One Hundred and Eighty-Third FINAL EXERCISES

The Lawn May 20, 2012 The University of is grateful to the 392nd Army Band from Fort Lee, under the direction of Chief Warrant Officer Five Charles H. Vollherbst, for its participation in Final Exercises. Contents

Finals Speaker, 2 Finals Program, 3 A History of Final Exercises, 4 The Academic Procession, 5 Board of Visitors and Administration, 6 Faculty Marshals and Finals Committee, 7 Graduates and Degree Candidates * School of , 8 School of Law, 8 School of Engineering & Applied Science, 10 Curry School of Education, 14 Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, 17 School of Architecture, 18 School of Nursing, 19 McIntire School of Commerce, 20 School of Continuing & Professional Studies, 23 Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, 23 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, 23 College of Arts & Sciences, 30 Student and Faculty Awards, 40 Honorary Societies, 41 Locations of Final Exercises and Diploma Ceremonies, 44

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* The degree candidates in this program were applicants for degrees as of May 11, 2012. The deans of the University’s schools will make any necessary changes in the awarding of diplomas and/or the conferral of degrees and report them to the Office of the University Registrar for the official records. In addition, distinction and honor notations in this program are based on coursework completed as of the end of the Fall 2011 semester and may be adjusted based on coursework from Spring 2012.

The August 2011 and December 2011 degree recipients precede the list of May 2012 degree candidates in each section.

© 2012 by the Rector and Visitors of the Printing by University of Virginia Printing and Copying Services 1 Finals Speaker

Katherine A. Couric

Katherine A. “” Couric is an award-winning journalist and TV personality, tireless advocate for cancer research and awareness, and Times best-selling author. She is well-known for her un- precedented 15-year tenure as co-anchor of NBC ’ Today from 1991 until 2006 and for becoming the first solo female anchor of a national nightly news broadcast, as anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric from 2006 to 2011. At CBS News, Ms. Couric also contributed to , CBS Sunday Morning, and primetime specials. She now serves as a special correspondent for ABC News, contributing to ABC World News, , 20/20, , This Week, and primetime specials. Her new daily syndicated daytime talk show, Katie, will premiere on September 10th.

Ms. Couric grew up in Arlington and was graduated from the University of Virginia with honors in 1979. While at the University, she was associate editor of and a Lawn resident. She earned a B.A. degree in English Language and Literature and began her broadcast career as a desk assistant at ABC News in Washington, D.C., soon after her graduation. Over the next 10 years, she worked as an assignment editor, associate producer, producer, and political correspondent for CNN, and a reporter for television stations in and Washington, D.C., before joining NBC News in 1989 as deputy Pentagon reporter. In June 1990, she was named NBC’s first national correspondent.

Over the past two decades, Ms. Couric has covered the most important news stories around the world. She has been recognized with numerous awards for her interviewing and reporting skills, including the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Newscast for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric twice, the Award for Special Achievement for “National Impact on the 2008 Campaign”, the Award for Excellence in the Media, the George Foster Peabody Award, and Alfred I. duPont Awards for her work individually and for a series she conceived for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. She also has received six .

After losing her husband to cancer in 1998, Ms. Couric became an advocate for cancer research and aware- ness. She is a co-founder of Stand Up To Cancer, an organization that has raised nearly $200 million to accelerate research that can get new therapies to patients quickly. She launched the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance with the Entertainment Industry Foundation and cancer activist Lilly Tartikoff to fund cutting-edge research and generate awareness about the life-saving value of screening for colorectal cancer. Ms. Couric also has supported the Clinical Cancer Center here at the University, named for her late sister, who was a journalist and writer before becoming a Virginia state senator.

Ms. Couric lives in and has two daughters.

2 Finals Program Sunday, May 20, 2012

Academic Procession Gweneth L. West, Grand Marshal Degree Candidates Faculty President’s Party The Pledge of Allegiance The National Anthem, performed by the 392nd Army Band from Fort Lee Welcome Teresa A. Sullivan, President of the University of Virginia Introduction of Finals Speaker Helen E. Dragas, Rector of the University of Virginia Finals Address Katherine A. Couric Greetings from the Alumni Association Victoria Dux Harker, Chair of the University of Virginia Alumni Association Board of Managers Conferring of Degrees, Ms. Sullivan School of Medicine, Vice President and Dean Steven T. DeKosky, M.D., FAAN, FACP School of Law, Dean Paul G. Mahoney School of Engineering & Applied Science, Dean James H. Aylor Curry School of Education, Dean Robert C. Pianta Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, Dean Robert F. Bruner School of Architecture, Dean Kim Tanzer School of Nursing, Associate Dean Janie Heath McIntire School of Commerce, Dean Carl P. Zeithaml School of Continuing & Professional Studies, Dean Billy K. Cannaday, Jr. Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, Dean Harry Harding College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Dean Meredith Jung-En Woo Final Words to the Class, Ms. Sullivan Academic Recession, The Good Old Song

We request that the audience remain in place until the academic recession has passed. The presentation of diplomas will follow at the locations noted in this program. Degree candidates who do not receive their diplomas at school or departmental ceremonies may receive them at the Office of the University Registrar in Carruthers Hall after 2 p.m., Monday, May 21. 3 A History of Final Exercises at the University of Virginia

So astute was Mr. Jefferson in determining the basic educational policy for the University of Virginia that the policy has seen very little change in the University’s 193-year history. The colorful ceremony you will see today, however, would not have been held under ’s original plan, which did not provide for degrees and diplomas. Although the early students of the University were highly respected for their knowledge, some of them petitioned the Board of Visitors for diplomas to improve their opportunities for employment.

Out of deference to the founder, the Board took no action on these requests during Jefferson’s , but fifteen months after his death, it changed the policy and directed that plans be laid for the first “Public Day” (commencement). In July 1829, the first Public Day was held in the Dome Room of the Rotunda. The program was very long, and it included orations by students. By 1848, the program began with a procession led by students and involved a single address by a prominent person.

Public Day was held in the Dome Room until the Rotunda annex was completed in 1853. It was then held in the public hall of the annex until the Rotunda and the annex burned in 1895. When Cabell Hall was completed in 1898, the Public Day programs were held in its auditorium. President Alderman’s inauguration in 1905 brought about the more formal procession as seen today. It is now led by a faculty grand marshal.

When the McIntire Amphitheatre was completed in 1921, it became the site for the final exercises. A sudden drenching rainstorm disrupted the 1949 ceremony, sending the soaked graduates and guests into any shelter they could find. The threat of sudden storms and the increased number of graduates caused President Colgate Darden to declare that the 1952 ceremony would be the last to be held in the amphitheatre. Since then, Finals have been held on except in bad weather.

Even when the ceremonies were held in the amphitheatre, the participants marched from the Rotunda, down the Lawn to the site of the ceremony. Students have long considered it a high privilege to have the opportunity to walk down the Lawn at Finals, and today’s students place an even greater importance on this privilege. So important to many of them is the ceremonial walk down the Lawn, that a number of students, cheated out of a ceremony on the Lawn by bad weather, “confirm” their graduation by processing down the Lawn after Finals.

Through 1961, the president conferred the degrees and handed each recipient a diploma. By this time, graduates numbered in the thousands. The ceremony had become much too lengthy and the logistics too complex. Beginning in 1962 and continuing today, degrees are conferred in a main ceremony by the president. Degree recipients and their guests then reassemble later in “diploma ceremonies,” where the diplomas are presented to the graduates by the deans.

4 The Academic Procession

The Procession The academic procession is led by the grand marshal of the University bearing the official silver and ebony mace. Most of the processioners wear the academic costume accepted by a majority of the principal institutions of higher learning in the , though certain academic officials, such as the rector of the University, wear particular costumes indicative of current office. The processional order is listed below. The Gown The processional gown is usually black; the design of the sleeves denotes the type of degree being conferred. The bachelor’s sleeve is long and pointed. The master’s sleeve has squared ends, with the arc of a circle near the bottom and a slit for the arm near the elbow. The doctoral sleeve is bell-shaped with three velvet bars. The doctoral robe has full-length velvet panels in front, either black or a color that symbolizes the wearer’s field of learning. The Hood A separate ornamental fold hangs down the back of the gown, and its lining carries the colors of the college or university granting the degree (for the University of Virginia, orange and blue). An outside band of velvet varies in width according to the degree: two inches for bachelor’s degree, three for the master’s, and five for the doctorate. The color of the band and other velvet on the doctoral hood symbolizes the field of learning (such as dark blue for philosophy). The length of the hood also varies with the level of the degree: bachelor’s, three feet; master’s, three and one-half feet; and doctorate, four feet. Bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates often do not wear their hoods. The Cap The cap is usually the black mortarboard, decorated with a tassel. Gold tassels may be worn by holders of doctoral degrees, and some master’s tassels are white. Generally, the colors of the tassels represent the principal fields of learning and are described below.

Processional Order of Degree Candidates

Schools Color of Mortarboard Tassel & Banner Darden Graduate School of Business Administration ...... Tan School of Medicine ...... Green School of Law ...... Purple Graduate School of Arts & Sciences...... Black McIntire School of Commerce ...... Tan School of Engineering & Applied Science ...... Deep Orange School of Architecture ...... Blue Violet Curry School of Education ...... Light Blue School of Continuing & Professional Studies ...... White Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy ...... Peacock Blue School of Nursing ...... Light Orange College of Arts & Sciences ...... Black

5 University of Virginia Board of Visitors and Administration

Board of Visitors Helen E. Dragas, Rector (Virginia Beach, VA) Mark J. Kington, Vice Rector (Alexandria, VA) A. Macdonald Caputo (Greenwich, CT) Hunter E. Craig (Charlottesville, VA) The Honorable Alan A. Diamonstein (Newport News, VA) Allison Cryor DiNardo (Alexandria, VA) W. Heywood Fralin (Roanoke, VA) Marvin W. Gilliam, Jr. (Abingdon, VA) Robert D. Hardie (Charlottesville, VA) Glynn D. Key (Washington, DC) Randal J. Kirk (Radford, VA) Stephen P. Long, M.D. (Richmond, VA) George Keith Martin (Richmond, VA) Vincent J. Mastracco, Jr. (Norfolk, VA) John L. Nau III (Houston, TX) Timothy B. Robertson (Virginia Beach, VA) Jonathan Overdevest, Student Member (Charlottesville, VA) Edward D. Miller, M.D., Ex-officio Member (Baltimore, MD) Susan G. Harris, Secretary to the Board of Visitors

Administration Teresa A. Sullivan, President John D. Simon, Executive Vice President and Provost Michael Strine, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Robert D. Sweeney, Senior Vice President for Development and Public Affairs Susan A. Carkeek, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Steven T. DeKosky, M.D., FAAN, FACP, Vice President and Dean, School of Medicine Paul J. Forch, Counsel James L. Hilton, Vice President and Chief Information Officer R. Edward Howell, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Center Patricia M. Lampkin, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer Craig K. Littlepage, Director of Intercollegiate Athletic Programs Marcus L. Martin, M.D., Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity Yoke San L. Reynolds, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Colette Sheehy, Vice President for Management and Budget Thomas C. Skalak, Vice President for Research Maurice Apprey, Dean, African-American Affairs James H. Aylor, Dean, School of Engineering & Applied Science Robert F. Bruner, Dean, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration Billy K. Cannaday, Jr., Dean, School of Continuing & Professional Studies Dorrie K. Fontaine, Dean, School of Nursing Allen W. Groves, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Harry Harding, Dean, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Paul G. Mahoney, Dean, School of Law Robert C. Pianta, Dean, Curry School of Education Gregory W. Roberts, Dean, Undergraduate Admission Kim Tanzer, Dean, School of Architecture Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian Meredith Jung-En Woo, Dean, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Carl P. Zeithaml, Dean, McIntire School of Commerce David J. Prior, Chancellor, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise (recently deceased) 6 Faculty Marshals and Finals Committee Assembly Group John D. Arras John J. Densmore, M.D. Kathryn H. Haugh Majida Bargach Mark J. Mendelsohn, M.D. Robert E. Davis, Chair Joseph W. Anglin Louis A. Bloomfield David G. Moyer, D.C. William L. Ashby Rae L. Blumberg Christine M. Peterson, M.D. Seating Group John D. Bonvillian Sarah E. Betzer Ashley M. Shilling, M.D. Frank Papovich, Chair Maite Brandt-Pearce Jason J. Chruma Brian Wispelwey, M.D. Frederick H. Damon Craig E. Barton Anna C. Brickhouse Nursing James P. Cohoon Kathryn L. Buzzoni John D. Dillery Gerald P. Fogarty Emily E. Drake Karen A. Farber Robert M. Conroy Rebecca B. Harmon Wendy L. Golden W. Stevenson Hopson IV Elizabeth Fowler Claudrena N. Harold Jennifer R. Greeson Felicia C. Marston Mark A. Hadley Joanne M. McNergney David Herman Elizabeth K. Meyer LaVahn G. Hoh Grand Marshal Jeffrey L. Hantman Selina Noramly Susie J. Kim Gweneth L. West Patrice M. Hayden Amy V. Ogden Alireza Korangy Isfahani Kenneth C. Lichtendahl, Jr. Lynn M. Sanders Robert H. Kretsinger Carol Lynn Maxwell- Dorothy F. Tullmann Stephen A. Macko Procession Marshals Thompson Bruce A. Williams William C. McDonald J. Patrick Meyer III Edward M. Murphy Architecture Robert E. Patterson Michael L. Pace Phoebe Crisman Leonard J. Schoppa Eric M. Ramirez-Weaver John David Quale Gordon Stewart Banner Carriers Ariell Reshef College of Arts & Sciences William Wylie Class of 2012 Dan J. Spitzner Beverly C. Adams

Nancy J. Park Omar Velazquez Mendoza Karlin R. Luedtke Architecture Richard J. Will Shawn T. Lyons Nicholas J.G. Winter Graduation Planning A. Bruce Dotson Richard R. McGuire Committee College of Arts & Sciences Commerce Maurie D. McInnis Pamela W. Higgins, Chair W. Dean Harman Ahmed N. Abbasi Rachel Most Gary A. Ballinger Kirt von Daacke Kostas J. Alibertis Commerce Natasha Zhang Foutz William M. Wilson Marian L. Anderfuren Patrick J. Dennis Michael F. Gallmeyer Sally A. Barbour Commerce Stefano Grazioli Jason D. Bauman Continuing & Professional Lucien L. Bass III Studies William J. Kehoe Brent Beringer Marcia L. Pentz Donna J. Plasket Roger D. Martin Michael A. Blakey Education R. Ryan Nelson Continuing & Professional Nargis J. Cross Filip T. Loncke Andrea A. Roberts Studies Carolyn M. Dillard David C. Smith Sara E. Bon-Harper Gerald D. Drumheller Engineering & Applied Education Sharon L. Leiter Justina Duncan Science Cynthia P. Ferguson Robert J. Ribando Joe Garofalo Education Christian L. Steinmetz Jennifer L. Chiu Melissa A. Fielding Graduate Arts & Sciences Eleanor V. Wilson Stephanie D. Van Hover Alexander G. Gilliam, Jr. Philip D. Zelikow Allen W. Groves Engineering & Applied Engineering & Applied Harland D. Harris Graduate Business Science Science Anton Ovchinnikov Aaron S. Bloomfield James M. Fitz-Gerald Shawn Jacobson Law Benton H. Calhoun Stephen G. Wilson Jay W. Klingel George M. Cohen Lisa M. Colosi Jill Krantz Gavin T. Garner Graduate Arts & Sciences Jason E. Life Leadership and Public David L. Green Edward T. Barnaby Jesse N. Lynn Policy William H. Guilford Ronald G. Dimberg Melvin Mallory Wendy E. Perry Marty A. Humphrey Graduate Business Donald H. McGee Medicine James H. Lambert George (Yiorgos) S. Allayannis Michael B. Merriam Michael D. Moxley, M.D. Petra Reinke Edward W. Davis Kathleen E. O’Varanese Leonid V. Zhigilei Nursing Mary Margaret Frank Melissa Oliver Theresa J. Carroll Graduate Business Marian Chapman Moore Peggy S. Pasternak Nitya G. Reddy James R. Freeland Law Ashley P. Stevenson Peter Louis Rodriguez George S. Geis Debra C. Shiflett Law Rachel A. Harmon Marjorie L. Sidebottom Karen M. Moran Matthew H. Smith Leadership and Public Stacy M. Smith Frederick Schauer Policy Faculty Marshals Jeramy K. Spitzer Architecture Leadership and Public Christine Mahoney Eric M. Patashnik Carol Stanley Iñaki Alday Policy Jerilyn F. Teahan Nancy A. Takahashi Brenda B. Boyd Medicine Priya D. Vithani Richard Guy Wilson Howard H. Hoege Randolph J. Canterbury, M.D. Melanie R. Welcher College of Arts & Sciences Jill S. Rockwell Richard D. Pearson, M.D. Rebecca White Abdelmalek Abdesselam Medicine Nursing Sheri B. Winston Hector Amaya Megan J. Bray, M.D. Reba Moyer Childress Carol Wood 7 Graduates and Degree Candidates

Caroline Haberstroh Tran Hall Elizabeth Dell Thompson Christopher Michael Hartley School of Medicine Joshua Taylor Hammond John David Tillou Yoichi Hirano Conferred December 29, 2011 Christopher Michael Harnain Clarence Brian Toney Julian Dominic Klose Lynn Marisa Hassman Diogo Torres Flavio Lardelli Doctor of Medicine Michael James Heiby Mark Benjamin Troyer Pilar Marco Zoe Marie MacIsaac Sevann Helo Patrick Amos Upchurch Jonathan Mark McLeod Laura Brooke Higginbotham Thaddée Halewyn Valdelièvre Benedikt Mertens Frank Cameron Hill Iris Lillian Vance Nele Monkerhey Conferred May 20, 2012 Justin David Hilliard Kyle Keith VanKoevering Yutaka Owada Doctors of Medicine Matthew Marvin Hitchcock Sean Michael Staerkel Wade Tatsuya Ozawa Thuy-Van Tina Ho Scott Andrew Wallace Yukako Ozawa Kathleen Corinne Abalos John Isaac Hogan Daniel James Warburton Jungjae Park Jonathan Simon Abelson Ling-Lun Bob Hsia Karen Marie Wheeler Chihiro Raku Oluwayemisi Love Afere Brittany Leigh-Ann Hu Jeffrey Michael Wilson Raku Raku Adeeb Aghdassi James Nixon Irvine, Jr. Lauren Elizabeth Winfree Monserrat Andrea Ramirez Herrera Angela Marianela Aldayuz Jonathan Ariel Israel Elisabeth Kristine Wynne Renato Romero Polillo Morgan Elizabeth Alonso Rajesh Kumar Jain JiaDe Yu Toshihiko Sato Katerina Ancevski Andrew Kessler Johnson Xian Zhao Kristian Oskar Schnittger Hadi Bin Anwar Matthew Hobson Jones Marian Royer Zuses Ji Hye Seefried James Alden Armontrout Manisha Kak Irena Sik Edward Wadie Bahou Katherine Louise Keith Hiroko Tsurumaru George Christopher Bailey Alyson Lucas Kepple Mauricio Valdespino Paredes Jeffrey Daniel Balduzzi Shawna Marie Kettyle Fabiana Motta Cambraia Viana Diane Leigh Paz Barros Samuel Hyojune Kim School of Law Fabian Wäger Byron Michael Bassi Matthew Carnochan Kinney Conferred December 29, 2011 Jing Wang Rachel Huber Beck Kaelyn Ann Krook Emmelie Marie Wijckmans Chase Gregory Bennett Farida Usa Kwaji Doctor of Ehsan Benrashid Evan Michael Lapinsky Juridical Science Juris Doctores Amit Bhaskar Steven Jamarey Lewis Yi-hsin Tsai Laura Elizabeth Black Anjie Li Ahmed Abdel-Rahman Dissertation: Enforcement of the Sara Bouberhan Tracey Harrop Liljestrom David Ikenna Adams Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law Galina S. Boyarinova Brian Scott Long Brendan M Ahern Colleen Jae Bressler Joana Rita Lopes Perdigao Jimmy Aloezos Carol Emi Bretschneider Kathryn Anne Lurain Juris Doctores Kirk Jared Anderson Diana Sophie Brill Michelle Jade Anderson Gregory Russell Madden Elisabeth Harper Epps Emily Claire Bagby Brown Melissa Anne Mallory Kyle Scott Baird Matthew Earle Bryant Justin Emery Flake Michael John McArdle Manu Kashyap Balachandran Sean Jorgensen Callahan Michael M. Gabbrielli John Kinnear McConnell Richard Joseph Balazs Heidi Yi-Shin Chang Jonathan Scott Grimm Nicholas James Barker John Thomas McMurtry Faraaz Bijan Chekeni Ita Piroska Cowan Falaky Nagy Jennifer Anne Galli Becker Nili Nitin Mehta Lingye Chen Jesse Cobb Stewart Seth Davis Beckley Winta Tsegay Mehtsun Yue Jing Chen John Eliot Beerbower Stephen Craig Merrell Joshua David Chew Lucas Edward Beirne William Dwight Miller Conferred May 20, 2012 Sunny Sue Chiao Andrew James Montgomery Bentz Ryan Anthony Mlynarek Benjamin Harding Click Doctors of Julie Diane Bentz Victoria Norton Moore Nathan Tyler Cohen Craig J. Bergman James Hieu Nguyen Juridical Science Elizabeth Virginia Connor Pedro Jose Bermeo Coronel Quang Hong Nguyen Ahmed Almoatassem Mohamed Stephanie Elizabeth Cooper Katherine Mary Beye Matthew David Nitz Alshorbagy Andrew Richard Crichlow Brett P. Blobaum Dissertation: Protecting Minority Lee Matthew Cunningham Jonathan Brett Overdevest Harold William Bloom III Shareholders in Egyptian Public Emily Kate Cushnie Christina Marie Papageorge Matthew C. Bloom Corporations: A Comparative Jessica Peavy Enneking Davis Nishant Anilkumar Patel Micki Allison Bloom Study in Corporate Governance and Amanda Jo DeMauro Rohan Kiran Patel Shaun James Bockert Securities Regulation Emily Ashley Downs Nathan Charles Poiro Clifford Edward Boeglin Kathleen Halley Pridgen Kevin Alexander Draper Orly Rachel Rachmilovitz Wesley Aaron Boling Lindsay Nicole Ramey Gustavo Andres Elias Dissertation: Masters of Their Jessica Noelle Boluda Paul Thomas Reynolds Donald Aric Elmer Own Destiny: Children’s Identities, Michael David Bookman Nosheen Reza Nicholas Craig Farber Parents’ Assimilation Demands and Clare Marie Boronow Nicholas Glenn Roney Eric Gavin Feinstein State Intervention Eileene Islada Braxton Grace Milad Felix Regan Howard Royer Travis Petty Brinton Eric Jay Feuchtbaum Sharon Lisa Rubin Kristen Kabat Bromberek James Norman Foster George Richard Rueb Masters of Laws Lindsay Marie Brooker Patricia Anne Frost Melanie Christine Schaffer James Edward Babington-Stitt Michael Jon Broome Kimberly Elizabeth Fryer Amy Elizabeth Schell Maria Belova Ashley Christina Brown Scott Donald Gardner Christopher Lloyd Schumann Juan Antonio Boyd Aleman Natalie Elisabeth Brown Juan Marcelo Giugale Neilayan Sen Peter Simon Braun Joseph Douglas Budd George Franklin Glass III Anoop Mukesh Shah Jingdong Chen Salima Elizabeth Christie Burke Stephanie Beth Gold Ioana Batran Smith Dmitry Chuprikov Katherine Jane Butler Randal Ian Goldberg Luriel Ignacio Smith-Harrison Sharon Cop Andrew Martin Buttaro Krishika Acharya Graham Jeffrey Michael Sturek Ramom Dantas Rotta Valerie L. Byer Mark Andrew Greyson Amanda Rauda Tellawi Kosuke Hamaguchi Zachary Thomas Byers

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

8 School of Law

Roberto Carlos Castillo Tara Eileen Halsch David Mark Locher Thomas William Perez-Lopez David Saunders Chamberlain Douglas Michael Hance Brett Philip Lowe Michael Jordan Pergler Elizabeth Winnie Chan Dena Nadimi Harandi Jason Cyrus Lynch James Joseph Petrila Kelly Ann Chang James Matthew Harrigan Robert Wood Lynn R. Kent Piacenti Sarah Sophie Chase-Levenson Michelle Chance Harrison Natalie Christine Madaj Caitlin McLaughlin Poe Chioma Ifeyinwa Chukwu Matthew Richard Harvey Britney Hope Maddux Kevin Christopher Poe, Jr. Stacy Jihey Chung Daniel Benjamin Hausman Lindsey Chamness Maguigan Brian Thomas Polley Joshua Andrew Clark Meredith Blaire Hawkins David Clifton Majors Jeffrey Stuart Porter Teale Lawrence Clark Kelsey L. Hazzard Anne Clare Malinee Nathaniel James Prum Sara Michelle Clingan Russel Alan Henderson Timothy Patrick Malone Mark Adam Rabideau Ryan Lee Clyde Aliza Herman Esha Mankodi Cory Adam Rand Ross Evan Coe Jack Alexander Herman Barlow Treadwell Mann, Jr. Amber Renee Randolph Richard James Connaroe II Sarah Elizabeth Hickie Robert William Manoso April Elizabeth Reeves Ellen Frances Cornutt Elizabeth Patricia Hinkley Leanne Michelle Marek Christopher Michael Reilly Elizabeth Burke Crawford Jessica Lindsay Ho Courtney Marello Emily Marie Renzelli Katherine Grace Mims Crocker Steven Scott Hollingsworth Elizabeth Anne Marshall Katherine Ann Reynolds David Jay Cutshall Jacob Alexander Holt Vincent Blair Marsteller Laura Emily Richardson Joseph Allen D’Agostino Shawn Richard Horrocks Michael John Martelo Frank Brock Riggs Elizabeth Juliet Dalton Nicole Alise Hrusovsky Benjamin James Martin Thomas Morgan Riley Srijita DasGupta Victoria Lin Hsia Eric David Martin Diane Marie Rish Christopher John Dass Yuji Eugina Huang Ben-Yusuf Massey Ricardo Arturo Roa, Jr. Mary Frances Dassel Allison Huebert Richard Peter Massony, Jr. Tamiesha C. Robinson Max Chambers Davis Thomas John Aaron Humphrey Ashley Breanne Matthews Madeleine Kristine Rodriguez Micah Patrick Dawson John Benton Hurst Laura R. Mauldin Robbie Freyda Rogart Megan Elizabeth Dellinger Jeffrey Joseph Immel Benjamin Arthur Mayer Margaret Celeste Rohlfing Kathleen Maria Delsandro Keisha Nicole Jackson Mark Allen McBride Alexandra Martin Romero David Zeki Demirbilek Megan Laing Janes Catherine Harding McCord Zachary Lance Rowen Evan G. Didier McChesney Hill Jeffries III Frances Gardiner McCorkle Lana Marie Rowenko Matthew Kenneth Dinan Jarrod Rodman Jenkins Thomas Regan McDermott Laura O’neil Russell Sonali Dohale Laura Marie Jenkins Timothy Patrick McKernan Christine Minjee Ryu Matthew A. Dominy Sarah Dearing Johns Calleigh Mae McRaith Melissa-Kay A. Samuels Breandan Charles Donahue Anna Maria Johnson Cassandra Ashley Mendoza Joel Hugh Sanderson Karen Elizabeth Dottore Gary Wenzel Johnson II Eric Meng Madison Bernice Saniuk Richard Francis Daaboul Dudley John Seth Johnson David Robert Merritt Ashlee Elizabeth Sawyer Nicholas Dyer Dumais Laura Jean Jolley David Daniel Metcalf Katherine Jordan Schadler Erin Leigh Earp Jason Rene Jones Scott Matthew Migliori Jason Phillip Schaengold Milad Emam Brannon Albert Jordan Jure Miletic Christopher Paul Schandevel Zhibin Fan S. Cagle Juhan Kristin Anne Millay Mark Ford Schottinger Leily Faridzadeh Yoon-Joo Jung Matthew Lee Miller Mariana Oliveira Seixas Aimee Lane Fausser James Alexander Kaiser Evan Campbell Mix Ann Marie Seller Elaine Victoria Fenna Constance Karras Tenley Mochizuki Daniel Thomas Sharpe Kathryn Marie Fennig Clay William Karwisch Jed Thomas Moody Kathleen Shen Andrew Nathan Ferguson Rena Kelley Stephanie Teresa Moore Kristen Michelle Shepherd Adam Jesse Fleisher Jessica Rae Kelly Hallee Katherine Morgan Kathleen Kendall Sheridan Daniel Robert Foster Carolyn Honoria Kendall Meghann Keely Morrill Vladimir Shklovsky Kellen T. Fowler Nathanial Troy Kenser Katelyn Elizabeth Morris Samba Silla Kimberly B Frumkin Vivian Eunice Kim Natalie Danielle Morris Lauren Ashley Simpson John Calvin Fuchs David A. King Haley Shaw Morrisson Anisha Singh Robert Walker Fults Simone M. King Michael Scott Moskowitz Henry Sire Garry André Victor Gabison Lance Robert Kiss, Jr. Rachel Elizabeth Mossman Justin Barrett Skidmore Scott Brandon Galla Zuzanna Zofia Knypinski Rebecca Anne Muff Colin Clemens Smith Jessica Nicole Garcia Phillip Sun Koh Dhruba Mukherjee David B. Smith Mica Anouska Germain Georgiana Levy Konesky George Alfonso Naya Jessica Marie Smith Shea Matthew Gibbons Nicholas Charles Krainak Peter Vance Nelson Juliane Ylenia Smith Katharine Walker Gilman Colleen Depman Kukowski Patrick Lee Neville, Jr. William Becker Sohn Jennifer Jean Gimbert Cindy C. Kung Carolyn Le Nguyen Alexandra Leigh Solomon Aditi Goel Glenn Grayson Kunkes Nathanael Jackson Cochrane Sean Michael Solomon Jason Zachary Goldstein Lauren Elizabeth Kunkle Nichols Jessica Faye Sommer Daniel Alexander Gordon Allison Marie Lansell Ryan Anthony Notton Chen Song Kelly Lauren Gordon Charlotte B. Lauren Timothy William Ormsby Chassica Soo Charles Jonathon Granger Christina Susan Leaton Laura Rose Paliani Brendan Miller Staley Natalie Elizabeth Gray Emily Clancey Lechner John Chris Pappas Anne Baldwin Stephenson Amanda Lais Gray Williams Jennifer Joy Lee Katherine Anne Parrott Amy Marie Stern Matthew Pendzich Greeson Jessica Marie Lee Kimberly Louise Paschall Cory S. Stott Emerald Paula Greywoode Leslie Ann Lee Alan Michael Pate Katherine Anne Sultenfuss Daniel Moises Liddle Gude Nathanael Harris Lee Kinal Mahesh Patel Steven Yifu Sun Kathryn Ellen Guilfoyle Samuel Isaac Levin Julie Ann Patter Ryan Douglas Taggett Jansen Orville Gunther Veronica Jean Lew Andrew John Peach Alex J. Talley Hayley Ann Haldeman Oliver C. Liao Jeffrey S. Pelligrino Ryan D. Tansey Stephanie Lynn Hall Alan Shih-Lun Lin David Perez Sanjiv Jayant Tata

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

9 School of Engineering & Applied Science

Laura Farish Carter Tate Online Profiling of Homogeneous ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Vivo Validation of an Agent-Based Aaron Terr and Heterogeneous Multicore Xi Luo Model of Leukocyte Trafficking Marc Ryan Thomas Systems Nathan Brown Thoreson MEChAniCAL AnD ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Charles Woodward Throckmorton V ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG Bhushan Narayan Zope Amanda Grace Tomney Saurav Basu Jennifer Mae Arney Dissertation: Mechanistic Study of Erin K. Topp Dissertation: Using Manifold Glycerol Oxidation Over Supported Robert Zachary Torres-Fowler Geometry in Image Analysis: Gold Catalysts Shape Based Recognition and Pose Master of Materials Lars DeForest Trautman CoMPutEr EnGinEErinG Tracking Science and Engineering Peter Lindley Trentman Satyanand Vijay Nalam Daniel Tropin Prakash Palanisamy EnGinEErinG PhySiCS Dissertation: Circuit and CAD Christine Elizabeth Tschiderer Solutions for Optimal SRAM Design William Merritt Unsworth Jianming Shi Masters of Science in Nanoscale CMOS Carl Terrell Ussing Dissertation: Laboratory Study of Extraterritorial Ices Electrical Joseph Leonard Vandegrift ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG CoMPutEr SCiEnCE Properties and Interaction with Georgia Chrysalis Varlan Himanshu Paliwal Jiakang Lu Irradiation Suneil Vemuru Xin Ren Dissertation: SenHome: A Con- Laura Dougherty Venker MAtEriALS SCiEnCE ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG venient and Inexpensive Sensing Holly Rose Vradenburgh AnD EnGinEErinG Sudhanshu Khanna System for Improving the Energy Paul Anthony Wagoner Elissa Marie Bumiller Efficiency of Heating, Cooling, and Janice Wang Dissertation: Intergranular Corro- MAtEriALS SCiEnCE Lighting in Homes Marina Andrea Warner sion in AA5XXX Aluminum Alloys AnD EnGinEErinG Daniel Paul Watkins Duane George Merrill III with Discontinuous Precipitation at Frederick John Polesak III Samuel Kenneth Whitt Dissertation: Allocation-oriented the Grain Boundaries Aaron Mark Williams MEChAniCAL AnD Algorithm Design with Application Amber Williams MEChAniCAL AnD AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG to GPU Computing Kristina Elizabeth Wilson AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG Thomas Adam Clinton Wills Smullen IV Christopher Keith Wimbush Justin Tyler Blair Jason Paul Mickey Dissertation: Designing Giga-scale Sarah Elizabeth Wohl Dissertation: Optimal Locomotion Christopher Anzalone Zirker Memory Systems with STT-RAM Robert Wai Wong of Mechanical Rectifier Systems Joseph Quinn Wood SyStEMS EnGinEErinG ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Elizabeth Ingersoll Woodley Adam Patterson Steele Sharon Meth Alec Jacob Bateman Shawn Xiao Yang Dissertation: Durable Nanocom- Ayse Ilgin Parlak Dissertation: Robustness Analysis Lindsey Michelle Yeargin posites for Superhydrophobicity and Oliver Herbert Platts-Mills and Validation Methods for Feed- Tyler Paul Young Superroleophobicity Irwin Ocampo Reyes back Control Laws Kevin Junyan Zhao SyStEMS EnGinEErinG Jakob Burner Harmon Mingyi Hong Bachelors of Science Dissertation: Digital Predistortion for Nonlinear Satellite Channels Dissertation: Competition and CiviL EnGinEErinG Equilibrium in Resource Con- Robert Chen Du Zhi Li School of strained Cognitive Radio Networks Dissertation: High-Power Pho- Colleen Suzanne Hughes CoMPutEr SCiEnCE todiodes Engineering & Mohamed Bassam Amin Dissertation: Safety Supervision Dion Charlene McIntosh-Dorsey Applied Science System Design and Implications for Jesse Overton Colton, Jr. Pengyu Fan Dissertation: Integration of Pho- Conferred August 10, 2011 Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin todiodes with Micro-capillaries Infusion (CSII) in T1DM EnGinEErinG SCiEnCE for Applications in Fluorescence Doctors of Philosophy Christopher Walter Karvetski Rafel Taye Detection BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Dissertation: Scenario-Based Pref- Joseph Frederick Ryan MEChAniCAL EnGinEErinG Joseph Charles Burns erences with Multicriteria Analysis Dissertation: On the Robust Design Dissertation: Cellular Plasticity for Strategic Design Shelby Christine Codde of Sustainably Managed, Reconfigu- and Regeneration in the Inner Ear Douglas Wai-Dak Lee SyStEMS EnGinEErinG rable Circuits for Ultra Low Energy Robert Leonard Janiczek Dissertation: Network Flow Hyung-Joon Yoon Systems in Nanoscale CMOS Dissertation: Measurement of Models for Strategic Air Traffic Vasudha Chaurey Shukla Wall Shear Stress Using Magnetic Management Dissertation: Electrically Guided Resonance Imaging Conferred December 29, 2011 Assembly of Nanostructures for ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Masters of Doctors of Philosophy Bio-Sensing and Tissue Engineering Daniel Franklin Sunday Computer Science BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Se Young Yoon Dissertation: Polymer Grafted Dissertation: Surge Control of Tanima Dey Patrick Francis Antkowiak Nanoparticles in Polymer Matrices: Active Magnetic Bearing Suspended Abhishek Rawat Dissertation: Manganese-Enhanced Surface Chemistry and Stability Centrifugal Compressors Chih-Hao Shen MRI of Pancreatic B Cells in Mouse Models of Type 1 Diabetes CoMPutEr SCiEnCE Jeffrey Stephen Shirley Qiugui Zhou Hengchang Liu Lydia Silbajoris Glaw Dissertation: Silicon-Carbide- Dissertation: Design and Imple- Masters of Engineering Dissertation: The Role of Bone Based Avalanche Photodiodes for mentation of an Automatic, Robust, Marrow-Derived Cell PDGF-B Ultraviolet Detection and Efficient Breadcrumb Sensor BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Chain in Microvascular Network Dane Morris Dunson MAtEriALS SCiEnCE Network Maintenance and Remodeling AnD EnGinEErinG Daniel Scott Upton CiviL EnGinEErinG Bryan Christopher Thorne Tabitha Marie Apple Dissertation: Enabling Efficient Derek Brandon Overstreet Dissertation: Development and In Dissertation: Quantitative Analysis

