WWW.TRIANGLE TRIBUNE.COM Back to school The Triangle Ensuring a high quality education for all students in North Carolina districts By Cedric Johnson THE POLICY WATCH RIBUNE It’s back to school time, and more than 1.5 million students embarked TTHE TRIANGLE’S CHOICE FOR THE BLACK VOICE upon a new school year. Currently, the 10th-largest public school system in the nation, North Carolina has experienced steady growth in the number of students entering school doors in local communities across the state – VOLUME 18 NO. 30 WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 $1.00 enrolling more than 100,000 additional students over the past decade. This makes it more important than ever to increase investment in schools to en- sure the growing number of students receive a high quality education. The makeup of students in public schools has changed over time. Last North Carolina Central school year, no single race or ethnic group represented a majority of North Carolina’s student enrollment — a reflection of the changing demographic adds six transfers to trend in the state’s broader population. Furthermore, one of every two stu- recruiting roster. dents in public schools qualified for free or reduced school meals, which indicates that a significant number of students reside in low- and moder- ate-income households and face persistent economic challenges. One way to ensure that our schools have the resources to provide a qual- ity education to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background, is through the state budget, which serves as an important source of educa- tion funding for our schools. For the new school year, the state budget under which schools will oper- Please see BACK/2A Proposal Police for more group NC police backs training juvenile By Herbert L. White THE CHARLOTTE POST justice North Carolina’s black lawmak- ers have launched an initiative to provide more extensive training reform for law enforcement. The Legislative Black Caucus, By Herbert L. White N.C. League of Municipalities and THE CHARLOTTE POST more than 150 police command- ers met last month in Raleigh to North Carolina’s largest review training and tactics, in- police organization wants cluding use of deadly force. From 16- and 17-year-olds tried as juveniles. that forum, Sen. Joel Ford of EMERY DALESIO/AP Charlotte, a co-convener of the The N.C. Police Benevo- Darryl Howard walks with his wife, Nannie, minutes after being freed from prison after lent Association has en- conference, said steps will be serving 21 years in Durham. taken to introduce a bill for addi- dorsed the N.C. tional training next year when the Commission on the Admin- General Assembly convenes. istration of Law and Justice “It was very productive and en- Criminal Investigation and Review of convictions Adjudication Committee’s lightening,” Ford said, “under- standing the premise, the recommendation to raise backdrop to pull together law en- the age of juvenile court ju- forcement statewide and look at risdiction for all crimes ex- underway in N. Carolina cept Class A through E some of the best practices and opportunities to implement felonies and traffic of- those best practices into legisla- By Martha Waggoner behind bars. Re-examining the cases be- fenses. North Carolina is tion so we can standardize those The group has focused that came necessary after the Duke one of only two states to and Emery P. Dalesio prosecute 16- and 17-year- across the state.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS investigation on about 20 case and after Howard's con- Said Rep. Kelly Alexander of cases, the center's executive di- viction was thrown out, said olds in adult criminal Charlotte, who attended the DURHAM – Advocates are un- rector, Chris Mumma, told The defense attorney Kerry Sutton, court. meeting. “We weren’t talking at dertaking a massive review of Associated Press on Thursday. who defended some of the “We recognize the nega- each other. We were talking to convictions in a North Carolina She said four directly involved three lacrosse players accused tive impact the current law each other about training, what county where one prosecutor work by Mike Nifong, the pros- of rape by a stripper a decade is having on 16- and 17- can be done to improve training was disbarred for misconduct ecutor in the Duke case; more ago. year-olds in North Car- and how it might relate to some in the Duke University lacrosse than half were handled by "I don't know that it was re- olina,” said Randy Byrd, of the topical issues of the day.” case and another was sus- other staffers during his nearly ally optional. There was not president of the North Car- Ford and Rep. Ed Hanes of Win- pended for ethics violations. three decades prosecuting any way around it. It was going olina PBA and member of ston-Salem called for the meeting Inspired by the innocence crimes in Durham. to be done," said Sutton, a the NCCALJ’s Criminal In- in the wake of last week’s deadly claims of Darryl Howard, who Mumma would not say friend of current District Attor- vestigation and Adjudica- police-civilian confrontations in was freed Wednesday after specifically why the center ze- ney Roger Echols. "I'd be sur- tion Committee. “We Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas. spending 21 years in prison for roed in on those 20 cases. prised if other damaging appreciate the efforts of The meeting included the High- two slayings he says he didn't However, cases in North Car- pieces of evidence of flaws or Chief Justice Mark Martin way Patrol, State Sheriff’s Associ- commit, the North Carolina olina and elsewhere have been things not done correctly – in- to convene the NCCALJ and ation, community college system Center on Actual Innocence re-examined when there are tentionally or unintentionally – bring together stakehold- and the Governor’s Office. has spent about two years qui- problems with evidence or wit- weren't found." ers to address this impor- Training time was a point of etly combing through hun- ness testimony, or suggestions Nifong became district attor- tant issue affecting the emphasis. To earn a barber’s li- dreds of cases from Durham of misconduct by police or ney in 2005, just before the youth of our state.” County of people who remain Two years ago, a biparti- cense in North Carolina, a candi- prosecutors. Please see REVIEW/2A date must complete 1,000 hours san bill to raise the age of of training, Ford said. For law en- juvenile jurisdiction forcement, it’s 616. passed in the N.C. House, “It takes more training to have a but has yet to move hot comb in your hand than a through the Senate. weapon,” Ford said. “That was North Carolina automati- truly a shock.” cally prosecutes 16- and The caucus wants to establish a Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter 17-year-olds with misde- program for improving officer meanors as adults, even for training and de-escalating con- “low-level offenses like frontations before deadly force is stealing a bag of Doritos,” grows among white young adults according to NC Child, an considered and used. The U.S. Justice Department drafted advocacy group. Until the By Jesse J. Holland and law changes, those who guidelines for police training and Emily Swanson tactics after finding systemic commit violent crimes will THE ASSOCIATED PRESS racism throughout Ferguson, Mis- still be prosecuted as souri’s mostly-white police force WASHINGTON — Support for the adults, which makes up a against black residents. The re- Black Lives Matter movement has low percentage of overall view was ordered after Darren increased among young white age-group offenses. Wilson, a white officer, shot and adults, according to a poll that sug- According to killed Michael Brown, an un- gests a majority of white, black, raisetheagenc.com, “Adult armed black man, in 2014. Asian and Hispanic young adults jails can turn kids in career Recent deadly confrontations now support the movement calling criminals, with tax payers between African Americans and for accountability for police in the footing the bill. By raising police like the 2013 Ferell shoot- deaths of African-Americans. the age of how we punish ing, in which a jury deadlocked Fifty-one percent of white adults and straighten out kids on whether to convict Charlotte- between the ages of 18 and 30 say who make minor mistakes, Mecklenburg Police officer Ran- in a GenForward poll they now we’ll keep our communi- dall Kerrick of killing the strongly or somewhat support ties safer, our kids on the unarmed Ferrell, have raised Black Lives Matter, a 10-point in- right track, (and) our tax dollars working toward awareness of the relationship be- crease since June, while 42 percent KATHY KMONICE/AP tween law enforcement and the said they do not support the move- common sense solutions communities they serve. ment. Supporters of Black Lives Matter rally outside Westhampton Beach rather then perpetuating The caucus held a similar meet- But most young whites also think Village Hall in Westhampton Beach, New York, in response to white problems.” ing with police leaders before, the movement’s rhetoric encour- supremacist flyers being found in local residents’ driveways. According to the website, Ford said, but partnering with the ages violence against the police, the policy change could generate $97.9 million in League of Municipalities broad- while the vast majority of young Matter movement in the June poll. the Associated Press-NORC Center long-term benefits among ened the participation to locally- blacks say it does not. And young Eighty-five percent of African- for Public Affairs Research. The 16 and 17-year-olds ar- elected leaders. whites are more likely to consider American young adults now say first-of-its-kind poll pays special at- rested annually. The site “That changed the dynamic of violence against police a serious they support the protesters. Sixty- tention to the voices of young also contends that kids the participants and the conver- problem than say the same about seven percent of Asian and 62 per- adults of color, highlighting how handled in the juvenile jus- sation,” he said. “Ultimately, in the killings of African-Americans cent of Hispanic young adults race and ethnicity shape the opin- tice system repeat offend order for us to be able to get any- by police. agreed with that sentiment. ions of a new generation. far less than those dealt thing legislatively done, we’re Black, Hispanic and Asian youth The GenForward survey is con- Sean Bradley, 26, of Clearwater, with in the adult system. going to have to have not only bi- already had expressed strong ma- ducted by the Black Youth Project Florida, said watching several en- jority support for the Black Lives Please see PROPOSAL/2A at the University of with Please see SUPPORT/2A

Index Follow The To subscribe: 919-688-9408 or Tribune on News 1A Sports 3A Email: [email protected] Focus 6A Classifieds 5A Arts & Life 7A Religion 8A © 2016 The Triangle Tribune 2A NEWS/The Triangle Tribune Sunday, September 11, 2016 Review of wrongful Back to school for equity Continued from page 1A With limited available re- missing from the state ate is a mixed bag of incre- sources due to lop-sided tax budget. Additional funding convictions underway mental progress in some cuts, lawmakers prioritized for school nurses to get the areas and persistent lagging teacher pay raises in their nurse-to-student ratio closer support in other areas. For budget for the upcoming to the recommended national 2016-17, state funding per school year, but these raises average is not included in the in North Carolina fall short because teacher pay budget. Furthermore, dedi- student remains 8.1 percent continues to fall well behind cated funding for profes- look into 20. below 2008 pre-recession Continued from page 1A Wednesday or Thursday. His those offered by other profes- sional development for Echols has promised to co- level, with more than 81,000 successor, Tracey Cline, was sions. The relatively modest teachers and school leaders is Duke players were charged in operate with investigating any additional students enrolling dismissed from office and additional dollars provided absent from the budget. 2006. He was disbarred the questionable cases, saying in public schools during this suspended from practicing for certain areas of the public Funding for teacher mentor- following year because state Thursday that the perception time. Consequently, our law for accusing Hudson of schools budget fall well short ing, which lawmakers elimi- investigators determined he of the justice system, and schools are challenged with bias and violating rules by of meeting the standard of ad- nated in 2010, remains lied and buried evidence specifically of his office, "is al- educating more and more stu- seeking prison records for equate funding. missing in the current budget. proving the players' inno- most as important as the real- dents with fewer resources. two inmates. The Associated State funding per student State funding for the N.C. cence. ity of whether or not we are Lawmakers limited their Press couldn't find a working for textbooks and digital re- Teaching Fellows, which law- A judge ruled Wednesday being fair or doing our jobs ability to boost investment in number for her, and an attor- sources remains more than makers eliminated in recent that DNA evidence showed with integrity." public schools by passing ney didn't return a message. 