North Carolina Schoolworks System

North Carolina Schoolworks System

North Carolina SchoolWorks System

NC SchoolWorks Partners

•NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) – Fiscal Agent

•University of North Carolina General Administration (UNCGA)

•NC Community College System (NCCCS)

•NC Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU)

•Labor and Economic Analysis Division (LEAD) of NC Department of Commerce

•Government Data Analytics Center (GDAC)

•Division of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

•Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)

•NC Governor’s Office

Why is NC SchoolWorks Important for North Carolina?

•Allows North Carolina to integrate longitudinal education and workforce data

•Can track student performance across time, educational institutions and into careers

•Allows for effective evaluation of education programs and institutions

•Facilitates more detailed analyses to improve educational performance

How Does the NC SchoolWorks System Work?

•NC SchoolWorks data are accessed using a broker system which queries and joins data from NC SchoolWorks partners

•The NC SchoolWorks system will not have a centralized data warehouse

•Utilizes industry standards to protect privacy and security of individual student and staff data

Data Security and Privacy

•Data are maintained by each participating partner, and the broker automatically transmits the requested data

•The broker may merge the files from the various systems, depending upon request

•Before any data are released from the NC SchoolWorks system, the request must be approved by all partners supplying the requested data

Grant Governance

•NC SchoolWorks Council is comprised of agency program staff (business owners) and technical staff from each of the five main partners

•Program and technical staff from the Early Learning community and GDAC also attend the Council meetings and provide input into the direction of the project

•NC SchoolWorks Council meets monthly and has established committees to advance the work of the grant