What is it?

A is: A) an imaginary society that

Dystopia B) comments on the flaws in our own society and

Introduction to Dystopian C) a majority of us would to live in it. Common Elements Social Restrictions

● Propaganda is used to control the citizens of Social restriction of society. ● Information, independent thought, and freedom are community members restricted. (social classes divided, ● A leader or concept may be worshipped by the citizens of the society. government does not allow ● Citizens are perceived to be under constant free communication) surveillance. ● Citizens have a fear of the outside world. ● Citizens live in a dehumanized state. ● Citizens conform to uniform expectations. Individuality and dissent are bad. Government Control Nature

● People in ● In dystopian often societies, people are fear government, afraid of or feel strict laws and alienated from punishments nature. ● For example, in , ● People are Katniss breaks the oppressed by rules by going governments hunting in the woods Language Elements of Literature

Use of Language - New words are coined to change story of the society. New mythology In a dystopian , crafted for creation of new society. the elements of Language to control experience. In The Hunger Games, literature you have ● a “peacekeeper,” is really a soldier protecting the capital from rebellion. been studying may fit a ● “The Hunger Games” sounds like something that could be fun, but it is typical pattern. not that way at all Hero/Heroine Conflict

The hero () of the story may be an You will see various types of conflict like... escapee or rebel. ● (Person vs. Society) Conflict may emerge from a faction or group somewhere outside of the society that resists control by the government. ● (Person vs. Person) Struggles for power and control between characters. ● (Person vs. Self) A personal struggle with identity and the roles in society Resolution

Possible Resolutions

● Hero dies. ● Hero conforms to the society. ● Hero leads a rebellion to change the society and succeeds. ● Hero gains new knowledge about helping society in the future.