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

10 School of Engineering & Applied Science

of Fatigue Microstructures in Cop- SyStEMS EnGinEErinG Conferred May 20, 2012 Ashlie Benjamin Hocking per Using Transmission Electron Luis E. Gatillon, Jr. Dissertation: Using a Proxy- Microscopy for Calculation of a Anupama Nehra Doctors of Philosophy Oriented Genetic Algorithm to Find Material Nonlinearity Parameter BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG a Millisecond-Scale Model of the and Comparison with Ultrasonic Master of Materials Roshan James Hippocampus Dissertation: Novel Tissue Engi- Testing Pieter Hooimeijer Science and Engineering neering Strategies for Tendon Repair Dissertation: Decision Procedures Derek John Horton Christian John McGrath and Regeneration Dissertation: The Effect of Struc- for String Constraints Landon William Locke tural Ordering on Active, Passive, Krasimira Kostadinova Kapitanova Masters of Science Dissertation: Strategies for Tar- and Localized Corrosion in Selected Dissertation: Robust Real-Time geted Imaging of Leukocytes in Model Alloy Systems BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Event Services in Wireless Sensor the Lung Anthony Olatokunboh Awojoodu Networks Rupalee Prashant Mulay Jason Hung-Ying Yang ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Jason Oscar Dissertation: A Diffraction Based Dissertation: Systems Analysis of Hui Xu Dissertation: Rethinking the Study of the Deformation Mechan- Cardiac B-Adrenergic Signaling isms in Anomalously Ductile B2 Archi tecture of Warehouse-Scale CiviL EnGinEErinG Regulation Intermetallics Computers Peter Sauerwein ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Prakash Palanisamy Ray Dukes Smith, Jr. Arkaitz Ruiz Alvarez Rosemary Ann Cox-Galhotra Dissertation: Dissertation: Phenomena Associ- ShiZe Su Automated Data Dissertation: Bulk and Surface Management in Cloud Computing ated with Melting and Supercooling ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Property Characterization of Novel in Al and the Solid-Liquid Interface Vijay Srinivasan Parinya Anantachaisilp Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode in an Al-Si Base Alloy Investigated Dissertation: Non-Invasive Sensor Gu Lin Materials by IN-SITU Analytical Transmis- Solutions for Activity Recognition in Sarah Elizabeth Johnson sion Electron Microscopy Smart Homes MAtEriALS SCiEnCE Dissertation: Neural Synchroniza- AnD EnGinEErinG Kiril Rangelov Simov tion in Seizures Lingjia Tang Katherine Marie Fleming Dissertation: Manganese Nano- Dissertation: Mitigating Memory Priya Ghatwai Ernie Xavier Pérez Almodóvar structures and Magnetism Resource Contention in Warehouse Toni Kember Dissertation: Protein Adsorption Scale Computers MEChAniCAL AnD and Transport Kinetics in Novel MEChAniCAL AnD Kristen Rachelle Walcott-Justice AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG Stationary Phases for Protein AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG Chromatography Based on the Dissertation: Testing in Resource- Thomas Kent Bliss Matthew Adams Goodhart UNOsphere Architecture Constrained Environments Dissertation: Central Pattern Andrew Slonopas Generator Control of a Tensegrity CiviL EnGinEErinG Yafeng Wu Based Swimmer SyStEMS EnGinEErinG George Michael Fitch Dissertation: Reliability Solutions Kimberly Erin Brantley Dissertation: Analysis and Environ- in Wireless Sensor Networks Daniel Eric Cecil Melike Etem mental Impact Reduction Strategies Xiang Yin Dissertation: Velocity Field Meas- Qian Zhang for Sodium Chloride Based Winter Dissertation: Echo: Practical urements in Rarefied, Hypersonic Maintenance Practices Formal Verification by Reverse Flows of Nitrogen Using Laser- Synthesis Induced Fluorescence of Iodine Bachelors of Science John Thomas Mobley, Jr. BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Dissertation: Comprehensive Man- ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Jae Ho Shin Patrick Michael Blake agement and Modeling of Water Frank Emmanuel Block III Dissertation: Injury and Response Quantities: Utilizing an Existing Dissertation: Aligned and Coaxial of Human Ankle and Subtalar Joints ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Watershed Model for Comprehen- Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering under Complex Loading Michael Henryk Polchert sive Water Management and Plan- Adam Nathaniel Silver ning, and Optimal Design of Outlet Lihan Chen Master of Control Structures for Ecological Dissertation: Micromachined Mil- CiviL EnGinEErinG Detention Ponds limeter- and Submillimeter-wave Computer Science Elizabeth Grace Guarino Circuits for Test and Integration 2 CoMPutEr EnGinEErinG Wang Nadia Putri Tenggara Shana Chantell Craft Jiawei Huang Dissertation: Achieving Residen- CoMPutEr SCiEnCE Dissertation: A Digital System tial Demand Response through Masters of Engineering Edric William Barnes Design Methodology for Efficiency- Predictive Evaluation of Thermal CiviL EnGinEErinG Alexander Francis King Quality Tradeoffs Using Imprecise Domenic Joseph Tessari Response (ETHER) Models: An Dianjun Ren Hardware ARIMA Approach CoMPutEr EnGinEErinG ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Mark Eric McGinley Emma Kathryn Fauss Yu Yao Christopher Evan Brown Dissertation: On Providing Fair Dissertation: Correlation of Disin- Yuchen Zhou Yun Jie Ni Circuit/Virtual-Circuit Networking fection Action of Silver Nanopar- Services EnGinEErinG SCiEnCE ticles to Silver Ion Release and ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Reactive Oxygen Species Genera- Areeque Mir Tasneem CoMPutEr SCiEnCE Robert Ferdinand Addo Raymond Leo Patrick Buse IV tion Characteristics Bradford Charles Bridgeman MEChAniCAL EnGinEErinG Dissertation: Automatically Vikram Varadarajan Iyengar Regina Chun-Man Wong Daniel Adam Beville De scribing Program Structure and Dissertation: Efficient Solar Cells Brian Weber Vande Pol MEChAniCAL AnD Behavior Using Ultrafast-Laser Micro- Textured Silicon Surfaces AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG SyStEMS EnGinEErinG Joel Matthew Coffman Paul Lee Dorn, Jr. Andrew David Clark Dissertation: Creating Deployable Simon Estomih Mushi Toader Dumitriu Andrew Paul McNeill Relational Keyword Search Systems Dissertation: Robust Control of

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

11 School of Engineering & Applied Science

Rotordynamic Instability in Rotat- for Hierarchical Modeling with SyStEMS EnGinEErinG MEChAniCAL AnD ing Machinery Supported by Active Application to Corrosion Prediction Phillip Ahn AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG Ana Isabel Bajcsi Kevin McAllister Clark Magnetic Bearings Suzanne Marie Delong Alan E. Bell John Nathan Greenwood Dissertation: An Efficient Meth- Devin Pugh-Thomas Matthew Raymond Bloss Jason Andrew Kaplan odology for Analysis of Stochastic Dissertation: Luminescent Quan- Michael Ryan Bornarth Christina Ann Pappas Computer Simulation Experiments tum Dots for High Temperature Bruce David Budinger Benjamin Joseph Tatman Sensing Jonathan Michael Fox Alan Theodore Clinard SyStEMS EnGinEErinG Qian Sang Dissertation: Temporal Consider- Noel Rose Cline Thomas Joseph Corsall Ryan Philip Bobko Dissertation: Model Reference ations for Spatial Event Prediction Michael Glynn Egan Alexander Evan Gessner Adaptive Control of Uncertain Qifeng Qiao Sarah A. Fogel Yiwei Zhang Piecewise Systems with Applica- Dissertation: Machine Approaches Roberto Garcia tions to Aircraft Flight Control to Epistemic Learning with Christine Chaeyung Gil Application to Decision Strategy Bachelors of Science EnGinEErinG PhySiCS Lety Z. Gonell Recognition Amir A. Jenkins AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG Michael Frederick Francis Cherí L. Johnson Chelsea Amanda Bailey Dissertation: Hydrogen Entry Kuei-Yung Teng Dissertation: Business Processes, John Martin Kerr, Jr. Te-Rique Larrell Barney Flux Rates upon First Exposure of 2 Policy Analysis, and Maturity Kimberly Anne Lewis Jeffrey Ryan Clubb Aluminum to Water and Relevance Model for a Risk and Safety Program Yi Lin Joshua Michael Coiner to the Environmentally Assisted Michael Sesti McCormick Kareem Mohamed El-Gohary2 Cracking of Aluminum: A Model Shital Ashok Thekdi Ronald Keith Moser Erik Nicholas Ellison3 Density Functional Theory and Dissertation: Land Risk Manage- Duane Mueller Peter Hyatt Gumble Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation ment for Transportation Networks: Corbin Moore Norman Deborah Ruth Hoffman Study Development of the Corridor Obajuwon Oladimeji Obadina Brian Andrew Ichter2 Trace Analysis and Supporting Martin Ordonez Puente Andrew Michael Kafer Kaleem Jamar Morris Methodologies Albert Perez Michael Louis Malinowski2 Dissertation: Luminescence Pho- Brian Jerome McGovern2 Xiaofeng Wang Ammon Spencer Redd tophysics and Oxygen Sensing Rahmath Syed Mohamed Dissertation: Feature-Based Spatio- Kyle Edward Royster Properties of Ru(11) Complexes in Sean Dale Molstad Temporal Modeling Michael Clayton Rudd Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Kristen Amanda Ruh John Patrick Muncks and Ionic Liquid Encapsulated Gels Steve Y. Yang Christopher Paul Short Joseph A. Murphy Dissertation: Behavior Based David Glen Sweeney Thomas Gallant Niskanen Orenthal James Tucker Algorithmic Trading Strategy Hamza Hussamuddin Syed Michael Brendan O’Brien Dissertation: Escape from Titan’s Identification Dione Yvette Tabb Tasia Estelle Paraskevopoulos Atmosphere: Kenetic Monte Carlo Brian Charles Thomas Daniel Henry Rice Simulations Masters of Jonathan Rhae Vander Vliet Taylor Jesse Scholz2 MAtEriALS SCiEnCE Computer Science Andrew Vance Weatherton Colin William Shea Karl Eduard Wingenbach Richard Edward Lanning Smith3 AnD EnGinEErinG Ge Gao Michael Gerard Wittman Courtney Nicole Stephens Christopher A. Nolph Benjamin R Kreuter Keith O’Rourke Willner Dissertation: Incorporation of Mn Michelle Lauren McDaniel Masters of Materials Jake Willstatter into Ge Quantum Dots: Growth Hui Cory Jacob Woodall Strategies to Control Structure and Salvatore Valente Science and Engineering Eric Ken Wu Magnetism Xiaoyuan Wang Max Alan Lupton Yajun Wang BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Christopher William Petz Tyler Mackenzie Owens Jason Dean Reece Katrina Marguerite Adlerz1 Dissertation: Epitaxial Nanotem- Masters of Engineering Katherine Ann Aiello1 plates for Strain Modulated Carrier Whitney Lee Allen BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG Confinement in Silicon Masters of Science Daniel James Amante Beeta Ehdaie BioMEDiCAL EnGinEErinG MEChAniCAL AnD Kelly Elizabeth Anderson Annika Katrin Shuali Charles Cedric Antwi AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG CiviL EnGinEErinG Lauren Nicole Becker Javed Alam Jianming Cao ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Cody Ryan Blevins Daniel Haileselassie Dissertation: Transient Analysis Rachel Elizabeth Corbett Brendan Paul Butler of Flexible Rotors with Nonlinear Simpson E. Gregoire CoMPutEr EnGinEErinG Juliana Cano-Mejia Bearings, Dampers and External Qiang Qian Weikeng Kristina Alyce Chapman Forces Hann-chung E Wong Johnny L Chen2 Yige Wu 1 John Charles Duda ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Tyler G Chiartas Dissertation: The Role of Atomic Ronnie J. Anderson CiviL EnGinEErinG Brian Wesley Ciomei Patrick Anthony Citrano Ordering on Phonon Transport in Steven Nelson Durant Anthony Amadeo Gallo J’Neka Simone Claxton Substitutional Solid Solutions Kai Jia Heather Blair Jones Jarel Maximillian Cohen1 Kirill Orlov Theresa Kimberly Jones Dalia Mofid Deak2 Michael Gregory Smayda Matthew Ott Kantner Dissertation: Test Program for a MEChAniCAL AnD Katherine Emily Degen Dual-mode Scramjet AEroSPACE EnGinEErinG CoMPutEr SCiEnCE Bela Dhamankar3 1 Ana Cecilia Bringman Colin Andrew Braley David Gordon Drewry III SyStEMS EnGinEErinG Patrick Dean Foltz Mark Shields Gemender1 Lei Chen Michael Christopher Hollister ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Matthew Jay Hallman2 Dissertation: Image Fusion and Daniel Stephen Remine Ankit Gupta Amanda Leigh Harton2 An Outlier Detection Framework Jordan William Ward Taeyoung Kim Jaime Alicia Hatch2

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

12 School of Engineering & Applied Science

Dian Huang2 Melanie Gayle Polin2 Olivia Jane Rousso John Gradon Koelling David William Irby Gregory Darden Rives Ariel Tate Sayre Omar Lake Leen Jamal1 Auesta Madeena Safi Rachel Marie Schmidt1 Paul Vincent Lefebvre Byong Ha Kang2 Mickinjit Singh Sahni Ryan Cooper Shaw2 Karl M Leswing Ashwin Katikapalli2 Arun Sapkota2 Adam Peter Shepard Nicholas Frank Loffredo1 Nicole Alexandra Keane1 Cameron Kenneth Shelton3 Jonathan Mark Showalter2 Aaditya Abhishek Madala Steven Michael Kern Peter Hyunho Shin Brian Lacz Slaughter Eugene Moy Kevin Jeffrey Klembczyk3 Tiffany Lynn Smith Erik Wayne Smedley Derek-Eli Randolph Christian Julie Anne Kokinos3 Sergey Smolin Tina Tang Nofziger2 Corwin Robert Lawrence Yuriy Smolin Eric Kyle Thornton Daniel Benjamin Powell IV2 Steven Wallace Lee2 Donald Robert Spamer, Jr. Denee Judith-Ann Tidwell Matthew John Russell Lesley Anne Luginbill3 Erika Lynn Sterusky Bethany Lee Turner Sang Won Seo Robert Matthew MacGregor2 Erin Christina Tamargo Andrew Michael Vivirito1 Sanbi Shahjahan Rachel M. Madenjian1 Kathryn Elizabeth Tiller3 John Charlton Ward III3 Tracy Jillou Smathers Emily Margaret Mastandrea1 Sarah Chiara Triolo2 Justin David Warfield2 Thomas Frederick Smilack1 Mehrad Mehr1 Kathryn Joanne Wiedemann Savannah Nicole Whalen Michelle Cecilia Stein Stephen Andrew Mein3 Xiang Wu Lauren Michel Lewis Wilson Rebecca Elena Stewart Hannah Ruth Brittany Meredith3 Yong Yi Wu2 Robert Timothy Winslow Kam Him Tam James Bradley Muller Cynthia Lucille Zahrah Christopher James Thomas Loren Renee Murphy Derrick Xenos Zhao CoMPutEr EnGinEErinG Trung Quoc Tran1 Elizabeth Stowe Nelson Torrest Lydell Bates Pooja Neela Usgaonkar Christine Virginia Nikas1 CiviL EnGinEErinG John Lathrop Davis III Brandon Lee Walton Jacqueline Niu2 Chelsey Morgan Adams Katie Michelle Dove1 Jacob Frederick Welsh Alan R Reyes1 Kevin Michael Albanese2 David Joseph Grebb William Michael Wilkerson Daniela Yvonne Santiesteban2 Mary Carol Anderson1 Christopher Magee Greenwood2 Benjamin Elliott Witman3 Stephen Kane Sholden David Ross Bauernfeind2 Christopher James Harrill Meredith Ellen Sloan Sean Stevenson Becker Alisha Lisette Henderson ELECtriCAL EnGinEErinG Shreya Soni Paul William Boucher Yasunari Kato Borna Alaeddini Suna Sumer1 Travis Lee Brewer Darby Hunter Kidwell Andrew Michael Baron Michael Luciano Tanes2 Joseph Caldwell3 Evan Kristian Kirksey Ben Boudaoud3 Margaret Ann Tillar Ian James Cathcart Sandhya A. Kumar Paris Olivia Brown Frederick Brennan Torstrick1 William Kroll Chantry Holden James Kundrot Seungbum Cho Clara Kimnhu Tran2 Michael Phillip Chisholm Gautham Kurup Christopher Lin Cunningham2 Anh Tuan Ngoc Vo Kimberley Ka Mun Chong1 Xavier Jevon Lee Charles Steven DeVeas3 Lauren Sara Vrablik1 John Michael Civitillo, Jr. Allison Monica Light2 Patrick Joseph Dougherty3 Zachary Wester1 Clay Coleman Cundiff Matthew Christopher Manley Mark B. Forgues Lauren Ann White3 Suzanne Marie DeHoratiis Charles Justin Maxey Andrew Ross Furth Frederick Post Doster Eric Mun Naman Garg ChEMiCAL EnGinEErinG Seth Lurie Eichenthal Anthony Mengkai Peng Jeffrey Edward Geiger3 Tinsae Berhan Ayalew Elizabeth Anne Engel3 Tyler Dayton Richmond Anisha Tulasi Gorur Niki Bakhtiari Benjamin James Fitts Christopher Dean Rutley Corey Michael Gough Gregory Joseph Canty Stephen Jeremy Franks Peter Franklin Sahajian1 Jeremy Edward Hsu James Ryan Crosby1 Sarah Elesa Friend Andrew Michael Sasai2 Kunal Kalwani Justine Echard Daniel Carl Froehlich James Cleveland Scott III2 Truong Xuan Le1 Manya Garg1 Sarah Elizabeth Hardingham Daniel Charles Graham Toler Morgan Ann Lillie Robert Neil Geis II Alexander Scott Harrison Paul Alexander Winslett Roger Martin Lorenzo Jonathan Scott Gordon Celine Julia Micheline Heckel-Jones Wing Kei Wong Jack Gaines McKay II3 James William Harris1 Brandon Wayne Hylton David Michael Moore3 Zachary Hoffman Alexandra Christine Jahnle CoMPutEr SCiEnCE Souheil Nadri1 Emily Everett Jenkins David Kelly Joynes Irene Louise Beckman Gavin Michael Philips Won Jung Ju Daniel Sung-Oh Kim Harris Gray Bowron Ashutosh Priyadarshy2 Michael Benjamin Katz Ryan Creed Knox Sean Mercer Burgess Muhammad Ebrahim Qureshi 1 Emily Lynn Keller Simon Kobayashi Johnathan Michael Carone Daniel Allen Duane Salmon Matthew James Kelly1 Sean Patrick Laffey John Russell Carr John Roger Thompson 1 Nickolas Ryan Kirby2 Alexandra Jean Lauzon Nathaniel Jacob Case Christian B Viehland2 3 Christoph Thomas Klein Kevin Glynne Lewis Heather Lynn Clark1 Evan Joel Wilson1 Guha Krishnaswamy William Alexander Luck Joseph Daniel Cunningham Reed Alan Wilson2 Hiu Yat Lam Michael Jacob Marchesani Erik Davis Jessica Marie Larsen Margaret Leigh McNamara1 Kelsey Jean Dutton1 EnGinEErinG SCiEnCE Hojae Lee Sarah Frances Mercer Daniel Adam Epstein3 Alyse Michelle Adams Matthew Krusell Lewis Kirk Michael Millikan Richard Bruce Evans II David Ian Ader David Michael Lynch2 Taylor William Moore Andrew Taylor Gaubatz Nada Numan Al-Hassan Samuel Miles McElwee1 Robert Augustus Nielsen Laurance Wilk George Steven D. Bailey3 Karan Kamal Mehra1 Tiffany Nicole Paredes-Turner Sheri Lyn Gravette Kerem Belgin Tyler Pistor Milne2 Yang Hyun Park Ronald Bladimir Hernandez Michael Deric Bennett Arjun Mishra Namik Can Pars Navid Hosseini Kaitlyn Michelle Bock Elizabeth Christine Nagel Lauren Michelle Perkins Jonathan Adam Hukari Francis Andrew Bowers IV1 Ellen Hope Nein3 Christina Marie Perry Gregory Michael Jacobs William Lawrence Boyd3 David Benjamin Newsome1 Benjamin Gittens Popovich Alexander Paul Johnson Nannearl LeKesia Brown Alexandra Mai-Anh Nguyen Matthew Allen Reichard Duon Ki Jacob Alan Bumgarner Timothy Dooil Park Emily Jane Rigby1 Chester Hawkins Knapp Maria Fernanda Campa Ayala

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

13 Curry School of Education

Scott Everett Campbell Leah Rae Hoffman Garofalo Sukhdeep Kaur Dhanoya Andrew Parham Watson Timothy Michael Clair Kathryn Alberta Geberth2 Richard Elias Dodson Nicolas Wieczorek1 Adam Michael Cohen2 Kerubel Samuel Girma Michael Tyrrell Durej Christopher Yuhjen Wu Rebecca Marie Conti Elizabeth Hasia Hadley Joseph Winson Eldredge Hadiye Aysegül Yilmaz1 J. Ryan Donahue Taylor Cecilia Hammelman William David Fehringer1 Andrea Reed Zweighaft Ryan E Duff Joshua Alexander Handal John Richard Fitzsimmons Jamie Lee Garrison1 Michael James Harrington1 Ramit Kumar Garg Alessandra Christine Grasso Kenneth Marshall Hayward Zubin Cherian George Lauren Alexandra Griggs Grace Oveta Hobby Michael Salvatore Gippetti Bryan Edgar Hedrick Curtis Daniel Hutchison Andrew Jeffery Gould Curry School of Shane Michael Hodson3 Ankit Ashwin Javia Robert Spencer Hamel Education Sarah Louise Jeffrey Andrew Wesley Johns Ernest Royal Hanna IV2 3 Brittany Shante Johnson Matthew Aaron Jungclaus Nathaniel Hamilton Haynes1 Conferred August 10, 2011 Yong Lin Mariah Julianne Genevieve Kalil Natasha Lee Hemminger Nathaniel Ross Littner Shannon Rose Kerrigan Katherine Anne Hempenius1 Doctors of Philosophy Xinye Liu Cameron Burgess King Richard Andrew Herrmann Sophie M Aiyer Jacob Earl Lassiter Samuel Stevens Hewitt Dissertation: An Ecological Ap- Ryan Dewitt Martell 2 Carl Randolph Mayer1 Grace Michelle Lefebure Kathleen Langan Hudgins3 proach to Persistence in and Desist- Nicholas James McGregor Stephanie Lodie Kirstin Keely Hughes2 ance from Antisocial Behavior Courtney Lee Nelson Mert Mafa Eric Daniel Jenvey1 Michael Seth Mantia2 Maria Christina Jividen1 Nicole Laroux Cosby Christopher Tien Nguyen Dissertation: Effects of Anterior Jung Jae Park3 Marguerite Frances McDaniel Marshall David Keppel Michael Croghan McKenna1 3 to Posterior Joint Mobilizations in So Hyun Park3 Anirudh Shailesh Khandelwal Derek Joseph McVay1 Individuals with Subacute Lateral Tyler James Pegoraro Omkar Girish Kharkar Michael Buckley Michon Ankle Sprains Beverly Marie Richardson Lewis H. Kim Peter William Miller3 Gilbert Tannehill Seese III Christopher Lawrence Kochard Kevin Michael Cross Danielle Daneen Moreland Jeffrey Louis Lamp Claire Kiser Sessler 1 Dissertation: Hamstring Muscle Eric Luan Nguyen 1 Carter Page Shields Raymond Lee Strain Injury Events in Intercol- Brittany Lin O’Shea Erica Catharine Lester Bradford Karl Slocum Michael Tyler Panetta legiate and Interscholastic Soccer Joshua Tyler Thomas James Walton Lindsay Beatrice Chung-Chang Peng Joel Max Loeshelle2 Lisa Hall Foster Joseph Caleb Tomlin Peter Young Perley1 3 Hayden Thomas Luse Dissertation: Fidelity: Snapshots Gregory Eugene Troyer Ryan Scott Peters Jack Ridges Valentine2 Andrew Charles Lutes of Implementation of a Curricular Graham Henderson Powers IV Courtney Grae MacDowell Intervention Keerthi Vijayakumar Adarsh Rishi Ramakrishnan Sandy Layne Wilson Roderick John MacKenzie II Katherine Elizabeth Read 1 Blain Christopher Harrison 1 Bethany Nicole Martin Austin Timray Yang Alfred Leonard Rhyne IV Dissertation: Core Function and Danqing Zhu3 Brendan Thomas Martin Nicolas Michael Rosa Christopher Chapin Martin2 Transition Running in Triathlon MEChAniCAL EnGinEErinG Jason Tyler Rowe Michael Taylor Maunz1 Alexander Charles Russomanno2 Daphne Rena Keiser Anthony Charles Abaroa Patrick Michael McGregor Dissertation: Teacher Retention in Kevin Joseph Ruth 1 Nicolle Sarah Anderson 2 Maximilian D. Meese a Rural School District 1 Erik John Schiminger Neiw Suparerk Anuson 2 Janel Charmaine Moore Brian James Shoemaker James Julian Morano Lacey Lauren Levitt Joshua Andre Arenas Travis Taylor Simpson Jacob Michael Bagwell Betty Kanku Mulamba Dissertation: The Criminal Histo- Nicholas Robert Stone Marisa Lucia Mutty ries of Animal Cruelty Offenders Derek Alan Bannatyne Lauren Elise Thomas Erin Cherie Myers David Tyler Benckert Zhuosong Wang1 Virginia Fern Vimpeny Lewis Thomas Edwin Noonan, Jr. Hillary Sommers Berndt Quinn Stephen Weber1 Dissertation: Student Distractor Lauren Lucie Omelchenko Josef Spahr Beyersdorfer Brittany Story Williams Choices on the Mathematics Vir- 1 Leland Bynoe Osborne Edward August Bittner III Delano Mack Wilson, Jr. ginia Standards of Learning Middle 1 William Patrick Palombi, Jr. Nicholas James Boucher Kevin M Wittke1 School Assessments Mary Alexandra Boyles1 Daniel Henri Pariseau2 Amy Lynne Brubaker SyStEMS EnGinEErinG Anne Claiborne Peck Ann Shargo Lhospital Christopher D Buckingham2 Andrew Charles Adamshick1 Sarah Marchant Powell Dissertation: Supporting Teachers Eric Alan Butler Satyaki Adhikari Sharanjai Prasad to Reduce Their Stress and Improve Fred A Camden III Pedram Adili Katherine Marine Raber Interactions with Students Matthew Ryan Carbonelli Joseph Evan Angello3 Alexander Thomas Radcliffe Oren Leondus McClain Brian Andrew Chaldares Eni Angela Austin Philip Alan Rinehart Dissertation: Mathematics, Race, Che Kei Chan2 Jennifer Marie Barker Onur Saltan Victoria Pui Chan Angelina Rachel Blackmon Mary Bridget Schafer and Space: An Investigation into Justin Andrew Chapman Paige Ashlee Boyer Carl Bradley Scherer2 the Construction of Mathematics Robert Patteson Chapman3 Peter Regan Bradley Eunjung Shin Achievement Identities of Black Jackson Edward Cheek Daniel Charles Burkert2 Greta Lynn Slotness Undergraduate Students at the Tanaka Ian Chikosi Michael Calamari1 Abhishek Vikas Sontakke1 University of Virginia 1 Evan Miles Connell Thomas Michael Calamari Amanda Elizabeth Stephenson Sharmila Bandyopadhyay Mehta Matthew Charles Dallhoff Shane Armilla Campbell Roger Bell Stewart II Dissertation: School Climate and 3 2 Charles Warren Dalrymple Kyung Rim Choi William Schifflin Sutton the Assessment of Bullying Robert Walter Deppe1 Amanda Gay Coleman Todd Alan Talkington Tri Ngoc Duong Manuel Ernesto Cordovez Greene Harrison F Touati1 James Robert Powell Carl Edward Eason III Anna Margaret Corrigan3 Derek Dale Tripp Dissertation: The Financial Man- Stephanie Louise Fawcett2 Baidurjya DasChaudhuri Ryan Nicholas Van Dyk2 agement Practices of Small, Private, Peter L. Gaddis Niska Debrosse1 Michael Josiah Villalobos Non-Profit Colleges

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

14 Curry School of Education

Joshua Pretlow III Margaret Endler James Marshall Pattie Catherine Ann Skinker Dissertation: The Impact of a Cynthia Kee Evans Dissertation: Work Experience as a Anne Lindsay Soyars Texas Summer Bridge Program on Victoria Ravenhill Foote-Blackman Predictor of Academic Performance Rachael KF Stratmeyer Developmental Students Benjamin Aaron Freeman in Graduate Business School Austin Turner Taylor Laura Elizabeth Gilbert Lucy Woolfolk Trice Hilary Alison Ritt Tara Lee Saylor Colleen Nichole Graley Amelia Rhen Van Vlack Dissertation: Technology Leader- Dissertation: The Sexual Minority Christopher Collin Herb Jessica Sue VanBrocklin ship and Coaching: A Support Curriculum System for Teachers Integrating Lauren Elizabeth Houston Erinn Gosnell Walsh Technology with Classroom Practice Megan Nicole Houston Beverly Denise Sweeney Amanda Claire Watje Bartholomew Irwin Dissertation: How Autonomy Rachael E. Weeks Terri Jae Sabol Tamika Renee Jones Support Across Home and School Frank Thomas Wheeler III Dissertation: Improving School Jordan Leigh Kandah Contexts Relates to Kindergarten Amanda Autumn White Readiness: A Multi-systemic Exami- Kevin Kemmerle Adjustment Melissa Dawn Williams nation of Early Childhood Education Caroline Jane Kenney Mary Minor Worrell Amanda Frances Sovik-Johnston Laura Jean Labyak Meghan Maureen Lockerby Education Specialists Dissertation: Facilitator Char- Michelle Milich Behnke Masters of teaching acteristics and Competencies that Heather McLean Mason Jenna Rose McDonald Jill Craven Congelio Corry Catherine Andrews Promote Prosocial Development Laura Cessna Elliott Kerri Lee Barnes Among Adolescent Girls in Mentor- Lucy Anne McGraw Savanna Samuela Flakes Nicole Marie Borghard ing Groups Krista Elise Keller McNamara Alyssa Ellen Muething Deborah Simmons Harris Ashley Lauren Brown Aisha Reneé Thompson Thomas Michael Newman Breeta L. Heizer Laura Preston Buzzelli Dissertation: An Examination of Elizabeth Nurmi Elizabeth Adeline Lebedeker Melissa A. Collier the School Ecology: Making Mean- William Robert Oliver Jennifer Dooley Martell Alexandra Bennett Early ing of African American Students’ Nancy Jane Page Dana Farrell McMillen-Paz Christine Carole Gardner Experiences of Discrimination and Ashley Jean Pinney Timothy William Moeller Kisha Rachel-Andrea Garrick Fairness Meghan Annina Punaro Carrie F. Reynolds Scott Eric Grapin Christopher Aaron Rates Heather Butros Simpkins Whitney Lauren Highlander Doctors of Education Douglas Wayne Reed Michelle Marie Skelton Erin Annita Jackson Jane Anne O’Brien O’Hara Ryan Riggins Rich Jessica Lauren Spitznagel Lindsay Erin Jamerson Dissertation: The Relationship Karin Gilbert Ritchey Emily Dawn Zuppert Matthew Hilliard King Between the Minority Student Devin Kay Roberts Matthew Patrick Kingston Achievement Gap and Collective Michael P. Rollo Masters of Education Alexandra Ann Miller Teacher Efficacy Alissa Christine Shulby Emily Susan Nichols Alexandra Elizabeth Adams Sarah Ellen Parsley Deborah Osborne O’Neil Margaret Elizabeth Thornton Kelly McGill Arkwright Savannah Arlene Tinsley Marie Jennifer Lopez Peairs Dissertation: Survey of Middle Selena Evelyn Barlow Rebecca Adele Reiter School Teacher Desire for Staff Rebecca Lynn Varney Benjamin B. Blohowiak Jared Taylor Walding Kimberly Ann Resua Development Focused on Competen- Taber Brooks Carpenter Brittney Dawn Rose cies to Teach Gifted and Talented Brandon James Warner Laura Michelle Chatterson Ann Hubbard Westlake Helen Randolph Ross Students Katherine Lange Corson Eric Paul Schmalz Robert T. Wolman Cathy Nan Davis Leigh Barham Wood Iram Gulmohomad Shaikh Education Specialists Courtney Elizabeth Fay Emily Nicole Skiba Michal Lucas Friedman Courtney Lynn Battle Mary Frances Weatherly Laura Kaye Gilbertson Aleckson Randolph Walter Brinkley Masters of teaching Elizabeth Anne Gill Michael Vincent Jeffry Rachel Lynn Ament Diane Kay Grinnell Bachelors of Science Laura Crawford Kelly Sarah Ann Berry Scott David Hawk Helena Theresa Payne Meaghan Mary Cabot in Education Paige Blankenship Robinson John Robert Grey IV Kasha Genevieve Hayes Robert William Collins IV Dustin Patrick Wright Sarah Ann Hald Jessica Margaret Holman Matthew Francis Conrath Judy Lee Zimmerman Catherine Ann Haney Lisa Saunders Horsley Andrew Dean Fahringer Elizabeth Ashley Powell Kathleen Eayre Jennings John Michael Minen Sara Helen Johnston 5 Masters of Education Maralize Hester Opperman Emily Brunk Jones Blake Elizabeth Orban Shorouq Mahmoud Abu-Joudeh Joshua James Kennedy Catherine Helena White4 Celia Marie Alicata in Education Lisa Marie Kowalek Lydia Diane Beeler Ryan Patrick Collins Erica Larsen Leah Nicole Bradley Jennifer Michel Morris Conferred May 20, 2012 Tracey Critzer Brookman Katherine Jeanne O’Donnell Stephen Andrew Cage Conferred December 29, 2011 Griffin Tyler Parrott Doctors of Philosophy Vicky Hsin-yi Chen Doctors of Philosophy Claire Vanessa Peters Wendy Warford Amato Esther Chou Jennifer Shirley Peterson Dissertation: English Language Lorin Leigh Bobsin Carol Clark Carole Marple Puckett Learners’ Experiences in Mixed- Dissertation: Essential Aspects of Daniel R. Clifton Christine Elizabeth Reuss Language, Mixed-Culture Class- Language Development: Supraseg- Andrea Corbin Amy Luelle Reynolds rooms mental Abilities of Children with Margaret Jean Crossgrove Lauren N. Rooney Caroline Mbinglo Berinyuy Cochlear Implants Marissa Christine D’Orazio Jessica Carlson Rose Dissertation: Bridging the Transi- Lauren Brooke Dahlquist Marcus Roosevelt Ingram Beth Ellen Scherm tion, Negotiating Identities and John Richard Danilkowicz Dissertation: Culture Matters: R. Brennan Schmidt Reshaping Roles: Mbororo-Fulani Carolyn Elizabeth Dartt A Case Study of Organizational Karen Schulz Girls in an Islamic High School in Elizabeth Marie DePoy Culture and Strategy Sarah Ashley Schwartz Cameroon

