Issue No. 3 | 2017 Released by KARAPATAN Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights

THE REAL SHAPE OF THE BEAST: Tyranny, fascism and repression take clear form in the US-Duterte regime

yranny is in our midst, permeating our laws Tto further turn them into instruments of repression and strangling whatever is left of the country’s democratic institutions. A fascist dictatorship is taking form, with the chief executive speedily steering it in a collision course against people’s rights. Stripping his cabinet of progressive leaders from the national democratic movement, only to replace them with traditional politicians who hardly have an inkling of the people’s needs, Rodrigo Duterte has amplified the voice, power and control of bureaucrat capitalists, militarists, plunderers, and neoliberal fanatics in his government. With a tight grip on fascist policies which are implemented in intensifying levels and supplemented by twisted narratives peddled by the administration’s rabid attack dogs, the country and its human rights situation are undoubtedly, evidently becoming as ghastly as those of past US-supported regimes.

Unlike the first few months of the Duterte presidency when he had undertaken several efforts to balance various forces within the executive branch of government, a face has now emerged: Duterte has finally chosen which side, which allies, and which representation to embody. With the drug war campaign and the continuing counterinsurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan, the Duterte regime has fully unleashed its killing machine - the police and the military - to suppress and repress the Filipino people. Now in plain sight, the current regime has shaken hands with the militarists in his cabinet, kissed the feet of the United States, and set aside any genuine effort for just peace and concrete change. 2 KARAPATAN Monitor

In the name of drugs and criminality: the massacre of the urban poor in the thousands

More than a year into the drug war campaign, the Duterte regime has very little to show, if at all, any change for the better. Estimates of 4,000 to 14,000 have been reported as the casualties of the drug war, accompanied by stories of police brutality and abuse. The campaign has affected people among different demographics, but the war on drugs has become a war against the poor, with the police following quotas and murdering people at will. This campaign is anti-poor, ineffective, and has exposed the inability of the police to respect and uphold human rights, and curb impunity. Not only has the drug war violated the right to due process of so many poor Filipinos, it has neither eliminated criminality nor crippled the drug trade. Ultimately, what remains along the bloodied streets of urban communities are dead bodies, murdered by state forces following the directives of a government policy totally remiss of comprehensive and sustainable solutions to the drug problem.

The Relentless Drug War Campaign: Slaughtering the Youth

Duterte’s drug war has once Galugad” and only fired back in a morgue in Caloocan City. He again taken the spotlight, this against a suspect, a CCTV footage had been missing for ten days time for its adverse effect on revealed an unarmed young man and was last seen going out with the young people being dragged being dragged away towards the a friend, 14-year-old Reynaldo into becoming fodder for the spot where Kian’s body was found. de Guzman. Contrary to government’s brutal policy. Based Autopsy results of the Public police testimony that they were on the monitoring of the Children’s Attorney’s Office (PAO) showed responding to a robbery and had Rehabilitation Center (CRC), at that Kian sustained three gunshot to engage Carl in a shoot-out, least 31 minors were killed in wounds; the first two shots were autopsy reports showed that the connection with the police’s drug fired when Kian was on the victim was shot five times in the war operations. ground, face down. torso and was killed while lying Kian delos Santos, 17, Days later, on August 28, down. The trajectory of the bullets son of an overseas Filipino 2017, the body of 19-year-old Carl were upwards, which indicated worker (OFW), had no history of Arnaiz was found by his family that the victim was either lying substance abuse. He was killed in his neighborhood in Caloocan City on August 16, 2017. Contrary to police claims that they were merely conducting their “Oplan

Young lives of Carl Arnaiz (L) and Kian de los Santos (R) taken by Duterte’s drug war. Far right:Hundreds showed support and called for justice as Kian was laid to rest (©Rappler) July - September 2017 3 on the ground or standing on an and government mouthpieces, the ORDER OF THE DAY: elevated place. There were also Duterte regime has also used the signs of him being handcuffed or international arena to peddle their TYRANNY being gripped tightly, all inflicted version of the effects of the drug before death. The body of his war campaign, going so far as companion, Reynaldo, a grade five resorting to semantics to deny the elementary student, was found real situation on the ground. Akin to idolatry gone awry, in a creek in Gapan, Nueva Ecija, In the recently-concluded Duterte has readied all the 20 days after both went missing. Universal Periodic ingredients of martial law, save Reynaldo’s head was covered with Review (UPR) Adoption Session for its actual official declaration. packaging tape and the body bore in Geneva last September A nationwide martial law is at least 30 stab wounds. 2017, wherein the Philippine simply short of the formal papers, There are many such deaths Government presented its but Duterte’s tyrannical rule is involving minors and young people human rights report card before nonetheless already constricting under the drug war campaign, the United Nations Human the country’s varied voices, and with the police resorting to Rights Council, government restricting civil and political preposterous lies and narratives representatives blatantly denied rights that further stifle dissent to justify such violations. The the existence of the climate of and discourse. Learning and brutality with which these killings impunity in the country, refused adding to Marcos’s playbook of are committed have shed light to to acknowledge the extrajudicial repression, the US-Duterte regime the questionable conduct of police killings, and dismissed has continued martial law in operations, the cover-up of the interventions directed at solving Mindanao, its all-out-war, and its actual account of incident, and the the spate of killings and violations. counterinsurgency program Oplan ineptness and ineffectivity of this This is further evidenced by Kapayapaan (OpKap). The chilling ‘war’. high-ranking military officials amalgamation of these policies being promoted to positions has resulted into attacks of an The Art of Distorting Facts: despite their bloody track record, unprecedented degree - both in Government on the Defensive policemen escaping prosecution in frequency and brutality. line with the drug war campaign, Martial law in Mindanao, If such an area of expertise and plunderers still shamelessly declared in light of the conflict in distorting facts existed, holding seats in government. in Marawi, has compounded the the US-Duterte regime would The Department of Foreign intensity of counterinsurgency have emerged as a formidable Affairs (DFA) even had the gall operations, resulting in political contender. Using social media and to call this farcical display of killings and illegal arrests of personalities to enthusiastically fraudulence, overbearance and peasant and indigenous leaders, mislabel anyone with a legitimate outright misrepresentation intensified militarization of concern and criticism as a “threat as a “victory.” The Philippine communities, and harassment to the Republic,” human rights government rejected 157 out of the of leaders and members of defenders, journalists, and 257 recommendations forwarded progressive organizations. This is concerned citizens have suddenly by various countries which Duterte’s “Kill, Kill, Kill” program, been turned into “destabilizers.” included 44 recommendations hatched and implemented by This has made them open targets related to extrajudicial killings, National Defense Secretary of verbal and physical harassment, 23 recommendations calling for Delfin Lorenzana, National and actual targets of state security the government to discontinue Security Adviser Hermogenes forces. efforts to revive the death penalty, Esperon, and AFP Chief Eduardo It seems a longstanding and 13 recommendations aimed Año - militarists who have been protocol for defensive officials to at protecting and creating an in the business of killing and deny reports and attack critics, enabling environment for human suppressing dissent for several instead of working exhaustively rights defenders and journalists. years. Perfecting their craft of to ascertain the validity of such violating human rights has now, reports. Aside from social media as of Karapatan’s September 30, 4 KARAPATAN Monitor

