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This paper consisting of a report the analysis, that the writer took from all of that Mariah Carey’s Songs as the sample of the study. The analysis is done because most of the people can sing the English song, but most of them do not understand the meaning of them. Where as, it is important for us to know the meaning of the song. The writer want to know the meaning of the song by analyzing the idiomatic expression in Mariah Carey’s song, because most of her song used various of idiomatic from the analysis the writer found that maria carey’s songs used 18 separable phrasal verb 2 inseparable phrase verb, 2 verb figure of speech, 1 idiom with adjective, 1 to be + adverb phrase, 2 verb + adjective, 4 verb + preposition combination, 3 adjective + noun, various preposition. So the writer concluded that most of Mariah Carey’s song used separable phrasal verb. Completing research data, the writer use some method of research they are libra ry research, internet research. In instrument of collecting data is done by analysis the data, though this way the writer can find out the answer o question on the problem of the study.

Ke ywords: idiomatic expression, songs, figure of speech I. Introduction one of the techniques to create colorful words at Language is very important thing in our a song is by using idiomatic expression. life. Without language we could hardly have Idiomatic expression is an expression created to human world we know. People use which can not be understood from the literal language and respond to it all , but in meaning of the words of it is composed. many different ways, such as spoken and written Idiomatic expression are one of the most language. In spoken language, people tell about important this in English language, it is a number their ideas, feelings, experiences and so on. In of words which taken together, and have a written language, they send their messages by different meaning from the meaning of the words using a sequence of letters, write a poem or lyri when they stand alone. It is essential for natural of songs to express their felling that represent everyday communication, in the other hand, sounds idioms are constant source of difficulty for non- Talking about songs, people wil describe native speakers of English. So, understanding the the art, enjoyment and entertainment only. meaning of idiomatic expression is very Beside, song is also another way of important in order to the meaning of them it communication in human life. Such as Joseph appropriate Machlis in his book The Enjoyment of Music In this paper the writer will be choosing (1955;3) state, “the artist also need a public, for Mariah Carey’s songs to be analyzed, because it his work springs hot only from his desire for self has a various idioms, they are meaningful, expression but also from his need to simple and romantic, in this study, the writer communicate with his fellow”. Song, as the most wants to improve the knowledge about idiomatic natural are addressed to anyone listening to such expression because the idioms is very important, a son. On the other hand hand, the song may the writers hopes through analyzing idiomatic convey the state of mind of its composer. expression the writer will get so many new Meanwhile, song can not be separated vocabularies to advance her English this song. from lyric. Song’s lyric is simpler so that it is to Based on the background of the study understand. Eventhough simple it is not easy to above, the writer thinks it’s so difficult to know compare a good song. A composer has to have a the meaning of the idiom that exist in Mariah good technique in playing with words to interest Carey’s Songs. So the writer will has three its listener’s attention. To do that, it is necessary problem baed on this phenomenon, they are: for composer to use colorful words in expressing 1. What idiomatic expression are found in their ideas become an interesting song’s lyrics, analysis of the “Mariah Carey’s Ly rics”?

