Around Ashton Community news from Ashton Hayes and Horton-cum-Peel Parish Council Autumn 2019

frames will be custom-built. A new boiler is also being installed he om and there will be added insulation to improve heat efficiency and T o s, reduce carbon emissions. There will also be free wifi for those R ing using the facility. et At present the Parish Room can seat around 30 for talks, sh e ts ri r m en demonstrations and conferences. Tables are available for Pa fo ev functions such as children’s parties and social groups. A al & kitchenette enables on-site catering; as well as a fridge and de es kettle, there are cups, saucers and cutlery. Toilets are on I rti pa the premises. Hire costs are £7/hour for regular users, or £10/hour for single users. These charges are among the most competitive in the area. To book, or for more details, contact the booking For decades the Parish Room has been central to village clerk, Gillian Forgrave, on 01829 751943 or 07799 706007. life in Ashton Hayes. It has hosted libraries, playgroups, health visitors, children’s parties and polling stations. Briefly, it was even a pop-up pub. Generations of residents were weighed there as babies before going on to celebrate successive birthdays with jelly and ice cream. In recent years the Room has provided a meeting place for clubs, societies and groups. As well as being easily accessible - it's located in West End - the building's quirky interior is full of charm and character. The room is dominated by a large gothic window – a leitmotif that runs throughout the building. Over the next 12 months this much-loved facility is to get a facelift. Trustees of the Parish Room, who report to the Parish Council, have commissioned a programme of essential works. New front windows are being installed to improve heat retention and sound proofing, as the existing ones are unsafe. As the replacements will retain their distinctive arched shape, the

Our war memWWoriala,a whrric h MMis eemmand oroe-drro itihaea lellttering (which will next to the church, was erected in cost approx. £850), and secondly 1920. It was originally sited by having a celebration for all in opposite the Golden Lion but was Autumn 2020. In 1920 there was moved in 1964 due to the traffic. a procession and hot meal To mark its centenary we somewhere in the parish but we requested and have been would be probably be looking at granted Grade 2 listing for the an afternoon tea. monument, which gives us some If you are interested in being protection. involved with this project please We would like to mark this contact Barbara Craven on 01829 anniversary, firstly by renovating it 751388 or [email protected]

This newsletter is produced quarterly by Ashton Hayes and Horton-cum-Peel Parish Council on behalf of residents. If you have a news story please contact Jane Colville on [email protected] (752607) or see for stories or to download. Parish Council Update LoIno Auktuimnn g201 8f Poarrishw Coaunrcdillo rts pola ntSedp 50r0 idnaffgodil What do you bulbs in the green spaces in Peel Crescent and Brookside, and added extra daffodils to those already established think about opposite the church. The result last spring was worth the effort and, based on Around Ashton all the positive feedback, the Parish Council have made a We would like to know what you think about our provision to plant a further 2000 bulbs this season. newsletter and what, for you, are the highlights and the We will source these at a very good rate from shortcomings. Is there anything else you would like West Council who buy in bulk and who have offered to plant featured on a regular basis? them for free. They get the benefit of reduced mowing costs. Are you happy receiving it in paper form or would The only downside is that the planted areas cannot be you prefer it to come electronically? mown by the council until the bulbs have built up sufficient Would you be happy to see a few adverts appearing reserves to flower the following year. In the meantime the in Around Ashton, the income from which would grass and wild flowers will flourish, but will be cut back later contribute to the cost of production? in June by the council, when the daffodils are dormant. Possible places where daffodils could be planted include: • Gongar Lane, on the raised verge opposite the houses, say in four blocks, • additional planting opposite the church, opposite the Appeal for consideration school, to boost the existing display, • planting on Church Road, towards the village centre, toA so wte hregeulrarsly have done in the past, we ask that • around the main signs at the entrance to the village. residents cut their hedges to allow pedestrians to walk on We would appreciate further suggestions as to possible the footpaths, while at the same time they clear the sites, noting the subsequent mowing regime changes. The resultant clippings and debris. We are currently also very bulbs are expected to be planted during October. aware of the amount of mud on the roads spread by If you have any questions or suggestions then please do agricultural vehicles. Landowners and farmers should contact the Parish Council. clear up after themselves and if they don’t this can be reported to the Council. The Council will make contact with the landowner and if they take no action they will do the clean up and charge the landowner.

