Lawrence Gate 8 Hospital Point Field Cemetery The USNA Mission To develop Midshipmen morally, Firehouse Jeanette Forrest Sherman Memorial Field mentally and physically and to D. R . N RD Terwilliger Brothers IA Y Columbarium SIMS RD. imbue them with the highest ideals of H A T S Observatory Y M Field P RA duty, honor and loyalty in order to Dewey Field graduate leaders who are dedicated Hopper WHG F Hall to a career of naval service and have FitzGerald it (Summer c h 2019) Clubhouse potential for future development in B Rickover r Bishop i d Hall mind and character to assume the Stadium Hill Bridge g Hubbard r e e k e Nimitz C Library highest responsibilities of command, Hall citizenship and government. y Vietnam e Memorial s Alumni r HOLLOWAY RD. Vandergrift Hall Cutter Shed o Globe Rickover Glenn Warner Hendrix Terrace Ingram Field Oceanography Lab Severn River D Soccer Facility Michelson DECATUR RD. Maury Dorsey Creek Bridge Hall Hall RODGERS RD. McNAIR RD. Worden Field (Parade Grounds) Chauvenet MahanHall Luce Hall Santee Robert Crown Hall Stockdale Ethics Center Sailing Center Macdonough e Sampson Radford Basin Macedonian Terrace Monument SANTEE RD. g Hall Hall Gazebo Leahy e k Parking l BALCH RD. Hall Stribling Gazebo e UPSHUR RD. Garage l KING GEORGE ST. Tripoli o e Monument Scott r Natatorium C Mexican Walk Wesley Brown C NULTON RD. Monument Field House T Chauvenet Triton Light Visitor Parking RU PARKER RD.X PrebleHall T at Navy-Marine Corps O 10 N Memorial Stadium R 7 "Still on Patrol" D. Herndon (Shuttle to Gate 1) Naval Monument USS Paddle Bell Walk Tecumseh Academy Court Club BLAKE Foremast of Sea ROWE BLVD. TOURING THE YARD USS Maine Gate Larson Zimmerman 8 Welcome! Great moments and heroes in American history are represented Gate 3 Hall RD. Bandstand Chapel throughout the Yard in statues, paintings, ship models and artifacts. The Naval Entrance 9 USNA Jones Submarine King Hall Academy is accessible through the Gate 1 pedestrian entrances on Randall Street Employees Only Crypt HANOVER ST. Monument Levy Center and and Prince George Street. Visitors 18 and older must show a photo ID. Once on Midway Jewish Chapel AVE. Monument the Yard, proceed to the Quarterdeck and the visitor center and enjoy your visit! Hall Mitscher Buchanan BROWNSON RD. COLLEGE AVE. Alumni House 1 5 KING GEORGE ST. 6 Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center The Commodore Uriah P. Levy Center House Farragut Field Class of TURNER JOY RD. '49 House Dahlgren Hall Spa Creek Visitors to the Naval Academy are welcomed and Jewish Chapel 5 Seabees by a new, high-tech exhibit, the Quarterdeck, The Levy Center supports the moral Ward Hall Monument

as they enter the on the development of midshipmen with a PORTER RD. way to the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center. beautiful chapel in the East Wing and a The exhibit includes current-day photos character learning center in the West Tennis Courts and videos of academy life; an interactive Wing. It also provides a fellowship hall 9 Main Chapel

touch screen wall map, a USNA Featured and place of study and reflection Located on a high point in the Yard, with a

Graduates screen; interactive videos; and an for midshipmen of all faiths. sweeping view of the Severn River, the COOPER RD. BUCHANAN RD. Flag Alumni Association directory. chapel was dedicated in 1908 and conducts Short-Term Pole Field The visitor center houses an information 6 Dahlgren Hall Catholic and Protestant services which are Parking 4 Rip Miller (Turf Field) desk, free film, Naval Academy Guide The Drydock Restaurant is open to the open to the public. Beautiful stained glass EAST ST. Bill the Lejeune Goat Statue Service, additional exhibits and the official public and a great place to see ship and windows were designed by Tiffany and Pedestrian Naval Academy Gift Shop. aircraft memorabilia. Midshipmen social Gorham Studios. Entrance Quarterdeck 3 activities are often held here. Hanging NAAA Ticket Ricketts Hall 2 Admissions above the second deck is a model of a Crypt of John Paul Jones Office Located on the second deck of the Visitor Wright B-1 Flyer. One of the greatest Revolutionary War 1 Naval Academy Center. The Office of Admissions is open to naval heroes, Jones is enshrined beneath the HalseyField House the public and candidates interested in 7 Tecumseh Court chapel. His remains, brought to America RANDALL ST. Annapolis, Maryland applying to the Naval Academy. Admissions The Indian warrior Tecumseh stands in 1905 after 113 years of obscurity in a 2 Gate 1 PRINCE GEORGE ST. briefings are held Monday through watch over the site of noon meal Parisian cemetery, were found by General Visitor Entrance Saturday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. except for formations for the Brigade Horace Porter, U.S. Ambassador to France. 1 Armel-Leftwich Entrances for handicapped Open to public Visit exhibits in federal holidays. of Midshipmen, normally held Visitor Center the Quarterdeck Pedestrian Restrooms with facilities Parking for those at 12:05 pm weekdays during the 10 U.S. Naval Academy Museum, Proceed to Entrance 2 Admissions for handicapped with USNA IDs, 3 Ricketts Hall, NAAA Ticket Office academic year, schedule and weather Preble Hall Armel-Leftwich DoD credentials or Dining open to public handicapped tags Tickets for Navy athletics are sold here. The permitting. The museum contains historic treasures, Visitor Center City Dock (No picnics on the Yard) building also houses Naval Academy Athletic including paintings and artifacts. The Photo ID required Restrooms Association (NAAA) offices, a varsity athletic 8 Bancroft Hall exhibit “Leadership and Service: The training complex, and football locker room. Bancroft Hall is the largest dormitory History of the U.S. Navy and USNA” is in the U.S. The rotunda and a sample located on the first floor; the Rogers 4 Lejeune Physical Education Center room are open to the public, Collection of antique ship models is on the 0 100 200 300 400 500 ft. The Athletic Hall of Fame, an Olympic-size as well as Memorial Hall and a copy of the second floor. The museum store features pool and a wrestling arena are located here. famous “Dont Give Up The Ship” flag. nautical books, prints, models and gifts. Map © International Mapping Associates, Ellicott City, MD 100.2014