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

15 Curry School of Education

Amanda Love Campbell Bridget Kathleen Mulvey Emily Kenney Rodzinka Elizabeth Sara Mabeus Dissertation: Impact of Choice on Dissertation: Learning and Teach- Elizabeth Marian Stolberg Peck Rachelle Marie Landgrebe Macon Student Motivation, Autonomy, ing About the of Science Kate Talbert Vose Matthew David Magennis Competence, and Enjoyment in High Through Process Skills Lori Outlaw White Brendan Mathew Mahoney School Physical Education Ryan John Malo Jacob Harrison Rooksby Jacquelynn M. Zanghi Whitney J Markey Roger P. Catania Dissertation: Universities that Meredith Owenby Mawyer Dissertation: Educating for Equal- Litigate Patents Masters of Education ity: A Comparative History of The Brian Thomas McDermott Corey Allan Rynders Ian Fry Aitken Ethical Culture School and The Jessica Lynn McDermott Dissertation: Lindsay Speir Ambler Downtown Community School Effects of Exercise Katherine Joan McDonnell Intensity on Postprandial Glucose Lauren Elyse Appel Lee Massey McLaughlin III Lisa Elizabeth Chinn Disposal and Beta-Cell Function in Ainsley Olmstead Baker Andrea Ruthann Miller Dissertation: Gait Kinematics in Pre-Diabetic Adults Dominique Julia Baker Julia Fay Miller those with Chronic Ankle Instability Jillian Tewksbury Banigan Erica Lorraine Margaret Shirley Sean W Miller Kimberly Ann Barletta Mary Lee Tinnell Moncure Johanna Margot Bromberg Craig Dissertation: The Relationship of Fareine Suarez Benz Dissertation: An Exploration Hillary Kaitlin Morin School Poverty and Suspension Eleanor Stacey Boyce of Learning in a Living History Katie Elizabeth Myers Rates: Finding Ways to Reduce Paul William Brammer Museum: Family Groups, Costumed John Edward V Suspension through Prevention Colin Gerard Briggs Interpreters, Their Interactions, and Programming and School Bonding Clarence Guy Odom IV the Making of Meaning Amanda Marian Budd Yune Daniel Pak Justin Boyd Thompson Devon Victoria Burnley Aaron Gregory Parks Katherine Patricia Traudel Dabney Dissertation: Leader Succession Adriana Maria Callejas Heather Joanna Parrott Dissertation: Differences Within: and the Evolving Presidency at Pub- Lindsey Judith Carroll Simon Timothy Parsons A Comparative Analysis of Women lic Doctorate-Granting Universities Kelsey Lynn Carter Rebecca Boyce Peach in the Physical Sciences – Motiva- Lauren Merkle Carter Kathleen Elizabeth Powell tion and Background Factors Sarah Clark Wood Dissertation: Learning Disorder Richard Paul Cifaldi Lauren Marie Carley Randle Lauren Jean Germain Diagnosis in High-Aptitude Post- Alexandra Troy Clair Carrie Bakewell Reed Dissertation: “I have the power secondary Students Christopher Thompson Clements Ashley Catherine Reibel to change this”: College Women’s Jillian Jane Coccoli Meredith Elese Richardson Agency and Sexual Assault Doctors of Education Christopher Williamson Collier Ryan Mark Rideau Anne Carrington Croft Robert Joseph Arnold Ann Kiernan Robb Carolyn Stephenson Gosse Maria Beth Curreri Sarah Frances Romers Dissertation: Student Sense of Dissertation: A Transactional Brittany Rose Davis Jillian Marie Rouse Belonging and the Middle School Systems Perspective on Child and Celia Maren Ferree Dennison Gordon Ryan Sammis Contextual Contributors to School Model Laura Turner Dewald Catherine Elizabeth Sanger Readiness Ashley Milton Cullop Elizabeth Maria Doyle Lisa Leahey Schropp Angela Kay Henneberger Dissertation: Understanding Con- Kristina Leigh Dragland Shannon DeEtte Smith Dissertation: The Ecology of temporary Transfer Pathways: A Chelsea Moné Duncan Matthew Alan Snyder Peer Influence: From Negative to Multiple Case Analysis of Two to André Rennard Durham Nickolas Chase Spicer Positive Four-Year Transfer in a Single State Beth Ann Eastwood-Beatty Leigh Elizabeth Spoden Jessica Lee Spunzo Kevin James Hessberg Wendi Ellen Dass Catalina Alina Figueredo Kathleen Patricia Stoebe Dissertation: PBL? A Case Study Dissertation: Piloting a Web-Based Mona Lisa Fontaine of Inquiry Learning in a Secondary Homework System in Developmen- Sofia Matilde Gaskins Stacey Lynn Strayer Civics Course tal Mathematics Classrooms Katelyn Elyse Guidice Lindsay Kathleen Stuart Althea Marie Heagy Lori A. Sturtevant Robert Todd Izzo Elizabeth Paul Elam Christopher Michael Hinkebein Caitrin Cowan Tarnovsky Dissertation: Teachers’ Deficit and Dissertation: A Quantitative Carol Paul Hobeck Linde Marie Rickert Tassell Dynamic Thinking in Advanced Inquiry into the Factors that Influ- Lara Holmes Emily Elise Thacker Placement Classes: Exploring the ence Success in Online Classes Jordan Leigh Horton Nelda DiAnna Thomas Nature of Teacher-Student Class- Melody Dayton Hackney Jennifer Carolyn Hovland Dana Nicole Thompson room Interactions Dissertation: An Exploratory In- Diane Arnold Huebner Edgar Halcott Turner II Ranjini Mahinda JohnBull quiry of the Outcomes of Adults Seth Andrew Hutchinson Makenzie Anne Walstrom Dissertation: The Relationship Who Participated in a Virginia Maureen J. Huthman Lindsay Marie Welch Between Cultural Competence and Alternative Education Program: Dreama Lynn Montrief Johnson Joanna Leigh Will Leslie Mariee Wills Teacher Efficacy Making Sense of their Experiences Hannah Leigh Kaylor Scott Wayne Kelley Andrew Ian Wilson Kyung Min Kim Lisa Louise Harrison Ross Michelle Anne Kessler Yajun Jane Zhou Dissertation: Effects of Ankle Dissertation: Learning to Lead: Justin Kilian Pamela Emerson Zich Cryotherapy on Sensorimotor Online Learning Principals’ and Alyssa Dawn Zimmermann Jennifer Lynne Kish Deficits in Patients with Chronic Counselors’ Perceptions of a Kristen Michelle Knarr Roberts Ankle Instability District’s Virtual School Support Pamela Brauer Kobza Masters of teaching Services and Desires for Profes- Daisy Lundy Lovelace Elena Kryzhanovskaya sional Development Casey Jonathan Archer Dissertation: Third Grade Matters: Nicholas James Langsdorf Allison Marie Baker The Significance of Social and Melissa Leigh Larkin Kristen Elizabeth Barnes Cultural Capital on Early College Education Specialists Caroline Ann Larson Nica Kyra Natividad Basuel Predisposition James Andrew Albright James Robert Lawson, Jr. Morgan Lee Baxter Tracy Christine Missett Karin Castillo Hillary Meredith Leech Kathleen Maura Bernardino Dissertation: The Development Rebecca Lynn Forgy Mary Michelle O’Hara Levin Whitney Nicole Bullock of Critical and Creative Thinking Gregory Stephen Mihalik Matthew Bergstrom Lovejoy Timothy James Burns Skills for 21st Century Learning Paul Nazigian Sarah Macaleer Lupo Caitlin Ann Campbell

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

16 Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

Cristina Flor Cardenas Ramona Janese Walker Thomas Johnson Childress IV Valerie Ann Franzuela Cardenas Marguerite Frances Walters Darden Graduate Karina de Carvalho Christovão Laura Michelle Chesser Glenn Thomas Waterbury School of Business Rita Maria Cidre Serrano Eudora Chua Anna Stewart Watson Patrick Edward Clifton Matthew J. Deegan Shannon Colleen Wendling Administration Todd Anthony Conetta Juliette Christie Cook Kathleen Elizabeth Doyle Caroline Leigh Wilhoit Conferred May 20, 2012 Emily Ross Farrior Sarah Ann Will Kerri Dionne Cox Anne Kathryn Flatin Jenna Marie Williamson Masters of Business Clarke Hutchins Crenshaw, Jr. Christina Anne Gainey Kathryn Grace Woodward Administration Walter Chapman Crenshaw V Mary Kathleen Gallivan Thomas Randle Yonker Kinsey Ludlow Cruice Daria Abrashova Poya Naini Daneshpour Lucinda Louise Garrett Rachel Elizabeth Yorio Kevin Paul Abt Rachel Amber Gleason Travis Simon Danysh John David Adams Grace Safoa Darkwa Elizabeth Charles Glynn Bachelors of Science Jacques P. Adoue IV Katherine Helen Gurecki Christopher John Dass Harsh Agarwal Micah Patrick Dawson Elizabeth Brooke Gwathmey in Education Ankur Agrawal Thomas Evan Decarlo Amy Catherine Hannon Michelle Renee Adams4 Christopher Philip Ahn Maria Carrie DeMuro Holly Rose Henson Katherine Stephanie Albert Harmandeep Singh Ahuja Fei Deng Anna Teresa Baizas Huang Sara Kaitlin Amos4 Izuakolam Ekeleme Akamiro John A. Dessouki Nicholas Robert Andrews Christopher Edwards Hughes David Matthew Albaugh Priti Dhanda Vineela Murty Ayyagari Adam Berman Jason Geoffrey Joseph Allen Whitney Elizabeth Dickerson Kevin Jia Virginia Blair Baker4 Matthew Aaron Alley 4 Keith A. Dickey James Kang Amy Nicole Barnes Yumiko Elesia Enriquez Almendras Markham Allen Dickson III Maria Kathryn Kattmann Taryn Leigh Bolling Salomon Amkie Begun Brenton Eugene Diller Patrick Forbes Kennedy Jasmine Laurice Braxton Joshua William Andrews Ivaylo Viktorov Dimitrov Nadia Khosrowdad Caitlin Elizabeth Browder Pankaj Arora Matthew Brendan Dougherty Hee Young Ko Katrina Renae Brown Oluyomi Olasupo Ashafa Vineet Savio D’Souza Thomas Henry Kress Erin Marie Burford Mackens P. Audena Astrid Lourdes DSouza Elena Aleksandrovna Lavrentyeva Traci Carpenter Coreen Frances Bailor Mevilton Melroy Dsouza Esther Yoonjung Lee Jacquelyn Sue Chiao Vardhan Bajpai Jie Du Julianne Erica Lee Rachael Harrie Cho Christian Searcy Baker, Sr. John F. Dumont III Mun Kyung Lee Daniel Jay Clarke Michael James Barnett Kimberly Erin Dunn Juniper Junkyung Lee Park Charles Willson Cocke Dhruv Baronia Gary Patrick Edwards Gloria Faith Liffick Jeniffer Yesenia Corena Christoph Bartenstein Thomas Alden Ellis Kimberly Marie Lindberg Kelsey Ann Cox James Francis Barter, Jr. John Stewart Falkenberg Kiersten Lee Luther Rachel Allison Dabul Matthew Reed Barton April Elizabeth Fearnley Keely Brynne McCall Chelsea Williams David4 Joseph James Basar Melissa E. Ferere Katelynn Taylor McFarland Felicity Elizabeth Fisk Eric Theodor Georges Batscha Noel Fernandes Shannon Elizabeth McVey Jane MacPherson Fitzgerald Randolph Hall Batten Eric Jay Feuchtbaum Debbie Menard Emily Scott Fraser Kevin Spencer Bennett Maximiliano Figueroa Melissa Christine Mitchem Lealah Renee Fremuth Ryan Christopher Berg Ryan William Fisher Phoebe Susan Morris Frances Adair Fuller Gagan Bhasin Timothy Elliott Flanigan Shanae LaTrice Neal Jonathan Charles Furlong6 Jyotsna Anand Bhasin Curtis Burnam Flood Kexin Bi Shanea LaTrina Neal Hannah Elizabeth Hartzog Emily Lauren Fogelberg Aliaksei Biahun Merritt DeHaven Newman Elizabeth Ellen Hickman Lilia Fusa Philip-Thomas S. Bianchi Aaraina Lynn Ogzewalla Mathew Ian Kenney Bradley John Gambling Rose E. Blackburne Lindsay Arizona Charlton Page Patrick Emory Ketchersid Miguel E. Garcia Andrew Ross Blaser Manish Gera William Oliver Paradis Sean David Keveren4 Alan Keith Bobbitt, Jr. Matthew Robert Gers Leigh Anne Piercy Andrew James Mann Nickolay Bochilo Christian Giagheddu Alison Kay Pittman Alexa Rae Martinez Geir Atle Bore Thomas H. Giedgowd, Jr. Kristen Renée Pollard Sarah Bradford McCollum B. Jacob Bowen Amanda L. Gingras Kyle Patrick Prudence 5 Neesurg Sunil Mehta Joshua Franklin Bradstreet Faton Gjuka Katherine McUlton Reynolds Ashley Nicole Meinhardt Justin Craig Brenner Samuel Lowrie Glasgow Alice McArthur Ricks Meredith Hellmuth Mitchell Christopher Souther Brooks Michelle Lesley Glazer Paige Alexandra Riedl Yardley Elspeth Montague Geoffrey Mackay Brown Jeremy William Glazier Michael Adolfo Robinson Alex Joseph Matthews Moore Katherine Anne Brownson Nikhil Goel Caitlin Elizabeth Rock Lauren Nicole Pedersen Daniel Alexander Buckman Jonathan Brent Goldberg 4 Lindsay Michelle Sackett Diana Elizabeth Peterman Wade W. Buick Lee M Goldfarb James Collins Scarano El’licia Ngozi Price-Okonkwo David William Cahoy Jodi Erin Goodman Jane Shin Nitya G. Reddy Nicholas George Capozzoli William Gordon, Jr. Caitlin Ashley Smith Lance Jared Roller II Jonathan Mark Carrier Filipp Gorelik Amy Margaret Sorensen Lauren Olivia Schmidt Helen Page Cassin Lindsay Bennett Graham William Andrew Spicer Molly Marie Schwoebel Poncevic Capino Ceballos Gregory Michael Gratson William Fox Stewart Claudia Maria Serrano Barun Chakrabarty Nancy Guo Victoria Anne Swicegood Ramzi Shaykh Bingshi Chen Charles Joseph Hajzus Leah Catherine Taylor Matthew Thomas Snyder5 Charles Chia-Shing Chen Daniel C. Hake Kathryn Elizabeth Tomlin-Mathews William Andrew Spicer6 Lin Chen Riaz Mohamed Hakkim Chidimma Dorothy Uche Elizabeth Langley Sutphin4 Vivek John Cherian Gail Danielle Hamilton Haley Blake Walker Justin Bradley Torrence Nathan Michael Cherry Jason William Handy Katherine Erhart Walker Anna Pang Wong Emeka John Chidozie Ariana Blanca Hanke Roos

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

17 School of Architecture

Karen Zacharias Hardwick Payal S. Maheshwari John McLean Richmond Jing An Wang Christopher Michael Harnain John Philip Malek Jaime Antonio Risco Velasquez Le Wang Jonathan Reed Harris Sana Christina Malouf Christopher Arthur Ritter Qi Wang Allen Grambling Harvey, Jr. Alston Hill Mann Graham Rives Qingmi Wang Scott Michael Headd Karen Lowe Manookian Kathryn Jane Roberts Xuelu Wang Kristen Louisa Heavener Michael Reed Marquardt Babette Michele Rogol Yung Haw Wang Rhonda Elizabeth Henderson Laura Marquet Jonathan Nathaniel Rothburd Jordan L. Warwood Timothy Scott Henson Maria Carolina Marun Ronny Thomas Rowell Eugene T. Watt II Bradley Daniel Hernandez Justin Jeffries Massey David G. Rozner Chad Elliott Weber Pablo Hernandez Schmidt-Tophoff John David Maynard Kavita Sadarangani Adam Benjamin Weinberg James Gregory Herrington James L. McArdle Michael J. Saewitz William Hale Wellman III Sara Rebecca Hester Christopher F. McCann Sara Mohseni Sajadi Bryan Wilson West Layton Jenkin Hill IV Ryan Dean McCollum Ben Salomon Lily Eileen West Elizabeth Michelle Hillmann Cassidy Ann McKee Antonio Alberto Sangalli Montori Alexander Robert Westra Kathleen Joyce Hluchyj Mark Erlandson McLaughlin Devin Alyssa Schwarz Carolyn Pacala Wethington Otto J.M. Ho Lindsay J. Mecca Catherine Cranton Sewell Wheeler IV Walter Rogers Hock Asifur Rahman Mehedi Qian Shang Sven Wierzbicki Andrew Hogan Ashutosh Suresh Mehndiratta Geetha Shankar Sadie Madden Wieschhoff Yingying Hu Nili Nitin Mehta Meera Sumitra Shankar Jacqueline Mary Wilde Henry W. Huang Sargam Mehta Svetlana Shepelin Scott Taylor Williams Jeffrey Michael Hughes Zubin Daraius Mehta Daniel Shively Eric Wilson Shaun Hunter Prakash Moothedath Menon Joshua Shragie Kristina Elizabeth Wilson Onaisa Husain David Alexander Miller Semyon Shtulberg Christopher John DiBiagio Wood Anders Hvelplund Thomas Burton Miller David Mark Silbering Choonghor Woon Cole Fletcher Hyvonen Eugene Temple Millsap IV Homero Marak Silveira Jonathan Leon Wright Sofía Valentina Ibarra Rodríguez Shardendu Mishra Jonathan Edgar Sinex Souzanne A. Wright Ronald Alfredo Imbert Hiroyuki Mitsui Lindsay Failing Sinex Peng Wu Kelly P. Ireland Jordan A. Mixter Anoop Singh Yizheng Xia William Worsham Irwin Gary S. Mizhir Evan Michael Smith Dan Xie Zakhar Ivanisov Douglas Reilly Monroe Paul Michael Soper Hainan Xin Christopher Allen Ivy Jeffrey Todd Montero Shweta Srikanth Raj Narain Yadav Jonathan Ize-Iyamu Dustin James Moon Caroline Savage Stanford Yi Yang Scott Tyler Jackson Qing Mu Andrew Robert Stanley Aaron Yee Benjamin William Jaenicke Katherine Elizabeth Mueller Leah Danielle Stein Wesley Inmoo Yeo Julia James Patrick Charles Mullen John Benjamin Van Stephens Stephanie Christina Yeung William Stanley Jenkins Felipe Humberto Muñoz Duque James Matthew Stine Xinlei Yu Kendall Anne Jennings Katherine Gordon Murphy Christian Stofko Manuel Zaccaria Weijia Jia Robert B. Murphy Sarah Elizabeth Stoneham Bruno David Zeferino Neha Jindal Todd Darren Myers Yi Sun Ying Zhang Courtney Beth Johnston Shivaram Narayanan Yueyun Sun Chengsi Zhao Theodore Boisfeuillet Jones Ignacio Narro Laborin Javier Alberto Swayne Kleiman Mi Zhou Kiran Kumar Kamreddy Nishant Neerav Diane Marie Tager Mariano Zubiarrain Trivikram Kasivajhula Bryan Matthew Nelson Priyanka Raj Tandon Erin McFly Kelley Jeff Nelson Susan Christina Ludwick Tang Svetlana Khimina Kirsten Reilly Nielsen Ryal Woodall Tayloe, Jr. William McDowell Kilpatrick Brian Uchenna Nwokedi Laura Bruce Terry Peter William Knerr Kristen Rita O’Kane Ilya Teslenko School of Anne Sarah Knopman James Andrew O’Malley Eric Matthew Teuscher Mikhail Koptev Sean Patrick O’Neill Benjamin Christopher Thomas Architecture Evan Fulton Kornack Robert O’Sullivan David Ryan Thompson Conferred December 29, 2011 George Koshy Luis Alfonso Obregon Leigh Anna Thomure Melissa Katherine Kou Luy Daniel Oelsner Lopes Daniel David Tifft Masters of Landscape Toshivv C Kumar Katherine Brinne Okon Jason Tilghman Architecture Derrick Abraham Flores Lange Raul Orillac David Colquhoun Todd Christine L. Lau Santiago Ortiz Monasterio Lebrija Matthew Hardin Toney Elizabeth Claire Bailey Benoit Alain Lavier Justin Alexander Pan Alexander Manley Townsend Ling Zhang Meredith Ann Lawrence Nishant Anilkumar Patel Richard Hunter Trumbo Julia Amo LeBreton Stephen Pavlick Folahan O. Tubi Masters of urban and Patrick Carson Ledbetter JoAnn Helen Perry Shue-Wen Tung Jordhy Vladimir Ledesma Lora Aaron M. Peters Michael Peter Turner, Jr. Environmental Planning Peter Francis Lee Ben Pfinsgraff Alfredo Ugarte Cuneo Amanda Marie Humphries Patrick Thomas Leitch Raul Daniel Portillo Peter Lawrence Vanderloo Koren Elizabeth Manning Robert Michael Liebe Catherine Louise Potter Bianca Alicia Vanin Pietr Erickson Lindahl William Andreas Prescott John Albert Veith IV Bachelor of Scott Clarke Linthicum Sonia Sahibdas Punwani Ashwani Verma Adrian Wei Liang Liong Warner Guild Queeny Suchita Verma Architectural history Jia Liu Bharath Ramasubramanian Javier Villamar David Mostrom Brooke Edmonstone Lloyd Nitesh Prasad Rauniyar Christopher Scott Vollmond- Hui Lu Sarah Helen Raymond Carstens Bachelor of urban and Kristin Stewart Luckenbill Christopher R. Reese Todd Lee Waddell Mark Henry Lund IV Timothy Warren Reid Whitman C. Walker Environmental Planning Soujanya Madhurapantula David Paul Rhynard Ashley Kay Wallin Henry Justin Spethmann

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

18 School of Nursing

Conferred May 20, 2012 Megan Louise Driscoll Heather Christina Medlin4 Brooke Elizabeth Bosselman Nicholas Dyer Dumais Benjamin Joseph Meguira4 Lia Christine Bradley Masters of Megan Liddle Gude Andrew Geoffrey Milner Mollie Renee Bush Architectural history Pete Guzman, Jr. Brenton Alexander Mixon Ly Uyen Cao 4 Claire Mccarty Ashbrook Wei He Catherine Ann Nguyen Alexandra Christy Cashman Edward Miles Barnes Holly Elaine Hendrix Hoa Trong Nguyen Megan Maureen Coe Michelle Margaret Benoit Selena Marie Hilton-Aragon Brittany Paige Olivari Natalie Danielle Cutchin Marcy F. Cameron Alexander Hirsch Howle Derin Özler James W. Emerson, Jr. Jamie Marie Frieling Scott Hoover Kaiser Whitney Halliburton Paul Sandra Adair Gililland Caitlin Colleen Graham Joseph William Kane Kelly Nicole Pierson Catherine Emmalise Herrington Justin Albert Greving Melissa Anne Keywood Adam Ron Poliner Amanda W. Hodges Emily Rose Kilroy Kelsey Brooke Reynolds Kristin Danielle Rourke Keith W. Jackson Charles Bryant Kline Elizabeth Burgess Rice Douglas Peter Sefton Ryan James Johnson ElDanté Christopher Winston Bich Tran Hoang Le Patton Howell Roark III Matthew William Lee Samantha Twining Saunders Toyva Annette Jones Qiwen Li Wattana Savanh Jacqueline Marie Keller Masters of Architecture Shushu Liang Annie Locke Scherer Matthew Spencer Lemieux Maria Cristina Arellano Laura Elizabeth McCoy Patrick William Schoonover Michelle Dindi Pateña Martin Jonathan Bernard Cristina Alicia Mestre Sarah Elizabeth Scott Holly Ann Nicholson Michael Andrew Britt Regina Nicole Pencile Taylor James Scott Kathryn Ann Ray Sarah Sartola Cancienne Adam Alexander Robinson Hannah Elizabeth Silver Joel Andrew Rhodes Shiguang Chen Richard Andrew Walker Kathleen Aurora Smith Timothy Barton Rose Charles Douglas Dickerson, Jr. Ran Zheng Silvi Stefi Heather Lauren Saxby Megan Louise Driscoll Matthew Asher Steppan Kathryn L. Shepley Matthew Edward Godfrey 4 Bachelors of Carlin Renee Tacey Damon Toczylowski Silas Booth Haslam Malorie Krystina Torrey Megan Laura Treharne Cooper Hughes Jones Architectural history Jessica Rose Vanecek Claire Elizabeth Waters Nicole Danielle Keroack William Rousselet Canup Kelsey Marie Vitullo Julian Wiebe-Johnson Jason M. Layel Allison Grace Murphy Tyler Paul Whitney Maureen Kathleen McGee Lauren Welsh Taylor4 Cassidy Ann Wolfe Marie Louise Miller Eric Gi-Hong Wong Conferred December 29, 2011 Daniel Evan Mowery Xiao Wu4 Oscar Arnulfo Obando Bachelors of Science Doctors of Weishun Xu5 Katherine Michelle Orr ArChitECturE Morenikeji Omowunmi Young nursing Practice Luke Coakley Paskevich Ravon T. Allen Karen Anne Hayes Annelise Marie Byers Pitts Aneesha Dileep Sharoff Baharani Capstone: Barriers to Hospice Crystal Andrea Prigmore Kyle Andrew Bancroft Bachelors of urban and Margaret Sydnor Scholer Enrollment for Patients with Gregory Timothy Benson Environmental Planning Advanced Cancer in Academic Benjamin Jacob Sessa 4 Alexandra Frances Bernetich Ana Mercedes Aleman Sosa Lauren Virginia Shumate 4 Cancer Center Andrea Kathleen Brennan Kathryn Rose Thomasia Bird5 Charles Lee Sparkman III James Joseph Bresnahan Shannon Lee Casey Debra Parker Shockey Katherine Madsen Treppendahl Georgia Cabell Broaddus Lauren Patrice Cross Capstone: Pre-procedural Distress Abigail Erin Whalen Emily Catherine Broadwell Anne Catherine de Chastonay in Children with Cancer: An Inter- Nicholas Edward Wickersham Stephanie Marie Burcham vention Using Biofeedback and Haojun Zhan William Patrick Feeney Faith William Cerny George Randal Foster Relaxation as Resiliency Enhanc- Minna Choi Margaret Eileen John ing Tools Katherine Grace Cullinan4 Masters of Landscape Jackson Hart Morris Ann Elizabeth Shoemaker Ahmad Hassan Darab Shayna Emily Stern4 Architecture Alexander Joseph D’Aversa4 Capstone: An Evidence Based Katherine Maria Boles Tania Ashley Taloute Combined-Lifestyle Treatment Regina Margaret Davis Devon Nicole Thompson Alexa Jackson Bush Program for Pediatric Obesity in Jamie Elizabeth Dean Chelsey Symone Ward Brian Richard Davis 5 Primary Care Eduardo Leandro Diaz-Etchevehere Judith Yang Seth Denizen Diana Yi Fang April Lynn Hayes Stidham Leah Margaret Erickson Hugo Gregory Fenaux Capstone: Evaluation of Custodian Joseph Howard Hays Katherine Arianna Filipour Services Knowledge and Best Kelly Erin Hitzing Kerry Danaher Garikes Cleaning Practices in Relation to Di Hu Tamrat Tesfaye Gebremichael School of nursing Kara Lynn Lanahan Juliana Taliaferro Gutowski Community-Associated Methicillin Jennifer Lynch Eric John Hanna Conferred August 10, 2011 Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in a Rural Southwest Virginia School W. Peter Malandra Clifton Wyatt Hill Doctor of Kirsten Ostberg Joseph Steven Huennekens4 System Emily Stoesz Peterson TingTing Jin nursing Practice Leah Ariel Wener Sarah Marie Kohlhepp Nancy J. Kelly Masters of Science 4 Eric Jeffrey Kuhn Capstone: Migrant Farm Workers in nursing Masters of urban and Rebecca Corinn Lewis in the Northern Shenandoah Valley: Yi Li4 Health Status and Access to Care Rachel Marie Barnes Environmental Planning Joseph Benjamin Lloyd Keri Williams Collins David Edwin Abell David Stansfield Matthews Masters of Science Angela C. Logan Ashley Anne Allis Meghan Nicole Maupin Angela R. O’Bryant Emily Anne Bacha Patrick Michael Mayfield5 in nursing Kevin Mark Shimp Gina Candace DiCicco Meagan Juliamarie McFadden Elina Sergeyevna Revyakina Ballagh Mary Beth White-Comstock

