SCIENTIFICTION New Series #51 SCIENTIFICTION A publication of FIRST FANDOM New Series #51, 1st Quarter 2017

IN MEMORIAM FIRST FANDOM AWARDS (2017) JOHN R. ‘KLON’ NEWELL A ballot is enclosed for members to cast their votes for the First Fandom Awards. (1935 - 2017) Please return ballots before May 15th. The names of the award recipients will be announced during the annual Hugo Awards Ceremony at the 75th Worldcon.

IN MEMORIUM We sadly acknowledge the passing of Richard Adams, Carrie Fischer, Klon Newell, Gene Nigra, Berni Wrightson.

WORLDCON UPDATE The 75th World SF Convention will be held in Helsinki, Finland, August 9-13. Guests of Honor: John-Henri Holmberg, Klon Newell at Noreascon 4 , Johanna Sinisalo, Courtesy of Hazel’s Photo Gallery Claire Wendling, Walter Jon Williams. (Photograph by Chaz Boston Baden) For information: An associate member of First Fandom, Klon Newell was a long-time collector, NASFIC UPDATE SF fan and bookseller at conventions throughout the country for decades, The North American SF Convention will regarded for his big-hearted generosity. take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 6-9. For information, please visit: IN THIS ISSUE

P. 1: Announcements PUBLICATION NOTES P. 2: President’s Message P. 2: Remembering David A. Kyle Thanks to the contributors to this issue: P. 3: The Korshak Collection on Exhibit Chaz Boston Baden, Todd Dashoff, P. 4: Birthdays and Obituaries Mike Glyer, David Langford, Robert P. 6: A New Book about Lichtman, Craig Mathieson, Mary P. 7: Norman F. Stanley’s Donation McCarthy, Christopher M. O’Brien, P. 7: Letters from Our Readers Steven H. Silver and Jon D. Swartz. P. 8: First Fandom Masthead Deadline for the next issue is May 15th.

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE REMEMBERING DAVID A. KYLE I was saddened to learn of the passing (By Todd Dashoff) of Klon Newell. We were close friends Philcon, the annual for more than thirty years. We visited in conference run by the Philadelphia each other’s homes, roomed together at Science Fiction Society (PSFS), conventions, and traded a lot of books. I honored the memory of Dave Kyle by contacted Klon several months ago by holding a memorial panel at the most telephone after the post office returned recent convention, held the weekend of his newsletter as “undeliverable.” He November 18-20, 2016, in Cherry Hill, said that he had moved to a residence NJ. Dave was a frequent attendee at to get additional needed health care, but past Philcons, having started by he was doing alright. At his request, I attending the first Philcon in 1936, when did not publicize his mailing address. a group of New York fans traveled to sense of wonder Klon never lost the . I Philadelphia to meet up with their will remember his kind, generous nature counterparts. In 2012, Joe Siclari and how fairly he treated everyone. interviewed Dave at Philcon; the video Klon was a trufan. We will all miss him. of that interview is online. I was privileged to meet Gene Nigra at The memorial panel’s participants Mel Korshak’s 80th birthday party. He consisted of Siclari, Bob Madle (the sole was an unparalleled enthusiast for the surviving member of the original artwork of Hannes Bok and Virgil Finlay. founders of PSFS), and Dave’s MEMBER INFORMATION UPDATE daughter Kerry. Highlights of Dave’s life-long career in fandom were Please Secretary / Treasurer presented by Joe Siclari and Bob Madle, Keith W. Stokes via his new e-mail and Kerry Kyle contributed a number of address: [email protected]. previously unknown stories of everyday MEMBERSHIP PATCHES life growing up with one of the most well-known science fiction fans. The New full-color embroidered membership audience was treated to the story patches are available in a very limited behind the famous quote “Dave Kyle quantity. To order, please send a check says you can’t sit here”, as well as other for $20.00 (payable to John L. Coker III). stories involving Dave that have passed IN CLOSING into fannish history. Members of the audience contributed reminiscences and Christopher M. O’Brien was helpful in stories after the panel had spoken. our efforts to contact the family of Ned Brooks. We sent the Moskowitz Award At the end of the panel, Kerry Kyle and for 2016 to Ned’s sister, Mary McCarthy. Bob Madle were presented with a pair of booklets that had been produced by th As the Worldcon celebrates its 75 anni- John Coker as a tribute to Dave. John versary, take a moment and raise a sent them to me as Philcon Chair and I glass to First Fandom members Bob was happy to pass them on to the Madle and Erle Korshak, both of whom intended recipients; I only wish he had attended the First Worldcon in 1939! been able to attend in person to have Clear ether, - John L. Coker III the honor of doing so himself.

