FRANKENSTEIN Audition Information

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for our fall production of Frankenstein, a chilling and intriguing drama based on the classic story by Mary Shelley.

There are many great roles, both large and small. This packet carefully outlines everything you need to prepare for your audition. Please take the time to read the entire packet. Auditions are August 30-31 and Call Backs are September 1-2. What do you need to do to prepare for your audition?

1. Sign-up for an audition time through doodle.com.

2. Complete all the required forms (included in this packet) and bring them to your audition.

3. Prepare a 2-3 minute dramatic monologue. You may choose one larger piece or two different dramatic pieces that do not exceed a total of 3 minutes in length.

Enclosed you will find the required forms and important information to review. Before auditioning make sure you have the time to make the commitment required to be cast in the show. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Sincerely, Adam Othman, Director

Mission Statement The Seattle Preparatory School Theatre Program is designed to enable students to discover their creative abilities while inspiring them to strive for artistic excellence. Our mission strives to achieve the following goals: • To produce the highest quality performances we are capable of creating • To challenge ourselves with productions that stretch our talents and abilities • To encourage students to attain a mastery of the theatre arts • To develop a life long appreciation for and involvement with theatre • To develop integrity, positive attitude and rigorous work ethic in our company

Page !1 Frankenstein Information and Expectations

Auditions: Auditions are open to all interested Seattle Prep students. Please take the time to prepare for your audition. We realize the process of auditioning is usually met with varying degrees of nervousness. The more time to take to prepare the more confident and poised your audition will show. Remember, we want to see you at your best..

Call Backs: Call Backs are a second audition. This is a chance to be seen by the directing team a second time reading for specific roles. We typically call back students we are considering for larger roles. Please remember that call backs is not always an indication for final casting. Some students called back may not be cast and students not called back are still being considered for smaller and ensemble roles.

Required Forms: When you arrive at your scheduled audition time, you will need to bring the required forms. Please take the time to fill these out legibly and completely. Incomplete or messy forms will not be accepted. Think of this, the audition is a time to impress the directors and show your commitment, if your paperwork is messy, ripped or scribbled, it reflects poorly on you as a performer. The require forms include:

1) Actor Contract. 2) Parent Consent Form 3) Audition Form 4) Conflict Schedule

Rehearsals: Rehearsals are typically scheduled after school until 5:00 for the first month and then will increase until 6:00 as the show draws closer. We will also have 1-2 Saturday rehearsals. Once the show is cast a specific rehearsal calendar will be available. Cast members only need to attend rehearsals on the days they are scheduled. We do our best to value your time, so you will only be called on days we are working scenes you are involved. That means, attendance is important on days you are scheduled. Large roles may rehearse almost every day while smaller roles may rehearse 1-2 time a week until we begin putting the entire show together in October.

Mandatory Rehearsals: Enclosed is a calendar listing of all mandatory rehearsals. Just like it sounds, these are mandatory by all actors to be cast in the show. If you are unable to commit to the mandatory dates you may not be cast in the show (or receive a minimal role). During these dates the show is a priority over doctor’s appointment, work, travel, sports and other activities. Please review these dates and plan accordingly. Any exceptions to this rule must be disclosed and cleared with Mr. Othman prior to auditioning. Mandatory conflicts that arise after the show is cast, may lead to dismissal.

Page !2 Commitment: Being part of a production comes with a large commitment. Students cast in the show need to be fully committed to the show, the mission of the program, be a positive members of the cast and attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances (unless previous excused by the director). The Theatre Contract outlines the guidelines and expectations for everyone involved. Quality productions need talent, time and a commitment to excellence.

Conflict Schedule: Included is a Conflict Schedule so we are aware of your other commitments that may conflict with rehearsal times (activities, lessons, etc.). Conflicts are always a consideration when casting. All known conflicts must be disclosed on this form. If cast, actors will be excused from rehearsals due to conflicts on this form. This schedule is also important as we put together the master calendar, hopefully avoiding as many conflicts as possible. Also make sure you list the flexibility with your conflict (for example, I can move my voice lesson to another day, if necessary).

Actor Fee: Students cast in the show will be charged a $50.00 Actor Fee from their student account. This fee covers the costs of: stage make-up, meals, backstage snacks and cast party. Financial assistance is available, pleas ask.

Casting: We always try to include as many actors as possible, but it is not possible to cast everyone. Consideration will be given to: - Acting ability and unique skills, as assessed by the directing team in auditions, callbacks, and previous productions. - “Fit” for a specific role, in service of best , as assessed by the directing team in auditions and callbacks. - Personal , professionalism, ability to work as part of a team, and commitment, as demonstrated in involvement with the program at large, in previous productions, and in school.