Defibrillators are coOmver tihne ngex!t week or two we will Autumn have three defibrillators installed, one through the Parish Council in the Community disused telephone box, one at the Pavilion through AHSRAand one outside the Village ClYeet aagnain wUe ap re to be Hall. This may seem too many for a small community but undertaking a clean-up the ambulance service advises that ideally such exercise in the village and equipment should be available to people at all times and surrounding area, this time on Saturday, October 19. Those within two minutes of where they are. Once we have the volunteering will meet at 10.00am i?n the Pavilion on the equipment installed we will need two or three people Recreation Field to collect their equipment and clarify willing to monitor it on a regular basis to check that which area they are working in. When they return there will batteries are charged and are in good working order. It’s a be a hot drink and cake waiting. We usually have a good very basic check but it does need doing. turnout for this and, as long as the weather is OK, it is If you are willing to be part of this team please let us enjoyed by most. It really does make a difference to the know. Contact Jane Colville 01829 752607 look of the area. [email protected]. We will be arranging to If you would like to be involved please let Jane have some training in the use of the defibrillators so, once Colville or Paul Varey know in good time. again, if you would like to know how to use them let us [email protected] know and we will ensure you are a part of this. [email protected] (01829 759472) HighwaPy amratitesrs h Council Update The A54 Layby Proposed 20mph Speed Limits The public consultation, organised by CWaC, on Most households will have received information sheets restricting overnight parking in the layby has now ended. from CWAC inviting feedback on the proposal to introduce There were no objections to the proposals and so CWaC are in a ‘signed only’ 20mph speed limit throughout most of the the process of completing the necessary paperwork and village, with the exception of the B5393 (Ashton permissions to bring the restrictions into force. Once the Lane/Church Road). restrictions go live we will let everyone know. The information includes a map showing the roads covered and ‘frequently asked questions’ which address the obvious queries that such a scheme raises. The A54 Junction The Parish Council were given advanced copies for We are expecting to see a 50mph speed limit applied their 9th September meeting and feel the scheme is both at this accident hotspot together with some engineering helpful and desirable. The PC, along with the school PTA, devices installed to make the junction less dangerous. has already lobbied for the B5393 to be included, Once again we must talk to the Council and our MP about especially outside the school. But CWAC insist the road the need for traffic lights, as this seems not to be part of ‘does not meet the criteria’. The PC has requested that the current long-term plan. CWAC put more effort into effectively enforcing the 30mph limit. The PC have also requested that the 20mph limit be Speed Watch Those who were diverted off the B5393 (Church extended from the Duck Lane/ Road junction to the Road) during its temporary closure in early August will present 30mph limit sign on the Kelsall side of Ashton Hall have hopefully had a pleasant smile from SID (the Speed and from the Peel Hall Lane/Booth Avenue junction along Indicator Device) whilst travelling along Duck Lane at the lane, past the Scout Hut, to Peel Hall. less than 20mph. When the main road re-opened SID had It would be most helpful if residents who also feel such a few days outside the school, to encourage compliance extensions are desirable would make their view known in on this particularly sensitive stretch of road. writing by 18th October to: Kieran Collins, Highways The police will continue to use their camera from time Commissioner, West and Chester Borough to time on the B5393 and the Parish Council have applied Council, Highways Office , Guilden Sutton to CWAC for the use of SID during the Autumn. If any- Lane, Guilden Sutton, Chester CH3 7EX one would like to join the team of SID operators please email David Rounthwaite, [email protected]

