Montana State University Article Wildlife News ■ November 20, 2020 The African Wild : What is it? Diet: v and After the Gray Scientific Name: pictus ( lupus), African v Wild are the Class: Mammalia v Small second largest wild and Order: canid in existence Rounded v Family: ears Since African wild dogs Shoulder height No two wild dogs will Can live up to 10-12 are in the family of have the same coat 29.5 - 43” (75-110cm) pattern or markings. in the wild! Canidae, they are related to The white markings domestic dogs, , are unique for each , , and other individual. close relatives. Head and body length : v African Wild Dogs 30 – 56” (75-141 cm) live in family groups 39.5 – 79 pounds called packs v Typically 6 – 20 on average individuals Weight v Led by a dominate African Wild Dogs “alpha” pair, African Wild subordinate adults, are built for Dogs in the endurance and can yearlings, and pups southern portion maintain speeds of of the continent 35 – 37 mph tend to be larger Habitat than in the north. Long African Wild Dogs are very African Wild Legs expressive that use a Dogs only wide variety of vocalizations have 4 toes to communicate with each on each other. African Wild Only Dogs short grass ! Species Status plains to sub- The species has been The is listed as an canid to Saharan extirpated from under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and wild have 40 and approximately 93% of populations are threatened by habitat loss, , and teeth habitats their historic range. from other predators or wild dogs. Designed by Maeve Tuley Sources: African Wild Dog