2017 documentation, resulted in of the Camarines Sur Peoples’ paramilitary group headed by 74 cases of torture, 216 victims of Organization. He has reported Sammy Diwangan in Cabanglasan, frustrated extrajudicial killings, previous incidents of harassment Bukidnon. Ande, along with his 421,833 victims of forcible after he was tagged by soldiers as a companion Alang Kaligunan, evacuation, and 358,412 victims of member of the New People’s Army were on their way to the town indiscriminate gunfire and aerial (NPA). He is survived by his wife proper to deliver sacks of corn bombardment. and six children. when they were blocked by five Days later, on July 6, Alamara members. Ande and The Silenced War: The War Waged 2017, Ande Latuan, 30, an his companion alighted from the on Peasants and Indigenous Umayamnon, was gunned down vehicle and tried to talk to the Peoples by elements of the Alamara paramilitary members. He pleaded

As the drug war takes center stage in the US-Duterte regime, TABLE 1 another war, through counter- Violations of Civil & Political Rights under the insurgency program Oplan Rodrigo Duterte Government Kapayapaan continues to be (July 2016 to September 2017) waged by the military in rural areas, deliberately silenced to keep awareness and condemnation at Violation No. of victims bay. This war waged against the Extrajudicial Killing 98 peasant sector and indigenous Enforced Disappearance 3 peoples has been ongoing since the past regimes, but is now Torture 74 increasing in magnitude and Frustrated Extrajudicial Killing 216 frequency. As of September 30, 2017, Karapatan has documented Illegal Arrest without Detention 902 98 victims of political killings, Illegal Arrest and Detention 220 91 of whom are peasants. Many Illegal Search and Seizure 102 of the killings have also been happening in the President’s own Physical Assault and Injury 144 region, with 29 of the incidents Demolition 114 having occurred in the Southern Mindanao Region (SMR). Violation of Domicile 322 On July 1, 2017, Joseph Destruction of Property 3,746 Baning, 48, was shot by two Divestment of Property 149 unnamed suspects, believed to be military agents in Brgy. Forced Evacuation 421,833 Canapawan, Labo, Camarines Threat/Harassment/Intimidation 52,409 Norte, Bicol. He was attending to the chickens in his residence when Indiscriminate Firing 358,412 his attention was called by two Forced/Fake Surrender 83 men on board a motorcycle. The Forced Labor/Involuntary Servitude 17 perpetrators initially pretended Use of Civilians in Police and/or Military to ask a few questions before one 95 of them drew out a gun and shot Operations as Guides and/or Shield Joseph in the forehead and in the Use of Schools, Medical, Religious and Other chest. The two armed men fired 36,620 at the victim three more times Public Places for Military Purpose before speeding away. Joseph Restriction or Violent Dispersal of Mass Actions, is the municipal coordinator 1,871 Public Assemblies and Gatherings July - September 2017 5

TABLE 2 Victims of Extrajudicial Killing & Enforced Disappearance member of the Department of under the Rodrigo Duterte Government Agrarian Reform (DAR) Provincial by Region (July 2016 to September 2017) Committee and a former barangay Extrajudicial Enforced kagawad in Brgy. Magroyong. Region Killing Disappearance In a span of more than a Ilocos 4 - month, from July 23 to August Cordillera Administrative Region - - 31, 2017, seven farmers were Cagayan Valley 3 - killed in Guihulngan City, Central Luzon 7 - Negros. Most of the victims National Capital Region - - were members or leaders of local Southern Tagalog 2 - peasant organizations. Among Bicol 10 - those killed were Alberto Tecson, Western Visayas 5 - vice-chairperson of Pambansang Central Visayas 5 - Lakas ng Kilusang Pamalakaya, Eastern Visayas - - Northern Mindanao 8 - and Oscar Asildo Jr. This spate of Caraga 7 - attacks in Guihulngan is attributed Socsksargen 5 2 to the area being declared a Western Mindanao - - priority under the government’s Southern Mindanao 32 - counterinsurgency operations, ARMM 10 1 along with 33 other barangay in Total 98 3 the northern part of Negros. The Women 17 0 said areas have been the site of Rights Defenders 59 2 struggle of farmers who have been clamoring for basic social services, free land distribution, and the to the group to spare his female are backed by the Alamara, acting pull-out of troops from their companion, should they intend to as investment defense forces. communities. Several peasant kill him. As soon as he finished Meanwhile, in Surigao del Sur, organizations, many are affiliates talking, one of the five fired two Caraga, Silvestre Maratas, 38, of KMP, have consolidated the shots at Ande. The perpetrators was killed while at home in Brgy. struggle of farmers in the area. threatened Alang not to report Magroyong, San Miguel on July On July 24, 2017, peasant the incident before speeding away. 16, 2017. Silvestre sustained three leader Alberto Tecson, 45, of Ande, meanwhile, was rushed gunshot wounds and died on the the Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma to the hospital but was declared spot. Since 2016, the victim had ug Mangingisda sa Bulado dead on arrival. Recovering from been the subject of harassment by (NAMABU), an organization of the trauma, it took Alang a week the 2nd Special Forces Battalion peasants and fisherfolk in Brgy. before she was able to report the (SFB), 36th and 75th IBPA. He Bulado, Guihulngan City, Negros incident. A criminal case has been had been the victim of trumped- Oriental, was shot dead in front lodged against the five Alamara up charges of attempted murder of his children by six bonnet- members, identified as Mako in connection with an encounter wearing men. The assailants Santos, Arnel Diwangan, Bibing between the NPA and the 2nd knocked on the door of Tecson’s Diwangan, Madlit Dagasan, and SFB in January 2016. Silvestre home, shot him, and then dragged Dawan Mansaluon. had been publicly red-tagged in him outside of the house and shot Ande and Alang are members military media platforms as an him again. The peasant leader of the Pigyayungaan Indigenous NPA recruiter. The peasant leader, had been previously accused Tribal Association. The however, was actually the vice by soldiers of the 79th IBPA of organization has long maintained chairperson of the Kapunongan helping transport members of the their position of protecting their sa mga Mag-uuma sa Surigao NPA, an allegation that Tecson ancestral land against the entry of del Sur (KAMASS), an affiliate denied. plantations, mining, and logging of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Meanwhile, on August 30, projects. Big business investments Pilipinas (KMP). He was also a 6 KARAPATAN Monitor

