m • PAGE 12 THURSDAY. MARCH 26. 1970 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT Rahv/ay Public Library \ Mrs. Phyllis D'Aurla of son, Albert H. Jr. of Wood- ter v^j^^FOra-Jr. of Clark; a lived for eight years. ,1175 St. George Ave. Charles Weilminster Dead at 75 Morris Yelotti, 65Clark, Mrs. Janice Dubil and bridge and a daughter, Mrs. daughter, Mrs. EllaL. Sears Mrs. Branden worked part-1 Miss Debra Velotd, both of Bernard McEvoy, of Garden of Rahway, and four grand- rime for her husband at El- i RAHWA\ Rahway, N. J. 07065 Charles Weilminster, 75, He was also historian for Bally of Rahway; a brother, Rahway; three brothers, John Post #5 of American Legion Morris Velotd, 65, of 73 City, and a brother, Albert children. jay Service, Linden, as all died Sunday night at Rahway Idus Weilminster of Massa- Maple Ave., Rahway, died of Bloomfield, Ralph of Bell- H. Schaeffer of Rahway. - Arrangements were com- bookkeeper for the last 20 I Hospital. Born in Woodhaven, and a member of Union Coun- pequa, N.Y., and a sister. In Memorial General Hos- eville and Frank of Hillside.- A viewing will be held to- years. She was graduated il N.Y., and a veteran of World ty Voiture 227 of the 40-8,Miss Florence Weilminster •four sisters, Mrs. Angelina pleted bytheLehrer-Crablel American Legion, and the Re- pital, Union. He was the hus- day 2 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 10 Funeral Home, 275 W. Mil- from Orange High School. Ail War 1, U.S. Navy, he lived of Richmond Hill, N.Y., 12 band of Mrs. Santa Triano Addeo of Union, Mrs. Rose' p.m". at the Leon J. Garrlty ton Ave. ,Rahway. member of Temple Beth O'r.i in Rahway for the last eight tired Men's Club of Rahway. grandchildren and one great- Velotd. Radlce of Newark and Mrs. Funeral Home, 411 Amboy Clark. She belonged to the] years after his retirement A testimonial dinner as a-grandchild. Mr. Velottl was employed Ann Romano and Mrs. Marie Ave., Woodbridge. Funeral Sisterhood. - as an electro-mechanical 50-year member and a gold Slnlsl, both of Hillside, and services will be held Friday Dorothy Branden r^r* •" ^ j^£ by the Hatifleld Wire Co., seven grandchildren. • Mre. Branden is survived tester for Sperry Corp. in life membership were ren- Viewing" was held at TheLinden, for 10 years, re- at 11 a.m. at the First Pres- Dorothy S. Branden of 88 by her husband, Kurt Bran- Lake Success, N.Y. dered to him last March. Corey & Corey Funeral Home tiring two years ago. He Arrangements were com- byterian Church, Wood- Nassau St., Clark, died at den, - two children at home, I NEW JERSEY'S OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER EST. 1822 A 32nd Degree Mason, he He is survived by two sons, 259 Elm Ave., Rahway, Tues- lived in Rahway 16 years. pleted by the Corey &. Corey bridge. Overlook Hospital in Sum- Dennis and Jean Branden; I was past Master Mason of Charles, 3rd of Westbury, day and Wednesday. Today, He was an Army veteran and Funeral Home, 259 Elm Ave., mit. She was 44 years old, her mother, Mrs. Katie I Woodhull Lodge r?982 F.A.M. N.Y., and Frederick of Santhere was a viewing at the Rahway. was born in Orange and lived P a communicant of St.Mary's Schwerstein, Irvlngton, and I 10 CENTS and a member of the ancient Diego, Calif., and four dau- Stutzman Funeral Home, Ja- Roman Catholic Church. Rev. B. Crue. Sr. 10 years in Union before mo- Mrs. Miriam Neuspiel and I NO. 12 FHu^SDAY, APRIL 2, 1970 RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY and accepted Scottish Rite of ghters, Mrs. Florence Ross maica Ave., Queens Village, Surviving also are two Rev. Benjamin L. Crue, ving to Clark,' where she Mrs. Ida Zajac, both of Ir-[ Free Masonry Valley of of Woodhaven, N.Y., MrsN.Y.. , at 11 a.m. Mrs. Bowers Sr. died March 12 in San ITOKL HOTKiB' ,vington, sister, and Morris I Brooklyn, N.Y. Rosemary Frecknall of Rah- sons, Joseph and Richard of Mrs. Amelia S. Bowers, Interment was at the Long Rahway; three daughters, Gabriel, Calif. He was the XOTlfJK Schwerstein, a brother from | Weilminster belonged to way, Mrs. Joan Brown, of Island National Cemetery. of 55 Freeman St., Wood- son of the late Mr. and Mrs. To TTlmm it may concern: Miami Beach, Fla. Charles Weilminster Kismet Temple A.A.O.N. Old Bridge and Mrs. Ann bridge, died at home. Born Isaac B. Crue of Rahway. DEATH NOTICE Take notice that the following ^ ton,*s*y Shortly Before His Death M.S., New Hyde Park, N.Y. Bowert, Amelia S. Nee Schaeffer, in Hoboken, she lived 54 Rev. Crue was a former • soods and chattels will bo sold at irnaiDu of SS Freeman St., Woodbrldge, years lnWoodbridge.Shewaa member of the First Baptist public auction to satisfy the fiatim N.J. . Barnard McEvoy, Sitter churches in Vermont and at shall be held at Reliable Movers Ladies Aid Society. She was the time of his death was a - Office, 1486 Main Street, Bahway, beth, died at borne after a I 'Mud-Slinging,Deny$p eakS of Albert H. Schoeffer,' 6' grand, also a member of the Amer- New Jersey on the 9th of April at brief illness. She was., Jhjw PREMIER OIL Y DAY OF THE YEAR children, 3 great-grandchildren. member of the Baptist 10:00 A.M. The names of the own- Funeral on Friday 11 a.m. at the lcus Chapter Order of the Church in Pasadena, Calif. ers or persons on whose account wife* of George Mraz. Born ] lete Medical Center" Flnt Presbyterian Church in Eastern Star. She leaves a Surviving are his widow, the goods are held are Mr. Leon in Austria, Mrs. Mraz came AND Woodbridg*. Rev. Lewit Bender the former Grace Cornish; a Williams of 303 East 9th Avenue, -to-Elizabeth 57 years ago. A Hacks on Policemen GASOLINE officiating. Interment at Rahway DEATH NOTICE Roselle, New Jersey and the said Marsh Tells Democrats SUPPLY PBMMlFlONS OUR SPECIALTY Cemetery. Friends may call Thurs- Engels, Estelle L., 83, of 3S7 son, Dr. Benjamin L. Crue, goods and chattels are described Surviving also are three "'.• "It is quite apparent," said a major crislB in the treat- day 2 to 5 p.m. ond 7-10 p.m. Am* Lake Ave., Bay Head, N.J., March Jr. of San Marino, Calif., and ment of juveniles. This was Sunday Mayor John C. Marsh em- daughters, Mrs. MadldaJ 'Donnell, chairman of the FREE PARKING ericus Chapter Order"of Eastern 23, 1970. Beloved* mother of Mrs. four grandchildren. " totally, ignored along with erged earlyLthis week from a Zamorskl of Clark, MraH —ihway Democratic-party, T r Blacks ed at public meetings for try- Newark. Imamu is also the given that the foLowins Ord- the Plenary Retail Consumption All that certain tract or parcel I ing- to differ with the Re- paid department was like License #C-7 heretofore Issued founder and director of the smoke in a hurricane. They nance was duly scojtcu and ap- of land and premises, sttuata, I publican - controlled coun- "Spirit House Theater President Mrs. Carlos Garay, left, Was On-Looker When Mrs. Peter Hourihan, right, of Rah- proved on final roaucg nt a Rc3- to Joseph M. Galafda and Rose- lying and being in the City of I weren't the five words the uiar meeting of the Municipal mary E. Galalda Matslco, a part- Ivanced cil." O'Donnell said. Group" which has perform- way Jaycee-ertes Presented Check to Betty Riddick, Woodbridge Snpenisor Rahway. in the County of Union; 1 Democrats used when aDem- Council, Township of ClarK, U. J. nership t/a Rahway Inn. in the State of New Jersey: e Rahway council was Now we are subject to ed for audiences throughout ocratlc councilman, .later // the mail embargo has caused Monday evening. March 23, 1870. Objections, if any, should be BEGINNING at a point In the , ruled last week in Su- the mayor's big lie tech- the United States. convicted, was under Indict- EDOTAKS R. PA3U3N:A--C northwesterly side of Hatel Place, r Court, when Judge nique of dealing with the cit- Appearing on Sunday with ment for interfering with po- ANNUAL PET SHOW APRIL 25 Township Clerk distant south forty-one (41) -da* izenry. The mayor's re- AN ORDINANCE COX- of the Municipal Board of grees four (04) minutes West one . 1 n A. Feller said that Baraka will be Dr. Preston lice, operations." ' holic Beverage Control, City Hall, marks could be chalked up CERNING ADMDJISTRA- hundred seventy one-hundredtba s C. Jones of.602Maple Wilcox. Dr. Wilcox received Marsh said that his imper- inconveniences with your banking TION AND AMENDING Rahway, New Jersey. (100.70) feet from the intersec- Rahway, was entitled to to the traditional campaign his Ph.D. from Columbia SECTION 2-44 OF "THE RE- JRAHWAY INN, INC. tion of the same with the south- gobbly-de-gook, if it were ative response is more than VISED. ORDINANCES OF Joseph A. Oberberger •ish a mortuary for Ne- University, New York City, a suggestion. "It is a de- westerly side of East Hazelwood 1 at 247 Elm Ave., Rah- not for the patent falsehoods and for a time was a pro- Jaycee-ettes Hear a Lecture CLARK". 3 Acme Place, Colonla, N. J. Avenue; thence north fifty-five through' Implication, and the mand, exclaimed the mayor. transactions, please telephone the following: BE IT ORDATNED.BT THE John P. Kennedy (55) degrees forty-three (43) min- r The location is next door fessor on the Columbia fac- "It is not merely therightof COUNCIL OF THE TOWNSHIP - 130 Eastcllff Road utes west along land now or for- i:rey and Corey Funeral - fact that all this is being ulty. Currently, Dr. Wilcox Colonla. N. J. every citizen, but their ob- OF CLARK. COUNTY OF merly of Christopher & Mler re- ;: and lies within a res- done through a public rela- is the national president of ligation to report police neg- UNION, NEW JERSEY, AS FOL- Max Allrner, spectively, ninety-four and nfty- 1 al "a" zone. tions man who at the time the Organization of Black LOWS: •-. 10 Mary Ellen Drive nine one-hundredths (94.591 feet • ligence to the prosecutor s On Woodbridge State School -Edison, N. J. - i- motion for summary the mayor's administration Educators and a member of SECTION 1. Section 2-44 of to a stake in the line of lands Of ends, will have been paid the faculty of AtlantaUnlver- office. I realize that It is "The Revised Ordinances of WaHape E. Hughes Tier; thence along said Tier"* • nent by Jones' lawyers an election year and that the Betty Riddick, supervisor Clark" is hereby amended to read 925 Tullo Road land south thirty-four (34) de- approved which voids more than $22,000 to convey sity. witch-hunting season is open. Somerville; N. J. grees seventeen (17) mumteajrest these stories to the public. of in-service training at the as follows: : ;cirs 5-4 vote.Council's Advance tickets-are avail- However, I say to every poll- Section 2-44 Befnlar Meetings 3/2B/2t -..^ thirty and seventy-eight one-hun- "This form of deceit is Woodbridge State School, ad- • BANKAMERICARD dredths (30.78) feet to a comer on was taken Oct. 14 of able for the program, which , tician who would wield an ax dressed Rahway Jaycee-ettes Regular meetings of the Coun- SEALED BIDS . of the same; thence still along i.: year. The dispute began intolerable from an elected will, begin at 4 p.m. in the on die establishment of Rah- cil shall be heid on the fint Sealed bids will be received" by. March 25 at the Claire H. day of January at noon and the .Tier's land north forty-alz <4fl) . er two years ago. public official. I regret hav- auditorium of the Grover way government, "Hunt all Reed Recreational and Cul- the Business Administrator of the degrees nineteen (101 minute* ing to be so strong in my re- third Monday of each month at City of Rahway on May 4th, 1970 1 , Judge Feller, ordered the Cleveland School on Milton you wapt, but until you are tural Center on Iryi gSt.. 8:00 PJVi.; providing, however, west nine and seventy-three one action to the mayor's re- Ave., Rahway. Tickets may Mr. Ricchione-686-1080 at 10 AM. In the Council Cham- hundredth! (B.73)'feet to a point; ouildlng Inspector to issue a _ ready/to file charges, do jiot_ Rahway. She explalht d the that when toe day fixed far any bers of City Hall. 1470 Campbell thence still "along Tier1! -land ' permit for ,Ae Negro mort- cent-bevy of statements. •be- obtained at-the "doox.^All— Impair the police In their ef- regular meeting cf the Council Street. Rahway, New Jersey, for educational setup~OT' fall; upen a day designated by south forty-one (41) degree* four uary, but warned thaLlcrie^ : "I~hope.,v Mayor Marsh •proceeds from die.$I.50^do- fort* to safeguard our cit- via slides. A donaticn was the purchase of two police cars (04) minutes west seven and Ore lear.is once and for all that law as a legal or national holi- for uic Department of Police. 1 would have to face an appeal narion will be contributed'to izens." given to the Woodbric ge in- day other tnan the first day of one-hundredths (7.03) feet 40 a his name-calling will not In- the BJack Legal Defense Fund Specifications may be secured corner of land now or formerly f. by the city or by property- . .Mqwh went on to polntout Btitutioh afterMrs. FtfidickV January, such meeting shall be from the Purchase Clerk at City RIAC Plans- i owjiers; who hfjY^lnterceded timidate any. of us who- be- offth ' presentation. of Clark; thence south forty-eight • -- (:; — that crimes of violence de- hoid at the same hcur on the Hall. lieve that good government is next succeeding day which is (48) degrees fifty-iix <56) minute* - " In the-suit; About IS property, creased In Rahway in 1969 A certified check made payable east along said Clark's land, one that government responsive CONSUMER CREDIT LOANS not a holiday. to the City of Rahway in the owners are involved. as compared to 1968. "Those Mrs. William- Rack hundred (100) feet to a point in Play.Dinner to the citizens' needs and __SECTION 2. All ordinances or amount of 10% of the total bid Judge Feller said that Trio Back who would be concerned with announced that Rahway Jay- parts of ordinances inconsistent must accompany__proposal. The regular meeting uftlie- council—should—have—stated .^—Killing to be subiected to the —such—outrageous-exaggera-- -cee-ettes-placed_lltnLln_tiie herewith are hereby repealed as Municipal Council reserves the Women's Auxiliary of the its reasons for denying the scrutiny of the opposition," tlons as 'large watch dogs' to men inccn-istcncdcs only*—' right to reject any or all bids as O'Donnell stressed. parade of chapters. Mr. Patierno-354-4000 SSCTION 3. Thls-fefainancc Rahway Italian American variance, since considerable and 'frightened citizens run- She also reported that the deemed In the best Interests of. Gray Plan shall, take elect immediately the City of Rahway. of Hazel Place forty-eight and Club was held at the club property interests were in- ning for cover' aren't think- summer forum will be held upen final passage and publica- SIDNEY H. STONE thlrty-flve one-hundredths (48JS9). house with Agnes Semko pre- volved. The board of ad- ing about bribery ortaxeva- June 18 at the Greenbriar tion. aceordinc_to Jaw. Business. feet to the point or place of BE- Justrnent hadoriginaUyjurn- torhood Stages On College __sion. .They're.thinking about GINNING. — —elding. & Inn, Rt.,1, New Brunswick. THE FOREGOING description It was reported that the. ed down Jones' request for a local crimes of violence. There will be an area meet- is taken from a Map of a survey .spaghetti dinner served by variance, but an April 23 Skit on Passover Miss Lisa L.Szaryof 1466 "There were 46 crimes ing, hosted by Woodbridge, on nude for National Pneumatie the auxiliary was successful ruling last year instructed The Sisterhood of Temple Lawrence St., Miss-Tommie of Violence in Rahway in April 7. At this time, an Company by Bush & Price, Sur- and that plans weremadejgr Jhe board to reverse lts_de- _Beth_.Torah, _Rahway,_will Mae Byer6 of 574A Capobi- 1969. In 1968, there were CHECKING ACCOUNT INFORMATION veyors. Rahway, New Jersey, Oo> 48. TBe small reduction is area vice president will be the annual theatre party cIsJbn,*~becaus-^----i- —e blac"--Tk resi. - anco Plaza and Dennis E. tober 23, 1940. '• sponsor a Passover skit not nearly BO significant as elected. Also at this meeting, BEING also known as 10M Which will be held in New dents have to go outside of Wednesday, April 8, at 8:30 Daye of 848 Leesville Ave., two girls from Rahway will Hazel Place, Rahway, New Jersey. Rahway for death arrange- all of Rahway, are members the fact that a reduction York and which will Include p.m. occurred at a time when be entering the state speak- There is due appnndmatev dinner and a play. ments. All funeral homes In Entitled "Does Creighton of the Gray Committee of up competition; Mrs. Robert A WELL-RUN COURSE ... Dr. Stephen Parker presents cer- 277-6200 or 354-4000 14.9C7.92 with Interest from Jan- city are for whites only. Union College which has an-, crimes of violence are in- uary 15, 1970 and %3M2M with A wine-tasting program Really MakePessahforMrs. creasing at runaway rates Rldgway, speaking on foster was conducted by Hy Cohen. The board of adjustment J. Pierpont Morgan-Bes- nounced it will sponsor a arents and Mrs. Peter tificate to Patrick Tortoriello, right, of the Rahway First Aid interest from May 29, 1900 and recommended a variance un- project to form a two- year throughout the country. It is costs. A movie was shown, and a ser?" the play is billed for in this light that the Demo- &ourihan on the American In7, Squad on completion of day-long first aid seminar at Memorial The Sheriff reserves the right • discussion period followed.' der court order May 19, but community college In Fay- x council did not act on the couples. The original skit cratic 'fear campaign' must dlan. I Hospital, Union. Others who participated include Carl Mintz- to adjourn this sale. Refreshments were pro- was written by Mrs. Sybil ette. Miss., where-Charles be and Is being assessed by RALPH ORISCELLO, Sheriff matter until Judge Feller Evers, brother to slain civil er, Richard Weakland, Stanley Oilers, Walter W. Tliey, Pat- ANTHONY V. CARUSO, Atty. vided by Helen LaVia and told them to in October. Rubenstein, wife of Rabbi Rahway citizens." Mrs. William Rack said a INVESTMENT DEPARTMENT DJ RNR CX-165-04 Rose Rafanello. Rubenstein. rights leader Medgar Evers, planning session will beheld rick Tortoriello and Chris Henvitfi. 3/19/4t * lutxtaOM is mayor. Again hailing the efforts of April 10-11 at Mt. Freedom. SHERIFFS BALE WEIGHT WATCHERS AND MATHEMATICIANS The Gray Committee said the Rahway policeman. Plans are being made to at- 4nn. 410ms it is convinced following BAR-LMUORS «•«• ww •* Inn A*«UM Marsh emphasized that, "he tend the state convention of FOE Ladies B. Kaplan SHERIFF'S STLE — Superior talks with Mayor Evers that is the pride of our-commun- the New Jersey Jaycees to Mr. Loreto 277-6200 Court ot New Jersey, Chancery Division, Union County, Docket Fayette is in need of the ity. Unlike four years ago, be held at the Traymore #F1188-68. MOHAWK SAVINGS Glad Tale of Losers, Winners services of such a college. he is today a well-equipped, Hotel in Atlantic City May 8, Next Meet Gets Part AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a A community of about well-trained, well-paid, ef- 9, and 10. - WITTY'S corporation of New Jersey, Plain- 10,000 population, Fayette fective symbol of courage, The Rahway Adult School ally-recognized parent or- weekly with Cecile Fein, the Mrs. Robert Abrams, tiff, vs WILLIAM VIRGIN, et aL offers an unusual course on ganization in the-weight con- does not have any higher ' determination and integrity chairman of the scholarship On April 6 In Musical Defendant Civil Action Alias grand lecturer who founded education facilities and nei- In our city. His reputation is Bryan Kaplan of 549 West BLACKBERRY Execution—For Sale, ot Mort- Tuesday evenings at 7:30. trol field. the program in New Jersey fund for the Jaycee-ettes, Ladies Auxiliary F.O.E. gaged Premises. ther does Jefferson County not a playtoy for idle dog- said that all the forms have 1863 held their regular meet- Inman Ave., Rahway, has MORTGAGE DEPARTMENT .Enrollment is continuous According to Edward Hir- and who is now area direc- catchers, misguided lawyers By virtue of the above-atatad , in wh'lch it is located, successfully auditioned for FLAVORED throughout the Adult School schman, director of vocation- tor. been placed in the schools. ing at the Eagle home. A alias writ of execntioirto me di- al and adult education, "Par- try Evers pledged to or uninformed political neo- A band concert will be held report was given by Miss Iso- the chorus in Upsala Col- rected I shall expoae for sale try term. The most unusualfac- FurtherJnformation about phytes." : tor of this course is that the ticular credit for the effec- find a site in his commun- April 24 at the Rahway High- • bel Kidd on the successful lege's forthcoming pro- public vendue. in room B»8, in the the Weight Watchers' course ity for the college. duction of the hit musical, Mr. Bello-277-6200 BRANDY Court House, in the City of XUsa- "student" has everything to tiveness of this- program can be obtained by calling Marsh appeafed to what be School. For tickets, call 382- card party for those affected beth. N. J., on Wednesday, the lose and nothing to gain by should be given to the claBS The project is a direct 8072. by musclar dystrophy. "Guys and Dolls." 23od day oil April A. D« 1970, at Edward Hirschmap at 388- result of a workshop on in- termed the higher in- Kaplan, a junior at Upsala, enrolling. teacher, Judith Strauss." 8500 at the Rahway Adult stincts" of his assailants two o'clock in the afternoon of "Weight Watchers" is the Mrs. Strauss checks the ter - racial problems held Mrs. Alexander Higgins Auxiliary PresidentTprrsT' was among more than 50 said day. School. at Union College on Feb. in waging their election year students who tried out for 27 All tie following tract or par* ' coursc-ipractical and suc- progress of all members efforts. Until men who have said that on March 22 a tour Stephen Strakok^ifndbther eel of land and the premises here- 28 under the sponsorship members attoriSed the State roles in the college's "Work- cessful application in modern the moral fibre to match was made of the East Orange shop 90" production of the inafter particularly described, man's quest of how to mas- of the Gray Committee, the their drive and ambition Veterans Hospital. The Jay- Visitation of^President Mrs. situate, lying and being in the ter personal weight,control, Kiwanian$500 Scholarship Day Session student coun- cees are trying to promote Julia Miller of Dover held in musical based on the stories TRUST tEPARTMEIT- CITYof RAHWAY. in the County . cil and tfie"Psychology Club. dominate .the world of poll- the .Somerville Kagle home. of Damon Runyoh. of UNION and State of New Jar. in the face of technological The Rahway Kiwanis Club the 6um to one student or tics, the unfortunate image a program to bring the vet- assault on food processing is sponsoring a $500 scholar- poissibly as many as five. Mayor Evers, who was one of deviousness and bad intent erans into their homes and It will be presented on the BEGINNING at a point la the and the manipulation of food AppUcations/^oTth^schol- of the principal speakers, help rehabilitate them. ' Friday, April 3Mrs.Stxa- nights of Thursday, April 30, northerly side of East Haxelwooa ship this year open to any will remain," the mayor de- Friday, May 1, and Saturday, values. senior who is a resident of arship may bexjBtaihed from told the students of the need clared. "I urge all those who ' Mrs. Robert Brandner, kele will hold a card party Mr. Schaefer-277-6200 Avenue (also - known at Hazel- Kiwanis Secretary, Williard for a two - year commun- at the Eagle Home, 181 W. May 2, and on the afternoon wood Avenue) distant 393.45 feet Men, women, and teen- Rahway. It is also necessary seek to participate In Rah- chairman, of the_Annual_Jay- of Sunday, May 3. Assistant- easterly along the- same from its agers who have enrolled in Tayior atMooire Dispensers, ity college in'his hometown. cee-ette Pet Show, said it Main St.,--R3hwa>7 at 8-p.m. to be accepted by an accred- The new college will be way's political, affairs to Professor RobertMarcazzo, intersection with the easterly aide this program continue to ited university, college or FerncIaie.Pl^'Rahway. 1 abandon such non-sensical will be held at Tully Field Mrs. Joseph Boros servec who is directing, said the of ****» street; running tirtPftt reach ' their weight-loss trade school. Applications will be closed 1 known as the Medgar Evers and irresponsible tactics as April 25. The rain date Is Checking account statements will be available on the regular cycle date at th« (1) along the northerly side of June 1, so your prompt ac-,' Community College. refreshments, and the birth- Sunday matinee has been East Hazelwood Avenue Sooth 84 goals, making space avail- After reviewing applicants, 1 this baseless assault on-our April 26. President Mrs. day of Mrs. Strakele was added because of the popu- degrees 16 minute* last 15.88 able in the program for oth- the scholarship committee tlon in obtaining a form ,1s dedicated police force. Until Carlos Garay said that ten celebrated at the regular larity of the show branch office where you bank. feet; thence (2) North 25 degrees ers. For this reason, the will decide whether to award zed. they do, the question will re- girls visited the Cedar Grove 44 minutes East 120 feet; thence meeting. Mrs. Stephen Dan- Kaplan, son of Corrine enrollment continues to re- main. How loyal is the 'loyal Chapter, Rahway's Sister ches will be hostess for re- (3) North 84 degree* 16 namrtea. main open and the course is opposition*? Chapter. She also introduced and William Kaplan, is maj- To meet any temporary cash requirements you may present your BankAmericard West 15.85 feet; thence (4) South freshments for the month of oring in sociology. He is a 25 degree* 44 minute* Wast to. in session throughout " the guests Mrs. John Wheat and April. Next meeting will be through and beyond a Party wau school year. , Clinton Gibbs. graduate of Rahway High at any of our branches or participating BankAmericard banks for a cash advance. U0 feet to the northerly tide of April 6. bchool. East Hatelwood Avenue, the point The weight-watchingcla8S Arts, Music or place of BEGINNING. at the Rahway Adult School BEING known at 438 X. Hani. has been reviewed and ap- wood Avenue, Railway, IT. J. proved by Weight Watchers Festival Garvey, Clark to Help Install Iversen There is due approximately International, the profession- S7.710.35 with intereat from Feb. ' Patrick R. Garvey of 2340 Whktier St. and Dr. Iversen. One of the highlights will be an ruary 19.1989 and oasts. . ' The Sixth District Crea- John J. Clark of 218 East Scott Ave., both of academic procession including delegates from The Sheriff leaaive* the right tive Arts and Music Festival two-year colleges and four-year colleges l IN THIS ISSUE Rahway will represent students on the in- to adjours ***** sale. of the New Jersey State Fed- augural committee for the investiture of Dr. and universities and from academic and pro- RALPH ORISCELLO. Sheriff Aimed Fare**.*..-...... 14 eration of Women's Clubs fessional societies. LOUIS J. COHEN, Atty. will be held on Tuesday, April Kenneth W. Iverson as the second president SUMMIT and ELIZABETH DJ & RNR CX-ln-04 Church Newt...... 14 of Union College, it was announced by Dr. Two other Rahwayans,MissHelenMessaros 8/28 4t reet:ftSOJ0 ) 7, at Seven Arches, Perth Albert E. Meder, Jr., chairman. of 1901 Montgomery St. and Robert Bove of TRUST COMPANY 4/5 QUART Cfassiflid • Amboy. Garvey, who will represent the Evening 606 Harrison St., are hard at work in the cast of J.B, Priestly's "Dangerous Corner," EditieflilSei Mrs. Joseph Kenna, vice Session classes, is a business administra- 1,500,000 Cani president of die sixth district, tion major and a graduate of Rahway High which will be presented by the college's MOVJMrateeaM drama club on April 2, 4, 5 at 8:40 p.m. in •ExcUtivaly «rt Witty's in Mew Jersey At the start of the century, and a member of the Rahway School. He. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John SUMMIT . BUXELET HEIGHTS CU1K UIU8ETH aiUUWUT NtW HUMU1ICE few cancer padenta could be Woman's Club, will give the Joseph Garvey. the college Theatre. 367 Springfield Avenue • 370 Sprinttield Avenue • 1050 Raritiri RojcT • "13 JJfikrjorf Avenue • 100 First Street • ^5 South Strut All Rpars for fhe April 4; jierformance_ cured. Today, there axe 1.5- Ray Hiitf*iii""«"".M.. 8 -welcoming—addresB -to—all - Clark.™who-is-flerving as the Day Session •-- 10 West(icli) Avenue " 1169 East Jersey Street million living Americans club members participating student council's alternative representative, have been reserved for members of the Member Frderjl DepoVit Insurance Corporation • Member Federal Reserve syiiem cured of cancer. What will Social News...... 2 in the music festival, the was also graduated from Rahway_High School. alumni and their families. Tickets for April happen tomorrow? The Am- 1 PAWS THAT REFRESH ... 0M lfH» ifrtW *K* « frt Wmmwt *» «» «« style show, arts exhibits and He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Clark. 2 and 5 may be purchased at the door or erican Cancer Society needs atlon. and garden TEe—Inaugural—uoiumlttee. hao—oeloctod _your support now. : -_ Nauy Sptl*. >•*. •* VleW illkln, Mft f iw.'" Wednesday, May 13, for the installation of the campus center. arfeaMttst • f • # omplete Details on Pat