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

19 McIntire School of Commerce

Conferred May 20, 2012 Angela Dee Cyphert Katherine Ferguson Weber Jennifer Lynn Krynitsky1 Lisa Janene Dameron Cheryl Denise Winston Kuan Doctors of Ashley Elizabeth Early Alyssa Michelle Wolf Susan Hilton Lappan nursing Practice Linda M. Edenfield Cynthia Lynn Wolfe Debra Lynne Levin1 Victor C. Browne Sharon Keim Fickley Kelly Lynn Wozneak Lisa Ruding Lynn 1 Capstone: A Paradigm Shift from Chelsea Tannah Bolz Finn Ambi Zeller-Hahn Peter Woodard Martin Conventional In-Center Hemo- Suzanne Petty Fuhrmeister Sara Rose McClelland 1 dialysis to Home Hemodialysis Lois Gayle Watts Fulks Bachelors of Science Katherine Ann Merrill for End Stage Renal Disease: An Eleanor Claire Glassberg Cristina Verena Mims Outcomes Evaluation Elizabeth Spicer Gochenour in nursing Alexandra Joy Modisett Mary Kathleen Goldschmidt Agnes Marchelle Adewale Kathryn Taylor Morgan Sharon K. Corriveau Katherine Mary Goss Mohammed Amar Afzal Caroline Coleman Moughon Capstone: A Nurse Practitioner Led Jana Hurt Hanny Lauren Elizabeth Ama Akyia Linae LaVeyne Mulcahy Evaluation of a Clinical Protocol Diana Michelle Harris Agyekum Haelim Na to Increase the Exclusivity and Teresa Renee Harris Kelly Marie Allen Suzanne Marie Natalie Duration of Breastfeeding to Six Suzanne Linda Hartmann Jennifer Cash Anderson1 Chantal Nizam Months of Age Monica Ann Heck Rachel Marie Antanitus Nancy Lee Norman 1 Nancy Lynn Kashlak Shannon Elizabeth Henderson Rebecca Lauren Arango1 Kelly Gorden O’Connell Capstone: The Acceptability of Kristen B. Hilburger Anna Dabney Armistead Avery Elizabeth O’Grady Imagery-Hypnosis for Manage- Cynthia Ann Humston Mauricio J. Ayala-Zelaya Natasha Ballentine Obrist ment of Pain, Anxiety, and Distress Caitlynn Marie Husz Rhode Lipcile Baptiste Maria Frances Oliveri 1 Related to Needle Procedures in Xiangying Bao Jensen Laura Elizabeth Beam Krystyna Lee Orzechowski Pediatric Oncology-Hematology Linda Sharlene Johnson Skyler Rae Bivens3 Karina Michelle Page Patients Susan Carol Kiley Emilyn Margaret Blakey Amanda Bernadette Panholzer Ainsley Townsend Kirby Megan Ann Boehling Adizatu Parham Mohammed Jennifer Kaye Lloyd-Fitzgerald Allison M. Knapstein Sarah Beth Borchelt1 Jin Hong Park Capstone: Improving Guideline Kevin L. Knicely Emilia Braun1 Marcella Patricia Pascal Adherence: Embedding Clinical Emily Duke Koch Jennifer Lynn Burks1 Adam Tal Pelleg Decision Support within the Elec- Stephen M. Krugle Jocelyn Louise Burls Ann Jordan Piland tronic Health Record 1 Amy Nicole Lee Cristine Elaine Candland Lisa Carolyn Poirier 1 Debra Marie Granger Murray Mijung Lee Hannah Jane Biazon Capacillo Tiffany Erica Polo 1 Capstone: A Pilot Study of Nurse Katherine Anne Lemke Sharlyn Leann Carter Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Roelofs Practitioner Facilitated Newborn Leslie Hutchison Loving Emily Simmons Case Carrie Rogers-Cotrone Group Wellness Care Elizabeth Sarah Malone Jody Ann Chance Andrea Sisak Ya-Ru Chen Elizabeth Catherine Smith David Valentine Strider Danielle Rayvon Marks Angela Faye Martin Sun Ah Choi Elizabeth Rose Smith Capstone: Evaluating the Effects Julia Foster Smith3 of a Marfan Syndrome Patient and Kaitlyn Tucker McCrady Jamie Elizabeth Clair Heather Wooten McFadden Lindsay Hall Colliton Kelsey Alexandra Stall Family Teaching Algorithm on 1 Stephanie Brooke McNerney Katherine Mayo Corradini Jamie Lynn Swann Blood Pressure Management and Rebecca Anne Thompson1 Patient Adherence with Cardio- Justine Marieva Mize Edward Osei Dankyi Marisa Jillian Moe Tiana Ariel Daubach Rebecca Leigh Thornton vascular Medications, Activity 3 Amanda Michele Moore Rebecca Dormaine Davenport Erin Marie Thorpe Restrictions, and Attendance at Laura Brandolo Tiezzi1 Cardiology, Dental, and Ophthal- Tracy Michelle Morris Jaynie Nicole Davis Larkin Elissa Muncaster Elyse Damiana Dietz1 Amanda Ashley Traynham mology Appointments Melanie Renae Tucker Nneka Precious Okoye Erin Louise Donnelly Victoria Noel Tucker Robbin Cutlip Oliver DeJané Yvonne Dozier Elyse Nichole Tufts Masters of Science Melissa Moseley Otoya Robbie Jill Fendley Rebekah Elizabeth Upton Mamta Nitin Pandya Paloma Dessiree Fernandez in nursing Bridget Catherine Vaughn Diane Katherine Pelkey Irizarry Blen Afework Megan Elisabeth Veasey Rayna Marie Moore Amoreno Meghan Lynn Potter Jessica Nicole Ferneyhough 1 Amber Kelso Wagner Rachel Anne Anderson Annu Prahash Stacy Lee Fletcher Pamela Dawn Walker Lori Stoll Aylor Suzanne Emily Queheillalt Kendra Anna Gaarder Tiffany Si’mone Wilson Terra Greer Bailey Ashleigh Peyton Quick Jessica Wynn Garber Hye-Lim Winkler Emilie Margaret Ball Michael Benjamin Ratcliffe Kaitlyn Blanche Marie Geib Hye-Ri Chu Winkler Amalia Marie Belcher Virginie Margaret Ricotta Veronica Lynn Gamboa Gonzales Lisa Mae Wooten1 Sherry Michelle Boone Carolyn Michelle Rosa Kathryn Julia Hall Janice Brooks Youngs1 Eleanor Susan Bremer Colleen Drohan Ross Timothy Allen Hartzler1 Mary Lauren Bristow Lisa Nicole Ruffer Rose Kathleen Hayes1 Jennifer Myers Bryant Kristine Gildersleeve Shannon Jane Elizabeth Hendricks Katherine Treadwell Burke Sandra Alicia Shongo Sarah Elizabeth Herbst Anita Joanne Carswell Karen Hollis Sisa Tory Leigh Hoelscher Mcintire School of Bethany Marie Catanzaro Julia Marcelle Smith Casey Lynne Holmes Commerce Jenna Ann Centini Mee Young Sowa Sara Brittany Howell Cherie Regina Chaney Karen Olivia Stuart-Moss Rosemary Jane Hynes Conferred August 10, 2011 Jie Chen Mavis Rose Thomas Keri Ann Johnson Melinda Bowles Childress Ryan Daniel Thompson Angela Lea Jones Masters of Science Bradford Roland Clower Joseph Francis Tkacik Catherine Grace Jones ACCountinG Melissa Banks Connolly Allyson Elayne Vasi Macey Ann Keifrider Barrett Mae Acker Elizabeth Anne Crotty Jane Rita von Gaudecker Cameron Lynn Kendrick Mollie Amy Amkraut Laura Beth Currence Kimberly Ann Waldeck Hannah Christine King Christopher Paul Ascari

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

20 McIntire School of Commerce

Michael Robert Azzollini Lawson Fowler Hopkins Amos Christopher Monroe Meredith Noffel Miller Cynthia Batista Laura Cronin Jackson Allison Lee Oberg Holly Davis Mills Xavier Michael Leonard Burton Scott Taylor Jefferson Devika S Rampure Elena Mayumi Morales Angel L. Cajas Henry Staton Jobe Phillip William Sims Madhav Srinivas Munnaluri Brett Edward Leigh Cannaday Emil Khalikov Rachel Lynn Sondag Alexander Michael Murray Gregory Damalas Farah Khan Ganesh Subramaniam Joseph Parker Nelson Julian Michael Davis Kevin Gordon Ernst Kitching Imran Tariq Andrew Burnell Norris Kristina M. Fietkiewicz Laura Nicole Kost Brian Patrick Trimm Seth Frederick Pates Matthew Alfred Gannon Joseph Ambrose Lanser Ganesh Venkatachalam Gabriel Bradstreet Peaseley VII Brent Anthony Garcia Andrew G. Lavey Corbin Miller Wahl Alyssa Stearrett Pietrobono Neel Garg Lyndsey Martin Lawrence Benjamin Kasem West Qiyang Qiao Jamie Weissman Goldstein Sarah Elizabeth Lazun Jennifer Gail Woolley Pembroke Thom Rathbone Aleum Han Nguyen Binh Le Cal Ross Zemelman Gabriel Alexander Ratti-Angulo Michael Douglas Harvey Steven Andrew Le Sarah Marie Rayfield Ty-Quan Dwayne Jones Stephen Marshall Levin Bachelor of Science Glenn Anthony Reyes Christopher Kalmbach Jing Li Andrew William Robinson Edward Rufus Karaka Kiguoya Yi Liu in Commerce Mary Elizabeth Scott Daniel Stephen Kurtz Virginia Skee Lu Anne Lutz Jessica Eunju Seo Thomas Lam Steven Andrew McAlpine Marla Abby Shor Christoph Alexander Mueller Aaron Carey McCrady Kathryn Virginia Speare David William Pomeroy Joseph Paul McGroarty Conferred December 29, 2011 Mrinalini Sud Virginia Maria Roberson Ryan Austin O’Conor Nandini Sud Matthew Hatzakis Schoenberg Trevor Keenan Oliff Masters of Science Elfrida Tandar Patrick John Shaughnessy Matthew Hunter Purdin ACCountinG Im Meng Tou Naval Singh Heyi Qi Bennett S. Dean Cara Michelle Walsh Mario Michael Smeriglio Lisa Eugenia Ramirez Janet Mary Geoghegan Prakriti Thapa Juan Pablo Sanchez Leslie Patarson Kerr Elliott Joel Weinshenker Ronald Leslie Thompson Sarah Lizabeth Schneider JeongLim Kim Kyle Aaron Wilcher Brad Lee Toomer Andrew Richard Serafin Rebecca Marie Perron Elaine Miles Wilkins Alison Rene Trombetta Katrina Lynne Sharpe Tsz Cheung Wong Darren Andrew Weaver Robert John Shaughnessy III Haifeng Wu Henry Edward Windhorst Kai da Shaw Conferred May 20, 2012 Xiaotong Yang Yanyan Xu Alexa Danielle Sider Masters of Science Mengfei Yuan Steven Patrick Yost Lena-Katharina Skandera MAnAGEMEnt of Larry Yusuf Mark Winston Stagg, Jr. ACCountinG inforMAtion tEChnoLoGy John Frederick Steidle Oluwadolapo Oluwadamilola Ajayi CoMMErCE Virginia Lee Stephenson Ryan Joseph Baker Philip James Anastasi John Charles Ale, Jr. Julia Claire Straka Joanne Ery Blanchard Paulina Benyah Sara Fatima Ali Brian Alexander Swan Sarah Miyoko Blechinger Brian Edwin Blevins Camryn Crane Anderson William Garrett Trent Blake Taylor Brooks Thomas Howard Burrell Serina Aswani Laura Rose Trimarco Dylan Nicholas Brown Kevin Vernon Crow Bahram Bradley Atefi Cara Kathleen Troiani Nan Julia Wilson Daniels Robert Joseph Cucé, Jr. Jeffrey Weston Avery Rebecca Lynn Waggy Matthew John Davis Sean Bender Curry Christina Marie Azimi Xin Wang Katherine Elizabeth Donnelly Denise Dobson Delaney Leyla Mai-Lon Babaoglu Frederick Charles Wightman IV Amanda Marie Dronzek John Thomas Faeth Gardner Beach Bell Jennifer Kathleen Woodruff John Donnell Ehrhardt Robert Lewis Grey William Howard Bolton, Jr. Charles Royster Young Sarah Kathryn Eldredge Michael Saul Herman James H. Bookout Yang Zhang Jesse Curtis Ellison Wendy Lynn Hudson Benjamin James Brawley Noah Caleb Frank Vandana V. V. Jalakam MAnAGEMEnt of David Brunell Kyle Warren Futch Daniel Roland Johnson inforMAtion tEChnoLoGy Saad Aziz Butt David Louis Gibert Y. Marie Jun Kevin Richard Carroll David Jeffrey Beran David Christopher Goerold Matthew Nolan Kiely Neha Firoze Bhavnagarwala Madeline Katherine Chiavini Nathan Michael Wright Hall Nathan Young-Ki Kim William Robert Cleary Marvin Julian Patrick Boyd Morgan Thomas Haller Charles Edward Kirkpatrick Clinton Andrew Hartley Bream Alex Evan Hirschberg Paul Jong-Hyuk Lee Brandi Nikole Cox Kimberly Nicole Brooks Nicholas John Levay, Jr. Linda Budiman Kathryn McCallister Hoover David Elliott Dickey Christopher Scott Lifsey Jacqueline Marie Dolan Subhash Chandra David Carter Hope Timothy Joseph McLaughlin Jeffrey Steven Everson Guangyu Chen Courtney Kathryn Johnson Jonathan Christian Midura Jie Fan Jason Jaeho Choi Gregory Wyatt Kingscott Lloyd James Muttom Benjamin Patrick Faust Richard Douglas Condello Christoph Anthony Koch Amy Annalee Fisher Michael Donovan Kristin Elizabeth Krawchuk Ingrid Martinez Nixon Elissa Noel Frantz Jason Todd Fry Richard Peyton Longest Luke Anthony Paris Simmons Strother Frazier Desmond Glenn Gibson Chun Qin Lu Thomas Charles Pullara, Jr. Martha Jean Fritzsche Gary Grinev Zelin Lu Scott Paul Reida Richard Stanfield Gamper Andrew Harris Kate McDowell Madden Eric Ashton Rothwell Andrew Chiswell Glass Benjamin J Harris Rachel Allyson Marino Lisa Royal Kathryn Grace Gongaware Michael Sheldon Hunter Daniel Blake Marquardt Mattie Rosa Shamel Alison Hebenstreit Amit Jhingran Erin Michelle Marrone Kramer Osborne Sharp Theodora Winthrop Higginson Sandeep Khare Amanda Maher McKenzie Julie Voss Spokus Travis Lee Hodges Nga Hong Ly Samuel Booth Middleton Sarah Franklin Thompson

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

21 McIntire School of Commerce

Jason Patrick Williamson Veni Dhir Christopher Robert Kerrigan Elizabeth Anne Meyers Ken Xukun Yuan Lauren Michelle DiBara Akshat Hari Khaitan Lee Daniel Miller Robert Philip DiCostanzo Sat Mandir Singh Khalsa Eunice Soyoung Min Bachelors of Science John Mark DiGrazia, Jr. Sukwon Kim Benjamin Hughes Monk Marcela Maria Doreste Yoon Ana Kim Mary Katherine Morani1 in Commerce Thomas J. Doulong Melissa Lynn Kinter Alissa Paige Morein C. Jonathan Adams Maxwell Whitfill Duncan1 Graham Patrick Kirby Daniel Ryan Morrison Oluwasegun Adegoke Emmanuel Chelsea Briana Dunn Steven Seiji Koch1 Jonathan Seena Motlagh Ajayi Kelsey Leigh Durels Shujun Koh Carolyn Elizabeth Murdock Sharifah Hawiah Aljunied Tyler Jordan Durham Robert Michael Kolosieke1 Mark Verland Neider Sarah Kaarina Andrekovich Lauren Elizabeth Earman Ross Anthony Koon Jolene Phuong-Thao Nguyen Carl David Arnold1 Ryan Patrick Echausse Ashank Ashok Kothari Van-Trang Thi Nguyen Marina Joy Arnold Devin Christopher Edgell Steven Douglas Kouril Daniel Scott Novick Jenney Betts Aselage Steven Jan Willem Eelkman Rooda Ian Villas Boas Pimentel Kraskoff Jonathan Robert Ohmart William Saunders Avery Anahi Del Sol Einhorn1 Michael Krueger Okechukwu Emmanuel Onyiuke Daniel Adler Barbosa Shruti Ektare Moritz Alexander Kruse Jean-Paul Orillac Jamie Lee Bare Lauren Elizabeth Ely Anthony Christopher LaBarbera1 David Douglas Owens 1 Caroline Elizabeth Baronian Kyle Joseph Emory Pin-Hsuan Lai Nancy Jisung Park Jamie Lynn Barusefski Frederick David Forshaw, Jr. Sharon Si-Long Lam David Franklin Parker, Jr. Christopher James Krusi Brendan David Fortuner William Craig Landess James Kinneer Patteson Beisswenger Neil Avery Francis Taylor Anthony Lantzy Brian Aaron Taylor Bernstein1 Andrew Michael Fredrickson Christopher Philip LaRose Suzy Peng Zachary Blake Fuss Christopher Ryan LeBlanc Rachel Mary Penney Meriem Berrada El Azizi 1 Kathleen Cox Best Madeleine Louise Gardner Ryan Scott Lechner Rachel Beth Pennington Weston Michael Gardner Alan Davis Ledford Taylor Alden Perry Jill Corrine Bissell 1 Yaniv Utheim Biton Katherine Barbara Gaver I-Rong Lee Jonathan D Pfotenhauer Sarah Ann Gayner1 Rachel Helaine Blank Joung Gin Lee Khanh T. Phan John Whitmore Gerhardt Caroline Patricia Bour Siyeon Lee Liem Quang Phan Jamie Elizabeth Giam Andrew Scott Lehrman Kelsey Anne Phillips James Clark Brameyer Walter Okora Gichana See Long Elliot Leung Catherine Lyons Pirrung Katya Arielle Brozyna Nicolas Martin Gimenez Christopher Ho-Shing Li Chatchai Poolvoraluck John Louis Brussard Julie Megan Gordon1 Yueyi Li Benjamin Hastings Probert Alexander Stephen Bryan1 Anita Dimitrova Gougleva Jeffrey David Liang1 Erik Michael Prochnow Rebecca Bukele Samour Hannah Marie Gray Zhengwei Will Liang1 Agnes Mary Pyrchla Mutinta Bulanda Marjorie Ewing Greenhalgh David Junjie Liao Yifeng Qin Adam Bradford Burch Elizabeth Anne Gurney1 Caroline Annette Light Meaghan Catherine Quindlen James Marshall Burke Andrea Guzman Trujillo Annabel Lim Evan Lawrence Rabin Paul Spencer Burkholder Jonathan Steven Haas Sarah Ju Lin Siddharth Rajagopalan Alexandra Dallam Burnett Jared Daniel Hahn Yanyan Lin Vandana Ramakrishnan Joseph Anthony Cacibauda III Lindsey Michelle Harney Dorothy Alden Paek Lineer Vinitra Kasthuri Rangan1 Jonathan William Callan Kayleigh Michele Harrington Tsz Leong Jenny Liu Sahas Nannapaneni Rao 1 Evan Ronald Cantor Elizabeth Tyler Harris Vsevolod A. Loiko1 Megan Elizabeth Raymond1 Gordon Malone Carver IV Andrey Michael Hart Yi Luan Dominic Robert Rinaldi Tin Wun Nikki Chan Rachel Ann Harvey Jonathan Junyan Lui Benjamin Gregory Robbins1 Alexandra Cherie Charalambous Anne Carter Haughton Mei Lui Emily Susanne Robinson Mohammad Omar Cheema Anruo He Jieshi Luo Virginia Lee Robinson Andi Chen Yang He Matthew Phillip Luo Daniel Charles Rodriguez Jinyi Chen Alana Elizabeth Heifetz Zenubia Akbar Madhani Alan Douglas Rogers Lindsey Lingxi Chen Leah Marie Hein Hassan Mahmood Patricia Keller Ryan Thomas Chen Ross Russell Heller Robert Lawrence Mahoney, Jr. Mehul Sahni Timothy Chen Tammy Kim Henning Kelly Jianheng Mai Maria Anne Sampogna Xixi Chen Kevin Joel Hill Nikhil Maitra Ahmed Alaa Sarhan Yun Cheng Roger Raymond Hill, Jr. Garrett Taylor Majdic Dana Chesney Schawelson Derek Chi Nicholas McPherson Hoffman Philip Patrick Maroun Justin Garrett Schlegel HyungKoo Chung Victoria Fan Hu Casey Ford Martin1 Andrew W. Schroth Michael Wesley Clark Yu Huang Michael Christopher Mast Katherine Ann Scialabba Molly Catherine Cochran William Dulaney Hurd Raghav Mathur Luke James Secosky1 Forrest Brock Compton Gabriela Hurtado Pradilla Jeffrey Tyler Matuella Ravi Bhanuprasad Shah Byron William Cordes Ola Njideka Iko Marcos Mazzola Lazzarotto Hannah Holder Shatzen Hallie Easter Crawford Kevin Harrison Isaacs Conor Patrick McCaffrey Zachary Lee Shiflett Julia Ann Croote1 Mark Powers Jacobs K. Lyon McCandless Ji-Un Shin Matthew John Crumplar Daniela Jaramillo Jordan Elizabeth McDaniel1 Valerie Shelton Shuping David Dai1 Jae-Young Jeon Christina Nanette McLeod Andrew Philip Slotnick Daniel Patrick Daly1 Jennifer Yvonne Jones Patricia Kelly McNally Logan Starr Smith John Stephen Darling Alexander Frampton Jost Christopher Doran McNally- J. Bradley Snyder Sara Murphy Delach Christopher Francis Kaminski Anderson Aishwarya Sriram Bria Danielle Delaney Arsalan Karamat Nora Anne Meehan Alexandra Elena Staeben1 Justin Alan Dembo1 David Nicholas Kaw Qianwen Mei Andrew Kalle Stafford Alexander Daniilovich Dementiev1 Patrick Devine Keating Vinay Narayan Menon1 Kathleen Margaret Starsia Dylan Ross Denslow Brendan Edward Kelley William Robert Mensch Jr. Victoria Rose Steimel

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

22 School of Continuing & Professional Studies

Ryan Jerome Stevens Joy Renee Nuckolls3 nine Nucleotide Exchange Factor, Courtney Virginia Stokke School of Rachel Maureen Overstreet1 PDZRhoGEF Kelcey Anne Stone1 Carmen Luz Pretelt de Garcia3 Continuing & Ayça Boylu John Brady Stovall Ramona Hernandez Rice3 Philosophy Mary Margaret Streng Professional William Rubow2 Dissertation: Morality as Under- Michael John Stump Aaron Christopher Schluge Studies standing Human Beings Amanda Suardana Cortlandt Schoonover, Jr. Tasniya Sultana Conferred August 10, 2011 Lindsey Danielle Sciancalepore Timothy Raymond Brick Ankit Sundaram Greta Evelyn Von Kirchmann3 Psychology Joel Wesley Susaya Bachelor of Dissertation: (Re)moving Parts: Steven Lee Sweet interdisciplinary Studies Towards a System for the Separa- Christine Dyan Swingler Mark Leonard Camblos tion of Affective Movements in Alexis Marie Tarbet frank Batten Video Data Alexandra Christine Taylor Tristan S. Bridges Peter Thomas Taylor, Jr. Conferred December 29, 2011 School of Sociology Denis Vladimirovich Terpanov Dissertation: Liquid Masculinities: Siravut Thammavaranucupt Bachelors of Leadership and interdisciplinary Studies Transformations in Gender and Eric Michael Thomas Public Policy Politics among Men Katherine Leigh Thomas Thomas E. Akers1 Weiqi Tian Glenn Boyle2 Conferred May 20, 2012 Joleen Karen Carlberg David Marshall Tonacci Bobby Lee Bush Astronomy Minh Dat Duy Tran Marisa Lee Chronister Masters of Public Policy Dissertation: Assimilation of Michael Francis Trapani Susan Livernois Couch3 Elizabeth Shu Aloisi Planets by Red Giant Stars Benjamin Michael Travis Patricia B. Doherty Katherine Shu Aloisi Joel Adam Carr 3 Caroline Evans Uffelman Joseph Philip Leon Duquette III Caitlin Suzanne Carr Environmental Sciences 1 Vivek Suresh Vakil Adam Joseph Lawrence Fox Richard David Cates, Jr. Dissertation: Stability and Resil- Carlos Alberto Vallarino Aleman Beliyuwork Ayele Getachew Sanjay Joshua Choudhury ience of Seagrasses in Shallow 3 Nicholas Ronald Vallorano Justin Brandt Hankins Mary Dorothy Drach Coastal Bays Derek Stevenson Vaughn Tonicka Shante Hudson Adam Allen Gillenwater Jaime Aaron Vejar Aguirre Theresa Vaughan Lindsey Rachel Iler Good Wai-Yin Stephen Chan John Christopher Vonier Jody Keneisha Breanna Crystene Gray Environmental Sciences Randall Emery Waddell Jacqueline Elizabeth Lynch3 Jasmine Jefferson Dissertation: The Fate of Biogenic Wilson King Waggoner Christopher Eric McDonough Michael Karlik Hydrocarbons within a Forest Yingxue Wang Anthony Martin Nguyen2 Borna Kazerooni Canopy: Field Observations and Yini Wang Thomas Brandon Semmel3 Matthew Robert Kragie Model Results 2 Zhengyu Wang Theresa M. Swindell Elizabeth Suzanne Libertini Luke William Cole Steven Thomas Ward Colleen Marie McEnearney Environmental Sciences Erin Denise Webb Anna O’Neill Mohan Conferred May 20, 2012 Dissertation: Inputs and Fluxes of Cindy Yi Wei Vanessa Orco Zerpa Nitrogen in the Virginia Coastal Sarah Ann Welsh Bachelors of Robert Frederick Panos Bays: Effects of Newly-Restored Dana Lauren Whitman Mackenzie Leigh Porter Seagrasses on the Nitrogen Cycle Aaron Matthew Wilson interdisciplinary Studies Andrew Gregory Pyrak 2 Matthew Christopher Wolf Marguerite Elizabeth Bates-Frier Susan Alejandra Sainz John Jerome Collins 1 Rebecca Brittany Wolin Kevin Lee Daniel Alexander Sater Religious Studies 1 Nicholas David Wood John Robert McLaughlin Boozer Nathan Raymond-Dean Schelble Dissertation: Worthless Mysteries: 1 Michael Jin-Qiang Wu Amber Rene Brister Giana Milan Solomon Forbidden Knowledge, Culture Tong Lisa Wu Jason Allan Burnett Kristen Nicole Sweaney Heroes, and the Enochic Motif of 2 Angelic Instruction Tsai-Ling Wu Ellen Gedro Carroll Nathan Eric Swedberg 1 Yujunjie George Wu Randall Thomas Clement Alexander Cary Wilkerson 3 Ana Isabel Cornide Bin Xie Elizabeth Ann Crimmins Sarah Blair Williamson Spanish Da Xu Billie Pamela Cuba Banner Dissertation: Los Ruidos del Silen- Sarah Lauren Daley Catherine Savinelli Yardley 3 cio: Tres Ejemplos en la Tradicion Hyesoo Stephanie Yoon Marion Janet Dobbins del Nuevo Relato Fantastico Lati- John Watson Draper IV Amir-Barrdia Younesi 2 noamericano Peiran Yu Rhonda Denise Dunkins Graduate School of 3 Sara Louise Corson Qisi Zhang Rebecca Cole Feild Arts & Sciences Neuroscience Ziqiao Zhang Richard Thomas Ferry 3 Dissertation: Effects of Competition Cissy X. Zhou Susan Morgan FitzGerald Conferred August 10, 2011 1 on the Gustatory Nucleus of the Rose Yan Zu Brittany Teresa Forsythe Roxanne Olivia Gorospe Doctors of Philosophy Solitary Tract 3 Dimitris Hope Grindstaff-Hodnett Tara Angela Albrecht Matthew Anthony Crawford Katherine Julia Harlowe Nursing Microbiology Thomas Kyungwook Heou Dissertation: Supportive Care 3 Dissertation: Chemokine-mediated Eleanora Ann Hill Interventions for Women with 3 Antimicrobial Activity Against Ashleigh Amber Hudson Advanced Ovarian Cancer Bacillus Anthracis: Bacterial Robert Alec Johnson Targets and Biological Relevance Phillip Kay1 Jakub Antoni Bielnicki Tracey Lynch Gregory William Cushing Lara E. McClearen Dissertation: The Structural In- Chemistry Laura Marissa Mirra3 sights into the Workings of the Dissertation: Hydrocarbon Reactiv- Tiffanny Dawn Morris1 Multidomain, RhoA-specific Gua- ity on Pt(111): Dissociative Sticking

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

23 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Coefficients and Evans-Polanyi Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Nicole Marguerite Lindner Elizabeth McMahon Nabi Relation Localization Psychology History of Art and Architecture Dissertation: Construct Validity of Dissertation: Contextual Studies Pierre Marie Michel Dairon Carolyn Campbell Heitman Implicit Age Attitudes of Fra Bartolomeo: Painting, Devo- French Anthropology tion, and Politics Dissertation: Évangéline dans les Dissertation: Architectures of Sally Ann Linkenauger discours. Métaphores nationales Inequality: Evaluating Houses, Psychology Christina Diane Nichols et culturelles Kinship and Cosmology in Chaco Dissertation: Perceived Size is in Microbiology Canyon, New Mexico, A.D. 850- the Body of the Beholder: Using Dissertation: Salmonella-directed Geneviève Escande de Messières 1200 the Grasping Ability of Hand to Recruitment of Membrane to Inva- Astronomy Perceive Size sion Foci and the Role of FAK Dur- Dissertation: Infrared Spectral Jason Edward Hickel ing Lipopolysaccharide-induced Shitao Liu Maps of Star-Forming Regions and Anthropology Inflammatory Signaling Cool-Core Galaxy Clusters Dissertation: Democracy and Mathematics Sabotage: Moral Order and Politi- Dissertation: Inverse Problems for Matthew David Nitz Andrea Marie De Santis cal Conflict in KwaZulu-Natal, Single and Strongly Coupled PDEs Physiology Biochemistry and Molecular South via Boundary Measurements: A Dissertation: The Characteriza- Genetics Carleman Estimates Approach tion and Role of RREB1 in Human Dissertation: A Temporal and Joseph Jack Jablonski Bladder Cancer Quantitative Proteomic Analysis Chemistry Qiuheng Lu of the MRN Complex in Response Dissertation: Small Molecule Jennifer O’Neil to DNA Damage Libraries Used in the Development Dissertation: Role of mwh in Planar Psychology of Structure Activity Relationships Cell Polarity Dissertation: Multiple Risk and Charles Gian diPierro Positive Factors for Depressive Ryan Sean Lynch Physiology Jennifer Alana Joy-Gaba Symptoms in a Sample of Low- Astronomy Dissertation: The Effects of ROCK1 Psychology Income African American Mothers and ROCK2 Inhibition in Human Dissertation: From Learning to Dissertation: The Hunt for New and Glioblastoma Doing: The Effects of Educating Interesting Pulsars with the Green Martin Christoffer Ohman Individuals on the Pervasiveness Bank Telescope History Louis-Dominique Dubeau of Bias Dissertation: Ambiguous Bonds of Religious Studies Lydia Wilson Marshall Anthropology Union: American Political Economy Dissertation: The Shared Ontologi- Andrew John Kennedy Dissertation: Fugitive Slaves and and the Geopolitical Origins of cal Principles of Madhyamaka and Chemistry Community Creation in 19th- Interregional Cooperation and Abhidharma Dissertation: Development of Century Kenya: An Archaeological Conflict, 1783-1821 Sphingosine Kinase 1 Inhibitors for Jessie Beall Dubreuil and Historical Investigation of the Treatment of Cancer Progression Barbara Ann Oudekerk English Watoro Villages Psychology Dissertation: Truth Operative: Perry Courtland Kennedy Emily Garthwaite Marston Dissertation: Romantic Partner Romanticism and the Rhetoric of Psychology Influences on Girls’ Continuity of Enchantment Dissertation: Pharmacokinetic and Dissertation: Rejection Sensitiv- Offending Across Adolescence and Pharmacodynamic Characteriza- David M. Fash ity in Adolescence: Peer-Related Adulthood tion of a Sphingosine 1-phosphate Chemistry Precursors and Links with Problem Receptor Antagonist Prodrug Jason J. Pajski Dissertation: Synthetic Analogues Behaviors in Early Adulthood Chemistry of Redox-Enabled Natural Products Francis Fatah Kilkenny Armin Mattes Dissertation: Nuclear Spin-Lattice Biology Paul Gregory Ferrara History Relaxation Studies of Biomolecular Dissertation: Gene Flow and Statistics Dissertation: Citizens of a Com- Dynamics Adaptation in Lonicera japonica Dissertation: Objective Bayesian mon Intellectual Homeland. The Rachel Hua-Wei Pang Transatlantic Context of the Ori- Analysis of Group-Invariant Sur- Wesley R King Religious Studies gins of American Democracy and vival Models English Dissertation: Dissipating Boundar- Dissertation: The White Symbolic: Nationhood, 1775-1840 Christopher Scott Forster ies: The Life, Song-Poems, and Non- Aesthetic Racialization in the English Julie Malicki McClure Sectarian Paradigm of Shabkar Nineteenth-Century American Dissertation: Modernism and the Cell Biology Tsokdruk Rangdrol (1781-1851) Literature Dissertation: Regulation of Sirtuins Forms of Obscenity Matthew Christopher Pawlowicz Laura Richardson Kolar by NAD+ Biosynthesis in Saccharo- Alison Ruth Caviness Gibson Anthropology History myces cerevisiae English Dissertation: Finding Their Place Dissertation: Conserving the Dissertation: Beyond the Belle’s Kristina Kay Meshelski in the Swahili World: An Archaeo- Country in Postwar America: Borders: White Southern Femininity Philosophy logical Exploration of Southern Federal Conservation Policy from in U.S. Literature, 1925-1947 Dissertation: The Structure of Tanzania Eisenhower to Nixon Injustice: A New Approach to Shushanik Hakobyan Laura Dickson Phillips Cheng-Yu Kuo Nonideal Theory Economics History Astronomy Dissertation: Essays on U.S. Trade Erin Marie Miga Dissertation: The American Fair Dissertation: The Megamaser Psychology Preference Programs Trade Controversy: Law and Eco- Cosmology Project: Geometric Dissertation: Implications of nomics in Transition, 1890-1940 Michael Keith Harris Distances to Megamaser Galaxies Relationship Power Processes History and Accurate Masses of Supermas- for Future Psychopathology and Matthew James Pysher Dissertation: Across the Bloody sive Black Holes at Their Centers Partner Violence Physics Chasm: Reconciliation in the Wake Dissertation: Towards Quantum Jarron Michael Leisenring Gavin Murray-Miller of Civil War Computing with Light Astronomy History Katherine R. Heberlein Dissertation: A Mid-Infrared Study Dissertation: Making France Amy Ellen Reines Physiology of Dust : Protoplanetary Modern: Democracy, Empire and the Astronomy Dissertation: Regulation of Myo- Disks, Circumstellar Envelopes, and Construction of French Modernity, Dissertation: Panchromatic Ob- endothelial Junction Formation by LMIRCAM Development 1848-1870 servations of Dwarf Starburst

