3,549,625 United States Patent Office Patented Dec. 22, 1970 1. 2 3,549,625 group so that there is obtained a bis compound of the NITROFURAN DERVATIVES OF PSEUDOUREAS Hermann Breuer, Regensburg, Germany, assignor to E. R. formula Squibb & Sons, Inc., New York, N.Y., a corporation of (III) R Delaware ik No Drawing. Filed Dec. 5, 1967, Ser, No. 687,980 Claims priority, application Germany, Dec. 9, 1966, No-l (CH-CH)-co-NH-)-N-OC-(CH=CH). O NO2 1,543,509 Int, C. C07d 5/46 U.S. C. 260-240 15 Claims In all of the foregoing formulas X represents , which gives the pseudourea series of compounds, or sul 0 fur, which gives the thiopseudourea series and n is 0 or 1. The foregoing compounds of this invention are useful ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE as antimicrobial agents, e.g., in combatting organisms such This invention relates to antimicrobially active nitro as Trichomonas vaginalis, Trichomonas foetus, Staph furan derivatives of pseudoureas having the general for 5 ylococcus aureus, Salmonella schottmuelleri, Pseudomonas mula aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris, Escherischia coli, Trycho phyton mentagrophytes, as well as other species of such genera or the like. For example, they may be administered R orally to various animal species, e.g., mice in an amount 20 of about 5 to 25 mg/kg./day, preferably in 2 to 4 divided doses, in any of the conventional oral dosage forms, or topically in creams in equivalent amounts. They may be used as surface disinfectants. About 0.01 to 1.0% by in which R represents a straight or branched chain weight of any of these substances may be dispersed on group, alkoxyalkylene, alkylthioalkylene, cycloalkyl or an inert solid or in a liquid such as water and applied alkyl, R2 represents or an acyl group, X rep as a dust or spray or incorporated in a soap or other resents oxygen or sulfur and in represents 0 or 1. cleansing agent such as a solid or liquid detergent com position. The latter may be used, for example, in general cleaning, in cleaning dairy barns or dairy, food handling 30 or food processing equipment. The compounds of this invention may be prepared by SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION several methods as described hereinafter. The symbols This invention relates to nitrofuran derivatives of pseu have the meaning described above. According to one doureas having the formula method, a pseudourea derivative of the formula

(I) R (IV) R1

NE-C=NH 40 or its salt with an inorganic acid is treated with a 5-nitro 2-furoyl or 5-nitro-2-furanacryloyl compound to first in This formula may also be written in the tautomeric form troduce a 5-nitro-2-furoyl group or a 5-nitro-2-furanacry loyl group. Then, if desired, a second acyl group may be introduced into the molecule. In order to obtain the N,N'- (II) R1 diacylated compounds of this invention, the introduction X. of the acyl groups may also be effected in the reverse social n-CH-N=C-N-R order. If the same acyl group is introduced on each nitro O gen , the reaction may be carried out so as to add 50 both acyl groups in a single step (e.g. by adjusting the proportions of reactants). The following flow schemes are Formula I will be used herein as representative of both illustrative of the alternate routes: tautomeric forms. R1 in the formula represents a straight or branched chain lower alkyl group such as methyl, ethyl, propyl, 55 (V) R isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl, t-butyl, amyl or the like. It also x represents a lower alkoxy-lower alkylene or lower alkyl NH-(-NH thio-lower alkylene group in which the alkyl chains may be straight or branched, e.g., methoxymethylene, meth / N oxyethylene, ethoxymethylene, ethoxyethylene, methyl 60 / N thiomethylene, ethylthiomethylene and the like. R1 also R represents a cycloalkyl group of 3 to 8 , e.g. cyclopropyl, cyclobutyl, cyclopentyl, cyclohexyl and cyclo octyl, as well as aralkyl groups, preferably phenyl-lower alkyl groups such as benzyl, phenethyl and the like. 65 R2 may represent hydrogen, but preferably it represents N an acyl group, especially a lower alkanoyl group such as Y. / acetyl, propionyl, butyryl or the like, or benzoyl, mono substituted benzoyl, e.g., halobenzoyl, nitrobenzoyl, low X er alkyl-benzoyl and the like. In a more preferred form 70 the acyl group is a nitrofuroyl or a nitrofuranacryloyl NO O (CH=CH)-co-NH-5-N-R, 3,549,625 3. 4. An alternative method for preparing compounds of this EXAMPLE 2 invention comprises converting an acylcyanamid with an To a suspension of 14 grams of S-methyl pseudourea or mercaptain to the monoacyl pseudothiourea de sulfate in 150 ml. of dry is added dropwise a rivative, if desired, introducing another acyl group ac solution of 26 gms. of 5-nitro-2-furanacrylic acid chlo cording to the following reaction scheme. 5 ride in 250 ml. of dry chloroform with slight cooling. (VI) After the addition of the acid chloride a precipitate forms. This is stirred for three hours at room tempera ture and then the solvent is evaporated under vacuum. NO- Jon-en- O-NI-CN R-N-CN The residue is washed with water and sodium bicar O 10 bonate, then filtered under Suction. The product is re crystallized from dioxane. The yield amounts to 70% of theory.