40 percent below pre-reces- years, was not restored. This Howard didn't participate in Concern about whether costly tax cuts in recent years Echols and Mumma agreed sion spending. For classroom program recruited and placed the rape and murder of a prosecutors in the state's that largely benefit the two years ago, about the time material and instructional trained teachers in North Car- woman and her 13-year-old fourth-largest city have failed wealthy and profitable corpo- the judge first ordered supplies, state funding per olina classrooms. daughter in 1991. Judge Or- to sort the guilty from the in- rations. The state’s ability to Howard's release, that they student remains more than The reality is that much lando Hudson freed him from nocent has persisted without invest in public education will ought to investigate whether 50 percent below pre-reces- more work remains to be prison. Hudson two years ago resolution since the Duke continue to be limited in the more cases of questionable sion spending. Furthermore, done to ensure that our public also threw out Howard's sen- lacrosse case a decade ago, years ahead as the cost of the prosecutorial conduct re- far fewer teacher assistants schools have the resources tence, saying Nifong failed to local attorneys said. tax cuts grow larger. mained unearthed. are in classrooms compared needed to provide all stu- share with defense attorneys If Nifong and Cline were For the current fiscal year, Mumma and her staff began to state-funded position prior dents a quality education and a police memo and other evi- aberrations while most pros- these tax breaks reduce avail- by searching for claims of in- to the recession. Accordingly, that we are able to attract and dence that pointed to sus- ecutions were by-the-book, able revenue by $1.4 billion, nocence or constitutional vio- despite efforts to improve retain quality teachers. This pects other than Howard. "they were aberrations at the dollars that otherwise would lations in 1,120 cases in compensation, teachers will requires that we not short- Howard remained jailed de- very top of the office, so I have been available to law- which the defendants re- likely continue to leave the change 1.5 million students spite the 2014 ruling, and an would be concerned with makers to boost investments mained imprisoned. They field due to poor classroom by limiting our ability to in- appeals court decided Hud- trickle-down," said Theresa that promote student achieve- sent letters to 620 inmates conditions. vestment in them as a result son had not heard enough ev- Newman, co-director of the ment. Once all tax changes are asking for details about their Other investments that con- of costly tax cuts for the idence. Wrongful Convictions Clinic fully in place, this annual cost cases, and based on the re- tribute to student achieve- wealthy and powerful. Nifong did not return calls at the Duke University law grows to more than $2 billion. sponses have begun a deep ment and success are simply to his home seeking comment school. Proposal for more NC police Reaching education goals training starts with meeting wouldn’t mean higher taxes percent to 4 percent and is and the District of Columbia Lawmakers have drafted bipartisan legis- By Gary D. Robertson Continued from page 1A poised to reach 3 percent in during the 2015-16 school lation to address police hiring, screening, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS partisan but geographical and regional sup- 2017. year. McCrory said North Car- and misconduct complaints filed by civil- port creating reform in law enforcement RALEIGH – North Carolina Cooper criticized the cur- olina should go up in the ians, which some municipalities, like Char- and community policing.” Attorney General Roy Cooper rent emphasis by legislators rankings this year. Republi- lotte, have done on a local level. Ford said Another area of concern is de-escalation said Tuesday he wouldn't to keep growing the state's cans argue Democrats al- there’s growing support for better training training. Some departments teach officers seek to raise income tax rates rainy day reserves, now at lowed average teacher pay to across the state as well. how to lower the intensity in confrontations if elected governor, saying his nearly $1.6 billion. Legislators plummet during the Great Re- “Those of us who are geographically po- while others don’t. public education agenda can and McCrory have said the cession. sitioned as well as politically positioned “I was surprised to learn some training be met – including raising high reserve amount will help Cooper "has been in his want to see this happen,” he said. modules do little to nothing to help officers teacher pay to at least the na- the state avoid dramatic party's leadership in state Alexander added: “You’ve got to have po- de-escalate situations,” Alexander said. tional average – without doing budget cuts during the next government for decades but lice executives pushing it, you’ve got to “They do a whole lot to teach them how to so. recession. Cooper said it did nothing as they drove have the league pushing it and the legisla- use appropriate force, but very little about Cooper's education plan doesn't need to keep getting teacher pay to the bottom in ture pushing it. Having this meeting is like how to de-escalate. De-escalation, at its also includes tuition-free larger given that education the nation," McCrory cam- step one Is this kind of legislation appropri- most basic, is how you talk to people in community college, more demands are still high for paign spokesman Ricky Diaz ate? The answer is yes.” ways to help calm situations.” money for pre-kindergarten things like textbooks and said in a release. "And now programs and increasing per- equipment. But his campaign that he's running for a higher pupil K-12 spending. spokesman, Ford Porter, said office, he's making all sorts of "We don't need to raise Tuesday night that Cooper promises." Support for Black Lives taxes," Cooper told The Asso- isn't proposing to take out In the AP interview, Cooper ciated Press in an interview, money currently in the fund also defended his relations adding that his initiatives can for his education initiatives. with law enforcement after be paid for by earmarking ad- "You've got priority needs McCrory received key en- Matter movement grows ditional revenues generated like teacher salaries and you dorsements from rank-and- by the state under current tax need to invest in your com- file police officers and state rates for public education, not munity colleges and your uni- troopers. among white youth by raising rates. versities, which is going to Members of the state Frater- The Democratic nominee create more dollars for rev- nal Order of Police walked out for governor repeatedly has enue," Cooper said. "You need of their convention this sum- the hands of police in New ilar to the 60 percent of young Continued from page 1A been critical of corporate tax to invest it and not let it just mer when Cooper answered York, South Carolina, Balti- African-Americans who say counters between police and cuts and individual income be sitting there." questions about the case of a more and elsewhere. so. black suspects online helped tax reductions approved by Cooper hasn't provided de- Charlotte-Mecklenburg police The August GenForward Young whites also are more cement his support for Black rival Republican Gov. Pat Mc- tails on how he would get officer that his office prose- poll came after police in Baton likely to say they trust Repub- Lives Matter. As a white male, Crory and the legislature that teacher salaries to the na- cuted in the shooting death of Rouge, Louisiana, fatally shot lican presidential nominee he said, he also has had run- Cooper argues largely bene- tional average but said the an unarmed suspect. Cooper Alton Sterling after pinning than Demo- ins with the police and wit- fits the wealthy. All wage plan would likely cover three decided not to seek a retrial him to the ground, and after cratic opponent Hillary Clin- nessed officers trying to cover earners, however, have seen or four years. Any proposal after a jury deadlocked in Philando Castile was shot and ton to handle attacks against for what he considered illegal their income tax rates decline would require General Assem- favor of the officer's acquittal killed by a white police officer the police, 45 percent to 28 conduct by other officers. and standard deductions in- bly approval. Cooper said it last year. during a traffic stop in a sub- percent, though they prefer “The fact is that the police crease since McCrory took of- was done before when he was Cooper, the attorney gen- urb of Minneapolis. Clinton for handling police vi- target blacks and they dis- fice in 2013. a legislator in the 1990s. eral since 2001, said he's had Asked specifically about re- olence against African-Ameri- criminate against blacks,” Under GOP rule in Raleigh, a McCrory has highlighted to make "tough decisions in cent killings of black people cans, 44 percent to 20 Bradley said. “Because of how three-tiered individual in- teacher pay raises approved tough cases" but "I'm strongly by the police, 72 percent of percent. they’ve treated blacks over come tax system has been in this year's state budget he supportive of law enforce- African-American young peo- Samuel Martin, 27, of Con- the years, of course they consolidated to one lower flat said will raise the average ment." Cooper has received ple, 61 percent of Asian- way, South Carolina, is one of (blacks) don’t trust them (po- rate of 5.75 percent. It's teacher salary – when local backing from a couple of law Americans, 51 percent of those white supporters of the lice), and I know for a fact that scheduled to fall again in supplements are included – enforcement groups and said Latinos and 40 percent of Black Lives Matter movement, some of the things the police 2017 to just below 5.5 per- above $50,000. North Car- he's got the support of some whites said they consider and said he’s supported its do are illegal. I would be upset cent. The corporate income olina's average teacher pay sheriffs. those killings part of a larger goals from the beginning. He as well.” tax rate has fallen from 6.9 ranked 41st among the states The Black Lives Matter pattern, rather than isolated. also vehemently disagreed movement emerged in 2012 But young blacks are much with the idea that Black Lives after Florida neighborhood more likely than young whites Matter’s rhetoric encourages watch volunteer George Zim- to call killings of black people violence against police. Get Social merman was acquitted in the by the police a very or ex- “The only thing that would fatal shooting of an unarmed tremely serious problem, 91 encourage violence against black teenager, Trayvon Mar- percent to 43 percent. Sixty- police would be thinking that with us! tin. It gathered strength in en- three percent of young whites black lives do not matter,” suing years following the think that violence against po- Martin said. facebook.com/TriangleTribune deaths of other black men at lice is a serious problem, sim- Tuskegee Airman dies THE ASSOCIATED PRESS was inducted into the armed Montgomery was awarded NEW YORK — Dabney Mont- forces in 1943. He served as a the Congressional Gold Medal gomery, who served with the ground crewman with the in 2007 after President George all-black Tuskegee Airmen in Tuskegee Airmen in southern W. Bush signed a law award- World War II and marched during the war. ing the distinction to all origi- with civil rights leader Martin He attended Livingstone nal Tuskegee Airmen. Luther King College on the GI bill and later He worked for the New York Jr., has died. moved to New York to find City Housing Authority and as He was 93. work. a volunteer outreach worker His wife, Montgomery was active in for a nonprofit that assists the Amelia Mont- the civil rights movement, elderly. gomery, said serving as a bodyguard to Montgomery remained ac- he died of King during the famous 1965 tive until his final weeks, fre- natural Selma to Montgomery march. quently visiting schools to causes Satur- Amelia Montgomery said talk to children about his ex- Montgomery day morning at the heels of the shoes and the periences growing up in Ala- a Manhattan tie her husband wore on the bama, serving in the war and hospice care facility. He had Selma march will be part of marching for civil rights. lived in Harlem until he en- the permanent collection at "He just loved motivating tered the facility Aug. 25. the new National Museum of young people to be some- Montgomery was born in in African American History and body," Amelia Montgomery Selma, Alabama, in 1923 and Culture in Washington, D.C., said. "That was his joy." when it opens on Sept. 24.