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

24 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Galaxies: Infant Super Star Clusters Caleb Andrew Verbois Erin Kate Nourse Cell Phenotype and Plays Dual and a Low-Luminosity AGN Government Cassandra Judith Riedy Protective Roles in Advanced Dissertation: Executive Power Reuben Gabriel Gerber Shank Atherosclerosis Ami Louise Riscassi in the Bush Administration: Con- Amy Lee Sheppard Beatrix Joy Yvonne Michelle Arendt Environmental Sciences stitutional and Historical Soulmaz Taghavi Dissertation: Controls on Stream- Conflict Yen-Tien Wu Anthropology water Dissolved and Particulate Scott Edward Yakimow Dissertation: Gods, Goods and Big within Three Mid-Appa- Shuna Wang Game: The Archaeology of Labrador Economics Eun Pierce Yi lachian Forested Headwater Min Zhong Inuit Choices in an Eighteenth- Catchments Dissertation: Reputation and Entry and Nineteenth-Century Mission Deterrence: A Structural Empirical Context Elizabeth Mary Sheehan Model of Fighting Brands in the U.S. Masters of Arts English Pharmaceutical Market in Physics Education Candace Caraco Dissertation: Modes of Dress English James Graham Wilson and Redress: Aesthetics, Politics, Jacques L. Duranceau Dissertation: Artifaction: The History and Fashion in Transatlantic Rebecca Ann Fowler Scene of Memory in Postmodernity Dissertation: Bolts from the Blue: Modernism Erin Suzanne Funk The United States, the , Karl Thaddeus Gron Christy Ford Chapin Holly Donahue Singh and the End of the Dave A Keith History Dissertation: Ensuring America’s Anthropology Min Yang Elizabeth Kennedy Health: Publicly Constructing the Dissertation: Aulad: Infertility Chemistry Kirsten Ann Manning Private Health Insurance Industry and the Meanings of Children in Dissertation: Studies of Metabo- Cynthia Ann Retotar North India lism and Bioactivation of Nimesu- Karen Bunting Ritchie Edmond Chipumuro Benjamin Todd Spicer Amanda Rachel White Steiner lide and Duloxetine Biology Helmut Thielsch, Jr. Dissertation: Dynamic Histone Psychology Terri Lynn Yost Molly Handy Thomas H2B Ubiquitination Regulates Co- Dissertation: The Self-Regulation Nursing Timothy Dale Wert of Emotion in Older Adults Dissertation: Qigong as a Novel transcriptional MRNA Processing of STAT1 Inducible Genes Jessica Louise Stewart Intervention in Service Members Master of Public health with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Pinar Buket Demirel History of Art and Architecture Madeleine Beata Courtney-Brooks Dissertation: The Sketches of Pol- Hussain Asim Zaidi Biochemistry and Molecular laiuolo, Verrocchio, and Leonardo: Physics Genetics Eye, Mind, and Hand in Renaissance Dissertation: The Casimir Effect: Masters of Science Dissertation: Mitotic Regulation in Florence Physical Interpretation, Manifesta- Erica Lynn Berzin Saccharomyces cerevisiae tions and Formalism Emily Alyssa Billings Ann Michelle English David James Strohl Boxi Cera Chen Anthropology Paul Allen Zaleski II Chemistry Gregory Thomas Di Micco Dissertation: Development and Dissertation: A Respect for Dif- Chemistry Jessica Renee Edelson ference; The Shi’a Ismaili Khojas Dissertation: Biochemical Char- Application of Methodologies to Kevin Scott Godwin Facilitate Peptide Sequencing with of Mumbai acterization of DNA Damaging Stephen Aurelien Hoang Agents Mass Spectrometry Robert Matthew Tappan Janet Lynn Miller Religious Studies Syed Rizwan Zamir Peng Peng Christopher Joseph Ferrero Dissertation: Beyond Clerics and Religious Studies Kristen Brooke Piehl Foreign Affairs Clinics: Islamic Bioethics and Dissertation: Rethinking, Recon- Laura Alice Porter Dissertation: The Narrative, Assisted Reproductive Technology figuring and Popularizing Islamic David Renardy Ideas, Discourse, and Domestic David Lee Richardson in Iran Tradition: Religious Thought of Politics in the Making of U.S. For- a Contemporary Indian Shi’ite Siraprapa Sanpa-arsa eign Policy Toward Iran: 1990-2003 Alberto Todeschini Robert Clark Schutt III Scholar Ricardo Hector Flores Jimenez Religious Studies Ar’Lena Sadie Camille Smith Biophysics Dissertation: Debating Buddhists: Victor Enrico Zottig Xiaping Tang Dissertation: Effects of Solutes The ‘Abhidharmasamuccaya’ on Chemistry Catherine Wallace Vaccaro Wolner Dissertation: The Reactivity and and Membrane-Mimetic Systems Debate and Argumentation Properties of Dihapto-Coordinated on Membrane Proteins John Gerald Tooley Phenols Conferred December 29, 2011 Lindsay Brooke Flynn Cell Biology Government Dissertation: An Analysis of Doctors of Philosophy Masters of Arts Dissertation: Laboring at Work Spindle Microtubule Interactions Sema Akboga Shahram Ahmadi Nasab Emran and at Home: How States En- Mediated by the Ndc80 Complex, Sociology Katharine Anne Blumenthal courage Moms to do Both Cep57R and Cep57 Dissertation: Civil Society, Democ- Stephanie Frederique Cagniart racy and Islam in Turkey: The Case Isabel Maria Gonzalez Bradley Davin Tuggle Shuhui Chen of Civil Society Organizations Cell Biology English David Alexander Cornejo Erik Benjamin Alexander Dissertation: Leucine and Arginine Dissertation: A Poetics of Emo- Nathaniel Lawrence Grossman History Regulate Trophoblast Motility tion: Sidney, Spenser, and the Poetry John R Harris Dissertation: “A Revival of the Through mTOR-Dependent and of Thoughtful Movement Maria Luisa Iribarren Old Organization”: Northern Independent Pathways in the Ashley Graham Kennedy Preimplantation Mouse Embryo Mark Leon Turlington Arsalan Khalid Khan Democrats and Reconstruction, Chemistry Pavel Mikhailovich Kolomiets 1868-1876 Yanqing Hu Dissertation: Catalytic Asymmet- Daniel Edward Lipton Matthew Robert Alexander Statistics ric Alkyne Addition to Aldehydes Karim Awni Mattar Physiology Dissertation: Covariate-Adaptive and Applications of Propargylic M. Christine McKenna Dissertation: Interleukin-1 Dis- Randomization: New Designs and Alcohols in Synthesis Edith Gwendolyn Nally tinctly Modulates Smooth Muscle Their Properties

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

25 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Matthew Thomas Hufford Justin Lindsay Neill Greta Fowler Snyder Michael Hogan Carver Microbiology Chemistry Government Renzo Cesar Castellares Añazco Dissertation: Regulation of Pul- Dissertation: A New Generation of Dissertation: Reviving Recogni- Erin Burton Cooper monary Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Chirped Pulse Rotational Spectros- tion: Toward Equity in the Politics Kyle Andrew Davis Immune Response to Influenza copy with Applications to Structure of Identities Adam Michael Felder Catherine Grace Fleming Determination and Astrochemistry Keith Edward Starkenburg Charles Aaron Flynn Religious Studies Katherine Elizabeth Bunting Karr Sam Crozier Nicholson Nicole Marie Francis Dissertation: Glory and Ecclesial Cornejo Philosophy Elizabeth Blair Gross Growth in Karl Barth’s Church Spanish Dissertation: Transparency and Gabriel Michael Haley Dogmatics Dissertation: Our Nation, Our- Intrinsic Intentionality James Henry Harris selves: Constructions of Subjectiv- Jirakan Nunkaew Sean Patrick Sullivan Tianying He ity in Chilean Historical Fiction Physics Economics Michelle Marie Henry of the Democratic Transition Dissertation: Dielectronic Recom- Dissertation: An Experimental Emily Josephine Hopkins (1990-2010) bination, Autoionization and Study of Settlement Delay in Pre- Yueqin Hu Erica Nichole Kintz Non-Adiabatic Core Polarization of trial Bargaining with Asymmetric Priti Khaitan Microbiology Rydberg Two-Electron Atoms Information Nicholas David Kvaltine Dissertation: Regulation of O Anti- Brendan Paul LaCerda Rebecca Cynthia Obeng Robert S Tacke gen Chain Length in Pseudomonas Michael Robert LaForest Microbiology Microbiology aeruginosa Scott Patterson Laughery Dissertation: Tuor-Associated Dissertation: Regulation of Human Monocytes by HCV Sha Li Melissa Nicole Lansey HLA-A*0201-Restricted Phospho- Tianshu Li Physiology peptides as Candidates for Cancer Anne-Laure Talbot Cheng-Hao Liao Dissertation: The Role of the Rab Immunotherapy Experimental Pathology Nicholas John Peter Meros GAP and Akt Substrate AS160 Dissertation: A Novel Role for Nena J. Patterson Hyeck Ki Min in the Trafficking of the Glucose Aconitase During Eythroid Devel- Nursing William Maurice Peairs Transporter GLUT4 in Primary opment Dissertation: “Protecting America’s Sarah Katherine Peeden Adipocytes Future Citizens”. An Historical Todne Yvette Thomas Meltem Poyraz Benjamin Ian Leach Analysis of Nursing Roles in the Anthropology Mary Grace Puckett Justin Randolph Roberts Biophysics Emergency Maternity and Infant Dissertation: “Coming Alongside”: Jenna Lynn Rowen Dissertation: Structural Basis of Care Program (EMIC) of WWII, Relatedness and Transcendence in Ce Shi AF9 Function in Transcriptional 1941-1949 a (Black) Atlantic Church Com- Jesse Cobb Stewart Regulation and Acute Leukemia munity Matthew Douglas Rannals Noel Charles Stringham Alicia Selena Linford Neuroscience Keicy Naomi Tolbert Sarah Jayne Tacke Microbiology Dissertation: Homeostatic Plastic- English Thomas A Talhelm Dissertation: Studies of the Patho- ity at GABAergic Synapses Dissertation: Satura: Menippean Huzeyfe Torun genesis of Amebiasis, Includ- Satire in Early Modern England Frances Cathryn Vigna Brianne Jeriel Ray ing Characterization of a Low Sarah Rebecca Witte Microbiology Maksim Vakulenko Molecular Weight Protein Tyrosine Magdalen Kathryn Wolfe Dissertation: The Contributions of Neuroscience Phosphatase Xiuchang Yang FAK and Pyk2 to Osteoclast Func- Dissertation: Trafficking of the Cell Adhesion Molecule Neurofascin to Li Zhang James Davis Maxwell tion and Bone Homeotasis Zhou Zhang Physics the Axonal Initial Segment Jennifer Cathryn Reut Dissertation: Probing Proton Spin Architectural History Ulrike Kalt Wilson Structure: A Measurement of g2 Masters of Arts Dissertation: “3000 Years in 15 German at Four-Momentum Transfer of 2 Minutes”: American Tourists and Dissertation: East German Lit- in Physics Education to 6 GEV2 erature after the Wende. Kerstin Historic Monuments in Post-War Seferino Rafael Fierroz Hensel, Angela KrauB, and the Evan Braden Montgomery Elizabeth Winkler Malatin Weiterschreiben of GDR-literature Foreign Affairs Mark Albert Stone Marta Tatiana Sears Dissertation: Leading Nations and Kisha Janelle Young Christopher R. Urbanz Biology Local Conflicts: Global Powers, Neuroscience Dissertation: Role of ERF Tran- Regional Power Shifts, and Outside Dissertation: Losing Power: scription Factors in Jasmonate- Masters of Public health Intervention Declines in Mitochondrial Respi- Inducible Regulation of Nicotine John Jared Christophel ratory Capacity in Alzheimer’s Carrie Randolph Farmer Ashli Francille Moore Biosynthesis in Tobacco Disease Biology Yan Ge Danielle Lynae Shingle Dissertation: Circadian Ecology of Brad Joseph Zerlanko Alexandra V Heilbronner Cell Biology Anolis Lizards Biochemistry and Molecular Lesa-kaye Leona Holtham Dissertation: Nocturnin, A Novel Genetics Danielle Krystal Williams Sarina Margaret Gruver Moore Circadian Deadenylase Regulates Dissertation: Regulation of Pro- Rachel Marie Woloski English RNA Processing liferation and Oxidative Stress Aleksander E. Zywot Dissertation: The City Real and Claire Natalie Snell-Rood by Tgif1 and TGFBeta the City Imagined in Victorian Anthropology Masters of Science Dissertation: “I Have My Own Masters of Arts Meghan Cynthia Barnhart Meredith Ferdie Muth Two Hands”: Re-Interpreting the Benjamin Brock Anderson Oliver Blümke Environmental Sciences Risks of Slum Life in Delhi and Riana Elyse Anderson Sarah Rebecca Breevoort Dissertation: Disturbance and Cultivating the Self Through Neigh- Damon Tor Armeni Benjamin Marcus Farrington Recovery of Intertidal Mixed Sea- borhood, Citizenship, Kinship, and Alicia Grace Baik Breslauer grass Communities Health Galen Patrick Barry James Maitland Eaton

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

26 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

John Joseph Green Paul Jeffrey Bonthuis Alison Hodge Dewald Seventeenth-Century Spanish Jonathan Joy-Gaba Neuroscience Chemistry Soldiers’ Autobiographies Dissertation: Influence of X-chro- Dissertation: Folding and bio-phys- Jennifer Lauren Kaplan Shannon Tucker Harrington ical characterization of Neisserial Christopher I. Kaylin mosome dosage on masculine Nursing Alicia Selena Linford behaviors outer membrane Opacity-associated (Opa) proteins in lipid vesicles Dissertation: Disparities in Breast Alexandra Auzins Magness Carol Stacy Brotherton Cancer Patients’ Perceptions of Emily Katherine Moser Nursing Anne Wadlow Drogula Nursing Care Quality in an Out- Donald Vernon Lightner Norum Dissertation: Crohn’s Disease, Classics patient Oncology Setting Graham Marshall Richardson Dissertation: The Love of His Life: Dietary Fiber, and Health-Related Jennifer Allison Holm Chelsi Jean Snow Quality of Life The Programmatic Recurrence of Guillermo Eduardo Solorzano the God Cupid in Ovid Environmental Sciences Vannina Tatiana Suarez Davis Lemay Brown II Dissertation: Gap Dynamic Model- Foreign Affairs Erin Rhodes Dunlop ing of a Subtropical Dry Forest: Bailey Guocheng Zhang Economics Dissertation: The Influence of Effects of Hurricanes on Forest Dissertation: The Impact of Finan- Religion on Armed Conflict Onset Change and Productivity in Climate Conferred May 20, 2012 cial Aid and College Quality on Change Scenarios Tara Lynne Burke Educational Attainment Doctors of Philosophy Biochemistry and Molecular Tao Huang Bartow Jerome Elmore Chemistry Loreto Peter Alonzi III Genetics History Physics Dissertation: Disruption of SAGA Dissertation: Synthesis of Con- Dissertation: Citizen Coke: An formation-Restricted Analogues of Dissertation: Measuring the Pion by polyglutamine-expanded Environmental and Political History FTY720 as Sphingosine 1-Phos- Substructure with Radiative Posi- Ataxin-7 and functional charac- of the Coca-Cola phate Receptor Pro-drugs tronic Pion Decays terization of SAGA subunit Sgf29 Daniel Marlay Freed Adam Stephen Hyde John D. Baltes Aaron Robert Butz Chemistry Government Economics Economics Dissertation: Applications of Site- Dissertation: Procedures, Health Dissertation: John Locke, Disci- Dissertation: Do Higher Order directed Spin Labeling Electron Outcomes, and Lawsuits in pline, and the Origins of Liberalism Approximations Help Identify Paramagnetic Resonance to Study- Obstetrics Kathryn Elizabeth Barletta Structural Parameters? ing the Structure, Dynamics and Allison Elizabeth Jack Pharmacology Interactions of Membrane Proteins Charles Eugene Clarkson Psychology Dissertation: The role of adenosine Laura Hope Friedman Environmental Sciences Dissertation: Subcortical Contribu- A2B receptors in the leukocyte English Dissertation: The Use of Novel tions in Imitation in Youth with response to lung injury and infection Dissertation: Bodies and Selves: Biomarkers in Waterbird Biology Autism Spectrum Disorders Re-evaluating the Blazon in Early Elizabeth Currier Beacom SherriLynn Colby-Bottel Modern England Max Jameson-Lee English Anthropology Microbiology Amanda Marie Gellett Dissertation: The “Secret Garden” Dissertation: Transposing The Pharmacology Dissertation: DsbA2 Catalyzes and the Marketplace: Private and Tradition: The Social Production Dissertation: Characterization of Disulfide Bond Formation and Is Public Space in Edith Wharton’s of Authenticity and Sincerity in Essential for Virulence in Legioi- Nonfiction lipid kinases involved in the syn- Post-Katrina New Orleans Jazz thesis of alkyl lysophosphatidic acid nella Pneumophilay Andrew Gregory Beer Bethany Moran Coyne Joseph McKinney Johnson Classics Deborah Lynn Gleason Nursing Biochemistry and Molecular Dissertation: Socrates and the Nursing Dissertation: Outcomes after the Genetics Art of Healing Souls: A Study in Dissertation: The Insulin Odyssey: Transfer of Pediatric Renal Trans- Dissertation: Rpd3-mediated Socratic Rhetoric Nursing Care of Children with plant Recipients to Adult Providers Diabetes, 1915-1935 Nucleosome Deposition onto the Mark Glen Bilby rDNA Genes of Saccharomyces Religious Studies Leslie Francis Nicole Cozzi Eric Stephen Goodell cerevisiae History of Art and Architecture Religious Studies Dissertation: As the Bandit I will Martin Peter Keutel Confess You: Luke 23:39-43 in Early Dissertation: Protagonismo e non: Dissertation: Taixu’s (1890-1947) Mirella Bentivoglio, Carla Accardi, Creation of Humanistic Buddhism Mathematics Christian Interpretation Dissertation: Fluid Limits for the Carla Lonzi, and the Art of Italian Maria Suzanne Guarino Sarah Rebecca Bishop Shortest Job First and Least Attained Feminism in the 1960s and 1970s Music English Service Protocols Elizabeth Ellen Cubbage Dissertation: Listen with the Ear Dissertation: The Index of the Real: Hee Jung Kim Economics of the Heart: A Contemplative Eth- Reference & Resistance in the 1960s Nursing Dissertation: Financial Deregula- nography of Musical Performance, Dissertation: Health-Related Inter- Dennis B. Blanton tion and the Great Moderation Communal Religious Life, and Anthropology Mystical Spirituality among the net Use as a Caregiver Resource for Dissertation: The Inalienable Rite: Pamela Baker Deguzman Monks of Weston Priory Informal Caregivers of Individuals Nursing with Dementia Smoking Ritual During the Mis- Julia Ann Halterman sissippian Stage in the South Dissertation: The Effect of Neigh- Pharmacology Patricia Anne Kinser Appalachian Mississippian Region borhood Geography on the Health Dissertation: Nuclear Factor of Nursing of Low-Income Women Elizabeth Anne Bollwerk Activated T-cells 5 (NFAT5)- Dissertation: Feasibility and Ac- Anthropology Noel Christopher Derecki Dependent Regulation of Vascular ceptability of Yoga for Women with Dissertation: Seeing What Smoking Neuroscience Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotypic Depression Pipes Signal(ed): An Examination of Dissertation: Key Roles for T cell- Modulation and Atherosclerosis Danielle Verena Kollig Late Woodland and Early Contact derived IL-4 in Learning and Faith Suzanne Harden German Period (A.D. 900-1665) Native Memory and for Bone Marrow Spanish Dissertation: Images of Transsexu- Social Dynamics in the Middle Replacement in Amelioration of Dissertation: Martial Masculini- ality in Philosophy, Theater, and Atlantic Rett Syndrome ties: Gender, Genre, and the Self in Film: Nietzsche, Brecht, Fassbinder

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

27 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Brett Mikel Kroncke Export Prices of International back Interventions Adapted for Melissa Sue Ragain Chemistry Firms: Theories and Firm-Level Personal Insight and Development History of Art and Architecture Dissertation: Nitroxide Spin Label Evidence Dissertation: Test Subjects: Psy- Hyun Wook Park Motion on Helical Membrane chology and the Viewer of American Ileana Soto Mauldin Proteins Physics Sculpture, 1955-1975 Microbiology Dissertation: Observation of the William Burton Kurtz Dissertation: The Protein Tyrosine dipole-dipole interaction between Jonathan Eric Readey History Phosphatase SHP-1 Dampens Th17 cold Rydberg atoms by the micro- English Dissertation: Roman-Catholic Development wave spectroscopy Dissertation: Written and Built Americans in the North and Border Memorials: Postcolonial Literature Daniel Edwin McDowell Su Mi Park and “Secondary” Commemoration States during the Era of the Ameri- Foreign Affairs Psychology in a Contemporary Age of Mass can Civil War Dissertation: Brother, Can You Dissertation: Possible Involvement Tragedy Irina Kuznetsova Spare a Billion? The Interna- of the Serotonin Type 3 Receptor German tional Political Economy of U.S. in the Extinction of Previously Joanna Krystal Sandilos Rega Dissertation: The Possessed: The Sovereign-to-Sovereign Bailouts Conditioned Fear Responses Pharmacology Dissertation: Mechanisms for Demonic in German and Russian Rebecca Merrill Mingo James McGill Patterson Pannexin 1 Channel Modulation Literature in the Late Nineteenth Microbiology Government & Gating and Early Twentieth Centuries Dissertation: Formation of Special- Dissertation: The Religious Foun- ized HSV-1 Egress Sites Deborah Lynn Rexrode Xiaohuan Lan dations of the American Twentieth Sociology Economics Karen Emily Mooney Century Dissertation: Passing the Plate – Do Dissertation: Essays in Labor and Physics Matthew Sean Peach “Pink Collars” Make a Difference? Development Economics Dissertation: Hyperpolarized Gas Physiology Financial Giving and the Impact of Paul Steven Landefeld Diffusion MRI using Steady State Dissertation: Design, Develop- the Clergy Economics Free Precession Pulse Sequences ment and Application of Hybrid Laura Kay Reynolds Dissertation: The Role of Trans- Eglantine Marie Amelie Morvant Polycaprolactone-Polyphosphazene Environmental Sciences portation Costs in Trade and Wages French Electrospun Constructs for the Dissertation: Genetic Diversity and Dissertation: Existences en résis- Daniel William Leon Augmentation of Massive Rotator Structure of Natural and Restored tance chez Molière: comment Classics Cuff Repair Seagrass Meadows on the Eastern Tartuffe, Dom Juan et Alceste se Dissertation: Arrian, Alexander, Shore of Virginia: Causes and réalisent en résistant à l’ordre social Jacob Jerod Pease and the Limits of the Second Ecological Consequences Sophistic du XVIIe siècle Philosophy Dissertation: On Living a More Shannon Lynn Riedel Jonathan Robert Lee Mulholland Guan-Yi Leu Meaningful Life Nursing Physics Foreign Affairs Dissertation: Effects of Guided Dissertation: SANE’s Measurement Erik Tobias Pettersson Dissertation: Cooperating for Imagery in Persons with Fibro- of the Proton’s Virtual Photon Psychology Diversification: Partnership Selec- myalgia tion in Preferential Trade Agree- Spin Asymmetry, A^p1, at Large Dissertation: Evaluation is a Con- ments in East Asia Bjorken x found in Personality Measurement: Caroline Rebecca Rine Evidence and Implications Religious Studies Olivia June Mullins Margaret Brannan Lewis Dissertation: The Song of Songs as Neuroscience Pïnar Pezük History Scripture and Script: Performance, Dissertation: Neuronal Control of Dissertation: Infanticide in Early Biology Pedagogy, Patristics Modern Germany: The Experience Rhythmic Swimming in the Leech Dissertation: Circadian Organiza- Karliana Brooks Sakas of Augsburg, Memmingen, Ulm, Kenneth Robert Myers tion of Peripheral Oscillators in Spanish and Nordlingen, 1500-1800 Cell Biology Mammals Dissertation: Servants of Desire, Dissertation: Regulation and Func- Anna Lim Brian Russell Pinkston Masters of Deceit: The Discourse of tion of the Brefeldin A-Resistant Anthropology Philosophy Servitude in Selected Spanish Early Arf-GEF1 Protein Dissertation: Population Politics Dissertation: Francisco Suárez on Modern Novellas and the Production of Citizens in Dieynaba Gabrielle Ndiaye Efficient Causation Lanier Lee Sammons the French Antilles Psychology Evan Louis Pivonka Music Herbert Timothy Lovelace, Jr. Dissertation: When Do People Government Use Covariation and Mechanism Dissertation: Audience Interactiv- History Dissertation: The Political Impli- ity and the Concert Hall Audience Dissertation: International Legal Information in Causal Judgments? cations of Karl Popper’s Critical History from Below: The Civil Jesse W. Newton Rationalism Christine Marie Schott Rights Movement and the U.S. Ori- English Philosophy Avrom Posner gins of the International Convention Dissertation: Locke, Language, and Dissertation: Intimate Reading: History of Art and Architecture on the Elimination of All Forms of Meta-Philosophy: An Interpretation Marginalia in Medieval Manu- Dissertation: Civic Improvement: Racial Discrimination, 1960-1965 of Book III of John Locke’s Essay scripts Concerning Human Understanding Chautauqua and Progressive Era Yongjin Lu Aesthetic Reform Georgia Sermamoglou-Soulmaidi Mathematics Anthony Palladino, Jr. Classics Dissertation: Asymptotic Stability Physics Rebecca Deal Poston Dissertation: Playful Philosophy of Systems of Coupled Nonlinear Dissertation: Investigating Lepton Nursing and Serious Sophistry: Reversals Partial Differential Equations Universality via a Measurement of Dissertation: Adolescent Experi- in Plato’s “Euthydemus” Arising from Acoustic-Structural ences of Informed Consent and the Positronic Pion Decay Branch- Matthew Edward Seward and Fluid-Structural Interaction Assent in Oncology Research ing Ratio Cell Biology Xiangjun Ma Jesse Ben Pappas Daniel Mark Pryor Dissertation: Tau-Dependent Cell Economics Psychology Mathematics Cycle Re-Entry of Post-Mitotic Neu- Dissertation: Organizational Dissertation: Multisource Person- Dissertation: Topological Manifold rons Induced by Ab Oligomers, and Boundaries, Transfer Prices and ality Feedback: Professional Feed- Calculus Regulated by Calcium/Calmodulin

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

28 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Kinas-II, Fyn, and Cyclic AMP- Religious Instruction in Spain and Masters of Arts Emily Elisabeth Dependent Kinase Annalisa Tyler Mann Mexico, c. 1550-1600 Jumana Said Khalil Al-Ahmad Margaret Dixon Marshall Shaili Shah Adam Stewart Watson Sarah Christine Andrews Alexander Ellis Massad Biology Anthropology Julieta Arosteguy Benjamin Orval Maton Dissertation: Histone Modifications Dissertation: Craft, Subsistence, Jonquil Clarissa Bailey Brian Patrick Micken Govern Inducible Gene Expression and Political Change: An Archeo- Jessica Ray Beadel Connor Bailey Miles and Cell Fate Determination logical Investigation of Power and Caitlin Elizabeth Berka Peter Graham Moody Economy in Prehistoric Chaco Can- Joshua Benjamin Bernard Amanda Margaret Sigler Sarah Elizabeth Mosseri yon, New Mexico, 850 to 1200 CE Ashley Gray Billman English Alexandra Krystyna Natoli Anna Merrick Bonewitz Dissertation: Resituating Mod- Thitaphat Ngernsutivorakul Melissa Nicole Wells Megan Elizabeth Bosch ernism: Transatlantic Periodical Nguyen D. Nguyen Biochemistry and Molecular Brittany Anne Boudens Culture, 1895-1925 Mary Hamil Orwig Genetics Katell Bourhis Susan Kathleen Palazzo Stephen Andrew Silverstein Dissertation: The Regulation and Megan Elena Bowen Nicole Kathleen Pankiewicz Spanish Analysis of Transcription Preinitia- Timothy Sean Brannelly Danila Andreevich Pankov Dissertation: The Jewish Slave tion Complex Dynamics Jenny Elizabeth Braun Trader Trope in Abolitionist Dis- Emily Samara Pears Bret Samuel Wolfe Katherine Elizabeth Brown courses of the Caribbean, 1839- Christopher Peck Environmental Sciences Anne Randolph Bryant 1882 Noemi Perego Dissertation: Canopy-Level Pho- Mary Cook Rachelle Dulcinea Phillips Rupesh Silwal tophysiology of the Seagrass Tracy Clotilde Cosgriff Martin Antonio Premoli Physics Thalassia testudinum in Florida Deborah Anne Daley Licheng Qian Dissertation: Probing the Strange- Bay, Florida Hamilton Todd Davis Vijay Michael Ramdeen ness Content of the Proton and Kevin William Davis Patrick Logan Reilly the Neutron Radius of 208Pb Guofeng Xu Benjamin Edward Davison ^ Margaret Mary Reuland Using Parity-Violating Electron Cell Biology Lucas Carneiro de Carvalho Benjamin Wiley Richards Scattering Dissertation: ADAM Functions Murat Demirci Tamika Yolanda Richeson in Early Development of Xenopus Kara Serin Dewhurst Bolko Josef Skorupski Natasha Louise Anita Richter tropicalis Dale Hance Dilbeck III Foreign Affairs Sarah Rodriguez Haiming Yan Hunter Lockwood Doughty Dissertation: The Etiology of Pro- Paul Eric Rosenstein Sociology Elizabeth Ann Dwyer tracted and Criminally Sustained William Thomas Sanders Dissertation: World Heritage Casey Robert Eriksen Internal Wars in the Post Cold-War Braxton Graham Winthrop China: Universal Discourse and Sarah Elizabeth Eskew Era: The Continuation and Termi- Sherouse National Culture Arthur J. Espey, Jr. nation of the FARC, KLA, and EZLN Samuel Aaron Stafford Aysehan Julide Etem Insurgencies Lee Norman Surma Abel Yang Jiahui Erin Leigh Etheridge Kaycie Kuss Tayler Emily Alyce Sloan Astronomy David Nottoli Flood Chaivat Tengsirivattana Microbiology Dissertation: The Shapes of Galaxy Katia Pennington Fowler Dissertation: Single genome analy- Francesca Bolla Tripodi Clusters and Related Problems Michael Roy Fox sis of HIV-1 Rev and RRE variation Anthony Rey Villanueva Qin Yu Rebecca Sue Frazier in natural and in vivo Viktoria Valerieva Vutova Environmental Sciences Blaire Atherton French characterization of NL4-3 Rev Darby Jean Walters Dissertation: Arctic Tundra Veg- Lisa Frenchik phosphorylation Dana Michelle Wilson etation Dynamics under Changing Melissa June Frost Thomas Matthew Winters Jessica Dawn Starling Environmental Conditions Stephanie Marie Garcia Robert Andrew Wyllie Religious Studies Laura Marie Getz Jing Zhang Man Xu Dissertation: A Family of Clerics: Joris Gjata Zhitian Yang Temple Wives, Tradition, and Mathematics Everett L. Grant IV John Warren York Change in Contemporary Jodo Dissertation: Min-Max Game Emiliano Guaraldo Xiaoran Yu Shinshu Temples Theory and Non-Standard Dif- Anne Marie Guarnera Tao Zhou ferential Riccati Equations under Jaime Nicole Hartless Hephzibah Virginia Strmic-Pawl Xian Zhou the Singular Estimates and an Erin Elaine Horn Sociology Application to the Fluid-Structure Dissertation: “What Are You?”: James Fred Hrdlicka Interaction Model Multiracial Identity and the Persis- Aurie Yi-lynn Hsu Masters of Arts tence of Racism in a “Post-Racial” Nan Zhang Adam Gregory Hughes in Physics Education Lindsey May Humphreys Society Economics Kathryn Lee Crihfield Reed Adam Johnson Lucia Delia Tejada Matos Dissertation: Productivity and Kurt Bradley Owen Brynne Jones Neuroscience Labor Market Effects of Offshoring to Low-Wage Countries Hiromi Kaneda Dissertation: Effects of androgen Masters of fine Arts receptors and gonadal steroids Seth Lawrence King Yiyi Zhou Virginia Anne Kinniburgh Maria Kirsten Adelmann in sex differences of mouse social Economics investigatory behavior Sharrah Ann Lane Lisa A. Fink Dissertation: Dynamic Pricing and Brandon David Lenz Caitlin Eva Kindervatter-Clark Supbhawong Vichaphund Entry in a Two-Sided Market: The Brooke Lockwood Lestock Jeffrey Daniel Kmiec Economics Case of Video Games Alexandra Felice Levy Cecilia M. Llompart Dissertation: Three Essays in Ap- Jonathan Richard Zorn Abraham Thomas Lipman Melissa Anne McNulty plied Microeconomics Music Xiaoxi Liu Lulu Miller Daniel Isaac Wasserman Dissertation: Voices in the Elec- Kenneth Jude Lota Stephanie Lauren Milner History tronic Furnace: Towards an Analysis Andrew Paul Lynn David Munro Serafino Dissertation: Language Policy and of Electroacoustic Vocal Music Claire Dolores Maiers Austin Robert Smith

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

29 College of Arts & Sciences

Masters of Public health Christel Wohlafka Meghan Jeanne Lenczyk Logan Anthony Barnes1 Jingwei Wu Emily Sarah Bell Keshia Larissa Amy Bentick Madeline Kelly Lewis Yimin Wu Katharina Charlotte Elisabeth Yue Jing Chen YuYi Lu Kezhou Xiao Bernard Elizabeth Mary Fenton Thomas Dresser Malinowsky Yuan Xue John Bryant Bivens, Jr. Laura Karen Hansen Bryon Joseph McClain Zhengyu Yang Aaron Axhoj Bond1 Matthew Marvin Hitchcock Randall James McGarry Jacob Zemon Blanca Marleny Bonilla Gil Nujhat Nadia Huq Ann Caroline McMichael Nicole Marie Borghard1 Kelsie Denee’ Kelly Donald Matthew Miller, Jr. Alicia Naomi Brennen Florette Glenis King Litic Murali Sebastian Briceno Brian Scott Long Christopher Adam Myers Amanda Brody Julia Bridget Vickers Long Elaine Farrah Oblitey College of Arts & Annina Alexandra Ott Ashley Lauren Brown1 Michael Reed Marquardt Benjamin Jordan Buckland Matthew D. McLeod Sciences Rachna Parasuraman Terry Jonathan Penn Anne Patricia Buckley Stephen Craig Merrell Cali Francis Bulmash Monica Victoria Nable Conferred August 10, 2011 Joseph David Price William Fletcher Quillian IV Kristopher Anthony Burd Gifty Ifeanyi Oboite Bachelors of Arts Laura Preston Buzzelli Laura Hillary Schapiro Sophia Rahmani Daniel Alexander Allen Hunter Ashley Reed Susannah Norvell Cadwalader Cynthia D. Schoeffel James Parker Atkinson, Jr. Anne Morgan Frances Camp Christopher Ray Simpson Nicholas Taylor Reed Thom Mitchell Austin Jie Ren Jee Hei Chang Moira Elizabeth Smith Sarah Lundy Baker Jiamin Chen1 Chinwe Chineze Uzodinma Andrew Patrick Revelle Myron A Ballard, Jr. William Preston Ruch Happiness Chijiago Chijioke Marian Royer Zuses 1 1 Alissa Michelle Beight Siedah Nashira Scott Sooyeon Choi 1 Simon Eliot Biddle-Snead Yohan Seo Rinal Mahesh Choksi Masters of Science Marcus Anthony Boone Robert Davis Shelton Sonia Sohani Chowdhury Anoush Emrazian Anderson Albert Wilder Brown, Jr. Monika Y. Shreves Jennifer Lynn Christoph 1 Evan Maxwell Askanazi Analise Mia Brown Alexandra Theresa Silva Anna A. Chukhno Loreto Barcos Muñoz Daniel Seth Bagby Brown James Marshall Simpson IV Hyun Teak Chung Henry Jacob Borish Nicole Marie Brown Livpreet Singh Chelsea Ann Churchill 1 Owen Thomas Brenner Meaghan Mary Cabot Jason Richard Smith Erica Danielle Clark Ali Cetiner Shankar Narayan Srinivasan Kirsty Amy Clark Tucker Baldwin Briggs 1 Cameron Matthew Charness Andy Chaisiri Justin Michael Stidham Sarah Elizabeth Clugston Sarah Jennifer Conine Stephen Young Choi Samantha Alexis Swarn Eric Stephen Cmar Joanna Faith Corby Hyoyeol Chong Samantha Angelica Sweitzer3,7 Brittany Nicole Collins William Cantwell Clark, Jr. Edward Joseph Connor IV Timothy Ryan Emerick 1 Jordan David Tilley Matthew Stephen Etzell Caitlin Jean Conyers Hong Mun Tong2,7 Kristie Hevener Cross Shannon Marie Cullifer Jane Eileen Harlow Fulton Tyler Jeffrey Cyrus Jennifer Marie Veldhuyzen Rachael Sophia Kangoggo D’Arbela Mariel Alexandra Garcia Aquiles Melchor Damiron- Chetan Ballav Virmani Alcantara Keenan Wills Davis3,7 Dazhi Gong William Walsh Nathan P. Daugherty Shannon Noel Davis Sue Yan He Haiting Wang Joseph R. de Garavilla Catherine Olivia Davison Myeonghwa Hong I-Hsuan Wang Hannah Marie Donald Marlon Chukwuemeka Dean-Duru Courtney Mor-Naye Ware Christopher Michael Irwin Amanda Dawn Dreylick Benjamin Robert Degrasse James Michael White Tomasz Krzysztof Kabzinski Mary Catherine Earley Wilson McClain Deming Wanli Zhang Mor Katz Matthew FitzGerald Doyle Alexandra Bennett Early Yapei Zhang Aaron Michael Kingery Britny Renee Edwards Chioma Chiazo Anne Elechi Aravinda Kuntimaddi Whitny Nicole Edwards Christina Marie Englehart Yue Li Carter Levi Fettig Bachelors of Science Juan Andres Esteves Dao Eric Ching Lin David James Filer in Biology Crystal Lynn Evans Wen-Yuan Lin Brent Michael Fiorito Sinead Louise Farrelly Gwendolyn Gwenny Yao Hongmei Liu Shirley Catharine Fliflet1 Steven Robert Filosa Yi-Hsien Yeh Zerui Liu Jonathan Robert Goff1 Kelly Carita Finn Kathleen Ann McManus Jared Paul Green Ryan Clinton Fitzgerald Feiyang Niu John Robert Grey IV Bachelor of Science Ian Daniel Flatt Dana Jean Oster Sarah Ann Hald in Chemistry Rachel May Fleischer Chenyi Pan Sung Ju Ham Thomas Eugene Floyd1 Jonathan Hampton Hylton Woo Sin Park Se Jin Han Mary Constance Fossen Robert Weston Pfister George Scott Hardwig1 Heidi Kilen Fredstrom Amy West Pollak Cameron Courtney Harris Bachelor of Science in Megan Kimberly Frook Grace Pyon Raynard Jamal Horne Environmental Sciences Kisha Rachel-Andrea Garrick Ashley Erica Rall Jessica Jane Victoria Horswell Amie Lynn Gordon1 Yuchen Shih Michael Dyer Howard Diego Andres Hernandorena Scott Eric Grapin1 Kimberly Rene Sokal Kyrsten Ayriell Hughes John Andrew Harbin Christopher Michael Tait Garett Douglas Ince Conferred December 29, 2011 Taylor Ann Harbin Huili Tang Michael Cyrus Jones Elliott Michael Harding Xiwei Tang Kelsey Faye Kerle-O’Brien1 Bachelors of Arts Hannah Suzanne Hartig M. Joseph Tomlinson IV Jonathan Jinsoo Kim Lindsey Ellen Aaron Carli Elizabeth Haselden1 Florence Elizabeth Turrentine Corinne Elise Lanning James Edward Alvarez Whitney Lauren Highlander1 Dushant Singh Uppal Sharon Adelle Lawler Ashley Jade Bagwell Daniel Alexander Hill Helen Louise Vasaly Scott Rawlings Leachman, Jr. Rebecca Bell Barlas Lauren Noelle Hobbs1 Jeffrey Eric Vergales Lauren Ashley Elizabeth Lee Duane Jeremy Barlow Alexander Stanford Hough