a organizer was woman wearing a helmet alighted and was active in protesting shot dead by three suspected from the vehicle, approached the continued militarization of state agents in Guihulngan City, Meliton and shot him three times. communities in the area. Her Negros Oriental. Oscar Asildo The perpetrators then sped away. residence is situated 20-30 meters Jr. was leaving the Department Meliton was rushed to a hospital away from the detachment of the of Education division office in Kitcharao, Agusan del Norte but 46th IBPA. where he worked and was on his died while undergoing operation. In Mabini, Compostela way to his parked car when he Months before the incident, Valley, Eddie Alyawan, 22, a was shot by a gunman wearing Meliton reported being tailed by member of Panalipdan-Youth, a a cap. Official autopsy reports persons believed to be soldiers, local organization advocating the have yet to be released, but upon even approaching family members protection of the environment initial examination, Asildo Jr. to ask if Meliton was home. The against mining and logging died of multiple gunshot wounds, series of harassment prompted operations, was gunned down by including one in the mouth. Meliton and his family to two suspected elements of the Other leaders of various local temporarily leave their community 46th IBPA on August 12, 2017. The and seek refuge at the NAMASUN perpetrators were also looking for office. Eddie’s brother, Efren, an active On July 13, 2017, Carolina member of peasant organization Arado, 52, and her family were HUMABIN. Eddie was shot while indiscriminately fired at by working at their vulcanizing shop. suspected elements of the 46th He sustained 12 gunshot wounds. IBPA at their residence in Sitio On August 23, 2017, Roger Kidaraan, Brgy. Mascareg, Mabini, Timboco, 32, a Mansaka habal- Compostela Valley. According habal driver, was chased by to Analiza, Carolina’s daughter- gunmen while waiting in line to in-law, the perpetrators fired pick up passengers in Mawab Oscar Asildo Jr. at their house at around seven town terminal in Compostela o’clock in the evening, while the Valley. The four perpetrators, family was gathered in the living suspected to be agents of the organizations in Guihulngan, room. Analiza further added 71st IBPA, 10th Infantry Division including peasant leaders Marilou that the gun used was inserted (ID), pursued Roger as he tried Alangilan and Cenona Estrada, in a hole in their kitchen wall. to run away from his assailants. health worker Josephine Saguran, Charlito, Carolina’s husband, He was cornered when he went Piston leaders Florante Burdado shouted for help, screaming that towards the exit door of a local and Harry Cantilla, and Lorna they were being massacred. After hardware store. He sustained Tecson, wife of killed fisherfolk the shooting, Carolina was found multiple gunshot wounds and died leader Alberto Tecson, also drenched in blood, lifeless, while instantly. Roger was an active reported receiving death threats. Charlito was wounded. Analiza member of Kahugpungan sa mga In Surigao del Norte, Caraga and her two children, aged 13 and Mag-uuma sa Maco (KAMMAO), region, the chairperson of 9 respectively, were also wounded, a municipal peasant organization Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa while the two other children, aged based in Maco. The organization Surigao del Norte (NAMASUN), 11 and 3 years old, reeled from has been consistent in joining an affiliate organization of KMP, the trauma of the incident. The peasant activities and has been was shot by suspected military wounded family members were active in supporting the farmer- assets. On July 10, 2017, Meliton rushed to the Davao Regional beneficiaries of Lapanday Food Catampungan, 60, was shot Hospital while Carolina was Corporation. by gunmen riding-in-tandem brought to the nearest funeral In the evening of August 27, while he was sitting at a local parlor. 2017, small-scale miner Lomer convenience store, chatting with Carolina was an active Gerodias was shot dead by friends. A motorcycle without a member of Hugpong sa mga Mag- an asset of the 66th IBPA in plate number arrived, whereby a uuma sa Mabini (HUMABIN) Maragusan, Compostela Valley, July - September 2017 7

when he was on his way from Brgy. members of local organizations. On September 13, 2016, Poblacion to Brgy, Magkagong, Fifty-nine (59) out of the 91 farmer-couple Totong and Rita Maragusan. Lomer was a member peasants killed in line with Gascon, were killed by Bagani of local peasant organization Oplan Kapayapaan are farmers paramilitary forces in Sitio Kiatao, Hugpong sa mga Mag-uuma sa belonging to different progressive Barangay Lanao, Arakan Valley, Walog, Compostela (HUMAWAC), organizations. Like HUMABIN North Cotabato. Paramilitary an organization constantly red- and HUMAWAC in Compostela elements gunned them down at tagged by the military and whose Valley, local affiliates of KMP in their residence after the couple members have been the subject of the Caraga and Bicol regions, and refused the soldiers entry into attacks and harassment over the other peasant organizations in their house, while they were years. various parts of the country, their conducting military operations. In Albuera City, Leyte, farmer members and leaders have been The Bagani paramilitary force Jason Montalla, 33, a member targeted throughout the years, is under the direct control of the of the Samahan han Gudti nga facing threats for their campaigns 37th IBPA, and is among the 25 Parag-uma ha Sinirangan Bisayas for free land distribution and paramilitary groups in the country (SAGUPA-GB), was shot by two against the militarization of their under the command of the AFP. armed men on September 5, communities. On March 27, 2017, Arman 2017, while on his way home. and Arlyn Almonicar were Prior to the shooting, Montalla Couples Killed killed in Brgy. Bollukan in Laak was tagged by the 78th IBPA as town, in front of their teenage an NPA supporter in Albuera In the course of Oplan son. Both were members of the City. Montalla sustained gunshot Kapayapaan’s implementation, Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa Laak, wounds in his right torso and couples who worked together in Composela Valley (NAMULAK), was subsequently admitted to the local peasant organizations were a local peasant organization that hospital. On September 21, two targeted and killed, murdered has long advocated for genuine weeks later, Montalla died while in plain sight of their children. land reform. The couple were under hospital care. In the nine months of Oplan known to not only join protest Days before the end of Kapayapaan, aggravated by the actions against militarization of September, there was no let- ongoing all-out-war against the peasant communities but had, up in the killing of peasants Filipino people and martial law in on several occasions, lent their by combat troops. In the Mindanao, six couples were killed; vehicle for fellow members to afternoon of September 28, all were farmers and peasant join mobilizations. NAMULAK 2017, Reneboy Magayano, 50, advocates who had spent their was tagged by the 60th IBPA as a banana agricultural worker lives fighting for genuine land a front organization of the NPA, and chairperson of Maragusan reform. and had subjected its members to Farmers Association, was shot harassment and killings. by elements of the 66th IBPA in Maragusan, Compostela Valley. Reneboy was buying fish at the Maragusan public market when a riding-in-tandem pair approached him and shot him four times. He died while being transported to a hospital in Tagum City. The victim was also a council member of HUMAWAC. Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan, consistent with the counter- insurgency program of previous regimes, has targeted and killed peasants who stood as leaders and Totong and Rita Gascon 8 KARAPATAN Monitor

TABLE 3 Victims of Extrajudicial Killing & Enforced Disappearance wore bonnets arrived at the Castro under the Rodrigo Duterte Government residence and called out to speak by Sector (July 2016 to September 2017) to the couple. Catalina opened the door and gunshots rang out in the Sector Extrajudicial Enforced house. The couple is survived by Killing Disappearance their seven children, two of whom Church 1 - were at their residence during the Environmentalist 5 - incident. The Castro couple were Fisherfolk 2 - leader-organizers of the Liga ng Government Employee 5 1 Manggagawang Bukid sa Nueva Indigenous People 25 2 Ecija (LMB-NE). Minor 4 1 More recently, farmer-couple Peasant 91 3 Jezreel and Dalia Arrabis Human Rights Worker 1 - were shot by elements of the 84th Worker 5 - and 3rd IBPA in Brgy. Tamayong Youth and Student 4 - Calinan District, Davao City on Moro 11 1 September 2, 2017. The couple Transport 1 - was with their seven year-old son inside their vehicle when an armed man came up and shot Jezreel In Brgy. Osmeña, Compostela, Bohol, elements of the 47th IBPA several times. Dalia, seeing the Compostela Valley, couple reportedly battled members of attacker, pushed their son outside Leonila and Ramon Pesadilla the Abu Sayaf Group (ASG) in the of the vehicle to save him, and were gunned down in their house area; six members of the latter proceeded to hug her husband on March 2, 2017. Their five-year- were allegedly killed. However, the while screaming for help. The old grandson, who witnessed and barangay captain of Brgy. Napo, assailant also shot Dalia. Jezreel survived the incident, narrated Columbus Estoce, later claimed sustained three gunshot wounds that two men knocked on their that two of the six reported to the head while Dalia was shot in home at around 9 p.m. and shot ASG casualties were actually her left axilla. The Arrabis couple his grandparents after entering civilians. This was corroborated by were members of the Farmers the house. Leonila sustained five residents’ testimonies that couple Association in Davao City (FADC). gunshot wounds while Ramon Constancio and Crisanta These local leaders and sustained six. They were both Petalco, among those killed in community-based human active members of the Compostela the clash, were civilians. They rights defenders had been at the Farmers Association (CFA), a were both elderly, and witness frontline of various struggles, local peasant organization known accounts attested that the couple including for genuine land reform to be vocal in opposing mining took longer to evacuate because and the promotion of people’s firms in Compostela Valley, Cristina suffered from a disability civil, political, economic and including the Agusan Petroleum that made it difficult for her to cultural rights. Because of Oplan and Mineral Corporation. The walk. Aerial strikes were also Kapayapaan, they had been CFA has long been targeted by the launched in the area where a total tagged as “enemies of the State”, military and been tagged as an of nine bombs were dropped, a malicious label that made them NPA organization. Its members resulting in the evacuation of legitimate targets of State security were the subject of a series of residents. forces. Through such fascist attacks, perpetrated by the 66th Also on July 20, 2017, Mario policies, local peasant leaders and IBPA. Last year on October 10, the and Catalina Castro, aged 66 organizers who dedicate their organization’s secretary general, and 55 respectively, were gunned lives and resources to the welfare Jimmy Saypan, was also gunned down in their house in Sitio of their communities are killed, down. Ballesteros, Brgy. Paco Roman, leaving many orphaned children. On April 11, 2017, in Sitio Rizal, Nueva Ecija. At around Ylata, Brgy. Napo, Inabanga, 8:30 p.m., two armed men who July - September 2017 9