Read the eEdition of the paper by visiting SEP 14 - OCT 2 triangletribunenewspaper.com Center for Dramatic Art, UNC-Chapel Hill | playmakersrep.org | 919.962.7529 Tough WWW.TRIANGLETRIBUNE.COM opening The Triangle for TRIBUNE CIAA Sports SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 – PAGE 3A teams In the words of the late Yogi Berra, “it’s déjà vu, all COLLEGE CORNER TRIANGLE HBCU over again.” FOOTBALL In what was supposed to be a new era for Fayet- teville State football under new coach Richard Hayes Jr., the Broncos opened the season with the same re- sult as last year’s – a loss to Chowan. But not to pick on just FSU since only two CIAA COURTESY PHOTO BONITTA teams – TWO – Former N.C. Central standout Ryan Smith had season- BEST is an official member of the Tampa Bay opening wins: Chowan and Buccaneers. Virginia State. It’s also worth nothing that both winning teams came out of the Northern COURTESY PHOTO Rough start Division. Olivia Porter’s 36 kills helped St. Augustine defeat Methodist College in a five-setter. The Trojans were the only team to defeat a non- conference opponent in for area Lenoir-Rhyne on the road, which is no small feat. And it wasn’t even close (34-9). teams The Reggie Barlow era is in full force. Lincoln (Pa.)’s loss to By Bonitta Best Cheyney on Sept. 1 should [email protected] have foretold a bad up- N.C. Central (0-1) vs. coming weekend. Cheyney Western Michigan (1-0) had a 43-game losing The Eagles will meet their second straight streak heading into the FBS team when they travel to Kalamazoo, matchup but eked out a 21- Michigan, this weekend. 20 win in overtime. NCCU is coming off a disappointing The Lions only won three blowout loss to Duke, in which the Blue Dev- games last season, and ils scored all 49 points in the first half. Cheyney was one of them. But a halftime “discussion” by coach Jerry Want more numbers? Mack provided enough jolt to keep Duke’s The combined losses of the offense scoreless in the second half. four teams in the North “We went into halftime and had a ‘come to was 13 with Elizabeth City North Carolina Central men’s basketball is loading up. Jesus’ meeting,” Mack said on the weekly State taking a chuck of that MEAC teleconference. “The guys came out in an eight-point defeat to differently in the second half and allowed Norfolk State. us to see some positive things from our On the South side, how- team.” ever, the combined losses The Eagles can ill-afford another slow start were 97 points, with St. Au- Porter leads against the Broncos, who are coming off a gustine’s 62-0 point loss to tough 22-21 win over Northwestern. Execu- N.C. A&T grabbing most of tion, Mack said, was a key problem against that share. the Blue Devils and one they will work on The Falcons have Carson- this week. Newman this weekend and “The plays were there or people in posi- North Carolina Central next Falcons to win tion, but they didn’t come up with the run, Saturday before hosting ball or block,” Mack continued. “We have to Lincoln on Sept. 24. The WOMEN Methodist in the VSU Volley- Ryan Smith earned a spot come up with those plays. You have to be good news is somebody N.C. Central ball Tournament. Porter fin- on the Tampa Bay Bucca- able to execute on third down.” will walk away a winner if Coach Vanessa Taylor has ished the match with a neers 53-man roster. Smith The game will be streamed on ESPN3. both teams are still winless added to her staff. Josh career-high 36 kills (CC just is one of four safeties left. NCCU hosts St. Augustine’s next Saturday in at the time. Cooperwood loves that word) and 16 Plus, he’s participated on its home opener. Livingstone, which you’ll joins the team. digs. Teammate Meghan special teams. He had seven remember coach Daryl He leaves his Mahon had an astounding tackles and an St. Augustine’s (0-1) vs. Williams guaranteeing a alma mater, 61 assists. in preseason. Carson-Newman (1-0) win at Winston-Salem State Tennessee SAU travels to William “I actually like what I’ve The Falcons open their home schedule to clinch the division title, State, after four Peace this weekend for seen from Ryan Smith,” against a Division II power. SAU will try to could only muster three seasons. matches against Meredith Bucs coach Dirk Koetter shake off an embarrassing 62-0 loss at N.C. points against Benedict in “He is very College and the host school. said. “He’s got a burst and A&T last weekend. a 5-3 loss. What a dud! organized, en- he’s not afraid, and he’ll hit The offense produced just 159 yards of Where is Drew Powell when Cooper- ergetic and Shaw it in there.” total offense, and committed four turnovers you need him. wood strategic in his The Bears are seeking Is anybody surprised? that A&T turned into . But the Rams can’t be let coaching phi- their first volleyball win The roulette wheel keeps Carson-Newman is the second of a brutal off the hook, although UNC losophy,” Taylor said. “Josh after starting the season 0- turning on LeVelle Moton’s three-game non-conference schedule. The Pembroke was. will play a key role in the de- 5. Shaw hosts Benedict this staff. Three new assistants Falcons head to Durham next Saturday. WSSU led 17-3 at the half, velopment of our guard and weekend before matches at have been hired as others Please see ROUGH/4A but allowed the Braves to post play.” Johnson & Wales and the continue to move on to control the second period first CIAA Round-Up next higher paying positions. and rally with 17 unan- St. Augustine’s weekend at Chowan. One familiar name to swered points in a 20-17 Senior Olivia Porter nailed CIAA fans is Luke D’Alessio, Lucky 13 loss – at home. two straight kills in the fifth MEN who led Bowie State men to A dirty little secret in set to help lead the Falcons N.C. Central their first CIAA champi- HBCU football is how too to a 3-2 volleyball win over In the no-surprise depart- many coaches don’t, won’t ment, former football star Please see PORTER/4A inducted into or can’t adjust their game plan with the game on the line. It’s embarrassing al- most to a fault. HBCU FOOTBALL B-CU HOF But WSSU lost to Pem- broke last season and still By Bonitta Best won the CIAA champi- [email protected] onship, although it wasn’t Bethune-Cookman University will induct a meltdown like this time 13 members into its 2016 Athletic Hall of around. Fame Class Sept. 16-17 on campus. The in- Even the North’s losses ductees also will be honored during the were looked at as positives. Wildcats vs. Tennessee State game Sept. 17 Virginia Union dropped a at 4 p.m. two-pointer to LIU Post, but Tickets for the ceremony are $25, and can the Panthers really beat be purchased by calling (386) 481-2465 or themselves with 14 penal- online at TicketMaster.com. ties for 117 yards. I’d make The inductees: the players run back home • Johnny “Gator” Allen: Allen and Carl to campus. Fuller anchored arguably the best men’s bas- And Seton Hall squeaked ketball lineup in B-CU history. He was a four- by Bowie State 50-48. The year letterwinner (1965-69) and the all-time teams combined for over leading scorer with 3,067 career points. 1,000 yards of offense. Yet Allen still holds the school single-season the Bulldogs committed 11 scoring record with 994 points. He passed penalties for 121 yards, away in n 2013. plus three . • Linda Banks: As a freshman, Banks led If defense wins champi- the Lady Wildcats to the 1978 FIAW state onships, Bowie has a lot of basketball title. She finished her career aver- work to do to get back to aging double figures in points per game. She the title game. N.C. A&T will travel to Kent State this weekend. also led B-CU to the 1980 FIAW state title and Shaw self-destructed an AIAW national tournament appearance. against Limestone, and • : Collins was a three-year that’s going to happen with Aggies move up in polls starter at free safety (2002-04) and the cap- a roster filled with fresh- tain of one of the most successful football men. How the Bears re- A 62-0 shellacking by Sophomore quarterback Offensive lineman Bran- teams in Wildcats history. The Green Bay group at Wingate this North Carolina A&T over Di- Lamar Raynard (above) is don Parker snagged the of- Packers drafted him in the second round in weekend – win or lose – will vision II St. Augustine’s last the MEAC offensive player fensive lineman of the week 2005, and he earned three Pro Bowl appear- say a lot about the rest of weekend moved the Aggies of the week after scoring honors. Parker, who did not ances and scored a in the Pack- the season. up to No. 23 in the latest three touchdowns against allow a sack last season, ers’ Super Bowl XLV victory over the One thing is for sure, the FCS STATS Media Poll, and the Falcons. Punt returner continued his streak against Pittsburgh Steelers. quarterbacks can’t keep No. 24 in the NCAA Khris Gardin was named the SAU. • Owen Harris: Harris was a four-year getting sacked eight times Coaches’ Poll. special teams player of the The Aggies travel to Kent starter (1967-71) on B-CU Hall of Famer Jack in a game, or coach Adrian A&T is ranked No. 1 in all week. Gardin returned a State this weekend. The “Cy” McClairen’s greatest teams. He was the Jones will be using up all the black college polls. punt for a touchdown, the five QBs on the roster. fourth in his career. Please see POLLS/2A Please see LUCKY/4A 4A SPORTS/The Triangle Tribune Sunday, September 11, 2016