• ~- V RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1970 PAGE 3 i PAGE 2 THURSDAY. APRIL 2, 1970 and proposed solutions, ion at Union County Vocation- point scale. Honors were for pany personnel anil has set Among aspects to be covered al-Technical Schools. The the fall, 1969 semester. Teachers EECTURE AT LIBRARY up a date for installation. He will be the political, Indus- cpurse will have sessions . Pulling Strings Jduitciass noted that the "hot line" trial, economic, anthropolo- until June 3. Robert Volpe, A polka party is being 'The Hot Line' Is Reactivited by Marshnumber would be announced gical and biological. former chief of the Clark sponsored by the Thomas A. "The Hot Line" is the ideas whenever they occur citizens. If we are to im-casual gripe, but as an op- as soon as installation has Social News & Notes Volunteer Fire Department, Kaczmarek Association Sat- ^ ^ Qpen H0USe To Study SCHOOL The Union County Region- name given by Mayor John C. regardless of the rime of day prove our city, we must portunity to improve condi- ' been completed which should :By Kate Bauer—r4 Miss Jeanne E. Bllanin of serves on the fire training urdayy, Aprip l 4,, at the Union Painting Shows Marsh of Rahway to the 24- or night." turn a vigilant eye and eartions and to strengthen our be in the next few weeks. 18 Lance Dr., Clark, a fresh- school committee. ~ " -- - al Adult School at Arthur YMHA on Green Lane. Sched- L. Johnson Regional High MENUS hour availability of his office Marsh pointed out that and an open mind to all com- relationships with our citi- The Record-O- Fone is an- Dijiu Rcg.ir of -)(i3 Lower tion, were named to the man in chemistry, was named uled to begin at 9 p.m., pro- Astronomy to the citizens of Rahway by - "governmcnt_j3>ust also be plaints. We must view each zens. swered automatically except the dean's list at Vir- Five Clark and two Rahway School, Clark, will hold an •\]Jen Dr., Kahway, is the dean's list atMonmoutli Col- to ceeds will be used to aid open house on Wednesday, means of-automatic taping of willing to listen to the just on its own merits and ap- "No one likes to gripe when in use at which time riL-w recording secretary of lege West Long Branch, ginia Polytechnic Institute, residentid s were named to thh e youth programs in the town- Mrs. Marie r' all incoming calls. and sincere grievances of proach it, ^ibf as merely a or to be griped at," Mayor the normal busy signal will l More than 325 students were Blacksburg, Va. Sixty-four dean's list at the Union Coun- ship, April 15, from 7 - 10 p. m. teacher at "" New Dimension ' The device, which will in- tlie clas.s of f>71 at Newark The general public has Marsh noted. "But, if we all be heard. A taped message St.iti- C'ullegc. cited for academic achieve- of the 476 students who at- ty Technical Institute for the SchQol, C Come for a visual experi- Billy R'ay Wilson, professor vite the telephoned ideas, accept what is and call it the will greet the caller and tell ment during the fall semes- tained this honor in me Col- secon,.d_ quarter^ , December, Arthur N. Buroff of 1500 been invited to visit any of Dwyer ence through the world of of entomology and economic Rahway Clark recommendations and grie- best that can ever be, we'd him when to begin speaking. ter. lege of Arts and Sciences 19$^ o February, 1970. To St. George Ave., Rahway, the classes that are in ses- •painting at the Clark Public zoology from Rutgers Col- vances of citizens is the pro- Itich.irJ Ksposito of Clark, t sion during the evening, ac- have a pretty dull world w;i.-, among 195 West Virginia earned a straight A or 4.0 j^ included, an average of was among 125 New Jersey . Library, 303 Westfield Ave, ,! lege of Agriculture and En- : Week of April 6 MONDAY duct of the Electrofone Cor- and a pretry unprogressivc average for the fall quarter. si 4_ i is " cording to Harry E. Linkin, Thursday, April 9. . vironmental Science, this poration and is sold under Wesleyan students mention- Maurice Moran of 497 3m on a point sca e artists whose paintings were ': MONDAY Half-pint Milk, Franks, community. In this light, the May We Fill Your ed un' the first semester Seminary Ave., Rahway, an necessary: Honored were: exhibited at the Westfield director of adult education "Early Statements in. Monday at 8 p.m. in the Com- "...'. Hot Luncheon Buttered Rolls, Potato Chips, 'word complaint becomes a Ga for the regional district. Painting will be discussed' munity Room of the library. Buttered Rolls, Potato Chips, the brand name of Record- mighty important mechanism' dcin's list. The senior busi- English major, is a member Two families in Clark were ry Bleksha of 44 Coldevin Art Association's ninth an- dven-Grllled Frankfurter, Bake- • d• Beans- , Kraut-- , Fruit- • . O-Fone. Responding to are- ness administration major of the steering committee expanded recently. A boy was Rd.; Edward Miller of 20 nual state-wide exhibition William Mi8kowirz, direc by Miss Margaret Matera, Dr. Wilson thinks insects Baked_. Beans, Sauerkraut, TUESDAY in our society." Next Prescription? tor of the Clark adult schoo . . Charles Brewer School art quest from Mayor Marsh, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. that is making arrangements born March 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Sunset Dr.; Jay Bertelson of March 22 in the Campus may provide a clue on how Frankfurter Roll and Butter) . Half-pint Milk, Vegetable Electrofone President Donald Marsh said that he has .i.)hn H.-rnsil" df 675 Madi- fof r an addresdd s by SenS . ClifClif- Ronald Sigora of 165. West- •* Thomas Dr.; Richard Me Center at Union _ College, said various articles mac instructor. Schooled at Rut-. man will beljave underpin- _AppIeiauce. contacted telephone com- "by' students will be on dlt' gers and N.Y.U. for an M.A. tense population pressures. -A LA or Mushroom Soup, Hero Mascola has offered to con- son St., and this is the third ford P. Case when Mont- field Ave., at Rahway Hos- Cutcheon of 50 Stonehenge Cranford. They were selec- CARTE Sandwiches, Jello with whip, tribute the use of the equip- CLARK seii'n'Ster that he has been clair State College observes i i andMr. andMrs. Joseph Terr., and James E. Neville ted from nearly 700 entries, play, including oil painting in fine arts, as well as many During February, a 1,000 p ta Other schools of higher ed-. •Cold Sliced Turkeyy Salad WEDNESDAY ment as a civic ggesture, . mentioned on-a dean's list. Earth Day on Wednesday, A Liposky of 43 Coldevin of 73 Terhune Rd., all of Buroff submittetted an acrylic decorated cakes, bean flo increase in circulation was Platter, Bread and Butter, thus limiting the cost of the For Deep Thinkers Rd., became.the parents of a Clark. Rahwayans were Dav- called ers, refinished furniture r ^ ucatton, she is a noted au- noted at -the library, while Half-pint Milk, Baked "Blue and Yellow thority in the world ofpaint- •Salami Sandwich, Chicken Chicken, Rice and Gravy, program to service and tele- The Union County Regional DRUGS Miss SaiuUM A. Dalucsioof Case's talk, scheduled for jrirY Jaru if/also at Rahway id .Nitkiewicz" of 716 Brook- Study." artificial flower arranr *" some 300 books were pre- Vegetable Soup with Crack- phone charges. 86 Westfield Ave., Clark o4 I'ci.k St., Clark, a senior 11 a. m., will be followed Hospital. slde Rd. and Christine Van- ments. Refreshments wil' " tng.'A former lecturer at the pared for the patrons to read. Peas and Carrots, Cran- High School DistrictNo. 1 has served*. . Museum of Modern Art and a ers. berry, Bread and Butter, March introduced "the hot become the first school dis- in ..•k-nn.-m lry education, and by a film and a panel discus- _ derhoof of 2097 Kmak PI. New members of the Rah- .teacher in numerous adult A survey of the library's TUESDAY line" concept when he first Mb;s Susan L. Anderson, a sion by experts .on both the : way Woman's Club are Mrs. future needs is nearing com- Fruit. ~trict~in-the sr.ar.e~ro offer a 381-7100 y p Over 100 firemen attended Samner Scaool Term schools, professional sculp- Hot Luncheon THURSDAY took office in 1962, and tlv.- course in oceanography. juni r in cK-nu'iiuiry cduca- problems caused by pollution the first fire-training sess- Martin J. Milner of-Good-—Alberr~CT~Koehler'of 133 —ter_and painter, she pre-pletion and will-be presented Breaded Veal Cutlet, Oven- idea was hailed in national Free Delivery - Anytime man's Crossing, Apt. 602, Cornell Ave., Mrs. Warren The 1970 summer sc to the board of trustees. Browned Potatoes, Buttered Half-pint Milk, Hambur- .:;:;:::;::::::v:::::::::::y:::::v:v::¥v:v:v:™^^^ sents a new dimension in art gers. Baked Beans, Potato magazines and newsi-apers. '?. Clark, attained first honors Schindler of 1081_Briarclifi_! session in the Union C Each_llbrary_user i3 aeked_Garderi—Peas,—Home-Made Chips,-OniOTi6,-Pudding-with—It—was dls-cohtlnucC-whcn regional HigB"Scfiool to take a _ „ •:• at College ofthe Holy Cross, Dr. and Mrs. Nelson L.Tay- _' 1 take a copy of the cir- Corn Bread and Butter. Fruit Whip. citizen-interest dwindled, but I'M GLAD I CHANGED TO ... RAHWAY KI WAN IS :•: Worchester, Mass. Two hun^ lor of 1043 Pierpont St. trict No. 1 will run from fti8 s*PatrlciaMo8sett, Ar- cularion rules'of the library. Cup" " FRIDAY is-beiBg offered again be- H dred and twenty-two students 23 to July 30. thur L. Johnson art instruc- which allows for greater T. A LA CARTE Half-pint Milk, Chicken cause of what Marsh calls, presents jg—enrned-firsthonors, an.aver- WESEX '70, the sixth an- tor, will review "The Ren- flexibility-in-borrowing pri-. 'Cold Cut Salad Platter, Noodle/Clam Chowder, Pea "a re-birth of citizen inter- age of 3.7 or above on a 4- nual stamp exhibition of the be' "Law — Bridge tc naissance and The 19th vileges. Greater opportunity Corn "Bread and Butter, *Ba- Soup, Tuna Sala'df Toasted est in government pardcipa- PREMIER OIL dee." Westfield Stamp Club, will be Century l-rench School on to borrow phonograph re- ked Ham Sandwich, Cream of Cheese, Peanut Butte r and tion.xhi" held April 11 and 12 at the HARPING ON A SUBJECT... The St. Apes Rimy Stcitly, Albert L, Kessler w Thursday, April 23, and cords will open new vistas Tomato Soup with Crackers. Jelly, Cake or Fruit. The mayor explained that, AND May We Fill Your Westfield Rescue Squad Thursday, May 7. She holds in the recording field. Many ^-WEDNESDAY "a recent survey of our cit- GASOLINE Building, South Ave., and Clark, has finalized plans for its "Miss Eirt" art party ti- -SSStoSSSl*" a B.S. in fine arts and sec-; speakers are being planned "" " Hot Luncheon izens brought forth such an SUPPLY Spring St., Westfield. night at 8 0'click at Mother Seton High ScbMl. Petfclnt out Day Committee. The ondary education at Madison for rjne spring and fall at the "Htjf 'Roast Beef Sandwich enlightening and productive Tom Jones Next Prescription? College, Harrisburg, Va., library on issues of the day. with Gravy, Creamy Whipped Pamela Has wave of useful ideas ... that jMjnJaekoMlLe harp are (t.to r.) Mrs. Robert FMfct, Mrs. .^^^0"^°^ —Mr;—and—Mrs—Dale-W— and is pursuing graduate stu—The subjects include environ- potatoes, Burtered^Garden We pledged ourselves to find- FOR FRIENDLY RELIABLE SERVICE Rice, Sr., 1143 Elm Ter., William Ferrance, Mrs. Phillip Mirizio and Mrs. Letli Ca- officially proclaims dies at Newark State Tea- mental pollution and high- Spinach, Butter, Fruited Jel- ing effective ways to continue AND HIGH QUALITY OIL CLARK Rahway, spent the weekend paroso. , • sldent Nixon. chers College, Union. Ex- lights of the football season lo. 'West Side two-way citizen communi- of March 19-23 at the U.S.- hibits of sculpture were dis- at Rutgers. A. LA CARTE cation. 'The Hot Line* will "Loose eggs, no-cal flour, soggy oatmeal and diced prunes. . Harry A. Streckfi played in "Washington, D.C., •Rainbow Salad Platter, enable citizens to voice their That's what I call senile soul food." Dial 388-5100 July 1 DRUGS faculty charged with instruc- On April 6, 7, and, 8, the mer trustee and me- and Edison, at the Menlo The Key Club of the Clark Story'Role D11H " ting their son. The weekend Northern New Jetsey Coun- die Clark Historical • Cinema Gallery last April. Kiwanis erected a fence in *SpIced Ham and Cheese SB Westfield Ave., Clsrk freshman" there' h front of the library. . Sandwich, Beef Noodle Soup plebe-parent weekend• Se• Bv lncir,^i,,H^ludeHd briefinghrfpftno-ss foforr thrhep rielli .District #3, will hold Committee, was "- A final session will be con- Miss Pamela Behnke of AT ORDER TICKETS NOW uetuuiidii mere. The public is reminded with Crackers, 2373 Colonial Dr., Rahway, hapieDe-parend t weekend, the•y „„„„par cili„a diiu ^gucoi^o un uit, uicii . ^oiuiuo^ i conventiouuuvcuuuin i aati thtilee ClarVsiaXKk . PublirllDIlcC ducted by Miss Matera on that the paperbacks they have • • GARDEN STATE ARTS CENTER 381-7100 Srv military anacademy'd s academon Ae - AeiTthe Shelbourne Hotel, At- Board of Trustees ai Thursday. May 21, on the a junior music major, has $ $ read may be donated to the ' THURSDAY' one of the leading roles, that Free Delivery - Anytime o"rt -T Ic, admissions, department lanric City. Mrs. Bernard friends on Wednesda subject Looking at Modern library for the Paperback Hot Luncheon HOLMDELN.J. 8 and 9 Seats 'meet"' with "membe^oTtte of tactics and expansion pro- Klein, Mrs. Nat Kirsch and 25, at the Log Cabin Painting." Exchange. —— Spaghetti with MeatSauce, %* M !" West Side meet with members of tie grams- Tours and open hou- Mrs. Bernard Palitz will _A framed resol S t0 Montclair State Does the environment in Italiatalian Bread and R>,rrButterPr, _ .ry. ses were also held. Academy represent Taber Chapter. B' appreciation was r its present state need-to be Our ads get you action. Call College Players' final pro- 381-3367 OR 388-6787 I'M GLAD I CHANGED TO officials gave personal wel- nai B'rith Women of Linden, to Streckfuss by the preserved? If so, can we save The Clark patriot at 388- Tossed &tad with Dressing. ^= ^^ current sea- comes to the visitors. Roselle and Clark as its trustees in recogni it from pollution? Hear_Dr. 0660 or 338-0601. 8 delegates to the convention, ten years of service - •Baked Ham Salad Plat- °^he Leonard Benl8telnhlt 10 A.M - 3:30 P.M. Weekdays PREMIER OIL Kurt D. Landgraf of 53 '— library development. given in the Richmond Ter., Rahway, re- Mr> and Mrs. Joseph Par- A buffet supper Mushroom Barley Soup with college's Memorial Auditor- AND ceived his master of arts iaCoski of 8 Lupine way be- ved. Cleaning Specials Crackers. ium April 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 degree in economics at Pen- nts of a boy March and 25 at 8:30 p. m. with a GASOLINE came pare matinee on April 17 at 2:30 SUPPLY snylvania State University. 11# The child waa born at The auxiliary of 1 DRIVE-IN ' FRIDAY De Lorenzo Electric More than 1,000 graduates Elizabeth General Hospital. Volunteer Emergen • Hot Luncheon p. m. qualified for degrees. Dr. Inc. will hold thei Oven-Baked Haddock Filet "West Side Story," a mo- Eric A. Walker, university Rjchard D. Comerford of Chinese Auction on dern version of the Romeo- FOR FRIEHDLV RELIABLE SERVICE THIS WEEK NEXT WEEK story, enjoyed a long 831 Hew Brunswick Ave., Rahway president, presidedLA^theRahway—will- be-among-the -April ..6,-_at-3i-p.m __ 2 SLACKS 2 PLAIN SKIRTS exercises and was assisted lawyers who will assist in squad house, 795 Ra> BeW. Bread and by Milton Fritsche, a'trus- the May 1 observance of law Donation is SI, anc 5.98 $.98 Dial 388-5100 tee. day, the theme of which will dudes 10 free prize Week ending April 4Ui Week ending April 11th A LA door prizes and : •Shrimp Salad Platter. Bernstein music, it has ly- :::ft::::W:::::>:^^^ ric 8 b :::::::::::::::::::::::W^ Jack dread and Butter, 'Tuna Fish . y Stephen Sondheim chairlady, said the t HAMILTON LAUNDRY Salad Sandwich, New England »**a book by Arthur Laur- is open to the pubL Clam Chowder withCrack- ^ckets for the production tickets may be obtained.. DRIVE-IN door. Proceeds will bet 27S Hamilton Street for dally specials, fe »-50 for adults and ™ die squad. ~ ' sandwiches as- or students. Rahway 383-3388 , ^™C 'aS reserved by calling 746- Honest, We Didn't This e"xami-._.. .. tjiv'Sri sorted salad platters. nnually to create Sitd sus- .i Feb. 11 was a happy d 1 RELIANCE SAVINGS tain interest In mathematics for Mr. and Mrs. Jamen Llnaberry of 239 Hamilton among students of the sec- .-.i.i i- St., Rahway, when they be- ondary level. Supplementing came the parents of a girl. the basic regular classroom It That Way!!! work, it attempts to broaden The ' infant was born at St. Foodtoum Farm Fresh Produce! Elizabeth's Hospital. Three and deepen mathematical AMOUNtES i-_daysJater^-aJ>oy_was-added concepts. It suggests to the -4— to the family ofMr. andMrs. secondary student some of TT butrif you go tea ugh t_ WllUam Sanger of 619 Cora the fascination'and. imaglna^_ IsYours A P., Rahway. That baby was tion in mathematical study— also delivered at St. Eliza- a suggestion, it is hoped, will a: beth's. be powerful enough to induce in the Easter Parade... continued work in mathe- Mrs.-Bernlce Samuels-of- .matics_ and_its .allied .fields„ Rahway andMrs. Doris Simp- in college and beyond. ANJOU PEARS son of Clark were the crew Crisp Win—op RoHria Jwira leaders for the 1970 census APPLES i19< ORANGES CONSOLE YOURSELF of population and housing in Library this area. Each crew leader had to supervise 15 to 20 enumerators and each had to Week Set undergo a training session to AT MARSHALL'S! Insure a complete and ac- The Clark Public Library FOR 2 YEARS curate count. will celebrate concurrently with four other public li- MINIMUM $5000 braries the National Library Week, April 12-18. The Leads UJA theme for the occasion will it; be "Salute to the Arts: A Visual Experience." Group to The Linden area library, a- state-aid sponsored network of libraries (Clark, Rahway, Luncheon Garwood, Roselle and Lin- • J.I.lOflVK- M-o,.$fl den) will have a photography It s easy, and it pays ... to be a "one bank'.' family. In this one bank, cans I 73 Mrs. Leonard Posnock of exhibit at the Community. You Son Mora PORK N BEANS 8 78 Surrey Rd., Clark, headed FOODTOWN a delegation from this area State Bank, Linden. Steve you'll find every banking service you want . . . you'll save time, - IVORY m 79-oz. $ \ to the annual "One Day for ~ Cuttler, a senior at Arthur SOAP 4 19 PURPLE PLUMS WHOLE 4 cans • L. Johnson Regional His •AVI 9c WITH THIS COUPON UJA" luncheon today at the- School, Is photographer. enjoy greater convenience, and be assured of helpful, experienced attention I—J«« »|hill..»<» •>* GREEN Short Hills Caterers, Short rnr A stock-lecture will *m mM bMn, A~* 4t . NIBLETS CORN GIANT 5 •II Hills, on behalf of the wom- v 1M: to all your financial needs. Bank with "us ']{•,.'. you can bank on us! C FOR 1 YEAR en's division of the United held Monday, April 13, ind; COU>OW3, Jewish Appeal of Eastern dramatic readings by the FOODTOMTN 6 - 89 Clark Community Players, EVAPORATED MILK MINIMUM $2000 Union County. ASSORTED b on Thursday, April 13, at 7 Foodtown Thick or Regular Mrs. Posnock is coordin- p.m. FACIAL TISSUE FOODTOWN 5 :oT $| ator of women's division ac- ••••^ 2-ply " tivities for the Clark area. SLICED e The women are seeking Add Two Citizens PORK & BEANS 6 ™ 89 Both you and your damp, but still eye-catching Easter Outfit will be treated to.! contributions to both the 1970 BACON PT regular United Jewish Ap- \\ If CAMPBELL'S SOUPVICITABU the famous Tender Loving Care by The Epster Parade's damp, but stil.l GRAND peal campaign, which aids To Area Voters INSTANT INTEREST MARSHALL, If your jacket got jostled, your slacks got slushed, your dress got 850,000 needy Jews through- Rahway and 'Clark added Buds £••• Puddmcj lioirnVon light or Ootk Choc . Butlericotch 14-01. out die world, and the Israel two new citizenrflo their rolls PORK & BEANS rOOOTOMTM 6 7-9'I drenched, your coat got crumpled, your tie ggt Jattered and your shirt got splater- Emergency Fund, begun in • -this weete.Jijrancisco N. Gar- COOL N - BIRDS EYI June, 1967, to meet health, cia of 521 Hamilton St., Rah- ed by all that Easter downpour, bring the whole thing down to-MARSHALL'S - i "education, welfare and im- way, and Mrs. Susie Butchko COMPOUNDED AND PAID ORANGE PLUS FROZEN 2 89 downtrod spirit and all _ and we'll re-coil that spring look. migrant -absorption needs in of -?4 Parkway Dr., Clark, CREAMY i Israel. were sworn in as naturalized ba After all, there's always Mother's Day! ^ Guest speaker at the lunch- citizens at the Union County Kratt Whito or Colored Deluxe eon will be Dr. Arieh Plot- Courthouse in Elizabeth. 4 TIMES A YEAR kin of Israel and entertain- Both new" citizens were ment will be provided by urged by State Senator France <••• r. *Annu«l Dividend .Starting Jan. 1, 1970 AMERICAN One HOUR comedian Van Harris. Apre- X. McDermott and Superior . luncheon exhibit of contem- Court Judge Milton A. Feller DEPOSITORS HOURS SLICES P° pory art in Judaism will to use their franchise right Monday through Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. present original sculpture regularly. One hundred and PER Thursday Evening - 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. INTEREST PAID QUARTERLY and religious art objects ex- eight persons were made cit- D'licious Dark Meat ecuted by artist Maxwell izens. ANNUM FOR 6 MONTHS Chayat. TURKEY 381-9612 Services Available (Subject to Regulations of Supervisory Authorities) MINIMUM $1000 ROLL . SAVINGS ACCOUNTS COLLATERAL LOANS U.S. SAVINGS BONOS Check Fire Insurance CHECKING ACCOUNTS CHRISTMAS CLUB MONEY ORDERS "Recently, it has become more and more apparent MORTGAGE LOANS VACATION CLUB BANK BY MAIL PrkM afMctiv* ttvough Saturday. April 4. Not Twin County Groccrv Marshall's that the average taxpayer In our city does not carry PASS BOOK LOANS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES TRAVELERS CHECKS enough Insurance to protect himself in the event of a major fire," George G. Link, chief of the Rahway Fire Department, said today. THE RAHWAY Savings Institution RELIANCE "While the fire' department, is not in the insurance CLOSED SUNDAY One Hour Martinizing business, I feel that we would be remiss If we did The Friendly, Prqgresstve Bank not call to the attention x>f our citizens that in a 'great MERIT'S POLICY IS TO MAINTAIN THE TRADITIONAL 6-DAY BUSINESS WEEK. WE APPRFOIATE YOUR SUPPORT many cases they are vastly under -insured to replace TOWARD MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. THANK YOU. SAVINGS «& their homes and property at today's prices. 1-H.-Q Str^Seofges-Avenue, "Please, for your own sake, look at the amount of I Ruliwuy end Adjoin insurance that you now carry ana compare lro me coat uy ona ^a|omtng Lonvnunlfios; foforr il 1 l years AND LOAN ASSOCIATION of replacing your home and valuables.-If the difference f Member Federa(~p«posit Insurance Corporation is great, men by all means contact your agent and Member Federal Deposit Insirance have him arrange to increase your coverage. Corporation MERIT FOODTOWN. 52 WESTFIELD AVE.. CLARK 1525 Irving Street At Elm, Rahway, New -'Remember, after-the-fireit-will-betoolate_to say, I should have listened.' " X-N-K


• • •.."• - - A. PAGE 4 THURSDAY. APRIL 2, 1970 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT .'or THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1970 PAGE 5 53- scale. This would please CLOUD OVER HIS HEAD RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT Mrs. Beulah Sanders of the RAHWAY National Welfare Rights Or- ganization, who says: Everybody In this country has the RIGHT TO SHARE pecotb THE WEALTH ..." (empha- seats Three Vs. Cancer college students Active Flood Fund Dance fs Tomorrow New Jerwrt Oldest Weekly EsUbltahed 1822 sis added). However, I doubt "Snow or no snow, rain or which has an apartment com- a popular four piece Dand. 388 - 5969 or Howard Baker that It would appeal to die Several door prizes will be of 779 Elm Ave. at 388 - Member «f no rain, we're going to have plex, on Seminary Ave. Sev- 7743. Tickets will also be blue - collar and white-col- For Getchis In Workshop on Racism a ball/' said Bill Beaure- eral other encroachment awarded In a free - ticket Weeklies of New Jersey, Ine. lar workers from whose number drawing. Donations available at die door of Col- .«»..w * .«.«, Miss Liza L. 8ard. dance chairman for to- complaints have been made UnlonJCounty's Newest Weekly Established 19S5 labors are derived the taxes Five ftahway and Clark re- mo w of $3.50 per person includes umbian Hall on die night of Szary of 146(5 Lawrence St.. ™ s big event at Col- by the group and hearings die dance. Several city offi- to support the Teliefers. Testimonial sidents, were among 49 stu- un b an HaU> J c ues an d are forthcoming. George the buffet dinner ... turkey, Published Every Thursday Morning by People who work for a living dents at Union College who and John J. Clark of 218 L ! >> 1 - ham, cheese, meat balls, cials and representatives'^ "Tickets for die Ed Get- East Scott Ave., all of Rah-Inman Aves., Rahway. Spon- Bartell is attorney for the odier city organizations are tend to have little empathy participated in the planning RCFC. Stephanie Cedervall salads, rolls, cake, and other BAUER PUBLISHING & PRINTING LTD. for the non - workers who Testlmbnlal Dinner are , and t&rection of an all-day way, goodies, said dance chair- •planning to aftend. The regu- ig greatly," said Mrs. of 46 is secretary and publicist, lar mondily meeting will be choose to live "high on the workpKfip on inter - racial Irving Dengrove is treasur- man Beauregard. 1470 Broad Street Rahway, N. J. 07065 388-0600 hog" off the earnings of RAHWAY iep,rge (Grace) Ebbe,- co- problerqs, which featured . For tickets or table re- held next Monday night at 8 K. C. Bauer, Editor & Publisher others. chalrlady, widi Mrs. John addresses by Mayor Char- er and Frank Korzeb is vice o'clock in St. Mark's Church MARCH 12 '• (Gloria) Kopp of die Friends president. servations, contact Beaure- Katherine E. Baner, Advertising Manaxer A break and entry was reported at Steve's Amoco' les Evers of Fayette, Miss., Szary, daughter of Mr. and ~,,m , ~L,.,\A .,_ „ gard of 768 Beverly Rd. at haU. I suggest that the '"0T* Ed Getchls Testimonial and Dr. Margaret Mead, the The executive committee Station, 679 W. Grand Ave., which took place between • Dinner Committee. "Those' urges public support in all The Rahway News Record and Clark Patriot are weekly newspapers serving the best interests of Jerssy Legislature lead the 10 p. m. Saturday and 6:45 a. m. Monday, March 23. 'anthropologist, on Feb. 28 their respective communities. It is the endeavor of these journals to present the news in a sound, •way in enacting laws requir- who wish to get In on a good • at the Union College cam-iSirfsPisrsfc engineers-!^?45»' survey fees, an«d activities; particularly the -A portable television set was taken- .- ...... diing .for a great'guy, our Miss Byers, daughter of Mr. other incidental expenses in fund - raising dance tomor- sane, and traditional manner, maintaining the Tights of all by accurate factual statement and ing every able - bodied per- MARCH 23 pus, Cranford. and Mrs. Thomas J. Dyers, son under 65 to accept em- hard-working 1st Ward coun- More than 1,000 persons our continuous work to clean row night. Music will be pro- ROBBINS & ALLISON measured reasonable opinion. ployment In private indus- Paul Kradjel, 914 Jacques Ave., reported die lar- ' cilman, had better make and Mr. Clark; son of Mr.up the Roblnson;s branch of vided by the Premiers, . ceny of his 1964 Pontlac from the driveway of hie participated in the program, and Mrs. John J. Clark, are the Rahway River, and other try, however, "unsuitable", •dieir reservations soon. We which included workshops on Subscription Rates by Mail Including Postage $400; Outside .Union and Middlesex home. Kradjel saw a Negro male backing bis car out. .'only have a few tables left." majoring in business admin- flood control measures " Counties $6.00; Second Class Postage Paid at Rahway, New Jersey rather than rate "Instant welfare." If absolutely not- of. the driveway but failed In his effort to stop him. The Friends of Ed Getchis, various racialproblems'with istradon. They are grad- id Howard Baker Dresl;,;; Detective Spots INC. hing should be available, then Kenneth Van Pelt, operator of die Citgo Service a group of grateful 1st Ward anti - poverty leaders, edu- uates of Rahway High School. ^ of ^e RCFC Ksuhlishec! 1912 the welfare board of his - Station, Main and Hazelwood Aves., reported he was • residents, have organized die sIS^ SSSonle!" A graduate of Arthur L.- Main goal of* this flood : ':•:•^^•:•:•^^^v.•^^:•^^^^;.^:.:.:.:.•.•.•.•.•.^•:•'.•^:•:•:•:•^:•:':•:•:•:-:•;•>;^r•:•: >:•:•:•;•^^^^ county should be legally held up and robbed at 8:10 a. m. by a young Negro "testimonial dinner in honor servingg as discussion leaa- John^n Regionai High Sen- bloc is to remove alleged Clark Gas —bound-to-requlre-thatheeam- male, about 20 years of age who bad pulled a black of Mr. Getchis, senior mem- ers. The workshop was spon- ool. In Clark, Billy is a lib- illegal encroachments from A gas leak at 190 Gibson LOCAL AND Improve Teacher Hiring Methods sweatshirt over his eyes. The bandit had a 10 - inch sored by the Gray Commit- eral arts major. He is the the river areas as a first step Blvd., Clark, was discovered —his-hand— outs— even if ber of die Clark council, and in LONG DIS1ANCE Radical teachers instructing students in the gentle 4ETTERS he must be set to sweeping -knife,—and-after taking approximately, $130 in cash ! a "candidate for a tiiira term tee, a student organization son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel flood prevention. The last week when Detective persuasions of drug use and revolutionary tactics are MQVINS To the Editor: The (dangerous) guaran- the streets and parks, eight from Van Pelt and some personal papers, fled on foot. -In diis year's elections. He CANCER CONTROL MONTH ... Mayor TJumai A. Kaci- - geared to improving race, group is working with the James Kraus was in the repugnant to nearly every parent in Rahway, but as hours a day, five days a week. -MARCH-24- "will run on die Republican -relations on campus and in Division of Water Policy and "apartment on another matter. circumstance has it, there are not a few such in- "" Frito Bandito, the jolly road teed Income concept inherent An_Olympus Quickmatic Camera widi film and flash- marek, stated, studies a chart llstinc seven danger signals die community, the Day Ses- Supply'in Trenton, where a Scenting fumes outside of agent whose favorite loot is a In the Nixon program would ticket. Computer Center structors at work throughout our nation. In Rahway, : cubes "was reported stolen from Columbian School. The affair to_be held Fri- of cancer held by George Wrasmaa, assistant chairman ot me sion, student council and the hearing was held recently apartment 6, he alerted the the problem posed by radical teachers misguiding bag of Pritos, soon will dis- m^e welfare more respect- P. P. Sctomnairar ' PACKING appear. This caricature of a able, when it should be made The burglar entered die school building by removing day night. May 15 at the Log Psychology Club ' . , . regarding Dr. N. B~. Cole's superintendent, and with Pa- pupils is, of course, crying out far less urgently POST OFFICE REFORM a large pane of glass from a door, jimmied a class Clark Cancer crusade, as S. Arthur Gayiwn, cancer cnair- The residents who were Ground has ,75557.^rP_f.!! encroachment. nrolrrran-Richard Reider and bandoliered and mustachioed LESS respectable. It could 266 W. Dudley Ave. • Cabin, Raritan Road. Clark, •active in the planning and for Rutgers University's new for solution than it is in the major urban centers of our room door, and also ransacked die principal's office* will featurecocktailsatseven, raan, points. The mayor proclaimed April cancer control month awaiting Sgtg . Fred Asal, entered,, shut TEL. 276-0899 state. It. is nonetheless disturbing to report that the Mexican bandit sold a lot of well lead^a^ s pointep d out yby Westfield Since the original proposal for reforming the •direction of the workshop, 56.5 million mathematics - Other nearings * American Conservative At about 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Judy Yurick. 2493 St. ^dinner at eight, and music to emphasize the need for continued research to reduce the 6 Rahway Board of Education was again forced to suspend snacks for his sponsorsponsor, bu, butt postal system was rejected by a congressional com- Dennis E. Daye of 848 Lees- stadstics - computer center on 213 South Ave., E. Cranford h ldhMi American Conservative Georges Ave., reported die larceny of two walnut bj>'the Four "R's". Theprice an assigned dat e are ^1o ff ^e stove a'nd opene'd ^ without pay another teacher who they said openly de- he alsooutragedtheMexican-Union to the re - dlstribut- mittee last fall, plans for a compromise measure cocktail tables valued at $160. These tables had been : number of cancer deaths. This year about 13,300 people in ville Ave., Miss Tommie to bo located on the Uni- for die gals party is $12.50 Mae Byers of 374A Capo- versity Heights campus. Har»llton Laundry> Ari windows. fied a directive of Superintendent of Schools Richard American Antidefamation *°n of wealth on a massive taken from die cellar of die apartment. ' "•• per person. Tickets may be Homes Inc., Quadrel Truck- The occupant, Harold Wal- M. Nash. have been developing in Washington. One of the New Jersey will die from cancer, Committee which has term- -major problems in planning the reorganization is At 2:55 p. m. Don Santiago of 722 Emerson Ave., purchased or tables may be ing Co., and L - B-K Corp., sh, was out at die time. Tins individual was told not to lead a student ex- ed him a "racist stereotype." Elizabeth, reported that on March 23 his car had reserved by calling .Mrs. cursion to New Hope, Pa. He was said to have called in " The company has decided unionism. been broken into while parked at die rear of Bach- Kopp at 388-7656 or by con- sizx, and thereafter police intercepted three carloads ft: JCs Invite the profits are not worth the Postal employees are covered by an executive man's Tavern, 2223 St. Georges Avenue. Stolen was a tacting other members of die of students and the teacher", as they were about to publicity, so the bandito rides America eight - track stereo tape together with 19 tapes and committee, which include depart in front of the Community State Bank on Irving off into oblivion. Whether the order until January 1, 1971, protecting their right one FM cartridge. Mrs. Ebbe at 140 Briarheadi Street. When police checked these students, they re- committee speaks for the to join or to refrain from joining a union, as the MARCH 26 .Lane or William Clancy at 74 All Bands ported jnarijuana and hash-hish were found. "Chicanos," it purports to employee wishes. At about 12:40 p. m. Kenneth Van Pelt, owner - Stonehenge Terrace. If the circumstances as the police relate them are represent is questionable. l The Beautiful operator of die Citgo Service Station, 1118 Main St., ^LUiitriieiiKc i cerate. ^_ ^^ . true, and we at the paper believe them so to be, it is Mexican-Americans gener- When this Executive Order expires, Section was held up again by a Negro male, 18 to 21 years Covn et rather clear that the board of education and Mr. Nash ' ally are not as thin skinned By E. Sidman Wachter 14 (b) of the Taft-Hartley Act would presumably old, wearing a brown army Jacket and weilding a four- will be compelled to use more detailed and selective as the -detractors of Frito- 1 Inch long, black - handled switch blade knife. He told 3 Drivers 7Th?e Rahway Jaycees~ar? *e criteria for the hiring of teachers. Let us not forget Staff Correspondent apply to them. This would mean that postal em- conducting a Rock Music Fes- Bandito would have us be- Van Pelt, "Give me your money again." When Van 1 the board was also forced to dismiss John Stokes without lieve. The company has gran- ployees would have the same rights as employees Pelt was ordered into the back room,, he pretended Grounded tlval—and-Dance^on—Friday; pay, after he chose to disobey school authorities. Two ted permission to several Dispatches from Washington indicate conservation- in the private sector depending on whether or not to comply, then ran out die front door forcing die ban- April 24, at 8 p.m. at the teacher suspensions in one year is not a inconse- Mexican-American organiza- minded citizens musr rally strong opposition to H.R.. they were in a right-to-work state. dit to flee in die direction of William St. A check of -William J. Powell, 25, of Rahway High School and cor- quential matter, and when one considers that it has been tions and politicap l candidates 12025 (and S.1832), called the National Timber Supply die area failed to turn up die holdup man. No property 229 E. Hazelwood Ave. and. dially invite any group or years since the last suspension, the incidents outline whho use thhe FritFio Bd Banditi o as Act. Surely we who live in Union County, where woods The pos&I unions, however, do not recognize was takerrtn diis attempted holdup. 'Charles L. Markiewicz, 26, band to come join die com- alopecia the form ofagreatnational problem, some of the con- a mascot. and wildlife are at a premium, do not need trrJs^re- the right-to-work laws, claiming they do not apply At 8 a. nv. a break and entry was reported at Mich- of 185 West Main St., bodi petition. Any band composed sequences of which we must bear the responsibility. A decade or more ago when minded of how precious are the open spaces, natural ael's Textile Co., 1600 Essex St. Michael Lessom, die of Rahway, had dieir driving of school students not over Besides judging the educational achievements of a race integration was the ma- woodlands and pure streams — with their furred, to federal employees working on property which is owner, reported he found mat the door of die safe in • licenses suspended, it was 18 years of age may play in L prospective teacher in the Rahway system, the board jor- goal ofsome-organiza- feaihered_and_finny_denizens — still remaining in diis owned or leased by the federal government. die factory area was ripped open. About $600 was taken. announced today by Ronald concert at diis event. and Mr. Nash should be acutely aware of a teacher's tions, any word or phrase country. These are essential for America the beautiful A gambling Taid was made on the home of Charles M. Heymann, director of the The purpose of diis pro- i nets propensities. Does he appear to be unco-operative?-Will The compromise postal bill contains no specific ' S~how and Sale" s.avi that emphasized color or be- today as well as to maintain the ecological balance Pannell, 36, of 1520 Totten St. Participating were Union • New Jersey Division of Mo- ject is to select die best he use his classroom as a arena for the dissemination havioral differences was de- vital to the well-being of future generations. language guarantee on freedom-of-choice and in County prosecutor's men and Lt. William F. Davis and • tor Vehicles. group so diat-tiiey may be of radical views? Some written questions put to pros- plored. But the pendulum is H. R. 12025 (and S. 1832) calls for developing "Into the absence of such language compulsory unionism Det. Carl Weiss of the Rahway Police Department. - Powell was grounded for sponsored by die Rahway pective candidates would help to pinpoint possible swinging the other way now. optimum timber productivity as soon as possible the would be a definite threat. This would serve to mini- Pannell was charged with possession of lottery slips 90 days under the 60 - 70Jaycees in a state-wide com- hotheads. Americans ofMexican ances- national forest commercial timberlands" and classifies and engaging in a lottery and released in $1,000 bail excessive speed program petition in May. In addition, Let us also not forget that the three-year, non-tenured try surely have no reason to some 97 million acres of national forest as appropriate mize any positive gains in the changeover of the for hearing. •s " and Markiewicz for two mon- cash prizes are being offer- period should be used by both the board and Mr. Nash be ashamed that the great for high-yield forestry. Only areas now formally with- postal system. MARCH 27 ths under the state's point ed -"$100 for first place, as a testing time. As teacher colleges turn out a dis- nation south of us has as part drawn from timbering would be excluded from the bill. At 8:50 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. John Rosko, of 782 system. 550 for second place and$25 turbingly larger number of and-American instructors, of its colorful past, the likes Heretofore, Congress has never presumed to determine Let's get the mails moving smoothly again by Old Lake Ave., reported a break and entry of dielr •L Richard A. Medway, 42, for third place. the problem becomes increasingly difficult, but few of Pancho Villa and real life die predominant land use for so mammoth a chunk of giving the proposed Federal Postal Authority the home took place between 6 p. m. and 8:45 p. m. Bed- ' oT 45 Briarheadi Lane, The groups will be judged individuals of this irrational persuasion can last three banditos. public domain, but has wisely left such determination to right to manage effectively and the employees a rooms, kitchen and basement were ransacked and a Clark, lost his driving by professional musicians vcars without making some mistakes. Noflne F. Allaire die expertise of die managing agency. :_ guaranteed freedom of choice. man's Gruen wristwatch, a ladies Wittenauer watch, privileges for one month be- who are engaged in the en- Wnile these malcontents form a small percentage of 65 Grand St. Following are the most cogent arguments against and various coins worth $230 were stolen. " cause of an infraction under tertainment field of rock mu- our teachers-in Rahway^they-must for the sake of good passage ofH.R. 12025 (and S. 1832): . MARCH 28 the state's point code. _ sic. Any group wishing to good public education, be-firmly -handled. Drug cults _:.,;./ cum _.,..;„; • 1. -Section 7. of die bill,, which requlresTnat all uivr Three comments are In order here. At 11:15 a. m. James Me Inerney operator of Trlbo secure an application to enter and children dispising a distorted view-ofvwhat their wttgkftrawn ttmberUnd - be-devoted to producing high 1. Wood la ttapt: the only material used in building . Grinding Co., 1542 Irving St. reported die dieft'of two this event may contact chair- parents iand this nation represent are not conditions yields of timber, would preclude future administrative 1 man Barry pereamer at 381- Discrimination against housing. IrtjtactV ajnee 1910, die total consumption of checks from die top of a desk. Checks were in amount Request Corrections deserving of community sponsorship, and if eternal wiffiSrawals of such land for'Wildlife habitats, water- wood in this country has been static, despite a more of $8 and $75 respectively and were drawn on ttre Sum- _ , , . 2195 or by wridng to the teacher screening is the price of educational order Soviet Jewry is a matter that shed use, or recreational areas. Corrections In telephone way Javcees, 350 Hamil- concerns us all, but many than doubled population. Also, per capita consumption mit and Elizabeth Trust Co. ^numbers. Jested in the Union Rah and progress, then to that practice our school board 2. The projected fertilization of diese areas might of wood has declined from 219 board feet in 1950 to At 2:40 a. m. a beer bottle was reported thrown ton St., Rahway."' •;• and administration should pledge themselves. people refuse to realize that prove dangerous to watersheds and fisheries by Inviting •- JQpunty;.JResour,ce. PJlr.ectory, ;' The event is; expected to it exists. Because of this, 170 board feet In 1968. dirough die plate glass window of Mattie's Bar - B - navailable in.late spring,jmay Insect attacks, leaching fertilizer Into unsullied moun- Que, 1589 Main St. lie /the top. attraction this The^situation is"gettlng worse- 2. The timber supply could be Increased by repeal of. g tain streams, and increasing the useroTlnsectlcides^ the present law wracn~reT3txrct£rAlaskanTshlpplngrto-die- MARCH 29 be y in the area of youth A Big Step Towards Safety daily. 3. "Increasing the yield" of die forests could mean George Koklnakos, one of the proprietors of the weeks. Changes U.S. mainland to U.S. vessels. Because of this law, sent* Mrs Gloria Walbank muslcaI^^XE^l eventSt S Safety is a major consideration in every community, The United Synagogue building logging roads through scenic section of national Foursome Diner, St. Georges Ave., reported the lar- G Youth, one of the largest Alaskan lumber and plywood are priced out of die Am- of t^e social planning office £nd dance ^ perforrnan. but in Clark it takes on added importance. Few towns forests that are now roadless. erican market and forfeited to Japan. ceny of a tape player and tapes valued at $210 from tlieUratedCommunitySer- S are crisscrossed with so many major vehicular arter- Jewish youth groups in New 4. With 90% of all forest land already open to cutting, his parked car. ces of xhe ban s# Monie8 Jersey, is doings something. 3. The private lumber Industry now exports more dian 694 Bayway, Eliza- |earne d wU1 ^ used b ft ies/ The Garden "State Parkway bisects the township it is unnecessary- to .put.the remaining 10% to die axe. 4 billion board feet of logs and lumber a year, sufficient At 10:50 a. m. Robert Blackman and Charles Brandt, beth, or called In at 353- - - y and brings thousands of cars to the circle at exit 135, We, along with our parent 5. This bill would give lumber companies die right Rahway Jaycees to run odier organization, the Northern to meet any developing shortages in domestic needs." -Jr.,- both -living -In apartments -at-1909 _Church_.St.^._ -7171. cars that would never enter Clark otherwise. to plunder most of Kentucky's Daniel Boone Forest, and Why despoil our forests to replace an exported com- reported the battery cables of their cars haa been projects- in die -community A part of this problem also deposits itself on . New Jersey Region of the Uni- perhaps die area around and including die Red River such as sponsoring youth ted Synagogue of America, modity? removed. Central Avenue and Raritan Road where cars going to Gorge. Our national resources belong .to all of us; they are At 11:25 a. m. the car of Everitt Simpson, 613 teams in baseball leagues, the parkway clog what is now the busiest intersection in are holding a rally for Soviet (The present rate of cutting timer is geared to a baseball clinic, talent Jewry on April 19 in Cran- Irreplaceable, and should be Inviolable. Let us preserve Bower St., Linden, was stolen from the front of Union County. Former Mayor William Maguire has tree re-growdi and replacement. The 1964 Multi- our national forests and apply intensive farming tech- Bachmann's Tavern, 2223 St. Georges Ave. some- ]WAR STARTS, search and child shield pro- stated before Union County freeholders that over 32,000 ford. The purpose of this ral- ple-Use and Sustained Yield Act was passed by grams. ly is to inform and remind niques to timber lots. time after 10 a. m. The car is a 1958 Chevrolet. ' ^AGAIN IN cars a day pass through this intersection. Congress to protect die national forests against Friends of Conservation, who treasure die natural At about 7:28 a. m. someone wrote with oil paint Tickets will cost S2 each Westfield Avenue is another sore spot. Tens of people of the treatment of the very depredations proposed in diis bill.) SAME AREA and entitle die holder to the Soviet Jew. balance of Nature and me primeval beauty of our. forests, over the window of St. Thomas me Apostle Church. thousands of cars daily move along its length to St. The lame excuse for H.R. 12025 is voiced by George should write at once to Senators Clifford P. Case of dance admission and admis- George Avenue in Rahway. Valley Road and Lake Avenue The situation in Soviet Romney, secretary of Housing and Urban Development: sion to die music festival. Russia must be changed. Rahway and Harrison A. Williams, Jr. of Westfield, also have large numbers of cars traveling to St. George "In. die next five years, domestic timber requirements asking mem to oppose actively S.1832, and to Congress- Special group discounts are Avenue. What makes the problem more acute in Clark Please do your part, we're "If the world learned from available. Please contact doing ours. for 4ise in residential construction alone will almost woman Florence P. Dwyer of Plalnfield and Cornelius FOR TOP SECURITY than in other municipalities, however, is the location double. Without diis legislation....it will be difficult E. Gallagher of Bayonne asking diem to oppose actively history, how different both Dereamer for ticket sales of most of the township's schools on heavy traffic streets. Michelle Tevekm If not impossible to build die homes America needs." H.R. 12025. would be." information^ Valley Road has several schools and churches along CALL "ANTHONY'S" KEY SHOP, TO INSTALL "its length and presents more than a little-danger-to- 19 Eta St. DOUBLE CYLINDER LOCKS WITH DEAD BOLTS. large numbers of students. It is very rewarding, given Cranford '• these conditions, to see representatives of the board OUR NAME IS YOUR GUARANTEE SINCE 1818 of education, township council and the police depart- To the Editor: ment sit down to work out a coordinated safety effort. Legislators Serving Our Area Axia Federal Pays Highest The short - term goal of i 388-1198 They have presented 17 proposals towards good safety, and the township would go a long way to improving itself welfare is the alleviation of son said thah t iis a point to by enacting those, that upon further study, merit im- hunger, homelessness and Here Is a list of senators, congressmen, ctate •Harry V. Osborne Jr. (R), 5 Dartmouth Road, Cranford, suggest to the state when Rates In The State plementation. nakedness. The long - term senators, assemblymen, freeholders and elected 276-2634 (home); MA 3-U38 (office). SAFETY they • investigate. "Skid goal should be to enable the municipal officials who represent the area covered 'Walter Ulrich (R), 98 Colonia Blvd., Rahway, 388-7859 CLARK PATRIOT marks on the roads near Savings Certificate Accounts unfortunate to take care of by The Rahway News Record/Clark Patriot. The party (home); 623-8450 (office). (Continued from Page 1) school crossing zones are themselves. In practice, affiliation of each office holder is denoted fcy R Charles S. Tracy (R), 259 Ogden Way, Hillside, 352- municipal building and re-indications of danger points however, welfare too often (Republican) or D (Democrat) following die Individual's 7431 (home); 212 974-2138 (office). quested the help of the Reg- to children," he continued. A YEAR becomes a restful way of name. It is suggested mat you clip put this list for Arthur A. Manner (R), 317 Plalnfield Ave., Berkeley Sidewalk Installations future reference. ional High School Board of Minimum $5,000 AND SMALL life. • Heights, 464-0033 (home); 464-3700 (office). Education to make it work. would be included; 6% for Two Yeirs UNITED STATES SENATORS •Jerome M. Epstein (R), 3 Argyle Court, Scotch Plains, Dr. Carl Kumpf, super- Meadow Road to Lake Ave- In the last 10 years, there Clifford P. Case (R), 191 W. Milton Ave. Rahway, 757-3456 (home); 548-3333 (office). intendent of schools, provid- nue, Raritan Road between BUSINESS has been a 52 per cent in- FU 8-2052 (home); 202 CA 4-3121 (Washington David B. Zurav (R), 1 Archbridge Lane, Springfield, Walter Drive and Lake Ave- crease in the number of per- office). ed the group with conjestion A YEAR A ROOMFUL OF CASUAL OAK, STYLED 376-4355 (home); 686- 4354 (office). points during delivery and nue, both sides of. Blake SHOW SPECIAL! Contemporary Casual OOK sons receiving government Harrison A. Williams Jr. (D), 231 EUzabedi Ave. Minimum $2,000 Don't mm out, Donald C. Dunne (R), 147 Belvidere Ave., Fanwood, pickup of children by parents Drive, Westfleld Avenue bar with party-proof top, two matching bar- • The problem "f f.od sur- i ice even though the Kovcrn- assistance. Almost 20 per TVestfield, AD 2-8686 (home); 202 CA 4-3121 (Wash- 889-5829 (home); 232-0065 (office). from Brant Avenue to th« 5%% for One Year use your Revotv-Charge WITH A CONTEMPORARY FLAIR!. pluses has lonu bi-cn .vith thf meii! subsidy bill runs fairly at the various schools. stools " $209 cent of America is on some ington office). WlUiam J. Maguire (R), 20 Poplar Ter., Clark, 272- Garden State Parkway brid- or open a new one! Anu-nenn peoplt- close tn ;i billion dullnrs per kind of public dole. Mean- Senators may also be reached at die Senate Office Michael Truss, board of yc.i. \vhtfh is :• lot of yen. 6484 (home); 887-6600 (office). felt that SOFA, CHAIR AND ROCKER, PLUMPED — But Japan, where million* of while, pages of metropolitan Building, Washington, D. C. , RAHWAY MUNICIPAL OFFICIALS A YEAR people croud a very *mall ar. Thlx lead* to one of the mont newspapers are filled with UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVES Mayor: John C. Marsh (R), 924Maurice Ave., 388-0663. ~TbI* area. arr. believe It orperplexing paradoxes of the job openings for domestic For Rahway: Councilmen-at-large: stop lines to be 4 feet from herbed Lane from Minimum $1,000 WITH DEEP-SITTING CUSHIONS. not. having the same problem. times. While In many nations and unskilled labor. What Cornelius E. Gallagher (D), 102 W, Fifth St., Bayonne, for 6 Months SHOW SPECIAL! 5-pc. dining group: 44' there is starvation becau-w their Ray A. Giacobbe (R). 1034 Midwood Dr., 382-2676. round game table and four comfortably up- economies cannot afford to buy has become of the American 339-8871 (home); 339-3802 (office). ..Thlrteenm Durintf the reconstruction traditions of self - reliance District. George Vaneco, Jr. (R), 1019 W. Lake Ave., 381- f holstered chairs $209 the surplus foods produced, 5363. the speed factor of vehicles |^hwlnn Drive tt Oak i days of postwar Japan the lute there Is apparently ample mon- and individual responsib- For Clark: titutett William M. Weaver (R), 537 Union St., Council ° wh it lanes. Roarjj and Broadway from ey to 4my Inodern arms, to sub- ility? Mrs. Florence Price Dwyer (R), 320 Verona Ave., a e r some'reforms that broke up-the President, 381-2856. oo oaL F= v,,,o^H «n fn Grand Street to existing feudal system thai existed and sidize a national airline, to buy • EUzabedi, 353-0382 (home); 40 Somerset St., Plain- reli-awd-the quite fantastic en- a royal yacht as in Ethiopia, Nixon's proposed program field, 754-6686 (office). Twelfdi District. « Councilmen: ^^«tr»»Phww«tS" sidewalks as weU as parts 399 but there's no money to buy ergies of the Japanese people. for reform of the welfare AYEAR groceries. Congressmen may also be reached at the House First Ward, John J. Gilgarmon (D), 402 E. Grand other street, Chief Water- street.' 6 O iJ system would make a bad Office Building, Washington, D.C. Ave.,-381-2918. :. f G d Uncluttered, unfettered, un-fussed with ... for With the Japanese farmer A different system does not matter worse. The much - owning his own land, small STATE SENATORS Second Ward, James R. Plckens (R), 2365 Jowett the fun-loving way you live!.This is natural solid seem to work too well either. touted "workfare" aspect of Nindi District (Union) PI., 382-0009. Interest Paid or Compounded "Qu»rt«rly though It ralcht be, he started The National Federation ot In- the program would meet its SUBSCRIBE NOW TO producing. Japan, which la dependent Business recently Frank X. McDermott (R), Senate President, 312 Mas- Third Ward, Richard J. VoynlkL (R), 104 Jensen oak, the real thing, proportioned for prewar days as well as the Waterloo "the first time a sachusetts St., Westfield, AD 2-5641 (home); 624-9292 Ave., 381-4224. published free for anyone who poor family was denied Its Deposit Any Amount ... Anytime ... All Deposits early postwar period, Imported requests it, a chart comparing (office). Fourth Ward, Dr. Adam T. McDaniel (D), 97 E. THE RAHWAY NEWS-RECORD man-pleasing comfort, covered in wipe about fifty per cent of Its rice. the United States with Russia. family security check, on the Nicholas S. LaCorte (R), 56 Hillside Road, EUzabedi, -Milton Ave., 381-9005. Made On or Before the 10th of Any Month Earn now faaa a snrplus each year of grounds that unskilled papa clean leather-grained vinyl so you can really relax! about ten per cent. 8 S * 352-6566 (home); 1143 E. Jersey St. Elizabem, Fifth Ward, John C. Holt (R), 392 Elm Ave., 381- Among other things, this refused to take a suitable nterest from the 1st/... All Accounts Insured ta^O.OQCJ * a * 354-0700 (office). 4329. THE CLARK PATRIOT chart shows the Russians pro- job as an unskilled porter. Matdiew J. Rinaldo (R), 142 Headley Ter., Union, Also shown: solid oak cocktail table and a This la on even greater prob- duce a prodigious amount of All hell would break loose." Sixth Ward, Donald Forsythe (R), 1143 Greslln Ter., lem to the Japanese than to potatoes, almost 105 million 686-0915 (home); 1145 EUzabedi Ave., EUzabedi, 388-3321. 1470 BROAD STHEET, EAHWAY, NEW JERSEY 07WJ pair of end tables, all with mar-proof' Americans. Aa what might be tons compared to 15 million (James Jackson Kllpatrick, 687-4235 (office). synidcated column.) CLARK MUNICIPAL OFFICIALS called rice connolscurs, theton In the United States. ASSEMBLYMEN Mayor: Thomas A. Kaczmarek (D), 16 Cook St.. lops. 3 pc. set... $119 Japanese people do not like => C 9 . Send to: _.. _ AXIA FEDERAL Union 382-3270. . ric« that; has been in storage. Thus, in view of this huge (At Large) Their palates find that the fla- production of spuds, it would WISH ID SAID Councllmen-at-large: Address _ Apt No vor of their diet staple deteri- be assumed that they would Charles J. Irwln (R), 600 Sherwood Parkway, Moun- Stanley D. Le Wand (D), 250 Laurel Lane, 382-0174. be quite cheap in Russia. SAVINGS orates quite rapidly. THAT tainside, 232-1015 (home); 232-9250 (office). • John Plaanaky (D), 2380 Colonial Dr., 382-0689. • • • * * * . (9B District) Ctty SUte_ Zip '-• But the . contrary Is quite A. Charles Walano (D), 265 Oak Ridge Rd., 388-0190. Neither can they export their Herbert H. Kiebjf (R), 823 Midwood Drive. Rahwav Councllmen: • - tarplu. ~b€caias«~the Jftpanese true. —While - the - average - Ivan -.382-1392(home). : _. ' " Begin Subscription _.. —: 10 __.' riee prfoe to about twice the must work 9 minutes to boy a First Ward,-Edward P. Getchls (R), 43 Lefferts 1391 Irving Sr., Rihway, N. J. pound of them, his American Peter J. McDonough (R), 435 West Sevendi St., Plain- Lane, 381-4867. n CheCk.&wloted- • going market price, at the p>v-counterpart most' only work Someone has figured out that tiuffman&Boy!eandKQOsBrps.are^ngw^HUFFMAN - KOQS field, 756-5400 (office). ' Second-Ward, Richard C. Burger (D). 52 Coldevin eramentY oOetal perred price. two minutes. Thus, It strongly we have 35 million laws trying "Our 43rd Year" # # * -R0, Sit. 9 • 12 or coramnnlun, when govern- UNION COUNTY FREEHOLDERS - Third Ward, Bernard G. Yarusavage (R), 21 Linda ONE YEAR... just $4.00 SPRINGFIELD D TOTOWA D TRENTON D NANUET, N.Y. -food. syj?pljr_is_short on other raent -attempts—to—negate the Freeholders Office El 3-5000 La., 381=7270. Items such a* vegetables, 'Iinr laws of supply and demand, an more profitable for the Japan- hit ^ ^^war«i--H- r (R)r 0LocustAve^Ca ese fanner to continue growing Imbalance results. Iiubll 789-1565 (home); BI 3-2141 (office). Director. / Accounts Insured to $20,00(rby the Federal Sqvings & Loan Insurance Corp. THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1970 PAGE: 7 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT PAGE 6 THURSDAY, APRIL 2. 1970 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK -PATRIOT

