Brothers with 21 a landmark deal earlier in After Sam Billings engineered an excel- responsibility to take notice of eters wearing the cap. PCB chairman Ehsan don't think it is anything dif- Gaurav Bora's brace (69' goals. the year, he had a free hand, lent recovery with 87 to lift the tourists to 182 this without the Pakistan "And if the Indian team Mani later said that the gov- ferent this time." and 90+3') then sealed the For Chennai City FC, and it paid rich dividends. for six, Jordan was almost unplayable in tak- ing four wickets for six runs off three overs with the home side crashing in just 11.5 overs. For England this was their largest mar-   / # gin of victory, in terms of runs, in T20s and    5 7      gives them the series 2-0 with the final match  4 of the tour coming up on Sunday at the same venue. oise Kean scored a brace as Juventus  &-166# Ukrainian qualifier Kateryna David Willey, who partnered the ram- Mwarmed up for next week's Kozlova, a 6-4, 2-6, 6-0 win- Champions League showdown with erena Williams out- ner over 31st-seeded $A6 ! !!A!7$ !!*B Atletico Madrid by easing past lowly Sgunned Victoria Azarenka Aliaksandra Sasnovich of B, E CC "/ ) Udinese 4-1 to up open a 19-point lead at 7-5, 6-3 in an electrifying Belarus. the top of Serie A on Friday. clash of former world num- But there was more mis- ?J 1& #6   % )8 ;? );*8 Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic ber ones on Friday to reach ery for world number four 89 - 1$ +  ;L ;? );*J and Paulo Dybala started on the bench the third round at Indian Sloane Stephens, who was 9? 1 46 +"  *? ;B );*9 ahead of next Tuesday's game where Wells. unceremoniously bundled Juventus need to overturn a 2-0 defeat in The two raised the tem- out by Swiss qualifier 9/ D1 $ # 5  ?; ;J );*? the last 16, second-leg game in Turin. perature on a cold, windy Stefanie Voegele 6-3, 6-0. /; S #6   % ?* ;? );*8 But 19-year-old Kean was impressive night in the California desert, Voegele, ranked 109th in /; - D D   ;* ;8 );*L as he partnered Federico Bernardeschi up trading shots from every cor- the world, won the last eight % %%  front, scoring a first-half double in his first ner of the court before games to sweep into the third Serie A start of the season. Williams wrapped things up round in just 68 minutes. The young Italian international after two hours and 17 min- In men’s section, Three- pant Billings in adding 68 runs for the sixth opened his account after 11 minutes utes time Grand Slam champion wicket after England were put in, started the from a low Alex Sandro cross from close She finished it off in Stan Wawrinka made a tri- rout of the Caribbean team with the critical range. style, with a pair of unre- umphant return to Indian wicket of Chris Gayle before adding open- He added a second six minutes turnable serves. and she took them a Grand Slam champion Wells on Friday, rallying for ing partner Shai Hope two balls later. before the break, picking up the ball make his debut. "It was really good for me little better today." who breezed into the 6-7 (4/7), 6-3, 6-3 victory Jordan then accelerated the slide in dis- after a Seko Fofana midfield blunder, For the visitors, Kevin Lasagna to kind of fight through that, Things won't get third round with a 6- over British qualifier Daniel posing of Darren and captain Jason cutting into the box and finishing off came on after the break in place of because literally I had to any easier for 1, 6-3 victory over Evans to reach the second Holder off successive deliveries before adding past goalkeeper Juan Musso. 19-year-old Ben Wilmot and pulled fight for every point," Williams in her pur- American Lauren round. the scalps of Nicholas Pooran and Fabien Kean also won a penalty in the one back six minutes from time con- Williams said. suit of her first title since the Davis. While German Peter Allen. 67th minute after being brought down. trolling the ball with his chest to beat "She deserved to win," birth of daughter Alexis Elsewhere on Friday, Gojowczyk defeated Italian Earlier Billings made the most of being Emre Can converted and Blaise Matuidi Wojciech Szczesny in the Juventus goal. Azarenka said. "She played Olympia in September of world number two Simona Andreas Seppi 7-5, 6-4 to set dropped on 14 by debutant pacer Obed nodded in a Rodrigo Bentancur cross for Juventus, on track for an eighth con- better on those important 2017. Halep eased into the third up a second round meeting McCoy on the long-on boundary in finish- the fourth minutes later. secutive title, remain unbeaten after 24 moments. I felt that every In the third round she round with a 6-2, 6-4 victo- with fourth-seeded Roger ing with a T20I career-best of 87 off 47 balls Kean received a generous ovation games and are 19 points ahead of second- game was ad, deuce, ad, faces another former world ry over Czech veteran Federer, who is coming off a with three sixes and ten fours to take the man when he was replaced with 10 minutes to placed Napoli who travel to Sassuolo on deuce. It was all about who number one, Spain's Garbine Barbora Strycova to set up a remarkable 100th career title of the match award. go, allowing Hans Nicolussi Caviglia to Sunday. was going to take that chance, Muguruza, a two-time third-round meeting with in Dubai.