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THE KORSHAK COLLECTION as inspiring in him a sense of wonder, and a passion for the illustrations of the ILLUSTRATIONS OF IMAGINATIVE LITERATURE genre. This will be the first public ON EXHIBIT: MARCH 30 – MAY 16, 2017 exhibition of the European works in the collection. ALBIN O. KUHN GALLERY The exhibition will also include books, UNIV. OF MARYLAND AT BALTIMORE pulp magazines, and other items drawn

from UMBC’s Rosenfeld Collection, “Truly a vision of the fantastic, this revealing how the illustrations in the exhibition is an amazing exploration of Korshak Collection were meant to both illustrative art and the evolution of appear when encountered as artifacts of the visual landscape of science fiction material culture. (SF) and literature. Featuring work by both American and European On Thursday, May 4, at 5 p.m. award- artists and spanning more than a winning illustrator Donato Giancola, century, these vivid illustrations bring to best known for his endlessly creative life adventures, beings, and worlds and exquisitely rendered SF and fantasy conjured in novels such as Don Quixote, illustrations, will discuss his broad range Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and of illustrative work.” Tarzan, and pulp magazines including For more information about the Korshak Amazing Stories, Fantastic Adventures, Collection on exhibit at the University of and . Maryland at Baltimore, please visit: Accomplishing far more than simply guiding readers in their explorations of new and some-times bizarre realms, the collection-illustrations-of-imaginative- range and impact of these illustrations is literature/amp/ far-reaching. The illustrations featured in this exhib- EXHIBITION SCHEDULE ition are treasured pieces of the Korshak Collection, owned by collector Stephen June 6 – August 19, 2017 Korshak. The love of both literature and American Society of Illustrators art of the SF and fantasy genres is a New York, New York passion Stephen Korshak shared with his father Erle Korshak, a founder of the ts/works-korshak-collection imprint Shasta Publishers, which specialized in SF books. Shasta played September 23 – October 29, 2017 a key role in ushering in the transition Stamford Museum, Stamford, CT that saw important SF literature move from the pages of magazines printed on November 17 – February 4, 2018 cheap pulp paper to hardcover, library- Chazen Museum at University of quality books. Much of the illustration Wisconsin-Madison, WI art for Shasta publications hung in the

Korshak family home and the company For further information, please visit: office where, as a young man, Stephen Korshak encountered it – a fact he cites

