1932 Nov. 1 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2002 to pass laws that will help people help them- of the evil done to America is going to come selves and improve lives. But you’ve got to peace. And out of the evil done to America remember that while Government can pass is going to come a more hopeful tomorrow. out money, it can’t put hope in people’s I predict this. I know it’s going to happen, hearts. It can’t put a sense of purpose in peo- because America is the greatest nation, full ple’s lives. of the finest, most compassionate people on And at the same time, we’ve got to remem- the face of the Earth. ber, amongst all the plenty here in America, Thank you all for coming. May God bless. there are people who hurt. There’s loneliness May God bless America. and addiction and despair. And so long as any of us hurts, we all hurt. And the best NOTE: The President spoke at 5:51 p.m. at the Kentucky International Convention Center. In his way to solve many of the seemingly intrac- remarks, he referred to Representative Anne table problems here in America is for a fellow Northup and her , Robert Wood American to put their arm around somebody ‘‘Woody’’ Northup; senatorial candidate Elizabeth who’s lonely, and somebody who suffers, and Dole of North Carolina; Geoff Davis, candidate say, ‘‘I love you. What can I do to help you?’’ for Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District; No, the true strength of America lies in Mike Sodrel, candidate for Indiana’s Ninth Con- the hearts and the souls of our fellow citizens. gressional District; and President Saddam Hus- All across this country there are fine and de- sein of Iraq. This item was not received in time cent people who are helping America for publication in the appropriate issue. change, one heart, one conscience, one soul at a time. And it’s happening. Proclamation 7619—National They woke the great compassion of Amer- Month, 2002 ica when they attacked us. Perhaps the spirit is best reflected in small ways and large November 1, 2002 ways—small ways like Ray Probus, who I By the President of the United States met. He was at the airport today. He works of America with the Jefferson County police depart- ment’s Volunteers in Police Service program. A Proclamation That’s one way people can help. I’m sure Every year, thousands of American fami- there’s mentors here. I know there are peo- lies are blessed by adoption. Whether ple who worry about feeding the hungry, who through domestic or international adoption worry about the homeless and do something or through the adoption of children from fos- about it. I know there’s people involved in ter care, the love of compassionate Scouts and Scout troops that are embraces children of all ages and from every sending values to our children. I know there background. During National Adoption are people involved in schools here to make Month, we recognize the heartfelt commit- sure every can learn. All of us can help ment of these good citizens, and we renew make America a hopeful place. our pledge to make adoption a more acces- Perhaps the biggest lesson of all of what sible and positive path for American families. I’m talking about, that great spirit of Amer- Children thrive in loving families where ica, took place on Flight 93 that fateful day. they are nurtured, comforted, and protected. We had people flying across the country. We are making important progress in placing They heard the plane they were on was going children in with adoptive families; to be used as a weapon to kill Americans. and the overall number of children being They said goodbye to their loved ones. They adopted continues to rise. In the past 5 years, said a prayer. One guy said, ‘‘Let’s roll.’’ And have increased dramatically; and they took the plane into the ground to serve thus far in 2002, tens of thousands of children something greater than themselves. To me, have already been adopted. that epitomized the greatest of the American Twenty-three States and the Common- spirit, which is alive and well in America. wealth of Puerto Rico received adoption in- No, the enemy hit us—the enemy hit us. centive awards in FY 2001 for increasing the They didn’t know who they were hitting. Out number of children they placed from foster Administration of George W. Bush, 2002 / Nov. 1 1933 care into permanent adoptive homes. These be finalized and celebrated. These efforts recipients have reinvested their bonuses to demonstrate our Nation’s dedication to en- help improve their respective adoption and suring that every child can thrive in a secure, child welfare programs. Americans also con- loving, and stable home. tinue to welcome children from other coun- Through adoption, Americans can forever tries into their homes through international change not only a child’s life but also their adoptions. Last year, families in the United own. By providing children in need with the States adopted over 19,000 children from opportunity to grow and succeed through around the world. adoption, we can help them become con- Despite the progress we have made in in- fident, compassionate, and successful mem- creasing our adoption rate, we still have bers of society. much work to do. More than 130,000 chil- Now, Therefore, I, George W. Bush, dren, ranging from toddlers to teenagers, still President of the United States of America, remain in foster care awaiting adoption. by virtue of the authority vested in me by While foster offer temporary essen- the Constitution and laws of the United tial care, the children for whom they care States, do hereby proclaim November 2002 need the stability of a permanent . It as National Adoption Month. I call on all is often challenging to find families for older Americans to observe this month with appro- children and those children who have special priate programs and activities to honor adop- needs. Yet they deserve a future with a nur- tive families, and to participate in efforts to turing family. find permanent homes for waiting children. To help States promote adoption and sup- In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set port families who adopt, I signed a tax relief my hand this first day of November, in the bill last year that permanently eases the fi- year of our Lord two thousand two, and of nancial burden on families that adopt chil- the Independence of the United States of dren. And in January 2002, I signed into law America the two hundred and twenty-sev- a bill to extend and expand the Promoting enth. Safe and Stable Families Program. Through this legislation, we are strengthening families George W. Bush by promoting adoption, offering post-adop- tive services to families that adopt, and pro- [Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 8:45 a.m., November 5, 2002] viding education and training vouchers to older adopted children and foster youth. NOTE: This proclamation was published in the In July 2002, my Administration launched Federal Register on November 6. This item was the AdoptUSKids national campaign to in- not received in time for publication in the appro- crease awareness about adoption and its role priate issue. in helping all children reach their full poten- tial. We have also created the first Federal adoption photo-listing web site devoted to Proclamation 7620—National children awaiting adoption and families who American Indian Heritage Month, adopt, www.AdoptUSKids.org. During its 2002 first year, the web site will feature pictures November 1, 2002 and profiles of more than 6,500 children awaiting adoption, as well as a database of By the President of the United States approved adoptive families. This unique web of America site will help to connect children from across the country with loving adoptive families, and A Proclamation it will also serve as a great resource for all During American Indian Heritage Month, adoptive families. we celebrate the rich cultural traditions and On November 23, dozens of communities proud ancestry of American Indians and will gather in courtrooms across the country Alaska Natives, and we recognize the vital to celebrate National Adoption Day. On this contributions these groups have made to the momentous day, thousands of adoptions will strength and diversity of our society.