MEMBERS OF THE LOWLANDS AND UPLANDS AREA PLANNING SUB-COMMITTEES AND MEETINGS DATES This document gives details of the current membership of the Council’s two Area Planning Sub- Committees (Lowlands and Uplands).The Sub-Committees are geographical: please see Lowlands and Uplands Parishes respectively for details; or the Plan available from the planning decisions page of the website. The Sub-Committees are responsible for deciding planning applications which need to be determined by Council Members rather than Council staff. Each of the Sub-Committees is scheduled to meet monthly, and the dates for meetings for the period to June 2021 are listed below. The agendas, reports and minutes for the meetings are made available on the Meetings page of the website at The agendas and reports will usually be available from late on the Friday afternoon ten days before the day of the meeting. A list of the decisions from each meeting is placed on the website the working day after the meeting. Details can be found on the Planning application decisions page of the site at or alternatively by using Planning Access at Meetings are open to the public. As a consequence of Coronavirus from 26 May 2020 until further notice meetings will be held remotely, and members of the public will be able to view proceedings via Facebook Live. This does not require a Facebook account. All meetings are scheduled to start at 2 pm, and all are on Mondays except for the asterisked meetings which are Tuesdays

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see over for membership details: Lowlands / Uplands see final page for details of the parishes in each area

(updated 13/05/2020) LOWLANDS

Councillor Name Address Ward and Parishes COLLINS, OWEN 29 Moorland Road, , Witney South Oxon, OX28 6LS ( Wards: Witney South and Witney [email protected] Burwell) CROSSLAND, 111 Road, Carterton North West MAXINE Carterton, Oxon, OX18 1AJ (Parishes: Carterton Rock Farm; Carterton

Shillbrook) Tel: 01993 212654 [email protected] EAGLESTONE, 10 Farmington Drive, Witney, Witney West HARRY Oxon, OX28 5GJ (Parish: Witney West) Tel: 01993 702915 [email protected] ENRIGHT, 85 Newland, Witney, Witney East DUNCAN Oxon, OX28 3JW (Parish: Witney East) Tel: 01993 200012 Mob: 07721 419546

[email protected] FENTON, 10A Bridge Street, Bampton, , Aston and HILARY Oxon, OX18 2HA (Parishes: Aston, Cote, & Chimney; Tel: 01993 358056 Standlake; Northmoor; Stanton Harcourt; Mob: 07736 769629 Hardwick with ) [email protected] FENTON, TED 10A Bridge Street, Bampton, Bampton and Clanfield Oxon, OX18 2HA (Chairman) (Parishes: Bampton; Clanfield; Black Tel: 01993 358056 Bourton)

[email protected] GOOD, STEVE c/o Council Offices, Woodgreen, Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt Witney, Oxon, OX28 1NB (Parishes: Aston, Cote, Shifford & Chimney;

[email protected] Standlake; Northmoor; Stanton Harcourt; Hardwick with Yelford) HAINE, JEFF 13 Poplar Farm Close, Milton under Milton under Wychwood, Oxon, OX7 6LX (Parishes: Milton under Wychwood; ;

Tel: 01993 830078 Fifield; ) [email protected] LEVERTON, NICK 4 Rose Close, Carterton, Carterton South Oxon, OX18 3LA (Parishes: Carterton Gateway; Carterton

Milestone) Tel: 01993 840544 Mob : 07831 140900 [email protected] MULLINS, KIERAN c/o Council Offices, Woodgreen, Hailey, and Witney, Oxon, OX28 1NB (Parishes: Crawley; Hailey; Ramsden; Mob: 07548 275461 Leafield; Minster Lovell) [email protected] Councillor Name Address Ward and Parishes RYLETT, CARL 57 Old Witney Road, , Eynsham and Oxon, OX29 4PT (Vice Chairman) (Parishes: Cassington; Eynsham; South Tel: 01865 883643 Leigh) [email protected] ST JOHN, HARRY 29 Windmill Heights, North Leigh, (Parish: North Leigh) Oxon, OX7 6ZD Tel: 01993 881529 Mob: 07767 637279 [email protected]