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2. What are the meaning of each idiom found in B. English Phrasal Compounds Mariah Carey’s Lyrics”? English phrasal compound have two type 3. What idiomatic expression is used dominantly based the reduction of stress. The first type is in Mariah Carey’s Lyrics? reduce stress, on the second, immediatelly Limiting a development this problem, here constituent. It seems to be some sort of structural the writer will makes scope of this title only signal and marker but there is a problem as to focus on studying idiomatic expression in six of what it marks. In this case, to find out and Mariah Carey’s Songs, they are: compare some pairs of phrases, which differ 1. Hero only in that pn of each pair ordinary and the 2. Can’t Take That Away other, is a phrasal compound, for example: 3. 1. A women doctor a women doctor 4. Make It Happened 2. The white house 5. Can’t Let Go In sentence number 1, it is similarly, a 6. Close My Eyes women doctor is any women who is doctor, a women doctor is a gynecologist of sex mean a II. SUPPORTING THEORIES women and doctor. In sentence number 2, is 1. Idiom different meaning for each pair is clear. A white Idiom is very important for us in house is any house, which is white. The white English. As we know that, idiom is very useful house is white and house. It also specifically the to make a lyric of song more beautiful and give president residence. Usually, phrasal compound energy to a lyric that we are using in a song. is idiomatic, and the second type is reduce stress According to Hornby ( 1975 : 193 ) Idiom on the the prior number, for example: is a combination of verb + preposition which 1. Brown Bety formed one meaning independent. Based on 2. Best Man Oxford English Dictionary ( 1996 : 251 ) idiom The paired ordinary places are not is “ a particularly of phaseology approved by the idiomatic, but his is necessary the case, as usage of the language and often having a witness Brown Bety, kind of dessert, or best man signification other that its grammatical or logical at a wedding, which means a bridgegroom. one “. Furthermore, tan Cheng Lim says that C. Figure Of Speech idiom can be devined as a group of words strung Figure of speech is expressing an idea in together to assume a specific meaning different order to produce a greater effect. For example: from the meaning each individual words. Such “His behavior like crocodile, so several women an idiomatic meaning can normally be expressed hate him”. The morpheme “crocodile” means through other meaning, but it is usually not done playboy and danger animal. In fact the sentence so with equal force and vividness. Based on wants to compare the behavior of crocodile to a definition above the writer understands that an man. In this study figure of speech can be idiom is a group of words which, when we use divided into “ Hyperbole” and “Litotes”. together has different meaning from the one Hyperbole is poetic or literary exaggeration not which the individual words. for the deceiving anyone but to heighten the 2. Types of idiom effect. In addition, litotes is deliberate under In each language there are certain pattering statement to a cuer emphasis. which most important and the formation of new D. Substitude idiom has different types. Based on comparison Substitude in this type idiom formation Hockett ( 1958 : 317 ) state that idiom is divided throught not of the sort, which can accumulate to into five types, they are: change the grammatical pattern of language. For A. Proper nouns example: “ he and she “ have idiomatic uses in “ Proper nouns is a symbol, which she” for women, ships, moon, and for man, designates an entity of which, and there is only camel and lion. In English, it was one time one. All human communities, there are certain idiomatically a noun meaning that one of a group recurrent idiomscreating events called naming. who must chance the other. People are named, sometimes certain individual. E. Abbreviation phrasal compound In sentence, have you read “ the brown Abbreviation phrasal compound refers to hair and i “? From the relation between word red one wides pread of idiom formation means the and phrase ;The brown hair and i ? can be know use of part for whole. For example: “gents” from as a little of a book. “gentlement”, “plane” from “ aero plane “ and “

Majalah Ilmiah Politeknik Mandiri Bina Prestasi 133 ISSN: 2301-797X Volume: 7 No. 1 – Mei 2018 bus” from “ omnimbus “. Some people still For example: to be on the wrong tracks write plane with apostrophes as graphic means “to make a lines does not lead in the indication of the abbreviations, and still regarded right direction”. as an idiom. 3. Preposition Noun Combination 3. Form of idiom In this form, idiom formed by preposition + According to Dixson ( 1971 : 192 ) idiom noun formation. takes many different forms or structure, they can Ex: On tender looks mean fearful and be short and very long . frighten 1. Short idiom When we heard about accident, we were a. Idiom with adjective mean noun on tender look until we know that tom combination was allright. Ex: old salt- have many experience in 4. Verb + Noun + preposition Combination his life These idiom can be formed by verb + noun + He has been sailing for years. He is preposition. It takes an object and nouns undoubtedly and old salt. keep it’s literal meaning and only verb and b. Idiom with adjective followed by preposition are used idiomatically. various preposition Ex : can not hold a candle to mean not able Ex: Proped out mean tired to comete Having working for hours, he was He can not hold candle to his father in proped out. chess. c. Idiom with adjective 5. Preposition + Noun + Preposition Ex : Worn out mean exhausted Combination She was worn out after has twenty miles Idiom in this form mean be formed by run. preposition + noun + prepostion. 2. Long Idiom Ex: 1.Incharges of means supervising and Long idiom is one that consist of some controling combination of verb preposition adjective This is Mr. John, who is in charge of and noun. This form includes: this laboratory 1. Phrasal verb 2 An account of means because of Phrasal verb is complete verb unit wit a The train accident was an account of specific meaning and has more than one signal failure. meaning. It is made up of a verb and a preposition or and adverb particle. Phrasal 3. The Source of Idiom verb can be separated into two kind, that is: Idiom may come from many sources, a. Separable phrasal verb sources of idioms are divedid into six parts Separable phrasal verb always has an namely. object. In English certain idioms those the 1. Clothing “two-word verb” class is separable by their A white collar means,”derss a worker in direct object or complement: that is the the hospital”. pronoun direct object is placed between To wear out means,”to be come shabby the verb and its accompyng preposition and unless from wear”. particle. 2. Part of body Ex: John Puts The light out Head on means, “oposite each other” V noun object particle `To stickone’s chin out means. “critism”. 3. Food and cooking b. Separable Phrasal Verb Chicken out means,”Cowar”. Separable phrasal verb has an object but Cook up means,”to look for or to prepare”. they can never be separated except by an 4. Agriculture motion adverb and it is used in the some way as Crop up means,”appear”. normal verb. Weed out means “ throw something which Ex : Live on (Something) means “eat or is useless”. survive). John lives on her girlfriend 5. Home motion money Clean the table means, “ to take plate and 2. To be + Preposition phrase glass from the table”.