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

30 College of Arts & Sciences

Kaitlyn Lomont Houk James Michael Scott Adrienne Elizabeth Albright7 Hayden Frith Bassett Erin Annita Jackson Iram Gulmohomad Shaikh1 Jeffrey Edward Albright Annesha Basu7 Samir Evan Jain Zhu Shi Mina Alemzadeh Nica Kyra Natividad Basuel Lindsay Erin Jamerson1 Matthew Jesse Shore Abdulhakim A. Ali Niya Marie Bates Kate Alison Jarosik Emily Nicole Skiba1 Anne Elizabeth Allen1 Ashby Mathis Baum Nicholas Stewart Jenkins Megan Elizabeth Smith1 Matthew Elliot Allen1 Morgan Lee Baxter Cameron Isaac Johnson Joel Fogue Sop Jason Asif Ally1 Allison Walker Baylor Eunjung Jun Aubrey Sylvester Benjamin Sutton Almen Natalie Helen Beach Anne Kaiserman1 Zeqiu Tan Lauren Rebecca Alwine Katherine Frost Beale Anthony Michael Kendle1 Lauren Anne Taylor Mohamed Ahmed Aly Warwick Kilroy Beamish Raymond O’Neal Keys II Kenneth Wilson Tewalt Andrew Nader Ameri1 Timothy Paul Beane, Jr. Song-Min Kim Amanda Kay Thompson1 Temor Amin-Arsala1 Marguerite Mary Beattie1 Kipp Sutherland Kiser Emily Morgan Thompson Sasha Amir-Aslan Amini1 Molly Elizabeth Beauchemin1 Xing Lan Margaret Moncure Varland Jacob Cory Amory Erika Nicole Bebout Kathleen Marie Lauerman Michael Anthony Volk Anna Frances Amrhein Colton Taylor Beck Aaron Changyoung Lee Kristine Kirby Weatherwax Susie An Katherine Atwood Becker Clarice Lee1 Scott Spencer Webster Revat Anandsongkit1 Todd Frederick Becker Dominique Jeroldine Leon Zhen Wei Caitlin Marie Anderson1 Alexandra Kenyon Beehler Emma Wilson Liebmann Ashley Tyler Winston Drew Preston Anderson John Robert Belk, Jr. Hunter Walter Link1 Andrew Everette Wiseman Gillian Elise Anderson1 Laura Marie Bell Christian Mauricio Loya Hendrikus Cody Johannes Wisker Lauren Claire Anderson7 Thomas Grasty Bell III Emily Austin Mackay-Smith Caroline Fairfax Wood1 Sheldon Cameron Anderson Hannah Hayes Beller1 Diane Ann Martinsen Brian Alexander Wright Trenley Michelle Anderson7 Amanda Victoria Cathleen Below7 Vincent Allen Mason1 Yanshi Wu Kevin Alexander Anding Elizabeth Gayle Belt Sarah Elissa Matalone1 Kelsey Mary Ando Kaley Elizabeth Bender Daniel Bradley McArtor Bachelors of Science Maera Ana Rabusa Andres Michael John Bender Cale Michael McCammon1 Lisa Michele Andrews Jonathan Benick Kaitlyn Ann McDowell1 in Biology Mina Ashraf Antonius Ryan J. Benincasa Nicholas Andrew McIntosh Sheikh Iqbal Arshad Casey Jonathan Archer John Robert Muller Benjamin Kevin George McMahon Jake Allen Bivans Kyle McClane Armstrong Clare Marie Bennett Maxime Milien Raquel Inez Martin Sarah Gwinn Arnall Corey Gallagher Bennett Caroline Paige Mills1 Ellington Roland Arnold Emma Ragan Bennett7 Andrea Lizzetteh Moncada Bachelor of Science Alexis Charmagne Arterberry Hope Elizabeth Bennett Mary Wallace Monroe1 Lindsey Ann Arturo Lisette Medori Bennett Temple Craige Moore II in Chemistry Christian R. Asaban Kyle Matthew Benowitz Anne Kirkwood Morony Damian Nzadi Njoku, Jr. Saide Nicole Ashaboglu Douglas John Benson Indira Dominique Morton Simone Alexandra Asque Nuhad Bensouda Corey Anthony Mosley Bachelor of Science Veena Aswath Gregory Dean Bentz, Jr. Ralph Burnett Murphey IV Arjun Athreya Virginia Tydings Berg Allison Paige Murphy in Physics John Nicholas Atiyeh Daniel Reid Bergamesca Sarah Elizabeth Murphy1 John Preston Baker3,7 Edward Sayle Atkinson Francie Nicole Berger1 Anna Thanh-Mai Nguyen Kathleen Paige Atkinson1 Caroline Marie Bergeron 1 1 Nathaniel Duong-Khoa Nguyen Conferred May 20, 2012 Derrick William Austin Marie Claire Bergeron Thuan An Nguyen Elizabeth Gehle Austin Nils Lawrence Berglund, Jr. Vincent Nguyen-Cao Bachelors of Arts Kathryn Claire Babineau Madeline Julia Bergner Aanya Fatima Niaz Andrew Watson Abbott Michael Jane Babus Ethan Edward Berman Emily Susan Nichols Serwa Nicole Aboagye Kyle Patrick Bacon Kathleen Maura Bernardino Brooke Reisinger Olazagasti1 Charles Samuel Adams Joseph Sullivan Baden Sarah Margaret Berry1 Michelle Rose Opperman Joshua C. Adams Terrence Mitchell Bagley, Jr. James Kevin Bertolino Damilola Aramide Orikogbo Samuel Emmerich Adams1 Amelie Barrett Bailey Samuel Zawadi Best Bermang Javier Ortiz Shelby Faye Adams David Ridley Bain Katherine Elizabeth Beyer Michael Joseph Parker Julia Claire Addis-Lieser1 Janine Alyse Bakalis Melanie Suzanne Bianco Austin William Pasztor James Harold Addison III Allison Marie Baker Lauren Alyssa Bicknell1 Collin Hollis Peterson Catherine Kendall Adkins Dylan Wyatt Baker Amy Lim Biestek Annelise Marie Phelan1 Monique Stephanie Agüero Shauna Leigh Baker-Karl Alexandra Lee Bijak1 Haley Elizabeth Powell1 Daniel A Aguirre Catherine Metcalfe Bakewell1 John Matthew Bilyeu, Jr. Jessica Nicole Poyer1 Farah Noreen Ahmad Grecia Balboa Seas Kaitlyn Danielle Bixel Priscilla Agowa Quaye Lameya Ahmed Rachel Carroll Ball Lloyd LeRoy Hisrich Black Robert Joseph Reddy Andrew Hyun Sou Ahn1 Jin Hae Bang Keisha Rae Blackmoore Rebecca Adele Reiter Patricia Hyunkyung Ahn Eman Ibrahim Bani Catherine Kelly Blair Shuyang Ren1 Soo Hyun Ahn Solomon Adeoye Banjo Chelsea Cameron Blakely Kimberly Ann Resua1 Taeyong Ahn Rosemary Elise Barber1 John Christopher Blanchard Irene Rhodes Michael Oluwaseyi Ahunamba Lara Amal Barbir1 Susanna Mary Blauch Gavin Douglas Rogers Belel Ait Oumeziane Jason Elliot Barbo Barrett Elizabeth Bles Brittney Dawn Rose Melissa Bahar Akkaya Adriana Yvel Barcenas Benjamin Ariel Bloom1 Kelly Susan Rosenberg1 Sara Maryam Akl1 Hannah Miller Barefoot7 Alyssa Erin Blumenfeld Helen Randolph Ross1 Yasmin Al-Bazzaz Kristen Elizabeth Barnes Warner Louis Blunt IV Lisa Elizabeth Roth1 Jacquelyn Grace Refuerzo Alazas William Shipley Barrows Christopher Ryan Bocklet Kevin Christopher Schiedel1 Grant Alexander Albers Patrick Kenneth Barry Elizabeth Frances Boese Kimberly Dana Schreiber1 Holly Anne Albertson Jennifer Lynn Bartol Lindsay Taylor Boggs

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

31 College of Arts & Sciences

Jarrod Ian Boitet Kasey Lynn Bushmire Laura Michelle Chesser Braeden Dunlap Crosby Matthew John Boland Brittney Claire Butler Sara Frances Chiaravalle Clay Seibert Crosby7 Eric Matthew Bolden Jonathan Edward Butler Vincenzo Chiariello Robert Phelan Crosby Tiffany Jean Bolling Scott Michael Butler1 Lauren Elaine Chilton Sarah Katherine Cross Ashley Marie Bologna Tiffany Nicole Butler Alison M. Chin7 Margaret Lee Crossen Kira Rose Bolton Meghan Sarah Butt Maria Elizabeth Chopivsky1 David William Crossan Crouch John Ernest Bonanno1 John Carr Clarke Byrne II Ahsan Habib Chowdhury Lucille Carr Crowley Samuel Corbin Bond Robert Morgan Byrne-Diakun Thomas George Christensen1 Geoffrey Robert Culbertson Henry Worthington Bonner Yeo Ji Byun Eudora Chua1 Kevin David Culbertson Alexandra Leigh Boothe Kennedy Christine Byxbee Nalin Chuapetcharasopon Keri Lynn Cullen1 Philip Francis Boothe Joseph Paul Cabral Anuja Atul Chumble Sarah Helen Culver7 Joshua Tyler Borden Barbara Luisa Cabrera1 Kelly Ann Chung Sara Elizabeth Cummings Ellen Christian Bosserman1 Elizabeth Kathryn Caccia Christian Peter Cimmino, Jr. Rose Elizabeth Cunnion Stephanie Esther Boutsicaris Nolan Michael Caine Giannina Marie Cipolloni Jessica Rose Curran Charlotte Browning Bowden7 Margaret Spenser Caldwell1 Abigail Ruth Ciucias7 Joanna Marie Curran Colleen Marie Bowen Sarah Ann Carolyn Calhoun Alicia Simone Clark Timothy William Curtis Elizabeth Stratford Bowles7 Caitlin Jorgensen Callahan Christine Beth Clark7 Helen Marie Cushman7 Emily Katharine Bowles Lydia Maria Callejas Frances Kappner Clark Hope Marie Cutchins Kelsey Brianna Bowles Gabriel Camacho7 Michael Dean Clark, Jr. John Edward Czerwinski Camille Atalie Boxhill Gabriela Camacho Michael Quinton Clemm Ryan Da Silva Natasha Michelle Hunter Boyette Tammy Lynne Cameron Kelly Marie Clifton Monish Kishin Dadlani Evan Hughes Boyle Caitlin Ann Campbell Grayson Tyler Clontz Rachel Goodson Dady7 Karen Lisa Bozicevich Christina Lynne Campbell1 Ryan Michael Machado Clough Natalie Christine Dahlstrom Joivita Lorenza Bradford Mauren DeLaney Gravett Stephanie Gail Coates James Franklin Dailey1 Ashton Danielle Branch Campbell1 Mariana Cobo1 Julia Lynn Dalby Thomas Andrew Breeden1 Brian Lewis Cann Logan Douglas Cochran7 Christopher Hume Daly, Jr. 1 Nicholas James Bremenstul Courtney Nicole Canterbury Matthew Lee Cofer7 Emily O’Neill Dameron Kaitlin Herrling Brennan Michele Frances Caravella Cogar, Jr. Jillian Rebecca Dankel1 Luke Joshua Bresnahan William Frederick Carden7 Amanda Chesley Cohen1 Madelyn Marie Dannenberg Jamison Donnelly Brewer Cristina Flor Cardenas David Alan Cohen Hanim Tariku Danur Nathan Caleb Broaddus Valerie Ann Franzuela Cardenas Lauren Adelyn Cohen7 Camille Jacqueline Louise Danvers Christopher Scott Broadnax David King Carey Rachel Allison Cohen Emmett Dubois Dashiell III Claire Marie Broderick1 Rachel Marie Carey Lindsay Marie Coiner Margaux Taylor Dastugue Marlene Isabel Brodsky Anna Elizabeth Caritj1 Douglas Charles Cossitt Colby1 Ethan Gregory Davidhizar Joshua P. Brooks Brian Anderson Carle Allison Michelle Colley Kristina Ariel Davidson Lesley Erin Brooks Tyler Roy Carlson Zachary Jonathan Collier7 Rae Lynn Davidson1 Carolyn Swain Browder Robert Taylor Carmines Loraine Michelle Collins Alexandra Lee Davis7 Leilani Rose Brower7 Kathleen Mary Carnes1 Nathaniel Allen Collins Coleman Patton Davis Adrienne Michele Brown Dever Marie Carney Maria Alexandra Colopy Evan Scott Davis Brittany Morgan Brown Jason Ravi Carpenter Katherine Emily Colwell Kyle Joseph Davis Jasmine Charese Brown Margaret Sutherland Carragher Caelinn Moira Comey1 Leah Marie Davis Karen Rebecca Brown1 Susan Grace Carrai James Addison Connally Sarajaneé Octavia Davis7 Lindsay Renee Brown Jane Valentine Carrick Colleen Alanna Connelly Kaeley Samantha Dawson Renee De Pelleport Brown Charlyne Lenora Carson Lorcan Louis Connick7 Chelsea Ann Day Mary Bell Browning7 Kalyn Samson Carson7 Matthew Charles Conover Hayley Devon Day Andrew Gibson Brownlee Daniel Carl Carter1 Lauren Elisabeth Converse1 Robert Thomas Day Dakota Bruner Hugh Dinwiddie Carter, Jr. Carly Beth Cook Mathijs Evert de Bruijn John Edward Bruner Katherine Elizabeth Carter1 Hunter Millard Cook Daniel Schröer Abecia de Gavin Wendell Bruno Ramsey Katherine Carter Robert Edward Benjamin Cook Gosztonyi Caroline Marie Bruss Rebekah M. Caruso Victoria Callie Cook Ilona Ildiko de Zamaróczy7 Natalie Marie Bryant Megan Anne Casey Antonia Desiree Cooper Diana Michaela Dean Emma Elizabeth Buck Leah Clark Casler Catherine Marie Cooper Jeffrey Allen Dean7 Erin Eleanor Buck Douglass Scott Caslow Eric Robert Cooper1 Richard Francis Debo, Jr. Jessica Sapol Buck Margaret Catherine Cearley7 Tyler A. Coppage Tyler Andrew Deboard Larry Buckner III Gabriela Angela Cerkey7 Natalie Christine Cordes Ann Marie Decker1 Sarah Lynn Bufano1 Jessica Ann Cerullo1 Claire David Cororaton7 Nicole Elizabeth Decredico1 Whitney Nicole Bullock Aaron Henry Chafetz Mario Carlos Cortes III Adriana Del Vecchio Michael Brian Burchette Leah Diane Chaldares Margo G. Cortijo Chloe Skye Delaney Emily Jane Burfoot Olivia Grace Chalos Corey Nicole Costella Wayne Lee Dell Ava Meinberg Burke1 Kelly Marie Chambers Carmen Shakia Cotton Jessica Rose Delman Logan Gray Burke Diana Ming Chan Meghan Marie Cotton Kacen Marie Delphin Megan Kathryn Burke7 Stevie Nicole Chancellor Ann Evans Cottrell Charles Augustus Deluga1 Natalie Burke Samantha Jing-Yi Chao Andrew Ryan Courtney Daniela Alexandra Delvalle Zarak1 Catherine Marie Burnett Peter Marc Chapman7 Derek Lamont Cousins Chelsea Ann DeMarco7 Ryana Aryelle Burrell Joseph William Chelak Michael Stuart Craigmile Graham Emile Denavit James Robert Burton Jiasheng Chen Abby Marie Credicott7 Gabrielle Rose Dennis Erica Faye Busch Charlie Weibin Cheng Jonathan Alexander Crespy1 Travis Timothy Dennis Maria Adele Buser1 Cindy S. Cheng Mollie Edwina Cretsinger Jonathan Marton Denton Charlotte Augusta Bush Geng Cheng7 Bess Corley Crimmins1 Matthew Denton-Edmundson7 Leila Ramachandran Bushman1 Jennifer Li Cheng1 Ioana Cristei Jacquelyn Marie Desch

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

32 College of Arts & Sciences

Benjamin Steven Dessart Natalie Evelyn Carla Eller7 Farshad Shawn Fouladi Nadia Mohammed Alla Rasem Elizabeth Gale Dettke Rachael Claire Eller Raisa Simone Foushee Ghosheh7 Michael Kevin Dewey-Vogt7 Bethany Grace Ellington Julia Devan Foutz Lauren Gail Ghoston Drake James Diamond Jesse Thompson Ellington IV Grace Elizabeth Fowler Carrington Mae Giammittorio7 Sarah Louise Dibble John Arthur Ellis Mary Elizabeth Fowler Jacqueline Elizabeth Gibbs Sara Elizabeth Diggs Shannon Marie Ellis7 Christina Catherine Fox Kyle Robert Gibson Ari Christopher Dimas Jonathan Casey Elsasser Marissa Erin Fox Raymond Clay Gibson Carlos Francisco Disla, Jr. 1 Martin William Elthon Wintre Nebreon Foxworth7 Kurren Singh Gill7 Matthew Ross Diton7 Karin Elizabeth Elwood Preeya Singh Fozdar7 Meagan Marie Gillespie Caleb Scofield Doan7 Casey Elizabeth Enders7 Ana Maria Fraguada Kathleen C. Gillette-Mallard7 Courtenay MacNeil Dobbins Charlotte Amalie Endres Chelsea Renee France Joshua Thomas Giltz Katherine Dodds7 Mary Louise Enright Kaitlyn Emily Franczek Aileen Lyons Giordano1 Lauren Elizabeth Doerr1 Jesse Daniel Entwistle Julia Wise Frankel Lilian Harper Gladstone Christa Marie Doerwaldt Devon Leigh Ericksen Tyler Stephen Frankenberg Carolyn Rose Glandorf

7 Ceren Ilgin Dogan Thomas Alexander Eschenroeder, Jr. Jourdan Mary Frankovich Rachel Amber^ Gleason Nicole Marie Dompke Camila Escobar Jacob L. Frazier Filip Goc1 Alan Paul Donehoo Natnael Tenna Etuma Leslie Joanne Frazier Luis Daniel Goity7 Qi Dong Allison Renée Evans Emily Douglas Freeman Leah Alexandra Gold1 Ethan Arles Donovan1 Jessica Elizabeth Lee Evans Hallie Virginia Freer Mark Henry Goldberg1 Andrew Vincent Dorr Samuel Curtis Evans McKenna Thompson Barrett Rachel Jeanne Goldberg1 T. Michelle Doty1 Lauren Marie Everhart7 Freese1 David M. Goldblatt Megan Theresa Dougherty Avery Rose Faeth Maj-Britt Kristina Frenze7 Paul Billham Gongaware Jennifer Ellen Douglas7 Ellen Frances Falci Andrea Anna Freska Gongsalamu Jessica Leigh Douglas Gabriella Maria Falcon Charlene Monica Friel Romina Michelle Gonzalez Peta Katherine Douglas Mingou Fan Silvia Marie Fuechsel Courtney Good Gillian Shay Douple Amanda Chase Fancher Virginia Elizabeth Fuentes Jean Charlotte Goodman Travis Alexander Dorman Downes7 Joyce Fang Annacrizelda Chavez Funtelar7 Kelsey Hood Goodman Ian Beck Downie7 Sean Anthony Farias Claire Stephenson Furbush Theresa Marie Goodman7 Connor Saunders Doyle Carolyn Hope Farnsworth John William Fust IV Robert Keller Goodyear Payton Davis Drake Colleen Ann Marie Farrell Sarah Catherine Gabriel Alexandra Marie Gordon Jason Richard Drangstveit Emily Ross Farrior Njeri Gachathi1 Andrew Cody Gordon Nitin George Dua Lauren Michele Dellen Faulkner7 Kathryn Anne Gaffin Lindsey Jean Gore Duan Duan7 Hanting Feng Christina Anne Gainey David William Gorsky Mark McCaslan Duerksen7 Brielle Ryan Ferguson Kendall Emily Galant Jamie L. Gottshall Patrick Joseph Duffy Joanna Marie Ferguson Alexandra Regina Galdos Caroline Clifton Gottwald Ioana Alexandra Dumitriu7 Dane Gerard Ferré Kimberly Erin Gale Meredith Preston Gould Audsley Kate Dunavant Lindsay Joelle Ferris1 Caitlin Nicole Galietti Anna Margaret Graham Emma Leigh Lorraine Duncan Breana Dawn Fife Diana Elspeth Galindo1 William Woodard Granger IV Taylor Mackenzie Duncan1 Kara Danielle Fikse Joseph Timothy Gallagher Allison Michelle Grant Staci Nicole Dungee Khatantuul Zorig Filer1 Brittany Gamble Anne Bridget Grant7 Caitlin Rose Dunks1 Igor Filipovic Catherine Cornick Gamper Andrew Stephen Gray Jason Michael Dunn Scott Allen Fincham Conor Paul Gannon Deborah Hayden Gray1 Aleshia Latice Dunning7 Emily Catherine Finestone Shen Gao James Ernest Gray Emma Sofia Dupont David Joshua Fink Alexandra Marie Garcia John Ottis Grayson Kevin Daniel Duprey Charlotte Rose Anne Finnigan Rolfe Joaquin Garcia Rebecca Ann Green Clement Pierre-Etienne Durand Hannah Jerusalem Firdyiwek1 Julie Elizabeth Gardner Victoria Alice Greenberg Caitlin Elise Durham Landon Lewis Fishburne Kristen Ciera Gardner Beal Chelsea Mills Greene1 Caitrin Anne Dwyer1 Alexander Giles Fisher Jeanna Joanne Garland1 Michael Andrew Gregory Diana Jane Dzikiewicz Kristen Marie Fisher Cristen Anne Garrett7 Amanda Kay Grenell1 Anne Seton Easby-Smith William Henry Fisher III Lucinda Louise Garrett Matthew Benjamin Gresko Kimmie Leah Eason Casey Elizabeth Fitchett1 Kristofer Lamont Garriott Benjamin Thomas Grieser William Bernard Easton Shannan Marie Fitzgerald Raven Nicole Garris William Thomas Griffin, Jr. Aashish Mamman Edakadampil7 Shea Fitzgerald1 Brittany Renée Garrison Sarah Ashley Grigg1 Douglas Newcombe Eden Patrick Reilly Fitzsimmons1 Arianna Elise Gary Daniel Thomas Grimes Jessica MacDonald Edwards Connor Tavares Sardo Fleming1 Kelsey Nichole Gaskins Devon Alexandra Grimes Kathryn Marie Egan Allison Lea Flicker Amir Gassemi May Ruth Sanford Grimsdale Jennifer Brooke Ehlers1 Brittany Alicia Flippen7 Mary Cameron Gasser Kathryn Louise Brundige Jason M. Ehrentreu Kelly Delany Flynn Melissa Lynn Gasser Grossman Elizabeth McKenzie Ehrlich1 Kelly Elizabeth Flynn Morgane Caroline Gay Patrick Ryan Grube1 Blaine Ashton Eichner Bailey Elizabeth Fogarty Samuel Thomas Gay Thomas Maximilian Gruenther1 Erica Rue Eickhoff7 Stephanie Marie Fontana7 Yiwen Ge Trevor Alan Grywatch Hallie Carlin Eilerts Jason Daniel Foral Virginia Erin Gee Jingnan Gu Michael David Eisenbrey7 Aretha Ntsobeno Forlemu Anna Elizabeth Geer Yifan Gu1 Kasandra Joy Ekin Alice Tait Formwalt Peter Wesley Geissinger Kyle Neema Guest1 Kandace Amber Elam Kristean O’Bryan Forrest Allison Anne Geller1 Molly Megan Guinan Hannah Assem Elansary Robert Forrest1 Raymund Andrew Salas Gener Shiry Raouf Guirguis Nader M. Elawar Tyler Elizabeth Forrest Victoria Turnbull Generazio Rohan Gupta Sarah Elizabeth Elder1 Ian Scott Forsyth Taylor Kay Gentry Katherine Helen Gurecki Margaret Walters Eldred1 Robert Dana Fortunato Alexander Ian Geralnick Tyler Swanson Gurnee1 Anthony A. Elimimian Adrianna Catherine Foster7 Tamana Ghani Michael Steven Gurvich

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

33 College of Arts & Sciences

Margaret Piper Gustafson Alexandra Maureen Hendricks1 Soophia Jessie Hussain Mujinga Mulenda Kapanga Justin Garrett Guthrie Melissa Ann Henry Colin Lee Hutchison Lauren Elise Kaplan Elizabeth Brooke Gwathmey Neil Anthony Henry Alissa Harriet Marie Hutto Tara Allyson Karin Jae Ho Ha Roger Erik Hensley Laura Anne Hyson Deborah Judith Karp Chelsea Marie Haakenson7 Holly Rose Henson Hannah Hessenbruch Ill Grete Coco Karuso Bethel Fisseha Habte7 Mary Elizabeth Heppenstall Adeel Ilyas7 Chelsea Leigh Kashur Daniel Charles Hackett Virginia Dearing Heppner Mohammad Syed Imaad Nikhila Kasibhotla Alyssa Raven Haden Joshua Neal Herb1 Francis Joseph Imbriglia Sydney Michelle Kastner1 Abena Darkwa Hagan-Brown7 Samuel Ross Herder Melissa May Inman Bismah Kasuri Edward Buck Hagood Sarah Elise Herget Thomas William Inwood Maria Kathryn Kattmann Joshua Shinmyung Hahm1 Stephanie Rene Herrera Casey Laine Ireland1 Vidur Katyal Selamawit Hailu Haley Winslow Hervey Elizabeth Ashley Irvin Alexandra Brill Katzen Kathleen Sara Hairfield William Edward Hervey Brett Marshall Isham Miranda Rae Kaufman-Waldron Charysse Cierra Hairston Andrew Stephen Hess Alyssa Diane Isidoridy7 Rajwinder Kaur Samantha Kate Hale7 Katherine Mercer Hetzer Mark Ross Iverson Seth Elliot Kaye Medlin Hale Anah Kathleen Hewetson1 Nejla Izadi Aeliya Kazmi Jonathan Richard Hall Thomas Charles Hickman Whitney Noelle Jackson Karim Adel Kebaish7 Marcus Terrell Hall Chelsea Marie Hicks1 Christopher Hancock Jacob Abebe Kebede Shane Kennedy Halley Jacob Marion Higginbottom Kelly Marie Jacobs1 Andrew Daniel Jeehoon Keem Meredith Brandis Halliwell Michael-Christopher Todd Barrett Narron Jacobson1 Riley Tremain Keenan1 Catherine Elizabeth Halpin Highlander Maxwell Bridford James Kerry Grace Keihn1 Elizabeth Page Hambrick Jessalyn Neale Hill Munkyeong Mary Jang Wesley Allen Keister1 Nesrien Elyas Hamid Monet Patryce Hinton Ellen Margreet Janssen1 Scott Douglas Keith Arzo Hamidi Jaspreet Kaur Hira Kathryn Rose Janssen Kaitlin Murphy Kelley1 Karen Korb Hamm Megan Tracy Hislop Heather Marie Jaros1 Ann Morgan Kelly7 Meredith Anne Hamme1 April Marie Hite1 Adam Berman Jason Brian Nicholas Kelly1 Jin Min Han1 Priscilla Adair Hodge7 Callie Lauren Jenevein Erin Grace Kelly Susan Suehyen Han Jacob Slayton Hodges Kristen Paige Jenkins Michael James Kelly1 Matthew McMillen Hancock Suzanne Emily Hodges James Fulton Flythe Jennings Kelly Ann Kemick Miriam Hancock Paul Michael Hodskins Rachel Mary Jennings Christopher Maurice Kendall Patrick Mark Handley Daniel Patrick Hogan Kevin Jia Drew Matthias Keneally Anne Cecelia Haney Elisabeth K. Hogeman7 Nona Ming Jiang7 Patrick Forbes Kennedy John Henry Hanna V Margaret Ellen Hogue Matthew Robert Jibilian Kristina Michelle Key Amy Catherine Hannon1 Stephen Neil Holby7 Jyoti Jindal1 David Andrew Keyes Lindsey Ann Page Hardenbergh Robert St. John Holden III Yizhou Jing Allen Jeexing Kha Emily Margaret Hardy Jordan Ellen Holleran Sylvie Elise Jobes1 Jasmine Javid Khan7 Robert Augustus Hardy Rolf Ian Holman II Kurleen Khavia John Joyti Kaur Khokhar Thomas Alexander Hardy Karima Anise Holmes Brittney Samantha Annie Johns Nadia Khosrowdad Firezer Haregu Lara Holmes Amy Elizabeth Johnson1 Alanna Romero Kibiloski Thomas Benjamin Harless Christina Marie Holowinsky7 Ann Bromley Johnson Katherine Michelle Kidwell7 Molly Thompson Harp Tiffany Lynn Hom Ashleigh Lauren Tyler Johnson7 Brian Joseph Kiernan Aubrey Rene Harrington1 Albert Leo Hong Cameron Christopher Johnson Sarah Delacy Kiernan Colleen Theobald Harrington1 Michael Joseph Hong, Jr. Elena Rachel Johnson Olivia Jane Kiers7 Hannah Blakely Harris Lauren Stefanie Hoops1 Grant Erik Johnson Andrew Kim7 Kristen Leah Harris Sarah Morgan Horne Julia Laurence Johnson Andrew Saemin Kim Lauren Renae Harris Ann Teresa Horvath Milo Piers Johnson Arnold Han Kim Tasha Christine Harris Glenn M. Hoskin Sydney Myles Johnson Eric Jihun Kim Benjamin Joel Tucker Harrison Brooks Grinnell Host Tyler Jeffery Johnson1 Eun-Jung Kim1 James Durward Harrison III Kekeli Chantal Houngbeke Audrey Louise Johnston1 Grace Eunhae Kim James Thomas Harrison7 Kimberly Grace Howard7 Austin Alexander Jones Hanwool Kim Ashley Thistlethwaite Hart Kristen Monet Howard Conor Steven Jones Jeong Soo Kim Daniel Sean Hartsoe James Odell Howell III Courtney Gayle Jones Jin Yoo Kim Marilyn Nicole Harvey7 Hui Ru Hsu Daniel Lawrence Jones Joseph H Kim Melisa Hasanovic Jasmine Chiehju Hsu David Braden Jones Olivia Rachel Kim Alice Marie Haseltine Shaoyi Hu7 Kevin Andrew Jones Quyen Thanh Kim Joanna Ila Hassell Terrance Christopher Huang Lynette Michelle Jones Sunghun Kim Jessica Nicole Hatch1 Xia Huang Mark Turner Jones, Jr. Sunny Hyungsun Kim1 Erin Lindsey Hawes Yee-Wen Huang Nathan Thomas Jones Yonji Kim Clarence Reginald Hawkes III Chandler Marshall Hubbard Timara Denise Jones Kristin Leigh King Emily Flora Hearle1 Atticus Huberts Michael Benjamin Jordan1 Mary Catherine Kinniburgh7 Brittany Ann Hearst Anna Wade Lecount Hudson Morgan Danielle Joseph Amanda Jane Kirby Martha Pemberton Heath7 Schemique Michelle Hudson Mia Alexandra Joshi1 Paul Dieter Kirchner Caroline Elizabeth Hecht Mark Cameron Huetter1 Charles Theodore Joynson Joan Katharine Kirtland Sina Hedayatnia1 Benjamin Schley Hughes Alyssa Phyllis Forcadilla Juan Nicholas Christopher Kish Michael Donovan Heelan Jonathan Huie Reza Kabir Brandon Joseph Kist1 Christopher Robert Hefty Matthew Russell Hunt1 Michael Quinn Kalish Margaret Brown Kistner1 Emil Brian Heineking Taylor Jean Huntington7 Kate Rechter Kamber Alannah Marie Kittle Michael Knox Heintzleman Sae-Rom Hur Charles Joon-Hyuk Kang Kirsten Kiwior Julian Woods Henderson Emma Jane Hurd James Kang Eliana Felice Klein7 Abbey Lou Hendricks Jennifer Carroll Hursh Lauren Elizabeth Kanipe1 Kyle Nicholas Knoche