Councillor Name Address Ward and Parishes BEANEY, 1 Wychwood Drive, , and ANDREW Milton under Wychwood, Oxon (Parishes: Enstone; ; ; OX7 6JA ; Kingham; Rollright; Salford; Tel: 01993 832039 ; ; Cornwell; ) [email protected] BISHOP, Glenrise, Churchfields, and RICHARD Stonesfield, Oxon, OX29 8PP (Parishes: Combe; Stonesfield; Tackley; Tel: 01993 891414 Wootton; ; with Mob: 07557 145010 ; ) [email protected] CAHILL, MIKE 45 Rowell Way, , Chipping Norton Oxon, OX7 5BD (Parish: Chipping Norton) Mob: 07876 685417 [email protected] CHAPPLE, c/o Council Offices, Woodgreen, Stonesfield and Tackley NATHALIE Witney, Oxon, OX28 1NB (Parishes: Combe; Stonesfield; Tackley; Mob: 07503 484843 Wootton; Glympton; Kiddington with Asterleigh; Rousham) [email protected] COLSTON, Rectory Farm, Salford. Kingham, Rollright and Enstone NIGEL Chipping Norton, Oxon, (Parishes: Enstone; Great Tew; Swerford; OX7 5YY Over Norton; Kingham; Rollright; Salford; Tel: 01608 643209 Heythrop; Chastleton; Cornwell; Little Tew) Mob: 07531 073813 [email protected] COOPER, JULIAN 15 Crecy Walk, Woodstock, Woodstock and Oxon, OX20 1UT (Parishes: Bladon; Woodstock; Blenheim) Tel: 01993 811519

[email protected] COTTERILL, Forteys Close, Guildenford, Burford, Burford DEREK Oxon, OX18 4SE (Parishes: Burford; Fulbrook; Tel: 01993 823188 Taynton) [email protected] DAVIES, MERILYN 30 Evenlode Drive, Freeland and , (Parishes: Freeland; Hanborough) Oxon, OX29 9TS Tel: 01993 883520 Mob: 07966 796178 [email protected] FENTON, TED 10A Bridge Street, Bampton, Bampton and Clanfield Oxon, OX18 2HA (non-voting member) (Parishes: Bampton; Clanfield; Black Tel: 01993 358056 Bourton)

[email protected] Councillor Name Address Ward and Parishes HAINE, JEFF 13 Poplar Farm Close, Milton under Milton under Wychwood Wychwood, Oxon, OX7 6LX (Chairman) Tel: 01993 830078 (Parishes: Milton under Wychwood; Bruern; [email protected] Fifield; Idbury)

JACKSON, DAVID 8 South Street, Middle Barton, The Bartons Oxon, OX7 7BU (Parishes: Sandford St Martin; Steeple Tel: 01869 340759 Barton; Westcot Barton; Worton) [email protected] OWEN, NEIL Robinswood, Frog Lane, Milton under and Churchill Wychwood, Oxon, (Parishes: Chadlington; ; Churchill; OX7 6JZ ; ; Cornbury & Wychwood) Tel: 01993 830875 [email protected] POSTAN, ALEX Wheelwright's Cottage, Bridge Street, and Shilton Shilton (Parishes: Brize Norton; & Oxon, OX18 4AA Widford; Shilton; Asthal) Tel: 01993 842740 [email protected] SAUL, GEOFF 21 Middle Row, Chipping Norton, Chipping Norton Oxon, OX7 5NH (Vice Chairman) (Parish: Chipping Norton) Tel: 01608 648020

[email protected]

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PARISHES IN THE LOWLANDS AREA ; Asthal; Aston, Cote, Shifford & Chimney; Bampton; ; Brize Norton; Broadwell; Carterton; Cassington; Clanfield; Crawley; Curbridge; ; Eynsham; & ; ; Hailey; Hardwick with Yelford; Holwell; ; ; Langford; Lew, ; Minster Lovell; North Leigh; Northmoor; Ramsden; Shilton; ; Standlake; Stanton Harcourt; ; Westwell and Witney. PARISHES IN THE UPLANDS AREA Ascott under Wychwood; Bladon; Blenheim; Bruern; Burford; Chadlington; ; Chastleton; Chilson; Chipping Norton; Churchill; Combe; ; Cornwell; Enstone; ; Fifield; ; Freeland; Fulbrook; Glympton; Great Tew; Hanborough; Heythrop; Idbury; Kiddington with Asterleigh; Kingham; Leafield; Little Tew; Lyneham; Milton Under Wychwood; Over Norton; Rollright; Rousham; Salford; Sandford St Martin; Sarsden; Shipton under Wychwood; Spelsbury; ; Stonesfield; Swerford; Tackley; Taynton; Westcot Barton; Woodstock; Wootton and Worton. PLAN SHOWING LOWLANDS AND UPLANDS AREAS A plan showing the areas is available from the planning decisions page of the Council’s website, at