Figure 2 for fuel delivery attempting to maintain an ideal General Hookup AIr/FUel gAUge air/fuel mixture for low emissions and good fuel FUSe economy. AIR/FUEL RATIO GAUGE bOX tO HeAd lAMPS Or tAIl lIgHtS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS red GAUGE OPERATION HeAdlAMP SWItCH NOTE: Typical Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge operation is described WHIte below. The operation may vary from to vehicle. This gauge was designed for 12-Volt, negative Figure 1 +12V green ground electrical systems.It works with 1-wire, Gauge Mounting POWer the gauge measures the voltage produced by 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire . If your the oxygen and displays it in real time on blACk dashboard bracket nuts a radial, led (light emitting diode) bar graph. vehicle is not equipped with an oxygen sensor, an gauge oxygen sensor kit can be purchased and installed. (Knurled) COMPUter the leds are color coded for ease of viewing and Install the sensor in a location where the exhaust COnneCtOr interpreting the gauge reading. streams from all cylinders meet and as close as When the headlights are turned on, the gauge possible to the head. background illuminates and the leds are dimmed for easy night viewing. tO engIne OXYgen blOCk grOUnd SenSOr When the key is in the On position and the engine Precautions is cold and not running, all segments of the gauge are off. 1. Read the entire instructions before proceeding. Figure 3 - 2. Route all wiring away from linkages, engine 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Wire Sensors When the engine first starts, all segments of the parts that become hot, or moving parts. gauge are off since the sensor needs to warm up to COnneCt gren WIre its operating temperature. the exact time depends 3. Never smoke while working on your vehicle and 1-WIre On AIr/FUel gAUge tO SenSOr SIgnAl WIre on whether the oxygen sensor is heated (less than always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. It should OXYgen SenSOr a minute) or non-heated (several minutes) and the be rated for /chemical/electrical fires. grOUnd SenSOr SIgnAl vehicle. On some the gauge may read 4. Never lay tools on top of the battery or wear lean right away. jewelry during electrical work to avoid severe Hooking Up Wires 1. Verify that the battery ground cable is When the sensor reaches its operating temperature, shorts. 2-WIre but the engine still has not reached the operating 5. Do not touch the wire(s) coming from the disconnected before any electrical work is OXYgen SenSOr performed. temperature when the car computer takes over oxygen sensor to power or ground. Do not SenSOr SIgnAl (open loop), the gauge will most likely read rich. 2. Connect the red wire to a fuse protected source SenSOr grOUnd use ohmmeter on these wires. Either of these When the engine is controlled by the car computer actions will damage the sensor. of +12 Volts turned on and off with the ignition key. The fuse box is usually a good place to 3-WIre (closed loop) and the car is cruising, the gauge start. OXYgen SenSOr segments will swing between rich and lean. On vehicles with an added oxygen sensor that do not Installing Gauge 3. Connect the white wire to a circuit which is grOUnd SenSOr SIgnAl have a computer the gauge reading will change This gauge can be mounted into a surface of your energized by the headlamp switch or to the tail HeAter POWer depending on the engine condition, but will not choice or into a gauge pod. light circuit. HeAter grOUnd constantly swing like on the computer-controlled 4. If desired, drill a 3/8” hole in the firewall, install a 4-WIre vehicles. 1. It is recommended that the battery ground cable OXYgen SenSOr be disconnected before any electrical work is rubber grommet (provided), and feed the black SenSOr SIgnAl SenSOr grOUnd When the is open during heavy load, the performed. and green wires through the grommet into the readings will move toward rich. engine compartment. HeAter POWer 2. Choose a location to mount the gauge where it HeAter grOUnd during deceleration, the readings will be in the lean will be viewable from a normal driving position. 5. Connect the black wire to a good zone. during a hard deceleration, the computer engine ground source. Do not Figure 4 3. If you are installing the gauge into a surface (for Oxygen Sensor Operation might lean out the mixture to the point where no connect black wire to ground led segments will be lit. example the dashboard) make a 2-1/16” hole points underneath the dash or for the gauge. Be sure to check for wires behind on the body. Find a location on dash. Do not accidentally cut any wires or hoses. the . Clean rust and TROUbLESHOOTING Be sure there is clearance around the hole for paint if needed before making the the gauge mounting bracket. A sluggish response of the Air/Fuel ratio gauge connection. Use the ring terminal may indicate a partially fouled oxygen sensor. If 4. Plug the wire harness connector into the (provided). the sensor degradation is confirmed, the sensor receptacle on the back of the gauge. 6. Connect the green wire to the signal wire should be replaced. A lean operation under load 5. Insert the wires and the gauge into the mounting between the oxygen sensor connector and is a sign of improperly functioning fuel delivery panel or hole. the car computer. Do not connect to the wire system. this can lead to engine damage.Persistent 6. Install the mounting bracket and tighten the between the oxygen sensor and the connector, rich operation (not under heavy load) can lead to knurled nuts lightly. as this wire is often shielded. Refer to diagrams poor fuel economy, fouled spark plugs, and poor 7. Position the gauge for best visibility and tighten below for selecting the correct connection performance. point. If the oxygen sensor has 2, 3, or 4 wires, the knurled nuts with moderate pressure. consult wiring diagram for your vehicle or contact vehicle manufacturer to identify the signal wire.

OxyGEN SENSOR this sensor produces a voltage signal based on the amount of oxygen it detects in the exhaust stream. A low voltage (less than 0.4V) indicates a lean exhaust (too much oxygen). A higher voltage (0.6 - 1.0V) signals a rich exhaust (not enough oxygen). the car computer uses the oxygen sensor SUNPRO GAUGES CUSTOM GAUGES