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BIRTHDAYS OBITUARIES (From a list originally compiled by Andrew Porter) April Richard Adams (b.1920) 1 – Anne McCaffrey, Samuel R. Delany 3 – Donald M. Grant “Richard Adams was an English 5 – , Boris Strugatsky novelist best known as the author of 7 – , James White Watership Down, Shardik and The 8 – Ralph Milne Farley, Ted Carnell Plague Dogs. He studied modern 12 – Emil Petaja, history at university before serving in the 14 – Morris Scott Dollens British Army during WW II. Afterwards, 17 – T. Bruce Yerke, Lloyd Biggle, Jr. he completed his studies, and then 18 – Frank R. Paul, G.M. Carr joined the British Civil Service. In 1974, 20 – June Moffatt two years after Watership Down was 25 – Fletcher Pratt published, Adams became a full-time 26 – H.L. Gold, A.E. Van Vogt author. He died on December 24, 2016 27 – at the age of 96.” 29 – Elmer Perdue, (Excerpted from an entry in Wikipedia) May 2 – E.E. “Doc” Smith Carrie Fischer (b.1956) 4 – Erwin “Filthy Pierre” Strauss 7 – Walt Liebscher, “Carrie Fischer, the US actress, has 8 – Roy Tackett died aged 60 of a heart attack. She 9 – Philip Klass (aka William Tenn) became famous and is most noted, for 10 – Olaf Stapledon, Alex Schomburg her role as Princess Leia in the Star 18 – Laurraine Tutihasi Wars films. Born in the US she was 20 – Gardner Fox educated in the US and later in 21 – London's Central School of Speech and 22 – Arthur Conan Doyle, Ed Earl Repp Drama. Her big screen debut was in 23 – James Blish Shampoo (1975). She also appeared in 25 – Charles D. Hornig The Blues Brothers (1980), Hannah and 26 – Robert W. Chambers, Howard De Vore Her Sisters (1986), Amazon Women on 27 – Rudolph Belarski, the Moon (1987), The Time Guardian 30 – Harry C. Stubbs (aka ) (1987) and Austin Powers: International June Man of Mystery (1997), but her big 2 – , Robert A. Madle break came with Star Wars (1977). She 3 – , John Norman also did script work for the TV series 6 – Noreen Shaw The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. 8 – John W. Campbell, Jr., Roger Sims In 2014 she briefly appeared as herself 9 – Lin Carter, in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. 14 – William L. Hamling 16 – Murray Leinster, Ted Dikty But her fame and personal history 19 – Julius Schwartz resulted in drug, alcohol and mental 20 – Lloyd Arthur Eshbach problems which she eventually largely 22 – H. Rider Haggard, Leo P. Margulies overcame. Her novel Postcards from 26 – Elsie Wollheim, Hal Shapiro the Edge drew upon her life experiences 29 – Ray Harryhausen, Michael Whelan and has been called by some almost 30 – Sam Moskowitz autobiographical: she the adapted it for

SCIENTIFICTION New Series #51, page 5 the screen and it appeared as a film in artwork. Hannes Bok also had a large 1990. She had a brief cameo in Rogue collection of Virgil Finlay artwork which One (2016), where she appears as a Gene also purchased from Peacock. young Leia thanks to CGI animation. The transparencies from these Bok and She had been working on the new Star Finlay artworks were the basis of the Wars film slated for later this year first seminal art books and portfolios on (2017) and the day before Christmas Bok and Finlay written and produced by Eve had a heart attack on a flight from Nigra and Gerry de la Ree to wit: London to LA just before landing. She Hannes Bok II, 1975, Gene Nigra Publications. died the day after Boxing Day. Tragically, her mother, the actress Hannes Bok I, 1975, Gene Nigra Publications. Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the Rain), A Hannes Bok Sketchbook, 1976, Saddle died the following day, aged 84, saying River, NJ, de la Ree Publications. that she wanted to join her daughter.” Finlay’s Illustrations for Weird Tales, 1976, Showcase Art Productions. (Reprinted from SF 2 CONCATENATION SF News & Recent Science Review, Spring 2017) Finlay’s Lost Drawings, 1975, Saddle River, NJ, de la Ree Publications. Klon Newell (b.1935) “Bookseller John R. Newell died on February 25. Newell, who went by the name Klon, ran Klon’s Interplanetary Books, a mail order book business from Athens, Georgia. In addition, he sold rare and collectible SF/fantasy/horror at science fiction and fantasy conventions throughout the south and the east.” (Written by Steven H. Silver, originally pub- lished in SF Site News on March 16, 2017) Gene Nigra (Orlando - 2004) Gene Nigra (b.1940) (Photograph by John L. Coker III) “Gene Nigra, Pulp Art Collector and Although he had a reputation from other Historian, died on December 26, 2016. collectors as a real shark, he was in fact Gene was born on May 13, 1940 and a warm, down to earth, human being, an grew up in Monroe, NY. He started everyday kind of guy. For me, the most working at the New York Daily News as important thing was his sense of a copyboy. Later, after attending art passion towards art collecting. He school, he worked as a retouch artist on taught me that a true collector values photographs for the newspaper. quality over quantity. He was fond of saying, “Once you have the best, there After the death of Hannes Bok, Bok’s is nowhere else to go!” artwork was put on the curb by the landlord. It was saved by Bok’s good Gene is survived by his wife, Pat, and friend, Clarence Peacock. Gene was his sons: Gene, John, Chris and Joe the first collector to visit Peacock and Nigra.” purchased a large quantity of the Bok (Eulogy written by Stephen D. Korshak)