In 1747, William Ralphson left instructions in his will that 20 The notebook also gives some indication of literacy levels shillings (£1) should be givenG to thoe pooor odf Aswhton.i Tlhlis sbum oef gianmonsgst thae ptoo rehr feomalem inhabeitan ts of Ashton in the 20th money was to be distributed annually, just before Christmas. £1 century. In 1916, just half of the ten ladies who received 2 doesn’t sound a lot to us today but then it would have been the shillings (10p) signed their name to show they had received the equivalent of £150. money. The remaining five left a mark. What is surprising is that Roll on 100 years and one might have expected Ralphson’s even during the 1960s there was still one lady who annually benevolent actions to have been long forgotten. But no, a brief made a mark. mention in Bagshaw’s Trade Directory of 1850 reveals that the By the 1970s, payments became more sporadic. In 1972 money was still being donated to the poor. However, the story five people received £1 each, which was the first payment since doesn’t end there. 1967. By this point the effect of inflation meant the charity money The earliest Parish Council records date from 1895. In was worth a lot less to the recipient. In 1978, it was decided to amongst these are a few papers relating to Ralphson’s Charity give the £1 to the oldest resident and this tradition continued into along with a little notebook giving the names of all the recipients the 1980s. of the money from 1916-1966. The records I have consulted end in 1987. I wonder whether These records reveal that between 4 and 10 villagers, William could have conceived his wishes were still being carried usually widows, were helped on an annual basis by William’s out 240 years after he had made his original bequest. By 1986, actions. In the 1890s and early years of the 20th century members of the Parish Council had become rather hazy as to individuals were given a ticket which could be exchanged for the origins of Ralphson’s Charity and believed it had something food in one of the village shops. In 1897, there were six tickets to do with spades, but that is another story! for 2 shillings 4 pence (2/4) and three tickets for 2 shillings. Sharon M. Varey Harvest The First Chapters of Everything! Thanksgiving - SuOnudr anyn u6atl hall Oagce tHoabrveesr t service will be followed by a ‘Bring and Share’ lunch in the School Hall. During October and November our Sunday morning Please bring your Harvest Bible teaching (and our children’s Sunday Club gifts (plus a plate of food to share and your own activities) will be based on the beginning of Genesis. drink) to church with you at 10.30am as we These first chapters of the Bible were written to celebrate God’s great goodness towards us and answer life’s biggest questions - Who are we, and why spend time together. are we here? Why is life both beautiful and tragic? The Harvest gifts donated will later be shared Where is real hope? What is God like? Do join us this between two local charities: ‘Save the Family’ and Autumn as we examine the answers Genesis gives! the ‘West Cheshire Foodbank’. Both of these organisations need non-perishable food, so gifts of tins, packets or other food with a long shelf life are most welcome. Remembrance Service, SuDnod joainy u s1 f0or tohur NReomveemmbrabnceer Day service starting at 10.45am. The service will include a minute’s silence at 11am and the laying of wreaths at the War AllO Aur galel a Sgee srevrivcicee, a St 1u0n.3d0aamy w 3illr bde sNpoecv ially Memorial. All are welcome for this poignant occasion. designed for families and children. We especially encourage parents and godparents of children baptised at St.John’s to join us for this occasion, as we celebrate God’s gift of family life. •W Ohuro V’icsa r,w Phhil oWe astotn S catn. bJeo chonta’cste? d via 01829 752272 or [email protected]. Phil works part-time at St. John’s and his usual days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. He’s also on the teaching staff of St. Mellitus Calling all ‘Advent Adventurers’! theological college in Liverpool. • Our Wardens are Alan Goodall (01829 752130) and Hilary Clegg (01829 458453). • Our Readers are Alan Dowen (01829 751174) and Philip Goodall (01829 752130). • Margaret Papworth (07803 242783) will be formally licensed as our parish’s new Pastoral Worker during a special service at Chester Cathedral on Saturday 12th October. Many congratulations to her!

•S uOunr dreagyul asr eSruvndicaey se ravtic eSst a. reJo aht 9na’ms and On Wednesday 6th November St. John’s will be 10.30am each week. launching a new after-school club at Ashton Hayes • Our 9am service is a traditional service of Holy Primary School. Communion, while our 10.30am morning worship This six week ‘Advent Adventure’ for primary- is more contemporary in style. aged children will include Bible stories, crafts, • Our 10.30am service now includes ‘Sunday games and music. Each session will be from 3.15 to Club’ each week, with craft, games and Bible 4.15pm. Please speak to Phil Weston or Margaret teaching for children and young people. Papworth for further details or simply enrol your • On the first Sunday of each month we also have child via the school. a service of Evensong at 6.30pm. Autumn at our Community Shop

As the days get shorter thoughts turn to meals in our homes to cheer us up. There is plenty in the shop to help you, from Wally’s meat, fresh fish and fish dishes from Bebbington & Williams Fishmonger, pies, quiches and cold meats from Cowards of , quality fresh vegetables and fruit, bread from Chatwins, home baked cakes, jams, biscuits – the list goes on. A date to look forward to is Friday 18th October, when the shop will be holding a social evening in the village hall at 7.30p.m. Tickets are £7.50 each and will include light refreshments and a glass of wine on arrival. Tickets will be available shortly from the shop. The shop will be reaching its tenth anniversary in January next year! This is quite an achievement for a Community Shop and one that must be celebrated! Deb would love to hear from the community if there are ways in which you feel the shop should do this. Over the last ten years the shop has gone from strength to strength and it is vital to the villages of Ashton and . Our Manager, Deb, and her team ensure that it runs smoothly and maintains a welcoming atmosphere to all customers. They are supported by our wonderful volunteers, some of whom have been helping since its opening in 2010 and without whom it would not be viable. Looking to the future, it is vital that this volunteer support continues, otherwise the shop will not survive. The shop needs approximately 55 hours of volunteer support each week so it is vital to encourage the next generation to join current volunteers and continue ensuring that the project remains a success.

