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• http://sos.noaa.gov/images/ Solar_System/triton.jpg Tourist Attractions: What to Bng Eating, lodging, and more! You’ll probably want to bring a very warm parka, and maybe some mittens. Don’t worry too much Stay at the magnificent 5-star Conch Shell about surviving in a Hotel! Or if you want a cheaper hostile environment Facts about Triton alternative, come to the Lassell Lodge, though, because the named after the discoverer of Triton! Tritonians are quite When you’re hungry, go to the Crater Cafe, • The surface is about -235ºC friendly and hospitable! (-391ºF) and enjoy some Tritonian cuisine in one of the few craters on Triton! • Triton’s is very thin, and mostly made of

• The length of a day on Triton is 5.877 days

• The length of a year is the same length as a day (5.877 Earth days) because Triton always keeps the same side facing

• Triton’s surface has rocky outcrops, icy melt, and volcanoes that spew nitrogen gas and dust.

• Triton was discovered my in 1846

• Triton is Neptune’s largest It’s surface area is 23 million square • Transportation includes rental Triton® kilometers Using the fastest space Hover Cars. Come see Triton’s exciting Ice probe ever launched, it • Triton is the 7th largest moon in the Solar Volcanoes! Or go to the icy Antigravity System might take 10 years to get Center, where you can float around and there! You might want to buy some delicious imported Neptune® bring something to do. • Has a retrograde rotation ice cream! Have fun! • Triton is about twice as dense as • It is believed to be formed somewhere else in the Solar System and then captured in orbit by Neptune