Tools of theTrade Ford Diagnostic Scan Tool ly corrosive ethanol fuels, and are patible with /coolant in The Ford Portable Diagnostic Soft- specifically designed to allow for in- both foreign and domestic and ware (PDS) Advanced Kit (Part No. creased flow capacity for those fuels. Upgrades in metals, polymers and plastics ensure durability and lasting performance in harsher alcohol fuel blends such as . Coverage in- cludes late-model applications from GM, Ford and Chrysler. Delphi Circle #151

Oxygen 3912) is a modular diagnostic tool kit Connector System light-duty trucks, old and new. Con- that includes a hand-held Pocket PC, The OE SmartLink sensor centrated formula Prestone Extended PDS software and a Commu- connector system allows 14 OEM- Life Antifreeze/Coolant is designed nication Module (VCM). These com- to be compatible with antifreeze/ ponents allow the user to run Ford- coolant in any vehicle make or model specialized software in conjunction and can be used when conducting a with a Pocket PC to allow scan tool complete cooling system flush & re- functionality. This portable scan tool fill. Phosphate-, silicate- and borate- is CAN-compatible and supports di- free, this antifreeze/coolant is intend- agnostic services for most 1996 to ed to extend the life of the corrosion in- 2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury hibitor package so that it lasts for up to models with a 16-pin DLC connector. 5 yrs./150,000 mi. (whichever comes The tool’s flexible architecture can be first) when added to any extended-life programmed to execute a specific antifreeze/coolant. Prestone test, and offers everything from read- specific, heated oxygen to Circle #153 ing trouble codes to ECU program- cover up to 96.2% of all OE domestic ming. A one-year software license is and import vehicle applications by in- New Battery Sizes included with the initial PDS pur- stalling the connector system onto The recent introduction of Group 51 chase, offering the user access to the the existing wire harness. The heated and Group 78 battery sizes adds cov- latest OEM diagnostic software up- oxygen sensor includes a 24-in. wire erage for 11 dates. SPX/OTC harness for replacement of any worn million addi- Circle #150 or damaged wire in the existing sen- tional sor harness. High-temperature Posi- on the road. Flex-Fuel Compatible Parts Lock connectors allow quick installa- The YellowTop Alternative fuels can present signifi- tion, and the screw-on caps are Group 51 D51 cant engineering challenges because reusable in the event of a wiring er- and D51R bat- the fuels have high- ror. Bosch teries are de- er oxygen content Circle #152 signed for performance duty in many and electrical con- import cars, including Honda and ductivity and readily Premixed & Concentrated Acura models. The RedTop Group 78 absorb moisture, Antifreeze Formulas battery (shown) offers an exact-fit making them ex- For individuals looking to top off or side terminal design and will fit all tremely corrosive to drain & fill the cooling system, the GM platforms with an active cooling vehicle parts, which company offers Prestone 50/50 box that were previously not covered accelerates the wear Ready-to-Use Prediluted Extended by the group 34/78 model. In addi- of materials and de- Life Antifreeze/Coolant. Featuring a tion to the new terminal locations, creases perfor- precise blend of 50% antifreeze/ the Group 78 batteries include sin- mance. These flex- coolant for temperature and corro- gle-point venting for under-seat ap- fuel modules are de- sion protection and 50% demineral- plications. OPTIMA signed to resist high- ized water, it’s formulated to be com- Circle #154

56 December 2008 Tools of the Trade

volume shops and offers users the ratcheting wrench innovations in New Filter Packaging most automated features and widest the company’s extra long XL line, New packaging has been added to the company’s line of standard oil and

which allow professional tool users to access hard-to-reach fasteners with up to 25% longer beam lengths and a ratcheting box end that re- air filters. The new packaging shares quires as little as 5°. The XL X- its design with the company’s premi- range of fittings in the CHD line. An Beam Reversible (shown) offers a um PureONE package but uses a optional wireless remote feature gives reversing lever that allows the user blue background instead of Pure- the tire technician the freedom to to alternate from loosening to tight- ONE’s gold. The intention is to help move around the machine without ening motions without flipping the build sales through brand recognition bulky cables to contend with. In addi- wrench over. The 15° offset pro- and loyalty. Purolator tion to these five new models, the vides clearance for the user’s hand. Circle #155 company will continue to offer the An independent test conducted on HIT series of heavy-duty tire chang- behalf of the Arthritis Foundation Shaft Repair Kits ers. Hennessy Industries yielded a favorable review of the X- Speedi-Sleeve Shaft Repair Kits pro- Circle #157 Beam and its acceptance as the first vide technicians with an inexpensive hand tool in the organization’s alternative to New Formulation Ease-of-Use commendation pro- resurfacing or The reformulated version of 76 Pure gram. GearWrench replacing a Synthetic 5W-40 was de- Circle #159 worn or scored signed for use in shaft. The European and oth- Women’s Uniform Pants stainless-steel er high-perfor- About 70% of women in the work- alloy sleeve is mance vehicles that place who are required to wear a simply slid over operate under ex- uniform the worn shaft treme service or wear a mod- to provide the temperature condi- ified men’s seal and bear- tions. It meets and uniform ing with a new, smooth-running sur- in some cases sur- pant. The face. , steering shaft and dif- passes the perfor- Women’s ferential pinion shaft wear problems mance require- Comfort be corrected with a Speedi- ments of API Pant offers a Sleeve. The standard range of sleeve SM/CF, ACEA A3- solution to sizes covers shaft diameters from .5 to 04 and ACEA B4- this problem .8 in. (120 to 200mm). Each sleeve in- 04. The oil is recommended for use in with two fit cludes a special installation tool that European vehicles, including Mer- patterns and can be used with a mallet to drive the cedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche, where three in- sleeve into place. SKF the automaker specifies the use of an seam op- Circle #156 SAE 5W-40 engine oil. The motor oil is tions to ac- approved for use and service fill under commodate 5 New Tire Changers the following OEM specifications: Mer- various fe- The COATS Heavy Duty (CHD) Se- cedes-Benz 229.5, as well as an upgrade male body ries of Euro-style tire changers––the to BMW Longlife-01, Porsche (except types. The CHD-9551, CHD-9043, CHD-9041, Cayenne V6) and VW 505.00/502.00. new pant has a midrise waistline, is CHD-6330 and CHD-4730 models ConocoPhillips straight through the leg and has ––are more automated than previous Circle #158 11% mechanical stretch that moves COATS models, and are available comfortably with the wearer. The with a wide range of accessories. The New Ratcheting Wrenches pant also features a flat front with top-of-the-line CHD-9551 tire The XL X-Beam Reversible, XL X- high-angle pockets. Cintas changer (shown) is designed for high- Beam Flex and XL Spline are three Circle #160

December 2008 57