Attacks on Schools members of the school’s parent-teacher community As of September 30, 2017, association. Trumped-up Karapatan has documented criminal charges of murder 36,620 victims of the use of and frustrated murder were schools, medical and religious lodged against the teachers by facilities for military purposes. the Marine Battalion Landing The ongoing military attacks Team 2 (MBLT 2). CLANS has and encampment in schools, as been consistently targeted by the another component of Oplan MBLT 2, along with continued Kapayapaan, not only disrupt the red-baiting and other forms normalcy of the lives of children of vilification, threats and in peasant and indigenous intimidation. Following this communities, but also directly rid trend, 33 of the 52 community them of their right to education, schools operating in different with the AFP red-tagging these areas in at least five provinces alternative learning schools to in Mindanao have been forced justify the attacks against their to close, according to Save Our students and teachers. Schools-Mindanao. Duterte has openly targeted In the Caraga region, Lumad schools in Mindanao, even community leaders in Lianga, blatantly inciting State security Surigao del Sur, and teachers forces to bomb these schools. Due of the Alternative Learning to the non-delivery of government Center for Agricultural and social services to far-flung areas, Livelihood Development, these alternative learning schools Inc. (ALCADEV) and the were built through the initiative Tribal Filipino Program of of the communities with the help Surigao del Sur (TRIFPSS) of several local organizations that are also facing trumped-up deemed it essential to provide charges of child trafficking, educational services to the future concocted by the 75th IBPA generations of indigenous peoples. and the 402nd Brigade. The Teachers and community leaders community leaders who have have registered and acquired the necessary permits to operate in far-flung areas, with recognition from the Department of Education (DepEd). However, despite this, violent attacks and different forms of harassment against the schools’ teachers, personnel and students have continued, exposing this regime’s assault on the basic human right to education of Lumad children. In the first week of August 2017, a warrant of arrest was issued targeting teachers of the Center for Lumad Advocacy, Networking and Services, Inc. (CLANS) and 10 KARAPATAN Monitor

been charged are all members Justice (DOJ) in Manila seeking 401st Infantry Brigade. of the Malahutayong Pakigbisog the eventual dismissal of the In Talaingod, Davao del Alang sa Sumusunod (MAPASU), charges against the teachers Norte, a 19-year-old student of the a regional organization of and community leaders. The Salugpongan ‘Ta Tanu Igkanogon indigenous communities opposed teachers, community leaders, Community Center was shot to mining, militarization and other and their counsels attested that by two armed members of the anti-people State policies. the complainants’ accounts Citizen Armed Force Geographical And for allegedly using Lumad were perjured, given that their Unit (CAFGU). Obello Bay-ao schools to “fight the government”, affidavits were written while they was on his way home from his trumped-up charges were filed were under the custody of the family’s farm in the afternoon on December 8, 2016, against TRIFPSS teachers Annabelle Campos, Reynaldo Campos, Julieto Trimidal, ALCADEV teachers Reynaldo Campos and Ronald Bague, and MAPASU leaders Roland Enriquez, Tata Enriquez, Genasque Enriquez, Jalandoni Campos, Rengel Duhac, Joan Sinzo, Raby Rivas, Bebot Enriquez, Nilo Bautista, Datu Umbid Sinzo and Josephine Pagalan. On September 7, 2017, their lawyers filed a petition for review before the Department of

July - September 2017 11

of September 5, 2017 when the The following are funds being allocated for the paramilitary elements fired at and implementation of Oplan Kapayapaan and chased after him. He was rushed Oplan Tokhang/Double Barrel to the hospital by villagers, but he Proposed was eventually declared dead in Fund 2018 budget the evening of the same day. (in Philippine Peso) These attacks against schools, Dept. of National Defense* 144.9 Billion in its myriad forms, have been Dept. of Interior and Local Government (DILG) 131.5 Billion used by previous administrations - Philippine National Police ** under the government’s DILG - Office of the Secretary *** 6.9 Billion counterinsurgency program. The DILG - Bureau of Jail Management and 14.3 Billion rampant filing of trumped-up Penology cases is a dirty trick that is now DILG - Local Government Academy 251 Million being systematically employed, DILG - National Police Commission 1.7 Billion reinforced, and directed by the DILG - Philippine Public Safety College 1.8 Billion Duterte regime through its own National Intelligence Coordinating Agency 788.4 Million counterinsurgency program Oplan (NICA) Kapayapaan. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) (Including budget for 7.6 Billion Budget, License to Kill PAMANA) National Security Council (NSC) 186 Million The US-Duterte regime’s Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency PDEA 1.4 Billion “kill, kill, kill” program is BUDGET FOR PAMANA - Other Agencies 1.5 Billion well underway, and it has been systematically fortified Intelligence Funds (except PNP-DILG, DND and NICA allocations, which are included in their 3.1 Million with its guns and bombs in agency budgets) the 2018 budget, which has Confidential Funds 1.9 Billion now been approved by the House of Representatives. TOTAL PhP 313 Billion In the implementation of * DND budget includes: counterinsurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan and the war on drugs, the Duterte regime has allotted PhP313 billion worth of taxpayers’ money to further fund the killings. These programs that are designed to further inflict State terror and violence on the poor are secured with the necessary budget and personnel, while public funding for social programs such as housing, health, and education has been cut. Apparently, there is no space for the people’s welfare and for the people’s basic rights in the PhP3.767 trillion national budget for 2018. Duterte’s war chest also includes PhP3.4 billion for paramilitary groups to continue

12 KARAPATAN Monitor

their reign of terror in peasant The whole budget for Oplan which would enlist volunteers and Lumad communities. At Kapayapaan is possibly meant to to become government spies in present, there are 25 paramilitary promote and expand martial law, the war on crimes, drugs and units in various regions under the while continuing the military war criminality. Both the CMP and direct control of the AFP. These against poor peasants, Moro and the MASA-MASID are meant groups have been instrumental indigenous communities, human to function as paramilitary in carrying out rights violations rights defenders, progressive group, veiled under the flowery in far-flung communities. organizations, and revolutionary guise of civilian mobilization. The creation and operation of movements. This is similar to the Alsa Masa paramilitary units have been The same can be said paramilitary group in the 1980s, legitimized by Executive Order of the drug war campaign - apparently among Duterte’s 546. Along with the military another war fully funded and cherished lessons during the time and enforced since the Arroyo reinforced by the State. PhP1.4 of martial law. Such moves are regime, and highly utilized by billion has been allocated for designed to support the already the BS Aquino and Duterte the continuation of the war on worsening witch hunt and killing regimes, paramilitary groups drugs, and aside from police spree of small-time drug users and are used to wreck havoc and operations, its implementation peddlers, including the innocents, perpetrate violations in line with has now evolved to include equally and perceived “enemies of the counterinsurgency programs. This anomalous programs such as the state.” is exacerbated by the more than Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anomalya, Clearly, the 2018 national 300% increase in intelligence and Mamamayang Ayaw sa Iligal na budget is a war chest and a witch confidential funds of the Office Droga (MASA-MASID) and the hunt tool against the Filipino of the President and national Department of Interior and Local people. security institutions, as compared Government’s (DILG) Community to the 2016 budget allocation. Mobilization Program (CMP) July - September 2017 13