COURTESY PHOTO Continued from page 3A Moton has signed six re- Shaw had a stellar collegiate and NFL career. onship. D’Alessio has 16 cruits – all transfers! CC thought we were at the years of experience across all Alex Mills is a 6-foot-1 wrong game last weekend. NCAA divisions. shooting guard from McLen- The highlight of any Shaw Reggie Sharp comes from nan College. Pablo Rivas is a game is the Platinum Sound. Jacksonville State after five 6-foot-5 forward from Sheri- They should now be called seasons. He is familiar with dan College who averaged the Platinum Squeal. the MEAC from his days as an 19.5 points and 8.5 rebounds The band is half the size it assistant at Florida A&M. per game. used to be. We see why band Dan Tharp was an assistant Ron Trapps, 6-foot-4 guard, director Charles Brown re- Continued from page 3A reer interceptions (34) and next 11 seasons, he was transfers from Coastal Car- tired, ‘cause President Girl- at Clarendon College and starting point guard on the career punt return average named MEAC coach of the Baton Rouge Community olina after three seasons. friend gutted those (25.6). He was a sixth-round year eight times, led the ‘Cats Michael Wolfe is a 6-foot-9 scholarships. They didn’t legendary 1968 SIAC champi- College. He replaces Derrick onship team, and served as draft pick of the Oakland to 11 MEAC Tournament Mallison who left for the center from South Plains Col- even take the field at half- Raiders. After retiring, Wyatt championships and NCAA re- lege. Raasean Davis is a 6-8 time. B-CU’s assistant basketball Chicago Bulls. coach for four years before joined the B-CU football staff, gional championship appear- And speaking of basketball, forward from Kent State, and CC could care less about and became the winningest ances, three undefeated Rashann London is a 6-foot-2 bands, but we always en- becoming a successful high coach LeVelle Moton obvi- school coach in Florida. head football coach (90 wins) seasons in league play and ously doesn’t plan on going guard from Drexel. joyed the Platinum Sound’s and head women’s basket- 379 career wins. A-h-h-h-h-h-h, sookie, introduction song when the • Rashean Mathis: A four- through another season like year letterwinner in football ball coach (245) in school his- • Marcia Pinder: The 1974 last year’s. sookie, now. team came out. tory. graduate has compiled over No more. (1999-2002), Mathis set the Division I-FCS and B-CU sin- • Lauren McCoy: McCoy 900 coaching victories and gle-season interception was a three-year letterwinner nine state championships on record in 2002 with 14. His (2003-05) and lettered in the high school level. stellar 2002 season was softball and bowling. In soft- • Rev. Isadore Williams: Rough start for area teams capped off with being named ball, she recorded three 20- Known as “the voice of the Buck Buchannan Award win seasons, capping off Bethune-Cookman football,” Continued from page 3A passes for 175 yards and an 281 yards for the Saints. The winner as the nation’s top de- with the historic 2005 season Williams began his career as in which she led the Wildcats public address announcer for Shaw (0-1) vs. interception. He also was Bears were held to minus-79 fensive player. He was to the NCAA Division I Re- the Wildcats while a student Wingate (1-0) sacked eight times. yards rushing. drafted in 2003 in the second gional Championship, and in 1975. He has only missed The Bears committed eight But coach Adrian Jones also The Bears travel to a round by the Jacksonville the first and only appearance two football games for the turnovers – two interceptions used backup QB Darron Wingate team that is coming Jaguars, and was named to of an HBCU in the NCAA Soft- Cats, and his legendary calls and six fumbles – to help Downing, who also was inef- off a 38-28 victory over John- the 2006 Pro Bowl. ball Super Regionals. have inspired Wildcats fans Limestone leave with a 35-6 fective. Downing attempted son C. Smith. Junior running • Jerry Simmons: Sim- • Calvin Jackson: Jackson for generations. victory. one pass – an interception – back Lawrence Pittman mons was a three-year vet- was a standout offensive • Damion Cook: Cook had Shaw quarterback Timothy that was returned for a rushed for 135 yards and eran wide receiver who led lineman (1970-73). As a track experience playing both of- Abbott had a nervous and touchdown. two touchdowns. the Wildcats in receptions in star, he also swept the 1972 fense and defense from rocky start in his first game. Shaw compiled just 97 The game will be streamed 1962 and 1964. He played discus and shot put titles at 1997-2000. He started at de- Abbott completed 19 of 33 yards of total offense versus on ESPN3 at 1:30 p.m. for 10 seasons in the NFL with the Denver Broncos and the 1972 SIAC Track and fensive tackle in the 1998 the Atlanta Falcons. Field Championships. Heritage Bowl and spent • Alvin Wyatt Sr.: Wyatt • Mervyl Melendez: Melen- enormous amounts of time could be enshrined as a stu- dez also could have been on offense in short yardage dent-athlete and coach. He named either as a student- situations. He starred in the was a four-year letterwinner athlete or coach. As a player, first season of “Hard Knocks” in football and track and field he finished his playing career with the Baltimore Ravens, (1966-69). In 1969, Wyatt was as the all-time leader in dou- the NFL training camp televi- named SIAC Player of the bles (30) and batting average sion show, as he successfully Year as a defensive back and (.342). After his playing ca- earned a spot with the return specialist. He still reer, he was named an assis- Ravens and went on the play holds B-CU records for single tant coach at B-CU and two 26 games in his career with game interceptions (five), ca- years later became the head the Ravens and the Cleveland coach in 2000. During the Browns.

Charles Hughes (left) receives the Walter Payton Achievement Award. Aggies move up in polls

Continued from page 3A game will be streamed on ESPN3 at 6 p.m. Cran-Peach Spritz 2 ounces Barefoot Refresh Summer Red Spritzer 1 ounce cranberry juice Alcorn’s Hughes get Payton award 1 ounce New Amsterdam Vodka Peach orange wheel (for garnish) Alcorn State senior Charles Hughes was named the 2016 Walter Payton Achievement Award maraschino cherry (for garnish) Mix ingredients. Pour over ice, add garnish and recipient at last weekend’s MEAC/SWAC Challenge. The award is presented to one player serve with remaining spritzer on the side. from each school who excel in the classroom and on the field. The Challenge was cancelled in the second quarter due to lightning and bad field condi- tions. The Braves were leading 13-7. Hughes is a chemistry major who plays wide receiver and runs track. “He is the true definition of a hard worker both on and off the field,” Alcorn State coach Fred McNair said.

SPORTS SHORTS RALEIGH • Registration is being held for a girls volleyball league for ages 8-14 at Optimist Community Center, 5900 Whittier Drive. Call 870-2880.

