Table of Contents STORIES Reviews by Carolyn Cushman: ...... 17 1988 Hugo Awards W inners...... 1 The Healer’s War, Elizabeth A. Nolacon II ...... 1 Scarborough; Gondar, Nicholas Luard ; Clarion 1988: The Wild B unch...... 4 Once O n a Time, A.A. Milne; The Crystal THE NEWSPAPER OF THE FIELD Clarion C all...... 4 Palace, Phyllis Eisenstein; The Rehumani­ Preiss Publications New Packages...... 4 zation of Jade Darcy, Book One: Jade Darcy ISSN-0049-4959 Publishing N o tes...... 4 and the Affair of Honor, Stephen Goldin EDITOR & PUBLISHER A Great Month for Sf Franchises...... 5 and Mary Mason; Euryale, . Charles N. Brown The Data File...... 5 Reviews by Tom W hitm ore:...... 21 ASSOCIATE EDITOR Store N ews...... 5 The Arm or of , Melissa Scott and Lisa Faren C. Miller Changes of A ddress...... 5 Barnett; The Company Man, Joe Clifford Announcements ...... 5 Faust; The Wine-Dark Sea, Robert ASSOCIATE MANAGER A w ards...... 80 Aickman; Unknown, Stanley Schmidt, ed.; Shelly Rae Clift Markets ...... 80 The Annotated Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien; PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE Booknotes ...... 80 : Spells of Binding, Will Shetterly and Pamela F. Troy Publiscations Received ...... 80 , eds.; First Maitz, Don Maitz. EDITORIAL TRAINEE Audio Received...... 80 Reviews by Dan C how :...... 23 Susannah Redelfs Rights and O ptions...... 80 Pioneers, Philip Mann; Other Americas, CONTRIBUTING EDITORS G am ing...... 81 Norman Spinrad; Hello America, J.G. Dan Chow Books into Film ...... 81 Ballard; Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime II: Richard Curtis Spawn of Outer Limits...... 81 Maelstrom, Paul Preuss; The Home Planet, Catalogs Received ...... 81 Kevin W. Kelley, ed. Carolyn F. Cushman Conspiracy '87: View from the Soviet Union .. 38 Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews Karen Haber, Mark R. Kelly LOCUS SPECIAL by Mark Kelly...... 31 Fritz Leiber 1988 Locus Survey Results ...... 40 CONVENTIONS Frank M. Robinson INTERVIEWS DeepSouthCon 2 6 ...... 42 Tom Whitmore Octavia E. Butler: Sf in the Age of Anxiety ..... 5 Stoker Awards Weekend ...... 43 CON REPORTERS Pat Murphy: Magnificent Obsessions ...... 7 SFRA C onference...... 44 Beth Gwinn, Jane Jewell Frank K. Kelly Still Looks to the F u tu re...... 39 Boreal 10...... 44 Ricia Mainhardt COLUMNS & DEPARTMENTS Fourth Street Fantasy C onvention...... 45 Editorial M atters...... 3 INTERNATIONAL SF Locus, ISSN-0047-4959, The Newspaper of the People & Publishing...... 6 Sf in France...... 47 Science Fiction Field, is published monthly by LOCUS Agent's Corner, Richard Curtis ...... 11 Syncon 1988: Conviction ...... 48 PUBLICATIONS Editorial address: 34 Ridgewood Lane, Oakland, CA 94611; telephone (415) 339-9196. 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