Cameron, “Pictures Speaks a Thousand Words” LCR VIEWPOINTS

• Shadow Viewpoint • Second Viewpoint (No specific name yet) • Hell Hole Bend (Need to come up with a better name) This is where Nik Wallenda walked the tightrope. This is Little Gorge LCR Shadow Mountain Viewpoint

This is at our viewpoint where our Fee Station is at, we have the viewpoint down into the , some arts and crafts vendors vend here. This picture here shows the Jumbotron that was set up on June 23, 2013 to view the Wallenda Skywire walk; and we had audience to view it here. Storm Trooper at LCR Entrance Station at Shadow Mountain Viewpoint

One of our unique visitor. Shadow Mountain Conceptual Plan

This Shadow Mountain viewpoint conceptual site plan that we are still working on accomplishing; actually there are a number of different plans; and a number of attempts been made as well. The problem is lack of funds to make it a reality. LCR is a Park that makes the least amount of revenue so it’s not a priority to the Tribe as far as funding for development; but yet you would think it would be for that reason. LCR Second Viewpoint

Again, another conceptional site plan for LCR second viewpoint. This place is pretty much under develop but yet we do get a lot of visitors here. That blue line, and portion of the brown line are trails that our visitors walk. Google Map of Hell Hole Bend

We envision this place to be a major viewpoint development; where the Skywire Walk happen. Didn’t have a picture available. LCR Hiking Trails

• Salt Trail • Blue Springs Trail • Eminence Break • Shinuma Wash • Jackass Canyon • Tatahatso Canyon

Where we are on the map…. Salt Trail

Salt Trail is the most accessible of the routes, although it is very challenging hikers has to be experienced and in good condition or accompanied by those that are experienced. The Salt Trail is also the most scenic of the routes. Blue Canyon –Emerald Pool

The which gush out of the red wall at river level is the main attraction on this trail. These springs are the main source of water for the Little Colorado during the dry season, although they are augmented by a number of other springs before the Colorado River is reached 13.5 miles downstream. The water from these springs is fit to drink, although it has a heavy mineral taste. This trail is for experience hikers. Eminence Canyon

Also known as Eminence Break, this route is a rugged but scenic side hike in the Tribal Park. The route starts at river level and follows a rough cairned trail to the canyon rim near Tatahatso Point. Most visitors to do not venture up the route as it is quite rugged and free is required at several locations, especially in portions through the Supai, Coconino, and Kaibab Formations. Eminence Canyon Shinuma Canyon

Also known as Shinuma Wash; it begins by making a long pass up shinuma wash then switch back down the bed of the canyon. It follows the bottom of the canyon until the red wall lime stone is reached. This is where it leaves the bed and follows the top of the red wall. At break in the wall the trail descends to the river. Another branch of the trail continues along the top of the red wall for several miles. The trail drops 3,500 feet from rim to the river. Jackass Canyon –Marble Canyon Tribal Park

The canyon deepens fairly quickly and it’s easy walking. About 45 minutes after the start of your hike you will arrive at a drop off of 40 feet. There were several fixed ropes in place at this point for use as a hand line. You could also try to climb down; however, this could be tricky if the were wet. Below the drop off is a nice, if short, stretch of narrows and you will begin to hear the faint roar of the Colorado River below you. Lower in the canyon you will encounter a number of boulders which require some scrambling to negotiate, but nothing difficult, and just beyond is the Colorado River. Jackass Canyon Tatahatso Canyon

The view from top of the canyon is beautiful and you’ll make your way down the canyon and look over the edge at the Colorado River snaking its way around the domes and limestone pinnacles. This site will seem something out of a movie or a picture. Tatahatso Canyon : Where LCR flows into the Colorado River

Beautiful, beautiful site but the most controversial site as well. The turquoise water coming out is the Little Colorado River and the dark green is the Colorado River. You have probably heard of the Confluence Escalade – this is the place they are talking about. Little Colorado River LCR LCR today, after all the rain Little Colorado River Gorge Overlooking LCR March 27, 1962 –March 27, 2012

On April 28, 2012 we celebrated the 50th Golden Anniversary for Little Colorado River Tribal Park. Celebrated with a day long activities, Entertainment, horseback ride, special speakers, etc. The day before we provided Horse Clinic for the riders that were entering. NPRD Staff THE END We are thankful for the Promises and this beautiful land we have.

The Mission of Parks and Recreation Department is to Protect, Preserve and Manage Tribal Parks, Monuments, and Recreation areas; to accomplish this, we will: •Provide quality visitor services •Enhance visitor experience •Enforce Tribal Laws •Strengthen community partnership •Provide quality interpretation •Enhance staff development Commercial Filming and Photography

• Nik Wallenda Tightrope Walk • CBS Eye Too Production • Godfrey Entertainment • Teton Gravity Research • And many more Nik Wallenda

Our most challenging Commericial Filming LCR ever encountered and taken on is the Skywire Walk that Wallenda did at a place call Hell Hole Bend within LCR. The request for this filming came to us in September 2012 and all the planning started through June 2013; the actual walk took place on June 23, 2013. At beginning, this picture was taken at the site. Wallenda Walk Pyramid

This pyramid was put in at two places, one from where the walk begin and one to where the walk ended; the wire was over the top of this pyramid from point A to B which Wallenda walked on across the canyon. Day of the Event Day of the Event The Walk The Walk

Do you see him? Wallenda – I walk the Line (Rope) Wallenda doing autograph at end of the walk NN Parks @ Time Square NYC