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Bernie Wrightson (b.1948) Superboy’s dog; Supergirl; and the villain Braniac. Binder is also credited “Bernie Wrightson was an American with writing many of the first “Bizarro” artist, known for co-creating the Swamp storylines for DC Comics, as well as for Thing, his adaptation of the novel being the main writer for the Captain Frankenstein illustration work, and for Marvel comics. his other award-winning horror comics and illustrations, which feature his trademark intricate pen and brush work.” He died on March 18, 2017, aged 68. (Excerpted from an entry in Wikipedia)

In later years, Binder expanded from comic books into pure science writing, Bernie Wrightson publishing dozens of books and articles (Orlando, FL - June 1995) on the subject of satellites and space (Photograph by John L. Coker III) travel as well as UFOs and extra- terrestrial life. Comic book historian Bill A NEW BOOK ON OTTO BINDER Schelly tells the tale of Otto Binder through comic panels, personal letters, “Otto Binder: The Life and Work of a and interviews with Binder’s own family Comic Book and Science Fiction and friends. Schelly weaves together Visionary (by Bill Schelly) chronicles Binder’s professional successes and the career of Otto Binder, from pulp personal tragedies, including the death magazine author to writer of Supergirl, of Binder’s only daughter and his wife’s Captain Marvel, and comics. struggle with mental illness. A touching As the originator of the first sentient and human story, Otto Binder: The Life robot in literature (“I, Robot,” published and Work of a Comic Book and Science in Amazing Stories in 1939 and Fiction Visionary is a biography that is predating ’s collection of both meticulously researched and the same name), Binder’s effect on beautifully told, keeping alive Binder’s science fiction was profound. Within the spirit of scientific curiosity and whimsy.” world of comic books, he created or co- (Courtesy of North Atlantic Books, reprinted created much of the Superman with permission of Mike Glyer from Carl universe, including Smallville; Krypto, Slaughter’s article in File 770 - September 30)

