Stimson’s Python Antaresia stimsoni

Life span: up to25 years. Size: 1.2metres. Breeding: 3-7 years old depending on size, mate in late winter to spring, 12 eggs are laid in summer and take 5-8 weeks to hatch depending on temperature. Habit: arboreal, nocturnal, solitary (except during breeding season) and are competent swimmers and climbers. They don’t have venom they kill their food by constriction. Diet: feed on warm-blooded animals such as rats, mice, birds, possums, bats and bandicoots. Voice: hisses when threatened. Conservation: Snakes are killed by people due to fear of snakes. Rat and Mice baiting can cause secondary poisoning and kill the snake if they eat infected rats or mice. Found: In caves, rock formations, crevices, burrows of woodlands and forests.