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

34 College of Arts & Sciences

Laura Hill Knowles Jean-Philippe Lefebvre Samantha Rose Magaro1 Anna Katherine McElroy Jeremy Elijah Knox1 Anya Olivia Rose Leist John Andrew Maghamez Katelynn Taylor McFarland Hee Young Ko Nicholas Nathaniel Lenderking- Erika Nanette Maguire1 Jayna Avery McGehee Andrew Nathaniel Koch7 Brill1 Wai Hsien Mah Katherine G. McGehee1 Benjamin Matthew Kohles Jack Olden Lenske Paula Banerjee Majumdar Christopher Patrick McGovern7 Alicia Christine Kohn1 Harry Joseph Lesher Joseph Bryant Makhoul Morgan Kieran McGovern Jacob Elias Kohn1 Benjamin Lawrence Levin Kelly Rose Malacarne Anne Marie McGrath Calvin Bong Kong Brett Louis Levinson Jennifer Erin Malapit Madalen Eileen McGrory Anna Borissova Kovatcheva1 Andrew Oakley Levisay1 Maria Malas Mary Judson McGuirk Sandra Koyomji Amanda Maria Levoy1 Alexandra Rae Malis1 Caitlin Elizabeth McInteer Merrick Douglas Kozak Caroline Michaux Lewis Payton Jamison Mallonée Meredith Lee McKee Claudia Dorothea Kraft7 Cody Allen Lewis1 Jasmine Ann Manalel Caitlin Fuqua McKelway Katherine Anne Kraft Jenny Rebecca Lewis Tamir Manayeh Ann Marie McKenzie Evan Jacob Kraus Dong Li Hannah Lynn Mangum Molly Foster McKeon Jessica Ann Kreitzman Jichao Li Allison Danielle Mann Ashley Jean McKinless1 Stephen Maxwell Krembs1 Liang Li Mallory Jeanette Mann1 Stephanie Elizabeth McKnight Emily Michelle Kremer Rona Sun Li7 Leah Whitney Manning1 Kyra Margaret McLardie1 Ricardo Harold Kriete Yihan Li Elizabeth Kristen Manzella1 Victoria Patricia McLaughlin7 Zachary Aaron Krone Evan Zuofu Liao7 Kirsten Rae Marchbank Elizabeth Harrison McLean Stacy Michelle Kruczkowski7 Natalie B. Liberty1 Victoria Elizabeth Marchetti Rodney Anthony McLeod, Jr. Joanne Yoonmi Ku Felipe Esteban Libreros Michelle Victoria Marchiano Brian Christopher McLinden Wing Wei Kuang Segni Benti Ligaba7 John Joseph Marion Joshua James McMahon Matthew James Kugler James Godfrey Lightbourn Megan Krisan Marotta1 Kimberlee Cathryn McMasters Mark Nicholas Kundzins Rachel Haejin Lim7 Nicolas Azlan Marro7 Mary Katherine McNally1 Hamide Duygu Kurtcebe Xiaoxiao Lin7 Katherine Virginia Marsh Shannon Elizabeth McVey Anna Christine Kushner Kimberly Marie Lindberg Adam Ryan Martin Kelly Josselyn Medina Martha Anne Kuzzy Lisa Victoria Littman Andrea’ Jonetta Bree Martin Catherine Ann Medvigy1 Hanna Kwak Danning Liu Clara Ann Martin7 Jessica Ashley Meeks Maureen Rose Laffan Jeremy Liu1 Dana Elizabeth Martin Karishma Chaitanya Mehta Krister Anders Lagergren7 Liu Liu Liesel Ann Martin Natasha Mehta Leila Maria Aguilar Lam Ruochun Liu1 Sally Evans Martin Aria Christene Meier Ian Michael Lamb Shi Liu1 Niki Masghati Donald Nevins Meissner Hannah Duhon Lambert Kaitlin Elizabeth Lockhart Benjamin Hunter Mason Patrick David Melmer1 Sibelle Osman Lambiro Alexander Edward Loeb1 Matthew James Mason Wyatt Christopher Melzer Wayne Loucas Lamkin Wyatt Andrew Loflin1 Lauren Elise Mathae Christine L. Meng7 John Wesley Lamphere Nathaniel Nighton Logan Joseph Michael Mathias II Natalia Mercado Violand Lea Catherine Lane1 Trygve Bryant Loken Ashley Michelle Mathieu Alexander Ludwell Lee Merrill Frank Edward Lankford III Jacqueline Anne Lokie Christina Maria Mattaliano Naz Mertsoy Hadley Livingston Lankford1 Laura Kathleen Long1 Raghav Ram Mattay7 Alborz Mesbahi Dana Marie Walters Lapato7 Nelson Dolores Lopez Caroline Rebecca Mattey Charles Drew Meyer Lucy Bettina Larner Mauricio Lopez Egan-Wyer Nathaniel Claiborne Matthews Matthias Thorsten Eckhard Meyer1 Dominique Michelle Lassiter Natalie Caron Lord Stephen James Matthews Micaela Susannah Meyer Eva Marie Latterner7 Meredith Kathleen Loretta1 Tatiana Eliza Noor Matthews7 Thomas Nicholas Miano7 Laura Jane Lattimer7 William Conley Lowrance1 Jane Elizabeth Mattimoe Paul Jonathan Michel1 Francesca Yuki Lauritano Margaret Anne Lowry Michele Christine Mattson Aristides John Michos1 Kristin Kui Yun Lauritsch Tianhao Lu1 Henry Page Mauck IV Catherine Diane Middlebrooks7 Katherine Scott Lavie Marlon Lucas Samantha Allyce Mauney Anthony John Mihota Elena Aleksandrovna Lavrentyeva Patrick Jacob Luckenbach Jake Paul Mauriello Kelsey Alison Milich Nikolaus James Lawson Rachel Justine Lucy1 Paul Alexander Mawyer1 Kelsey Lynn Millay Stephanie Monie Lay Ingrid Lucia Luk Van Ann Taylor Maxwell Emma Britton Miller Calvin Leroy Layne III1 Miguel Jose Lulli Denise Maye Obama Kelsey Elizabeth Miller1 Kaitlin Elizabeth Layne Jack Gunnar Lund Glynnis Caitlin Maynard1 Michele Nicole Miller Quan-Chi Le Erin Michelle Lunsford James Ryan Mayo II1 Simone Elise Miller7 Mackenzie Kate Leahy Louis Eugene Lunsford Katherine Lawrence Mayo1 Reese Llewellyn Milner III Taylor Lee Leathers Kiersten Lee Luther Keely Brynne McCall Lauren Christine Mims Phillip Emmanuel Lecky II Devon Margaret Barbara Lynch Kevin Charles McCarthy Kyung Uk Min Abigail V.K. Lee1 Jacob Harrison Lyon Torren Pierandi McCarthy Yixiao Min7 Ashley Soyoung Lee Chloe Elizabeth Lyons Kyle Andrew McCartin Matthew Isaac Minnicino1 Chang Sup Lee1 Garrett Browne Lyons III7 Brendan Chase McCartney7 Stephanie Virginia Misencik1 Esther Yoonjung Lee Michaela Jessica Lyons Katelyn Julia McCarty Nicholet Lee Mitchell Grace Lee1 Samuel David MacGregor Thomas Porter McConnel Melissa Christine Mitchem Jennifer Megan Lee Rachel Erin MacLeod Malcolm Pollard McConnell IV1 Louise Elizabeth Mittelman Jooyeon Lee Richard David MacLeod Christine Louise McCord Chad Brandon Mizelle Kory Jin Kook Lee Laurel Marie MacMillan Clare Kathleen McCormick Joshua Robert Mlcoch Mun Kyung Lee Alexandra Ann Macpherson Sean Michael McCoy Sean Robert Mlodzinski1 Rebecca Elise Lee Cindy Ann MacPherson Louis Arthur McCracken IV Nathaniel David Moberley1 Seng Lee Taylor Ann Maddalene William Brian McDavid, Jr. 1 Neal Vijay Modi7 Su Hyun Lee Andrea Leigh Maddox Patrick Thomas McDonald Richard Buxton Moffett1 Taesung Theodore Lee Elizabeth Maria Madero Valerie Anne McDonald Kiran Shankar Moghe Yoonjoo Lee Risabel Marian Silva Magalong Christopher James McElaney Matin Mohammad

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

35 College of Arts & Sciences

Carrie Stuart Mongle7 Emilia N. Ninova1 Nirav Virendra Patel1 Alexa Maria Proffitt Christopher Anthony Monioudis Onyeka Darlene Nnanyelugoh Purvi Suresh Patel1 Dagney Devlin Pruner Margaret Ann Montague1 Brian Kyungsoo Noh Ravi Paresh Patel7 Kevin Michael Pujanauski7 Allaire Marion Monticollo1 Michelle Katherine Norris Shyam Vijay Patel7 Jacqueline J. Pujol Hannah Marie Moody Tenzin Norzom Ibrahima Bah Patrick Britney Janelle Pulliam Catherine Frances Moore7 Linda Ntumy Erin Keyth Patterson Shivesh Levinson Puri1 Crystal Siemone Moore Rachel Marie Nuckols Jessica Lee Patton Michael Ryan Push Jedd Daniel Moore Abdulhamid Mohamed Nur Drew Howard Pearson Jarrid Reed Puzes Robyn Leigh Moore Dawn-Sherryl Sorochi Nwaebube Lee Taylor Pearson Menghe Martin Qian William Justin Moore Amelia June Nystrom Sarah J. Peck1 Caitlin Alexandra Quick Ronald Lawrence Moorehead, Jr. Bridget Ann O’Brien Somdaney Sara Pek Christine Marie Espanto Quilpa Myra Karina Morales Chad Aaron O’Connor1 Kathryn Elizabeth Pendoley7 Zoe Chavah Quint Eileen Grace Moran Safiya Malika O’Connor Zong Hang Peng1 Frances Madison Rabb Jasmine Marie Morgan Megan Marie O’Doherty Rachel Iris Penn7 Nina Radakovic Katherine Caroline Moriarty7 Katherine McEntee O’Donnell7 Kathryn Alexis Pennington Katherine Ashley Raichlen7 Zachary Douglas Moritz Kyle Devlin O’Donnell1 Meredith Lynn Perdue Meera Lakshmi Ram Alissa Diane Morris Amanda Grace O’Malley Cassandra Rochelle Perkins Sarah Marie Ramsey Caitlin Camille Morris7 Sara Thamer Obeidat Mary Helen Perkins Robert Lee Randolph April Diane Morrissett Nnamdi Ochiagha Obodo Samuel Chester Perkins Naveera Rashid Percival Benjamin Moser IV Brian Edward Oden Robert Walker Perkovich1 Mohammad Mostafa Rasool Thomas Tyler Moses Mary Carolyn Oden Emily Larson Perrin Rakinya Raveendran Evan Philip Moskowitz Taylor Hart Odom Elaine Marie Perrotto Dustin Taylor Rea Daphna Judith Motro7 Folasade Ajoke Ogunleye Adithya Vardhan Peruri7 Caitlin Judith Reddy1 Caitlin Amanda Mott Hanna Oh Matthew Magaldi Pesesky7 Leah Ryan Reed Emily Elizabeth Mott7 John Jinyoung Oh Emily Nicole Peters Laura Michelle Reedy1 Andrea Irene Mousouris Joo Hyun Oh Brittany Olympia Peterson Christopher Paul Reichel Caroline Anna Moyer Suzie G. Oh Kevin Dean Pettit Asma Hibatoullah Rekik Danielle Nicole Moyer Akinbiyi Bandele Okelana Preston Edward Pezzaro1 Carolyn Elizabeth Vinita Relton Daniel James Moylan1 Elizabeth Ifeyironwa Onyechi Rebecca Ann Pfister Joshua Alexander Rennert Mark John Mulholland Yonathan Anatolii Oremiatzki Ast Thao Phuong Pham Ada Reso Anna Lane Mullen Molly Elizabeth Osborne1 Tuong-Anh Tran Pham Ruth G Retzinger Cecily Nevella Mullen Jonathan Bond Osler Phat Can Phuong Sarah Elizabeth Reynolds Christopher Ryan Mullen7 Karley Marie Oster Vincent John Piccolo Teresa Lynn Reynolds Eleanor Gray Mullen Adrienne Cara Ostroff John William Pickett Maximilian Emerson Rhodes Douglas J Munroe Alexandra Kathryn Osvath Paul Edward Pickmans1 Uma Johnson Richardson Kasyap Srinivasa Munukutla Natalie Leila Otsuka Robert Patrick Pickmans1 Sherwood Andrew Richers III7 Danielle Sumie Murashige7 Carolina Andrea Ovalle Kathryn Elizabeth Pierce Melissa Ann Rickman1 Emma Elizabeth Ying Murphy7 Hayden Lauren Overly Leigh Anne Piercy Catherine Elizabeth Ricotta Kelly Allison Murphy7 Ashley Nicole Owen Mark Owen Pierotti1 Paige Alexandra Riedl Anup Myneni1 Josephine Reventas Owen Sebastian Marcelo Pierre Paul Travis Riggs Noori Esther Na Matthew Morrow Owen Izabella Pinchuk7 Diamond Nicole Riley Diana Walid Naim7 Inara Oztekin Marina Rose Piper Erik David Rison Anjali Nanda Natalie Serrano Pace George Stephen Pisano1 Sahar Rizvi Rebecca Joelle Nash7 Jenna Angelina Padilla Alison Kay Pittman Philip Ivan Robbins Hamid Elias Nassif Cristina Maria Page Marie Lee Plaine Michael Kearney Roberson1 Joey Elias Nassif Lindsay Arizona Charlton Page Martha Megan Plant7 Abigail Delavan Robertson Claire Nawojchik1 Denise Vanesa Paik7 Lisa Michelle Poad Kendall Hannah Robertson John Jacob Nay7 Leah Danielle Paisner Tierney Lynn Poffenberger Kelly Christine Robeson Kathryn Theresa Naylor1 Peter Young John Pak Christa La’Sha Poindexter Devon James Robinson1 Alexander Nazareth Rebecca Barre Palmer Matthew James Pokorny Ashley Nicole Rodgers Joshua Robert Nazlian Ana Isabel Palomo Rodriguez Adam Thomas Pollins Jack Morgan Roebuck Mary Hamilton Nesbitt Corinna Lily Pan John Richards Pomeroy Erin Margaret Rogers Ashley Elizabeth Newman Jacob Walker Pankey Brian Carleton Pomper Alexander Gavin Rohrer Caroline Frances Newman1 William Oliver Paradis Lauren Nicole Pontius1 Brianna Victoria Rojas-Elton LaShay Debra Newman Esther Dohyoun Park Tasia Anna Potasinski Christian Andrew Rolph1 Nicolas William Newman Hui Ran Park Carissa Marie Potente Allison Keely Rose Stacy Renee Newport Jae Hong Park1 Alicia Potes Fredric Carlton Rose II1 Rebecca Lynn Newsham7 Jennifer Park Cody Scott Potter Elizabeth Block Rosenberg1 Jocelyn Celeste Newton Kevin Park Jeffrey K. Potter Wm. Daniel Rosenmund Tremaanity Chenay Newton Kevin Jinwoo Park Stephanie Jasmine Potter Elizabeth Anne Ross Margaret Bailey Nexsen Sara Park Bradley Thomas Pottieger Mary Catherine Ross Cuong Huy Nguyen Seung Soo Park Katherine Marie Prater7 Mitchell William Ross7 Diep Hong Nguyen William Andrew Parkerson Ashley Elizabeth Prescott Valerie Lee Roth Stephanie Thien Hang Nguyen7 Ebonee Sherelle Parrish Emily Nicole Price Steven Patrick Rowe Tammy Phuong Nguyen Ashley Hewes Parsley Jessica Subin Price Emily Anne Rowley7 Thanh Minh Nguyen7 Hillary Burlingame Parsons Jillian Marie Price1 Kathleen Elizabeth Rubinger7 Tin Hong Nguyen Gregory Shyam Paryani Kelsey Megan Price Kelly Louise Ruland Eman Fazal Mohammad Niazi7 Maria Alejandra Pasquel Solah Jordan Douglas Pridgen Kirsten Faith Rumsey J. Quyen Vu Alexander Nichols7 Adriana Marie Pastor Goh Shu Xian Priscilla7 Chanel Faith Rutland Aradhya Nigam7 Aveni Arvind Patel Margaret Jean Pritchard Jessica Ann Rymer1

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

36 College of Arts & Sciences

Lindsay Michelle Sackett Patrick Jay Shelton Hilary Laurel Stalder Sydney Walton Tenhundfeld Deborah Naa Densuah Sackey Tucker Bourne Shelton7 Elizabeth Armen Stanton1 Hunter Terry Michael Burton Sagan7 Tatyana R. Sherman7 Steele Joseph Stanwick Virginia K. Terwilliger1 Amrith Sagar Samantha Grace Sherwood Denson Glen Staples7 Barkot Jatene Tesema Krystal Nicole Sage Ruby Royin Shiang Laura Jean Staples Mearg Gebrezgiabher Tesfay Sheela Saidha Evan Avery Shields Daniel Wilson Stein Huyen-Trang Tran Thai Tamara Faith Saint-Surin Minhyung Mindy Shin Mary Kathleen Steinbeck Christina Lanier Theodore1 Victor Hugo Salcedo Cermeno Richard Joungwoo Shin Lucy Claire Steinbrecher1 Sebastien Beaupierre Theroux Jesse A. Saldaña III Seunghwa Shin Julia Josephine Steiner Courtney Leigh Thomas William Andrew Jean Sallembien Chelsea Elizabeth Shine Corey Michael Steinhouse7 Harold Lee Thomas III Priyanka Salona7 Katie Jordan Short Bonnie Virginia Stender1 Joanna A Thomas Michael Alan Salopek Amy Amanda Shroyer Vanessa Aracely Stephenson Kathryn Louise Thomas Stephanie Iris Salvador Jordan Storm Shull Kirsten Nicole Steuber Miriam Annelies Thomas1 Ana-Maria Salvatore7 Jill Elizabeth Siegel Elizabeth Sara Stevens1 Owen Llewellyn Thomas Anastasia Maria Samaras Cory Maximus Siegfried Kathleen Ann Stevens Jacob Floyd Thompson Elizabeth Ariel Samuel Jonathon Ray Siewert Ashley Palmer Stevenson1 Justin Moore Thompson Chloe’ Amber Sanders Ronald Scott Silverstein Erika Layne Stewart Priyanka G. Thompson Pietro Francesco Sanitate7 Ashley Corinne Simard Katherine Elizabeth Stewart7 Laura Britton Thorsey Jessie Lawrence Sauer Lauren Hillary Simenauer Nicholas Scot Stewart Sidney Harwell Thorsten Brittany Lynn Saunders Kanesha Shauntae’ Simmons Christina Ann Carter Stierhoff Alysha M Tierney1 Sameria Alexis Saunders Lauren Louise Simmons Aaron William Stiles1 Gregory Dupuy Tilton, Jr. 7 Sydney Blair Saunders1 Chelsea Elizabeth Simpson Brianna Reneé Stith Philip Ripley Timberlake1 Matthew William Savarese Courtney Margaret Sinclair7 Ethan Halsted Stone7 Mridula Tirumalasetti Christine Noelle Sawda Robert Richard Sinclair Jacob Hunter Stone Holly Elizabeth Todd Michelle Ann Sawwan1 Naomi Megan Siodmok1 Karmen Kechelle Story Lorri Odessa Toler Lindsey Erin Saxby Matthew Gregory Sipe1 Richard Alexander Polatty Stott1 Madeline Gilbert Tolmie1 Samuel Tyler Schaffer Samantha Lauren Sisisky Atticus Eythan LeMay Stovall Ian Michael Crooke Toner Hanna Hyo Mee Schlang1 Meliha Skaljic7 Patrick Thomas Stranix Constance Alexandra Torian Joanna Lauryn Schlingbaum7 Joshua Daniel Skiles Taylor Brittany Strickland Maura Susan Tousignant7 Daniel Stephen Schmidt Abigail Rosemary Skolits1 Samuel Matthew Strongin1 Peter Lodge Townsend Joshua Chandler Schmidt Angela Irina Gabriela Skolnitsky1 Heather Ashley Stuck Laurel Raine Monte Trainor Rachel Elaine Schmidtke Anna Genevieve Slagle7 Genevieve McCollum Stulb Da-Minh Tong Tran Zachary David Schmiedeke Jennifer Grace Slaughter Joon Ho Suh Joanna My Nhung Tran William Glenn Schoen Kyle Kelley Sledge Sandra Elaine Suhling Stevenson Sullivan Tran Lucy Ann Scholz Carolyn Mary Sliwa1 Brigitte Isabel Suijk Vu Hoai Tran7 Melina Noelle Schoppa1 David Hunter Sloane1 Charlotte Mabry Sullivan Margaret Lauren Trefny Christopher Ennis Schulz Alexis Richelle Smith1 Rachel Elizabeth Sullivan1 Alexandra Maria Triana Brian Alexander Schwartz Ashleigh Kendall Smith1 Vannary Suon Nishant Divyang Trivedi1 Robert Wylie Schwieder1 Cynthia Beth Gormley Smith Matthew Dean Suozzi Erika Corinne Troia Briyanna Quinchelle Scott Jessica Leigh Smith7 Sonia Surakov Cayce Elizabeth Troxel Joshua Allen Callaway Scott Joshua Maurice Smith Amanda Marie Surber Adrian Leigh Troy1 Kimberly Claire Scott Kristin Imani Smith Jennifer Anne Surdukowski Leah Paige Truitt Timothy A. Scott1 Laura Morgan Smith Thomas Steven Surma1 Paul Thomas Truitt Jill Logan Scovanner Megan Leigh Smith Corrie Elizabeth Sutherland Huy-Sinh Trung7 Kevin John Searfoorce1 Melanie Renee Smith1 Matthew James Sutton Jennifer Tsai1 Alyson Marie Searles Olivia Christine Smith1 Kasin Sutuntivorakoon Anna Tu Michael Edward Secrist Rusty William Smith Simon Yakov Svirnovskiy7 Ana Elizabeth Tucker Sarah Laetitia Seibels1 Sarah Elizabeth Pauli Smith7 Reedy Charles Swanson7 Thomas Joseph Tudor William Blake Seidel1 Taylor Ryan Smith Taylor Pauline Swart Cathryn Elizabeth Tullidge Andrew David Seidman7 Virginia Smith7 Philip David Sweigart7 Elizabeth Avery Tullis Courtenay Selden7 Kelly Michael Snow1 Victoria Anne Swicegood James Michael Tuohey, Jr. Assane Sene Melanie Mai Snyder Peter Martin Szeremeta Nicole Mei Elizabeth Tuong Laura Lee Sennewald Peter Lynch Snyder Holly Marie Szoke1 Ashley Jane Turnamian Koo Yeon Seo Meredith Leigh Soberick Margaret Ware Szumski1 Carmen Elizabeth Turner Jazzirelle Sepulveda Maninder Kaur Sohi Emily Rosemarie Hannah Tabacchi Jelisa Symone Turner Andrew Gordon Settle Jonathon Taylor Solomon Rachel E. Tagai Bailey Shawn Turpin Kamille Joi Seward Lucy Yandi Song Ariel Alexis Talts1 Merritt Grace Tuttle7 Julia Page Shafer Rita Fatima Sono Boon Yee Tan1 Kristin Brice Twiford1 Nicholas Cullen Shaffer Amy Margaret Sorensen Lu Tang1 Molly Mahoney Tyeryar Deeva Vijaykumar Shah7 José Antonio Sosa Boyd Husayn Maxwell Tavangar1 Alex Glen Tyk Sarah Murr Shanfield1 Joseph Edward Southall Sintayehu M. Taye Lucas Christopher Tyler Taylor Carroll Shank Corina Spânu Ali Kristen Taylor7 William Chandler Haines Tyler7 Nisha Sharma7 Elisabeth Grace Sparkman7 Anne Randolph Taylor Chidimma Dorothy Uche Julia Grace Sharpe7 Katherine Elizabeth Spaulding1 Christine Michelle Taylor Teresa Arrington Fox Udall Alice Mostyn Shaw1 Stuart Alexander Speth Katherine Margaret Taylor Sukruti Vishal Udeshi Malcolm Macgregor Shaw Noaa Alexandra Spiekermann1 Sydney Ann Taylor7 Caitlin Marie Ulmer Marlana Jo Shaw-Brown Shoshana Gale Spiro Wyatt Spencer Taylor Fatima Shafi Umer Ryan Huntley Shea Amanda Lee Spoden Betegbar Melaku Teferra Maria Emilia Uribe Sevilla Brian Thomas Sheehan Alžbeta Springer7 Joanna Kitt Teitelbaum1 Chase Tsuneo Uyeda7 Jessica Claire Shelton1 Kaitlin Lorell Spurlock1 Nathan Laurence Tenhundfeld Adam Vagner

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

37 College of Arts & Sciences

Evan Robert Vahouny1 Meaghan Marie Walsh Jenna Marie Williamson Bachelors of Science Molly Frances Valdes-Dapena William Harry Walsh Leah Suzanne Willing Derek James Valenti Marguerite Frances Walters April L’Joi Winn in Biology Eliza Huger Valentine Chandalae Annisha Walton Kayla Leigh Winslow Ralph Kusi Ababio 1 Johanna Elise Valentine Laura Elyse Wandres Lena Mika Witek7 Omer A Abdul Hamid Robert Buford Valentine Alicia Dan Wang Julia Bergeron Witt Quratul Ain Marie Christine Baylosis Vallido Chuen Yee Wang Katherine Corinne Wolfe1 Samuel Andrew Alkaitis 1 Minh Jennifer Van1 Iris Mengxuan Wang7 Yee Ka Ella Wong1 Alexandra Brill Asaro 1 Aaron James Van Kuiken Joy Qing Wang Matthew Paul Wood Katelyn Gallagher Barth Mary Miller Van Meter1 Alexander Shepard Ware1 Megan Leigh Wood Margaret Elizabeth Beckwith Nathan Oliver Van Natta Carter Randall Ware Jerry Bruce Woodall Mouadh Benamar Sejal Kishor Bhojani William Maxim Van Wazer Lane Tiernan Ware Brittany Jordan Vest Woodfolk Andrew Patrick Biesemier John Brian Vande Sand Hadley Christine Warner Kathryn Grace Woodward Gloribel Asucena Bonilla Renae Elise Vanderveldt1 Lanita Lynae Warner Alexandra Marie Worth Jonathan Martin Bryan Allie Evans Vandivier Stephanie Anne Warren Sarah Catherine Wortham 7 John Coston Cain Ananita Varughese Erica Webber Washington David Hunter Wren 7 1 1 Kirsti Anne Campbell Prateek Vasireddy Jessica Renee Washington Alice Elisabeth Wright 7 7 Mary Elizabeth Cearley Cassandra Rose Vazquez Daniel Edward Watling Brittany Breon Wright 7 1 1 Shun Hang Chan Sarah Dawn Harding Veatch Jack D. Watson Chelsea Laurel Wright Philip Joo-Young Chang 1 Eboni Marie Vega John Drake Watson III Jessie Lowe Wright Tudor Cisu7 Lauren Angeleen Velardi Kaitlyn Marie Watson Rachel Brianna Wright Alice Catherine Dallstream1 1 Gijs Bert Veltman Vieytez Michael David Watson Tsun Kiu Wu Susan Dhamala Megan Elizabeth Venetianer Lauren Jayde Watts Danielle Brooke Wyatt Mikaela Anita Finnegan Nicholas Ryan Vercruysse Kathleen Marie Waybill Erin Leigh Wykoff Jack Anthony Frawley 7 Juan Pablo Vergara Monica Mihyun We Yang Xiao Marcus Terrell Greene 7 Daniel Robert Verhotz Jennifer Noelle Weatherly Eric Li Xu Anna B Greenlee7 Gretchen May Verrilli Adrian Keith Webb Francesca Ruby Yackso Maria George Hadjikyriakou1 Kelsey Rae Viar Elizabeth Margaret Webb7 Hanna Alemayehu Yamir Erik Stephen Haley1 Steven Audie Vibar Kelsey Summer Webb Yuguang Yan Brette Camerann Harding Christopher Francisco Waldron Samantha Atlee Webber1 Ji Hee Yang John Joseph Hatch1 Vieira Lauren H Webster1 Suan Yang Elaine Rose Henry Maria Antonette Uy Villadelgado Rachel Lauren Weinstein Xiao Yang Ava Marie Hoffman7 Carlos Augusto Villar Caroline Mackenzie Weipert1 Yoogyung Yang Nicola Elisabeth Hughes Hallett Santiago Villegas Brittany Marie Weitzel Sang-Eun Lee Yao Hajirah Tasnim Ishaq Eric Robert Ladislaw Vincent Andrew Jon Weitzman7 Anthony Jia-Yue Yeh Aleksandar Janjic Dennis Andrew Vinett1 James Maynard Wellbeloved-Stone Rena Elizabeth Yelton Christopher Michael Joachim Erin Elizabeth Vining Austen J. Wells Sebra Yen Cyriac Kadiyankuttiyil Joseph1 Jira Jessica Vinyoopongphan Matthew Steven Welsh Ugur Cem Yigit Christine Marie Kelley1 Emily Rose Viohl Xi Wen Paul Andrew Yoder Hunain Tariq Khawaja Evan Michael Vitiello1 Keith Edward Werman Daniel Sun Yoo Sarah Michelle Kim7 Lisa Anh Vo Emily Anna Wetzel1 Hyemin Yoon1 Joseph Michael Koes1 Thuy Phuong Thi Vo1 Douglas Whang Jennifer Nayoung Yoon1 Johanna Elizabeth Kreafle1 Christopher Jon Vogt1 Ella Remy Wheat1 Rachel Elizabeth Yorio Bharath Ramesh Krishnamurthy 7 Emily Kalliopi Voreas Rachel Elizabeth Wheeler Ayron Christina Elizabeth Young Niloofar Latifi Kelly Ann Vorndran Hoyt Henry Whelchel1 Kevin Matthew Young Polin Lay 7 Lily Anne Voth Ashleigh Kaelynn White Mary Katherine Young1 Daniel Robert Lindberg 1 Christopher Minh-Duc Vu Christiana Grace White7 Rex Alexander Michael Young Jessica Katlin Mackey Rehema Nkaneno Wachira7 Timothy James Mannel Jacqueline Veronica White Jessica Tian Tian Yu 1 Emily Brooke Wade 7 Kristin Alice Matteson Stephen Campbell White Julia Marshall Yuras 1 Joshua David Wade7 Katherine Leigh Whitlow Bimo Arya Yusman Hillary Ann McClintic Christopher Michael McCoy Kishin Jayesh Wadhwani Emma E Whittington7 Douglas Milton Zabransky Julia Rustad Melby Barbara Denise Wagner Alexander William Neal Wigmore Jada Christina Zajur Hinda Yasmin Mezaache Elisabeth Anne Wagner Elizabeth Ellen Wildermuth1 Nancy Page Zakas Patricia Ann Nguyen Hannah Louise Wagner1 Joseph Ray Wiley Gregory Mark Zanchelli Gurleen Pahal Sara Kathryn Wakefield1 Benjamin Brock Wilkes George Alexander Zaras7 Stephanie Heamin Park Alexander Frederick Wakim1 Davis Alexander Wilkins Caroline Elisa Zechter Khushbu Kiran Patel Courtney Jeanne Walker John Lewis Wilkinson Mi Zhang Pratik Bimal Patel1 Cypress Taulane Walker1 Rachel Hope Wilkinson Rui Zhang Jocelyn Mariano Quicho Haley Blake Walker Sarah Ann Will Simon Zhang Zainab Raza 1 Kelsey Nicole Walker Kevin James Willcox Xinyang Zhang Valerie Sapp7 1 Ramona Janese Walker Angela Bianca Williams Yitian Zhang Ross Anthony Savage Daniel Donahoe Wall Emily Anna Elizabeth Williams Xiyu Zheng Amy Victoria Schmid Michael Robert Wall Graham Halsey Williams7 Michelle Brianna Zilinskas Alexandra Jane Scott7 Benjamin Lees Wallace7 Japaira Sharron Williams7 Paul Augustine Zimmer, Jr. Ahlia Sekkarie1 Hillary Alexis Wallace Jeffrey Daniel Williams1 Kathryn Michelle Zimmerman Sanam Shahid7 Kaylie Maris Wallace Jennie Katherine Williams7 Arilana Munro Zlotnick1 Kelvin Frederick Sheung1 Elizabeth Ashley Walls Jordan Marie Williams Hannah Elizabeth Zollars Krystal Cammie Sing Anna Marie Walsh Kaitlin Rebecca Williams1 Brendan Carl Zotter7 Matthew Anderson Smith Laura Frances Walsh Kelley Nicole Williams Cynthia Nicole Zumwalt William Fox Stewart

