Bringing out the Dead Alison Abbott Reviews the Story of How a DNA Forensics Team Cracked a Grisly Puzzle

BOOKS & ARTS COMMENT DADO RUVIC/REUTERS/CORBIS DADO A forensics specialist from the International Commission on Missing Persons examines human remains

Nobel Prize Physicists Meet at Lindau

From 28 June to 2 July 1971 the German island town of Lindau in Nobel Prize Physicists Lake Constance close to the Austrian and Swiss borders was host to a

Heisenberg's Visit to Niels Bohr in 1941 and the Bohr Letters

Klaus Gottstein Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner-Heisenberg-Institut) Föhringer Ring 6 D-80805 Munich, Germany 26 February, 2002 New insights?

Heisenberg and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project, 1939-1945: a Study in German Culture

Heisenberg and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project Preferred Citation: Rose, Paul Lawrence.

Some Famous Physicists Ing Weyl’S Book Space, Time, Matter, the Same Book That Heisenberg Had Read As a Young Man

Heisenberg’s first graduate student was Felix Bloch. One day, while walking together, they started to discuss the concepts of space and time. Bloch had just

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How Did We Find Out About Quantum Mechanics? Dan Styer Department of Physics and Astronomy Oberlin College Max Planck (age 42 in 1900) Albert

Werner Heisenberg | E&S Magazine 5 |E&S Werner Heisenberg in 1926

HISTORICAL BIO uncontrollably into space. they would that hurledby moving be incredibly fast so nucleus to the elusive and to close being would too respond are

Overhearing Heisenberg

COMMENT BOOKS & ARTS former Yugoslavia — began excavat- ing the burial sites. They pieced together some evidence of when and how the mass killings had

A Tribute to Enrico Fermi

A TriBuTE To ENriCo FErMi * henk Kubbinga * University of Groningen (The Netherlands) * DOI: 10.1051/ epn /2009803 In the history of physics, Italy

The Beginning of the Nuclear Age

The Beginning of the Nuclear Age M. SHIFMAN 1 Theoretical Physics Institute, University of Minnesota 1 Introduction A few years ago I delivered a

MARIA GOEPPERT MAYER June 28,1906-February 20,1972

national academy of sciences M aria goeppert M a y e r 1906—1972 A Biographical Memoir by Ro be r t G. S a c h s Any opinions expressed

Nazi Nuclear Research: Why Didn’T Hitler Get the Bomb? Jim Thomson

Nazi nuclear research: Why didn’t Hitler get the Bomb? Jim Thomson 1 Nazi nuclear research 1. The German project and a