m The product, 2-methyl-1,3-bis(5-nitro-2-furanacryloyl 2-thiopseudourea has a melting point of 210 C., with R-NEI-C-EN 15 dec. / EXAMPLE 3 N / 10 grams of N,N'-di(5-nitro-2-furoyl)carbodiimide R. pyridine complex are suspended in 50 ml. of pyridine X 20 and the Suepension, after the addition of 20 ml. of ethanol NO (CH=CH)n-CO-NEI C-N-R with stirring, is heated for about 30 minutes until a O clear solution results. The solution is evaporated to dry ness, the residue is taken up in a little ethanol and the As a further alternative an N,N'-diacylcarbodiimide crystals are filtered under suction. 3.6 gms. of 2-ethyl may be used as starting material and converted with an 25 1,3-bis(5-nitro - 2 - furoyl) pseudourea are obtained. The alcohol or mercaptain as follows: product is recrystallized from dioxane and melts at 201 (VII) 202° C. EXAMPLE 4 30 100 ml. of glycol monomethyl are heated role-on- O-N=C=N-R2 -- to 80°. 10 gms. of N,N'-di(5-nitro-2-furoyl)carbodiimide are added with stirring and the mixture is cooled to room R. temperature as soon as a clear Solution is obtained. The X crystals which precipitate upon the addition of water are NO (CH=CH)n-CO-NH 35 filtered under suction and recrystallized from ethylene O glycol monomethyl ether. Finally, compounds of this invention may be prepared The yield amounts to 3.7 gms. of 2-(2-methoxyethyl)- by nitrating a furan substituted pseudourea or pseudo 1,3-bis(5-nitro-2-furoyl) pseudou rea, M.P. 140-141 C. thiourea as follows: 40 EXAMPLE 5 (IX) Additional compounds having the following formula R and the substituents indicated in the table may be pro X. duced by the procedure of the example also indicated \ (CH=CH)-CO-NEI-C-N-R - 45 in the table, Substituting the appropriately substituted O eactant:

R soleu-en- o–NH-C-N-oc-(CH-CH)-j-No,X I. X 55 NO O J-(CH=CH)n-CO-NH-C-N-R The following examples are illustrative of the invention. Procedure of EXAMPLE 1. 60 Example- R1 X 2 CESCE S (a) 13 grams of O-methyl pseudourea sulfate are dis 2 C6H1 O 3 C65CH S O solved in 150 ml. of pyridine and a solution of 18 gms. 2 CHCH O of 5-nitrofuranacrylic acid chloride in 120 ml. of dry 3 C5Hg O O chloroform is added dropwise. This is stirred for four 2 C6H11 S I hours at room temperature, the solvent is distilled off 2 C6H3CH S under vacuum, the residue is washed with water and sodium bicarbonate and filtered under Suction. The yield amounts to 80% of theory. The 2-methyl-1-(5-nitro-2- furanacryloyl) pseudourea is recrystallized from dioxane, M.P. 238-240° C. with dec. O (b) The product of part (a) is acylated by adding to EXAMPLE 6 a solution of 2-methyl-1-(5-nitro-2-furanacryloyl) pseudo in pyridine a solution of in dry Additional compounds having the following formula chloroform to obtain 3-acetyl-2-methyl-1-(5-nitro-2-furan and the substituents indicated in the table may be pro acryloyl) pseudourea. 75 duced by the procedure of the example also indicated in 3,549,625 5 6 the table, substituting the appropriately substituted re alkanoyl, benzoyl, halobenzoyl, nitrobenzoyl, lower alkyl actant: benzoyl, nitrofuroyl or nitrofuranacryloyl, X is oxygen or sulfur and n is 0 or 1. 2. A compound of the formula R elect n-CO-NH-C=N-OC-(CH=CH)n-; O NO R1 0. wherein R, X and n have the same meaning as in claim 1. 3. A compound as in claim 1 wherein R is lower alkyl, R2 is hydrogen, X is oxygen and n is 0. NO 4. A compound as in claim 1 wherein R1 is lower alkyl, R2 is hydrogen, X is oxygen and n is 1. Procedure of 15 Example- R1 R2 X 5. A compound as in claim 1 wherein R1 is lower alkyl,

R2 is hydrogen, X is sulfur and n is 1. 1 CH5 H O 0 1 CH3 H S 1. 6. A compound as in claim 2 wherein R is lower 1 CH3 H S () alkyl, X is oxygen and n is 0. 1 CH5SCH CH3CO S 1. (e)------1 C6H11 CHSCO O 1 20 7. A compound as in claim 2 wherein R is lower alkyl, ()------1 C5Hg 4-Cl- S 1. X is sulfur and n is 0. CHCO (g)------C6H5CH4 4-NO- O 1. 8. A compound as in claim 2 wherein R is lower alkyl, C6H4CO X is oxygen and n is 1. (h)------1 C6H11 CHCO O O ()------CHCE, C2H5CO S 9. A compound as in claim 2 wherein R1 is lower alkyl, 25 X is sulfur and n is 1. - What is claimed is: 10. A compound as in claim 2 wherein R is lower 1. A compound of the formula alkoxy-lower alkylene, X is oxygen and n is 0. 11. A compound as in claim 2 wherein R1 is lower alkoxy-lower alkylene, X is oxygen and n is 1. R 30 12. A compound as in claim 4 wherein the lower alkyl X group is methyl. NO N (CE=CH)n-C O-NH-C-N-R, 13. A compound as in claim 6 wherein the lower alkyl group is ethyl. 14. A compound as in claim 9 wherein the lower alkyl wherein R1 is lower alkyl, lower alkoxy-lower alkylene, 35 group is methyl. lower alkylthio-lower alkylene, cycloalky of 3 to 8 car 15. A compound as in claim 10 wherein the lower bon atoms or phenyl-lower alkyl, R2 is hydrogen, lower alkoxy-lower alkylene group is methoxyethylene. References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,779,669 1/1957 Snyder ------71-2.6 HENRY R. JILES, Primary Examiner G. T. TODD, Assistant Examiner U.S. C. X.R. 260-347.2, 347.3; 424-285 PO-1050 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE (5/69A69) CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION Patent No. 3,549, 625 Dated December 22, l970

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