EINZIGER-DAWER Announcement was made of Hadassah the engagement of Miss Har- riet Joyce JJawer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Daw- Adds 35 to er of Albany, N.Y., to Rob- ert E. Elnziger-, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Eln- ziger of 1171 Old Rarltan Life Rolls The Clark Public Library Rd., Clark. Rahway Chapter Hadas- The bride-to-be is a senior sah's enrollment of life at the State University of You'll get a lot more than members has increased from J invites you to be their guest at New York, Albany. 17 at the start of the drive Mr. Einziger was gradu- to 52, an addition of 35 to ..*___*_$_*&!*« ^-r - . • ated from Georgia Institute the rooster of life members, of Technology, Atlanta, with reported Mrs. Fred Porter, an advanced Stock Market lecture. a bachelor of science de- Life Member Chairman, at gree in physics. He is a die sabbath service of the member of Sigma. Pi Sigma, chapter at Temple Beth Tor- If your investment philosophy is to seek Pi Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ah last Friday evening. Phi Eta Sigma and Phi Kap- a warm welcome. This year's drive will con- AGGRESSIVE CAPITAL GAINS pa Phi, honor societies. He tinue until June 1, and any- is a candidate for a doctor- one Interested in enrolling You should attend this advanced lecture. ate degree at Rensselaer need only to call Mrs. Por- Polytechnic Institute, Troy, ter. The sabbath services Time: 7:30 P.M. - April 13th N.Y. were well-attended with life Place: CLARK PUBLIC UBPARY The wedding is set for members taking part ln the July 19. readings. Speaker: George E. Lewis of Paine, Webber, Jackson, Curtis For action ads, phone The Mrs. Aaron Arnold, was Rahway News Record at the rabbi, and President Mrs. If you_Jie d sophisticated investor Jugressively oruhe lookout Lawrence Taylor gave the 388-0600. for capital gains, this lecture otters .in investment philosophy -sermon on the life of Hen- in-Hne with your own. An investment philosophy geared to rletta szoid. Others partici- change rather than stability. Foundedon^informed,-well-cal- PIANOS pating were Miss Frances culated investment speculation. — Blitzer, Mrs. Richard Wied- _erhorn, Mrs,. Phillp_Waron, You will learn about Ihc bas« of chjnue and the nine NEW AND Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Donald factors that bring it about. >ou will hear specific examples of USED PIANOS Goldberg, Mrs. Saul BelT the way these factors have operated in the past, and the four Kurt/.tnann and Mrs. Albert Weber. The stein to take in making new selections using this philosophy. Official Piano Kiddush was sung by Miss We tell you what we believe the ratio shouid be in weighing Mrs. Theodore Stephen Kaleta, Jr. • Lynn Vogel. risk against potential reward. There will be a discussion period C3.C-TV. Miss Calfutine Ellzakeft Golfnsfcl Refreshments were ser- • al which your questions will be welcomed. • CUSTOM REBUILDING (The former Miss Robin Sue-Kriss) ved by Mrs. Samuel Robin- We believe \ou will come .may with a useful addition LEECH & HUETHER son, assisted by Mrs. Mar- to your knowledge in pursuing %our goal of aggressive capital tinMIttleman, Mrs. Gussie 405 WEST ELIZABETH AVENUE Molin gams. For your reservation lor this stimulating and educational Fox, Mrs. Rose Flshman, and LINDEN IJS-Jltl Mrs. Seymour Vogel. Fol- lecture we suggest that you mail the coupon or telephone us lowing the services, a dis- without delay. • . _ cussion was led by Rabbi Rubenstein on workers • in I Miss Robin Sue Kriss, dau- on Sandland, Linda Skxyha Announcement has been Snyder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Israel and the value of life Please reserve ( ) seals for me at ghter of Mr. andMrs. George and Janice Bobrovcan, The made of the engagement of Daniel Snyder of 61 West membership. your advanced lecture "An Invest- a Kriss of 779 Falesky St., ushers were Theodore Gian- Miss Catherine Elizabeth Emerson Ave., Rahway. Yesterday, more than 50 ment Philosophy". C Rahway, was married to nechini, Frank Reed, Ken- Golinski, daughter of Mrs. A 1967 graduat' e of" ~Rahwa " y members of the chapter at- Theodore Stephen Kaleta, Jr., neth Engel and James Alouf. Edward Golinski of 1338High School, Miss Golinski tended the annual donor lun- PAINE son of Mr. and Mrs. Theo-' The bride's, full length Maple Ter., Rahway, and the Is currently a Junior at New- cheon at The Goldman Res-' Fine Photography dore Stephen Kaleta, Sr., of gown was made of white peau late Mr. Golinski, to JohnL, ark a State College, where she taurant, West Orange. Mrs. WEBBER 1494 Esterbrook Ave., Rah- • de sole and her tulle veil ______Is n elementary education High Salpeter, national vice JACKSON WEDDINGS PORTRAITS way, March 7 at the Zion was attached to a cap with major. She is a sister of president of Hadassah, was & CURTIS Evangelical Lutheran Church, seeded pearls. Her bouquet Sprowls, M.D. and David Sigma Kappa Phi sorority, the speaker. MODEL COMPOSITES The Rev. Frederick Fair- was of white daisy mums Beauchamp, M.D. of Rah- a member of Kappa Delta Pi clough performed the cere- and baby's breath. way. honor society, secretary of SOCIAL EVENTS mony. Her matron of honor was Mr. Kaleta was (jraduated the class of 1971 and vice Merck OKs CLARK PUBLIC LIBRARY PASSPORTS Mr. and Mrs. Kriss gave in ruby velvet and the brides- from Rahway Higli School, president of the social corn- sBB-3939 their daughter in marriage. maids gowns were of sap-attended Kings College, mittee. ' I SO^WesMleJdjAve^, Claric^NJ. Mrs. Frank Reed and Miss phire blue velvet. They car- Wilkes Bar re. Pa., is in the Mr. Snyder was also grad- Jill Kriss served as matron ried nosegays of sweetheart Marine Corps Reserves, and uated from Rahway High Acquisition 382-2453 and maid of honor for their roses and baby's breath. works for Bell -Telephone School In 1967. He is current- By APPO'n«men1 sister. Robert Daniel Kaleta Mrs. Kaleta was graduated Company in Murray Hill. iy attending Marquette Uni- was his brother's best man, from Rahway High School and houowirig the reception at versity in Milwaukee, Wise, Of Aircoil and Master George Scott the Union County Technical Wally's Mountain Villa the where he Is a biology major, Directors of Merck & Co., CLARK Kriss, brother of the bride, Institute of Scotch Plains. couple left for a honeymoon No date has been set for Inc. and Baltimore Aircoil was ring bearer. The brides- She is employed as a medi- in the Pocohos Mountains. the wedding. Co., meeting in New York .maids weretheMissesShar- cal assistant to John They will reside in Rahway. and Baltimore, respectively, at First New Jersey's GOLDBERG - SULO approved detailed terms'of Miss Marion Louise Sulo an agreement calling for'the of 41 Florence Dr., Clark, is acquisition of Baltimore Air- engaged to Tyler Goldberg, coil Co. by Merck. The agree- son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris ment Is 'still subject to ap- Goldberg of 68 Hillside Rd., proval by the stockholders Elizabeth. The announcement of Baltimore Aircoil, who will vote on the matter at a^ NEW OFFICE was made by her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Sulo special_stockholders meet- of 518 E. Milton. Ave., Rah-^ on way. Miss Sulo is a junior ac- The proposed acquisition X'jC ' • - countant with the legal and was announced Jointly by accounting firm of Gluck & Henry W. Gadsden, presi- Tobin, Elizabeth. Mr. Gold- dent of Merck, and John i—berg—i8-with—the—Goldberg- Engalltcheff, Jr., chairman Glass Co., Elizabeth. of the board of Baltimore MALYSKA-BELL Aircoil. The companies' re- spective boards approved the proposed acquisition in prin- Mr. and Mrs. William Bell ciple at meetings ln New of 6 Rose Ter., Clark, have York and Baltimore. YOULOOK "arinouricedthe engagement of Terms announced and rat- their daughter, Miss Jane ified by the board actions Bell, to Frank Malyska Jr., call for exchanging seven- FREE CHECKING ACCOUNTS son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank tenths of a share of Merck 1030 Raritan Road, Corner Commerce Place Malyska of 1689 Lincoln common stock for each share FOR MUNICIPAL AND POSTAL THERE'S A CONVENIENT OFFICE Highway, Edison. of Baltimore Aircoil. There EMPLOYEES OF CLARK AND The future bride is a den- are 526,980 shares of Bal- tal assistant to Dr. Robert timore Aircoil outstanding, ALL RESIDENTS OVER 65 Schwartz in Rahway. Mr. and an additional 42,254 YEARS OF AGE. Malyska is self-employed as snares are reserved to cover the Malyska-Fox Building convertIble debentures is- Corp.. Edison. sued ln January, 1969. JOHNSON - TILLER Baltimore Aircoil Co. Inc., WHEN YOU OPEN A GOLDEN PASSBOOK. BLUE CHIP CERTIFICATE FIRST Meet the Money Bunnies ond get FREE GIFTS! which has its main offices Freeholder director and and plant in Baltimore and acquainted with the newest, nicest, OR REGSLAR CHECKWAOCOUNT PF $5,000.00 OR MORE YOU MAY SELECT ONE of these gifts when you open a savings or checking account of $100 or more Mrs. Edward H. Tiller of owns and operates plants ln most helpful bank in Clark. No or when you purchase a 5% Golden Passbook Investment Account. 502 Locust Ave., Garwood, California, Canada and Bel- SELECT ONE OF THESE GIFTS- announced the betrothal of glum, is a leading manufac- need to open an account. But, it their daughter, Miss Geral- turer of equipment for con- you do, you'll receive a free gift. dine T. Tiller, to Nils Har- trol of thermal pollution and So come on over and keep the old Johnson, son of Mr. and for water conservation. It Money Bunnies company. Mrs. Nils Helmer Johnson manufacturers water-cool- of 51 Hutchinson St., Clark, ing towers, heat exchange at a party in the Tiller home. purposes and in commercial FEDERAL The bride-elect is a senior .air conditioning and refrig^ took into First • Men's Suit and Accessory at Arthur L. Johnson Re- eradon applications. gional High School, Clark. Merck is engaged ln the Traveling Bag Mr. Johnson is««(|^mber of development, manufacturing New Jersey's the Air Force National Guard, and marketing of products He will report April 4 for for human and animal health SAVINGS of -—•— J—~ Maxi-Money six months" of active duty. and nutrition, products and PASSARELLI-SCALZA services related to domestic and industrial water treat- Man-sized The betrothal... 6f Miss—m-?5L?v«ems,jindchemicals 5%--PerYear on GOLDENI PASS- Golf Umbrella Laura M arie Scalza to Peter for agriculture and Industry. BOOK Investment Accounts Passarelli, son of Mr. and Miss Scalza and her fiance $500 Minimum opening balance Mrs. Joseph ' Passarelli' of' are serving in the Army at • Electric Carving Knife It's comforting to know that you're giving yourself and your family the very best you can provide. That's New Rochelle, N.Y., was an- Ft. Belvoir, Va. She is in Interest paid from dayof deposit nounced by her parents, Mr. the WACS. The couple met' 90-day withdrawal privilege A. Presto ToasterBtoiler— why so many modern families insist on reliable, clean Electric Heat for their new homes. Modern Etec- and Mrs. Joseph Scalza Sr. while in service and will be Compact, portable. Chrome finish. Easy to clean. ' trie Heat lets you forget about old fashioned storage tanks and bins. Lets you forget about fuel-produced of 57B W. Scott Ave., Rah- married May 9' in St. Mary's 5/2% on 1-year Certificates of GRANT CITY way. R.C. Church. r— CONVENIENCE CHECKING B. Presto Corn Popper- dirt. Lets you forget about uneven temperatures. Yes, forget the drawbacks of ordinary fuels-ancHnsist- • Deposit Sold in any amount from Select One of these Makes tluffy popcorn every time. $500 up, in multiples of $100 First New Jersey Checking Plans .. PAY-AS-YOU-GO1— ~ Generous 4-quart bowl lifts off on modern, reliable Total Electric Heat at a spec/a/tow rate. Call Public Service right now for the facts. for serving. Formal FREE CHECKING Only 150 per check— C. Portable Manicure Set- CLARK m /• Annually on 2-year Certifi- PERSONAL REGULAR CHECKING charged to the account as used. Easy to use. Operates on batteries. Wear cates of Deposit Sold in any Beautifully styled. Washable case. amount from $500 up, in multi- NOW—New Low Balance required • No. service charge ples of $100 for no charge Checking Accounts. For Hire • No-minimum balance CENTRAL AVE. Absolutely NO service charge for A % Annually on Certificates of For many happy tomorrows depositors who maintain balance • No charge for deposits Deposit For $100,000 or more. in your new home insist on & of $200.00 or more. • Statements every month GARDEN STATE P'KWY Main Street FEDERAL] A NEW BEAUTIFUL ^SAVINGS/ amrei SAVINGS INSTITUTION WEDDING ... Elegant Catrrlnit in Vegnt Surrounding! Parllet for M In 700 ii-st New Jersey Bank We nlw iptdaliae in Koahtr+tyle catering READY TO SERVE YOU Complimentary BrMal SOJIM P. Bruna^Banqutt Manager—SSHOOO A FULL

fVBLIC SERVICE ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANY MOW AT A SPECIAL LOW HATE Banking Hours SERVICE Monday through Friday: Road, Corner Commerce Place 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Member F.D.I.C. BANK 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p,m. . Main Office: 1930 Morris Avenue, Union New Jersey 07083 .(2011686-4800 FTldarEvening:-7:00 p.nvto 8:0ap.m. Saturday Morning: 9:00 a.m. to Noon

-«.-•..*-••••••• *-**-" •'••'• ~ •' '^ •' "/^f **•<- r •' - • ^ - •' * • •-• - - - - ^~- ^ -3 ——i -. ~.m^— -i r

RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT1 PACii .0 THURSDAY APRIL 2, 1970 )\ THURSDAY, APR'IL-2 1970 PAGE 1 I ar xes RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT r • *!!SENIOR ± Students DeSimone 14 Racing Car Winners way Italian-American Club. Pals and Colonials Battle He served as a refrigeration Surviving are three sons, Marr engineer in the U.S. Mer- B.W. Pennypacker Y. D Ambrosa, 85 Panteudes lsFirs t Joseph of Westfield, Michael DiRenzo Mrs. YignolL 80 W.H. Scheid, 97 chant Marine for many years Services were held for Victor D'Ambrosa, 85, of of Linden and Albert of liast Bechusen Attack Services were held for prior to retiring in 1950. He Brooke W. Pennypacker Jr., 1075 Baumann Ct., Rahway, Meadow, L.I.; two daughters, To Cage Playoffs Finals War Firrt Titu William H. Scheid, 97, for- was a communicant of St. Mrs. Ann Kaiser of Eliza- Jeter Fashion Andrew's Episcopal Church, 52, of 196 Baltimore Ave., died last week in Holmdel beth and Mrs. Virginia Spu- The Original Pals and die 23 points.' Jim Powers add- Wahl, who scored 27 points, Williams lnDerb y ffflS 111 M Ulf merly of 72 Clinton St., Rah- Mount Holly, where his son Point Pleasant Beach, for- Convalescent Home after a Colonial Five advanced to ed 14, while Mike "Moose" 19 in the first half. Dave Case way, who died last week at merly of Clark, who died long illness. He was the hus- gani of Rahway; a brother, Rev. Canon Herbert R. Den- Anthony and a sister, Miss the finals of the Clark Adult.Marzano, Bob Griffith and classin scored 12, Jim Smith Taylor Pollution Cub Pack #145 metatVal- ton, is rector. Mr. Denton laRt week at home after an band of the late Mrs. Virginia Lagola Two Rahway residents are ley Road School March 20 IllirCO in 1014 Carver Nursing Home, L-ng- apparent heart attack. He Cibalerio D'Ambrosa. Rita D'Ambrosa, both inNo- Basketball 'League playoffs Joe " Arms" Poli played out- 12 and Al Stotler 10. * %MmM%M •#«### Cub Pack #145 met a Show nlllM; III 17 14 Ushtown, after a long illness. was a member of Lafayette last week. The Pals defeat- standing defense. Schwarcz The second game saw tie Tomalavage helping to launch a multi- for their annual Plnewood was the husband of Mrs. A native of Italy, Mr. ples, Italy; 13 grandchildren ., _ , _ „ • -He was the husband of theLodge, F&AM, and the Royal • -- Electric was paced by Tom colonial Five and Garwood pronged attack on the prob- Derby. Boys raced cars they er 1 011 Doris Collier Pennypacker. D'Ambrosa lived in Rahway and 15 great-grandchildren. ed Schwarcz Electric, 88- -n «*,£c $' X !" ' late Lizzie Belle Scheid. Arch Masons, both of Rah- Arrangements were com- Rest play a very close fir6f 15- 8-38 iems of pollution that is had made and designed them- way. Mr. Pennypacker, a native 60 years. He retired 15 years 72, and the Colonials elimin- , PAUL'S -being undertaken by students selves according to spedfi- 80. of 147 Stony Brook Road, Mr> scheid lived in Rah- pleted by the Thomas F.Hig- half, with Colonial-leading, ST Surviving also are two sis- of Norwood, Pa., lived in ago after working many years ated Garwood Rest 90 - 72. *««««««*SJ»««««ft*c«* ByPTA . Somerville, died last week way{o r 50 years. He was a 40 - 37. They increased the Leone 6- 1-13 at Union College. ' cations for trophies and oth- n m Clark many years before as a self-employed building gins & Sons Funeral Home, The first playoff game saw * S« efset Hospital after a salesman for ah ice com- ters, Mrs. Marion Waite of lead to 15 points at the end Richards 4- 0- 8 They are Dennis P. Lena--er prizes. "A Step Towards Spring" m e moving here about 10 years contractor. Mr. D'Ambrosa 1116 Bryant St., Rahway. Schwarcz Electric go storm- Men of Letters If ? T8s. She was the anyi n New York City until •Philadelphia andMiss Althea of the third quarter, and Jannett 2- 2- 4 han of 753 Central Ave. and Christopher DeSimone, was the theme of the fashion W O Jam 8 M Vi 01 ago. was a member of the Rah- ing into a 25 - 9 lead at the »? w, -f * & }- his retirement many years Denton of Sonyea, N.Y, DMUld Brunquell of 99 coasted to victory. The Col- Sbordone 0- 0- 0 Robert A. Bove of 606 Har- Webelo, captured first prize show presented by the Ma- 081116 a 0 He Wfl end of the first quarter. The 0- 0- 0 ison St. trophy, while second prize ^•IOI?"?! ?^" g - s a member of A World War II veteran of William St., Clark, captain »f onials were paced by John Taynor r dison School PTA on Thurs- way in 1914. After graduating £ church. Pals were ice cold. They Dombrauskus, who tossed in Beck 3- 2- 8 The month of April has went to Andy Lechtrecker, day, March 12. ra e Flrst Baptlst 90 the Army Air Forces, he was When to Display Flag could manageonlythreefield the varsity fencing team, aid 0- 0- 0 been designated as Earth den 6. Third prize was won from Elizabeth General Hos- surviving are a son, Wil- a flight captain with Eastern 27 points, Brenden Brennan White Fashions were easy-to- liam Ti of Trenton; a grand- goals in the first 10 minutes Frederic McDaniel of 97 E. 16, Pat Dougherty 13, Rich Month at the college with a by Brian Lewis, den 1. Win- care-for fabrics from Jan- the first city nurse of Rah- George C. Speak Sr., 90, Air Lines. Me was a member as compared to the Schwarcz child and five great-grand- of the Hayes Home for Men of the Airline Pilots Asso- The lias; may be displayed on all days when the weather Milton Ave., Railway, a mem- Loughery 12, Joe Murray 15- 5-35 varied program of activities ners from other dens-were EII of Rahway. Beautiful pant She belonged to the Golden team, which was red -hot. 11-9- 6-12 38 planned to draw attention to Gary Cal/in, den 4, Donald children. died in Phildelphia. ciarion, the Silver Wings Fra- .perSs Specific days" however, on which display of the ber af the varsity basketball 12. and Rich Newman 10. Seniors planned to r y , , suits, hats and dresses were Age Club of Rahwa /. and the The Corey 6; Corey Funer- The Pals kept chipping Composite box - scores St. Pauls 4-5-14-12 35 the proble-• m of' pollutio•• • n an---d• Blakeslee"•-•-—'-- , de-•—n 7- , Joseph•-«• So- - modeled by Mrs. Jerome ternity, Lafayette Lodge 27, flag may be most generally expected are: away and managed to cut the team, won their letters dar- Grandmothers' Club of theal Home, 259 Elm Ave., He was a retired engin- F&AM, of Rahway and Elks July follow: Referees-Edward Andro- t0 indicate areas in which barro, den 5, Peter Walts, Rlccio, Mrs. Douglas Col- First Presbyterian Church. New Year's Day Jan. 1 Independence Day lead to five points by half- ing the winter athletic sea- - vich, NNormao n Rakett. students cap operate to com- den 3, and Gerard Soriano, lins, Mrs. James Reynolds, Rahway, was in charge of eer, having worked with the Lodge 1698 of Point Pleasant. time. They then took com- ORIGINAL PALS Surviving are two sons, arrangements inauguration Day Jan. 20 Labor Day son at Pingry School, Hill- G. F. Pts. . JUNIJUNIOOR STARSTRSS bat it. The month - long den 2. Mrs. B. Rapp, Mrs. George Reading Railroad, a member Sept. 17 mand in the third quarter and James A. of Rockledge, Fla., of the Brotherhood of Loco- A member of the Point Lincoln's Birthday... Feb. 12 Constitution Day . Powers 6 2 14 Yergalonis 1- 0- 2 observance also coincides Other prizes of a gound Kotuby, Mrs. Robert Hood, William Carhart Frank Denton, 85 Oct. 12 led by 11 points going into side. Another letter wiintr William Philipchuk and Robert W. of Middlesex; Denton, S5, of motive Engineers and thPleasane t Presbyterian Washington's Blrthday-Feb.22 Columbus Day 10 3 23 Skocypec 1- 0- 2 Wjtn National Earth Day on can of peanut brittle were Mrs. Allen Firestone, Mrs. Frank W. . 5 the last quarter. Jerry Bech- was Lawrence Berko of 176 Kudrick a daughter,^Mrs._ Kathryn husband of the late Bertha Church, he was an ordained Bechtle 13 4 30 Zimmel 4- 1- 9 Wednesday, April 22. awarded to Steven Anawalt, E.J. Gallagher, Mrs. Joseph Lantvet of SomerviUe, and 90 N. Lakeside Drive., Army Day ...... T^nSpr. b Navy Day X\Q was the big gun for the Lefsky 2- 1-5 Earth Month has beencon- for funniest car, Larry Snell, M. Albertson Speak. Presbyterian elder. Survi- Election Day Variable Poli 1 3 5 Mandrillo and Mrs. Frank W. Philipchuk, W. Carhart seven grandchildren. Birchwood Lakes, a former ving also are two sons, Loyalty Day ,..» May 1 Pals, lie scored 30 points,, Princeton- Ave., Railway, 2 6 Oliveria 5-1-11 ccived by the Society for the for most original design, peanut Brink Winners Are (I. to r.) Steven Anewalt, FuniesfCar; Lany Snell7MostJ3riginal Lyons. Veterans Day Nov. 11 2:i in the second half, and captain of the varsity swlm- Marzano 2 Arrangements were com- Rahway resident, died last SurviviTfc are two sons, Urooke J. and Thomas C, Mother's Day Variable 4 0 8 Marsh 0- 1- 1 Life Sciences, a student or- Steven Hock for craziest, Hair styles were by Lil- J C'.'iHixilleii ttie boards. •.!„ ...-._ R-^riffith Design; Steven Hock, Craziest Design; David Ficke, Best Paint Job, and Glen Shallit, Slow- pleted by the Pettit Funeral week In Burlington County John N. Speak of Boyntonr l aula, alFat Armed Forces Day ..Variable Thanksgiving Day.... Variable ming team 1 0 2 Warga • • 0-0-0 ganlzatlon, and is being dev- David Ficke for best point lian's Curl Corner and music Navy Scientist p t Tree Billy Kudrick played a fine- Erhardt as Home, 371 W. Milton Ave., Memorial Hospital, Mount Fla. and George C. Speak .._ two __ pearl Harbor Day Dec. 7 0 0 Kirby 0- 0- 0 eloped by members of the so- job and Glen Shalllt for slow- est Car. by Miss Wendy Walton. o{ Memorial Day May 30 .•.v--.-ov-v.Vj B. Griffith 0 William Philipchuk, 47, K.anwayRahway. Holly, aftelre ahusban brief dillness oi tn.e Rahway; a grandchild and home; all - round game and scored 14 88 " Grubbs 1- 1- 3 ciety in cooperation with the est car. The program chairman „ B. of Tulsa, Okla'. Christmas Oay Dec. 25 37 died last week at his home, He was thElizabete husbanhd Lawso of thn efour grandchildren. aninomad Edwars d W. of Vienna, Va. Flag Day.... June 14 SCHWARCZ ELECTRIC Rakett 0- 1- 1 faculty, according to Miss Judges for the even were was Mrs. Joseph Downey. 777 Hall Rd., Dahlgren, Va., late Mrs Arrangements were The flag will also be displayed on such other days as Wahl 12 3 27 Evelyn Clausnitzer, secre-, Ivan Garshelis and Lenny She was assisted by Mrsa.n apparent heart attack. Chairman Mrs. Truppa, 69 Denton. Foul-Shot Champions the direction of the Lehrer- proclaimed by the president Smith 3 6 12 14- 6-34 tary of the society. But co- Renolds. He was employed by the — _ _ Mrs„.»„.„. > „-.••. lorn^in New York, he Crabial Funeral Home, 275 74 4 12 Z1ON LUTHERAN man; Mrs. Robert Covino, came to Bixchwood Lakes Classin 4 operation and support are U S. Naval Weapons Labora- Rand Rd., Clark, died last 1656577 Irj^in\ g St., Rahway, died Milton Ave., Rahway. 0 10 Oroteau 0- 0- 0 coming from many sources,' co-chairman; Mrs. Joseph from Rahway 15 years ago. Stotler 5 Men's City Cage tory as assistant on terminal week at home after a briei ^ihiiBs weewet-.....k in Rahwa. y jHospita—l Mrs. Olga Wall Arechaga, 1 Lochner 0- 0- 0 she said. ' Caccla, decoration chair- r Stargell,Toney,Kathy Laukatis 4 9 weapons effects in the test• illness. He was the husband afte_,„—r a„ Kbrie^off nin«>n«illness. ShpwaShe waas 74, of 2192 Whitricr St., Rah- - , ._ _, • , i Kolesser 1 0 2 Bardenhagen 0- 0- 0 Earth Month plans include 2d Round Final man; Mrs. Allen Firestone, and evaluation department, of Mrs. Marie Rabig Car- the_widow of Anthony Truppa. way, died last week in Rah- The finals of the 14th an- 0 0 Wiley * 2-0-4 speakers and films on var- W. co-chairman; Mrs. AlanHu- ^ahlgren during hart. way Hospital after a brief nual city foul-shooting con- 017 boys and girls shoot it Brandt 0 Ullrich 5- 4-14 ious aspects of pollution, to Rodney's 7 out for the right to compete 29 14 72 II as a Navy Mr. Carhart, a resldentof illness. She was the wife of FUNERAL HOME test conducted by the Rah- Original Pals9 - 24 - 26 - Hudak 0- 2- 2 be presented at the weekly Dreamland 6 Lieutenant and stayed on Clark since 1940, was chair- time, she man- Frank Arechaga. way Recreation Department in the finals. o Phone 382-7900 Finalists were Kathy Ry- 29 — 88. Salvesen 1-0-2 college hour, a poster cam- Tigers 4 hospltality chairman, Mrs. after the war as a civilian, man of the township s first aged Truppa's Italian Gro- Mrs. Arechaga came to and co-sponsored by Rahway Schwarcz Electric 25 - 13 - Svihra °xJP- ° paign, a letter-writing cam- Merck & Co. 4 Robert Gassaway. until 1953. He returned in shade tree commission and cery Store at her home ad- Hallway 33 years ago. Sur- V.F/W. Post T6S1 was held an, Cheryl Bailey, Vivian Brown, Mary Ellen Lapsley, 10 - 24 — 72. Kaelber 0- 2- 2 paign to give student support Slovak A.C. 3 ' The flower decorations of led the Community Chest dress. She was a communi- Rendering a dignified and personalized funeral viving also arc a son, Walter " at the Rahway Middle School Schwenzer 0- 1- 1 to governement programs Corey 2 pink rose centerpieces were A graduate of Carnegie campaign. Wall of Elizabeth, two grand- .9 llm Avenue rus Toney, David Zimme- Dombrauskus 12 27 Zion 12- 7- 2-4 25 EDWARD J. HIGGlNS.NOiciier and Manager !>,ahtta> >,>» jersey visions were: girls, Kathy land and Kurt Jeter. trol pollution. Tigers 67, Merck trips. and Southwest." He was a stallation supervisor in Eli- J?',,,, pleted by the Thomas F. - J.- Travis Corey Ryan of St. Mary's CYO Loughery 6 12 Referees - Edward Andro- Slovak 69, Corey consultant to the -National zabeth. M.^M ilrf TVnr,' 1116 Bryant Street, Rahway Higgins Sons Funeral Home, All finalists received ••( League-, junior boys, Craig Neuman 5 10 vich, Richard Gritschke. Rodney's 73, Dreamland 50 Academy of Science and to Mr. Carhart was a mem- ^frcel and Clement of Rah- 1116 Bryant St., Rahway. V.F.W. certificates of par- Murray 6 8 .St.:rV-]] .if theC.Y.R.C.7and 12 GIRLS' STARS" Merck 55, Jaycees 49 Plan Outing the U.S. Department of De- ber of the Affiliated Taxpay- ^Vih m f rfh' ticipation. The champions Brennan 7 16 Ehresmann 0- 0- 0 fense P e mus t> iir.Ui.' League; senior boys, and runners-up received tro- PLAYOFF GAME - ers Association of ClarSand ^te °ft r RZlJ^^Vm Cyrus loney of the Rahway Doherty 6 13 Gudor 1- 0- 2 Rodney's 55, Dreamland 49 st r Mr8 Rose phy awards and Rahway Rec- Rosetta 0 He is survived by his wife, the H. G. McCuUy Chapter, f* ?1 a1 1'n H 2^ Recreation Department High 0 McDowell 1- 2- 4 For Pythias Margaret B. Philipchuk; a Telephone Pioneers of Am- ^ ,1^' lO ^Ian^}^en reation Department champ- 42 90 Salvesen 1- 0- 2 nr t School Boys. ion emblems. The Rahway Knights of Py- daughter. Miss Mary Jane; erica. He was a communi- and two great-grandchildren, Bailey 1-0-2 < e Runners-up in each divi- The contest was directed Celtics And thias meet March 19 at the a son, John Stuart, all of cant-of-St^-Agnes Roman ple^S Wfe e?P fl^f5l F. Hlg^ Peterson 3=-l^~7 eo Uie sion were: girls, Vivian by Rlchard-Grltschke of the GARWOOD.REST Jewish center on Bryant St., Dahlgren; his mother. Mrs. Catholic ChurchVMr. Cah- P| J J.!i"t!LFunera1l u^LHome, Brown of Rahway Recrea- 9 3 21 Snowden . 0-0-0 8 s ns Rahway Recreation Depart- Caravillano Rahway™.™,.. „A donation wasgi—o v Mary Philipchuk of Rahway, hart and'his wife observed fVS , °Bryant St., Rahway. 4 2 10 Johnston 0- 0- 0 llio Mv tion Department Girls Lea- ment and were Commander Kennedy Knicks Win en to Deborah Hospital and and . sister, Mrs. Fred their 50th wedding anniver- gue; junior boys, Irving Jones Joseph KItko, Past Com- - Chinchar 6 0 10 Kosty 0- 0- 0 a 4 0 8 Sullivan • 0-0-0 The~Clark Saturday Rec- the cystic fibrosis campaign. -Baser of Scotch Plains. sary last October. / V of Rahway Recreation Mid- manders Howard Sammond, Bobertz Den Wnnirs (I. to r.) Are Donald Blakeslee, Den 7; Joseph Sabarro, Den 5; Gerard Striano, The club is planning a night The late Konstandne Phil- Surviving also are a dau- FII3. VUJIUy die School, senior boys, Da- Camile Lecureux, and Junior Wanca 9 3 21 Buchan 1- 0- 2 reation program sponsored cluh miting tohonor an active ipehuk, lather, was propri-.ghter, Mrs. Anthony B. Me • vid Zimmel of Rahway Vice Commander Joseph 32 72 Becker 0- 0- 0 by the Clark Board of Edu- Deo 2; Peter Warts, Den 3; Gary Calvfo, Dew 4; Brian Lewis, 3riJ Prize, Hen 1; Andrew Leco- M 8 y nnmher of the grand lodge. etor of College Town Food Donald, with whom he made , ' " „ ,, c ,7*^ ' Church Junior Boys League. Lewinski. Colonial Five 22 - 18 - 26 - cation concluded their bas- trecker, 2nd Place, Den 6. and Christtpher DeSimone, 1 st Place, Webelo. Preparations are also being Store, W. Scott Ave., for 22 his home; two sons, William °\ *Z5. R^'|Ue f, u* i"inaen' The preliminary contests ketball playoffs. In the "A" ed K h 24 — 90. 8- 3-19 made for the annual conven- years. Mr. Philipchuk grew G. of Nassau, the Bahamas, £ ,*". Elizabeth General in the various leagues saw Garwood Rest 22 - 15 - 14 - 2d PRES. Division, the Celtics defeat- . HHospitals ital> she was the tlon of the grand lodge sche- Upp iinn Rahwa Ray yand attended and George G. of Clark; two. ° TP j. ^he was the widow tlon grand lodge sc U and George G. of "arK; two. o{f Jo hh Costa# 21 — 72. Chrlstensen 0- Q- 0 ed the Trojans, 47 - 39. ,.,-. ... „ .„ ,,„,»! tn n^w,.Rahwa,y oMwJ.schools, . « Haus 1- 1- 3 banquets, night entertain- copal Church, Owens, Va., grandchildren and four great- she Uved ^ Brookiyn most Camp ana Realty defeated Matches The Union County Regional Johannessen 2- 0- 4 Bob Salvson. The Trojans ment, and recreation. where he was formerly a grandchildren. ^ n coming to High School District No. 1 NEN EAGLE ... Thomas P. o{he r unt ..uczmarek Assoclatiaa ID Earl C.Hoagland, director Lyons 0- 0- 0 were led by Ray Yarem, The grand lodge sponsors vestryman and treasurer, hi- _ «» ,... <«A || Linden three years ago. of athletics at the Rahway owns Its own closed-circuit MacNeil_ l 0- 0- 0 Kebnartin, 14, sot of Clark Brian Ruggeri and Gary Sin- In Credit Industry Law the lower division playoffs a team of clowns going from terment followed at the H 13111111 Zw FlOS. Surviving are 4our sons, High School, announced today TV equipment, complete with MUclovic" 0- 0- 0 Public Safety Olrtctw Thom- ger. of the Clark Adult Basket- cameras, director's console Neubauer "I am delighted that the ed solely for the purpose the committee's considera- hospital to hospital enter- cemetery of the same church. • Ronald of Linden, Joseph of the schedule for the golf 3- 3- 9 as P. KtlmvtlB of 87 Nas- The "B" Division playoffs taining jiatlents. The young A memorial service will Patricia Ann Cahill, 20 Flanders, Hyman Meyers of ball League, 99 -31. Canf- squad^ which is under die andvldeo tape recorder. Remenar -, 1-.0-..2. procesr s to which my Spec- for _which it was given, the tion^ which, stemmed from cau^K, CM^wat awarded Lionq '60 50 The Knicks "Ial SbSubcommittei e on IInvas - individual must be able to i his four - .year study of are"given toys and goodies.."be fieTd~Saturday at 9 a.m. months, -died laBt~week"in clark, and SidneyTMeyers of pana will how meet Pailllard direction of Ralpri~Manfre- Spankuch 0-0-0 lono f The °club also-sponsors a at St. John's Russian Orth- Children's Hospital, Phlla- Brooklyn; two daughters, di. Sixteen matches are lis- the rank of Eagle. Scout at a were headed bv'joelMarrin Privacy gave major make sure his "ownrecords computer privacyi . OOn Wed W- for fne lower division champ- Bob Matthews and Lou CaD- stimulus in 1968 is nearing are correct, and legal res- nesday, March 11, the Nat- Christmas party every year, adox Church, 211 W. Grand delphia, after a long illness. Miss Ida Costa of Linden, ted. Sports Schedule 7- 4-18 farber-SM dinner held la for hospitalized youngsters. Ave., Rahway. She was the daughter of Ro- jnt^Mre; Helen Goodwin of ionship. Campana, which The schedule:. " Girls 6-6-2-6 19 nrnRn Thp t Ions were head completion," Congressman ponsibiUty must fall on those ional Academy of Sciences Garwood. Tke new Eagle ed bv Mark Reiner ErrUe Cornelius E. Gallagher said who can ruin a man's chance announced that Gallagher had The Knights of Pythias In lieu of flowers, the faro- bert ana Jessie-Ann Leahy culver City; Calif.; a bro- held a 20-point lead through- April 6 - Springfield, away; JOHNSON REGIONAL 2d Pres. 2-6-4-6 18 ls an inter - national frat- Uy request that expressions cahill. "'""" ther, Hyi ~ ' Scoot it a member of Boy Lacko and the Friedman *** testimony before the Con- for credit, insurance, or em- been appointed jo the Nat- out and coasted in the last 9, Westfield, away; 10, Lin- THURSDAY, APRIL 2 Referees - Richard Ehres- ernal organization more than of sympathy take the form of Born in Rahway Hospital, Brooklyn; den, away; 13, Clark, home; Scoot Troop 330 of St. John quarter, was paced by Chet Golf, Summit, away. mann, George Culler. a century old. It was charted contributions to the memor- Patricia Ann live ln Westfleld GUSSie M, CUT FROM YOUNG CORN FED PORKERS' 20, Berkeley, home; 23, SATURDAY, APRIL 4 BIDDY STARS the Atostle Romai Catholic by President Abraham Lin- ial fund of St. Paul's Epis- all her life. -' -' -'- Track, North Bergen Re- Hoepfel 2- 0- 4 ~colnTriT8"65; coparChurch7"Box"37rDahl-—Survlvlng^also aretwabro- WHY PAY MUHtf — MellMNr?h-3&-poiBts,-Frank-Cranford, away; 27, Hillside, Church and attends Roselle leamj£ It marked die 12th Gallagher Initiated formal are about to be translated il rights. The panel includes Padusniak 17, "Jnmplag" home; 29, Colonia, away; lays, away. Baseball, Rosel- Henderson 3- 0- 6 Catholic High School. gren, Va., 22448: tiers and a twin sister, Tho- Scope Mouthwash le Park, home, 1 p. mMiddleto. n 2- 0- 4 „.' .L hr,;,,ri nf prfnrarinn Congressional consideration into effective legislation," consumer champion Ralph ,.e Campana 16 and Joe ^^^ -Di-Storej" 0--e»-8- year the board of education pf g^ ^^ lndustry with Gallagher said. Nader and former Attorney Adorn Hair Spray Dunn 12. Kaczmarek As- 15, Union Catholic, away; Golf, Westfield, away. K. Storey 1- 0- 2 hearinghearng s in March and May Gallagher-offereGgerfe d sever—General Nicholas De BTKat- — of 1968. al- additional-provi$ions-for rZenbach. l«cOff 1AB£I sociation was headed by Al 217County, away; 25, Clark, TUESDAY, APRIL 7 ~ ' Zlmmer " ""' 0- 0- 0Crusaders E. away; 27, Scotch Plains, a- Markoff 0- 0- 0 Six Meets Gallagher said the recent- t William r\. t»i^*«»a»», »^, «* —-~~ -, —-- Vote Toothpaste Silber 19, Bob Clifton 14 and Baseball, Kenilw'qrth_, ly - drafted House bill spon- in St. Elizabeth • of 72 Sweet ^Briar Dr., Clark, ternal grandrnother, Mrs. way; 28, Plainfield, away; away. Golf, Linden, home. Callendar 0- 0- 0 ^P^vi^eX^rS^t^'"^^^^^^Elizabeth, after a brief — .. J,_J Hb»»nlnni^ T ThnrnQThomas"C^hQ Pahfllml fiotf RflhwaVRahway.. R.^T^x W"^' Bob Williams 10. sored by Congresswoman mnees Hewa s e B Loins June 1, Linden, home. RAHWAY Holt 0- 0- 0 Lift Lid James Abeles Named Mrs Marif LSM Klincer - * h" band Arrangements were com- Newton Memorial Hospital THURSDAY, APRIL 2 Archer 0- 0- 0 For Frosh Lenore Sullivan, chairman („ 5;,™a^gM;n8?n* of Mrs. Mary Walsh Bren- pleted by the Thomas F. Hig- after a brief illness. He was The freshman track team of the House subcommittee, :f 8 FIRST CUT ONLY Baseball, Pingry, home. Born in Hungary. Mr. Kiln- ^ He was a communlcant ^ sZnB Funeral Hom e# me husband of Mrs. Matilda Boneless FRIDAY, APRIL 3 8- 0-16 On Track at Arthur L. Johnson Re- was stronger and generally To Hospital Fund Post er c of St. Agnes R.C. Church. 1116 Bryant St., Rahway. Magierowski Puma, a bro- ional H1 h Scho01 under eT A A 0 e Mr. Brennan was gradu- . . ther Leonard of Clark. Fresh Baseball, St. Patrick's, ZION LUTHERAN Clark's Crusaders will OD- coach8 Jerr«v . ^ Tu t " 952. He was • • track seasonVnslt - Allocco, wlU had passed the Senate, f •• • - »• <»** Surviving also are two home. Giroud 1- 0- 2 track season on bat- _ -'( beUeve .... James D. Abeles, presi- Briskets •SATURDAY, APRIL 4 Sekley 0- 0- 0 lffl season Qn Wednea a strong }rz dent and chief executive off- daughters, Antoinette and Track, North Bergen Skribner 3- 3- Tracianne, at home; his mo- LEA i ther, ~" --• -" CUT FROM YOUNGSTEERS Ground meet, away. Shackleton man 5.C. Sliced MONDAY, APRIL 6 Ference rado Springs, ., a CUT FRO R CJiuck for a brighter future schedule: • under con- Mrs. Virginia Leone of Track, Springfield, away. Rasmussen buildl cam- of RoseUe; two daughters, Nutley, Mrs. Camille DiGlro- Beef COUNTRY STYLE RIBS $75O 0 in 1952? HI was an for 79 years until coming »LLV»«IHTIE5. BANQUET Golf, Springfield, away. Cole Dayton Regional, Mrs. (Catherine Follak: ta gio and Mrs. Mary Palerno Liver TUESDAY, APRIL 7 Wllkos Union Catholic, ' &as; Germany 2-Lb. Main Dishes BUY _r__ . He was the husband of Elizabeth, Mrs. Tina De- Baseball, Edison, home. home; May 4, Gov. Living- Tavares SHOP RITt "CHADF »" OUUFL0WEH or WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8 11- 5-27 ie; 13, Pingry, the individual must be governors sister in Germany and U ker Hill Post 31, American of the late Mrs. Emilie E. luca of Linden and Mrs. hom e 23 be informed of the ^ - Broccoli Spears YOUR OWN Baseball, Scotch Plains, Stars . 4-4-8- 0 16 " Watch- ; " : » Freshmen Invita- able to . I..n. ....™..6 the announce- grandchildren. Legion, Washington. Thorn. Theresa Kolodziej of Edi- Delicious Apples rn SHOP-RITE TATER BITES, HOME FRIES _ "T<^/- •MITE. SEEDLESS. INDIAN RIVER away. Zion 3-7-7-10 27 ^v,..^, ar,OJ, June 1, Cran- range ot lruormaaon about ment, Smith said, "Thecitl- Also surviving is.adaugh- .B° in Rahway, he was a son; two' brothers besides ford Jr. High School, home, himself in private "credit re- zens ofth e area are {ortun_ Li ter, Mrs. Charles F, Mon-'-member of St. Paul's Epis- Leonard, Joseph of Iselin, Shoestring Potatoes2 L*; 79* Large Grapefruit HOME! state positories and he must have DRUG ST0RE All meets start at 3:45 ate t0 have men ln their Ql ninaer of Westfield- a sis- copal Church, the Retired Frank of Elizabeth. ALL VARIETIES. GRAVY «.MEAT SLICES. ' SUNKIST the opportunity to correct in- mldgt of the caUbre of James r eS e ne ia r orFREE2ER QUEEN'MIX1MATCH" j, . nf\t-. DC I I p.m. accuracies. This was also Abeles, who understands and M « i?H rJr'h ?ff . :, l?i ter, Mrs. Ma.rie Victory of Men's Club, the Loyal Order Navel Oranges April 4, North Bergen Re. Clinic on Monday % 7io * SmS™ A'V,' Tucson, Aite; seven grind- of Moose and was also afflli- g InhnCAn 44 Banquet cookin'Bags CRISP DELL RAHWAY the fundamental point made appreciates the needs of the f 71 S- : em n Ave M lays, away; 10, Dayton Re- ; °. ,w l 5 ^ ? ,"« children and four ttreat- ated with the Square Club of WBUGeorg. eJUIIII»Ull L. Johnsonr , 44ft, of MIXED VEGETABLES. FRENCH or CUT gional, home; 15, Gov. Liv- ! at my investigative hearings community. It is a pleasure Alhafnbra, Calif, formerly mnddUldSn. the Penn - Central Railroad Pascal Celery There is nothing like OPEN EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR For Softball Umps gran c 1 e _26_JRoss St.. Clark, died of Birdseye Green Beans the pride you'll ex- ofRahway, who dledMarch 20 ° ^ _l !^ and_Jir^c^nr^jl>mrjie of an apparent heart attack at" after a long illness. She was Trenton. Florida Oranges perience in owning "The Complete Medical Center" to Mr. Thorn retired in 1957 home. He was the husband rnnnrv Nr>w ation and Parks Association, this honor on Mr. Abeles the wifeofCorradoStefanlna. your own fio-ne. in Mrs. F. Caesar of Mrs. Mildred Harris ' home ?299 cooperation with the SumSum- additional p r o v I s i o n s. ln recognition of his interest . Surviving also are two . _, , ,,, after *46 years' service with Providence Services were held inJJn- f r Pennsylvania JV: OFHABEl LAUNDR1 - .. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY nome, w, ^ Re^reation commission, Among them were sections and dedication to Rahway brothers, NicholasMascloof the Orme Johnson. Brearlev of he Mr. Johnson moved to WHY PAY MORE _ — Amateur Softball Associa- ^ introduced: Hospital." and Joseph 1J l$ Cold Power4;oI James D. Abeles 13 years aro. He was FREE PARKINS tton of New Jersey and the ^ Control of large credit After graduating from high 53, IMPORTED SPICED Shop-Rite 4.'V" l Detergent box Applesauce ^ Stop in and visit with one of our competent FREE DELIVERY Luncheon Meat STORE SLICED officers in our RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE FU 1-2000 ALL COLORS SHOP RITE he for the Doyle Muenster Cheese WHY PAY MORE' SACRAMENTO l_q, LOAN DEPT. . .,. He has all the answers two grandchildren wlfc o'f Bryant St- Ran r Facial Tissues IRVING STREET, OPPOSITE ELIZABETH AVE. HEBREW NATIONAL for you. Tomato Juice 3 '.'.* - . WHY PAY MORE? native of Jersey City, N.J. Survivln; are two sons Griddle Franks I Martinson Coffee "l ln Hi " J "" W. ' DeliDept. Pineapple Grapefruit Drink 4' 1 We Also Specialize in M r •% SHOP RITE June Monday evenings on April directorships with Fidelity DEL MONTE meet ,.,*. - ^ „ _ credit ratings by apprentice. In 1940, after and John F. of Rahway; a J CONSTRUCTION MORTGAGE LOANS 14 13, 20 and 27. The Official' Union Trust Co., Interpace Surviving also are two brother, Daniel A. of Hills- 4:.^ lSolid White Tuna ' A.S.AS . UmpireUi s ExaminaEi - reporting disputed accounts several interim positions in rn_n anri Fruit Cocktail Lucy's Italian Kitchen State meet (finals). d The Sperry and sons,- Frederick W. Jr. of borough Beach, Fla., three was a member of the New SHOP Hill SLlCEDor MAIVIS don will be given the last as delinquent. the engineering field, he join- Hurchinaon Co LEMONADE CMOCOLATi GW 2 Hutchln8on C Clark and Robert T. of Ral- sisters, Mrs. Mae Leonard Jersey National Guard. Mr. night of the clinic, April 27. - ^e practice of credit ed Purolator Co. as a cost On the civiCo-c level, he is a FRUIT PUNCH All certified and experi- bureaus to provide sophisti- reduction engineer. In 1955, eigh, N.C.: a daughter, Mrs. Of Rahway, Mrs. Margaret Johnson was a communicant Cream Style Elberta Restaurant & Pizzeria 7 Hunters Ellen Elchham of Union; a Beebe of Midvale and Mrs. of St. John-the Apostle R. C. Stokely enced umpires as well as new cated profUes of individuals after serving In a number of Peaches rder brother, James F. Brltton Ruth Larson of Scotch Plains WE DELIVER umpires are encouraged.to *? °, for firms to send managerial capacities, he Church, Clark. Drinks Corn •*' ta r m de unk maU trustee of the Morrlstown ofPordsjithreeBisters.Mrs. and five graWchUdren. Pass Test attend. There Is no fee, but "°. - f J - was named to his present Surviving also-are a dau- 956 St. George Ave. OPEN SEVEN DAYS Memorial Hospital and a ghter, Eileen M., and a son, Information must be us- position of president and member of the..Society,!of es were held at the Ratmay, N. J. •,» ^cu*w* - Crablel Funeral Allen R., both at home, and Shop-Rite Ham o.; 3 £89 Automotive Engineers, the . a sister, Mrs. Edward Way- ALL MEAT or ALL BEEF 38M820 LUNCHEON SPECIALS Hydrant Flushing .National AssoclationofMan- L_ Home, 275 W. Milton Ave., SHO?-RITE $ Accepting the appointment, Rahway. gren of Point Pleasant. 4'..:. 1 Ab€l ufacturers and the Economic Shop-Rite Franks Tetley Tea Bags Select Ripe Olives PIZZA and oil ITALIAN DISHES TO GO ety course. es said, "Hospitals are Cluh_oI_fclew_York. BeginJ s This overcrowded, no . matter CHICKEN 1 TUNA LIVER*CHICKEN CIBIET WHY PAY MORE' m '" » •* The course is offered TURKEY KIDNEY 1 CHICKEN.CHOP SARDINES 1 STONEWALL SAVINGS AND SANDWICHES TO GO twice a year and consists Tractor Trailer The annual flushing of fire where you may look these Swift Premium Bacon Pride Of The FarmCatsup^^ * 1 of four hours* classroom in- hydrants in Rahway and Clark days and most-of them are COSTS — Funerals cost money. And we be- Dairy Depf. Friskies Cat Food LOAN ASSOCIATION. My Neighbors lieve there is only one proper way to treat the ALL COLORS, 3c OFF LABELBOUNTY JUMBO TOWELS BACON LIVER BEEF FLAVORED struction and one - hour in- Rams Info Motel will begin this week, officials planning or are currently $ sw lie struction on the Kenllworth of the Elizabethtown Water involved in an expansion pro- subject of costs. At The Lehrer-Crablel Funeral Scott Towels 4s. l Red Heart Dog Food I'M GLAD I CHANCED TO shooting rangge The Ivory Tower Motel Co. said today. gram of one sort or another. Straight Home, every family we serve is presented with —— k* Crwm 0t)il. BRANCH OFFICE: This spring, seven boys offlve at Route 1 and Law- Hydrant flushing is used to These buildingprograms are NINETY... Chvlas A.Grw- a complete and straightforward Explanation of [Orange Juice S~to*4 Dept. • MAIN OFFICE: who are residents of Clark rence St., Rahway was struck test • pressures at the hy-iimportant if hospitals are to all costs at the time oi making arrangements. SHRIMP SAL 701 N. WOOD AVE. 1100 RARITAN ROAD passed the test which en- by a tractor trailer last week drams and to make certain continue to offer the kind of klRtky.Sr., if «B JiqiMSt., LINDEN. N.J. WA S-llll With this "knowledge, they are better alple to Ice Cream CLARK, N.J. FU 1-5515 titles them to secure their when thedriver.MarielMar- all hydrants are in proper medical care and service -talk C 26-30 COUNT li Hoar*.- 9 A.M. to 3 P.u. ' PREMIER OIL Ellx»bttn, aarkM f me «CK» Uondsjr - Thu Hour>: 9 AJ^. ta 3:00 PM. select runeral arrangements to meet their de- Whipped Cream Cheese ',:; 29 Monday • Thuriday initial hunting license. shall, 33, of 515 Eggerts working order. A company the citizens of the commun- Dixies 9 A.M. ta • P.M M« tM list wttk. Htl»l« sires and circumstances, and we are better •LAIN or PINEAPPLE. CALODIE COUNTER ' . 01 9 A.M. ta 8 PM- Friday They are John Monaco, Crossing Rd., Trenton, lost spokesman said brief periods ities they serve need and kta caltkrtt* flu aceaiiM .about able to serve them In accordance with their Cottage Cheese 4 JSSt * 1 51-60 COUNT {ffiasa^sss *" GASOLINE George Corson, Bob. Jeney, control of the vehicle. of discolored water or pres- require. wishes. S Ek Earl Morgan Th ttr trailer struck d cc i war* Mr. art Mr*. Ctartoi A. | YtlLOWorHfMITtPAST.PROC.51NCLE5L]CE5 _. _^ Extra Hours at Both Officst SUPPLY Scott"Evanko, Earl Morgan, The tractor trailerstruck sure drops may occur in A good hospitalls.ases- " ' Driv»-in Window opan Monday thru ThurBdoy ~ Charles Zubak and Ron Fete- a parked car and slightly some area* during the test- • CmUaiky, Jr. at Rakway funerals: l^Kfaft American Cheese 'JV 59 - 8:30*^rt.-ro 6 P.M. Friday 8:30 AM. to 9 PJil. al__tP _a_ communityi.as ter. The courm;, which 1B injured a wmumi, who wag mg> but that any dlBcqloratiorr are schools, water systems, *aii~ Mr. aiMi Mrs. TtMia 5at"feotTr-Wailc»up-rjnTi-Dri>w-ln-8:30 - mandatory for all those bet- unidentified. The vehicle would disappear within an "It's okay, mother, when I FRIENDLY RELIABLE SERVJCE and police and fire protec- Kally af Clark aanaf atkart. fri(»i •(fvctiv* thru Saturday, April 4, 1970. ween the ages of 14 and 21 crashed.^through a fence, hit hour or two. The hydrant say I'm going to be an acti- h4ot-r«ipontibl« for typographical «cran. AND HIGH QUALITY OIL tion. Industry, small busi- who are applying for their the parked car, and finally testing program ls expected ness and the public lngener- vist ... I mean within the Boy Laac aetlva la atktatlc W* r«ttrv« th« right to limil quontiiiet. _initial hunting licenses, will struck a pillar of the office to be completed in about six ; prepared to off- Scout movement" avaata, QraakJasky wit a be repeated ln the fall. pulling down wires. weeks. UHRER-GRftBIEl SssSS- Dial 388-5100 craas*cauaiiy ____,_^lQ^Jj RAHWAY • 388 1874 pafHclFi 8 874 nnn dl of MMdktn and Unfoti Countto from Mllttown. Rirrmy. Cnnford ud Wutfittd. •Ha raea fraai Elbakatk ta Rakway aid kack. RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT THURSDAY., APRIL 2, 1970 PAGE 13 2 Officers Elevated by First New Jersey RWC Film On City's Land Usage "Land Usage In the City of Rasmussen Is a graduate April 17 - Music. Susan . chairman of the board. Artfte said, "I will remain First Joined hirst Boston Corp. in former member of the board Rahway" Is the timely title of the Columbia University Dattory, an eighth-grade stu- same time, the board of dl- New Jersey's chief execu- New York. He8pent21 years of managereof St.Elizabeth a of a film to be shown to School of Architecture, dent In Rahway Middle School, rectors elevated Frank M. tive officer in charge of long- with First BoBton, 16 of them Hospitalospital. members of the Rahway Wo-__ where he has taken graduate and Diane Squillace, a ninth- p**-t to the r.ov po^t and term planning, branch appli- as an Investment specialist ActivAi e in banking circles, man's Club at their monthly courses in planning. He-was grade student in Rahway High elected Oliver F. Herttua, cations, management de- on bank portfolios. he Is a former member of meeting tomorrow at 1 p.m. appointed to the Rahway plan- School, will present an ac- GE 15 former president of the velopment, growth andover- He is past president ofthe the executive committee of at the tlderan Outing Club. ning board In 1955, and he cordlan program. Susan and Broad National Bank, New- all profitability." NYU Alumni Association the New Jersey Bankers As- The film was produced has served successively as Diane have won many medals ark, to succeed Pitt as First The First New JerBey Club of SuburbanNew Jersey soclation and a former dir- sub - division committee New Jersey president. and narrated by Andrew Ras- in state and national compe- chairman also disclosed mah t a past membeb r of thh e boarbd ector of the Bank Public mu8sen, Jr., a registered chairman, as vice-chairman tition. Hostess, Mrs. Rich- The changes were an- Herttua's election as pres- of directors of the NYU Relations and Marketing As- .., architect and licensed pro- and chairman of the planning ard Bond, 63 Frieda Lane, nounced during the annual Ident concluded an extensive Graduate School of Business, soclation oftheUnitedStates. s; •.) fessional planner In the State board and In 1967 he became Colonla. shareholders'meeting in the search for "a man who will a past treasurer of Union Pitt is chairman of the United of New Jersey, who is pre-- consultant to the board, lead- April 16 - Executive Board bank's main office. share with me the respon- Council, Boy Scouts of Am- Bankers Legislative Organ- sently supervisor of plan- ing to his present position. Meeting. Mrs. Archer Coll- ln explaining the new man- siblllties for the top manage- erica, a former director of izatlon of New Jersey. He ning and buildings In the City The film on land usage is yer, Sr., 381 W. Hazelwood agement alignment, Pitt told ment ol the bank. the Union County Mental played a prominent role in of Rahway. , actually an appraisal of what AVe. shareholders that he and his Since he helped found the Health Association and a obtainin' g enactment of the property we now have In Rah- April 20 - Literature. Po- fellow directors had long bank in 1953, Pitt has built member of the Maplewood 1968 legislation liberalizing Institute of Banking. way and shows the patterns etry and prose, member con- been aware that First New First New Jersey into a $62.7 Country Club. He also was New Jersey banking laws. Herttua began his banking of development in land use. tributions. Hostess, Mrs. Jersey "would need addition- million financial institution first president of the Ex- A career banker, the 48- career with First National Word was received last week John Butler, 2213 Church St. al Top-level talent to sustain _with four offices in Union, change Club of Union, year-old Herttua had been City Bank of New York in by Rasmussen and the Rahway. April 21 - Social Service the remarkable pace of our one in New "Providence, an-- Pitt is also a director of president of the Broad Na- 1939. He served as a naval planning board that the film Workshop for Graystone exceptional, growth, which other In Clark and approval the Union Township Chamber tional Bank since-1965. He flyer during World War II, won a special planning award State Hospital.Hostess,Mrs. has seen us double-our re- to open another inMiddlesex. of Commerce, which he foun- previously had been the foun- miu» r uorttnV winning the Distinguished from the Union County Plan- John Pohl, 416 Sycamore St. FrankMi Pitt sources in only five years. He is also vice chairman of ded 14 years ago. He served W president of the Security Oliver F. HCTttua Flying Cross, and returned ning Board as an exceptional April 21 - Author's after- Pitt said Herttua, who also the Springfield State Bank, as its president for the first National Bank, Newark. He with the Hillside institution. to the bank In 1946. From example of planning. noon at Garden State Plaza, Shareholders of First New was elected a director ofthe which he also helped to found, eight years. He was a(direc- Joined Hillside National Bank He Is a graduate of the 1948 until he joined Hillside The executive board will Paramus, 1 p.m. irBey-Bank—(formerly_Ihe. bank last week, would be re- Born 62 years ago In Gar- tor and regional treasurer of as a vice president in 1953 Stonier Graduate School of National In 1953, he was a serve as hostesses and mem- llrs t StatS e BanBkk of Union)Ui) , sponslblp lble ffor the day-to-dayy y diner,, Mass.., he earned his the National Conference of and became vice presidenp t Banking at Rutgerg s Univer- national bank examiner for bers are urged to' bring Schools Accredited I ere informed last week of.operatlons of FirstNewJer- bachelor's degree from New Christians and Jews from of the National State Bank of slty and attended New York thg Controller of the Cur-guests to this meeting. rency. le creation of the title of sey. "As chairman," Pitt York University In 1933 and 1963 through 1967. He is a Elizabeth after it merged University and the American Courtney Clark, head of the All four high schools in the Rahway planning board, and Union County Regional High What Business Skills Ray Glacobbe, Rahwaycoun- School District No. 1 are Nt'«-(1 r\r( lit ives 24 for^thernortherrrprogram discuss mutual problems. The occasion was another in Commission Report, an in-depth study of the problems, freeholders repeated their request that the state as- during the eritiral y preview at the Garden State a series of meetings sponsored by the Union County facing county government, was discussed. The free- sume one hundred per cent of welfare costs. 1970-75 7 Plaza, Paramus, at 10 a.m.- Board of Freeholders Department of Inter-Govern- holders were unanimous in-their-praise of the findings Joining in these discussions were Mr. Dominic A. Richard 0. Haily. pr i A*-*!- Molasses Taffy Apples phones; household computers: Affairs. Workshop project CENTER business robots; public data to benefit orphans in Laos banks ; computerized car parts, and Vietnam. Hostess, Mrs. 571 Rt». 27, U*lin and automatic traflie monitors. George Guiler, 544 W. Lake Merck Budget Is a Record $69 Million Ave. 2S3—2200 A record $89 million bud- 7,000,000 doses ofMeruvax tion drug initially Introduce d Provide Ravor Change "We know these products from its Introduction in June to relieve itching. Subse- Apples have been delight- es mixture, cover and sim- April 17 - Civics and l)Jil^ 7'Mi j.m.b p in. get for research and develop- and services will be here dur- Legislation. Legislative pro- Sunda} V> a.m.- ^ p.m. ment for 1970 was announced through. January, 1970, and'quently, the drug was also ing Americans since this mer 15 minutes. Uncover itiir the critical years." Haily by Merck & Co., Inc. of that it will continue to supply approved as an appetite stim-country was in its Infancy, and simmer 30 minutes long- cedures II and II. Hostess, states. "Hundreds of other de- Mrs. John Schmaeling, 1071 Rahway In its annual report the vaccine as needed, with ulant for children and"adults Hundreds of varieties ex.--.er. Spoon syrup over apples velopments will also emerge." for 1969, which Is being mail- a capacity of over 2,000,000 In many countries abroad, isted in the Old World and frequently. Cool in syrup, Thtrza PI. ed to stockholders. - doses a month. and rrtore recently it was when the colonists arrived.Serve with whipped cream, The new high in research The report also discloses approved for children In the on these ^-shoxfiflj, they,-: YIELD: .eight servings. |__BpendlngwUl^epre8ent a 14 mat markets have broadened U.S. brought with them propaga- for two in-line products for ' ';per ^entTncreaB;e~overyex^ The report also noted that ting wood and seeds of Uii FOR ALL YOUR TRAVEL ..penditures of more than $60 whleh-new~useB_.have been clinical studies are contin- best varieties. Before long,1 million in 1969, the phar- approved. uing with an improved In- apple orchards; were flour- maceutical and chemical One of the products, thia- fluenza vaccine which con- Ishing in the original colon- MEEDS Ml company reported. The 1970 bendazole, was Introduced as tains a peanut oil adjuvant, ies. " ' research -budget Is- nearly a worming agentfor livestock and a potassium-sparing dl- Apples are arSatly efljoy- \1 double *the expenditures of "'ThS'rlVst'permari'eht^set- In 19*2 uhfl^r the'trademark' uretic which is expected to ed by many.-for*•our- 6f. -i $34.6 million in 1965. • tiers of Bermuda were sur- 'Thlbenzole' ana'In 1964-ina be Introduced abroad this hand munching, buvcookea :. The report also explains vivors of the British ship formulation for human use as year under the trademark apples can offer a, ^g that the company's worldwide Sea Venture, which was an antiparasitic drug under Moduretic' change' of -flavor to "your capital Investment in re-wrecked off Bermuda on July the trademark "Mlntezol*. In addition, the company menus. MolasB&B taffy Sp- -aearch facilities has amoun- 28, 1609. Bermudians still Since that time, the report said two animal health drugs pies are an example of such! ted to $49 million since the celebrate July 28 as a holi- explained. It has been further are currently undergoing a cooked apple.dish. They) • current program of expan- day. developed in different formu- field trials -- 'Novazole,' a are especially "appropriate . slon and modernization began ___^^—— lations as a fungicide for a broad-spectrum worming a- for winter meals. in 1962. phase of our activities, and number of fruits and orna- gent for livestock, and'Duo- To make molasses taffy VISLOCKY TRAVEL An all-time high in capital because we must prepare for mental flowers as *Mertect* fas,' for control of liver apples, a simple sauce is and for paints under the fluke in sheep and cattle, prepared in a-skillet. To the 47 E. •MILTON AVE. •'4mtiorlzatlon8, amounting to future products as well aa trademark "Metasol TK-10O". . nearly $100 million, was ap- for growth by those now on The latter drug will be' in- smooth sauce are added par- RAHWAY, N. J. I -proved—by- -the., company's the market,'' the report said, The original thiabendazole troduced In - Australla-soon^ed_and_cooked apples. | board of directors last year. Products—of~Merck-re— plant at Rahway, the report ampany said The appIes^aYe^Bl according to the report. The search Introduced in the Uni- said, has been opeTatingon a — — — - ed "in the sauce for about See Our Model Kitchens sum actually spent in 1969 — ted States during the past round-the-clock, seven-day- $24,110 1$ Average 45-minutes. While simmer-.. approximately $44 million — year include "Meruvax/ a a-week basis. An expansion ingB , they are occasionally Displayed At was a record for capital ex- to be completed by 1971, A quarter century after ba s'ted w'lln fte sauce# when live-virus vaccine to prevent graduation from Rutgers ^ king is completed, penditures In a single year. German measles (rubella), the report says, will nearly coo 1 HUFFMAN-KOOS The largest building pro- and 'Attenuvax,' a live-virus double the plant's original College the average mem- ^y are cSoledi and topped gram In the company^ his- vaccine - against regular or production capacity for die ber of the class of 1944 witn whlpped cream forser- MODELHOMES tory is now going forward. red measles, using a more product. . . makes $24,110 a year. vlng, If desired. Route #18 & Arthur St. "We need to expand on this attenuated virus than The development of an ad- The specific directions East Brunswick scale because we have been Merck's previous measles ditional use, and thus expan- our ads go to local people are asfpllows: operating at or very close vaccine. The report stated ded markets, was reported and nearness nroans respite! 3/4 cup molasses to full capacity in every that the company distributed for 'Periactin,' a prescrip- 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup water _, 1/2 teaspoon "each cin- ITCHEN namon and nutmeg K 1/4 teaspoon each ground /McDonough Hits At Bateman Bill clove and ginger Assemblyman Peter J.Mc "This pre - supposes that a formula for a school dls- successful campaign last 6 tablespoons lemon juice For A Freo Survey & ErtimaU Donough (R - Union) speak- smaller districts donothave trict evaluation based on out- year. Me Donough also nam- 8 large apples CA.LL 381-6737 ing before the 1970 leglsla- as great a need for financial put Instead of input. ed Mac Donald Darnell as Whipped cream In 10 - inch skillet, com- Or, Visit Our Showroom tive conference of the State assistance. It also pre-sup- Me -Donough, chairman's an aide and advisor and Wll- . 29 E> MILTON AVE. Federation District Boards poses feat the output quality chairman" of die State As- liam Wallace as an advisor bine molasses, sugar, water, RAHWAY of Education at Rider Col- of smaller districts islnfer- sembly, has named his staff on urban affairs. Miss Lor- spices and lemon juice, (opp. R.R Station) lege not long ago, labelled iOr to those that are larger, for new term, which began raine Jantusch will serve Bring to a boll,.,fare and as ''error - laden" die con- Both of these premises are In January. Mrs. Joan Gaer as Me Donough's secretary.,core apples. Add to molass- trovef slal Bateman Bill contradicted by the facts." will Berve as his legislative which would create a new He" added that the 3,500-stu- aide in Trenton. Irving Vel- DCI Ur.ll ijJ Uf nmftn »# formula for state aid to sch- dent criterion haB the effect insky was re - named as an riJU ft III Hill 1IVIIICII i of being "economical black- aide. Also named toMc Don- ool districts. Mrs. Joseph Ference, Mrs. Daniel McCauley and (SCENE'S AT HEMLOCK FARMS) Me Donough predicted that mall" to force smaller dis- ough's staff waB Fanwood Mrs. Andrew Rasmussen will represent the Rahway the cost to implement the bill trlcts to merge. Councilman Van' Dyke Pol- Service League In EVE, a newly-formed Information SUMMER FUN FOR ALL would approximate $225 mil- "Thi'— s provisio" n muat b• e Utt, who will be responsi- and guidance center supported by Newark State Col- lion ana would take five years corrected by amendments as ble for public relations. Po- 4 BIG Uitt managed Me Donough's lege, Union. OPEN YOUR DOOR TO to Implement and not the an- well as other errors," Me EVE, an education, volunteer, employment service, SUMMER CAMPS nounced $180 million in a Donough said. "For exam- seeks to develop public information-programs to alert— three - year period. ple, K - 8 districts are ex- women to the needs for their services. offered by the Jewish Com- '/Asmajor error In the bill cluded In favor of K - 12 districts. Again, this pro- The program, available to the women of Union munity Center ol Plainfleld VACATION HOME LIVING is that It fixes an arbitrary County, will offer guidance Interviews to women seek- 103 West 7th Street 3,500 - pupil population for vision would tend to force Enter a world of year-round enjoyment at Hemlock Farms' 4200 acres mergers that might not be in ing help in finding satisfactory employment. The center, a district to qualify for max- staffed by volunteers, will begin operations in the fall. HEW JERSEY Y CAMPS high in the Poconos. yet less thnn 2 hours from New York City. imum state aid, he said. the best interests of the peo- Swim, ski, sail, hunt, fish and much more ... all on-property, all in and _| ple supporting the dlstricu'V 4-8 ftcck sleep-away period;- operating . . . including golf and tennis in a private country club. In addi- Me Donough said he had for boys and girls 7 •- 16 yours* discussed several proposed ^wimminpi ennot-inp, ^cntl^^ tion, we've added conveniences like a fully equipped Teen-Age Center, archcryi rook-ouis, all sport^ paved roads kept open all year, water supply and fire and security pro- amendments to the bill with : Its sponsor, Senator Ray- viii'uinRRUcsl performers, photo tection. mond Bateman of Somerset graphy nnd hnm rudio programs PARTY PHILOSOPHY— lishing, era f is and dramatic. Choose from a wide assortment of mod^rTonTes~and~prfces-. . . on 1/2 County. He also predicted THRIFT SHOP acre and larger sites. Learn iiow you can start building equity now, and NOW! that the bill would receive Rep. Rogers Morton (R.-Md.). On 2000 scenic .irrcs in th wide bi - partisan support chairman of the Republican Pocono Mountains, enjoy 4-season vacation home living this season . . . every season. after the errors are cor- National Committee, says. "I Fill out and mail the coupon, or drive up this weekend rected by amendment. believe we've come to a time 1388 Irving St., RahwaY Also Available to for full details and complete literature. when we've got to perhaps de- Crater Members "My primary objection to vote leas time to philosophical the bill in its present form Nursery Day Cnmp' is its arbitrary evaluation debate and more time to politi- % - 5 Yenr Olds. !i Days of school districts." He said cal management." 381-7136 EMLOCK FARMS FUEL15.6 Camp Noam* that the education compact i of the states will soon offer. 5-12 Year Olds. Full D jy. Hay In New York City Area In Philadelphia Area In New Jersey Area GAL. Camp 769-8401 215- RA 5-1414 201'437-1168 OIL Twcen Caravan* MEMPCR PtNNSYlVAKtl^AND DtVtLOPtRS' ASSOCIATION I • «, Natural l>amj.3« Hi. mi »f May. Brtae In ytw 7ih - 9th Graders. Travel Pro- AKOTHtt itltUHt MCWE CBMVUMTY 717-77J-7J01 MAWllt, PEWU.I JParidng In Bear BT CHEAT NCRTlUliN CAPITAL CCPIJDA1IGN UMlU3 9 VM.all mokti of bvifMrt. grum* HEMLOCK FARMS clittlii, hutttold FROM NEW YORK CITY-AREA: Fiom Gcorr.c Washinelon Please send 16-page color brochure and the tmr tfmtt nenit* Ju>( Bridge to Route 80 to Garden State Parkway South to special report analyzing vacation home ownership.! " wa • rail Ittas NOW. CMMlfMMt enrtomrt Elit 15A (Route 46 West). Or throujh Lincoln Tunnel to Route 3 to Route 46-WnMo-Routo-80-»t.DcnYii|e. Tu'n RICE BOWL racalvi 60% of stlllut prlct. •June 29 - August 14. off Route R0 at first laVc Hopalconp exit {Route 15 Sparta). Follow Route 15 to Route 206 past Branchville CARRY OUT Bus'.uanspariation provided. and turn left past Culvers Lake to Dingmans ferry Bridge. Limited enrollment Follow signs to Hemlock Farms. SIMONEBI fr*""( iUtfm JT»Tt FOODSHOPPE f SI'I ^Olh I Hf t>lm UNDEM, N.J. Nitc &t lh» O 7601 HV e«oes9 156-2021 Ht C2726 63 WKSTFIKLD AVENUE CLARK, N. J. 07068 14'' IHURSDAY. APRIL 2, . 1970 RAHWAY. NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT

UEOAL NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE SOUTH BRANCH PROJECT RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY Division, Union FIRE Please take notice that the fF.1297.fi9. AXIA FKDKHALH * Legal Notices Planning Board of the City of SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSO-9 Church News Rahway will hold a Public Hear- CIATION, A Savings and Loan! Ing pursuant to the Direction of Association of theUnited States I ALARM LOG the Municipal Council of the City of America Plaintiff vs CUT-1 Do not neglect the gift you LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICE of Rahway at the Council Cham- TORD BROWN et ah. Etofcn- bers In the City of Rahway, New J^J, cwa Action Writ ofExa-' have. (I Tim. .1:14). Jersey, on the 14th day cf April, cation—For Sale of Mortgaged: ST. MARY'S R. C. HOLY TRINITY EASTERN 00K CLARK BOARD OF CLARK BOARD OF Rahway Some people discover they EDUCATION EDUCATION ORTHODOX have Kifts that le:ul them to Railway Clark PE0IA IMG Lexington Boulevard 246 Lexington Boulevard for the purpose of hearing per- g- yjrtn* of the above-etated Rahway-Clark be artists, musicians, writers, test educa- Clark, New Jersey Clark, New Jersey sens Interested In. or who would wrft of execution to me directed Sunday Masses at 6:30 SUNDAY, MARCH 22 07066 07066 scientists, inventors, states- MARCH 23 for success Invites sealed proposals for: Invites sealed proposals for: men. Some of us are not lilrsxecl 1:35 p.m. Call received 9:30 p.m. Respondedrs. E. Gel- CUSTODIAL SUPPLIES INDUSTRIAL ARTS SUPPLIES with these. p;irtieul:ir ones. 1ml for defective oil burner at Gino's Restuaranc. Rubts. K. Kahn Proposals to be received at the AND LUMBER Chapter 187 of the Laws cf 1949, N J on Wednesday the 8th day Joseph E. way and Hitter Place, Clark. in us there is a Kuidini: Spirit 1054 Plerpont St. In dumpster. 7-3366. .Nb ofllce of the Business Administra- -..Proposal, s to be received at the cs amended and supplemented of AprU ^ D 1970,-at two Murphy, pastor. For other services and that makes each one of us spe- TUESDAY, MARCH 24 MARCH 24 ' ••" tor/Board Secretary at 248 Lex-offlce of the Business Admlnlstra- ™ e Suffer- 6:45 p.m. Call received 4:45 p.m. Responded ^p£ Proposals must be accompanied ARTS SUPPLIES AND LUM- (1) Along the westerly line of degrees forty-three (43) mln- Clark n rear of Brewer School. Bn (55) worship on Sunday. Commun- i g,?nd Tragedy in Our Liv- for leaves at 757 by either a bidder's bond with a BER".. said Main Street 1630' more or utes welt llong iaDd now „ tot- es A rU 8 at 10 a m fire. Appt. surety company or a certified Proposals must be accompanied less to the intersection of the said meI]s of Christopher & after i»- Jon will be served. Church « _°" P - - River Rd. Agnes ^-l" I1U L ^ M and 7:M m 7:30 p.m. Responded,,,-..)feflUB- check equal to ten per cent of the by cither a bidder's bond with a we-terly line cf Main Street and mvuKii,UVt „,„,„ninety-fou„ r „an„d „,,hfty-c,. d school 9:45. The Twelve at P- - THURSDAY MARCH 26 ln a 2:32 p.m. Call received to Walter Dr. and Rarltan F contract price, binding the bidder surety company or a certified the northeasterly- line of Regina nlne one-hundredthundredths, (94.59s jgnd north forty-six (4fl) Masses- take action onproblemscon- ^y r asP*^f^f£~?Donald l and E. MUton Ave. """ MARCH 29 seivei the ri.jlu to reject any Jersey, thencs - •- degrees nineteen (18) minutes o Sunday: 5:45, 7, SECOND PRESBYTERIAN L. Wayland. The consistory 9:5 4 m 1 day sermon of Rev. Donald , f P- - ^f received 5:15 p.m. Responded and all bids or parts of bids. The Board of Education re- 141 Southerly and at right an- ,^ r|nA mTtA «»m.ntvjhr»« n~» °» Rahway will convene at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hadesty for truck acciden. MARCt Hat i 136T 0 housFire eDepartment fire on Broadwa. y 9:20 p.m. Call received for >, gat Sunday worship 11 a.mo.f April 8. leaking gas tank at Puralator Sermon Is "God and Grass" parking lot. For the finest In commer-! by Rev. Richard R. Street- SECOND BAPTIST clal and community printl»g,| you er, pastor. Sunday school Rahway SATURDAY, MARCH 28 you w ty of Union, New Jersey. - — Education. l?ss to an * * ^4Wt*Jh*s OB /m O| 1 seminars 9:30 a.m. 5:30 11:47 a.m. Call received call publications, Ltd., at I it- II. RONALD SMITH By Order of the Board of Edu- thence ,. (tS) degrees fifty-six (36) minutes 11: (during school year) for grass fire at E. Milton 388-0608. Business Administrator cation. Township of Clark. Coun- Southeasterly m. p.m. Junior high fellowship; Rev. . JamesJV,, Ealeyy will Board Secretary ty of Union. New Jersey. y line of 6:30 p.m. senior high fellow- speakk .SundaSd y on "A P Pre- and E. Hazelwood Aves. SCO' more rr less to the intersec- Dated April 2. 1970 H. RONALD SMITH axld of shiphip; TuedTuesdaa y 131:300 p.m . CCirl - pared PPlacl e ffor a Prepared Business Administrator tion ther-"-f at the easterly line FIRST BAPTIST CLARK BOARD OF of Lec-ville Avenue; thence de meeting; Wednesday, 8 People" atthe 11 a.m. ser- Beard Secretary (41) dcgrees four (04) minutei Rahway EDTJCATION (71 Northeasterly along said >riir p.m. Bible study; Thursday vice. Senior and Emergency Dated: April 2, 1970 crt y g e ^ ^ iy .u, 24li L;'N!n£ton Boulevard eut nortnwelter «nd Communion service 9-30 ':3° P-m-. deacons meeting. Choirs will render the mu- Clark. New Jersey CLARK BOARD OF line of Lee-villc Avenue 2140 of gi PU frtjht d With the Armed Forces! 07066 EDUCATION ' sic. Sunday school 9:30 a.m. invites sealed proposals for: 24G Lexington Boulevard c-rly line of Ean Hazclwood Ave- T. Hardgrove's sermon is TEMPLE BETH TORAH On Saturday a bus trip will GENERAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES Clark. New Jersey Rahway leave the church at 9 a.m. Mld ^ FOREGOING description."The Bread and the Wine." OiTiCL'. Stockroom. A::. Kinder- 07066 alon8 5alu for a Parent Teachers Club ' Bruce S. Timm Thomas Brennan EiirhTi-Prinuiry Supplies and invites sealed proposals for: is taken from a Map of a lurrey Annual school Of missions 1 Late Friday evening ser- ride to Pennsylvania Dutch Uuphc.'t'iiu! Paper PAINTING IN THE CLARK VT made for National Pneumatic will be held at 7:30 p.m. in The Combat Infantryman . Marine Lance Cpl. Tho-rms Proposals to be received at the PUBLIC SCHOOLS Company by Bush & Price.rm . Sux,^_- the*^ «.: rhurr»h vu.» fhnna.i nrw. wunHnv- Satuces 8:30.Morning services: Country. On April 11 a cal- Badgi was awarded „_,. - ma„„s ^w-.~.Brennan, , ouso.n. of Mr. me cnurcn office rf the Business Administra- Proposals to be received at the All persons who are interested veyora. Rahway, "— Jeney* . ••00—- axd Frea8 Chapelwill spea. Drk .o Hown hi-s 2 rda3 0y 8:30 an1Od junio3O r con- endar dinner will be given at ialist Four Bruce S. Timm, and Mrs. Thomas J. Bren- tor Bo.ird known a 1088 work as a missionary in the f ^ ?, " " , = 5 Sunday the church for the senior near Pleiku, Vietnam, Feb. nan of 265 Valley Rd., Clark, truposaii 10 oe receivea ai me All persons wno are mtuii'sieu •Iu DaWnFrance Uvs Ae a. tHall 447 ,Unio andn Stwife. For Sale of Mortgaged Premises school classes convene at ZION LUTHERAN MarinMarinei-ance.vpu.wauex.e Lance Cnl Walter Rahwa« v was named aainee- The Board of Education re- Jersey. By virtue of the above-ctated ' 10:55 a.m.; children and Clark h. ulricn, Jr., son of Mr. • • serves the right to reject any The Board of Education re- y 12, but of execution to me directed younK Students to the ace Of ^iJir±.W.aLt,e.LEo.lfif.!^ deader of the cycle for his and all bids or parts of bids, servos the right to reject any ,a»3 cr or A vacuum cleaner may be a of 98 Colonia Blvd., Rahway, company at the end of his waive any informalities and and all bids or proposals or parts ,,„"„„ it I vendue. i 20 are welcome to attend. A i Te Court basic combat training Feb. 2 award contract whicrrr in their cf bids or proposals, waive any - cf your religion, or be- P.0**'Vth.6 CtV°I ™ beth..|2 series. at Ft. Dix. judgment, may be for the best In- informalities and award contract J^"!^ N. J.. on Wednesday, the 29tS h day Ippeaks a broom, Marine Corps Air Station, lerest of-- the -Boar -d of Education, which, in their judgment, may be i'^^'^ff^^SSto wiU of April A. D., 1S70, at two i neard *. By Order of the Board of Edu- for the best Interest of the Board ^."JL^11^e. " »»"»««»• wiU lock ta ti e nernoon mo New River, Jacksonville, At the beginning of the y ^urbauorat 2^ " « <* "^ over stations WERA, Plain- adult Bible hour 9:15. Con- $ N.C. cation. Township of Clark. Coun- of ^Education. in your district ""Jjj t_ ^^, .. j^ field at 8:15andWVNJ,New- flrmadon classes Saturday cycle, each platoon is appoin- ty of UnionUi , NeN wJ Jersey. B7 Orterof the Board of Edu- that rt d ted a trainee leader by its H. RONALD SMITH catiSn^Tcwnsnip'oraaJkrco^i Thi f Clk C - " said dEte. and ycu desire to and premises, heretaaftVr particu- «k «t 9:45. Title of this 9:30 a. m. and Tuesday at while the movement Business- Administrator- vo:e !!1 1 drill sergeant and at the end U-of Union. New Jersey. f- '. c^»nual>=chcol Election ^jy describedt situate In the week's program is Over- 3:30 p. m. Church council nt , hmrim mop or dust Peter"R,, Churins of the^ basic -train! ne-the-a— Board Secretary H. RONALD SMITH to recircuilate Dated: April 2. 1970 Business Administrator ZI0N L ERAN Navy Lt. (Junior grade) ward is given to the one 'who Board Secretary SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW £X"ffifgfiS%S uJSSSgOT&UaS^ft R "™ So.m.Adtiltclas^^n,,church membershi. p ^"usin. . g the attachments to Peter R. Churins, husband of has best exemplified the qual- Dated: April 2, 1970 al ities of a leader. -JERSEY-CHANCERY-DIVISION ballot bo-forwarded-to you. Such Of-Regina Avenue (formerly Mea- Rahway Sunday a t *•*••9:1> 5»• m. .ana_f,,n_,^v,rvf<>^,.—"""are get- the former Miss Carolann J. . LLYIOX COUNTY NOTICE TO CREDITORS request must state your home ad- dow Koad) and_the westerly aide Wednesday at 8j>. m. Docket No. M-9162-S8 ESTATE OF MARIAN T. CAN- dress, and the address to which Of Laurel Place (formerly Elm 11 a.ni. "wa's "diiign^fed"a"—Pvt7 Hall attended-Rahway - SEAMAN AND CLARK, ESQS. NON. Deceased. Faid ballot sh-uld be sent, and —place) •; thenc•• e runnin. g (1)"Nort... . h Sundav Karl O vacuum equipment. naval aviator and received ^S1} School. His fathef lives 214 Smith Street. Perth Amboy. Pursuant to the order of MARY must be signed with your signa- 50 degrees 44 minutei West 100 ?™ ,^* i^1 ";. ^f will OSCEOLA PRESBYTERIAN Draperies and walls catch 8u his wings of gold in cere- in Media, Pa. New Jersey 08861 (2011 324-1234 C. KANANE, Surrogate of the ture, and state the reason why feet to a point; thence running PP*y "16 pUlplt. Clark and ho}d light dust. Com- Attorneys for Plaintiff. County of Union, made on the you will not be" able to vote at (2) North 41 degrees 03 minutes school 9:15 a.m. monies at the naval air sta- RADMILA JOYCE ASANO- 26th day of March A. D., 1970, your usual polling place. No East 100 feet to a point: thence Women'B Service Group plete cleaning and/or re- tion, Corpus Christi, Tex. V1CH. Plaintiff, vs ILIJA ASAN- upon the application of the under- civilian ab-cntee ballot will be Young people will be In decorating can be postponed IN. Kellaway - e 9x and 1 OVICH. Defendant. Civil Action signed, as Executor of the estate furni'hed or forwarded to any minutes East 100 Feet to~a point- ""^JTZ-'uiSiTum »Mn^^«K_ ^^^ °' * $° f, -b.y ~^.. usinBg the dusting attach- Notice or Order for Publication of said deceased, notice is hereby applicant unless requett therefor m# ei e S unda your vacuum fre- on Absent Defendant. given to the crediton of said de- i, received not le's than eight (8) thence running (4) along said **'.??£££. ttttZrT ** J? 7i? v c y- j ment on your vacuum fre- KFUCfBrucei KllliaiKilliani Airman Leslie N. Kellaway SUPERIOR COURT OF NEWceased to exhibit to the sub- days prior to the election, and westerly side of Laurel PUce ^eu atC«mp Beisler, Cal- j^ R » by Simon and i ul uvc IXMIIUH . ' JERSEY. scriber under oath or affirmation contains the foregoing Infonna- a OC1C auent v Jr f M DOCKET No. M-9162-«8 thelr claims and demands against tlcn. STATE OF NEW JERSEY: the estate of said deceased within Dated April 1 1970 • BEING known as Lots 88. 87. ^vvLm LniVdTO 7-^0 which the message wUl be and tracked in grit. The dally son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P^ted basic training at Lack- TO: ILIJA ASANOVICH: six months frcm the date of said Lewis F. Fredericks By virtue of an Order of the order, or they will be forever B Superior Court of New Jersey, barred from prosecuting or re- ^etiy'ortheToard of ^JZSft £ &^ P&*SSh%l^£ l^hZ^cTu^ ^^Ton^Ll^noor l^rsLVinl^Z:^ l2&^'Z°K£& fi? Chancery Division, made on the covering the same against the U n f e p y y 23rd day of March. 1970. In a subscriber. c1rtySchool°R. Districeg°,oSt NoHYg. r SSSSl*Improvemen^t ««&Co, dated Apri«l 19 , „ • «- °Xt DS^dH^: SK.°S T^tZtZ «ld^ mS^er^I Miss..for traiS^Mr civil action wherein Radjnlla William S. Gurkin Mountain Avenue 1907. Joyce Asanovich is the plaintiff Executor ----•"•--•- - - Christian Science sic; Arthur Penzau and Hen- gerTh- e crevice tool can do SixtAlbanyh Flee, whict ihn ha thes Mediterr Joined th-e •traffi Kellawac controy attendel fieldd. Rahway Springfield, New Jersey ALSO .BEING known as LoU ry Gravema, n ...Jr.. invocation, message;; man-•y things•. A goo•d •ide a i•s anean'••--•• . *-•• • • • •- •• •High School, and you are th. e. defendant,. _you William S. Gurkln, Attorney 8. 9, 10 and II, Block 696, on the Helfrich and Cindy are hereby requireidd to answer 374 Grove St. NOTICE TO MILITABY SERV- Tax Map of the City of Rahway, Reading Room to use it to remove dust and Faesex, morning prayer; lint from pockets, cuffs and the complaint and amendment to Rahway, N. J. ]££ VOTERS AND TO TUK1K New Jersey. 830 Jefferson Ave. Darla Brunnquell and Wil- complaint of the plaintiff on or 4/2/2t - Fees: $12.31 RELATIVES AND FK1ENDS BEING more commonly known Rahway, N.J. seams of garments before ^cTorc the 25th day~of May. 1970, -_,__, „,,_ If you are In the mlUUry »erv- as 338 RegUia Avenue, Rahway, bur Lawson, scripture; Jeff- washing or cleaning. by serving an answer on Seaman SHERIFF'S SALE [ce or the CVOUy> or dependent of New Jersey. Tuesdays and Thundery*. rey Corcione, missions, and Stuffed toys will need less Metals in Home and Clark. Esquires, plaintiff's at- SUERIFF'S STLE — SuDerior a person In military service or. There is due approximately 1^.3:00 P.M. John Lewis, benediction. washing if they arc vacuum- Leaders of junior high Wednesday Evening* ed regularly. Use the dusting Jersey, and In default thereof #P1188-68. MOHAWK SAVINGS serving with the Armed Forces The Sheriff reserves the right school students meet tomor- tool to draw out dust deep in such judgment shall be rendered TI-IAN A Perth Amboy. New Jersey eel of land and the premise* here- tarnish. Pieces that are used inafter particularly described. less frequently will remain NOTICE situate, lying and being In the • service, home addi cleaning. CITY of RAHWAY. In the Countjr dress at which you are stationed during an installation dinner the label, will determine the clean and shiny if wrapped has been made to the'Sfunicipal of UNION and State of New Ji and stored in anti-tarnish Board of Alcoholic Beverage Con- I*?: ______A. , .. -,- --- treated cloths. trol of the City of Rahway N J BEGINNING at • point hi the relative or friend, then make a'p- dStteb'iS described Other officers to be in- over the years. Including vic e wlndointeriorsw , tropnies, door and a commercial metal polish to transfer to Rahway Inn, Inc, a northerly side of East Hazelwood plication under oath for a mill- foUows: stalled are- Mrs Nathan president of membership frames, baseboards, -can be used. Apply the polish Stainless steel or Monel Corporation of the State1 of New Avenue (also known as Hazel- tary service ballot to be forward- One Living Boom set, one Bed- Wprrill orom-am vice rjre- twice program vice presi- and many other household tto ththee surfacsurfacee witwithh a soft metal objects are best main- Jersey t/a Rahway Inn. Inc., for wood Avenue) distant 392.49 feet ed to him, stating In your appll- e s and cloth or sponge. Use a brush premises located at 216-218 St. easterly along the same from Its cation that he is over the age of mm set. one Kitchen set. aad 8l^™'^™f j£k CuSner, dent, and adult Jewish Edu- * ™ furnishings tained by washing. If neces- Georges Avenue, Rahway. N. J. Intersection with the easterly side 21 years and stating his name, TEDDY w. CABTEB membershl vice Dresldent- catton chairman. Born and cleaned and maintained with to applp y polisp h to embossed saryy, , make a ppaste of fine the Plenary Retail Consumption of Main Stteet; running thence iai ber If he Is In military fJh i educated in New York City either tfaevacuum cleaner or ?r jvrought-pattem areas scouring powder and a few ser num e Joel IwelfaJh. re-eni educated in New York City, either tfae_vacuum cleaner or ?r jvrought-pattem areas, scouring powder and a few License #C-7 heretofore issued «' along toe northerly side Jf service, home address and the ad- «****»mnMMK ~ ^e« vic^reeTintrMr;.M«7raVn ta"tat^B"ted"a the attachments. Wash in hot", sudsy water, drops of ammonia to polish to Joseph M. Galalda and Rose- E*^ Hazelwood Avenul l e South 64 • cadresn i a tfound wnlch he Is stationed or MnrpM'nmvn Tl'nrL- Norman Goldbere treasurer*'modern Judaic culture fos- rinse in hot water and polish the surface. mary E. Galalda Matsko, a part- Ief*"*?™ •.5?^! l2 h ffSJiS »* - with a dry soft cloth. nershlp t/a Rahway Inn. «t; thence (2) North 25 degree* Forms of application can be IHore-Al omen If orh M FayWahl&^nciaUeZ: tered by childhood attendance If you ore fearful of black tau e a t obtained from the undersigned. Womun are fillintr mole jobs M Lacquered copper or brass Objections, if any, should be *J ? J 6?,reif "€ ° „ Chromium does not tar- made Immediately In writing to £L??H. }jl 5f " ,,., Dated April 1, 1970 each year as they continue to reretarycord- WMrs secreury. M.J. Andrews- Mrs, shulhi th, e whicShalohm taugh Elelchemfolft reading-, ingmarks sWhe onwhitewallsorceiln using a cleaning- may tarnish when the lacquer nish,, but becomes dull witwithh Lewis F. Fredericks Mrs. Madeline Kfrkbrlghtrcierk West 15.85 feet; thence <4) outnumbeb r Americai n men andd CharleChl s FriedbcrjcFidb . owiBociaul writin-.»——-g _.an—d —.—-.—._.„_....literature in Yid_ - attachment. , cover it with a begin— s to wear off. Some filmfilm . If washing and drying pf_the_Munidp.l Board_of Alco- ^^Sd^ndTpa^y n. Secretary of the Board of h h o U as nolle Beverage Control. City Hall, Education of The Union us barriers to female employ- secretary- Mrs Jullua Wise di rinse and dry Braunfeld, M. J. • Mrs. Aaron' Ackerman. Oi »tal hudgetoi tne union Pewter should never be money grows on trees is going "Tht-rc's one change I'd like to see right now—that's the action of other business of the about 700,000 to an even 50 Association that may be property a past president and counsel- County ategional High School cleaned with an abrasive to have trouble getting out of iiliotiUon of the torm 'federal funds' and the substitution of determined at said meeting million. lor, is chairman for the District No. 1 for the 1970- cleaner. For regular care, the woods." a'nd rS- 71 thi' correct tormr^TRTople's money.' " JOHN R. BOWEN " evening. school year. use two tablespoons of am- William Kusher. Publisher. National Review. Secretary WelrSnaS. THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1970 PAGE16 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT . High School Honor Lists for 2nd Marking Period Louis E. Youngblood, guidance director at Rahway Hamtil, Sharon Harchetts, William Hauer, Ellen Hen- High School, where Roy M. Valentine is principal, drickson, Linda Henry, LuAnn Heuser, Paula Hillnskl, Levitzky, Denise Lucas, Nancy O'Brien, Karen Olsen, announced today the honor rolls for March, the second Cynthia Hill, George Hohman, Raymond Hunt, Robert Anne Parker, Robert Rees, Terry Rostkowskl, Sandra marking period. The list follows: Huthman, Gerald Ingram, Steven Karmel, Elizabeth Ruscica, Karen Sacks, Donna Spelch, Katherine Vasil, FRESHMEN Kelly, Elizabeth Kinch, Robert Kirschbaum, George Wendy Walton, Karen Yergalbnis, Klutkowski, William Koepfler, Debra Korb, Gail Kosty, Honor-. Lynn Adriance, Vincent Agliata, Michael High honors: Susan Bolmer, Eileen Cregge, Rus&ell Charles Lack, Linda Libertazzo, George Lowrey, Debra Alba, Albert Alfano, Barbara Anderson, Mary Andrade, Currle, Karen Geddes, Melvin Grzesh, Deborah Hauss, Lyons, Linda Markel, Jeffrey Marr, Cathy McDowell, Karen Anton, Diane Aquino, Mary Argondizzo, Linda Gordon Iamine, Herbert Jenkins, KarenKablis.Michele William McFadzean, Janice Mell, Susan Midrano, Lee Atkins, Jeffrey Attlesey, Daniel Babish, Donald Balpgh, Kane, Deyanne Kapiec, Mario Kawczynski, Nancy Kuhl, Moore, Lori Moore, Bruce, Nunez, Julia O'Donnell, Carole Barefield, Douglas Ba'Umann, Janice Behjike, Pamela Loos, Judith Marciniak, Emil Matarese, Julia Marlene Oliver, Kathleen Osbahr, James Oslislo, Linda Juanita B'entley, Judy tmadeau, Michaele Bober, Gary McClure, Sandra Olters, Dudley Painter, Deborah Owens, Robert Pacheco, Beatrice Patrocinio, David Brewer, Brenda Brown, Harold Brown, Estherlene Seaman, Philip Sobo, John Soyka, Joseph Spugani, Perlowin, Gregg Pingor, Doreen Plahovinsak, Robert Byers, Annie Cain, Michael Caravella, Denise Cheek, Michael Staryak, Mary Terranova, David Tomaszew- Pryor, David Rapp, Bonnie Richter, Susan Rozanski, Lynn Christoffers, James Crawford, Thomas Cregge, v Joel Davion, Sheryl Deboff, Michael Devitt, Wilbur icz, Orin Trooskin. Christopher Ruff, Scott Russell, Karen Rutter, Lynne Dixon, Robert Douglas, Anita Dubrow, Forestone Dun- Honors: Debra Amasio, Warren Argentiere, Doris Schaefer, Charles Schillaci, Susan Schultz, Deborah ston, Anne Duraing, Ellis Esslg, Marlene Fagan, Bader, David Baker, Russel Banz, Ward Baumann, Singleton, Olga SIntscha, Marie Skocypec, Carol Slon- Kenneth Freedman-, Denis Fritz, Barry Gellman, Judith David Beckhuscn, Kathleen Bilodeau, John Blackwell, aker, Judith Smith, Susan Smith, John Solewin, Vondra Gjertsen, Henselena Greene, Patrick Halpln, Eileen Louis Bona, Thoma's Brothers, Dorothy Brown, Reata Street, Denise Strieker, Russell Taylor, George Taylor, Harrahill, John Helly, Peggy Dodoske, James Ingram, •Campbell, Martin Caputo, Paul Chapin, John Chussler, Willard Taylor, Antoinette Thomas, Horace Thompson, William Jones, Sandra Kabrich, Mary Kagan, Sarabeth Wendy Chuvcn, Stephen Davidson, Nancy D'Errico, Rebecca Turcotte, Debra Vanderhoof, Sandra Wagner, Katz, Janet Kleniewskl, Richard Koniuszy, Diane Krav- Patricia Disney, Joseph Dondiego, Joseph Duffy, Sandra Triena Wanko, Catherine Webster, Michael Wheaton, cov, John Kubu, Elaine Kudla, John Junak, Danlela Easterbrooks, Deepika Finch, Patricia Geiger, Phyllis Christine White, Jane Williams, Shirley Wyszynski, Ladis, Albert Lawson, Cynthia Lenox, Kenneth Leonard George, Elizabeth Gersitz, Elizabeth Glbb, Susan Golli- Jayne Zahorbenski, Thomas Zepko, Michael Zimansky, Maria Lesniakova, Richard Lindemann, Diane Lutz, hur, Sandra Gornic,Nancy Greco, Glenn Guyre.Maureen Christian Zingler, Anne Ziobro. Daniel McCauley, Maureen McGrath, Thomas McKee- Hailey7>Susan Handler, Karen llaury, Donna Ikenson, Merit: Theodore Baker, JoAnn Basile, Deborah Borek, ver, Eileen McKeon, Eileen McShane, Diane Meglis, David JaiViora, Catherine Jones, Claudia Jones, Jef- Peter Bruce, Claire Dagostaro, Jayne Dunaway, William Patricia Merchant, Diane Mesaros, Ann Mlka, James _Jxey Kjjbuf John Kuroski, Susan LaRocca, Robert Lar- Haffer, Karen Hansen, Craig Hugger, Vanessa Johnson, Mikajlo, John Miller, Ronald Miller, Gail Moore, John L. to R.: Instructor John Qulnn, Capt. Joseph Sbarm with Students Join Kavanagh aid Lym Robert Kump, Natalie Nelson, Morton Schaeffer, Thomas Moran, Joanne Morgan, Lois Morganstern, Charles Volpe. The Other Two students "'ere Not Identified. - -Bonnic.'Matukaitus, .Debra Mayer, Gary Meffe, Edward Sherwood, CalreatherStaley, John Szczepaniak, Michael - Mosby| Rae Mundy Patrick Nash, Richard Neubauer Things Aren't Melando, Linda Miller, Vanessa.Mills, Robert Moro,' •T,,^o,-Turner, Alla4n,n- Vachev,.h», Daln,ie» Vanscov,n=^. Richard Nolan, Deborah OUvieri, Dianne O'Reilly, Dale Ulylessa Morse, Audrey Neil, Steven Nitkiewicz, Pa- SENIORS Osef, Roy Oskutis, Elaine Paciunas, Lorraine Pasitka, Course in Resuscitation tricia Nolan, Cheryl O'Brien, David Ogando, Cathy. Angle Amanda, Audrey Arnold, Gretchen Brendcl, Cheryl Portner, Anthony Psomas, John J. Quinn, Thomas What They Olivera, Donna O'Reilly, Ralph Owens, Laura Palamar/ Elaine Chilakos, Donna Dickert, Bonnie Hakalski, Redman, Joan Regen, Linda Remenar, Margaret Roselli, The Clark Rescue Squad_pxeaenied an hour of in- Ronald Pannone, Nicholas Paslawsky, Peter Prakapas, Frances Halvazarkis, Helen Haus, Kathleen Holmes, Laurie Rubin, Joan Ruffini, YvonneSabol, JodySamples, struction in the art of mouth - to - mouth resuscita- Appear to Be I Fern Presser, Donald Pryor, Gail Psomas, Roberta Tami Isaacs, Anneliese Kaplan, Catherine Kazakewitz, tion to the students of the safe boating course. The Lorraine Sanyi, Ronald Schulman, Pamela Shivickis, students were shown the film "Breath of Life", and If a "lady" lifts her shirt, Purdy, Bruce Rast, Kevin Reilly, Doris Rodnick, Susan Susan Kump,. Diane Kuroski, Marc Lauritsen, Kenneth Sharon Sienkiewicz, Victor Skakandy, Stephen J. Smith, take a careful look, for she . Scarpitto, Patricia Schan, Gary Schulman, Franklin Marina Sobo, Patricia Soyka, Laurie Spankuch, James each student was given the opportunity of practicing Shobe, Glenn Sinclair, Patricia Skocypec, Diane Squil- mouth - to - mouth resuscitation on a plastic manikin. might turn out to be a he. Stokes, James Sullivan, William Sutyak, Walter Szew- Pupas from all Clark schools are completing an eight- That's what Patrolman Rich- lace, Sharon Suckar, Blair Svlhra, James Thompson, SSM Corporation Is New City Firm czyk, JoAnn Thomas, Kevin Tierney, Roseann Tremarco, Catherine Tyrrell,- Mark L'singer, Shirley Utegg, Bar- week course at Charles H. Brewer School sponsored ard Reider discovered last Service Station Manage- Barbara Tuday, Alan Vigilante, Rose Walker, Christina by the Clark Board of Education Recreation Program. week, when he ordered to bara Voss, Patrick Weaver, William Weiss, Carol WeUmann, Joan Well<- White, Joyce Wilson, ment Corp., marketers of investigate a "suspicious wo- -Merit: Valeri gasoline in 15 states man" at Gar side Place and Debra Bell Julit the brand names of vt 2 House Breaks Yield $240 Cash Schuyler Dr., Clark. Way. Merit, Safe-Way and see wW take possession o{ Donald Caldwell, Salvatore Cardaci, Keith Davis, Jfa- Mprir- rhnrlp<3 Rpro- • trtcia Eberhardt, Marybeth Flynn, Michelle Hornyak, Giant, has leased 0.000 the premises about May 1 other, police believed : Joseph Ilovanec, Diane Huff, Kelvin Ivery, Ronald will use them for gen- was arrested as a disorderly • 5 DuiminbuU

Convenient Locations Main Offlca: 610 Franklin Blvd., Franklin Township, N. J. Clark Office: Westtield & Raritan Roads, Clark, N. J. Franklin Mall Offlcs: Easlon Av» and Rt. 287, Franklin Township, N. J. Scotch Plains Office: 336 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, N. J. Kingston Office: Highway 27, Kingston, N. J. Westfleld-Fanwood Office: 2222 South Avenue, Scotch Plains, N. J. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dally • 9 a.m. to Noon Saturday • 6 to 8 p.m. Monday Millstone Office: Rt. 533, Millstone, N. J...... -Drive-In:8 tun. to 8 p.m. Daily • 9 a.m.to 5 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Daily • 9 a.m. to Noon Saturday • 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday Drive-In: a a.m. tg 8 p.m. Daily • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday Highland Park Ohica: 45 Woodbrldgs Ava, Highland Park, N. J. Motor Office Drive-In: Franklin Blvd.* Somerset St., Franklin Township,N.J. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Dally • 9 a.m. to Noon Saturday • 8:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday 8 a.m. to 0 p.m. Dally • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday Drive-In: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Daily • 9 o.m, 10 5 p.m. Saturday

;,.:J 'ST-BY n East Cherry St., Rahway : i *u- -Y. __;_;_. l*+. A- :.^J.-.'

THURSDAY. APRIL 9. 1970 PAGEJ RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT ~>AY, APRIL 9, 1970 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT THURSDAY. AP" Club of Rahway at Its Clark through die program, re- Mrs. Mary Kiel Named Cultivating a 'Garden' McOaniel Knocks GOP, Citing Negro History clubhouse. They were enter- freshments will be served. ^mpanies Moose Give "Today's news Is tomor- '.'Although heavy fines and ed admission to the schools, "Now " concluded Mc tained by the Easter bunny, Make a note of the date on row's hUtory," observed punishment were meted out who distributed chocolate your calendar for an evening In Support of Bridges denied entrance to the trad- Daniel, "one can only hope Dr. Adam T*. Me Daniel to those caught harboring es Social News <£ 'Secretary of the Year* ••• that if I haven't given Rafi- goodies, ancflater danced and of fun and excitement. Councilman of Rahway/s runaway slaves or even aid- And Unions Troop 40 enjoyed a buffet served by "On October 14, 1969wa, y's mayor and GOP con- Kate Bauer; Mis* Gail Nardone of 267 Mrs. Mary Kiel is quite don, Certified Professional, Fourth Ward, "and In my ing in the prevention of their Rahwayy s one partpy y ggovern- trolled council a valid his- members. Secretary rating and NSA opinion, the history books recapture," stated Me Dan- d d N . "Miss, Kathleen Spadea of aj-g located at the park, if Plans are now being made Berthold Ave., Rahway, a an athlete. A^ list of activit- ment voted to deny a Negro cory lesson, they will prove or participation. will someday record unfav- iel, 'Rahway was part of a Are Cited* New Home 225 Madison Ave., Rahway, a you're planning a picnic or * the annualwaldiest(fam- student at Mother Seton Re- ies in which ~she loves to the variance which would en- t0 be men enough not to corn- participate is this long and Her present Job is secre- orably the headline making numbered route with stat- able him to practice his pro- pound their mistakes by per- Two of the township's big- A meeting of the Mom's teacher at the Symphonic Ac- Oud.ng reservations may be Uy picnic) on Sunday, June gional High School, Clark, actions resorted to by Ma- ions designated by letters was among outstanding busi- includes hiking, square- tary to three executives of fession as a mortician in 8Uing this further, but will gest companies and unions Club of Troop 40 was held cordian Studio, was. give n an ^ma

j>~" _ rnr THE PARTY STARTS AT MARSHALL'S ! Pro-Soaker Deterqent

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THE PARTY STARTS ATMarshall's ISM InriuT Strut • Serving Rahway and Adjoining Communities for 118 years m m - Member Federaf Deposit Insurance Corporation MERIT FOODTOWN, 52 WE8XE1ELD_A^E^CLARK Corporation 1110 St. Gei ; e 3O PAGE 4 THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 1970 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT

camera crew began filming the individual, and he held RAHWAT the bandage along the side LETTERS^^EDITOB of the head. Mr. Foran ap- proached in order to ascer- • T«flM EAtt n Special thanks to the tain what they were doing, llecotb Please accept the sincere Marks Harris store for the annual free Coke party. Hun- but when he inquired, the New Jersey* Oldest Weekly Established IKES thanks of-the fdrla^leaderB, camera team Immediately and officials of Rahway, Area 'dreds of scouts took advan- walked away and the indivi- *"- /TBJ'fl'njL^ Member of 4 of the Crossroads Girl tage of Harold Harris' hos- dual on the ground cursed Scout Council, for the part pitality during the week. Our 'CWflfWTWw Quality Weeklies of New Jener, Ue. gratitude to Budget Finance him and left the area. The Rahway News Record In summation, the Cong- Dnloa Couty>s Newest Weekly Established IMS . " played in the success of our Co. for the use of its win- dow which helped Mrs. John ressional Committee -' found PnblUwd Every Tfcsnday Maniac by annual Girl Scout Week. that the networks, by mani- Our .thanks also to every- Bober's Junior troop 460 tell the Girl Scout story pulating • the news coverage BAUER PUBLISHING & PRINTING LTD. one at Rahway City Hall for of the Democratic National being.so nice to our Senior ; and to everyone and anyone who helped make this Girl Convention, favored the rad- 1470 Broad Street Rahway, N. J. 07065 388-0600 RAHWAY scouts during Girl Scout Go- ical mobs and held up the MONDAY, MARCH 30 vernment Day, especially Scout Week such a memor- K. C. Baser, Editor * Publisher able one. police and the Chicago may- Kathertae K. Baaer, Advertattaf Manafer Herbert Southern of 571 E. Hazelwood Ave. reported. Councilman Ray A. Gla- or to public scorn. They and his home had been broken into and a Panasonic stereo cobbe who once again proved Mrs. Claire A. Sctmpper other facts in the repqrt pro- The Rahway News fteeord and dark Patriot are weekly newspapers serving the best interests of FM-AM radio and tape player purchased only three the perfect host; to the re- Publicity Chairman, Araa 4 vides ample cause for an ob- their respective communities~_It is the endeavor of these journals to present the news in a sound, hours earlier bad been stolen. presentatives of the Regina Crossroads G. S. Council jective study and investiga- sane, and traditional manner, maintaining the rights of all by accurate factual statement and At 3 p.m. Mrs. Jean Condron, of 187 E. Hazelwood Corporation for the impres- tion into network "news" sive tour of their plant; to To tbe Editor: measured reasonable opinion. Ave. reported a sewing machine valued at $130 had been broadcasting. As the Fed- - stolen from her car while it was parked in Municipal the Galaxy Restaurant for A Special Investigations eral Communications Com- their hospitality; and to Mrs. Subcommittee of die House. Subscription Bates by Mall Including Postage $4.00; Outside Union and Middlesex Parking Lot C. . Committee on Interstate and mission pointed out, '-'slant- - Counties $8.00; Second Class Postage Paid at Rahway. New Jersey THURSDAY, MARCH 31 Kenneth Kirkbright, the ma- ing the news amounts to fraud. Robert D. Rlcci of 8 Applewood Dr., Edison, re- yor's secretary, for the Foreign Commerce sought upon the public and a very . ported his 1968 Ford stolen from Sinnott*s Parking Lot many clerical duties she to track down documentation dangerous fraud indeed." In at Broad and Cherry Sts. between 7:50 a.m. ana 7:40 performs so graciously for on four "staged news" ev- my opinion, the television ^MERCK OFFICIAL GUEST p.m. The car was later recovered by the Elizabeth us during G. S. Week. ~ ents during the 1968 Chicago networks are guilty of a sys- Smoking Is Such a Drag Police Department at 1:41 a.m. We were most grateful National Democratic Con- tematized attack against the - Frank Korzeb of 499 Central Ave. reported his home to Mayor John C. Marsh vention and its attendant very institutions which sus- To smoke or not co smoke. JThat is the crucial broken into between-hours of 5 and 7:45 p.m. Entry and the members of the city rioting. Here are some of tain our way of life. And, in dilemma facing thousands of American smokers today. #Mrs.| Leo Kahn was apparently gained by breaking the front door. Two council for the lovely adver- the shocking excerpts from addition, I seriously question -From -newspapers,-billboards,-..magazines...radio, and -diamond-rings valiued at $420 were stolen. - TTTJaeinent commemorating -its reports-Senator and Mrs. —their-political-ideoVogv. — television, Madison Avenue has long been broadcasting At 11:10 p.m. police detailed to a parking lot at 2428 the 58th anniversary of Girl Gale Me Gee saw a news^~ how glamorous it is to smoke, how relaxing it is, how St. George Ave. where a neighbor looking out of his • Scouting in the U.S. A., which reel crew in Grant Park ar- Don Pfister smart it is. The millions of dollars poured into cigarette To Host N CM range to have a girl demon- window saw and chased two young thieves in the pro- appeared in your March 5 P.O. Box 92 Rahway advertising keep the stream of propaganda flowing Mrs._ Leo Kahn of 1063ished children, problems of cess of removing the battery from under the hood of a • Issue. strator, who was wearing a steadily. Over the years the success of the advertising youth, programs to assist car owned by Donna Bird. The thieves ran leaving' - bandage- across her fore-- barrage, whether subliminal or how, was apparent. In Mldwood Dr.", Rahway, will in the fight against drugs, head, walk up to a line of Na- host the next regular meeting •pollution. behind a flashlight, a heavy pair of metal cutters and a May We Fiii Your 1960 there were over 51 million cigarette smokers in of the Central Parkway-Sec- wrench. tional Guard troops and begin the United States. tion, National Council of Jew- SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 shouting, "Don't hit me!" Next Prescription? ish Women, at her home on JERSEY, CHANCERY DIVISION Just prior to 2:41 a.m. Mrs. Sandy Wissingerof 2204 when the newsreel crew gave Then, in January 1964, the surgeon general released UNION COUNTY the cue and began shooting. Monday night, Apiil 13. Bob Docket No. M-9162-68 Elizabeth_Ave. noticed her car being pushed out into his now-famous report. The cigarette was once again Meyers, a Merck official, SEAMAN AND CLARK, ESQS. the road by two youths. She yelled at the youths, and The U. S. Attorney for the in the spotlight, but instead of calling it glamorous and will discuss the topic, "The • 214 Smith Street, Perth Amboy, they fled leaving the car in the middle of the roadway. Northern District of Illinois, CLARK —relaxing,- he called it harmful and dangerous and deadly.- IntniBion~of Extremists Into New Jersey 08861 (201) 324-1234 At 4:50 a.m. Ptl. Paul Mancuso and Special Officer Thomas A. Foran, stated The cigarette, obviously, was not everything the ad- Public Education." Attorneys for Plaintiff. VJm. Temple checked the papers of a car driven by that he witnessed an indivi- vertising men. had cracked it up to be. Far from it. RADM1LA JOYCE ASANO- dual, sitting on the grass and DRUGS Mrs. Kahn and Mrs. Mor- VICH. Plaintiff, vs ILIJA ASAN- Craig. Poulos, 18, of 852 Madison Ave. and accompanied holding-a large bandage in The surgeon general saw a direct connectionLbetween ris - Singer of- Rahway and OVICH, Defendant. Civil Action by Nick Demos, 18, of 502 W. Scott Ave. Five loaves- 8B Westfield Ave., Clstk smoking and ill health, particularly lung cancer. Notice or Order for Publication of bread, subsequently found to belong to the A&P his hand, conversing with a Hence the dilemma. Whether to surrender to years Mrs. Norman Brltman and on Absent Defendant. three - man camera crew, Mrs. Murray Singer of Clark, SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW Supermarket, Linden, and three half-gallons of milk,, of conditioning and continue to smoke or to face the one qt. of milk and one qt. of orange juice taken from one of whom had the CBS 381-7100 unpleasant facts of the surgeon general's report and return today from the Mid- JERSEY, trademark on his jacket. Af- Atlanric District Convention DOCKET No. M-9162-68 porches of homes in Rahway. POWER RAKES Free Delivery - Anytime put that cigarette out for good. STATE OF NEW JERSEY: ter a brief conversation, the of the education and service THURSDAY, APRIL 2 TILLERS Evidence indicates that more and more Americans organization at the Cherry TO: IUJA ASANOVICH: Reports were received, of ten cars parked in various are taking the surgeon general's advice anti do'using Hill Inn, Cherry Hill. By virtue of an Order of the places having been vandalized during the night by an EOSERS I'M GLAD I CHANGED TO their last cigarette. Today, there are approximately 21 Superior Court of New Jersey, "Making the Scene in theChancery Division, made on the unknown person, apparently firing a pellettypegun. The ROLLERS million ex-cigarette smokers. One in five men who once 70's," the theme of the con- 23rd day of March. 1970, In a cars had broken windshields or • door glass panels. smoked have given it up. Some 100,000 physicians — civil action wherein Radmlla half of those who had smoked — have quit the habit. vention, expressed N.C.J. Joyce Asanovich Is the plaintiff John Costello, manager of Ivory TowersMotel, Rt.#l PREMIER OIL Further encouragement to fence-sitters is the dls- W.'s desire to get into the and you are the defendant, you and Lawrence St. reported a battery stolen from a xovery.that much_of the damage is reversible if ciga- action now, to work with and "are hereby required to answer Michigan registered Ford truck parked in their parking AMD become involved with-the-the-coraplalnt and amendment to lot area. GASOLINE rettes are given up in time. Emphysema will "mark, 1 1 pl a 0 n r SATURDAY, APRIL 4 time" and become no worse. With lung cancer, there's problems and issues of the' ""P ^ °J. •"* ^i , Q~°n SUPPLY little chance of turning back the clock once the disease n«>w rfoonrtp Thf>a<™>nrtn arv-ir before the 23th day of May, 1970, At 9:45 a.m. it was reported that Verneau's Drug new decade. The agenda spot- ^ serving to answer on Seaman Store of 1465 Irving St. had been the scene of an at- has gotten underway. But, the body has demonstrated lighted key issues of con- and Clark, Enquires, plaintiff's at- the ability to get rid of "precancerous" cells — cells Cern to women. Including ed- torneys, whose address faNo . 214 tempted break and entry. FOR FRIENDLY RELIABLE SERVICE n needs of improver- Smith Street, Perth Amboy, New while investigating Verneau's Drug Store it was dis- which have not made the final change to uncontrolled' Jersey, and'iand Inn defaultt «<«"••«thereo»f covered that Joe's Pet Shop of 34 E- Cherry Su had- _ AND HIGH QUALITY OIL growing. such judgment shall be rendered UGAL NOTICE against you as the Court shall also been the scene of an unsuccessful break and entry. The federal government recently rook a giant step in PUBLIC NOTICE thinfc equitable and Just. You After prying open an outer door, me burglar was un- Dial 388^5100 SOUTH BRANCH PROJECT shall file your answer and proof able to pry open the inner door. the direction of better health when it decided to ban of service in duplicate with the all television cigarette commercials started January 1, RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY The home of Mrs. Charles Rowland of 247 Stanton Please take notice that the Clerk o.f_ th. e Superior Court. St. was entered by burglar(s) who ransacked die pre- 1970. Many major newspapers, the New York Times Planning Board of the City of State House Annex, Trenton, TJew among them, have already established certain criteria Rahway will hold a Public Hear- Jersey, In accordance with the mises. before they will accept cigarette advertisements. ing pursuant to the Direction of rules of civil practice and pro- SUNDAY, APRIL 5 But where did it all start? History can successfully the Municipal Council of the City cedure. Ethel Glazier of 139 Russeii Ave. reported 11 eight- of Rahway at the Council Cham- The object of said action Is to track stereo tapes stolen from her husband's car .while trace~~smO?lng. back to Sir Walter Raleigh, whose .Tiers In the City of Rahway. New obtain a judgment of divorce be- servant doused nim with water when he saw smoke 'Jercey, on the 14th day cf April tween the said plaintiff and you. it was parked in front of their home during the night. swirling out of Sir- Walter's mouth. Thehabitcontinued 1970, at 3:00 pjn prevailing time Dated: March 30, 1970 At 6:50 p.m. police were detailed to Demblinjps • and even thrived among the aristocratic classes, but for the purpose'of hearing per- SEAMAN AND CLARK Market, 736 W. Grand Ave. On arrival they learned scng-Interested, in, lor- who would Attorneys of Plaintiff that apparently someone-had secreted themselfinside ~fr"~tTfflT*hTLrbfrwaBnotTmfflT>urenturyttegntph p be. affected by, a_\4etirminatton 2" Smith Street the store prior to closing as a screw driver and two lar appeal. The magazine advertisements glamorizing that the area de-cribed below Is Perth Amboy, New Jersey the weed started to appear in the Thirties as ladles in a renewal area as-denned in sirmUFma ctic bottles of whiskey were found on :the floor where the calf-length dresses gazed soulfully at their mustachioed Chapter 187 of the Laws cf 1949. ^^ a "" thief had broken out of the store premises. THE NEXT TIME at amended and supplemented SHERIFFS STLE — Superior MONDAY, APRIL 6 Romeos in white double-breasted Jackets^At-first, only (N. J. S. A. Section 40:55-21. 1 et Court of New Jersey, Chancery At 3:20 a.m. Albert W. Kochy, 52, of 216 Elm Ave. the Romeos held cigarettes, but gradually more and seq.) and who favor cr who are Division, Union County, Docket reported be was mugged and stabbed in his left hand, more ads showed ladies with cigarettes. opposed to such determination. A #F1188-68. MOHAWK SAVINGS The greatest boom the cigarette industry enjoyed came map of the area described below AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a while he stood in front of his home. The assailant was with World War II. There was never a package sent to has been prepared and can be In- corporation of New Jersey, Pla±n- reported as a white male. spected at the office of the Clerk tiff, vs WILLIAM VIRGIN, et aL ... YOU'RE AT THE a G.I. that did not include at least a few packs of his of ths Municipality. The bounda- Defendant Civil Action Alia* ^^ffiS^^ftWSOKBas^^ favorite butt. And one popular radio program of the ries of the area being lnveni- Execution—For Sale of Mart- x- .-•!-. war years, sponsored a leading cigarette company, goted as to such determination gaged Premises. X; always went off the air with the name of a servicemen's here and above described, are as By virtue of the above-stated :x hospital that was going to receive hundreds of its fcllowv alias writ of execution to toe dl- •:•: FOR TOP SECURITY sponsor's product. BEGINNING at a pclnt at the rected I shall expcee-tar sale by '•:•: K Intersection cf the southwesterly public vendue. In room Bt8, In the X; CALL "AHTripHY'S" KEY SHOP, TO INSTALL" As the number-of cigarette smokers in thecountry llnj' of Eat Hazelw;od Avenue~Court House; In the City of XUa- & continued to increase, there was also a nagging but with the westerly line of Main beth, N. J, on Wednesday, the RS DOUBLE CYLINDER LOCKS WITH DEAD BOLTS. never confirmed corresponding increase in the incidence Street and running thence 22nd day of April A. D, 1970, at It: (1) Along the westerly line of two o'clock In the afternoon of OUR NAME IS YOUR GUARANTEE SINCE 1111 of lung cancer. In 1921 there had been 371 deaths said Main Street 1630' more or said day. attributed to lung cancer. In 1930 the number jumped to less to the Intersection of the said All the following tract or par* over 2,300. By 1940 more tnan 7,000 deaths were re- westerly line cf Main Street and eel of land and the premises here* SHOPPING CENTER ported. In 1950 it was up to 18,000, and'in 1960 the the northeasterly line of Reglna fn«ft»r particularly described. 388-1198 figure stood at almost 36,500. In 1970 deaths due to lung Avenue; thence situate, lying and being In the 12) Southwesterly IV more or CITY of RAHWAY, In the County cancer are expected to rise to 62,000. lc-s to the Intersection of the of UNION and State of New Jer» CENTRAL AVE. In 1964 the connection was established. In addition, southwesterly line of Begins Ave- sey: GRAN CENTURIONS the surgeon general's report showed that the adverse nue and the northerly line of Mill BEGINNING at a point In tb* & effects of smoking are not limited to lung cancer. Street; thence northerly side of East Haielwoo* (3) Along said northerly line of Avenue (also known as Hazel- Studies made during the 1950's indicated that cigarette Mill Street 320* more or less; wood Avenue) distant 302.43 feet GARPJN STATE P'KWAY smokers are more likely to become ill periodically thence easterly along the same from Its 4 $250 Grants and to die early from at least three other groups of (4) Southerly and at right an- Intersection with the easterly tide diseases: cancer of the lip, mouth, tongue, larynx, gles to the northerly line of Mill cf Main Street, running thence Once again, the Gran Centurions will award four Street GC m're or lest to the (1) along the northerly side of scholarship grants. As in the past, each grant will be CLARK pharynx and esophagus; chronic lung ailments, es- -outherly line of Mill Street; East Hazelwood Avenue South 64 pecially bronchitis and emphysema, and coronary thence decrees 16 minutes East 15.83 in the amount of $250, two of which will be awarded artery disease and probably other diseases of me heart (5) Easterly along the southerly feet; thence (2) North 29 degrees to college-bound students and two to non-college- and the blood-circulatory system. line ct Mill Street 20C more or 44 minutes East 120 feet; thence bound students. There is little question buTthat the cigarette is the less to an angle point therein; (3) North 64 degrees 16 minutes All Clark students in their senior year are eligible, LOOK FOR US'. thence West 13.85 feet; thence (4) South major culprit in mis tragic waste of life. International (6) Southeasterly along the 25 degrees 44 minutes West to, irrespective of what school they attend. studies show that the increase in lung cancer affected southwesterly line of Mill Street through and beyond a Party wall Applications are available at the guidance office of only countries where cigarettes had become popular. SOD' more cr }evi to the Intersec- uo feet to Use northerly side Of Arthur Johnson Regional High School, the Clark Public In countries where people did not smoke cigarettes, tlon ther;>?f at .the easterly line East Hazelwood Avenue, the pout Library. and the office of Dr. Clement Solieri at 800 of Lec-ville Avenue: thence or place of BEQINNINO. Raritan R'd. lung cancer remained a rare malady. (7) Northeasterly along said B3SNQ known as 438 E. Hazel. So why not outlaw smoking? A few days after the line of Lee-^Ule Avenue 2140 wood Avenue, Rahway, N. J. Judge Joseph Postlzzi, chairman of the scholar- surgeon general's report was released, the city fathers feet, more cr le*i to the Intersec- There is due approximately ship committee, advised that all applications are due FIRST FEDERAL of one Texas town prepared to outlaw both the sale and tlon thcrerf, with - the southwest- $7.71033 with Interest from Feb. Friday, April 17. smoking ofclgarettes within the town limits, under crly line of East Hazelwood Ave- roiry 19,1969 and costs. This program is made possible through the efforts nue, thence The Bheriff rtaeives the right penalty ofrTlne or Imprisonment or-:bjyb. But wiser (8) Northwesterly along said to adjoum this sale of many Clark businessmen and residents who subscribe counsels prevailed, and the ordinance was not passed. Hie rf East Haielw-od Avenue RALPH OHISCBLLO. Sheriff to the annual scholarship ad book. 4 The majority of public health authorities do not 430' rn-re or less to the point and LOOTS J. COHEN, Atty. In addition, the Gran Centurions will sponsor its support ,such laws. The failure of the 18th Constitu- place of BEGINNr^JG. DJ & RNH CX-l7io4 fourth annual scholarship dance on Friday, May 22, All persons ^ho^are Interested" 3/284t Tees: $80.80 tional Amendment outlawing alcoholic beverages is still in. rr who may be affected-by. a marking the culmination of its 1970 scholarship program. too fresh in too many memories. And the inability of determination that said area It a SERVICES- even the most stringent laws to stamp put the illegal renewal area or by a possible ac- traffic in narcotics is further proof, that a better way quisition of such area pursuant DRIVE-UP WINDOWS must be found to achieve public health goals in a free to said statute are Invited to at- All Four a Little Boy tend the hearing and will be af- society. ~» •"='•' • forded an opportunity to be heard CHRISTMAS CLUB PrauillaWS RMMSN4 with re*oect to the foregoing. ,, • • By direction cf the Municipal VACATION CLUB Veterans Studying under Council and the Planning Board the G.I. Bill are urged to in- cf the City of Rahway. New Jer- SAVINGS CERTIFICATES | form the Veterans Adrainis- *%>,„___ w Rrm,nF txation promptly if they have £to CTe* SCHROr SAVINGS ACCOUNTS a Change in their course Of Courtney W. Clarke. Chairman studj$ address, or number of Planning Board of HOME IMPROVEMENT dependents. City of Rahway LOANS MORTGAGE LOANS ROBBINS & ALLISON AMERICAN EXPRESS FUEL15.B FEDERAL TRAVELERS CHECKS GAL. INC. AND MORE! OIL Established r912 Oa *riw .SAVINGS/ il, Natiml ln.J. 14 H. en «U m«fc*« of buiiMtt. ° LOCAL AHO Wmv F«at HrrvUy fust i «» • emit LONG DISTANCE 5 OFFICES MOVINS

«STORAGE THE SOUND OF MUSIC -. Ttafi wtatt The DwtlPt will bt •ffvhg at flM "Billy Malty TO SERVE YOU! SIMONE BROS. ° PACKING Fatf-Raisiic Di«>«r-0«et" U be told Satartay May U at tttRakn y EHca CM. SclNMhitoi -•--•---• UN0B4, NJ. tf rtwt »t 7:10 MB.. wwXi «HI •« wti tt •••win MrtleaTcalttii tf teafa aamw mi HU «-2726 27W3M 41W. (MX), and GMrp Slnkioe (cartem). —s ' •- v •»' *«/...«-»*'«yn»


•iage by her stepfather, x R. Lieneck, and.had ^ww««MlsIeri Carol Ann Ran- New iawett Oldert Weekly as maid of honor. Mr. ind Gornlc of Rahway /»y«'Gk"~&ti aS ^eSt man' CwarK W /^"bridesmaids were the Union County1. Newerf Weekl3 Shirley Randolph; a of the bride, Jill Kriss, Pnblbhed Krerr Tfcund»Kottler, Donna Faugb- BAUER PUBLISHING 1470 Broad Street Rahway, at Town and Cfc BMMT, Editor AH. The ushers were The bride will be The BaT For the best their reAndrew fn printing of al! sorts give us a call at 388-0600. •ne bride wore a full- Ig^th gown and train oflace o--r taffeta embroidered with g.ed pearls and a chapel- Sisterhood to Serve ength bouffant veil. She car- ried a bouquet of small white bud rbses and white car- Kosher Chinese Food nations. Mr. and Mrs, Ephraim Black Kosher - Chinese food will presided over by Mrs. Floa The maid of honor and be j P. p.-ired, cooked and ser- Weiss, president, will n" bridesmaids wore long gowns of pInk chiffOn over taffeta and carried hand b f Ephraim Blacks Celebrate -Ci.i rk,- «!;— tftei-r-meeting-on—%er-,-- hospitality -cha'rm"an<- V.VJiK-sdjy night, April 15, will handle refreshrr°nts- and baby's breath, Wedding Anniversary a: ^:3U at r.'ii/ temple. Mrs. The Clinton Map-r. Route bride, a graduate of High School, is em- ,-i... ..ii^niLi nun, a ^rrra— --"" » Unio^im-iiin . wilntlu -lous>e* th *-*e ~ -''- 120 annual-din- as a secretary by TBISaforr^lS^Park.sCRah- be Mrs. Black's brother, •_• of Chinese - cooking Sisterhoods 120 annual-din- Sharpe -& Dohme in —way.-will-celebratethelr 60th —-r—-• - • — Jricf at tiie China Instit- Tier "on Thur'^y nlgnr.TVlay Mrs, Charles David -.Lawrence Lamb of Pasadena^ ne New York City. anniversary on Sunday, April^ ••-'•a •teJCiio •JCIKTr of Chines. e H- Mrs. Ir- Weinerman Calif, who serveservedd. as " Ci'okin-j at rhcMillburn Adult and Mrs', rreida Posnock, The bridegroom, also a (The former Miss Barbara Lynn Randolph) 12. An open house reception man at the wedding. School, will demonstrate co - ch""rman» are finaliz- graduate of Rahway High will be held at the American v.iriuus dishes fur themem- ing pl"is. which include co- School, received his U.S. Legion Hall, Rahway. — Bernie Berns. Re- Lady Eagles Deal Out The celebrants* four sons K- -Sin Sandra Ann Daluesio • and five daughters will be , pro- presently hosts and hostesses. They Pnt^m are Mr. and Mrs. George ' Mrs. Zimmerman Joan Bobkier, Sunny Opper- Police Department. Help: 4 Card Parties Black, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Af a weddin Black. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan .'•. short h mati and Harriet Weiss. f - . ... .,g 6 ^xP to When it comes to helping Members oJL$fat organl- "Mr; and Mrs. John P. and a cruise to St. others, then deal in the Lad- zation rate a pig hand for Black, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gontarz of 2200 Whittier SU, Thomas, the couple will re- ies Auxiliary F. O. £, 1863 the scheduling of five card Black and Mr. and Mrs.Rahway, and PineBeacb have side in Englewood. of RahwayRahwav.. parties, four of which will James Plunkett, Mr. and Mrs. announced the engagement Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Daluesio of 64 Cook St., Lester Ford, Mr. and Mrs. :::*:r:*:>w.;:s%:r:::::::s:.:«*-x:::::::::?:::::::;« aid charities. Clark, have announced" the engagementof their daughter. of their daughter, Miss Bar- Mis, -•'.isanr Gontarz* daughter of Mr. and Mrs. For openers, Mrs. Step- ' Harry Llnnell, Mrs. Lor- bara Jean Gontarz, to Hamp- • Dim 1; 2200 Whittier St., Rahway, and Pine Miss Sandra Ann Daluesio, to Thomas Michael Wojcio, raine Lane and Mrs. Mar- hen Strakele reported that )son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Wojcio of 354 Pine Ave., ton S. Smith, son of Mr. and !i:u IIK iiride of Stephen R. Mirota, son of Formal her card gathering came up garet Skarda. Mrs. J. Morgan Smith of Mr. ... Stephen Mirota of Manville Saturday, a winner, and the same re- 'Garwood. _ Mr. and Mrs. Black were Birmingham, Ala. " ••. M.;:•'•• s Koman Catholic Church, Rahway. I Miss Daluesio is a senior at Monmouth College, Long married April 12, 1910, in •¥ port was turned in by Mrs. Miss Gontarz was gradua- •- harLs :;uttner officiated and the reception Wear § Cel Romozzi. In mis one, < Branch, where she is majoring in elementary education. the Presbyterian Church, ted from All Souls School' r.u's Lounge, Roselle Park. iv the ladies were in there Mr. Wojcio is a senior 'at Seton Hall University, Stapleton, S.I. They were of Nursing, Morristown. She Mirfr. • ari-J. C.ontarz was maid of honor for South Orange, where he is working toward a degree in born in Irvine Ayrshire, For Hire •£ punching for the Max Baer psychology. is a registered nurse in At- am! J.jse:-h Markert was best man. There >j Heart Fund. Scotland, and have been res- lanta, Ga. e f-.-l.r ther attendants. S Now_ Mrs.. Agnes Nelson A November wedding is planned. idents of Rahway for 50 years. .Mr. Smith was gradua- :< a v,raJu.:te of Montclair State College 5i- will hold a gathering for They are members of theted from the University of t.'ii. brice:;riu::i iss a graduate of Trenton State i|: pasteboard devotees tomor- After that, the action will aerie that plana were made Second Presbyterian Church. Southern Mississippi, where y<. and i business education teacher at Plain- j:- row night at 8 o'clock at shuffle to die home of Mrs. to celebrate Mother's Day Mr. Black was general he received a bachelor 6f -Ad High Schoul. S; the Eagle home. This will Eugene Peare, 172 Linden arts degree and was a mem- . r -: honeymoon in Canada, the couple will live Main Street ::•: benefit Cerebral Palsy. Ave., Rahway. The date is ber of Alpha Tau Omega Gr .enbrook Gardens, North Plainfield. Wednesday, April 15, thchaie r The next card parry, for time 8 p. m. and the worthy fraternity. He is presently the Jimmy Durante Chil- Refreshments were serv- They have 23 grandchil- employed with a publishing dren's Fund, will be on Fri- reason is the Deborah Fund. company in Atlanta. day,. April 17, at 8 p. m. It was announced at theMrs. Peare, who substituted A June wedding is planned. at die Eagle home and will last regular meeting at the for Mrs. Steven Danches. be under the direction of The latter was unable to at- Mrs. Joseph Sepesi. tend because of the illness Sou Our Model ftitchons of her husband. He is in Rah- Lucy's Italian Kitchen way Hospital. - - Displayed At The attendance award went to Mrs. Naomi Gurka. The HUFFMAN-KOOS Restaurant & Pizzeria next meeting is Monday, NEW AND LUNCHEON SPECIALS April 20. MODEL HOMES USED PIANOS Route #18 & Arthur St. /' KmtZmann WHERE THE FOOD IS GOOD Major Operation Brunswick Official piano PIZZA and all ITALIAN DISHES TO GO ~ The Veterans Administra- CBC-TV SANDWICHES TO GO | tion operates 166 hospitals, CUSTOM •ICUILOINO 16 domiciliartes, six restor- ation centers, 63 nursing LEECH & HUETHER I 956 St. George Ave. OOI Qfi?n WE DELJVER | home care units and outpa- :' 403 WIST XLIZABXTH AVKNUX | Ralmay, NJ. JO l~70ZU 0PEN SEVEN DAYS| UHOCN -: ' HMIU research programs^ For A Free Survey & EitimUe CALL 381-6737 Of, Vnit Our Showroom 29 E. MILTON AVE.r RAHWAY (opp. R.R. SloTTanJ FOR ALL YOUR TRAVEL


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:.'.::.;• •:'*&:.->:••• • .-•:;."»'•/- i PAGE 8 THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 1970 RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT RAY'S CORNER Rahway, Clark Figure 3,4 in WC By Ray Hoagland The Watchung Conference promising, ana John Mayas, bat. Keith Devine or Paul The Crusaders have a Ray Massaro, who was at cond last year to Scotch six proved veterans handling opened its season yesterday a good looking sophomore. Cohen will open at the mid- strong and fast outfield Roselle Catholic. Thirteen Plains in the league and the the other spots. when the Rahway Indians Jim Wheaton, the best- die sack, while fancy fields spearheaded b_y Tom Squas- of the players on die team county tournament. Coach The leading pitcher Is Ke- traveled to Scotch Plains to looking hitter on the club, er Jerry Di Donato will start hie, who was"' the team's are juniors. The Highland- Bob Babetski has only one vin Moynighan, a strong - meet the Raiders in a game- who is up from the jayvees, at the hot corner. Coach Jim top hitter last season, Bill ers have a good assortment pitcher returning from last armed righthander who hurl- that might go a long way in will play at third base. He Sochan has two catchers to Wojciak and George Scott, of veterans led by letter-, season. He is Mike Prutz- ed a no - hitter last season. By Ray Hoagland deciding the team dtle this bit over .400. Another strong select from, Mark Checchio -Pitchers who will see lotsof men Doug Rau and Tom Me man. He also has two hard- First base Is wide open, with spring. Both teams are hitter up from the same team and junior Don Tryon. The action are Jim Schneider and - throwing sophs in Harry Lin- Richie Miller and Marv Art Bonnetd's 254 game Fred S&ngo led the scor- 'strong and both are in re- la junior first sacker Jim lead - off man is center-' wo juniors, Chuck Kovacs deroth and Richie Mazzella. Sweet struggling for the Cann, a pair of right - hand- The Infield appears set stardng Job. and a 661 set let the Inter- ers in the Clark Lanes 875 building stages. Dello - Russo. Joe Monnln- fielder Chip Dunn. • and Ken Kessler. era who accounted for seven city loqp at RecreadoB Lan- League with a 248 game and The Rahway News Record ger is a solid shortstop with Other outfielders are Ro- The Indians do not have a with John Van Brunt behind Richie Geltman, strong a strong arm and co - cap- of the team's eight wins last, the plate, Tom Beadle, at se- defensively and' "one of die es. George Schmoll had 620, a 637 series. Walter San- and Clark Patriot have been ger Wlnan's,' John Browerjpitcher of varsity exper- year. Both feature breaking Jim Colapletro 612, Paul ders rolled a 241 - 623. looking into the crystal ball tains Randy Richardson and and sophomore Charles San- ience. Fred Steuber, who cond, Al DIFabio at third, team's better hitters, will Scott Gillin are the second stuff. Coach MSssaro is Ray Santella at short, all start his third season at Migliozzi 611, Ray Schma- Other leaders wereCiro Po- and have come up with the guilano. The team has sev- played at short last season, looking for help from junior ler 608, Rocky Gudor 606 lese 618, Harry Morecroft winner. It will be the Blue baseman and catcher. Rich- eral pitchers, led by left- ls looked on as a thrower, good fielders and hitters. second. " Junior letterman ardson is a switch hitter. Kyle Me Cormick and Kevin; Dan Aver and Dennis Con- Jack Evanchik and Paul Str- and Al Benedict 606. 616, Mike Kopera 618, Hank Devils of Westfield, a team handed Richie Reilly and and when not on the mound O Brien. both righthanders.r • • * Glucksman 606 and Al Che-that appears to have the pit-' Both Richardson and Gillin Steve McNulty. ' will operate at shortstop.' nolly are battling for first asle will share «hort. Bruce are highly rated defensive- A z base.^Chris Cudd,. B9b.Hu- Brazer, a soUdjlaye Zion Lutheran #2 held on to ety 603. ching strength that is needed ly and are expected to im- The third slot .wlil.l»e-a-- l- oUo_1la a fine-looking the top spot in the Women's * * *. to win in schoolboy compet- battle between the Clark third baseman "who also can Juniors will be at all in-', biak and Bob Dlakon are-the be at third. prove at dieplate. outfielders. Church Bowling League with Joe Bilella of Clark, cap- idon. The Blue Devils are Crusaders of Lou Peragallo pitch when needed. Other field spots except the hot ? The backstop will be hand- a 2 - 1 win over the First tain of the Thomas & Betts coached by Dick Zimmer, The outfield has two let- and the Rahway Indians, un- hurlers are sophomores corner, where good glove- Hillslde s Comets playing led by veteran Tony-Panar- Presbyterians, while Osceo- Co. bowling team that is en- who has the nucleus from a termen. Bill Napier and der veteran Earl C. Hoag- Jack Flath, George Rothwel- man Tom Zemla is return- under a new coach, veteran ese and Richie Ferguson. In la Presbyterian remained tered in the $30,000 Echo team last season that was un- Drew Ruotolo, and the third land. Both teams are strong ler and George Severance ing. Other lnfielders .are Joe Silver, director of atH- the outfield will be a pair of two full games back after Lanes - Cadillac handicap der .500. spot will be shared by pit- a field, but viack experienced and senior Jack Burket. • Richie Wesis at second. letics appears to.be weak veterans, Ed Crisafulli- and taking the odd game from tournament this month, is . The bestpitcherlnthelea- chers Johnson and Mac Clos- pitchers. , The Indians have six ex- Chuck: Rundlet at shortstop at the plate. There is only Sandy Freedman, with Dave Mixed til... The only sweep averaging 174. Ted Lam- gue is Ed "Skeeter" Mac key. The Crusaders have tal- perlenced players headed by and Mark Thomas at first. one returning pitcher, but Cohan or Ken Rlcfcel filling of the night came when the back, also of Clark, is a Closkey, who had a season • The runner - up spot is ented players at eight posts, junior center - fielder Craig they are strong on defense. the other spot. Mixed #2 scored over Trin- member of the Jatto team mark of 4 - 4 last year, al- expected, to go to the Raid- Ddug Techanchul Is a strong H"gger, wbp hU .239 last The~Trakima8 twins, jun- Tity Methodist.St. Paul's won, and is averaging 183, while lowed only 10 earned runs ers of Scotch Plains," who catcher defensively ancTa ~vear and"wasselectedohThe iors and Bill Richie will al- :2 - 1,; from the Zion Luth- Jack Rosenmeier of Clark in 62 innings and was vic- last season captured both better than' average long ball- Rahway News Record All so see acdon. Bill is a vet- . eran '#1. Dot Cole of Zion has a 181 average. dmized by the team's weak the Watchung title and the hitter. At first will be Gary Conference team. Gary Be- eran catcher and Richie is Lutheran til rolled a high In addition to the big cash hitdng. Mac Closkey has fine'' Union County tournament. Smolyn, who has a sore arm, chelll is at second, a good playing left field for tlie se- game of 186. awards for team, doubles speed and control. The Raiders- retained only and Fred Bauer will-be the gloveman, Ron Miller is at cond straight season. Three- •*••*•"•. Gentleman and singles events, a $6,000 Other pitchers on the team one regular shortstop, Col- stardng shortstop, with Bob flrst and Jim Blackburn is year'veteran John Piccariel- Jim Sorensen of Clark Cadillac will go to the bowl- are Gist Johnson, a junior ton Helbig, who batted .281 Blejwas at second. The third behind the mask. . lo will operate in centerfield. rolled a 290 game at Clark er who rolls the highest righthander, the fast ball •last season and is a fancy sack will be handled by Phil The second division will Lanes to finish with a 636 gross three - game series. thrower on the club, seniors fielder. Schifano, who also is a" pit- ^ topped by the Highlanders The dark horee of the lea- set in the" American Legion John Pfeiffer and Richie An- Charlie Barrett is set at cher, Mike-. Miller or Ed of Berkeley Heights, who will gue could be the Cougars of Post #328 League. Sorensen In the Suburban 87^ Lea- derson, both of whom are first with a good glove and Pinkham. be playing under a new coach, Cranford, who finished se- had a spare in the opening gue at Clark Lanes, 17 men frame and then rolled 11 scored over 600. They In- straight strikes. Bill Hering cluded Harry Gibson, with a had a high series of 255-660, 235 - 655, Bob Welter, 244-. Clark Rahwayans A Tiger in Their Tank followed by Joe Fakelmann 629, John Martin 625, Frank 622, Lou Kaluske 618, Stan Slaughter 622, Jim Cole619, Yackiel 240 - 611, TedSzie- Hal Josell 618, Sal CicalesC ch 605 and Mike Carney 604. 618, Harry Mulford 247 - In WC Finish 4th * *. * . 618, John Tylutki and Dick Dan Tarantlno lead the Hunton 614, Bob Vaning 612, pinners in the Intercounty Tom Gavin 609, Willie Sdch-' Industrial League at Recre- ter 608, George Mould 607, Opener In Track Frank Lanza 607, Al John- ation Lanes, hitting a • 269 The 880-yardrelayteamof game in a 671 set. Dr. Sol son 605 and Clro Polese 605. Post dme today at John- • • • son Regional High School is Richie Treadwell, Carlton. Berman was runner - up Nolan Field is 3:45, when Stewart, Levon Mosley and with a 656, followed by Ned Twenty farmer Union die Westfield Blue Devils Ira Presley broke die record Tip your Gochenaur, 244 - 628, Bert County basketball officials meet die Clark Crusaders in of 1.34 set by a Rahway team Goldstein 289 - 626. Al Hil- were honored this week by die opening game of the Wat- last year in the annual North lard 625, Art Master 248 - the North Jersey Board of chung Conference season for Bergen Relays, but the team 614, Bob Morales 609, Joe Approved Basketball Offi- both teams. from Lincoln High School in hat and Macaluso 251 - 607, Sam cials at the Robin Hood Inn, Coach Lou Peragallo will Jersey City, which won, ran Salvagglo 263 - 605, and Clifton. They included Earl start curve-ball specialist die distance in 1.29.9 to set Chuck Halpin 257 - 601. E. Hoagland of Rahway, past Phil Schifano, who had a 4-3 a new mark. Rahway's time * • » president .of the associadon, mark last season, while Blue was 1.31.7. treat that, The Rips of Rahway com- Frank Cicarell, also of Rah- way. Devils' coach Dick Zimmer peted in the New Jersey AAU will start its mainstay, Ed The 440-yard relay was V women's volleyball champ- "Skeeter" MacCloskey, a won by Union in the time of ionship at the Columbia High southpaw. 44.4., while the John Moon- Special* lady* School In South Orange- on Clark will play GarySmo- coached team of Rahway fin- Saturday. •> lyn at first. Bob Blejwas at ished third, with a 44.7 clock- second, Fred Bauer at short ing. Team members were In Net Bow and Mike Miller at-third. In Richie Treadwell, Carlton to a dining N0MMOEDFM7 the outer gardens, it will be Stewart and freshmen Dave ACttOtYNNMDS Bob Nadasky is the head Bill Wojciak in left, Tom Rogers and Ira Presley. Joa Williams, left, Fonner Rahway High School Gnat, Signs with Jars«y Tigers. Wltb Him' are coach of the Clark Crusaders* BUTCH Squashlc in center and In the long jump relay, me Robert Bauer, $enter, Club President, and GM Bill Caress, tennis team that will open George Scott in right. Veter- team of Mosley, Rogers and CASSIW its season next Tuesday af- Experience AND THE- an Doug Techanchuk will op- Tim Soloman was - fifth to ternoon at home with the erate with the big glove and Paramus. :•' .Ji'lMrHi-i SUNOANCtKID Cranford Cougars. mask. and " The schedule: . Rahway. finished fourtii in April 17, DaytonReglonal, Westfield will start J^m team scoring with. eight ACL Signs Joe Williams, STEAK HOUSE Dello-Russo at first. Randy. home; 23, Westfield, away; Richardson and Joe Monnin- points. The meet was taken 28, Union Catholic, away; ger as the second-short com- by St. Benedict with 13. John- May 1, Berkeley, away; 5, bination and Jim Wheaton at son Regional scored one point US. ROUTE 22, Scotch Plains, home; 8, Ber- the hot corner. In die out- in die meet. MOUNTAINSIDE; N. J. keley, home; 12, Hillside, Both Rahway and Clark Reservations (201) 233-5542 home; 15, Union Catholic, field, it will be Bill Napier, Ex-Rahway Grid Stickout Drew Ruotolo and Gist John- will compete In die annual The Moller Family home; 18, North -Plainfleld, son. Scott Gillin will be the St. Joseph's meet at Mont- Joe Williams of Rahway, six TDs and six extra-point He was that club's top rush- away; 22, Rahway, away; 25, catcher. vale this week. one of the highest scoring rushes. One of his touch- er in 1965, leading scorer -Union County tournament^ griddeTB-in-New-Jersey-sch-- downs'"was a 100~-~yard in 1968^and~No. I rusher Private Parties up_toL2Q0 away. olastic footbalThistory and a .return_of __an_intercepted_agai.nJtoL1269J._ Softball Umpires Invited to Clinic pro star lor lie last seven pass. _ _ .Williams' signing, came The Union County Recre- 27, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. years, is" coming" ho hie "to" "Williams then starred for few days after the Tigers an- ation and Park Association, at tie Edison Recreation roost as the first player to three years at the Univer- nounced the naming of Ken in cooperation with the Sum- Center, Summit. sign with the newly - form- sity of Iowa, being named Carpenter as coach of tte mit Recreation Commission, Topics to be taught will ed Jersey Tigers of the At- to the Coaches' All — Amer-. club. Carpenter was 1969 Momfe apple pie the Amateur Softball Associ- be mound demonstrations, lantic Coast League. lea second team in 1961. Cach of the Year in the ation of New Jersey and the slow and fast pitches, the Williams' signing was an- Then came a spectacular Continental League after his Union County ParkCommls- mechanics and techniques of nounced by Bill Caruso, gen- debut in the Canadian Pro- Indianapolis team won the slon, will conduct a Softball umpiring, interpretation and eral manager of the Tigers, fessional League as he championship. umpires' clinic for exper- the discussion of rules, slow who indicated that the team's sparked Winnipeg to the Grey Season tickets for the Ti- ienced and new umpires on and fast pitches. ' roster will be filled mostly Cup championship in 1962. gers' home games are now "0LD4E Mondays, April 13, 20 and by New Jersey products. After a few years in the Ca- on sale at Jersey State Sports' The Tigers will launcl) nadian League, Joe switched Inc., 530 E. South Aye., their first campaign this fall; to" the Continental League. Cranford.' ' playing home games Friday :sssssssww!« PS. EXPRESS BUSES and Saturday nights at reno- vated Williams Field off Route 1, Elizabeth. The Ti- Indian JVs Boat-Course TO PIMLICO gers will be the top farm Ttw Nttchunc Power club of the Baltimore Colts. Meet Clark Squadron will have a com- BUSES LEAVE: Every Satarday threat* April 18 ,.,,„,The- 205 -.- pound, _,.'<., "", - u Coach &U1 Dolan, former mencement certmeny at the Bread & E. Jersey Sts., Elizabeth 7:30 a.a. $10.90 Williams who led A^Con- Rahway High School andMon- Charles H. Brewer gym to- tlnental League-in rushing mouth College star and now Highway #1 & E. Grand Ave., Rahway 7:40 a.n. $10.00 .nL7"^ wi*J>; Now the idea of driving a VolVswagen with a regular stick jhifr may score you. 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Mail the coupon today to racaiv* your prevityr of.tho-take Georg*r:Warren .County Area. • 381-4700 Plees* send m#your FREE«olor folder. 50 Brunswipk Automatic Lanes N»ma COMPLETE AMERICAN A Snack Shop Clty_ -— ... . i . .—^ FOREIGN CAR REPAIRS - . - Cocktail Leange Supervised Playroom VOLKSWAGEN TOM'S AUTO CENTER for Bowling Mothers Mill to: WARREN COUNTY PUBLICITY. 42 County Ctntw, Ufc» Gaom. N. Y. 12845 CENTRAL AVE. Al IARITAM RD. MI-41SD CLARK \ y ,'••• ;••


A RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 1970 PAGE 11 Advance A Busy Picket Dog Licenses •'UDEATHSt* TEMPLE BETH TOR AH SECOND BAPTIST Androvich Cited Bob Vrancken of Ml East Everybody who owns a Rahway Rahway To Finals Milton Ave., Ralmay, It a dog In Clark Is repaired to The Rahway Church Athletic and Recreational As- roal swlRgtr. Athletically Edgar Mickelson Mrs. Miller, 71 Late Friday evening ser- "A Remedy for a Guilt You Gotta Have Art seem a dec license, or the sociation presented Edward Androvich of lODoreenDr., Edgar Mickelson, 53, of Mrs. Pauline C. Miller, 71, vice at 8:30 p. ro. Members Complex" is the Sunday 11 Avenel with its Special service award" for his devoted speaking, that It. Bob, who township will officially bite 1084 Raritan. Road, ,CJark, of 14.3 , Briarheath Lane, In Twirling 1 of the USY -will conduct the a. in. sermon of Rev. James service to the association's basketball programs. plays tht outfield for PMC yoa. That's the word died 'in Memorial'General Clark ,' died In' Beth Hstael worship. Morning services: W. Ealey. The Inspirational , „ Androvich has refereed in the Biddy Boys. Junior flnhhlr- Collotts. will shuttle be- Tewnsalp Clerk Edwar ! for 4 The judges for the twirl- The tennis squad of Rah- A LA CARTECARTE\\ JgW*g Sandwich, Fruit or «* ^VL^;; <%£&& pleted by Walter J. John- ham Clark School, Broad- ST.- PAUL'S i£ ''#^V school-age children. way High School will host the •Meat /Cki son Funeral Home, 803 pital after a short illness. He ST. AGNES R. C. way and Rltter Place, Clark. "Consultation on Church Rahway Workln •Steady Employment off were Mrs. Peggy Can- and Cheese Salad/Coo ofter offlcers elected was the husband of Mrs. ^'ili^f^ 8 registered nurse, non and Mrs. Kathy Pierce. Springfield Bulldogs tomor- Platter. FRIDAY Raritan Rd., Clark. Clark ' For other services and Union" is the 11 a. m. Sun- motner f •Opportunity For Advance- Bread and1 Bukte^ were: vice president, Rob- Marcella Hopkins Kaden and information telephone 388- day sermon by Rev. Kenneth $&K£?&I °. fatherless home. Previous winners of the i, Chick- Half-pint Milk, Chicken St.- Paul's Church will vvjt&f-,.; Offering good home & se- ment u Noodle ert Brewer; treasurer, S. the father, of Robert T. Kaden " ~St. Agnes--RV^C. Church 5107. A. Austenberg. The Anthem, ; Miss Rahway title are: 1961, r 'TT""h fri, en Noodle Soup wiA'Crack-• dl SoupS , VVegetable or mark April 12 as The Second [S't*i curity. Write Rahway News 'Liberal Benefits The new headcoach of tie ^^ » Bean Soup, Tuna-Pish Salad . Mrs: Titus, 63 of Rahway. Sunday Masses: 6:30, 7:30, Sunda'y Divine Liturgy ~ "The Whole Bright World Sunday - after Easter with Rita Ringrose; 1962, Karen ifc-."? Record, P.O. Box 1001,-Rah- •Mutt Have N.J. Drivers Indians is Jim Refosco. His . reentjen Tltup Mr. Kaden was employe. . d ,. 8:30, 10 an3~ 11:15 a. m., 10 a. m. Rejoices," will be sung by Tanner; 1963, Dolores Ren- WEDNESDAY or Egg SaladSandwich, Ffuit A meeting of ^ ^ hou_ Mrs. Marie-Wentien Titup squad will engage in 14 dual 63, of 916 Broad'St.. Rah- as a wholesale salesman b 2^Qm. and 6 p. nu- Sunday-School Classes — the - senior choir,- Church way, N.J. 07065. License day-IW-r,-Terry Lou Cheru- Hot Luncheon se committee, a group was school at 9:45 a. m. Confir- bini; 19o5, Pat Stone; 1966, meets and the Union County Veal. Parmesan, Buttered way, "didiRhHdiedinRahwayHospitali . thth"WllDlfe "Welsglass-Dalry ofitateS n 4TT7~ be morning prayer ai QUIZ— -— Interested? championships. appointed to investigate the She was the wife of Clarence Island for the past two years. mation class at 3:45 p. m. Jan Van Vliet; 1967, Karen Noodles, . Buttered Sliced sermon by the Rev. Joseph Any spare time? Wane extra CALL feasibility of selling the pre- E. P. Titus. Earlier -.he ;\yas employed-by today. The Twelve will meet Krisak; 196S, Peggy Corri- Thhd Counselors sent church parsonage and at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Gauyin. April 15 there will -money? If 'fc>\Xanswer "Yes" don; 19o9, Leslie Paskowitz. April 10, A native of Germany.Mrs. Alderhey DaJry of Newark be the"' Elizabeth district jou could be an AVON Re- —375™ 9911.. 1 erecting a new house in the for 20 years. Mr. Kaden Was D C I I DRUB STORE C. Mauren. St. Mary's Will Deal Card Party Mrs. Pierce and Peggy home; 14, Linden, away; A LA CARTE Titus came to Rahway 27 meeting at Holy Comforter presentative. Call now-Live Westfield, away; 24, Berke- rear of the church's proper- a veteran of World Watjll, Mon. thru Fri. Corridon of the twirling in- *Egg Salad Platter, Bread Will Meet years ago. Also surviving are DELL RAHWAY Church, Rahway, at 1 p. m St. Mary's Rosary Altar der the direction "of^^vlrs. The hostesses attired in in Rahway? Cll 353-4880, In ley, home; 28, Scotch Plains, ty on Lake Avenue, will con- a sister, Mrs. Anna Ma- serving as an Army sergeant structor staff attended the vene at 9 p. m. orvApril 9. SECOND PRESBYTERIAN Society's annual dessert card Joseph Coleman and Mrs. accordance with the theme Westfield or Clark? Call 756- 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Star Line clinic at Iselin away; May 1, thews, and a brother, Carl- in France. . :1 OPEN EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR Christian Sdence Rahway party and fashion show will Joseph Peter, the event this will be under the guidance of 6828. In Woodbridce Twp.? New Rates for Widows son Wentjen, . both in Ger- Surviving also are r,wo be held on Friday, April 17, Call HI2-2462. Junior High School. On Apr. 16 "The Complete Medical Center" Reading Room at year will have an art theme. Mrs. Robert SIgnorino. Dec- New Jersey Bell .The clinic was sponsored The Veterans Administra- many. . ; . /: other sons,; Robert T,. of a.m. 7:30 p.m. in the school The''fashioThe fashion chairman is MrsMrs . orationti s chairmahi n MrsM .M Mii - Rahway, Raymond Jr. of Ed- Sunday worship 1111 a.m. P hy Iselinprres Twirling home;.- 13, Union Catholic, Hot Luncheon Approxlmately 400 gui-'tion's new dependency and in- Arrangements were com- 830 Jefferson Ave. i bj "Th chael Liston plans to have home; 13, Roselle, away; pleted bytheLehrer-Crablel ison ^and Richard P. of Me- PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY has as its subject "The Drug auditorium in Rahway. Un- .Joseph Keefe Telephone Co. Group and featured Kenneth BakedMeaBaked-Meatt LoafLoaf , Creamvy counselororss represenrepresen - demnity compensatiop n rates Rahway, N.J. Scene: Youth and Drugs. „. . - „ ' .. . many paintings by members Sasser of Fort Lauderdale, 18, Cranford, away; 22, Funeral Home, 275. W. Mil- tucheh; a daughter,Miss^a- Speakers and youth choi- *r of-Hig ,£hr Fellowshipt _ ui•-; Monda, -y 9:30 a. m., and Tuesday at and friends on display. STILL TIME An Equal Opportunity , Whipped Potatoes 'Buttered ting senior high schools in 8C for widows of servicemen and Tuesdays and Thursdays m Fla., one of the country's home; 25, County, Garden" Peas^'Hom'e'Made NeNew Jersey communitieswiu veterans who died on or after ton Ave., Rahway. • '*••••.' tricia Kaden at home; tour FREE PARKING reforming addicts from lj®> P- :.trustees meeting; 3:30 p. m. Sunday school >To. eani vacation money Emplsyer Clark, Gd P H Md Jersey communities will veterans who diedonor after — 12'- 3:00 P. M. Tue8 a a m 2:30 m top teachers. Sasser cover- 27. Hillside, away. Corn BreSd Butter JuicI Participate" in a guidance Jan. 1, 1957,ofservice-con- grandchildrenand a sister, Odyssey House, N.Y.C., wiu ° y i° , * - " P- - staff meets Tuesday at 7;3O before school is out. Edward Androvicft, left, Accepts Special Service Award from home; Mrs. Michael Adrosko/of FREE DELIVERY Mrs. John Stopka is in ed all phases of twirling, ••' A LA CARTE seminar at the Arthur L. nected causes - provide for- Wednesday Evenings obe on hand presbyterial at Basking p. m. .charge of table prizes and George Guiler, Chairman of the Award Committee Linden. 7, '• kld A-l HELP WANTED MALE OR solo, strutting, two - baton, Chickeri Salad Planar Johnson Regional High payment of §167 monthly for Mrs. Packard. 83 FU 1-2000 6 • 7:30 P. M. Sunday church schoolsand 8fJ Wednesday 6:3Op.m. refreshments. Other com- gained by Kathy and Peggy cnicKen halad Platter, <-„,,„„, .f;lar£ Tcaxs£yt the lowest-ranking --—- . FEMALE *• and team and corps work, will be used In the Rahway Mrs. Edith.E. Packar IRVING STREET, OPPOSITE ELIZABETH AVE. 'seminars 9:30 a.m. evenlngpresbyterian; Thurs- TRINITY METHODIST mittee members are Mrs. TEMPORARIES ALL ARE WELCOME 5:3 00 11113 1 Rahway in his presentation. program, which currently R°U Sandwich.tJtomato Rice at7nm man. This compares 83, of. 2586. $1., < J 5:30 p.m. Junior High Fel-^ ° S*"^ "? } ?" William Fee, prizes, and SECRETARIES old rate of SI34 -MK. KeJly; 58: lowship; 6:30 p.m. Senlorcla88' and .Thursday 6:30 NICE SECOND JOB The advanced knowledge has 423 girls enroUed. Soup with Crackers. St. Petersburg, Fla\, for- Mrs. Al BergandMrs.Char- TYPISTS Help build future security. merly of Rahway, di Services were held for pa p.m. sports banquet. Saturday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. les Sales, giveaways. FRIDAY Representatives of more car wash in church parking CLERKS Increase income. Set your L^ -ore it Hot Luncheon HfS. FIRST BAPTIST oreu and than 350 members of the lot: $1 outside, $1.50 inside NO FEE TO YOU own hours. Write Box 1001, Rotary Sets Dinner Date Baked Manieotta with To- N Jersey Tool, Die and ^^ in Rahway Hospital Rahway Reservations may be made Rahway News Record, Rah- 74, of 125 W.Main was the'wfaow of David N. • r and out. Sunday; 9:30 a.m. CASH BONUSES FUNERAL HOME The Rotary Club of Clark "The participation has .after a tirief illness. with co-chairmenMrs. Adam way, N.J. 07005 for inter- Packard. ' Sunday 9:30 a. m. sermon church, school and adult Bible Sudzek and Mrs. Lenoard Phone 382-7900 will hold its annual spaghetti made itpossible for the Clark Ci a WlUtUsCUS S wlth e Mrs; Kelly was born- in classes; 9:30 and 11 a.m. TOP RATES view. Rotary to provide funds for * tt u!ut l °? * Hospital. She was the widow is "Turning the Other Spadevecchi at 381-6313. dinner on Sunday, April 19, . . g Mrs. Packard resided the Ward, S.C., and lived* in services; 12:15 p.m. J.I.F. PERSONALIZED SERVICE &ir?^ 'i^r schoolmenthe skills required of Thomas R. Stephens. Cheek" by Pastor Orrin T.- Tickets will be sold at the from noon to 7 p.m. at the scholarships, the public li- past 18 years in Florida. Mattituck, L.I., before mov- plan a trip to Watchung; 7 Interview 9 to 4 FURNISHED ROOMS FOR M.d.r.v. butter, Home- by the machine tool rrades A Ufelong resident of Rah- AXIA FEDERAL Hardgrove. Church School door, but Rev. Edward Mey- •;• V.F.W. Post 7363 on Broad- brary,- the First Aid Squad, ing here five years ago. RENT Maae Lake. and the current and future way, she was a member of She previously resided in p.m. Youth Fellowship meet. ers, moderator, suggests you 219 Park Ave., the fire department and the Surviving are a son, Aiken at 11 a. m. Second session s Exem c Aux Rahway. She was a former of the Annual School of Mis- reserve yours early for the Scotch Plains 322-8300 •Callfointa FruTf Salad. ° - . * P " member of Council 10, Dau- Edwards of Rahway; rivebro- RAHWAY •:• In past years, the Rotary Boy Scouts, amongmanyoth- : sions at 7:30 p. m. with Frank best tables. Platter, Italian Bread and qT^vtnn- -,-r ™ H h ghters of Liberty, Elizabeth. thers, Frank, Otif and;' Jo- Newley decorated one room :§ James E. Corey -^-,9E im wonuc :•: club has valued the partici- ers." Butter, *Egg SaladSandwich, Following a fellowship. *"*??}?* J£e two daugh- 6 Pays Kalk from the Baptist Home 888,140 Patients. te rs Mr Survivins are two stepsons, seph Bell of Rahway, James (unfurnished or furnished) :•:• J. Travis Corey Rahna.v, New .Jersey S parion of the residents of Our ads jet you action . Corn Chowder with Crackers, hour, both groups will as- . -«.. ?- Margaret Perry in Newark, guest speaker. Bell of Hightstown and John TELLER TRAINING with private bath. Individuals >:; Clark and the surrounding Call The Rahway News-RecJ °J Bell of Washington; two sis- April 13, Delta Alpha Class During fiscal year 1969 - only. Excellent—for retired' 'at noon. April 15, Board of ending July 30, 1969 - the C. Cristiani POSITION ..;:•. communities in its projects. orda t MaHW00 J ters, Mrs. Ella Mae MJller Veterans Administration individuals. Call 381-5200. of Rahway and Miss Mattie Education at 8 p. m. April Full time, typing essential. 16, Fidelis Class at 8 p. m. treated 868,340 patients in First Federal Savings & Loan OFFICES FOR RENT of Cranford and eight Bell of Detroit, and three its facilities, non-Val hospit- owners relative to the future „„..,,. . FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Assn., Clark office, 381- Tom Jones Ducats seven grandchildren. grandchildren. HIGHEST RATES IN THE STATE als, state homes and private' 1800 ask for Mr. Huston. SS ^Tfo^eaf £ geaSSadSn. Rahway nursing homes. Looking for office space? Call 382-2430 or 233-4659. prenticeship as potential tool Rev. David L. Crawford LAUNDRY WORKERS, all Sell Uke Sixty and diemakers, moldmakers - , _,- „_- ,„ .... Jr., director of student re- Is Official departments. Modern equip- n u Pals Capture Playoffs Savings Certificate Accounts ment, air cooled. All bene- RELIANCE SAVINGS or machinists.' ^^JHonjjWS. W. Mil- lations at Princeton Semin- Carmine F. Cristiani of HOUSE FOR RENT The Rahway Kiwanis Club fits — will train. Call 388- ary, will be guest preacher. • 5 Ivy St., Clark, was sworn Isn't selling hot cakes, but Sunday the 9:30 and 11 a.m. 3388. Hamilton Laundry, 276 in today to a three - year Hamilton St., Rahway. if it. were,' they wouldn't New Clark Ball Loop For 5-Year 741 Mark services. His: sermon is term on the Union County Ideal home and office for be going any faster than the cleaning them thoroughly, "What Do You Hear Lately?" Mosquito Exr.ermlnad.on Co- rent, 6 rooms, $300 monthly. .tickets fcr/^ttie. Wednesday,.• The Clark Recreation League is getting ready«b-esart b^g Pals won the and scored 27 points, Pat Church school at 9:30 a.m.; mmission in a ceremony at MOTHERS! BORED! Evelyn Wade & Sons, 276- ANNOUNCES July 1 performance at the its first year of baseball. Registration will be conducted ufoeridlvlsion playoffs of the senior seminar JJ.. a. m.;. the office of Union County Become a part time career 1053. Dougherty chipped in with 16 jj Garden State Theater. The at Charles H. Brewer School, Westfield Ave., today and Clark. Adult Basketball Lea- Senior Fellowship at 7p.m.; clerk Walter G. Halpin. He girl. Top Commission. Call Kiwanians.. are selling Tom and Rich Loughery Ik .; PER P. C. Fellowship at 6:30 Mr anli Mrs Karl 381-2915 or 382-4208. tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. or Saturday, gue by defeating Colonial The Pals annexed aNclean » - replaces John F. Allaire, FOR SALE Jones tickets. Five, 103-95. The Pals held ANNUM p. m. Wednesday; F70 at 6 April 11, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. sweep of the league this year, ednesday; F70 at 6 RdKummer of 18 Fairview also of Clark, whose term /The group started with a three-point lead at the end to 7 p. m.; Youth and Adult -i Clark, who are among SPECIAL SERVICES Boys who live in Clark and are 13, 14 or 15 years • ending up with an overall MINIMUM $5000 expired March 30. ANNUAL ANTIQUES SAVINGS CERTIFICATES 1,000 tickets, but the word of age are invited to join with Aug. 1 the birthdate dead- of the first quarter and in- Choir rehearsals 7 and 8-15' ^e founders of the Deutscher 14-0 record. During the; last p. m. today. Club of Rahway, celebrated The appointment, pre- SHOWS SALE is that less than half of those line. Proof of age and parental signature are required. creased it to 13 at halftime. five years, the Pals compiled FOR TWO YEARS viously announced by Free- are still available, so better During the second half, the thelr lden Sisterhood of Temple Is- The league, which will have approximately a 20- a 74-1 record in the Clark •7rr.M i TITUCD AKI 8° wedding anni- holder director Edward H. rael, Cliffwood St. & Mar- not wait if you're a Tom game schedule, is being organized by former managers Pals lead was between 12 and AduttT Basketball League. ZION LUTHERAN versary last week at the Tiller, was made official Jones devotee. To order, call 14 points throughout, but they tine Ave., Scotch Plains, N.J. of Little League. Every effort will be made to accom- The composite box-score 6 Rahway dub, Thursday, March 26, at a Registered Member of the - Sunday, April 12, 1970, 12 Pete Frazee at 388-6800. modate all boys who register. could not break the game follows: • ' % _ „ . ,, Mr. and Mrs. Kummer, meeting of the Freeholders Electrologist Assn. of N.J. noon to 10 p.m. Dealers open against a stubborn Col- on a resolution sponsored onial team that kept coming ORIGINAL PALS '•' Services 8 and 11 a.m. wno were married in Ham- featuring furniture, silver, G. F. ' P. by Freeholder William J. Expert Removal of antique jewelry, cut gloss, back and finally reduced the U Sunday. The Christian Life burg Germany, on April 3, Maguire. Powers 3 4 'I'jlO Style'* is the sermon of i 5 came u the United Unwanted Hair china. lead, to "eight, points at the.. 92 Long active in Republican TEA ROOM & FREE PARKING COSTS — Funerals cost money.'And we be^ final gun. Poli - -•- -6- 0 4-12 Pastor Frederick Fair- -states in 1926. He started •Complimentary Consultation < Hajeski 7 1 Vt 15 dough. .A new. rayon Ameri- his plumbing business in the affairs in Clark, Crisdahi Donation $1.10 with this lisve there Is only one proper way to treat the Both teams shot well from 3% served as a member of the 382-3142 ••-- subject of costs. At The Lehrer-Crabiel Funeral the line. The Pals were 25 Bechtle 6 4 ,U6 can flag for the church will Township of Clark and was notice ?1.00. \ 5 4 '•? 14 ANNUM Cltziens Advisory Commit- By Appt. (After 4 p.m.) FOR 2 YEARS Home, every family we serve is presented with for 30'and Colonial was 23 Greenspan be presented by the youth named plumbing inspector tee to the planning board Marzano 2 5 • • 9 groupsder of . MemberRainbow s foofr th Girlse Or,- in 1935, a job.which he still 552W. Intnan Ave., SPECIAL SERVICES talk a complete and straightforward explanation of for 28; The Pals were paced 4 0 - 8 MINIMUM $2000 Adrienne Assembly, will at- during the Maguire admin- MINIMUM $5000 B. Griffith holds. year, Kummer was istration, was president of Rahway, N.J. all costs at the time of making arrangements. by Billy Kudrick, who hit on Kudrick 9 6 -24 FOR ONE YEAR tend the 11 o'clock service. Last With this knowledge, they are better able to a wide assortment od drives given a life membership in the Clark Republican Club in R. Griffith 0 0 '.. 0 4 Sunday school 9:15 a.m. about and jumpers for 24 points. the New Jersey Plumbing In- 1967 and 1968 and now ser- select funeral arrangements to meet Iheir de- 0 0 • 0 Character Readings-by— sires and circumstances, and we are better Jerry Bechtle was next with Erhardt OSCEOLA PRESBYTERIAN spectors Association, Inc. ves as a member of the Re- 39 25 103 3 Clark Kummer was first presi- publican County Committee funerals: able to serve them in accordance with their 16 and a fine all-'round de- FIVE COLONIAL dent of Deutscher Club, apo- for Clark's Fourth Ward, ATTENTION! Mrs. Marko wishes. fensive game. Jim "Red" 5 10 Dombrauskus 12 32 Sunday services at 9:30 sition in which he has been First District. All ptiotoerapfls submitted Hijeski scored 15, Jerry Cosgrove 10 7 : 27 Worried, sick or in trouble? Greenspan 14 and swept the and 11 a. m. The newly- active for 18 years. He also Cristiani Is employed by to The Rahway News Record Funeral Home Dougherty 8 0 16 formed men's chorus will belongs to the Seanger Choir, Don't know where to get boards, Joe "Arms" Poli 1 the Schering Corp. Union, as and The Clark Patriot must be happiness in Ufo? One visit hit 12 and Jim Powers 10. Loughery 4 3 11 sing at the 9:30 a. m. ser- which is a singing combina- a project engineer. Karnes 2 0 '., 4 received on or before Monday with Mrs. Marko and you Colonial was led by John n vice with Walter'Ousterman tion in Newark, Also sworn in at the cere- LEHRER-CRABIEL Newman 1 1 ;•• 3 serving as pianist. The Kummers have a dau- and will be selected on the will End the Happiness you Dombrouskus, who ripped mony for reappointment to • •••••••• VIBBIsWIaBSa David B. Crabiel. director-manajer Brennan 1 0 ••- 2 Camp registration onSun- ghter, Mrs. Raymond Gates, basis of merit and clarity. are looking for: For appoint- home „ 32 - points. Bill Cos- 0 0 0 the mosquito commission ment call: 275 West Milton Avenue, RAHWAY • 388-1874 . grove was the big man on Zengaro day at noon. . who is also a resident of wa"s Joseph"j" o urns all ol Middlewx and Union Counties tram Milltown, Rahway, Cranford and Westfield. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Clark, and two grandchildren, zabeth. the boards for the Colonials, 36 23 •: 95 MINIMUM $1000 FOR SIX MONTHS Rahway 246-1164 F(HH YEAR The public is "wel- come to attend services at 10 a. m. to 9 p. m. MINIMUM $2000 The First Church of Christ, AFIagior Your Health 580 Easton Avenue REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Scientist, 830 Jefferson New Brunswick, N. J. Ave., Rahway, starting at 11 a. m. Sunday school clas- COME TAX SERVICE ses convene at 10:55 a. m.; children and young students to the age of 20 are wel- CONNIE KAPLAN come to attend. A radio ser- ies, "The Bible Speaks to MASTER You," may be heard every ELECTROLOGIST SAME DAY SERVICE Sunday morning over stat- PAID OR COMPOUNDED QUART.ER.L.Y ions, WERA, Plainfield at Remove Unwanted Hair 8:15 and WVNJ* Newark at 9:45 a. m. Listen this Sun- SURE-FAST-SAFE day to "Meeting Creative 381 -5415 By Appt. DEPOSIT ANY AMOUNT - ANYTIME. ALL DEPOSITS MADE ON OR BEFORE Challenges." 549 West Inrnan Avenue . THE 10TH OF ANY MONTH EARN INTEREST FROM THE 1ST ZION LUTHERAN . Clark Rahway, N. J. ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO $20,000 "A Concerned Friend" is the sermon of Rev. Joseph D. Kucharik at the 10:30 FENCING INTEREST PAID QUARTERLY a. m. service Sunday. Sun- AXIA FEDERAL SAVINGS day school at 9:15 a. m. FOR HOME OR INDUSTRY During April, there will be a Chain link or Wood 1591 Irving StrMt, Rahway, N. J. 381-4242 weekly pastor's class at 9:15 FREE ESTIMATES.. • F0R6 MONTHS "OUR 43rd YEAR" -- Sunday mornings and B.p. m, (Subject to Regulations of Supervisory Authorities) Wednesday for those inter- Art Craft Co. 356-8895- r MjNIMUM $1000 OPEN DAILY 9 to 4:30 - SATURDAY. 9 to 12 NOON APRIL IS CANCER MONTH ... And to commemorate tin trout, Mayor John C. Marsh and Pub- Drive-Up Window — Parking ested in church membership. Senior Luther League Sunday lic Norm Director Amid U'ArabroJli, right, ralio no cancor flag in trout of city hall. The at 6:30 p. m. Choir rehear- For action ads, phone The sal today at 8 p. m. Confir- flat will fly dving caacor moBtt to roraiid local rotldoott H contrifcale to cancer research. Rahway News Rtcord at RELIANCE mation classes Saturday at The dreaded disease last year killed mere HUM le\000 New Jeneyans. 388-0600, REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE-MORTGAGES SAVINGS ^ ALL TAX RETURNS GUARANTEED/ SELLING IN 70? Charles E. Searles For Best Results •• Realtor AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 315, CENTRAL AVENUE, CLARK. NEWALERSEY litt Your Property With Railway's 836 St. Georges Avenue, Rahway, N. J. Irving S FROM 4?.C,A. 8U/C0W6) Mott Active Realtor PTTONE-388-8686 Or UNION COUNTY MULTIPLE LISTING


LEGAL NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE ELECTION NOTICE This Ordinance published here- OFFICE OF TOWNSHIP CLERK with was introduced at a Regular Shaking With Joy CLARK. NEW JERSEY mee'iing of the Council of the NOTICE Is hereby given that Township of Clark, In the County Legal Notices the Registration Books for theof Union, State of New Jersey, held March 23. 1970 and will be Primary Election will be closed further considered for final pass- ELECTION NOTICE age after public hearing at a OFFICE OF CITY CLERK -Regular—meeting-of-said—Council CITY HALL, RAHWAY, N. J. If you arc a qualified and reg- Registration may be made at the of the Township of Clark to be NOTICE is hereby given that istered voter of the State who ex- Office of the Township Clcrk. held April 20, 1970 at 8:00 PJvI. the Registration Books for thepecis to be absent outside the Municipal Building, yvestfield EDWARD R. PADUSNIAK Rahway Clark Primary Election will be closed State on June 2, 1970, or a quail- Avenue, Clark, New Jersey, on Township Clerk on Thursday, April 23, 1970, at AN ORDINANCE TO REGU- MARCH 29 APRIL 1 fled and registered voter who will any working day, excepting Sat- LATE THE PACKAGING 10:00 a. m. Responded to 9 o'clock p.m. Prevailing Time. be within the State on June 2. urdays, up to and including April AND LABELING OF MEATS 7:50 a.m. Smoke scare at Registrations and Transfers of 1070. but because of illness or 23, 1970. OFFERED FOR SALE AT 120 Russell Ave. Engine #5 33 Terminal Ave. Machine Registrations may be made at the physical disability will be unable In addition to the regulag r RETAIL WITHIN THE responded and found mal- fire. Office of the City Clerk, City to cast your ballot at the polling Hall, 1470 Campbell Street, Rah- hours, the Township Clerk's Of- TOWNSHIP OF CLARK. function in heating system. APRIL 3 place in your district on said date fice will be open en Saturday. AND SUPPLEMENTING 5:18 p.m. Alarm received 3:25 p. m. Responded to way. New Jersey, on any working and you desire to vote in theApril 18, 1970. from 10 A.M. to 3 CHAPTER 13 OF THE 'RE- day, excepting Saturdays, up to Primary Election to be held on P.M.M , and on ApriAil 2020, 2121. 222 andd VISED ORDINANCES OF from 1267 Broadway for a 1114 Raritan Rd. Television and including April 23, 1970. June 2, 1970. kindly write or ap- 23. 1970, from 4 P.M. to 0 P.M., CLARK" BY ADDING house fire. Upon arrival fire. On April 20,21, 22 and 23 and in ply in person to the undersigned . of accepting 4:15 p. m. Responded to addition to the regular hours, the for the purpose THERETO ARTICLE 5, SEC- found to be a bedroom fire. at once rquesting that a civilian Transfers of TIONS 13-43, 13-14. 13-45 The original call was for 142 Central Ave. Fire in City Clerk's Office will be open absentee ballot be forwarded to Registrations and AND 13-40.. from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. foryou. Such request must state your Registrations. 1767 Broadway which is not rear of house. the purpose of accepting Regis- home adddess, and the address to OFFICE OF THE WHEitEAS, pre-packaged fresh in Rahway. This mixup 9:30 p. m. Responded to trations and Transfers of Regis- which said ballot should be sent, TOWNSHIP CLERK cut m^Ms oiicicd f.-r .il- :'•>' \o :\ caused some delay in the re- Mother Seton High School. trations. MUNICIPAL BUILDING, dealers ami retail f:od c"tablish- aannd musu t be signeg d with youy r sigg- CLARK, N.-J. cmnts through-jut the Township sponse. Oil burner malfunction. OFFICE OF THE CITY CLERK, nature, and state the reason why ELECTION NOTICE of Clark and often contained MARCH 30 APRIL 4 CITY HALL, RAHWAY, N. J. you will not be able to vote at ! NOTICE Is hereby given to all w i t h i n partially transparent 9 p.m. Call received for • 1:10-p.--m. False alarm. ELECTION""NOTICE your usual polling place. No civil- persons residing in the Township sealed wrapping, making the con- NOTICE is hereby given to all ian absentee ballot will be furr of Clark, New Jersey, that the dition and content; therccf not a television set fire at 440 persons residing in the City of nished or forwarded to any appli- Board ._of Registry and Election of fully and wholly visible to the Union St. Engine #3 respon- masks. After the fire was Kahway, New Jersey that the cant unless request therefor is re- the Township of Clark, Union consumer because of the inser- ded. extinguished, smoke ejectors Board of Registry and Election of ceived not less than eight days County, will meet at their respec- tion of a cardboard or other MARCH 31 "were used to clear the house. the City of Kahway. Union Coun- piior to the election and contains tivc polling places on Tuesday, o"in~iir -uhs'.rnc en on:- c>- m re ty will meet at their respective the foregoing information. June 2, 1970 from 7 A.M. to'8 sides (.f such transparent pack- 11:03 p.m. Call received The last unit was in service polling places on Tuesday. June P.M. for the purpose of electing r.Ki"t:: and for a cellar fire on Clark at 9:29 a.m. 2, 1970 from 7:00 a.m. to tt:00 p.m.NOTICE TO PERSONS IN MILL- mi-mlirn fnr County Committee^ — WHEREAS, thrre have Ix-crt-in- St. Engine #1 responded and° 1:50 p.m. Engine #5 re- for the purpose of electing mem- TARY SERVICE OR PATIENTS of Political Parties and the" mak- clnue^s wilhin the Tcwnship of found this to be a false alarm. sponded to a call for a brush bers for County Committee of I>J VETERANS HOSPITALS Ing cf nominations for the Gen- C'I^i-k._uf_p s:ihk-_ nirj-opresenta- AMD TO THEIR RELATIVES eral Election for the following _^__ APRIL-1—_-.^1.. flre_ in the rear of Gordon Political Parties and the making AND FRIENDS. Offices: tion ai to the c.mlltlon'nnH-can-' of nominations for'lhe Primary • fill' cf : : i,l i . ::::• in • . ---'l ! .-o James Mercer, right, Presents Pack Charter to Frank Ederer at Annual Dinner -5:47-p;m—False-alarm re-—J_umberj=280 SL-George-Ave__ Election for the following Offices: If you are in the military serv- One United States Senatrr afios because of tho iiK'llud of ceived "from Box #523, Stone 5:08 p.m. . Emergency. call •To be -nominated at.the.Prim-, ice or are a patient in a veterans' frcm the State of New J<--r'ey piick-sm^ pre-tn'.Iy u:;ed by food St. and Kline PI. All head- received from Premier Oil ary Election June 2, 1970. are the IibsnitaTond-deslrC-W-voteror-U—-One-Mtrabcr-o£ Hoine otBcp- dealers and retail foo;i -c-tjii>li-li-- quarters units ^responded a- C?. ^Engine j?i respqnaea ana following: you" are a relative or friend of a resentatives from the Twelfth niunts withi'i tin1 Township of person who Is in the military Congressional District Baker Asks Pack 88 Gets Charter long with Engine #5. found a' fuel spill oh.New One United States Senator of CI;:rk: n:w, th.-ref Tt\ One Member of the House of service or is a patient in veterans' Three Members of Board RE IT OH.XUNKD by the APRIL 2 Brunswick Ave. Representatives of the United hospital who you believe will de- Chcsen Freeholders Munici:>.-\1 Council cf thcTTcwn- 1:05 a.m. Unnecessary a- States for the 13th Congressional sire to vote in the City of Rahway One First Ward Ccuncilman- ship of Clark: River Fill At Blue-Gold Gathering Primary Electl:n to be held June fcur c°r tcrm , . „ larm received for building on District On Second Ward Councilman SECTIO.V 1. The "Hevi-ecl Or- Route #1. Investigation-dis-- Israeli Aid Three (3i Members of Bonrd of 2. 1970. kindly write to the un- dinances of Clark" arc hereby The annual Blue and Gold dinner for Rahway Pack 88 Chosen Freeholders ckM-siuned at once making applica- —four year term supplemented by the addition of Stop-Order took place on March 1 at the Cranwood in Garwood, closed steam escaping from a Mayor of the City of Ilahway tion for a military service ballot One Third Ward Councilman— the followim; prcvi-ion to Chap- , , , where James Mercer, institutional representative, pre- building in Linden. • .-•» Is Subject Three 13) Councilmen-At-Large to be voted in said election to be four year term u-r 13. to be known as Article 5: Requesting that the new sented the pack charter to Frank Ederer, assistant 9 a.m. Emergency call re- —City of Kahway. Articl.- 5. Kenulating the Pack- city ordinances pertaining to ceived from 273 W Lake forwarded to you. If you are in One Icurji Ward Councilman district commissioner. Other guests for the evening ; POLLING PLACES fcur ca tcrm asiiiK ami Labeling of Meats river encroachments be en- Ave. for water in basement. First Ward. First District— the military service or are a pa- — >' '' „, .. . Ollcrcd fo" r S::l" ' e at Retai" l forced, Howard Baker, pre- included the Rev. J. H. A. Gauvin of St. Paul's Epis- Of Meeting ticnt in a veterans' hospital, stat- At the Primary Eire. ion. .'"no the Township of copal Church, Rahway, and Miss Adellma Lyon, princi- 3:29 p.m. Call received for Seymour Vogel, chairman' Washington School. E. Grand ir.R your name, age, serial num- 2. 1970. the Democratic and Re- within sident ^>f the Rahway Cld- S Vl h Ave. —-Clark. pal of Madison School. - arcing wires at Georgia St. and Joseph Feinberg, honor- -bcrr-homr address and the ad- publican Parlies wi.l cvc. t_:.:..=o . ._...... zens for Flood Control, re-• First Ward, Second District— d 13-43. Definition The program for the evening was presented by Miss and W. Emerson Ave. Public able chairman, have Issued Grover Cleveland School. E. Mil- dress .it which you are stationed "n *"">*)? n'-mber of their re- The term "T--:od dealer" as used ported excessive fill accum- ton Ave. or can be found or if you desire spcctlve County CcmmiKcis m in this Article, shall be con- uladng on the property own-. Carol Kahn and her puppets. They acted "The Ad- service emergency crew re-, a call for the men ofthe First Ward. Third District— the military service ballot for a each of the districts in the Tfcwn- strucd to mean and include ed by Aurelia M. Urban and ventures of Kasperle. Many awards were presented sponded to scene. Jewish community of Rah- Recreation Bldg.. 5!) W. Main St. rebiive 8r friend then make an even.' person, firm or corpora- to the cubs. Among those were the three throphies for WARD, Districts 1 and Paul J. Urban. This property, APRIL 3 wa.._., y to atten•d a meeting at First Ward, Fourth District— .implication under oath for ainili- ^ ilihnlv Sch-ol. Hari- tion, liis. her, its or their first, second and third places in the annual space 3:12 p.m. Call received Temple Beth Torah Sunday Store. 230 W. Scott Ave. tjry service ballot to be foxwanl- Telephone 383-9500. an.-nt'. •iTwrr.s or empl-yces, is located at 1295 Lawrence for a garbage can fire in- 9.30 .m. to discuss the Second Ward. First District— cfi to him. stating in yotrr appli- engaged in the. business of sell- derby. They went to Brian* Donovan, Charles LoRocco ,.— aa.m. to WARD. District 2. Mil- St., Block 161, Lot 13A, right front of 1496 Irving St. En- plight of the state of Israel Franklin School. St. George Ave. cition Jhat he is over the age/of Verracc School. Mildred ins, offering or exposing for and Robert Chrlstensen. tiv^iy-onc years^and stating*his e sale, ford at retail for human at the mouth of the Rahway . gjn^uce n<)#3 icopuuueuresponded.. Th Second Ward. Second District—• * Telephone 333-9500. s Franklin School. St. Geors^ Ave. n.nrr.e. serial number, address and coivuimptirn, either en or offRiver near the Lawrence St. t0 be push?d into "the river Library, personallypromis- ,.7i 9__P.m-JJnnecessary a- by the Ssh CommS th? .-:ldres:s at which he is sta- the premise; where sdd. t0 be pushe by the "Jewish Community Second Ward. Third District— ne S r at ri ht n w 0 Franklin School. St. George Ave. tioned or can 1 13-11 Re-iuiremcnts. 2075 Route 22, Union. "Frank Korzeb, group vice ^^S^SAve. gets flooded again™, * ^^^^^^cU ™ast;rT= Second Ward. Fourth District—• It shall be yijnlnwful for any °^ f, • 8 ° -" some Diner. 1034 St.;George Countv. The Rahway isiupoi La,st Mond:?y night at the id t, remarked that he The RCFC held its first com- Franklin School, St. George Ave. PO3ERT W. SCHROF HIRD WARD, Dhtricts 1 and food dealer in the Township of te 22 Union presFenk K mittee consists of Dr. Sol. Third Ward. First District—Co- T Clarkv-.u.,.,. -a„s ..definew d in section-regular monthly meeting-of was especially disturbed to fund-raising event, a spring City Clerk 2 Valley Road School, Valley lumbian Club. 80 W. lnman Ave. City Hall 13-43. to sell or offer or cspo-.e the RC FCinbt. Mark shall, hear this most recent report dance, at Columbian Hall , o:i,r,U a.m. 5nr! e aiar1 m re- Chodo°"c 38B-9500 ing thereof h c lcrless and to Mayor John C. Marsh, Columbian Club, 80 W. lnman EDWARD R. PADUSNIAK being flooded again last to the political parties, var- uster"s murunites anda engine/?Engine sdi re- Harr»„,„y , Mandel*„....,,„,, Ik«.„e Pribellr,_,u.,,,' Ave. with was introduced at a Regular TOWNSHIP CLERK tran-parcnt on all sides, es- business manager Sidney Third Ward, Fourth District— meeting of the Council of the elu-ive rf labeling, whicli label- Stone, city clerk Robert W. " Korzeb" who re ious organizations and gen- sponded and upon arrival Samuel Robinson, Rabbi Ja- Township of Clark. In the County MUNICIPAL BUILDING inn shall not occupy m"re than •499 Central Ave eral public who helped make found heavy smoke conditions Mb RuMnstein, Alan Rubin Columbian Club, 80 W. lnman CLARK, N. J. Schrof, _clty engineer Frank Ave. of Union, State of New Jersey, ten percent ' 10':;-' of one side opposite thrh,e R!"^V M,(n this affair a success. necessitating the use of and Dr# Gerald Zinberg. Fourth Ward, First District— held March 23, 1970 and will be rf said package, ranking the en- Koczur and council presi- Main Grover Cleveland School, E. Mil- further considered for finalpas - LEGAL NOTICE tire contents of said package dent- William M. Weaver. ton Ave. sage after public hearing at a NrNO.TIfIC,EE, Tn „____..„ not wholly visible. This section In the letters, Baker also Fourth Ward. Second District— Regular meeting of said Council TNr£ ™ PERSONS sh.ill not apply to meat com- asked for a copy of any cor- Columbian School, New Bruns- of the Township of Clark to be " ABSENTEE RAT ni'nly de ign.itcd cr kn wn as respondence issued by the wick Ave. held April 20. 1970 at 8:00 PJi. "chopped meat" or "ground Fourth Ward, Third District— EDWARD R. PADUSNIAK meat." city on thismatter. Accord- Columbian School, New Bruns- Township Clerk pects to be absent outside the 13-15. Enforcement by Bureau of ingly, he received a copy of AN ORDINANCE CONCERN- State on June 2, 1970, or a quali- wick Ave. fied and registered voter who will Heal'h Sidney Stone's letter to the Fourth Ward, Fourth District— CERNING THE KAHWAY The Bureau cf Health of the VALLEY SEWERAGE AU- be within the State on June 2, Division of Water Policy and Fire House, E. Milton Ave. 1970, but because of illness or Town-hip *hall be responsible Supply in Trenton. THORITY AND AMENDING for the enforcement of this Fifth Ward, First District—City CHAPTER 7. ARTICLE 2, physical disability will be unable Hall, Campbell St. to cast your ballot at the polling Article. I was surprised to read SECTION 7-16 OF THE "RE- 13-JG. Penalty. Fifth Ward, Second District— VISED ORDINANCES OF place In your district on said date this copy of the letter, Fire House, Seminary Ave. and you desire to vote in the Any perscn, firm cr corpora- whereby the city made a Fifth Ward. Third District- CLARK." tion, his, her, its or their ^..VfJi'i.- . Tnwn,h,n „, Primary Election to be held on complaint to the state on the Fire House. Seminary' Ave. U HEREAS, the( Jownship^of J(me 2 iglQ Undly WTjtc or ap_. ngL'nts. servants t. r employees, NEED Fifth Ward. Fourth District— found guilty of a violation of alleged urban encroachment. City Hall. Campbell St. any of the provi-iens of this Ar- Our group had already SLxth Ward, First District- ticle shall be liable to forfeit reported this complaint to Roosevelt School. St. George Ave. and pay a penalty in the sum the division a week before— Sixth Ward, Second District— ield. and the Townships of not more than Five Hundred High School, Madison Ave. and the adores, to Dollars ($500.00). or imprison- and this is not what we ask- Sixth Ward. Third District- ment for a term not exceeding ed the city to do," Baker High School. Madison Ave. ninety 190) days, or both, for explained. CASH? Sixth Ward. Fourth District— August 8th, 1951, one of the pro- each =uch violation. We only asked the city High School. Madison Ave. visiuns of which limited the com- SECTION 2. All ordinances or ROBERT W. SCHROF pensation of the members and parts of ordinances inconsistent to enforce the new ordin- City Clerk chairman as: thereto^ set forth. f wfli herewith are hereby repealed as ances, and issue a city stop- -City Hall -and lt-is desired to--amend .said to such inconsistencies only. order. Here is an opportun- -1470 Campbell Street section to provide for adequate SECTION 3. This Ordinance i£ht day! take effect One Hundred- ity to test the power and im- lUhway, N. J. compensation in view ofthe addl- ndContains portance of these new ordin- TO MEET..... ances. Now the city cap act BIDS ' XIV IT* Council and approval the directly and immediately thfeBusfneM5Admin5trltorVo?the ORDAINED "by" the Municipal NOTICE TO PERSONS IN MILI- Mayor".' at"'"thh e timi e and the while the state proceedings City rf Rahway on \nr!l 30Ui Council of the Township of Clark. TARY SERVICE OR PATIENTS manner provided by law. take more time. We hope at 10 AM in the Council in tne County ot Uniotf *** state IN VETERANS HOSPITALS NOTICE TO CREDITORS the city will follow through at m A.MCit. iyn inHalle L-ounc, u Q{N( ,W Jerseyj „ {oUows: AND TO THEIR RELATIVES TAXES... ESTATE OF MARIAN T. CAN- and keep up informed becau- Campbell Street, Rahway, New SECTION 1. Section 7-16 of the AND FRIENDS. Jersey, for the purchase of 250,- NON, Deceased. se this is a matter of great lercuRevised Ordinances of Clark" is If you are in the military serv- Pursuant to the order of MARY concern to our group. As of 000 gallons, more or less prcm- hereb' Jy amended to read as fol- hospitaice or arl ean ad patien desiret itno votea veterans, or If' C. KANANE. Surrogate of the iu;..wm, »~.i,.gasoline. an,nrfd 6.00Knn0n gallonsciiiniM , lows1-1:6 Compensation of Members, you are a relative or friend of a County of Union, made on thethis date, we have not been more or less, of diesel fuel. The following limitations shall person who Is in the military 26th day of March A. D., 1970, advised that a city stop- Specifications may be secured order has been issued." from the Purchase Clerk at City be placed upon the compensa- service or is a patient in veterans' upon the application of the under- EXPENSES of WINTER... tion of members to comply hospital who you' believe will de- signed, as Executor of the estate Baker added that compar- Hall. with the requirements of the sire to vote in the Township of cf said deceased, notice is hereby A certified check in the amount statute In that respect: Clark Primary Election to be held given to the creditors of said de- ed with photos taken of of 10% of the total bid and made the urban property in Nov- payable to the City of Rahway No member shalj • receive June 2, 1970. kindly write to the ceased to exhibit to the sub- rnust accompany proposal. creater compensation than at undersigned at once making ap- scriber under oath or affirmation ember, 1969, there is con- the rate of $25 00 per meeting plication for a military, service their claims and demands against siderable excessive fill Municipal Council reserves the the estate of said deceased within right to reject any or all bids as for his attendance at regular or ballot to be voted in said election placed in the river at the HOME IMPROVEMENTS. special meetings of the Sewer- to be forwarded to you if you are six months from the date of said deemed in the best interests of ace Authority or committees In the military service or are a order, or they will be forever Lawrence St. bridge. "Even the City of Rahway. y patient in a voterans' hospital, barred from prosecuting or re-worse," Baker emphasized, SIDNEY H. STONE thereof, and not more than stating your nsr.ie. agel serial covering the same against the Business Administrator S400.00 In any calendar year, "there is a pile of old ap- .... OR ANY WORTHY CAUSE except that the Chairman there- number, 'home^address arid the subscriber. pliances and other Junk ready of shall receive such compensa- address at which you are sta- William S. Gurkln tion as the Sewerage Authority tioned or can be found or if you Executor SeeUst W© can do almost anything for you (financially speaking). shall fix,no t to exceed $1,500.00 desire the military service ballot William S. Gurkln, Attorney in any calendar year,^ for a relative or friends then 374 Grove St. ' SECTION 2. This amendment make an application under oath Rahway, N. J. Armed You'd be surprised how many services we offer. to Section 7-16 of the "Revised for a military service ballot to be 4/2/2t Fees: $12.31 Ordinances of Clark" as set forth forwarded to him, stating in your Libraries in SECTION 1 of this Ordinance arbitration that he is over the age Forces COME IN AND FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP YOU. shall be retroactive to January z. ;wenty-one years and stating 1st. 1970. his name, serial number, address Toward Cleaner Air SECTION" 3. All ordinances or and the address at which he Is Hamilton Laundry & Dry You will find that besides providing the traditional banking services, such Have Week pir'.i of ordniinces inconsistent stationed or can be found. Cleanino Service, 276 Hamil- T.B. Schweitzer ppaon can be g i , 276 Hil herewith are hereby repealed as Forms of application can be ob- - ^ - - - • Navy Airman Thomas B. to such inconsistencies only. tained from the undersigned. ton St., Rahway, has switched Schweitzer, son of Mr. and as Savings and Checking accounts, we have and can create services to fit your spe- II II I* 11 SECTION 4. This ordinance EDWARD R. PADUSNIAK from the use of No. 6 fuel Mrs. Thomas A..Schweitzer 12-18 shall take effect immediately Township Clerk oil to No. 5 to reduce smoke upon final passage and publica- Municipal Building of 644 Thomas PI., and hus- cial needs. Think of us as your financial one-stop service store. Why not investigate A proclamation signed by tion according to'law. Clark, N. J. pollution. The change was band of the former Miss Mayor John C. Marsh r~ made April 3. Carolyn Bogar of 264 Wal- heralded the coming of Lib- ter St., all of Rahway, par- full service banking? Come in and put us to work for you . . . the sooner the better. rary Week, set for April ticipated in rocket recovery 12 - 18. operations while serving Arthur Sudall, director of aboard the amphibious as- You won't regret it! Rahway Library, has an- Paging All R sault ship USS Guam in the 4. SAVE AND DO ALL OF YOUR BANKING AT ANY OF OUR 5 CONVENIENT OFFICES. * nounced a program of events Atlantic. In support of the national The rockets, equipped with Library Week theme, "Sa- photographic and radiation lute to the Arts." detection instruments, were On Monday, April 13, films launched from Wallops Is- COMMUNITY STATE BANK & will be shown on the subject land, Va., as part of the of the "Louvre." The pro- National Aeronautics and gram will also include ' The -Space Agency's solar eclipse Wyeth Phenomenon" and research. "Ben Shahn." Showings will ^TRUST CO. be at 2:30 and 7:30 p. m. On Friday, the Library .M. Jacobson MAIN OFFICE: N. WOOD AVE. & HENRY ST., LINDEN will conduct~a~]uvenile pro- Navy Petty Officer Third gram featuring a visual pre- Class Stephen M. Jacobson, sentation by Miss Catherine son of Mrs. Florence H. (INSTALLMENT LOAN OFFICE OPEN TO 5 P.M. DAILY) Rotunda of Rahway High Sch- Jacobson of 146 Westfield Ave., Clark, is serving with ool. The work of Rahway stu- LINDEN: LINDEN: RAHWAY: RAHWAY: dents will be highlighted. Patrol Squadron -Twenty- Four at the Naval Air Sta- WOOD AVENUE & STILES ST. & According to Sudall, Rahway 1515 IRVING ST. ST. GEORGE AVE. plans to Join with Linden in tion, Patuxent River, Md. ELIZABETH AVE. ST. GEORGE AVE. MAPLE AVE. cooperative programs In- Jacobson's squadron re- cluding "Librarian for a cently won the Battle Effi- Day" which will include par- ciency Award for placing PHONE# FOR ALL OFFICES...925-3500 ticipation by several area first in competitive exer- schools. cises' with Fleet Air Wing WALK-UP ond DRIVE-IN WINDOWS Open Dally at All Offlcoi Jrom 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. Five. tured In a photograpKTc FM SATURDAYS 9 A.M. TO NOON MEMBER FDIC - ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $20.000.00 pity by the Linden area Hb- clat and cemttmnlty printing/ w^ * raries at the Community Mrs. Sal Fhulll, Prasliart effln Llfera y BMrt rf Tmtcas, Arthur Suiall, Library Director, i \ State Bank, 601 North Ave., call publications, Ltd., at, art Miy«J*BnC. Marsh. ! Linden. 388-0608. - i—- U ii • -I ... Rahway Public Library 1175 St. George Ave. RAHWAY NEWS RECORD/CLARK PATRIOT RAHWAY Rahway, N,. J. -07065 PAGE 14. THURSDAY, APRIL-9.-1970