AsThe stcohonol n oHw haasy ae clsoth eSs bcanhk owhoichl i sn aveailwables to The mAodserahtet suomnme ra mlealnot at rmeturen tno ‘tnos rmal’ everyone to use. It is open during normal school hours. grass cutting after the reprieve given by last year’s The school’s Open Afternoon for new starters will take sunshine, but as a bonus not much watering was place on Thursday 24th October from 1.15pm to 3pm. Our necessary! Year 5 and 6 children will be showing our visitors around Fortunately the July/August rains held off for our and there will be a fun activities in our Forest School for the BBQ when a very social occasion was thoroughly children. We look forward to meeting you. enjoyed by members and our guests. The frequent rains led to excellent crops of beans, peas, potatoes and especially courgettes. Early and mid- season soft fruit was generally mediocre but apples, Ashton Hayes & autumn raspberries and blueberries have all done well. Even though our master onion grower was not able to Do you like fFlowloersw ande enrj oyC mleuetinb g people? Why source mammoth seed this year his crop certainly not join us for an evening of entertainment as you watch a qualified as elephantine. skilled flower arranger demonstrate their art. All We are sad to see the departure of one of our number arrangements are raffled so you may even take one home this autumn but are delighted to welcome two new with you! You do not have to be a member or join, just members. Presently all the plots are taken but if anyone is come. We meet in Tarvin Community Centre, on the second interested in joining our waiting list please phone David Wednesday of the month at 7.30 p.m., (except August and on 752070 or email [email protected]. December) and you are assured of a friendly welcome. Allotmenteers, please check your emails for a Wednesday October 9th 2019 proposed Michaelmas clean-up; this will be to sort out Alison Cooper “When passions collide” the compost heaps, the drain and general site weeding – Wednesday November 13th 2019 perhaps a more pleasant task than the clean-up our dear Dawn Weaver “Letters from father Christmas” politicians may land us with at about the same time! Further information from 01829 740832 or 01829 740473. ! PRESENTSPRESENTS ! ! LADIESLLAADIES FUNDRAISINGFUNDRAISING "#$%&'!()* #!)' ! &  #&%$!& '%*!$&!#! FASHIONF SHOWW &&'!&!)!)%% !  !&!#%)!%&!&! )%  )*!)% '&&'#!)' ! ' )*!&''#!! in aid of !

' !'' !$& #!)! ! ! &! & #!   ' !#!  !)#! !%)''! ! ! '! !"#$%&"!"'()* !$& ( (( (( ! ON & !& % !'&  !&  ! !)'!) )'%) ! FridayFriday 25th October 2019  %!'&%! ## '%)! ! AT %)%! )% !#!)#!#&&'!)#!&## ! BARBOUR INSTITUTE, HIGH ST, , CH3 9PX ! '%  #% !! DOORS OPEN 7.307.30 PM - SHOW COMMENCES 8.00 PM

" )# !# !# !'!%$ !#$&! TICKETS £5.00 )! #!)%!)#$&$%&'' %%&! ALL WELCOWELCOMEME – TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM Jane Colville 01829 752607 or $&' ! #!&'!&'()*!+,*&)-! [email protected] ! !

"#$%&'()*! ## !! $ ' !!!!!!!  $! %!!!!!!!!! ''%! & # $(%# $!!!! $ ! %& !'($ %'$(!!! ! !