White Sangria Spritzer CARY Photo courtesy of Getty Images 2 ounces Barefoot Refresh Crisp White Spritzer • Atlantic Tire Tennis Championships will be held Sept. 10-18 at Cary Tennis Park, 1/2 ounce Triple Sec 1/2 ounce E&J Brandy Peach Liqueur 2727 Louis Stephens Drive. Visit www.townofcary.org. orange wheel (for garnish) Mix ingredients. Pour over ice, add garnish and serve with remaining spritzer on the side. DURHAM FAMILY FEATURES • Triangle Women in Golf Invitational Golf Tournament is Sept. 17, 8:30 a.m. at The o gathering on a warm summer day is complete Yes, You Can with out an array of food and chilled refreshments. Crossings Golf Club, 4023 Wake Forest Road. Contact: Joselyn Williams at 876-9011. When the temperatures climb, This summer, add some fun to the beverage cart it’s natural to reach for a with fresh, fruity spritzers that make any occasion • Durham Triple Play Long Ball will host a Coaches Workshop Sept. 18, 4-6 p.m. at refreshing drink to cool down. feel like a beach getaway. However, many of the places Arefreshinglyvibrant,light-bodiedoption,BarefootRefresh you’d most enjoy a sip of N Kappa Community Center, 3917 Fayetteville St. Text (919) 236-3101. wine or a spritzer – such as Spritzers are perfect served alone or blended with seasonal pools, beaches and parks – ingredients for flavorful cocktails that guests will be thrilled are locations where wine to sip and savor. Better yet, for those who enjoy wine in glasses and bottles aren’t Send your sports announcements to The Tribune by fax: 688-2740; e-mail: info@tri- usually welcome. the sunshine, these spritzers now come in single-serve cans That’s why cans are a grow - that can be enjoyed by the pool, on the porch or anywhere angletribune.com; or mail: 115 Market Street, Suite 360-G, Durham, NC 27701. ing trend among some of your a fully stocked cooler can be found. For larger summer favorite summertime bever- bashes, prepare pitchers filled with spritzer cocktails and ages, which make it easy to enjoy a drink when and where punches ahead of time or encourage guests to get creative you want, giving any moment by concocting their own blends. Just set out a selection of a touch of summer. After all, mixers, along with fresh fruits and herbs, such as mint sleek, lightweight single-serve leaves, to mix things up. cans are easy to carry and pack in coolers, beach bags and tubs Explore more sensational summer drink recipes at of ice. BarefootWine.com. Look for options such as Barefoot Refresh Spritzers, which are flavorful, light and Mango Twist Spritzer Sippin’ Sangria Spritzer lively beverages with a sig- 2 ounces Barefoot Refresh 2 ounces Barefoot Refresh nature spritz. Two refreshing Crisp White Spritzer Summer Red Spritzer Spritzer Punch flavors – Crisp White and 1 ounce New Amsterdam 1 ounce ginger ale 4 ounces Barefoot Refresh Summer Red The BEST Summer Red – are delicious Vodka Mango 1/2 ounce orange liquor Spritzer straight from a chilled can, 1 ounce lemon-lime soda lime wedge (for garnish) 1 ounce orange juice poured over ice or mixed in lime wedge (for garnish) Mix ingredients. Pour over ice, 1/4 ounce grenadine a cocktail. Mix ingredients. Pour over ice, add garnish and serve with orange wheel (for garnish) add garnish and serve with remaining spritzer on the side. Mix ingredients. Pour over ice, add garnish and in HBCU sports! remaining spritzer on the side. serve with remaining spritzer on the side. On-the-Go Summer Party Supplies Summer calls for outdoor celebrations and whether it’s a day  Snacks. No outdoor gathering is complete without a bite to eat,  Bluetooth speaker. With a speaker that connects to your at the beach, a backyard cookout or a rooftop party, you can so be sure to pack some simple snacks, such as fresh fruits, dips, phone via Bluetooth, you can pull up a music streaming app triangletribune.com take the good times with you with little more than a cooler rollups or kabobs to satisfy the munchies. and take the party with you. full of drinks and a few of these summer essentials.  Party games. For larger areas such as beaches or parks, take along  Disposable dishes and utensils. No one likes cleaning up  Sunscreen. The first step to fun in the sun is protecting a volleyball or badminton net. If you’re limited to a smaller back- after a party, especially if it means packing dirty dishes back yourself from a day spent outdoors by applying sunscreen yard or picnic table, activities such as bean bag toss, board games into the car, so take along a trash bag and disposable plates, to any exposed skin. or cards are sure to help set a fun mood. cups and utensils to make cleanup easy. Classifieds SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 PAGE A5 CAREER TRAINING FOR SALE BIDS TRAIN AT HOME FOR A NEW CAREER AS AN ACCOUNTING PEST CONTROL LEGAL NOTICE ASSISTANT! Call for more Info about our ONLINE TRAINING Request for Letters of Interest and Statements of program! Learn to process Payroll, Invoices & more! Job KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy Harris Bed Bug Killers/KIT Qualifications for placement assistance when completed! HS Diploma/GED Complete Treatment System. Hardware Stores, The Home Engineering Consulting Services for required. 1-888-407-7063 Depot, homedepot.com Durham County Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant Effi- ciency and Resiliency Improvements AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING - Get FAA certification. No SECURITY (RFQ No. 17-012) HS Diploma or GED - We can help. Approved for military benefits. Financial aid if qualified. Call Aviation Institute of Protect your home with fully customizable security and The County of Durham, North Carolina requests Letters of Maintenance 866-441-6890. 24/7 monitoring right from your smartphone. Receive up Interest and Statements of Qualifications from individuals to $1500 in equipment, free (restrictions apply). Call 1-800- to provide Engineering Consulting Services for Durham MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED Dr's & Hospitals need 375-5168 County Triangle Wastewater Treatment Plant Efficiency Medical Office Staff! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Online and Resiliency Improvements. Training gets you job ready! HS Diploma/GED & Computer WEIGHT LOSS needed. careertechnical.edu/nc 1-888-512-7122 Start losing weight with Nutrisystem's All-New Turbo 10 Plus! A copy of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) may be ob- Scholarships Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Free Shakes are available to help crush your hunger!* Call tained by emailing your request to [email protected]. Questions concerning ad- Beware of scholarship “guarantees”. Before you pay for a us now at 1-800-406-1349 *Conditions may apply. ministrative matters should be directed to Hilda W. search service, get the refund policy in writing. Call the Williams, Senior Procurement Specialist, at (919) 560-0054. Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP to learn how to avoid scholarship scams. REAL ESTATE Letters of Interest and Statements of Qualifications will be MOBILE HOMES received by the Purchasing Division until 2:00 P.M., on Oc- tober 11, 2016, in accordance with applicable provisions EMPLOYMENT Move in ready mobile homes. Owner financing on select of North Carolina General Statutes and Durham County homes with approved credit. No rent option, but buying Ordinances and policies. SKILLED TRADES could be cheaper than rent! 336-790-0162 NUCLEAR POWER- Paid Training, great salary, benefits, $ The County reserves the right to reject any and all letters for school. Gain valued skills. No exp needed. HS grads WATERFRONT of interest or any portions thereof, or select the letters ages 17-34. Call Mon-Fri 800-662-7419. which in its opinion, are in the best interest of the County. 3.5 Acres on the South’s best Trout Fishing River. $14,900! TRANSPORTATION 350 ft of US National Forest Frontage! Call today 1-888-270- LEGAL NOTICE 4695. Fantastic Investment! Request for Letters of Interest and Statements of Drivers: DRIVER TRAINEES Need Delivery or Qualifications for Engineering Consulting Services for Solos~OTR. Start - PAID CDL TRAIN- OTR Drivers? Durham County Collection System Capacity ING Stevens Place your SENIOR LIVING Improvements Immediately! Transport will openings here for (RFQ No. 17-011) Regular Home- cover all costs! as little as $0.70 NO EXPERIENCE per word. time, Full Benefits. Finding Senior Housing can be The County of Durham, North Carolina requests Letters of NEEDED! Earn Send to Interest and Statements of Qualifications from individuals Avg $70K/yr! $800 per week! classified@ complex, but it doesn’t have to be. to provide Engineering Consulting Services for Durham www.cejobs.com Local CDL Train- triangletribune. County Collection System Capacity Improvements. ing! 1-888-748- com or 800-497-2100 4137 or call A copy of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) may be ob- x134 drive4stevens. 704-376-0496 tained by emailing your request to com ext 104 [email protected]. Questions concerning ad- ministrative matters should be directed to Hilda W. FOR SALE Williams, Senior Procurement Specialist, at (919) 560-0054. AUCTIONS Letters of Interest and Statements of Qualifications will be received by the Purchasing Division until 2:00 P.M., on Oc- BANKRUPTCY LIQUIDATION Flooring Solutions, Inc., Sterling, tober 6, 2016, in accordance with applicable provisions of VA Flooring, Equipment, Furniture & More! ONLINE ONLY North Carolina General Statutes and Durham County Or- SALE: BID 9/13-9/21 & 9/13-9/22 Real Estate On-Site Fore- dinances and policies. closure Sale 9/20 www.motleys.com 1-877-MOTLEYS VAAL#16 The County reserves the right to reject any and all letters (800) 975-2113 of interest or any portions thereof, or select the letters EQUIPMENT AUCTION, Bulldozers, Motor Grader, Trucks, which in its opinion, are in the best interest of the County. 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Dear Nadia, When you are losing weight on a low-carb diet, does this artificially inflate my pre-diabetes glucose test? – STATEPOINT Paula Corin, Linnwood WA As kids are getting into back- to-school mode, it’s a great time Dear Paula, to get little ones ready for the Pre-diabetes statistics have been in year ahead. And while they’re the news for several years with great busy learning their ABCs and concern for our national population. 123s in the classroom, it’s It is great that you are staying on top important to keep them explor- of your health and paying attention to ing, discovering and engaged at your diet to be one less number in the home as well. growing diabetes population. The African American Cultural Festival was another rousing success as thousands The annual increase in pre-dia- attended the festival during Labor Day weekend. Creative spaces betes diagnosis is growing at an Children are naturally creative alarming rate. In 2010, 79 million peo- if given the time and space to ple were diagnosed with pre-diabetes. design. Inspire kids to express Two year later, this number grew to themselves freely and creatively 86 million people. by dedicating spaces in your The Center for Disease Control and home to open-ended play. Prevention reports within a five-year Parents can encourage discov- period, 15 percent to 30 percent of ery and fun by placing books, the people diagnosed with pre-dia- musical instruments and arts betes will be diagnosed with type 2 and crafts supplies at children’s diabetes. This translates into anther eye level, while the availability 12.9 to 25.8 million people who are of dress-up clothes and role-play coming up through the ranks with a items can inspire imaginative diabetes diagnosis from 2012. play. Pre-diabetes is when your blood sugar test reads higher than normal Interactive toys but not high enough to be diagnosed Interactive toys are another with diabetes. If you take a glucose great way for kids to explore and tolerance test and are eating under discover at home. For example, 300 carbs a day for three days prior to the new Touch & Learn Activity the test, yes you can get a false dia- Desk Deluxe from VTech is a betes or pre-diabetes diagnosis. three-in-one desk that comes Typically, when you eat food, the with interactive activity cards GLP-1 hormone in your body simu- that let kids hone their reading lates the secretion of the insulin hor- and math skills, as well as learn mone to convert food into energy. nursery rhymes, shapes and ani- With a low carb diet, your body mals through engaging content. MATHIAS BISHOP AND GLEN PARSONS secrets less insulin and turns to your Designed for children between Fan participation was a big hit reserves to metabolize the fat for 2 and 5 years old, the desk fea- energy. tures grow-with-me content that A low-carb diet will create a slow is expandable for extended play uptake of insulin, which shows a false value. It transforms from a desk elevated glucose. It metabolizes your into both an easel and chalk- fat reserves. Dr. Richard Bernstein, a board, and includes plenty of famous low-carb diet advocate and a space for art supplies to encour- person with type 1 diabetes, tells me age natural play and discovery. we can expect to see elevated ketones For more information, visit when our body is metabolizing fat. vtechkids.com/activitydesk. This, of course, is different from “Research shows that early ketoacidosis, which is a result from interactions with language, let- dangerously high blood sugar for ters, vocabulary and reading are people with diabetes. the basic building blocks of liter- In a nutshell, the low-carb diet sig- acy and language development,” nals a slower GLP 1 secretion, which said Deborah Libby, early child- slows down the insulin secretion hood language and reading causing a rise in blood sugar after tak- expert and VTech Expert Panel ing glucola for the GTT. member. “The Touch & Learn If you want a more accurate pre- Activity Desk Deluxe offers a diabetes diagnosis, eating at least 300 variety of engaging content that carbs a day for three days before your introduces important develop- glucose tolerance test will give you a mental concepts at an early age.” more accurate result.