CRACKDOWN ON DISSENT: Continuing, intensifying political repression

As of September 30, 2017, and were later told that improvised the forefront of the defense for Karapatan has documented 902 explosive devices (IEDs) were their ancestral land. KEDUMA victims of illegal arrests, mostly found in their bags. The CFA has also led campaigns against the involving members and leaders of members were then falsely operations of David M. Consunji progressive organizations. This is charged with illegal possession Incorporated (DMCI), a logging indicative of a desperate ploy by of explosives and are currently and mining company. those in power to silence human detained at the Compostela Valley On July 19, Aeta peasant rights defenders and critics of Provincial Rehabilitation Center. Antonio Narvaez, 33, was big businesses and ventures that In Kalamansig, Sultan illegally arrested by soldiers of lend no benefit to communities. Kudarat, on July 11, 2017 at the 83rd IBPA and 9th Infantry State security forces have always around 3 a.m., Pastor Kama Division in Brgy. Turague, Sangay, resorted to such illegal acts, Sanong of the Dulangan Manobo Camarines Sur. Narvaez was employing their usual tactics of Evangelical Church was arrested fetching water for his elderly using defective warrants, perjured by elements of the MLBT-2 uncle Miguelito and was unable to testimonies, planted evidence and Kalamansig police. The return home after that. For three among others. perpetrators arrived at the Sanong days, Narvaez’s family looked for residence and forced their way Antonio, filed a blotter report at Illegal Arrests inside the house. Sanong’s wife their local barangay and called and child were present during the on media outlets to plead for the On July 2, 2017, five farmers, entire ordeal, and witnessed the military to surface Narvaez. In the all members of the Compostela armed men aim their gun at the morning of July 22, Capt. Randy Farmers Association (CFA), pastor. They forcibly searched the Llunar of the 9th ID Public Affairs were illegally arrested in house and when the first search Office announced on Bombo Brgy. Mangayon, Compostela, yielded nothing, a second ‘search’ Radyo that they had custody of Compostela Valley. Farmers was conducted, this time without Narvaez at the 83rd IBPA camp. Alicia Tindasan, Jhona the presence of Sanong’s wife. Charges against him remain Rose Baugto, Rolan Segovia, Among those ‘found’ were a .38 unknown to this date. Estanislao Talledo, and Alexir caliber gun, an air gun, and a In Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya, Mata were supposed to attend rifle grenade. Sanong is currently five individuals, including a the scheduled barangay-wide detained at the Kalamansig minor were illegally arrested on assembly of CFA in Purok 4B, police station where trumped-up September 29, 2017. Three of Brgy. Mangayon Compostela when charges of illegal they were held by 15 soldiers under possession of the 66th IBPA and were brought to firearms and the Compostela Municipal Police explosives are to Station. They were interrogated, be filed against with the military accusing them him. Pastor Kama of being involved in a recent Sanong is an NPA offensive in Brgy. Ngan, active member Compostela. The five farmers of Kesasabanay presented the soldiers with their sa Dulangan identification cards, but the latter Manobo still refused to release them. While (KEDUMA), a undergoing interrogation, their local Lumad belongings were taken from them organization at

14 KARAPATAN Monitor

the arrested are members of the Political Prisoners political prisoners have died while Kasibu Inter-Tribal Response for in detention. Following the death Ecological Development (KIRED) As of September 30, 2017, of political prisoner Bernabe and Samahang Pangkarapatan Karapatan’s figures put the Ocasla, 66, last November 2016, ng Katutubong Magsasaka at number of political prisoners in 74-year-old Marcos Aggalao Manggagawa (SAPAKKMMI). the country at 435, with 94 among also died last September 12, 2017 Marilyn Lango, barangay them arrested under the Duterte while on hospital arrest. Aggalao treasurer of Brgy. Camamasi administration. This is the direct was arrested on September 10, and member of the SAPAKMMI result of the continuing political 2016 by combined elements of the Board of Directors; Vicente repression and systematic filing police and the military in Gawaan, Ollagon, kagawad of Brgy. of trumped-up charges against Balbalan, Kalinga. He was already Bilet and member of KIRED; activists to derail their work and suffering from pneumonia, Ferdinand Pakiwon, also a advocacies. The Duterte regime dementia and hypertension during member of KIRED; Jogiemar keeps adding to the number of the time of his arrest. In July 2017, Wayas, church worker of Jesus is political prisoners while subjecting while in detention, the 74-year-old Our Shield Worldwide Ministry; those in detention to years of suffered a stroke which paralyzed and “Jose,” a minor, were slapped injustice. Despite its obligations half of his body. Through the with trumped-up charges of illegal under the Comprehensive efforts of his lawyers, family, and possession of explosives and Agreement on the Respect for the National Democratic Front of ammunition. The five were on a Human Rights and International the Philippines Negotiating Panel, vehicle when they were flagged Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), he was placed under hospital down at a joint military and police the Philippine government arrest. Hailing from Kalinga, checkpoint in Brgy. Mabuslo, remains adamant about the non- Aggalao had advocated for the Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. KIRED release of political prisoners, protection of Kalinga’s ancestral and SAPAKKMMI are local consistent with the urging of domain and had been firmly in organizations known for their militarists and warmongers. opposition to the building of the campaigns against destructive Because of inhuman jail Chico Dam during the Marcos mining operations, particularly conditions, elderly and sickly dictatorship. that of Oceana Gold, in Nueva Vizcaya. The five were accused of being members of NDF Arrested Region TOTAL Women Consultants Under the New People’s Army. They No. of PPs & Staff Duterte are currently detained at the Cordillera Administrative Region 10 1 1 5 Bambang Municipal Police Ilocos - - - - Station. Cagayan Valley 9 - - 2 These arrests are but Central Luzon 11 1 1 6 desperate attempts to quell the Southern Tagalog 25 1 - 6 people’s resistance. However, Bicol 35 1 - 4 National Capital Region 87 12 3 5 political repression as a means Western Visayas 6 - - - to suppress dissent only Central Visayas 4 - - - works in fascist minds. The Eastern Visayas 28 6 - - continuation of policies such Northern Mindanao 29 2 1 8 as Oplan Kapayapaan and Caraga 36 2 - 7 martial law in Mindanao have Socsksargen 27 1 - 14 Western Mindanao 9 3 - 2 continued the dirty practice Southern Mindanao 119 12 - 35 of the filing of trumped-up ARMM - - - - charges, and have increased the TOTAL 435 42 6 94 number of political prisoners, Sickly 113 all of which undoubtedly Elderly 30 TABLE 4 exposes Duterte’s propensity for Arrested Minor 4 Political Prisoners (as of September 2017) a tyrannical rule. July - September 2017 15

