12 NRI PULSE ..... Pulse ..... June 2010 I ’t Make Movies For Money, Says SRK I Observed Rahul Gandhi For My Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh , currently busy with his home produc- tion “Ra.One”, says he doesn’t make movies to earn money anymore. ‘’ Role: “My mantra for work changed five or seven years ago, I think. Now I don’t make movies to make money...I make money to make movies,” Shah Rukh posted on Wearing Reebok or Nike shoes with the cus- ago with the script of ‘Raajneeti’. He discussed his page. tomary white kurta-pyjama... one of the “small, how he wanted to make it almost like The 44-year-old has produced like “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani”, “Chalte small elements” that Arjun Rampal says he picked by taking certain characters from the epic and Chalte”, “” and “”. up from observing young, educated politicians like putting them into the political backdrop of the Rahul Gandhi and Pilot for his role in the . He wanted me to play the character of Bhim. much-awaited “Raajneeti”. I liked the idea. I’m No More A Young Filmmaker: Rampal, who seems to be on a “He disappeared for five Ace filmmaker Karan Johar, 38, is bogged down by his physical prob- roll after “Rock On” for which he years and then he called me lems and feels he is no longer “the young filmmaker” as most people address got the National Award and hits like back. I read the script and him as. “First round of physiotherapy...signs of ageing...first the grey hair “Om Shanti Om”, says his role in started working out how the and now the bad back...no longer the ‘young’ filmmaker,” Karan posted on “Raajneeti” is similar to that of Bhim character would be. social networking site Twitter. in the epic Mahabharata. “He (Arjun’s character Karan, who made films like “”, “Kabhi Khushi “I have observed many politi- Prithiviraj Pratap) is a person Kabhie Gham”, “” and “”, has cians especially young guys like with big heart and wants to been in New York for a long time to find inspiration for his next project. He Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora, Rahul achieve something fast in life. even celebrated his birthday there recently. Gandhi as well as the young Rajiv He is aggressive. He is a per- Gandhi and the young Sanjay Gandhi. You see son who sees either black or white. If he likes them to know how they moved and what their something, he loves it. If he dislikes something, he Cooks To Woo Wife Manyata body languages were. You don’t really copy or hates it. So he would be on that level of extremes. Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt donned the chef’s hat to woo emulate them. In this film, we are all He goes through gamut of emotions. his wife Manyata, who was upset with him for speeding his car educated politicians,” Arjun told IANS And he has a very good sense of on the - Express highway. in an interview. INTERVIEW politics.” “Tonight I am the chef at home. Cooking some mutton for “When you see them you get a According to Arjun, every my wife. Making up for morning,” Sanjay posted on his Twitter glimpse of how politicians have character in “Raajneeti” is indis- page recently. changed. There are things to observe like when pensable. After cooking the dinner, he posted: “Mission accomplished. they (young politicians) sport Reebok or Nike “He () has not done injustice to Dinner served.” shoes with white kurta and pyjama while cam- any of the characters. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. If The was driving around his Audi A8 at a high speed. paigning. These are the small, small elements that you remove one, the film would fall apart. Every- I tried picking up from them for my character.” one has got almost equal screen time.” I’m Coming On Twitter Very Soon: Bipasha Giving a peek into his new film that releases In real life, however, Arjun says he lacks the Joining the Bollywood bandwagon on social networking site Twitter June 4 and focuses on how a handful of people built-in quality to be a true politician and would “very soon” is actress , who was announced the brand am- control the destiny of millions, Arjun said not try his luck in politics. bassador of Wynncomm Telecom Limited here recently. “I think the phe- “Raajneeti”, directed by Prakash Jha, does not “You really need a different kind of qualities to be nomenon of social networking sites is great. I am not on Twitter as of now. preach politics. a politician. I don’t think that I have those qualities, But I am getting on Twitter very soon,” Bipasha told reporters at the