Play time While social skills will be ADOPT US! enhanced in preschool and other Children visit a doll display. Khy'Unique out-of-the-house settings, you Shy'Unique can continue this important Meet Khy'Unique and Shy'Unique: development at home. Set up bright-eyed, affectionate twins who regular playdates with other love attention from others. Both of children. Spend time with young these little boys enjoy having bedtime children conversing, reading stories read to them, and they love and playing. going to church and attending Sunday Make sure games include School. One of their favorite activities physical activity and time spent is going out to eat after church. outdoors. Encourage kids to Khy'Unique is explore plants, flowers and local described as easy- wildlife in your own backyard. going, quiet and loving. The benefits of both exercise He is very affectionate and connection with the natural and has a teachable world are extensive. spirit. Khy'Unique likes Parents can foster future suc- to dance, and his cess in school and beyond by Khy’Unique favorite foods are taking a few important steps at spaghetti, mashed pota- home. Early childhood opportu- toes, watermelon and nities for growth, development oranges. and discovery are crucial. With a Although this well- little thought and planning, they mannered little boy can also be fun. often presents as shy Shy’Unique and hesitant to meet new people, after being The crowd enjoys the various performing artists. given the opportunity to establish a relationship, he inter- acts well with his peers, and loves to snuggle with adults. Shy'Unique is the more outgoing of the two. He is described as being "all boy." Shy'Unique is very active, smart and tech savvy. He has never met a stranger, and will speak to everyone who passes him. Although he loves to receive one-on-one attention, Shy'Unique is capable of entertaining himself. He loves music, cars, trains and video games. Both Khy'Unique and Shy'Unique attend preschool daily and are sup- ported by Individualized Education Plans to address their academic and developmental delays. Since begin- ning preschool, both boys have shown progress in many areas. The ideal family for these adorable little boys should have established parenting experience to include insight into issues related to sensory The grandfather of dance, Chuck Davis (far right) and his Dance Ensemble address integration. They will benefit most the crowd. from a forever family that is willing to provide ongoing support and advoca- cy to ensure that their medical and developmental needs are met. 7A FOCUS/The Triangle Tribune Sunday, September 11, 2016 FILM REVIEW

COURTESY PHOTO Patti Labelle expands her dessert empire at Wal-Mart.

BLACKNEWS.COM this mixed-berry cobbler has just the right balance of The sweet success of Patti sweet to tart, and the bottom Labelle's sweet potato pies crust is enjoyably crisp. (left) and Parker Sawyers star in ‘Southside With You.’ exclusively available at Wal- • Patti’s Good Life Apple Mart has led to a major Cobbler: Made with Fuji expansion of her personal apples, this cobbler has a recipe-based product line. In nice filling with a balance fact, the pies have been so mixture of cinnamon and By Dwight Brown their marriage together, ty faces challenges it still academic and professional. successful that she and Wal- sugar. The apples have Mart have recently NNPA without much controversy, encounters today: a desire to His is nosy. They verbally retained a bit of their tart- is a mystery to most. Until get ahead, live in peace and spar, like defense and prose- announced the release of ness, which is nice with the “Thought he was just now. bring opportunities to a cuting attorneys, feeling three new Pattie Labelle pre- pastry crust. another smooth talking It’s ironic, but perhaps neighborhood that is each other out to see who mium cobblers and a new • Patti’s Good Life Apple brother?” says an inquisitive the best way to understand stymied by crime, an apa- has the better case. apple pecan cake. All of the Pecan Cake: Decorated with Chicago mom. their relationship is by look- thetic government and all You have to wonder how cakes and pies are prebaked, rich buttercream icing and She’s repeating the words ing at the seeds of their that goes with life in the Tanne was able to recreate a and just need to be heated rich caramel goo, this tasty her daughter used to romance through a reimag- inner city. very intimate moment with- up in an oven. cake is a southern-style layer describe a colleague she’s ined first date through the Michelle Robinson (Tika out actually being there or Just how successful cake of Fuji apples and meeting for a first date. eyes of a white filmmaker Sumpter, “Ride Along”) is a interviewing the first couple. exactly are these pies? Georgia pecans. It goes great Never have eight words been who doesn’t even know Harvard Law School-educat- His source materials were Well, the pies were always with coffee or tea. so inaccurate. them. ed attorney working at news articles and a video he a big seller, but after one of How is Labelle coming up That “he,” is a 20-some- First-time writer/director LLP, the sixth- viewed of the couple her fans (James Wright) post- with these delicious recipes? thing . The recreates the largest U.S.-based corporate recounting their first date. ed a viral YouTube video of She told People maga- daughter is Michelle first days of the Obama’s law firm. As one of only a The rest is his imagination himself singing about the zine: "I've been cooking for LaVaughn Robinson. As this partnership with a reverence few blacks in the office, and a smart creative strategy pies, they went on to start most of my life. As you’re very romantic and intelligent fit for a king and queen and she’s in a highly visible posi- that bridges intellect, emo- selling at local Wal-Mart loca- standing in the kitchen and film brings one of the an intimacy few romantic tion. tion and physical attraction. tions at a rate of one pie per you think of certain ingredi- world’s most famous rela- films achieve. It’s almost as Michelle is the adviser for Surprisingly, Tanne second. That, of course, ents, you just put them in — tionships into view, it’s easy if you’re hiding in the back- the first-year law associate achieves his goals with a dia- equals millions and millions sometimes they work and to see why Barack and seat of Barack’s old beat-up Barack Obama (Parker logue-heavy script and a of pies sold. sometimes they don’t." Michelle are still in love. car and eavesdropping. Or Sawyers). It is with great style that is reminiscent of The four new cakes and When asked if she will be Famous presidential rela- sitting next to them in the reservation that she agrees the Richard Linklater/Ethan cobblers will include: able to replicate the success tionships abound. There’s movie theater when they see to join him on an excursion Hawke/Julie Delpy long- • Patti’s Good Life Peach she's had with her sweet the eccentric, Franklyn and ’s “Do The Right to a community meeting at a winded, but thoroughly Cobbler: Loaded with fresh potato pies, she laughed and Eleanor Roosevelt; the Thing.” Or standing in the church. She is adamant beguiling films “Before peaches, this cobbler fea- said, "I better!" tumultuous, Jack and Jackie; back of a community center about not fraternizing with Sunrise,” “Before Sunset” tures a top crust covered in For more details about the divisive, Bill and Hillary, when Barack delivers one of one of her black, male col- and “Before Midnight.” It’s cinnamon, and is very aro- Labelle's pies, cobblers and and now there’s Barack and his first rousing speeches leagues. People will talk. the same kind of heady, ver- matic and sweet. cakes, visit www.pattil- Michelle, this generation’s and Michelle is impressed. Barack shows up in a bal movie that artfully • Patti’s Good Life Berry abelle.com or follow her on famous POTUS union. It’s 1989, and a hot sum- junkyard chariot, a broken blends romance, life affirma- Cobbler: Stuffed with rasp- Instagram at www.insta- And their relationship is mer day/night on the down, compact car with a tions, thoughtful opinions berries, blackberries, blue- gram.com/mspattilabelle/. almost the model for cohab- Southside of Chicago. Even hole in the floorboard of the and deep emotion. Films berries and boysenberries, itation. Both are smart, with the A/C cranked up passenger side. They drive that make you think and sharp, liked and admired. high, it can’t cool things off, sitting close but a cool feel. BOOK REVIEW They’re private, yet they live down. In the midst of a heat distance apart, emotionally their lives in the public eye. wave, this decades-old and intellectually. Her part Dwight Brown is a film How the hell they’ve kept African- American communi- of the conversation is very critic and travel writer.