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Eat someone of housemand home means, modern era folk songs have been transmitted non “ti fill fod”. orally. 6. Militery and nautical life Solder on means,”strong and solid”. B. Kind Of Song On parole means,”liberated after making Based on http://www.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ such a promise”. song. Song has so many kinds but for this time 4. Song the writer only focus in four kind of songs, they Song is kind of entertainment of people. are as follow: Listening to a song can be done anywhere and 1. Pop Song whenever. Obviously, song has a quite important Pop song is one of part from popular songs. role in human like especially to fresh mind from Nowadays, pop song is the , stress with boring activity every day. Through a which has the most fans around this world. song one can share his or her experiences can be Pop song are designed to appeal to such a learning of the listeners. Some of the songs large a range of people, fro young age until become and advice for their listener. In addition, middle age. Pop songs is music of general song also can give a new sprint for others. appeal to teenager, a bland watered down According to Oxford Dictionary by As version of rock n roll with rythm and Horn ( 1995 : 822 ) “Song is poem set to music, harmony, and emphasis on romantic love. intended to be song “. Based Further, 2. Rock n Roll unidentified linguist on Rock n roll is kind of music for and about www.wikipedia.com/song give definition of adolescents. Its lyrics articulated teenage song as “ A relatively short problems, school, parents, and most for human voice (possibly by other musical important young love. The primary instruments), which features word ( lyrics ). If is instruments of early rock n roll were guitar, typically for a solo , though may also be bass, piano, drums, and saxophone. All , trio, or for more voices ( works with more aspects of the music, its heavy beat, than one voice to a pad, however are considered loudness, self absorbed lyrics, and raving choral ). The words of song are typically of a delivery, indicate the teenage deference of poetic, rhyming nature. The performer of a song adult values and authority. The greatest is called a “singer” or “vocalist”, the act is called exponent of rock n roll from 1956 to 1963 “”. was esvis presly. 3. Rock A. Part of song Rock music is a type of music originating in Based on http://www.wikipedia.org/_wiki/ the in the mid 1950’s and song, all songs can be divided into three different increasingly popular through out much of the forms, they are : world. Rock music surged to popularity in 1. Art Songs 1962 with emerges of ; band from Art songs are songs are created for liverpool, . performances in their own right, usually with 4. Hip Hop piano accompaniment, although they can also Hip Hop means the whole culture of the have other types of accompanied such as movement. When you talk about rap, rap is a orchestra or string quartet generally, they have part of hip hop culture. The music is made an identified author (s) and require voice trying from black, brown, while whatever music for acceptable performances. gives you grunt, the , that groove or that 2. Popular Songs beat. It is all part of hip hop. Hip hop has Popular song are song which maybe experimented with a lot of people who have considered to betweens are songs and folk brought different changes over time with hip songs, they are usually accompanred to hop which have brought out all these funky performances and recording by a band. They are records, which every body just started hot anonymous and have known authors. Popular jumping on like catch phrase. True hip hop a songs are often a part of individual and cultural, rouse during the 1970s. When block parties but seldom national, identity. become common in City. 3. Folk songs 5. Mariah Carey Folk songs are longs often anonymous Mariah Carey (born March 27, 1970 ) is an origins that are transmitted orally, but in this American singer, , record