Pre-Casting: The shows are never pre-cast by the directing team. Everyone has an equal chance when they walk into their audition. We realize it is part of the audition process for students to think about who might be cast in specific roles. Please refrain from talking among yourselves and pre-casting the show. It is not respectable to everyone auditioning and it sets up expectations that may not be achieved.

What if I Don’t Get Cast: Remember, casting is never personal and no decisions are made lightly. Please do not get discouraged, it is part of theatre. Learn, grow and audition for future shows. Every show is different and just because there was not a role for you in this production, there may be a perfect role for you in the next one.

We encourage those not cast to consider working on the production behind the scenes. There are many ways to volunteer and be part of the production.

Page !3 Frankenstein Production Calendar

September 2016 Rehearsal Schedule S M T W T F S Calendar dates listed are rehearsal days. Once the show is cast a specific rehearsal 6 7 8 9 calendar will be available and updated weekly. M Cast members only need to attend rehearsals 12 13 14 15 16 on the days they are scheduled.

19 20 21 22 23 Rehearsal Times 3:00-5:00 from Sep. 6-Oct 5 26 27 28 29 30 3:00-6:00 from Oct. 10-21 M

Mandatory Rehearsals October 2016 M = Mandatory S = Saturday 10:00-5:00 S M T W T F S D = Dress Rehearsal 4:00-8:30 3 4 5 6 P = Performance 7pm Th,Fr,Sa & 2pm Su Note: cast and crew call times are 2 hour prior 10 11 12 13 14 15 to performance times M S 17 18 19 20 21 22 M M M M M S 24 25 26 27 28 29 Important D D D P P P Actors must be able to commit to the 30 mandatory rehearsals to be cast. Any P exceptions to mandatory dates must be fully disclosed and approved prior to auditions.

Page !4 Frankenstein Story and Characters

Story - Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant and ambitious student, discovers the secret of creating life from the remains of the dead. But elation at his triumph is replaced by horror when his monstrous creation becomes more than he envisioned. Abandoned by the one who made him, the Creature is left to a world that fears and rejects him, and soon his innocence turns to misery - and a murderous desire for revenge. ______Characters The Creature Victor Frankenstein, a student and scientist Metz, a grave robber Schmitz, a grave robber Elizabeth, Victor’s fiancée William Frankenstein, Victor’s younger brother Justine, William's nanny Greta, a young lady of Ingolstadt Henry, Victor's friend Sofie, a beggar Niklaus, a beggar De Lacey, a blind man Felix, De Lacey's son Agatha, De Lacey's daughter Alphonse Frankenstein, Victor’s father Emilia, a maid in the house of Frankenstein Lisa, a maid a maid in the house of Frankenstein Frau Mueller, wife of the local magistrate Edna, an Orkney islander landlord Rob, her son The Female Creature A Constable

Page !5 Frankenstein Preparing for Auditions

We are casting 16-20 actors for this production. There are a variety of great roles both dramatic and comic, so come to show your best talents. The competition is always tough, so please come prepared.

Scheduling Your Audition Time - Auditions are August 30 and 31 - Sign-up for an audition time through doodle.com. Link found on Haiku - Your audition appointment will last 30 minutes. You are required to stay the entire time. - Actor Contract, Consent Form, Audition Form and Conflict Schedule must be completed and returned at the time of your audition.

Part 1: Monologue(s) - 3 minute time limit Prepare a dramatic monologue. You may also choose two shorter dramatic monologues that show some contrast. Please note: - Your monologue(s) must be memorized - no scripts or note cards will be allowed - Your monologue(s) must be performed - think of this as performing in a show - There is a total time limit of 3 minutes, you will be cut off at the 3 minute mark.

Part 2 - Readings / Improvisation Your monologue performance will be individual, but you will also be in a group and be given a short cold reading and improvisation to perform. Nothing to prepare in advance, come prepared to and share your natural talents.

Call Backs – September 1 and/or 2 If called back, you will be reading form the script. You will have time that day to review the scene and sides. You may be called back for one or both days. Come prepared to play and share your natural talents

Cast List Posted - September 5 The cast list will be posed online on September 5. Once the cast list is posted, all casting decisions are final. Those who are cast in the show are expected to attend our first rehearsal on Sep. 6.

Auditions are a time to show your artistry and natural talent. Take time to prepare (this is key), be ready for anything, and most important, show your authentic self. Everyone has uniques gifts and talents, choose material that showcases yours.

Page !6 Actor Theatre Contract Please sign and return during auditions

Everyone involved in the production is held to a high standard of Ethics and Responsibility. It takes everyone working collectively together as a team to achieve the high standards of excellent theatrical performances. By signing this form you are agreeing to the terms of this contract.

