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Calsonic Kansei Unveils Products to Be Exhibited at

"Auto Shanghai 2019"

~Calsonic Kansei to Be Real “Partner” for All Customers~

, Japan, Apr. 8, 2019】Calsonic Kansei Corporation, a leading Japanese automotive parts supplier, participate in “Auto Shanghai 2019” -- the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition -- to be held in Shanghai, , from April 18 to 25, 2019. Details of the company’s exhibits for the automobile fair are introduced here.

Prior to the exhibition, Calsonic Kansei pledges to continue to be a real “partner” for all customers in order to further enrich people’s “mobility life” as an independent Tier 1 supplier with a worldwide network.

At Auto Shanghai 2019, Calsonic Kansei will showcase solutions centering on two spheres -- cabin innovation and energy management -- and propose them as a real “partner.”

In the cabin innovation area, Calsonic Kansei will present solutions as a comprehensive cabin system integrator, including “Human-Max Cabin,” a concept model designed to maximize the empirical value of each travel by car.

In the energy management area, the company will show images to explain the concept of energy management that Calsonic Kansei conceives of, as well as specific solutions.

Furthermore, a McLaren Racing car for which Calsonic Kansei is an official supplier will be exhibited at the Shanghai automobile fair. Calsonic Kansei will present its dedicated passion for motorsport activities while showing images.

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Press Release

Content of exhibits at Auto Shanghai 2019 (The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition)

■Cabin Innovation “Human-Max Cabin,” the cabin of the future which Calsonic Kansei is aiming for, considers persons to a maximum extent and offers empirical value exceeding expectations. “Cabin of my own,” the most comfortable space provided for the driver, will be realized by improving personalization functions. This is achieved by integrating Calsonic Kansei’s interior, electronic and air-conditioning units.

■Energy Management Calsonic Kansei is aiming for comprehensive energy management by using a wide range of heat-related technologies and products such as air-conditioning systems, heat exchangers and exhaust systems centering on the heat-exchange technology developed by the company over the years, as well as power electronics technology based on the company’s status as the world’s largest inverter producer. At the exhibition, Calsonic Kansei will use images to introduce the concept of energy management envisioned by the company and four specific solutions in an easy-to- understand manner.

■Motorsports In the development of motorsport products, Calsonic Kansei has been pursuing the highest performance under grueling race conditions, paving the way for creating product value of mass-produced items. At the forthcoming exhibition, a McLaren Racing Formula One car for which Calsonic Kansei has been supplying heat exchangers since 1992, will be displayed. Calsonic Kansei will use images to show visitors the technologies it has developed as well as loftier challenges it is to take on.

※The details of the exhibits are scheduled to be released on “Calsonic Kansei Shanghai Motor Show” special websites below from April 16: English: Chinese:

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Press Release

Auto Shanghai 2019 (Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2019) ○Exhibition period: Press days from April 16 to 17 / Open to the public from April 18 to 25 ○Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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