By Stephanie Carson The AFL-CIO is among the N.C. NEWS SERVICE groups behind the Fight for 15 campaign, aiming to raise RALEIGH – Thousands of the minimum wage to $15 North Carolinians enjoyed a an hour. New York and welcome reprieve from work California recently raised COURTESY PHOTO during the long Labor Day their minimum wage to that Lamb blends laughs, love, politics and black culture. weekend, but many of them amount. are returning to work this The issue of raising the week, making less money minimum wage is among than they need to pay their those being discussed in the basic bills. presidential campaign, with The minimum wage in Democratic Party nominee North Carolina is $7.25 an Hillary Clinton supporting a hour, about $5 short of what raise, and Republican some consider a living wage Donald Trump at times in the state. BLACKNEWS.COM except that’s exactly what opposing it and at other happened when Belle fell Marybe McMillan, secre- times supporting it. COURTESY PHOTO On Top of the World tary-treasurer of North (Until The Bell Chimes) head over heels and gave McMillan says studies North Carolina’s minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is $5 short of Carolina AFL-CIO, says low By David Lamb Scrooge, the Coke-bottle- show that entire communi- what’s considered a living wage in the state. wages trap workers in a glasses-wearing biggest nerd ties benefit when everyone on her campus, the ultimate cycle difficult to escape. "We also are taxpayers, so and Policy Research found Lamb’s unique blend of is paid a fair wage. makeover. With her love "Unfortunately, far too we pay more in tax revenue that the decline of unions in laughs, love, politics and "Working people are what inspiring his confidence and many working people are which provides more rev- the U.S. is impacting the vibrant African-American drive our economy," she turning him into a fashion struggling because they are enue for our local govern- income of all workers. In culture has enchanted audi- said. "We are consumers, so impresario from Milan to stuck in these jobs that pay ment." addition, union workers earn ences on stage for years in when we earn a living wage, New York – only to realize wages that don't enable peo- New research from the 30 percent more on average his smash-hit play, “Platanos when we have more money too late she’d created a ple to provide for their fami- Economic Policy Institute than non-union workers. Y Collard Greens.” in our pockets, we spend chart-topping monster with lies," she said. more at businesses. and the Center for Economic Now Lamb unleashes his new novel, “On Top of the an unstoppable ego. World (Until The Bell Like the music stars he Chimes),” a hilarious, roman- depicts in this prize-winning tic, modern African- work, Lamb grew up a poor American retelling of a boy in the big city who dis- By Curtis Bunn loaded more than 100,000 iTunes during Black History largest economy, based on Christmas Carol with a covered that the pen really is URBAN NEWS SERVICE times since its February Month. the World Bank’s Gross superstar twist. mightier than the sword. Growing up in New York City Business runs through launch, Mahaffey says. “For me, with everything Domestic Product data – or On Top of the World has Former NBA star Shaquille that has been happening as wealthy as Mexico. been greeted with acclaim public housing, he went on Dionne Mahaffey’s veins. to attend graduate school at Her father was an entrepre- O’Neal and comedian D.L. with uprisings after black “The app gets dialogue that promises readers won’t Hughley have encouraged lives were taken by police going about how to effect be able to put it down or Princeton University and neur as she grew up in NYU School of Law. While Birmingham, Alabama, so it their fans to use WhereU to officers, it’s important to change in the community,” stop talking about this hilar- “support black business,” as protest with where I spend Mahaffey said. “It helps us ious satire about race, class working as a lawyer by day, was almost inevitable that Lewis transformed into a Mahaffey, a busi- they said via Twitter. my dollars,” said Roman address the dearth of sus- and celebrity worship that “As a child, I was taught Lyles, a WhereU user in tainable black-owned busi- depicts Ebenezer Scrooge writer by night and eventual- ness psycholo- ly wrote and produced, gist and self- to be intentional about Atlanta. “I’m almost nesses and route money not as a crusty, aged English patronizing family, friends ashamed to say I didn’t back into our communities. money lender, but as along with his lovely wife d e s c r i b e d Jamillah, the hit off- “techie,” would and black-owned business- know there were so many We’ve heard from several Scrooge, a hyper-talented, es,” said Mahaffey, an black-owned businesses businesses listed on the app self-centered, handsome, Broadway play “Platanos Y develop WhereU. Collard Greens.” It’s in her DNA. Auburn University graduate here. This app has opened that being listed has black music star with 100 and mother of two daugh- my eyes. And I have spent increased traffic.” million albums sold and mil- Lamb’s book blends heart, Mahaffey’s soul, bling and romance in a app works as a ters. “I grew up watching my more money on black busi- Between 500,000 and 1 lions of social media follow- Mahaffey parents support black doc- nesses in the last few million jobs could be created ers. story that is not only hilari- search engine ous, but politically right on and GPS-driven directory. Its tors, accountants, general months than I probably have if higher-income black And the love of his life – contractors, grocery stores, all my life.” households spent just $1 of other than money – is Belle, a time – with its satire of “near me” function helps Trump’s presidential cam- users find black-owned busi- mechanics, banks and more. Lyles’ story illustrates every $10 at black-owned beautiful take-no-prisoners My first bank account was what WhereU can do. Black stores and other enterprises, lawyer whose flawless paign and the challenges of nesses in dozens of U.S. being an outspoken black cities. Consumers can search with a black-owned bank, buying power is expected to according to research by chocolate complexion caus- and I still bank black.” reach $1.2 trillion this year Northwestern University’s es traffic accidents as she artist – in a story that will among 17 categories of have readers laughing, black-owned companies, The idea for WhereU and $1.4 trillion by 2020, Kellogg School of stylishly zips through came to Mahaffey on Dec. 5, according to the University Management. The NAACP Manhattan. thinking, feeling romantic including business services, and enjoying themselves arts and entertainment, 2015, in a dream, she said. of Georgia’s Selig Center for also cites data that suggest It’s a fantastic story of love Seventy-two days later, she Economic Growth. Those fig- that entrepreneurial success about two people who never from the first page to the health care, real estate and last. automotive. made the app available on ures would make “black is linked to generational eco- imagined being music’s Google Play and Apple’s America” the world’s 15th nomic empowerment. most powerful couple, Visit www.davidlamb- WhereU has been down- books.com. 8A FOCUS/The Triangle Tribune Sunday, September 11, 2016

SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE upbeat in this thing called Recording artist Charles life.” Jenkins – who has recorded The album opens with the some of the biggest gospel percussive track “Everything hits of the past five years – is Alright” and closes with has stepped out of his musi- the thumping beat of “Not cal pulpit onto the streets About This Life.” In between with his first solo album. are head-bopping tracks “Think About These such as “Sky” that is reminis- assembly of care package Things” (Inspired People) is cent of early 1980s R&B acts orship Contact: the Rev. Chris an urban mainstream set (The Gap Band, Surface) and Furr at chris@ that hit store shelves and a riveting house remix of covenantcc-cary.org. digital platforms on Sept. 2. Jenkins’ classic song “Awesome.” W The 10-track collection of DURHAM inspiring upbeats was pro- There’s the bouncy retro riefs FIRST CALVARY BAPTIST duced by Jenkins in less than ‘70s soft rock “Family Night” 1311 Morehead Avenue two weeks with Grammy- and “There’s A Queen in Christian Education winning producer Warryn You” is a tribute to women B Month is September. The Campbell (Kanye West, Alicia everywhere. The first radio RALEIGH theme is “The Urgency of Keys, Mary Mary). The album single is the hypnotically NEW HOPE BAPTIST Christian Discipleship.” is full of motivating mes- catchy “Winning.” The uplift- 4301 Louisburg Road • The Music Ministry will sages Jenkins calls #posi- ing anthem of hope and The African Children’s present “Joyful Soul” tiveair. determination was the sec- Choir will perform Sept. from Sundsvall, Sweden, “I wanted to lift people up ond most added song at 14 at 6 p.m. Call (919) in concert Sept. 11 at 7:45 with a different sound and Urban Adult Contemporary 876-5250. a.m. and 4 p.m. spread some #positiveair on radio the week of its release, • A mini music workshop the radio airwaves,” he said. sandwiched in between new ALL SAINTS ORTHODOX is Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. “There’s so much bad news, radio singles by Maxwell, 520 Buck Jones Road negativity, violence and Tyrese and Fantasia. All Saints Artisan Faire is COMMUNITY BAPTIST hopelessness in the world Jenkins’ other thought- Sept. 17, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 4821 Barbee Road right now that we just want- provoking songs have Visit allsaintsartisan- The church will celebrate ed to send out some encour- inspired a casual wear cloth- COURTESY PHOTO [email protected]. its 59th anniversary Sept. agement and remind every- ing line that can be viewed at 11 at 3 p.m. one that they can win and be www.inspiredpeoplecloth- Will Charles Jenkins ever be able to match his platinum- ing.com. single ‘Awesome’? CARY CARY FIRST CHRISTIAN REBIRTH BAPTIST 1109 Evans Road 462 S. Driver Street Cary First Christian, The church is hosting a Covenant Christian and trip to NarroWay Theater Good Shepherd United at Ft. Mill, South Carolina, Church of Christ will join on Dec. 3 for dinner and a By Terri Stovall Jesus has with the people of relationship. Marriage brings granted as an option, not an together in Blest Be the Broadway play. Deposit deadline is Sept. 16. SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE God. When a man and men and women into such expectation, and was predi- Tie, a day of worship, fel- woman stand before God an intimate relationship that cated on Israel’s sinful heart. lowship and service: Contact: Frances Cagle at She sat in my office and and enter into a covenant it is as if they have become a The purpose and perma- • Cary First Christian, (919) 724-7073. tearfully told me she was relationship, it teaches us single person. A husband nence of marriage was estab- 10:45 a.m. leaving seminary to go fight about our relationship to does not wish to hurt his lished from the time Adam • Covenant Christian, for her marriage. This prom- God like none other. own flesh and thus does not and Eve were created, as 2911 SW Cary Pkwy, 9:30 Send your church news to: ising student, let's call her The apostle Paul unpacks wish to hurt his wife because Jesus made crystal clear in & 11 a.m. The Triangle Tribune, 115 Shari, had discovered her this for us in Ephesians 5:22- she is "bone of my bone and the text. God does not com- • Good Shepherd UCC, Market Street, Suite 360G, husband was the epitome of 31. These verses, which con- flesh of my flesh." promise His principles nor 1050 NW Maynard Road, Durham, NC 27701; e- unfaithfulness. The details clude the fifth chapter of It is easy to embrace this lower His standards because 10:30 a.m. mail info@triangletri- are not important other than Ephesians, are part of the higher purpose for marriage of the sins of His children. • Back at Cary at 12:30 bune.com; or fax 688- to say it involved adultery, continuation of the com- when the picture is bright, Adultery provides a p.m. for lunch and the 2740. Deadline: Tuesday deceit, an unplanned preg- mand in verse 1 to "Be imita- happy and colorful. But what believing spouse the oppor- by noon. nancy and a wounding that tors of God": happens when it becomes tunity to show redeeming, cut to the core of her being. • Verses 22-24: "Wives difficult and painful? Should unconditional love. Shari And yet, she wanted to submit to your own hus- a believer divorce her chose to stay and fight, wait- fight. bands, as to the Lord...." The spouse solely because he ing for her husband to As I heard Shari's story, I phrase "as to the Lord" in has been unfaithful? Let’s return. She showed faithful- applauded and encouraged connection with the remain- look at this through the lens ness in the midst of the her decision. At the same ing verses sets marriage as a of the purposes for which unfaithful. And, through time, I knew that many reflection of the relationship marriage was created. much prayer, work, counsel would not blame her; some between Christ and the Any believer initiating and support from godly would even encourage her, if church. That puts a whole divorce, even in the case of mentors, in the end their she walked away from her new meaning and purpose an adulterous spouse, paints marriage was restored. 