1. I will share my talents and give my best effort at all rehearsals and performances. 2. I will be a positive member of the cast and crew, open-minded to new experience of creating exceptional theatre. 3. I will respect everyone associated with this production and the entire theatre program. 4. I will always listen and adhere to the rules given by the entire Artistic Team including all directors, designers and stage managers. 5. I will remember that actors act and directors direct. I understand that I am always open to share my creative ideas with the director, but, as an actor, I will never direct another actor. 6. I will leave any daily “baggage” at the entrance of the theatre and bring a positive spirit to every rehearsal and performance. 7. I will always support everyone involved in the production and realize that any harassment or bullying is never tolerated. This includes online and social media posts. 8. I will follow all rules and guidelines of Seattle Preparatory School. 9. I will attend all scheduled rehearsals unless previously excused by the director and I will attend all scheduled MANDATORY rehearsals and performances, no exceptions. I realize that any unexcused absence may lead to my dismissal from the cast. 10. I understand that rehearsals begins on time, and I will be in place and ready by the scheduled start time. 11. I understand that school and classes always comes first. I know I must keep up with my work in all my classes. 12. I will gladly and humbly accept the role or position offered by the director. If I accept the role, I promise to be supportive of everyone in the cast and crew.

______Student Name (printed) Student Signature

Personal Phone #: ______Email: ______

Page !7 Parent / Guardian Consent Form Please sign and return during auditions

We ask all parents / guardians to review and complete this consent form. Signing the consent form means you understand the expectations and give permission for your child to fully participate.

1. Actor Responsibilities - please review the Actor Contract included in this packed. This is designed so that actor's expectations and responsibilities are clear to everyone involved.

2. Mandatory Dates - please review the enclosed calendar, paying particular attention to the mandatory dates. These are mandatory by all actors to be cast in the show. Any exceptions must be disclosed and cleared prior to auditioning.

3. Casting - we do our best to cast as many talented students as possible, but we are never able to cast everyone. Please note that all casting decisions are final. We know there will be disappointment by some students who are either not cast, or not cast in a role they hoped to receive. We ask you to support the decisions made by the directing team but also support your child through the disappointment and make it a time for personal growth.

4. Actor Fee: Actors will be charged a $50.00 fee from their student account to covers the costs of stage make-up, meals, snacks and cast party. Financial assistance is available.

5. Philosophy - This experience, although focused on being the best production we can possibly achieve, is more about the process than an end result. This experience should be one of artistic, personal and spiritual growth and inspiration. It should be a time of discovering gifts and potential, of building confidence, and learning to work together as a team. It is our hope that this will be an experience that will produce lasting memories of sharing the joys of working in theater.

Medical Information (optional): Please list any medical conditions or specific medications your child is currently prescribed. This is for informational purposes in the event a medical emergency arises. Medical information does not have impact on casting decisions:



Student's Name: ______Current Grade: ______

______Parent / Guardian Name (printed) Parent / Guardian Signature

Email : ______Emergency Phone: ______

Page !8 Audition Form Please fill out completely and legibly

Name: ______Current Grade: ______

Age: _____ Height: ______Hair Color: ______Eye Color: ______

List any roles you are interested in playing Will you accept any role? ___ Yes or ___ No If ‘No’ please list characters below

1. Performance Experience - list any performance experience or attach a resume (tape, no staples) Shows Role Theatre / School ______

2. Performing Arts Classes and/or Experiences? - acting, music, dance ______

3. What talents do you have? What is your level of expertise? - musical instruments, dancing, etc. ______

4. If not cast in this production, I would like to work behind the scenes - check all that apply

☐ Costumes ☐ Hair / Make-up ☐ Sets / Painting ☐ Marketing ☐ Ticket Sales / Ushering

Page !9 Actor Conflicts Please fill out completely and legibly

Name: ______

- Please fill out the conflict schedule listing dates and times you are NOT available for rehearsal. - Please note if you are available for part of a rehearsal (need to leave at at 4:30 for a lesson) - If any of the dates are flexible (meaning you could come to rehearsal if called) note with “flex” - Please consult the attached schedule for specific dates and times of all rehearsals

Ongoing Weekly Conflicts Day Reason

Sample Day I need to leave at 4:30 for 5:00 tutoring (will reschedule during mandatory dates)






Specific Conflicts Date(s) Reason

Check the Production Calendar: We need all actors to commit to the mandatory dates. During these dates the show is a priority over all other commitments. Any exceptions to this rule must be disclosed and cleared prior to auditioning.

Page 10!