Qwest Energy: Offering renewable energy to residents in Cheshire West and beyond Providing sustainable and renewable energy to their customers is an important part of the Qwest Energy offer to Where does our renewable energy come from? residents of Cheshire West and surrounding areas. With all tariffs providing 100% renewable electricity and a Wind green tariff offering 100% renewable gas, customers of Qwest Wind energy is produced through turbines. Energy are all helping reduce the levels of carbon emissions, Blades turn to power the turbines, generating supporting the Council’s Energy and Carbon Reduction electricity. Wind is the 2nd largest source of Strategy. green energy in the UK producing around It’s important that we all do our part to help to reduce our 30% of renewable electricity. impact on climate change. Not only does using less energy Solar help the environment but it can save you money on your bills Solar energy is derived from the sun. too. At you’ll find useful hints and tips on Photovoltaic solar panels (PV) convert solar how to reduce energy usage and you can find out more about energy into electricity. Solar energy is the where our renewable energy comes from. most common household generation system Plus, Qwest Energy is committed to reinvesting in the local due to its cost and power output. area through a community fund, developed to support the Council’s affordable warmth initiatives. Understanding that Biogas nobody should be unable to afford fuel, Qwest Energy are Biomethane is a fuel developed from organic helping to address fuel poverty in the longer term by including materials like wood, crops, manure and a discounted pre-payment tariff for those who need it most. waste. Microbes digest these materials and Find out more about the range of tariffs on offer and get a biogas is produced as a by-product. On our quote at Eco Tariff, 100% of your gas would be biogas. ThThee fSirsat Snanddsstonteo Rnidgee WRalikd angd eRi dTe Freustivsatl is taking place between 5-13 October, offering lots of opportunities for people to get outdoors to experience our magical landscape, and learn about its history, wildlife and culture. The programme includes 20 free events COuor mcamfé huans ibteye nC ruanfnéin g5 f oyre aan rinsc roednib! le taking place over nine days up and down the Ridge. five years thanks to our hard working and Booking is required for all events, via Eventbrite. amazing volunteers who give of their own time Please see the ‘Walk and Ride Festival’ webpage at in a whole range of ways …..serving, baking, for details. shopping, accounting etc. We are always looking for more volunteers; there are so many ways you can help. Volunteering is an opportunity to get out and meet others from the area and is a great way to make a difference to people of all ages. CaCarrdds fsor Gfooodr C agusoes oChdari tyc Cahruistmsaes Cs ard If you are interested in joining us please drop Shop, which sells cards for more than 30 national in when we are open and leave your details with charities, opens on 29th October in the whoever is on duty or contact Jane Colville Baptist and Methodist Church. Staffed by local 01829 752607 or email [email protected] volunteers, the shop is open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm from Tuesday 29th October to Saturday 30th November. Not only are the sales of Christmas cards an important source of funding for the charities, but they also help raise awareness of their work. You AsThhe nteow nsea sVon ehats sta rtFedo woitht fobura frliel ndly matches can choose from a fantastic array of cards and stock and just one league match played to date which was won up on Christmas essentials, such as wrapping paper by 4-2 against Crossway. We have 34 players signed on and gift tags. The shop is part of the ‘Cards for Good so expect to be quite competitive in the league and in the Causes’ national network of over 300 shops and in Northern Cup which is new and will be played against the past five years charities have received over £20 representatives from different leagues in the north of million from sales by Cards for Good Causes. . The first opponents are from Skelmersdale. Cards for Good Causes also operates in the Chris Moore is the contact for the club 07921 266397 Cathedral and John Street Methodist Church in Chester until mid-December.

ChThuis wricll hbe yheald rond S awturdoayr, Okctionberg 26 tph faromrty 10.00am to 12.00. Although contractors regularly cut the grass the borders, shrubs and paths still need attention so that the area looks tidy and well cared for. It is a space The Golden Lion provided for the benefit of the whole community and not just for the congregation. All help is welcome. Bring your own tools.