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THE FAMILY OF NORMAN F. CORRESPONDENCE TANLEY ONATES TEMS TO S D I (LETTER FROM ROBERT LICHTMAN) THE IRST ANDOM RCHIVE F F A Thanks for the new issue of Scientifiction -- and congratulations on Norman F. Stanley, who lived to the age reaching the 50th issue! Not many of 100, was a life-long SF fan whose fanzines achieve that milestone. interest began with the early Gernsback scientifiction publications. Norm was especially active during the 1940s when he published nineteen issues of the highly-regarded apazine, FAN-TODS. One of Norm’s family members, Craig Mathieson is also a SF fan. Craig told me that over the years he and Norm enjoyed spending time together reading many classic stories in their original publications. They also looked forward to receiving issues of the FF newsletter. Norm Stanley and Art Widner (1989) Noreascon 3 Recently, on behalf of Norm’s family, (Photograph courtesy of Craig Mathieson) Craig donated a box of SF material to In the memorial piece on Norm Stanley, the First Fandom Archive and Library. it is written: "Fan-Tods was an apazine, Included were dozens of issues of the distributed through FAPA (Fantasy FF newsletter, including ones edited by Amateur Press Association), and then Lynn Hickman, Mark Shulzinger, Jim VAPA (Vanguard Amateur Press Harmon, Joe Martino and David A. Kyle. Association)." This is true, but as with many things fannish there's more to the Also present were several different fan publications, including a number of story. The first nine issues were distributed exclusively to FAPA, for the issues of FAN-TODS, as well as dozens of issues of Russ Chauvenet’s long- reason that VAPA did not yet exist. The first issue to be sent through both running fanzine, DETOURS. Norm and groups was #10, Spring 1945. Both it Russ were long-time friends and original and #11 had identical contents and were members of the Stranger Club. designated "FAPA/VAPA" on the When deciding which items to donate, cover. With #12 Norm began producing Craig included a file of contemporary separate editions for each apa. That cards and letters from Russ Chauvenet issue is unique in that, other than the and Art Widner, several photographs cover art, both editions were completely from Pacificon (1946) and a group different in their content. This was photograph of the Stranger Club as probably too much to keep up with, and Special Guests at Noreascon 3 (1989). with #13 through #18 the versions were I believe that Norm would be happy to identical except for the sections at the know that this important material will be rear containing comments on the safeguarded and made available in the previous mailing. The final issue, #19, future to those conducting SF research. appeared only in FAPA for the reason

SCIENTIFICTION New Series #51, page 8 that VAPA had ceased to exist. My FIRST FANDOM research for this is a combination of my own holdings for Fan-Tods combined Co-Founder and President Emeritus with checking out a spreadsheet I have Robert A. Madle - 4406 Bestor Drive, Rockville, MD 20853 Tel: (301) 460-4712 of the contents of all VAPA mailings. President Also noted is that "SF historian Harry John L. Coker III - 4813 Lighthouse Road, Warner once described Norm as 'a Orlando, FL 32808 Tel: (407) 532-7555 power force in FAPA.'" This is definitely [email protected] true. Norm was part of what was Secretary-Treasurer termed the "FAPA Brain Trust." For Keith W. Stokes - 14305 West 83rd Place, more information on that, see: Lenexa, KS 66215 [email protected] Vice-President Erle M. Korshak - Shasta/Phoenix Publishers, All in all, [#50] was a very good issue. I 950 South Winter Park Drive, Suite 320, was particularly pleased to read of Bob Casselberry, FL 32707 Madle's stellar donation to the First EDITORIAL STAFF, SCIENTIFICTION Fandom Archive of such important material. Editor / Publisher John L. Coker III [email protected] Regarding the upcoming 2017 First Fandom Magazine, which will focus on Special Features Editor Jack Robins, I wonder/hope that it will Jon D. Swartz - 12115 Missel Thrush Court, Austin, TX 78750-2101 include the entirety of his long article on [email protected] the Futurians. It would be good to have it collected in one place, and this seems We gratefully acknowledge the award-winning SF journalism being done every day by Mike Glyer (File 770), Steven H. like the logical one. Silver (SF Site News) and David Langford (Ansible).

Best wishes, Robert Lichtman

(LETTER FROM MARY MCCARTHY) Dear First Fandom, Thank you so much for sending the Sam Moskowitz Award, acknowledging my brother, Ned Brooks. Words cannot express how much we miss him. Ned was my rock. His memory is a great comfort. I often think of him sitting on my shoulder assuring me that “it’s all smoke and mirrors” and that even the worst of us serve as a “bad example.” SCIENTIFICTION is published quarterly by First Fandom. Thank you again for the awards plaque. The name First Fandom, the slogan “The Dinosaurs of Science Fiction,” and the First Fandom logo are all All best wishes, trademarks of First Fandom, and may not be used without permission of First Fandom. This issue of SCIENTIFICTION Mary McCarthy is © 2017 by First Fandom and by the individual contributors.