Harassment of Human Rights in the alleged ambush of the doc.”) Dr. Santiago has been vocal Defenders Presidential Security Group by about hospital budget cuts and members of the New People’s decreased budgets for preventive As the US-Duterte regime Army (NPA) in Mindanao. health programs for 2018. He is an faces increasing protests and Palabay denied any knowledge or ophthalmologist who specializes criticisms amid its anti-people involvement in the incident. The in retinal surgery and serves policies and fascistic directions, it unnamed caller then warned the thousands of patients all around has retaliated in typical militarist- Karapatan official that “times have fascist manner, that of expanding changed” and that “martial law is the suppression of dissent. in place.” Karapatan documented 52,409 In Abra, Cordillera, the 24th victims of threat, harassment, and IBPA posted online on August intimidation, mostly concerning 20, 2017 a statement entitled human rights activists and ‘Teroristang Grupo sa Abra, grassroots leaders. ginagamit ang simbahan para On July 19, 2017, Sherwin linlangin ang mga taga Boliney, De Vera, coordinator of Defend Abra’ (‘Terrorist group in Abra Ilocos, a regional environmental using the church to deceive the network in the Ilocos affiliated people of Boliney, Abra’). The with Kalikasan People’s Network, military was referring to a medical and a former human rights worker mission and mountaineering of Karapatan, noticed armed activity organized by men tailing him in Vigan City. Partylist Abra provincial Suspected military personnel had coordinator Shirley Ann also inquired with the campus Angiwot for Archbishop Sergio security department of the Utleg’s social action volunteers. University of Northern Philippines Archbishop Utleg is from the in Ilocos Sur province regarding Roman Catholic Archdiocese De Vera’s recent visit. De Vera, of Tuguegarao. The military an environmental activist, vilified such efforts as tactics by currently heads the campaign of the “enemy,” and even branded Defend Ilocos with other people’s Angiwot as a member of the NPA organizations against the large- recruiting local youth. The activity scale mining operations in the was scheduled on August 28 to Ilocos region by the Benguet 31, 2017, but was cancelled due to Mining Corporation, Lepanto incessant harassment by the 24th Consolidated Mining Company, IBPA. and the Cordillera Exploration Also on August 20, 2017, Dr. Company Inc. Darby Santiago, chairperson On July 20, 2017, Karapatan’s of the Health Alliance for secretary general Cristina Democracy, (HEAD) received a Palabay received an anonymous death threat via text message. phone call. The caller disparaged The text message read “Ingat Palabay’s work as a human rights ka. Dumadami atraso mo.” (“Be defender and relayed to her that careful. Your faults against us are she is in the “list” of people whom increasing.”) from an unknown they consider as “too daring number. A few years back, Dr. and fearless,” and that he called Santiago received a similar text because she is within his “area message which read “Isang bala of responsibility”. The man then ka lang, ingat ka doc” (“One accused Palabay of being involved bullet through you, be careful, 16 KARAPATAN Monitor

the Philippines. He is also a alliance of Moro and indigenous protection of the rights of human professor at the University of the peoples, received threatening rights defenders, a measure Philippines College of Medicine calls from a man who introduced that is becoming increasingly and De La Salle University College himself as an intelligence urgent amid the ongoing of Medicine. operative of the National political climate, is still in an Development workers of Intelligence Coordinating Agency undetermined state after years of the Katinnulong Daguiti Umiti (NICA). being repeatedly filed in Congress. Iti Amianan (KADUAMI) were And on September 21, Meanwhile, the Duterte regime’s subjected to trumped-up charges 2017, youth leaders and mass counterinsurgency program Oplan filed by the 71st Reconnaisance organizations were publicly tagged Kapayapaan, and its proponents Company under the 7th Infantry by the 24th IBPA as members and have affirmed their role as US Division, after said unit was recruiters of the NPA during a lackeys and attack dogs against allegedly ambushed by the NPA. forum in the Abra State Institute communities and individuals The cases were specifically filed of Science and Technology - raising legitimate concerns against Sarah Abellon-Alikes Bangued Campus. against the corruption and rights and Sherry Mae Soledad, both The political persecution violations of government. Duterte’s members of KADUAMI. Abellon- and harassment of activists have tyranny is coming into full Alikes was illegally arrested last reached an all-time high with view, and it is utilizing all fronts February 2017 after the military the urging of the State’s ruthless even social media, to malign, falsely implicated her in arson and bloodthirsty and treacherous discredit and misinform the robbery charges. security cluster. Human rights public, and redirecting the anger On September 13, 2017, Piya activists have been the subject of of thoughtless fanatics towards Macliing Malayao, an activist attacks, shoved by the President’s human rights activists. who hails from the Cordillera and pronouncements. Worse, the a council member of the Sandugo passage of House Bill 1617 on the

July - September 2017 17


As the Duterte regime exposes itself as a representative of the same old system, the United States has yet again cunningly retained its place at the helm of the country’s economic, political and military affairs. Led by the neoliberal fanatics in Duterte’s cabinet, the country’s economic framework has remained the same, and the political climate has obviously inched closer to a cozier relationship with the United States. In 2017, the US extended at least US$ 9 million in assistance to the Duterte government’s drug war – a policy that it criticized incessantly at the onset of Duterte’s term. Military and so-called humanitarian assistance, amounting to at least US$ 180 million, have continued in fueling the killings, harassment, and the bombings of communities in line with the US-driven counterinsurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan.

This brazen hypocrisy by the United States – the country known for its bloody record of human rights violations globally – is now covertly supporting Duterte’s drug war campaign. An “extrajudicial funding” for the killings has triggered the mislabelling of the poor as ‘drug addicts’ and ‘enemies of the state’ – the US funnels this funding in the guise of security sector reform that trains and arms the murderers clad in military and police uniforms. In light of the Marawi crisis, the relationship of the PH and the US has gradually blossomed back to its original disastrous state. A new counterterrorism drill called the Tempest Wind has been agreed upon by the two parties. This drill to be led by the US Pacific Command includes not just exercises but additional military assessment, experts’ consultations, and national level engagement. The focus is said to be on the so-called coordination in counterterrorism and security operation. The exercises have already started on September 18 in Clark Field, Pampanga. The Duterte regime has now sealed and tied its fate to the US. The rhetoric of an 18 KARAPATAN Monitor

independent foreign policy, lauded and Development Authority accorded no choice but to intensify at the start of Duterte’s term, Director-General Ernesto Pernia, their efforts at all forms of has been unmasked to its pitiful and Department of Budget and resistance to defeat another fascist submission. Indeed, the Duterte Management Secretary Benjamin and tyrannical regime. regime has become ever-ready Diokno – the US’s national With the continuing onslaught to entirely adapt the militarist representatives in the country are of fascist polices primarily framework of the US, signaling joined by its most crucial member, through the drug war campaign the fascist intensification of none other than President Duterte and Oplan Kapayapaan, the rights violations in line with himself. This synergy is sure to US-Duterte regime has finally the counterinsurgency program guarantee the continued plunder unmasked itself as ineffective in Oplan Kapayapaan and the witch- of our resources, the violation solving the problems of the illicit hunting of Muslim communities. of the people’s basic rights, and drug trade and the armed conflict The President, akin to a puppet the bastardization and absolute in the country. finally recognizing its master, neglect of our sovereignty. What are needed to solve whimpers back to the guns, crimes and substantially address bombs, money, and resources of Growing Protests and Resistance: the social malaise causing the United States. The People’s Movement against insecurity among Filipinos are In terms of the economy, the Tyranny reforms that address landlessness, neoliberal framework has been lack of secure jobs and living put steadily in place through When the government molds wages, accessible social services the Duterte regime’s Philippine itself into one whole instrument and utilities, rural development Development Plan 2017-2022 and of repression and exposes itself as and national industrialization, AmBisyon Natin 2040. Set on a measly reactionary institution the upholding of our national advancing the crumbling of the beholden to the whims of foreign sovereignty and patrimony, and economy through heightening powers and to the local elite of checking corruption. dependence and setting rich and powerful businessmen, Police and military actions, aside national industries and politicians, and landlords, the especially those that terrorize production, Duterte’s economic Filipino people are, yet again, the poor, have been proven to be masters are moving to further relax restrictions and amend the Constitution to remove the provision regarding the cap on foreign ownership of business in the country. In this set-up, the trajectory becomes predictable for the country and its people – the rich becomes richer, and the poor becomes poorer, while the economy becomes more and more incapable of building its national industries. Personified by the US lackeys in the security cluster – DND chief Delfin Lorenzana, AFP chief Eduardo Año, National Security adviser Hermogenes Esperon – and the neoliberal ang Luneta against triumvirate primarily steering Duterte’s tyrannical the economy – Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Bayan) Dominguez, National Economic July - September 2017 19