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producer, and actress. She madeher recording artist of the at the worlds Music debut in 1990 under the guidance of columbia Awards. Carey was also named the best- records executive , and selling female artist of the millennium in released her self-titled debut studio , 2000. According to the recording industry Mariah Carey. The album went multi- Association of America (RIAA), she is the platinum and spawned four consecutive third best-selling female artist in the United number one singles, on the U.S. billboard States, with 63.5 million certified . Hot 100 chart. Following her marriage to With the release of “” Mottola in 1993, a series of hit records, (2008), Carey gained her eighteenth number including Emotions (1991), Music Box (1993) one single in the united states, more than any and Merry Christmas (1994), established her other solo artist. In 2012, Carey was ranked position as Columbia Highest-selling act. second on VH1’s list of the “100 Greatest Daydream (1995), made music history when Women in Music”. Aside from her the second single, “ “ a duet commercial accomplishments, Carey has won with Boyz II Men, spent a record sixteen five , 17 World Music weeks on top of the Billiboard Hot 100, and Awards, 11 , and 31 remains the longest- running number one . Referred to as the “ song in US chart history. During the songbird Supreme” by the Guinness World recording of the album, Carey began to Records, she is famed for her five-octave deviate from her pop beginnings, and slowly , power, melismatic style and traversed into R&B and hip hop. After her signature use of the . separation from Mottola, this musical change was evident with the release of Butterfly III. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (1997). 1. Research Design Carey left Columbia in 2000, and signed In this paper the writer will be using a record-breaking $100 million recording kulitatif/descriptive research as reasearch design. contract with . Carey ventured The main idea goal of this type of research is to into film with (2001). Before the desrcribe the data and characteristics about what film’s release she suffered a physical and being studied. In this case, the writer focused at emotional breakdown and was hospitalized analyzing songs as the source of research, in for severe exhaustion. Following the film’s compliting this paper the writer will read poor reception, she was bought out of her carefully some books, special idiom books and for $50 million, which led also other books which contain anything about to decline in her career. She signed a multi- English idiom. Not only read books, but writer million dollar contract deal with island also will search useful information related to this Records in 2002, and after an unsuccessful paper in library and browse some internet period, returned to the top of music charts websites to support this paper become nice and with The Emancipation of mini (2005). Its easy to understand. second single “ “ 2. Population and sample Became her most successful single of the The subject of this paper that will be 2000s, and was later named “Song of the analyzing by the writer is idiomatic expression in Decade” by Billboard. Carey once again Mariah Carey’s song. According to wallece ventured into film, and started in Precious: (1998 ; 258 ) population is a group of people that Based on the Novel “ Push” by you want to find out about by doing you (2009). Her role in the film was well- research. received, and she was awarded the Mariah Carey is the popular singer and had “Breakthrough Performance Award “ at the created many albums and of course many songs, palm Springs International Film Festival, and to simplify the research, the writer will take six Black Reel and NAACP Image Award songs as sample to be analyzed, they are: Nominations. 1. Hero In a Career spanning over two decades, 2. Can’t take that away Carey has sold more than 200 million records 3. Fly like a bird worldwide, making her one of the best-selling 4. Make it happened music artists of all time. In 1998, she was 5. Can’t let go honored as the world’s best-selling recording 6. Close my eyes

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3. Data Analysis Number 3, 7 In this chapter, the writer formulates : Figure of Speech strategies of analyzing to solve the problem that Number 4, 5 has been formulated on the first chapter that the : Inseparable phrasal Verb ( long idiom ) writer has chosen six of Mariah Carey’s songs in Number 10 the world especially in Indonesia. The data is : to be + Adverb combination analyzed based on the following steps: 1. The Mariah Carey’s Songs are collected. 2. Can’t Take That away 2. The writer write down the finding of 1. Bring me down idiomatic expression from the selected : Make her give up, let her down Mariah Carey’s songs. Then the writer give a ( Mematahkan Semangatnya) number of underline the idiomatic of each 2. Hanging clouds song. : Make a problem 3. Give the meaning idiomatic expression that (Mendatangkan masalah) found in ’s Songs. 3. There’s a light in me 4. Find out the kind of idiom expression that : There is a hope exist in Westlife’s songs. ( Masih ada harapan) 5. Classifying each idioms into its type. 4. Take that away : Keep that away 4. The Result Of The Study (Menjauhkan) 1. Hero 5. Lord will guide me where I need to go 1. Look into : God will always with her : Check, Exiamine, Watch (Tuhan akan selalu menuntunya) ( Memeriksa, Memperhatikan ) 6. Don’t matter at all 2. What you are : There is no problem : As you are (Tidak ada yang menjadi masalah) ( Apa adanya ) 7. I won’t face the ground 3. Reach into your soul : She will not give up or surrender : Trust your self ( Tidak akan menyerah ) 4. Melt Away Number 1,4 : Be lost : Separable phrasasl verb ( long idiom ) (Hilang, Pergi) Number 2,3 5. Carry On : Figure of speech ( personification ) : To Continue Number 5 (Meneruskan, Lanjutkan) : Separable phrasal verb + preposition 6. Hope Is Gone Number 6 : Hopeless : Idiom with Verb + adjective (Tidak ada harapan) Number 7 7. Look Inside You : Figure of speech (methapore ) : Believe Your self (Percaya Pada Diri Sendiri ) 3. Fly Like A Bird 8. Lies In : 1. Place up above : You Can Do A Great Thing : , Paradise (Kau Mampu Melakukan Hal Yang (Sorga) Hebat) 2. To erase all my burdens 9. Hold on : Make her happy : Survive ( Membuatnnya Bahagia ) (Bertahan) 3. Fly like a bird 10. There Will Be Tomorrow : Be a free man : There Is A Hope (Menjadi orang yang bebas ) ( Masih ada harapan) 4. Take to the sky Number 1,8,9,6 : Make it be a big thing : Separable phrasal verb (Menciptakan hal yang besar) Number 2 : Idion with adjective

