912 Bay Ridge Dr. Lewis Center, OH 43035 614-506-8959

Charles B. Wurm

912 Bay Ridge Dr. •Lewis Center, OH •43035 •614-506-8959 •


Highly accomplished telecommunications and networking specialist with over 7 years experience in installation, maintenance, and operations of tactical telecommunications networks. Results oriented leader with proven success in supervision, problem solving and team building. Thrives in a dynamic and challenging environment. Honorably discharged veteran.


UHF Radios / Modulators / Multiplexors / DOS Programming
Unix Programming
Routers / LAN/WAN
Switches / T-1/T-3
NAS / Tactical FTTP Fiber Networks
Tactical Servers


VHF/FM networks / Link-11 / TADIL-B data networks / Link-16 / TADIL-J data networks
UHF/MSE Networks / GRC-103 UHF Radios / TD-1065 data modulators
Multiplexor Units / Telephone Signal Convertors / PBX / Switch Multiplex Units
TROPO Scatter Equipment / BIT/BITE Troubleshooting / Radio Access Units / Radio Relay


University Studies Columbus, OH 2005-Present

Keller Graduate School of Management 4.00 GPA Current

Concentration: Network and Communications Management

DeVry University 3.72 GPA Graduated 10/08

Concentration: Business Information Systems

North Central State College 3.23 GPA Graduated 3/07

Concentration: Business Management

Herbalife International Lewis Center, OH 2007-2008

Independent Distributor

Managed a small office while providing consulting services to customers. Maintained office voice and data network utilizing routers, storage servers, and VoIP digital voice modem. Managed customer provide database and tracked sales and payment history utilizing Microsoft Access and managed product inventory as well as provided logistics analysis to assist with inventory procurement.

Verizon Wireless Dublin, OH 2007

Customer Financial Services

Assisted customers to resolve network voice and data telecommunication issues related to the Verizon Wireless CDMA network. Experienced using multiple windows and web based programs including Microsoft Office and PeopleSoft Applications.

Target Retail Store Mansfield, OH 2005

Target Protection Specialist

Responsible for the overall safeness of the Target retail store operations and associated loss prevention activities to include video network and surveillance operations.

United States Army Fort Bliss, TX 2000-2005

Network Supervisor

Responsible for battalion level telecommunications operations and trainer for up to twenty personnel on PATRIOT voice and data systems, support, and planning. Supervised, trained and evaluated personnel on a daily basis in the construction of numerous networks utilizing Switch Multiplexor Units, UHF Radios, modulators and multiplexors.

Supervised the construction of the largest UHF voice and data networks in the history of the 1-7 Battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Responsible for analyzing and documenting telecommunications systems requirements and the technical design and specification of telecommunication cables to the end users. Assisted in the technical design and specifications of telecommunications networking to include fiber optics, coax cable, and wireless network design for tactical PATRIOT voice and data command and control operations. Provided technical consulting services to both local and remote sites to resolve network trouble tickets.

United States Army Fort Bliss, TX 1998-2000

Telecommunications Specialist

Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and technical support for various telecommunications networks to include UHF, VHF, Tactical Data Link-B, Tactical Data Link -J, and various other switching networks. Customer support specialist in-charge of resolving all technical support issues for UHF GSM, TDMA, CDMA and VHF radio networks to include end user and line side equipment troubleshooting procedures. Demonstrated ability to successfully program, install, and implement various DOS and UNIX based programs for the purpose of secure tactical voice and data telecommunications. Responsible for the Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of GRC-103 UHF radios, TD-1065 data modulators, TD-660 multiplexors, CV-1548 telephone converters and integration of PBX Digital Switch Multiplexing equipment for telecommunications through multi-line terminals to local and long local subscribers. Experienced creating UNIX based PBX programming and database operations to provide integration of digital and analog voice and data telecommunications. Monitored the installation of various data links through UHF radios, line side switches, and TROPO scatter microwave telecommunications equipment. Maintained network log books and trouble tickets to insure quality network performance and to assist in network troubleshooting. Responsible for network work interfaces with the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marines for command and control purposes. Proven ability to work on team projects or independently whenever required. Familiar with AC/DC power generator unit operation and maintenance.


3-Army Commendation Medals – For top performance in highly critical and high stress environments

4-Army Achievement Medals – For performing additional duties above and beyond the call of duty

2-Good Conduct Medal – For completing over 6 years of service without negative administrative actions

1-Army Expeditionary Medal – For service in Operation Enduring Freedom in South West Asia

1-Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal – For service in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.