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

38 College of Arts & Sciences

Matthew Scott Sutton Niranga Renwick De Silva Thuy Pham Madeline Amelia Gill Stephanie Felicia Sweitzer7 Tracy Marie DeMocker1 Winston Jonathon Plunkett7 Akshitha Giridhar Thomas King Tandy IV Samantha Dodbele David Raymond Poehler Skylar Armstrong Haines Nadia Tanoli Sarah Renee Elkin7 Vikram S. Pole Alena Carrera Horwitz1 Albert Kai Tao Steven Joseph Farruggio1 Karlyn Elizabeth Pollack1 Stephanie Marie Hutson Farhan Tehrani Saundra Denise Field7 Ahmed Amgad Ragab Mary Olivia Hutton1 Muhibullah Sayed Tora Vernon Joseph Forrester7 Andaleeb Rahman1 Makenzie Ali Kirk Minh Nhu Tran Anthony Joseph Greco III Laura Ryan Ramsey Kellen Christine Lauer1 Jennifer Marie Tummarello Gordon MacGregor Hall-Wurst Evan Walter Reynolds7 Katie Veronica Leahy 7 7 Christopher Mitsuo Uyehara Golda Georgina T. Harris Elizabeth Caitlin Rose Michael Stuart Mason 1 George Joseph Waldenmaier Samuel Stuart Hinman Morgan Elizabeth Savoia Elizabeth Cameron McManus 7 1 Alexis Kristen Warren Jacqueline Celeste Hodges Kate Emily Schofield Katherine Ann Montgomery 7 Amy Elizabeth Whittaker Jennifer Sarah Hoskins Craig Houghton Seymour Christopher Mark Muir 7 1 Chao Yi Zhang Alexandria Graves Hounshell Lauren Nicole Simpkins Diane Kim Palko1 Hye Ri Hwang Philip Mackintosh Snell Emily Ann Pearce Benjamin Douglas Iredell Tsiga Solomon Bachelors of Science 1 Neil Phillip Place Yun Jae Jo Jacqueline Suzanne Stevens Michael Vijay Saha in Chemistry Paul Dado Kim Olivia Paule Sullivan Jennifer Michelle Sealey Dennis Kobiri Adaaquah Jeffrey Michael King1 Izumi Suzuki1 Jenny Anna Shultis Spenser Catherine Angel Julia King7 Vladislav Olegovich Sviderskiy7 Emma Siegfried Jonathan Davis Armstrong1 Caleb Kong Jia Hui Tay7 Jessica Rose Smith Kirsten Renee Arritt Aarti Ramnik Kotadia Sushila Ann Toulmin1 Chantiel Lia Awkard Robert Burnham Laverty, Jr. 7 David Kewui Tran Michelle Wei Thornton Bridget Ashley Bailey Minh-Phuong Mong Le Alison Margaret Underwood Chelsea Diana Frances Trott Amanda Leigh Bakovic Juniper Junkyung Lee Park Brandon Beach Wade1 Jason Michael Truwit Melissa Eve Belardi Mitchell Louis Leibowitz7 Zihan Wang Carleigh Rose Wegner Andrew Lewis Bennett-Jackson Christopher Thomas Letson Kristen S. Waterfield Jessica Marie Wolter 7 Divya Bezwada Mengxun Li7 Kyle Allen Wickliff Carol Yang Catherine Nancy Booker Xiang Li1 Songserea Tiffany Wood David Jeremy Boudouris Austin MacFarland Looney1 Evans Christian Wralstad1 Bachelors of Science James Patrick Bour1 Daniel Augustus Lyle Alice Yi-Jen Yeh Jeffrey Thomas Catina Joshua Thomas McNamara in Physics Cayla Yiyu Chen Johannah Kathryn Merrill1 David Benjamin Abbott Bachelors of Science in 7 Alan Derlin Chien1 Christen L. Mizell Eric Aliotta Tiffany Jia-Shin Chu Charles Christian Modlin Environmental Sciences Jonathan Hugh Brown7 Suzi Chung1 Alan Fernando Molina1 Timothy Goulding Allan7 Aaron Thomas Criss7 William Lawrence Clifford III Reetu Mukherji1 Kerrie Anne Baciocco Dylan Christopher Evans Tommy Jonathan Coburn Amanda Ruth Mullen Shannon Lee Jo-Ann Bayliss Kian Kamgar-Parsi7 Collin Michael Conrad7 Niels David Naimon1 Gweneth Marie Buckley Kridsanaphong Limtragool7 Carolyn Dyan Cooper Waroot Shay Nimjareansuk7 Alexander Wesley Cohn Aaron Michael Ross7 Hatcher Gibson Cox Goutham Peddi Daniel Scott Ellis Stefan Warner Salanski Stephen Mark Cronk Premkumar Periyasamy Kyle Aaron Emery1 Voravit Vorapipat7

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

39 Student and Faculty Awards

Alumni Association’s Ernest H. Holland Blackburn Scholarships Alumni: Curry School of Education: Ern Distinguished Student Award Lindsey Ellen Aaron William I. Huyett Amanda Frances Sovik-Johnston Christiana Grace White Christina Lynne Campbell Jeffrey C. Walker School of Engineering & Applied Jennifer Ellen Douglas Science: Gray-Carrington Leadership Walter N. Ridley Scholarships Gregory Eugene Troyer Award IMP Society Faculty Award Lindsey Ellen Aaron School of Law: Katherine Grace Mims Crocker Stephen Neil Holby Michael J. Smith Oluwadolapo Oluwadamilola Ajayi Chantiel Lia Awkard Mcintire School of Commerce: Kelsey Brianna Bowles Robert Michael Kolosieke David A. Harrison III Thomas Jefferson Awards Marva A. Barnett Christina Lynne Campbell School of nursing: Undergraduate Research Awards R. Jahan Ramazani Carlos Francisco Disla, Jr. Sarah Beth Borchelt 2010: Jennifer Ellen Douglas Mary Olivia Hutton Thomas Jefferson Foundation Wintre Nebreon Foxworth Algernon Sydney Sullivan Mitchell William Ross Medal in Architecture Nesrien Elyas Hamid Awards Albert Kai Tao Rafael Moneo Students: Sarah Chiara Triolo Seven Society Louis A. Onesty Ari Christopher Dimas 2011: Thomas Jefferson Foundation Award Madeline Gilbert Tolmie Alexandra Brill Asaro Nicholas Francis Nelson faculty: Zachary Jonathan Collier Medal in Citizen Leadership Jessica T. Mathews P. Paxton Marshall Peta Katherine Douglas Seven Society James Earle Mark McCaslan Duerksen Thomas Jefferson Foundation Sargeant Award Jacqueline Celeste Hodges Latino Student Alliance Leen Jamal Medal in Law George J. Mitchell Mary Catherine Kinniburgh Edgar F. Shannon Awards Daniel Robert Lindberg Presented by the “Z” Society Yixiao Min Raven Society Awards Students: School of Architecture: Catherine Frances Moore Martha Pemberton Heath William Rousselet Canup Diana Walid Naim Christopher Ryan Mullen College of Arts & Sciences: Aradhya Nigam Jonathan Brett Overdevest Reedy Charles Swanson Vladislav Olegovich Sviderskiy faculty: frank Batten School of Daniel Edward Watling Robert F. Bruner Leadership and Public Policy: George Alexander Zaras Michael J. Smith Borna Kazerooni

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

40 Honorary Societies

Alpha Omega Alpha Julia Ann Croote Laura Beth Currence Jin Yoo Kim Honorary Medical Society David Dai Erin Louise Donnelly Mary Catherine Kinniburgh George Christopher Bailey Daniel Patrick Daly Linda M. Edenfield Joseph Michael Koes Sara Bouberhan Maxwell Whitfill Duncan Paloma Dessiree Fernandez Garrett Browne Lyons III Benjamin Harding Click Kyle Joseph Emory Irizarry Maria Malas Elizabeth Virginia Connor Kyle Futch Sharon Keim Fickley Paul Jonathan Michel Amanda Jo DeMauro Madeleine Louise Gardner Chelsea Tannah Bolz Finn Yixiao Min Emily Ashley Downs Katherine Barbara Gaver Lois Gayle Fulks Hannah Marie Moody Eric Jay Feuchtbaum Sarah Ann Gayner Kaitlyn Blanche Marie Geib Emma Elizabeth Ying Murphy Patricia Anne Frost Julie Megan Gordon Sandra Adair Gililland Emily Ann Pearce Scott Donald Gardner Elizabeth Anne Gurney Larkin Elissa Hamrick Matthew Magaldi Pesesky Juan Marcelo Giugale Alison Hebenstreit Jana Hurt Hanny Dagney Devlin Pruner John Isaac Hogan Kathryn McCallister Hoover Diana Michelle Harris Megan Elizabeth Raymond Brittany Leigh-Ann Hu David Carter Hope Teresa Harris Matthew William Savarese Rajesh Kumar Jain Emil Khalikov Timothy Allen Hartzler Jill Elizabeth Siegel Matthew Carnochan Kinney Steven Seiji Koch Rose Kathleen Hayes Kelly Michael Snow Gregory Russell Madden Robert Michael Kolosieke Jane Elizabeth Hendricks Simon Yakov Svirnovskiy Michael John McArdle Laura Nicole Kost Tory Leigh Hoelscher Benjamin Lees Wallace William Dwight Miller Anthony Christopher LaBarbera Casey Lynne Holmes Christiana Grace White Ryan Anthony Mlynarek Stephen Marshall Levin Ryan J. Johnson Rohan Kiran Patel Jeffrey David Liang Catherine Grace Jones Omicron Delta Kappa National Lindsay Nicole Ramey Zhengwei Will Liang Nancy J. Kelly Leadership Honor Society Nicholas Glenn Roney Vsevolod A. Loiko Susan Carol Kiley Jenna Ann Centini Neilayan Sen Erin Michelle Marrone Emily Catherine Koch April Elizabeth Fearnley Anoop Mukesh Shah Jordan Elizabeth McDaniel Debra Lynne Levin Lauren Jean Germain Elizabeth Dell Thompson Joseph Paul McGroarty Michelle Dindi Pateña Martin Jakob Burner Harmon Kyle Keith VanKoevering Amanda Maher McKenzie Sara Rose McClelland Meredith Blaire Hawkins Lauren Elizabeth Winfree Vinay Narayan Menon Stephanie Brooke McNerney Borna Kazerooni JiaDe Yu Mary Katherine Morani Justine Marieva Mize Herbert Timothy Lovelace, Jr. Rebecca Marie Perron Tracy Michelle Morris Maureen Kathleen McGee Alpha Sigma Lambda Gabriel Alexander Ratti-Angulo Debra Marie Granger Murray Rebecca Cynthia Obeng National Honor Society Sarah Marie Rayfield Chantal Nizam Jonathan Brett Overdevest Thomas E. Akers Megan Elizabeth Raymond Angela O’Bryant John Chris Pappas Marguerite Elizabeth Bates-Frier Benjamin Gregory Robbins Melissa Moseley Otoya Claire Vanessa Peters Amber Rene Brister Luke James Secosky Suzanne Emily Queheillalt Jennifer Cathryn Reut Ellen Gedro Carroll Andrew Richard Serafin Jessica Lauren Roelofs Nosheen Reza Susan Livernois Couch Alexandra Elena Staeben Timothy Barton Rose David Valentine Strider Elizabeth Ann Crimmins Kelcey Anne Stone Heather Lauren Saxby Justin Boyd Thompson Marion Janet Dobbins Laura Rose Trimarco Kathryn Lynn Shepley Kisha Janelle Young Rhonda Denise Dunkins Frederick Charles Wightman IV Sandra Shongo Joseph Philip Leon Duquette III Elaine Miles Wilkins Karen Hollis Sisa Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Rebecca Cole Field Tsz Cheung Wong Julia Foster Smith Samuel Emmerich Adams Susan Morgan FitzGerald Julia Marcelle Smith Kerri Lee Barnes Kimitris Hope Grindstaff-Hodnett Beta Kappa Chapter of David Valentine Strider Katelyn Gallagher Barth Justin Brandt Hankins Sigma Theta Tau National Karen Olivia Stuart-Moss Rachel Huber Beck Eleanora Ann Hill Society of Nursing Mavis Rose Thomas Francie Nicole Berger Ashleigh Amber Hudson Kelly Marie Allen Damon Toczylowski James Patrick Bour Jacqueline Elizabeth Lynch Rayna Marie Moore Amoreno Megan Laura Treharne Elizabeth Stratford Bowles Laura Marissa Mirra Rebecca Lauren Arango Bridget Catherine Vaughn Scott Michael Butler Anthony Martin Nguyen Anna Dabney Armistead Jane Rita von Gaudecker Kirsti Anne Campbell Joy Renee Nuckolls Lori Stoll Aylor Mary Beth White-Comstock Mauren Delaney Gravett Campbell Carmen Luz Pretelt de Garcia Terra Greer Bailey Tiffany Si’mone Wilson Kalyn Samson Carson Ramona Hernandez Rice Elina Sergeyevna Revyakina Ballagh Alyssa Michelle Wolf Laura Michelle Chesser William Rubow Rhode Lipcile Baptiste Cynthia Lynn Wolfe Thomas George Christensen Thomas Brandon Semmel Rachel Marie Barnes Kelly Lynn Wozneak Tudor Cisu Theresa M. Swindell Skyler Rae Bivens Janice Brooks Youngs Christine Beth Clark Greta Evelyn Von Kirchmann Brooke Elizabeth Bosselman Benjamin Harding Click Lia Christine Bradley Jefferson Scholars Class of 2012 Lauren Adelyn Cohen Beta Gamma Sigma Mary Lauren Bristow Hannah Miller Barefoot Zachary Jonathan Collier Commerce Honor Society Jennifer Myers Bryant Elizabeth Stratford Bowles Bess Corley Crimmins John Charles Ale, Jr. Ly Uyen Cao Kirsti Anne Campbell Aaron Thomas Criss Camryn Crane Anderson Hannah Jane Biazon Capacillo Wayne Lee Dell Anne Carrington Croft Carl David Arnold Alexandra Christy Cashman John Mark Digrazia, Jr. Noel Christopher Derecki Christina Marie Azimi Bethany Marie Catanzaro Thomas Alexander Eschenroeder, Jr. Carlos Francisco Disla, Jr. Aaron Taylor Bernstein Jenna Ann Centini Tyler Stephen Frankenberg Matthew Ross Diton Sarah Miyoko Blechinger Jamie Elizabeth Clair Laura Karen Hansen Katherine Dodds Evan Ronald Cantor Kimberly W. Clark Elizabeth Tyler Harris Ethan Arles Donovan Gordon Malone Carver IV Bradford Roland Clower Martha Pemberton Heath Duan Duan Madeline Katherine Chiavini Megan Maureen Coe Mary Olivia Hutton Hannah Jerusalem Firdyiwek William Robert Cleary Elizabeth Anne Crotty Kaitlin Murphy Kelley Garry André Victor Gabison

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

41 Honorary Societies

Christina Anne Gainey Benjamin Lees Wallace Wintre Nebreon Foxworth Katherine Ashley Raichlen Andrew Chiswell Glass Daniel Edward Watling Annacrizelda Chavez Funtelar Lindsay Nicole Ramey Luis Daniel Goity Samantha Atlee Webber Madeleine Louise Gardner Vinitra Kasthuri Rangan Carolyn Stephenson Gosse Lauren H Webster Manya Garg Megan Elizabeth Raymond Deborah Hayden Gray Christiana Grace White Lauren Jean Germain Jonathan Eric Readey Mark Andrew Greyson Alexander Cary Wilkerson Shea Matthew Gibbons Evan Walter Reynolds Katherine Helen Gurecki Elizabeth Ingersoll Woodley Eleanor Claire Glassberg Nosheen Reza Maria George Hadjikyriakou Kathryn Grace Woodward Luis Daniel Goity David Paul Rhynard Meredith Blaire Hawkins Robert Andrew Wyllie Theresa Marie Goodman Melissa Ann Rickman Martha Pemberton Heath Julia Marshall Yuras Kathryn Ellen Guilfoyle Paige Alexandra Riedl Michelle Marie Henry Yitian Zhang Laura Karen Hansen Zachary Lance Rowen Rajesh Kumar Jain Xian Zhao Jakob Burner Harmon Alexander Charles Russomanno Ellen Margreet Janssen Elizabeth Tyler Harris Peter Sauerwein McChesney Hill Jeffries III Raven Society Martha Pemberton Heath Jason Phillip Schaengold Nona Ming Jiang Students Michelle Marie Henry Laura Hillary Schapiro Wesley Allen Keister Jonathan Simon Abelson Thuy-Van Tina Ho Amy Elizabeth Schell Alicia Christine Kohn Charles Samuel Adams Stephen Neil Holby Carl Bradley Scherer Claudia Dorothea Kraft David Ikenna Adams Brittany Leigh-Ann Hu Sarah Murr Shanfield Johanna Elizabeth Kreafle Tara Angela Albrecht Brian Andrew Ichter Kathleen Shen Lea Catherine Lane Anne Elizabeth Allen Marcus Roosevelt Ingram Matthew Gregory Sipe Kellen Christine Lauer Jason Asif Ally Julia James Emily Nicole Skiba Nicholas Nathaniel Lenderking- Wendy Warford Amato Robert Leonard Janiczek Julia Foster Smith Brill Riana Elyse Anderson Sarah Dearing Johns Claire Natalie Snell-Rood Elizabeth Suzanne Libertini Trenley Michelle Anderson Laura Jean Jolley Matthew Thomas Snyder Rachel Haejin Lim Casey Jonathan Archer Mia Alexandra Joshi Charles Lee Sparkman III Xiaoxiao Lin Marina Joy Arnold Matthew Aaron Jungclaus Caroline Savage Stanford Laura Kathleen Long Hannah Miller Barefoot Kaitlin Murphy Kelley Denson Glen Staples Meredith Kathleen Loretta Nica Kyra Natividad Basuel Julia King Jacqueline Suzanne Stevens Tianhao Lu Lucas Edward Beirne Kevin Jeffrey Klembczyk Ashley Palmer Stevenson Melissa Anne Mallory Chase Gregory Bennett Andrew Nathaniel Koch Vladislav Olegovich Sviderskiy Leah Whitney Manning Skyler Rae Bivens Julie Anne Kokinos Simon Yakov Svirnovskiy Nicolas Azlan Marro Thomas Kent Bliss Robert Michael Kolosieke Reedy Charles Swanson Ashley Jean McKinless Elizabeth Anne Bollwerk Claudia Dorothea Kraft Todne Yvette Thomas Johannah Kathryn Merrill Sarah Beth Borchelt Yi Li Justin Boyd Thompson Paul Jonathan Michel Geir Atle Bore Yueyi Li Erin Marie Thorpe Melissa Christine Mitchem Elizabeth Stratford Bowles Zhengwei Will Liang Sushila Ann Toulmin Nathaniel David Moberley Salima Elizabeth Christie Burke Evan Zuofu Liao Kristin Brice Twiford Anna O’Neill Mohan Alexa Jackson Bush Herbert Timothy Lovelace, Jr. Ryan Nicholas Van Dyk Danielle Sumie Murashige Devon Joseph Caldwell Tianhao Lu Benjamin Lees Wallace Emma Elizabeth Ying Murphy Kirsti Anne Campbell Lesley Anne Luginbill Daniel Isaac Wasserman John Jacob Nay Mauren Delaney Gravett Campbell Robert Matthew MacGregor Lily Eileen West Nathaniel Duong-Khoa Nguyen Evan Ronald Cantor John Philip Malek Christiana Grace White Thanh Minh Nguyen William Rousselet Canup Robert William Manoso Lauren Ann White Robert Frederick Panos Candace Caraco Michael Seth Mantia Alexander Cary Wilkerson Nishant Anilkumar Patel Caitlin Suzanne Carr Margaret Dixon Marshall Sarah Blair Williamson Kathryn Elizabeth Pendoley Gordon Malone Carver IV Ashley Breanne Matthews James Graham Wilson Matthew Magaldi Pesesky Roger P. Catania Cassidy Ann McKee Tiffany Si’mone Wilson Winston Jonathon Plunkett Sanjay Joshua Choudhury Patrick David Melmer Lena Mika Witek Kevin Michael Pujanauski Tudor Cisu Nicholas John Peter Meros Jessie Lowe Wright Katherine Ashley Raichlen Matthew Lee Cofer Matthias Thorsten Eckhard Meyer Xian Zhao Jonathan Eric Readey Luke William Cole Peter William Miller Patrick Logan Reilly Forrest Brock Compton Yixiao Min faculty Paige Alexandra Riedl Elizabeth Virginia Connor Anna O’Neill Mohan Thomas S. Bateman Fredric Carlton Rose II Katherine Grace Mims Crocker Douglas Reilly Monroe Peter C. Brunjes Sarah Murr Shanfield Kevin Michael Cross Michael Scott Moskowitz Eugene C. Corbett, Jr. Courtney Margaret Sinclair Ashley Milton Cullop Daniel Evan Mowery J. Frank Papovich Matthew Gregory Sipe Christopher Lin Cunningham Christopher Ryan Mullen William H. Sherman Emily Nicole Skiba Dalia Mofid Deak Danielle Sumie Murashige Sarah Elizabeth Pauli Smith Pamela Baker Deguzman Emma Elizabeth Ying Murphy Alumni Elisabeth Grace Sparkman Alexander Daniilovich Dementiev John Jacob Nay June Elizabeth Jones Baptist Elizabeth Armen Stanton Markham Allen Dickson III Kelly Gorden O’Connell Lisa O. Gardner Jacqueline Suzanne Stevens Matthew Ross Diton Barbara Ann Oudekerk Linda Custard Gillikin Reedy Charles Swanson Marion Janet Dobbins Jonathan Brett Overdevest Lisa O. Jones Stephanie Felicia Sweitzer David Gordon Drewry III James Marshall Pattie Michael L. King Husayn Maxwell Tavangar Duan Duan Matthew Magaldi Pesesky Edward Michael Murphy Christina Lanier Theodore Kimberly Erin Dunn Claire Vanessa Peters Locke W. Ogens Alysha M Tierney Kareem Mohamed El-Gohary R. Kent Piacenti Philip Ripley Timberlake Bartow Jerome Elmore Joshua Pretlow III Society of Fellows Sushila Ann Toulmin Casey Elizabeth Enders Ashutosh Priyadarshy Loreto Peter Alonzi III Minh Jennifer Van April Elizabeth Fearnley Kevin Michael Pujanauski Ayça Boylu

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

42 Honorary Societies

Ana Isabel Cornide Michael Calamari Brian Andrew Ichter Souheil Nadri Tracy Clotilde Cosgriff Devon Joseph Caldwell Matthew Aaron Jungclaus Ellen Hope Nein Daniel William Leon Robert Patteson Chapman Byong Ha Kang Daniel Henri Pariseau Daniel Edwin McDowell Adam Michael Cohen Christopher Walter Karvetski Melanie Gayle Polin Sarah Elizabeth Mosseri Anna Margaret Corrigan Kevin Jeffrey Klembczyk Alexander Charles Russomanno Elizabeth McMahon Nabi Charles Warren Dalrymple Simon Kobayashi Daniela Yvonne Santiesteban Jacob Jerod Pease Charles Steven DeVeas Julie Anne Kokinos Andrew Michael Sasai Melissa Sue Ragain Bela Sunil Dhamankar Steven Wallace Lee Carl Bradley Scherer Karliana Brooks Sakas Patrick Joseph Dougherty Grace Michelle Lefebure Erik John Schiminger Georgia Sermamoglou-Soulmaidi Erik Nicholas Ellison Kevin Glynne Lewis Ryan Cooper Shaw Jessica Louise Stewart Elizabeth Anne Engel Allison Monica Light Cameron Kenneth Shelton Stephanie Louise Fawcett Lesley Anne Luginbill Brian James Shoemaker Tau Beta Pi Anthony Amadeo Gallo David Michael Lynch William Schifflin Sutton Engineering Honor Society Kathryn Alberta Geberth Robert Matthew MacGregor Michael Luciano Tanes Kevin Michael Albanese Alexander Evan Gessner Rachel M. Madenjian Nadia Putri Tenggara Mary Carol Anderson Christopher Magee Greenwood Michael Louis Malinowski Kathryn Elizabeth Tiller Steven D. Bailey Daniel Haileselassie Michael Seth Mantia Ryan Nicholas Van Dyk Thomas Kent Bliss Jakob Burner Harmon Margaret Leigh McNamara John Charlton Ward III Nicholas James Boucher Amanda Leigh Harton Hannah Ruth Brittany Meredith Lauren Ann White William Lawrence Boyd Dian Huang Duane George Merrill III Reed Alan Wilson Christopher D Buckingham Kathleen Langan Hudgins Peter William Miller Yong Yi Wu Daniel Charles Burkert Kirstin Keely Hughes Tyler Milne Austin Timray Yang

1 Distinction 2 High Distinction 3 Highest Distinction 4 Honors 5 High Honors 6 Highest Honors 7 Distinguished Majors Program

43 U n i v e r s i t y o f v i r g i n i a L o c a t i o n s o f 2 0Honorary 1 2 Societies f i n a L E x E r c i s E s f i n a l s W e e k e n d 2 0 1 2 a n d d i p L o m a c E r E m o n i E s CollegeCollege and and Graduate Graduate School of of Arts Arts & &Sciences Sciences AllAll ceremonies ceremonies are at 12:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted noted

ScHOOl Fair-WeatHer inclement-WeatHer Severe-WeatHer maJOr Fair-WeatHer inclement-WeatHer Severe-WeatHer lOcatiOn lOcatiOn lOcatiOn lOcatiOn lOcatiOn lOcatiOn (Diploma Ceremonies Only) (Finals on the Lawn/ (Finals and Diploma (Diploma Ceremonies Only) (Finals on the Lawn/ (Finals in Arena/ Diploma Ceremonies Inside) Ceremonies Inside) Diploma Ceremonies Inside) Diploma Ceremonies Inside) architecture Campbell Hall Terrace Slaughter Recreation Center African-American Minor Hall Auditorium Same Same (1 p.m. Undergraduate; (1:15 p.m. Undergraduate; for Finals (10 a.m.), then & African Studies (12:45 p.m.) 3 p.m. Graduate) 3:15 p.m. Graduate) Slaughter Recreation Center American Studies Newcomb Hall, Southeast Ruffner Hall Auditorium Ruffner Hall Auditorium (1:15 p.m. Undergraduate; Terrace (12:45 p.m.) (12:45 p.m.) (12:45 p.m.) 3:15 p.m. Graduate) Anthropology Brooks Hall, Front Lawn Student Activities Building Student Activities Building (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) Archaeology Brooks Hall, Front Lawn Student Activities Building Student Activities Building college and See locations on See locations on John Paul Jones Arena (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) Graduate opposite chart opposite chart for Finals (10 a.m.), Art Hunter Smith Band Building Same Same School of arts then locations on (1 p.m.) & Sciences opposite chart Astronomy Kent House/Dabney House, Physics Building 203** Physics Building 203** Front Lawn (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) continuing & Pavilion VII Garden Zehmer Hall (1 p.m.) John Paul Jones Arena Biology North Grounds Recreation North Grounds Recreation North Grounds Recreation Professional (12:30 p.m.) for Finals (10 a.m.), Center (2:30 p.m.) Center (4 p.m.) Center (4 p.m.) Studies then Zehmer Hall Biomedical Sciences* Jordan Hall Conference Same Same (1 p.m.) Center Auditorium Chemistry Chemistry Auditorium** Same Same (1 p.m.) curry School of John Paul Jones Arena John Paul Jones Arena John Paul Jones Arena Classics Pavilion IX, Lower Garden Ruffner Hall Auditorium Ruffner Hall Auditorium education (1:30 p.m.) (6:45 p.m.) for Finals (10 a.m.), (2:45 p.m.) (2:45 p.m.) (Undergraduate then return to arena for Cognitive Science Maury Hall 209** Same Same & Graduate) diploma ceremony (12:45 p.m.) (5:45 p.m.) Computer Science Gilmer Hall Auditorium, Same Same Room 130 (1 p.m.) Darden Graduate Darden School North Grounds North Grounds Drama Culbreth Theatre (3 p.m.) Same Same Business School (1:15 p.m.) Recreation Center Recreation Center East Asian Languages, Shea House (12:45 p.m.) Same Same (12:30 p.m.) (10 a.m.) Literatures & Cultures Echols Scholars University Chapel Same Same engineering & Aquatic & Fitness Center Aquatic & Fitness Center Economics McIntire Amphitheatre John Paul Jones Arena John Paul Jones Arena applied Science (1 p.m. Undergraduate (4 p.m. Undergraduate; (10 a.m. Undergraduate; (3 p.m.) (3 p.m.) (2 p.m.) English The Lawn (3 p.m.) John Paul Jones Arena John Paul Jones Arena and Graduate) 6:30 p.m. Graduate) 4 p.m. Graduate) (1 p.m.) (12 noon) Environmental Clark Hall, West Lawn Clark Hall 107 and 108 Clark Hall 107 and 108 Frank Batten School Alumni Hall Ballroom Alumni Hall Ballroom John Paul Jones Arena Sciences of leadership and (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) for Finals (10 a.m.), then Environmental Rotunda, Dome Room Same Same Public Policy Alumni Hall Ballroom (1 p.m.) Thought & Practice (3 p.m.) French & Comparative French House, 1404 Jefferson Same Same law Law School, Front Lawn Memorial Gymnasium Memorial Gymnasium Literature Park Avenue (12:45 p.m.) (1:15 p.m.) (2:45 p.m.) (2:45 p.m.) Germanic Languages Pavilion II, Lower Garden** McKim Hall, Sandridge McKim Hall, Sandridge (3:30 p.m.) Auditorium (3:30 p.m.) Auditorium (3:30 p.m.) mcintire School The Lawn (12:45 p.m.) John Paul Jones Arena John Paul Jones Arena Global Development Pavilion III, Garden Wilson Hall 301 Wilson Hall 301 of commerce (4:45 p.m.) for Finals (10 a.m.), then History (Undergraduate) McIntire Amphitheatre Memorial Gymnasium (1 p.m.) Memorial Gymnasium (1 p.m.) South Lawn Commons Building, Same Same return to arena for diploma History (Graduate) Nau Auditorium (3:15 p.m.) ceremony (3:45 p.m.) Human Biology Newcomb Hall, South Same Same Meeting Room (3:15 p.m.) medicine The Paramount Theater Same Same Interdisciplinary Major Rotunda, Dome Room Same Same (3 p.m.) Jewish Studies Rotunda, Lower West Same Same Oval Room (2:30 p.m.) nursing Rotunda, North Steps McLeod Hall Auditorium John Paul Jones Arena Linguistics Newcomb Hall, Commonwealth Same Same (12:30 p.m.) (12:30 p.m.) for Finals (10 a.m.), Room (12:45 p.m.) then McLeod Hall Mathematics Pavilion I, Lower Garden Gilmer Hall Auditorium, Gilmer Hall Auditorium, Auditorium (1 p.m.) Room 130 (2:30 p.m.) Room 130 (2:30 p.m.) Media Studies South Lawn Commons Building, Same Same Nau Auditorium (12:45 p.m.) Fair: Finals on the Lawn, diploma ceremonies at fair-weather sites Medieval Studies Rotunda, Dome Room Same Same Middle Eastern Shea House Same Same inclement: Finals on the Lawn, diploma ceremonies at inclement-weather sites & South Asian (1:15 p.m.) Severe: Finals in John Paul Jones Arena for schools identified above, diploma ceremonies Languages & Cultures at severe-weather sites Music Old Cabell Hall Same Same Auditorium (3:30 p.m.) Neuroscience Special Collections Library Same Same Auditorium (3 p.m.) Philosophy Pavilion IV, Lower Garden Wilson Hall 402 Wilson Hall 402 Physics Kent House/Dabney House, Physics Building 203** Physics Building 203** Front Lawn (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) (1 p.m.) Political Philosophy, University Chapel Same Same Policy, & Law Program (3 p.m.) Political & Social Special Collections Library Same Same Thought Program Auditorium (12:45 p.m.) Politics- Memorial Gymnasium Memorial Gymnasium Memorial Gymnasium Foreign Affairs (1 p.m.) (5:15 p.m.) (5:15 p.m.) & Government Psychology Aquatic & Fitness Center Same Same (1 p.m.) Religious Studies Newcomb Hall Ballroom (1 p.m.) Same Same Slavic Languages Pavilion VI, Lower Garden** Jefferson Hall Sociology Old Cabell Hall Same Same Auditorium (1 p.m.) Spanish, Italian, & Culbreth Theatre Same Same Latin American Studies (1 p.m.) Statistics Ern Commons (1:30 p.m.) Same Same Studies in Women Newcomb Hall, South Meeting Same Same and Gender Room (12:45 p.m.)

1 2 3 4 5 6* Biochemistry and Molecular7 Genetics, Biophysics, Cell Biology, Clinical Reasearch, Experimental Pathology, Microbiology, Distinction High Distinction Highest Distinction Honors High Honors HighestPharmacology, Honors Physiology, Distinguished Public Health Majors Program ** Depending upon the disability and the site, assistance may be necessary.

44 14 1 39 1 Alderman Library FINAL 62 66 SUnDaY OnlY ? 2 Alumni Hall EXERCISES 3 Aquatic & Fitness Center I ? 4 Arena Parking Garage THE LAWN SatUrDaY OnlY 5 Bavaro Hall 6 Brooks Hall 41 55 7 Bryan Hall 8 Cabell Hall, New 37 26 43 I 9 Cabell Hall, Old 45 10 Campbell Hall 11 Carr’s Hill 47 ? 12 Chemistry Building 13 Clark Hall 42 ? I 49 14 Clemons Library 36 22 44 15 Cocke Hall Guest 16 Culbreth Theatre Seating area 46 17 Darden School 32 18 Emmet/Ivy Parking Garage 7 48 15 19 Ern Commons 20 Fayerweather Hall Graduates 50 21 French House Seating area 22 Garrett Hall 9 56 52 23 Gibson Hall 24 Gilmer Hall 8 25 Hunter Smith Band Building 54 26 Jefferson Hall 68 27 John Paul Jones Arena 28 Jordan Hall 29 Kent House, Front Lawn 30 Law School ޫ 31 Maury Hall 18 32 McIntire Amphitheatre CENTRAL 69 33 McKim Hall GROUNDS and 34 McLeod Hall WEST GROUNDS 35 Memorial Gymnasium 36 Minor Hall 16 25 37 Monroe Hall 2 38 Nau Hall 10 39 Newcomb Hall 35 11 40 North Grounds Rec. Center 60 20 41 Pavilion I, Lower Garden 19 65 14 42 Pavilion II, Lower Garden 29 1 66 43 Pavilion III, Garden 24 39 62 51 57 44 Pavilion IV, Garden 55 12 5 37 6 45 Pavilion V, Lower Garden 3 ? 46 Pavilion VI, Lower Garden 36 64 31 22 47 Pavilion VII, Garden 13 32 7 15 48 Pavilion VIII, Garden 58 9 56 52 49 Pavilion IX, Lower Garden 53 8 54 68 33 50 Pavilion X, Lower Garden 61 51 Physics Building ޫ 38 63 28 23 59 21 52 Randall Hall 53 Rice Hall 34 54 Robertson Hall 55 Rotunda NORTH 56 Rouss Hall GROUNDS 17 57 Ruffner Hall 30 58 Scott Stadium 40 59 Shea House BUS STOP 60 Slaughter Recreation Center 61 South Lawn Commons Building 62 Special Collections Library FOOD STAND 63 Student Activities Building 64 Thornton Hall 65 University Bookstore 66 University Chapel HEARING IMPAIRED SEATING 67 University Hall ޫ 68 Wilson Hall 4 69 Zehmer Hall ޫ ? INFORMATION BOOTH 27



That good old song of Wah-hoo-wah,

We’ll sing it o’er and o’er;

It cheers our hearts and warms our blood

To hear them shout and roar.

We come from old Virginia

Where all is bright and gay;

Let’s all join hands and give a yell

For the dear old UVA.