event. “The film is more about what happens behind but, yes, if there is an issue, I will voice it.” “A lot of people use their phones these days for social networking. close doors. It’s more of a political family drama.” In last few years, Arjun has featured in hits But I just call people through my phone. In our kind of business, it is most The characters of , Ranbir like “Don” (2006), “Om Shanti Om”(2007), “The important to first stay connected with our manager and chartered accoun- , Manoj Bajpai, , Sarah Th- Last Lear” (2007), “Rock On!” (2008) and tant. And for me, a verbal conversation with them is a must,” she added. ompson, and are “”(2010). The actress, who looked her slimmest in a fitted white coloured one- loosely inspired by those in the epic Mahabharata. “I have been choosing the work I would like shoulder dress, admits that she isn’t a gadget freak. “I am not a gadget freak. Arjun said: “Prakash came to me five years to do and luckily the choices are working.” But anything that makes life easy and simple for me, is most welcome.” All My Dancing Was Spontaneous, Says Veteran Actor His energetic, untamed, inimitable and some- the decades and are played at dance parties even Among the current lot who are ruling the tune home and may be you sing that in bathroom also. times crazy dance moves were a hit with all age today. film industry are scions of the too Today people are not singing in the bathroom because groups. Veteran actor Shammi Kapoor reveals he Reminiscing the shooting of the song “Suku - Kareena and Ranbir. they don’t have tunes to sing,” said Kapoor. never worked with a choreographer and created suku”, he said: “I never took any choreographer. I The 78-year-old, who gave hits like “Junglee” Despite his age, Kapoor keeps himself every step spontaneously for the camera. was doing ‘Suku Suku’ (‘Junglee’) (1961), “Bluff Master” (1963), abreast with new technology. He was first among “I was very much influenced by my own with . P.L. Raj was choreograph- “” (1964) and “An Hindi film celebrities to use Yahoo e-mail. self,” Kapoor, 78, told IANS in an exclusive inter- ing the number for Helen. I told Raj to INTERVIEW Evening In Paris”(1967), retired from In fact, people used to think that Kapoor view. tell me what her steps are and I movies long time back. But he owned Yahoo Internet browser as their ad used to “Technology at that time was not all that will adjust accordingly. He didn’t surely keeps a track of the new say something like ‘Shammi Kapoor has got advanced. Today you can see an Elvis Presley know what I was going to do. films and says that he misses Yahoo.com’. film, make it stop frame and see it frame by frame. “It was extempore com- innocence and melody in “When my nephew started We used to go to the cinema halls once in a while. pletely. Sometimes, if I had to today’s movies. using internet, he called me up and asked why I Things that I used to like in the movies used to give a second take, my steps used “In my time, there was a didn’t tell him that Yahoo belongs to me (because stay in my mind and later I used to use them in my to be different. I couldn’t do the lot of innocence involved. of that promo). I told him that it doesn’t belong to songs. same thing again.” They were very sweet films. me. Had it been mine, I would have been in “There’s a song ‘Don’t be cruel’. I took that Asked if anyone among There was no lecture, no America. He regretted that it wasn’t mine or we and put it in ‘Dil de ke dekho...’ song. As far as the today’s resembles his politicising and there was a lot could all have settled in America. Lots of people dancing is concerned, I made it all by myself. I traits, he said: “No. They are of good music. In today’s were under the impression that Yahoo was my never knew what would be my next step.” much better. and films, techniques have evolved. company. Some of his timeless hits include “Baar baar all of them are much, much bet- But where has the music “When Jerry Yang (co-founder and former dekho”, “Badan pe sitare”, “Yahoo”, “Aaja Aaja ter. Even has gone? I miss the melody of my CEO of Yahoo) came to , he opened Yahoo main hoon pyaar tera”, “Aye hasina zulfon wali”, done some excellent work...I did time. India.com. He invited me to the Taj (Hotel) and as “Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche”. And they my things and they do their “From the films of my a matter of fact they played my ‘Yahoo’ song,” have been heard and enjoyed time and again over things. time you walk with good music, you carry that Kapoor recalled.