15-year marriage. to submission and to mar- a picture of God walking You may be reading this, We all know marriages riage in general. Submission away from His faithless having fought, but still lost. By Jim Wiggins 15 characters, including the where adultery has is not just a good idea or Bride. Shari could have cho- This is not a magic remedy SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE late Don Cornelius, the occurred. We have watched even step one in "seven sen to initiate divorce from that heals all marriages. An renowned emcee of Soul television couples who pro- steps to a happy marriage." It her husband, since the man offended spouse who choos- GARNER – Imagine a Train, are portrayed by fess to be Christians as they is much loftier than that. The with whom she entered into es this path cannot be guar- chance to groove to the soul- actors from the Triangle dealt with adultery. And biblical model of marriage a covenant relationship vio- anteed a restored marriage. ful sounds of some of area, ranging in age from 16 many, even those in the places wives as a picture that lated that covenant. Many What can be guaranteed is music’s greatest legends. to mid-50s. church, are astonished when parallels the relationship of biblically-faithful Christians this: If she loved, forgave, Think Prince, Otis Redding, “We’ve been working the first response is not to the church to Christ. would counsel that God kept arms of redemption Donny Hathaway, Phyllis hard for the past three walk away. • Verses 25-31: would allow her to do so open in the midst of the pain Hyman, Nina Simone, months to put on a great Marriage is a sacred union "Husbands love your wives, because of what is called by and violation, and did noth- Whitney Houston, Luther show,” Davis, 58, said. “I’m with a purpose greater than just as Christ also loved the some the “exception clause” ing that closed the door for Vandross, Etta James, Ray very passionate about this the bride and groom vowing church and gave Himself for based on Matthew 19. restoration, then she will Charles, James Brown, show, just as I was very pas- to one another. God did not her...." The love of a husband But Shari chose a differ- stand before the Lord with- Gerald Levert and Michael sionate about writing it.” institute marriage only for is to be a sacrificial love that ent path. It is noteworthy out regret for the choice she Jackson. Davis has always been a the pleasure and procreation imitates the sacrificial love that Jesus says the reason made. God will heal her Audiences to Cary play- writer of short stories. He of humans. It was created of Christ for us. But even fur- Moses provided for divorce hurts because she is His wright Brian Davis’ “Soul turned his pen to plays in also to be a visible represen- ther, note that Paul goes on was “because of the hard- child. And He will complete- Heaven” won’t have to imag- 1996 after being inspired tation of the relationship to speak about the one-flesh ness of your hearts.” It was ly forgive where she may ine it. They’ll take a magical while working in merchan- have fallen. trip when the play hits the dising for David Talbert’s stage Sept. 24 at the Garner stage play, “A Fool and His Performing Arts Center. Money.” Davis wrote the first Doors open at 7 p.m. for the 12 pages of his first play, 8 p.m. show. Tickets: $20 in “Dr. Love,” after being stood advance; $25 at the door. up on Valentine’s Day. By David Jeremiah astute." not lay up for yourselves ment strategy and money Group rates are available. The New York native has SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE It is God who gives us the treasures on earth, where management. First produced in New since written more than 20 ability to earn a living and moth and rust destroy and But Jesus perfectly under- York City in 2012 at plays. About 80 percent have EL CAJON, Calif. – Millions gain wealth (Deuteronomy where thieves break in and stood the law of returns Manhattan’s Studio Theater, been shared with audiences of us have experienced the 8:17-18). The Bible tells us to steal; but lay up for your- when He said in John 6:27a, “Soul Heaven” shares the where Davis has lived – in uncertainty of creating a handle our money as wisely selves treasures in heaven, "Do not labor for the food journey of Howard and Cary and other parts of solid investment portfolio as as we can. In Matthew 25:14- where neither moth nor rust which perishes, but for the Vanessa, a homeless couple North Carolina, Georgia and the stock market rises and 30, Jesus commended the destroys and where thieves food which endures to ever- living on the streets of New New York. falls like a rollercoaster. wise stewards who made do not break in and steal. For lasting life." York. Davis also continues to Individual investors, senior good investments of what where your treasure is, there Colossians 3:2 says, "Set After finding an old lamp work in merchandising – for citizens with mutual funds, had been entrusted to them. your heart will be also" your mind on things above, and deciding to shine it up to Tyler Perry, who produces charitable institutions with Proverbs 13:11b (NIV) (Matthew 6:19-21). not on things on the earth." sell, a genie grants the cou- plays that tour across the endowments, and most peo- says, "He who gathers No investment adviser The apostle Paul warned us ple three wishes. One wish is country. ple who have a pension plan money little by little makes it has a better plan. We have not to put our hope in front row seats at a concert “I’m totally inspired by have all suffered from the grow." That's why John entire cable channels like wealth, which is so uncer- of their favorite soul singers. what I see,” Davis said. “The fragile and fluctuating world Wesley famously said, "Make Fox Business Network and tain, but to be rich in good Since their favorites have stories being told and the economy. all you can, save all you can, Bloomberg Television with works, thus laying up a passed on, Howard and actors performing, I’m con- Not even the experts give all you can." talking heads who hawk treasure for ourselves as a Vanessa must take a trip to tinually inspired by that. The know what to do. "One of the But the Bible's fundamen- investment advice day and firm foundation for the com- “Soul Heaven.” atmosphere itself inspires funny things about the stock tal investment strategy has night. ing age (1 Timothy 6:19). The play is 85 percent me.” market," said the American little to do with accumulat- The Wall Street Journal We need to take stock of music, paying tribute to the For more information, publisher William Feather, ing money. Jesus Christ was- has the largest circulation of our lives and make sure 12 artists; many Davis v i s i t "is that every time one per- n't a stockbroker, but He any newspaper in the United we're investing ourselves in remembers playing on his www.SoulHeaven.eventbrite. son buys, another person gave the best investment tip States, and dozens of maga- eternity. mother’s and grandmother’s com, or call (919) 615-2514 sells, and both think they are in history when He said: "Do zines are devoted to invest- stereo turntables. The play’s or (770) 656-1530.

OPERA CARY FESTIVAL FUNDRAISER FUN DAY Around N.C. Opera presents Das Scavenger Hunt The N.C. Latin American SHIFT NC will host its Mama Afrika Festival hosts Rheingold with the Triangle Annual Cary Scavenger Film Festival will celebrate its annual fundraiser Sept. 17, 6 annual Family Fun Day Sept. the Friends of African American Hunt is Sept. 17, 9:30 a.m. to 30th anniversary from Sept. p.m. at Millennium Hotel, 18, 1-8 p.m. at Double Tree Arts Sept. 16 & 18 at Duke 1:30 p.m. Visit www.caryscav- 15 thru Nov. 1. Visit Visit shiftnc.org. Suites, 2515 Meridian Pkwy. Triangle Energy Center, 2 E. South St. engerhunt.com. http://jhfc.duke.edu/lati- Visit www.mamaafrikafesti- RALEIGH Visit wwwafricanamerica- namericauncduke/. WORKSHOP val.com. MUSEUM narts.org. DURHAM Discover green ways to N.C. Museum of History FAIR LANDLORD TRAINING save money Sept. 17, 11 a.m. CHAPEL HILL will host “Nina Simone – Art, JOB FAIR An Arts Education Fair is The next landlord training at Habitat for Humanity LECTURE Music and Civil Rights” Sept. A public safety job fair is Sept. 14, 1-6 p.m. at The workshop is Sept. 15, 8 a.m. Restore, 5501 Durham Stephen Moore, former 14, noon-1 p.m. at 5 E. Sept. 17, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Carolina Theatre, 309 W. to 3 p.m. at City of Durham Chapel Hill Blvd. Contact: editor of the Wall Street Edenton St. Call 807-7969. the McKimmon Center, 1101 Morgan State. Visit Neighborhood Improvement cwest@restoredurhamor- Journal, will speak on “The Gorman St. Contact: Robert www.durhamartscouncil- Services Department, 807 E. ange.org. Fed and the True Economy” Jones at caps.com. Main St., Suite 2-300. Contact: Sept. 13, 7 p.m. at FUNDRAISER [email protected]. Lynwood Best at (919) 560- EXPO SHOWCASE Extraordinary Ventures, 200 The Black Jedi Ball: A VOLUNTEERS 1647, ext. 34254. Durham’s Third Annual S. Elliott Road. Visit Sneaker Affair is Sept. 16, 7 HOME SHOW Volunteers are needed for Young Entrepreneurs Expo www.iconlectureseries.com. p.m. at the Virginia Dare Southern Ideal Home Show CenterFest. An orientation SICKLE CELL Showcase for ages 7-21 is Ballroom at Sir Walter returns to Raleigh Sept. 23-25 meeting is Sept. 14, 12:30 A conference on sickle cell Sept. 17, 2:45 to 5 p.m. at BLOCK PARTY Apartments, 400 Fayetteville at N.C. State Fairgrounds. Visit p.m. or 5:30 p.m. at Durham disease will be held Sept. 16- Hayti Heritage Center, 804 Annual Good Neighbor St. Visit www.southernidealhome- Arts Council, 120 Morris St. 17 at Duke School of Nursing, Old Fayetteville St. Contact: Block Party is Sept. 13, 5 p.m. www.blackjediball.splashthat. show.com. • CenterFest Arts Festival 307 Trent Drive. Call (919) San Griffin at info@patsmod- at the Hargraves Community com is Sept. 17-18, 10 a.m. to 5 660-1760. eling.org. Center, 216 N. Roberson St. p.m. in downtown Durham.