Ashton Hayes Theatre ClFuollbow’insg thne ehuxge tsu cpcesrso ofd ouur Scpetakieoasny last year Whilst there isn't very much progress to report at this we are holding another evening in a similar format but time it is encouraging that Cheshire West and Chester this time its a Spookeasy. The Theatre Club are hosting a Council (CWaC) are currently planning to take the matter ONE NIGHT ONLY Evening of Food and Entertainment of a compulsory purchase action forward to the relevant which will take place on Sat 19th Oct. committee for it to be carefully considered. The report, Our Fright Night will be a mix of Short Spooky Plays, produced by CWaC officers, is based on the case Scary stories and the total crazy that is Jekyll & Hyde. information supplied by the Ashton Hayes Community There will be a supper served during the interval and the Hub Committee (AHCH), it will be shared with elected bar will be open all evening. members and if more information or reassurance is Tickets are available at www.ashtonhayestheatreclub. required then we will be in a position to support this if Call Yvette for more information or to request a needed. AHCH will keep you updated on progress as table reservation 07707830286 things develop further. Ashton Hayes Sports & Recreation Association update A new beginning... AHSRA has made a new beginning, with a new, larger group of trustees recently elected. Those leaving after many years of hard work are heartily thanked, and it is now up to the new board of trustees to set the direction of travel for AHSRA. It’s still early days but a clear theme is inclusion and participation: “We want to make sports and recreation facilities accessible to more people of the village and unlock their creativity and potential to seed new sports activities” says Don Owen, previous Chairman of the Management Committee. “We are really well set up with the football community and would also like to see the new cricket facility made the most of. We need budding cricketers to come forward and help start us in this endeavour”. Looking beyond the existing facilities on the field: “We will be ‘taking the temperature of the village’ to gauge interest in other new sports and welcome ideas and input from the townsfolk – especially those of school age.” Other issues being addressed... Please email your comments and ideas for Car parking and the need to ensure more new sports to Don at [email protected] availability at peak times. Extension work on the car park has started, and we will keep the situation under review to ensure the comfort and safety of those using the facilities. A new defibrillator is being installed at the Pavilion, and, while we hope this will not be needed, it is a relief to know it is available in the event of an emergency. We will be arranging training sessions over the coming weeks to train as many as possible how to use the new defibrillator. A long running problem on the sports field is dog fouling. Given that it’s an area in which children play sports such as football in, and that there are serious health risks associated with dog faeces, we remind all users that dogs should ideally not come into the field, but if they do, they be kept on a lead and should only be on the perimeter path. This is for serious health reasons so I’m sure users will understand and support us. In the Autumn debris from fireworks, especially sparklers, which can be virtually impossible to spot, can do serious damage to footballers and other users. In view of this we ask all users to note that fireworks are not allowed on the field at any time. Unleash your creative talents! Get Crafty with Ash-worth Time Bank. We are looking for volunteers willing to pass on their skills by running a short workshop on a one-off basis between October and mid-December. Please telephone the Time Bank office on (01829) 751398 or email us at [email protected] Please check our noticeboard or website for workshop dates. ! Dates for your Diary Shop Local October Walk - Saturday, 12th October. A 4 mile walk with delicious home-made soup and for your Christmas presents sandwiches. Please book in advance. Tickets £8.00. this year Tea/coffee and cake available to purchase. From 1st October until mid-December, we hope to Afternoon Tea and Grand Raffle Draw - Friday, 25th open up our office above the Community Shop to October from 2pm at the Village Hall, Ashton Hayes. local crafters to sell their handmade goods. At the Tickets available shortly priced at £8.00 If you are not time of writing, there are still tables available. able to attend, please consider buying raffle tickets in Please contact us if you have crafts you’d like advance. Raffle prizes would be much appreciated. to sell. Annual Dance at the Village Hall - Saturday, 7th If you have craft supplies you no longer need and December. Hope you can make it! would like to sell or donate, please let us know. As More details available nearer the date. long as we have the space, these can be dropped Thank you for your continued support. off at our office.

Ashton Hayes and Mouldsworth Village Hall Association Thank you to everyone for your patience while a Upstairs is now number of issues relating to the Village Hall are available for formal being resolved. meetings with a board Individuals trying to book the Hall through Helen room table from Chester Rimmer at the Post Office will have noticed her absence Golf Club and chairs over the summer months. Helen is now back behind the from St Johns. The counter in the afternoons and has the diary again. We will upstairs kitchen has a be introducing a new computer-based booking system small fridge (thanks to and we ask for your patience while the designer, Linda the Barker’s), allowing Peppin, irons out any hitches. meetings to have their At the moment please direct your queries through me, own facilities. [email protected], 01829 752607, text Finally, is there 07918 702975. someone willing to join If you are reading this and know you have a booking, us and take on the particularly a LONG standing one, please double check Village Hall cleaning? your booking with me and at the same time contact Linda We are without a cleaner on [email protected] to see whether it is in at the moment and are the beta program as well. desperate. We pay the Unfortunately we were unable to do work on the floor going rate and hours can during the summer but we will keep on trying to be adjusted to suit. If you complete it as soon as realistically possible. are please contact Martin The changing room is having some cupboards fitted or Alison Ambrose at and this will enable us to have sufficient catering storage aliambrose2@ for larger events. or 01829 752026.