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5. Don’t let the world break me tonight 3. You’re all i know : Don’t let her give up, don’t let : He is everything for her chrushed (Dia segalanya baginya ) 6. I need the strength of You by my side 4. You just walk on by : Ask helping with God : Not pay attention, did not take 7. With God’s love you’ll survive Note of (Tidak memperhatikan : God is everything that we need Sama sekali) (Kita membutuhkan Kasih Tuhan) 5. Holding on Number 1 : Figure of Speech : To wait, look forward to Number 2,4 : Separable phrasal verb ( Long (Menunggu) idiom ) 6. My World is gone Number 3 : Figure of speech : Hopeless (Personification ) ( Tidak ada harapan ) Number 5 : Figurative of Speech 7. The sorrow i have insade (methapore ) : The sadness, suffering Number 6 : Idiom with phrasal verb + ( Kesedihan, Penderitaan) noun 8. Out of my mind Number 7 : Idiom with adjective + noun : To Forget About ( Melupakan ) 4. Make It Happend Number 1, 3 : Figure of speech (personification ) 1. Keep on going Number : Verb + preposition : Keep moving forward/keep her spirit. Number 4 : Idiom with phrasal verb + (Tetap berjuang, tetap semangat ) preposition 2. If i would make it through the night Number 5 : Separable phrasal verb ( Long : Keep in moving through the hard idiom ) Situation Number 6 : Figure of speech (hyperbole) (tetap berjuang dalam situasi yang Number 8 : Idiom with adjective + noun sulit) 3. Held on 6. Close My Eyes : Belive in, trust (Percaya) 1. Life was a winding road 4. I’ve Found my way : Life is not always very fun : Find her destany (Hidup penuh liku-liku) ( Menentukan takdirnya) 2. Raised my head to the sky 5. Make it happen : To hope, try to find a spirit (Berharap) : Be in Reality (Menjadi Kenyataan) 3. I grew up 6. Get down on your knees at night : Sprout up (Tumbuh) : Pray (Berdoa) 4. Was on the verge of fading 7. Giving Up : No aim (Tidak ada tujuan) : Surrender, despair 5. Woke up in time (Menyerah, Putus asa) : Realize, be aware (Menyadari) 8. Hold On 6. Sail away on an ocean : Survive (Bertahan) : Wander about (Merantau) Number 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 : separable phrasal verb 7. Orange clouds Number 2 : Figure of speech (Smile ) : Challenge,defiance (Tantangan) Number 4 : Idiom with phrasal verb + Number 1,4 : Figure of speech adjective combination Number 2 : Idiom in phrasal verb + Number 6 : Verb + noun + preposition preposition Number 3,5 : Separable phrasal verb 5. Can’t let Go Number 6 : Phrasal verb followed by 1. Captured my soul preposition : Really Love Somebody Number 7 : Adjective + noun (Sungguh sangat Mencintainya) 2. I see you in my dreams : Always think about him (Selalu memikirkannya)

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5. The Insrument of collecting Data inspiring songs. And the lyrics of advice or The paper used songs by Mariah Carey, In inspiring songs usually used in separable phrasal collecting data the writer will make some verb. observation. What the writer will do to solve the problems in this paper are; firstly, she will search 4. The easy way in finding an idiomatic and read many books related to idiom her topic expression in a song. in this paper. A Visiting internetsite will do by All most all of people can sing a song, but the writer to enrich her supporting material about they do not understand what the meaning of the English idioms. song itself, because many of song especially western song use idiomatic expression. IV. DISCUSSION AND FINDINGS Otherwise, the word of the song sometimes have The chapter explained the finding of the different meaning from the literal meaning as research. The finding of research were based on usual. the obtained data and taken from field research After the writer analyze the idiom expression and library research about Mariah Carey’s songs, of the Mariah Carey’s song, she found the easy The following was the real idiomatic expression way to find the idiom in the song. Some of the take from the Mariah Carey’s songs. way are : give the attention on phrase such as “ 1. The kind of idiom expression that found in adjective phrase, noun, .preposition have a new Mariah Carey’s songs. concept that will not find in the dictionaries.

