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E360™ CLINICAL DEVELOPMENT: REAL-WORLD INSIGHTS TO INFORM DESIGN Discover the world’s largest healthcare research platform1...

E360TM Clinical Development is the industry leading SaaS technology platform offering best in class real-world insights to inform protocol design and state-of-the-art analytical tools for effective trial optimization.


• Over 500 million patient lives across eight countries E360TM Clinical Development enables instant global feasibility on large scale EHR. • Seamless multi-country analysis/studies execution: OMOP Common Data Model (available on request) COMBINE SPEED, TRANSPARENCY AND enables to build your analysis/study once and ANALYTICAL POWER IN ORDER TO: deploy anywhere • Access Ambulatory and Specialty EHR seamlessly across US, Canada and European countries EXAMPLES DATASETS AVAILABLE • Simulate complex protocols, end-points and relative time frames COUNTRY TYPE • Establish detail country feasibility, local treatment and patient visit patterns AUSTRALIA • Ambulatory EHR • Conduct precise “what-if” analysis and receive feedback in real time BELGIUM • Ambulatory EHR RESULTS MATTER CANADA • Ambulatory EHR CLIENT #1

FRANCE • Ambulatory & Specialty EHR • Protocol optimized against real patients’ data in hours • Identified operational risks due to differences in GERMANY • Ambulatory & Specialty EHR real-world clinical practice in the early planning phase of the trial • Developed the right strategy to mitigate operational ITALY • Ambulatory EHR risks before recruitment • Avoided potential delays and costly amendments • IQVIA Ambulatory EHR UNITED KINGDOM during recruitment

• Ambulatory EHR CLIENT #2 • P+ Claims • Verified protocol design against real patients’ UNITED STATES • EHR data in hours • Open Source Claims • Confirmed protocol feasibility and patients’ • CMS Synpuf Claims availability across countries in real time

1 In terms of the number of de-identified patient records contained USING ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS AND E360™ ACROSS PROTOCOL DESIGN AND TRIAL DESIGN

TPP/CDP2 PROTOCOL FEASIBILITY INITIAL STUDY DESIGN FINAL DESIGN TO START-UP • Understand the • Qualify the exact • Simulate recruitment • Input into CTOS Design burden of available population rates based on real for protocol design and • Identify all local • Simulate exact impact patient visits development comparators of specific I/E criteria • Understand impact of • Leverage CTOS • Characterize patient • Test complex protocols seasonal variation SiteOptimizer for populations and including relative time • Characterize sites and site and investigator geographic variations frames available patients selection • Refine the overall market potential for particular TPP


2 Target Product Profile/Clinical Development Plan



• Profile and find your next real-world data assets • Geo Visualization Identification of • Interrogate any element of EHR data (diagnosis, geographically favourable drugs, labs, etc.) sites for clinical trials • Define complex protocols re-using existing codelists • and and disease definitions Report disease incidence • Simulate even the most complex criteria including and prevalence on relative time windows specific cohorts

• Instantly test across multiple countries for • Attrition global feasibility Visualize the patients funnel for a specific cohort

• Patient Timeline Visualize the patient’s journey and when they become eligible and recruitable in their own healthcare journey

• Data Completeness Interpret EHR properly and understand how well key clinical variables are captured in EHR

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