Field Size: About 30 Yds X 25 Yds Ball: Size 3

Field Size: About 30 Yds X 25 Yds Ball: Size 3

BASA U7/U8 Rules

Field Size: About 30 yds x 25 yds Ball: Size 3


  • All players present should play at least half of every game (play should be equal, if possible, for all players).

U7 Length of Game: Two 17 minute halves with a 3 minute half time.

U8 Length of Game: Two 20 minute halves with a 3 minute half time.

Warm-Up: Prior to the start of the game the Coach will call the team over and conduct a 12-15 minute mini-clinic (“warm-up”). This can be done on a green space near the field or on the field if it is available.

Pre-Game: Prior to the game the Coach call the team over to check their shin guards and cleats. The coaches will then call for captains who will play “Rock-Paper-Scissors” to determine possession preferences or side preferences.

Uniforms: Shirts should be tucked into their shorts, socks OVER shin guards and cleats tied tightly in double knots (to prevent constant untied shoes). NO jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets…), metal or plastic hair clips are allowed on the playing field. Band-aids or tape to cover earrings is not allowed.

Kick Off: The game starts with a kickoff in the center of the field. Team with possession must kick the ball forward over the centerline. Opposing team must stay out of the center circle until the ball is kicked.

Throw-In: (U7 uses kick-ins. U8 uses throw-ins.) To restart play when ball goes over the sideline. The throw-in must be 2-handed, go straight back over the player’s head while both feet remain on the ground until the ball is released. A second throw-in may be given if needed. The coach should explain the proper method for a throw-in.

Corner Kick: When the defensive team kicks the ball out of their own end, the offensive team re-enters the ball with a corner kick. The ball is kicked from one of the corners (where the flag is – if present).

Goal Kick: If the offensive team kicks it out the opposition’s end, the defensive team re-enters the ball with a goal kick that is placed 2-3 yards off the end line and any player may take the kick. On goal kicks opposing teams must be at the half way line.

Scoring a Goal:

  • Goals may not be scored directly from a kickoff, throw-in or any restart directly.
  • Goals may only be scored on the attacking half of the field.
  • When a goal is scored, the game is re-started with a kick off by the non-scoring team from the center of the field in the same process as the starting kick-off.

At half time, ball possession changes for the kick-off. Teams change sides of the field.

Substitutions: If needed outside of in between quarters, substitutions may be made on either team’s throw-in, goal kick or any re-start kick off (half time or after a goal).

Indirect/Direct Kicks: There are NO direct free kicks in U7/U8. This includes penalty kicks. All penalties (hand ball, push, trip, etc.) result in a free indirect kick (must touch another player before entering the goal to be counted as a goal). If the infraction occurred within the penalty area, the ball should be brought back to the line and an indirect free kick awarded. Opposing players must stay back 4 yards when an indirect kick is awarded.

Slide Tackling: Slide Tackling is NOT allowed in U7/U8. Keep players on their feet.

Referees: There are no official referees for any games. A coach from each team is on the field to assist in the play. Coaches from either team may make calls on the field of play. Some light coaching is permitted by the coaches on the field to help players learn the game better.

Injury: In the case of an injury, the players will stop playing and take a knee. The coaches will pause the game and tend to the injured player. Each team may sub one player on an injury. The ball is restarted with a drop-ball where a coach/ref drops the ball between two opposing players who then may kick the ball only after it has landed on the ground.

  • Safety is the number one concern. Coach/ref should not be afraid to stop play at any time if they see a dangerous situation developing. Remember, this is the first game experience for many kids. If inappropriate, aggressive behavior is exhibited; the coach/ref should speak with the individual involved to stop the behavior.


  • The line is part of the playing field and the whole ball must cross the line to be considered a goal or out of play.
  • Goals are scored, but no score is kept or recorded.
  • There is NO offside for U6-U9

Coaching Philosophy

  • 3v3 is the start of the key shape in soccer…the triangle. 4v4 makes a diamond with triangles within. (high-deep-wide-wide) Do not worry about the players keeping this shape, but keep mentioning it so they become familiar with it. The triangle allows for 2 options of support for the ball carrier on the attack, and also allows for support when on defense. Again, do not get wrapped up in this, as the players are not at a level to understand this. You can introduce the concept of attacking and defending, but be sure that each player does both, and do not tell a player they must stand back and play defender the whole time. Let them be in the action. Spreading out is a good thing on offense, but not at the expense of having one player totally separated from the play. Mention finding open space in practice and games and to look for space where they are not by anyone.
  • Do not have one player who is the deepest back (defense) stand at the half line. Encourage them to stay behind the play but move up to support.
  • During games, let them play and don’t coach too much! Let them experiment and learn from the game. Let them have fun!
  • Be positive and encouraging!
  • Sportsmanship and fun should be the main focus of any game.
  • Even though scores are not kept or recorded, be aware of not running up the score against any opponent. You can try to mix your weaker players with stronger players in any given quarter so the games aren’t lopsided. If it appears you are much stronger than your opponent, discreetly apply different strategies with your players, such as getting the ball to the player on your team that hasn’t scored all season, have your team make five consecutive passes before going to goal, have them shoot left-footed, etc.

If any questions arise please give us a call. Thank you for volunteering!!

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