useless solutions to the festering restoring a dictatorship. Manila that highlighted the wounds of poverty. More than a Last September 21, 2017, resistance to the worsening human year into Duterte’s term in office, on the 45th year of Marcos’s rights conditions in Mindanao he has nothing to show but more declaration of martial law in where martial law still remains in lies and covers-up to hide his the whole country, an estimate place. blustering blunder that killed of 30,000 people led by the Despite government efforts Filipinos in the thousands. Movement Against Tyranny to divert and deceive the public To undermine the people’s (MAT) converged in Mendiola through alternative facts and resistance against the increasingly and Luneta to call for an end to false news, such are easily belied fascist, repressive and oppressive tyranny - a protest of individuals by the testimonies of victims of regime, the US-Duterte regime and groups from different sectors rights violations and their kin. uses its own counterinsurgency came together to remind the No amount of whitewashing and program Oplan Kapayapaan that Duterte regime that any repeat of covers-up can compensate for employs the same maneuvers martial law would not be met with the rising death toll, the swelling that violate people’s rights. In the passivity nor silence. The clamor protests, and the rage of the end, it is the very people -- the of the Filipinos against the fascist Filipino people who have been poor -- to whom Duterte had once machinations of the Duterte deprived of their basic human promised change that have been regime is on the rise, as Duterte rights. The people’s movement losing in the wars he has waged. himself exposes where his loyalties against tyranny will only intensify Likewise, the very people that truly lie. September also saw the and multiply amid the worsening he has let down will stand in the Manilakbayan ng Pambansang economic, political and social ills frontlines to frustrate his plans of Minorya from different regions to prevailing in the country. A storm of resistance is brewing, and it is gaining ground as the US-Duterte regime continues to tread along the path of fascism and tyranny. 20 KARAPATAN Monitor

Setting the recor d straight on the Commission on Human Rights By Karapatan Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights

he Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is a constitutionally mandated independent office tasked to investigate violations of the people’s civil and political rights by state parties and Tactors. It was borne out of fourteen years of the Filipino people’s struggle against the Marcos fascist dictatorship and enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution as a means for effecting “full respect for human rights” and as a mechanism for checks and balance within government on the matter of human rights.

Theoretically therefore, the CHR drug-related extrajudicial killings “security sector reform” program has has the capability and the means, and render ineffectual any attempts been utilized to conduct so-called albeit limited, to make accountable to remedy such an unacceptable human rights training for the police state perpetrators of human rights situation. and military. Such training however, violations such as members of the Having said this, it is necessary rather than improve these security military or police forces and other to point out that historically the CHR forces’ human rights record, merely persons in authority. Unfortunately, has not been the vanguard nor has it provide a cosmetically improved since its creation in May 1986, it has set the bar high in upholding human image belied by continuing violations been severely deficient in exacting rights in the country. Under the in practice. accountability whether from past so-called democratic regimes post- It was only during the and especially from current ruling EDSA1, the CHR has been rendered incumbency of CHR Chairperson regimes. In too many instances, it has inutile in going after perpetrators that there was notable even been complicit in whitewashing of human rights violations (HRVs). improvement. De Lima’s CHR was human rights violations by state For one, not a single human rights open to cooperating with human security forces. violator during the time of the Marcos rights lawyers and independent Recently, the House of dictatorship has been punished. Over human rights organizations. The De Representatives (HOR) voted to the years, the CHR has proven to be Lima CHR helped expose grievous allocate a meager PhP 1,000 annual very laid back and more so ineffective HRVs under the Arroyo regime, budget for the CHR, effectively in investigating rights violations especially the spike in extrajudicial paralyzing if not abolishing it, in and rendering assistance to victims killings of human rights defenders retaliation for its vocal criticism of and their families. Instead, the CHR and unarmed social activists as a the Duterte administration’s human has been the instrument of every direct consequence of Oplan Bantay rights record vis-a-vis its anti-illegal incumbent administration in covering Laya. It conducted independent drugs campaign. The HOR move up its unsavory human rights record investigations and public hearings, was widely denounced as part and domestically and internationally. helped undertake the search for parcel of the Duterte administration’s The too cozy relationship abducted and illegally detained schemes to consolidate its fascist between the CHR, especially its individuals, and provided sanctuary and tyrannical rule, in this instance regional offices, with the country’s and other support services for victims by suppressing institutional checks top violators -- the military and the of rights violations and their kin. and balances within government. police establishments -- is a key The CHR also publicly put to task When juxtaposed with Congressional factor. In fact the CHR has played an the Arroyo administration and the approval of the staggering PhP 313 active role in giving credence to the military for said violations. billion 2018 “Kill, Kill, Kill” budget military and police establishment’s Unfortunately, the CHR reverted allocation for the implementation deceptive guise as champions of to becoming the instrument to of the Duterte counterinsurgency human rights through what is whitewash HRVs under the Benigno program, Oplan Kapayapaan, and euphemistically called “security Aquino III administration. The the bloody “war on drugs”, it is clear sector reform”, a counterinsurgency CHR under the leadership of former that the aim is to silence the CHR’s component straight out of the United Congresswoman Loretta criticisms against the rampant States Counterinsurgency Guide. This Ann “Etta” Rosales shifted its focus to July - September 2017 21

“non-state actors” pertaining mainly example in the case of the complaint atrocities by both the Aquino and to the New People’s Army. This shift filed by 43 health workers illegally Duterte regimes in line with their in the CHR focus from investigating arrested and tortured in Morong, counterinsurgency programs. CHR state-perpetrated HRVs to focusing Rizal versus Lt. Gen. Jorge Segovia, resolutions would recognize HRVs by on so-called violations by “non-state Col. Aurelio Baladad, then-Brig. state security forces, but would place actors” was a convenient distraction Gen. Eduardo Año, among others, equal blame on their victims. On that effectively papered over have constituted no less than April 1, 2016, around 4,000 starving blackened human rights record of the reinforcement of injustice and farmers from Cotobato province took Aquino regime. impunity. Not only was the CHR to the streets of Kidapawan City to In the past months, the current resolution five years late in what demand rice from the authorities CHR under Jose “Chito” Gascon has came to be known as the “Morong amid the ongoing severe drought finally corrected itself on record 43” case, the delay has resulted affecting their farms. The police shot and now clarifies to the public in the promotion of implicated into the crowd, killed two farmers that it is indeed the accountability generals. In several other cases, the and severely wounded several others. of state security forces that they Rosales CHR, merely resorted to They also illegally detained and filed should primarily be after. This is to victim-blaming in investigations trumped-up charges against scores refute President Rodrigo Duterte’s involving police brutality during of protesters. A CHR report dated accusation, echoed by the HOR, protest actions and demolitions of May 27, stated that the police used that the Gascon CHR is biased urban poor shanty dwellings. The excessive force and fired the first shot (attributed to his being a former Rosales CHR constantly ignored to disperse the protesting farmers, stalwart of the Liberal Party and an the policy of forcible physical but blamed protest organizers as well, Aquino appointee) because it is not displacement and consequent even recommending that criminal investigating the deaths of soldiers economic displacement of urban charges be filed against the farmer and policemen in the course of peace poor communities, made crystal leaders. Likewise, in its resolution and order operations. Correctly, clear when she sided with the Aquino on the extrajudicial killings of a the Gascon CHR pointed out that government, the local government, school head and a Lumad leader by alleged drug addicts/pushers who kill the Ayala Corporation, and the paramilitary forces in what came to security personnel are considered Philippine National Police in driving be known as the Lianga massacre on criminals under the law and are away the urban poor from their September 1, 2015, the CHR used its already dealt with using the full force homes in North Triangle, Quezon powers to shield the Aquino regime of the law. But when ordinary folk City to make way for vast property’s from accountability by continuously are victims of extrajudicial killings commercialization. asserting that perpetrators are by state forces, they have much more The Gascon CHR, while both state and non-state actors. limited recourse to seek justice, consistent in denouncing HRVs Once more, this line conveniently foremost of which should be the CHR. committed by police forces disregards the fact that the military But CHR resolutions in cases waging Duterte’s “war vs drugs”, is supposed to be the protector of involving military generals, for has conspicuously kept silent on the people and should therefore

