The Spiritual and Depth Specialization 1

The Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization

The Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization The Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization (SDP) consists of 17 units of focused coursework training students in integrative . SDP provides a forum for students to investigate, study, and practice tools for personal growth, clinical application, and community wellness found in the intersections between contemporary depth informed psychotherapy, applied classical mindfulness, diversity , and other frontiers in holistic, non-dualistic theory and practice. SDP students are encouraged to maintain a mindfulness practice of their choosing and are provided opportunities to practice as a community both in classes and through community programs.

The SDP specialization:

• Fosters training in integrative psychotherapy rooted depth psychological and transpersonally informed methods of clinical practice, community service, and global citizenship • Enhances understanding of intercultural traditions, theories, and practices of the spiritual self development • Investigates creative intersections between Eastern philosophies of mindfulness and contemporary Western depth-oriented theory and clinical practice • Offers a venue to explore and research subjective, internal, cultural, and transpersonal aspects of human experience • Cultivates clinical strategies for dismantling oppressive ideologies, healing early relational and intergenerational trauma, and promoting community empowerment • Offers SDP core classes on a weeknight and workshops normally on Sundays

SDP Specialization Requirements:

PSY 5210D /: Eros And 3 PSY 5310H Intercultural Transpersonal and Depth Psychology (PSYCHOLOGY) 3 PSY 5330K Mindfulness in Clinical Practice 3 PSY 5940M Frontiers in Integrative Depth Psychology (PSYCHOLOGY) 3 PSY 5310J Life As Practice: Inner Work, Social Responsibility, and Community Service 2 SDP Electives 3

Clinical Training: Note, SDP students are expected to apply SDP coursework in their clinical training, however, there are no additional SDP clinical training requirements beyond those contained within the MAP degree.