Table 1 kind of idiom in Mariah Carey’s songs V. CONCLUSIONS Separable phrasal 18 Language has a very important role in Inseparable phrasal verb 2 Figurative speech 12 human interaction in their daily activity Idiom with adjective 1 moreover English. We are hoped to able in To be + adverb phrase 1 speaking English because is the only language Verb + adjective 2 Verb + preposition 4 that can use in all entire the world. That is why Verb + noun 3 we can go abroad if we can communicate in Adjective + noun + preposition 3 English as well. Communication is done to give information 2. Classifying each song into categories one another. Communication is not only done by Table.2 classifying each song into its categories oral or taking directly from face to face with No Title of songs Categories 1 Hero Advice listener or receiver, but it can also be done by 2 Can’t take that away Advice written such as listening to English songs. More 3 Fly like a bird Advice over communication by this way can combine 4 Make it happened Love 5 Can’t let go Love oral and written form into one setting, we are 6 Close my eyes advice listening those western song through television because television can display picture, produce From the table above, the writer conclude voice or sound and presenting the text on the that most of the Mariah Carey’s song is monitor simultaneously with the picture and categorized in advice song, because Mariah sound in one setting. Carey’s always tell her experience about life in Some people say that studying is a bore her song. activity, while listening to the music and songs Furthermore, the writer just want to analyze are a fub activity. Actually, those two activities herself and in senior high school level, because can be combined into one in order to studying , it the writer think, if the writer give the analyze in can be a fun activity as well. Actually, listening elementary school, the writer think that they to western song can give us a good effect can’t analyze the song because it is too high. especially for who want to increase their English skill. 3. The interpretation of the findings Based on what the,writer has written at From the table above, the writer conclude previous chapters, that is about idiomatic that most of the Mariah Carey’s song use expression. Actually, though idiomatic separable the phrasal verb. From six songs of expression that exist in Mariah Carey’s song, we Mariah Carey’s that was analyzed by the writer, can at least increase a little bit of our English there are 18 separable phrasal verb and four skill, because with listen to the western song we songs from six songs categorizes as advice of

Majalah Ilmiah Politeknik Mandiri Bina Prestasi 139 ISSN: 2301-797X Volume: 7 No. 1 – Mei 2018 can get new word that beautiful and it wil help us to communicate in well. Indeed, language style that is used in English song is quite different with language style, that is used in our daily conversation, but sometimes language style like English song is also used in daily conversation to emphasize our statements. In English or western songs,usually use poetic expression to beautify they lyrics. Beside poetic expression,idiomatic expression are also found at English songs. The function of them are to give the verses or to colorful the lyrics. According to the research that the writer has done to six English song “ Mariah Carey’s song “ . finally , with the reference to the research result, the writers take conclusions about the using idiomatic expression at English song as follows : 1. The idiomatic expression that found in Mariah Carey’s song are separable phrasal verb 18, inseparable phrasal verb 2, figurative speech 12, idiom with adjective 1, to be + adverb phrase 1, verb + adjective 1, verb + preposition 4, adjective + noun 3, verb + noun + various preposition 3. 2. Most of the Mariah Carey’s song use in separable phrasal verb idiom. 3. Learning the idiom can help us to know the meaning of songs. 4. Mariah Carey’s song is love and advice categories. 5. Learning the idioms by learning the western song really helpful in increase


Cheng Lim Tan, 2004. Advanced English Idioms For Effective Communication. Singapore : PT. Gelora Aksara Pratama Dixson, Robert, J. 1971. Essential Idioms in English. USA: Regents Publishing Company. Inc. Hocket C. F. 1958. A Course in Modern Linguistics. Newyork : Macmilan. Machlis, Joseph. 1995. The Enjoyment of Music. New York : W.w. Norton and Company Inc. Wallace, Michael J. 1982. Teaching Vocabulary. USA : Heiremana Educational Book.

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