22 KARAPATAN Monitor

uphold human rights. Instead they massacre (2015), the Lianga massacre defiance from the CHR becomes have been accorded authority and (2015), and Pangantucan massacre a mere uneven, inconsistent and firepower to harass, displace and kill (2015). The forced mass evacuation biased application of its powers, indigenous peoples and peasants, of Lumad to Davao City since 2016 to reserved only for certain kinds of including bombing schools and the present and numerous other gross victims, reinforcing accusations that communities, under US-instigated human rights violations in line with it is allowing itself to be be used for counterinsurgency programs. The counter-insurgency programs are left partisan political purposes. CHR has been instrumental in to gather dust. When the CHR does The attempt of Duterte henchmen parroting the military line that these issue its resolutions on outstanding in Congress to paralyze the CHR by communities are infiltrated by the cases, it resorts to victim-blaming allocating it a ridiculous PhP 1,000 NPA and are therefore legitimate while legitimizing police brutality and annual budget merely underscores targets of counterinsurgency military atrocities. It is therefore not the dangerous de facto control of the operations, deliberately turning a just a question of resources, but much legislative branch of government by blind eye on how, for example, the more one of decisiveness and political the executive. Recent developments indigenous people of Mindanao or will to truly investigate human rights regarding the railroading of the Lumad are under attack because violations especially when these are impeachment of Supreme Court they oppose land grabbing by mining inflicted on the poor and powerless, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and agribusiness interests of their regardless of the ideology, politics reveals President Duterte’s scheme ancestral land. or organizational affiliation of the to also hold the Supreme Court The CHR has also been remiss victims. by the neck. Already, the Court’s in using its budget and resources to Current CHR Chair Chito past decisions manifest how much investigate violations in the interior Gascon’s strong stand against drug- the majority of the justices are of rural areas. For example, in a related killings may or may not be beholden to Malacañang. Should dialogue with lumad leaders on motivated by his alignment with the Duterte be successful in impeaching September 2015, one of the CHR Liberal Party. What matters is that, and convicting CJ Sereno, it is not regional directors said that their objectively speaking, the Gascon CHR farfetched to say that Duterte can officers were not able go to Kitaotao, is under attack by President Duterte turn the highest court in the land Bukidnon to look into reports of and his allies in Congress because he as a rubber stamp to legitimize its killings of Lumad and the forced has openly denounced the mounting fascist policies and turn a blind eye closure of an alternative learning extrajudicial killings in Duetrte’s to its corrupt shenanigans. The same school for Lumad children, citing anti-drug war. may be said about Duterte’s next difficulties such as the distance of If the Gascon CHR courageously target for impeachment, Ombudsman the place of incident. Such excuses and consistently stands its ground on Conchita Carpio Morales. This points are pitiful and lends itself to drug-related EJKs, and furthermore to a situation where Duterte will procrastination and outright laziness. addresses other state-sponsored have consolidated his hold on all In sum, throughout the various attacks against the people’s civil three branches of government and leaderships of the CHR, the list and political rights -- especially in destroyed the system of checks and of unresolved state-perpetrated light of the looming proclamation balances enough to push through killings continue to grow including of nationwide martial law -- it can with his regime’s agenda to further the Hacienda Luisita massacre expect support from human rights the intolerable exploitation and (2004), Capion massacre (2012), defenders and from progressives who oppression of the Filipino people. Ligiw massacre (2014), Caramoan have themselves become the victims Thus, at this juncture in history, massacre (2014), the Paquibato of state repression. If not, this show of the promotion, protection and defense of human rights and people’s CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon rights in the country, especially with the increasing suppression of civil liberties and wanton disregard of democratic rights, ultimately rest on the unity and active participation of the people in the broadest movement against the tyranny of the Duterte regime which forebodes another open fascist dictatorship ala Marcos. July - September 2017 23

We demand a stop to indiscriminate aerial bombings, artillery fire and other destructive military operations that target civilian communities like Lumad and Moro communities, especially residences, schools, farms and commercial/business establishments. We say ‘no’ to blanket martial law powers and its inevitable abuse. We demand an independent and impartial investigation of reported looting, illegal arrests, and other human rights violations committed in the course of the Marawi siege. We resist efforts to silence the mass media and public opinion. We oppose moves to dismantle the system of checks and balances that are intended to prevent the return of dictatorship. We oppose the filing of trumped-up cases, the unjust arrest and detention of critics, activists and those unjustly labelled as “enemies of the state”. We call for the release of all political prisoners. We shall shatter the silence, fear and acquiescence that has afflicted many, especially the victims of human rights violations, corruption and abuse.

We shall defend and promote human rights and civil liberties at all cost. We shall oppose tyranny wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.

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Stop the Killings, Stand Against Tyranny! A manifesto by the Movement Against Tyranny (MAT)

The Duterte government is fast unfolding into another despotic regime. Since last year, Pres. Duterte has unleashed police and police-backed death squads in a brutal and murderous “war on drugs” that has victimized thousands of mostly poor, suspected small-time drug users and pushers and even innocents. In his rush to end armed conflicts with the Bangsa Moro and the CPP-NPA-NDFP, he has imposed martial law and suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao. He has unleashed the full might of the military to bombard civilian communities and terrorize, kill and illegally arrest those he considers as “enemies of the state”. His regime has continued the practice of filing trumped-up charges against activists and government critics, thus accumulating political prisoners. He has bristled at criticism of his human rights record and has tried to undermine and pressure into submission the very institutions that exist as a check and balance to his powerful office, including the Supreme Court, Congress, the Office of the Ombudsman, and the Commission on Human Rights. He has lashed out at members of the mass media due to unfavorable or critical reports of his administration’s policies and pronouncements. He has dismissed human rights as a needless obstacle to his administration’s law and order drive and continues to goad the police, military and paramilitary groups to violate those rights. He continues to incite state security forces to commit willful violence against the people while assuring them of protection from investigation, prosecution and punishment. IN THE FACE OF SUCH BLATANT ACTS OF TYRANNY, IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND, TO SPEAK OUT AND TO ACT. We demand an end to extrajudicial killings and mass murder in the name of the Duterte regime’s “war on drugs” and “war on terror”.