t :• ••• Pick Your Back on Home Front Jaycee-ette A First in 3rd Ward Own Field Pet Show In Marines On Apr. 25 NEW JERSEY'S OLDEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER EST. 1822 The United States Marine The annual pet show spon- VOL. 148, NO. 14 Corps announced a new pro- sored by the Rahway Jaycee- THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1970, RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY gram whereby qualified men ettes will get underway at 10 CENTS and women may select the Tully Field, Grove St., on field in which they wish to Saturday, April 25, from 1 serve while on active duty. p. m. to 4 p. m., Rahway. This program, called the All children between kinder- NY Times Features Dems Tap New City Equipment Voted; VetS "Ground Guarantee Pro- garten and third grade, in- •i gram," is designed to enable clusive, are eligible to en- qualified young men and wo- ter their pets. Any and all men to fulfill their military pets are welcome, but must Trinity Methodist's Dan Martin Council Urges State, County Miss Lisa Golden obligation and at the same be restrained on a least or time receive valuable train-' by some other means. Discuss ing. Judging the event will be F M ar Lisa Is 3d To - qualify, 'you must be Mrs. Dorothy Fontana and between the ages of 17-26, James Miller from the Kind- Miss Ediia Duggan Rahwa5y Democrat^ s met • Pay for Municipal Holdings . physically qualified, pass a ness Kennels.*" A United While "The New York Times" might have placed an article States Savings Bond was don- Tuesday night at the Union A bonding ordinance for Parade Generation series of mental tests, and on women seminarfans in an odd spot — in the "Food Fashions County Democratic Head- agree to serve four years on ated by Kindness Kennels and. Family Furnishing" section--what emerged from the story quarters, 1492 Main St., Rah- the purchase of police, fire,. A meeting of the Rahway active duty. All guarantees will be awarded to the pet ' was the changing role women play in some Protestant churches. public works and municipal Veterans Central Committee that wins best - in - the - way, and selected Daniel'L. was held on Monday, March Hadassah will be in writing and given WARM RECEPTION ... Capr; James L. Pressman, right, of Ranway is welcomed home by Art Women seminarians — about 2 or 3 per cent of all semin- Martin, 34, of 454 Hamilton court items was approved by prior to enlistment. show. arians in 1960 — are a rare breed, but "The Times" found council Monday night. 30, at Post A5, American Among 40 new life mem- DeLorenzo, president of Kiwanis Cluk. A gradaate of Rahway High School and Rutgers, Press- ' Applications have—been" St., as their mayoral stan- Amounting to $45,000 the . Legion. -bora-to be inducted by Rah- This program can get ^ou several who were eager to explain their work. Including Miss dard-bearer. Mr. Martin is' Representatives from the the, job^of your choice, __one.. man-was-stationed-in Vietnam is a helicopteLpilot and receivedmany decorations. He has printed and will be distribu- Aves,, Rahway, marks the first time the city has ever placed a traffic light in the 3rd Ward. In Edna Duggan, assistant pastor of Rahway's Trinity United ordinance would provide four way ChapterHadassah-this j ted~to~the local schools as" a land surveyor and will mobile radios and two flash- _. __y.eterans_organizations,—as -sprlng-will-be -Miss Lisa- tha: >.r°u U enjoy and-keep_. iHTassTgned toTorl Wolters.TeiGras an Instructor. • — Edward D. Barnes Methodist Church. __opppse incumbent_Republl«- ;_w_ell_as_ invited representa- youUTr interest. You'll receive soon as possible. If more- z^Unlike~m"ostTor^herrfem~aTeTc^ 34— - -ing-ts»ffic signs for the"po^~ Golden, six-year-old daugh- y° inter Rahway. Watching groundbreaking are I. to r. Councilman-at-Large Ray A. Giacobbe, Mayor can_Mayor_ John C. Marslw- tives of civic and fraternal - pay, prestige and promotion mm. -^ ^_ - p^ r\ • t ••• are desired, please call year-old native of Florida, still thinks there is a place for Selected as CounciUnen- —lice*aepartment, 20 tone a- organizations, were present H e chairman Mrs. Robert preaching. She has delivered'several sermons in Rahway and lerting systems for the fire for this meeting, which in- i|?i^d °"ly by y^ur ability John C. Marsh and Third Ward Councilman Richard J. Voynik. Often called one of the worst at-Large candidates were 1 Brandner-ar3 81-0595 or co-~ -enjoys-researching-and writing sermons. "Of course;iHs not— —former 5th Ward Councilman department,.- fi^o- Jeep-type volved plans—for^the city- " ship a chairman Mrs. John Ahern corners in Rahnay, it has been the scene of many accidents and a fatality jusLiastspring. the only thlng.lt is also important to listen-to people when they- vehicles, onefoggerformos- wide _p_arade_pn_\lcmoxial_ of Mr. Republican-Rep. Florence be seeking an eighth term House,. and is second-rank,_-*•,_ - —Charles -E.-Crowell^oI-l-722- that you will have had P. Dwyer today announced ln at 382 -8513. come for counseling, and to share the feelings that they ex- Church St., Wilson D. Beau- ~ quItb~"comT6r~and one leaf "Day, Saturday, May. 30. of Rahway. Lisa is the young- in the house ' 8 minority member of the Gets Added press." loader for the public works The civic and fraternal est life member in the Rah- best training in the "world. her candidacy for reelection The 12th district includes Banking and Currency Corn- regard of 768 Beverly Rd., department, and funds to con- You can receive training to the U. S. House of Repre- I'M GLAD I CHANGED TO ... Miss Duggan is a student at Drew Theological School of longactive in veterans and representatives pledged way chapter. all of Union County except mittee and its important 2 Awarded For Loyalty vert a National Cash Regis- their full support to make Mrs. Waron, a new life in' electronics and data pro- sentatives from the 12th for Elizabeth, Linden, and Housing Subcommittee. She Drew University, Madison,-where she has the highest academic civic affairs, and Francis ter Machine to one employing cessing. The sky is the limit. Congressional District of is also John Svihraand Inez Whel- and was one of only five em- Instruction average in her class. Is seeking to be a lady 'minister with a R. Senkowski, of 360 Ru- this a most successful par- member, has presented life Rahway, together with the ranking minority chel, both of Rahway, were ployees to be honored in this congregation. data processing in the muni- ade. For those who missed membership to her daugh- Contact your Marine Corps New Jersey which includes following western Essex member of the Subcommit- PREMIER OIL dolph \vc, -icrivc in the Rail- cipal court. recruiter for more informa- Clark. among 113 with 10 years or category. Inez Whelchel was Edward D. Barnes of 496 Her New York area counterparts, however, if "The Times" way Knights of Columbus. this meeting, another one is" ters, Mrs. Golden and Miss tion at 272 North Broad St., County municipalities: Cald- tees on Consumer affairRelas and- more of service as mem- awarded a 10-year pin. Race St., Rahway, has com- writer is accurate, are seeking new places in the Protestant In other action the coun- planned for Monday, April Paula Eva Waron, as well as Mrs. Dwyer, whose win- well, Roseland, Verona, and Intergovernmental AND This trio will oppose three cil approved on first reading 27, at the American Legion. Elizabeth. Dons bers of the Perth Amboy pleted an advance training ministry, such as team ministry workers, hospital chaplairts, GOP incumbents:Ray A.Gia- to Lisa, thus making the ning margins in the 1966 West Caldwell. - General Hospital staff who Ernest R. Hansen, presi- GASOLINE religious publishing, counseling and teaching positions. an ordinance that would le- Representatives of all these and 1968 elections were the In Dwyer SUPPLY class for life, health and cobbe, a local contractor, Waron Family a three-gen- Congresswoman Dwyer on eaddition of thre, eMrs member. s of were recognized at the an- dent of the hospital board, financial services agents of Besides the pleasure MissDugganreceives from the scholarly galize $2 parking .tickets • organizations are again in- eration Hadassah life mem- PBA Asks Council nas anldu Robererct S. Hoytyt, hospitac l ^real-estate agentrand insur- which previously had been $1. vited to be present at this largest of any Congressional amassed considerable the. House" on the U. S, Ad-. l awards dinner given by. " '™" °- "° ! "°^i ^ The Travelers Insurance Co. side of the ministry, she finds friendships with the congrega- er, George J. Vansco, and bership family. nua r a r held at the Education Center tion rewarding, especially participating with them in "the joys It also approved another or- . meeting, which will finalize A second third generation candidate in the state, will'seniority in her House car- . Commission on In- *e board of governors-last ^*£SSX!IE£ FOR FRIENDLY RELIABLE SERVICE Council President William M. dinance on first reading that all plans for the parade. For M,000 Raise vlsor in Hartford, Conn. of a Christian experience. Weaver. family in the chapter is the Saying that Mayor Thomas eer. She is the ranking min-r y Commission on d b r dg e AND HIGH QUALITY OIL Barnes is one of 22 agents Miss Duggan Is looking forward to her ordination and hopes would allow the Rahway Val - It is the intention of the Arnold family consisting of A. Kaczmarek and Public JCs Begin ority member of the Gover-1 tergovernmental Relations, -hra wa°s c om m endedfor ^M^c^a'sewoTerin "We think our well*- ley Sewerage Authority to pay MARC OF DISTINCTION ... Roy M. Valentine, left, Rahway Veterans Central Committee and was one of two faithful service over a per- selected from all parts of the to be assigned a church. rounded Democratic slate their commissioners $400 a to have as much representa- Mrs. Anna Greenberg, her Safety Director Thomas Kel- nment Operations Com- which created th eprincipa commisl - iod frSm 20-24 years. He social service, for 25 years - United States and Canada for High School principal, congratulates senior Marc Lauritsen daughter, Mrs. Aaron Ax- martin favor 51,000 in- mittee, and would become sponsors of the legislation of service. Dial 388-5100 • offers Rahwayans a diversi- year and the chairman $1,500 tion from the entire City of sion in 1959. lives at 698 Seminary Ave. the course on the basis of fied background of talent and per annum. Kahway as possible in this nold, and her granddaughter creases for members of the New Grid chairman in the e4yent of a outstanding achievements in ARGAST TELLS OF NEED on his advancement to final round in National Merit Scholar- 13-year-old Lisa g Clark force. Local No. 125 Republican victory in the will provide the city with parade, so you are again Arnold, the field. He represents The good leadership if elected," An ordinance limiting le- ship competition. Marc is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman They, too, will be of the Patrolman's Benevol- Travelers in the life insur- galized games of chance in reminded to please be pre- in June. • inducted Rahway Democratic Chair- the city was held in abey- sent on April 27. ent Association has peti- Goal Push ance lines through his own man Patrick O'Donnell said. Lauritsen of 1468 Bedford St., Rahway, (Story on Page 2) Monday evening, April 13, tioned council to take action Tne New jersey Jaycees— agency in Rahway. Barnes is ance. A discussion was also held the regular monthly meeting on the matter. began the drive toward their also a member of the Na- Hospital Graduates A resolution requesting the on the purchase of the monu- of Hadassah will be held at Council offered a $700 per " $1,000,000 goal for tional Association of Secur- state legislature to adopt SEEK FEDERAL AID ment for the Viet Nam war Temple Beth Torah, Bryant sec ond Alhartlbr s annum raise, but this was charity when they raised ~ ities Dealers and is licensed Assembly Bill No. 19 to pro- veterans from the City of St., Rahway. The program voted down by thePBA, 16-1. $193,000 from the to sell mutual funds and vari- vide payment in lieu of taxes Rahway who have paid the of the evening will center more Aan able annuities. 14 as Nurse Aides *' to municipalities by the state supreme sacrifice. This On another front, the PBA 1969 Jaycee Football Classic around the Passover cele- was awarded $500 by the the New York Giants Fourteen students were. and counties for real prop- monument will be on display bration. Marc Nadelman, berween Barnes attended Bryant that opportunities are almost erty held within municipal City Traffic Study in Veterans Field on Mem- Franklin State Bank • 100a ^j Philadelphia Eagles. College, Providence, R.I. He graduated from a two -week limitless. president of Cranford United Raman Rd. Clark for ap- realized $657.90 • pre - employment training boundries. orial Day, and all interest- Synagogue Youth and a group clark is president. of the Butch Several of the new employ- 62nd Fete ed citizens are invited to prehending three bandits and from last yeaj-.s game and Starting April f Kowal Association which course at a ceremony in the ees had been employed else- Councilman Richard J. of teen-agers, will perform watch the placing of this mo- recovering money in a rob- Rahway" received $1,607.93.- raises funds to provide clo- Rahway Hospital classroom. where as nurses* aides, but Voynik, R.-3rd Ward, ex- Israeli dances. Each trainee was awarded plained that Rahway loses a nument alongside the other bery of the bank Feb. 13. In announcing the success thing for needy children and the majority were entering Gets Council Okay monumiinS at -Squire Park, to promote other charitable a cap and certificate as well the field for the^flrst time. Next Week great deal of revenue be- of last year's game for the as a Rahway rose corsage, cause it is not reimbursed St. Georges Ave. and W. benefit of New Jersey char- deeds. All indicated that they enjoy- The past grand command- A resolution authorizing city officials to start preparation of Grand Ave. Marsh to Penn Central: He is married to the since the rose is the hospi- ed helping people, and that ers of Abd - Allah Caravan for tax monies lost when a citywide traffic survey In combination with a consulting ities and Jaycee youth, sports Interest isn't the only thingyou get tal's symbol of service. Union County and the state .firm was unanimously approved Monday night by Rahway No. 8, Order of Alhambra of and-community service pro- former Miss Donnalee Glad- was the basis for their be- hold properties here. He jects, State Jaycee president hill of Pittsburg, Pa.,andtbe The course was conducted coming nurses' aides. One " Jersey City, will be honored Council. couple have one child. A by Mrs. Iona Maynard, R. graduate of the course was at the 62nd annual dinner and cited' Rahway River Park as Council voted for the survey to take advantage of the pro- Pack 47 Offer Cleanup Program Jerome Nowicki said that the dance on Friday night,' April a county example and the eight-year total of charity N., inservice training coor- familiar with the hospital Motor Vehicles Inspection visions of the Federal Highway Act of 1968 which provides Just what action the Perm me center of Our commun- dinator, who welcomed the because she had been invol- . 24, at the Alcazar of the Hi*. funding for an Urban Area Traffic Operation Improvement dollars from the classic now ~ ved in a nurses' aide cour- ' Hat Club,- Eayonne, acs^rtSr .'^a^rti^A sqwe example. .Program, which is often referred to as TOPICS. Displays Central Railroad plans to jty >• stands at $1,256,000. from Franklin State Bank. ""stuilerite, their guests, and restore its proper- Rock Gfrta - hospital' department heads. se pilot program conducted Ing to an ar.nouncementtnade Tjhe! feueral-siato'program, will contribute 50 percent of ail taktiese itno Rahwarestorye waitss thpropere sub- - jhe raiiroad said it would Approximately 166 chap- 1 She introduced George E. by Rahway High School in today by El Joffe CSravan I T^o/ council approved a improvements, provided they are 'sanctioned by the State De- ject of a letter sent by Mayor begin general repair and re- ters throughout New Jersey Check these special Argast, assistant director, 1967 in association with Rah- No. 155 of Rabway. ' resolution to continue the partment of Transportation. Handicrafts John C. Marsh to William storation this spring, Marsh earned $137,000 for some TixHTempo who spoke about the numer- way Hospital. Grand Commander John supply of free city water to Some of the improvements funded by this program are/ Drunsic, assistant division claimed, and particularly on 250 charities in the state by Open a savings or checking account of * Open a savings account or buy an FSB •Open a savings account or buy an FSB ous opportunities awaiting Alescot and chairman Ed-- Veterans' organizations. The traffic signals, channelling, and widening of streets, land ac- "Handicrafts'- • was the the Irving, Cherry and Broad selling tickets for the game, Another graduate was issue of free city water has theme of the monthly meet- engineer for the railroad. $100 or more, and choose one of these: Certificate for $1,000 or more, and take Certificate (or $5,000 or more, and the nurses' aides in their familiar with the hospital ward Eckert have designat- been a source of contention quisition for traffic improvements and traffic forecasting. Only Marsh asked the Penn Cen- Streets overpass, and the by selling ads in the souvenir your pick: choose from these: Increased field and indicated that their ed the occasion in honor of those programs will be approved by the State Department of ing of Pack 47 at the First Broad Street andMilton Ave- magazine and by working at because she frequently visit- since the city staTted to bill Presbyterian Church, Rah- tral to provide a date to dis- Melnor Automatic Traveling Lawn involvement in hospital work ed it as a member of the the Sir Nobles, who, by their "accounts" such as the Transportation that provide a thorough analysis of existing nue overpass. the 1969 game. Sprinkler with 10,000 sq. ft. Final preparations have allowed them to provide a efforts and support over the highway and traffic inventory and a projection of traffic con- way. Each of tlie dens showed cuss improvements'p, , a sugg- Clark First Aid Squad. She school system and Rahway the things they made, which Marsr h said the "goog d wea- An additional $40,000 from Coverage (Hose not Ind.) been completed and the tick- much - needed service to- and another new employee last years, have helped to ditions through 19S0. gested work schedule, and a ther is almost upon us," and the 1969 classic will be used et tempo has increased for others, which would bring make the caravan one of the HoBpltal which had been re- included bird houses, kites, schedule for continued main- planned to study to become ceijring free water but which In order to comply with these regulations it is necessary to tie racks, tie pins. nothing has been heard from to support Jaycee youth, • the rock festival and dance them a great deal of person- registered nurses after det- outstanding clubs in New have a traffic study made by a recognizedsejiiisulting firm. A tenance of the railroad's pro- the Penn Central's manage- sports and community ser- Roto Mix 3-tpeed • on Friday, April 24, at 8 p.m. al satisfaction. Jersey. are now paying their freight. Cubmaster Joseph Borick perties in Rahway. Hand Mixer with V ermining through their work committee of Lt. Richard Nolan of theTranway Division of ment. vice projects in the state, 10-pc. Sheffield Fire King-Bowl at Rahway High School. He went on to explain that as nurses' aides whether the Abd - Allah Caravan was Traffic Safety, City Engineer Frank P. Koczur, and Business led the group in several live- Marsh said to Drunsic in Presentation Many • citizens from' E. ly and enjoyable games. Af- Marsh said that recently while $16,000 has been added General chairman Barry there are opportunities for field is right for them. organized in 1909 and had Stearns Street came to the Administrator Sidney H. Stone have recommended employing his letter that "our joint- loose concrete fell from the to the Jaycee Scholarship Cullory Set _ Dexeamer-has announced that — the-services of Richard P. Browne Associates of Wayne. ter the games, a cake raf- inspection revealed literally promotion-within-the hospl-~~ The- graduates of the train- 54 -grand- commanders, of meeting" to" protest heavy fle was held to raise money Milton Avenue elevation Fund at Rutgers' four divi- tickets can be purchased at tal. Employees who started ing courses were Miss Ar- whom 22 are living and will truck traffic that was said to The cost for such a survey, is $42,423.75 of which Rahway hundreds of code violations, threatening the safety of pe- sions, New Brunswick, Doug- two locations in Rahway -- must assume $5,761.25. The balance of the cost will be borne for the pack. Borick, assisted rampant blight, safety haz- _as_nurses-'-aides have been shalous Apelian, Mrs. Dar- be guests of honor at the af- be damaging the newly re- by Robert Brandner, assis- destrians and that the rail- las, Newark and Camden. Sherwin Williams Paint promoted to technicians lene -Blue, Mrs. Marie Cas- fair. The caravan is noted surfaced roadway. The im- by the state and federal governments. ards and an assortment of road's action could be de- Store, 1516 Irving St., and tant Cubmaster, presented High Inl.mlly working with radloisotopes, hmere, Mrs. Marie Ange for its contributions and do- provement was one-third as- It was pointed out by Business Administrator Stone that the following awards: unsightly and intolerable layed no longer. Poly Floiting Lanltm Sound-A-Rama, 1483 .Main electrocardlagrams, and el- Demesmin, Miss Christine nations for retarded child- sessed against die residents. one-half the cost of a traffic light installation would more than conditions stretching through St. For ticket information; ectroencephalograms. About Diggs, Mrs. JaneKoct^Mrs. ren. Mayor John C. Marsh said pay for the city's share of the proposed traffic survey. In- Denner: . Walter Sanders, call 331-2195 of 382-8072. 15 employees who started Jonnie Mae Moody, Mrs. He- the police would be ordered stallation of traffic lights average about 520,000. Chris Fender. Assistant Den- Set of 3 Walnut Stack Price of admission is $2 per Stanley Matulewicz, sup- ner: Daniel Dougherty, Gary " as nurses aides have gone len Oyer.Mrs. Barbara Pay- reme commander of the Or- to correct the situation and Legion Unit Extends Aid To Disabled Tables, 15 x 15 «1C person, which entitles the on to study nursing and other ne, Miss Evelyn Puskar, pledged to erect a partial Moro. Gold Arrow: Daniel high. Brass Trim holder to dance and groove to • der of Alhambra of the Uni- Dougherty, Gregory £nott. Rahway Unit #5, American selected as chairman of the day, April 28. Cars will phases of hospital work. Mrs. Shiela Rankins, Miss ted States, Canada and Mex- barrade as a last resort. Tickets Available For Whelan Fete Legion Auxiliary, held their leave the legion home on the music of 15 bands. Susan SamsenandMrs.Mary Bear: Chris Edercr, Gregory nominating committee. In addition, new skills are ico, will be an honored guest City Attorney William S. Christopher Dietz, chair- contacting the National Foun- Knott. Wolf: Arthur Boyle. ,April meeting with Mrs. Maple Ave. at 6:15 p.m. The response by bands being demanded in hospitals Ann Walsh. — r . man of the testimonial din- Unit =5 has been invited to The legion is having a Wes- and will be accompanied by Gurkin said police should dation March of Dimes, 1139 Silver Arrow: Arthur Boyle. Ralph Reed presiding. participate in the Memorial has been enthusiastic. They and consequently new types his staff of deputy regional prohibit trucks over two tons ner being given for Edward E. Jersey St., Elizabeth. The Child welfare chairman tern Nite on Saturday, April Sturdy Rubberized Ctnvn will compete in concert for of positions are constantly directors and grand com- from parking on E. Stearns J. Whelan, founder of, the Also, Webelo-Citizen: Day services in Rahway. It 18, with buffet and square Inflattbl* Surf Rider cash prize money — first dinner will be .held at the Thomas Knott, James Skop- Mrs. John Terbecki reported was announced that county developing. Argast conclud- Elderly Man Is manders of other caravans. Street and a four ton limit Union County Chapter, March Winfield Scott Hotel May 1 at- she had taken an Easter dancing and everybody is. place, $100; second place, ed by saying. You will find Arrangements are in should be observed for trav- of Dimes, said tickets may rowski. Webelo Engineer: officers and Gold Star Mo- Black * Decker 7 p.m. „ Thomas .Knott, Robert Haw- card to Woodbridge State thers and the Girl's State invited to the fashion show $50; third place, $25. that you have Involved your- charge of John Brandon, eling. be obtained for the affair by 'School. The unit reported 12 on Monday, April 13, at the 14-pc Utility Drill Also, the first-place win- self in a good deal more than Mugged by Two Waiter Lehman, Carroll Po- kings. Webelo-Forester: Ro- representative will be pre- legion home. Donation is 51. Kit with Carrying Councilman Dr. Adam T. bert .Brandner. Arrow of new members, and that 140 sent at the May meeting. Case ner will represent and be a Job." lakoskl, Stanley FInnerty, coupons were collected for Mrs. Kaden was incharge sponsored by'the Rahway An elderly . gentleman, James Revel, John Fitzsim- McDaniel. D.-4th Ward, said Install Rev. Hardgrove Sunday Light: David Jackson. W«h- The East Orange Hospital Mrs. Marie Brennan, R. Charles Phillips, 66, was elo-Naturalist: NicholaSv. the"month.of March. Auxill- party has been "seTforTues- of hospitality. Mrs. Broberg Jaycees In the state com- N., director of nursing, wel- mons," James Mulvaney and • some of the trucks were gas Rev. Orrin T. Hardgrove will be installed this bunday as won the dark horse prize. found lying on the corner Kevin Enright. tankers and recalled a re- pastor of The First Baptist Church, 177 Iilm Ave., Rahway. Koukotas, John "Campbell. I ary members bought five -comed- the employee&^to-the— -ot~Clarfcson~PlraTrcnvlonroe cently explosion, a reoccur- Webelo-Craftsman: Robert I bonds during March. " "• Events of this type have hospital family.1 She noted The service of investiture will begin at 4 p.m. and Mayor become very popular and the St., the apparent victim of a rence he wanted to avoid. John C. Marsh will be present. An invitation has been extended Brandner. Webelo Artist: Rehabilitation chairman that their training period was mugging. Phillips resides at Peter Frazee was appoint- James Skoprowski, Scott Mrs. Andrew Broberg said competitiveness of the bands only a beginning since they to the public. Dr. Joseph Heartberg, executive secretary of the Karaman, John Campbell, Two Men Are Hit On W. Grand Ave. insures a very excellent show 126 Elm Ave., Rahway. Ron Miller ed as an alternate member New Jersey Baptist Convention, will address the congregation. 24 hours had been spent at would be learning many more A He. said two men stole $90 of the Board of Adjustment, Thomas Schimmel. , Menlo Park Hospital and 10 other vehicle driven byMrs. Patio King striped hammock, forjhe nominal cost of $2. skills on the Job in the weeks The main speaker at the installation will be Dr. George W. 5 Piece Stainless Steel 2,200 iq. It. Coverage with emerald green stand Refreshments will be avail- from him. He was taken to and John McGrath was named Webber, president of New York Theological Seminary. He is the hours at Rahway Hospital 292 Beatrice E. Martin, 51, of Garden Tool Set to come. She indicated that Rahway Hospital for a minor BSA Drive to:-the Rahway Parking Au- by auxiliary members. She was charged with drunk dri- able at moderate prices. the hospital field is so wide author of "God's Colony in Man's World" and "The Congrega- OcfJrd Exams vln 2228 Church St., Rahway, cut. thority. •• tion in Mission." also expressed thanks to g- He was said to have reported Patrolman Robert 'A charge will be made against accaunit which are cloiod or lall below fnr opening minimum—I),000 or 55,000—In Ifie ffrst fttr those who assisted in the bin- failed a Drunk-O-Meter test Clark. Schulties was treated go party at the Menlo Park administered by Clark Sgx. at Rahway Hospital for a cut To Direct ^ 5 For US Schools Home for Disabled Vets. Donald Ficke. head. At FSB Earn Highest Interest Any Way You Want It. Ronald Miller of Miller Mrs. Harry Hoeft was His car collided with an- Warming Up Hot Line Pontiac and Cadillac has senator Clifford P. Case been named chairman of the today announced plans to hold 1970 sustaining memberships a Civil Service examination 3/% and enrollment committee for on Oct. 3 to assist him in /4 /o with FSB with FSB 2'" with FSB Rahway in Southern District, selecting his nominees for Came, Sawed, Conquered 5 2 with FSB 7% Boy Scouts of America. the U.S. Air Force, Military, Business Certificates 2-Year Certificates of 1-Year Certificates of Short-Term Certificates mmmm The appointment" was an- Naval and Merchant-Marine of $1,000 or more with of $1 OO'OOO or more on nounced by Christopher Academies, for the classes .$^000 or more held $1,000 or more held Dietz, local attorney and entering in the summer of for 2 years or more for 1 year or more 30-day withdrawal privileges deposit for 1 year or longer chairman of Southern Dis- 1971. ,^ trict, Union Council, Boy. and with 90-day Preferred Scouts of America. The examination is open to Passbook Savings of ^Enrollment gbal for 1970 legal residents of New Jer- Is 300 members with fianan- sey. All persons desiring to $500 or more. cial support of $2,000. This, take the test should write to in addition to other sources, Senator Case, Room 315, Old will maintain and expand the Senate Office Building, a friend of the family opportunity for scouting in Washington, D.C. 20510. OPEN: 8 TO 8 DAILY Rahway. The council's yearly oper- AND 9 TO 5 SATURDAY Franklin State Bank ating funds come from three member FDIC • ^ sources: United Fund Allo- IN THIS ISSUE cation, Sustaining Member- Armed Forces 10 ships Enrollment and Foun- Convenient Locations < dation Grants and Trust Fund Church News 12 Main Offlct: 610 FranKlin Blvd., Franklin Township, N. J. Clark Office: Westlield & Rarltan Roads, Clark, N. J. Income. Classified 14 Scotch Plaint Office: 336 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, N. J. Dietz said that during his Franklin Mall Offict: Easton Avo and Rl. 287, Franklin Township, N. J. «•." tenure as district chairman Editorials..... 4 Kingston Office: Highway 27, Kingston, N, J. Weatfleld-Famnod Office: 2222 South Avenue, Scotch Plains. N. J. . the expanded demand for Movies... 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Daily • S a.m. to Noon Saturday • 6 to B p.m. Monday 8 MUliton* Offlct: Rt. 533, Millstone, N. J. TING ONE TWO THREE ~ Is If u •Itctln yta? Yw bet it Is, aid Mayor John C. Marsk, funds have resulted in year- Drive-In: 8 a.m. to S p.m. Dally • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday ly deficits. The funds sought Obituaries 12 9 a.m. lo 3 p.m. Daily • 9 a.m. to Noon Saturday • 6:30 to 6 p.m. Thursday and CeuncltmaD-at-Larg* Ray A. Glactbbe, left, an letting ready te .start The Het Drive-In: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Daily • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday from Rahway for this con- TEN. NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN ... H*s countdown time for popils at Franklin School, Rahway. Ray Hoagland... .. 8 Highland Park Office: 45 Woodbridge Ave., Highland Park, N. J. tinual supportofscoudngwill I to provide citizens Kith a way of cemmlutlng with fbe town talkers. Martin J. Slllrie Mrs. KatklOM Ktlly, a teacher, supervises Andrea Kunak*s rocket ship, Alex Busse checks Social NewSai.H...•••• Motor Office Dnve-ln: Franklin Blvd. & Somerset St., Franklin Township, N.J. S a.m. to 3 p.m. Daily • 8 a.m. to Noon Saturday • 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday go a long way in setting the 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. {Daily • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday Drive-In: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pally • 9 a.m. to 5j>.m. Saturday nitrates the Recert-O-Feie wWdi tapes citizen noaoloBNS. Whirs the Dumber? What pace for other communities Barbara Ea^'s winding and Wide Likens, vice principal, st^ Sports...... 8,9.10 -to follow in meeting fair share. *Ja Onnnattun.-Stnoasjmrk, tat ir^ton.-too. (Story^(TAnofhM-Photo engage 2) lap Gran Cta*s pnsMtatla tf J.B. Prl«tl«y*s "Dmgmmt Cmu." Tbty an Retort A. O TMMa, in Ntlai Mtssam if 1M1 Metf (amy St., Rahway, Miss Stary S. Waftm art R«- Democrats Define Ombudsman for GOP, Seek More Flood Control Action. Story on Page 5. > v baf A. Itm af Ml Hants* St., Rakway. Tin ilay bad far parttrmsBccs ii Can pas Ctatw 1 ,-• 7